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September 16th, 2011, 04:17 PM
I died. No, rather, I was dying. No, wait, returning is a better word, since I'm already a heroic spirit. I was returning to Avalon after a fight with Gilgamesh when I was thrust into yet another reflection of the Kaleidoscope.

This one a familiar, yet bent reflection. The grail war reached a different conclusion with only Sakura Matou and her Servant Rider surviving. It took some time before I was aware of this, and after a few odd conversations I, a Masterless Servant Saber, became joined with Sakura as my Master.

The days are a routine, and as I awaken for another one I find a note left for me.

“Come to the living room,” it reads.

I shrug and do as it asks after a shower and a change of clothes. There I find nothing, save a sweet scent. Tracing the scent, I look up to find Rider in an attack position, but before I can manage to move I'm entangled from behind by Sakura's soft hands.

As Rider drops down, Sakura tightens her embrace, pressing her chest against my back, leaving her hand on my stomach just above my crotch.

“You've been keeping secrets, Emiya-kun,” Sakura whispers, her hot breath tickling my ear.

Before I can deny or protest, Rider holds up a sketchbook. I had forgotten I even had it with me, since I used all the pages some time ago. Rider's face is sour-looking, so I imagine it's one of the few I've done of her.

“You love Rider. Am I right, Emiya-kun?” she whispers again, questioning me.

I don't answer and try to free myself from Sakura's embrace. Of course, it doesn't work, since I'm unwilling to try hard for fear that I might harm my keeper. Rider advances and I can't help but find myself aroused by her ample chest and striking eyes topped off by a conservative sweater, blue jeans and a pair of glasses that make every alarm in my body go off at once.

Sakura's hands shift, coming to rest on the bulge in my own jeans. “Oh my, what do we have here?” she teases, before adeptly unzipping me and exposing my throbbing heat, gripping it at the base.

Rider's eyes are still locked on mine; she makes no move to help Sakura's molestation of me, but licks her lips like a hungry predator. I can feel the heat rising to my face as she watches me.

A shock runs through me as Sakura begins to slowly stroke me, paying special attention to the underside of the head and gently squeezing the tip to tease me and build up the tension.

Rider turns around and adeptly replaces her glasses with the mask before turning back to Sakura and I. She licks her lips again as Sakura continues stroking faster. The tension becomes unbearable as lighting surges through every inch of my body, cutting my breaths in half.

Suddenly, just before relief can come, Sakura stops gripping me hard. I writhe against the tension built up, finding it almost painful as Sakura whispers in my ear.

“I can't let you go just yet. You haven't even answered my question,” she tells me, caressing my cheek before repeating herself. “You love Rider, don't you?” she asks, teasing me by grazing the head with her thumb.

“Y-yes,” I answer with an uneven voice.

She begins stroking again slowly. “You want to soil her with this dirty thing. Don't you?”¯

I nod reluctantly as Rider removes her sweater and black bra, exposing her milky white cleavage and soft pink nipples.

“It isn't just me, is it? You wish to love Master as well, isn't that right?” Rider asks, pressing her chest to mine as she moves in so our lips almost meet.

“Yes,” I reply quietly, as the tension drags on without end.

Silence falls for a few moments before Sakura speaks up. “You're a greedy boy but I think it would be fun. Rider?” she announces, asking her beautiful partner in crime.

Rider nods. “He is healthy and rather fun to tease.”¯

I can't respond, save for the heat rising in my face.

Sakura stops stroking as Rider kisses me forcefully, wresting control of my mouth with her tongue. Pulling away, Rider disappears from view as Sakura pulls me into a kiss, gently biting my lower lip.

Another shock runs through me as I catch Rider burying my pulsing length with her soft breasts. She smiles in a devious way as she roughly massages me, engulfing the tip with her mouth sucking fiercely. Sakura undresses as Rider continues swirling her tongue on the tip.

Sakura's eyes have shifted slightly and begin to look crimson as she pulls my head between her breasts, taking my hand and leading it to the wetness between her thighs.

It's thick as I rub her slit before plunging my fingers deep inside. It's tight but not suffocating, and the suction of the hot wet walls feels great. Sakura shivers, rubbing my hair gently as she moans, smothering me with her breasts.

Rider sucks hard and then uses the tip of her tongue to jab at my hole, causing the tension to release all at once as I cum strongly. Rider sucks again, licking me clean, taking every drop. As Rider slides my length from her beautiful mouth, Sakura releases her grip on me and moves away from my hand, breaking contact.

“Rider!” she protests before gasping at my still-rock-hard member.

“It seems our Saber has quite a bit more left,” Rider announces, licking her lips.

It's like being trapped in a den of starving lions, but all the same I feel compelled to explain. “Avalon keeps me this way. I don't go limp or run dry normally,” I explain.

At this the two girls' eyes flash with the same devious light and they drag me into a bedroom, haphazardly removing the last bit of my clothes as they toss me to the futon. Sakura mounts me before impaling herself and sheathing my throbbing heat.

Her hot wet softness clings to me as she rocks gently, causing me to shiver with euphoria and a small bit of sadness at becoming my first partner in such matters. Sakura's beauty disappears from view as Rider mounts my face, nearly suffocating me with the strong scent while rubbing her dripping tunnel against my lips.

Sakura begins to ride my length hard, arching up, unsheathing all but the head, then dropping down hard to swallow me. I start licking Rider as lightning arcs through my body. Rider moans loudly and caresses Sakura's cheek, pulling her into a passion-filled kiss.

I release hard inside Sakura. She tenses, her insides cling and suck, taking in all of my sticky heat. Rider tenses and releases her lust against me as Sakura gives a satisfied moan, collapsing against Rider.

As Rider and Sakura pull themselves off me, I swallow Rider's hot love and clean myself off. As I try to sit up, Rider pushes me back to the futon and begins to ride me hard. I release hard inside her but before she can scream, Sakura thrusts her pussy in Rider's face, making her clean my seed. Rider's hips quiver and her lust flows freely as she cleans Sakura and rides me, causing me to release another burst inside her. Rider collapses with a deep moan and lifts herself from me.

The two long haired beauties smile and clean my length before sandwiching me between their curvaceous bodies. Rider and Sakura give me soft kisses and sigh contently. I hope this becomes a part of my routine.

Prince Charon
September 16th, 2011, 11:41 PM
Always nice to see Sakura happy, and the fic is well written, if short.