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Scene one: Learning to love yourself.

I can’t believe this. That guy who claims he’s Emiya’s kid tosses me in here with this woman, and casually announces that she’s a female version of me. I mean, sure, the hair and eyes, maybe... a bit... but otherwise no way. A relative, sure... but me?

No way. I mean, if I were a girl, then I suppose having such a great figure would be about right, considering how fabulous I am...

...Nah. Couldn't be.

“Uh... Shinji, right?” she chirps, with an uneven voice.

“Yeah?” I reply.

“Um, well... I know what you’re thinking, and I thought that it couldn’t be true, but he’s right. We’re the same person, except our genders are reversed. Um... Can I ask? You had to subdue Sakurai too, right?” she stumbles over her words.

“Well, yeah. The old man made me do it at first, but I kinda kept at it because of my own demons. Emiya kinda beat the shit out of me for it when he found out, though, so I’m not about to say I haven’t paid for it,” I answer. I scan the room as I do. Apart from the couch, there's really nothing else here.

“So, I guess you were the aggressor, then?” she continues.

“Yeah,” I answer, again.

“Could you be gentle?” she asks a strange question.

“Yea, I suppose, but why would I be? Sakura took my birth right from me,” I reply, raising an eyebrow.

“I meant, with me.”

“I um… what?” I stumble out, dumbfounded.

Shinjiko slides on to my lap smiling. “Satoshi healed me so I’m a virgin again. Who better to trust my first time with then myself?”

“Pfft, get real,” I scoff, feeling the heat in my cheeks.

“I am real” she replies, gripping my crotch. “And it looks like this guy's pretty real. So come on.”

Before I can protest she has my belt undone, and is pressing her ample chest into my face. “Relax, Onii-chan, I’ll make you feel really good,” she tells me with a grin, slipping her hand around my shaft stroking it softly.

I can’t protest- she’s amazing, and she barely touched me. “Take your breasts out.”

She smiles dripping confidence. “Oh. Do you want to play with my chest, Onii-chan?”

“Yeah,” I mutter reluctantly. Damn this girl. I can’t get a hold of any ground.

She unbuttons the familiar girls uniform's shirt, exposing a pair of tits that would make Rider jealous.

“Go on, Onii-chan- as long as it’s you, I don’t mind. Do as you like,” She spurs me forward, rubbing my heat faster.

I thrust my face into her melons, and begin sucking and tonguing her nipples, hard and fast, causing her breathing to change, and she changes her strokes to long slow ones.

“Would you like me to polish your big rod?” she asks, stealing a kiss, and a bit of saliva connects us for a moment, before it snaps.

I nod, hardly feeling it- it's as if I’m outside my body. She slides down stripping my pants off and gripping my member tightly.

She licks her lips. “Mmm... It looks tasty, Onii-chan... I want it all,” She teases me with her smile, then she swallows it to the base in one go.

I’m in shock. Sakura’s in pain when I go deep into her throat, but this girl seems perfectly at home licking my balls with my cock all the way down her throat. Her attentions only get stronger with each moment. My dick feels like it’ll dissolve in her throat, but all of a sudden, she becomes incredibly rough, swirling her tongue around my member and sucking hard enough that I lose sensation everywhere on my body except where she’s attending.

She pulls off my heat suddenly, with a sloppy wet noise, causing me to explode, drenching her face and tits with my hot seed. Her eyes glaze over and she stares at me if in a trance.

“Onii-chan’s cum… it’s so hot and strong,” she mutters cleaning herself off swallowing every drop she can before engulfing my magic stick between her pillowy soft love mounds.

“I’ll get you good and hard again, just relax,” she says, caressing my thickness with her massive fun bags. Her attention is so much better then Sakura’s. I’ve been an idiot- consensual sex is awesome.

She swallows the tip greedily, and sucks until I’m at full attention, then lifts off and stands up removing her panties. Shinjiko smiles and bends over, spreading her wet exposed slit with two fingers.

“Here, Onii-chan, go on however you want to,” she tells me with a sly smile.

It’s a different kind of submission and, despite my mind not wanting to give in and let her be in charge, my body moves on its own, slipping my throbbing rod into her soft hole as I grasp her hips.

For a moment I’m paralyzed until Shinjiko’s soft moan reaches my ears. Promptly want to hear more of that velvety smooth voice, I begin thrusting hard, one hand grabbing her wrist and caressing her stiff nipples with the other.

My lovely partner doesn’t resist one bit instead working to make it better. God, I can’t believe I wasted all that time forcing it on Sakura, when this chick is so much better.

Her moans almost become screams, and a line of drool crawls down her chin- I don't think she even realises.

“Come on, Onii-chan! You’re a big man, do me harder! Harder!” she screams.

I can’t help but comply when her eyes look back at me with such lust. I continue thrusting inside her, the couch we’re on creaking loudly, going even faster, uncaring, senseless to the world.

“Yesss! That’s it, more! More! Fuck me with your hot meat stick!” her screams get louder, until finally, I release inside her. She tenses, enture body rigid, twitching, before she collapses into my arms with a content sigh. The couch finally breaks, and we’re left on the floor in a sticky, satisfying mess.

End of scene

Scene two:

I wake up in bed, naked and staring at an unfamiliar ceiling, only slowly remembering that I’m staying with Shiki at the Tohno mansion. As I sit up, I find Kohaku at my bedside. Her amber eyes and soft red hair are very easy on the eyes but from what I've read, I feel guilty thinking that way.

“You shouldn’t, girls like to be complimented,” she smiles, as if reading my mind.

“Uh, well, ok... I think you’re very beautiful Kohaku-sa-” I’m cut off as she places a finger over my mouth.

“I told you, just call me Kohaku, Toshi-kun!” she says in a stern voice.

“Right...” I reply awkwardly.

“Good. Well, thank you for the compliment- coming from you, I know it’s not a plot to get anything,” she says, grabbing my arm. “Hold still, you passed out earlier. Akiha-sama asked me to treat you.”

I nod compliantly. It’s a little odd- I remember Kohaku being casual when in private. I suppose she wants me to know it’s officially from Akiha.

Kohaku gently dabs my arm to disinfect the area, and injects me with a bluish liquid in a tiny syringe.

My arm starts to feel heavy, and it's not long before the feeling spreads to the rest of my body. She injects me again; this time, with an off-yellow substance. I fall back to the bed, and there’s a sudden pain in my temples. I close my eyes for what feels like a moment, and when I open them, Saber appears in my view, eyes burning with a golden light, the air dimmer around her where her darkened mana hangs heavy around her. Darkened Saber, then, my befuddled mind reports to me.

“Do not be angry with her, Kohaku and I both truly wanted this,” she says, pulling me to a sitting position and opening both my zipper and my shirt with a single swift movement of her hand.

My vision is blurry, and I’m a little dizzy- I can’t concentrate on anything long enough to flush out whatever Kohaku put in me. Saber’s golden eyes fill my vision as a warm sensation meets my lips.

I try to protest as she releases me, but she only slips her tongue inside my mouth roughly, almost reaching my throat, to quiet me.

“It is not often a king comes to their subject. So obey me, as I have granted you this privilege,” she states firmly, taking a soft grip on my manhood and beginning a slow stroking motion.

“Please bear with us, Toshi-kun. You helped me, so I wanted to do as you said and help Saber. And, to be honest, I want to love you as well,” Kohaku says, kissing me gently.

Alter undresses as my cock finishes its rise to attention. Her body is small but sensual, despite my other feelings. Saber sits on my lap, her soft pink lips grazing my thick heat, but I interrupt her, groggy as I am.

If I have no choice, then I suppose enjoying it is all I can do. “Saber, if you aren’t going to prepare me properly, then I will make this the worst sex you’ll ever have,” I state with surprising clarity.

Alter's eyebrows twitch down into a frown. “Very well. Kohaku, prepare him,” she orders, standing.

Kohaku’s beautiful amber eyes meet mine, and she gets down on her knees, now fully naked- how had I missed that, even drugged as I am?- and softly grips my member, kissing it sweetly, before swallowing, it bit by bit, until she reaches the mid point of my throbbing heat.

Before I can tell her she doesn’t have to do it she starts sucking vigorously while stroking and caressing my shaft and balls.

Unable to hold back, I let my load out in her small mouth as her eyes lock with mine. Kohaku swallows without hesitation, smiling at me, as she licks her lips. I can’t help but stiffen to an almost painful hardness at the sight, and without bothering to consult my brain, my body pulls Kohaku up onto my lap.

Kohaku blushes slightly and alter frowns.

“What are you doing?! You’re prepared, now service your king!” she orders.

“Kohaku prepared me, so she gets the first taste of my service. I may be your subject, but that’s no excuse for treating me poorly. As punishment, you’ll wait for your turn,” I reply.

Alter stares for a moment before frowning deeply. “Very well,” she says, accepting that I'm serious.

Kohaku looks embarrassed for a moment- probably surprised I can protest through the drugs. We exchange awkward smiles as she slowly eases her wet warmth down to grip my tip. Lowering herself further, she grips tightly around my chest, burying her face into my neck. Her emotions slowly blossoming like this are fantastically cute.

She squeaks in surprise as takes me in completely, I’d imagine I’m rather big for a woman who hasn’t been active for such a long time.

“Are you alright?” I whisper.

She nods. “Don’t worry about me, Toshi-kun, this was my choice after all. But let me take the lead in this.”

“As you wish,” I reply, lying back on the bed.

Kohaku’s gentle smile returns as she places her hands on my chest and arches her back slightly, beginning to ride me.

She moans softly, giving a low growl as she comes down to sheathe me again, and continues in kind until her body collapses against mine, as she cums with a sigh and a tightening of her fingers on my chest. I didn’t cum inside her, but that’s fine with me- Kohaku needs to take it slowly now, and her mouth more then makes up for it- that aside, there’s Saber.

I really shouldn’t, but I told her I'd do her- of course, the fact that I’m drugged to the gills probably has a lot to do with that. I gently lift kohaku off my swollen member and lay her back down on the bed, then turn to Saber and motion to the door.

Saber nods and leaves, and I softly caress kohaku’s cheek. “Get some rest. You deserve it.”

I exit quietly and join Saber who’s looking at me somewhat crossly.

“Shower,” I state, taking her wrist and dragging her along. She yanks her hand from my grasp, so I pick her naked ass up and carry her to the shower.

“Unhand me,” she demands in an angry tone, before I kiss her openly on the mouth, stunning her.

“This will be your only chance to sheathe my sword. King or not, I shall have no disrespect to me.” I tell her, shutting the bathroom door behind us.

Strangely, she smirks, twists out of my grip, and shoves me against the bathroom door, narrowing her eyes.

"Excellent. I would not respect you if you were weak. If you want my respect, then prove your body’s worth, child,” she responds, kissing me hard, biting my lip as she pulls away and steps into the shower turning it on.

I step inside. The water is nearly boiling hot, and even the steam scalds my skin.

“That’s it... Endure for your king,” she says, smiling, as she bends over and spreads herself with two fingers.

Stepping through the heat I see her soft pinkness waiting for me. I shouldn’t, but between the drugs clouding my mind, and the beautiful body before me, wet and willing, I can’t think why not- and couldn't care less. I grab her hips with one hand, and ease my thick heat inside with the other.

Plunged to the hilt inside her softness our eyes meet as she turns her head, only managing to see me out of the corner of her eye. She snorts with annoyance, pushes me back, my cock slipping out of her, then turns to face me, wrapping her arms around my neck. She lifts herself up off the ground with that grip, bites my lip for a moment, then lets herself fall onto my heat, taking it to the hilt in one go, legs not managing to reach the ground.

“You are a shameful child to be doing, this but none the less magnificent, physically. Come. Drench my insides with your power, and wipe my mind of all but your taste and smell and feel,” she tells me, wrapping her legs around my waist, and somehow managing to pull me deeper into herself.

Wet as we are, our bodies slide together and apart easily. No effort is required to bury myself deep inside her hotness. Our bodies are in perfect unison, clenching and throbbing together, as a string of saliva separates our rough playful kisses.

Alter cums collapsing against me, tightening enough to force me to release myself inside her womanhood. She nips my ear. “I am pleased, my knight. I may call upon your services sometime soon.”

scene three:

Satsuki’s plea that Arcuied having Shiki all to herself was unfair was a sympathetic one- but all the same, we agreed that she stood no chance by herself. The next day she came back with Sion who, while I’m new to meeting, was exceptionally cute. Although that may be because I used irrelevant statistical data to out-math her, and she blew her top.

Sion stated that, while she hated the idea of drinking blood, my power, coupled with Avalon, should be able to restore her after the fight with Arc. I grilled her to make sure she wasn’t being desperate and after confirming she was right- in theory, at least- I agreed to allow Satsuki and her to feed on me.

Being an idiot, I didn’t question why they brought me to Ciel’s place- and so we ended up in a rather strange situation- Sion, holding Ciel’s arms in a lock behind her back, forcing the battle nun to straddle me, while Satsuki paws at my chest and drinks my blood.

“Damn it, Satoshi, you idiot! How could you fall for this?” Ciel yells.

“We did not trick him. He agreed to help us- you should, too- After all, you think the True Ancestor selfishly keeping Shiki to herself is wrong as well.” Sion pipes up.

Satsuki sits up, licking the blood from her lips. “Please, help us, Senpai- surely, even if we have to share Tohno-kun, it’s better then nothing at all, like now. And Satoshi gets Arc- everybody wins!” she pleads, giving Ciel a sensual kiss, and gently biting her collarbone, not quite drawing blood, causing the battle nun to blush.

Ciel casts around for an escape route for a second. “What about you? These two feeding is one thing, but to empower me we’d have to…” she says, trailing off.

“Have sex,” I finish for her. “And yes I’m ok with it. To be honest, Ciel, both senpai and otherwise, intrigues me.” I admit feeling my cheeks flare.

Ciel’s face reddens in response. “I-is t-that s-so?” she asks, startled.

Before I can answer Satsuki kisses me and then Ciel in short order “Can you taste him? Tastes good, right? Sweet like strawberries.”

Ciel is completely out of it, redder than Sensei’s hair, and, taking the opportunity, Sion and Satsuki quickly undress her and slide her back onto my lap, fully naked. Ciel snaps back to her senses as my thickness grazes her lust-soaked thighs. “Y-you’re rather big, Satoshi...” She comments nervously.

I kiss her gently, pulling her to me so our stomachs touch. “It’ll fit,” I assure her calmly, stealing another kiss. Ciel is off kilter, letting me slowly explore her body, her stiffness giving way bit by bit to my warm hands.

I lie back, smiling, but before Ciel can sheathe me, Sion takes over, and begins licking my member softly as Satsuki plays with Ciel’s breasts from behind. Ciel’s eyes focus on me as if to ask for help, so I pull Satsuki off her and give the vampire school girl my wrist instead. Satsuki takes it, sinking lovingly into my flesh, drinking slowly of my life essence. Ciel pulls me forward into her breasts as a thank you and I let a moan escape my lips as Sion swallows my seed in a slow and noisy manner, and pulls away, rising to my neck and nipping into it.

Ciel’s hand trails down my chest and then takes hold of my swollen heat, then slowly impales herself on my sword, all the way to the hilt. The vampire girls pin me to the bed, Satsuki wanting more than my wrist, and the two caress my chest, taking turns at my neck, as the other blood drinker kisses my lips and chest tenderly.

All the while Ciel rides me without restraint. It becomes hard to focus as I let out two thick volleys of my hot seed inside the lovely blue haired girl. I slip into sleep as Ciel collapses, holding me.

I awaken to find a naked Arc in bed with me with a note reading “We won, have fun and change the sheets when you’re finished!”

I laugh inwardly looking forward to the time I’ll have with Arc.

September 20th, 2011, 02:39 PM
Oh Alter, y u so perverted. :D

Also, Lantz, you forgot to separate the second and third scenes.

September 20th, 2011, 03:55 PM
Also, Lantz, you forgot to separate the second and third scenes.

odd that eddyak and i didn't catch that.


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Isn't it a megapack anyway?

September 20th, 2011, 04:08 PM
Isn't it a megapack anyway?

yeah but i divided the first two so not dividing the third is strange