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  13. The Artist's and Animator's Guide to Battle Moon Wars 2
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  15. Justice - Tsukihime Piano version
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  18. Koori no Hana (Ice Flower) doujin project
  19. Valentines day collaboration work [R18]
  20. Guilty Crown Visual Novel (Speculation in Progress!)
  21. Unlimited Blade Works Rifftrax
  22. Tsukihime Adventure Book
  23. Nasuverse in the World of Darkness
  24. Holy Grail War: Seattle - a Fate/Stay Night Quest from /tg/
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  26. Nasu/Only War - A WHRP homebrew
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  34. Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires CAW Fate edition
  35. Trying my hand at RPG Maker
  36. Kyokushi's definitely not OOC and definitely canon fancomic definitely featuring definitely solid writing. Definitely.
  37. Mooncake's (LessDelicious) 4-komas
  38. Mayflash Universal Arcade Stick Mod
  39. Spiral of Conflict (tentative name)
  40. I wish to acquire ridiculously expensive Fate/Zero merchandise.
  41. Heroic Spirit Speculation
  42. Crusader Kings of Knights, Conquerors and Heroes
  43. Maple's (mostly) Type-Moon Mods for Civilization 5
  44. Dunno if this belongs here, but Illya singing Die Lorelei
  45. if you were to summon a servant right now? what class would you want?
  46. what do you like best a male or female servant?
  47. so we have a female archer now lets decide her age
  48. Teen Female Archer no poll this time
  49. poll - Hua Mulan, Emperor Jimmu, Shikhandi or Houyi?
  50. Shikhandi's Noble Phantasm?
  51. Fanfiction Fate Stay night lore questions
  52. Fate/Apophenia [Fanmade VN]
  53. Melty Blood music (13 pieces) - midi and remix
  54. Does anyone still play Battle Moon Wars?
  55. Fate Stay Night Board Game idea
  56. Kotonorris needs some help from BL's most notable "bookworms"
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  58. The Beast's Lair Melty Blood Power Rankings
  59. Cards Against the Nasuverse – a fanmade Cards Against Humanity expansion
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  69. [Fan Visual Novel] Why is there a Bashmu in my Room