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  1. Masquerade [Original Fiction]
  2. Kamen Rider BusterMod's Quest to Ride
  3. SPF [Elf's Original Novel]
  4. [FF] (Touhou) Silent Rage
  5. [FF] Unfamiliar (Grail Works Ltd./Zero no Tsukaima)
  6. Fight-ON!
  7. Reiku's Random Doodles
  8. [FF] Gundam Wing: Reaper of the SEED
  9. Looking for an artist for a webcomic
  10. Akane - The Monk Girl (Ranma 1/2 & Jubei-chan: The Ninja Girl fusion/crossover)
  11. Atropos Pact
  13. [FF] Gundam Wing: Reaper of the SEED REDO
  14. Zero no Tsukaima Crossovers
  15. This story I read actually doesn't go Rule of Cool for it's crossover
  16. Ten of Them Countdown
  17. Code Geass: Blossoms upon the Diamond Tower-Code Geass/Xam'd
  18. Naga no Tsuki (an original Visual Novel in the making)
  19. Five_X's Original Fiction, "Cool Winds"
  20. Velle Anima (ZnT Crossover)
  21. Chaos Greyblood's Fanficion Ideas thread
  22. Knight of the Princess
  23. Let's Get This Show on the Road
  24. [FF] (Touhou) Urameshiya
  25. Not sure if this goes here, but...
  26. Trick or Treat (Original Work, working title)
  27. The Memories of a Dreamer [One-shot]
  28. Spirale=Hymne (MSLN x Shin Megami Tensei crossover)
  29. Small Miracles
  30. I write and publish my own electronic books now!
  31. Nighteye Journal
  32. Non-TM Crossover Thread
  33. Attack Ride: D-D-Doodle!
  34. Game Idea: Youma
  35. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona of an Ashikabi
  36. The Animation Process
  37. The BL Ki Techniques thread
  38. A boy and his pet chimera...
  39. Random (Non TM) Fanfic Ideas
  40. Wizards, and Aliens, and Faeries Oh My! [Dresden Files/Sekirei xover]
  41. Maid of Honour (ZnT)
  42. Silver Haired Witch
  43. Snippets, vignettes, drabbles...
  45. Original Fiction Ideas
  46. Star Wars: Voices of the Old Republic (KotOR 1+2 Fanfic)
  47. To the Pain (Revolutionary Girl Utena) (Episode 37, Anthy-centric, one-shot)
  48. Mythologica - Verg's Diploma Work
  49. Let's Save the World with Cthulhu!
  50. Twice the Misfortune - a 'Toaru Majutsu no Index' Fanfic
  51. Guilty Crown Visual Novel (Speculation in Progress!)
  52. The HiME of Zero
  53. The Federation's Bad Company (A Battlefield: Bad Company and Valkyria Chronicles x-over)
  54. Doubts and Blessings (MGLN)
  55. Standing Alone: An Anthology of TEENWrite Creation
  56. The Odds Changed to His Favor (Hunger Games FanFic)
  57. Another (see what I did there?) crossover idea from the mind of 119 (Another/Eternal Darkness)
  58. Five_X is a Short Story Writer
  59. Some Top Gear Thing I Started Awhile Ago
  60. Duty-Bound (A Durarara!! Parody)
  61. As of Yet Unnamed Madoka/Nanoha crossover idea
  62. War of the Worlds (Rosario Vampire(Moka/Kurumu friendship, one-shot)
  63. Mini's Fics - This Time, Not Actually Type-Moon
  64. Ricky Controversy Makes Posters For Things That Shouldn't Have Posters
  65. Clannad AU: Fuko Afterstory [Fuko route spoilers]
  66. The Hell Biker - A tale of revenge, violence, justice, death and redemption
  67. Magical Friendship Story (My Little Pony x Bakemonogatari)
  68. "Realities," A World of Warcraft Fanfiction from 2009
  69. Hell is Paved With Good Intentions (White Wolf; Demon: The Fallen)
  70. Idiosyncratic Bullshit [Frantic's Other Writing Crap]
  71. The Way of the Fist
  72. The Last Scion (Tenchi Muyo!)
  73. [Untitled]
  74. The Sound of Flowers
  75. The Founder's Praises on the Great God of Metal (FoZ/ZnTxXenoblade)
  76. The Neo-Britannian Colonization Project (Code Geass/FoZ)
  77. A Horrible Inconsistency
  78. The Unlimited Knowledge of Mister Eggplant, Interpreted by Floaties Shark.
  79. Metal Gear Spinach
  80. One-Half and Eleven - (Ranma 1/2 and MSLN crossover) - Lemon content
  81. Brainstorming: The Magic Comes Back (And So Do The Bad Guys)
  82. Dreaded Gates of Artistic Hell - YOLF's Art Thread
  83. MEK - Collected Stories
  84. Dolly's Monster Girl Romance Project [Title pending.]
  85. She's here to fuck you with Plasma Belching Cold Steel!!
  86. Wandering Hearts [Moemon Fanfic]
  87. Frosted Flakes (A Pokemon Blaze Black 2 LP/Story)
  88. Tripping Over Tails - A Naruto Fanfiction
  89. The Rinker_Ciel~verse ( Type-Moon x Touhou x Ar Tonelico )
  90. The Kaizaverse (aka KAIZA's Original Art and Other Stuff)
  91. It's a lion! GET IN THE TANK!
  92. Curtain Call
  93. Pokémon - Desou Region
  94. The thread where I try to write a novel using a fabricated mythology
  95. Madoka Lighter & Softer, my last big fanfiction
  96. [AtlA/Maoyuu] Crown Princess Economics
  97. [Fiction] Midnight Surveillance Files
  98. In which I try to write a story.
  99. Recruiting help for a Suzumiya Haruhi eroge
  100. Redwall in the Clouds!? Not quite. - Lyco's Pokemon Blaze Black Nuzlocke
  101. Rowan is about to play games
  102. A Currently Nameless Skyrim Fanfic
  103. Fight-ON!!
  104. Errant Heart - A Visual Novel
  105. Crimson (Kannazuki no Miko, episode 12 AU) (One-shot starring Himeko)
  106. Zidan plays vidya gaems
  107. To Aru Mahou Shoujotachi no Monogatari (Index/Madoka)
  108. Message: "Good Afternoon, You are going to die."
  109. Ah, Viva Youth! (FE: Awakening Comic)
  110. Precise Cropper?
  111. Help Wanted (Artist) with Rather Large VN Project
  112. Anime Studio Simulator
  113. It's a story of a foxgirl and military logistics~
  115. Xenogenesis Evangelion: [Eva Monstergirl AU]
  116. Hatsune Miku - THE ANIMATION-
  117. Dreamland (title pending) - a novel project
  118. Project Babylon(Tentative Title)- A 'Original' Game Idea
  119. Systemic Collapse (Oh My Goddess/???)
  120. Katie plays Pokemon Obsidian! (NUZLOCKE EDITION)
  121. You Are What Eats You
  122. It's another story of a foxgirl, no screw that other one here's some real LOGISTICS
  123. Katsura's Translation Corner
  124. What kind of Perspective is this?
  125. I'm taking REQUESTS
  126. So I want to gently and sweetly make love to Build Fighters
  127. Please Critique My Game!!
  128. Knights of the Database (Log Horizon)
  129. Body Pillow Arcade Stick
  130. True Love Never Dies (a Pokegirls one-shot)
  131. Seeking any idle VN patchers!
  132. Godzilla: GMD, Giant Monsters All Out Attack
  133. Currently Unnamed Bakemonogatari-series Fic
  134. Dictator(SF) Inspired Custom Stick
  135. Secrets of Aria (Original Fiction)
  136. Challenging the Concept of Arcade Sticks
  137. My Magic System
  138. Thought Dumping Thread
  139. Doodles, Photographs and more from hayate...
  140. In need of assistance with a rp project.
  141. General fanfic discussion and recommendations
  142. Muv-Luv Alternative: Heaven Piercing (Muv-Luv x Gurren Lagann)
  143. Cai's art dump
  144. My writing stuff.
  145. A Human Work [MLP:FiM]
  146. Caged No More (Shingeki no Kyojin / Attack on Titan)
  147. Sacrifice [RWBY]
  148. In The Dark [Worm/The Darkness]
  149. Melting Like Wax [Puella Magi Madoka Magica] [Two-Shot]
  150. Washed Away [PMMM]
  151. Shadows Of Death [Worm]
  152. I drew a comic, Strongman.
  153. My Little Indie Games Can't Be This Shoddy!
  154. Fighting Game Movesets
  155. Yuri Kuma Arashi -Another End-
  156. Demons In The Snow (Bungou Stray Dogs Fanfic)
  157. Cards Against Humanity Fan Decks
  158. Train On: A Pokemon fancomic
  159. Jojo Stand Ideas
  160. Pure Sensuality [A Flip Flappers Fanfic]
  161. Selling Touken Ranbu Doujinshi
  162. A Study in Potential Futility (Granblue Fantasy fanfic) [Clarisse & Cagliostro]
  163. Nature's Kingdom [Original]
  164. Eternal Oeuvre - A Granblue Fantasy Fanfiction
  165. Sister x Sadistic (A Fire Force Fanfic)
  166. I can't believe I was reincarnated as a cute and buff S-Ranked dragon☆girl after being hit in the head by a car!! (Original Isekai)