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  1. First
  2. Would you participate....
  3. Deep, complex poll which incites thought provoking arguments and self reflection
  4. Important question.
  5. Spinach?
  6. Best Panzer
  7. 8th gen consoles.
  8. A fundamental question of the utmost importance
  9. Best Rakkyo
  10. Was Continuation of the Dream a good addition to the Fate route?
  11. Was Fate route a good addition to Fate/Stay Night?
  12. Was this Forum a good addition to Beast's Lair
  13. do you alstofo
  14. Which category of Nen would you most likely belong to(according to Hisoka)?
  15. Is Sakura Sakura?
  16. Which gets released first: Tsukihime remake or The Winds of Winter?
  17. Do you need glasses?
  18. Favorite Megaman(men)
  19. How do you get around?
  20. Best Jaeger/Kaiju
  21. Who do you want as Ciel-sensei's sidekick for the remake?
  22. Making your Hot Cocoa
  23. Coffee Shits
  24. Are Kyokushi's avis too ero for you?
  25. Just who will you kiss?
  26. Who would you choose to live with?
  27. Who would you not choose to live with?
  28. Cowboy Hooker Colour Schemes
  29. What is this, fellow members of Beast's Lair?
  30. Have you had your Wisdom Teeth Removed?
  31. Best SEIBAH
  32. Best poster girl.
  33. Top wanted Mahou Shoujo.
  34. Do You Even Lift?
  35. Do you think people realized they are supposed to make Type-MOON related polls in the General Discussion forum?
  36. How high would you rate Darples?
  37. Meat and/or Veggies
  38. Shouldn't Mcjon be Mcback now?
  39. Which Nepnep would you nepnep if you could nepnep a nepnep?
  40. Which one is the sexiest?
  41. Reban
  42. How many languages do you speak?
  43. Have you ever been belted?
  44. Are you bald?
  45. Favorite season?
  46. Best sub forum.
  47. Who forgot
  48. Can you swim?
  49. Do we actually have any straight girls?
  50. Best Team RWBY member.
  51. Do we actually have any straight guys?
  52. Are you Singaporean?
  53. You're taking a stroll on the beach and you suddenly stumble across a boy drowning. You..
  54. To Beard or Not To Beard?
  55. Best James Bond Movie
  56. Best Shingeki
  57. How high would you rate Elf?
  58. Do you miss Kenish?
  59. Who's your favorite 'Gilgamesh' Class Servant.
  60. Senpai or Sempai?
  61. Pick your side.
  62. Who's Your Favorite Winning Servant?
  63. Who's Your Favorite Losing Servant?
  64. Best Mascot Cart Racer
  65. Your thoughts on polls?
  66. How high would you rate RoadBuster?
  67. TYPE MOON Heroine With Best Fashion Sense
  68. Favourite Chair
  69. Drugs?
  70. Gay Marriage?
  71. Who's suffering is the most worthy?
  72. Are you racist?
  73. What is your favorite color?
  74. Who landed on the moon first?
  75. The poll that decides if you have value as a living being
  76. Soap
  77. How does this make you feel?
  78. Choice
  79. Do you use the report feature?
  80. Formal Request for Koykushi to reinstate Fallabot
  81. Have you played Planescape: Torment?
  82. Is this funny?
  83. Coke or Pepsi
  84. Last time you masturbated?
  85. Tea: Milk or no milk?
  86. WHAT IS A MAN?!
  87. Do you like Brussel sprouts?
  89. After Number 2
  90. Why like gurl?
  91. Saber Rating Poll Thread
  92. Is violence necessary?
  93. How Many Mods?
  94. Favorite Weeaboo Medium
  95. Are you from Old or New BL?
  96. Have you ever touched a hairy back?
  97. The Reptilians...
  98. Glasses
  99. Are you an alcoholic?
  100. How much of a peasant is I3uster?
  101. Browsing with sigs turned on in 2014
  102. Honorifics in fanfics
  103. Apocalypse of Choice
  106. Whose Lunch Would You Rather Eat?
  107. Favorite Admins!
  108. Favorite Moderator!
  109. Educated Prostitute or Natural-born Slut?
  110. VTM: Clans
  111. The Barely-Even-Characters Poll
  112. Your opinion on the rule changes
  113. What is your opinion on this most recent turn of events?
  114. Chicken or Beef
  115. Windowboxing
  116. Is a computer masculine or feminine ?
  117. Do you like Shinji?
  118. Do you like Shinji Ikari?
  119. Do You Like Sakura?
  120. Do you like Caster (Medea)?
  121. Do you like Tsuranui?
  122. Do You Like Polls?
  123. Do You Like Kuzuki?
  124. Do You like memes
  125. Do you like Beast's Lair?
  126. Do you like passiontits?
  127. Do you like Archer (EMIYA)
  128. Do you like Jack-Sama
  129. Do you like gamecreater16?
  130. Which Seo Reigns Supremo?
  131. Gang Wars
  132. Best Homunculus
  133. Do you usually breth through your nose or mouth?
  134. Do you like the 2A Track Girl Trio?
  135. Favorite C87 release
  136. What time do you typically wake up?
  137. BEST BL MEME-BER OF 2014!
  138. What's your blood type!
  139. Which "Rain" song is superior?
  140. Geass vs Lagann
  141. Are tentacles in Yuri acceptable?
  142. Which M&M would you want to kiss?
  143. Would you be the main star of a Fatalpulse doujin?
  144. What do you think of Kiritsugu?
  145. What will come out first?
  146. Which MP would you rateher
  147. Should RAW ANUS and GAY BULGE be banworthy?
  148. Should talking about a Simo Häyhä Servant be banworthy?
  149. What is your favorite Studio Deen anime?
  150. Seika and her mod powers: you consent to nonconsensual experimentation
  151. What is your favorite flavor of Häagen-Dazs ice cream?
  152. Help help, I'm falling in love with Seika's polls
  153. Is this awesome?
  154. Favorite Eva
  155. What is Your Least Favorite Filler Arc
  156. How high would you rate Altima?
  157. The Beast's Lair Hair War
  158. Justice Jacket - Y/N?
  159. Is Shirou a cat or dog person?
  160. Do you reuse old avatars?
  161. What's better? Fate/zero anime or Fate/stay night UBW anime?
  162. Should the EU be abolished?
  163. "Competent" protagonists or "Underdog" protagonists?
  164. Who would win?
  165. stupid MAL
  166. What's Worse? - Language Puns
  167. Best Kouhai?
  168. Dogs or Cats?
  169. Astolfo or d'Eon ~ Le Secret
  170. How do you play Grand Order?
  171. Favorite Currently Available GO Servant
  172. Rate Your Awfulness As A Human Being
  173. Favorite GO Card
  174. Which is worse - School or Work?
  175. Do you like TM's take on IMPERIO ROMANUM?
  176. Typemoon Jdrama?
  177. Your chance of rolling the King of Heroes in the Gacha
  178. Which gift from the king will you take?
  179. Best Candidate for President?
  180. What do you identify with in terms of sexuality?
  181. What English speaking country has the most attractive accents?
  182. What character has the worst H-scenes in the Nasuverse
  183. What countries do you consider part of Scandinavia?
  184. How popular are you (aka how much fp do you get when you wake up)?
  185. Should a separate Versus thread be made in AGMD or General or something?
  186. Hair colors
  187. How much did your first car cost?
  188. "My LN haremshit can't be this copy-paste" Fall Edition
  189. Western or Eastern media?
  190. How much of an Otaku are you?
  191. Who was the Greatest Unifier of Japan?
  192. Delete Random Thoughts?
  193. Delete Kirby?
  194. Delete Beast's Lair?
  195. Delete the 7th?
  196. Super Cereal Poll - 5 Star Servants
  197. What internet browser do you use?
  198. Should forum attachments be disabled
  199. Spin for admin?
  200. Break Puppet For Mod?
  201. FGO dailies - too difficult?
  202. Spin and Leo vs Snow and Polly
  203. Is Gaybeamu Cool as Ice?
  204. Best Waifu: Marion or Natalia
  205. Which is cuter?
  206. How many times do you eat in a day?
  207. Best BL Member of 2015
  208. Outfit?
  209. Which 5 Million DL's CE Did You Choose?
  210. Best/most tolerable TM H-scene
  211. Why are you on BL?
  212. Trash watch
  213. How you feel about Grand Order
  214. Kei or Yuri?
  215. Do you like Medea? Episode II
  216. Best Pink Hair?
  217. What would you rather be: a peasant, or a noble?
  218. How do you pronounce gif?
  219. What's her name?
  220. How Has Beast's Lair Influenced Your Life?
  221. Should it be possible to edit polls after they're posted?
  222. Cold pizza?
  223. Pizza rolls?
  224. Chicken pot pie
  225. meguca
  226. Mike or Maid?
  227. Red or Blue
  228. Malt or Mead?
  229. LOVE LIVE
  230. Best Fragments Servant?
  231. Your anime world
  232. Is Beast's Lair Mean Girls?
  233. Overused TM Fanfiction
  234. Can You Understand Japanese?
  235. How hot is too hot?
  237. Feeling sick at end of marvel movies
  238. DRINKS
  239. Polls?
  241. Who am I?
  242. Who is Zack?
  243. What mahjong rules can you play with?
  244. It's high noon
  245. Pineapple on pizza?
  246. JOJO
  247. Are video games art?
  248. Have you had encounters with the paranormal?
  249. Mushrooms?