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  1. Walpurgisnacht: A Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica Tabletop Roleplay
  2. Tsukuyomi Gakuen Discussion Thread
  3. Fate/Heaven's Gate (Discussion Thread)
  4. Meido quest
  5. Meido quest (discussion thread)
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  7. Toaru Betsu no Hanashi
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  9. Tsukuyomi Gakuen Character Reference Guide
  10. Sons of Light (a Megaman Roleplay)
  11. Siege Perilous Reflected under the glass moon
  12. Sun's Cafe: The Moonlight Annex: Character reclaimation
  13. Sun's Cafe: The Moonlight Annex
  14. Distant Void Warbler (Discussion Thread)
  15. Let's Play Diplomacy!
  16. The Discord of Europe: Let's Play Diplomacy
  17. The Holy Grill War Disscussion Thread (BL members as masters and Servants)
  18. 12's RP Brainstorming Thread
  19. Lantz's role playing ideas discussion thread
  20. lords of fate discussion thread/signups
  21. Fate/Terror (discussion Thread)
  22. From Dusk Till Dawn: Ragnarok (A Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's/Nasuverse Roleplay)
  23. Chaos Greyblood's RP ideas thread
  24. Fate/Zero Complex
  25. RP Discussion and Ideas thread
  26. To Be A Master (Discussion Thread)
  27. Fate/Smash Bros (Discussion/Signup)
  28. Let's Play Diplomacy 2: Backstabbing Goes Global!
  29. War to end all wars - The Great War (Notes RP)
  30. Final Magic: Infinite Reflections
  31. Fate/ Sengoku Rance
  32. Kara no Tsuki (OOC/Ideas)
  33. The Holy Grill War (Character Profiles and Appendix)
  34. Cross Effects: A Multiverse RP (Idea-ish)
  35. Alaya: Reflections of the Grill War (Airen's Snippets)
  36. Shin Megami Tensei - The Persona RP: Dark Chronicles (Discussion Thread)
  37. Milbunk's RP Ideas
  38. Parody to End All Parodies - The Great War Omake Thread
  39. Midnight Carnival (Shin Megami Tensei - Persona RP)
  40. Demon's Fugue (Shin Megami Tensei 3 - Nocturne RP)
  41. Puella Magi Ex Fuyuki (Discussion Thread)
  42. Type/Sorrow Company
  43. Fate/Election Night
  44. roleplaying general discussion
  45. Meido quest version 2.0
  46. Meido quest version 2.0 discussion
  47. Götterdämmerung - A Nasuverse RP (WIP)
  48. Shatter the Kaleidoscope (OC/Discussion)
  49. Which RP do you want me to make?
  50. Fuyuki High School Reunion (Discussion Thread)
  51. Muda-da!!!- The Hole in the 4th Wall
  52. Fate/Colosseum (Out of Character/Discussion)
  53. Fated heroes (discussion and development)
  54. Mirrorverse - Brainstorming Thread
  55. Fuyuki High School Graduation
  56. Romance of the Eight Kingdoms
  57. Fate/Beyond Fantasy RP Discussion/OOC
  58. Grim Dark Meets Lolis (War to End All Wars x Touhou Crossover RP)
  59. Grill War II: Grill Harder
  60. The Type-Moon Tournament
  61. Once more Emiya quest (discussion thread)
  62. NP Quest Log (IRC)
  63. RP NOW. (Tentative Idea/Discussion thread)(Warhammer 40k)
  64. Admit your Roleplaying biases
  65. Admit your GMing biases
  66. Shin Megami Tensei: Darkness Conqueror (RP Project)
  67. MOOK QUEST (ooc/Discussion)
  68. Dead Men Walking (A Zombie Apocalypse RP)
  69. What Wishes are For: A Magical Burst game [Sign up]
  70. Fish's Eleven
  71. The Army of Darkness Role Play OC
  72. Halls of Marble: An Age of the Gods Roleplay
  73. A Type-Moon Faction is Beast's Lair!
  74. Fate/EXTRA: Heaven's Cage
  75. QUEST RP: The Lair of the Beast King is... Beast's Lair! (OOC discussion thread)
  76. Grill War/Reloaded
  77. The House of Silver - a Nasuverse/Dragon Age RP
  78. Tentative Interest Check [DFRPG/Fate System]
  79. Dragon&Phoenix (OOC)
  80. Into the wastes BL goes. [Quest]
  81. Alquinaissance (OOC discussion)
  82. Inside, we're all bastards: Let's Play Diplomacy again!
  83. Stupidly OP Grail War (Comedy/Action.)
  84. At the conference table again? Let's Play (public-press) Diplomacy!
  85. Fate/Credens Justitiam (OOC)
  86. The Wizard Vagabond - Dungeons and Dragons Campaign
  87. Beast's Lair's Roleplaying Games Reviews: by the Players, for the Players
  88. Factions Overhaul OOC
  89. Fall of the Ancestors (FSN/Tsukihime RP)
  90. Fate Extra rp: prismatic silicon (discussion and sign up)
  91. [Harry Potter/Nasuverse] You're a Magus, Harry!
  92. [Nasuverse/Naruto] You are special, Naruto!
  93. Magus Quest: Tohsaka Rin
  94. Casttlevania Quest
  96. Record of Akashian War
  97. You are a Narrator
  98. Onigokko
  99. Slice-Of-Life "Quest"
  100. Cataclysm - Earth (A Nasuverse/Original RP)
  101. Pokemon: Burst Warriors - OOC Thread
  102. A Game of Destiny[ooc/interest check]
  103. Fire Emblem
  104. Rejoice Beast Lair! Holy Grail War Quest.
  105. The RPG RP (Idea/building thread)
  106. Not Quite A Grail War Quest
  107. Toaru Betsu no Story: Final Moratorium
  108. Fate/Outsider
  109. Persona EX (OOC Thread)
  110. X-Files/Com: Paranormal Research and Investigation RP-OOC
  111. Fate/Venari Strigas
  112. Royalty of the Dark
  113. Pugna Infinita Ex Fuyuki
  114. The Second Holy Grail War - A Fate RP
  115. Meido quest Dust bunnies revenge!
  116. Fantasia - The World Conquest (Grand Strategy RP)
  117. Fake War - Fate/AU RP
  118. Welcome to the World of rend
  119. Zombie Quest!(Featuring Miami!)
  120. Full/Blank (A FSN Quest)
  121. Babel's Tale - The Notes of a world
  122. General Character Creation Clinic (AKA "Your character sucks and you should feel bad.")
  123. Fated end, stay safe in the night (FSN zombie game)
  124. Postbellum RP
  125. Sengoku Rance RP (OOC)
  126. Ouroboros - (Original RP) OOC
  127. Welcome to Bridgewater (Call of Cthulhu/Nasuverse RP)
  128. The Grand RP Index
  129. Record of Akashian War -Revamp- (Nasuverse/Original Quest Thread)
  130. Fortissimo EXS // Trigger: Verzweiflung
  131. Medaka Box RP
  133. Magical Girl Quest RP
  134. Welcome to Fallout: New Vegas
  135. Shin Megami Tensei: A Thousand Ruined Worlds.
  136. Ten of Them (OoC Thread)
  137. Fairy Tail: Ancient Legends (OC Thread)
  138. Madoquest Discussion
  139. Shin Megami Tensei - Persona: Dark Chronicles RP (REMAKE)
  140. Golden sea a fsn/fate extra rp (discussion and sign ups)
  141. Doors – Thus You Fought Where? (Idea/OOC)
  142. Fate/Signum Malum
  143. The nexus (sign ups and discussion)
  144. MEK - A Creature-Mecha-based RP (OOC Thread)
  145. Mark 0 - Saint Peter, Matrix Sky (EXTRA RP)
  146. Return of the Holy Grail War Reunion
  147. World of Evil - Defying the Fated End
  148. Dresden Files RPG (Sign-up thread)
  149. Type-RN/Mobius of Echelon Roleplay RP
  150. The crawling Chaos (a fifth grail war rp, discussion and signup)
  151. Project HORUS - A Muv-Luv RP (OOC)
  152. The Eternal Spiral (Etrian Odyssey x Nasuverse RP)
  153. Age of Death - Zombie Survival RP
  154. Corpse Party RP - Dead Fortune (OOC)
  155. Epoch: Chosen (OOC Thread)
  156. Ame no Woto - A Post Apocalypse RP
  157. Cantio Magicae Puellaque
  158. Video Games are Fun! (OOC Thread)
  159. Solution | OOC
  160. Kayneth Quest (He wants to be the very best)
  161. Fate/Ultimum Craticulam (OOC)
  162. Metal Breaker Quest
  163. Broken Filament: Dead End
  164. Dragon Age: Sundering (OOC)
  165. Fate/Endless Expanse
  166. Ouroborus - Twisted Prayers (Reboot)
  167. Jurassic Park RP - The Intersection of Predators and Politics - OOC
  168. Kinoko Quest~
  169. [Original/Crossover RP; Casual Mode] Midnight Manor - Relaxation, Recollection and Random Fun
  170. Hanging Highschool [OoC]
  171. Rise of the Crimson Moon
  172. Muv Luv Infinite - OOC (special thanks to Katie)
  173. Ijyou no Kyoukai (OOC)
  174. Vanishing Point Above the Horizon (OOC)
  175. Beast's Lair very own FATAL thread
  176. Ouroborus Colosseum - Sandbox mode
  177. The City That Never Sleeps
  178. Faction Quest: Return of the Bad Idea
  179. World's End (OoC)
  180. Onigokko Interview Thread
  181. Maid for You! (OOC)
  182. Can you survive?
  183. Accel World Re-Incarnate (OOC)
  184. Persona 61 (OOC)
  185. Kaleidoscopic Spiral - The Beginning
  186. Titanomachy (OOC)
  187. Master and Commander (RP)
  188. Notes 3.33
  189. Eternal Rubicon - OOC
  190. Kaleidoscopic Spiral - Phantasm/Zero
  191. Ga Rei: Exodus Nine (OoC)
  192. ShinMegamiTensei: Makai Restoration
  193. Murder Ring RP OOC
  194. Fate/MoeMoe Revival
  195. RWBY RP
  196. OVERDRIVE! Non-Stop Boss Rush Action!
  197. How 2 RP for N00bs
  198. BL Quest
  199. Cataclysm Advent - OOC
  200. Elegy of Giants (JJBA RP)
  201. Ame no Woto - A Post-Apocalyptic RP (Revived!)
  202. Fate/ExtraQuest
  203. Mysterium - The Weird Puzzle Shit Quest (Discussion thread)
  204. Clearing!! - OOC
  205. The Great Misaki Grail War! (With KnK too)
  206. Pitch Black
  207. Sheet Graveyard
  208. Equilibrium Flux - Strategic RP
  209. Fate/Heaven's Gate (Reboot!) Discussion Thread
  210. To Be a Master! RP Discussion Thread (Reboot!)
  211. Fate/Crimson Festival
  212. Akin to Sin - Tactical Betrayal Roleplay
  213. We're all just Yukkin it up (OOC)
  214. RPG Pokémon Adventures
  215. For Whom the Bell Tolls RP
  216. Touhou RP - Void and Null Land of Rapture (OOC)
  217. Knights of Burden: End of an Age
  218. Continue the story! (TYPE-MOON edition)
  219. Fate/Untold Destinies
  220. Deprived (Dark Souls)
  221. Fire Emblem: Ties of Blood OOC
  222. Borderline (OOC)
  223. Ouroboros - Magi Wars
  224. Courting Disaster: An Urban Fantasy RP [OOC]
  225. Rock 'Round The Clock (OOC)
  226. Demon's Asylum (OoC)
  227. Shinji Matou and the Philosopher's Stone (HP/FSN CYOA)
  228. Fate/Reclaimation
  229. Building Better Worlds -- An Alien Survival/Horror RP
  230. Beautiful Days - A Reaper's Game (OOC)
  231. Daphne Quest (Harry Potter CYOA)
  232. Fantasia II: An Age Foretold (OOC thread)
  233. Unironic Kantai Collection RP (Proposal, discussion)
  234. Shinji Matou and the Heirs of Slytherin (HP/FSN CYOA)
  235. Your RP Anecdotes
  236. Greatest Show On Earth, the Second Great War: Kantai Collection (OOC)
  237. Indomitable
  238. TSF Build Fighters OOC
  239. Prepare to Die - a deadly fantasy RP
  240. Broken Filament: Dead End [Remastered]
  241. Into the Labyrinth (OOC)
  242. Castores - OOC
  243. This is Your Life (OOC/Discussion)
  244. Matou Shinji and the Master of Death (HP/FSN CYOA)
  245. Fate/Arcadia (OOC)
  246. CROWNLESS - A Cyberpunk Superpower RP (OOC)
  247. Literate, long-term RP partner for a Fate/?????? Grail War 1x1 RP needed
  248. Night Draws Near - OOC
  249. Fate's Awakening ~ The God and Destiny Cross Thesis Reformation
  250. Tactical Waifu: I hope sempai notices my operating skills!