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  1. The Drabbles of Old Iron
  2. Fate/Noctis Aria (FSN AU)
  3. NAHTCUW's Drabble Dump
  4. Homecooked love: a Taiga x Shirou fic
  5. The Importance of Proper Communication (Fate/Zero, Kariya, Tokiomi, Not Much in the Way of Logic)
  6. Fate/Realista
  7. Fishie's Fail Files For Fan Fics Fishie Formulated
  8. Suncofold's Writing Dump
  9. Lantz's fic's and theories
  10. [FF] Tokyo X [Ben-To X Fate X Tsukihime]
  11. Fantastically Facsimile - Frantic's Fanfic Fairyland
  12. Azure Swords
  13. Mirror, Mirror (Rin, Gilgamesh in Stereo)
  14. Purple and Pink (F/sn and ZnT crossover oneshot)
  15. A Servant Scorned
  16. Knight of Steel [MoS Divergence]
  17. Fate/Phantasm - Fate x Touhou [FF]
  18. The Misadventures of Merlin and Shirou
  19. Shion Means "Remembrance"
  20. The Boy Who Asked For Nothing
  21. PhoenixAct's Unfinished Business
  22. Puella Magi Type Magica
  23. Fated Unicorn (F/sNXGundam Unicorn)
  24. Someone who seeks guidance...
  25. Untouchable
  26. Mind of Aluminum (Rin, Heaven's Feel AU Sort Of, Do not put thought into it.)
  27. Fate Zero
  28. Eye of the Hurricane
  29. The Pumpkin's Night
  30. Kuzuki Akito and the Alchemist's Stone
  31. Fate/Rei Revolution
  32. Prince Charon's Ideas, Drabbles, and Snippets thread
  33. [RRS][SS/FSN] Tales of Souls And Swords
  34. Kitchens and Classrooms
  35. Gothic Dolly's Victorian Manor of short writings and general nonsense
  36. The Lives and Times of Kaleido Shirou Schweinorg
  37. Asking a question about referring to the Nasuverse in a fanfic.
  38. Gundam Wing: Reaper of the SEED (Gundam Wing/SEED-verse/UC/Sekirei/Nasuverse/whatever else that counts as an element later)
  39. Fate True Sight
  40. Twisted Flames (Azaka x Fujino lemon)
  41. Nexus: The Lost Adventures
  42. The Magus' Heart (Post-HF, AU)
  43. Cherry Mage - FSN AU
  44. [FF] Leukocyte
  45. Fate/Reprise - A F/SN AU Fanfic
  46. Bloody/Dissonance -A Continuation of Nightmarish Bloody Liar-
  47. Let's try this again, shall we? (aka You are special, Naruto!)[Naruto/Nasuverse]
  48. I think, therefore I meeeeo-am.
  49. Fire and Earth (slight AU, oneshot attempt at Archer/Arcueid)
  50. fuck titles - Post HF-True
  51. With Feeling (iPod shuffle challenge, one-shot)(Rin x Sakura)
  52. The Wheel of Fate is Turning...
  53. Fate/calice novo
  54. A finalized fanfic idea, hopefully. Particularly asking for Sakura fans to help.
  55. Best Man of Oushuu
  56. Elf takes the Ipod Challenge- Archer- 1st Edition
  57. Seine's Little Drabbles and Oneshots
  58. In Which Seika Fails To Understand The iPod Challenge
  59. Fate/[email protected]!#*$ERFZC - THEY'RE ALL FREAKS
  60. Favorite Fanfic quotes
  61. Mists of Avalon (iPod shuffle challenge, one-shot)(Saber x Shirou)
  62. The Labyrinth of Akasha: Shinogu's Stray Stories and Shuffle Challenge Spot
  63. Erryday IRUn's Shufflin' - DA MUZAK KHALLENGE {Misc. Oneshots, Ahoy!}
  64. Behind Closed Doors (Arturia, Guinevere/Lancelot)
  65. Shared Resonance of Possession Experience
  66. Service with a smile (shirouXSaber, lemon, one shot)
  67. Project:Empyrean (AU Fate Fanfic Discussion&Idea Thread)
  68. Through A Tainted Looking Glass (Fate/Stay Night x Dragon Age: Origins Crossover)
  69. The Life and Times/(Misadventures) of the Two Hounds (and the other Lancers)
  70. Clash of Protagonists (FSN/Crossover)
  71. Postnuptial Disagreements (Sekirei crossover)
  72. Fate/Genesis
  73. Fate/Écrits
  74. Shirou wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (Shirou has few friends.)
  75. Mortal Divinity
  76. Your Author quirks
  77. The Adventures of Shirou - When They Cry Volume I: Hinamizawa
  78. The Adventures of Shirou Ideas
  79. Snippet - What if Heaven's Feel happened in Lovecraft's Universe?
  80. [Spamfic] Rin is a genius
  81. The Inner Workings of Souls and Cybernetics
  82. Overtures of Tomorrow
  83. Type-Mask (The Mask Crossover)
  84. Cherry Blossom Knight (SaberxSakura fic in two parts)
  85. Beast's Lair
  86. Losing It (KnK - Snippets)
  87. An investigation into the possibilities and effectiveness of using music as an authoritative aid.
  88. Nights of Ahnenerbe
  89. My Snow Angel: [Illya x Saber, AU]
  90. to die when you are killed
  91. [FSN/Tsukihime AU] Solstice Reverse
  92. Story ideas, drabbles, ect.
  93. Hospital food sucks.
  94. My pathetic attempt at the Ipod shuffle challenge (and some possible future drabble thread)
  95. Threads of Fate
  96. Broken Arrow
  97. An End to War (oneshot)
  98. Hollow Crown
  99. Wait, I'm a Zombie now?! (FSNxKoreha Zombie Desuka)
  100. Really Good Fellow Writer / Story Premise Combinations
  101. Type/Zero
  102. Another
  103. Fate/Roleplay
  104. Heaven Feel's Lost Properties - GunZ's drabbles
  105. Shirou no Otoshimono - SoraOto/Fate Ideas Thread
  106. The Third Heaven's Feel: Fate/Minus Light
  107. Looking for writing partner
  108. [Community Fic] What's New, Saber-Doo?
  109. Fate/Almighty Storm, a F/SN Crossover.
  110. The Beast's Lair Dare Thread (Pick Your Poison)
  111. Gotta Contract 'Em All!
  112. Tacks
  113. In the Biblical Sense
  114. Fate New Journey
  115. King of Heroes, Do You Have Enough Cards?
  116. Fate/Step - A Rather Different Grail War
  117. Severed Bonds (FSN/Madoka crossover)
  118. I'll show you. This is what it means to shut up and slam!
  119. Five_X does the iPod challenge... because these were fun to read
  120. Drifting
  121. The Magus Killer
  122. Ilya's castle
  123. Fate/Blue - Another possibility of the Continuum Shift
  124. Devil Summoner Shinji Kuzunoha!
  125. Far More Terrible
  126. improv?
  127. A Long Term Revenge [Fate/Zero Oneshot]
  128. What if _________ was _________'s servant?
  129. Fate/Reversal
  130. Hail to the King, Baby!
  131. Tabula Rasa
  132. War of the Worlds (a Fate/stay NightxAnima: Beyond Fantasy crossover)
  133. Gilgamesh Tries his Hand At
  134. Fate/EMIYA
  135. Vestigial Mercies [young Kirei in Shirou's place]
  136. Gagex2z's Fanfic idea
  137. iPod challenge (sort of)
  138. New ideas for Type-Moon Crossover (Tsukihime, Kara no Kyoukai and Fate/series only)
  139. .hack//Bladeworks
  140. Fate Eterna Resonance
  141. Fate/Execution
  142. Aria of Fate (SAO x FSN:UBW Crossover)
  143. Savior: A Twice Pieceman Story (Now with added Tamamo!)
  144. A Twlight/50 Shades of Grey Spoof
  145. General Collection of Drabbles and One-shots
  146. Fate/Maharlika
  147. Rain of Sand
  148. Link to FS/N x Monty Phyton crossover in Spacebattles.com
  149. [FF] My Little Sister Can't Be This Much of a Freak
  150. Fate/Taboo: A Can of Worms [Kariya x Sakura]
  151. Fate/Alter
  152. Resurrection- a Kariya Fic
  153. Break
  154. Dark Princesses, Crow's Wings, and Hero's Broken Dreams
  155. Inaccurate Legends [FS/N X Monty Python]
  156. A New Age
  157. 燕返死 (Fate Stay Night/Tsukihime)
  158. Fiction/Prototype
  159. Old Panteons
  160. The first of my travesties.
  161. The Impossible Dream (Fate/stay night oneshot)
  162. RB Vs Nasuverse: Flawless Victory.
  163. Chronicle: EMIYA
  164. Curse Of The Random Families.
  165. Go Go Nasu Rangers!
  166. [FF] Trinity VII: The Twilight (Type-Moon/Harry Potter X-over)
  167. Persona: Device of a Magus (CYOA)
  168. Shatteraxia
  169. What it takes to win (Fate/Stay Night, EXTRA, Zero and Apocrypha)
  170. [Fate/MGLN]Bitter Melodies
  171. Familiars of the Void
  172. The experiences with The Mask
  173. Tohsaka Rin the Angry Magus
  174. Fate All Riders. (Fate Zero x Kamen Rider crossover.)
  175. Ten Years
  176. Still in the Oven (Ayaka/Shirou, Request fic for RadiantBeam)
  177. You Bastards Aren't Human!
  178. Bigby's Crushing Hand, Sunfire and feeblemind.
  179. A Certain Mysterious Right Hand (Nasuverse x Toaruverse)
  180. Infinite Library of Swords: A Lyrical Nanoha x Nasuverse drabble thread
  181. Hatori's random drabbles and snippets thread.
  182. Santo's drabbles, snippets, and oneshots.
  183. A Moment of Truth
  184. Agailius' Fortress of NOBLEBRIGHT (Drabble Thread)
  185. Breakfast at Kotomine's (F/SN Lancer x Jeanne, lemon)
  186. Arch-Magos Winter's Forge World: Drabbles from the Tech-Priest of Beasts Lair
  187. Bloody Heck (18+)
  188. Shirou and Shiki Go To White Castles
  189. Beyond Emptiness: Touko x Ryougi
  190. TheSpy's Failed Fanfic Storage
  191. Destination: Europe [F/SN x Eurotrip]
  192. The Strong. The Silent. The Sparkling.
  193. How would this grail war go?
  194. Altered States (Lemon Fic)
  195. Reversed (somewhat) Grail war idea.
  196. A trip to the mountains (Shirou x Saber, slight Archer x Rin)(+18)
  197. Fate/Who
  198. Fate/Extra: The Midnight Sea
  199. Want and Need
  200. Promettre
  201. lemonade in summertime (lemon/comedy)
  202. Masters and Puellae (FZ/PMMM)
  203. Bloodless Sins
  204. Last Regrets [Archer/Illya]
  205. Standardized Servant Rankings (Create-a-Servant)(fanfic only, not Nasu's true system)
  206. Riven's Drabble Vault
  207. A Grail in Each Hand (NSFW)
  208. Evangel Notes : Requiem for a World
  209. Fate Art Online (FSN + SAO crossover) STILL IN DRAFT !!!!
  210. Dracniil's Drabbles
  211. Tohsaka Online (FSN + SAO crossover) BETA thread
  212. When The Hero Is Not A Hero (F/SN x Disgaea)
  213. Gilgamesh Plays With Dolls
  214. The Fated Hero (FSN/Discworld)
  215. [Non-Fanfiction] Nasuverse Marriage Prospects
  216. Alter the Chains of Fate (Pre-F/Z X Higurashi no Naku Koro ni)
  217. Fate Zero Life (f/z Slice of Life)
  218. Who Goes There? (Riesbyfe)
  219. Change of personality of characters of Type-Moon using The Mask
  220. Beyond Last Episode
  221. Shikimonogatari
  222. Sea Story
  223. Fate/Critical Failure
  224. Fanfiction Theory/Writing Discussion
  225. Family Issues (Post HF True, Rider centric) (One-shot) (Co-written with Moczo)
  226. Sage's Storeroom.
  227. The Seriously Heroic Quest For the Holy Grail (A TypeMoon-RPG parody)
  228. FATE/HEX FELL [Fate x Original Verse X - Over]
  229. Largo as Rider [Megatokyo / FSN oneshot]
  230. End of a Hero (FSN X The Walking Dead Oneshot)
  231. A Distant Dream (For Tusia)
  232. Fate/Elucidated
  233. Recommended Type-Moon Fanfics Discussion II: Electric Boogaloo
  234. [SAO / Fate] Sword Art : Extend
  235. Fate stay night X Digimon (discussion thread)
  236. From Fake Dreams (Discussion Thread)
  237. Destined Legacies (Type-Moon X Multiverse Crossover)
  238. There can be only one (fanfiction idea)!
  239. Sick Time (Archer and Rin, Gift for Elf)
  240. Survivor's Comfort (For LeopardBear)
  241. Seven Moons (Tsukihime / Sailor Moon)
  242. Epiren's Writing Spot
  243. GRAIL PD
  244. Inhuman Resources (Grail Works Ltd. T-M/Dead Space Crossover)
  245. Twelve Days of Yule
  246. Crimson Spears
  247. [FF] Journey into… school? (A Grail Works Ltd. – T−M/MSN story)
  248. Random Fanfic Challenge has appeared! Fate/Dungeon Keeper)
  249. Unexpected Discovery
  250. The Kings In The Mountains