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  1. This has to be a mistake! (Prisma Illya X Fate Crossover)
  2. A Swallow's Vigil
  3. Who, How, Why.
  4. The Hearts of the Suffering
  5. [ Tokyo Ravens x Type-Moon x Touhou ] - Fate/Dream Ravens
  6. Fate/Shattered Legacy
  7. Simple Summer Pleasures [Lemons]
  8. Fate/Anomaly [Crossover Version of Fate/Zero]
  9. Fate/Deutero-Canon: Genesis
  10. Fragile Thing
  11. Schrödinger's Sisters [Fate/Stay Night Fanfic]
  12. The Kaleidoscope Pendulum (pitch/oneshot?)
  13. And That’s How Tohsaka Rin Won (Lemon!)
  14. The Officially Unofficial Nasuverse Cookbook (Unlimited Food Porn)
  15. Fate/Zero - Misukume's Child
  16. Spirit of the Sword
  17. 2014 Fanfic Contest Entries - Actioning with a Vengeance
  18. 2014 Fanfic Contest Entries - Challenge Time!
  19. 2014 Fanfic Contest Entries - Unlikely Pairing/Romance
  20. The Observer
  21. [FF] The Hero Of A Thousand Blades (Fate Stay Night/Campione X-Over)
  22. Fight/Knight
  23. fate/rose.corruption (Fateverse)
  24. Paranoia (AU)
  25. Fate/Dream Phantasm (Fate/Zero, Touhou Crossover)
  26. A Clock Tower Affair
  27. [FF] Tides of Fate
  28. The Training of Rin
  29. Clipped Wings: Enhanced Edition {oneshot}
  30. 黄泉がえり - Afterlife Return
  31. Devil's Thrill
  32. Vampire Story
  33. Kayneth Archibald El-Melloi - Second Chances (Would you do better?)
  34. Adrift in the Kaleidoscope
  35. The Charge of Kings - Short scene
  36. substance.DepenD(Dance)
  37. Heaven's Fall into Black Chaos
  38. Root Access, C: Drive (F/SN x Code Geass | Worldbuilding)
  39. Pillow Talk (One-Shot)
  40. Fate's Mirror: Fortune and Favour (interactive fiction, possible lemon, Archive thread
  41. Just Add Dragons [Lemon]
  42. Tower's Keystone
  43. Skipping all the Steps [Exalted/FSN]
  44. King of Fakers (One-Shot)
  45. Golden Apple: A Fate/Apocrypha Oneshot
  46. The Antecedent System
  47. Grail la Grail: A Fate x Kill la Kill oneshot.
  48. Miscellaneous Notes
  49. [FSN x Index] Loser's Bracket
  50. Before the Eye of God
  51. [FF] Fate/the Seventh Ring of Heaven.
  52. Of Swords and Sorcery (chronological edition)
  53. Fate/stay masked (Fate/stay night - The Mask crossover - one shot)
  54. Ocean Stroll (Lemon, Oneshot)
  55. Evolution, A Pokémon + Fate crossover
  56. Bonds of Fate
  57. Fate/Crossover
  58. The Arm [KnK]
  59. New prototype of fanfic of crossover of Fate with the Mask
  60. The Death of a King (Fate/Stay Night: Heavens Feel-The Sandman Oneshot)
  61. Lancer's Lucky Adventures
  62. Under The Shadow of Gods
  63. Fate/Absolute Distortion
  64. A Certain Odd Story
  65. 2014 Fanfiction Challenge Entries
  66. Remember The Fallen
  67. Fate Stay/EXTRA
  68. Phearo's Abyss of Atrocity (Drabble thread)
  69. Lorelei and The Snow Queen (Frozen X Type-Moon)
  70. The Bum Reviews: Fate/stay night - Unlimited Blade Works (by Studio DEEN and Surgically Enhanced by Dr. Gilgamesh Edition) {oneshot}
  71. Go Do Something Productive
  72. Encore [One-shot]
  73. The Thirteenth Trial
  74. Precursors of Purity (Fate/Zero x Ni no Kuni) (Two-Shot)
  75. Fate/Eternal Light
  76. Hunger
  77. Fate's Twist
  78. Linger [KnK]
  79. F/SN & SE: Bloodletters
  80. Hidden Option [Lemon]
  81. Fate/crystalline anamnesis
  82. War of the Night Sky [FSN/Nanoha]
  83. [FF] (Grail) Works in Progress: Origin Stories (Grail Works, Ltd.: Type-Moon/Various X-overs)
  84. Andaeus' Snippet Repository
  85. Yet, those hands will never hold anything [gen with a bit of unrealized Archer/AU!Rin]
  86. A Lesson in Magical Theory - Second Chances (A Retelling of the Fifth Holy Grail War)
  87. Fate/Storming Onwards - Finished way past the deadline.
  88. Fate/Reach Out (Fate/Stay Night x Persona 4)
  89. The Extraordinary Life of Matou Shinji (One-Shot)
  90. The Magnificence
  91. Unfinished Business
  93. A Third Option [lemon] [oneshot]
  94. Fate: Servant and Cook
  95. Fate/Phantasmal Night [A Fate/Prototype Fanfic]
  96. Black Night (oneshot)
  97. Twelve Days of Wonderful Life
  98. [FF] Reign of Winter 0 - Crisis of Fayth (Grail Works, Ltd.: Type-Moon/FFX/D&D X-over)
  99. The Story of an Artist (Fate Zero/Miracleman)
  100. Shattered Heroics: New World
  101. The Last Lesson (NSFW)
  102. Solar Eclipse
  103. Christmas Weddings
  104. Boundary of the Matrix [oneshot, crack]
  105. Backseat Driving {oneshot/lemon}
  106. Fate/Meian, Yami no nisshoku [A Great Holy Grail War Fanfic]
  107. Fate: Shifted Origins
  108. The Stewards of Gaia
  109. Of Politics and Crystals
  110. Shattered Heroics Defenders
  111. [FF] The Fire King and the Ice Queen (Gilgamesh/Rin)
  112. Ho Dromos Teleō, a Fate/Apocrypha oneshot
  113. Spirit of the Law - oneshot of a king
  114. Fate/Eden - another ambitious work that would probably be a flop
  115. Satsuki Yumizuka Route [Tsukihime Quest]
  116. Fate/Stay Night: Across time
  117. Shiki's First Glasses [KnK] One-Shot
  118. Velvet Clockwork
  119. Fate/Oh My God
  120. Midnight Snacking [Prisma☆Illya] [Lemon] [oneshot]
  121. Sainted Chevalier tales
  122. The Grand Index of BL Fanfiction Contests
  123. [Fanfiction] Fate/Eternal Night
  124. Heaven's Knight Player Shirou (Fate Prisma Illya)
  125. Lunatic Break Spiral [Capsule Servant] [Lemon] [Apocrypha Spoilers]
  126. Block D (one shot)
  127. Gamma Tales: Excuse me, but I don't care
  128. [FF] Reign of Winter I - Lost in the Snow (Grail Works, Ltd.: Type-Moon/Pathfinder/Multi-X-over)
  129. [Nasu x Worm] Straight-Edge
  130. Fanfic Contest 2015 Entries - The Great Hodgepodge
  131. Witch on the Holy Night
  132. That Not-So Celebrated Team-Up Special [Fate/Zero x Fables]
  133. Fate/Fake Renewal [Oneshot]
  134. The Hero, The Dullahan and The Information Broker [Fate X DRRR!]
  135. Spirit Of Steel [Fate/Stay Night x Kantai Collection]
  136. Summer Comes Again [Tsukihime]
  137. The Sphere (translation from russian)
  138. [Tsukihime] Nightmare's Crystal
  139. Herakle's 420th Labor {oneshot}
  140. Corruption of Industry [Type-MOON April Fool's 2015] [Lemon]
  141. Last Dance [Tsukihime]
  142. Moderation is not Fun. (Fate/Zero Crackfic)
  143. Saber is Love. Saber is Life.
  144. The Infinite Road, a Meta drabble/oneshot thread
  145. Fate/Before Zero [A third holy grail war fanfic]
  146. Watery Grave {oneshot}
  147. Glass
  148. Requiem for the Holy Grail - a F/SN crossover with JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
  149. Eulyphis
  150. Golden Prayers Fanfic
  151. The Garden of Edem [Notes/OCs]
  152. Fate/Guinness - An Irish War (A comedic retelling of F/SN)
  153. Fate - Rewind (OC-centric fanfic, prequel to Fate/Zero)
  154. Rot Me (A Fate/Prototype & Tsukihime Cross-over)
  155. The Laughing Master [Hellblazer X Fate]
  156. Sherbette's Sherbet {oneshot}
  157. Medium Rare (Fate/Zero)
  158. Prism Mayhem (F/SN X Prisma Illya)
  159. Demimondaine
  160. Fate/Break Chains
  161. Shrap's Shorter Stories (Type-Moon Fan-Fics)
  162. A dream of Gold and Yellow (FSN X Madoka Oneshot)
  163. The heroic spirit the grail deserves.
  164. Infinity Blue
  165. Skin Crawling Vagary
  166. Crimson Grail
  167. Right to Remain Silent {oneshot/lemon}
  168. Grand Holy Grail War [AU HGW Fanfic]
  169. The Way of Serpents
  170. False/Trinity
  171. Fate/Proto Crossing (Fate/Stay Night and Fate/Prototype Crossover)
  172. The Demon who wished to become a Hero [Fate/Stay Night x Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu]
  173. Fate/Mano Po
  174. Fate/Stay Evangelion
  175. Identity Loop [Fate/Stay Night]
  176. Tour (F/A ?)
  177. Phenomenon (Nasu X Marvel/DC/Image/Top Cow)
  178. Serendipity
  179. Project. The Epic of Emiya Shirou [Fate/Stay Night x Prince of Persia]
  180. Birthday Well Wishes {oneshot/pre-sequel}
  181. Banda
  182. Fate/Zero: Avenger of Swords (Also Available on FF.net)
  183. Fragment Of The Night [Fate Stay Night/Sekirei]
  184. Anime Addventure - World's Curses
  185. The Trails Of Her Scars [Fate Stay Night/Katawa Shoujo]
  186. The Golden Sand [Fate Stay Night/Puella Magi Madoka Magica]
  187. The Mundane Miracles [Fate Stay Night]
  188. Scar [Fate/Stay Night]
  189. Fate/Replace
  190. Fate/Failed Semester Repost
  191. For the Forlorn (Grand Order)
  192. Last Piece [Fate/Stay Night]
  193. Fate/Next
  194. The Many Many Many Deaths of Atram Galiast (CYOA)
  195. A Haunter Of The Dark [Worm/Nasuverse]
  196. Heroes of Justice and Conquerors
  197. Fate/Steel Edge
  198. Random Lemony Drabbles
  199. Fate/Steel Edge (Revision)
  200. Cold and Hot [oneshot, lemon]
  201. School's Out {oneshot/lemon}
  202. Minds of Steel
  203. Framing Eternity (Two or Three Shot probably?)
  204. The Einzbern Affair [Hellblazer X Fate]
  205. Fire Emblem - Sword Edition
  206. Petrichor (Oneshot)
  207. Fate Go Day
  208. /lethe
  209. Fate/Daemon Renouatus
  210. The Story of How Waver Velvet Came to Compile Lord Kayneth's Encyclopedia of Arcane Secrets [Post-Fate/Zero] [oneshot]
  211. Fate/All Fiction
  212. The Pressure Cooker [Saber x Gilgamesh] [Carnival Phantasm]
  213. Shinji/Stay Night: Zouken's Feel
  214. Fate/Ergo Sum *AKA Fate/Stay Night WITH PHILOSOPHERS!!*
  215. Hero Light
  216. Fate/Amor Fati
  217. Fate/Brave Days
  218. Shaking off the Strings (NSFW)
  219. You Are My King (A Third Holy Grail War fic)
  220. When in Rome
  221. In Which Sion Is Misinformed About the Nature of Special Anniversary Events [lemon]
  222. Dragon-(S)Layer {lemon}
  223. A Heart Whose Love is Innocent [Fate/Zero] [Saber x Irisviel]
  224. [MGR:R x F/GO] Revergence
  225. [Fate/strange fake] Desire and the Apocalypse
  226. Fate/False Enkrateia
  227. Empty Gold
  228. In Consideration of Courtesies Exchanged
  229. The Remnants of Ideals
  230. Fate/Stay Night : Past and Future Kings
  231. Fate/Lost Memory
  232. Crawling Chaos (CYOA)
  233. All Is Dust (Alt. Title Suggestions accepted)
  234. For Nought
  235. Gentlemen, the Yellow King, Queens in White, and a Black Cat [lemon]
  236. Fate/Core Hero
  237. Kariya's Legacy
  238. Hero Fall (A Post Fifth Holy Grail War fic)
  239. Fanfic Contest 2016 Entries - Never gonna give it up!
  240. Heart
  241. Fate/Last Order [Fate/Grand Order-ish Fic]
  242. Fate/Enigma Ashes
  243. In Somnia [Tsukihime]
  244. More Farewells [Fate/Stay Night] [One-Shot]
  245. Fate/Another Haven [F/GO, Oneshot] [Lemon]
  246. Build a City and Call it Babylon
  247. [Fate / Grand Order] Cetacea
  248. What Is Sacrosanct [Kara no Kyoukai] [lemon]
  250. Literary Creatures [Tsukhime] [lemon] [oneshot]