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Prologue: The Keeper of the Azure Grimoire


Prologue: The Keeper of the Azure Grimoire

“It’s been years since you died Dad…” a male around thirteen years old told the gravestone. Unlike the other people who has passive facial expression when they visit the graves of their relatives, friends, or loved ones. He was sporting a smile on his face as he narrated the events that happened to him.

“I still can’t figure how to activate the device you left me… and don’t worry about the Internet Café, it is currently being managed by me and Rolo’s older sister. We will make it the most famous Internet Café in the neighborhood!” he then placed a bundle of Sampaguita, his father’s favorite flower, on the gravestone. “Don’t worry about your anime stash on your computer, I keep them updated and download new series when I have time… I am still tempted to delete Seikon no Qwaser though…”

Bowing his head, he made a short prayer. After praying, he started to pack his things. “I’ll be going now Dad. I’m sure Patricia is really hungry right now. I’m going to return next Saturday. Be happy in heaven Dad.”

After saying those words, he left the cemetery; not noticing that the flowers that he laid on his Dad’s grave were being held by a man in white trenchcoat.

“I know you’re going to return… I just wish that you survive what in store for you in the future Alex.”

The man then disappeared into thin air; taking the flowers with him.


Monday, September 17. Rooftop of Yasogami Middle School. Lunch Break…

Alex stared flatly at his friend, Rolo Malgebolg, as he tried to pulled him into one of his crazy schemes.

“I want to see my Asamiya-chan!” Rolo whined as he begged Alex to agree with his plan of infiltrating St. Hilde Academy.

Alex continued to stare flatly at him though, “Do you have any other productive hobbies other than stalking some poor girl?”

”It is not stalking!” Rolo hotly denied, “It’s love! Deep Love!”

“It’s stalking all the same…” Alex shook his head. “I’m supposed to try to activate Azure Grimoire today…”

“Still not activated your father’s device?” Rolo asked, a bit surprised that Alex, their class’ resident powerhouse, can’t activate the device that his father entrusted to him. “Strange, did you followed his instructions?”

“That… is the problem.” Alex sighed, “He left me without any instructions. He just said that it will be activated when the ‘Second Hand of Time announces the end of the thousand years.’”

“You never told us about that part.”

“I thought it was just him playing around before he dies, but it seems that he is not fooling around this time.” Alex shrugged as he opened his lunchbox. “By the way, you don’t need to make a plan to infiltrate St. Hilde since I heard from one of our teachers that our class will be sent there for a joint combat practice.”

“WHA- Really?! YES!” Rolo instantly celebrated. “I’m going to see Asamiya-chan!”

“And the girls there are going to use us as moving targets.” Alex quickly shot down Rolo’s fantasy. “And the White Devil’s daughter will use you as her target dummy for her Buster spells.”

Rolo instantly paled, “Oh fuck no! I rather stay home and be safe.”

“Yeesh... so much for Deep Love.” Alex shook his head.


Back in Alex’s house, the device named Azure Grimoire that was kept in Alex’s room glowed a bit before it suddenly opened…

[Scanning area for Magnetite.]

After a few minutes, it began to glow brighter…

[No available Magnetite could be found. Switching to Secondary Summoning Style.]

After giving off a bright flash, the book slammed shut.

[Integrating Demon Summoner Alexander M. Kurogane’s information into the COMP… Error! Parts upgrade is required! Activation halted.]

The book went silent afterwards.


“I’m home!” Alex called out.

“Welcome back, Alex!” a cheerful female voice called out from the garage. “I’m hungry.”

Alex shook his head, “You’re always hungry Patricia. Anyways, how’s your day?”

“Just fine.” She replied, “He did not came though…”


“Your regular costumer, Larry Foulke!”

“He’s the trainer of the Aerial Mages’ Garm Squadron.” Alex spoke, “You know his history during the Belkan War. The guys in TSAB still look up to him.”

“But I want to hear more stories about his lead mage ‘Cypher’…” Patricia whined.

“You’ll get your story fix. Have patience. What do you like for dinner?”


“You liked that?” Alex raised his eyebrows, it was introduced to him by his father during the time the things left in their refrigerator was nothing but meat. It was a simple dish to make. On a side note, his father is a bit lazy to cook during that time.


“Okay… Oh! By the way, my class will be going to St. Hilde Academy for a joint combat practice.”

“Really? Hmm… I hope that tactic of yours work against the girls there… especially against the White Devil’s daughter.” Patricia reminded Alex. She was talking about the time during Yasogami’s Sports Festival where he and his classmates tore though the competition while the girls were singing Ayane’s song titled Endless Tears. The truth is that his father taught them a spell called ‘Battle Hymn’ which increases overall stats of the people the song was dedicated to. It was a glorious day for Class 1-C.

“I hope you don’t mind that we will use Rolo as our human shield against the White Devil’s daughter…” Alex joked.

“I don’t mind really. Just make sure he come back extra toasted okay?”

They both laughed at that joke…

Not knowing that the trumpeter have sounded the horn of the end of their normal days…


“Are you sure he can be trusted?”

“He is not from the Kurogane lineage. You know what’s on the line here!”

“I say, we take the Azure Grimoire and bring the war to the Schwarz!”

“SILENCE! I know that he is just the adopted son of the Twelfth. But I trust the judgement the Twelfth made. My decision is final, we will wait for Schwarz to make their move and use it as a test if he is suitable as the Thirteenth Keeper.”

“We hope that you did not made a wrong decision.”

“Of course. I have not made a wrong move ever since… ever.”


Chapter 01 – The End of a Thousand Years

October 15th, 2011, 12:58 AM
Chapter 01 – The End of a Thousand Years

07:45 A.M., En-route to St. Hilde Academy of Magic…

“Omigosh omigosh omigosh…” Rolo can’t hide his excitement as he basically jumps on his seat of the bus their class were currently riding.

“Shut up Rolo. You’re getting annoying.” Alex gritted out. He was tempted to slug him in the jaw. “Were going to have a combat practice in St. Hilde, not to go sight seeing there.”

Rolo just shook his head, “You don’t understand… It’s an all girls school. ALL GIRLS SCHOOL! I can finally see Asamiya-chan! And maybe we can finally find a girlfriend for you there. Right guys?”

Some of their classmates who heard their conversation laughed and replied yes to Rolo.

“See? The whole class want you to have a girlfriend already!” Rolo pointed out.

“I’m too young for that kind of stuff.” Alex said, remembering what his father taught him, ‘Study first, Relationships later’. “I must have a stable job before going on a relationship with someone. My father told me that.”

“Don’t be too old-fashioned Alex.” One of his classmates spoke.

“Enjoy your life while you’re young!” Another one of his classmates voiced out, but this time it came from a female.

“You already have a stable job!” Rolo said, “The Garage Café is quite popular in our area.”

“Because it’s the only Internet Café in our place. And the money I earn from there mostly goes to bills, computer maintenance and your sister’s salary, and I have to manage the little money remained for household expenses and savings.”

Everyone in the bus stared at Alex.

“And I have to manage the electric bills, water bills, miscellaneous bills…” Alex ranted.

“Okay.” Rolo interrupted, “We know living alone is tough, but we just wanted you to enjoy your life more. Forget your other life as a responsible teenager and just enjoy this trip as a NORMAL teenager.”

“But-” Alex was cut off by Rolo’s passive stare and several coughs from his classmates.

“No buts Alex. We might need the Mature Alex later in the combat practice but right now, we need the Teenager Alex with us. Do you understand?” Rolo’s voice was firm, like a big brother scolding a little brother for a mistake.

Smiling, Alex surrendered. “Yes.”


9:00 A.M., St. Hilde Academy of Magic, Training Grounds…

Vivio was warming up for the upcoming combat practice against the delegates of Yasogami Middle School which were about to arrive anytime soon. She wants to give everything she got in the combat practice against them. Who knows, she might find a strong fighter among them.

“Hey Vivio-chan!” the voice of Rio called, “You’re preparing for the combat practice?”

“Yes, I think there will be some interesting fighters from Yasogami. I can’t wait to fight them!”

“Just make sure you leave some for us.” Rio joked.

“Hmm?” Vivio looked around, “Were are the others?”

“Lutecia and Corona went to the Faculty Office to ask about the rules of the combat practice. Einhart is currently practicing in the rooftop.” Rio replied.

“I see… so, you want a little sparring match?”


“But there is condition in this match…” Vivio added with a smile on her face. She then suddenly transformed to her Adult From and dashed towards Rio, intending to land a blow. “First hit wins!”

Rio just sweatdropped as she transformed to her Adult Form and began to dodge Vivio’s attacks.

Corona, Einhart and Lutecia arrived a few minutes later and saw Vivio dodging Rio’s attacks.

“You two should stop already. Save your strength later for the combat practice.” Lutecia spoke to Vivio and Rio.

“Ehehe, we just got lost in the heat of the fight…” Rio stops as she scratched the back of her head. “Anyways, have you got the rules of the upcoming combat practice?”

“Yes. It will be a ‘Capture the Leader’ scenario. The ranged attacks will be limited to Shooting Type attacks only. So no Bombardment Type spells are allowed. Its more like a friendly melee combat practice than a proper combat practice.” Lutecia said.

“I see…” Vivio muttered, a bit disappointed that she wont be able to fire a Divine Buster. “…are there any good close range fighters in Yasogami.”

“I heard there are some decent fighters that came from that school… We will find out…” Rio said before she was interrupted by Miura.

“Hey! The students from Yasogami has arrived!”

“…right about now.” Rio finished as she and the others proceeded to meet the Yasogami students.


9:25 A.M., St. Hilde Academy of Magic, Entrance…

“Holy shit! Were here! WERE HE- urk.” Rolo clutched his stomach as Alex elbowed him.

“Will you behave, you look like an escaped mental patient because of your behavior.” Alex scolded.

“But Alex…” Rolo whined as he did his Puppy Eyes technique.

Alex facepalmed, “For the love of- Stop that.” He then noticed some girls that were approaching them. ‘Hmm… those girls are cut- Stop that thought process!’

“Umm… Hi, were the students from Yasogami Middle School who will participate in the combat practice. I’m Alexander Kurogane.”

“Pleased to meet you Kurogane-san. I’m Vivio Takamachi. Pleased to meet you.” Vivio happily introduced herself and her friends.

“Pleased to meet you too. I hope we could have a intere-” Alex spoke but he was interrupted by Rolo.

“Hey guys! Alex’s spring has finally came!” Rolo yelled, which caught the attention of his classmates.

Cue massive cheering.

“Woohoo! Go for it Alex!”

“Six girls Alex?! Damn~!”

“I told you guys, he is too much for one girl!”

The girls in subject and Alex slightly blushed.

“You know guys, you’re on your own.” Alex said as he proceeded to walk towards the gates of the Academy.

“Hey Alex, were just kidding!” Rolo said, but Alex ignored him and continued to walk away. “Alex? Alex?! ALEX?!!”


9:45 A.M., St. Hilde Academy of Magic, Training Grounds…

“That’s embarrassing…” Alex muttered after his classmates were able to bring him back inside the Academy.

“I’m really sorry Alex.” Rolo apologized for the nth time. They were doing stretching exercises as they prepared for the combat practice.

“Don’t worry Rolo, I’m not angry at you…” Alex’s smile turned dark, “…those girls on the other hand…” he then pointed at Vivio and the others who were waving at him, then gave Rolo a frosty stare. “…will beat you to a pulp. Especially one of them is a Takamachi. Does that ring any bells inside your head?”

“OH GODS NO! SPARE ME FROM YOUR GIRLFRIE- oof!” Rolo fell on his knees, clutching his stomach.

On the other hand, Vivio and her friends find the scene funny since they agreed to scare Rolo as punishment.

“Alright guys, the combat practice will commence after fifteen minutes.” The instructor said as she began to give the rules and asked who will be the ‘leaders’ of each team.


“My lord, a portal to Schwarz is developing over the St. Hilde Academy of Magic.”

“So… they have started to move…”

“Orders, my lord?”

“Umm… One Java Rice and a cup of Iced Tea…”

“Lord Yatagarasu!”

“I’m joking. Anyways, be on standby Alice. If the situation turns dire, help the Thirteenth.”

“Your orders shall be done.”


Inside the Schwarz…



“Fresh Meat…”

The creatures then noticed the unstable wall of reality starting to break up. Then one of them smelled something.

“This smell…”


“Feed me…”

“FOOD!” The united chorus of the creatures as they quickly rushed towards the source of the smell.


Alex was nervous. He knows that even with the ‘Battle Hymn’ in effect, their chances of winning against St. Hilde students is around ten percent. They were that good, and add to the fact that they have the descendants from Ancient Belka, namely Einhart and Vivio, they are clearly no match against them.

Shrugging to himself, he decided to humor his classmates before they got steamrolled. “Knights of the Round Table!”

His classmates looked at him, since they know they used that as the name of their team during the sports festival. The St. Hilde students on the other hand, looked at them.

“This is going to be a tough one… I know that winning in this is like looking for a needle in a field of grass. I just have an order for you guys…” He stood up and spoke loudly as he could, “Fight hard. Give everything you’ve got. I know that verbal support is the only thing I could do for you guys…”

“Don’t worry Alex. Just give us orders and we will immediately follow you!”

“Leave them to us, Oh Demon Lord of the Round Table!” Rolo said, remembering the lines he used to intimidate the enemy. “They shall feel the rage of our crimson flames!”

“Just because they survived longer in the battlefield, that does not make them invincible.”

“Very well.” Alex sat on his throne and ordered, “Knights, prepare for glory!”

On the St. Hilde Team…

“What a peculiar bunch….” Einhart commented.

“They seem to trust Kurogane-san… maybe that’s why they designated him as their leader.” Corona added.

“Anyways, this is going to be an interesting fight.” Rio said as she grinned.

“Have you guys noticed that Kurogane-san is the only one that does not have a Barrier Jacket on?” Lutecia asked, looking at Alex with a bit of confusion.

Vivio then spoke, “Now you asked it, is that book his device? Wonder why he did not use it?”

“I don’t know.” Miura answered, “He seems to trust his friends that they will protect him.”

“Lets ask him later.” Vivio suggested as the instructor blew her whistle to call their attention.

“Okay, the combat practice will start in 10… 9… 8…”

Alex gulped, “Here comes the steamroller…” He whispered to himself.

“7… 6… 5…”

Vivio and the others shifted to their stance.

“4… 3… 2…”

Everyone prepared themselves for the fight.

“1… GO!”

As the students commenced the combat practice, Alex suddenly felt an unearthly aura. The aura screamed danger and wrongness and it nearly suffocate him. Looking at his classmates and friends, they did not seem to sense it. He began to look for the source of the wrongness he sensed. He then caught glimpse of a strange black hole in the sky, and from the black hole something fell into the battlefield.

The both teams were about to clash when something landed in between of them; kicking up dust everywhere.

Everyone promptly stopped, wondering what the heck just happened. Soon afterward, one of Alex’s classmate was sent flying through the air by some invisible force.

Alex on the other hand, saw that there was an assailant that attacked his classmate, but the attacker was blurred in his vision.

“Move back everyone, something is in there!” Alex quickly yelled.

The attacker, who noticed him, instantly rushed at him; mowing Alex’s classmates out of its way. Reacting quickly, he jumped out of its way as it crushed the ‘throne’ he sat a few minutes ago.

But for the others, all they saw was Alex jumping out of his chair then the chair got crushed by some force.

Before Alex could take a good look at the place he vacated, the feeling of wrongness suddenly intensified. Looking at the black hole, he saw that there are more blurred unknowns getting out of it.

Rather than gawking at what he is seeing, he called their instructors, throwing formality out of the window in favor for survival “Call some serious help. We are under attack by unknown assailants!”

“Wai- wha-” the instructor was currently shocked at the turn of events.

“Hurry!” Alex pleaded.

“A-alright!” the instructor quickly left.

Alex then looked at his confused classmates and immediately gave an order, “Guys! Defensive position around the St. Hilde students!” They looked at him, obviously waiting for an explanation, “I’ll explain later! On your positions, double time!”

He gripped the Azure Grimoire tightly as he and his classmates quickly formed their formations. “What the hell is happening?!”


Alice tsked, “Of all demons, it has to be a Wendigo and some meddlesome Cait Siths and Kobolds…” She then prepared a Agidyne to take out Wendigo but was instantly interrupted by a telepathic message from Yatagarasu.

“Cease your attack Alice.” Yatagarasu ordered in a calm voice, “I want to see what he could do before help could arrive.”

“But my lord,” Alice protested, “Even if this ‘help’ arrived, they can’t see demons! And the Thirteenth can’t see them properly yet because his COMP is not activated!”

“That’s why I want you to cease your attack. I want to see what he could do without his COMP. Besides, I’m sure he is watching him…”


Everyone is slightly panicking and confused at the sudden turn of events. Someone or something was attacking them and all they could do is to defend because they cant see the attackers.

“How many are them out there?!” Rolo yelled as he felt an attack connect to his barrier.

“Too many to count! Incoming attack!” Alex yelled back as he pointed the direction where the attack would come from.

“This is insane!” Rio yelled out, clearly frustrated. “We can’t see who’s attacking us! Only Kurogane-san can see them and we are forced to defend!”

“I have called Nanoha-mama and Fate-mama, they will be arriving shortly!” Vivio tried to calm her friends.

“I really hope they could crack their cloaki- argh!” Alex was cut off when something wrapped around his feet and forcibly dragged him out of the barrier.

“Goddamnit, Alex!” Rolo tried to get Alex’s hand but he was a second too late.

“Don’t worry, I will get him!” Vivio went out of the barrier to get Alex back.

“Vivio, wait!” Einhart tried to follow but was forced back when the barrier got hit.


Vivio was able to catch up with Alex who dodging like crazy from the invisible attackers. She quickly wondered why he is the only one among them who could see the attackers.

“Takamachi-san! Go back inside!” Alex yelled as he did a roundhouse kick at something. “Behind you!”

Vivio reflexively punched and felt her fist connect to an invisible attacker. “I’ll not go back without you!”

“You don’t understand!” Alex then ducked and did a foot sweep. “I can survive this because I can almost see them! You on the other hand can’t! One on your left and two coming from behind!”

“Just because I can’t see them does not mean I can’t fight them!” She punched to her left then did a spinning kick so she could attack the other two.

Alex sighed as he tried to persuade her but his voice died on his throat as he saw the big unknown behind Vivio. He quickly ran towards Vivio, wrapped his arms around her and used his body to block the attack. The force sent them flying a few meters towards their friends.

“Alex/Vivio!” their friends watched in horror as Alex continued to use his body to protect Vivio. Some of the St. Hilde students quickly noticed that he does not have any Barrier Jacket on as his bruises and wounds start to leak blood.

“Fuck this!” Rolo ran towards Alex and Vivio, a spell was already cast, “Eat this! Stinger Lance!” he then cast his version of Stinger Blade at the space where he think the unknown was standing. His attack connects. “Hell yeah! How do you like that!”

“Rolo… you idiot! RUN!” Alex yelled as loud as he can but it was too late when the big unknown punched Rolo back to the barrier. He then saw Corona’s golem move and was able to catch him. At the same time; Lutecia began to shoot, and her shots connected to big unknown, which Einhart, Miura and Rio took as an opportunity as they moved in to attack it.

“Flame Dragon Break!”


“Hengemon Sky-severing Knuckle!”

Those attacks connected and was able to push the big unknown away from Alex and Vivio.

“Kurogane-san, hang in there!” Corona said as she cast a Barrier spell around them.

“Why?” Vivio asked, tears flowing out of her eyes, “Why did you protect me even if you don’t have any Barrier Jacket on?”

“I feel…” Alex coughed a bit of blood out of his throat, “It my duty to do it… I don’t want your parents to feel the pain of losing you… I don’t want them to experience the pain of losing someone you loved…”He then looked around and his eyes grew wide in horror as the unknowns that he barely see was now around the barrier and was pounding it hard.

“I… can’t hold this much longer…” Corona’s voice was strained as she tried her best to keep the barrier up.

“How many are out there Kurogane-san?” Einhart asked, preparing to attack.

“Too many for us…” Alex said as he slammed his fist to the ground. “Damnit… is this the end?”

“Nope.” a familiar voice spoke. Alex turned around and saw his dad standing there, holding a rainbow colored sphere.

“You will live on and fight…” he approached Alex and pushed the sphere into the Azure Grimoire, “…for you now have the power to protect Humanity.”

[Parts upgrade completed! Scanning for Magnetite within the area…]

The Azure Grimoire levitated then fired a shockwave that sent the unknowns around them sprawling in the air or skidding on the ground.

“One born of Human flesh...” a booming voice from the Azure Grimoire spoke, “Man is now a race of some power. You, son of man... must face the power you hold and you must face your destiny as well...”

[No Magnetite could be found! Switching to Secondary Summoning Style!]

Everyone is currently in awe at what is happening.

Rolo, on the other hand, grinned as his classmates supported him to stand up. “You finally activated your device Alex! Show them what you got!”

The booming voice continued, “Though your days be peaceful, the fated time draws near...”

[Checking connection to the Atziluth Server… optimizing… condition green. Checking connection to the Babel Server… optimizing… condition green. Checking connection to the Amala Server… optimizing… condition green.]

“I am your judgment.” The booming voice said. “So long as the Lord does not live in you, all living beings hold darkness in their hearts.”

“I’ve seen device activation, but this…” Rio was in awe at what is happening.

“Something big is about to happen.” Einhart said. She has this feeling that this will not be the end of it.

[Accessing the Cathedral of Shadows… connection has been established.]

“If you truly wish to be yourself, then rise and fight the darkness within... the demon inside.” The booming voice continued to speak.

“The demon… inside?” Vivio asked. She finds the situation even more bizarre. An Intelligent Device doing a monologue? Now she seen it.

[Starting the Demonic Compendium... Start up successful.]

“If you have the will to challenge your destiny of battle, son of man, state your name...” The booming voice went silent.

[Demon Summoning Program ready to boot… Booting the Demon Summoning Program! Please state your name Demon Summoner…]

Vivio and the other girls looked at Alex, who was currently entranced at the events that happened. Though they have to wonder, what is the Demon Summoner and Demon Summoning Program stuff is all about.

“Kurogane-san, your device is asking for your name.” Lutecia pointed out.

“Huh?” Alex snapped out of his trance and noticed that the girls are looking at him. “Err… what?”

“Your device is asking for your name.” Miura said.

“Oh… okay.” Alex looked at his device and spoke, “I’m Alexander M. Kurogane.”

[Alexander M. Kurogane is now registered as the Thirteenth Keeper of the COMP unit ‘Azure Grimoire’. Starting Visualizer Field.]

The Azure Grimoire began to glow white as an wall of energy began to push itself into multiple directions. As soon the glow faded, everyone in the training field were now able to see their attackers, or in Alex’s case, can see them clearly.

Majority of their attackers were some sort of bipedal, armored wolf and was holding a club as its weapon. Some were bipedal cats that wear boots, has a fancy hat on their heads and wield rapiers as weapons. The last and the only one in the training field was some sort of horned gorilla with white fur.

[Enemies analyzed as Kobold and Cait Sith. The lead demon is Wendigo.]

“Azure… is there any chance that the other enemy will pull back if we defeated… Wendigo is it?” Vivio politely asked.

[Not sure. But it seems he is the leader of these demons. Take him out to prevent any reinforcements that might arrive.]

“Right.” Alex said as she tried to stand up but his injuries protested. “Ow.”

[Here sir. Dia.]

A warm light suddenly washed over Alex and his began to heal quickly. “I’m a bit fine, thank you Azure.”

[You are my Keeper. I’m going to support you whether I can.]

“Well then. Azure Grimoire, set up.” Alex ordered.

[Switching to Adult Mode. Barrier Jacket set up.]

A flash, then after the light died down, Alex’s classmates and everyone else were gobsmacked.

“Holy shi-”


“Damnit Alex!” Rolo yelled, a bit jealous. “Why do you get the good stuff?!”

Alex’s height was around five feet eight inches. He looked a bit skinny but his blue hair and blue eyes remained the same. Plus…

“Why did you choose our senior’s school uniform as your Barrier Jacket?!” Rolo asked, pointing a finger at him.

“Because it looks neat.” Alex deadpanned. “Anyways, we will leave the wolf and cat thingys to you guys. We will take care of the gorilla.”

“Don’t mock me Demon Summoner!” Wendigo angrily yelled, as he clearly heard the ‘gorilla’ comment.

“So you talk huh. Why did you attacked us?” Alex asked.

Wendigo, on the other hand, gave him the middle finger, “Humans are food! That’s why! Cait Siths, mob them.”

Several Cait Siths drew their blades and began to run towards Vivio and the others. Einhart and Rio quickly attacked them head on.

“Leave these to us!” Einhart said as she began to punch the Cait Siths out of the way.

“Go after the gorilla!” Rio said as she followed Einhart in the fray.

Alex looked at his device and asked, “What is my weapon?”

[Form Change, Meteor Dragon Magnum Mode.]

The book glowed for a bit then it changed form into a gun. Alex wondered why did it looks like an Earth standard mass weapon.

“Is that a…” Corona asked, fearing that what Alex is holding right now is a mass weapon.

“I don’t think so…” Alex replied, “...It’s a bit lighter than the real one… but lets discuss it later. We have a enemy to defeat.”

“Right.” Corona nodded as she summoned her Golems to clear the way.

Following Corona, Lutecia summoned Garyuu and let it attack as she began to bombard the Kobolds and Cait Siths with Reflect Mirage.

Looking at Vivio and Miura, Alex said, “Can you guys keep it busy? I’m going to finish it in one shot.”

The two nodded and they began to harass Wendigo from multiple directions. Wendigo tried to slam his fist on Vivio who attacked him from below but she was able to evade because of her reflexes. Miura then proceeded to attack Wendigo’s head, but it roared in defiance and annoyance.

“Just drop dead humans! You can’t keep this forever!” Wendigo yelled as he tried to backhand Miura, but she was able to move away from his reach.

“And let you hurt my friends?” Vivio shot back, “I’ll wont let you!”

“Then you shall die first!” Wendigo roared as it ran towards Vivio…

But Alex went in front of Vivio, Meteor Draogn aimed at it.

“No, you first.” Alex said as he pulled the trigger.

[Agidyne.] Azure Grimoire declared as a crimson bullet shot out of the gun and went straight to Wendigo’s forehead.

Wendigo roared in pain as his body began to spontaneously combust. It began to roll on the ground, trying to put out the flames.

“Phew, good thing Azure said Wendigo’s natural weakness is fire…” Alex then lowered his weapon and approached Miura. “Are you alright?”

Miura nodded, “Yes Kurogane-san. That thing is so tough. I think much more tougher than Zafira-sensei.”

“I say…” Alex then looked at his classmates and the other St. Hilde students as the bring down the last of the…

“Demons huh…” Alex then looked at Azure Grimoire in Gun Form. “Is this what he mean by the end of the thousand years?”

“It’s not yet over humans! Mabufudyne!” Wendigo roared as he slammed his hands on the ground, causing ice spike to shoot out of the ground, attacking everyone in the training field. “You hurt me Demon Summoner… so just stay there and watch as I turn your friends and fellow humans into my snack. You’re a delicacy, so you shall be last.”

Alex groaned, “Damn… that attack is strong.” He looked around and saw that everyone was down, even the demons that were still in good fighting condition earlier was not spared from Wendigo’s attack. He looked at Wendigo and it saw it was approaching Corona. He tried to raise his weapon and try to fire another Agidyne, but someone was already attacking Wendigo. It was Vivio.

“STAY AWAY FROM MY FRIENDS!” Vivio tried to punch Wendigo’s head but it was instantly blocked and she then found herself staring at a large fist. She was sent a few meters away from Wendigo.

“So, you can still fight eh… I’ll go for you first.” Wendigo then went for Vivio.

Alex gritted his teeth, “Is there anyway to bring that monster down?!”

[Materializing Summoner Bullet.]

Then a green colored bullet fell on Alex’s left hand. “I don’t know how this will help me, but I’m going to try…” Forcing himself to stand up, he raised his weapon and quickly aimed at Wendigo.

“Hey Wendigo! Up here!” Alex yelled, which made Wendigo look at him. He then pulled the trigger.



“Epic Fail.” Wendigo then ignored him and proceeded to casually walk towards Vivio who is still dazed.

“What the- WHAT THE HELL?!” Alex raged at his weapon. “HOW DO I USE THIS BULLET?!”

“Like this…” A voice suddenly spoke in his head. A few seconds later, he found himself aiming his weapon on his own head.

“Alex… what the hell you’re doing?!” Rolo yelled.

Everyone else was thinking he is now committing suicide.

“Summoning…” Alex then pulled down the hammer of his gun, “Initiate.” Pulling the trigger, he felt the bullet go into his head.

Everyone closed their eyes to avoid seeing Alex’s head get blown off. Some who have watched the scene noticed that there is no blood and he is now glowing.

“Come forth! Cerberus!” Alex called out. A mist suddenly formed in front of him, a few seconds later that mist started to crackle with electricity. A sudden flash then a Loin like creature showed up. It gave a roar before rushing at Wendigo, tackling it down to the ground.

Everyone is completely bewildered. They know summoning but what Alex did is just plain insane.

“He summoned a creature…” Lutecia started, still in total disbelief at what she saw.

“…by shooting himself?” An equally confused Corona continued.

“What the fuck man!” Rolo yelled, angry at Alex’s stunt. “You summoned that creature by SHOOTING YOURSELF IN THE HEAD?! HOW IS IT POSSIBLE?!”

Alex did not hear Rolo, he is now panting, “Hot…” he then began to unbutton his Barrier Jacket. “So hot…”

“Get off me you puppy!” Wendigo kicked Cerberus off of him.

Everyone looked at Alex when he suddenly cursed and took a step back, as if he’s the one who got kicked.

“Why you- Cerberus! Mega Claw!” Alex ordered, which Cerberus obliged. Cerberus ran towards Wendigo who tried to smash him down, but Cerberus was able to evade the attack and able to connect the Mega Claw attack ton Wendigo’s chest. It sent the large demon off the training ground and crashing into a tree.

Finally undoing his Barrier Jacket’s buttons, he approached Vivio who is now recovering from the attack earlier. He kneeled down and scooped Vivio off the ground and carried her bridal style.

“Are you alright, my princess?” He asked with a grin on his face, his voice sound confident.

Vivio’s face suddenly went scarlet. “H-huh? Are you alright Kuroga-” she was stopped when Alex shook his head.

“No my princess. You should call me Alex. First name, okay?” Alex winked at her, making her face more red. He then walked towards Einhart and the others.

After letting Vivio down, Alex looked at the girls gathered and winked at them, “Lets eat lunch together after this. I’ll be back quick.” He them ran towards the battling Wendigo and Cerberus, leaving the girls a bit red on the face.

“W-w-what happened to Alex?” Vivio asked, not noticing that she used his first name.

“It seems that his personality have changed.” Einhart who quickly hid her blush, answered as she watched Alex fight Wendigo.

Alex, who was able to get behind of Wendigo, loaded an Agidyne round on his weapon, “Sorry gorilla, I have dates to meet.”


Once again Wendigo found himself being set aflame, but Alex refused to let it end there. “Cerberus! Raging Claws!”

Alex’s demon instantly went in for the kill while Wendigo rolled on the ground.

Using its last breath, Wendigo spoke, “Master… Be-” His body suddenly dissolved into thin air.

Alex grinned as he approached his demon and shook its paws. “That’s awesome! I’ll make sure to call you some other time so that we can talk.”

Cerberus roared, it seems that it is happy with its new master.

“Well, time to close that hole.” Raising his gun, Alex fired a shot at the black hole. The hole suddenly shattered and disappeared. A crystal fell on the ground as the indicator that it is closed.

[Magnetite Detected. Absorbing.] The Azure Grimoire then reverted back to it’s Book Form and began to absorb the crystal into its system. [Absorption completed.]

Alex grinned as he looked at Vivio and the others, “Well its time for-” He consciously recalled Cerberus back to Azure Grimoire, only to feel that he is quickly approaching the ground. “-luncgggggggggh.”

Everyone was suddenly alarmed when Alex fainted after taking his first step and fell face first to the ground.


Chapter 02 – Yatagarasu of the Black Sun