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  1. Elf's Guide to Writing Lemons!
  2. What I See
  3. Killing Eyes and Faerie Hounds [Tsukihime/Dresden Files]
  4. Lancer Gets Serious Chapter 23.5 (NSFW)
  5. Cremation (FSN x Shikabane Hime)
  6. Redemption By Steel
  7. Sha Nagba Imuru – He Who Knows Everything
  8. The Prince of Pendragon Manor [Princess' Knight sequel]
  9. Fate/Strange Duplicate
  10. [FF] Holidays and Hearts IV: Holy Night (Tsukihime)
  11. A Very Heracles Christmas
  12. Verg Avesta Christmas Special -3-
  13. Fate/Theosis Episode
  14. A New World Fool
  15. Oneshot: Heart of Darkness (KnK)
  16. The Beast's Lair Fanfic Contest (2013 Edition) (Discussion Thread)
  17. newbie fic search
  18. Everwinter
  19. He Does Not Die Unforgotten (One Shot)
  20. Create-a-Master
  21. [FF, DISTURBING MENTAL IMAGERY, TOTALLY NSFW] BUTT KICKING FOR GOODNESS! (Fate/Stay night, Fate/Zero, goes through canon like one of Zouken's Penis Worms!)
  22. Ahnenerbe Chat
  23. Argue about necros
  24. Hizumi's Fan Fiction.
  25. Darksiders: Stories of Type-Moon [Darksiders/Nasuverse]
  26. Fate Extra/Night
  27. The Hulk: CAN love? (type-moon crossover)(crosspost)
  28. Memories of a King - the story of Arturia Pendragon
  29. Reversal Time
  30. To Unleash All Evil ~ An Alternate Fourth War
  31. Family Affairs (Arturia, Lancelot, Really Bad Old English)
  32. Went Left, Mind Flayers
  33. BL Tactics
  34. The Penguin Dojo
  35. On your own
  36. FSN + SAO
  37. Apocrypha
  38. Misplaced (KnK/Tsuki)
  39. Fate/Unversed project
  40. Lantz’s big FAQ.
  41. Discussion of Lantzblades' Fanfiction
  42. Bitter wants to talk about pokemon
  43. Just a few questions for certain scenarios...
  44. Chasing the Wind (Mahou Sensei Negima x Type-Moon Crossover)
  45. Lyrical Days
  46. What if [TM Servant] was summoned by...?
  47. Disquieting Mercy
  48. A Q&A With Your Pal, Gabriel Blessing
  49. Fate/Digital Hazard (A Fate/Digimon Tamers crossover)
  50. The Game of Kings
  51. Xamusel's Oneshot Thread
  52. Anna's Story Zone
  53. BetaHalo's corner for new Avengers
  54. Outside Context - Fic - Fate Stay/Night - Eventually Multi-Crossover
  55. Outside Context - Fic Planning - Help Me Avoid Lore Errors - Spoilers Ahoy
  56. "Distortion" question
  57. Your Shadow Sleeps, Kyrie Eleison
  58. Not the Welcome She Was Expecting [LEMON]
  59. A Wingman's Woes
  60. Happy Riniversary (Rin, Luvia, Fun in London)
  61. Fate/ Holy War
  62. [FF] Not Too Readily
  63. Hardest Choice Ever [Lemon]
  64. [Translation][One-Shot][Parody] 3000
  65. From the Azure to Zero (Fate/Zero, Blazblue Crossover)
  66. The Price of Survival (crossover)
  67. Tsukihime Fanfic: Role Revert
  68. Of Swords and Sorcery: Through fire and flames.
  69. Soul of Fire Discussion
  70. Random FSN Poetry- wait, don't run away!
  71. Negatum Seipsum 2 ~ This Time, With Porn
  72. Churchly Thoughts
  73. Shina Emiya and the Holy Grail [Gender Swap, Possible NSFW Contents]
  74. Things that you love in fanfiction discussion
  75. Partly inspired by Beam: MOON-struck presents: A story about a Soccer Mom and a Mother Hen
  76. Long Night
  77. A Study in Velvet [Waver murder mystery oneshot]
  78. Fanfic Category Challenge Contest (Fanfic/Extra CCC?)
  79. Anti-Bono [Kirei vs. Kiritsugu, Phoenix Wright Style]
  80. Zalgo's Collected Drabbles Thread
  81. Distant Utopia (Saber x Iri, one-shot) (iPod Shuffle Challenge)
  82. Fate Over 9000: A F/SN & KnK Crack
  83. Let's Boogie Down!
  84. Blotted Destiny
  85. Postpartum [Genderswapped Kirei, oneshot]
  86. [FSN x Notes] Sword Vector
  87. Fate/Morph Night
  88. Fate/Refraction
  89. Fraggle's Fantastic Folder of Fictionwritings and Fiddling with Fanon for Fun and Freedom!!!
  90. Just An Unorthodox Thief (Fate/Zero-Lupin III Crossover)
  91. Heroes of Justice
  92. Of Evil and Entropy (Fate-Puella Magi Madoka Magica crossover one-shot)
  93. A Small War: A Canaan Continuation Fic
  94. War of the Three Shikis [Shiki Tohno, Shiki Ryougi, and SHIKI Ryougi do Heaven’s Feel]
  95. Jokin' Zouken
  96. Cultists' Ball [If Fate / Zero had no magic...]
  97. Reforged: The Twin Blade
  98. Writing Roundtable - Improve your Moves
  99. Idea: The Grail War with every Servant being from a FPS/TPS
  100. Fate/Kaleido : Jewel Card
  101. The Nasu Files
  102. To the Victor Go the Spoils
  103. To Tame a Magus (FSN / Familiar of Zero)
  104. Fact and Fiction (Fate/Stay Night xover)
  105. The World Without
  106. Nasuverse Yaoi/Slash/Man-On-Man-Goodness Thread
  107. Nasuverse Yuri/Femslash/Girl-On-Girl Goodness Thread
  108. Fate Timoria [Naruto x Fate/Zero Crossover]
  109. Fate: Epic of the Original Heroes (Gilgamesh vs Enkidu)
  110. Fate/Orussia
  111. Warm Seasons [oneshot]
  112. Venom
  113. And Then Rin Messed Up [lemon]
  114. Sever and Bind
  115. The Bohemian Rhap-Shiki
  116. Random Pairing Challenge
  117. Fate's Harmony [Fate/stay night Universal Crossover]
  118. All or Nothing (Gold and Sword pairing)
  119. Of Swords and Sorcery (discussion)
  120. The War for the Fake [Fate/Strange Fake Continuation with OC]
  121. Eclipse
  122. I Have No Regrets
  123. Of Swords and Sorcery (read only)
  124. A Small Warmth
  125. The Holy Grail War World Championship!
  126. Any Help Would Be Appreciated
  127. Fate Stay/REVEAL (An idea that wouldn't go away)
  128. Final Moments
  129. Diaries of a Youthful Maiden
  130. Requiem for a Race
  131. RE:Boot UnlimitedFATE
  132. The Geek's Basement: A Place for Fanfic Shorts and Ideas
  133. Arc Goes to School Again (But Not Really) [lemon]
  134. How do you write
  135. Shails story scraps
  136. Von Einzbern's War
  137. CANAAN Fanfic - "Despair" [Liang Qi/Alphard]
  138. The Prototype
  139. In need of some major story assistance
  140. Tomb of the Sun God
  141. Twelve Days of Noel
  142. 2nd War of the Golden Witch (FSN/Umineko)
  143. One Week
  144. The Worst Grail War Ever. Of All Time. (Fate x RvB crossover fic)
  145. Who would have thought?
  146. Snow Bunnies
  147. This has to be a mistake! (Prisma Illya X Fate Crossover)
  148. A Swallow's Vigil
  149. The Beast's Lair Fanfic Contest (2014 Edition) (Discussion Thread)
  150. Who, How, Why.
  151. Caster Tamamo's Fate Trilogy
  152. The Hearts of the Suffering
  153. [ Tokyo Ravens x Type-Moon x Touhou ] - Fate/Dream Ravens
  154. Fate/Shattered Legacy
  155. Simple Summer Pleasures [Lemons]
  156. Fate/Anomaly [Crossover Version of Fate/Zero]
  157. Servant Stat Conversions
  158. Fate/Deutero-Canon: Genesis
  159. Fragile Thing
  160. Schrödinger's Sisters [Fate/Stay Night Fanfic]
  161. The Kaleidoscope Pendulum (pitch/oneshot?)
  162. And That’s How Tohsaka Rin Won (Lemon!)
  163. Lantz's Fanfic and Theories 2, Electric Boogaloo
  164. Adrift in the Kaleidoscope (Brainstorming / Summary / Criticism Thread)
  165. I am Going to Put My Divine Relic into Your Chaotic Nebula
  166. The Officially Unofficial Nasuverse Cookbook (Unlimited Food Porn)
  167. Fate/Zero - Misukume's Child
  168. Bad rip off
  169. Spirit of the Sword
  170. The Observer
  171. [FF] The Hero Of A Thousand Blades (Fate Stay Night/Campione X-Over)
  172. Fight/Knight
  173. fate/rose.corruption (Fateverse)
  174. Paranoia (AU)
  175. Fate/Dream Phantasm (Fate/Zero, Touhou Crossover)
  176. A Clock Tower Affair
  177. Critique the chapter above you
  178. [FF] Tides of Fate
  179. Notes on Plotting Grail Wars [a.k.a. "If Dan Brown had written Fate/Stay Night"]
  180. The Training of Rin
  181. Clipped Wings: Enhanced Edition {oneshot}
  182. 黄泉がえり - Afterlife Return
  183. Devil's Thrill
  184. Vampire Story
  185. Kayneth Archibald El-Melloi - Second Chances (Would you do better?)
  186. Adrift in the Kaleidoscope
  187. The Charge of Kings - Short scene
  188. substance.DepenD(Dance)
  189. Nasuverse OCs Thread
  190. How would you Make an Illya Route Work?
  191. Heaven's Fall into Black Chaos
  192. Who is Assisted Consent Rin?
  193. Root Access, C: Drive (F/SN x Code Geass | Worldbuilding)
  194. How do YOU write fics/chapters?
  195. Pillow Talk (One-Shot)
  196. Fate's Mirror: Fortune and Favour (interactive fiction, possible lemon, Archive thread
  197. Nasu and JoJo's bizarre threadventureverse
  198. Just Add Dragons [Lemon]
  199. Tower's Keystone
  200. Skipping all the Steps [Exalted/FSN]
  201. King of Fakers (One-Shot)
  202. Golden Apple: A Fate/Apocrypha Oneshot
  203. The Antecedent System
  204. Grail la Grail: A Fate x Kill la Kill oneshot.
  205. Miscellaneous Notes
  206. [FSN x Index] Loser's Bracket
  207. Before the Eye of God
  208. [FF] Fate/the Seventh Ring of Heaven.
  209. The 2014 Extra Grail Fanfiction Challenge War of...Greatness, or something.
  210. Lantz's Q&A
  211. Of Swords and Sorcery (chronological edition)
  212. Fate/stay masked (Fate/stay night - The Mask crossover - one shot)
  213. Ocean Stroll (Lemon, Oneshot)
  214. Evolution, A Pokémon + Fate crossover
  215. Bonds of Fate
  216. Fate/Crossover
  217. The Arm [KnK]
  218. The Rules of the Holy Grail War and how all this Works.
  219. Fate/Zero Crossover Planning
  220. New prototype of fanfic of crossover of Fate with the Mask
  221. The Death of a King (Fate/Stay Night: Heavens Feel-The Sandman Oneshot)
  222. Lancer's Lucky Adventures
  223. Under The Shadow of Gods
  224. Fate/Absolute Distortion
  225. A Certain Odd Story
  226. Remember The Fallen
  227. LunarFate: The World's Wrath / LunarFate Zero
  228. Fate Stay/EXTRA
  229. Phearo's Abyss of Atrocity (Drabble thread)
  230. Lorelei and The Snow Queen (Frozen X Type-Moon)
  231. The Bum Reviews: Fate/stay night - Unlimited Blade Works (by Studio DEEN and Surgically Enhanced by Dr. Gilgamesh Edition) {oneshot}
  232. Go Do Something Productive
  233. Encore [One-shot]
  234. The Thirteenth Trial
  235. Precursors of Purity (Fate/Zero x Ni no Kuni) (Two-Shot)
  236. Fate/Eternal Light
  237. Hunger
  238. Fate's Twist
  239. Linger [KnK]
  240. F/SN & SE: Bloodletters
  241. Hidden Option [Lemon]
  242. TM Fanfics Index: Recommendations & Discussion. Updates never
  243. Fate/crystalline anamnesis
  244. War of the Night Sky [FSN/Nanoha]
  245. [FF] (Grail) Works in Progress: Origin Stories (Grail Works, Ltd.: Type-Moon/Various X-overs)
  246. Andaeus' Snippet Repository
  247. Yet, those hands will never hold anything [gen with a bit of unrealized Archer/AU!Rin]
  248. A Lesson in Magical Theory - Second Chances (A Retelling of the Fifth Holy Grail War)
  249. General Type-Moon Fanfiction Discussion
  250. Fate/Storming Onwards - Finished way past the deadline.