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  1. Golden Sapphire, Eyes of the Devil: Kotomine Shirou Snippet Thread
  2. [FF] Tsukihime: Of Leaves and Lilac
  3. Fate/Kagetsuhime
  4. [FF] Crossings
  5. Holidays and Hearts I: The First Taste (Arc/Shiki)
  6. Holidays and Hearts II: Bittersweet (Arc/Shiki)
  7. Holidays and Hearts III: Star-Crossed (Saber/Shirou)
  8. Steel And Cherry Blossoms
  9. [FF] After the Fall (Type-Moon)
  10. What if *insert Type-MOON character(s) of choice here* was raised by/in...?
  11. Magical Vanguard Shirou
  12. Lemon / Fluff Ideas
  13. Crack Pairings (possible NSFW/NSFS :P)
  14. [FF] Fletching
  15. Type-Moon Fanfic Idea Thread
  16. What if ________ was Shirou's Servant?
  17. destiny // Inertia Dawn [Type-MOON x Megacross]
  18. Daughter of Shinigami
  19. Cooled Ambition
  20. [FF] Rainbow of the Heart (Tsukihime)
  21. Mega Pack #1
  22. Holy Grail Feud
  23. [FF] Legacies of Fate (Type-Moon - Trinity Prelude)
  24. Recommended Type-Moon Fanfics Discussion
  25. Shattered Heaven
  26. Blades Under A Crimson Moon
  28. The Loli Grail War
  29. Fanfiction Discussion Thread
  30. Create your own Modern Fiction Servants
  31. Public Proofreading
  32. Dear Tohsaka
  33. Dear Emiya
  34. Dear Matou
  35. Fate/ False Arcana
  36. Red Night
  37. The Hound and the Blacksmith
  38. [FF] Truth and Consequences (T-M/Whedonverse X-over, Trinity Zero)
  39. Nasuverse Genderbending Thread
  40. The Legendary Journeyman
  41. Small Collection of Kratos' Shorts. (And any future ones!)
  42. Shinji's Route (complete)
  43. Of Swords and Sorcery (Satoshi)
  44. Beast's Lair FanFiction Tracker
  45. TOUEI (In Progress, Reposting)
  46. [Nasuverse FF] Endless Number of Possibilities
  47. [FF] Trinity I: The Stone (Type-Moon/Harry Potter X-over)
  48. [Lemon] Wiggling
  49. [Lemon] Natural One
  50. [Lemon] Three's company
  51. [Lemon] Gugenka
  52. Pata Hikari's Tsukihime Fanfiction RETURNS
  53. Lessons with Sensei and Rider
  54. Melty Blood Fanfic: "To Protect"
  55. No Way Out
  56. Robot Nasu - RE:Act
  57. [FF] Phantoms (by Burnout)
  58. Trinity II: The Chamber (Type-Moon/Harry Potter X-over)
  59. [FF] Starcrossed
  60. Crystallized Moments
  61. Crystal Valley
  62. Destined Legacies (TM/Multiverse X-over)
  63. Fanfic Plot - Help Required
  64. What if (Almost) Everybody was Shirou's Servant?
  65. [FF] Trinity III: The Prisoner (Type-Moon/Harry Potter X-over)
  66. Out of curiousity... why can't I find much ShikixArcueid fanfiction out there?
  67. A Tale of Two Shikis
  68. Fate/Overture
  69. [FF] Trinity IV: The Tournament (Type-Moon/Harry Potter X-over)
  70. ArcueidXShiki plot bunnies for people that want to post more Arcueid X Shiki fanfiction
  71. There's no such thing as an Engagement Cake, Arcuied
  72. Fate/Phantoms Prelude: Noir
  73. Recollections of Pain
  74. [FF] Will of Fate, Hollow Sword
  75. Route to Happiness (Lemon)
  76. of Flesh and Fantasy (discussion thread)
  77. The Death of Bloodlust
  78. writing out the routes (discussion)
  79. Fate/Something Something (with Tsukihime too!)
  80. [FF] Baka Academy: Extra Period
  81. Drift Extra (pic-heavy)
  82. Fate/Trans Form
  83. [FF]Dramatic Title, Cryptic Meaning, INSURMOUNTABLE
  84. Mereo Dolere
  85. [FF] Echoes of the Void
  86. Fate/Stay Night - Prismatic Chaos
  87. Fate/Last Ride (Crossover)
  88. One x Seven
  89. [FF] Eternity’s Shadow: Broken Light
  90. Hot-blooded worms & aging swords
  91. Fate/Law Intertwined By: Roadbuster & Elf
  92. [TOUEI] Ashura (Sidestory)
  93. [FF] An Interlude (Satoshi x Keyne)
  94. [FF] King of Games (Type Moon X-over) [Repost]
  95. Byzantium
  96. [FF] Baka Academy (Type-Moon/Baka to Test X-over) [Repost]
  97. Shattered Heroics (lemon)
  98. Meaning of a name
  99. Eternity's Shadow
  100. Unexpected Mount, a fic idea
  101. Touhou/Stay Night
  102. Cheer Up, Sacchin! -- An Ideas Thread For Satsuki-Centric Fanfiction!
  103. The Legend of Akihander
  104. The Xth Loop - Discussion Thread
  105. You write like...
  106. The Xth Loop: Sword/stilled time [Fate/ x Madoka Magica]
  107. [FF] The Third Magic (FSN/ZnT)
  108. The Blood On Her Hands
  109. Second Chances
  110. ZnT/Type-MOON Crossovers
  111. A Wild FANFIC Appears!
  112. Mangafreak7793's bad poems.
  113. Eye See What You Did There
  114. [Prismatic Illya FF] Homonculove
  115. Shirou Never Misses
  117. Blade of the Phantom (Fate/Stay Night and Touhou Project Crossover)
  118. Night's Fate (Joint Kieran and Elf project)
  119. The Bum Reviews - Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works {oneshot}
  120. [FF] Fate's Bullet Hell [A Fate/Stay Night/ Hidan no Aria crossover]
  121. Lull Destruction
  122. The Beast's Lair Edicts
  123. Promises, Dreams
  124. Input on a fic
  125. Sharkura
  126. I Put On My Robe And Wizard Hat
  127. Emiya's Unlucky Day
  128. Holes In Orange And Blue (F/sn x Portal crossover)
  129. Van-Fem's on a Boat {oneshot}
  130. Alexandriad: The Song of Fire (ZnT x F/Z)
  131. What if __________ were Masters in the Holy Grail War
  132. What if X was raised by A, turned into Y by D, and married to C?
  133. Into The Rain
  134. [FSN/Naruto] Malice Liner
  135. Chaos Theory
  136. Fate/Big Brother Complex
  137. [Angel Notes, One-Shot] Destined Meeting (Ado Edem x ???)
  138. Sunlight (HF True)(Mentioned/implied Sakura/Shirou, focused Rin/Shirou)(One-shot)
  139. Fate/Machina VARDANT
  140. Type-Moon Kink Meme
  141. A hell of a night (TYPE-MOON/Hangover)
  142. Thinking Up Noble Phantasms
  143. Peace [Gift fic for Theo][Lancelot x Extra!Rider]
  144. [FF] Trinity V: The Chosen (Type-Moon/Harry Potter X-over)
  145. [AU FF]Magical Saber Arturia - a magical girl's story by Keyne
  146. Like a King {oneshot}
  147. Mind of Steel (Rin, HF Superhero ending)
  148. [FF] All Nightmare Long
  149. Time Machines Don't Exist
  150. [FF] Blaz/stay night
  151. Tell Me Why {poem}
  152. The King of Heroes (F/SN x Touhou) - Discussion Thread
  153. Apostles in Leather Pants (Tsukihime)
  154. La Espada y el Escudo - Somewhat of a Saber poem.
  155. Have Grammar, Will Write
  156. Hero's music adaptation thread.
  157. Fairy Tale
  158. Prayers, Curses, and Promises.
  159. The Art of Falling in Love (Rin/Shirou) (UBW True)
  160. An Unlimited Blade Works epilogue
  161. Fate Stay Night Fanfic: Endless Dream (Rewrite)
  162. Mini's entirely too long list of fanfiction: the Remix.
  163. Will O' The Wisp (Fate/zero and Fate/extra)
  164. Fate After seperation (FateXGundam discussion)
  165. That Ever Illusive Utopia
  166. Archer Finally Snaps (FSN)
  167. Flower of the Golden Sun (Caster's Route)
  168. [Fate/Stay Night] Can't Go Back
  169. Fan Visual Novel Project. (Warning Ilya Route)
  170. [FF] The Wizard's Apprentice (Fate/Dresden Files X-over)
  171. Fiction colab. disscussion and development.
  172. Empty {oneshot}
  173. Lancer Gets Serious
  174. Teach us, Gil-sensei!
  175. Like a King (ZnT/FSN)
  176. Fate After Separation (FateXGundam)
  177. They Fight Crime [Rider/Saber friendship fic][AU, post HF-True]
  178. Fate/Overture
  179. The Kingdom of Summer
  180. Escaping Fate
  181. Blue Rose, Amber Distain (one shot)
  182. Verg Avesta Christmas Special -1-
  183. Type-Moon Fanfiction Recomendations Thread (Rec in this thread, discuss in other)
  184. Sakura Mega Pack (Mega Pack #2) (lemon)
  185. A Golden King's Return
  186. Fate Re/Night
  187. Wilting Sakura [Oneshot]
  188. All the World's Hate
  189. Man of Steel (Mind of Steel Sequel)
  191. Shirou Never Gives Up
  192. [FSN] Undeserving
  193. A Stolen Heart
  194. It's Tanabata, and what is a Lonely Little Sister to do? {oneshot}
  195. Fading Rays and Cresting Mountains [Oneshot]
  196. She and her Cat
  197. The Tohno Family
  198. Dead Parents Society ft. Kotomine Kirei - King Arturia
  199. Shinji Threw It On The Ground
  200. Mahou Senki: Lyrical Days (FSN x Nanoha Crossover)
  201. Trinity Angles (Discussion Thread)
  202. F/SN: Shadow Wars
  203. The Versus series (disscusion)
  204. The Dragon Chief (FSN/Dragon Age)
  205. The Truth Comes Out (Post-HF True)
  206. Eureka! or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Structual Analysis
  207. Didn't Even Make It (to the Onsen) [Lemon]
  208. Strength of the Heart [Oneshot/Crossover]
  209. Fate: Repercussions of Evil
  210. Fate/Far Side
  211. Puella Magi Schutze Aurelent [PMMM x F/???]
  212. Void Magic (PMMM/Nasuverse)
  213. Fate/After Death [Fate x Persona x Gantz Crossover]
  214. A Change in Fate (HF, slight AU) (Unfinished)
  215. Akimouto
  216. Digimon Crossover (Maybe, shall we say, Digimon/stay night? Fate/Adventure? Fate/Tamers? Come on, help a guy out!)
  217. [FF] Trinity VI: The Blood (Type-Moon/Harry Potter X-over)
  218. The Manhattan Project II
  219. The Seeker Sokaris
  220. Saligia// Sins of the Seven
  221. Fanfic idea based on 119's wierd dream from a while ago.
  222. Wiseup! The Manhattan Project II Servant Thread
  223. Fate/Beyond Fantasy (a Fate/stay Night and Anima: Beyond Fantasy Crossover)
  224. Hollow Paradise - Fake Heaven (Kotomine Shirou fic)
  225. Fate/Re:Trace
  226. Four Swords
  227. Arashi’s Amateurish Guide to Japanese Life and Culture and How it Applies to Fanfiction
  228. Wise up! Fate/Re:Trace- Limited Special Collector’s Ultimate Edition
  229. Fate/Sextum Bellum -The Sixth War-
  230. Tales of Nasunobare High
  231. The Millennium King
  232. Tsukihime without True Ancestors - How would it feel?
  233. Fate/many fakes, an Idea/Discussion thread
  234. The Death of Bloodlust 2: Arcueid's Grail War
  235. The War of Kings [Fate X Code Geass Crossover/Fusion]
  236. FSN x MGLN crossover : Fate/Night Sky
  237. With a Little Help from My Selves, Open Idea thread
  238. Fate/Fiction
  239. Typing with TypeWannabe
  240. Faker of the Rings [oneshot, crack]
  241. Tainted Ideals
  242. End/Silent Dream
  243. Fate/phoenix burning, an Open Idea
  244. Unexpected Moment (lemon)
  245. Straight as an Arrow
  246. Pactio in the Nasuverse, Open Idea/Discussion thread
  247. Zelretch Hero Project (F/SN x Tiger&Bunny)
  248. Fate/strange upbringings, yet another Open Idea
  249. Mega Pack -Edited Version- (lemon)
  250. Another Spring Day (lemon)