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  1. Favourite Type moon character overall?
  2. Kiritsugu vs Shirou
  3. Nasuverse crossover fighting game
  4. Arcueid vs Saber
  5. Zero Fun thread
  6. Fate or GBF versions?
  7. Kariya...
  8. What counters Time Alter besides Time Alter and Fatigue?
  9. Favorite TYPE MOON Romance?
  10. Need help on Battle Moon Wars
  11. Shiki Tohno v. Shirou Emiya
  12. Stay Night or EXTRA
  13. What's up with the hate for Shirou?
  14. The contrast between Fate Zero and Fate Stay Night.
  15. Sakura
  16. Avatar?
  17. Beast-Class Servant Speculation [GO spoilers]
  18. Rin Tohsaka Needs Your Help!
  19. Plot Hole is the center of Fate/Grand Order's plot?
  20. Worst master-servant team?
  21. Why is Da Vinci stronger than all other Servants?
  22. Type-Moon Creators character popularity poll
  23. Does the Einsbern Family never learn from their mistakes ?
  24. suspension of disbelief, how crazy is too crazy
  25. Non-straight/hetero characters in Type-Moon
  26. React to Charlemagne's character design
  27. Alternate Versions of Type-Moon Characters You'd Like To See
  28. a fate theory, just a therory though
  29. Kara no Kyoukai: Movies vs Novels
  30. A Question About Kara no Kyoukai Translations
  31. The upcoming 15th anniversary of Melty Blood
  32. Fate/Stay Night [Realta Nua] for PS Vita Question
  33. So does anyone know where I can find the MBAACC win quotes?I ca
  34. Beast's Lair Discord
  35. Besuto Feito
  36. Help with my video about fate.
  37. Olga Marie in F/GO
  38. Fate/Stay Night ReRead: Bad Ends focus
  39. Who's a better main character shirou emiya (fsn) or sieg (apocrypha)
  40. Who will win in a fight Ichigo kurosaki (bleach) or shirou emiya (fsn)
  41. When will the fate route remake come?? smh lol
  42. [HELP] Fate/Prototype Fragments
  43. Throne of Heroes paradoxes
  44. Favorite Singularity (Season 1)
  45. Thoughts on Type Moon bullshiting us on Tsukihime remake news
  46. Would your town make for an interesting location for a Holy Grail War?
  47. Is Anyone in Your Lineage Servant Worthy?
  48. Favorite Servant class
  49. Which Servant do you have the best/worst compatibility with?
  50. Least favourite servant?
  51. Favourite servant?
  52. Servant Redesign Thread
  53. Rin's reasons for liking Shirou
  54. Is a Hollow Ataraxia Anime possible?
  55. Where did the Moon Cell Automaton come from? And who made it?
  56. What is your favorite Tsukihime route?
  57. What do you think about some of the Type-Moon fans?
  58. The Essentials of "Fate Series" CM - Request for logo identification
  59. Proofs that Gilgamesh doesn't love Altria and just see her as a "toy"?
  60. [Spoilers] What happens to Sakura in the Fate/UBW routes?
  61. Grand Servant VS Counter Guardian?
  62. Is Zero canon to the FSN rutes..?
  63. Kinoko Nasu and the Art of Character Subtlety
  64. Could Sola-Ui have loved/fallen in love with Kayneth if the dude was less of an asshole from the start?
  65. Things that you love in TM
  66. Unpopular TM opinions you have
  67. What Keeps You Invested in Type-MOON?
  68. LN or Anime?
  69. Typemoon Works Timeline
  70. A Question About Kotomine Kirei
  71. Vortigen is like a Akuryū Genshō?
  72. Common TM Fanon and Misconceptions
  73. Why Fujino and Shiki aren't are weak against Enuma Elish?
  74. What do you like/dislike about Fate/Grand Order's story?
  75. TM characterization thread
  76. Archetype Earth is essentially not Crimson Moon, right?
  77. Known Magi and Magecraft Specializations
  78. So concerning the new interview from Nasu and a personal statement
  79. Future Type-MOON Projects You'd Like to See
  80. THEORY: OTR isn't a specie of Mercury.
  81. Fate/Kaleid Illya using UBW
  82. Is Type Moon Wiki "fixable"?
  83. Contact Nasu
  84. Question about Tiamat.
  85. Favorite Fate MC
  86. Was your favourite real life hero integrated into Fate?
  87. Have you read the TM VNs?