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Pata Hikari
October 26th, 2011, 12:51 PM
What Wishes are For
A Magical Burst Game

Dramatis personæ:

LeopardBear as Leto Wright (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/1205-What-Wishes-are-For-A-Magical-Burst-game-Sign-up?p=414020&viewfull=1#post414020)

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Pata Hikari as Hitomi

And all the Extras and Supporting Cast (https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1ZG7Mtv_U0SjDpY_0ElTMyCp4B24ldILVrYFw4lpqTj4/edit?hl=en_US&pli=1)


Once upon a time, when the world was young, people lived in harmony. They worked together peacefully. The world was filled with peace, happiness, and love.

Then, one day, one person felt a strange new emotion. One that had never been felt before. This emotion was different from the love and happiness that the world had known. It was dark, and bitter, and brought only sadness.

This new terrible emotion sundered the world, spreading far and wide. Soon, all of humanity felt them. Wars, hatred, and anger erupted, and mankind was forever more tainted.

Now, thousands of years later, we find ourselves built in a city on this broken world, a city in which four girls will struggle to find happiness, dispute the trials that surround them.

Will this tale be a tragedy? Or will it be allowed to have a happy ending?

No man knows...

So let us begin!


Everything around her was burning.

"Hah... hah..."

Yuki could barely stand, her staff was the only thing keeping her from collapsing. The building, once a place where many people called home, had become nothing more but a burning hell. Any tears she could shed had been burned away by the heat long ago...

Bodies lay around her, some human, some... less then human. They were strewn around her without reason...

"Why..." She barely gasped out, "WHY!?"

A shadow formed in front of her... its long arms filled her entire vision...

"Hahahahah... haha... hahahaha!" Yuki laughed, forcing herself to stand straight, her staff began to glow... "Hah! I'm not do-

And then, as always, Yuki woke up. Before the memory could complete itself.


Her alarm clock was ringing loudly. But before she could turn it off, something else did for her.

It was a young girl, what one might call her "mentor."

"Good news, Yuki-chan." She said, "I found people who can help."


It was a beautiful morning, the sun was shining, the people of the City were beginning to bustle around. Life was coming to this pristine, modern City.

However, for Leto, this meant nothing to her.

For she had suddenly lost all sight three days ago.

Her parents had been to two doctors already, desperately trying to find out why their daughter had suddenly become blind. Yet, as far as any doctor could tell, her vision should be perfect. Her eyes were functioning normally, there didn't seem to be any damage. When a bright light was shone into her eyes she blinked like one would expect.... it was as if her brain simply stopped recognizing her vision.

"Ah. You're in a bit of a tight spot."

A new person had entered her room. A young girl. She wore a black frilly dress, long white gloves, black leggings and shoes. Her hair was blond, tied into two pigtails, tied off by black ribbons. Her eyes were a pale silver...

How could Leto know this? It is simple.

While she could see nothing else in this world.

She could still see the girl.


Breakfast as the Wright household was normal.

Today, breakfast was waffles. Drenched in syrup.

Anna took two waffles, plenty of syrup, and a cup of orange juice. Lilly watched carefully as Anna slowly cut up her waffles, she ate with a perfect elegance... even when eating rough food like this.

Anna seemed to be in a good mood... Her face was plastered with a big smile... there was something different about her...

"Mom, Dad, Lilly." She said suddenly, giddy.

"What is it dear?" Dad asked.

"I... I..." She held up her left hand... upon it was a beautiful gold ring. A perfect emerald, matching her beautiful eyes, gleamed on top of it.

"Is that...?" Mom's eyes widened, a smile forming on her face.

"Yes! Ron proposed last night!" Anna squealed.

"Finally." Dad said, "Honestly I've been expecting this for a while now." He patted his daughter on the shoulder. "Congratulations Anna."

"Oh this is going to be perfect! Oh! The wedding, we'll have to set everything up!" Mom said, "Oh I'm so proud of you Anna!"

Lilly had stopped eating.

"Ara... I bet this bothers you." A new voice spoke behind her.


Today, Cassie was wearing black. A long black dress.

After all, black is what you wear for a funeral.

It was open casket... she looked peaceful, a faint smile was even visible on her face.

Not the expression that one would expect a girl who hanged herself to have.

She stood, holding the edge of the coffin... looking down at her friend.

"Good day." A girl, an unfamiliar one, said, walking into her vision. She looked down at the person laying in the coffin. "I see... it's not her fault, you know?"


The players are set, the pieces in play. Let this latest round of this eternal game begin!

October 26th, 2011, 07:31 PM
Leto Wright

I could feel the sheets on my bed. Feel the air on my face, hear the buzz of the hospital. But... but I stared into a pure black void, totally and utterly blind. Cut off from most of the world... and then a girl walked in. I practically jumped straight out of my sheets at that, slamming my head against the bed. How in the world?

I rubbed the back of my head, looking at the girl standing on a field of darkness. "Who... who are you? How can I see you?"

Pata Hikari
October 26th, 2011, 07:37 PM
Leto Wright.

"Moshi Moshi." The girl said. "You can see me because when I want someone to see me, they see me." She gave Leto a curtsy. "So, how are you? Well, other then being blind." She giggled at this. She sat down on the bed next to Leto, leaning in close and smiling.

October 26th, 2011, 07:47 PM
Leto Wright

Aaaa... My mouth hangs open in shock. When she wants someone to see her... who is this person? "Ah..." Okay, pull it together. "Aside from being blind? Uh, decent enough, I guess. Bored out of my skull since I can't fucking see anything, want them to give me my guitar, but other than that, best I can hope for, I suppose. You?"

Pata Hikari
October 26th, 2011, 07:50 PM
"Oh I'm so glad you asked!" She clasped her hands together, "It's been so rough lately, and poor Yuki-chan can't handle it all on her own. But I'm meeting three, three girls with the potential! You, and two others!" She jumped up, "Tonight, I'll take you out and you can meet the other two, OK?"

October 26th, 2011, 07:57 PM
Leto Wright

"Ah, Yuki? What do you mean by help and potential?" Is this... is this some kind of genie? Or, am I Faust? Is this the devil, about to ask me for my soul? And, why me?

Pata Hikari
October 26th, 2011, 08:00 PM
"Your soul? Faustian?" The girl blinked, a wide eyed confused look. Before laughing. "Ara ara... That's silly." She stood up, and began pacing around Leto. "What would I do with your soul? Soul's aren't exactly highly valuable by themselves. It's everything else about mankind that's fascinating. No. To tell the truth... I guess the best way to put it is that I'm extending a job offer, you perform a service and I pay you."

October 26th, 2011, 08:11 PM
Leto Wright

What? Did she... did she just read my mind? And speaking of the value of souls, and mankind as if she's not a part of it... who is she? Aliens... no, no, I refuse to believe that aliens will take the form of teenage girls and talk to me for no apparent reason. And, a job... "What job do you have for a blind woman, and what do you offer? I'm a teenage girl who's only decent at music."

Pata Hikari
October 26th, 2011, 08:17 PM
"I'm glad you asked." She pulled up a chair, sitting down on it. A pair of glasses appeared on her. "First off, your blindness has no effect on your ability to do this job. In fact, that's a sign that you might be extra special qualified!" She giggled again, "You see, with the loss of sight, that means that something big is building up inside you." She adjusted her glasses for effect. "Or it could mean that you have brain damage keeping you from seeing. Or perhaps you made a sorcerer or spirit mad and this is their vengeance." She paused, "Buuuuuttt I think it's the potential power in you." The glasses vanished. "As for the job... tell me, have you watched Sailor Moon?"

October 26th, 2011, 08:26 PM
Leto Wright

"Sailor..." uh... "Wait... Magic? You're saying you want me to run around in a frilly outfit and magical beam evil? Magic isn't-" I stop in mid-sentence. Magic isn't real... but I can somehow see this girl when blind, and she made glasses from the air... Magic, really? "You mean to say that I'm magical, and you want me to fight evil?" That... unexpected would understate it.

Pata Hikari
October 26th, 2011, 08:30 PM
"Evil isn't the right word." She poked Leto in the forehead. "It's more like putting down a dangerous animal. They have no will, they mindlessly exist. If their very existence didn't hurt humanity, it would be fine to just leave them alone." Then she laughed, "Yuki-chan said 'magic doesn't exist' to me too." She jumped up, laying down at the bed and looking at Leto upside down. "I'd rather show you in person what's up... but let me give a preview of what I give you to do the job..." She held out her hand. A light formed within it, condensing into a silver pendant. "Take this."

October 26th, 2011, 08:37 PM
Leto Wright

Ah- hey you, don't poke me! She creates a pendant, again from nowhere. This can't be safe. Taking some kind of magic pendant from a girl I met five minutes ago, that'll probably do something absurd like send me to Ecuador? I'd have to be insane. Outright insane.

...fuck it, why would she hurt me? Nothing interesting about me, nothing that I have that she could use. And, it seems that she wants me to do a job, so I must need to be in decent condition. Leeroy Jenkins. I reach out, taking the shining silver star, guiding me out of the black ocean.

Pata Hikari
October 26th, 2011, 08:40 PM
"Good." She instantly was standing up... floating over her.

"I hereby grant you a provional contract. You will be able to access the basic powers that sleep within you."

And Leto's mind was assaulted by new a new sense.

October 26th, 2011, 09:24 PM
Leto Wright


Somehow, I heard it. Or, heard isn't the right word. How do you describe sound to a deaf person? It's like that. Suddenly, I could sense the room again! I could sense the outlines of everything, my mind assembling a image of the area. How to describe it... in terms of sight, I suppose. I saw the room in grayscale, shading indicating objects' orientation. It wasn't just a second sight, though. As I looked around, I realized that important things were missing. I could not see any numbering on the calendar next to my bed: it was just blank sheets of paper. The world cast no shadows, as if everything was lit from all directions. And of course, there was no color. I sensed a kind of darkness and lightness on objects, but that translated to depth. Everything was just a surface, with no vibrancy.


I heard some kind of pulse again.

Oh, I see. It's like what a bat or submarine does. Somehow, I'm throwing off a sonic pulse that I can 'see.'

"Wow..." is all I can say. "I can do this?"

Pata Hikari
October 26th, 2011, 10:06 PM
"Yatta!" The girl threw her fist into the air. "You've taken to it perfectly." The glasses appeared again. "You seem to have the Nature of 'Sound.' To put it in layman's terms, you can manipulate and create sound waves. Once your latent gift awoke, your subconscious mind immediately put it to task to create a way to compensate for sight." The glasses vanished. "Now rememmmmbeerrr," She winked, "This is only temporary, a sneak preview! If you want more... come to the park at the intersection of 5th and Main, tonight at Ten O'Clock. Don't worry with your new gift you should have no problem getting there. If you accept, you keep the pendant and take on the job as a Mahou Shoujo!" She started to... fade away. "If you don't accept, well, enjoy being blind, Leto-chan."

She vanished.

October 27th, 2011, 01:27 PM
Yuki Tomoko

The same nightmare..no it was not a nightmare but instead was her only memory before she woke up in that hospital and it constantly hounded her while she slept, what was so important about it for it to haunt her dream? Sighing to herself wearily Yuki started reaching for her buzzing alarm clock but was beaten to it by the familiar presence of her “mentor” who turned it off for her.

The news her “mentor” brought drove her weariness away like silver harmed werewolves and as she stood up and started preparing for her morning run and her first day at a new school afterward she replied.

“That is good news and is there any particular time you've planned for me to meet any of them?”

Pata Hikari
October 27th, 2011, 01:30 PM
Yuki Tomoko

"Ah.. so business like Yuki-chan!" The girl suddenly latched onto Yuki. "You're such a good girl yes you are!"

October 27th, 2011, 05:19 PM
Cassie Blake

She felt so.... numb.

When she had first heard the news, she cried. Cried and cried. Staring down at her best friend's lifeless body she felt nothing. A deep emptiness. At least her friend had left the world with a smile. That was more than what others could claim.

In the corner of Cassie's sight, a girl greeted her. Cassie had never seen her before. Perhaps she was one a distant relative? The next words out of the girl's mouth was definitely strange. "W- what do you mean?" Cassie asked. Not her fault? She had decided all by herself to do this. To leave the mortal world. To leave everyone with it behind. Cassie didn't even get to say goodbye....

Pata Hikari
October 27th, 2011, 06:18 PM
Cassie Blake

"Can what happened to her really be called a choice?" The girl ran a hand across the departed girl's cheek. "She had no history of depression, no sign of being unhappy. She had good grades, good friends, a loving family. Everything was going her way." She looked into Cassie's eyes, "Yet, she suddenly became miserable, and took her life. Isn't that strange?"

She stepped away and smiled.

"I mean, it looks to me like something made her do it."

October 27th, 2011, 06:33 PM
Cassie Blake

She flinched as the girl touched the cold deceased body. Yes the girl was right. There was no doubt. The last words out of the girl's mouth sent a chill down Cassie's spine. She had seen something similar happen many times on television. The murderer would try and make it look like a suicide. ... That couldn't be right. That just couldn't! Her friend... her friend had always been so normal. No one would think about targeting her.

Wait, how did this girl know so much anyhow?

"Who are you?" Cassie asked.

Pata Hikari
October 27th, 2011, 06:39 PM
"My name is Hitomi." The girl curtsied. "I'm a passerby who sees a problem and knows how to fix them." She looked around, a faint look of disgust forming on it's face. "Even now they grow fat from the sadness caused here." She took Cassie's hand in hers, and a faint glow appeared between them. When she let go... what appeared to be a golden bullet attached to a keychain was resting in Cassie's hands. "They let her die so they could enjoy your sadness." She closed her eyes for a second, before opening them resolutely.

"Cassie, do you want to help me? To help avenge your friend, to prevent others from ending up like her?"

October 27th, 2011, 07:00 PM
Cassie Blake

"Hitomi...?" That sounded like an Asian name. Hitomi's answer was oh so very vague. Preoccupied with her own thoughts Cassie nearly jumped when Hitomi took her hand and there was light. It wasn't very bright but Cassie could see it quite clearly. When it disappeared, all that was left from it was a golden bullet keychain. What?! Where did it come from? She certainly didn't feel the keychain when Hitomi first took her hand. It appeared out of thin air when the light vanished....

"W-who are 'they'?" if she could, if it was possible then she wanted to bring them to justice. Whoever did this to her friend couldn't be allowed to walk freely looking for more innocent victims. She wouldn't want that so Cassie couldn't let them.

Pata Hikari
October 27th, 2011, 07:06 PM
"They are called a lot of things. They've been called fairies, demons, ghosts, tsukumogami... they're beings that live to slightly out of sync with this world, but can influence it. They feed off human emotions. And nothing is sweeter to them than despair." She scowled, "They're bothersome creatures, really. It's my life's goal to destroy as many as possible. But I'm just one being!"

October 27th, 2011, 09:30 PM
Cassie Blake

Monsters? This was unreal. But so was her death. She didn't know who this girl was but Cassie felt she could trust her. Anyone that wanted to destroy as many monsters as possible had to be a good person right? "You want my help right? That's why you're telling me all this. I-I want to help but I'm not very strong. There's no way I can fight monsters," Cassie said sadly. She felt so weak, so helpless.

Pata Hikari
October 27th, 2011, 09:48 PM
Hitomi sighed, "Oh, you're not weak at all." She patted Cassie on the shoulder. "After all, I wouldn't have come to you if you didn't have the potential." She pointed at the charm, "You see, that thing there? It awakens the power that exists within you. If you agree to help me... you'll gain all the power you need."

"Cassie?" Her dad walked out of the crowd of mourners... He walked past Hitomi, if he saw her, he gave no sign. "How you doing sweetie?" He gave her a reassuring smile.

Hitomi giggled, "I'll wait until you talk to your dad."

October 28th, 2011, 02:08 PM
Yuki Tomoko

For a brief moment a feeling of sorrow as if her body remembers something her mind cannot remember. Overcoming this feeling Yuki feigns being unperturbed by the girl latching onto her and continues her inquiry of Hitomi on the new Magical Girls while trying to prepare for her run.
“Do any of them have a medical conditions that I can heal?"

After waiting for Hitomi's answer Yuki continues with her inquiry.

"Also do you think any of them would be willing to work cooperate and cover for each other when someone makes a mistake?"

Pata Hikari
October 28th, 2011, 02:49 PM
Yuki Tomoko

"One's blind, but I think it's a curse. So I think it's beyond what can be fixed though mundane or magical means." Hitomi shrugged, "Other than that they're healthy." Following that, Hitomi pulled herself up onto Yuki's shoulders. "As for the other question.. no idea!" She laughed, "They may be total flakes, all I know is that they have the potential."

October 28th, 2011, 07:10 PM
Yuki Tomoko

Merely nodding in response to Hitomi's first answer Yuki continued her preparation while Hitomi continued her response and replied.
“All I can do is wait until we meet and see if it's possible then, is there anything else that I should know about before I finish getting ready?”

Pata Hikari
October 28th, 2011, 07:38 PM
"Yeah!" Hitomi patted Yuki on the head, "Go rent Smash Brothers Brawl again."

October 28th, 2011, 08:34 PM
Yuki Tomoko

Grinning playfully Yuki replied while reaching above her “I'll do that when....” Gripping Hitomi by both of her shoulders and pulling her out in front of her “....You finally mange to beat me....”Carefully lowering the girl to the floor and released her grip on Hitomi”....Super Smash Brother Melee!” and walked past her stopping for a moment to gently ruffling the little girl's hair than instructed her “Take care of yourself Hitomi.” and left to finish getting ready.

Pata Hikari
October 28th, 2011, 08:37 PM
"Mou I'm no good at Melee!" Hitomi whined as Yuki left."

"....." Hitomi waited for a moment until she was sure Yuki was gone.

"Now then." She floated up. "Commedia and Tragedia, they're weak." She smiled, licking her lips. "The other three should be ready soon." She giggled and vanished.

October 29th, 2011, 09:24 PM
Every movement was, oh, so elegant. Even the mundane and ordinary was elevated to an art form under the guidance of her deft and nimble fingers. Pouring syrup, lancing a waffle with a fork, daintily cutting pieces with a knife... everything done with a faint, reserved smile that made her whole expression shine, as gorgeous red locks framed her face in a manner that managed to be both graceful and rakish. Were it anybody else, Lily would no doubt be feeling an immense envious rage, but not for Anna. Anna was... different. The younger girl wondered if a faint blush was coloring her face even as she lowered her gaze and tried to concentrate on her food. She lanced a waffle with a fork and began to cut off various dainty pieces with her own knife.

"Mom, Dad, Lily." Anna said quite suddenly. Her face had a wide smile on it and Lily felt her heart begin to race. Anna's unreserved smiles were rare treasures. She was definitely blushing now.

The knife moved back and forth.

Lily ignored what Dad said.

The knife moved back and forth.

Lily ignored everything until she saw the ring shining on her sister's finger.

Then the world seemed to stop.

Lily stared in horrified fascination at the resplendent gem

Those gathered at the table spoke, but their words were barely audible to Lily over the deafening sound of her own heartbeat.

Anger, love, betrayal, adoration, disappointment, hate, love, jealousy, horror, love.

The knife moved back and forth with a terrible screeching sound as Lily scraped it against the dish with such force that her arm slipped and toppled her glass of juice, spilling its contents all over the table and making it bounce so hard on the table that it fell to the floor, shattering in the process.


Lily still did not take her eyes off her sister, staring with wide eyes at the baleful gem on her ring finger. She pointed at it with a trembling finger and tried to cover her readily apparent gawk with a small hand.

"Aah! Aaah!" the red haired girl tried to say something but found, much to her surprise, that her tongue was tied and she couldn't vocalize her jumbled thoughts.

Finally, she found what to say.

"Excuse me!" she practically spat out, roughly standing from the table, toppling the chair behind her and rushing out of the dining room and to her room, slamming the door behind her.

Tears stung at her eyes as she leaped into her bed and grabbed the pillow in a death grip.

"Ara... I bet this bothers you." A new voice spoke behind her and she whirled around to look at it, moving so fast that her elaborately curled hair whipped around her face. A young girl was there dressed in a black frilly dress with long white gloves, and black leggings and shoes. Her hair was blond, tied into two girlish pigtails, tied off by black ribbons. Her eyes were a pale silver...

"Who the hell are you?! How did you get into my room?!" Lily screeched at the top of her lungs.

Pata Hikari
October 29th, 2011, 10:58 PM
Lilly Wright

"Oh dear, is that anyway to treat me?" if the girl was phased by Lilly screaming, she didn't show it. She suddenly vanished, only to reappear just a few inches away from Lilly. She poked Lilly on the forehead, "I know how to help you.. You want your dear sister all to yourself, no?"

October 30th, 2011, 09:49 AM
"Oh dear, is that anyway to treat me?" the blonde said in a completely unworried tone. Lily was about to throw the pillow at her in a rage and scream for help when the interloper suddenly vanished only to instantly reappear in front of her. Lily's scream, outrage and fear, caught in her throat as the other girl poked her in the forehead.

"I know how to help you... You want your dear sister all to yourself, no?"

For the second time in the morning, everything seemed to stop. Lily blinked, momentarily perplexed, as she ran the other girl's words through her mind one more time.

Help you.

Dear Sister.

All to yourself.

Lily gripped the pillow tighter against her as she warily regarded the blonde with no small amount of skepticism. How did she know that? How did she sneak into her room in the first place? No, more importantly, how did she do that freaky disappearing trick? Could she be...

"So, what? Are you like a ninja or something? Can you kill Ron for me? Is that how you're going to help me?" she snapped peevishly as tears stung at her eyes as she recalled the events of the dining room.

Pata Hikari
October 30th, 2011, 06:34 PM
"Killing him?" The girl looked disappointed. "If killing him would help, you could do it yourself. There are tons of ways." The girl vanished and reappeared on her dresser, kicking her legs back and forth. "No. Killing him would make things worse. Right now she is at the height of her love for him. Do you know what would happen if he died now? He would become a perfect being in her eyes. Her mind would have him as her love for the rest of her life." The girl giggled, "If you killed him, it would be the same as handing her over to him forever." The next instant she appeared sitting next to Lilly. "No, what you need to do is make her love you, and only you." She leaned close, whispering into Lilly's ear. "I can make her see only you. I can make her love you as you love her. I can show her exactly why you're the only one for her."

October 30th, 2011, 10:10 PM
"Killing him? If killing him would help, you could do it yourself. There are tons of ways."

Lily growled at the disappointed look and tone that the strange girl was giving her. First, she sneaks into her room and now she dares to judge her? Lily finally threw the pillow at the blonde but it missed once again due to the others disappearing trick, sailing through the air lazily to fall flat against the floor with a soft and pathetic thud. Lily growled once again and was about to launch herself from her position at the bed and at the irritating blonde's neck, now perched on the dresser, when her following words froze her blood.

"No. Killing him would make things worse."

Her eyes widened with dread and horror.


She was gawking again as the blonde pressed on with her argument and Lily could feel her dread growing with dizzying speed at every word. Each word was like a dagger at her heart, a needle in her eyes, a hammer to her stomach. Pain, practically physical, raced through her body, and her heart was beating like mad drums in her ears, so loud that it should almost drowned the blonde's words. Still, each terrible word was perfectly audible and inescapable. She wanted to scream and deny those horrible words, but she knew she could not.

Because the blonde girl was right.

The dead can do no harm.

Simply killing Ron off at this point would leave Anna out of her reach forever. A life were Anna would forever mourn the boy she was supposed to marry but never could? No! NO! Unacceptable! But, but... how to avoid it? If she did nothing they would end up together and she didn't want that! She didn't want that at all! Anna was hers, not his! HERS! Lily did not even notice when the blonde was next to her and giggling and whispering, soft words tickling at her ears.

"I can make her see only you. I can make her love you as you love her. I can show her exactly why you're the only one for her."

And the blonde looked at her expectantly and Lily only had one thing to say to the offer

"How?" she asked, her voice tremulous with both anxiety and excitement. "If this is how you said you could 'help' me, then how do you mean to manage it?"

Pata Hikari
October 30th, 2011, 10:57 PM
"I'm glad you asked." The girl's face broke into a broad smile. "Of the three, you have the greatest potential. So... I'll show you something special. A sneak peek, if you will." The girl snapped her fingers.

In an instant, everything changed. It was as if reality shattered around them. No longer were Lilly and the girl in her room.

It was a vast plain, seemingly made of clear crystal. Infinite stars danced beneath them, contained in the crystal world. Above them, trillions of images flashed all around them. The wind howled, caring infinite sounds upon them.

"The world you live in is but a mere fragment of the greater universe." The girl said. Many worlds and things beyond being called a mere 'world' exist." As she spoke, an image of her family appeared in front of Lilly. They were happily talking about the wedding. "From this higher realm, I can touch the spirit and mind of others. However, it takes a great ritual to draw out forbidden taboos, to bring things that she herself rejected before she even knew they existed." The image vanished. "It would be draining on me. I will not do such a thing for free, you will have to earn it. With that, they were both back in Lilly's room.

"Now then, Lilly-chan."A glowing crystal rose appeared in front of Lilly, "Take this, it is the mark of our contract. you do not have to accept it completely yet... come to the park at the intersection of 5th and Main, tonight at Ten O'Clock. You and the other two will learn exactly what I need."

October 31st, 2011, 11:20 AM
The broad smile that graced the blonde’s face unnerved Lily greatly but her words were far too appealing to dismiss or ignore. There was something off about the girl, showing up out of nowhere in her room, her creepy disappearing trick, and the way she seemed to know of her circumstances, but Lily still couldn’t bring herself to scream or bolt out of the room. The red-haired girl was focused on each word with rapt attention, eager to hear more about how this stranger could help her make Anna realize that only Lily would ever truly understand and love her without reservations.

“Of the three, you have the greatest potential. So... I'll show you something special. A sneak peek, if you will.”

‘Potential? Sneak peek? What is she talking about?’

Lily opened her mouth to speak but before she could vocalize these thoughts, however, the world around her shattered once again, literally this time. Fragments of what had been the walls of her room, her bed, her dresser, her stuffed toys, her study table and all the other pieces of furniture of her room danced through the air like shards of glass before crashing against the ‘floor’ of the endless crystal plain and smashing into a myriad, tiny, multicolored stars like the ones that surrounded her. Likely gaped once again, both in amazement and no small amount of fear as her eyes took in the bizarre crystal formations and the distorted images that danced beneath their surfaces.

This was much more than just a creepy disappearing trick!

The blonde spoke, explaining about the crystal world and alternate universes and stuff, and some small part of Lily’s mind noted her words and nodded listlessly as she heard them, but most of her thoughts were occupied with the images flashing below her and the strange place to which she had been transported rather than the mechanics of the world.

‘This… this is surreal! Is this magic? She can do magic?! Then, then… she can actually help me! This freak is for real!’

And then the world unshattered and they were back in her room.

Lily felt a slight chill despite the early morning warmth and could not help hugging herself to try and ward it off. The young girl’s mind was racing, her thoughts too fast, too varied, for her psyche to make sense of what had just transpired in the space of a few frantic minutes. Looking up with haunted eyes, arms still wrapped around herself, she walked haltingly to one of her room’s walls and tentatively touched it with one hand, amazed to find it solid and real once again. Then, as if the act of ascertaining her situation had become a foundation, in the end, one thought won out above all others from the jumble of her mind.

‘She can do magic! She can help me! She can make Anna love me like I love her!’

Lily turned around to face the blonde, an ecstatic look on her face, to find that the other girl held something strange in her hand and was offering it up to her.

A rose made from pale red crystal.

It was glowing.

"Now then, Lilly-chan," the blonde said in that same sing-song tone which set Lily’s teeth on edge, "Take this, it is the mark of our contract. You do not have to accept it completely yet... come to the park at the intersection of 5th and Main, tonight at Ten O'Clock. You and the other two will learn exactly what I need."

So she took it.

It was… strangely warm to the touch.

She held it close to her chest and looked up at the smiling blonde who had an expectant look on her pale silver eyes. It might be a meaningless action at this point, but the girl, which had previously been loud and rude, shifted the mask on and changed her attitude. After all, it wouldn’t do at all to be rude to someone who’s helping you, right?

“You, er… you haven’t told me your name yet, but you seem to know everything about me… and, uh… you said something about potential?” Her voice was polite and deferential, her eyes no longer angry. “And… and… you said that if I help you, you’ll help me, right? That’s what you mean by ‘our contract’, correct? So… what do I have to do? Just meet with you and these other people later today? That sounds rather simplistic for what you’re offering in return…”

Still, she hugged the crystal rose bloom tightly to her chest, pleased by its intricately carved petals.

It was beautiful and elegant.

Just like Anna and herself.

Pata Hikari
October 31st, 2011, 11:28 AM
"My name is Hitomi." The girl curtsied, and smiled. "Now now Lilly-chan... to answer those questions." A pair of glasses appeared on her, "First question. Your potential is in many ways, one of those is the ability to use magic. Few humans can do it, however even with that potential you need somebody to unlock it. Second, to put it in terms you can understand, what I'm doing now is a job interview. Tonight will be your first day at work, ne? Our contract hasn't been fully established yet, once it is your potential will awaken." The girl began to fade, "So just think about it, and show up tonight! I promise it'll be cool!"

And she was gone, leaving Lilly alone in her room.


"Lilly?" It was Anna at the door.

October 31st, 2011, 09:43 PM
'Magic... I'll be able to use magic too? And a job interview? So, I'll have to do a job for her to get her to help me? And something done late at night, far from home? I don't like the sound of this at all, but... but what she promises is too appealing to pass up.'

But before Lily could ask anything else, Hitomi disappeared leaving her alone with her thoughts and the strange glowing gem in the shape of a rose. The young girl could not help the small smile that graced her features as she heard those words. She looked at the resplendent rose gem held in her hands, its soft pulsing glow illuminating her features, and felt ecstatic at the new future full of promise that had just opened up before her when just a few minutes ago her whole world had seemed to be consumed by darkness. This gem, this contract, this 'job'... they were the keys by which her pure love would be realized!

Aaaah, she could see it already!




"AAaaah! Anna? Give me a minute!"

Rushing, she picked up the pillow she had thrown off the floor, tossing it back on the bed among the pile of stuffed animals. Frantically, she rushed to smooth out the covers even as she tossed the glowing gem in her nightstand's drawer before leaping into bed herself. She hugged the pillow to herself, let it go, smoothed out the covers, and once again hugged the pillow, every action fueled by frenzied desperation.

"It's open!" Lily called pleasently.

Pata Hikari
October 31st, 2011, 09:50 PM
"Hey there Lilly." Anna walked into the room, with quiet steps she approached Lilly's bed, sitting down next to her.

A gentle, concerned smile adorned Anna's face. "You feeling OK? You just left breakfast behind pretty fast."

October 31st, 2011, 10:08 PM
As Anna sat down, Lily hugged the pillow tighter, almost burying her face in it. That gentle smile was just too much!

"I... I'm okay!" she finally said once she calmed down a bit. She raised her head from her pillow and gave Anna a bright smile. "I'm tough, you know? I was just a little bit startled, that's all. I never, never expected Ron to actually propose... But I'm very happy for you!"


If it weren't because of Hitomi's words she would already be planning how to make it look like an accident. But the ring of truth of those dreadful words had stopped her murderous fantasies short. Now she had something better.

"I... I don't really like Ron much, you know? I don't keep any secrets from you so you're probably sick of hearing me complain about him, Annie... but if you're happy, then I'm happy. Because I love you more than anyone else, so if you're happy with Ron, then I'm perfectly happy for you!"

'Except he won't make you happy. Only I can do that. Why can't you see?'

Pata Hikari
October 31st, 2011, 10:15 PM
Anna grabbed Lilly and pulled her into a hug. "I'm glad you understand. Ron likes you, you know?" She giggled as she remembered how Ron and Lilly had first met. "He's going to be family soon.... But remember this." She kissed Lilly on the forehead, "I'll always be your big sister." She stood up, gave a cheerful wave, and left the room.

October 31st, 2011, 11:58 PM
Leto Wright

So, she thought, 5th and Main at ten. She could do that. However, she quickly ran into a problem: she had no clue what time it was. It's funny, how much you rely on sight. Even with her... echolocation, was the best term that she had to describe it, she still ran into problems. What tells time? Clocks, watches, phones or computers. All of them are behind glass, or projected on a display. When you can only look at surfaces, none of those are helpful. Leto realized that she was eventually going to have to spend some money on a watch without glass, hands exposed somehow. But, that was the future. Now she had to figure out how to get there on time.

She managed to work out a solution to that. As she was blind, or at least to the world, she had mostly spent her last few days listening to music. So, she just asked one of the nurses to tell her when it was 9 PM, so that she could go to sleep. Hours came and went, lost in abstract soundscapes...

And then, it was time. The nurse poked her head in the door, informing her of the time. Leto thanked her, and watched her retreat from the door. But of course, going to sleep wasn't in the cards. She instead rummaged around in a chest of drawers in the room, finding a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, and a light vest. Throwing on a pair of sunglasses, she slipped out of the window, into the night.

November 1st, 2011, 11:05 AM
The cool poise and elegance that Anna regularly conducted herself with only ever faltered around Lily and scant few others, she knew. It was one of the reasons that she loved her so much, being one of the few people who ever saw this warm and affectionate side of her. She was friendly, to be certain, but she always had an unreachable air to her, a guarded side that she only ever let down around a select few persons. So, being one of these exceptions, the sudden hug did not catch the young girl by surprise at all. Still, she blushed furiously and buried her face in the young woman’s shoulder, letting herself be held and holding the other in return, her slender arms wrapping around her sister’s waist gently.

"I'm glad you understand. Ron likes you, you know?"

Her grip tightened ever so slightly and her eyes, hidden from view as they were, hardened, sparkling coldly and menacingly, like rubies. But, aside from that, her anger was not reflected on her face at all. Years of mimicking Anna had taught Lily to always remain pleasant, charming and, most of all, elegant in front of her adored sister. The only witnesses of the true face behind the mask were her stuffed animals and they would undoubtedly keep their silence. But, beneath the cool mask, the young girl was raging.

‘No, I don’t understand! I could never understand! He’s wrong for you! Wrong! But don’t worry… I’ve found someone who can help us… Soon, Annie… I’ll free you soon. ’

The younger redhead’s increasingly dark thoughts were derailed by Anna’s soft giggle, clear like silver bells. That beautiful, reserved yet honest laughter eased all her burdens, freed her from anger. It made her heartbeat race once more, until she was sure it was just about to burst out of her chest from all the love she had for her older sister. Lily was so distracted by it that she didn’t even listen to Anna’s next words until the older girl had pushed herself slightly apart and kissed her on the forehead.

“I’ll always be your big sister.”

Lily just stood there paralyzed, blushing harder than ever before, her face almost as red as he hair, as Anna stood up, waved and left, her footsteps soft, and yet purposeful, graceful and yet firm.

As soon as the door closed behind Anna, Lily emitted a high pitched noise, like a teakettle boiling over, and toppled lifelessly into her bed, causing various stuffed animals to fall off the edges and unto the floor. She grabbed her pillow, hugged it tightly, and kicked her feet in the air over and over sending what few stuffed animals hadn’t fallen down flying, even as she drowned her happy squeals into her pillow. When her glee had finally subsided, she was left breathing heavily, almost as if she had just finished an hour at the fencing school. Still, her face was stuck in a smile as she searched her nightstand for her alarm clock, setting it to ring at eight thirty p.m. Her preparations finished, she opened the drawer and dug out the glowing rose gem, once again becoming entranced by its intricate beauty

She smiled.

If anyone could have seen that smile illuminated by the red gem's glow, they would have recoiled at the sight of it.

‘I’ll save you, Annie. I’ll make you truly happy. Forever and ever. Just you wait.’

Pata Hikari
November 1st, 2011, 02:36 PM
The Park

There was no moon out tonight.

Only the dim streetlights and the stars lit the way.

A what appeared to be a young girl waited in the park. She watched the dark streets intently. Waiting for the four girls she knew would help her.

The clock struck Ten, and Hitomi smiled.

They'd be here soon.

November 4th, 2011, 07:00 PM
Leto Wright

Leto had read books on astronauts, on the Apollo missions. She had heard from those that the most interesting feature of the moon was not the landscape, but the sky. She knew what they meant now. The sky was empty. No stars, no clouds... to Leto, it was a utterly black void, devoid of features, black void, hanging over the fragile earth. It's strange, she thought, to see an empty sky. Very.... very isolating.

She eventually managed to find her way to the park, her inability to read any street signs proving to not be as great a difficulty as she thought it might. That strange girl was there, of course. "I don't think I ever got your name."

November 7th, 2011, 01:02 AM
Yuki Tomoko

Arriving at the edge of the park Yuki stopped for a moment before spotting Hitomi and moving toward the being whose appearance resembled a young girl her path lit only by dim lamps and starlight while contemplating what the black moon foretold about the fate of those who met under it. Wishing that her soon to be comrades fates would end happily.

November 7th, 2011, 04:29 PM
Slipping out of the house had been simple. Her parents gave her free rein to do as she pleased so all she had to do was lie and tell them that she’d be watching a movie at a friend’s house and returning late. They didn’t ask her any further questions, only wishing her to have fun and to be careful with vapid smiles on their faces. So, Lily had taken a shower, changed her clothes, and packed the beautiful rose gem into her purse. The young girl was almost out the door before she stopped, returned to her room and, finally, tossed a small can of pepper spray into her purse as well. She left without looking back.

Even if Lily really, really wanted to believe in what this meeting with the weirdo Hitomi could provide, that didn’t mean she couldn’t take some small precautions.

Because, seriously, the idea of meeting a group of strangers in a park, late at night, alone, when one of them was a freaky magician was rather on the creepy side of things.

‘Oh, the things I do for love.’

The bus ride was boring and uneventful, which was a positive sign in her mind. Still, she was feeling rather jittery and nervous as she made her way through the dimly lit park. There was no moon out, the sky being overcast, and her path was lit only by weakly pulsing street lamps and whatever faint starlight made its way through the shadowed sky.

‘Totally not creepy at all,’ Lily thought as she removed the small tube of pepper spray from her purse and grasped it tightly, concealing it in a dainty hand.

Her steps were brisk, partly unease and partly the desire to get this over with quickly so that Hitomi could uphold her end of the bargain. She arrived on the dot, as was proper, only to find that two others were already there along with the infuriating blonde that held the key to saving Anna from a future rife with disappointment. Still, they were so far that Lily couldn’t immediately tell their features in the dim lighting until she got closer and when she did, the young redhead let out a small gasp of unfelt surprise and she quickly hid the small tube in her purse again, slowing down her pace as the mask promptly fastened itself and her attitude shifted.

“Oh my, is that you, Leto? What a pleasant surprise. I haven’t seen you in a while,” Lily said in a soft and slightly cheery tone as she approached the small group with unhurried steps. Promptly she was besides Leto and then, quite suddenly, she embraced the slightly older girl in a brief hug and then deftly hid behind her, placing her cousin between Hitomi, the stranger and herself. “Who’s you friend, Leto? It’s only polite to introduce us, you know?”

November 7th, 2011, 04:52 PM
Cassie Blake

The day had been mentally exhausting. Seeing her friend's cold lifeless body. Meeting Hitomi. Finding out about those monsters. The monsters that killed. She couldn't forgive them. She wouldn't. Cassie stared at the bullet in her hand.

Cassie owed it to herself to find out more. This was one of the moment's everyone talks about. A life changing opportunities that when wasted people regret forever. When Cassie went to ask her parents if she could go out for a walk they agreed immediately once she she it'd "make her feel better." It didn't feel right lying to her parents like that when they were so worried about her. It wasn't like she could tell them about Hitomi unless she wanted to spend the next few years in therapy.

By the time she arrived four girls were already there. One of them was Hitomi but she didn't recognize any of the others. Two of them were conversing. Aah, it really was dark out. Now that she was here she kind of felt like running away. She took a deep breath to calm herself.

In for a penny in for a pound....

Pata Hikari
November 7th, 2011, 05:55 PM
Hitomi smiled, they were all here.

"Lucky! All three showed up! Isn't that great Yuki-chan!" She giggled, "Now then... let's all introduce ourselves, ne?"

November 7th, 2011, 08:45 PM
Leto Wright

“Oh my, is that you, Leto? What a pleasant surprise. I haven’t seen you in a while,” Lily said in a soft and slightly cheery tone as she approached the small group with unhurried steps.

"Nice to see you too, Lily." Wait, thought Leto, what was going on? Lily? What was she doing here? Magic, she could believe. But, cousin? Her mind also wandered to something slightly unrelated: people's eyes were quite strange when you couldn't see anything in them. No pupil, no iris... just glass orbs. It was profoundly unsettling.

Promptly she was besides Leto and then, quite suddenly, she embraced the slightly older girl in a brief hug and then deftly hid behind her, placing her cousin between Hitomi, the stranger and herself. “Who’s you friend, Leto? It’s only polite to introduce us, you know?”

"To be honest Lily, I never got her name. That's probably a good place to start."

November 8th, 2011, 06:26 PM
'Eeeh? You don't know who they are? You're so useless!'

But she doesn't actually say that.

"Oh, is that so? So they're no friends of yours then?" Lily asked while pouting slightly, her voice giving no further indication of her thoughts other than a slight hint of disappointment. Still mostly hiding behind Leto, Lily took the opportunity to look at those that had gathered under the moonless sky. There was her cousin, Leto, and the irritating freak, Hitomi, with her disturbing pale silver eyes, but the other two were complete strangers. A mousy looking girl with brown hair and glasses as well as an older looking blonde with kind eyes were the others she could make out, illuminated by the dim lighting at their gathering spot.

Both so drab and completely plain in comparison to Anna.

'So they're the other people that Hitomi has hired for this job of hers, hm? They don't look reliable at all!'

She took a moment to examine them more closely and scowled a little as she realized that they were all in casual clothes so she couldn't tell which school they went to. Did they commute along her usual route or did they live further away? Still, it wasn't like it mattered at all in the end. With Leto being present there was really only one way left to act.

Holding on to Leto's arm with one hand, Lily stepped out slightly from behind the other girl, lifting the corner of her scarlet skirt ever so slightly as she did a small curtsy while smiling softly. It might be a little over the top, but better safe than sorry.

"Good evening, how do you do? My name's Lily, like the flower, not short for Lillian. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance." She let that hang in the air for a moment before holding unto Leto again. "I assume that you're the others that Hitomi brought along for this 'job' she spoke of?"

If they weren't she could still push Leto and run screaming for help.

November 10th, 2011, 11:36 PM
Cassie Blake

Hitomi seemed to be know of this Yukichan before this meeting. The other two however seemed to have only recently met Hitomi like Cassie. Well, she was sure Hitomi was going to explain everything soon enough. That's why she had them all gathered here tonight for right?

The redhaired girl introduced herself as Lily in an elegant manner. She curtsied rather gracefully like she had seen quite a few times on TV. It was quite rare for someone to introduce them self with a curtsy. Cassie wondered if Lily was from a rich family that demanded her to act like a 'proper lady'. She'd never seen a scenario like that in real life but she was not well acquainted with any rich kid. Aah, she was making herself nervous.

"Nice to meet you Lily..." Cassie replied. "My name is Cassie. Yes I'm one of the people Hitomi had asked help from."

November 11th, 2011, 08:05 PM
Yuki Tomoko

So these were the three girls who Hitomi had found for “help”, the one closest to Yuki was Cassie who had brown hair and wore glasses. In addition to her was someone else whose facial features Yuki couldn't see clearly except that her hair was brown and was wearing a pair of glasses, standing slightly to her was a redhead whose courteous greeting and graceful manners meant she was probably from a rich or influential family.

Bowing politely Yuki cheerfully replied“ I'm called Yuki and it's a pleasure to meet you Cassie, Lily...”Addressing the unnamed third girl “and Miss... ?”

November 13th, 2011, 07:30 PM
Leto Wright

Bowing politely Yuki cheerfully replied“ I'm called Yuki and it's a pleasure to meet you Cassie, Lily...”Addressing the unnamed third girl “and Miss... ?”

"Leto. Nice to meet you also."