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  1. A Spot of Flowers (Arturia, Guinevere)(Pre-series, possible AU)(One-shot)
  2. Chaotic Time (HA/KT)
  3. The World of the Moon
  4. Ships
  5. Fate/Team Fortress or How the Grail War went terribly, terribly wrong.
  6. [FF] Spice of Life
  7. [FF] Another Side, Another Story (Trinity AU)
  8. Kotomine Kirei: Psychotherapist Extraordinaire
  9. [Type-Moon / Sailor Moon] Tentative Title: Moon-Type Moon
  10. [FF] Shinji Matou's Guide to Murder
  11. A Stab in the Dark [Archive]
  12. Recycled Servants - 5HF, Open Idea
  13. Gabriel Blessing's Fiction aka The Boxing Ring
  14. Zelretch's Hallowe'en Experiments, Open Range of Ideas thread
  15. Didn't Even Make It (to the End of the Movie) [Lemon]
  16. Tsukihime - Nanaya side
  17. Old Men Dreaming - 3rd HGW Branstorm
  18. Fate/Somnium Summer Redux
  19. Twisted Servants(A Comic Fanfic)
  20. The Secret Ingredient is Love (Post HF-True) (Shirou, Sakura) (One-shot)
  21. Didn't Even Make It (to the Mission Briefing) [Lemon]
  22. Level Up, a lamed fic idea. Help wanted.
  23. Shirou's Unfortunate Erection (crack, oneshot)
  24. That's one way to wake Nii-san up [Lemon]
  25. What happened to the TMLC?
  26. [FF] Re-Ignition: Restart Heavens Feel
  27. -than a wounded animal - Taiga master fic - brainstorming phase
  28. A Small Idea
  29. [FF] Bonds: The Philosopher's Stone
  30. Friendly Bet - [F/SN] [One-shot]
  31. Didn't Even Make It (to the Festival) [Lemon]
  32. Someone to Come Home to (FSN Oneshot)
  33. A Change of Philosophy, an Open Idea
  34. Smut, One-Shots, and Serious Attempts at (Melo)Drama- LunarLegend's workshop
  35. Hotel Love (lemon)
  36. Fate/The Broken Thrones. Would like help.
  37. fate/inter-night
  38. Break Open the Throne [possible project]
  39. Robot Nasu (Season Two)
  40. Fate/Hime (FSN x Shikabane Hime)
  41. Of Flesh and Fantasy (lemon/parody)
  42. In All Things
  43. My Older Brother Canít Possibly Be This Cute
  44. From the Ashes
  45. Fate/comic book, an Open Idea
  46. Melancholy of One (A Grail Works. LTD. Story)
  47. [Evangelion / Fate Zero] Solenoid Flux
  48. A memory of the autumn rain
  49. Fate/Dragon's Dawn - Open Idea/Discussion Thread [FSN/Elder Scrolls Crossover]
  50. The Grail Works Mission Dossier (Discussion & Ideas)
  51. Fellows (A Revolutionary Girl Utena/FSN crossover)
  52. The Writing Workshop
  53. Thu'um of A Distant Utopia [Skyrim Crossover]
  54. A day's life of an Artist (a fanfiction for Tusia) (+18)
  55. Fate/stay away [lemon]
  56. a few short fiction ideas Iíve come up with
  57. Requiem for Loss
  58. King Of Fakers
  59. What if the Protagonists of Fate/EXTRA summon...?
  60. The Dark Thorns Chronicles [Co-Written w/ Elf]
  61. Moon Wars [episodic, crack]
  62. Negatum Seipsum ~ Emiya-chan
  63. Shiki genderswap fic! (title under construction)
  64. Mini's Fics - This Time, Actually On The Forum
  65. What if ________ was Dragonborn in Skyrim?
  66. Black Knight in Halkeginia [One-shot]
  67. When It's Spring Again (HF Normal, AU)(Rin, Sakura)(One-shot)
  68. Graduation Day [Tsukihime/One Shot]
  69. Doppelgangers (an idea thread)
  70. 7th [AU, Fate/Tsuki]
  71. What if Shinji were a girl?
  72. Set an Extra place (discussion thread)
  73. Beast lair forumites, servant style! post your own!
  74. Magecraft Erotica
  75. The Mystic Codes of 'Thinks-He's-Funny'
  76. Rin Tohsaka's Guide to Prana Recharging [lemon]
  77. The 4th Annual Holy Grail War Live! [A Silly Tale]
  78. Bundle of Joy
  79. The millennium war: I bid you welcome to Castle Brunstud
  80. The Millennium War: I bid you welcome to Castle Brunestund (discussion thread)
  81. The "Holy Shirou War" (as dubbed by others, not me)...
  82. All Arturias Holy Grail War, an Open Idea
  83. Alternate universe (Ideas)
  84. The Millennium War Volume One: Threshold of Despair.
  85. A Very Dere Christmas
  86. Twelve Days of Saturnalia
  87. [F/SN] Tears on Fallen Snow [Oneshot]
  88. Nasuverse logistics in fanfiction discussion and ideas
  89. [FF] Gilgamesh's Wacked Out Adventure
  90. Short fics, All input welcome.
  91. [FSN/???] Final Stage - Gilgamesh's Greatest Opponent (One-shot)
  92. Battle Fantasia: The Prisma Ilya Wing
  93. A Vampire's Promise (Tsukihime fic, maybe FSN if I feel like it.)
  94. Fate/Worst
  95. The Finer Points of Negotiation (Request from Lycodrake)(Saber x Iri fluff, AUish)
  96. Defining Family (AU)(Saber Shirou family fluff)
  97. An Empty Attachment (Ryougi x Touko) (NSFW)
  98. A heartwarming tale of Love.
  99. Conception/Zero (Fate/Zero x Shin Megami Tensei Crossover)
  100. Beast's Lair Fanfiction Author Guide
  101. Christmas Promise (Oneshot)
  102. Shinderella (Collab piece with Moczo)(AU, so very AU)
  103. Kotomine Shirou
  104. Verg Avesta Christmas Special -2-
  105. 12 days of Nasuverse
  106. Kingdom of Wolves - A Nasuverse Original Fiction
  107. Emiya Shirou: Ace Attorney
  108. Servants in Black
  109. Death and Justice
  110. Lion & Ogre (Blazblue/Melty Blood)
  111. The Renegade
  112. Rain Stone - a KnK fanfiction
  113. celsius' drabble thread
  114. Ace Attorney: Recollections of a Sword
  115. Grandfatherly Gifts (Zouken, Sakura) (AU)
  116. Dreams Remembered (oneshot)
  117. The Heretic Hunter Chronicles
  118. Red Hands, Black Eyes (Nasuverse/Noir)
  119. Jaws of Light (oneshot)
  120. Asagami Academy Host Club
  121. King of Blades - Tricolor Swords
  122. Magical Amber vs the Mushroom Kingdom (A Grail Works Ltd. Story)
  123. of Flesh and Fantasy (discussion thread) old board archive
  124. End of the Dream [Tsukihime]
  125. Fate/Buddy Cop
  126. Last Crusade [FSN: The Third Holy Grail War]
  127. Into the Mind, of the Mind, of Madness (A 'Thu'um of A Distant Utopia' spinoff)
  128. Type-Moon Crossover Idea Thread
  129. In All Things [oneshot]
  130. Extra/Gilgamesh
  131. Tempered Steel (FSN x HoTD crossover)
  132. Not-so Average One (lemon, Sion x Rin)
  133. Shiki Tohno: Declassified Files of an Unwitting Demon Hunter
  134. Fate/Beyond Fantasy REDUX
  135. Caption Contest inspired short stories
  136. Fic Challenge - "From the Heavens . . ."
  137. [FF] Divine Justice (Fate/Stay Night/Thor crossover)
  138. [Nasuverse/Naruto] You are special, Naruto! 2.0
  139. [FF] Fate/EXTRA17 (Masup of lots of stuff)
  140. [FF]Fate/Other
  141. The World Which Sings for Salvation (Grail Works Ltd x Ar Tonelico)
  142. Akatsuki (FSN/Tsukihime AU)
  143. Lemon ideas write up thread
  144. Into the Fire (Title subject to change) Discussion
  145. Like Glass (HF True, AU)(Sakura, Rin)(One-shot)
  146. A Night Once Dreamed (Rin x Ryougi)
  147. Cold Fates
  148. Moonlight on Steel (Tsukihime x Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha)(Satsuki, AU)
  149. Objective: Emiya (Ilya, Shirou, Not Even Bothering With Canon)
  150. Fate/Stay Mad
  151. Shirou's Lemon Chronicles (Lemon, AU, Crack-ish at times)
  152. The Guardian of Evangelion
  153. Heroic Deed
  154. Sing Along [lemon]
  155. Little Angel Go Away (Angel Notes / Fate/EXTRA)
  156. Fate/The Second Killer
  157. Beam's Drabble Dump
  158. Fate/Alternate (based off Fate/Prototype, AU)
  159. Master of Death [Fate/Stay Night x Harry Potter
  160. In The Blood (AKA Rin and Sakura: Magic Detectives in London) (Post HF True) (Collab with Moczo)
  161. A Witch's Tale of the 4th Holy Grail War (Fate Zero/Umineko)
  162. You are a Narrator
  163. Holding Back the Sea [Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Fate/Stay Night]
  164. Heated Rivalry
  165. Target: Emiya Shirou and Servant Berserker: White Knight
  166. Fists of Steel
  167. Miss Wolf and Lady Death (Lemon)
  168. Second Time Around (Fate/Prototype) (Misaya x Ayaka) (One-shot)
  169. Twilight Blood Requim (HARDCRE LEMON)
  170. The CONQUEST of Tokyo (Fate/Sekirei)
  171. Berserker's Wrath (inspired by Asura's Wrath) Discussion Thread
  172. A Certain Fateful Night (FSN x Index Crossover)
  173. Sanjigemme no Senso
  174. Triangle Blades, a Fate/Stay Night and MGLN crossover
  175. Hard Work
  176. Fate/Stay Kitchen: So Many Explosions This Is Probably Illegal (Hardcore Crackfest)
  177. Wave Effect [Fate/Zero|Mass Effect]
  178. The Redemption of Matou Shinji
  179. Author Tags
  180. Beast's Lair's Beta Reading - offers and/or requests, inquire within
  181. Fate/legend (includes pictures!)
  182. Fate/False Sacrifice
  183. Sion will never give up! ~A thread to post any Sion Centric Fanfiction!~
  184. A Change of Heart
  185. Worth More Broken (Post Mind of Steel Bad End)(Rin x Misaya)
  186. The Son of the Great
  187. Across The Multiverse (Nasuverse Crossover)
  188. [F/SN]The Strange Life of Matou Shinji.
  189. Choose Your Snippet Fic
  190. An Alternate Solution
  191. Fujino and Azaka's EXCELLENT!!! Adventure {CYOA FF}
  192. The Verdant Love Chronicles [ORT/Gil]
  193. Heaven's Facepalm
  194. The Cave - Home to Theo's tribbles, drabbles, and occasional babbles
  195. Black/Red August Love (A Fate/Extra oneshot) Possible series?
  196. The Witch
  197. Nasuverse In the Universal Century
  198. Dark Space (Mass Effect/TM)
  199. Resonance of Fate
  200. An Eye for an Eye
  201. Deadly Match: Dark Power and Sheer Skill! [NSFH]
  202. Fighting Endless Slumber (P3P x FSN)
  203. Aiden's Random Drabble Thread
  204. Stupid Monkeys... (EXiku's fic joint)
  205. Seeking Solace In Servitude
  206. Twisted/Bended
  207. I Am Not There
  208. Rust
  209. Nadir
  210. A Madman's Happiness
  211. Njeri
  212. A Day at the Pool
  213. The 5th Holy Grail War [CYOA Fic]
  214. Season of Amber
  215. Hazama's Unrelated and Related to Type-Moon Fiction Corner
  216. Lyco's Fanfic Drabbles and Ideas
  217. The princess project. (working title) (discussion and development)
  218. IRUn's Creative Writing Spam Storage
  219. Elf Musings of a Drabblish Type
  220. Archer's Story
  222. The Stars Shall Lead To Our Dreams: Devil Survivor X Fate Stay Night
  223. [FF] Fate/Shift Distortion (Minor BlazBlue xOver)
  224. The Princess' Knight: Irisviel/Arturia.
  225. Lethum's Libro Lounge
  226. All from a Hospital Bed (Ayako/Shirou one-shot)
  227. The Gates Of War, First Unchained
  228. Gladius Memoria (FSN x Kamen Rider W)
  229. Maybe I'm a Lion (KnK/Prototype Crossover)
  230. Fate/Extra: Corona Fox - My Fate/Extra Fanfic
  231. Lunatique
  232. Bare Knuckle Brawler
  233. Five_X's Shorts and Briefs Drawer
  234. Shirou-papa and Sakura-mama (One-shot)
  235. YeOfLittleFaith's collected Drabbles and Ideas
  236. 500 For 500
  237. A 20th level wizard on the Grail War
  238. Ash and Snow
  239. Redemption
  240. The Drabbles of Old Iron
  241. Fate/Noctis Aria (FSN AU)
  242. NAHTCUW's Drabble Dump
  243. Homecooked love: a Taiga x Shirou fic
  244. The Importance of Proper Communication (Fate/Zero, Kariya, Tokiomi, Not Much in the Way of Logic)
  245. Fate/Realista
  246. Fishie's Fail Files For Fan Fics Fishie Formulated
  247. Suncofold's Writing Dump
  248. Lantz's fic's and theories
  249. [FF] Tokyo X [Ben-To X Fate X Tsukihime]
  250. Fantastically Facsimile - Frantic's Fanfic Fairyland