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  1. What if *insert Type-MOON character(s) of choice here* was raised by/in...?
  2. Lemon / Fluff Ideas
  3. Crack Pairings (possible NSFW/NSFS :P)
  4. Type-Moon Fanfic Idea Thread
  5. What if ________ was Shirou's Servant?
  6. Recommended Type-Moon Fanfics Discussion
  7. Fanfiction Discussion Thread
  8. Create your own Modern Fiction Servants
  9. Public Proofreading
  10. Nasuverse Genderbending Thread
  11. Beast's Lair FanFiction Tracker
  12. Fanfic Plot - Help Required
  13. Out of curiousity... why can't I find much ShikixArcueid fanfiction out there?
  14. ArcueidXShiki plot bunnies for people that want to post more Arcueid X Shiki fanfiction
  15. of Flesh and Fantasy (discussion thread)
  16. writing out the routes (discussion)
  17. Create-a-Servant
  18. Unexpected Mount, a fic idea
  19. Cheer Up, Sacchin! -- An Ideas Thread For Satsuki-Centric Fanfiction!
  20. The Xth Loop - Discussion Thread
  21. You write like...
  22. ZnT/Type-MOON Crossovers
  23. The Beast's Lair Edicts
  24. Input on a fic
  25. What if __________ were Masters in the Holy Grail War
  26. What if X was raised by A, turned into Y by D, and married to C?
  27. Type-Moon Kink Meme
  28. Thinking Up Noble Phantasms
  29. Have Grammar, Will Write
  30. Fate After seperation (FateXGundam discussion)
  31. Fan Visual Novel Project. (Warning Ilya Route)
  32. Fiction colab. disscussion and development.
  33. Type-Moon Fanfiction Recomendations Thread (Rec in this thread, discuss in other)
  34. Kara no Kyokai novels fully translated
  35. Trinity Angles (Discussion Thread)
  36. The Versus series (disscusion)
  37. Digimon Crossover (Maybe, shall we say, Digimon/stay night? Fate/Adventure? Fate/Tamers? Come on, help a guy out!)
  38. Fanfic idea based on 119's wierd dream from a while ago.
  39. Wiseup! The Manhattan Project II Servant Thread
  40. Arashiís Amateurish Guide to Japanese Life and Culture and How it Applies to Fanfiction
  41. Wise up! Fate/Re:Trace- Limited Special Collectorís Ultimate Edition
  42. Tsukihime without True Ancestors - How would it feel?
  43. Fate/many fakes, an Idea/Discussion thread
  44. With a Little Help from My Selves, Open Idea thread
  45. Fate/phoenix burning, an Open Idea
  46. Pactio in the Nasuverse, Open Idea/Discussion thread
  47. Fate/strange upbringings, yet another Open Idea
  48. 119 and Azaka's?!? Excellent Adventure (Or 119 gets another random stupid idea)
  49. Things that annoy you in fanfiction discussion
  50. Ships
  51. Recycled Servants - 5HF, Open Idea
  52. Gabriel Blessing's Fiction aka The Boxing Ring
  53. Zelretch's Hallowe'en Experiments, Open Range of Ideas thread
  54. Old Men Dreaming - 3rd HGW Branstorm
  55. Level Up, a lamed fic idea. Help wanted.
  56. What happened to the TMLC?
  57. -than a wounded animal - Taiga master fic - brainstorming phase
  58. A Small Idea
  59. A Change of Philosophy, an Open Idea
  60. Fate/The Broken Thrones. Would like help.
  61. Break Open the Throne [possible project]
  62. Fate/comic book, an Open Idea
  63. The Grail Works Mission Dossier (Discussion & Ideas)
  64. The Writing Workshop
  65. a few short fiction ideas Iíve come up with
  66. What if the Protagonists of Fate/EXTRA summon...?
  67. What if ________ was Dragonborn in Skyrim?
  68. Doppelgangers (an idea thread)
  69. What if Shinji were a girl?
  70. Set an Extra place (discussion thread)
  71. Beast lair forumites, servant style! post your own!
  72. Magecraft Erotica
  73. The Mystic Codes of 'Thinks-He's-Funny'
  74. The millennium war: I bid you welcome to Castle Brunstud
  75. The Millennium War: I bid you welcome to Castle Brunestund (discussion thread)
  76. The "Holy Shirou War" (as dubbed by others, not me)...
  77. All Arturias Holy Grail War, an Open Idea
  78. Alternate universe (Ideas)
  79. Nasuverse logistics in fanfiction discussion and ideas
  80. Battle Fantasia: The Prisma Ilya Wing
  81. Beast's Lair Fanfiction Author Guide
  82. of Flesh and Fantasy (discussion thread) old board archive
  83. The Beasts Lair Fanfic Contest!
  84. Type-Moon Crossover Idea Thread
  85. Caption Contest inspired short stories
  86. Lemon ideas write up thread
  87. Into the Fire (Title subject to change) Discussion
  88. You are a Narrator
  89. Berserker's Wrath (inspired by Asura's Wrath) Discussion Thread
  90. Beast's Lair's Beta Reading - offers and/or requests, inquire within
  91. Sion will never give up! ~A thread to post any Sion Centric Fanfiction!~
  92. It's Judging Time! (Part 1 Humor)
  93. It's Judging Time! (Part 2 Action)
  94. It's Judging Time! (Part 3 Drama)
  95. The princess project. (working title) (discussion and development)
  96. 500 For 500
  97. A 20th level wizard on the Grail War
  98. Lantz's fic's and theories
  99. Someone who seeks guidance...
  100. Asking a question about referring to the Nasuverse in a fanfic.
  101. The Wheel of Fate is Turning...
  102. A finalized fanfic idea, hopefully. Particularly asking for Sakura fans to help.
  103. Favorite Fanfic quotes
  104. Project:Empyrean (AU Fate Fanfic Discussion&Idea Thread)
  105. Your Author quirks
  106. The Adventures of Shirou Ideas
  107. An investigation into the possibilities and effectiveness of using music as an authoritative aid.
  108. Really Good Fellow Writer / Story Premise Combinations
  109. Shirou no Otoshimono - SoraOto/Fate Ideas Thread
  110. Looking for writing partner
  111. The Beast's Lair Dare Thread (Pick Your Poison)
  112. What if _________ was _________'s servant?
  113. Gagex2z's Fanfic idea
  114. New ideas for Type-Moon Crossover (Tsukihime, Kara no Kyoukai and Fate/series only)
  115. Link to FS/N x Monty Phyton crossover in Spacebattles.com
  116. RB Vs Nasuverse: Flawless Victory.
  117. Reversed (somewhat) Grail war idea.
  118. Standardized Servant Rankings (Create-a-Servant)(fanfic only, not Nasu's true system)
  119. [Non-Fanfiction] Nasuverse Marriage Prospects
  120. Change of personality of characters of Type-Moon using The Mask
  121. Fanfiction Theory/Writing Discussion
  122. Fate stay night X Digimon (discussion thread)
  123. From Fake Dreams (Discussion Thread)
  124. There can be only one (fanfiction idea)!
  125. Random Fanfic Challenge has appeared! Fate/Dungeon Keeper)
  126. Elf's Guide to Writing Lemons!
  127. Fate/Theosis Episode
  128. The Beasts Lair Fanfic Contest!!! (2013 Edition Judging Thread)
  129. The Beast's Lair Fanfic Contest (2013 Edition) (Discussion Thread)
  130. newbie fic search
  131. Create-a-Master
  132. Argue about necros
  133. On your own
  134. Lantzís big FAQ.
  135. Discussion of Lantzblades' Fanfiction
  136. Just a few questions for certain scenarios...
  137. What if [TM Servant] was summoned by...?
  138. A Q&A With Your Pal, Gabriel Blessing
  139. Anna's Story Zone
  140. BetaHalo's corner for new Avengers
  141. Outside Context - Fic Planning - Help Me Avoid Lore Errors - Spoilers Ahoy
  142. "Distortion" question
  143. Soul of Fire Discussion
  144. Things that you love in fanfiction discussion
  145. Fanfic Category Challenge Contest (Fanfic/Extra CCC?)
  146. Fate/Morph Night
  147. Writing Roundtable - Improve your Moves
  148. Idea: The Grail War with every Servant being from a FPS/TPS
  149. The Nasu Files
  150. Fact and Fiction (Fate/Stay Night xover)
  151. The World Without
  152. Nasuverse Yaoi/Slash/Man-On-Man-Goodness Thread
  153. Nasuverse Yuri/Femslash/Girl-On-Girl Goodness Thread
  154. Random Pairing Challenge
  155. Of Swords and Sorcery (discussion)
  156. Any Help Would Be Appreciated
  157. Fate Stay/REVEAL (An idea that wouldn't go away)
  158. How do you write
  159. In need of some major story assistance
  160. The Beast's Lair Fanfic Contest (2014 Edition) (Discussion Thread)
  161. Caster Tamamo's Fate Trilogy
  162. Servant Stat Conversions
  163. Lantz's Fanfic and Theories 2, Electric Boogaloo
  164. Adrift in the Kaleidoscope (Brainstorming / Summary / Criticism Thread)
  165. I am Going to Put My Divine Relic into Your Chaotic Nebula
  166. Bad rip off
  167. Fanfic Contest 2014 Edition, Judging Thread
  168. Critique the chapter above you
  169. Notes on Plotting Grail Wars [a.k.a. "If Dan Brown had written Fate/Stay Night"]
  170. Nasuverse OCs Thread
  171. How would you Make an Illya Route Work?
  172. Who is Assisted Consent Rin?
  173. How do YOU write fics/chapters?
  174. Nasu and JoJo's bizarre threadventureverse
  175. The 2014 Extra Grail Fanfiction Challenge War of...Greatness, or something.
  176. Lantz's Q&A
  177. The Rules of the Holy Grail War and how all this Works.
  178. Fate/Zero Crossover Planning
  179. LunarFate: The World's Wrath / LunarFate Zero
  180. TM Fanfics Index: Recommendations & Discussion. Updates never
  181. General Type-Moon Fanfiction Discussion
  182. I'm new and need help with fanfic, don't know where to post so I did it here.
  183. The Beast's Lair Fanfic Contest (2015 Edition) (Discussion Thread)
  184. Fanfic Contest 2015 Edition, Judging Thread
  185. Lantz's Fanfiction Contest
  186. Arthurian Legend, and Nasu's take on it
  187. ShirouxRin vs ArcherxRin SPOILERS
  188. Have a couple of questions regarding canon for a new fanfic
  189. Foreword a fully inclusive discussion thread
  190. OC Fate Fic ideas
  191. The Stillborn Ward - Where Inchoate Ideas Rest In Peace
  192. Fate of Ice and Fire (A Song of Ice and Fire x Fate/Stay Night Fusion)
  193. Attempting to create Fanfiction of Type-Moon v. Capcom Crossover / Want opinions
  194. LOLheadcanon
  195. manaka and arthur in diffrent hoy grail wars
  196. Lantz's Fanfiction AMA
  197. The first three Fuyuki Holy Grail Wars
  198. The Beast's Lair Fanfic Contest (2016 Edition) (Discussion Thread)
  199. Fate/ Final Heaven VN- Brain Storming.
  200. Miscellaneous Fanfiction Writing Thread (Solicit Advice Here)
  201. The First Tuesday Rewrite Thread
  202. Fanfic Contest 2016: Judging Thread
  203. The Boxing Ring Reborn: The Gabriel Blessing Simultaneous (Re)read Project.
  204. Good fanfics, fate you rather see.....
  205. Fanfic Contests/Exchanges You Can Enter TM Works In Off BL
  206. Monthly Create-A-Servant Contest
  207. Fate stay night lore check
  208. Create-a-Mage
  209. Magecraft-Maker
  210. My First Fic : Shirou Grail War
  211. Create-A-Servant 2
  212. The Beast's Lair Secret Santa Contest! (2016) [Submission Deadline 12/24]
  213. Fanfiction writing style help?
  214. Interested in Rider x Shirou material
  215. What if _________ was _________'s Noble Phantasm?
  216. servants in present country
  217. Secret Santa Contest (2016) Voting and Judging
  218. The Beast's Lair Fanfic Contest (2017 Edition) (Discussion Thread)
  219. The Beast's Lair White Day Lemon Contest! (2017)
  220. If you had a Reality Marble, what would it be?
  221. Create your own holy grail war.
  222. White Day Lemon Contest (2017) Voting and Judging
  223. The Beast's Lair Tanabata Exchange Contest! (2017)
  224. create mage, god, dark apostle, etc.
  225. Create a phantasmal beast.
  226. Monthly Make-A-Magus Contest
  227. Create your own Type moon scenario.
  228. Tanabata Pairing Exchange Contest (2017) Voting and Judging
  229. When Nero has Fashion Input
  230. Co-write a Fate/Zero story?
  231. The Beast's Lair Secret Santa Contest! (2017)
  232. Fate/Tsukihime What if Project?
  233. Create your own Mage group.
  234. Secret Santa Contest (2017) Voting and Judging
  235. The Beast's Lair Fanfic Contest (2018 Edition) (Discussion Thread)
  236. The Beast's Lair White Day Lemon Contest! (2018)
  237. White Day Lemon Contest (2018) Voting and Judging
  238. Fate Crusadios - Real Royal War
  239. 5th holy grail war analysis.
  240. Things you like in fan fiction/Your favorite Type-Moon fan works
  241. The Beast's Lair Secret Santa Contest! (2018)
  242. Create your greate holy grail war team.
  243. Any Fate's fanfic game where few people manipulate one/some characters and fight in parties?
  244. Character Sheet help, please?
  245. Writing passages that you're most proud of
  246. Secret Santa Contest (2018) Voting and Judging
  247. Fanfiction Recs
  248. Announcement - New Fanfics Subforum
  249. The Beast's Lair Secret Santa Contest! Legacy Edition (2019)
  250. Create A Singularity / Lostbelt