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Since it seems there's a good rush in reposting our fics, I'll put mine back up. Hopefully there aren't any posting errors such as errant letters, punctuation, etc. but if so than I'll get to it eventually. For now though I'll just throw up the first Chapter and reserve the next 15 posts so that I can keep the whole story hopefully to 1 page, or at the very least keep it together so that it can flow. (And yes, I believe I will finally be giving out the final chapter and epilogue!)

Disclaimer: I do not own any rights to Fate/Stay Night, nor do I wish to be seen as someone who does. All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.

Cooled Ambition

A Fate/Stay Night Fan Fiction

Chapter 1: Death of a Magus

BGM: Keiyaku – Fate/Stay Night the Animation Original Soundtrack

The world was dark.

But than again, it had been so for the past twenty years.

Now, she would return to correct the mistakes she had ignored that caused this worldly plight, and in doing so, bring hope for the future.

That is all she desires. As a single tear runs from her fiery sapphire eyes, she realizes that was all he ever wanted as well.

BGM: Whirlpool of Fate 2 – Fate/Stay Night Original Soundtrack

It had been twenty years since the end of the Fifth Holy Grail War - and the end of human civilization as it was known to be. The Servant whom attained that foul object of destruction cared nothing for life, killing his Master at the end, and wishing for nothing else but the destruction of life. Thus the Grail granted his desire, spreading infinitely outward, obliterating all life in its path while he crowned himself King over the world once more.

There was no opposing the power of the Grail. All who tried fell before its power. The Association. The Church. They were the most powerful organizations in the world, yet they were naught but flies before the power of the Grail. They were destroyed within days, leaving the remnants of humanity to fend for themselves.

Two magi, distraught with grief over all they had ignorantly allowed to pass, swore to do what they could to end the nightmare. The man, seriously injured from the War, lasted ten years before his life finally perished at the hands of the Golden King.

The other, desperate for a way to salvage her world, cried out desperately for aid. An elderly man answered, and offered her an apprenticeship. She accepted his offer, and for the next ten years she proceeded to learn as much as she could from her new master, knowing that she could never learn everything from him, as he had lived for centuries while she had barely twenty-seven years to her body and soul. She advanced startlingly swift, however, and became able to form a shadowed version of his signature sorcery.

One day, her master informed her that he had done all he would do for her, that the hopes of this world were on her shoulders. She thought back to her younger days, smiling bitterly at the circumstances that had occurred. This was not what she wanted out of life. This opportunity was what he wanted, yet of course she knew such a wish was flawed. Only a fool who never knows happiness would dream of being a hero. But she knew that the circle she had helped set in motion had to be closed, and merely nodded and bid her master farewell, setting out to confront the Golden Monstrosity.

BGM: The Golden King – Fate/Stay Night Original Soundtrack

The battle was over shortly after it had begun. The magus was skewered, now looking more like a grotesque puppet than a human being. Her raven locks were disheveled and caked in crimson blood. Her hands, shoulders, breasts, stomach, pancreas, pelvis, thighs, shins, knees, and ankles all had weapons protruding from them, contorted at odd angles. The pain was excruciating, but she kept her icy eyes on the man in gold, standing before his throne with a naked blond woman on the ground beside him, her eyes glazed over. She had obviously been driven insane many years ago.

"Tut, tut. You never learned did you, young lady? True, I am mortal now, but I still have the powers of a Servant." He looked down upon her with a mocking gesture. "You, as a mere human, never had a chance. Still, I have grown...bored as of late. I knew the mind of the King of Knights would not survive the blessing of the Grail, but I never dreamed that the body it would give her would become so useless after only twenty short years." He glanced down in contempt and kicked at the unmoving form beside him, than turned back to the magus. "I shall allow you to live, and in return, you shall be my next possession." He licked his lips as he looked over her body.

She coughed up a mouthful of blood and spat it as far towards the Golden Knight as she could, than choked out a laugh. "My desire to live is not so strong as to relinquish my soul to a fool such as you. You may be a 'King', but you could never satisfy me."

The King clucked his tongue as he took the bait, staring daggers at the magus as she screamed in agony. Perhaps it is because there were new holes in her body, located in her feet, and one where her nose had previously been. "It seems you need to learn some manners before I let you near me. Do not speak unless spoken to, bitch!" He sneered as he raised his hand.

She knew this was it. She knew that she had pushed him too far and that he would kill her with another hail of Noble Phantasms when his arm fell. She was angry with herself, that she could not even correct her mistake that she had worked twenty years to repair! She let loose a primal growl from the depths of her soul and lowered her head, utterly defeated.

Do you wish to defeat that man?

BGM: White Out – Chaos;Head Original Soundtrack

A voice resonated in the darkness of her shattered mind, and she instantly focused her will and looked upwards.

Do you wish for the power to defeat that man? You have attempted to aid us, so I shall aid you if you wish for it.

No! her voice said to herself. This cannot be happening! She wasn't supposed to become this! She didn't want this! This was what happened to him; it frightened her to her very core!

However, she had already known that it was likely to turn out this way. She glanced at the dual images of herself in her mind. One of them was skewered by numerous weapons, her current death, devoid of meaning. The other was walking an invisible pathway towards an unknown destination, full of the illusion of hope. She knew which path he had chosen. Although she did not want to from the depths of her soul, she chose the same path.

Do you wish for our aid? The voice asked again.

She struggled to speak and softly choked out her answer, along with another pool of blood. "Yes."

Time froze, and the weapons skewering the magus simply faded away. Her wounds closed up, the damaged muscles and tissue repaired themselves, her spilt blood renewed. The crest symbolizing her family's magic impossibly began to grow. It pained her terribly at first, just as it had in the past when it was slowly transplanted. Soon, the pain stopped, yet the crest continued to grow until it had covered the entirety of her left arm.

Suddenly, the voice of her master echoed sadly in her head.

"Know that I did not want this for you. However, I knew this would happen as you had not yet gained what you needed to fully master the Second Sorcery. Truthfully, you still cannot master it. However, your decision has granted you the raw power and mental understanding to learn how to construct, shape, and use something that can do so in a limited fashion. Thus, I shall depart my final lesson to you, apprentice. You have been a grand pupil, perhaps the best in a long time. For this I shall miss and grieve for the endless existence ahead of you."

No emotion showed on her face as she simply replied, "Thank you, master. Farewell."

BGM: On the Precipice of Defeat - BLEACH The Animation Original Soundtrack 1

And time resumed, with her now-healed body standing before the throne of the Golden King once more. At first, one could say that nothing other than her body had changed, yet anyone able to sense magic would note the astronomical increase in the amount of mana that radiated from her now.

The King flinched. "What the...what the hell just happened to you?!?" He warily shouted as apprehension began to dawn on him.

She merely smiled and said, "Nothing within the pitiful boundaries of your mind would allow you to understand. Just know that you will die here, Gilgamesh!" Her right arm rose and hung in the air for a few seconds before applying the knowledge she had learned merely seconds ago and spoke just three words.

"Jeweled Sword Zelretch!"

A small sword formed in her hand. The grip and guard itself were simple, yet the blade was exceedingly beautiful, seemingly formed from pure crystal. Nothing radiated from the sword itself, yet it hid an ability that vastly outclassed almost anything that could stand against it, including the so-called 'Holy Grail'.

BGM: THIS ILLUSION (Instrumental) – Fate/Stay Night Original Soundtrack

The Golden King could feel it; what that woman had just called would undoubtedly destroy him if he didn’t act fast. He reached behind him and pulled out the one weapon that had never failed him. A weapon with a golden hilt similar to the King was pulled from the Gate, its darkened blade decorated with crimson etchings looked anything but the unimaginable force of destruction it truly was.

"I don't know what you are planning to do with that simple piece of trash, but don’t think you’ll be able to hit me with it!" He roared with fervor, and the darkened blade, Ea, began to awaken. The three equal components of the blade slowly began to revolve, approaching the speed in which, when unleashed, would release a torrent of destruction capable of scarring the land.

The magus simply waited, knowing that anything the Golden King could throw at her would be useless, even Ea. She simply held her ground and continued to smirk devilishly at her hated enemy.

The Golden Knight, upon seeing this, snapped. "I've had enough of your disrespectful appearance! Enuma-!"

The magus quickly began to concentrate, and the sword began to glow with a prismatic light, the surface of the blade shifting from red to orange, to yellow, to green, to blue, to violet, to white, and back again to red as the process continued to repeat itself an infinite number of times each second.

"Elish!" The Golden King roared, and the torrent of destruction was released from Ea, barreling unmercifully at the defenseless magus.

The torrent never came close.

A wave of light infinitely more powerful than Ea was released with one stroke from the Jeweled Sword, and it swallowed the torrent of destruction and raced onward towards the Golden King, ready to end his existence.

The Golden King was shocked, knowing now that his end had finally come. He was determined, however, to not go quietly. He laughed manically at her as his death approached. "Splendid! To think that you could kill me! But you shall not live to witness what happens to this world in my wake!" With his last command, he pulled a blood red lance from the Gate, spoke its name, and was swallowed by the wave of light almost immediately afterward.

BGM: Keiyaku – Fate/Stay Night the Animation Original Soundtrack

The Golden Kings' existence was erased from the world, but his final decree would be absolute. The magus fell backwards onto the cold stone floor, a bloody red lance emerging from her chest with her heart skewered upon it.

Thus, the magus - no, the hero known as Tohsaka Rin passed from this world, her twenty year goal finally accomplished.

End Chapter 1

Chapter 2 Preview

Darkened Memories; Clear Sky

A Hero returns, called forth by memories of the past.
A hidden truth is revealed, and measures are taken against it.
Events unfold, both known and unknown.
An agile beast confronts the insufferable giant.

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Disclaimer: I do not own any rights to Fate/Stay Night, nor do I wish to be seen as someone who does. All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.

Chapter 2: Darkened Memories; Clear Sky

BGM: Quiet Voice – Fate/Stay Night Original Soundtrack

A small dimension outside of space and time. That is what is known about this place, where heroes reside, those made from the dreams of the people around them during the time of their life. Yet this place is also the anchor for those who became powerful through their own efforts and sacrifices. The world offered them a swift solution to a near impossible situation, and in exchange forever bound their souls in servitude to itself. They have been called forth in an endless cycle throughout the various time streams to nullify phenomenon that would threaten the world.

How many times must I repeat this damned cycle? One of those ‘Counter-Guardians’ thought to herself as she returned once again. She knew that he had experienced this same cycle of death and destruction many more times than she had, yet she was already bursting with frustration over the senselessness of it all. Worst of all was the fact that she knew she would never escape this fate, yet neither would he. The mere thought of him again caused her to ripple with anger .Damned fool, why can he not see that there are other ways to obtain his wish other than killing himself?! I’ll have to show him myself. We shall surely meet again, and when we do…I will show him the error of his mistakes, and what it cost me!

Yet it would be an agonizingly long wait before the opportunity she hoped for would come to pass, and so for an eternity she waited in servitude to a hated master.

BGM: Doubt – Chaos;Head Original Soundtrack

She felt the call once again, and proceeded to answer once more. Yet she noticed a subtle change in the calling, and began to wonder what this would mean for her.

She stepped out of the bright tunnel and into a darkened room. The stench and low lighting, coupled with the sound of wriggling vermin all around indicated it was somewhere underground. As her pale blue eyes adjusted to the darkness, two figures came into view.

One of them was a short old man bent over even further, clutching a walking stick. After a second look she saw that he was so old his skin was hanging off his bones, making it easy to see the outline of his skull. He coughed, and a wretched hacking voice resounded throughout the room. Her mind flashed as she remembered who he was, having seen him before the War her father participated in. His name was Zouken, the patriarch of the Matou. She was a little surprised that the decrepit old man was still alive, as she had no knowledge of the fact, but that quickly passed.

The other figure was the one whom she expected to see, a young girl with strikingly vivid violet eyes and matching hair with a single red ribbon decorating it was a few feet ahead, glancing up at her in awe. Sakura, her dear sister whom their father had given to Zouken shortly before the Fourth War began to honor a defunct non-aggression pact between the two families. Her eyes widened in surprise, but quickly settled back down in acceptance. Slowly, a smile crept across her lips. It was absurd from the beginning to think that Shinji had been the one to summon a Servant; He had no Magic Circuits whatsoever. Of course it had been Sakura. The only reason why she could not have been the one given to the Matou was because she had the fortunate luck to have been born first, and had received the Magic Crest.

Sakura stepped back a little in awe at the woman before her. She had wanted no part of this War her grandfather had told her of since she had come to the Matou home. She did not want to fight, and had already decided to let her brother have her rights as a Master, as he desperately wanted to become one as he had no way to experience magic for himself. She sighed to herself. All I want is to stay with Sempai. However, now that she had actually summoned a Servant, she felt that it would be somehow wrong not to participate herself. Not for her sake, but for the one she had summoned. She’s…really beautiful, Sakura noted as she looked over her Servants’ features. She was a woman of average build, with long flowing dark hair and piercing blue eyes that radiated a cooled gentleness. She wore an extravagant red dress decorated with what seemed to be rhinestones with a matching dark skirt that was shockingly short. Her legs were a firm cream, with red socks that ended just above her knees, covered by, oddly, ivory heels. A robe of the darkest midnight enveloped her well toned and shapely body, with the inner folds a shade of crimson. She had a moderate bust, yet it did not stand out in concept with her dress. Sakura was surprised to see that the woman was Japanese, and began to ponder what era she had lived in.

The magus’ smile widened as she realized that things had obviously turned out quite differently than before: She had been summoned into this Holy Grail War, as Caster, and to the Master that had previously summoned Rider. She wondered for a second how it had happened, and as she search for an answer, her gaze drifted to Sakura’s face again, and quickly realized the key element. The hair ribbon. It wasn’t a total surprise to her; it had happened when she summoned Archer because her fathers’ gem gave a connection between them, and it had happened again now with the ribbon she had given Sakura. Thankfully I kept the matching ribbon as a symbol between sisters, even if I don’t use it anymore. She sighed inwardly. Things will be a bit different this time. No doubt Saber, Archer, Berserker and Lancer will still be the same, and will have the same Masters. However, with a different Caster going to Rider’s Master, I wonder who shall summon Rider and Assassin, and which heroic spirits they shall be? Remembering the circumstances concerning Assassin’s summoning, her smiled broadened even further as she realized she could just as easily perform the same deed. I also won’t fail like that Caster did before. I still have two Command Spells leftover from the War, and can therefore summon a Servant properly, unlike that foolish hag. She remembered that Assassin had been a fictitious hero, and as a result could not be sustained as a normal Servant and was chained to the land he had been summoned at. Her mind tugged at her for a second, urging her to remember something important. Her smile turned into a grimace of hatred as she remembered who else was fated to be here, the memory of the Golden Knight who destroyed her world still fresh in her mind. He’ll probably destroy this world as well, if things turn out the same as before, she worriedly told herself, than regained her composure after noticing the frightened look on Sakura’s face. Well, that won’t happen since I’m here. I refuse to let it happen.

The magus locked eyes with Sakura and bowed. “Greetings, Master,” she said in a crisp, battle-weathered voice.

Sakura snapped her gaze away from the beautiful Servant in front of her and focused again on her pale blue eyes.

“Um, hello Servant-san. W-which Servant are you?”

BGM: Wandering Shadow – Fate/Stay Night Original Soundtrack

“Servant Caster, Master.” She smirked to herself. Her Master really was Sakura; No one else would greet others so awkwardly. Another hacking cough resounded through the room, and she turned her attention to the old man a little ways away near what she could now distinguish as a flight of stairs, meaning this room was actually a basement. Most likely that of the Matou mansion, she thought.

“Caster, eh? This is indeed fortunate. For the past two Wars we have only been able to summon forth Assassin. Well done, Sakura. You’ve made me proud. You and Caster can simply stay here for the remainder of the War, our home will make for a fine territory for her to set up here,” the old man smiled; secretly glad that they would have a better chance than last time.

Caster frowned, both inwardly and outwardly. She had no intention of setting up her territory here. She did not know why, but before she had been taken away to this mansion, Sakura always smiled. Yet ever since, every time she had seen Sakura, she never smiled. The only exception was whenever she was with Shirou, but even than they had seemed...forced. Something had to have happened to Sakura here, and she would not allow such a painful memory to stay close to her sister.

“Actually, I think my Master and I will decide where to set up my territory. I assume that since you seem to wish for my Masters’ victory you would not object to us finding the best possible location from where I can do my work.” She said so with a smile, knowing that this statement would push the correct buttons.

Zoukens’ face twisted in anger, cursing himself mentally. Of course a Caster class Servant would think of such a thing immediatly. “I see. You are right of course. Sakura, show Caster here our lovely city. Perhaps after she has seen everything here she shall realize that her best chance of victory lays here and nowhere else.” He muttered before heading up the stairs. I’ll have to be cautious this time with such a sharp Servant, he thought as he hobbled up the stairs, the Command Spell on his arm burning as he thought of what to do next.

Caster watched the small old man leave, than turned back to Sakura.

“Shall we go, Master?” She of course knew that the ley lines at this point in time were set up in just two favorable locations: her home, and the Ryudou Temple. Since her home would not be an option, the Temple would be the other likely place to chose. It would be ideal to set up shop there, she thought. Caster may have used despicable tactics, but she had the right idea. Not only will my magic be superior, but that Boundary Field is always helpful. Also, that damned bastard will eventually go there. She grimaced at this last thought, yet she also knew that such thoughts were trivial anyhow, as Sakura would probably be uncomfortable staying there. That left only one possible location to make her territory, but that would prove to be problematic after tonight, when the King of Knights would also be residing there.

“Shall we go, Master?” Sakura stood there shocked, having watched Caster quickly shoot down her grandfathers’ wishes like that, and he didn’t even argue back. Amazing! I wish I was able to resist him like that… her initial admiration quickly turned to fear of what her grandfather might do to her later as punishment.

“Master?” Sakura quickly snapped out of the dark thoughts she had descended into and responded to Casters’ question.

“Yes, I will show you around Fuyuki City, Caster-san.” She felt her hand drawn towards the precious hair ribbon again. Perhaps this will be a good experience for me. I’m sorry, Nii-san, she apologized to her brother, and together she and Caster walked up the stairs, away from the foul cavern, and out into the sun.

BGM: Kumo wa Somari Yuku – Fate/Stay Night the Animation Original Soundtrack

It was noon when the two left the mansion; Sakura had been called home from school at Zouken’s request, stating family business concerning her to be the reason, yet the truth was the old man had wanted her to summon her Servant for the Grail War. Caster had planned to act interested as Sakura showed her around the city she had lived in all her life, yet she could not hide the emotions the nostalgic memories arose in her, and she silently wept as they walked around together – it was the first time she had looked upon the city as it had been: unspoiled and intact – since Gilgamesh had obtained the Grail.

Sakura stopped as she noticed Caster’s distraught state.

“Caster-san...are you crying?” She said with concern.

Caster let out a gasp of surprise and quickly composed herself.

“I-it’s nothing. I was just remembering the city I had grown up in”

“I noticed you seem to be Japanese, what city did you grow up in?” Sakura asked, still concerned.

Caster flinched. Damn, Sakura is sharp, more so than I remember. She thought as she quickly formulated an excuse.

“It’s a small town that you’ve probably never heard of, and it’s not important to us right now. Let us continue our exploration of the area, Master.” Caster started walking again, but Sakura asked one more question.

“Caster-san? I forgot to ask you this before, but since Caster is only your Servant class name, what is your real name?”

Caster stopped short again, and without turning around coldly stated, “Master, neither my name nor my origins are important for this War. Knowing them will not help us in any way, so I ask that you forget about this matter, and please do not bring it up again.”

Sakura cringed at the sudden change in the older womans' attitude, and decided it would not be a good idea to continue with the topic anymore.

“I understand, Caster-san. Than I have just one other request. Please, refer to me by name, not as Master. I don’t like that title, even if I am one.”

Caster smiled at Sakura’s simple request. She may be sharp, but she’s still simple as well.

“As you wish, Sakura. However, I'd like to ask the same thing of you. You can drop the -san, Caster will do just fine. Let us continue our exploration now.” Caster said as she began to briskly walk away, forcing Sakura to hurry after her.

BGM: Shibuya – Chaos;Head Original Soundtrack

After showing her around Miyama City, Sakura took Caster to Shinto as well. By the time they returned to the crossroads it was late afternoon and the sun had begun to set.

Caster noticed that Sakura did not show her the part of town where Shirou’s home lay, and decided to bring it up with a believable lie.

“Master, we have not explored this section of the city. I feel a presence in this direction, and I would like my knowledge of the area to be as complete as possible before we return to your home.” Caster spoke with a pressing air about her.

Sakura bit her lip, not wanting to be near Sempai’s house right now. I don’t want to get him involved in this. There is no reason for him to be, she thought. Plus, I told him that I wouldn’t be around until Monday after this mornings’ breakfast. But, she didn’t want to upset Caster either. She’s frightening; she knows how to manipulate people into getting exactly what she wants. She reminds me of Nee-san in a way. She pondered a bit more. Well, it’s not like we’ll be stopping by for dinner anyway, so as long as we don’t approach Sempai’s house everything should be fine, she told herself, and nodded to Caster.

“Ahahaha, I forgot about that section. We’ll head there now than. Afterwards we’ll head back home.” Sakura stated, and they walked towards the older section of the city.

When they arrived at Shirou’s house, Caster paused in front of it. Sakura apprehensively asked her what was wrong.

“There is…something here. I think this location would be a prime spot for me to set up my territory,” she explained. She also sighed a bit before continuing. She didn't want to suggest this, but she had to continue to play the role of a normal, ignorant Servant. “It doesn’t seem the master of this house is home, so should we wait for him and kill him?”

Sakura’s face paled after Caster’s statement. Fear raced to the front of her mind, and she panicked to respond.

“No! Absolutely not! I…I don’t want to do something like that, Caster.” Sakura replied with her head down.

“Why not, Master? As a fellow magus you should know that sacrifices are necessary at times to accomplish a goal, especially for one such as the Holy Grail.” Caster smiled slightly at Sakura’s reaction, for she wanted to tease her for a long time for liking Shirou. She didn’t press any further though, as such a thing truly was juvenile.

She had always teased those she was close to in the past, but the time after the Grail War had changed her. She could not afford to hold onto such trivialities. For one, there wasn’t anyone she could talk to other than her Master. Gilgamesh and the Grail had seen to that. I truly miss those days. I probably could do them again here, but I’ll leave that to this timelines’ Rin. Maybe she’ll be able to keep doing so afterwards if I stop the Grail. She laughed to herself in her mind, realizing that in many ways she had become just like Shirou and Saber. The only difference was that she had experienced happiness, and had it painfully taken away from her. She didn’t want anyone to have to suffer through such a painful experience anymore, and recognized that her first test would be her sister. She shook herself mentally and spoke with a reassuring voice. “As you wish Sakura; I have no intention of involving lonesome innocents in this struggle either. I may be a magus, but I am also a Servant, and will abide by my Master’s orders. I can simply erase the memories of whoever lives here during the War as an alternative.”

Sakura felt relieved, but not completely. She’s right…but I would still be endangering Sempai this way… Still, Caster seems to know that Sempai lives here alone, even though I never mentioned Sempai…I’ll have to ask her more about it after we get home. She noted.

After they had returned to the mansion, Caster decided that it was time to tend to another matter: to find out what had happened to Sakura after she had been taken in by Zouken. She had already guessed that whatever it was had to be the cause for her hair and eye color changing to violet, since before than Sakura had also had the same blue eyes and dark hair she had. Caster recited a spell, and Sakura began to feel sleepy.

“Uhh… Caster, I’m feeling very tired. Would you mind if we talked about where to set up your territory tomorrow?” She turned her blurry vision to the dark-robed Servant.

“Of course, Master. One night won’t make a difference, and your rest and well-being is more important anyhow.” Caster hid a smile before continuing. “I can also place a spell on you to make your sleep more restful if you wish, Master.”

Sakura was too tired to argue.

“That’s alright with me, Caster. Good night, and… I’m sorry, Nii-san,” she managed to finish before collapsing on the bed, sound asleep.

Caster jumped about a foot in the air before she realized that Sakura had spoken aloud for Shinji and not her, and let out a sigh of relief. After assuring that Sakura was asleep by using the spell she offered to use, Caster used a mind-link spell to connect her mind with Sakura’s, and searched for the starting point: When she has given Sakura her hair ribbon. At first, everything was normal; Sakura was cheerful in her room, she got along with Shinji well, and even Zouken seemed to treat her well.

BGM: Fear – Chaos;Head Original Soundtrack

That all changed two months after she had arrived.

Caster was horrified as she heard Zouken speak of the process that would change Sakura’s body to suit the Matou magic. She watched day after day of her sister being thrown to the vermin that existed in that hellhole of a basement, which she came to see were worms that fed on Sakura’s mana and physical energy. She grew outraged when she learned of the lustful side-effects the worms feeding left on her, and that Shinji had gladly accepted the job of “maintaining” her sanity by sating her sexual appetite. Caster noticed that she was crying, and quickly severed the connection between them. Two days. She had broken after only two days of this treatment, yet Sakura had endured more than eleven years of this. She quickly silenced a corner of the room and wept loudly within it, continuously apologizing to Sakura for being ignorant of her situation and being able to protect her.

After a few minutes, she calmed down and resolved that Sakura would never come to this house again after tomorrow morning. After having witnessed Sakura’s memories, Caster quickly packed only a few changes of clothes for Sakura into the small suitcase she had arrived. Suddenly, she noticed that someone else had arrived at the mansion. After a quick mental search, her face scrunched up in a primal fury: Shinji had just returned home.

BGM: Wandering Shadow – Fate/Stay Night Original Soundtrack

Caster composed herself and left the room, stopping right outside to place protective wards of detection, along with a boundary field to prevent anyone from entering Sakura’s room without her knowing and left to find Shinji, fully prepared to kill him.

Matou Shinji had just arrived home, having hung out with his girlfriends after passing the maintenance of the dojo onto that fool Emiya. He knew that Sakura had stayed home from school today to summon a Servant for the Holy Grail War, and that fact tore at his stomach, causing his irritation to deepen. Maybe I’ll take my frustration out on her. That little whore always begs for it, even when she insists she doesn’t want it! Shinji was so lost in his heated thoughts that he didn’t notice the presence of death behind him until it spoke to him.

“You know, you shouldn’t speak such things where anyone can hear them, let alone such ill thoughts about my Master,” the cold voice whispered in his ear.

Shinji jumped out of his chair with a start, and turned around to see a beautiful form before him. He was so entranced, he did not notice they look of pure fury on her face.

“Huh? Who are you? What are you doing in my house?” He spoke quickly like the fool he was, not noticing that the answers to his questions were painfully obvious.

Yet Caster merely grinned devilishly and replied calmly.

“I am the Servant whom my Master called for this War, Caster. Now, please enlighten me. What were you planning to do to Sakura again, Matou-kun?” Her grin turned into a simple smile, which did little to hide the murderous intent flowing from her.

Shinji finally noticed that the woman was extremely pissed at him, and while he knew he shouldn’t repeat his thoughts, he was more confused by what she had said. Did I really say that out loud? He wondered. He definitely felt that lying to her further would only cause his death, yet he couldn’t see how Caster would let him live if he told the truth, and he merely ended up stuttering.

After about a minute of this, Caster let out a frustrated yell.

“Enough! Actually, I don’t care about your answer. I already know exactly what has happened to Sakura for the past eleven years. Everything that your grandfather has done, everything she had to experience. Everything you did to her.” She put enough emphasis on this last sentence to show that did not plan to show Shinji any mercy.

“I will say this only once, so listen well, Matou-kun. Tomorrow morning, Sakura and I will leave this house. She will not be coming back here, even after the end of this War. If you ever attempt to touch her again, the seal that I have put on her will activate, and for the rest of your life you will relive her memories of the past eleven years from her perspective. Do I make myself clear, Matou-kun?” She secretly hoped for Shinji to defy her as she continued to smile. Of course, she was only bluffing; she hadn’t placed such a seal on Sakura yet, and she wouldn’t without her consent.

Shinji gulped at the woman’s – Caster’s – words. He began to despise her intensely. Who the hell does she think she is, ordering me around like this! I’m a fucking Matou! He was about to give voice to his thoughts, but when he met her eyes he felt engulfed in a cold blue fire that decimated the remnants of his courage, and he crumpled to the floor, only managing to nod in agreement with Caster’s ultimatum.

“I am glad we understand each other, Matou-kun. You will share my words with your grandfather after we have left. His worms will be gone before the night is over, so he will be aware that I know about his tricks, but share my last message with him. The condition that applies to you will also apply to both him and his worms.”

With those words Caster left Matou Shinji in a daze before he simply wandered back to his room like a lost child, and stared blankly at the wall for the rest of the night, hugging his pillow and shaking madly.

Caster wanted to cleanse the foul worms from Sakura immediately, yet it was almost time for the first big event of the war to happen, and after checking that the wards sealing Sakura’s room were secure, she rushed off into the night, and swiftly headed for the school.

When she arrived she immediately searched for any other Servant’s in the area, and was pleased to notice the two familiar signatures of Archer and Lancer in the schoolyard. She astralized herself and levitated to the school roof to observe the battle between the two knights.

BGM: Clashing Souls – Fate/Stay Night Original Soundtrack

As sparks clashed between the twin swords and the all too familiar blood red spear, Caster realized that while she had seen this fight before, the two Servants’ attacks, counters, parry, counter parry, thrusts and sweeps were just as captivating as before. She bet that she would never tire of watching the two trade blows with each other, yet she realized that Lancer would soon tire of Archer’s defense, just as he had before.

Just as she thought this, Lancer jumped back, and after the familiar exchange of words, she felt Lancer concentrate mana into his lance. She never did figure out his identity during the war, but during her apprenticeship under Zelretch she researched him and discovered his true name: Cu Chulainn, Ireland’s demon child of light. A contrasting title, as he was a hero in the eyes of his allies and a demonic beast that displayed no mercy to his enemies. Both a practitioner of rune magic and an extraordinary spearman, he preferred his lance but was not above using the runes to win. His lance, Gae Bolg, was said to always pierce its targets’ heart, no matter how it was thrust. This of course was probably false, yet with the sight before her eyes, Caster did not doubt the power of legend behind the lance, and knew to be wary of it.

As expected, before Lancer thrust Gae Bolg at Archer, he stopped and turned towards a tree, where Emiya Shirou had been crouched, silently watching the battle in awe. Caster clucked her tongue again at Shirou’s stupidity, and quickly made her way into the school, erasing her presence completely, as she calmly waited inside the classroom she knew Shirou would end up in front of before Lancer would pierce him.

Sure enough, Caster soon heard Shirou’s gasps for breath. Than the voice of Lancer congratulated him for running this far, before she heard the sound of a falling person echo throughout the hall. She knew what had just happened, and while part of her urged for her to rush out and help Shirou, she continued to wait for Archer. Caster wondered when she should confront Archer, for she knew that the moment she did so that many things she had known about the War would change. Than she heard a familiar voice say something that froze the blood in her veins. She gasped as realization of the situation flooded her mind. Throwing her caution to the wind, she materialized as she ran out of the classroom.

“You will not harm that boy!” She yelled out at the crimson avatar of death over the boy’s corpse with her right hand out.

BGM: Into the Night – Fate/Stay Night Original Soundtrack

Her hand burned intensely, yet she smiled as she realized that her Command Spells still worked on Archer. Perfect! This leaves me with only one though. I’ll have to save it for an opportune time, she quickly noted.

Archer grunted in pain as he bent over Emiya Shirou with Kansho and Bakuya bearing down on him. Yet he could not finish the job. Why the hell can’t I move?!? He wondered in confusion. Rin hasn’t caught up yet, so this can’t be a Command Spell, so what the hell!! I fell at the Temple last time, so I resolved to finish this before Emiya Shirou even became a Master, dammit! Archer yelled in frustration, both internally and externally. He turned his eyes up to search for the voice that had yelled for him to stop, and was his hawk-like eyes locked onto the form of a robed woman in front of him.

“What the hell, a mage? Who are you? You look like…” and Archer trailed off as he shook off the image forming in his head. No, that’s impossible.

Caster merely smiled and began to reply.

“I don’t know what you were about to say, but I am no one you should recognize, Archer. I will share something with you, however. If you have a brain at all, you should realize that I am the one who stopped you from finishing off that kid. There’s no reason to do such as thing to an innocent whose fate is already determined; it sullies the title we are given as heroic spirits to do something as despicable as this. Yes, I am also a Servant,” Archers’ eyes narrowed at Caster, who merely continued. “Caster, to be precise,” as her smile broadened, watching Archer’s face for his reaction.

Archer felt like he had been smashed by Berserkers’ axe-like sword. Caster?! What the hell is going on here, Caster should be at Ryudou Temple! His mind flashed as he thought back to the many previous wars, where Caster had always been that purple witch who sucked the city inhabitants’ life force. I did think that it was odd when I saw that there were no gas leak incidents this time, but I never dreamed that there would be a completely new Servant! Archer continued to stare at Caster, who met his stare until she felt Rin’s presence rushing towards them.

“Well, I would like to stay and talk with you a little more, Archer, but I’m afraid that I don’t have to time right now with your Master coming. Since you’re an idiot, I’ll share something special with you. I have no intention of setting up my territory at the Ryudou Temple, nor have I summoned Assassin. Do you catch my drift?” Caster spoke with clear conviction, and Archer involuntarily let out a cry of surprise.

“How do you know about this Grail War’s events?! Who are you…no, better yet, why are you here, Caster?!” Archer demanded in his confusion.

“Why, the same reason you are, Archer: To win this War.” Caster paused to glare at Archer before continuing. “Although, I’m also here to prevent some fool from becoming a hero.” Checkmate, she said to herself mentally.

Archer was so stunned he dropped his swords. Fortunately for Caster, he really was stupid; her words were so blunt that he should have easily grasped her identity, but he had not.

“How do you know about-“ he began hoarsely.

“You don’t need to know how I know. At least, not yet. We will meet again, Archer. Perhaps by than you’ll have used your brain to piece the clues together yourself!” Caster exclaimed before astralizing and leaving to rejoin Sakura.

Archer stood frozen in confusion as Rin ran up, panting heavily.

“…After him, Archer. Lancer will probably be headed back to his Master. This won’t be worth it unless we find out who that is,” she softly ordered her Servant, ignorant of why he wasn’t moving while glancing over the Shirou’s body.

Archer quickly recovered and without saying a word, left to try and pick up Lancer’s trail, his mind still hazy from Casters’ disturbing words.

BGM: Midnight Interval – Fate/Stay Night Original Soundtrack

Caster sighed to herself as she glided back to the mansion, yet paused as she remembered something. If everything else goes well, than Saber should be summoned soon enough, she thought. I’d better make sure everything else flows the way it should for tonight though, since Archer already tried to break things earlier, even if he’s still bound by both my and Rin’s Command Spells. She chuckled to herself. Heh, it’s odd to refer to myself by name like this, but it can’t be helped. I'm no longer that girl.

So Caster masked her presence again as she made her way to Shirou’s home, waiting for him to stumble back. After he had arrived, she continued to watch over him, interested in finding out how he had managed to summon Saber. She flinched when she sensed Lancers’ arrival, but the spells masking her presence did their job as Lancer did not notice her. She watched with interest and amusement at Shirou’s pathetic attempts to defend himself, yet was amazed once Saber had been summoned. She fought Lancer off, even surviving a near-direct hit from Gae Bolg! Saber immediately raced to encounter Archer and Rin, who had just arrived as well.

Caster left shortly after Shirou had stopped Saber from slashing Archer with a Command Spell. I was always amazed that he had managed to summon a Servant, let alone Saber, but now I know how it happened. He always was such an idiot! Still, I wonder why she just appeared like that. I’ve never heard of an accidental Servant summoning before.

BGM: Footsteps of Destruction – Fate/Stay Night Original Soundtrack

Her business complete, she truly headed for the mansion this time, as it was past midnight already. However, as she did so, she ran into a sight she did not expect: A few hundred yards away from the mansion, she caught sight of a figure encased in cobalt armor. Lancer. He was staring fiercely at a small figure, who Caster easily remembered.

“Ilyasviel…” Caster murmured aloud.

As she watched silently, the remaining Servant whom had not been seen thus far tonight materialized in front of the small white child. A black giant, Berserker.

End Chapter 2

Chapter 3 Preview

Fatal Attraction

Swift attacks, followed by a swift retreat.
A dreamer dreams a nightmare of her past.
The Masters are known; The Sixth is summoned.
The showdown between the magus and red knight is fast approaching.

March 16th, 2011, 09:15 AM
Disclaimer: I do not own any rights to Fate/Stay Night, nor do I wish to be seen as someone who does. All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.

Chapter 3: Fatal Attraction

BGM: Footsteps of Destruction – Fate/Stay Night Original Soundtrack

A blue form raced away from the old Japanese house, irritated at his cowardly Masters’ orders. The previous battle against Saber made it the second out of six his Master would force him to participate in, and in all of them he would not be able to go all out, due to the damned Command Spell his Master used to make the order. Man, I got screwed in this War big time. First, my original Master gets killed by that damn priest, who in return became my Master after stealing her Command Spells, than he uses them to give me shitty orders like this! Lancer cursed at his foul luck as he raced back towards the church. Yet that was only the beginning. First I find Archer, yet he doesn’t even fight like one. What fucking Archer uses swords, let alone swords that he can continuously create when they are knocked away?! As if that wasn’t humiliating enough, I couldn’t land a damn hit on him!! Lancer continued to complain at how unfair his situation had become. Yet, it wasn’t all bad news. At least the fight with Saber was a good one, even if she found out my identity. She must have been a great hero to redirect my Gae Bolg like that. I really hope she’s still around after I complete this damn ‘scouting’ tactic; an all out battle with her might be enough to make me forget about this crap. He than recalled something that he would not have noticed had his detection rune not been activated. Still, what was that other Servant doing there? If that kids’ Servant is Saber, than why was Assassin just watching like that? He could have easily killed him before I had.

Suddenly, Lancer felt someone’s gaze focused on him. He quickly glanced around, and saw a small girl with snowy hair wrapped in a violet coat a few hundred meters away, her red eyes locked on him. Lancers’ eyes narrowed as he quickly realized that she was not a normal child. Whether she was a Servant or a Master he was not sure, but he knew he had found his third target. I’ll have to be careful this time. This is my third battle tonight, and I’ve already had to use Gae Bolg in both of the previous fights, Lancer noted to himself as he stalked towards the girl, stopping just a few feet away from her.

BGM: Breach – Fate/Stay Night Original Soundtrack

“Yo, kids shouldn’t be out this late at night, you know. It can be quite… dangerous,” Lancer called out to the small girl, whose red eyes were clearly visible in the night air.

“Ah! Another Servant! Good evening, Lancer,” the small child politely curtsied before Lancer.

What the hell is wrong with this brat? Lancer wondered. With what knowledge he had of the modern world from his Master’s and the summoning process he knew that such a tradition had long since died off.

“So, who are you, kid?”

The child huffed. “You’re rude, but I’ll tell you anyway. My name is Ilyasviel von Einzbern.”

“Ah, so you’re the infamous Einzbern.” Lancer remembered what his Master had told him about the Einzbern family, that they always had a participant in the previous Wars. Than he recalled what the girl had first said. “Oy, how did you know I was Lancer,” he questioned the small form in front of him, his eyes narrowing into slits. He had not shown Gae Bolg, yet she had known what Servant he was.

“Hmm…how should I say this?” The small child seemed to be thinking, her forefinger resting on her lips. “It’s simple, really. Onii-chan seems to like swords, so he’ll have called Saber. Rin seems to have ended up with Archer. Rider and Assassin haven’t been called yet, and you don’t look like Caster with that armor, so it’s simple, really.” As she told this, a towering dark figure appeared behind her, engulfing the moon behind them.

“Oh, this is my Servant, Berserker,” Ilyasviel introduced the enormous Servant. “You may have the first attack, Lancer. After all, I am a proper lady, and bugs should be allowed to flail about before they’re squashed.”

Lancer took a quick look over the massive form of Berserker before crouching down into his preferred position of attack, Gae Bolg forming in his hands. Shit, this looks to be more troublesome than I asked for, but it can’t be helped.

“Kheh, from the looks of things, this should be entertaining, but I’ll make you regret allowing me to move first!” When Berserker didn’t answer, he added, “Oh yeah, since you’re Berserker you can’t speak. That’s a shame.” With that, Lancer rushed forward at bestial speed, becoming a blue blur as he thrust his deadly lance at the opponents’ vital points in a skillful rhythm.


“Ahhh!” Lancer jumped back in amazement and pain. Berserker had taken all four of the attacks he had thrust to his throat, heart, collarbone and forehead, yet none of them had even broken the giants’ skin. Also, the backlash caused by the attacks to Berserkers’ body had caused his own arms to nearly drop his lance. It was true that he wasn’t at one hundred percent after fighting Saber and Archer, but still, this was too abnormal! What the hell, is this guy’s body made out of steel? My attacks should have spilled at least some blood. As Lancer wondered what to do, the small child spoke.

“Ah, you really are a weakling. Weaklings bore me! Normally I’d leave you alone, but since you’re a Servant, I guess I’ll have to kill you in order to win. Finish him, Berserker!” She said in a disinterested voice.

SE: se158 – Fate/Stay Night

“--------------------------!!!!!” The giant let loose a howl of fury befitting his class as he leapt towards Lancer at an impressive speed, considering his gigantic body.

“Kheh!” Lancer only managed to let out a grunt of irritation before he quickly leapt away from the oncoming black death, its’ weapon swung so swiftly all that could be seen was a grey blur. A huge axe-like sword shattered the ground beneath where he had been standing a second ago.

Shit! I can’t trade blows with this guy, let alone take any! If I’m foolish enough to do so than I’m dead! Lancer stood his ground as he tried to think of a strategy to attack the seemingly impervious Servant. If I use Gae Bolg, than I’d probably be able to kill him, yet that damned priest only wants me to check the other Servant’s fighting abilities for now, and I’ve certainly had enough of this guy. He pondered a second more before he growled, realizing that his only option was to retreat for now. As he prepared to flee, one of his runes, more specifically his rune of detection, alerted him to a presence he had detected earlier near the kids house. Not good at all. If I run now I’ll likely be hunted down, and therefore get in another fight. Lancer glanced towards where his rune had detected the now familiar presence, and he could feel it watching both him and Berserker’s contest. Bah, I’ll stand a better chance against Assassin than I will against Berserker… wait a second; he’s masking his presence with some strange magic… Lancer smiled to himself as he happily realized he had been mistaken. So it’s Caster? What is he playing at, he could have attacked me as I ran from the kids’ house earlier.

SE: se158 – Fate/Stay Night

“--------------------------!!!!!” As he pondered this latest revelation, Berserker had let out another roar and charged yet again. Lancer quickly evaded him once more before leaping away at top speed, back towards the church and the priest. His damnable mission was now half finished, with the next target already in mind…

“Why did you let him escape, Berserker! You’re going to get it when we get back!” Ilya pouted as she scolded her Servant, yet he could not say anything back to her; Being a Berserker meant he could not speak intelligently.

“Come Berserker, maybe we can still find Onii-chan!” She paused before turning her attention to where she had noticed the other Servant beforehand. “And Caster, you should really work on strengthening those masking spells of yours, I’ve known you were here all along. I’d kill you now, but I’m bored and I still have to find Onii-chan, so I’ll deal with you later.” With that, she turned and walked away as Berserker disappeared into the night air to silently follow her.

BGM: Midnight Interval – Fate/Stay Night Original Soundtrack

Crap, I didn’t think Ilyasviel would notice that I was here. Thank goodness she didn’t feel like fighting again, otherwise I’d have to get serious, and I don’t want to have to this early. Caster thought as she cursed her overconfidence. Still, at least it’s good that Lancer and Berserker fought here; I guess Lancer is on his way back to Kirei, but if they had fought any closer to Sakura it would not have been good. She paused before the Matou mansions gate as she thought of what else was still yet to occur in this War.

Rider and Assassin still haven’t been summoned. Until than, no one can ‘officially’ fight, yet that rule didn’t seem to apply to Ilyasviel and Lancer anyhow. I’ll summon Rider myself before we leave tomorrow, but that means someone still has to summon Assassin… Casters’ mind flashed as she recalled something she had heard almost immediately upon her summoning.

“For the past two wars, we’ve only succeeded in summoning Assassin.”

If this was true, that would mean that a Matou was still best for summoning forth Assassin. Since it was impossible for Shinji, Zouken would have to be the only one able to do so. A frown wrinkled across her brow as she realized this.I’ll have to speed things along than. Once Zouken knows that I’ve killed the worms inside Sakura he’ll surely summon Assassin and hunt us down. Jeez, the Holy Grail War is always troublesome, whether I be a Master, Servant, or both.

Caster sighed as she made her way back to Sakuras’ room. Bypassing her wards, she bent over Sakura and began to study the worms scattered throughout her body. She soon discovered that with their death or removal Zouken would be alerted to her actions, so Caster resigned herself to the fact that she could not remove the worms until after she had summoned Rider and they had escaped the Matou mansion. With nothing else to do, Caster tasked herself to guarding Sakura for the remainder of the night, silently praying that everything would turn out alright for the both of them the following morning.


BGM: Pity – Chaos;Head Original Soundtrack

A rushing torrent of death.

She watched as it rushed through a field full of people. It engulfed them, and they disappeared into the endless flood of dark mud, yet no remnants of them could be seen, no matter how hard she looked. She heard the screams. Those of fear of their approaching death, those of agony when they were swallowed, those of loss from those who had watched their loved ones disappear before them, only to follow them almost immediately afterward.

What a horrible nightmare. That is all that came to Sakura's mind as she watched this spectacle from a nearby building, where a woman she had recently come to know was watching as well. Casters’ face was pained with many different emotions. Fear, hatred and despair were clearly seen, but as she continued to watch her, she noticed another emotion surface: guilt.

Suddenly she was carried away from the horrible scene, and many new images entered her mind.

A ruby pendent. A man in blue armor with a red lance. A tall woman with violet hair similar to her own with a mask over her eyes. A small girl clad in white with a black giant behind her. The blond foreigner who had harassed her near her home a few days ago dressed in golden armor. A different blonde foreigner in silver and blue armor opposed him with a beautiful golden sword. A pale mask staring out from the shadows. A robed woman grasping a gnarled dagger. A serene samurai wielding a katana stood before a gate. The hair ribbon. A crystal-like sword and a flash of light. But the image that shocked her most was that of a white-haired man in red and black who looked disturbingly like…

“…Trace, On.”

-Interlude out-

BGM: Whirlpool of Fate – Fate/Stay Night Original Soundtrack

Sakura lunged forward in her bed as she woke, sweating and breathing heavily.

“What…what was all of that?” She said aloud.

“Hmm? Are you all right, Sakura?” She looked up to see Caster standing at the edge of her bed with a look of concern.

“I’m not really sure, but… I’ll be alright. Just a strange dream.” Sakura quickly tried to brush away her flustered appearance and yawned.

“…” Caster said nothing, but glanced down. She didn’t know what exactly Sakura had seen, but she knew that it had to have been something from her memories. It had happened with him last time as well. She than remembered what she would have to do today, but she still had to get Sakura to his place without raising suspicion.

“Sakura, will you help me with something? I want to give us an extra…edge in the War.”

“What do you mean, Caster?”

“How about I summon another Servant to help us?”

Sakura’s eyes went wide, looking at Caster for an explanation.

“When I was alive, I also participated in this contest known as the Holy Grail War. Due to many various things, I felt unfulfilled as a Master when the War came to a close, and as I hadn't used them all up, I was able to keep my Command Spells.”

“Spells? But you only have one now.”

Caster flinched. Jeez, why is she so much sharper than I remember? At least I’ve come to anticipate Sakura asking these questions.

“From the time I became a Master I have used two of the three Command Spells: one during the War to get my Servant to listen to me, and the other after the War to force him to continue to follow my orders, but we’re getting off track here. During my War, the Caster there was able to summon her own Servant, so I see no reason as to why I would not be able to as well.”

She waited for Sakura to digest all of this new information about herself, and when she looked back up she nodded.

“I agree with you, summoning another Servant would give us a big advantage.”

“Than I must ask that we return to that horrid place where you summoned me, as it will be the best place we can attempt the summoning from in this mansion.”

They reluctantly made their way down to the foul cavern where she had been summoned among the festering worms that had helped make Sakura's life a living hell for eleven years. Caster used simple spells to repel the worms away from her, while they left Sakura alone. They had become accustomed to her presence after the long years.

“Damn that foul, twisted old man,” Caster muttered darkly.

“Hmm? Did you say something Caster?” Sakura inquired.

“It’s nothing, just thinking aloud,” Caster hastily replied.

Caster asked Sakura to help her prepare things for a second summoning, for everything needed to look as if Sakura were the one summoning, or her plan was likely to fail. She wanted to call the Rider that she had encountered during the War, Sakura’s original Servant. While she was extremely weak, Shinji had been her Master since Sakura had given up her rights as one to him. As Shinji was weak, so to became the Servant. She was certain that Rider would be much more powerful and more useful if she was her Master this time, but Servants are only called to Masters who are like them if they do not have an item relating to them, which surely would have been the case had she not been summoned. That meant that the summoning ritual would have to ‘feel’ like Sakura was the one performing it in every way, although she would be the one doing the summoning.

While Sakura prepared the room, Caster constructed a boundary field to seal the cavern away from the outside world so that Zouken would not detect the magical energy that would spill from the summoning. Or from the Jeweled Sword, she thought to herself as she quietly muttered her Noble Phantasms’ name. The Jeweled Sword appeared in her hand and she opened a rip to use the mana from the Sakura in a parallel world for which to fuel the summoning. She did not want to use up hers’ or Sakuras’ mana this early in the day, at least not when she had a creeping feeling she would need plenty later today. The other Sakura should be fine anyhow. She should feel sick since she’ll be suffering from mana deprivation, but she’ll recover quickly. She felt something different in the mana she had taken, than realized that this Sakura was still Rider’s Master in her world. Well, that makes things much simpler. The Servant usually helps the Master when they are suffering from mana exhaustion. Once everything was prepared, she altered her voice to that of Sakura’s, and began the summoning ritual.

BGM: Senrei – Fate/Stay Night the Animation Original Soundtrack

“--------------I announce.

Thy body shall be under my command, my fate shall be determined by thy sword.

Follow the call of the Holy Grail. If thou wouldst obey this mind and this reason, than answer my call.

Make an oath here.

I am the one who shall become the virtue of all the afterworld.

I am the one who shall lay out the evil of the afterworld.

Thou art the Seven Heavens clad in the Three Great Words.

Emerge from the ring of control, guardian of balance!”

As she finished the spell, a violet flash of light erupted from the summoning circle. Both women closed their eyes in response to it, and when they opened them, a tall woman in dark clothes with long, trailing violet hair stood in the middle of the circle. Caster closed her mouth, which she had unknowingly opened at the Servants’ beauty. It appeared that she had succeeded.

“Welcome, Rider.” She smiled.

Sakura let out a gasp. The figure of the woman who stood in the middle of the summoning circle, the one who Caster had called Rider, was the same as one of the images she had seen in her dream last night. What does this mean? She wondered to herself, until she noticed the Servant had asked her a question. She quickly shook herself out of her thoughts.

“Um, I’m sorry, can you repeat that, Rider-san?”

The Servant flinched a little in surprise. This girl seems to be a little…spaced. Regardless, she repeated her question.

“I asked if you were my Master.”


BGM: Today’s Meal – Fate/Stay Night Original Soundtrack

The surprised voice was that of Caster, and both plum-haired women turned toward her, surprised. Caster, however, was lost in deep thought. She wondered what had happened, since Rider was supposed to be under her command. Than she realized her flaw. Of course…everything was made to look as if Sakura was the one performing the summoning, so of course her Master here would be Sakura. Jeez, I’ll never be able to summon a Servant exactly how I want! She sighed, disgusted with herself.

BGM: Wandering Shadow – Fate/Stay Night Original Soundtrack

“Crap, I messed up again…” She muttered aloud to where the other two could hear her.

“Um, Master, what is…another Servant?” At this, Rider stepped into a guarded position, but Sakura quickly interjected.

“Please wait, Rider! Caster is also my Servant. Actually, she was the one who summoned you, so I think you should be her Servant, not mine,” she explained.

“That will not do, Master. Even if Caster was the one who summoned me, she is not my Master. My Master is without a doubt you.” Rider lowered her guard, but refused to budge on who was her Master.

“It’s alright, Sakura. I figured out what happened,” Caster spoke, and explained her solution to what had happened. She of course left out the part about her taking mana from another Sakura in a parallel world and substituted in a story that she had made her mana signature match and overlap with Sakuras’, thereby causing confusion in the summoning.

“The good news is the summoning worked. However, we do have a slight problem. Now that you’re supporting two Servants, both of us will be significantly weaker.”

Sakura had noticed that she felt as if a large weight was constantly pressing down upon her, and she realized that it was her mana attempting to equally support both Caster and Rider.

“Can we do anything?” She asked worriedly.

Caster thought for a moment, than nodded. She had a solution, but it would mean revealing herself to anyone who could detect her magic if she wasn’t careful. Oh well, there’s not many who could figure out who I am in this War. Only Rin, Kirei, Zouken and maybe Ilyasviel could possibly know, she thought grudgingly.

“Sakura, I have an idea. My Noble Phantasm can restore my internal mana at anytime, and if need be, Riders’ or yours as well. By doing so you may save your mana for any emergencies that may arise.”

Both Sakura and Rider looked surprised. Neither of them knew of a Noble Phantasm that had such a function, but if what Caster said was true, than the situation wouldn’t be that big of a problem after all. Caster than brought up the other item on the menu for them all today.

“Sakura, we need to leave for the place we found yesterday.”

Sakura bit her lip as she looked down. She knew that Caster knew she obviously had reservations going there, but she would have to get over them if she was to be able to participate in this War. Her mind drifted to the happy memories she had built up with him over the past year and a half and she knew. Being able to protect those memories and him so she could dream with him as long as she dared was all she wanted from the seemingly all-powerful Holy Grail. She just hoped she was mistaken about the extremely familiar bruise on his arm…

She nodded to Caster and they started to leave when Rider spoke.

“Why are we leaving here?”

“Because we found a favorable location for my territory,” Caster replied.

Because it was Sunday, Caster figured they had plenty of time to leave until Zouken woke up in the evening. That old bastard, using worms to leech energy and acting only at night. It makes him look like a Dead Apostle, and it suits him well, she thought. Shinji had apparently left the house already, and she and Rider followed Sakura out after she had gathered her things as they left for a place that two of them knew would be trouble.

Caster sighed to herself as she walked down the road with Sakura. Rider had fallen back into spirit form to guard Sakura, but Caster felt compelled to stay materialized, if only to give Sakura peace of mind. She sighed as her thoughts drifted back to the day before: Being summoned into this time, finding out Sakura was a Master and her tragic past, the encounter with Archer at the school, watching Lancer and Berserkers’ battle…

BGM: Nightmare Fate/Stay Night Original Soundtrack

The realization hit her like a sledgehammer blow to her skull. The time now was around when Rin would have left Shirou’s house for home after treating his wounds from Berserker, and as both the Matou and Tohsaka mansions were in the same area, they would surely cross paths with Rin and Archer en route to Shirou’s house. She didn’t have a problem with fighting them this early, but letting Rin and Sakura learn that each other was a Master might prove to be problematic. She would have to drive Rin and Archer away from their route before that happened.

“Sakura, please continue on to that house. I have something I must attend to.”

When Sakura turned around to question her, Caster intercepted her with a sharp glance.

“Please don’t worry, it’s nothing important; just a matter that I need to attend to before we arrive so I’m going on ahead.”

With that, Caster ran off, leaving Sakura and Rider behind in her wake.

“Master, what did Caster mean by ‘something she has to attend to’?”

Sakura was standing in shock. ‘Something to take care of’… She can’t surely mean to-!

She snapped out of her shocked state, and turned to Rider in a panic.

“Rider, follow Caster! If she attempts to… to get rid of the person who lives at the home we are going to… please stop her!”

“Understood.” With that, Rider raced ahead after Caster, leaving Sakura by herself holding the few belongings she had packed. Feeling all alone, her thoughts wandered to behold a familiar figure that might be in danger because of her indecisiveness.

“Please be safe, Senpai…”


BGM: Wandering Shadow – Fate/Stay Night Original Soundtrack

A hacking cough resounded through the dark mansion. The cough slowly turned into a soft chuckle that crescendoed into a low cackle. The figure that was the source of these sounds was down in the basement, examining the fleeing remnants of another summoning.

“Ahahahaha… so that is what she plans to do, eh? This Servant, not this War, just became more interesting!”

-Interlude out-

End Chapter 3

Chapter 4 Preview


The future meets the past, at the crossroads of Fate,
The magus’ strength is shown, while the red knights’ are exposed.
The beastly hunter returns for his prey,
Only to find himself trapped in a widow’s web.

March 16th, 2011, 09:16 AM
Disclaimer: I do not own any rights to Fate/Stay Night, nor do I wish to be seen as someone who does. All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.

Chapter 4: Counterweight

BGM: Premonition of a Storm - Fate/Stay Night Original Soundtrack

Caster rushed ahead to confront the most difficult Servant/Master pair she would face in this War: Archer and herself. She knew how smart she was this far back, and that if she wasn’t careful Rin would quickly find out her identity. The only reason why Archer had been allowed to move about as he had in her War was because he had remained a complete enigma to everyone save himself. In order to accomplish her goals, she would also have to remain anonymous, save to one individual: her former Servant. However, since her other self would be with him most of the time she would have to drop vague hints in their encounters, ones that Rin wouldn’t understand but Archer would.

“Easier said than done, he’s a complete idiot!” she muttered as she continued to run. I’ll have to be careful and not use any jewels or the Sword… jeez, that limits my combat options to almost none. Most of the new spells granted to me when the Magic Crest was warped turned out to be defensive, so I guess I’ll have to come up with something. I’m confident I can hold my own against anything Rin can attempt; her magic is nothing compared to what my boundary shields have handled. As for Archer, only that Reality Marble of his will be troublesome, but he won’t have the guts to use it this early, nor in front of Rin since she’ll probably end up using a Command Spell to force Archer to tell her who he is. It won’t matter anyway, I’ll expose his abilities for Rin to see, fufufu.

She continued onward, yet as she approached the crossroads she felt her two targets’ presences and stopped before the corner that, once passed, would send events spiraling into motion. How fitting to encounter them here. Fate certainly is amusing. I wonder how they’ll react when they notice me.

With that, Caster turned the corner and walked slowly towards the lone girl.

BGM: Surrounded by Smiling Faces – Fate/Stay Night Original Soundtrack

Two minutes earlier

“God, Emiya-kun is so stupid! What kind of magus doesn’t kill their enemy when they have the perfect opportunity to do so?!”

“You are right, Rin.” came the voice of Archer, who was in spirit form. “However, I would ask the same question of you. Why did you not only save Emiya Shirou last night before he became a Master, but also not kill him when you were able to once he became one? You had numerous opportunities. Even with Saber close by you could have finished him before she had reacted, or I would have at least held her off until you had done so.”

“Shut up! I already know that Archer! Ahhhhh, Forget it! I’m too pissed at him to talk about this right now!”

Tohsaka Rin was in a foul mood indeed. Last night’s whirlwind of events involving the Grail War had spun out of control after Emiya Shirou had stupidly discovered Archer and Lancers’ battle and nearly died for it. At least, until she used up the grand jewel her father had left her to revive him. Afterward she had returned home, where she had realized that Lancer would surely return to kill him a second time. She had immediately set out for his home with Archer in tow. When they had arrived however, they had seen a flash of light, followed by Lancer fleeing, and than to top it all off, Saber, the Servant she had wanted for herself, would probably have killed them had Shirou not used a Command Spell to stop Saber from cleaving Archer in two. Archer was being stupid too, she huffed. He had no problem defending himself against Lancer, yet he left himself completely open to Sabers’ attack. What the hell has got into him? He hasn’t seemed like himself since we found Shirou nearly dead inside the school.

After that she had taken Shirou to see Kirei since he was absolutely clueless of the situation he had gotten himself into, and she owed him for saving her life. After learning about the Holy Grail War he had decided to fight and on their way back she told him before they parted that the next time they saw each other they would be enemies, yet they ended up cooperating again just a few seconds later. Ilyasviel von Einzbern had shown up and attacked both of them with her Servant, the monstrous Berserker. Archer finally seemed to return to normal during the battle however, since he was able to kill Berserker with what appeared to be his Noble Phantasm. Yet, he had also destroyed it, which was insane! No hero would willingly destroy the symbol of their legend, yet he did so easily, and at the first opportunity he saw could do so! Saber would probably have been killed as well had Shirou not rushed forward and pulled her away just before Archer’s Noble Phantasm struck. For his rash actions he had received a large gash on his back from a jagged piece of shrapnel and knocked unconscious. She had thought she would have to take care of him for some time because of the size of the wound, until she found that the wound had completely healed itself by the time she had carried him back to his home. Confused, all she could do was change his blood-soaked shirt, but for some reason she had decided to watch over him as he slept. Really, why did I do that? There was no reason for me to help him back home, or watch over him since he’s also a Master in the War, so why did I do it? When Shirou had finally awoke he had rudely asked why she was in his home, and she had wound up yelling at him for being an idiot when she had been so considerate. At least arguing with him had brought her back to her normal state of mind and she had left shortly thereafter, warning him that the next time they met they would be enemies.

BGM: Premonition of a Storm - Fate/Stay Night Original Soundtrack

As they reached the crossroads leading toward her home, she saw a woman round the corner. The blood in her veins froze. She had no idea who this woman was, but every part of her being was telling her to be on guard.


With a word, Archer materialized beside her. Surprisingly, he had frozen just as he had.

“Archer, what’s with you?”

“Rin, that is Caster. I did not tell you about all that happened last night, but I encountered her shortly after I discovered Emiya Shirou inside the school.”

“What?! Than why didn’t you kill her?”

“…You had ordered me to go after Emiya Shirou. Lancer had just escaped, and I had completed my objective. It’s really your fault that I stayed next to him, so think ahead next time.”

Twitch. “Archer, you…”

“Anyway, I decided it was best to wait for you to take another course of action when Caster appeared. Oddly enough, she only wanted to talk.”

“That’s even stranger. There’s no reason for Servants to talk to each other. Your roles are to fight and defeat enemy Servants, not ‘talk’ to them; any possible alliances are supposed to be left to the Masters. So what did she want from you?”

Archer frowned. “Nothing important,” he lied. “She is an unusual Servant in that regard, but I am confident I can handle her. She is Caster after all, she lost the moment she appeared before us like this”

“In that case, let’s go, Archer.”

The two of them steeled their nerves and walked forward to meet their enemy.

All three failed to realize the presence of two others, who decided to watch the spectacle unfold out of sight on nearby rooftops.

BGM: Into the Night – Fate/Stay Night Original Soundtrack

Caster didn’t waver as she watched Archer materialize beside Rin. She merely kept walking forward as if they weren’t there. Ten meters away from each other, both parties paused.

“Well, this is a surprise. Hello again, Archer.” She spoke first, giving a false smile that wasn't fooling anyone.

“Caster. What are you doing here,” Archer demanded.

She sighed. “You don’t know? I told you last night that you were an idiot, but it seems you didn’t listen when I told you to start using your brain. My Master and I know of this War and that the Tohsaka family who supervises this land has always had a participant in the previous ones. She advised me to assault their home due to a ley line that lies beneath the ground it is built upon. I agreed, as a location with a functioning ley line would make a perfect location for my territory, don’t you think?”


“What? Who the hell do you think you are, Caster?” Rin was getting more and more irritated, being ignored as she was.

Caster, however, continued to ignore her younger analogue. “Although the plan was a sound one, I underestimated the strength of the defensive measures that were upon it, and failed, leaving me quite drained,” she lied. “I will not attack you, as I don’t have the means by which to kill you, but don’t think that means I will die quietly if you choose to attack me here.”


“Hey… Archer…”

Archer ignored her and clucked his tongue. “Really, Caster. You admit all of that and you dare to make such a speech? I don’t know what your goals are but don’t think I’ll let this opportunity pass!”



“…Caster, I do believe Rin asked you a question earlier. Why did you not answer her?” he decided that it might not be in his best interest to tease her now.

You’re just as guilty as she is, came the message from Rin’s eyes when he looked at her.

Caster's eyes twinkled with amusement. “Oh, is that your Master’s name? As for your question Archer, the answer is simple. I don’t speak to trash."

-Stop BGM

All sound seemed to cease, save for the chilling wind and lone newspaper that blew along the street in between the three.

Archer held down a chuckle before flinching. What the hell, why has this turned into a standoff from an American Western movie? Still, even those he did not like her, he felt a little sympathy for Caster. She had managed to push his Rin over the edge and he felt that he should disappear soon before she remembered him and decide to blast him as well for just being there.

“So… I’m trash, am I?” Rin’s voice was a near inaudible whisper, yet it rang as clear as a bell. “It seems I’m being underestimated. I’ll show you just who is trash!!” With that, she took a ruby from her pocket and flung it as hard as she could at Caster’s face, releasing the raw, unprocessed magical energy she had stored inside of it.

A raging inferno erupted from the fiery stone and raced toward Caster, who stood her ground. The firestorm engulfed her, but within a second had dispersed, leaving her completely unharmed.

“No way...” Rin said as she stooped forward in disbelief. Not one, but two Servants had now stopped her most powerful attacks as if they were nothing.

Surprisingly, however, Caster began to clap.

-Resume BGM

“I take back what I said. You are not trash, Miss Rin. The effort was worthy, but futile. I don’t have an innate high magic resistance like the three Knight classes may have, but during my lifetime I trained under a sorcerer whose magic capabilities far exceed yours, and I had to learn to develop boundary fields that could withstand even his magic; by comparison you stood no chance.”

Rin’s expression hardened until she had managed her way back to her original poker face.

“Well, I’m sorry that I can’t match up to this ‘oh so great sorcerer’,” she said sarcastically.

“You have nothing to be ashamed of. Well, that would be lying, of course, but a free piece of advice. You should be more careful with those jewels. While storing excess mana inside such things can be an effective trump card, but because you are so young you can’t have a large supply of them. Don’t lose your head so easily and study your enemy first before you decide to use one like that again.”

Rin’s face flushed red in irritation and embarrassment as she gritted her teeth.

“S-Shut up! I don’t need a lecture from you on how to use my magic!”

“Apparently you do, otherwise you would have done just as I said. But I understand you are young so your emotions tend to get the better of you at times. You’ll grow up eventually,” Caster flashed a smile as she finished her lecture.

Now she was really pissed. “Archer, just...kill her!” she howled.

Archer said nothing but began walking toward Caster, his favored swords already in his hands.

Caster shook her head. “Still so young... So you will attack me after all, Archer?” She glanced uninterestingly at the red knight.

“Of course, Caster. Even had Rin not ordered me to I would have,” he replied.

“I see. You’ve chosen to ignore my warning.”

Archer ignored her. Whoever she was and how she knew of him and his objective here would be meaningless once she was dead. Than nothing would stop him from returning to Emiya Shirou and killing him, and hopefully eliminating him from this world of empty promises and ideals. He continued to ignore Caster even when she had raised her hand and pointed toward him.

“Aufgeschlüsselt Projektion.”

BGM: Whirlpool of Fate – Fate/Stay Night Original Soundtrack

Something than happened to Archer that had never happened to him before. Kansho and Bakuya exploded in his hands and he was sent flying through the air, landing hard on his back next to Rin.


Archer could barely whisper out the words since he was having trouble breathing, but that was only natural since two explosions, each with the force of a small bomb, had gone off in his hands. A normal human would have been killed by such a blast, but he was no mere human. While his limbs and appendages were still intact because of the abnormal construction of his body, there was no place on him that was not stained with fresh blood, including his face and white hair.

“Archer!” Rin called down to him in shock before realizing her mistake and turned back to Caster, looking quite livid. “What the hell did you do to him?!”

“I merely blew him away. Don’t look so surprised, Miss Rin, I had warned him after all. I observed his battle with Lancer last night, and he’s no Archer. Did you not notice that every time Lancer knocked one of those swords out of his hands Archer would replace it with an identical one, even when he had no place from which to store them?”

Rin certainly had thought it odd, but hadn’t thought too hard about it at the time, due to last nights fast-moving events.

Caster saw the realization root on Rin’s face before she continued her explanation.

“I was extremely surprised when I realized the solution to this mystery. Archer here is not an ‘Archer’ at all, but a fellow magus like you and I. I don’t know why, but it seems he only uses one of the most basic of magics: Projection. He uses it to instantly recreate any weapon he needs, as many times as are needed. Such magic is simple, and so too is the countermeasure for it. The only thing I did was “break” the swords he had Projected. The strength of Projection is based on how well the image making it up is perceived, but even if the image were absolutely perfect still something that should not exist in this world, and thus easy to destroy. How sad for a superior magus such as you to have summoned a Servant that has a ‘Noble Phantasm’ as pathetic as Projection!”

Caster, of course, was lying through her teeth since she knew full well what Archer’s true Noble Phantasm was, but she was confident that Rin would believe the story she had presented.

Rin was beside herself. Projection?!? Archer, you… idiot! Her instincts had been correct after all when she had thought she had screwed up her summoning. When he had fought Lancer back so well, she had begun to believe she was wrong, but now it was obvious that she had been right all along, and her botched summoning was causing her to pay the price. I’ll never be able to defeat this enemy, at least not with ‘Archer’ as my Servant. Still, what is Caster waiting for? She was obviously lying when she said she was drained, so, she should easily be able to kill us/.I]

[I]BGM: Footsteps of Destruction – Fate/Stay Night Original Soundtrack

“Well? Aren’t you going to finish us Caster?” Rin asked the victor.

“I already said that I won’t attack, and I won’t break my word,” she replied.

“What about what you just did to Archer?” Rin gestured to her smoking Servant, who was still on the ground.

“To be brutally honest, you two are both idiots. You, however, are smart, while he is a lost cause and paid the price. Besides, I prefer not to kill people who have no idea of the situation they have gotten themselves into, and that definitely applies to you,” Caster explained.

“What the hell are you talking about?” Rin was unsure of what Caster was trying to say.

Caster sighed. “I take back what I just said about you being smart. Use your brain and start with Archer and maybe you’ll understand why I’m doing this. Now go.”

“Why should I leave? Shouldn’t you be leaving since you won?” Rin asked.

“I’m telling you to leave because I won, and as the loser, you’re the one who is supposed to acquiesce to my request,” she retorted.

Rin snorted. “You know, I understand you, but I can’t stand you.”

Caster smiled. “The feeling is mutual. You remind me too much of myself when I was alive.”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” Rin growled.

“Anyway you want to interpret it,” Caster replied cryptically.

Rin grunted, than turned her attention to her broken Servant, who was still lying on the ground.

“Archer, get up. We can’t harm her, so we’ll leave for now. We will also have a very long talk about you when we can relax.”

Archer stood up and dusted himself off before throwing a loathing gaze at Caster.

“Arara, so scary. I look forward to meeting the two of you again.”

As they turned to leave, she called once again.


The knight’s silence with his back turned implied that he would listen.

“Next time, be sure to use ‘it’,” she said with an evil smile.

The effect was immediate. “You!!”

Archer was consumed with fury. There could be no mistaking what she had meant. She knows about even my Reality Marble?! Who the hell is she?!

“Caster, I’ll ask you again: Who the hell are you?” his teeth grinding.

“That again? I’ll give you the same answer I told you last night, and what I just told Miss Rin: Use. Your. Brain. Next time I won’t let you go.” She folded her arms, showing that she would not say anything else.

“Archer, forget about her. We’ll figure out something later, but let’s go. I’m hungry and I feel like getting far away from here for now.”

The irritated tone of his Master brought him back to reality. “Yes, Rin.”

The defeated pair walked away, heading in the direction of Shinto. Rin, however, was contemplating something she had noticed. What was Caster protecting? She may have came up with that story of attacking my home, but I sincerly doubt that she really did. With the way the wards are set up there I would have known immediately if she had attempted to break in.

Caster sighed to herself as she turned around to head back to Sakura. Phew, at least this problem is done with. Now Sakura won’t have to be concerned about-


-BGM: Breach – Fate/Stay Night Original Soundtrack

Caster immediately tensed and turned back around. There, where Rin and Archer were standing a minute ago now stood Lancer, Gae Bolg already leveled in her direction. Not good, I didn’t anticipate anyone showing up now, let alone this guy!

“What do you want Lancer?” She asked the azure knight.

“Isn’t it obvious? You should already know why I’m here, Caster!” Lancer shouted right before he bolted toward her.

However, Lancer felt a slight disturbance in the wind and instead of attempting to pierce the heart of the woman in front of him, he thrust Gae Bolg upward to deflect whatever projectile was coming at his face.


Lancer leaped back as the thrown dagger was reeled back in by the tall woman who now stood between Caster and himself.

Caster gasped before calling out. “Rider! What the hell are you doing here?”

“Master was worried you were to going kill the person who lives at the location we are heading to and ordered me to follow and stop you if you attempted to do so,” she answered.

“Dammit! I wasn’t going to do anything of the sort! I just needed to drive off those two-“

“Oy, how long are the two of you going to ignore me like this?” the forgotten figure asked.

Both women snapped their heads back to the man in blue armor.

“This is perfect. I had three left and now after this I’ll only need one,” he stated.

“Lancer, what do you mean?” Rider asked.

“I believe I know, Rider. Lancer, I watched all of your battles last night, yet you weren’t entirely serious in any of them. The only reason I can think of as to why you did not go all out was because your Master has ordered you to engage and observe the fighting capabilities of the other Servants, not kill them. How close am I?”

Lancer clucked his tongue before answering. “Spot on, Caster.” Too spot on. How does she know that priests’ orders? He wondered as he settled his gaze on Rider.

“It also seems that I was not the only one watching Archer and his Master make a fool of themselves.”

Caster smirked. “Well, than you don’t need to face me, now do you? You’ve already seen enough of my abilities, and I don’t see the need to show you any more.”

“Hah! Arrogant woman, why should I listen to you?” He growled as he turned back to the robed Servant.

“Because you still have another opponent whose capabilities you do not know.” The black widow’s voice sang as she rushed toward the blue knight again, a dagger thrown as accurately as a dart aiming for his heart.

End Chapter 4

Chapter 5 Preview


Specialists of speed show their skills,
Sisterly bonds are revealed.
A man and his Servant at a place of learning
Return home to encounter trouble, brewing.

March 16th, 2011, 09:16 AM
Disclaimer: I do not own any rights to Fate/Stay Night, nor do I wish to be seen as someone who does. All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.

Chapter 5: Holiday

BGM: Clashing Souls – Fate/Stay Night Original Soundtrack

While he was slightly surprised, Lancer had anticipated the charge of the Servant called Rider. He quickly jumped sideways to escape the attack, but before he could ready himself to counter, he had to quickly jump away again, dodging another accurately thrust dagger. Lancer was hardly allowed time to breathe between near misses as he continued to dodge the constant attacks that Rider sent his way.

The three Knight class Servants are usually grouped together because they tend to have high magic resistance. There is, however, another way in which they can be classified: each represents one of the three ranges of combat. Saber is best at close-range assaults, while Archer is suited for long-range. The Lancer class fills the needs of the mid-range attacker, keeping close-range opponents from closing in on them with the superior range of their spear, while still being able to close in themselves against long-ranged attackers. At mid-range, speed is paramount, and therefore heroic spirits that qualify for the Lancer class tend to specialize in speed as well as being infamous with a spear.

Lancer, without any information about his previous opponents, had been able to engage and retreat due to one factor: his speed. What he could not have known, however, was that Rider’s speed rivaled his own!

Lancer put power into his legs and jumped back much further this time than he previously had. The new distance that had opened up finally allowed him to set his feet and he began to deflect Rider’s accurately thrown daggers.

On the other side, Rider moved effortlessly as she leapt all over the open street. She, too, was a mid-range attacker, and against an opponent with the same range the winner would be the one who could keep up a constant string of blows until one of them connected. Although Lancer’s previous leap had allowed him more distance in which he could defend himself from her blows, Rider continued to advance, hoping to keep her temporary advantage. She quickly realized as her attacks continued to be deflected that if she kept up the pace Lancer would eventually knock her off her balance and their positions at the start of the battle would be switched.

Too late. She landed awkwardly on her left foot, and Lancer was immediately on her like a dog on table scraps. Although the size and density of her daggers (and that they were connected by a chain) would not normally be enough to block and deflect Lancer’s attacks for long, her inhuman strength allowed her to keep a much stronger grip on her weapons than would normally be possible, preventing Lancer from knocking them away from her as he had done with Archer.

However the situation would not last long. Even with her superior strength the heaviness of Lancer’s blows and the velocity in which they were coming were steadily increasing, while her hands were becoming numb. Soon she would not be able to keep up with every attack and one would slip through her guard and end the fight. However, a slight gap in Lancer’s pattern of attacks signaled to Rider that maybe now was her chance to try and turn the tables once more back to her favor.

She quickly back flipped away from her opponent and readied herself for the incoming crimson spear. However, Lancer had disappeared from her field of vision. Confused, she hesitated for a second. Behind her, Caster quickly yelled out.

“Above you!”

Rider snapped her head towards the sky, and there she found the azure knight already in the descent of his leap, the demonic spear aimed right at her chest. She let out a loud grunt as she put all the power she could manage into her suddenly burning legs to jump away before Lancer could skewer her on his lance, and blindly thrust one of her daggers back in his direction.


The painful howl was music to her ears, and she instantly locked onto the face of her prey and prepared to launch the finishing blow.

“Rider! No, stop!” Sakura’s voice rang out.

-BGM fade out

Rider froze, and Lancer took the opportunity to jump backward as he clutched his right arm, a look of bestial fury on his face.

“Damn! You’re a lot stronger than you look lady,” he growled.

Rider said nothing at first, than called back to Sakura, who had appeared next to Caster.

“Master, why did you call for me to stop? I would have been able to kill him.”

“I know that! But…” Her voice trailed off. I know him. I’ve seen him in my dreams, just as I saw you.

“So what do you intend to do with me girl?” The injured knight asked.

Sakura was at a loss. She knew what choice of action was expected of her, yet there were too many questions she needed answers to. Why did Caster run off? Why did she see first Rider and now Lancer in the dream she had last night? She didn’t know what to do, but thankfully someone else spoke up in her stead.

“Since she just saved you by stopping Rider from putting a spike through your face, I would assume she’s going to let you go, Lancer.” Casters’ voice broke the silence.

“Kheh, I guess I should be thankful than, but Caster,” Lancer turned to face her, “I’ll let you off today, but after I find Assassin, you will be the first I come back for,” he left a challenge as he left, dashing away at an impressive speed.

“Idiot, as if Assassin would let anyone find him. He’ll more likely find you first, but even if you survive I won’t ever fight you,” Caster said aloud even though Lancer could not hear her. She turned back to her sister/Master. “Well, let’s be on our way… Sakura?”

BGM: Time Together – Fate/Stay Night Original Soundtrack

Not many things could surprise her anymore, but Caster could not recall a time that Sakura’s face looked the way it was now. Angry would be an understatement, she nervously thought. She looks more irate than I - no, Rin - did earlier.

“Caster, you ran off ahead to fight that Lancer Servant?” Sakura demanded.

“Actually, I… yes, I did.” She stopped herself from spilling what she truly had run off for, thankful for Sakura’s misunderstanding. Her lie was all for naught, however.

“Master, it seems encountering Lancer was an unexpected situation. After you ordered me to catch up to Caster, I observed her battle Archer and her Master.” Rider threw a proverbial left hook that connected dead on.

Shit! I knew this botched summoning would come back to bite me in the ass as well! Caster felt she was screwed and gulped, wondering if the suddenly approaching black clouds were signifying something.

Sakuras’ voice seemed to drip with venom when she spoke next. “...You'd go so far as to lie to me as well? What possible reason could you have for running off without me to encounter another Servant on your own?!” She shouted hysterically.

Somehow, Caster managed to keep her composure as she continued to try and lie her way out of this foul situation. “I sensed Archer’s presence as we were walking, and I didn’t want to put you in any danger so I rushed ahead to drive him away.”

“Oh? How did you know that the presence you felt belonged to Archer?” Sakura’s needling questions had trapped her quite well, and Caster knew it.

“…I was unsure that it was Archer until I encountered him, Sakura,” she sighed, already seeing how this talk was going to end.

“So, you rushed ahead to encounter a Servant whose abilities you were not aware of under the pretense of protecting me?” Surprisingly, Sakura’s face began to soften. She probably would have calmed down, had the black temptress not spoken any further.

“Actually, Master, from what I witnessed and overheard from their battle it seemed that Caster was well aware of Archer’s abilities,” the knockout blow came from her fellow Servant.

Sakura’s expression became so black that she suddenly reverted to a small smile, and Caster finally cracked as a frightened yip came from her. She knew that smile, as she had been the one to give rather than receive it for many years now.

“Please explain to me how you came to know of Archer’s abilities,” came the cold, clear whisper.

Caster suddenly felt an urge to take the full brunt of Ea rather than answer Sakura’s question. Instinctively, however, she felt her mouth fly open and she said the first thing that came to her mind.


Too bad it was quite possibly the worst answer she could have given. Silence ruled the world again for a few seconds, than…

“…Ok, fine. I won’t ask about this anymore. However, to make sure this won’t happen again,” Sakura paused, than…

“Don’t you ever leave my side like that again!!” she screamed, and her hand burned. One of the Command Spells had disappeared.

Caster couldn’t tell what was more shocking; that Sakura had blown up in front of her, or that she had just used her first Command Spell for something trivial as this, just as she had done. (And done quite well, she had to admit. It pained her to even think of leaving Sakura.) The whole scene was so ridiculous, she couldn’t help it. It started as a snicker, that grew into a giggle, than to a chuckle, and ended in a loud chortle. She really is my sister, was her first thought, followed by …how long has it been since I last laughed? Than she remembered that Sakura was angry with her, and laughing at what she had done had probably not been the thing to do.

“Shut up! We’re leaving for Senpai’s house. Now!” Sakura roared and began walking briskly down the road. Caster finally kept giggling but followed after her. Rider, however, was completely floored by what she had just witnessed.

“…Master… is frightening when she’s angry…” she said aloud before dematerializing back to spirit form and moving to follow the other two.

BGM: Premonition of a Storm – Fate/Stay Night Original Soundtrack

After the trio had left, another figure casually walked around the corner he had been observing the events from since Caster, Archer and his Master had fought.

“Caster…such an extravagant beauty, with brains to match...” The figure ran a hand through his short blonde hair. “Perhaps I should take her as well as Saber,” he smiled wickedly as his thoughts drifted to compose a completely new fantasy.

BGM: Surrounded by Smiling Faces – Fate/Stay Night Original Soundtrack

Both Servants knew not to make a sound considering the uncharacteristic outburst Sakura had not too long ago, and they all walked in silence to the old style Japanese inn that served as Emiya Shirou’s home. Two of the three were fretting with worry; Caster because she still wasn’t sure how she was going to deal with Saber, while Sakura wondered how she was going to keep both Caster and Rider a secret from Shirou. Due to Sakuras’ radiating irritation and hatred, none of the three Servants were able to sense each others’ presence, and the boy decided to leave her be.

When they had arrived, Sakura noted that that gate was locked, which meant that he had probably gone out for a little while. Sakura let out a sigh of relief than let herself in, pausing to take her shoes off by the door. She almost called back for her two Servants to do the same before she realized that it was probably impossible for them to do so, and she set out for the kitchen.

“Caster, Rider, you two wait in the living room. I’ll fix some tea for us while we wait for Sempai.”

Both of them nodded. Caster sat on a cushion while Rider materialized and stood near the side of the room. They could hear Sakura humming to herself happily as she worked in the kitchen.

Caster smiled. “She certainly seems to like it here much better than her home, and she seems to have calmed down as well.”

To her surprise, Rider smiled as well. “Yes, it does seem that way. Is that why you chose this location for your territory?”

Caster flinched. “Whatever do you mean Rider? I told you why this location was favorable.”

“Do not insult me by assuming that you are the only one who can sense where the ley lines are in this city just because you are Caster. It is obvious there are no ley lines here, so there must have been another reason that you selected this place,” Rider mused.

“Forgive me, but my reasons are my own, and I must keep them a secret.”

“Even from a fellow Servant with the same Master?”

“Especially so, for my reasons cannot be known by Sakura either, at least not yet. If you are worried, suffice yourself to know this: Whatever I do will be to help Sakura win this War if she so desires, nor will I allow any harm to come to her.”

Caster was thankful to avoid anymore of Riders’ questions when Sakura reappeared with tea for them all to enjoy as they waited.

BGM: Tender Scenery – Fate/Stay Night Original Soundtrack

Emiya Shirou slumped forward as he walked to school carrying the lunch he was going to deliver to Fuji-Nee, pressured by the blonde girl who was walking close behind him. She had called him up shortly after Tohsaka had left to con him into bringing her food so she wouldn’t have to spend her own money on it. While he didn’t have a problem with it, Saber had insisted on following him to the school in case he was attacked, which he didn’t like. She’s a girl, and a beautiful one, at that! Man, what will I do if someone from school sees her following me! He didn’t have to wait long though, as he saw Sakura across the street, headed in the opposite direction toward his house.

Oh crap! Of all people, why Sakura?! He quickly tried to think of any excuse to deny the strange situation, but nothing came to mind and he sighed. …I’m screwed.

“Hey, Saku- erk!” He had started to call out to her, than he had felt something that he had never felt from Sakura before. Just by looking at her he felt like she would disintegrate him on the spot. I…think I’ll just let her be. It seems she’s headed for my home, so hopefully she’ll have calmed down by the time I get back. Sakura didn’t seem to notice him however, and he sighed with relief. Than, he noticed the odd woman out of place following silently behind Sakura. What the? Why is someone in cosplay following Sakura? Moreover, what anime is she supposed to be from? Wish I knew more about it, maybe I’ll ask Fuji-Nee, she always seems to know about strange trends.

“Shirou, is something wrong?” Saber asked from behind him.

Shirou froze, having forgotten that Saber was following him as well.

“It’s nothing, although now I think that it was a good thing you decided to follow me,” he said, not liking the mental image that was forming of Sakura arriving at his home to see an unfamiliar, blond foreigner answer the door. With the way she’s acting right now, she’s more likely to kill me if she saw me with Saber.

“She certainly seems to be in a foul mood. Perhaps someone filled her gauntlets with horse manure,” recalling a situation in which one her fellow squires had done so to her before she had become King. She had made him pay dearly, as the day after his armor was so tight that while riding it had dug into his nether regions and he had almost lost his…equipment. Every time they met afterward he would always cower in fear.

“…I’m not even going to ask. Anyway, let’s go, Saber. Only bad things will happen if Fuji-Nee doesn’t get her lunch.”

“Is this person really so fearsome, Shirou?”

“She’s like a tiger when she’s hungry, and I don’t want to have to deal with her like that if I can help it, and neither should the members of the Archery Club.”

By the time they had arrived at the school Shirou had come up with the idea to pass Saber off as an acquaintance of his fathers’ from one of his many trips overseas, and that she came to visit them and sightsee. The dojo was loud as he entered, with the many students voicing concerns to Fuji-Nee, who, because she was hungry, told them absurd things such as “it’s just a small cut, no need to go to the nurse’s office,” or “if you break that bow, I’ll break your neck.” She’s really harsh when she’s hungry, Shirou noted as a sweatdrop formed on his head.

“Hey, Fuji-Nee! I’ve got your lunch, so hurry up and eat it so you’ll stop terrorizing the club members.”

“Eh? I don’t know what you’re talking about, Shirou,” she said with her mouth full of food. “By the way, have you seen Sakura today? It’s unusual for her to miss two consecutive days of practice. I asked Shinji if he’s seen her, but he’s been acting odd as well.”

“Well, I saw Sakura on my way here. She seemed to be headed for my place, but she looked quite angry for some reason and she didn’t look up when I called out to her. But what’s wrong with Shinji?” Maybe Sakura finally had enough and blew up at him and she decided to head to my place to cool off, he thought.

“He’s been acting like he’s afraid of his own shadow all morning, jumping at the smallest things and he hasn’t managed to hit a target either.” Taiga gestured over to the subject in question, who was sitting against the wall, looking quite worried.

“I’ll talk to him and see if there’s anything I can do Fuji-Nee,” he answered.

“Thanks Shirou, that would help a lot,” she answered.

Shirou started to head over to Shinji, but Taiga grabbed his sleeve and whispered,

“Hey, Shirou. Who’s that girl that came in with you? It can’t be…you finally found yourself a girlfriend?!” she teasingly asked.

“F-Fuji-Nee! That’s not it at all!”

“Ah, I see, you’re embarrassed to admit it. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone,” she said with a tone that anyone could tell she was lying.

“She’s an acquaintance of fathers’ from overseas, and she came yesterday to see how he was and see the sights. She was saddened to learn that he had passed away, but I told her she was welcome to stay until she decided to head home.”

“Kiritsugu-san? True, he did have a lot of friends outside of Japan… Well!” she said with a start. “Don’t try anything funny Shirou! I’ll beat some punishment into you if you do!” and she walked away towards another student who was having trouble with his bow.

With no other distractions, he decided to head over to Shinji, before another hand latched onto his shoulder.

“Hey Emiya, are you and your new friend here to shoot a round?”

He turned back around to see Mitsuzuri Ayako smiling at him.

“Ah, hello Mitsuzuri. No, I just came to deliver Fuji-Nee her lunch when she called for it. You know just as well as I do how crazy she can get if she goes without food for long.

The archery captain sighed. “Don’t I know it, any longer and she might have stolen one of the students’ lunches. Thanks for that, Emiya. So, who is that girl anyway? She’s really beautiful.”

Shirou relayed his story about Saber being a family acquaintance, which Mitsuzuri appeared to accept.

“Anyway, I’m going to see if I can do anything for Shinji. Fuji-Nee said he’s been out of it all morning.”

“Yeah, it’s worrisome to be honest. After just thing morning I think I’m starting to miss the old Shinji who’s arrogant and belittles the freshmen. Well, do your best Emiya, but don’t take on too much of his troubles,” she said before leaving to help another student herself.

He finally made his way over to Shinji.

“Hey Shinji, what’s wrong?”

Shinji said nothing.

“Hey, I saw Sakura out earlier. Did you two have a fight or something this morning?”

Shinji shook his head, but didn’t say anything.

“Look Shinji, we’re friends, aren’t we? I’ll do whatever I can to help mend whatever happened between you two,” he offered.

“She…” Shinji finally spoke.

“Hmm? What is it Shinji?”

“She…she threatened me…”

“Sakura did?” That was unusual. Sakura didn’t seem like the kind of person who would do something like that.

“No…not Sakura…that woman…with a dark robe…”

Something was nagging at him that what Shinji was saying was important, but Shirou couldn’t figure out what it was.

“Don’t worry Shinji, I’m sure Sakura will calm down and she’ll be back to normal, so do your best and get back to your old self soon, ok? Everyone’s worrying about you.”

“I…I’ll try. And Emiya? Thanks.” Shinji eked out a small smile.

Shirou returned it with an even bigger one. “That’s what friends are for.”

BGM: Madder Red Town – Fate/Stay Night Original Soundtrack

Shirou had decided to stay the rest of the day at the school to show Saber around (and to give Sakura more time to cool off) and they left with Taiga to walk home together.

“Ahhhh~ I hope Sakura’s making something good for dinner!” Taiga lazily mused, already daydreaming of a large, exquisite dinner.

“Hopefully,” Shirou added. I really hope she’s still not angry.

Saber however was stoic as usual as they made their way back.

When they arrived home and opened the front door, Shirou noted that two pairs of shoes were by the door: Sakura’s, and an unfamiliar pair of white heels.

“Sakura! Do we have a guest?” he called out loudly.

BGM: Nightmare – Fate/Stay Night Original Soundtrack

Suddenly, Saber rushed by him, heading inward.

“Saber! What’s wrong!” he asked in confusion.

“Shirou! There is a Servant here! she shouted back, her armor forming as she raced towards the presences she felt in the living area.

WHAT?!? was all Shirou could think of as he raced to catch up to Saber, his mind drifting back to the previous night with Lancer. If that’s true, that means Sakura could be in danger as well!

One figure was left standing at the door with a puzzled expression.

“Servants? What is Shirou talking about? And how where did that armor come from?” Taiga wondered aloud.

“It’s nothing, Fujimura-sensei,” came a voice directly behind her.

Taiga whipped around to see a woman wrapped in black with cool blue eyes.

Caster pointed a finger at her former teacher.

“Sorry,” was all she said before she spoke a word, and Taiga slumped to the floor, but something slipped from her lips as she lost consciousness.


End Chapter 5

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