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  1. Seeds of Despair - A Mafia RP
  2. Salvatus est in Patre (A Shirou Kotomine CYOA)
  3. Fate/Grand Order - RP
  5. Sekai (OOC)
  6. Tokyo Ghoul: Detroit Dogs
  7. Fate/Side Stories
  8. Matou Shinji and the Broken Chains (HP/FSN CYOA)
  9. Fate/Arcadia II (OOC)
  10. Seven in (Heaven/Hell) (Quest)
  11. The Children's Crusade (OOC/Discussion)
  12. The Holy Fifth (OOC)
  13. Punchin' Xenos, in the Face - A Dark Heresy RP
  14. Genesis: Light beyond the End of Time
  15. Ain Soph Aur -The Spirit of Eternity Sword RP- (OOC Thread)
  16. City of Myths (OOC)
  17. I thought it was another BL RP about a School getting transported into a Post-Apocalyptic World, but it turned out to be a Light Novel and now I'm stuck in a parallel world with a bunch of retards!?
  18. The RP Versus Thread!
  19. Beautiful Days: Da Capo - A Reaper's Game Reboot (OOC)
  20. Koukami - Fighting Kings of the New World (OOC Thread)
  21. Heroes of Light (OOC)
  22. The Great Heracles Hunt (Fate/Apoc Universe Game)
  23. Panophobia
  24. Fire Emblem: Land of Zeroth OOC
  25. Isekai OOC - an Uninspired RP by Spinach
  26. Otogibanashi - A Nasuverse Demon Hunter RP (OOC)
  27. Eternity/Fatality (OOC)
  28. War and Profit
  29. Kono Sekai wa Kyuuki ga Yomenai - High School Roleplay (OOC)
  30. Crystallum
  31. Eldritch Whispers: The Mythos
  32. Fate/Geo Mythica (OOC Thread)
  33. FANTASIA 3000
  34. BL Diplomacy: C-C-Conquer the World (or just Europe, since Rowling can't tell the difference...)!
  35. Fate/Trite and Trivial Trifles (OOC)
  36. Erlkonig's IRC RP Corner
  37. Anima Kiseki // Gate: Future [OOC thread]
  38. Eien no Kantai : Umi No Uta
  40. Create-A-Waifu
  41. XBLAZE - Concurrent:Butterfly [OOC]
  42. Nightfall (OOC)
  43. #Regalia: RP forum IRC channel
  44. The Sons Always Rise - A Sellsword RP
  45. Grail War RPs Discussion : Troubleshooting, Best Practices, War Stories
  46. Fate/Reclamation (OOC)
  47. But For A Stone (A Matou Shinji Series AU)
  48. [18+][MxF] Looking for Atalanta
  49. Ame no Woto: Melody of Light
  50. The Great Heracles Hunt ~ Redux (OOC)
  51. The RP Rulebook Construction/Repository Thread [READ MASTER POST FIRST]
  52. Rock 'Round The Clock (OOC)
  53. The Life and Times of Iris Potter (& associates) [A Lady Selina roleplaying session in "But for a Stone"]
  54. Neverland (OOC)
  55. Fate/Umineko Oneshot Game
  56. Ouroboros: Shadows of Bahamut (OOC)
  57. Hermione Granger and the Peerless Alchemist (A Matou Shinji Series AU Quest)
  58. Hollow World ~ Owari no Kakera [OOC]
  59. Fate/Moon Night: A Visual RP Experience
  60. Original Sin (OOC)
  61. Writing passages that you're most proud of, RP VERSION
  62. Astronomika - Shooting Down Falling Stars (OOC)
  63. But For a Sword (A Matou Shinji Series AU)
  64. Cyoa roleplayground base/General thread
  65. Fate/Caˇtica (Multiplayer CYOA) [Fate Series/Others]
  66. Spirit Pulse: Mugen No Sekai [OoC]
  67. Matou Shinji and the Price of Victory (HP/FSN CYOA)