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  1. Badass Versus Thread
  2. Questions, questions and more questions (READ THE OP FOR ANSWERS)
  3. Unlimited Blade Works Analysis
  4. Mahoutsukai no Yoru - Chapter 7 patch released (no spoilers past the patch)
  5. Girl's Work
  6. Night of the TATARI: Wild Mass Guessing and What if's?
  7. Fate / EXTRA Discussion
  8. Favorite Nasuverse quotes
  9. How did YOU get into Type-Moon?
  10. Fate/Unlimited Codes discussion
  11. What Type-Moon Characters would NEVER say
  12. What is the role of sorcerers in Type-Moon's grand scheme of things?
  13. An introduction to Type-Moon
  14. Type-Moon Fun Facts
  15. Complete Material 3 (dicussion)
  16. The 5th Magic - What do we think it's about?
  17. Kagetsu Tohya - Introduction
  18. Kagetsu Tohya - General
  19. Tsukihime - Introduction
  20. Tsukihime - All Routes
  21. Fate/stay night - Introduction
  22. Fate/stay night - All Routes
  23. Fate/stay night - Route Comparison
  24. Fate/stay night - Fate Route
  25. Fate/stay night - Unlimited Blade Works Route
  26. Fate/stay night - Heaven's Feel Route
  27. Tsukihime - Arcueid's Route
  28. Tsukihime - Ciel's Route
  29. Tsukihime - Akiha's Route
  30. Tsukihime - Hisui's Route
  31. Tsukihime - Kohaku's Route
  32. Awesome Nasuverse Moments
  33. Read First - Series Discussion Threads
  34. Fate/hollow ataraxia - Introduction
  35. Fate/hollow ataraxia - General
  36. Fate/Zero Novel Discussion
  37. Type-Moon Visual Novel Music
  38. Other Type-Moon Websites
  39. Character Discussion - Emiya Shirou
  40. "Sakura's Got it Going On"
  41. my opinions on Fate and tsukihimes casts.
  42. Los Dos Shikis - A comparison
  43. Type-Moon Information databases?
  44. Nasuverse Power Tier List
  45. Kara no Kyoukai Novel - General Discussion
  46. Shirou's messed up summoning.
  47. Room of the April Witch
  48. Type-Moon 2011 April Fools Joke
  49. You know you're addicted to Type-Moon when
  50. Shiki vs. Shiki Comparison
  51. Question about the Nanatsu-Yoru
  52. Pimp My OST - Your Personal Tsukihime Soundtrack
  53. Create-a-Servant
  54. Kansai-ben in Tsukihime/KnK~?
  55. Fate/strange fake (Free-Range Spoilers)
  56. The Battle to Dismantle the Grail
  57. Fate/Zero fan-made visual novel
  58. Nendoroid Generations (PSP)
  59. Fate/Tiger Colosseum
  60. Mahoutsukai no Hako
  61. Buying Character Material
  62. How fast?
  63. Looking for some tsukihime images
  64. Nasuverse Card Game!
  65. Gae Bolg
  66. Melty Blood Discussion
  67. Paradox Spiral and Shiki Seeing Araya Souren's Dot
  68. Lemon Contest?
  69. Make Your Own Unlimited (Whatever) Chant
  70. What Type-Moon characters WOULD say!
  71. R.I.P Shiki
  72. TYPE-MOON light novel 「Fate/Apocrypha」
  73. Question about Dead Apostles
  74. Kizuato and TYPE-MOON influences
  75. Nasuverse card game live game sharing
  76. What is this place?
  77. Nasuverse Card Game Changelog Thread
  78. 101 Questions about Ciel
  79. Unable to post
  80. How do mages make money?
  81. What kind of food did Nasu have in mind?
  82. Angel Notes
  83. HF movie discussion.
  84. Comic Market 80 Type-Moon Goodies
  85. Maaya Sakamoto married Kenichi Suzumura
  86. FATE / ANOTHER (Warcraft III map)
  87. Type-Moon 10th anniversary collection thread
  88. Fate/EXTRA CCC - No Spoiler Zone
  89. Request: Kara no Kyoukai 7 DVD trailer
  90. General Facts About Controversial Topics
  91. Arcueid Information Thread
  92. Who is That Type-Moon character?! (2011)
  93. Does someone have.....
  94. "Soundtrack" for Type-Moon characters
  95. What would your Origin be?
  96. What would ____'s Noble Phantasm be?
  97. what is the holy grail war,really?
  98. What Kinoko has been doing lately
  99. Akasha: Omniscience and the Multiverse
  100. BL on FB
  101. The Type Moon Quizzes!
  102. Comedic Summations
  103. Fate/Zero X
  104. Shiki vs the Borg
  105. A question of Fate/Zero
  106. Koori no Hana (Flower of Ice)
  107. Rate a Nasuverse Character on SPARTAN 119's Scale of Godmodding
  108. A question about the Holy Grail War...
  109. Sir Gareth is Shirou!
  110. Third Holy Grail War
  111. Realta Nua PC version
  112. What if the TATARI happened in....
  113. My First Question in a While!
  114. Something I've always wondered, is Gilgamesh truly the most broken servant? Could other mythological mortal heroes exceed his threat level as a Servant?
  115. Question About Servant's Alignment
  116. Servant Killer Bee in Holy Grail War
  117. Today, February 4th, Rin's Birthday!
  118. The Type-Moon Miscellaneous Thoughts Thread
  119. How would you survive? The Matou house?
  121. General Question: Tracing
  122. Nasu Kinoko X Takeuchi Takashi X Urobuchi Gen - Special Forum
  123. The Second Type Moon Best Character Poll Results
  124. Type moon character poll comments
  125. Welcome to April Fool's Day.
  126. If people in real life tried to act like T-M characters
  127. Mahou Tsukai no Yoru free range discussion thread, spoil as thou wilt
  128. Fate/tiger colosseum series all videos story modes
  129. Type-Moon Characters & Ice Cream
  130. Servants & Videogames
  131. Agonist Disorder
  132. Theories for new Melty Blood in HD
  133. Things the Nasuverse is missing (yet)
  134. So what's next?
  135. A Succinct Summarization of General Discussion
  136. I just summoned Gil.
  137. Your Type-Moon family
  138. Questions in my quest- preparing to write something...
  139. Theory on the timeline of the events of Type Moon Visual Novel Games found
  140. Favorite Type-Moon OSTs thread
  141. To Be A Hero
  142. Find the Type-Moon Actor/Actress!
  143. So, I'm independently writing a screenplay for a live-action adaption of Tsukihime..
  144. Origin Discussion
  145. 3 questions.
  146. Uh, hi.
  147. Re-turbo'd through Tsukihime
  148. TYPE-MOON Quotes: Have you ever?
  149. Tsukihime Remake Thread
  150. Fire Girl
  151. If you were a servant...
  152. Kinoko Nasu's "Unique" style?
  153. General character analysis thread for attentionwhoring and discussion purposes (not exclusive to I3uster)
  154. I'm Starting a Fate inspired DnD Campaign
  155. Uncertain if this has been previously discussed
  156. New ideas for new games for Type-Moon
  157. Unanswered questions for the next public Q&A
  158. Moments in Nasuverse where you lol'd when you weren' t exactly meant to...
  159. Personalities of Characters of Type-Moon
  160. Thoughts on the English dub?
  161. So what do ya love about T/M, The Nasuverse?
  162. Fate/Apocrypha: Free Range Spoiler Thread
  163. Where can I find a copy of Tsukihime?
  164. Fate/Stay Night 30 Question Challenge
  165. Sakura no oppai
  166. Fate Zero English Dub
  167. Fate Zero on Toonami
  168. request for a particular gif
  169. Fate/EXTRA CCC Spoilers Thread
  170. Anyone else you know IRL that's into TM?
  171. ufotable are you Disney
  172. Fate/Zero - Carnival Phantasm OP
  173. Urobuchi goes to France
  174. Congratulations Mai Kadowaki on her marriage!
  175. Camelot, Knights of the Round, and Arthurian Legend in Nasuverse
  176. Beast's Lair Integrated Wiki Revisited
  177. Habakiri - Kirikiri for Android
  178. Humans in Type-Moon
  179. can anyone give me a complete FSN save file?
  180. General Discussion Referendum
  181. Just a mention...
  182. Tsukihime: "Final Route"
  183. Eckesach, giant-killing sword?
  184. Favorite Route
  185. Favorite Borner
  186. Favorite Origin
  187. What power would you want?
  188. Which Shiki is the best Shiki?
  189. The Type-Moon and characters from other anime/manga look-alike thread
  190. What are your favorite Command Seals? (Version 2013 with an updated list)
  191. Do you believe Tsukihime 2 will ever become a thing?
  192. How long can you picture yourself interested in TM and Nasuverse stuff?
  193. Mountain Destroying Sword
  194. Hercules as other Servant types?
  195. The Beast's Lair Dere Thread (Hold the Poison, more Sugar)
  196. Was Last Episode a good addition to the Fate Route?
  197. Was including HF True a good decision by Nasu?
  198. Was UBW Good a good idea to include in Fate/stay night?
  199. DDD_Spoiler_guess_and_guess_thread
  200. Tabletop RP Help
  201. Fate/stay night anime (remake?) by ufotable in production
  202. Type-Moon University
  203. Help to remember a Japanese word
  204. Which route do you want the new ufotable Fate/ project to be based on?
  205. Holy Grail War Masters... How do they compare?
  206. Fate/Zero drama CD 2
  207. Introduction!
  208. Choose the group you'll most likely join in the Nasuverse.
  209. A haiku to the Nasuverse
  210. Choose your King.
  211. Choose your maid pairing.
  212. Choose your Ruler (Choose your King 2.0 with different Servants).
  213. Would you even be interested in obtaining the Holy Grail?
  214. Ideal Grail War
  215. Would you want to see Fate/Zero as a Visual Novel?
  216. Gilgamesh's best looks.
  217. Who deserves their own route more?
  218. Are you tired of Grail Wars?
  219. Build a Perfect North American cast for Tsukihime
  220. If Nrvnqsr got wet would he smell like wet dog?
  221. Tsukihime vs Fate/Stay Night: Which one is the better story?
  222. Best composer in Fate animes
  223. Things you'd like to see in the Tsukihime remake.
  224. What happend to Guinevere?
  225. Kotomine was right.
  226. Who's you favorite Saber?
  227. Who's your favorite Archer?
  228. Who's your favorite Lancer?
  229. Who's your favorite Berserker?
  230. Who's your favorite Assassin?
  231. Who's your favorite Rider?
  232. Who's your favorite Caster?
  233. Who's your favorite weirdo?
  234. Who's your favorite Servant that Milbunk heartlessly ignored? (Ruthless Pan-Franchise Omnispoilers)
  235. Fate and Tsuki if they were otome games?
  236. What from announced things should Ufotable make first?
  237. Can anyone tell me what is the different between Spiritual Evocation and Summoning?
  238. Nero's Best Looks.
  239. Projection or MEoDP
  240. Things in TM and Nasuverse that you expected to turn out differently.
  241. Do you think TM will make more H-Games from now on?
  242. Which side of SHIKI Tohno did you like better?
  243. News stuff aka "Go on, tell me how slowepoke I am"
  244. Shirou vs. Shiki - Who is the better Protagonist?
  245. Saber vs. Arcueid - Who is the better Main-Heroine?
  246. Kotomine vs Roa - Who is the better Main-Antagonist?
  247. Favourite Tsukihime Heroine?
  248. Best Jōji Nakata
  249. Best sword
  250. [KnK]Shuumatsu Rokuon - the Garden of oblivion_SPOILER_Theread