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  1. Introduce yourself again
  2. For the lulz Video Thread
  3. A birthday is out.
  4. A deepening Crisis: Japan's earthquake disaster
  5. I need advice with something that's really bugging me...
  6. Random Dating/Relationship Advice From the Forumites
  7. BL Asperger's discussion thread
  8. Voting Systems: which ones are better?
  9. American Elections 2012 - Discussion
  10. Fans of Whose Line is it Anyway? This may interest you...
  11. Genital Mutilation
  12. Elf's Adventures as a Published Author
  13. New Zealand became the first country to pass the anti-downloading law
  14. What are you watching right now? (Obligatory Youtube thread)
  15. Chicago school bans homemade lunches
  16. Game of Thrones: The TV Series
  17. Camelot (2011 TV series)
  18. The Royal Navy Uses Spoiler Tags
  19. Profesional Wrestling Discussion
  20. Political Compass - where do you stand?
  21. Avatar: The Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra discussion thread
  22. Transformers: Dark of the Moon
  23. Osama bin Laden confirmed dead
  24. What's everyone's idea of a perfect home?
  25. 2011 Canadian federal election
  26. Transformers - A general discussion thread
  27. Reasons why our future robot overlords will be awesome.
  28. 2011 Men's World Ice Hockey Championship
  29. What kind of experts are hiding in Beast's Lair?
  30. Instant Expert
  31. The Stanley Cup Finals! - Vancouver vs Boston
  32. Power Rangers Disscussion Thread
  33. Boy goes to jail over a freaking prank!
  34. Advice for a new laptop
  35. Philosophical Blabberings
  36. A friend in crisis
  37. Japanese scientist makes breakthrough in food supply recycling
  38. Just a hi and please take care of me
  39. Drunken pictures
  40. Cartoon Nostalgia!
  41. US Bill that rids US of Gaming Streaming sites and Video games everywhere! (Urgent)
  42. Canada-tan's 144th birthday
  43. America, 235 years and counting
  44. A public service announcement from Nathan Fillion
  45. The Stormlight Archive
  46. Who are the current World Powers?
  47. Inside - 2011 Social Film Thriller
  48. Discworld
  49. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
  50. Captain America
  51. Look out! Cause here comes the Amazing Spider Man!
  52. The Hobbit Films
  53. The Book Lair - all book talk ITT
  54. The Thread of PAIN!!!!
  55. Hirohiko Araki teams up with Gucci
  56. Hurricane Irene.....
  57. Why does America hate Communism?
  58. Television Screens...
  59. Questions about Auditors and Nations
  61. Weird Glow phenomenon
  62. River Monsters
  63. Why is there censorship for 'adult content'?
  64. RIP, Steve Jobs
  65. Skype
  66. The Avengers
  67. Horrific Indy 500 crash at Las Vegas: Two-time champion died
  68. General News -- Discussion
  69. Combat Sports thread
  70. Another tragedy in motorsport, Moto GP rider killed in crash
  71. Wireless Dongle Problems
  72. Protect IP Act Bill , E-parasite (Some elements of Bill. 968 in it) Internet Breaker...
  73. Philosophical Discussions
  74. Nanowrimo '11
  75. My dad gave me a $100 Amazon gift card
  76. The DC Discussion Thread - For all things relating to DC Comics
  77. What concerts are you going to?
  78. SOPA H.R.3241 (internet breaker round two)
  79. Treasure Your Loved Ones
  80. CMM's thread O' MSPaint Crappiness!
  81. Crisis! Someone help!
  82. What's YOUR Weather Like?
  83. Sites for buying manga/games & anime-related books in Japan
  84. Weird Folders
  85. Spoils of Black Friday/Cyber Monday
  86. Photoshop problems
  87. Fujitsu lifebook battery lifespan
  89. Kamen Rider Disscusion Thread
  90. SOPA bill secret? Getting what they want by causing the problem first?
  91. The True King of Urban Fantasy - The Dresden Files
  93. Active Forums?
  94. Terrible Art Fail
  95. Happy New Year !
  96. Copycat problems
  97. Microsoft Sharepoint Designer and/or inserting audio via html
  98. Animorphs
  99. The internet Blackout.
  100. Anyone Like Public Domain?
  101. Bank account withdraws debit cards
  102. Megaupload is Down!!!
  103. Hey guys, do you like INTERNET PRIVACY?
  104. FileSonic disables file sharing
  105. Laptop and Heat
  106. quick question
  107. Nervous breakdown
  108. Google Privacy Policy Change
  109. Movie Thread
  110. Super Bowl XLVI: Giants vs Patriots
  111. iPhone confusion
  112. Exporting Adobe Photoshop Images to Adobe Flash Professional and vice versa
  113. Google Science Fair
  114. I've almost lost someone important today.
  115. Anime sucks.
  116. Virus error that's been dogging me
  117. Invisible Children
  118. Fate/Extra Noble Phantasm Exhibition Spoilers*
  119. Holding hands = gateway sexual activity
  120. [Movie] Iron Sky
  121. The Audiophile Thread
  122. Utaite Thread
  123. Do robots have free will?
  124. Hot Problems - Double Take
  126. Anyone here have a Pottermore account?
  127. The University of Florida plans to eliminate their Computer Science Department
  128. Animated Films: 2D Animation versus 3D Animation - Which do you prefer?
  129. Top 10 things women invented
  130. 2012 NFL Draft
  131. The remaining road to the Cup - The Stanley Cup Playoffs!
  132. Your Plans for Your Funeral
  133. Hollande is President of France
  134. President Obama endorses gay marriage.
  135. Fitness Thread
  136. Prometheus (1st June)
  137. NaNoWriMo has a new "Camp" thing going on
  138. "I Am Vengeance. I AM THE K/NIGHT." - GODD*MN BATMAN THREAD
  139. Toonami returning?...Day confirmed 5/26/12
  140. Holy F*** guys! It's patient zero! Time to invest in shotguns!
  141. Trailers that make you want want to throw money at the screen
  142. Dark Shadows
  143. Who's going to win the Stanley Cup?
  144. Hopefully you're all catching at least a stream of Venus transiting the Sun.
  145. General Debate Thread.
  146. Eurocup 2012
  147. Important scientific study about CATS
  148. Military Debate Thread
  149. "Up To 2.54 Tbps"
  150. The Shard (London Bridge Tower)
  151. Happy Birthday, Canada!
  152. The Dog Thread
  153. America! (4th of July thread)
  154. The Amazing Spiderman
  155. The Cat Thread
  156. Anime Plot Generator
  157. Redlettermedia
  158. How many of you remember Ren & Stimpy's Radio Daze?
  159. Just sharing a news article in a subforum which allows for news to be shared...
  160. Are there any Christians on this forum?
  161. Are there any Scientologists on this forum?
  162. Metaphysics/Religion Discussion
  163. Anime/Manga Survey - get free manga now!
  164. Real Gunfighter Lance Thomas (How to protect yourself by killing others)
  165. DJANGO! (not the VN/Spaghetti Western/JP movie)
  166. The Punisher fan video (By the actor himself)
  167. Dark Knight Shooting
  168. Marvel Cinematic Universe Discussion Thread
  169. KURATAS
  170. If you could change one aspect of your personality, what would it be?
  171. "I makes the music"
  172. London Olympics
  173. I wonder if this was what Saber's history was like...
  174. Curiousity Rover safely lands on mars!
  175. plug.dj
  176. Yo, Japan made a fun Zaku
  177. Another one bites the dust?
  178. Neil Armstrong dead at 82
  179. 3 Day Novel Contest!
  180. "Scientists find gene that predicts happiness in women"
  181. The Worlds First Bionic Eye Implant
  182. Nostalgia Boner
  183. The most awesome news article title
  184. R.I.P. Michael Clarke Duncan
  185. Religion
  186. New windows
  187. Science Wins Over Creationism In South Korea (article)
  188. Judo Gene Lebell confirms choking Steven Seagal until Seagal pooped himself
  189. Video Games are good for you!
  190. This Bizarre Video Game Takes Place Inside Someone Else’s Head [KOTAKU ARTICLE]
  191. The Muhammad movie everyone is talking about
  192. PENIS SNAKE DISCOVERED: Evidence of Matou sorcery???
  193. Gravity Falls
  194. Interesting Human Origin Revision Article.
  195. Warp Drive might be possible (engage!)
  196. Where are you on the global fat scale?
  197. What The-? Really, Louisiana?
  198. Suicide Survival
  199. Should we kill people, y/n
  200. The "I hate Roger Goodell" thread
  201. Sneezing
  202. New Hubble EXTREME Deep Field Photograph (Now with 50% more incredible!)
  203. Japanese team synthetizes new chemical element
  204. Weird News
  205. Female Expendables?
  206. Greek crisis is 'like the Weimar Republic’
  207. So, about this new SN Coloring Schema
  208. To those who don't know better. DO NOT FUCKING DRINK LIQUID NITROGEN.
  209. Man Dies from Bug Eating Contest
  210. Peace-prize winning Pakistani girl on Taliban hit list fights for life after shooting
  211. Ugliest human being ever finally found
  212. Red Bull Stratos (Crazy Austrian flys a balloon pretty high then jumps off)
  213. After bullet in the head, assaults on Pakistani schoolgirl's character follow
  214. Navy's Laser Weapons Just 2 Years Away
  215. Petition: Nobel Peace Prize for Malala
  216. Scientists Convicted of Manslaughter for failure to Predict Earthquake
  217. Hurricane Sandy
  218. Disney acquires LucasFilm Ltd, plans to release Episode VII around 2015
  219. GO VOTE (Election night panic/joy)
  220. American/Canadian Politics - I have no doubt that fraud on a massive scale has occurred in this country
  221. The bright side of Obama being reelected...
  222. RWBY
  223. MSN - Windows Live Messenger - ditched
  224. Taobao
  225. Least I Could Do
  226. HOLY SHIT! O_O
  227. Why Youtube video view counts stop a 301 or more for awhile
  228. Missing an entire letter from the alphabet is tough
  229. Pacific Rim
  230. Tragedy In Connecticut: Deadly Shooting At Elementary School
  231. It's the End of the World as We Know it and We Feel Fine - Countdown to "Doomsday!"
  232. Japan and/or France as scenarios for French Mangakas?
  233. Favorite Film?
  234. Man rapes his stepson for raping his daughter
  237. Learning Japanese.
  238. Woman stops theater shooter with her privately owned gun
  239. Gun Thread
  240. Robot Music
  241. MEGAUPLOAD IS BACK! (under a different name, though)
  242. Heroes are hated...
  243. The Amanda Todd suicide, and my new link to it.
  244. CISPA is back.
  245. The Pope
  246. General Team Sports Thread
  247. InAPPropriate Comedy
  249. So, how about that Meteor Blast in Russia?
  250. Most efficient way to script to automate a long process?