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  1. Vitruvian Woman {oneshot/lemon}
  2. The Gift ("Fate/Stay Night" one-shot)
  3. From the Ashes
  4. The Beast's Lair White Day Lemon Contest! (2017)
  5. [OneShot] An Assassin's Promise
  6. [OneShot] Where The Circle Ends
  7. The Things You Hear (Comedy)
  8. [OneShot] True Apocrypha
  9. Dream Coalescence (5th HGW)
  10. Paradox Eclipse
  11. Fate/gestalt
  12. If you had a Reality Marble, what would it be?
  13. Fate:rebellion.
  14. Prelude [One-Shot] [Apocrypha]
  15. Practical Applications of Metaphysical Internet Usage in Regards to Basic Philosophy
  16. Hello Nurse [One-shot/lemon]
  17. Garden of Eve [Fragments/One-shots]
  18. Create your own holy grail war.
  19. Reminiscent Dream [Fate/Extella, one-shot]
  20. Mashu's Guide to Surviving Chaldea (For New Recruits)
  21. The Nine Saber Circles
  22. CROSS-PATH DOMINATION [Tsukihime II]{oneshot}
  23. Cerulean Ride [Fate/Grand Order]{oneshot/lemon}
  24. Fairytale for King Cruel [Tsukihime] [oneshot] [lemon]
  25. A Bumpy Ride [NSFW]
  26. Passion Acknowledged ("Fate/Stay Night" lemon one-shot)
  27. Boundary of Loneliness
  28. The Beast's Lair Tanabata Exchange Contest! (2017)
  29. Card of Light (FSN x Yugioh ARC-V)
  30. An Empty Bet [Tsukihime] [oneshot]
  31. Fanfic Contest #6 More Fics More Glory
  32. Grail's Conceptual Folly
  33. Cursed Cold Colle
  34. [OneShot] A Drop of Quicksilver
  35. He Was a Good King ("Fate/Stay Night" one-shot)
  36. Pseudepigrapha
  37. create mage, god, dark apostle, etc.
  38. Promises Kept [Lemon/Tsukihime]
  39. Interior [Oneshot/KnK]
  40. Create a phantasmal beast.
  41. Monthly Make-A-Magus Contest
  42. Path of the Broken Mage (AU) Not quite Canon Compliant!
  43. The Raven and the Mage (Teen Titans/DCUniverse Crossover)
  44. Fate/Parousia
  45. Fate/RE:Iteration (F/SN)
  46. Create your own Type moon scenario.
  47. Come Over to my Faction (Grand Order Lemon)
  48. Fate/heavenly hell
  49. World Dissonance - Chaos (Original work x TypeMoon CrossOver)
  50. When Nero has Fashion Input
  51. Colour [Shirou/Rin/Saber, explicit]
  52. [OneShot] Last Winter
  53. Co-write a Fate/Zero story?
  54. Ad Astra (Fate/Extra CCC)
  55. Pivot (Fate/EXTRA CCC, Gilgamesh/Hakuno, Ultra NSFW)
  56. A Point of Contention (Fate/EXTRA CCC, Hakuno/Gilgamesh, NSFW)
  57. Letters from Tohsaka
  58. The Beast's Lair Secret Santa Contest! (2017)
  59. Fate-Dovahkiin (Skyrim/Fate Stay Night X-over)
  60. Knightly Knights (Lemon Series)
  61. A Thief Among Heroes (Persona 5 x Grand Order Crossover)
  62. Fate/Arcane Thesis (Waver Velvet in the 5th Grail War)
  63. Journeys CL Edition
  64. The Book Of The Dead Marginalia [Lio] [Grapeshot]
  65. /Ep.in lost dream. [DDD]
  66. [Fate] Layer Zero / Terminus (Archive)
  67. King from the Other World [Fate/Grand Order x Dies irae]
  68. Machine Heroes volume one
  69. Fate/Tsukihime What if Project?
  70. Even a Caged Falcon May Have Fun [Fate/Grand Order]{oneshot/lemon}
  71. m X o X o X n [Fate/Grand Order]{oneshot/lemon}
  72. Fate/Grand Souls (FGO x Soulsborne Crossover By Bylackbre)
  73. Fate/Chaos Spiral
  74. Create your own Mage group.
  75. Detective Mordred & Co.
  76. The Beast's Lair Fanfic Contest (2018 Edition) (Discussion Thread)
  77. [OneShot] Find Me
  78. The Great Beauty (2017 Secret Santa Fanfic Contest entry)
  79. The Beast's Lair White Day Lemon Contest! (2018)
  80. 昇華潜熱 (Latent Heat of Sublimation) || [FGO] [Lemon] [Hysterical Screed]
  81. Hope, Love & Legacy
  82. Fate/Prima Nocta
  83. Fate/Stay Night/Persona 5 Crossover: Fate: Wings of Rebellion
  84. Fate/Stay night: Heaven's Absolution
  85. Fate: shadowed future.
  86. Le Morte D'Arturia
  87. Cold And Lonesome (White Day Lemon Contest 2018)
  88. A Cry For Justice (JLA/FSN Xover)
  89. Fate Crusadios - Real Royal War
  90. Gamer Girl//Cam Girl (White Day Lemon Contest 2018)
  91. Fanfic Contest 2018 Entries
  92. [OneShot?] Minus One
  93. [OneShot] Alter
  94. The Frozen Palace [Nasuverse AU]
  95. [A story about Artoria (Lancer Class) during the 4th and 5th Holy Grail Wars] Fate Vary Night
  96. Devil/Angel's Food Cake [Fate/]{oneshot/lemon}
  97. Desperado [FSN] [Corncob]
  98. Here He Will Always Stumble; Here He Will Always Break
  99. ~reminisce~ The Thrilling Adventures (A Charles Babbage fanfic)
  100. 5th holy grail war analysis.
  101. God rest ye Mary gentle
  102. Rejuvenation of a Bloodline
  103. Things you like in fan fiction/Your favorite Type-Moon fan works
  104. Divine Reencounter - A sweet meeting between lover gods
  105. A World Without Mystery (Nasuverse SI)
  106. The Beast's Lair Secret Santa Contest! (2018)
  107. The Fuyuki Anomaly
  108. [Digimon Tamers/Fate/Grand Order] Fate/Analog
  109. Create your greate holy grail war team.
  110. Any Fate's fanfic game where few people manipulate one/some characters and fight in parties?
  111. Character Sheet help, please?
  112. Fate/ Stone Ocean: A JJBA Part VI x post-UBW x Fate/Strange Fake Crossover
  113. Singularity - Academy City (FGO X Index)
  114. Writing passages that you're most proud of
  115. Secret Santa Contest (2018) Entries
  116. Secret Santa Contest (2018) Voting and Judging
  117. A Touch of Heaven
  118. A Fairy Tale of Love and Death ("Fate/Stay Night" one-shot)
  119. Fanfiction Recs
  120. Fate/Khaoskampf (Fate x Mega Crossover)
  121. Made in America: An 80s era bootleg Grail War