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November 8th, 2011, 05:33 PM
Shizouka - PGG Headquarters
January 6, 05:41 PM

"We've waited long enough. It's time for the PGG to expand...!" The vice-president of the PanzerGrouppe Ginjou, announced. "Prepare the tanks... We are invading Nigata."

Ever since he ascended to power, he had been this way. A man who desired power more than anything, and who could not ignore a chance to obtain more of it. Truth was that the PGG's influence had risen considerably after the battle of Sekigahara. They were forced to retreat in the end, yes, but they still possessed a weapon no other faction had. An artifact capable of granting the ability to see what should not be seen, and to control what should not be controlled.

It was a tainted machine that allowed men to tame demons.

However, the PGG made one mistake. When they crossed the forbidden path, they left the undeniable proof of their deed, they left footprints. A genius would be needed to create the Demon Summoning Program anew, yet...


---Walking the same path did never cross their minds.

The operator quickly approached the console and began typing like a madman. But it was too late. The system had already been infected, disabling all commands and leaving the person in charge completely powerless.

"Sir...! Someone has breached the system...! I... I can't do anything!"

---Instead they would take a shortcut, and steal their findings.

As Vice-President Murata scolded the operator in rage, the entire organization could do nothing but watch how their secret files got distributed all around Japan. This would be the beginning.

The beginning of a new age.

Shin Megami Tensei: Darkness Conqueror
A Daibanchou: Big Bang Age x SMT Roleplay.

(This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to reality is pure coincidence)

William Levilius (Erlkonig)
Toukyou - Seijou Academy

You did not like this place much.

The school had people you could talk to, books you could read and many places for you to find a moment of peace. Yet, even though it seemed like an average school at first glance, you could tell.

There was definitely something wrong with it.

And that something bothered you to no end. Because of the values you inherited from your parents, the injustice present in this school was something you could not acknowledge, it was incompatible with your very soul.

Japanese Schools were no longer what they used to be. After the Hell Hole appeared and people from all over the country started developing supernatural powers, there was a need to regulate all areas of the community so chaos would not fall upon them. Among them was education. For this purpose, the Student Union assigned Banchous, powerful and trustworthy individuals with special abilities, to each school, to make sure that order would not be lost.

With time, the Student Union lost the influence it used to have, and the ones in charge of the educational establishments became corrupted, poisoned and blinded by the fever of power. Each school turned into a monarchy, where those who would not serve their leader would suffer the consequences.

This did not apply to every single school, but it sure did apply to yours. Girls getting raped at the age of sixteen, students disappearing for weeks only to be confirmed death after a while. It had taken you quite some time to realize what was happening behind the scenes. Such acts were unforgivable. And today...

Today you convinced yourself to do something about it.

As to mark that fateful event, for the first time in ages, you were late. To make it short, you bumped into a familiar old man along the way, and decided to help him carry some heavy bags back to his house. As a result, you arrived at Seijou almost half an hour late.

Seeing as it would be impolite to interrupt class at a critical moment, you slowly approached your classroom. As you did, you overheard an argument. It didn't sound like a class lesson, more like...

"You want some more, punk, huh...?!"


---A fight.

Adrenaline pumped through your body. Your blood boiled, and the next thing you knew, you were next to the classroom door. Only one thing interrupted your movement...

"That'd be enough.

You have up to three to get the fuck out of here... Three!"


It came as fast as lightning. An executive flew through the door you were standing next to and landed, unconscious, on the middle of the school hall. Whoever hit him... Was sure strong. To take down an executive like that...

You were curious as to what happened, but it seemed you had other stuff to deal with first.

"Hey... You!"

You were officially a person in the wrong place at the wrong time. With what seemed to be a corpse next to you, the near-by executive did not even bother investigating what had really happened, and instead, charged towards you at great speeds, with an unsheathed katana on hand...!

Well, if it wasn't the moment you were waiting for...!

Karakuri Tetsuo (Froggie)
Abashiri - Outside Beast's Lair

Abashiri had always been this cold.

During winter seasons, snow would pile up no matter what. Eleven years ago, after the Hell Hole appeared for the first time; however, the weather began to get worse. Blizzards that did never end, winter that was never left behind. Life became tough in the region, and so not many people lived there.

If you came to visit Abashiri, it meant one of two things. You were either a courageous traveler, looking for a good cup of beer and a place to spend the night; or you were a convict, condemned to spend the rest of your life in Beast's Lair, a prison that no one had ever escaped before.

You, Karakuri Tetsuo, were neither a prisoner nor a courageous traveler. You did not feel cold either. You were a machine programmed to protect your Master from all dangers. Two days ago, you had failed, and Hitomi Nakamura was taken captive by the vampires. Your priority was to rescue this person, no matter the cost to your body or to the environment. Today you were here to save Hitomi Nakamura from the danger that surrounded her and threatened to take the life away from her.

You scanned the prison from the distance. Surprisingly, the security was not tight. In fact, there was just one guard standing next to the electric fence, and from the looks of it, he was unarmed. Vampires did not like technology and so they relied on their natural powers to do the job for them. If one thing was for sure, it was that whatever kept people from escaping was inside the pris-

An unfamiliar sensation assaulted your entire body, forcing you to kneel down. Maybe if you were human, you could call it 'pain'. In a matter of seconds, you identified the cause of said problem. Someone had hacked into your system and installed an application called 'Demon Summoning Program'. You had no records of this file and whenever you tried to delete it, you found yourself unable to do so. As your senses returned to normal, you decided to keep up with your mission and handle the unknown file later.

Minutes later, you were right next to the Beast's Lair entrance. An angry vampire approached the other side of the fence, and gave you a menacing glare.

"Came here to die, you piece of shit?"

Nakamura Hitomi (Airen)
Abashiri - Beast's Lair

Your situation was not the best.

Well, to be honest, this was the worst possible scenario you could be in. After investigating Transylvania hoping to find clues about your brother's whereabouts, the vampires realized that you had been there and signaled you as a potential enemy. Once they had found you, capturing you was easy. While they did not have the surprise factor on their side, they quickly overwhelmed you because of the difference in numbers. You were separated from Tetsuo and brought here, to Beast's Lair.

The fact that you had not been infected suggests that they were not planning to turn you into a vampire. Why did they keep people here? That question had just been answered a day ago by your cellmate, Maiku. Basically, you were being kept here as entertainment. Most captives were infected, and after suffering for days, they either became vampires or died miserably. As for those who did not carry the virus within themselves...

They were forced to fight for their freedom.

Each month, a selected few would be summoned to the arena, in order to participate in a duel to the death. Were one to defeat the three opponents one was pitted against, that person would be set free. Up to the present day, no one had been able to get past the first combatant, Isabella von Wissenkreuz. Your fate would probably be no different.

"You know, I promised her we would watch the sakura trees together."

*Cough* *Cough*

Maiku's condition had worsened considerably during the past few hours. It was clear to you that he didn't have much time left. Still, he decided to share his dream with you. He talked to you about his wife, and what they would do together once he escaped from this cursed place. The vampiric infection made him more delusional, and sometimes what he said did not make sense.

"I... I'll escape today... Yes... Wait for me... Sa... Sa..."

Before you could check how high his fever was, a vampire unlocked cell door and gestured you to come out. Obediently, you did so. The time for the duel had come. But maybe you could do something to avoid it. As you followed the vampire through Beast's Lair complicated layout, you noticed a few things. First, he was looking forward; and second, he was not carrying anything that could be used as a weapon. With your experience, you could take him out easily...

The question would be what to do after that.

King (RacingeR) - Jonathan (Morm)
Nigata - Hikarizaka Academy

You had waited enough.

Now, it was time for your conquest to begin. You had everything you needed to do so. You were powerful, and so were a few of your subordinates. What the others did not have in strength, they made up in numbers. Every one of them was loyal to you and would give their life for you if needed be. Your starting conditions could not be better, King.

The streets of Nigata were practically under the control of your gang. Hikarizaka Academy was the last pillar remaining. On one hand, the advantage, in all senses of the word, was yours. On the other, however, they knew you were coming after them and so their defenses had been strengthened beforehand.

Jonathan, you honestly did not know if this act would drive you closer to that which you seek. But you trusted King, and so you were willing to follow him. Together you will rise and together you will fall, if that unfortunate moment were to come. For now, you can only do one thing.



The first floor was literally a mess. Students were fighting everywhere, using anything they could find as their weapons, from desks to shards of broken glass. Indeed, the first floor was the main battleground. But neither of you belonged there. The true battle awaited for you on higher floors. After all, if you cut the head off, the body will stop moving.

You both made your way up the stairs, getting rid of all enemies that stood in your way. However, as Jonathan got to the second floor, he found himself unable to advance any further. There was a powerful enemy blocking his way. She had jumped down from the third floor as soon as King made it there, separating the two friends.


The girl said nothing, instead flipping her long black hair back in a stylish motion. Her eyes closed for a slip of a second, and the moment she opened them again, you knew she was going to fight for serious. But could you do the same? Could you fight to kill, when the one on the other side of the table is a fourteen year old girl?

---Maybe you won't live long enough to find out.

One instant, the girl was standing there, motionless. The next, she had already fired a bazooka at you.

With little time to react, you could only hope to reduce damage as much as possible...!


There was an explosion on the floor below. Your right-hand man, Jonathan had initiated combat already. You did not know if the detonation was a sign of him getting killed or just him beating the hell out of his opponent. Either way, you had more important things to take care of. After all, the one in front of you was the one and only leader of the Hikarizaka Academy...



---Was this for real?

The guy in front of you did not look strong at all. He didn't look any better than those fighting on the first floor. Maybe he was just a fake, and the real Banchou was waiting for you at the rooftop? You hoped that would be so.

Fortunately, the guy was not using rice to attack you... Yet. He was holding a portable console, one you recognized instantly for its fame. It was a COMPstation. He was aiming it at you, as if he was holding a gun. What was he going to do with that? Send you a Private Message, maybe?


---You couldn't be farther from the truth.

You had reacted just in time, and dodged to the side. Some kind of electric attack had landed in the place you had been previously standing, leaving burn marks on that part of the floor. As you turned to look at your opponent, he was already gone. He probably went up the stairs.

No, you were not alone.

You could feel another presence. The enemy you were fighting... Seemed to be invisible. As soon as you recovered your stance, another lightning was shot at you...!

Gabriel Levilius (Zlol)
Koube - Lullaby Port

How did it turn out like this?

It would seem the answer to that question was 'stubbornness'. You had been searching for information on your brothers whereabouts, and according to the information that you had retrieved, Igarashi Koumi, Banchou of Koube knew something about the topic in question. With this in mind, you had decided to pay her a little visit.

Things did not go smooth as you had previously planned, as you were forced into a fight the minute you approached Koube's base, located in the port. As a result, you were now being considered an invader, and so you were under attack. You could tell there was at least one sniper in the warehouses up ahead. Then you had several ground troops that, armed to the teeth, were ready to take you down. Luckily, the port had lots of places you could hide, and the big boxes placed there acted as obstacles for the gunmen.

Your biggest disadvantage here was your range: Your main weapon was a sword. Ranged attacks with it were possible, but you'd feel drained as a result. At the rate things are going, you better save those attacks for their boss. The best thing to do in that scenario was to quickly take your enemies down, silently, like an assassin, and slowly advance until you reach the warehouse. Exposing your position would prove to be a mistake, as you'd soon find yourself getting shot from every possible direction.

Well, in truth, you were stubborn enough to try out such a thing.

Whatever it might be, your time for thinking was already up. Hidding behind a big, wooden box, you tightened your grip on the blessed blade. You could hear their footsteps already. And then they stopped. You could feel it.

Right on the other side, two soldiers were searching for your ass. And they were, indeed, quite close to accomplishing it.

Decay (Satehi)
Tottori - In the Middle of the Desert

You had finally found peace.

In the confines of the desert, you were sure that the PGG would not even bother to come after you. What's more, the place seemed to suit you just fine. Here, there was nothing. And so nothing could be destroyed. The sand would still be sand and the sun would still burn as hot as it did before.

But still, something bothered you.

It brought back memories. Memories of the days you lived as an hermit. Did you really want to go back to that? The desert had nothing. And so nothing could be destroyed. But at the same time, there was nothing for you to do. Here you could do nothing but prove that your power was just meant to destroy.


You instinctively threw yourself behind a sand rune. What you just saw just was definitely...

---A PGG convoy.

Did that mean they had found you? Impossible, you made sure to cover your tracks. Then what were they doing here? Tottori was under their control yes, but it usually acted as an independent nation. It was rare to see actual PGG troops around there.

You decided to take a look.

One, two, three, six vehicles. Fully equipped with the last technology available, these were something more than tanks. This... This was a special squad known as Schwarzwelt. This was no trivial matter. As you watched them advance from the distance, you felt a strange feeling in your chest... But you were able to recognize the sensation. It was called 'excitement' and it was something you had not felt in a very long time.

And you would soon receive a shot of adrenaline.


The main vehicle released a missile... And it was coming right towards you...!

You quickly jumped to the side, only to realize that the missile was not really aimed towards you, but to a near-by flying object. A helicopter, one you had not noticed until now...!


The tail of the helicopter got hit, and immediately after that, the vehicle began to lose control, until it eventually crashed against the hot sand. Seeing as it was not really far from you actual location, you decided to check if there were any survivors.

Because it was strange. Out of all the existing factions, the only one with military technology was the PGG. Did that mean members of the PGG was attacking each other? It just didn't make sense.

*Thud* *Thud* *Thud*

The helicopter was right in front of you now. Someone was trying to bust the door open from the inside, to no success. The impact from the accident must have messed up the locks. There was at least one survivor, but...

You could hear the convoy getting closer. If they found you, maybe they'd take you back to your cell in Shizouka. You didn't want that. On the other hand, escaping would mean letting those people to their own fates.

You had to make a decision. And it had to be fast.

Lunatic (KnightTurtle)
Aomory - Outskirts

Why were you here?

You were here because of adventure. And because you did not have anything better to do, really. The name of the game, if it could be considered one, was Treasure Hunt. During your stay in Nigata, roughly a week ago, a mysterious old man had given you a map, as a token of thanks for feeding him and his birds -You did it more for the birds than for the half-dead guy, obviously-.

You gave the map another look. There was a big cross that marked the location of the treasure chest. Next to it, you could read the word 'Transylvania'. Indeed, you knew that was probably the last place a traveler would want to visit, but what the hell, you were already somewhat crazy, and you didn't give a damn about vampires.

So, to get there, first you needed to go through Aomory. Then, some kind of boat would be necessary, as your destination was located in an island, separated from Japan. You had not solved that issue yet, but you figured you'd come up with something when the time came.

Aomory... Looked like a big farm taken straight from the middle ages. No buildings, no technology, no asphalt. Just... A somewhat big rural community. It had rained recently, so you were constantly trying to avoid mud, as it would be a shame to dirty the expensive outfit you were wearing. One you probably stole from somewhere, sometime ago.


And then you noticed. You were not alone. There was a girl on the middle of the road. Standing there, alone, motionless, looking down. If you had to compare her to anything, she honestly seemed like a doll. Maybe a robot, with its power switch turned off?

As awkward as it seemed, there was no other way to advance. You gathered inner strength and approached her. The only thing you needed to do was to walk past her. As you got closer and closer, you made sure to gave a fake smile, just to be sure you'd not give a bad impression. The frozen girl was holding something akin to a mace, and you definitely did not want to be hit by one of those.

However, the second you passed by her, her eyes shone red for an instant, and the next thing you knew, you were jumping to the side in a desperate motion to avoid a sudden attack. Sadly, the place where you landed was covered in mud, and so your hands and clothes got covered in it.


She had missed. Displeased, the girl lifted up his mace and charged at you once again, like a machine that never learns.

Alaya Shiki (Fangstrike) - Raquel Casull (Yun)
Yokohama - Dark Alley

This was fate.

Clearly, the second your eyes met, you realized you were here for the very same reason. To stop an unjust act. Your personal background did not matter, nor did your personalities. Without the need for words, you understood you'd be cooperating.

The events that you had witnessed just a few minutes ago were part of a serious case of bullying. Nearly a dozen boys were beating a kid to a pulp. It was a sure thing that after they did so, they would leave him there, to die. All because he was a 'monster'. That's how they were calling him.

The Hell Hole brought many bad things with it. This was one of them. How could the nation hope to be one again, when two people did not learn to accept their differences and stand up together? It was a shame, really, that people looked down on others without watching themselves at the mirror first. Because if we compared, it would be clear who is the real monster.

*Pow* *Crash* *Bam*

Your bodies acted on their own. You did not know each other, but your movements were graceful and well-timed. If someone took out the violence present in your dance, there would be only harmony. In three seconds, you both had knocked out the entire gang. Those who managed to stay conscious ran away, leaving a threatening message on their way out of the alley:

"You'll regret this. You'll fucking regret this!"

The kid was all that mattered, really. And his condition was not the best, really. Maybe it would be best if you took him to the nearest hospital. Otherwise, he might not make it back home alive.

Marcus Damion (Xaldin)
Yezo - Forest Near the Village

*Huff* *Huff* *Pant* *Pant*

It was not you who was running. No, in your condition, you'd never be able to do such a thing. Yet, as if your senses had been mysteriously enhanced, you could hear it. It was the sound...

It was the sound of someone being chased.

Living in Yezo, you did not need to think twice to come to the obvious conclusion: The vampires were on hunt today, just like the days that came before. The Banchou of Yezo apparently made a deal with the Nightmare Eyes to slow down the attacks on her tribe, but even so... Hundreds are killed or turned into vampires each day. At this rate, by the end of the incoming month, there'll be no humans remaining on the North side of the island.

You clearly did not have the strength to change things on your own, but you did always do what you could to protect the things precious to you. Besides, you were mentally incapable to leave one of your own to die. Yes, there was no hesitation in your eyes when you stepped in, carefully aimed your weapon at the savage bloodsucker and pulled the trigger.

Only that what came out of that arm cannon of yours was not a bullet. It was flame.

With a terrible scream, the vampire was quickly incinerated, vanishing from this world, doomed to never return. It was a sad thought that this beast had been once a pure human being. The virus of vampirism shows the hidden nature of us all, exposing the darkness in our heart for all to see.

On the floor, the victim of this cruel, a young girl about half your age, laid. She tried to stand up on her own, but found herself unable to.


She would have fallen once more if you had not been there to prevent it. But this was not the place nor the time for a romantic encounter -Not to mention you were a little old for her- as you found yourself surrounded by enemy forces. Without the need to count, you concluded there were at least twenty vampires there.

Clouded, your future was.

Revy (Milbunk)
Ika - Ninja Academy

A misunderstanding turned into a big mess.

In front of you, the entire ninja forces kneeling down in respect. Next to you, Watari Hanzou, leader of said forces, and Aoi Gamon, his right hand man. And you were... uh... Dressed like a ninja girl? No, not those outfits that let men see more skin than they should, but a completely black set on ninja clothes, mask included.

So, to clear things up, who were you? The truth was, you were Revillia de Ranaldo, a twelve-year old girl that had awakened an unique special ability some time after the appearance of the Hell Hole. That was the truth. But reality and what these people believed you to be differed greatly. For them you were Revy-Sama, legendary Kunoichi with a power rivaling that of Hanzou-sama, their boss.

Who knows where the real Revy-sama was, but you were accidentally mistook for her, and now it was a little too late to back off. They'd probably get you killed if you did that. Just when you were starting to wonder what actually could go wrong, Gamon made an announcement, as if to answer your doubts.

"Very well, Revy-Sama... Maki-san, please proceed to the arena for the exhibition match."

As you were forced to do so, you began to learn what the real Revy was was supposed to do. In a nutshell, she had promised a friendly match against one of her fellow Kunoichis, Muroi Maki, in order to show the ninja trainees how fighting was done. Something that should not have been a problem, considering the power gap between the two.

But you were not the legendary Revy, nor were you as powerful as her. In this battle you were as good as dead. Maybe you could survive one or two minutes, considering it was supposed to be a friendly fight? As those thoughts assaulted your head, you realized the match was about to begin.

"Sentou Kaishi...! (Begin...!)"

In a flash, the mature girl standing a few meters from you disappeared from view. Analyzing your surroundings, you quickly found out that she had jumped high into the air. With a swift motion, she threw three kunai at you, each aimed at a vital spot. Clearly, she was not going to hold back.

You did not know how to use ninja weapons... But you still had your sword. With that item under your possession, you could at least fight back...!

November 8th, 2011, 06:47 PM
Nigata - Hikarizaka Academy

One instant, the girl was standing there, motionless. The next, she had already fired a bazooka at you.

With little time to react, you could only hope to reduce damage as much as possible...!


The battle roared around me, King's army was slowly but surely making its merry warpath up into the school, I was the vanguard, and so, I will defeat any enemy set before me. The fact that the enemy was a girl was no matter, no matter the enemy, I would defeat them. But, I had to remember King's orders, capture.

Shaking free of internal monologue, I gazed at my opponent, Now where was I..

Then, she shot a missile at me. What.

I blinked, after all, getting a missile shot at your face by a girl who could hardly be fourteen was rather alarming. I had only an instant to react, and I utilized the precious time with the utmost care, I shifted my posture to a charging position, to be ready to charge my opponent and then, I activated it.

My B-Ability, it enhanced my already unnaturally durable body tenfold, my body became steel, It took a special kind of power to hurt me in this form, and under the weight of my newly metallic body, the floor groaned. I tensed readying myself both for the missile and my counteroffensive, and then, the missile was upon me.

November 8th, 2011, 07:39 PM
William Levilius (Erlkonig)
Toukyou - Seijou Academy

William's eyes widened as the Executive hit the hallway wall. "Damn, are you alrig-!?" William stopped his sentence, turning around as he saw the form of another executive unsheathing his katana. "Damn-!" He dropped his bag, fists clenched, as the executive leaped towards him. He didn't even ask! How can he!? What if he accidentally injures a student!? This... Perhaps he might listen to reason.

However, no time to make him reason now. The executive was coming at him with lethal intent, and William was left with no choice but to defend himself. As he reared his legs back, memories of a past event flashed through his mind, and he grit his teeth.

"DAMN IT, YOU'RE JUST A KIIIIID!" The pilot yelled as the Tank's guns roared, turning the ground into splinters.

If he had been able to survive that--

William leapt forward, and he focused on his B-Power. A vast, very vast reserve of power, that ebbed and flowed like a tide inside his mind. He willed it forward, and it surged from his body in an eruption of B-Power, that cracked the very ground below him. The hallway was enveloped in blue light as he leaped forwards, arm held forwards. Immediately, the arm glowed white, and a giant sword appeared on his right hand. He spun in mid-air, driving the sword towards the Executive's katana, aiming to lock blades.

Now, over the sound of the battle, he yelled- "This isn't what it looks like!" He knew it sounded very unconvincing, but it was the first thing that had come to mind.

November 8th, 2011, 08:23 PM
Gabriel Levilius (Zlol)
Koube - Lullaby Port

To him, the wild heartbeat as the time to fight came even nearer... How long had he missed that feeling? He could not recall. However, once again, he felt it. The surge of raging heat from his blood telling him to rush in and fight. This time, he could not. He closed his eyes and tried to cool his heart. Immediately, he thought:

Whatever happens, happens. However, This time, i'm going to play this right. Its time. First thing i have to think. Ground troops, snipers. Obviously if i step within their range... I'm dead. However... It might be possible to lure one or two of them into my position and from there infiltrate. Best way to go about this for now. Dam, the NPI were more armed then I could ever imagine. No time to panic. They are getting nearer.

Gabriel picked up a nearby stone and threw it at the two soldiers. This was it. He would have to take them out without killing them, hide them and proceed to duty on their behalf. And if all else failed, move away into stealthy cover and take them out bit by bit in the shadows. Till he got to his target, Igarashi.....

I am not going to die before that.

I cannot.

Not till I find my brother.

Not till I change the way things are becoming.


He readied himself for whatever that was to come...

November 8th, 2011, 09:07 PM
Nakamura Hitomi
Abashiri - Beast's Lair

"You know, I promised her we would watch the sakura trees together."

Listening to the fever-induced ramblings of her cell-mate, Hitomi silently sat on the bottom bunk of her cell, listening to Maiku as he rambled feverishly about his wife, a woman whose name was the same as the trees that he had apparently promised to go see with her. He had been noticeably sick since she had arrived in this cell a few days ago, but his fever had only started to take such a drastic rise a few hours ago.

The temperature of their prison cell was always rather cold, and the blankets she had found inside the cell were rather thin, but once she had noticed the sudden dive in her cellmate's condition she had given up her blankets without complaint. The guards here cared nothing for the prisoners, though she supposed that vampires in general cared little about the health and general well-being of humans, so it was up to her to look out for her cell mate, but...

"I... I'll escape today... Yes... Wait for me... Sa... Sa..."

His condition was continuing to decline, and there were no signs that it would stabilize anytime soon.

If things continued on as they were, with Maiku getting no medical attention for his infection with Vampirism...

Then he wouldn't be a part of this world for much longer, he would just be another victim of the painful infection spread by the Nightmare Eyes. Even though she couldn't do much for him in this prison, she had made it a habit to check his temperature every couple of minutes, tracking the continuing growth of his fever...

But this time, before she could lay her hand on his burning forehead, a vampire appeared outside the door of the cell and unlocked the door, making a gesture for her to drop what she was doing and come out into the hall...

So it was finally time for her arena fight, huh?

For now there was no point in resisting the vampire's orders, and with a small wave to her sick friend she walked out into the hall, staring passively at the vampire who led her through the halls towards her opponent, Isabella von Wissenkreuz. A woman who had apparently never lost a match in the arena... The arena that would decided whether or not she would be set free from this place...

Vampires treated humans as playthings, so the three opponents she would have to face in the arena would probably be rather powerful people, people who the vampires trusted to not lose...

Hitomi was confident in her own fighting ability, but there were too many unknowns for her to just happily jump into this arena battle.

Doing so... Would be the equivalent of walking to her death. She may have attempted it if Tetsuko was here with her, but she was outside the prison somewhere...

She couldn't allow herself to die, not until she had found her brother...

She looked unblinkingly into the other cells as she passed by, noting that there were a few people besides herself who didn't appear to have been infected with vampirism. Turning her gaze back to her guard, she examined him for a moment, noting the fact that he had his back turned to her, he wasn't carrying a weapon, and-

He had a ring of keys in his hand, the same ring of keys he had used to unlock her cell door...

Honestly, what she was considering would have been considered insane from the perspective of the vampires, the same vampires that were so unworried about a human revolt that they hadn't even bothered to bind her hands. She could definitely defeat this vampire in front of her, even without her weapons, and if she moved quick, and used her B-Ability to identify those who weren't showing the symptoms of vampirism, she could start a prison revolt, get a group of people together and...

Maybe even take over the prison.

Her eyes flashed silver as she activated her B-Ability, saying nothing as she sorted swiftly through the mental images, quickly making note of which cells appeared to hold the most prisoners, and smiling to herself as she saw, on the very point where her extended sight started to fail, Tetsuko standing near the entrance to the prison.

Maybe she could save Maiku and the others after all!

There was no time left for hesitation, if she was going to move, she was going to have to move now!

And so, focusing all of her attention on the vampire before her, using her B-Ability to monitor even the smallest of his body's twitches, she broke into an inhumanely fast sprint towards the guard as she pulled her hand back, attempting to slam her fist into the back of his skull before he even realized what was going on.

November 8th, 2011, 09:23 PM
Aomory - Outskirts





This did not go according to plan. He hated it when things didn't go according to plan. People were unknown variables, which made them both incredibly annoying pests and wonderful subjects to examine.

This was a time when people were dreadfully annoying pests. Pulling out his switchblade, he immediately moved to avoid the charge, which was rather simpleminded. No tricks up his opponent's sleeve, it seemed, but brute strength.

Ah, this isn't good. Anyone care to take a shot at this? Vorkuta? Saika?

I'll smash puny woman. Watch.

I don't think you're strong enough to match her blows...


Right, right. Brute force against brute force isn't going to work when we're weaker. Saika, you willing to wrap this up?

Bitch, hell yeah! Y-you guys are going to let me keep the body for speeeecial time after, right~?


You guys are no fun! Hmph. Well, clearly, I'm the best for this shit!

...And, if you don't mind, sacrifice some crows. I doubt you're going to get close.


Immediately, Lunatic's entire body convulsed,another personality taking reign over the body. A glint of malice appeared in his - no, her - eyes, and immediately, a flock of crows formed in the sky, each with three legs. They circled the battlefield, waiting for the right command to be sent suicidally diving towards the woman with the mace. Their B-Ability. one that was not as useful as they'd like, but it got the job done. Espionage, projectiles; the birds did an adequate job doing both.

And now, she had to buy some time. Two crows immediately dove down towards the woman, cloaked in flame and ash. One from the northwest, the other from the southeast. It was a simple diversion, to make sure the rest of the flock had time to get stronger.

"How could such a maiden like you be so cruel? I didn't do a thing, but if that's the way you want to play~" Saika spoke, her voice not quite matching the body she was in. A cocky grin lit up her face, as she casually twirled around backwards. "We can dance all you like! Wound for wound, blood for blood... Isn't such a waltz passionate?"

I don't think we're going to make it out alive.

Neither do I.

You two, shut the hell up.

November 8th, 2011, 10:04 PM
Nigata - Hikarizaka Academy

The blonde ruler walked between the destruction.

He had waited a long time for this moment. Little by little, as if playing a rather entertaining chess match, King had taken over Nigata, waiting for every precise moment for his army's movements. And his strategy had paid off, and the last bastion of his enemies was falling before his very eyes. However, the ruler showed no emotion towards his apparent victory. First, it was too soon, as the enemy chiefs were still standing...

And to tell the truth, it didn't come as a surprise. After all, the world was already his. In a way, he lamented that his subjects had to shed one each other's blood, but it was inevitable. Without resistance, reclaiming his world wouldn't be worth it.

An explosion sounded below his feet, making the whole building tremble. However, King did not worry. He had known Jonathan for years, and he had faith in his subjects, knowing very well that they would not fail him. Their loyalty and their faith in their King would held any of them through. He had given one difficult, hard order to his army before the battle: to capture as many enemies as possible, specially those that proved themselves strong. And he had the faith, the confidence, the knowledge that they would not fail, from Jonathan, to the weakest of his minions.

Such was the power of The King.

No mook had tried to ambush him in the third floor. Some had tried to fight him in the main battleground, and he had to disabuse them rather harshly of that notion. After that, other enemies had avoided him like the plague, much to King's satisfaction. They were already learning to respect him.

However... someone had appeared in front of him, someone that at first glance, resembled the other weak fighters that were still battling under them. He presented himself as the Sacred Rice Banchou, the leader of Hikarizaka School. Not only the guy looked weak and had a ridiculous title, he was pointing at him with what seemed to be a COMPstation. Like it was a gun.

Even King raised an eyebrow upon that scene, but he remained wary of that guy, knowing very well that this appearence could be a facade. 'Very well, show me what you can do.'

He was right, kind of. Instead of a Private Message, what was actually sent was a wave of electricity. The blonde's reflexes kicked in almost instantly, and he moved to the side, as the attack burned the ground where he had been standing a second ago. His enemy dissappeared, probably running towards the stairs, and King prepared to give chase to his fleeing foe, when... he noticed someone else there. He stopped dead on his tracks, his eyes scanning his surroundings for an invisible enemy, prepared to react to any attack.

And a second wave of electricity came his way.

It was pretty clear. King could dodge, and counter-attack towards the spot the attack had come from, yet the difference in time between the attacks would be enough for the invisible foe to avoid and try to attack from another angle. From his point of view, the enemy had a clear advantage. However, there was a problem.

A very vital, basic problem.

The gap between attack and counter-attack was almost zero. As soon as King perceived the electric force, he moved to avoid it, and at the same time he moved... he issued a single command!

"CRUSH!" The cold voice resounded on the whole empty floor. And a powerful shockwave made of wind and pressure moved at high speed towards his enemy's last known position..!

November 10th, 2011, 07:54 PM
Marcus Damion (Xaldin)
Yezo - Forest Near the Village


"Hm... Doesn't look good..."

Marcus scanned around, spotting all the vampire scum standing off with him. Completely encircled like this... "What a shame... I wanted to keep this forest from burning." He used his left hand to direct the girl behind him. He still hadn't taken the time to get a good look at her, so he wasn't even sure what she looked like. He raised his weapon, Irkalla.


Irkalla, a weapon that embodies hell itself with a fire unmatched by any other. Marcus raised his cannon, holding it up with a single hand despite its weight. "Burn in hell." He shot fire from the cannon as multiple fireballs burst from the barrel, fast and rapid as a machine gun. He did a full 360 with the gun, making a circle around the girl and mowing down several of the vampires, turning them to ash on the spot. Naturally, him doing this set many of the trees on fire around them.

But he's fought these things long enough to know when they're dead or not. A few were alive... He kept a tight grip on Irkalla. As long as he kept focus, they wouldn't be able to get the jump on--

"ARGH, COUGH, ACK!" But his never ending illness wouldn't have it, and his knee feel to the ground as he coughed violently into his sleeve.


Marcus immediately look up to see a vampire lunging at him and wasted no time in rasing Irkalla, impaling his enemy's neck with the bayonette. He forced the blade and tore through the rest of his neck, decapitating him, as he spun and swept his leg across the girl's legs. She feel and hit the ground, and as he expected, another was running to her from behind. But now he was in plain sight and the girl was out of the way. He quickly blasted the vampire to ash without even having to aim. He then stood up, looking left and right. With the trees burning, there wouldn't be any place for anymore to hide for long...

For a moment, it was quiet. Only the sound of burning wood and flames rising was heard. He kept himself steady, slowly scanning everything around him.

And suddenly, the sound of wood cracking. The sound of a vampire leaping off its pearch on a tree and coming straight for him. Predictably, he was coming from behind him. He turned and raised Irkalla, impaling yet another vampire on its blade, straight through the heart. Perfect. Marcus smiled, pleased with the outcome, and placed his hand on the vampires throat.

"Let's see how you like being sucked dry."

He ripped Irkalla out of his chest and straight through his shoulder and squeezed his throat, sucking the life energy from the already dead monster. "Much..." He sighed, feeling much more releived, "Better." And with that he dropped his final opponenet and let his corpse hit the ground before turning to ash. He then turned, extending his hand to the girl he had just rescued.

"Sorry about that." Marcus began, smiling faintly, "We should really get out of here before the flames get any worse."

November 21st, 2011, 07:54 PM
Tottori - In the Middle of the Desert

No matter where he gazed under the burning sun, there lay nothing but a seemingly endless sea of sand.

Scooping up a handful of the scorching sand, he stared at it for a while, but there was nothing peculiar about it. It could’ve once been part of a grand building, or a great plateau, but now it was just a pile of tiny, tiny grains in a sea of similar objects. Time took it’s toll on everything, taking down the creations that existed in the world and revealed to them their collapse and their folly to stand up to the endless ravages of time. Quite similar to his power, albeit also quite different.

Or perhaps the pile of sand had always and only just been a pile of sand; for it could not be rendered into a smaller existence then its current state by anything it encountered. Sand could not really crumble, or be destroyed, and thus it was an existence he could not destroy, but also something he could not do anything with.

Was this what he was going to spend the rest of his life doing? Wallowing around in a desert of nothing? Hadn’t he already lived like this before, and found out how unfulfilling it was? The thought infuriated him, as he let the sand fall back down.

His monologue would have to be cut short though, as he saw them. The PGG. Diving behind a sand dune, he was puzzled. Why had they come through here? It wasn’t possible for them to have come here already.

Still, this was far more interesting then the sand dunes. 6 vehicles, armed with the latest equipment they had…a special squad. Definitely no laughing matter.

A missile…!

Diving to the side, he realized that the missile had not actually been aimed at him in the first place, but was rather at a flying object that he hadn’t noticed. A helicopter..?

As the helicopter crashed into the sand as a result of losing its tail to the missile, he went to get and check out the wreckage. Normally, given a helicopter, he would’ve thought it to be from the PGG, but why would they shoot each other?

Arriving at the wreckage, it was immediately obvious that there was still at least one survivor, stuck in the metal cage that was once the helicopter. He could go help the people inside, or instead he could leave quickly, before the PGG’s special squad caught up with him and relocated him back to his prison.

That was a no-brainer.

For some reason or other, the PGG decided to attack the people inside, and anyone who was an enemy of the PGG would definitely be one of his allies. That, and it was getting somewhat frustrating being alone in the desert.

Looking at the place he assumed the broken locks to be located at, he tried to extend his B-power not far past his body, so it wouldn’t accidentally harm the occupants of the helicopter.

Then he placed his hand on the location, aiming to destroy the locks using his power. Afterwards, he could just take off the door by force.

December 6th, 2011, 12:27 PM
Karakuri Tetsuko
Abashiri - Outside Beast's Lair

It would have been easy to think that the figure walking through the falling snow was human. Certainly, it had the proportions and structure of a human being. However, unlike humans, the figure making its way through the snowfall did not once shiver or flinch from the freezing environment. Humans would, no doubt, have their teeth set to chattering and their breath would fog up due to the low temperature unless they were dressed in various layers of clothing. Instead, the figure that looked and moved like a human stepped forward undaunted and unflinching despite the low temperatures.

No, the slender figure was not at all concerned with the weather. In its mind, it had other worries that troubled it instead, the reasons for its hurried pace.

‘I can’t believe that I allowed us to get separated! Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! Onee-sama!’

Suddenly, it stopped, standing perfectly still, like a statue, before it fell to its knees and clutched at its head. The figure emitted a high pitched, keening noise and steam seemed to rise from its kneeling form. The face remained impassive even but its eyes darted wildly from side to side, seemingly at random.

‘…Systems compromised. Incursion from an unknown source detected.’

‘…Initializing Unit Systems Defenses …Defenses compromised. Incursion progressing. Systems defenses at… 100%. Error. Incursion is by-passing all safeties and countermeasures unimpeded.’

‘Attempting trace… ...Error. Cannot locate incursion origin. Error. Error. Error.’

Then, just as suddenly as it had collapsed, the figure stood again. It looked at its surroundings with a bewildered expression, its hair whipping around it wildly due to the glacial winds blowing and stray wisps of steam dissipating from its form into the air. Still looking disoriented, it looked at its hands, curling each digit inwards towards the palm in sequence as if testing them. Satisfied, the figure rubbed at its forehead and let out a piteous groan.

'Ow, what a headache! It's a good thing onee-sama wasn't around to see Tetsuko like that!'

'Running unit systems diagnostics. All systems functioning at 100%.... Error. Tampering with unit programming detected. Unknown origin program detected... Removing 'Demon Summoning Program'... Error. Error. Error. Unknown origin program cannot be removed.'

The figure stomped its feet then and threw its hands up in the air, seemingly frustrated.

'Mou! Who cares about that stuff anyway?! I'll take care of it later! Tetsuko has to save onee-sama now!'

The small figure sped off, its feet sinking into the snow deeply with every step, but somehow having no trouble with its footing even as it ran at full tilt. Before too long, it arrived at an enormous fenced structure. Slowing down as a figure approached the edge of the fence, its steps became more sedate but more purposeful at the same time.

'Approaching hostile. No life signs detected. Classification: Minor undead.'

"Came here to die, you piece of shit?"

It blinked.

Then it smiled.

"You're silly, mister. Tetsuko cannot die. She only ceases to function."

'Engaging combat mode.'

In the same moment that it finished speaking, it raised an arm towards the irate vampire and immediately the fist shot forward at a speed too fast to follow, extending on a metallic cord propelled by a minor rocket blast. It easily bypassed the fence as if it weren’t there and caught the surprised vampire on the jaw with a terrifying force, sending him sprawling backwards to fall in an unsightly heap. Retracting the fist in the blink of an eye, it proceeded to grab hold of the small gap that the sudden attack had created in it and tore a hole in the fence as easily as if tearing a piece of paper. Almost skipping as it walked through the snow; it reached the prone vampire in an instant. It then kneeled down and, as the vampire groggily rubbed at his jaw, it punched a hole in its chest with a knife styled palm, easily breaking the ribs and piercing the heart.

The vampire screamed.

"But vampires CAN die, mister," it smiled sweetly as the writhing figure's skin started to crack, combust and darken. It watched impassively as the former human returned to a smoking pile of ashes, mixing with the dirtied snow. But then its expression turned surprised, then disappointed, before settling into a pout. "Oh shoot! Tetsuko should've forced him to take her to onee-sama! I screwed up again!"

It knuckled its forehead and stuck out its tongue for a moment before cupping its hands around its mouth.


It waited for a few seconds and pouted once again after receiving no answer. It stomped its feet and emitted an annoyed sounding noise.

"Gah! Give onee-sama back!"

'...Executing Program 00478526120 ...Initiating wide area search.'

It walked towards a drab wall, touching it tentatively with an open hand for a moment before retracting it, clenching it into a fist, and punching the wall with resounding power. The small fist caused the wall to develop cracks from the force of impact. Repeating the motion few times, it had soon created a hole in the wall large enough to fit through. Clutching at the edges of the newly created entrance, dust and rubble framing its silhouette against the faint light and snow coming in from outside, it poked its head inside.


December 14th, 2011, 06:22 AM
Alaya Shiki
Yokohama - Dark Alley

He barely broke a sweat against those bullies. Their movements were sloppy, amateurish, but their numbers more than made up for it. Shiki took advantage of their fragile confidence. In the end, they were just smallfry, not even worth using his power on. It helped that he had assistance. Having someone watching your back was always nice.


Shiki glared in the direction of the fleeing bullies for several moments, making sure they had left, before turning his attention to the wounded boy. He looked terrible - bruises, lacerations, severe bleeding... and that was only on the outside. From the level of abuse they had been heaping on this boy, Shiki was willing to bet he had more than one broken bone. Normally, Shiki'd be concerned about aggravating the boy's wounds by moving him, except he looked like he was on his last leg. His complexion was getting paler and his breathing more pained.

"He looks bad. I think we should move him." Shiki turned to his new accomplice. "What do you think?"

Time was of the essence, but a decision like this needed a second opinion. It's not like Shiki was a doctor or anything. He'd been in his share of brawls, but that hardly made him an expert on human anatomy.

December 14th, 2011, 08:09 PM
Raquel Casull
Yokohama - Dark Alley
The three seconds it'd taken them to break the gangs morale and end the fight wasn't even a decent warmup for Raquel. The punks were just a bunch of sloppy amateurs who thought their numbers were enough to intimidate anyone from opposing their reign of terror on the area but she'd have stepped out to stop them even if she was alone and they'd had triple their numbers. Still having someone to help deal with the gangsters was nice.

Ignoring the retreating gang member's message Raquel grabbed her bag pulling strips of clean medical cloth designed for emergency situations like this and surveyed the boy's wounds. Grimacing at the sheer amount of damage he'd received and just how pale his skin was. After temporarily dealing with any surface bleeding that couldn't be sufficiently slowed or stopped using said cloth Raquel glanced up at her compatriot.

“I've only stopped the bleeding enough that he'll not bleed to death while we move him to a hospital but do you want to carry him or shall I?.”

December 15th, 2011, 10:12 PM
Revy (Milbunk)
Ika - Ninja Academy

'Oh dear. This is not good.'

Tensing her body and preparing the so called stance of the three swallows she prepared to deflect the kunai that were launched at her.

Though why she was there was still uncertain, she was not going to lose just yet. Friendly fight or not she knew that ninjas were rather harsh in their methods; losing was probably not an option for her.

'One foot back.'

This technique was extremely simple and it was one she had learned from her mentor.

'One foot front.'

Sword at the ready, she felt her surroundings and sought the three kunai that had been launched.

'Sword in hand.'

With the sword in hand and stance assumed she prepared to not block, but merely deflect the projectiles.

'Stance in heart.'

The time was ripe, and not a moment was to be wasted. Without leaving a second of time to pass she launched her sword and prepared three near simultaneous strikes hoping to fend the blades off.

'I must understand.'

Though she knew naught of how to use such ninja weapons, she knew how to fight against them, this such technique was one way to do so.


The first came: but she was ready. With the flat of her blade, she swung; not with all her might, but a simple flick, bouncing it away.


The second one was a bit harder to do, while using the back end she turned to face it and performed a second parry, also hoping to knock the blade off course.


Now the third and hardest one came at her. She had already used both ends of the blade so this one was bit trickier. Spinning the sword around she prepared a third parry and aimed to also direct this one off its intended target.

All of this happened in the mere span of seconds. Thanks to experience she had from earlier days, she had managed to at least defend from the first attack but ninjas were quick.

Immediately after this had happened, she readied the same stance again. She had to be ready no matter what, waiting with her utmost of sense; she did her best to feel for the ninja's next move.

December 16th, 2011, 07:00 PM
William Levilius (Erlkonig)
Toukyou - Seijou Academy

It was an epic clash.

Your weapon met his, and you could feel the energy flowing through his body and out to the hall. In an instant, the place was engulfed by what seemed to be a maelstrom of pure power. It was an intense struggle between blue flames and green flames. The floor cracked and the nearby crystals shattered. The confrontation lasted just a second. That was enough to determine the victor.


Your words of reason did never reach him. He was just too shocked. It was only natural. In all the time he had spent as an Executive, he had never seen someone oppose him. The authority he carried was supposed to be something others would fear and respect. It allowed him to do as he pleased, no matter how good or bad, and there was never a single drawback, penalty or punishment to worry about. But... The boy he met today was different.

---The Japanese sword he held broke in two.

The boy did not easily fall into submission, nor did he seem to care about who he was. He saw him as a person, not as a monster.

---The attack connected.

Maybe that was what he needed. Someone to wake him up from the stupid fantasy he had been living up to now. The Executives were meant to be a figure of justice. He did just the opposite. A long list of cruel crimes. In his last moments of consciousness, his mind filled with regret and he thought of only one thing.

-Would it be possible for me to be forgiven?-

The force was enough to send the body spinning around, before it hit the ground with a thud, knocking him out instantly.

Silence filled the third floor of Seijou Academy. You could feel the students coming out of their classrooms. And they had their eyes on you. Each small group had a different opinion of you. Maybe because of the rush of adrenaline you had experienced just a minute ago, you could hear their whispers.

"Man, that was cool. Wish I had the courage."

"That's the Levilius guy, right? Yeah, I heard he was a brute monster. This sort of confirms it."

"He's so hot. Wonder if I should give him my phone number."

"He's dangerous. Stay away from him."

"How suicidal. Now Lord Banchou Yamizaki is going to have him killed. Just watch."

It didn't take long for the crowd to disperse. You were nothing more than a time-limited entertainment. However, there was one man who had honest interest in you. That man was known as the white fang, Zanma Rouga.

Standing in front of you with a strong body and wolf-like features, he made a simple, direct proposal.

"Your power has not gone unnoticed. We are taking down Seijou's Banchou, but we need more people. Join us. What do you say?"

It was strange.

You'd never seen this person before in your life. Yet, you couldn't help but to feel admiration for him. He somehow seemed so strong and just, even with that snarky smile of his. He seemed to represent the person you wanted to become.

Behind him stood three people. You recognized them instantly, as they were classmates of yours.

Hibiki Sanae, honor student and class president. She was very intelligent and responsible. She also had some beauty within her, hidden behind a pair of glasses.

Hinai Heita, 'the man who is aiming to become a man'. He was not so strong, but he sure had courage. He was also pretty reckless. He reminded you of yourself, a little. You could tell he had received some improvised first aid pretty recently, probably from Hibiki-san. You dared to bet he was the one getting beat up in the classroom by the Executive.

And finally, Naruse Yuki. Something about him going to fight just didn't feel right. He just... Looked like a cute little girl of your age. Appearances are deceiving, though. You remembered one time when he showed you how proficient at target shooting he was.

That was the team, and Rouga was their leader. You gave each face a look, and then your attention turned solely to Rouga. The group seemed to be compatible with your goals, and they did not seem to have bad intentions. You nodded to yourself in acceptance and agreed to the deal in question.

"Great. Welcome to Wolf Fang."


It'd been some time since you visited the rooftop. Some students chose it as their place to relax during the lunch break, but, lately, nobody was allowed access. That's why Rouga asked you to investigate. The culprit could be a powerful Special Student Wolf Fang could recruit.

You took a look around. There were some clouds in the sky, and the weather was kind of windy. The area provided plenty of space for you to use the full extent of your abilities, but you wished it wouldn't come down to that. Maybe you can convince them with words, just like Rouga did with you?

As if to answer that question, three deadly projectiles were shot at you.

Movement Challenge: 10
Dice Result: 15

Your reaction came fast enough. You focused B-power into your feet and propelled yourself upwards, out of the danger zone.

As you landed, you checked the damaged area expecting bullets. What you found was something so ridiculous, it didn't make sense.


As you tried to comprehend how candy could be turned into a deadly weapon, three figures came out from their hiding spot. The three of them were girls.

The first had blonde long hair. She seemed pretty athletic and fit for combat, but the killing intent that came from her was small, maybe inexistent. She held three small knives on each hand for you to see, probably to scare you or something.

The second carried a little more weigh with her, and had purple afro hair. Again, she didn't seem like she wanted to fight for serious either. But what she held on her hands, just like the first, were lollipops. Could she be the one that tried to kill you just now?

The last of the three seemed to be their leader. She had a beautiful body and features, and had long brown hair tied in a ponytail. A chain was wrapped around the gauntlet on her left hand, and she was holding the other end of the chain with her right, as if she were carrying a whip instead. You guessed that was her weapon of choice. Unlike the others, she seemed eager to fight.

"Get out of here before Eri-chan kicks your sorry ass." The blonde declared, somewhat proud. You figured Eri was the name of the brunette.

"Bwahahahahaha... That's right! Flee in terror!" The second one added, as she laughed cheerfully.


The third one, however, said nothing and looked up straight at you, as if measuring your strength.

"So you are the one who has been stealing all the attention." She finally spoke. "Listen. I'm the one who is going to take down Seijou's Banchou, not you. So stay out of it." As if she just realized she had said something wrong, she shook her head and addressed you again. "Actually, no."

She stood forward.

"I know what you are here for. But if that's what you want, you'll have to fight for it."

"E-Eri-san?" Her companions looked at her with a puzzled expression.

"However, if you lose, you'll leave this school, together with that White Fang friend of yours."

There was no other way. This chance wouldn't repeat itself.

You accept the challenge and the battle begins-!

Alfhildr Dyrdahl (LeopardBear)
Akihabara - Security Prison

It had all been a trap.

You had met with this woman who claimed to be part of the Resistance against the PGG a couple of weeks ago. Your goals and opinions were similar, if not identical. Now, you began to understand why. Together, you had planned an attack that would leave the PGG without defenses for quite some time. However, when you had gone to meet her, just a day ago, you had found no traces of her. Instead, you were ambushed by a large amount of mobile suit tanks. You had managed to fight back quite efficiently, until a tank shell landed too close to you, knocking you out on the spot.

You checked your condition. There was no severe injury, just a few scratches here and there and a cut near your left eyebrow that hurt like hell. You were in a plain cell with nothing out of the ordinary. The bed, the toilet and the iron bars. Your hand movement was restrained by handcuffs. They seriously didn't believe they'd be able to restrain you with just that, did they?

Maybe they did. As you tried to activate your B-Ability, you found yourself unable to. The PGG were experts when it came to technology, in fact, they far out-ranked all the other world factions, so you figured these handcuffs weren't as normal as they seemed to be.

You decided to inspect the cell carefully. You found nothing of use. Hell, there wasn't even someone you could talk to in a nearby cell. Defeated, you simply sat on the bed.

After a couple of minutes, a guard came and opened the door to your cell. He asked you to follow him to the nursery. You could tell that he was a proficient military man and that he carried with him a weapon, so you decided to do as he said and not try something stupid.

Once there, you were left alone with the doctor. He seemed like a friendly person. Almost too friendly for the situation you were in.

"Okay, Dyrdahl-san? I will now run some tests."

The man took the blood sample he had recently extracted from your body and took it to a machine. As he did so, you scanned the area for possible means of escape. You could easily run away now, but with those handcuffs, you wouldn't get that far. You needed to find a way to get rid of them...

You heard the doctor sigh, disappointed, as he returned. He tried to fake his smile as good as he could, before turning his attention back to you.

"Okay, now I'll give you a little injection. Please relax your arm, Dyrdahl-san."

A sharp headache assaulted you. It lasted just an instant, and when you came to, you found you had instinctively freed your arm from the gloved hand of the doctor and avoided the injection. His expression changed completely, his smile disappearing and being replaced by a serious, manipulative demeanor.

"C'mon, it's just a little shot!"

He grabbed your arm again, this time with oppressive force. He looked desperate. You felt that sensation again. Your instincts were telling you that this was not an ordinary injection-!

Karakuri Tetsuko (Froggie) - Nakamura Hitomi (Airen)
Abashiri - Beast's Lair

"Oh? So you were the cause of all that noise?"

The complaining voice came from inside Beast's Lair. And sadly, no, she was definitely not your Onee-sama. The little girl with white hair and blood red eyes stood elegantly in the middle of the Prison's first floor. She was at least half your size, if not smaller, and held a fencing sword with her left hand, pointing it at you.

"So you are my opponent for today, huh? You seem to be quite worthless and weak, if I say so myself. Well, it's not like I expected something that could even compare to me, but I was not informed that you were a filthy machine. Had I known, I'd had called you sooner."

Her insults were a real bother, but you could ignore them for now. You needed to find Nakamura Hitomi as soon as possible. You did not care about a stupid vampire!

"Well, then, shall we start?"


Movement Challenge: 10
Dice Result: 19
Movement Bonus: +3
Final Result: 22 (Critical)
Your blow was perfectly timed.

With a swift strike to the back of the head, you knocked out the vampire and quickly proceeded to hide the body to the best of your extent. So far, nobody had noticed you. That was good. You checked the guard's belongings. He had a set of keys -probably the one that opened the door to your cell was among them- and an old piece of paper that, at first glance, seemed to be some explanation about a mystical object called Magatama. You took both. You also noticed the guard had some weird bruise on the back of his palm with a pattern that called your attention. Three chalices, in a triangle formation. You wondered if that was some kind of ritual thing, but, with the situation you were in, you were forced to leave it be and return to what was important: Escaping the prison.

You now had a set of keys. The first thing that came to your head was going back for Maiku, but you realized that in his estate, he wouldn't be able to get very far, and would end up being a burden. You concluded that you would escape from Beast's Lair first, and then come back from him as soon as possible.

You could sense Tetsuko on the first floor, together with another powerful individual. You didn't even need to guess, you knew who that was: Isabella Von Wissenkreuz. You trusted in Tetsuko's strength, but if this girl had never been defeated by any Special Student before, you'd be calmer if you could fight by Karakuri's side. But you were no good. Jumping into the battle would prove to be unwise...

Maybe you could use the terrain as an advantage. The only thing you needed for that was your weapon. And thanks to your power, it was not hard to locate it. But there was another thing your senses alerted you of. There was one vampire that was about to notice you, and you had no way to stay out of his field of view. There was no helping it.

You would use the time that was given to you as a head start. You sprinted forward, stepped over the guard rail, and jumped into the abyss. With a roll, you landed effortlessly on one of the bridges that connected the sides of the prison, which seemed to have a clock design, with the small bridges being its hands. Only this one had several, instead of just two.

At this point, you heard the alarm ring. You had been spotted. Vampires starting coming out of nowhere like a plague.


The vampire girl propelled forward like a bullet, with the sole intention of piercing your head with her sword.

Movement Challenge: 13
Dice Result: 15
Perk Bonus: +2
Final Result: 17

You moved your head to the side, evading the blow completely. You had noticed before. Her weapon was not meant for slashing, but for thrusting. At this point she had just missed her chance to land an attack on you, and so she was left defenseless. You attempted a counter offensive, but she was faster, and kicked you before you could get to it. You protected your face with your arms in time, but the force was enough to push you backwards. You managed to retain your balance, but by the time you recovered, the girl had already disengaged and opened the distance between the two.

You did not intend to let her go that easily. You retracted your hand, clenched it into a fist, and shot it like a bullet towards your enemy. You had not used that movement on her before, so she was not expecting it and she did not react in time to avoid it. The blow hit her full force on the stomach, and your fist managed to make it all the way to the other side, making it a gruesome death.

Or most likely not.

The vampire simply turned into mist, then after a few seconds regained her corporeal form. She seemed to be unharmed. She had used this technique at least three times before, as you had proved to be better on close combat than she was. But really, she seemed to be toying with you more than anything.

"A piece of trash like you will never touch my beautiful body. Your ugliness disgusts me."

She was hostile and harsh at all times, but her smile and elegant posture did never leave her body. This was starting to piss you off.

And then, something fell from the higher floors.

It was the corpse of a ghoul. A second after it hit the ground, it turned into dust. Then, like rain, several corpses started falling. The sound of gun fire was mixed in between.

You knew what this meant. Your Onee-sama was fighting upstairs! You couldn't give up just yet!


You kicked the last vampire that was standing in your way. You had managed to retrieve your weapon and defend successfully against the horde of monsters, but there was still one thing you needed to do. Help Tetsuko. You quickly located yourself in a favorable spot, and aimed towards the ground below. There you could see Tetsuko and Isabella fighting, at speeds that were hard to perceive. You used your B-ability to make sure there was no vampire near-by, and as soon as the two fighters took a break, you aimed at the vampire girl. You had a clear shot. Your finger tightened around the trigger and...


Something hit you from behind. No, someone did. There had been no one there up to now, but a person stood there now. It was like the work of magic. The blow was enough to make you lose balance and fall to a bridge on a lower level. Sadly, your landing was not as smooth as it had been before. The weapon had landed close to you, and so you extended your arm to recover it and take care of the sudden threat...

But he was faster.

"Curse you, Criminal Scum!"

He grabbed you with supernatural force and threw you to the abyss in a swift motion.

Luck Challenge: 10
Dice Result: 11


You were lucky there was another bridge in the way. Otherwise it'd have been certain death. But it was just avoiding the inevitable. This man was going to kill you. You turned your body around, only to find him standing there, a long white spear on his hand raised, ready to take your heart.


The spear was repelled by a blade.

"Breaking the rules you so adore that quickly, huh, Dmitri?"


After a quick exchange of blows, you jumped back to re-group.

"Enough. Playtime is over."

The earth itself trembled. You were forced to cover, as if assaulted by a sudden hail storm. The sheer pressure that came from the girl was unbelievable, beyond all readings. No, it did not come from the vampire lady...

---It came from the prison itself.

This was the ability all true vampires shared. The power to designate a territory and make it their own, increasing their own fighting capacity once inside. It was said it also granted access to their own, unique skill: Their true B-Ability. The place you were going to fight now was no longer 'normal'. It now shared all the properties of a Demonic Field.

And then, it happened.

Your body moved on its own to intercept a falling Onee-sama. You jumped and caught her successfully. As you landed, you confirmed that she was not hurt badly and helped her stand. You both looked up to see a the figure of a man -The one from before- and a woman with bladed gauntlets. Their faces told you they were not going to interrupt the fight without you giving them a reason to do so, and so your eyes focused on the little girl.

She was a monster... But you could beat her.


December 16th, 2011, 08:07 PM
Alfhildr Dyrdahl (LeopardBear)
Akihabara - Security Prison

Fucking arrogant PGG. You wish to contain me? Now, it would have been smart to drug be: I would have been done for in that case. But, I can think. And I think, that whatever that is is not going into me. The doctor grabs my arm, in desperation. So, you have been told what I can do? Good. Admittedly, it won't help you that much. Not when-


A wave of pain slams through my skull, like a few seconds earlier. But this time, I managed to stay ready for it. On reflex, my left hand twists back, slapping away the syringe in his hand. He recoiled back in pain and surprise, but too late. Through the pain, my hands and body move in unison, my body twisting around behind him as my hands drop over his head. A swift strike from my knee into his spine drives him to the floor, collapsed. The same knee doesn't let up, slamming straight into the hollow of his back, holding him there as I wrench my arms upwards, choking him in the chains.

"Ack... gah!" He gasps in pain, in vain trying to get air to continue his miserable, worthless life. His hands claw about mine, trying to release the cuffs. Do you have the key, doctor? If you would oblige, that would be nice. But, it's not needed. My hands stay locked in place, refusing to let up. He stops struggling. I don't. You cannot assume death when trying to strangle a man: he may be trying to trick you, or he may not be truly dead, just unconscious.

Twenty more seconds assures that he is truly unconscious. Unwrapping my hands, I place them on his ears, and break his neck in a quick twist.

"Return to the Earth, ingrate. May a next life have you find something worth doing." My voice rasped, dry. Water... water would not be needed yet. First things first. My boot quickly crushed the syringe, spreading whatever was inside it across the floor. The nursery - strange place for something like this - doesn't seem to have a set of keys for handcuffs lying around, but predictably, it did have a few bobby pins.

A few minutes work with them, and the cuffs popped open. Quite the essential skill. I stow them away in a pocket: without a doubt, they would prove useful somehow. And now, I was not restrained. A flick of my hand brought up a mirror of ice, standing in front of me.

Ah, good, nothing's changed. Same long blonde hair, same copper eyes, (same respectable chest if I were to be a bit arrogant)... but, this won't do. I was just wearing my normal uniform, a tight fitting black bodysuit, fit for combat. Time to get ready for some action: I doubt that the wardens of this prison intend to let me out so easily.

The ground beneath me imperceptibly changed, staying still for a second. Then, plates of ice rose from the ground, wrapping themselves around my body. The plates split themselves into smaller scales, and yet smaller, looking like the scales of a fish or a snake, wrapping me in a dress of pure ice, colored all the shades of blue possible.

A quick look at the computer the doctor was at was... not helpful. My blood tested negative for 'SMS,' whatever that is. Well, dear doctor. I don't know what you're looking for, and I don't know enough about computers to find out, but your friends are not going to find out. I clench my hand into a fist, then touch it to the ground. I raise it. Following it is a massive spike of ice, attached to my fist like a battering ram. Pulling it up, I let it hang in the air for a moment before slamming it down straight through the console, turning the computer into a sparking wreck.

Now, come on, my would-be captors. Let's see what you do when I can fight as is my due. The same spike drives straight through the hinges of the door, and a simple kick sent it tumbling down. Let's dance.

December 17th, 2011, 02:45 PM
King (RacingeR) - Jonathan (Morm)
Nigata - Hikarizaka Academy

Movement Challenge: 14
Dice Result: 18

The lightning attack was faster than you could ever hope to be, but you were able to anticipate it, and throw yourself to the side, evading the attack completely. At the same time...

You gave the world a single command.


The air inside the hallway gathered and shot itself forward at incredible speeds. It adopted a crescent moon shape, its pressure capable of cutting through concrete-!

With little to no time to react, the unknown enemy had no way to avoid the sudden counter-attack. However, its focus had never been movement. Yes, even if the gap between its attack and yours had been immense, he would not have been able to avoid it. The stretch hall limited one's mobility and the offensive range of the air bullet made it incredibly hard to dodge when you were that close to your foe. But that was not the reason.


The loud noise denoted a powerful impact. You heard the floor cracking, the windows shattering and the ceiling suffering. But you did not hear the sound of pressured air tearing through flesh. That alone told you that you were not allowed to get your guard down. When the cloud of dust dispersed, you saw no trace of your opponent. Of course, that was because his presence was hidden to your eyes. But there was one vital clue that explained what had happened.

Something had made the crescent-moon attack bifurcate. You were able to deduce this just by looking at the damage your attack had caused to the third floor. It was clear the monster you were fighting carried some kind of powerful conceptual defense with him.

A third lightning came.

Movement Challenge: 14
Dice Result: 13
Damage Roll: 4

You moved, but this time you were not able to get out harm's way. Foreseeing this, you twisted your body in such a way that you would take the least damage possible.

A sharp pain assaulted your left shoulder. A simple look confirmed that it had been grazed by the electric-based attack just now, and blood poured out of the wound at considerably fast speeds, even if the injury itself was not severe.

But this would not stop you.

In fact, you had just won the fight. You saw right through the pattern. With this in mind, it was just a matter of time before you destroyed the obstacle before you. And this wouldn't take long, considering you are a man with a resolve of iron, and an unshakeable will power. Your will power was so strong, that anyone with a lesser amount of it would follow your commands. That's how you commanded the air inside the hall to gather and crush your enemy. Your will power was so strong...

That it even surpassed the will of your own body.


---A simple command was issued.

Your body's cell division was instantly stimulated. With this, you stopped the bleeding, and the tissues you had lost began to reconstruct themselves. This use of your power could be considered the pinnacle of regeneration, allowing you to stay alive in even the worst of conditions as long as you had B-power in store. But it had one drawback. The technique did not regenerate old cells, but rather hastens the creation of new ones through division. As body cells can only split a certain number of times during one's life, by accelerating the process you were also shortening your nature life span.

To one fit to be a King, this was not a big sacrifice. Even if you abused it, it would only mean that would die as soon as you reach your sixties, and that age was still far enough.

It was now your turn. The attack the unknown foe had been casting at you had a cool down. In other words, whatever was in front of you needed time to use that power again. You were not intending to give him that luxury.

Your attacks came one after the other. Even if he had a shield to protect itself with, the invisible warrior quickly found himself overwhelmed, retreating further into the hall each time he received a hit.

And then you noticed.

Why it didn't even try to dodge your attacks. Why it didn't jump when that would take it out of the danger zone. You did not know the reason, but the answer to that question was 'Because he couldn't'. Then there was only one thing you needed to do finish your opponent off: Attack the areas where guarding was most difficult for the creature. And from what you could tell with your analysis, low attacks proved to be more effective.

It was time to show why you were named King.


Your body may have turned into steel, but the fire that flowed through your blood did never extinguish. You charged at the missile head on and punched it in the last second with all the strength you could muster, as if it were just another random enemy.

Vitality Challenge: 15
Dice Result: 16
B-Ability bonus: 5
Final Result: 21 (Critical)

The explosion was terrible and the entire building shook with the impact. You landed on the rest of the semi-destroyed flight of stairs, your head a little bit dizzy because of how close you were to the explosion. All in all, you weren't hurt badly. No, that was wrong. You weren't hurt at all. Something that would take down a helicopter did not even put a scratch on your steel armor.

You pulled yourself together and walked back to the second floor. The girl was now standing further down the hall, with the same empathy lacking expression she had showed before, one that could be compared to one of a coroner examining a corpse for a cause of death.

You tried to gather what you had learned about this girl's powers so far. First, she could move at extremely fast speeds. You had dropped your guard for a second, yes, but the time she needed to do what she did was far more than that. Second... Well, she just pulled out a freaking bazooka out of nowhere. There were places out of your field of view were the weapon could have been hidden, but it was something unlikely. Finally, the girl some sort of small shield attached to one of her slender arms. That was probably the 'source' of her abilities.

So it was clear. In order to win, you had to destroy the round artifact. Sadly, you did not have any ranged attack you could use, so you'd have to get into close quarters combat to do so. That was the factor that would determine victory: Distance.

You took a deep breath… And charged with all your might towards your foe-!

The floor cracked with every step you took and it felt as if the whole structure could collapse at any time now. Time seemed to slow down as you ran across the hall at speeds that would not be possible to someone with your metallic composition. You were an unstoppable tank with one mission, one order you must follow. Capture.

But she would not let you advance any further. Again, like magic and out of the blue, a weapon spawned in her hands. This time it was a huge machinegun, a M249 to be specific. A weapon capable of shooting six hundred rounds a minute, with a great piercing power. And reloading did not seem to be a time-consuming job.

The barrage of bullets damaged the entire floor as you ran.

Movement Challenge: 16
Dice Result: 17

When time regained its usual flow, you found yourself charging through a bullet hail storm. The stretch hall turned into a mad train of chaos, and you were riding it. You swiftly moved to the right to avoid the girl´s line of fire, as you approached the nearby-wall. The girl responded by adjusting her aim to her left, something that would eventually leave no room for evasion.

But not even that could even hope to stop you.

The next thing you know is that you are performing an action you did not think you would be capable of. You were wall-running like one of those guys taken out of an American movie. The bullets destroyed everything, but you laughed at them.

Eventually, you reached your destination.

By the time the girl realized the gun was not going to be effective for close combat, you were already on her. You retracted your steel arm, gathered as much energy as possible, and threw a devastating punch towards her shield, with high hopes of destroying it-!

But your attack did not connect. It only hit the empty air before you.
The girl managed to slide between your legs in a surprisingly fast motion, leaving you somewhat dumbfounded. But there was another present she had left for you. You could see a flickering red light on one end and it looked just like a bom-


Vitality Challenge: 12
Dice Result: 12
B-Ability bonus: 5
Final Result: 17

The smoke that covered half of your body dispersed, and you were still on one piece. The explosion did not even make you lose your balance. It was more like having someone throw a cake at your face.
The girl had an arsenal of weapon at her disposal, but she was still losing. She had not taken any hit, but the sole fact that you were still alive put her at a disadvantage. You could see small traces of annoyance on her expression now.

The distance between you two was shorter each time, and it was not like she could abuse of her powers with no limitations. A handgun appeared on her right hand and she emptied the clip on you.

Vitality Challenge: 11
Dice Result: 18
B-Ability bonus: 5
Final Result: 23

You didn´t even need to dodge that. You advanced like a terminator, extended your hand and…
What? You could see a sadist grin on her face. In her hand she was holding…
A detonator?!


The floor below you collapsed, and you inevitably fell to the first floor. Once you recovered, you found yourself in the middle main battlefield. You looked up to locate your enemy, but you could not spot her. You turned around, and in the middle of the crowd, you saw an alarming figure.
It was her, holding a bazooka. Again.

Movement Challenge: 15
Dice Result: 4

The missile shot found its way towards you, and you weren´t fast enough to avoid it. You tried to catch it with your hands, but it ended up being stronger than what you had foretold, dragging your body across the first floor with it and through the crystal doors at the entrance, before exploding right next to your face.

Vitality Challenge: 16
Dice Result: 6
B-Ability bonus: 5
Final Result: 11
Damage Roll: 5

When you came to, you found yourself on the football field outside the school. From there, it seemed like the place had fallen victim of some terrorist attack, and could collapse at any time. The last attack had wounded you somewhat, but it was nothing serious. The pain you felt was the hardest thing to shrug off. Still, for someone like you, this was nothing. You had to run back into action.

You did. And when you reached the second floor there was nobody there.

December 18th, 2011, 03:32 AM
Alaya Shiki
Yokohama - Dark Alley

“I've only stopped the bleeding enough that he'll not bleed to death while we move him to a hospital but do you want to carry him or shall I?.”

"I'll carry him," Shiki said as he hefted the youth over his shoulder. "Can you lead the way?"

Perhaps a more chivalrous man might've insisted he lead the way, but Shiki was no misogynistic fool. The girl could clearly handle herself. "I'm Shiki by the way."

December 18th, 2011, 04:00 PM
Gabriel Levilius (Zlol)
Koube - Lullaby Port

Luck Challenge: 8
Dice Result: 19

"Huh, did you hear that?"

It seemed that your trick had worked, and lured their attention to your position. Now you needed to be extra careful, or your doings could backfire, and the tables would be turn completely. You heard the footsteps get closer and closer. And then, you saw your chance.

Movement Challenge: 10
Dice Result: 15
B-Power Bonus: 2
Final Result: 17

You hit the first one in the stomach with your sword's pommel, your knee connecting with his face immediately after. The second was not even ready for a surprise and was not able to do anything during this time. He also seemed to be somewhat drunk. Before he could fire his flintlock pistol and bring all the attention towards your location, you instinctively grabbed his right arm and broke it. He screamed, but you were able to silence him soon enough with a strike to the back of his head. By this time the first was trying to get back on his feet. Seeing this, you delivered a powerful kick to his face that knocked him out instantly.

You took a look around to make sure no one had seen you, and then dragged the bodies to the other side of the giant box. With no time to waste, you searched the bodies of the unconscious men, looking for something that could be of use. To be precise, something you could use to make them think you were one of them. Both of them had different set of clothes that did not share any similarities. So an uniform couldn't be it. In their pockets you found some personal belongings, mostly pictures of their families. However, one of them had a map. It seemed to be an updated map of Japan. You decided to keep it. You also took a decent handgun with you. You had experience with firearms so you guessed it would come handy. Finally, you removed the bandana one of them was wearing and put it on yourself. You figured it might help a little.

Fear invaded every inch of your body. This was the time to see if your plan worked or not. With a gun in one hand and a precious sword in the other, you got out of cover, trying to act as best as you possibly could. You figured that the snipers wouldn't shoot down anyone with a bandana if one of their friends had just gone in that direction. With that in mind to try and calm you down, you walked towards the main warehouse.

At the entrance, there was a guard. Clearly, this was the place where Igarashi Koumi resided. He looked at you with curious eyes for a minute, as if you had done something wrong. Had your disguise failed you...?

Luck Challenge: 12
Dice Result: 1 (Critical Failure)

"Who the... Hell are you?"

The instant he spoke, you realized you had been found. He reached for his gun, but you were faster and you were forced to cut his throat with your sword. However, as he fell to the floor, he managed to shoot several rounds at you. Three of them grazed your left leg, right shoulder and left cheek. It was nothing incapacitating, but it stunned you for a second.

And that second was enough for the enemy to surround you. There was no escape.

"Any last words?"

Sticking out in the crowd, it was Igarashi Koumi the one to ask you that question.

Decay (Satehi)
Tottori - In the Middle of the Desert

The locks were destroyed easy enough. With those out of the way, you proceeded to slide the door open. Inside was a girl in her late twenties. She had orange messy hair and red eyes, and, overall, she looked pretty tough. Her head was bleeding, probably due to the rough landing, but it wasn't anything serious. You tried to help her get out of the helicopter, but...


She pushed you away and you landed on your butt. Confused, you looked at her for answers, only to find she was carrying a firearm and was now pointing it at you. She had a troubled look on her face, but you knew that she was for serious. If you tried something stupid, she wouldn't hesitate to pull the trigger.

"Stay down; I don't want to shoot you." She warned you once more, as she took a deep breath. "We came here to investigate what the hell is going on with Japan, but we didn't think we would be attacked like this. At this rate, the United States of America will-"

However, before she could continue to explain the situation, another voice interrupted her, with a clear air of authority in it.

"That would be enough, Izuna."

Another person came out from the wrecked vehicle. A man, quite old, probably around sixty years old, with eyes that showed experience on the field and a body that could still go on despite his age. He also was carrying a weapon.

"Ah, Commander Fushimi!"

The girl was caught on the act. And for the looks of it, it wasn't the first time she had revealed classified information to a stranger. She was hot-blooded, careless and still lacked years of training before she could become a proper soldier.

By the time you pointed out that it would be wise to escape, the PGG was already on you. The six armored vehicles surrounded you in an instant and there wasn't much you could do. Maybe you could fend them off using your power, but really, that didn't sound like a good idea. To do that, you'd probably need to sacrifice the ones you had just saved, and that made no sense to you. The three of you instinctively adopted a circular formation, covering each other's back.

"Drop your weapons. This is your first and only warning."

Izuna greeted her teeth, reluctant, as her finger tightened around the trigger. However, when Fushimi gave her a harsh look, she did as commanded.

"Damn it."


You were thrown into some kind of cell.

There was literally nothing inside. Floor was made of sand, walls and you were surrounded by thick rock walls. There was a small hole in one of the walls for air to enter the chamber, and it seemed like the only way to open the 'door' was from the outside. You tried 'Open Sesame', it didn't work.

Well, at least you know where you were brought to. From what you heard, this was the pyramid where Cleo Arippa resided. She was the Banchou of Tottori, you had heard of her. Hard to believe, but she was a spoiled little girl. She acted on her own whims and hardly ever obeyed the PGG's orders, and so the desert had gained fame as an independent region. There was the rumor that her power came not from her, but from a mystical artifact in her possession.

The guys that captured you, they were something else. Most of their outfit could be considered normal for an average soldier of the PGG, but what made them unique was the mask they used to cover their faces. It honestly made them look as if they were robots. You wondered what could use that for.

Your thoughts were interrupted by gunfire.

Curious, you approached the small hole on the wall. As you did so, you could hear voices.


That voice could only belong to Cleo Aripa, there was no mistaking it.

"We can keep killing them all day long if that's what you wish."

A snarky voice filled with sarcasm.

"Cleo Arippa, you are officially relieved from your post as Banchou of Tottori. The Schwarzwelt team will take care of this region from now on. We are also confiscating your possessions."

And one filled with authority.


So that was their reason from coming here. The PGG could no longer cope with Tottori's immature behavior and decided a change was needed. So they had sent this special squad as a replacement. On their way here, they had bumped into an unknown flying object and taken it down. That's when they imprisoned Izuna, Fushimi and you. The people you had saved... Where were they?

As if to answer that question, the 'door' opened, and two familiar faces were thrown into your cell. They were Fushimi and Izuna!

The PGG had violently interrogated them, but apparently Fushimi took the most part of the beating, probably protecting the hot-blooded woman. However, now, he could hardly move. He leaned against the closest wall and closed his eyes. He needed some rest to recover.

Okay. Now you three were together. Using your power you could escape this place and-

"Crewman Jimenez. Crewman Fuku. I'm issuing you a mission. We no longer need to keep the prisoners alive, we have gathered enough information already. I want no witnesses about what happened today here. Kill them and dispose their bodies."

Hearing that, adrenaline pumped through your veins, as you felt a presence approaching the place where you were being held captive. As long as they kept you inside the cell, fighting back would be extremely difficult, especially for someone like you.

The 'door' opened once more.

This time, two soldiers in their Demonica Suits -you could see that name engraved on it- stood next to you and your small group. They were equipped with a modern machinegun that seemed to be taken out from a sci-fi movie and a sword with the same characteristics. It was clear what they were here for.

"Sorry, it's either you or me. That's how the world works."

Luck Challenge: ???
Dice Result: 20


Were you going to die like this?


Without being able to prove anything?


Living as a monster that only destroys.


dying as a monster that would never be able to create?!



The two men were pushed away like nothing by the incredible amount of energy that started surrounding you. Your eyes hurt so much that you couldn't see, and so did every single part of your body. But there was one part in particular that did hurt like no other. The back of your left hand.

"H-He contracted a demon without the Demonica Suit or a COMP...? T-That's...!"

You could hear one of them said as he tried to stand up again. The other said nothing.

"Dammit! Go, Bugaboo, finish the job, fast!"

You could not do anything, but you felt danger approach you at immense speeds. You rejected every thought and waited for the finishing blow, but it never came.


The attack was repelled with a beautiful sound.

Opening your eyes, you saw things that you should not be able to see.

A monster -a demon- of red skin and a mask of the same color, with small wings that resembled that of a bat and a long tail that could belong to the devil itself was on the ground, trying to recover from the blow he had just received. On your hand, there was a strange bruise, with a mysterious pattern. Three swords pointing in the same direction, to be precise. And with your back to you...

There was a beautiful woman with Japanese sword in her hands.

"With this, the contract is complete."

That confusing line was the last thing you heard before her figure disappeared. But she was not gone, no. She was just too fast for your eyes to perceive.


Her blade and that of another demon summoned met. You heard her voice a second time:

"I can take care of them all if I wanted, but I would be thankful if you would fight alongside me, Master."

Determined, you focused your attention on the two enemies in front of you, the PGG soldiers. Now that you were out of your cell, you had enough space to use the full extent of your power. And if you wanted to recover your freedom, that's exactly what you needed to do right now.

December 19th, 2011, 10:05 AM
Gabriel Levilius
Koube-Lullaby Port


He had been discovered by the enemy at the last moment. Had it all been in vain? No. He cannot afford anything else at this moment. He needed to... he needed to do something. For the sake of the dead parents killed in this unfair conflict. For the sake of his brother now lost. More so... for the sake of the people who suffered in this conflict. He needed to change this world.

This conflict for B-stones, for power.

it had gone long enough. Yes, perhaps society before the hell hole incident happened maybe a mess... but it was not a greater mess than this!

It was those thoughts that finally made him respond to the words of a certain woman he could only identify as...


"any last words?

He simply answered, "Yes."

He composed himself. He would talk them out. If need be, he would not need to.... fight. However. his grip on his sword stood poised in case of an attack by the enemies.

He finally said this aloud, "Listen, I came here and I apologize that I have intruded on your grounds and have acted in a hostile manner... Nothing validates this act of aggression. Nothing. However, I wanted to settle this quietly with the woman that calls herself Igarashi Koumi. I have heard in my search for my brother that you might have valuable information on the boy called William levilius."

he paused for the moment before he continued, "And i had another agenda... and i wished to discuss this with igarashi, silently. Thus I snuck in, which would be validated all means of hostility. No, You may all take vengeance upon me... I was only desperate to fulfill my wish to find my brother and...."

Finally he declared, "To change this rotten world."

He looked at every single person that surrounded him and then spoke with an emotional high tone, "Those who surround me... I do not know if you have heard of the sufferings I have seen as i searched for my brother or the pain I have gone through because of the incidents when the hell-hole came. I have seen the suffering. Starving children who lost their parents... women who suffer in the hands of the victor that claims the spoils of war in the ensuing battle of factions. People who die because they have no power to fight back when people torment them.

In this world, the weak have become powerless. unable to change their plight.

In this world, the weak are oppressed.

In this world, only the strong decide the rules.

In this world, the strong have forgotten the weak and left them behind.

In this world, the weak are sacrificed for nothing.

How many of us used to be powerless people with no B-powers that were kicked, trampled, tormented and abused before our own B-powers awakened? I urge all of you who now surround me.....

Do you remember those painful memories?

I have been through those experiences. I have watched my parents, who were powerless die. To protect the weak. To ensure that they do not become forgotten by society and are given a helping hand in this harsh world. I was forced to watched powerlessly with tears as my brother was snatched by my own weak hands by the PGG that stole him away for his powers!

How many more of these kinds of tragedies that we have experienced happen?

Can we let it proceed?

Can we?

That was what propelled me to foolishly and recklessly charge in here....

I wanted someone...

who could lend me strength.

to change this rotten world where people suffer!

If you want my sincerity..... so be it!"

And with a foolish gambit, he decided...

to drop his weapons. And he walked with his arms upheld towards Igarashi as he said, "Those are my last words.. Igarashi Koumei. I have nothing to plea for, because I have asked for this treatment. It is fair that way.... However, all i ask, is that even if i die... do not forget... the pleas of the weak."

He closed his eyes as he awaited for the people that surrounded him to end it. His face could only put up a strong front, though within him, some part wanted to cry. Yet he would persist on....

December 19th, 2011, 12:56 PM
William Levilius (Erlkonig)
Toukyou - Seijou Academy

William stood ready, scanning the faces of his opponents. He intently listened to the apparent leader's words. The golden-eyed boy frowned, gaze serious. "I have no problems with you wanting to beat the Banchou. However..." William paused, as overwhelming B-Power began to surge inside him. "...I cannot trust your motives for that."

William extended his arm forward, a blue whirlwind of energy enveloping him. His eyes gleamed with excitement, as he began to recite his ideals to the three. "This school is in chaos! So long as Chaos' twisted roots are encroached in the foundations of this institution, the true glory of Japan will never bloom in this school!" He pumped his fist, as the energy around him flared once more.

"That is why I won't lose this battle!" In his eyes gleamed the spirit of courage, bravery coursing through all his body. "So that the sun may rise once again from the East over our school, may it be basked in righteous golden light! The White Fang has this as its objective, and it too is our dream, that we may once again see ourselves standing together!" Another, bigger, more powerful flare of energy. "That. Is. Why. We'll. Fight!"

The whirlwind of energy reached a sudden crescendo, wrapping around William's body at a furious speed, spinnning as a pillar of sheer B-Power. From behind the pillar of energy, a blue eye gleamed, radiantly shining like a blue sun.

There was the sound of metal being forged, of the ground cracking from the pressure, as the whirlwind of energy gave way to bright, white plate armour, shining radiantly as the sun hit its back, the brilliant armour being illuminated with a golden halo. Two bright blue eyes shone from a knight's white helmet. William's new form towered over his former height, B-Power coursing across the armor in the form of sparks.

"All those who challenge the will of the Wolf Fang, I combat!" In an instant, two bright swords were on the knight's hands, unsheathed in a split second. A surge of B-Power propelled him skyward, William gritting his teeth behind his armour as he rose into the air. "William Levilius, White Knight of the Wolf Fang, will be your opponent!"

And then--

Like a white and blue meteor, he dived towards the three with another burst, a tail of blue light left behind by his armor's eyes and burst of energy. He rocketed towards the three at an overwhelming speed, swords ready to release devastating slashes the moment he neared the floor.

December 20th, 2011, 10:12 PM
Lunatic (KnightTurtle)
Aomory - Outskirts

Your plan was set into motion.

It was pretty simple, really. To reach your maximum power capacity, you needed to slow her down, and a couple of perfectly timed attacks were the best candidates for the job. If she valued her life, she'd at least try to avoid the upcoming crows. During that time, you'd remain in safe territory and your pets would get stronger.

But that was not what was going to happen.

The second you saw her charge through your two attacks, you understood. You understood that the doll in front of you had only one purpose: To destroy you. And to reach that goal, it didn't matter whether she took damage or not. So when the crows, enveloped in ash and flame, attacked her simultaneously from two sides, she didn't even bother to block. Because what she saw was not an obstacle, but an opportunity. If she had to suffer injuries in order to land a blow, then she would do so. And this face just made your blood boil.

The heavy maze came down like a hammer. You jumped back instinctively. However, she was not done yet. She propelled herself forward, coming out of the explosion of mud and dirt, as if she were a fast-moving projectile. In a split of a second, she was already at melee range. She was clearly faster than before. And that was bad, cause the girl was not letting you have any space for openings you could use to counter-attack or disengage. Her attacks were precise, deadly and fast.

How was it possible for a person like you to keep dodging those dangerous strikes?

It was all because of the unique fighting style you employed. One that sacrificed all offense, and in exchange provided an unshakeable defense. It didn't matter if she didn't allow you to find any openings, because you wouldn't want to use them anyways. It didn't matter if she became faster by the second, because you were three times as fast. This was not because of you being naturally gifted or because of experience, it was just because of the simple fact that you were not attacking at all. And in not doing so, you gained the time you needed to keep up with the enemy.

Movement Challenge: 12
Dice Result: 6
Perk Boost: +3
Luck Focus: +5
Final Result: 14

A strike from the left side, able to provide an instant death the moment it connected with your head. You quickly ducked, avoiding the imminent danger. A second attack came in the form of a thrust that hoping to smash a couple of vital organs once it hit your stomach. You unbelievable managed to side-step and come out of it unharmed. Finally, you gathered as much energy as you could muster, and performed a swift jump, before your opponent could perform a follow-up that would smash one of your sides.

The only thing that you could do was focus on building time. But you knew that if you made a mistake before that time came, you were done for.

You had to keep at it.

You had endure the pain that invaded your whole body and move.

---There were not even traces of sweat on her face.

You had to keep moving. Even if you had to raise the bar and take risks.

You kick connected. It had no effect.

But, above all, you had to keep moving.

She attacked you again, with a power that could be compared to that of a truck. With no intention of letting that hit you, you jumped once more.

After all, she could not hit what she could not...

Movement Challenge: 12
Dice Result: 3
Perk Boost: +3
Luck Focus: +5
Final Result: 11

You felt a tight grip on your left foot.


The next thing you knew of that you were sent flying. The world itself spun before your very eyes. It all happened really fast, but the flight itself felt eternal. You couldn't help but to wonder how many bones you would break the second you landed. At least, you heard a big crash, and you knew that with that, your life was over.

Damage Roll: 4
Luck Focus: -5
Total Damage: 0

Or not.

Quite lucky you were, indeed. A pile of straw had cushioned your fall and reduced all possible damage to zero. You were allowed to take a single, relaxing breather, before you noticed a singular figure coming down from the heavens, as if it were a form of Divine Punishment.


At the same time, you were informed through mental link that your preparations were complete. It was about god damn time!

Alaya Shiki (Fangstrike) - Raquel Casull (Yun)
Yokohama - Streets

You introduced yourselves as you carried the boy out of the alley.

Thanks to your treatment, his life was no longer in danger. Obviously, you still needed to take him to a hospital. But there lied the problem. The nearest hospital was miles away, and you didn't have any proper mean of transport. There was no one in the street who would help you out, when you called no one would respond, and the thought of 'borrowing' a car did not even cross your minds. Staying in one place was just a big waste of time, so you decided to get moving. With any luck, someone would pick you up on your way to the hospital and the trip would be faster from that point on.

But that moment never came. After ten minutes of hurried walk, you began to realize how odd things were. It was as if you had been suddenly dumped into a ghost town. No matter where you looked, there was nobody there. But, if you focused, you could feel the presence of human beings inside. They were there, watching you. They know you were in trouble and needed help, but did not do anything to help you. Maybe the wanted to, but the fear to do so was bigger, and so they didn't. Somewhat frustrated, you continued on your way to save the little boy, who remained unconscious.

Then, a miracle appeared before your very eyes.

A car. A car that moved, one with a person -or more- inside. It was like seeing an oasis in the middle of the desert. Naturally, you approached it to see if the driver could take you anywhere near the place you needed to go. As you came closer and closer to the vehicle, which had stopped, as if acknowledging your presence, its windows opened. And what you saw was...

A group of gangsters, aiming their guns at you.

You knew they were going to shoot the next instant and that there was little to no time to react. Shiki instinctively turned his back to the vehicle and placed the boy in front of him, clearly intending to act as a shield.

Movement Challenge: 14
Dice Result: 19

Raquel, however, stepped forward and...!

For a minute, the only thing you heard was the sound of gunfire, and the bullets impacting against something. Something that was clearly not human flesh. It was as if someone had placed an iron wall between you and the gangsters inside that car. Only that, when Shiki dared to look, there was no iron wall. What had protected him was some sort of energy barrier, which had repelled the bullets easily. By the time you recovered from the attack, the black vehicle was already gone.

But their attack was not over.

You heard them coming. And when they arrived, you knew that your situation was not the best. Four cars surrounded you in a flash. No, they could no longer be called cars. These were killing machines. They were fully armored and had several deadly weapons attached to them. You had heard of them before. There was no mistaking them, the ones before you were the Four Noble Truths.

Dukkha – The Noble Truth of Suffering.

Samudaya – The Noble Truth of the Cause of Suffering.

Nirodha – The Noble Truth of the Cessation of Suffering.

Magga – The Noble Truth of the Path leading to the Cessation of Suffering.

You didn't know what you had done to anger them -In fact, it was obvious-, but you knew that fighting them was not an option. Not in these conditions. Maybe if you could get the little guy to some place safe, then you could fight to the full extent of your capacity. When you thought that all hope was gone...

Another car entered the scene, a Mercedes-Benz Taxi to be precise, stopping right next to the place where you were standing, its doors opening and inviting you to come in. You heard a voice from the inside:

"Are you friends of little Ben? Hop in!"

By the time you did so, the car was already under attack. The driver violently pressed the accelerator and the car was launched like a missile on a mission to Mars. At that time, reason told you to fasten your seatbelt. With the person on the wheel constantly turning left and right utilizing brutal driving maneuvers, there was little time to relax, but you managed to inspect the inside of the car. Their seats were quite comfortable and the vehicle itself had a nice aroma. The driver was a woman with long white hair and clear red eyes, with beautiful faces and features. The movements the car made were sudden and rough, but when you looked at what the driver actually did, you could find no mistake whatsoever. To your eyes, it seemed -and it probably was- a masterful technique.
On the backseat, you spotted another woman. At first sight, she seemed to be of the silent type, and she sported quite a professional look on her face.

The chase continued. The taxi was in constant risk, but the silver haired woman always managed to escape danger making use of her incredible, yet unpredictable, driving skills. However, that wasn't enough to lose the ones that were attacking you. Maybe she could get rid of one at a time, but four were too much for her. Realizing this, she called out to the other woman on the backseat.


The girl understood instantly, and with a 'Yes, Madam', she stood up and threw something through the sunroof. Grenades. Lots of them.


One of the war vehicles was caught in the explosion and tossed into the air engulfed in flames, spinning away until it crashed into a near-by store. The other three managed to avoid the attack for the most part and did not stop to help their mate. That was their code. For the sake of whatever they were doing, if one had to be left behind, so be it. There was no real friendship between the members of the group.

It had been a smart move, but with that gone, there was nothing you could use as an offensive weapon. The car itself prevented you from using your B-ability -Probably for security reasons that did not matter at the time-, and no other weapon could really harm those monster machines. From now on, if the woman wanted to take them out, she had to do so by defeating them in driving skills.

The Mercedes-Benz took a fairly dangerous curve into the highway, but instead of slowing down, it accelerated. Inside, one had more space for risky maneuvers, but that itself made it hard to get rid of the hunters. And it didn't look like they were going to hold back any longer. The woman on the wheel kept pressing the accelerator.


A missile was released from one of the opposing vehicles. If that thing hit you, it would be certain death for all those inside. And the cause of death wouldn't be very pleasant, to say the least. The lady's quick and perfectly timed footwork matched with incredible hand coordination made the car abruptly slow down and spin, avoiding the missile by a hair, and passing in between two of the cars that followed her. The third was in for some frontal confrontation. The vehicle was equipped with protective armor, so clearly the taxi had the odds of losing. Despite this, the woman accelerated.


You heard the missile explode behind you. The explosion itself made the windows shatter, and you covered your faces in response. And it was fortunate that you did so, for the nex maneuver was even more dangerous. Again, with hands and feet that seemed to belong to a magician, the woman managed to evade the incoming car and, at the same time, place her vehicle right behind it. After that, a single and precise strike was enough to make the foe completely lose control of his car, crashing against the guard rail with such force, that it ended up falling off the highway altogether.

The chase with the two remaining enemies continued for what seemed to last an eternity. These pair seemed to have worked as a team before, and as a result, they pulled outstanding driving formations, hoping to stop the taxi driver with one of their tricks. None of them were successful.

Eventually, your vehicle crashed against a sign. It read: 'Under Construction'.

The lady in white did not seem to slow down, not even for a second. With two amazing drivers after her and the end of the road coming soon... What the hell was she going to do this time? She was pushing her luck too much. Still, when you saw her, you saw purity. And just by looking at her face, you could tell she was a trustworthy person. You placed your lives, and that of the little boy, in her hands.

She accelerated. They accelerated too.

This was a gamble. It was clear for any reasonable human being that one of the two groups would need to stop, because not doing so would end their lives. But they didn't mind dying. As long as they managed to complete their missions, the Four Noble Truths would die with honor. So the thought of stopping their cars did never cross their heads. Even if you car stopped its motion, they could easily make it fall off the highway. That was the strength of their resolve.

But their resolve was not enough.

The silver haired driver's skills were unsurpassed, and so she found a small opening in their formation and, with no hesitation, exploited it. A couple of seconds later, you realized it was over. The hospital was not far away, and you could get there in ten minutes if you went back the way you came. Yes, that was what your group intended to do. But there was one problem.

A huge man in a clad red armor stood in the highway, not far from where you were. Truly, he resembled a giant. With a loud voice filled with grief and anger that was clearly directed at you, he spoke:

"Which one of you dared to touch my Kenshiroooooooo...?!"

December 21st, 2011, 01:54 PM
Karakuri Tetsuko
Abashiri - Beast's Lair

“Oh? So you were the cause of all that noise?”

‘That voice wasn’t Onee-sama’s voice!’

In a split second it had whipped its head around to the source of the voice and locked on to the one who had just spoken. Its eyes widened momentarily, before the pupils seemed to narrow and widen mechanically as a faint whirring noise emitted from its frame. Its red eyes practically glowed in the dimly lit room as it took in the one before it and its surroundings.

‘Executing Program 00213518467… Scanning… Warning. Hostile detected. No life signs detected. Classification: Undead. Ranking… Not enough data.’

The room was incredibly large and hexagonal shaped with a smaller hexagonal shaped platform surrounded by railings in the middle of it. The walls were lined small, barred doors, prison cells to be precise, and various bridges loomed over head, connecting the geometrically aligned walls of the towering structure. Far ahead and far below, similar platforms could be seen at even intervals, creating an array that would have been dizzying to look at for humans.

And in the middle of the platform ahead…

Not Onee-sama, but rather a little girl with lustrous white hair and blood red eyes, similar to its own light blue hair and red eyes. The little girl could be no older physically than eight years old, but was quite likely decades, if not centuries, older due to her classification as an Undead; in stark contrast to Tetsuko, who looked to be physically fourteen, but was, in actuality, only a few weeks old. The vampire girl stood, elegant and poised, in the middle of the room that it had just broken into, holding a fencing sword with her left hand, a petite and doll-like princess.


‘Alert. Hostile detected. No life signs detected. Classification: Undead. Warning. Warning.’

‘Mou! Who cares about that?! She’s like a doll! She’s just like me!’

It practically skipped forward, arms swinging happily as it moved towards the center of the platform and its single occupant, almost squealing as it approached.

“Ojou-chan! Ojou-chan! You’re so cute, Ojou-chan! Say, can I hug you? Will you call Tetsuko ‘onee-chan’, pleeeeease?”

‘Warning. Hostile detected. Warni…’


The vampire girl, however, simply sneered in reply, pointed her sword towards the approaching Tetsuko and proceeded to ignore its words, trampling them and speaking over them instead.

“So you are my opponent for today, hmm?” she said in a voice laced with both disdain and absolute confidence, narrowing her red eyes as she watched the nearing figure. “You seem to be quite worthless and weak, if I say so myself. Well, it's not like I expected someone that could even compare to my greatness, but I was not informed that you were a filthy machine. Had I known, I would have called you in sooner.”

It stopped momentarily and blinked twice in rapid succession before raising a finger to its cheek in an inquisitive gesture. Its face changed into an expression between a pout and scowl.

“Neee, Ojou-chan, you’re using big words and confusing Tetsuko. Does that mean you don’t want a hug? You want to fight instead?” it asked, sounding absolutely bewildered. “Well, if that’s what you want, I guess it’s… okay? I’ll warn you though! Tetsuko is actually really strong!”

‘Current primary objective: Retrieval of Administrator.’

“…and since I’m searching for Onee-sama, I’m doubly strong! You won’t be able to keep Tetsuko from finding Onee-sama, no matter how cute you are, Ojou-chan!”

It raised its hands and clenched its fists, assuming a relaxed fighting posture even as it began jumping lightly on its feet, raising small clouds of dust where its feet continually impacted with the ground. At the same time, the metallic surface of the platform emitted small clanking noises as it hopped in place, sounds which reverberated loudly through the geometrical room. The doll-like vampire simply grinned at the spectacle, a sight which would have been disturbing for a human to see because of its fanged smile, but a sight that didn’t make any difference towards the hopping figure’s disposition towards combat.

"Well, then, shall we start?"

“Let’s go, Ojou-chan! For Onee-sama!”

‘Engaging combat mo…’

The vampire girl propelled forward as if shot from a cannon, with the sole intention of piercing its head with the fencing blade. It dodged, however, evading the lightning fast surprise attack easily, but it still emitted a startled shriek even as it shot out a kick towards the suddenly off-balance vampire. The petite vampire answered with a kick of her own, weaving under its longer legs and hopping slightly to aim the counterattack at its face.

“Ojou-chan, you cheat! Tetsuko wasn’t ready yet!”

‘Engaging combat mode.’

It covered the attack easily, crossing its arms to protect its face. The kick was strong enough to push it back, however…

‘System status… All systems at 100%. Damage negligible. Recalibrating systems to account for hostile’s velocity and acceleration.’

The sudden kick hadn’t been strong enough to damage it at all. Its dermal layer hadn’t even been bruised and the internal mechanisms were still functioning at optimal output. It glared at the vampire who had once again lengthened the distance between them and its lips pursed into a pout.

‘Increasing output.’

“Mou! Ojou-chan! You’re not cute at all! You’re making Tetsuko mad!” it shouted in a voice that wasn’t angry, but more disappointed. Suddenly, it blinked twice in rapid succession, the pout disappeared and its countenance became a frozen, emotionless mask. It lifted an arm, clenched its hand into a fist, and fired it forward. The rocket propelled fist sailed towards the diminutive vampire at a near blinding speed. For a moment, the attack seemed to connect, but the silver haired vampire simply turned into mist and evaded the attack entirely.

It was not at all deterred by the sudden reversal.

‘Increasing output.’

Instead it propelled itself towards the reforming girl, minor rocket blasts from the soles of its feet adding an extra boost of speed. It closed the distance almost instantaneously and the vampire seemed momentarily startled as it easily deflected a desperate thrusting strike by pushing it aside with an open palm. In that moment, it retaliated by punching the red eyed girl, but she once again turned into a mist and increased the distance between them.

‘Increasing output.’

Undeterred, it once again followed the retreating mist, the rocket boost propelling it forward slightly faster than before, and attacked as the vampire once again reformed, this time using a high axe kick to strike at the back of the vampire’s head. However, the vampire turned into mist for a third time as the kick came crashing down, denting the platform’s surface with a near deafening clang which resounded throughout the entire prison complex.


The vampire retreated once again and this time it did not follow. It watched the reforming girl serenely, blinking twice in rapid succession, its fingers curling towards its palm in a mechanical sequence as it watched the beautiful, sneering face of the vampire girl. Its own face had remained impassive during the entire lightning fast exchange which had just occurred.

“A piece of trash like you will never touch my beautiful body,” the silver haired girl said in a scornful tone as she took a fencing stance once again. “Your ugliness disgusts me.”

It blinked twice in rapid succession and clenched its fists.

“Incorrect,” it stated in a monotone, no sign at all of its previous emotional outbursts present. “This unit’s top speed far exceeds your own. This unit’s victory is inevitable. You are muscle and bone. This unit has discerned that you cannot counterattack while in that form. You must assume a corporeal form to retaliate against this unit. While undertaking this course of action, your flesh will betray you. In trying to keep up with this unit’s top speed, your muscles will pull and your bones will snap, leaving you crippled and defenseless. Eliminating you will be a simple process then.”

It blinked twice in rapid succession and unclenched its fists.

“You gotta show me something new, Ojou-chan,” it said while pouting slightly. “You’ll bore Tetsuko if you only use that one lame trick over and over again like that.” It exuded an aura that mixed both pity and disappointment for a brief moment before its face brightened into a wide and beaming smile. “So, Ojou-chan, you can go all out, ok? Don’t worry about Tetsuko! She doesn’t feel pain!”

It started hopping in place again, rhythmic clanging of its movement ringing through the room once more. Its eyes lose their brightness, becoming like frozen rubies, and its features once again became an impassive, mechanical mask as all traces of the previous bright smile disappeared.

‘Increasing output.’

And then, just as it was to rush towards the doll-like girl once again, something fell from one of the various platforms or bridges over head. It stopped its movement instantaneously and flipped backwards to avoid the falling mass. It remained in a combat stance and impassive as its sensors scanned the crumbling corpse and the overhanging platforms as various other forms fell towards them, either lifeless masses or rapidly crumbling ash.


The sound of gunfire.

‘Analysis complete. Subject identified as…’


Its final words seemed to strike a chord with the vampire. The ever present sneer was replaced with a feral snarl that twisted the beautiful doll-like features into a horrifying hate filled mask. The petite girl seemed to tremble with barely contained anger and her eyes seemed to shine with an almost unearthly glow. However, her elegant composure soon reasserted itself and the snarl melted into a mirthless grin.

"Enough,” the tiny princess said in a composed tone that did not reflect her brief murderous rage, flipping a stray strand of hair behind her shoulder. “Playtime is over."

The prison itself seemed to shake with power. It stopped hopping and covered its face with its arms, letting out a small startled shriek as its frame was buffeted by the almost overwhelming pressure of power. It lowered its arms slightly to get a better look at the diminutive vampire, its hair whipping violently behind it in the sudden storm of energy.

‘Analyzing… Warning. Warning. Readings out of scale. Cannot determine hostile’s current threat level… Analyzing… Analyzing… Source determined. Power is flooding in from the environment. Area designated as a Demonic Field. Recalibrating systems…’

Slowly, it was able to lower its arms and stand normally in the whirlwind of power as it abated. It looked at the smirking vampire impassively, its scanners actively searching for any exploitable weakness. It prepared to advance once again, to test its enemy’s new capabilities, but then…


A rapidly falling body.

A body it recognized.


It ignored the vampire and rushed towards the falling form, legs and arms pumping mechanically as it approached the calculated point of impact, long hair streaming behind it like sky blue cape. A minor rocket blast from its legs helped it to make a leap which would have been impossible for a human and lifted it towards the tumbling older girl to safely stop her free-fall.

“Yay! I caught you!” it cheered as they landed safely on the platform with a dull metallic clank. It lowered her carefully to her feet and proceeded to grin up at the taller girl with a wide, beaming smile. “Did you see that? Did you see that? Tetsuko’s Flying Onee-sama CATCH!”

Clinging to the taller blue haired girl’s waist, it turned its face towards the poised vampire girl and scowled angrily.

“Oooh! You’re in for it now, Ojou-chan! Tetsuko has her Onee-sama back now, so now I feel FIVE times as strong as before!” it said in a playful, sing-song tone which was slightly at odds with her angry expression. It then proceeded to pull at its lower eyelid and stick her tongue out at the silver haired girl. “Biiiiiidah! You won’t be able to keep up now, you cheating cheater who cheats! I won’t hold back even if you say you’re sorry! Tetsuko will never forgive you for cheating! Not even if you’re really cute!”

‘Objective: Retrieval of Administrator – Complete. Current primary objective – Safeguarding Administrator. Activating weapon systems… All weapon systems online. Primed and ready.’


It lifted both arms with a clicking noise, both hands with digits splayed and pointing towards the vampire. It moved and stood in front of Hitomi and slightly to a side, standing close enough to protect her, but not so near so as to obstruct her vision of the room and its occupants.

“Onee-sama! Tetsuko is awaiting your orders! Shall I pin her down for you? Do I cover for you while you escape? Whatever you choose, Onee-sama, Tetsuko will protect you with all her strength!”

December 21st, 2011, 08:10 PM
Nakamura Hitomi
Abashiri - Beast's Lair

The guard went down without so much as a cry of pain, his consciousness leaving him as his head struck the cold concrete-like grounds of the prison walkways. There normally weren't many places to hide an unconscious body in a prison like this, but taking the guard's keys, and a piece of paper that mentioned some sort of object known as a Magatama, Hitomi managed to find the key to a nearby prison cell, which was thankfully empty. Noting the irony of this situation in her mind, she placed the unconscious guard inside the cell and locked him inside. She had noticed some odd-looking marks on the back of the man's hand as she had moved him into the cell, but she figured that now wasn't the time to figure out whether or not it meant anything.

After all, finding Tetsuko and escaping this prison should be her number-one priority at the moment. She didn't really want to leave Maiku behind, but he would be something of a burden on this initial escape attempt, so she would have to come back for him later on, when she managed to get more control over this whole situation. Scanning the prison with her B-Ability once more, she swiftly waded through the images that entered her mind, searching quickly for her imouto, who had probably come here just to break her out of this vampire prison.

Tetsuko's devotion was truly touching in that sense, and made Hitomi appreciate the girl's presence all the more-

Finally locating her little sister with her inner eye, Hitomi broke into a run, suddenly aware that the girl was fighting someone who appeared to be Isabella Von Wissenkreuz...

Tetsuko was strong, but Isabella had apparently never lost a fight in the entire history of this prison. From what she could see from here, the fight hadn't yet started, so she could still get down there to help Tetsuko if she moved right now, but-

Close combat wasn't exactly her specialty, sure, she wasn't entirely helpless when forced into a direct confrontation, but she wasn't sure that she could beat a Special Student or Vampire who specialized in the art Close Quarters Combat, though a defensive fight should still be possible...


To put it simply, she probably wouldn't be very much help to Tetsuko unless she managed to find her gun, or some sort of other weapon first. If she had some sort of long-range weapon, she could rain bullets down on Isabella from up here in the upper sections of the prison, use the advantage that came with having the high ground...

Searching for her weapon with her B-Ability, she was somewhat unsurprised to find that one of the guards on the floor below was carrying it around along with her ammo pouch, the normally shining metal of the Beretta looking dull in the dim lights of the prison.

And along with that particular discovery, came the realization that a guard was approaching her current position. With the way this prison was set-up, the only places in which she could hide would be the prison cells themselves, and she didn't have the time to open and shut one of the cell doors before the vampire appeared on this walkway.

Sighing quietly, she resolved herself to the fact that she wouldn't be able to hide, and broke into a sprint towards the guard rails, kicking off from the metal and into the void of the center area, her newly gained knowledge of the building's interior allowing her to easily land next to a guard on one of the bridges that lay spanned across the bridge, the guard in question gaping in shock as she swung out with her right leg, and swept the vampire's legs out from underneath him, sending him tumbling to the unforgiving floor as the alarms signifying a prison escape began to ring.

Even from here, she could hear the sound of dozens of door opening in the prison, followed by the hurried sound of footsteps-

But it would take them a moment for the guards on this floor to get here, and the ones on the other floors would have to traverse the stairs-!

Practically diving onto the downed vampire, she held his head down to the ground with her left arm, as she struggled to tear the heavy form of her customized pistol from his pale right hand. The gun in question, which was a Beretta 92FS, had been a sort of 'graduation' present from her guardian, Kimiko Tachibana. Imported from North America before the incident with the hell-hole, it had a molded wooden grip with the Tachibana family crest engraved upon its polished surface. Feeling the footsteps of the guards draw closer, she slammed the vampire's head against the concrete once, and was relieved to find that his grip loosened as he faded into unconsciousness.

Taking back her semi-automatic pistol and ammo pouch, she had just enough time to strap the pouch to her right leg before the first of the guards appeared along this narrow walkway. Unfortunately for them however...

The guard who had stolen it from her had left the gun loaded, and Hitomi was, if nothing else, quite a remarkable shot with most types of long-range weaponry. This particular pistol wasn't the most powerful weapon she owned, but it was the most familiar, and as it had been the only weapon she had been carrying at the time of her capture, so it would have to do for the moment. Glancing at the world with her B-Ability, she became aware of the fact that guards were approaching from both sides of the bridge, seven on one side, and three on the other. Rising to her feet without a sound, she swung her arm out behind her, not even bothering to look with her physical eyes as she placed a single round between the eyes of a tall, crimson haired vampire.

That first shot sent everything into chaos.

Breaking into a feverish run, making inhuman screech like sounds, the vampires sprinted for her position, claws outstretched in a silent, violent threat to her life.

And she retaliated as necessary, face expressionless as she took out the two vampires with similarly skilled head-shots, sending them tumbling off the side of the bridge as she moved into the space they had once occupied, making note of the fact that more vampires were approaching from the top floor, and that the thirteen left on this floor had already reached the middle of the bridge. Moving slowly back, Hitomi continued to fire, mentally counting down the amount of bullets left in the magazine.







There was still one vampire left, and it was too close for her to reload...!

A burning feeling had been building up in her body for awhile now, ever since she had started fighting with the undead. It was a strangely familiar feeling, although it couldn't really be described with words like 'pleasant' or 'unpleasant.'

It was simply a feeling of fire, of flames that did not burn her skin, but rather ran through her veins, driving her on to survive this onslaught, to defeat the enemy before her and reach Tetsuko.

But if that vampire bit her, even once...

That was the fear of all who fought the undead in close quarters.

'Do not fear, daughter of man.'

A quiet, barely noticeable voice floated across the surface of her thoughts, something that was just loud enough that she could hear it. But as the last of the vampires lunged at her at that moment, his teeth bared in a bloody grin as she struggled to hold him back, she found that she wasn't too curious about whatever voice had decided to pop up in her thoughts.

Until it decided to make itself known again, as she broke free of the vampire's grip, and moved to strike it in the chest with her foot.

'Begone, child of the night.'

If it wasn't the result of her own attack, she probably wouldn't have paid too much attention to it, but at the moment of contact with the vampire, there was a small flash of light, and the vampire shot back as if burned, screaming as it's chest started to crumble to ash, screaming as it plunged off the side of the bridge into the same abyss his companions had dropped into.

...But she had just kicked him once, so why did the vampire have that sort of response?

No, it didn't really matter why it had happened. The enemies had been defeated, and she was now free to help Tetsuko, that was what was important.

She could worry about what had just happened later on.

Moving down to the bridge's end, she glanced down at the battle between Isabella and Tetsuko as she reloaded her gun, waiting for a halt in the fighting so that she wouldn't hit Tetsuko by accident.

And after a moment, she got just that opportunity. Isabella was just standing there, it was the clearest possible shot she would have-


She was falling.

There had been no one on the bridge, but someone had definitely hit her in the back as she had leaned over the railing to take the shot. It wasn't even that the attack was hard-hitting, it was more of a push really, but it was still enough to send her tumbling over the side of the bridge.

Slamming onto the rough floor of a bridge below, her pistol sliding slightly across the ground as she accidentally let go of it, Hitomi was momentarily stunned.

And the man that she had caught a glimpse of, the one who had just pushed her off of a bridge, had somehow followed her down here.

Yet, she hadn't even seen him jump-

"Damn," reaching for the Beretta, she grabbed the wooden grip and moved to get rid of this man before he could strike her again, but-

"Curse you, Criminal Scum!"

She was thrown back out into open space, what would have been a fatal descent stopped only by the fact that there was another bridge between herself and the ground floor.

And, after she shook off the pain of this second, forced landing, she was unsurprised to find the man standing there, a long white spear in his hand.

And it was clear from the way he held it, the way it zoomed towards her chest as she flinched and closed her eyes, that it would be the instrument that caused her death.

Sorry Tetsuko, looks like big sis lost-


...Someone had blocked it for her.

"Breaking the rules you so adore that quickly, huh, Dmitri?"

There was no time to think about who or why, opening her eyes in a flash, Hitomi pulled herself through the gap in the bars and off the side of the bridge in order to escape the man before a second strike could be dealt, trusting completely in the hope that Tetsuko would catch her, even as a sudden feeling of pressure became apparent in the room.


It was just the sort of thing that girl would do, and it made her aware of how many times her imouto had saved her recently.

She was really falling behind on this whole 'rescue' thing, she was supposed to be the big sister in this little family, wasn't a big sister supposed to watch out for her younger siblings?

That thought made her laugh a bit.

“Yay! I caught you!” The girl's cheerful voice ringing in her ears, her arms supporting her back and legs, Hitomi giggled at the girl's excitement at having saved her, her brilliant smile making it clear that she was pleased, "Did you see that? Did you see that? Tetsuko’s Flying Onee-sama CATCH!”

"Yes Tetsuko, I saw it," Hitomi smiled, then, "Thank you for catching me."

Turning her attention to Isabella, who was being yelled at by Tetsuko, Hitomi hurriedly scanned the area, trying to figure out where the pressure she had felt before had come from...

'A field of demons, a place of sin.'

That was the only answer she could find in her thoughts, and she wasn't even sure how she knew about such a thing.

Regardless, that meant that things were about to get serious-

“Onee-sama! Tetsuko is awaiting your orders! Shall I pin her down for you? Do I cover for you while you escape? Whatever you choose, Onee-sama, Tetsuko will protect you with all her strength!”

"My orders?" Hitomi smiled at the girl, then, "We're fighting together this time, alright? I'll support you from the back, so do your best to just hit her a few times," Hitomi paused for a moment, then, "And if she tries that mist trick of hers again, I'll handle it, alright?" Hitomi's smile grew brighter, "Just leave that to your Onee-sama."

She wasn't entirely sure that she could handle Isabella's mist ability, but bullets tended to be faster than melee combat, so maybe if she shot the vampire as it was reforming...?

December 22nd, 2011, 08:42 PM
Marcus Damion (Xaldin)
Yezo - Forest Near the Village


The girl agreed, still shocked by what she had just been through. She couldn't walk on her own, so, after a moment of contemplation, you decided to carry her through the burning forest. The flames quickly engulfed anything in their path, and there didn't seem to be anything that could stop them. At least, you couldn't do anything about the fire. You continued on your way to the village, the blazing trees following after you, like dogs which follow their master.

The violent way in which you had repelled the vampires had surprised her. You had fought bravely and saved her from a fate worse than death. However, there was more to it. And she, more than anyone else, saw right through it. No, for her it was hard not to see it. See the hatred that had consumed your very soul the instant the combat had started. You simply could not forgive the vampires for what they had done to you. After living through hell, no one could blame you. But, a few minutes ago, Were you fighting to protect a damsel in distress? Or were you fighting to settle a score of the past? Not even she could answer that question. What she could tell was that, beyond the darkness that surrounded you, there was kindness.

---They caught you by surprise.

The two vampires came out of nowhere. Carrying the girl on your arms and in your condition, there was little you could do at that time. Even so, your movements would prove to be to slow, and one of the two would end up being poisoned by the deadly vampiric virus. However...

They had no intention of attacking you. No, in fact, they barely took notice of you and the girl. They ran past you like thunder and kept going the same way, deep into the burning forest. Seeing vampires running away was certainly a rare sight. They would usually stay in groups and attack stronger enemies, no matter how strong. What could have caused that reaction, then?

As if to answer that question, a large figure stood between you and your destination. At first, you couldn't tell what it was exactly. You just knew there was something there. You squinted to see better, and the action itself brought a lot of pain to your eyes, even if it only lasted a second. Recovered, you finally took a look at the thing that was in front of you...

And you couldn't believe it.

A ferocious beast, red in color, of considerable size. But that was not the most surprising fact. The creature had seven heads with a crown on each, and its body was made of parts that belonged to different kinds of animals. I guess you could call it a chimera. You had never seen something like that before. The first thought that crossed your mind was that it could be the result of a mutation of the vampiric virus in animals. Were the Nightmare Eyes performing some kind of weird experiment?

It roared with its seven heads. And when it did so, you knew that the time for meditating was over. You had two options. One, run away. Two, confront the monster. Needless to say, the first one was the favorite. You quietly turned around and...


Movement Challenge: 12
Dice Result: 20

With a lightning attack, the entire area around you exploded. The sudden detonation made you throw yourself to the ground, and you instinctively shielded the girl's body with your own. When you stood up again, you found yourself in a cage of flames. There was fire in all directions and it seemed so strong that running through it did not seem like a good idea. Maybe you could make it through due to your affinity with it, but the girl... She would have no chance of getting away on her own. You discarded the idea.

When you turned to face the one responsible for it, you realized the beast was no longer alone. Indeed, there was someone else there. A beautiful woman wearing a purple robe, with a face that had no flesh, only bone. She carried a golden cup in her hands and she seemed to find you amusing for some reason.

"Hohohohoho~ So we finally meet...

...Wielder of Hell."

The killing intent that emanated from her body was so great that you felt as if a drill was piercing your forehead with no mercy. The pain forced you to move and you quickly aimed your weapon at both the woman tamer and her beast. Without thinking, you pulled the trigger and erased their existence.

Or that's what you thought it would happen.

The attack itself had no effect on the targets. With your weapon proving to be useless, How would you fight them? Did you even have a chance in melee combat? You wouldn't know until you tried. And so, you charged forward, like a man ready to die for the sake of his country.

But something made you freeze on your tracks. Literally. The thing that had prevented you from advancing...

Was ice.

You had not noticed until now, but the temperature had decreased considerably. If you closed your eyes, you probably would not be able to tell that the place was actually on fire. Soon, the place was trapped inside a blizzard and the fire began to slowly extinguish. You heard rumors about this phenomenon. The one responsible for it was not nature, but a supernatural ability developed by humans. In other words, a B-ability. And the owner of such recognizable skill was no other than...

Ulruka, leader of the tribes of the North.

"Get out of here. You stand no chance. She's completely out of your league."

Her back to you, the beautiful purple haired woman gave you an order. Releasing you from the ice shackles that had prevented you from moving, you were now free to escape with the girl if you so pleased. The question was: Would you do so?

Revy (Milbunk)
Ika - Ninja Academy

Ninjas had never fought honorably. They were not ashamed of utilizing dirty tricks or tactics if that would allow them to complete their mission. For them, in a battle, the quickest way to assassination was the only way to go. So, to them, your last action was somewhat puzzling. Why, after parrying the three projectiles that had been thrown at you, didn't you counter-attack? Why didn't you use the small opening Maki had left after the attack, and used it to your own advantage? Something like that should have been easy for someone as strong as Revy-sama.

"Hahahahaha! That's just like her." From the crowd, a cheerful laugh came. It was Hanzo's. And that was probably the only thing that had prevented your cover from being blown, because some trainees were already looking at you with suspicious eyes. "What would you learn if Revy-sama defeated Maki-san in the first exchange of blows? You would just reaffirm the harsh truth of the path of the ninja." He coughed, gathering the attention of his devoted subordinates. "Today you are going to learn how to face adversity. It might not look like it, but Revy-sama has several tricks under her sleeve, she's just waiting for the adequate time to reveal them."

To that, several ninjas remained silent. It was hard to believe what Hanzo was saying. Face adversity? Wasn't the legendary Kunoichi at least five times stronger than her opponent? Hanzo felt the need to answer that question.

"Well, you see, right now... Revy-sama is only using a tenth of her power. I guess that would be the strength of one of you guys."

Quite shocked, the ninja understood. Were them on Revy's shoes right now, they would stand no chance against someone as powerful and skilled as Muroi Maki. If the Kunoichi they so believe in was limiting her power that much... To win would require some kind of miracle. Some kind of trick. A trick so unexpected, that it would fool an experienced ninja.

And so, they focused on the match, eager to see what would happen.

Your eyes met. Eyes that seemed to speak, and they asked just one thing: 'Is it okay for you to do this...?' The lack of an answer was taken as an affirmative response, and the girl returned to her usual, emotionless self. Because for a ninja, emotions are the biggest burden.

In a flash, she performed a series of hand seals, the last of those you recognized. After all, it was their trademark.

"Ninja Art: Territory... ALTER!"

It expanded like a boundary, enveloping the entire room. No, the entire academy. You were transported to a different kind of battleground. You had been transported to a jungle, your foe nowhere to be seen. It was only natural. This was the way they fought. Despite the fact that it was supposed to be a friendly battle, she would still fight dirty and use any of your mistakes to her own advantage. Respect... Honor... There were no such things.

"Ninja Art: Time... ALTER!"

You heard her voice, but you couldn't quite tell from which direction it did come. By the time you gave up, you found there had been another major change in the environment. It was now night-time. It felt so real. You could even feel the cry of some nocturne animals in the distance. Darkness reduced your field of vision greatly, to the point where you could not tell what was right next to you.

So you closed your eyes. And you felt it. A sudden feeling of death!

Movement Challenge: 14
Dice Result: 12
Penalty (environment): -3
Final Result: 9
Damage roll: 7

Seven needles. One came from the left, another from behind, and a third from above. You failed to sense the remaining four. And those four hit you in different parts of your body. The damage caused wasn't much, and you could still keep on fighting. You noted that all the attacks had been perfectly timed and executed with utmost precision. The needles were thrown at you simultaneously and each from different direction. The obvious conclusion was that you were being attacked by more than one person.

Could this be the signature technique of the ninjas, the replication technique? But more importantly, how were you supposed to attack someone you could not see or sense at all...?

December 23rd, 2011, 03:21 PM
Nigata - Hikarizaka Academy

The air took on a crescent shape, moving at an insane speed, it's mere sharpness and pressure being able to utterly obliterate materials harder than human flesh, yet...

A massive impact that tore through the third floor, making the building shake as sharp cracks appeared in the floor, windows exploding into shrapnel of cutting, dangerous glass, the ceiling emitting noises that resembled a scream of suffering... yet, the sound of flesh being cut and smashed, the screams of pain of his enemy... it never came. In an instant, King put his guard up, his mind alert, his eyes prepared to track his opponent next attack.

There were still not traces of his enemy, yet he had clearly seen how his attack had bifurcated, redirected to the shattered surroundings, making it clear that his enemy had some sort of conceptual defense with him. And, even though he had foreseen it, as a third lighting came from the invisible presence of his rival, the blonde ruler knew he wouldn’t be able to avoid it in his current position.

His body twisted, reacting at a speed that he had only gained through years of training in his own brand of martial arts, so he would take the least damage possible from the incoming attack. Sharp pain was felt, as the lightning grazed his left shoulder, making it bleed profusely through a relatively small wound...

Yet King did not flinch, nor did he even grimaced, for such a small pain was unable to even make a dent on his will of iron, the unshakable belief in his right as a king, the belief in himself that overwhelmed others and swept them completely under his wake, that even surpassed the world itself and made it malleable to his commands...

And, over all things, the King had seen through the pattern of his enemy, he had seen its weak point, and through his mere wish, his mere command to the world...

It was settled.

It was his win.

“Heal.” It was as if he did not even have to bother for such a simple thing, as his body cell division was instantly stimulated, the bleeding stopping instantly, and the wound closing at his command. The ultimate survival power, the one that drained his future life in exchange for his present one, a small sacrifice for someone like King, someone who held the highest throne of the world, the one who ruled through his insanely powerful willpower. Yes, something such as this was not even an annoyance, as he would gladly give up his future years for the sake of his never-ending ambition..!

But, it was not the time to think of it. Rather, his turn had finally arrived, and King’s eyes fell over the invisible form of his foe, as a dark smile appeared on his face. That weird lightning the enemy had been throwing at him had a cool down, a space of time were it would never came, a space of time that King would use to annihilate his enemy without mercy. Three times had that unknown, concealed rival dared to strike against his person.

He would not be given the luxury of a fourth strike.

A rain of air bullets fell over the hidden creature, an array of piercing and cutting attacks that searched for every single weak point, for every small weakness on its stance, overwhelming it in mere seconds, pushing it down the hall at every single hit, forcing it into a hopeless defensive battle with no end in sight, as the third floor was all but obliterated in the flurry of dancing wind, leaving that which in other times had been a school hall into an unrecognizable, barren wreck.

And finally, for a single second, the blonde ruler stopped. His analysis had finished, and the way to defeat the invisible assailant had been revealed to him.

“You have fought well.” The voice was cold, charged with a power that by itself made the still stirred air wave. “You are fit to serve me. And thus... I will give you one last chance to live. Kneel before your King... and your life shall be spared!”

And with those words, a massive aura was unleashed from King’s very presence, as the air started to crackle and tremble, charged by the explosive willpower that suddenly filled the place, surrounding it with a massive stampede of power that enveloped the blonde like a mist of insanity, filtering through the floor and walls, like a miasma made of pure, insane willpower that was completely out of this world.

Zeus Commandment

The floor started to move to itself, as the material that composed it stirred and rose, even before the command was given, even before King’s voice left his throat, as his willpower was realized by his mere presence, by the mere stare of his eyes..


And thus ordered, the material that the floor was made off fashioned itself in the form of spikes that were shot upwards, seeking to impale King’s opponent, the one whose weak point were attacks aimed to its lower body. Yet, they did not went all the way through, as the King still held back... to give his rival a chance to repent, and live.

December 23rd, 2011, 04:10 PM
Alfhildr Dyrdahl (LeopardBear)
Akihabara - Security Prison

Movement Challenge: 10
Dice Roll: 19"What the f-"

The guard that had been standing next to the door nearly lost his balance when it was sent tumbling down. Sensing danger, he tightened the grip on his weapon and turned towards the source of the sudden violence. The first thing he saw...

Was an elbow.

The hit connected with his face, and he felt the agony of his nose breaking, and the warmth of his blood spewing out of his nostrils onto his upper lip. However, your attacks would not end until you made sure no life signs were left. You quickly grabbed him by the head with your other hand and brutally smashed it against the wall. Surprisingly, he managed to throw a punch at you. You evaded it, grabbed his arm, and broke it. You didn't even bother silencing him. When the appropriate time came, you finished the job with an ice dagger to the heart. It took you just ten seconds to kill a man.

But you had taken your time. You could probably have done it faster than that.

You advanced further into the prison.

The PGG soldiers did not even pose a challenge against you. It was only natural; none of them had awakened their powers. It was a group that, while their human capabilities had been enhanced due to the B-Power present in Japan, had not been able to develop an unique ability of their own. It was uncertain whether the B-Crystals did not affect them as much, or if they would discover their true strength sometime in the future. But one thing was for sure: the power gap between them and one Special Student was like that of Heaven and Earth. Technology barely provided the means to fight back. Without it, their kind would have lost their influence long ago.

Recently, they had begun to capture Special Students in battle, separating them first and then using their vast number of weapons to tire and eventually defeat them. After that, the PGG would torture, both mentally and physically, these individuals, and stripe them of all the pride they had. With time, the prisoners would be transformed into obedient soldiers with no self. Warriors that fought using their hate. Warriors that were not scared of death because they had been through worse. Warriors who were no longer human.

Despite this, the number of members capable of using supernatural abilities in their group was still less than a ten percent. The most notable being Ginjou Tomoka, their leader. According to rumors, she's the reason why their tanks and mobile suits are so strong and resistant. However, no other info had been leaked, and the nature of her power remained unknown.

---It was the sound of gunfire.

It was predictable something like this would happen. After all, you had not put any effort into making your escape discrete. On the contrary, you were picking a fight with your captors on purpose. It was almost as if you enjoyed killing these men. You had proved yourself to be so hard to restrain, they had been forced to take the battle to the next level. You were no longer fighting normal soldiers; these new enemies came with special suits that made them look like astronauts and guns capable of shooting plasma blasts.

As if that could stop you.

You dug the crystal arm blades attached to your left arm deep into a soldier's chest, piercing through his armor and dealing a fatal amount of damage and terrible pain. The next thing he knew was that he was being used as a human shield to protect you from an unexpected barrage of bullets. Once he was of no further use, you threw him away and used your other hand to cast and create a circular ice shield that blocked a plasma projectile with minor inconveniences. With the proper hand movement, you sent it flying forward, hitting the shooter and crushing his body against a wall. Seeing a small opening in your stance, the numerous guards threw themselves on top of you, hoping to prevent you from moving and re-capture you.

*Slash* *Slash* *Slash*

In an instant, the numerous guards turned into numerous corpses. You had created two swords out of ice and used them to break free from the lock and kill them in the process, staining yourself in blood. You then proceeded to throw said swords, using them as projectiles to take out two enemies who were preparing an attack against your person.

"S-Sector Phi is under attack! W-We... We need urgent backup!"

Hell continued.

The mastery over the weapons you used was out of this world. It was something that, to a Special Student like you, should not be possible. While a single B-ability usually allowed for a wide variety of attacks, there was one rule it should follow. All the techniques should relate in some way to the concept that originate them. In your case, it would be something like 'Ice", 'Water' or 'Temperature'. There was no way to tell the exactly which concept was the one that lied in the sea of your soul and a machine capable of performing an analysis that would provide humans with such information had not been created so far. However, it was safe to conclude your power was related to ice. This way, things like creating several objects or structures out of Ice became possible. However, creating something and using something are completely different terms.

Yes, under this logic, you should be a 'maker' not a 'wielder'. Years of training would not prove to be enough for someone to use a weapon that efficiently. It was, without a doubt, something born out of a supernatural ability. For someone to create and master weapons in such way, the concept of origin should be something like 'Sword' 'Knight' or 'Armory'. But if that were to be the case, there would be no explanation to your other powers, the ones related to ice and low temperatures.

This was the contradiction that surrounded you.

---You sensed danger.

Yes, if anything could be of danger to you in this kind of situation, it was a PGG member trying to set-up an advanced weapon or machine. Ignoring all the enemies around you, you concentrated B-power around your feet. You created an ice pillar, using it to propel yourself forward a cannonball, landing right next to the enemy and gracefully taking his life away. The portable console the man was holding flew through the air, and you caught it out of reflex. The second you did so...

'New host detected. Rebooting'

Your body burned up from the inside. Fire flowed through your veins and the pain was unbearable. Compared to anything you had experienced before, this was on a completely different level. You could compare it to an electric chair. Only difference being that you would never die and its power would never be turned off.

In a matter of seconds, you reached your limit, and everything went black.


When you came to, you were in a burning field. No, you were still inside the prison. Around you, everything was chaos. The entire place was set on fire and it seemed the emergency system had allowed the prisoners to escape. The building would not last for much more. In fact, it was a miracle that it was still standing. You needed to get out of there... Fast.

But there was one thing that prevented you from doing so.

"So you are the human who wanted to contract with me?"

A humanoid creature, colored in beautiful pink. Elegant feathers and alluring cherry petals. Yet you knew that if any one of them were to touch you, your life would come to an end.

"Prove yourself worthy."

December 23rd, 2011, 08:16 PM
Alfhildr Dyrdahl (LeopardBear)
Akihabara - Security Prison

I turn onto my back. Hah. So, the soldier had been trying to summon a demon? That would be sure to end badly for you. Only the few can contain that kind of power, and I rest assured that you are not one of them. But, this did present an interesting problem.

Oh, not the building. The building was easy to get out of. The not so easy thing was the demon that I seem to have summoned on accident. Some kind of red-skinned humanoid, with bladed feathers linked to her arms. To guess from what had happened to me and the rest of the building, it was a creature of flames and heat.

Irritating. Certainly, it would not be as easy as the pathetic rent-a-cops that populated the rest of the prison. To extend Winter's Soul would likely be no help against the creature. Direct attack with my abilities was undesirable in all cases. Or... hmmm.

With an easy movement, I flip upright, reforming the dress of ice. This time, it's not only made of frozen scales, but covered in a layer of snow, softening its appearance. Not for appearance though, oh no. It was intended to be ablative: as heat reached me, the snow would melt away, but would protect the more important base layer of armor for a time, and therefore me.

The face of the creature shows no human emotion, mirroring my own. The little pity I have for the humans of this world is not awarded to the demonic races. They can be used for good, but it is rare, and far too easy for their power to be misused.

For an instant, off to my left, a plate of ice springs into existence and disappears just as fast, but not before accomplishing its purpose. A makeshift springboard, the frozen water sends hurling towards me an unbroken bar from a cell. Eight feet long and a inch in diameter, the steel bar was meant to hold prisoners in, but released from its mountings, it would serve as a serviceable quarterstaff. I catch it without looking, as ice and snow cover it in the same ablative technique.

"It was not my intention to summon you, but the World works in strange ways. So be it." With that, an even larger amount of ice wraps itself close to me as a catapult of it throws me into the air, transforming me into a comet flying in a path that would take me over the demon's head. The plan was to travel over and slightly past the demon, and suddenly detonate the shell, using a pillar to redirect myself back towards it.

All as part of a coordinated attack, of course. Suddenly expanding blocks of ice tore rubble from the walls, sending it at the demon, in concert with massive spikes rising from the ground.

Let's dance.

December 28th, 2011, 05:36 PM
William Levilius (Erlkonig)
Toukyou - Seijou Academy


Your attack left a crater five yards wide in the School Rooftop. However, you had missed. The entire team had managed to avoid the blast by jumping away in different directions. That alone was a feat that caught you attention. It was not as if you had expected to defeat them with one blow, but with your power and your speed, you had been confident that you would be able to hit at least one of them. You underestimated them the second you made your first move.

Could it be that your opponents in this fight planned to employ a hit and run tactic instead of focusing solely on sheer power?

Something wrapped around your right leg in a split of a second, like a snake eager to crush its prey and then eat it. In the minuscule amount it stayed in contact with your white-plated armor, you managed to tell what was holding your leg with such pressure that you could feel your leg -the real one- hurt already. It was a chain. A plain, old chain. You recognized it instantly; it was the one the leader had been carrying...!

You were thrown to the side with incredible force. It was unbelievable. The battle suit you utilized was at least two meters tall which covered your body with a heavy metallic armor. It was created and materialized utilizing nothing but raw amounts B-Power. Its weight was certainly no human could throw around with such ease.


Movement Challenge: 12
Dice Result: 7
Perk Bonus: +3
Penalty: No bonuses (-3)
Final Result: 7

By the time you realized an attack was coming from an unexpected direction, it was too late. You focused all your energy on the area the hit would connect, so that you would take the least damage possible.

Vitality Challenge: 12
Dice Result: 9
Perk Bonus: +3
Final Result: 12

And it worked. Thanks to your incredible ability to manipulate B-power, your armor became so strong that the potent kick that had landed on your stomach had not dealt any kind of damage. Still, the force of the strike was enough to send you flying down at incredible speeds, your back landing on the rooftop, leaving yet again another crater. Despite how bad it sounded, you were not wounded at all.

But still... This was just so strange. How could there be someone so fast... And at the same time so physically strong? Was such a thing even possible? What was the nature of their B-power...? Those questions crossed your mind as you slowly stood up, as you made sure to locate your enemies so there would not be a second surprise attack. You needed to plan your offensive carefully, so it would not backfire on you.

But, of course, the Miyazato Gang would not give you that luxury.

Movement Challenge: 14
Dice Result: 20
Perk Bonus: +3
Final Result: 23

The blond gracefully threw three knives at you. Your blood boiling, you avoided them as you advanced towards your three foes. But there was more. And, once again, you couldn't believe your eyes. The knives kept coming. Like a hail storm, they forced you to keep on the move, the distance between you and them becoming endless. Still, you were invading their territory, little by little. Eventually, you'd be close enough to land a hit, or gain enough time to send a blast of energy to their position.

And that moment came.

You jumped high in the sky, getting out of the reach of the ranged attacks of the blonde. A few seconds, that was what you had in order to deliver a successful attack before everything went back to what it was before. It seemed the combat position you were in enabled you to unleash a powerful blast of energy...

However, the girl with purple afro hair saw through you, and instantly counter-attacked, three lollypops shot at you like bullets-!

It was not a problem. You would be able to avoid it and still have enough time to continue with your offensive.

Or that's what you thought.

Even after you had avoided it, the attack managed to change its course and hit you in the back. And when it did, you could tell it was not just candy... Because it detonated like a legitimate bomb. You came crashing down in the same way a plane would, if stripped of one of its wings. Unlike last time, this attack had been stronger, and it had managed to pierce your defenses. Still, no damage to the real you was done, so you remained unhindered. The second you recovered your stance, you were instantly wrapped in chains. You gave the ones responsible another look.

Their faces were brimming with confidence.

"Bwahahahahaha...! Just give it up already!"

"How does it taste, huh? The strength of our Empowering - Targeting - Capturing Formation...!"


Wait, what did the blonde just say? She might not have realized it herself, but that was a big mistake on her part. With that piece of information, you were able to deduce the abilities of the three. First, the fat afro girl... She probably was 'Empowering', that's how she turned candy into a deadly weapon... The knife girl was surely 'Targeting'. You were confident that she was the one who changed the trajectory of the projectiles so they would hit you. Last but not least, their leader, the brunette, was 'Capturing'. Her chain manipulation was perfect for this task.

But there was still one thing that did not make sense. And that was how powerful they were. Well, you figured it could be related to 'Empowerment', but there were still doubts in your minds. It was only then that you noticed... A fiery red aura surrounded them, so imposing it was a wonder how you had not noticed it before. It was something not unique to any of them. That's right, what give birth to it was not B-Power, thus it could not be a B-ability of one of them. It was something else.

It was the power of teamwork materialized as a divine mystery. Cooperation that had surpassed all limits and became the ultimate form of partnership. These three trusted each other like family, and had been honing their skills together for quite some time now. The bonds that held them together were so firm that they were able to manifest in reality, powering the three of them up. Yes, you could now notice faint traces of the threads that united them. As long as they were together, you knew, they would be extremely hard to defeat. For they were the perfect team.

"Roar, Miyazato Gang...!"

You managed to break free from your chains as they closed up on you-!

December 28th, 2011, 07:32 PM
William Levilius
Toukyou - Seijou Academy




William's eyes narrowed behind his armor as he broke free from the chains. Together, the three formed a dreadful that would surely make any lesser man die. For a normal student with a body like William's, such dreadful enemies would be certainly fatally effective.


"Perhaps..." William muttered, the voice echoing from his armor.

William was no normal person. His body might not be absurdly strong. He might not be very tough, and he certainly wasn't inherently fast. Even so... Even so...! His body coursed with power! Every single nerve in his body pulsed in tandem with his armor, crackles of blue lightning erupting from it. Shattered parts of the energy plate repaired themselves, even as William entered into motion.


William had a student's body.


"It is you..." His armour began to crackle. Blue eyes socketed on a grand white helmet flared like blue suns, a surge of energy erupting from his feet.

His soul, his spirit...! Every single fiber of his being...!



A deep blue.

A burning blue.

At that instant. Blue flames erupted from every single pore of his body. William's armor was enveloped in a violent haze of B-Power. This was his symbol, a power of his that burned brightly and that empowered his Knight Fantasy, a power that had aided him throughout his life... the embodiment of his resolve! A Knight's Soul...


In a torrent of energy, William rocketed backwards, reaching the edge of the roof in a matter of split-seconds. All the while, the roof was shown to him in a clear, panoramic view. The armor's blue eyes flared again.

He looked at the gang again, remembering the cycle. Empowerment. Targeting. Capturing. So long as these three were together, that cycle would repeat itself forever, and lead to his defeat.

Then, he would need to separate them--!

William's eyes flew towards the roof clock. The needle that marked the seconds slowly -in his eyes- reached the next mark.

His eyes narrowed.

The Knight's white greaves reared back, unfathomable amounts of power gathering below them. The grip on his swords tightened, as beads of sweat ran down his brow.

The needle reached its mark.


William burst into the motion.


The first two swordslashes were delivered immediately, bright arcs of white energy spreading in a wide fan, cutting the gang from escaping horizontally as one.


William rocketed to the side, vanishing from where he'd been in a split second. Spinning to the roof corner to his left, he let loose the second flurry of swordslashes. These flew in a vertical arc, parting an insignificant moment later than the former. This would already reduce even further the chances of them escaping together. These would definitely entrap them, but...

Not over yet--!


He blasted into the sky, spinning like an azure typhoon that emitted swirling blasts of wind that basked the roof in a blue glow. His swords gleamed, flashing in the sunlight--

--And he let loose the decisive blow!

The third flurry of swordslashes came diagonally from above. An attack from three separate directions, with an irrecognizable amount of difference between their launch time. The first slashes would disorient them. The second would stun them. The third would expose them.

And now...

In the sky, William braced himself. Power surged through him, gathering in immense amounts, reading for another burst. This was the best strategy that came to mind now, and he hoped that it would be enough. He didn't know if he could be able to keep trying to find loopholes in their tactics.

The needle that marked the seconds ticked as it reached the passage of another inevitable moment.

And as William saw the results of his actions, he prepared to charge at the very moment one of them got separated from the other--!

--To sever the cycle!

December 28th, 2011, 10:44 PM
Nigata - Hikarizaka Academy

I slammed into the ground like a meteorite, I crawled to my feet, seething. My body had been injured, but the real pain was my pride, I had underestimated my opponent, she had been prepared, and I had not, still, was didn't kill me, will only make me stronger, or at least that's what I was told. That shield is the source, I'll have to try once more! I sprinted flat out, taking stairs two steps at a time, running to face my opponent in battle!

Except she was already gone,I sighed in irritation, 'Well, I guess I'll have to find her then,' But, where would she hide? I continued my ascent of the school, with luck, I should be able to find this woman, and defeat her.

"Maah, I hate it when I get thrown across entire schools by missiles, it's rather painful." Rubbing a knot in my head, I moved forward.

December 28th, 2011, 10:45 PM
Decay (Satehi)
Tottori – Prison Cell

The searing pain in his hand.

The winged creature that had been summoned by one of them men in the strange suits, that moved at incredible speeds to kill him.

And the beautiful woman, armed with a Japanese sword who had managed to deflect it, saying something about a contract.

He stood dazed for a bit, trying to understand exactly what had transpired so fast and follow the movements of the woman, but-


Shaken out of his stupor by the sound, he heard her next words very clearly.

"I can take care of them all if I wanted, but I would be thankful if you would fight alongside me, Master."


There was no time to be wasting around trying to make sense of what happened. He’d worry about that later, when they weren't in this situation. What was far more important now, was escaping this pyramid with the others!

He didn’t know what she meant by Master, but from what had transpired, they were at least definitely on the same side. Judging by her confidence, he could leave the creatures that had begun to spring up to her.

“I don’t know who you are or why you’re doing this, but…” He addressed the woman who had deflected the first demon before he turned to look at the two PPG soldiers, dressed in their Demonica suits.


And then he ran towards them.

Activating his B-power immediately, he focused immediately on two most dangerous things they held: the machine gun and the sword, both of which seemed to be like props from a sci-fi movie. Despite their futuristic and somewhat silly appearance, they clearly weren’t just for show.

If he could get rid of them, then the victor would be determined. If he could get them to surrender without anyone getting injured, that would be best. They’d know a way to get out of the pyramid without encountering any other people from the PPG, and from their earlier reactions, what had transpired in the cell.

And so he charged at them, aiming to use his B-power to destroy their weapons and then hopefully help the Japanese woman with the creatures that had showed up. Well, she didn’t seem like she would need the help.

December 29th, 2011, 04:56 PM
Karakuri Tetsuko (Froggie) - Nakamura Hitomi (Airen)
Abashiri - Beast's Lair


That was the only word that could describe the vampire's actions. She had faced several perfectly-timed attacks, yet she had managed to evade, block or avoid all of them in some way. It was not a mere feat of skill. No, you were clearly superior to her in close quarters combat. You were also certain that she had not used her little 'turn into mist' trick. Then why? Why was she still unharmed? And more importantly... How did she avoid the unavoidable?

The hand that was supposed to cut through flesh was stopped. She had grabbed it with her spare hand, the strength of her arm capable of putting a cease to its motion. Her movements were not covered by your current battle theory. It was because of the fact that they naturally did not make any sense. It was as if the enemy you were fighting was able to ignore all possible variables and all previous attacks, and the only things that mattered were the actions in the present. That way, if you managed to push her into a corner with your offensive, that 'truth' would be turned into a 'lie' and she would be able to dodge the finishing blow as if it were the first.

"You only talk gibberish."

You were thrown upwards with incredible force, one superior to what you had experienced before. Certainly, the presence of the Demonic Field had not only granted her additional powers, but had increased all her physical parameters, turning her into some kind of monster. You could see a follow-up coming. But Nakamura Hitomi was not willing to stand there and see you 'get hurt'. She pulled the trigger three times, all aimed at vital spots. Even for an undead, a bullet properly placed could be lethal. If one of those landed, then... Maybe you'd be able to grasp victory.

However, she was simply too fast.

It was easy for her to read the trajectory of the projectiles shot at her. She disappeared in a flash, the bullets missing their target completely. She didn't even to launch a counter-attack at the human. Her target was you. All her hatred, all her energy was focused on destroying you. By the time she showed up in the air next to you, you had already recovered your balance.

"Normal Humans cannot surpass Special Students... Undead cannot surpass True Vampires... And a creation born of a disgusting human will never be what nothing more than trash. This is the hierarchy that all beings in this world follow. A mere fake like you... Will never be able to kill me...!"

You clashed and, with an agile and graceful motion, disengaged. You used the wall behind you in order to propel yourself forward once again, and so did your enemy. She was naturally faster than you, but the rocket blast that came from the soles of your feet allowed you to keep up with her. You both collided in the middle of the air, the sheer power of the impact creating a small explosion.

Enemy Roll: 12
Player Roll: 19
Result: Success

You landed next to Hitomi, nearly unhurt. One of your attacks had connected, you were sure. And it was not simply a mere scratch, no, the damage you had caused was enough to kill a human for certain... Hell, maybe a vampire.

"Fuck... it..."

On the other side of the platform, Isabella von Wissenkreuz violently coughed blood. Your hand had pierced her body in the chest area, and had managed to make it to the other side, leaving a hole in its place, an inevitable mark of death. Defeated, your enemy laid before you. It was time to finish the job. You approached her and raised your fist, ready to crush her skull and end her life.

Movement Challenge: 13
Dice Result: 4
Perk Bonus: +2
Final Result: 6
Damage Roll: 5

But it was stopped. The attack that could not have been stopped with her current strength... Had been stopped. The next thing you knew, she was already on you. She was not carrying her sword anymore, and you calculated her attacks would not be able to pierce your dermal layer. Still, you did not lower your guard and prepared to counter the second a chance popped up. However, something left you shocked. The girl hit you on two different places at the same time. A split of a second later, you found yourself receiving repeated and simultaneous hits in every single part of your body. One hit could do nothing to you. However, hits that landed on the same area over and over slowly made their way through your armor. The attack ended with a potent kick to the stomach, which sent you flying until you crashed against a wall and into a cell.

Movement Challenge: 13
Dice Result: 2
Movement Bonus: +3
Final Result: 5
Damage Roll: 11

At the same time, a figure approached Nakamura Hitomi in a flash, quickly disarming her with a quick and then proceeding to introduce a cold, metallic object into her right shoulder, pressing her against the wall. It was the sword... And the one holding it was... Isabella-!

"Stupid humans... It's all because of you...! God gave you everything you needed... And you corrupted it. We, who were there since the beginning of time, could do nothing but watch, as you turned the Earth into what it is right now!" She made a movement with the sword, as if to cause her more pain. "Your smiles... Disgust me... How can you be so happy, when you only exist by stepping on others...! You deserve to suffer as much as we did...!"

By the time you managed to recover, only one Isabella was there. She had managed to push Hitomi into a corner and was taking her time torturing her. The wound on her chest was slowly healing, and it was obvious that her life was no longer in danger. It was probably because of the special skill unique to vampires, Curse of Restoration. Thanks to it, these creatures were able to reverse time to a point where their bodies had not taken any damage. Of course, this came together with a big B-Power cost, so it was not something that could be used endlessly. Still, it was probably what gave them fame for being immortal.

You rocketed yourself forward in a desperate attempt to save Nakamura Hitomi from the suffering that awaited her, but three different Isabella's intercepted you, the struggle taking you and them to a lower platform, where the battle continued. No matter what you tried, three against one was so tough that returning to your Onee-sama proved to be impossible.

This was the nature of her power. How she had dodged and blocked your strikes... How she had landed several blows in different parts of your body at the same time... Her unique ability was not replication. No, it was something far more powerful. Her B-ability allowed her to materialize the different actions she could perform at the moment of activation, essentially dividing her spiritual body, allowing Isabella to perform multiple actions in a reduced time period. However, several versions of the same person cannot exist in the same time period for much. That would be a contradiction, one that would be inevitably fixed by the will of the World. That's why one of them must be chosen. And that body will be the current and only Isabella to remain after the technique ends.

In order to win, you needed to come up with something that would destroy the one law of the technique. But first... Getting rid of the obstacles in your way was a must.


You needed to free yourself as soon as possible. Because, at this rate, you were going to die. You put all your strength into your left hand and attempted to throw a punch at the vampire... But she was faster and managed to stop your attack. However, the very moment she did so...


She backed off, as if burned. Now was your time. You took advantage of the small opening and...!

December 29th, 2011, 07:15 PM
Aomory - Outskirts

Saika, how could you. We nearly died. Saika snarled. If only they were different people, then she could beat Lunatic's smug face in. But for now, she'd just have to get used to the mental mockery. And, unfortunately, he had a point. If it hadn't been for that convenient haystack, they would've been toast.

I'm surprised we aren't dead yet.

Don't question things like that, Claire. It might not work next time.

What worked?

Nothing you need to know, miss.

Come on!


And now, the plan was truly being enacted. If the standard flames did not work... Well, they'd have to use brute force. Immediately, a few crows surrounded the woman with the mace, obscuring her sight. They just needed a moment of vulnerability. The flock above her circled around, before merging into what one would call a Yagatarasu, with three legs and a massive size. Nine feet tall, with a wingspan to match.The bird roughly grabbed the doll, two legs gripping her shoulders and the other holding her back, lifting her up into the skies with an incredible amount of force.

What are you doing, Saika? If it's what I'm thinking...

Blah blah, fucking insane and all that shit. Either way, it's going to deal some damage.

The crow flew higher and higher, until its massive form blotted out the sun entirely. And then...

It made an incredibly steep dive, aiming towards a poor brick house on the roadside as it set itself alight. The bird did not care about its well being; as long as it served its masters faithfully, all would be well. And that is why it was determined to slam itself into the brick and stone house at full speed. All that mattered was that Lunatic lived. Nothing else.

This better work, Saika.

December 30th, 2011, 01:16 PM
Alfhildr Dyrdahl (LeopardBear)
Akihabara - Security Prison

Luck Challenge: 8
Dice Result: 11

They say that each person is unique. Back then, that truth applied to yourself, too.

Most would have been surprised, confused or scared. It was only natural. Something that did not belong to this world had appeared out of nowhere, speaking in a language you could understand but using words and phrases that made little to no sense. "Who are you...?" "What do you want from me...?!" "Why... Why me?" Anyone would have been curious enough to ask at least one question. But you... You were different. You didn't question fate, you simply accepted it. And that fact itself was enough for the creature to feel a slight bit of interest in you... And maybe admiration.

That was why the demon lowered her guard and did not kill you instantly. It was not as if she had decided to spare your life or had lost the will to fight. No, your words, as plain as they were, had hit her deep, leaving a small opening in her stance, opening you exploited brilliantly. This was the way of someone who did not hold back in a battle followed. Your movements were graceful as that of a dancer but, at the same time, aggressive as that of an assassin. Even when faced with adversity, your attacks did not lose force, and to be honest, a well-placed strike would be enough to knock out the opposing beast.

It was engulfed in flames.

Everything. Everything you threw at her was devoured by the blaze in a matter of seconds. What seemed to be ordinary fire turned out to burn hotter than the sun. A heat capable of melting anything in a single second... That was the nature of her power!

Movement Challenge: 13
Dice Result: 13
Perk Bonus: +2
Final Result: 15

Your instincts warned you about this in time, and you responded by creating another pillar of ice to stop your current motion and return to the ground, where you were shielded by the already-melting ice spikes. However, something did not make sense. Something capable of melting rock in an instant... It's sole presence should cause you some kind of burn. There were no burns present in your body. The same principle applied to your ice. Compared to the rubble you had thrown at her, ice should melt even faster. It's a law of nature. Despite this, your ice seemed to last a considerable longer amount of time before it completely melted... And the snow layer that protected your body was still intact. It was safe to conclude, then, that the closer the substance was to you, the more it would endure or the more resistant it would be, reaching the point where it could no longer be considered ice, but something more tougher. But was this a new fact about your ability... Or had it evolved somehow? It could also be something related to the winged woman's ability. As if to answer that question...

"That is the Harmonizer. So long as you stay close to the COMP, you will be granted protection against demonic powers. Otherwise, a fight between me and you would not even be a fight. It would be a massacre."

There was no hatred or arrogance in her words. She was simply stating the absolute truth. Compared to humans or even Special Students, Demonic Races had been always on a completely different level. With the Harmonizer, though, it was possible for you to fight on equal footing. Or as close to that as it was possible to get. And the COMP... You swore you were not carrying it with you at the time. Inspecting your body, however, you discovered it was now attached to your arm, hidden under the snow layer... How the hell did it get there?

The flames that she created seemed to be born from the cherry petals that floated around her. Whenever something came into contact with them, it was instantly burned to ashes. And even with all the protection you could equip yourself with, going through that should be something short of a miracle. In order to land a hit and win the fight, you needed to get rid of those somehow. They surrounded her like a hurricane and there didn't seem to be any blind spot.

Wrong. There was one place where she was vulnerable, a weakness you could take advantage of: You could attack her from below.

Normally, this would have been an impossible thing to do, as the petals flew low enough to catch you after a split of a second, leading to an horribly painful death. But, this time, terrain was on your side. Right under her, there was a big hole. It was some kind of tunnel, probably used to get rid of the waste... Or maybe dump bodies, who knew. There was no time and no reason to question why was it placed there or what was it used for. A chance laid before you, and it was up to you to take it.

You used ice to rocket yourself forward at unbelievable speeds, and later proceeded to slide through the blazing area magnificently, evading the petals by an inch, and throwing yourself into the vertical tunnel. At the same time...


Two water whips extended from your arms, sticking themselves to her feet. With this, you were able to pull her down with you, the petals being left behind-!

To call it water would not be entirely correct. You had developed a way to turn the substance into a new state. It was something that was probably between liquid and solid. The result was a sticky web-like fabric capable of adhering itself to almost anything as long as it was solid. With this new ice style... Who knew what new things you could pull off?

You fell at high speeds through the tunnel, the bird-like woman now catching up with you. The petals were no longer there -At least not yet-, so she was unable to utilize her fire abilities. However, she was, by no means, unable to cause harm. With a swift movement, two long bladed feathers were thrown at you at considerable speed. Your vision turned red, informing you danger was imminent. Not only did you have to worry about the incoming projectiles, but also about your landing.

The act was reaching its final stage.

December 30th, 2011, 07:44 PM
King (RacingeR) - Jonathan (Morm)
Nigata - Hikarizaka Academy

Blood splattered across the hall.

The spikes your command had created pierced the body of the creature, dealing an incredible amount of damage. It was over. The battle had ended with your victory. As an honorable warrior and leader, you let the one who had been your opponent live. You could not see the invisible beast, but you somehow were able to feel its appreciation. A few seconds later, its presence was gone. No, it was not dead. It was more as if it had retreated to the place it had come from. And, in the spot where the floor had risen to impale your foe not long ago, some kind of precious item emerged, floating gracefully in front of you, as if tempting you to take it.

And you did. After all, it was now rightfully yours.

It was a sky blue jewel with a shape that resembled the number nine. You recognized what it was instantly. This was a magatama, part of the culture of the Old Japan, often used as offerings for the Gods. However, this one did not seem to be a normal one. Indeed, you could feel B-power flowing through it. With a closer look, you noticed that the energy inside of it was what caused it to adopt the color it had. Every now and then, the jewel would emit a flash of light that reminded you of a raging thunder. You decided to place it in your pocket. You'd find out what was that thing capable of later. Right now, you had other matters to attend to.

You had a Banchou to defeat.

That was when, your right hand man, Jonathan, joined you. Since the stairs that led to the third floor were completely destroyed, he had been forced to use a wall in order to perform a double jump and reach your location. You nodded to yourselves and headed towards the last set of stairs. The final floor was just ahead-!


The metallic door was kicked open.

What laid before you was an ordinary school rooftop. It was not very spacious, but it was enough for you two to fight without any kind of inconvenience. Its perimeter was marked with a railing green in color that would, hopefully, prevent any of you from falling to a miserable death if fate happened to not smile upon you. In the middle of the area... A man looked into the distance, as if waiting for someone to arrive and save him from what probably awaited him. There was not only despair in his eyes, there was also sadness. Many before you had come to take his head. To him, it was a battle he was incapable of winning. Yet, he was scared of dying so much, he continued to struggle. Because that's how things were done. When two people face off for the title of Banchou, only one comes out. That was the rule everyone seemed to follow in the new Japan.


Upon noticing you, the ugly, mad scientist like man pointed his COMPstation in your direction, just like he had done before. You readied yourself for another battle. However, this time, nothing came out of it. Confused, the man hit it a couple of times, wondering why the device was not functioning. It was only natural, the only creature it was capable of summoning had already been defeated. Maybe it could come out and fight, using the last of its forces, but it probably didn't want to. Maybe as a sign of respect.

Seeing this as your chance, you quickly closed the distance between you and him, applying a simple yet effective lock by grabbing his right arm and placing it behind his back in such a way that if he tried to defy you, it would hurt. With this done, you pressed his head against the railing and asked him to surrender. There was no need for any more violence. You planned on recruiting him too, after all. You were sure you'd find some use for him.

"No...! Leave me alone! The Sacred Rice Banchou can still fight... Still fight..."

He just wouldn't understand. He kept repeating those words, as if clinging to them was the only option available. You had no time to deal with that kind of behavior, so you decided to knock him out with a swift strike to the back of his head. You'd later try to convince him to join your group. However, the very same instant you tried to do so...


Five dangerous projectiles were thrown at your person.

Movement Challenge: 10
Dice Roll: 11

You received a shot of adrenaline, blood pumping through your veins faster than ever before. You quickly interrupted your hand movement and jumped back, retreating to Jonathan's position. The knives had missed you by a split of a second. You both looked in the direction the projectiles had come in order to identify the unexpected guest. There, standing on top of the railings, was a blonde girl your age, wearing a school uniform you did not recognize. The only part of her outfit that stood out was the black cape attached to her clothing, which didn't match her set at all. She seemed to be a pretty confident and laid back individual, and when your eyes met hers, she let out an amused chuckle.

"Hoh~? I see you haven't lied to me; they seem to be pretty powerful, indeed. Well, at least better than those lame vampires that came before. This is going to cost you, you know... Richard-kun. Like for example..."

Her descent was as graceful as that of a leaf.

"This. I'll be taking it if you don't mind."

She picked up the console and placed it on a small bag she was carrying. It was highly likely that the knives previously thrown came from the same place.

"B-But...! Hime-sama...! That's the only way I have to pro-"

The man complained, but the girl interrupted him abruptly.

"Shush, now you have me. Oh, as a side note, I don't make myself responsible for any property damage I cause." She said, with somewhat proud and cheerful tone. "Don't worry, just Leave it to me, okay?"

That said, she turned towards you. First, she stared at you for a second. Then, she crossed her arms impatiently. Later, she began to tap the floor in anger. Finally, she called out the both of you:

"What...? Are you not going to introduce yourselves to a lady before a fight?"

December 30th, 2011, 08:24 PM
Alfhildr Dyrdahl (LeopardBear)
Akihabara - Security Prison

Well, this is interesting. At a guess, this is some kind of liquid ice? I haven't ever been able to do this before, nor did I suspect I could. If I had to guess, I would say that proximity to one of demonkind activated it? Well, it was no matter. I could do it, and that was the only factor for now. So, what was at the bottom? No clue there either. However, I couldn't count on it being soft, no.

Two feathers like long knives flew towards me, evidently her backup weapon. Oh please. Throwing knives? I am unimpressed. My dress flows in around me, tightening about my body. A few simple adjustments to its surfaces creates a series of airfoils, easily spinning my body aside as the first knife goes roaring past. My hand snaps out, seizing the second one.

The fins of ice expand along my arms and legs, giving me the appearance of... well, some insane flying squirrel would work. Regardless, they caught the air, sending the demon flying past me with a look of surprise on her face.

Surprise that quickly turned into pain, as I flicked the blade back at her, striking her in the leg. Hmmm. So they do bleed. Good to know. She moves to throw another pair of feathers, even as she falls.

No, no, I don't think so. You don't get to do that. Great pillars of crystalline ice rise from the floor of the cavern, seizing her limbs in their grasp, leaving her body exposed. As fast as they grew, they retract, crushing her against the ground with the force of giants. I'm pretty sure she broke something, probably a few ribs.

Frozen to the ground, she can only watch as I retract the airfoils, allowing myself to fall at terminal velocity. I bring back my right hand. From the top of my wrist and arm, a massive blade of crystal grows, almost three feet long, tipped like a chisel. And, I slam into the ground.

Three things break. One is the sternum of the demon, as I smash my blade straight through it, my momentum carrying it through her body and deep into the ice under her. The other two things are my legs, shattered by the force of impact. I can barely hold back a scream as I feel my tibula and fibula shatter into a thousand fragments, ripping my muscle apart into ribbons.

The hot pain cools, as if my legs are immersed in a block of ice. I knew that if I looked back, I would see a layer of frost weeping out of my pores, showing that my bones were repairing. But there was no reason to do that. I kept my gaze locked with the demon's - a gaze that was again filled with surprise.

The massive hole in her chest had ceased weeping blood. Between the crystal blade and her red flesh, one could see a layer of ice, knitting her flesh back together like my bones. But the blade prevented the wound from closing.

"So, demon," I began, voice cold as her restraints. "I have proven myself superior in this contest. Will you yield to my service, or would you like to go back to where you came from?" In the darkness of the cavernous sewer, stranded on an island of ice in a sea of waste, we stared at each other.

December 31st, 2011, 02:50 PM
Gabriel Levilius (Zlol)
Koube - Lullaby Port

Something cold and hard was shoved under your jaw.

You did not even need to open your eyes to see what it was. It was a gun pointed at your person, ready to end your life the second someone pulled the trigger. You gulped, fearing for the worst. But the worst had yet to come.

"I look forward to a world free of conflict, too. But there is still a long way to go for that. It's highly likely that neither you nor me will be able to see a place like that." She made a small pause, loosening the grip on her weapon somewhat. "Are you still willing to fight for the utopia you might never reach?"

She was not mistaken. One man alone can not change the world, and even if you were to join a group, the chances of reaching your goal were quite slim. In addition, you'd need to become in martyr. You'd lose what you had always wanted to see with your own eyes in order to give it to someone else. And even so, you might not be remembered as a hero. There was the possibility that your story would fall into the darkness and forgotten with time.

"Are you willing to devote your entire life to that?"

However, there were no doubts in your mind. The world as it was now was just wrong! To stop the suffering of the weak, you were ready for everything. Who cared if no one remembered what you did? If you closed your eyes and imagined the world without conflict you would create, you could see a lot of happy people. Those smiles... How could a choice like that ever be a mistake?


The firearm was removed. Not expecting that kind of reaction, you opened your eyes, somewhat surprised. Igarashi was facing the other way, her back to you. The crowd dispersed, opening a path for her to walk through. Before leaving, she had one more thing to say to you:

"Welcome to our ranks."

That line alone was enough to bring an inexplicable happiness to you. Maybe because, for once, things had turned out alright, with no drawbacks or harmful secondary effects. In all honesty, you felt like making a dance right there. It was then when you remembered. You had not asked Igarashi about your brother properly...! Maybe now that you were one of them she would tell you. Yeah, there was no reason for her not to do so!

"Hey, Igarashi!"

You stepped forward. The second you tried to do so...

A single bullet made its way to your heart.


When you came to, you were on an unfamiliar place.

You squinted your eyes at the white light. Were you dead? At that time, that was the only explanation you could give to the brightness that blinded you. When you focused, you noticed you were still in the place you knew as Earth. You were lying on a bed inside a room you've never been in before. The place was so clean and so white... It was hard to believe such place ever existed. The room was very big and there were many beds, each occupied by people who seemed to be hurt. It was easy to figure out where you were. It was a hospital.

That's right. You were shot by someone during your 'meeting' with Igarashi Koumi. Curious, you searched the bullet's exit point with your left hand and you found over your heart, covered with bandages. You could feel your heart still beating, so it was safe to conclude the bullet had missed, probably by a small margin. But who and why had shot you? Maybe someone had been following your tracks and attacked you the second you let your guard down? It was a possibility you could not discard.

Right next to your bed was the sacred sword you so cherished. It seems that those that brought you here were kind enough not to steal your precious items. You picked it up and placed it on top of you, as if clinging to it for strength. You took a deep breath and tried to relax. At the very same time, a familiar face entered the room.

It was Igarashi Koumi.

"Sorry it turned out like this. But if you truly want to follow this path, there was no other way. Well, now that you made your mind, there is no room for regret." So the shot had come from the inside. "We got rid of everything. General Database, Criminal Records, Fingerprints... To the world, Gabriel Levilius died yesterday in a car accident."

Wait, fingerprints? Your hands had been covered with plastic gloves so you had not noticed. When you took them off, you understood. They had been erased completely. You could no longer be identified as the person you were without your fingerprints. No, that's wrong. There was still one major thing anyone could use to discover your true identity.

Your face.


But that too had been removed. When you took a look at the mirror close to your bed, you did not recognize yourself. Whatever that was, it was not your face. Not the one you used to carry, at least. With this, Gabriel Levilius had vanished from the face of Earth.

"If you are truly committed to this cause, you'll get over it. If you don't, you will be left with nothing, you can trust me on that." There was a brief moment of silence, and then, Igarashi Koumi handed you something. "Take and put on this mask..."

"From today on, you are known as...

...The Pacifier."

January 1st, 2012, 12:23 AM
Gabriel Levilius
Koube-Lullaby Port

"If you are truly committed to this cause, you'll get over it. If you don't, you will be left with nothing, you can trust me on that." There was a brief moment of silence, and then, Igarashi Koumi handed you something. "Take and put on this mask..."

"From today on, you are known as...
...The Pacifier."

He looked at the mirror. Then back at the mask. Giving wry smile, he finally closed his eyes and steeled his resolve. At least, even if his brother could not recognise him, someday, the ideals he had would. Till then, he need not go any further. At least he would not need to worry about getting hunted anymore. For Igarashi to have gone this far...

"Please do not be sorry about what happened. Whatever you did, I am thankful. At least for now, I can worry less about the situation I am facing. From now on..."

He paused for the moment and then finally continued with a slight nervousness, "I... will be in your hands. As the Pacifier. Though before we begin what needs to be done... Have you heard of William Levilius? I wish to lay one more ghost of my past to rest before i proceed with my new life as the Pacifier."

A new life? Perhaps. More then ever, it would be a signal... that he would finish what he would have promised his parents.

January 1st, 2012, 03:21 PM
Lunatic (KnightTurtle)
Aomory - Outskirts


The giant crow crashed into the house, carrying the emotionless doll with it. A few seconds after that, the house began to be engulfed in flames. You awaited, motionless, a response from the other side. You had landed what would certainly be an incapacitating blow for a human, but the one who had attacked you clearly did not belong to that kind. But nothing happened. You found yourself staring absent-mindedly at the burning house, as if there was something you had forgotten.

A desperate scream made you remember.

Of course, what had you been thinking? If you were going to throw a giant inflammable bird at a house, you should have thought of those who lived inside. Maybe a part of you didn't care about the well being of said individuals. It was just collateral damage, it could not be avoided. But another part of you could not stand there and watch as they died when there was something else you could do-!

It was that burning spirit, that oath as a medic, that forced you to enter the already collapsing house. By the time you realized what you had done, it was already too late to back down. Inside, everything had been painted in different shades of red and orange, that was to say, there was fire everywhere and your movements had to be slow and well timed. Not doing so could prove to be a fatal mistake. It didn't help that the interior had been constructed in wood. There was no way to tell how long the place would last. Your best guess? A couple of minutes.

For this task, you needed cooperation. Separated, nothing of this was going to work, and the four of you would die in a meaningless way. So you needed to, for a couple of minutes at least, do an effort and forget your differences... Work together. You called forth several crows, and used them to locate the victims inside the house. Maybe it was because of their nature, but they were able to fly through the fire and flames unhindered. From what you could gather, all of them where on the upper floor. You carefully walked up the stairs, steps threatening to give up and make you fall half way.

Once you reached the second floor, you began searching for the places that your pets had indicated people where. You approached the closes door and, upon trying to open it, you discovered the handle was burning hot. You could not open it the normal way. Summoning your physically strong persona, you kicked the door open, only to find a poor woman covered in blankets. She was desperate about finding her child. Seeing it was impossible to reason with her, you intentionally pushed her through the window, her fall being cushioned by another pile of straw. You guessed that her love for her child had prevented her from doing so on her own.

The next room was almost completely engulfed in flames. Also, the place had already begun to collapse. This was supposed to be the location of the child, but he was nowhere to be seen. Maybe... She was already gone from this world. You feared for the worst. Or, at least, one of you did. However, a light of hope descended in the form of a particular sound: A knock. You followed it until you found the source, a closet. You quickly opened its doors and...

The child was there, alive, his consciousness beginning to fade already due to the smoke, but safe. You used a flock of crows to take him out through the window and to his mother. Behind you, the ceiling was already falling on your head. It was a wonder how the place managed to stay on its feet. Seriously, the things Claire made you do. Well, at least you could escape easily through the window and the job would be done.

No, there was still someone you needed to rescue... As much as it pained you to do so.

You advanced, coughing, reaching the end of the hall and turning right. There, you could see a big hole on the house's structure: It was clearly the place where the crash had happened. Not far from there was your little 'friend', trapped under a heavy piece of rubble. She was lying there, immobile, not trying to break free, but instead admitting defeat.

"... Failure... Don't return if you fail... Master... I have failed?"

Why should you save such a thing? It was probably incapable of thinking properly. Hell, it didn't have a life, it was not human. Not to mention it had tried to kill you a few minutes ago. Couldn't you just walk away with no regret?


You summoned Vorkuta once more and lifted the weight from her shoulders, literally. Her spine, if it could be called like that, had been crushed and so she couldn't move on her own. With no other option left, you decided to carry her out of hell. She was quite heavy, to be honest. You threw her out through the hole. You guessed she wouldn't die from the fall and that would work as payback for what she had done to you. The second you finished doing so...

The floor below you collapsed...

Movement Challenge 18
Dice Roll: 4
Luck Focus: +5
Perk Bonus: +3
Final Result: 12
Damage Roll:13
Luck Focus: -5
Final Result: 8

And you fell.

You landed on one of your legs, which took all the power of the impact. Upon closer inspection you realized it had not broken, but it presented several fractures. Well, in any case, the only thing that mattered was that... Uh... It was really hard for you to move and the house was seconds away from collapsing.

Well now... Wasn't this a situation?

January 1st, 2012, 04:29 PM
Aomory - Outskirts

I'm sorry... So sorry... After all, if it weren't for her, they wouldn't be in this situation. They wouldn't be lying on the floor with a practically broken leg in a flaming, collapsing house. They would be alive, and perhaps wanted, but most definitely alive and unharmed. Why did she-

Shut up, it's my damn fault. I aimed at the goddamn house, so-! The Russian cuts her off with a laugh, one of bitter regret and the acceptance of death. If it's the end, he wants to go down laughing, smiling. Even if he was only a figment of Lunatic's mind, it was still better than dying with tears and hopelessness, like those two women were doing. But, something caught his eye. The one in control of their body, the one who created them in the first place, he wasn't giving up.

Have all of you given up? Tragic. As human beings, I expected more out of you.

The fuck that means?

Simple. Human beings, when under the right circumstances, are capable of doing insane, impossible things.

Their body struggled to get up. But no, Lunatic wasn't giving up. Pain was a deterrent, but it would not stop him. He had a life to live, a sister to protect; and if he couldn't die with her at his side, then it all mattered for naught.

Lunatic wouldn't let that happen.

And even though I claim the contrary, I'm a fucking human being too.

In one last burst of determination and stamina, Lunatic, with an enormous flock of crows overhead, protecting him from the debris, tried to jump out the nearest window.

January 1st, 2012, 06:38 PM
Nigata - Hikarizaka Academy

There was nothing the creature could do. The spikes pierced through its body, making blood rain in the hallway, signaling the defeat of his opponent. It could be felt as the invisible beast fell, unable to fight any longer.

Yet the King had decided to let it live, as a prize for someone that had managed to harm him, someone worthy of honor and respect, something the demon appreciated as it vanished away, retreating to the place it had come from.

And in its spot... there was something that sparkled like a raging thunder. Without hesitation, King advanced, claiming what was his, had been his since the moment he was born.

And so, he held the sky blue jewel, it’s shape resembling that of a number nine, a magatama that was representative of Old Japan’s culture, and offering to the gods. But... yes, the B-power coursing through it could be felt even in his bones as he held it, the energy in its interior giving it its color, making the jewel send those flashes of light that resembled lightning.

But King had no time to be idling on a battlefield: he stored the strange object in his pocket, leaving the investigation of its meaning for another time.

It was time to kick asses and sip tasty wine. And he was feeling a serious drought of derrieres to punt if he didn’t hurry to the rooftop.

A noise sounded behind him, but King didn’t even waste time turning, as his right hand man, Jonathan, joined him. It seemed like that little girl had escaped the fight, from the information he gave, and that he had received no real damage during the combat. It was a safe bet that this girl would get involved in the fight against the Banchou.

After that, there was only silence. King was not one that spoke idle words.


As the metallic door was kicked almost out of its hinges, an ordinary school rooftop was revealed. Enough for the both of them to fight comfortably, yet not very spacious, surrounded by green railing to avoid people falling to their deaths. Hopefully, it would be enough to avoid that fate for them. While he was fairly certain both him and Jonathan had methods to survive, it was still too risky.

In the midst of the windy roof, as if waiting for someone to come and save him, stood the Banchou of this place, looking towards the distance. From below, the fighting could still be heard, King’s forces having a clear advantage, capturing most of their foes, their defenses overwhelmed. It would be done soon, but King had no intention to let any more of his subordinates perish in such a battle.


It was not long until the mad scientist looking man noticed them, and pointed that strange device towards King, whose body immediately tensed, ready to fight. Yet, no creature came to assault him from it. Maybe its only warrior had been already defeated, only able to use its last strengths for one last, suicidal fight. It probably did not want to, considering its wounds, and maybe as a sign of respect.

Whichever the motives for the weird console not working were, it did not matter to King, as he crossed the distance between them in the blink of an eye, and applied a simple lock, grabbing the arm of his foe and bringing it behind his back. Thus, if the man tried to defy him and fight, he would break his own arm thanks to his exertion.

“Give it up. This fight is already lost for you. Surrender, acknowledge your true King, and be spared!”

After all... there was no need for more casualties or violence. It was true that the blonde ruler was... disappointed by the man before him and his weakness, and how easy he had been to defeat, but maybe even someone like him could have some kind of use.

"No...! Leave me alone! The Sacred Rice Banchou can still fight... Still fight..."

Even King had to admire the willpower of this man as he clung desperately to those words, as if those were the only available choice, refusing to accept his defeat. It actually did manage to get his opinion of the man up. Alas, it was nor the time nor the place to deal with such behavior, and so he prepared to knock this man off. He would take care of recruiting him later, and he had a fight to break up.

The hand descended like a guillotine, preparing to put the mad scientist looking man to rest...


Adrenaline invaded his body, as his blood started to pump in his veins at a rate that made him recoil even by instinct, interrupting his attack as he jumped back towards Jonathan’s position, at a speed unexpected from someone like him. Five knives had been shot to were he had been standing, and had nearly wounded him.

Standing in the green railing, stood the unexpected guest. A beautiful blonde girl of his age, wearing a school uniform he had not seen in his life, a black cape attached to her clothing, not matching the rest of her clothing. Her confidence could be felt from her mere posture, projecting a laid back feeling on her whole being. Calm stare met calm stare, and an amused chuckle was heard.

"Hoh~? I see you haven't lied to me; they seem to be pretty powerful, indeed. Well, at least better than those lame vampires that came before. This is going to cost you, you know... Richard-kun. Like for example..."

Her descent was as graceful as that of a leaf.

"This. I'll be taking it if you don't mind."

She grabbed that strange console, and put it on the small bag she had been carrying, probably the same place from where the knives had come from. King made a mental note of it.

After that, he paid no real attention to the dialogue they were maintaining, as he was busy analyzing the girl. Yes, he could feel it... she was powerful, incredibly strong... she was worthy.

'Hime-sama' finally turned towards him, and stared, if only for a second. Then, she crossed her arms impatiently, and finally started to tap the floor in anger, much to King’s amusement.

"What...? Are you not going to introduce yourselves to a lady before a fight?"

And as she said that, a strange aura started to surround the blonde ruler as he stepped forward, his jacket hanging behind him as a sudden gust of wind impacted against the rooftop.

"I am the King of Kings... the whole of Japan will be... no, already is my domain!" Words that sounded dispassionate, yet carried that adamant, steely will behind them, each sound infused with the power of Zeus Commandment, shaping the world to his desires.

“I’ve come to reclaim that which is rightfully mine. Now... choose, for your fate is already settled. Be either by surrendering to me, or be finding defeat in a true combat, you will become my subordinate. Be glad, for the True King of this world has found you worthy!”

And so, a massive aura exploded around his body, a powerful presence that surpassed imagination, a miasma made out of pure willpower that flooded the rooftop like the waters that had once purged the world, something that could almost be seen as a royal scarlet cape that danced behind King’s back. His eyes were focused on the enemy in front of him, as a feral grin illuminated his face, the thrill of the coming bout enough to make his earlier disappointment vanish from his memory.

There were no more words to be said. King nodded to Jonathan, letting him carry on the first attack, as he waited patiently for his chance. His first movement would be to order the surrounding rail to tear itself from its place and try to capture the blonde, and for that, he had to wait for his friend to create the perfect chance...

January 1st, 2012, 08:48 PM
Decay (Satehi)
Tottori – Pyramid

She was amazing.

It was not surprising because she was a woman, no. In the first place, she could not be called a woman anymore. The only word that could describe her was 'demon'. Seeing it that way, it was not so strange to think that she could keep up with someone of her own kind. But the creature she was fighting was no average demon. The one opposing her was no other than Jikokuten, Defender of the East, one of the Four Heavenly Kings. You needed to be no genius to tell that was one of the High-Tier you could ever hope to summon. That's why seeing her fight back was an incredible sight. Because not only was she keeping up with him, she was pushing him back.

She was winning.

The girl saw her chance and advanced, invading the demon's area, delivering a powerful horizontal slash. Jikokuten stepped back in response but by the time he tried to counter-attack, there was nothing in the spot she had been standing. She was not far, though. She had jumped, elevating her body and twisting it in a spinning motion, becoming a deadly top capable of splitting his foe in two. The only thing the Guardian could do was to place his sword between hers and his body, in a desperate attempt to protect himself.

The sound of metal clashing against metal.

Each of her blows were charged with so much energy, it required an immense strength to be able to block them. Indeed, she was using as much power as she could in every strike she could... And yet, the demon managed to put up a defense. That was not all. Her style could not be read at all. It was nothing like Jikokuten's who merged body and mind to find the spiritual concentration needed to utilize the sacred arts. No, this girl had no style, no preset movements... No limitations. Every part of her body was a meant to be used as a weapon and her sword was just an extension of that body. Then what was the surprising fact? That the girl was keeping up with the demon or that the demon was keeping up with the girl?

One of the blades was stopped.

Faced with the incredible physical power of the Guardian, the precious sword of the girl ceased it motion. It was, however, able to dig deep into his flesh, causing a wound that would bleed for quite some time and leave a scar for him to remember it. But that was an acceptable sacrifice. If he could not catch the girl because her movements were unpredictable, if he stopped them she would be, for a second, an easy target. And that's precisely what he did. In that sense, losing a hand was a fair payment for the head of an enemy.

But even when the sword was stopped, the girl was not.

A swordsman never let's go of his sword, not if that's the weapon that gives him strength. But she did not require the sword in order to fight. Using the sword as a mean to twist her body once more, she let go of it, delivering a potent kick from an unexpected angle which connected with the king's face, sending him flying backwards until her crashed against a wall. The demon girl then jumped, catching the sword in mid air, and placing herself in a position favorable for a finishing blow. To counter this, the Jikokuten had to take the battle to the next level.

"Bolt Storm!"

Several bolts of lightning were shot from his blade. One of them could have ended the fight if the girl had not used her own sword to guard against it. This had left a small opening in her stance and her foe was not going to waste a chance like that. He gathered energy on his legs and rocketed himself upwards, going for the kill. Aware of this, the girl adopted an offensive position, ready for what was about to come.

And they clashed.

Unlike what you would have expected, there were no flashy explosions or energy blasts. It was a silent, enigmatic collision. It was uncertain which of the two had been hit, if any, as they both landed safely, giving their backs to their opponents.

"I guess it's time for me to get serious."

The girl said, a little cut opening in her beautiful face.


It was the guardian who was surprised. It was only natural. His left shoulder started bleeding so suddenly... The wound was pretty severe, too. But what bothered him the most was that he had been unable to even sense the attack. How could someone like her be overpowering him? Who... The hell was she? As if to answer that question, the girl proceeded to release the full extent of her powers...

"Sword of the Gathering Clouds of Heaven...!"

With that command, the Japanese sword of the girl shone with B-power, it's true name revealed. A torrent of wind engulfed the surrounding area and it was clear that she was preparing for her last and most powerful technique. At this, Jikokuten realized he had to do the same; otherwise he would not live to tell the tale. He placed his sword in a horizontal position and began his chant.

The girl charged forward.


"Thunder of the East...!"


A storm of lighting was shot towards the beautiful woman. They clashed against the tower of wind that seemed to protect her, and when it suddenly expanded like a explosion they were reflected back towards its owner, delivering all sorts of fatal wounds. By the time the Kusanagi cut his head off, the demon had already died from his own attacks.

"Too bad we were on opposite sides." The warrior lady said, cleaning her sword with a swift motion. "Rest in Peace, Guardian of the Sky."


This was bad.

The enemies you were facing were too strong. Even though you tried to use your B-ability on them, it had proved to be useless. For some reason, all of their equipment seemed to be unaffected. This had forced you to fight more aggressively, not holding back and using your power to its full extent. But even so, you were losing. You were panting heavily, and to them the battle seemed to just have started. Moreover, their weapons seemed to be designed to fight off people like you. At this rate...

"Argh... What the Hell?! An Earthquake?!"

The ground was shaking and the pyramid had already begun to crumble. It seemed there had been some sort of collateral damage during one of the fights and now the entire place was going down. Great conclusion for the struggle.

Luck Challenge: 10
Dice Result: 19

A giant piece of stone fell between you and your captors. Several followed, blocking their path and trapping them in a rock tomb.

That opening. You used that opening to jump back and regroup. You needed to take everyone out of there. But neither Fushimi nor Izuna were in conditions of getting out on their own. You could only hope to carry one of them. It was a decision that needed to be taken. In order to save one life, one needed to be sacrificed.

"I'll stay. I'll leave Izuna's safety on your hands."

You nodded to him and picked Izuna up against her will. Her leg was injured but she still fought back. She couldn't just leave her commander behind.

"Don't be foolish, no comrade is being left behind." It was the person you summoned, smiling childishly, happy to be of help. "C'mon old man, we are getting out of this horror house."


"Well, they are staying there for a while, that's for sure."

The girl commented, quite confident of her analysis. For what she implied, it seemed that the PGG soldiers had not died in there. Well, with everyone safe, this seemed like a good ending for the first chapter of your story. In any case, this seemed like a good opportunity to talk and get to know everyone better. You probably had some questions that needed to be asked, even if you were resting in the middle of the desert.

"Say, Master, there is one thing that has been bothering me for a while now..."

Curious, you looked at her, your face asking what it was.

"Well... Why are you carrying a little girl on your head? Is she your daughter or something?"




There was indeed a little girl on top of your head... And her teeth were perforing your skin-!

January 2nd, 2012, 05:23 PM
William Levilius (Erlkonig)
Toukyou - Seijou Academy

In a way, it was amusing.

A couple of decades before, no one would have said that three girls could fight on par with a mobile combat suit two meters in heigh. That thought could only linger in the mind of some daydreaming teenager. And today, that thought had been made reality. Who was winning and who was losing? To a spectator it would be hard to tell. The girls had been able to keep up with your attacks, something that could be considered a miracle in itself. Moreover, they had already pushed you into a corner once. Didn't that mean, then, that they were winning? On the other hand, you still possessed the undeniable advantage granted by the nature of your B-Ability. In that sense, the other argument was moot. As long as you were not defeated, then you were the winning side.

And you were about to prove how a single move could be enough change the tide of the battle.


Two horizontal energy arcs were shot out of your blades with the clear intent of splitting their group. And it worked. Maybe because they had no other chance or maybe because it was the most effective way to come up with a counter-attack. Shorko and Saki avoided them by jumped high into the sky, while Erika charged head on and jumped in the last possible moment, her body passing in between the projectiles in a graceful, yet unbelievable motion.


The second wave of attacks came from the side. There might have been an insignificant amount of delay between the first and the second wave, but that didn't seem to put any kind of strain on any of the members of the Miyazato Gang. With a side step to the left, Eri of the chain placed herself out of the zone of danger. However, she had been so close to being hit that the actual pressure of the attack created a rather long vertical cut in her clothing. It felt as if her uniform could give in at any time now, threatening to expose her chest to those present. Not so far from there, Shorko and Saki found themselves in a rather complicated situation. The latter could easily avoid the attack by twisting her body. Still, it would only be a partial dodge, as being too close to the attack would damage her anyways, as proved by Erika a moment ago. Meanwhile, Shorko found herself in a total lock. She was fast, but her body was heavy and easy to hit, not to mention she was defenseless in the middle of the air. Fortunately, they were close enough to each other. Saki extended her hand and Shorko grabbed it with ease. Then she used the little time they had left to throw her partner to a safe area with a spinning motion, increasing the momentum of her fall at the same time, which would allow her to evade the attack completely.


But there was more. Even though you moved really fast, to your eyes, everything seemed to be in slow motion. It was probably the same for them, too. The thing you noticed was that your tactic had been successful. They had avoided all the attacks so far, but they were responding to your offensive as you thought they would. It was like watching a King trying to desperately escape from a check, from being eaten by another piece, when there were no possibilities that allowed a comeback. In the end, the only end that awaited such a King was defeat. All that was in between was what some would call a 'pointless delay'. This time, the energy blasts came from above, shot in diagonal arcs. Now, this was it. Checkmate. There was no safe zone they could access in their current position and they were separated enough so that they could not cooperate. It was the finishing blow...!

"Shorko...! Saki...!"

But a fifteen year old girl dared to defy your expectations.

Chains wrapped around their bodies like snakes, holding them tightly. This was the counter-measure Erika had come up with. Even if they were separated, her chains would always reach... She pulled them towards her position, saving them from what would be certain defeat...!


She had made one mistake. The attack had not ended. There was still one more to go.


It was not what you had expected, but you saw a chance and you took it. You charged as much energy as you could in your hands... And released the biggest energy beam everyone in the entire city had ever seen. This was your final technique, the attack that would put an end to this fight-!

By saving her teammates from the previous furry of blasts, she had placed not only herself, but her friends too, on the worst spot possible. She had sealed all the available movements for her team. And now, she could do nothing but watch as the ray of light was shot towards them. She clenched both her fists and her teeth and only one word came out of her mouth:

"... Shit."


It could no longer be called a rooftop. The place had taken considerable damage and the floor was covered in rubble, its surface now irregular. Yes, it could no longer be called a rooftop. The only term that could be give to it was battlefield. Such was the nature of battles between Special Students. Collateral damage was bound to happen, one way or another.


When the smoke cleared, you were presented with an unbelievable scene. There, Eri of the chain stood, carrying both Shorko and Saki on her arms. She looked exhausted and wounded but, without a doubt, she could still go on. The top of her uniform had been ripped open by the burning energy of the blast, her clothing now a mere shell of its former self. To be honest, it was a wonder and a shame her private parts were still safe under pieces of cloth. But the point was that she was still standing. She had endured your attack.

"Shorko... Saki... I couldn't protect you. I was unable to stop that last attack with my defenses..." Her right hand was covered in burns. What tanked the majority of the white beam must have come from there. "That's why... Wait here..." She placed them both on a safe place, before turning her eyes to you. "I will finish this with my own hands..."

The battle was not over. But this was for sure... It's final act.

And it started with no previous advice.

"Seven Princes...!" Before you could react, hard iron chains made sure to immobilize your arms and legs. "Six Powers...!" More chains assaulted you, wrapping themselves around your body mercilessly. "Five Virtues...!" The chains now covered from top to bottom.

This technique... Each of its parts were meant to prevent the enemy from moving... It was a preparation for the strongest move. What was going to happen when the countdown reached one?

"Four Dominions...!" A lock materialized, now sealing your movements completely. No matter how hard you tried, you could not move a finger. "Three Thrones...!" Energy began to gather around her, the maelstrom of power summoned able to match one of your own. "Two Reasons...!"

The B-power concentrated and combined, creating a giant red sphere which rose high into the sky, absorbing even more energy and getting bigger by the second. Erika raised both her arms, and from them, several chains were created. They crashed into the red ball, attaching themselves to it. Such power... This was definitely her trump card. And you were about to get a taste of its power.


It fell on you like the moon itself.

January 2nd, 2012, 09:50 PM
Nigata - Hikarizaka Academy

I raced down the hallways of the school, combat broiling all around me, I turned a corner, and saw King, evidently having just finished fighting, due to the bloodstains all around. He himself look unruffled, and, seeing me, nodded, and walked forward. King was not one for idle words, but I reported my unfortunate blasting across the school grounds as we proceeded to the rooftop.

Seeing the door to the roof ahead, I decided to be polite, and open the door for my friend.


The door flew across the roof, and over the edge, where I could barely make out a distant yell of pain, 'oops'. The roof had one occupant, a mad scientist-looking fellow, whom, judging by his girly scream when spotting King, was present at his earlier fight. King demanded his surrender, and the man, evidently the Banchou of the Academy, refused stubbornly, a good trait, but sadly, it would not be enough to gain victory this day.

As King readied his knockout blow to the man, a sudden presence arrived, and I cried out for King to retreat, but, he already had, irritated at my lack of attention, I glowered at the new arrival. Blonde, unfamiliar uniform, cape, and smug as all get out.

I had a feeling I would not like this person, the man called her "Hime-sama", so, she was clearly someone of importance, and was quite powerful as well, I observed, my blood boiled, I wanted a fight right now, and one I would win. King and "Hime-sama" finished their pre-battle talk, and King made eye contact for a moment, as usual, I would be the distraction.

Shifting into my metallic form, I sprinted towards my foe!

January 3rd, 2012, 09:37 AM
William Levilius (Erlkonig)
Toukyou - Seijou Academy


The meteor of destruction descended on the school roof like a merciless scythe, aiming to destroy everything. The Knight in the White armor, bound, was not able to do anything, not even move a finger, as the ball impacted against the roof, destroying several floors below as well as fatally harming the caster and the ones she was protecting. The Knight screamed, his body shattering into pieces--

That was what would've happened--


I looked at the ball descending upon me through the armor's eye sockets. The red, moon-like sphere of energy had begun its descent towards me.

---I knew.

---There was no escape here for Knight Fantasia, the Knight in White Armour. His own strength used against him, it would be futile to try to escape from such a thing.


Below me, I felt the quiet sounds of footsteps. There were people below this place, living people, unaware of the danger above. If this sphere hit me...

-They would be hit too.

It was then, that the outcome of this force hitting the school became an impossibility with 0% chance of success.

Because William Levilius would not allow something like such to happen.

But what could I do? The Knight was bound, and there was no way for him to escape. The chains were hard as several layers of steel, and trying to burst his way out would take an amount of power such that he wouldn't be able to save the school.

So I decided, then.

I would abandon this protective shell--

and become a true hero--!


Blue light. It erupted from the spaces between the chains, shining like a blue beacon. Lightning crisscrossed across the links, the armoured Knight's blue eyes flickering between light and darkness.

As the red moon, unhindered by this display, continued to fall, an azure light encompassed all.

--Suddenly, chains clanked on empty space, having lost something to tighten in, as the 2 meter giant was no longer there.

Before the chains could tighten even more, a figure inside the egg of chains found the biggest gap formed by the sudden clanking of links--

And erupted forth, two swords in his hands--!!!


My feet hit the concrete floor of the roof, the chains clattering behind me. My clothes now ruffled in the wind, my armor having dematerialized in order for the one called William Levilius to escape.

--In one way, it could be said I'd succeeded. I could perfectly Burst away from the explosion before it was too late-

But that was unacceptable.

I saw, in Eri's eyes, a fervent desire to protect her friends. Their camraderie was something I couldn't express through sheer words.

To do that, she would even go to the lengths to do this--!

I leaped forward, a coat of blue wrapping around me. This burst was faster than any other before, as I had to propel my smaller size forward, which allowed me to move at ridiculous speeds.

--So it was, when I approached Eri.

"I'm sorry."

Our eyes met. My solemn gaze stared into her eyes.

Huh. They were pretty beautiful.

"That you had to do this to protect your friends."

And then--

I spun, a maelstrom of energy gathering around me. My gaze centered on the chains rising to the red giant in the sky, a spiral of steel rising to guide the sphere of destruction towards the school roof.

And then, as the power reaches a crescendo...!

I gather more power in a burst than ever before---

---to surpass the speed of sound---



The two swords come together with herculean strength, titanic slashes at hypersonic speed tearing through the start of the chains, severing the red giant from Eri's control.


I backflip back to the ground, the soles of my shoes sliding across the floor, rising sparks and even throwing embers into the air. As I withdraw my swords, their final job done, the blue sillhouette of a White Knight wraps around me.


Like a bullet, a giant White Knight tackles the chains that were connected to the sphere, grabbing them.

The red giant, no longer shackled by Eri, begins to fall towards the center of the roof, where it would even destroy the Miyazato Gang.

--Yet it does not fall.


Using power unprecedented, Knight Fantasia tightens his hold on the chains, and he begins to spin.






Spin. Spin. Spin. Spin. Spin. Spin. Spin. Spin. Spin. Spin. Spin. Spin. Spin. Spin. Spin. Spin. Spin. Spin. Spin. Spin. Spin. Spin. Spin. Spin. Spin. Spin. Spin. Spin. Spin. Spin. Spin. Spin. Spin. Spin. Spin. Spin. Spin. Spin. Spin. Spin. Spin. Spin. Spin. Spin. Spin. Spin...!

The Knight turns like a white and azure typhoon, the sphere of destruction following the motion of the chains, rotating around the roof.


The Knight stops in his tracks.


With another burst, he avoids getting dragged by the sphere---!


And finally heaves it into the sky!!!


The red moon slowly rose into the sky, away from the school. However, if left unhindered, it would surely crash against something else.

--Which was why the Knight Fantasia, and William Levilius, became one...!

Undertaking the soul of a true hero, they unsheathe their swords--!


B-Burst, B-Burst, B-Burst

B-Burst B-Burst B-Burst B-Burst B-Burst!!!

A flurry of hundreds of white shockwaves ascend from the school roof, flying upwards, towards the red moon in the air, in the space between the buildings of Tokyou, all of them heading towards the sphere of destruction, aiming to destroy it before it takes the life of even a single person.

The Knight- No, William- Wrong again. The Hero Levilius spins and twirls his swords at a speed at which he lifts gusts of wind, trying to imitate the quick footwork he saw from the Gang in order to launch the most amount of flurries possible.

--He did not worry about running out of power.

-After all, this Hero's power, which had made others shun him or try to use him as a tool, was now running at maximum efficiency. Every single sword slash was refilled by the vast ocean of power inside him that constantly swelled and regenerated any spent energy.

It was why, in a mad dance of sword flurries and eternal struggle, the Hero Levilius did his best to stop the red moon in the sky---!

January 3rd, 2012, 06:48 PM
Alfhildr Dyrdahl (LeopardBear)
Akihabara - Security Prison


She had not expected you to be this formidable. For a human to defeat someone like her so easily... Such feat was amazing to say the least. Still, in the bottom of her heart she was pleased, because she had wanted to be defeated from the very beginning. She didn't hold back, the battle had definitely not been a fraud, but she had longed for this result since she first laid her eyes on you.

"T-There is no... No need to be so harsh, Master..." She began, as she did her best to endure the pain and speak. "The contract is now complete." Hearing this, you removed the enormous ice blade from her body, blood staining her skin, and dismissing it, turning it into snow than later returned to your body. The second you finished doing so...


A miracle occured.

Not only her wounds, everything healed. In the blink of an eye, she brought everything back from the abyss of hell. The collapsing edification turned into a fine estructure, the burned inmates who had not been able to escape now stood up, life returning to their bodies. The exhaustion that you were feeling vanished like magic. This was the full power of Konohana Sakuya. She was not only a brave and powerful warrior lady gifted with the power of fire. She was also a healer. A healer of the highest rank.

On the hours that followed, she explained the nature of the contract to you. How she would serve you no matter what, even if it went against the laws of logic or her own free will. How she could not betray you even if she wanted to, because the contract prohibited it. It was not as if violating the rules brought with it punishment. No, laws could not be violated at all, it was that simple. In exchange, you had to give the demon commands. In other words, the demon could be considered and effectively become your slave. Ignoring the demon was the only thing that you had agreed not to do. And since you, unlike them, could still act as you wished, the only consequence of doing what you should not do was the abolishion of the contract.

Later, you inspected the seemingly empty prison and asked Kunohana Sakuya to gather those who had survived and were willing to fight. This had been your conquest and now, this place belonged to you. There was still a long way to go, but this could be your first step towards the completition of your objetives.

And if one thing was for sure, it was that you would fight for them.

You decided to call it a day. You'd take care of things tomorrow: Recruit as many followers as you could, maybe start with the short and long term plans... You'd see.

Now it was time to rest.


You couldn't sleep.

Despite all the things that had happened earlier, your mind had no complains. There was nothing worth worrying about and there was no question that you needed to ask yourself. All was laid before you in black and white; you didn't need to bother with what was in between. Yet, while your mind was clear of all guilt, your body felt tense. In this hot night, you needed to relax or sleep would prove to be a true nightmare.

Well, what could you do to calm that fucker down?

Searching for an answer to that question, you got up from your bed and headed towards the bathroom. On the way there, you noticed. There was someone standing on the other side of the door that led to the hall. For someone with acute instincts like you, that was evident. You approached the door cautiously and, sensing no danger, you opened it with a sigh. The mysterious guest turned out to be a woman, quite a few years older than you. Her hair was long and black in color, and you could tell without touching it that if you did, it'd feel as soft as a whisper. Her eyes shared the same color and, even though they seemed to hold no emotion for the world that surrounded them, in truth, there was a spark of burning passion in them that would never extinguish. While what she was wearing did, at first, look like an ordinary kimono, there was an opening on its chest area that left her breasts exposed. Or, at least, it normally would. Two charming tree leaves protected said private parts. The sleeves were also considerably longer than the woman's arms which made her look more elegant, but at the same time, you thought that it was kind of cute.

You guessed she was one of the people you were going to work with from now on... But what was she doing awake at this time? Well, there was no point in questioning her behavior. Instead, you went straight to the point, and asked her what she wanted with you...

She planted a sudden, deep kiss on your lips.

You let a surprised hum in response, as you felt the foreign tongue invade the depths of your mouth. You instinctively placed your hands around her waist and urged her body closer to yours. She offered no resistance and instead placed her arms around you, tempting you to give in to lust. And you surrendered: The second kiss served as a turn on switch. Your sanity melting away, you ferally carried her inside your room and, without parting, you violently pressed her body against a near-by wall. You were no longer Alfhildr Dyrdahl the human. There was only Alfhildr Dyrdahl the beast. You probably were not aware of what had taken over you, but the truth was that your movements resembled those of an animal than those of a normal person.

"Ah~ Aaaaahhh~!"

She moaned in pleasure as you gently bit her left ear, your right hand already between her legs. You progressed onto the sides of her neck, delivering small, soft closed-mouth kisses at first, but quickly switching to passionate open-mouth kisses; and descended all the way towards her attractive cleavage. You ripped off the clothes that prevented you from advancing with a rough hand movement, her breasts bouncing once the moment you did so. Her chest now fully exposed, your right hand rose to squeeze one of her tits, while you placed your full attention on the other, your tongue circling around its nipple and your mouth madly sucking it after that. You could tell that she was easy to seduce and very sensitive to touch, and you shamelessly took advantage of it. Her body exploded with pleasure, the warmth spreading over to yours, turning you on at the same time.

The tables turned when she pushed yourself into the bed and used the small opening you left to close the distance between the both of you, placing her body on top, clearly acquiring the dominating position. At that, you could only smile maliciously. She had gotten the roles wrong, With a swift maneuver, you easily switched places with her and you now held both of her hands tightly, so no movement could be made. It was then when you seemed to return to your senses, at least for a brief period of time.

"Who the hell are you...?"

"You don't recognize me, my Master?" The woman chuckled, somewhat amused. "I'm your loyal servant, Konohana Sakuya."

Her voice did certainly match, but her character was wrong. Not that you found this hidden side of her repulsive, the opposite actually, but you had believed she was a different kind of person. Well, facts had proven you wrong, and it could not be helped. There was nothing else to say.

You removed your top with a devilish grin, and she placed her hands on your breasts the second you did so. They were really big. Bigger than hers. She began playing with them as you started to slowly rub your crotch against one of her legs. It was harder for you to get prepared for the act, so a rougher treatment was needed. Your hips moving on their own, you speeded up your movement, the irresistible sensation of pleasure filling up your body little by little. Your lips met her lips once more, your tongues twirling around each other more actively than ever before. You could feel her chest pressed against your own and you quickly found yourself moving your breasts slowly in a circular motion, circling around her nipples with your own, disengaging and then applying force. It was an effective technique, her moans becoming louder and more passionate. You raised the bar by raising your leg and placing your knee between her legs, rubbing it against her crotch in rough and gentle intervals.

After minutes of lustful exchanges, you both had finally undressed yourselves fully. Captivated by her body, your mouth descended from her belly button all the way to her vagina, where you skillfully used your tongue to trigger a devastating erotic reaction that made her mind go completely numb. Maybe you were going to fast -Not that you cared much-. The second you tried to pull back your head, she grabbed it with both hands and pushed it forward, asking for more. The overwhelming spell that came from her wet pussy encouraged you to continue and so you did.

"Ah- Ah! Ahhh~!" She exclaimed, submerged in a sea of ecstasy "M-Master... Let me please you, too."

Aligning your bodies so that both of you could perform oral sex on each other, it was decided that formalities would be dropped, thus unlocking the full potential of the sixty-nine position. From that point on, the sex became even more wild as you released the beast within and lost control. You sucked, licked and fingered each other in a frenzy of lesbian lust.

"Ah...! If... If this keeps up... I...!"

That was the signal.

Turning your body around with haste, you easily slipped past her defenses and placed your pussy on top of hers and began... You rubbed against each other so fiercely, that at one point you felt as if you were jumping on the bed. Indeed, the nasty sounds that were produced by the violent act were accompanied by the loud noise of the bed breaking. You made her scream in pleasure but interrupted her mid way with a wet kiss.

"I-I'm at my limit...!"

No, not yet.

You wouldn't let her take the price without getting your part of the deal. You increased the pace even more, as you lowered your guard completely and let your body dance in satisfaction. She seemed to understand.

"Ah~! T-Then...! Let us come together...! Ah~!"

"Ah...! Ahhhh! AHH~! AH...!



Several people stood in front of you, ready to hear you out. All of them had remained inside the prison after the accident, be it because of their own motives or because they simply could not escape the facility in time. Not all of them possessed a special ability unique to them -In fact, only a few-, but they were all criminals. Robbery, Assassination, Violation of property... These were just some of the fields these guys specialized in. And even though they weren't many -Around a hundred or so-, they had that experience that made them superior. It was you who would determine how well this potential would be exploited. And so, the first step was to make sure they were on your side. A speech was necessary for that.

You involuntarily gave your Demon a look... Maybe she could give you a hand? No, her facial expression told you that it would be wise for you to do this on your own. On an unrelated topic, she seemed to be back to her usual stoic facade. You noticed no changes in character, even after what had happened the previous night. Maybe she was bothered by it? When you woke up today, she was not resting in your bed... Well, if that's the way she wanted to play, then that was fine with you.

Out of the hundred people that Sakuya-Hime had managed to gather, only five stood out. Curiously, all of them seemed to be around your age. The first was dressed in a kimono and wore a strawberry leather jacket over it. The second was a man with very attractive features, certainly very strong... But to be honest, he resembled more a lion than a rational man and you could tell he was not going to be too happy with the idea of becoming your 'dog'. The third individual did not seem to be fit for direct combat. From the looks of it, she seemed to be a strategist, if anything. And it did not look like this red head was going to get rid of her smoking habit any time soon... Anyways, it was easy to tell that the last two were sisters, their features were quite similar. However, when it came to character, they were polar opposites. One of them appeared to be bursting with energy while the other seemed to had been stripped of all emotions.

All in all, a pretty interesting team. What words would you speak to them?

January 4th, 2012, 02:48 PM
King (RacingeR) - Jonathan (Morm)
Nigata - Hikarizaka Academy

"King of Kings... huh?" You heard a short, mocking laugh before her expression turned serious. "That is a ridiculous claim for someone who has yet to conquer one region. Bring the entire Japanese Nation under your heel, and only then call yourself that, kid-!"

The pressure you had called upon disappeared without a trace. That which had been created by your incredible will power was vanished by someone with even greater power. No, that was wrong. Your technique was still there... It was just that her counter-attack was so strong that your presence had ceased to be noticeable. By that time you could tell... That this enemy was different from all the other you had faced before.

"I guess I can't be helped..."

It was time for the final battle of Hikarizaka Academy to start.

"Men are all the same, after all-!"

Jonathan was the first to move. He sprinted towards the blonde girl, with the clear intent of landing a blow, or at least serve as a distraction for his leader to finish the job. His movements were not the fastest this princess had seen during her life-time. To her, he was just a predictable amateur. With her martial arts experience, she should be able to knock him out with one strike. However...


You were not going to let that happen. Using your B-ability to give the world a command, you had managed to turn the railing into an imprisonment trap to seal all her movements, if only for a second. But it didn't matter, because that second was all that Jonathan needed-!


The fist connected with her stomach, the attack being so potent that it sent her flying several meters before she was thrown into the abyss, together with the green railing that had lost its support. Something was not right. How could the battle have ended so quickly? You had taken her by surprise, right, but defeating her during the first exchange of attacks seemed wrong, somehow. This was not an ordinary battle where the outcome is decided a few seconds after the start of it. This... This was the battle to decide the next Banchou of Nigata!

"Ooof~ That's a good right you got there. Had I not been wearing this armor, I would be dead already."

It was hard to believe, but she was floating in the middle of the air, effortlessly. But that was not the thing that called your attention the most. The schoolgirl was now wearing an expensive set of golden armor. It did not cover her entire body but the most important parts were there. From the looks of it, it was incomplete... And there was not a single scratch in the place that Jonathan's fist had landed. You then came to the conclusion that she was definitely a collector-type. Those Special Students who are not blessed with useful B-Abilities usually rely on powerful artifacts to make up for it. In this case, an armor... And a cape, that must have been how she avoided the fall and now danced through the air. Having two things like that was already rare, but in truth, you did not expect any less.

"Well then, let's make things a little more interesting, shall we? If anyone of you manages land a hit like that again, then I will surrender, and the school will be yours. What's more, I will join your forces without complaining. But... Were you to lose this battle... I will be taking one of your precious possessions, like for example..."


Her finger was pointed at one of your pockets. There, the mystic object known as magatama was still illuminated by the brave thunder that fought within it. What would it be? There was no need to ask. Such a thing had no importance because you were confident that your victory would eventually come. Such was the faith you had in you and your men.

"Well, let's begin, for serious now."

She rocketed herself forward at incredible speeds. She stopped herself, however, next to Jonathan, asking for a second round. He complied and threw a furry of deadly punches at her. Four of them were evaded and the fifth was stopped. The moment she did so, he realized her physical strength was no longer on normal levels. He realized this a little bit too late.

Vitality Challenge: 18
Dice Roll: 8
Vitality Focus: +5
Final Result: 13
Piercing Damage: 5


The next thing Jonathan knew was that he was flying, the world spinning around him. This had been the first time hit this hard and, to be honest, it was quite shocking that it had come from a person of the opposite gender. But what worried you was the force of the impact. At this rate, the railings would not stop your comrade from falling, not even if they were made of reinforced steel. In a time like this, you needed to act and fast-!

You concentrated your B-power in your hands and touched the floor, ordering it to stop your friend. It responded by creating several hands made of the same material that slowly, but surely painfully, managed to save the man of steel from a fate far worse. You both took a deep breath, the toll of your previous battles already having an effect in your performance.

"How's that? This is the armor of Ares, God of War. Whenever I am find myself in a combat situation, it increases my physical strength a hundred fold!" She scratched her nose, somewhat proud. When she realized she was paying more attention to the quality of the gauntlets she was wearing than the actual fight, a sudden and surprisingly deep blush covered her chicks. "B-But I cannot lose my concentration right now. Here, have something else!"

She picked up a small piece of rubble, and like a professional pitcher, threw it at you at full speed. What came next, your certainly did not expect.


The projectile grew bigger and bigger, until its size was enough to hit you and five persons more. To add, its speed was frightening and it was certain you two would not be able to avoid it. There was no other choice but to take the blow!

"Don't dare to die just yet!"

January 4th, 2012, 03:01 PM
Alaya Shiki (Fangstrike)
Yokohama – Streets

Well, looked like those little shits from earlier had some hardcore friends, friends with guns and wheels. Luckily, Shiki and his new ally were saved by a pair of women in a Mercedes. It was like divine intervention. Maybe the fact that it seemed like they knew the wounded kid played a part in their timely arrival.

“That was… freaking awesome!” Shiki exhaled from the backseat of the Mercedes. Adrenaline surged through his veins as Shiki recounted the amazing events of the past few minutes. The entire car chase had been like something straight out of an action flick. Even as fire and shrapnel raged outside, the driver swiftly wove them through the mayhem.

The silver haired woman had godlike driving skills, and the professional-looking woman backed her up with conventional weaponry when those driving skills just weren’t enough. Oh, he was definitely putting their taxi number on speed dial. Shiki got into enough scrapes that having a getaway driver would be divine.

But that was all behind them. From here on, it was smooth sailing to the hospital, or at least it should have been. Standing in the middle of the highway was a giant clad in red armor. After the Hell Hole appeared, Shiki really shouldn’t have been surprised at all the weirdoes it churned out, but still…

“That was probably me,” Shiki shamelessly said aloud with his head sticking out the Mercedes’ side window. He waved his arm jovially, like he was saying high to an old friend, which couldn’t be further from the truth. The armored giant had an expression on his face that illustrated the bloody murder he had in store for the person that hurt Kenshiro, who Shiki presumed was one of the scumbags from earlier.

Before he got out of the car, he spoke in a low voice to the two women. “Can you take this guy to the hospital? Every second counts, and I’m not sure how long this will take.”

The silver haired driver gave him a nod and a beautiful smile that revitalized him. Somehow, it reminded Shiki of a story he had heard from Nee-san – something about women sending heroes off before their journey. Shiki didn’t delude himself into thinking he was some kind of hero, honestly, he actually felt closer to a villain on most days, but if a beautiful woman gave a man a smile, he could usually churn out more power than usual. And right now, Shiki felt like he could take on the world… or at least one cosplayer.

Raquel followed Shiki out of the car. Although the ride had been pretty hectic, they still had a chance to exchange names. He’d seen a hint of Raquel’s strength earlier, so he didn’t think of her as some fragile bystander he needed to protect. Still, he did feel like stretching his legs. It’d been awhile since he’d had a good fight.

“I’m guessing we can’t talk this out peacefully?” Shiki asked half-heartedly.

In response, the giant pinned him with an intense glare that would’ve left a lesser man cowering on the ground and begging for forgiveness. Shiki just looked nonplussed.

“Oh, that's good.” Now that he had confirmed his opponent's will to fight, Shiki had no reason to hold back.

All Shiki did was take his hands out of his pocket, but that simple gesture alone seemed to warp the entire world around them. The wind speed suddenly increased greatly. Angry dark clouds fast forwarded through the sky like a screen of television static, shutting out the sun. The windows of nearby building rattled like a chorus of bloodthirsty spectators. Shiki’s B-Power swirled around him, filling the air with a deathly howl bleeding killing intent. It was as if Shiki was the human manifestation of some angry god of battle.

“Come on,” Shiki said as he made a beckoning gesture with his right hand. Although he looked defenseless to the naked eye, Shiki had already filled the atmosphere with the bulk of his power. “I’m a busy guy. Hurry up and let me kick your ass.”

Suddenly, without warning, a hammer of air slammed down towards the armored giant like an angry sky god's fist with enough force to turn a minivan into a pancake.

January 4th, 2012, 05:25 PM
Alfhildr Dyrdahl (LeopardBear)
Akihabara - Security Prison

On the hours that followed, she explained the nature of the contract to you. How she would serve you no matter what, even if it went against the laws of logic or her own free will. How she could not betray you even if she wanted to, because the contract prohibited it. It was not as if violating the rules brought with it punishment. No, laws could not be violated at all, it was that simple. In exchange, you had to give the demon commands. In other words, the demon could be considered and effectively become your slave. Ignoring the demon was the only thing that you had agreed not to do. And since you, unlike them, could still act as you wished, the only consequence of doing what you should not do was the abolishion of the contract.

I... I wasn't sure how to feel about that. One the one hand, it was exceedingly useful. Complete obedience was an immensely desirable trait in a servant, clearly. But on the other... this kind of authority is not the province of most men to hold. Absolute command is reserved for the divine. I must say, I was uncomfortable holding it, even though I doubted I would make too much use of it. It was tempting to take power beyond my place.


Neither could I say I knew what to feel about last night. Demons were, or as it was known to me, ones that only had the mind of humans in their cunning: in all other aspects, they seemed to be alien beings, something inherently opposed to us. But, to display lust... it at least proved that they had one thing in common. Unless it was all wrong, of course. Why had she done that? One of the most likely possibilities that ran through my head was that it was just an aspect of the contract, some kind of arcane desire to please her master. If it were so, it would confirm all my fears about the matter. I would have unwittingly forced another to serve me against her will, not by right of rule given by combat, but by unknown magic. A terrible proposition.

But, that was not the issue before me at the moment. How to convert this group of criminals to my side? Given how they got here, threats were likely to fail quite swiftly: I would not be surprised if some of them were a serious threat to me. To lie would be to invite later disaster as they would without a doubt discover it. So, tell the truth and sell your cause not on ideology. It's unlikely that they'd follow you for belief alone.

"Rights are given to all of us, first among them right to just and proper government. This is our exact lack today. Various invaders hold our lands, none of them given the right to do so. In a simple word, I intend to restore Japan to proper order, in all likelyhood by the sword."

"Clearly, the question is why would you all want to follow me on this insane quest? First, risk. The PGG without a doubt wants each and every one of us dead now, and they have quite the force. You may leave and strike out on your own: I will not stop you, and I'm sure you're confident in your abilities to avoid them. I was, and I'm here. It's a risk that I would find too high."

"Second, reward. In the process of restoring this country, we will without a doubt come into quite a bit of territory and possessions. If you want material things, those can be arranged. If what you need instead requires a special excursion or some kind of advanced assistance, I will guarantee that also. I can assist you with your goals, if you assist me with mine."

"We're a collection of outlaws: what would be more fitting than for those the rest of the nation has dismissed to overthrow the rest?"

January 5th, 2012, 02:16 PM
Gabriel Levilius (Zlol)
Koube - Train to Osaka


You stared absent-mindedly at the beautiful landscape, as recent memories flashed through your head.

"Your brother is very much alive. He managed to escape from the PGG's hands some years ago and right now he is living a normal life in our capital, Toukyou. I'll do my best to keep you updated on his status, but you must understand Koube is your life right now."

You were happy, really happy to hear that. But, at the same time, it was painful. You had also started a new life, and the path you had chosen to follow required you to forget about the things of the past, your little bro included. It had just started, and you already felt like quitting, throw it all to hell and go pay him a visit. That's when you remembered one very important thing Igarashi had told you:

"This... Is a picture from Sekigahara." She said, placing it on top of the table so you could see. In the image you could see nothing but burned grass. It was as if the whole place had been the victim of a huge fire. "It was once a beautiful green field, rich in resources and the home of several farmer families." Looking at the photo, it was hard to believe. "What you are seeing is the result of war. If we allow this to continue, the tragedy of Sekigahara will spread to the entire continent." She made a small pause. "Yes, the places you cherish, the friends you know, and the fruits you eat... Will all end up like in this picture."

That gave you strength. The sacrifice you were making... Was being done to protect the things you loved, after all.

"But war cannot be stopped with words alone... We already tried that a long time ago." Her words resounded in your mind. Even though she was not there, she felt really close-by. "That's why we have to fight. We will end this war by force." That was the only way. "But we are lacking in strength. If we try something stupid now, the NPI will wipe us from the map. That's why I'm sending you to recruit Special Students for the Koube Forces." A smirk that was hard to forget. "Don't worry; I've got the candidates selected already. All you have to do is to find them and convince them to join us."

Bgm off

You took a deep breath. The train should be arriving to Osaka soon. You still couldn't believe who you were supposed to talk to first. Honestly, she didn't seem like someone suited for war... Tohsaka Rin, the famous major league baseball player... Huh? Heh, with any luck, you might get her autograph. You were so entertained fantasizing with the woman you were about to meet, you didn't notice someone else had taken the seat in front of you. That is, until she addressed you.

"I'm sorry to disturb you." When you turned your attention to the source of the voice, you saw a beautiful woman with short blonde hair and emerald eyes. She was wearing a formal black suit that seemed to somehow match with her polite attitude. "You are The Pacifier, are you not?" Upon hearing your positive response, the girl nodded, reassuringly. She might have been a little younger than you, but she was definitively more mature. "You can call me Saber, I'll be working with you during the course of this mission."

During the next hour you talked about trivial things and you managed to make a good first impression with her. At first she seemed somewhat offended because of your mask. To her, no real warrior should hide his face. You kinda agreed, but Igarashi had made you promise you wouldn't take it off no matter what, so there wasn't much you could do. The topic switched to swordsmanship -Your blade was not easy to hide from view- and the conversation progressed smoothly. Saber seemed to love all things related to sword combat and technique. Despite this fact, she was not carrying any sort of weapon with her. You couldn't help but to wonder about her fighting style. As you were about to ask this question, however, an unfortunate event interrupted you.

"Everyone hands in the air, this is a robbery." Several armed and highly dangerous thieves now claimed ownership of the train. "Cooperate and no one will get hurt."

You looked at Saber, then you both nodded and raised your hands. This was not the time to act recklessly. One mistake could put in danger not only your life, but that of many innocent people. Still, this seemed odd. They were too many, and they were organized. This was not an ordinary robbery, this had been planned with anticipation. Could it be that...? Suspicious, you quietly asked Saber if there were any special passengers in this train, as one of the evil-doers began to inspect the travelers one by one.

"Yes... That's right." She nodded, a bit surprised by your deduction. "Yoshitsune, the younger brother of the leader of the National Protectorate Institute."

So, in short, they had taken your enemy's most valuable possession as a hostage. You had no obligation in helping the NPI, especially since you were part of a group that planned to take them down, but you were not fine with the idea of other people suffering. So you had to pick a path. Before that could happen, though, your time ran out.

"Oh hey, look at this shiny sword... I bet it would be the perfect addition to my collection." One of them bragged, as he registered you. Clearly, he intended to take the sacred blade for himself.

That opening. That was all she needed.

Saber's arms moved magnificently in a purely graceful arc and two of the bandits were sent flying like paper against the door which knocked them out instantly. That took care of all the bad guys in that car. And now that she had started, there was no turning back.

"All the passengers, to the back! Pacifier, help me with the door!"

While she carefully tied down the criminals, you cleverly used what was at hand to lock the door and prevent the others to access your car. It wouldn't last much, but it should protect the passengers for a while. Hopefully, they'd take a while to notice something is going on. Right now, you needed to move. Reach the first car and take down their leader or something. To do this easier, you decided to use the roof. As you advanced, however...

"Oh how lucky! Brother, it seems we have company!"

Two men relatively old men intercepted you. The two of them had one thing in common besides their similar features. They were both using arm blades, and you could sense they were just as skilled with them as you were with your sword. One of them prevented you from getting to the next car, while the other would not allow you to return the way you came.

You felt Saber's back press against yours. It was time to fight.

January 5th, 2012, 03:25 PM
Gabriel Levilius
Koube- Train to Osaka

"Heh, Finally, this is it. Saber, its been a great pleasure knowing someone as noble as you, with this, i do like to trust my back with you, knowing that a wonderful person like you is handling it."

Those were the words he said to Saber, the person assigned to protect him. Then he closed his eyes for the moment and remembered the following words:

"Koube is your life now."

He had faced up to that fact sometime back, Even though it hurt. No... It felt like he lost everything. However, he no longer cared now. It did not mean he had given up on his brother. No.... he had not. However, if fate willed it and he fought his brother someday under the blue sky... then he would do so.

even if he died...

There would be a beautiful world that his brother could still live in. Till then, as the 'Pacifier', he would not stop. No, he could not. Not for the sake of the injustice done, the destruction the war has caused... and most importantly... the corrupt fools that sought only to oppress those that could not protect themselves.

I will make this world beautiful! Beyond comparison! once more, the weak will no longer be oppressed! No more sorrow, no more loss! even if my dream is so far, I shall fight!

For the brother that i chose to give up...

For the parents that died.

For the Gabriel Levilius that died...


Now, with those thoughts giving him a boost, he focused on the objective at hand: How would he handle those annoying corrupted NPI morons? He smiled. Then he simply looked at his surroundings and calculated.

One, I'm in a narrow space.
Two, Two people decently skilled with their weapons are blocking one area.
Three, I'm armed with just a sword.

He had just the plan. Before he dashed off, he whispered to Saber, "Handle the guy that is blocking the way that we through before. I'll handle the other. Prepare to switch our opponents if anything happens. Lure them in towards us in preparation for that. Though, it would not hurt to defeat the other guy if you can."

And if that, the first thing to do as he had learned from close combat was that whoever, whoever had the first initiative to strike first would control the opponent! No, it did not matter if his strike got blocked, for even then, the person he was attacking was 'reacting' to him by defending. And by putting that pressure, he could slowly control the flow of the battle and lure the person. In fact, if his opponent was not much trouble, he could overwhelm him and crush him. However... if the worse case scenario happened...

if saber succeeded or failed and lured the enemy to the position, they could easily swop in or tag-team, and if the change of fighting styles was shocking enough, it would create openings enough to easily defeat them. Even if that did not happen, there were many other factors which would have benefited.

Thus, he poised his sword for one slash. One slash. And with his legs, he tapped into his minor Speed boost that was the result of his weaker B-ability. The stress of this battle was high, much was at stake. However, he will not lose his calm. He quickly dashed in with his B-ability and poised one strike, and then another horizontal strike and finally...

a diagonal strike!

More then that, the weapon he held, the powerful weapon, Durandal lent him even more strength and speed to smash down upon his opponent! If such a weapon was on his side...

He could not lose!

Not now!

"Come, foolish man, the end is near.... The pacifier has come to claim your lives, as it should be... with your corrupted depraved lives! So, pray to God that he might give you freedom from your depraved, corrupted lives with my strikes!"

His declaration loud as his strikes on his opponent begun!

January 5th, 2012, 04:48 PM
Revy (Milbunk)
Ika - Ninja Academy

'Uh oh, I wonder where she might have gone?'

Though she could not see her attacker she knew that the ninja had to be nearby. Finding a ninja in their own territory would be next to impossible, especially one who is as skilled as this.

She closed her eyes and assumed a defensive position, though she could not see where the ninja('s) were she had to try and feel them. But that was not all, from what she could tell these other people who were attacking had something missing.

It was if these things were hollow shells something that revy had realized shortly after their attack.

Sword at the ready and eyes closed she waited for them to respond, if the real one was nowhere in sight then she would need to think of a way to reveal her hidden self.

January 5th, 2012, 08:02 PM
Revy (Milbunk)
Ika - Ninja Academy

Vitality Challenge: 11
Dice Result: 4

You suddenly fell down to your knees, unable to keep up your stance. The next thing you knew was that you were panting in exhaustion, a burning feeling engulfing your entire body. Every time you tried to move a part of your body, the world began to spin. What was this hot sensation that came from within? It was like fever, but different...

"Eh...? Ahahaha... Ahahahahahaha! What's wrong Revy-sama? I thought someone as professional as you would never suffer the effects of this mediocre poison. After all, haven't you been attacked with this a thousand or so times in the past? Your body should have adapted to them already." Her tone made it evident that she was mocking you. She was, however, unaware of the truth. That you weren't the one she thought you were. "Stop pretending and get serious...!"

Movement challenge: 10
Dice Roll: 16
Penalties: -3 (environment); -3 (Poison); No bonuses.
Final Result: 10

The attacks came again but from one direction at a time, unlike before. You mustered all your strength and barely managed to parry them, falling on the floor in the process. You then dragged your body as you could and hid behind a tree. Even if only for a few moments, the protection it granted would allow you to take a breath. There was nothing you could do, really. The gap between you and your opponent was far too big for you to fight back. Not to mention, you were under the effects of poison, and that'd make you collapse sooner or later. Then maybe... Maybe it would be easier to just lay here and die...

You searched your own pockets for the one thing that gave you strength.

There it was. A family photo. You remembered how much you cherished those moments you had together as your vision began to became a blur. Your own consciousness was beginning to fade. But one annoyed yell woke you up from what could have been an eternal sleep:

"What the hell are you doing?! You are a disgrace for Ika, the Ninja Nation. Stand up and do something already, or I will end your life without hesitation. I don't care what reputation do you have or how close we are. Revy, if you don't fight like a true ninja, you are going to die-!"

Fight like a true ninja, huh?

Thinking about it, you realized you were carrying a pouch filled with ninja tools. That man... He must have placed it there before the fight, without anyone noticing. But why? Had he realized you were not the legendary ninja everyone spoke about? There was no point in trying to answer those questions. If you wanted to live to see your parents one more time, then you had to keep fighting. And maybe there could be something you could use among these weapons. You quickly examined the contents of the ninja pouch and found something you could use. It was risky, but there was no other way.

*Poof!* *Poof!*

"Smoke bombs...? Don't take me for a fool!"

Your movements were clumsy and your eyes practically did not work anymore. Still, your life depended on that slim chance of escape. To your enemy, the smoke screen was not even there to begin with -She could see right through it- and a couple of projectiles slipped past your defenses and dug themselves in your flesh. You fell, pathetically, but you stood up and kept running. The chance... The chance... It was still there...

But eventually, you'd reach your limit, and you would die.

Vitality Check: 11
Dice Result: 18

That's what she had thought, ten minutes ago.

Somehow, you were still alive. But in those ten minutes, her patience had ran out. She prepared herself to launch her ultimate attack, even if that would mean sending who she thought her best friend to the afterlife. There was no place for emotion in the way of a ninja, that was how harsh the reality was.

"Hidden Ninja Art: A thousand falling stars-!"

A technique only Maki could perform. Not because she was far more skilled than normal ninjas, but because she made a sacrifice. In order to reach the top as a ranged ninja, she had sacrificed several other disciplines. That was why she was no good in close combat. On the other hand, the experience she had accumulated paid off and now she could make her own projectiles land anywhere she wanted without the use of any kind of supernatural ability. Such was the extent of her proficiency as a Kunoichi.

The number of replications present increased by a hundred fold. It was the final technique that allowed no escape and that targeted all parts of the body at the same time. Even if someone managed to block all the projectiles that came from the front, the ones that came from the back would still do the job and kill the victim. Once its name was called, it was too late to even hope to defend.

There was no need to worry about such a thing.

Your eyes were not working... You didn't need your eyes. Maybe in other situation, yes, but here, using your eyes would bring no favorable result. All the replications were fake, not actual bodies, you could tell. Maki was the one capable of performing all those attack in an instant, the clones were just a diversion. Thus, closing your eyes was one of the best ideas one could ever come up with.

You raised your sword and recovered your stance.


That was right. The burning sensation was still there. But in these past few minutes, you had managed to adapt to the poison. You were able to reduce its effects considerably by sheer power of will. It was unbelievable, but this was what you could do when placed on a live or die situation. Finally, the last part of your plan was set into motion.

You stood on top of it.

You could feel every movement. No, you could feel everything there. Like a Spider waiting for his prey, you could feel everything that was in your dominion. Using the vibrations created by the wire you had placed all over the area and with your incredible concentration, it was not hard to spot your enemy.

But when?

And How?

Back then, escaping had not been your only goal. You had used the environment to your advantage, the almost transparent steel wire and the darkness of the night made a good combination. This was the trap you came up with, and it had worked perfectly. But there was still one thing missing... You versus her ultimate technique, a thousand falling stars.

For good or bad, the battle was reaching its end.

January 6th, 2012, 04:13 PM
Revy (Milbunk)
Ika - Ninja Academy

Failure was not an option, and Revy knew this all to well. This ninja meant business and even the slightest mistake could mean death.

This battle had to end now, and if the ninja's final technique was activated than she would need to do the same.

Eyes closed she could feel her own surroundings. Though her own senses told her that she was surrounded and outnumbered by the hundreds her mind told her different. She could feel these other "beings", they felt hollow and empty as if they were empty lifeless corpses. They were not alive instead just merely dopplegangers meant to act as their master instructed. They were mere illusions and were harmless if dealt with properly.

'I wonder what she perceives?'

Gathering what strength she had she prepared to perform the holy act taught to her by the very master who gave her this sword.

'Is she pure at heart? Or does she perceive only evil?'

She could recall fond memories of the kind old man, at times he would instruct her in the ways of his style and other times she taught herself.

'What is her purpose in life? I must understand'

Feeling around the jungle she had to be there somewhere... But where... Wait... Could that be it? Up in the trees, she could sense a being different than all the others. Faint as it was she knew it was there. This had to be her location it was the only one.

"Remember the technique, not one of destruction but of understanding."

The words that were spoken to her in wisdom rang through her head, remember, remember, she had to remember...

And with a final muttering of the word she did the last thing one would suspect her to do, she sheathe her sword and kneeled to the ground in a running stance, she then counted to three.


"You must focus your energy, keep it all contained with it you will unleash a bout of understanding upon the target."

The energy began to gather all of it, she would need whatever she could grab if this was going to work.


"Keep your stance perfect, do not falter, feel your surroundings and focus your mind on the target."

An aura of fierce power began to gather upon the young girl, she had to make this attack work. It was her last shot.


"Now release what you have gathered, show what it takes to become one of true understanding!"

A pulse rang through the forest, causing a fierce wind to gather around her, opening her own eyes they were filled with nothing but a deep emptiness. Hand on the blade she lept forward and sped around the trees and towards the target.

But the target was not going to just sit there.

Dashing past a large tree she felt the next set of blades already upon her, instead of slowing down she merely sped up and launched herself at the next tree that came into sight leaping off of it and onto the next one, leaving the blades to fly right past her legs.

The damage she had already taken was beginning to climb up at her but, not even daring to wince at the pain she jumped once again off of a tree and onto a branch running faster and faster. The leaves felt like hammers pounding on her as she sped along the branches and the blades that her opponent through did not make it any easier.

Finally, she could see her target, not visually of course but more on a mental scale.

Making one final jump before reaching her she uttered the final phrase that would unleash the technique.

"May the Gods decide your fate, Tamashii Suiri!!!"

And with this she instantly unsheathed her sword and made one small straightforward slash at her opponent. Though she was not close enough to hit the target physically that was not needed.

A powerful wave of what her sensei called, "decisive energy." flew from the slash that was unleashed and went straight toward the intended target. Evasion was not an option, after all... Who would suspect such a blast unleashed from nothing but the slash of a sword?

January 6th, 2012, 05:03 PM
Aomory - Outskirts

These were memories from not long ago. Memories of the time they had spent together.

"Master, I want to ask a question."

The doll was beautiful as a girl her age and demonstrated curiosity for everything she did not understand. Whenever she felt like doing something, she shared that with her master in a straight forward way. She also addressed herself as 'I' instead of using the name she had been given. This was something that would make any doctor celebrate, since only an unique creation could do that: Have a free will that was not dependant on the master. However, to Tsukiomi Kibito, this was an annoyance. Something had gone wrong.

"I don't feed Master. I don't help Master with his research, either. I am curious as to what my purpose is. Why was I created?"

A killing machine... That was what she really was. He had wanted to build something like that, and failed... Once again. What he got in its place was a robot that acted like a normal girl. All the time he had spent on the project had been wasted. What was he going to do with her...?


If one thing was certain, it was that he did not have the courage necessary to answer her question.

"I understand. I'll turn off the lights right now, Master. You must rest and so do I. Besides, it is unwise to waste energy."


"Lady Camilla sent me. She wants to know how is... That thing progressing."

The vampire gave her a disgusted look. To him, she was a filthy abomination given birth by the dirty mind of a human being. She was something that did not deserve respect... And nor was her creator. Presented with the lack of an answer, the room was filled with killing intent. The source was the bloodsucking creature and it was clearly directed at the doctor.

"Let me remind you that if you don't do as we say... Then we will have no longer use for you, human. So-"

"Everything is under control." Kibito interrupted, abruptly. "My work should be done by the end of the week."

After a long, heavy silence, the vampire turned around and left.

"Fucking humans."


His time was running out.

He needed to have something done by the end of the day, but the investigation had not progressed. No, it had gotten worse. The girl had manifested more signs of affection. He could not order the girl to do something she did not feel like doing, like for example killing or anything related to violence, something she despised. At this rate, he was going to get killed.

"Master, is there something wrong?"

The doll did not ask because it was her obligation to do so. The doll asked because she was truly worried about Tsukiomi Kibito's health. It was the third day he spent without sleep and he had become irritated. The girl did not know what was troubling him, she was too innocent, but believed that a good night rest would help him recover.

"I believe it's time to go to bed, Master. I will be turning off the lights now."

That was why she insisted.


She didn't see it coming. The last thing she expected was that he who had created her would attack her. It took her completely by surprise. There was a brief silence, and when her eyes met his, tears began to form in the corner of her eyes without her noticing. But HE noticed. That was the last straw.

*Slap* *Slap* *Slap* *Slap* *Slap*

The hits kept coming, one after the other. She was so confused. Why was her Master doing such a cruel thing to her? She couldn't understand. Had she done something wrong? It was him, after all, who told her that energy was not to be wasted. He said so on their first meeting. That's why nothing made sense. But there was something worse than not understanding her master. She was feeling terrible pain, something she had never experienced before. It hurt in the places where the hits connected... But it did also hurt in the heart.

By the time the doctor stopped, the girl was already unconscious.


"It's done! It's finally done...!"

Tsukiomi Kibito looked at his masterpiece and smiled, satisfied. The last bit of his sanity had vanished the previous night.

"Lilith is pleased if Father is pleased."

And so had hers. She was no longer the emotional girl she had been before. He had turned her into a machine, one that did not feel compassion and that did not ask question. A machine that just obeyed commands.

"Then go...! Show me your strength. Go to Aomory and kill everyone that stands in your way. Come back after a month. If you fail, don't even think of coming back."


Twenty nine days had passed since that day.

If one thing remained after enduring so much hatred, pain and sadness... It was love. The thought that soon she would be able to come back to her master was the only thing that encouraged her to continue what she was doing. They would meet after a month and he would tell her how much she missed her, and she would do her best to mend the things she had done wrong in the past. She was no longer sane... But she was still devoted to him.

On that fateful day, you showed up.

One last challenger that did not have anything special. A person that would die like many others did before.


At first she was annoyed. She was so close. Yet, you, who should have died after the first exchange of blows, still managed to fight back. For someone to fight that bravely... Said person must value his life as if it were his most prized possession. That was what she first thought about you, even if she herself should not be able to think anymore.



Her body crashed into the house, the sensation of pain returning after so long. Trapped in a tomb of rubble, she could do nothing but to look at her current situation and understand she had failed. The fire enveloped all. Judgment would be passed upon her in a couple of minutes. As her life reached its end, some of her thoughts and memory returned, as long with her speech.

"... Failure... Don't return if you fail... Master... Have I failed?"



You defied all odds and jumped through the window. The house collapsed behind you, shortly after. The farmers were talking about how much of a hero you were -They were not informed you had been the one to start the fire in the first place-, but you honestly did not care. The doll now rested her back on a nearby tree, her eyes empty in confusion. You approached her and did the same. Even though you mostly did it out of exhaustion, it looked as if you had casually done so.

Her head turned in your direction. There was one question she wanted to ask:


January 7th, 2012, 03:32 PM
William Levilius (Erlkonig)
Toukyou - Seijou Academy

The force of the explosion shook the entire building down to its foundation. It was so strong that you had to dig your feet on the ground in order to prevent Knight of Fantasia from being pushed back. The remmants of the red giant landed roughly on the inhabited school yard.

The battle was over.

You fell down to one knee, exhausted. Even if your B-Power could regenerate endlessly, your stamina had its limits. Every single part of your body burned in pain and you felt as if you were about to faint with each movement you made. You were happy because you had managed to save the school, Erika and her friends, but you made a mental note not to try something as stupid next time. With any luck, you would remember. Now that you had won the fight, you could claim your price and have the Miyazato Gang join Rouga's group. However, when you turned around...

Eri of the Chain laid on the floor, motionless.

Next to her were Shorko and Saki, yelling her name in desperation, tears running through their faces. You feared for the worst as you deactivated your ability and ran towards them, worried. When you got there, you saw how bad she was injured. She had multiple hits on her legs, arms and torso, and a bleeding wound on the back of the head. It was likely that she had tried to protect the other members of the gang, not even thinking about protecting herself, and in the end she faced the full power of the explosion. Her body must have been sent flying. It had landed in a brutal way and then rolled on the floor for a few meters before fully stopping. In all honesty, the chances of her being dead were pretty high.

But she was not.

"Ugh... I got completely beaten, even with my harsh training." A deep sigh. She tried to stand up, but her friends stopped her. "A-Ah... Okay...! J-Just do what you want to do to me, but leave Shorko and Saki out of it!"



Oh, this was a terrible misunderstanding. The only thing you intended to do to her was to have her join Wolf Fang, nothing else. Besides, you were not the type of man who would have fun with a girl without her consent, as tempting as that seemed right now. You explained this to her as you offered a rather informal handshake. She blinked in surprise at first, but then she nodded to herself and accepted it.

"Then I guess that the Miyazato Gang will be fighting with Wolf Fang from today on... Shorko, Saki...! Get ready, we'll be training twice as hard!"


A loud cracking sound.

"Ow...! After a trip to the infirmary."

You all had a good laugh.


A week had passed since Zanma Rouga had arrived to Seijou Academy and openly declared war against the School's Banchou.

The place itself had turned into a battleground, students forced to take one side or the other. Wolf Fang had managed to advance in an aggressive force, taking over the main building in a little more than four days. However, taking over the yard and sport clubs had proven to be a challenge. That was where the most powerful Special Students resided.

The two fighters disengaged.

"You've got a good technique... And you are a good man. Join my group and together we'll take out Seijou's Banchou."

"I refuse... I can't." Yamamoto Burai shook his head. "But if you truly want me to join you..." He smashed his fists together. "Let your fists do the talking, Zanma Rouga...!"

The battle resumed.

Out of the two, the White Fang seemed to have the advantage. His attacks were slower than that of the boxer, but they contained enough destructive force to bring down a concrete wall. In other words, Yamamoto could not take innecessary risks, because a single mistake could mean defeat. To add, Rouga's hands and legs were really long, allowing him to throw devastating punches and kicks without really entering Burai's range.

That's why he had no choice but to fight defensively.

When it came to boxing he had always been the best. Everyone in the boxing club looked up to him. He was their idol. He had entered the ring over a hundred times, challenging foes with different styles and mentality. This combat experience allowed him to read Rouga's movements perfectly, anticipating his attacks and dodging them in time. This was the power of the Eye of the Mind. Not something unique to him, but a sixth sense anyone can develop through hard work. With that card on his side of the table, the only thing he needed to do was to wait for an opening.

If only it would be that simple.

Openings he saw many. He just couldn't exploit any. The White Fang's style sacrificed all forms of defense for unrelenting offensive power. Due to this, Yamamoto Burai was never given a break. The second he tried to launch an attack against him, he would fail and the battle would be over. That's why he needed more than that. He needed to find the one opening that would leave no room for counter attack. That was the only way in which he could finish Zanma Rouga. And he had an idea of how to do so...

He would use his B-Ability against him.

Left. Right. Left. Right. Yamamoto Burai did his best to stay out of Rouga's range. As the battle continued, the walls around them began to crack from the pressure. The White Fang did not feel like holding back any longer. He gathered B-Power around his feet and used it to increase his speed considerably, rocketing himself forward, taking the boxer by surprise...!

Or so it seemed, because his punch did never land.


Even Rouga's Instincts weren't fast enough to predict such a counter-attack. Yamamoto Burai had dodged the undodgeable and punched him in the stomach full force-!

In an instant, the boxer's attack had become an unstoppable storm of punches, all aimed at the defenseless Rouga, pushing him back with each blow. The battle was settled... He retracted his arm to deliver the finishing blow and...!


The one to cough blood was Zanma Rouga. Burai's strongest technique had connected, hitting him right over his heart. But what should have dug a hole in his flesh or at least made his heart stop...

Had no effect.

"Okay, my turn."


A single punch sent Yamamoto Burai spinning through the air until his body violently crashed into a wall. By the time he recovered his senses and tried to stand up, the White Fang was already standing next to him. Acknowledging defeat, he accepted the hand that was offered to him and finally stood up.

"If you are going to fight the Banchou, you are going to need this."

The thing he handed Rouga was the key to the final battle.

January 8th, 2012, 03:40 PM
Hitomi Nakamura
Abashiri - Beast's Lair

Her body still felt as if it was aflame.

Perhaps it was because of the rapier sticking out of her right shoulder, the snow-cold steel sending paradoxically warm feelings of blood and pain shooting throughout her body. Or perhaps it was because of the sudden anger she was feeling at this situation, anger at the pain, anger at the fact that her little sister was being attacked right in front of her, driven to a lower floor in the frenzied, chaotic rush of a battle of three against one.

"Stupid humans... It's all because of you...! God gave you everything you needed... And you corrupted it. We, who were there since the beginning of time, could do nothing but watch, as you turned the Earth into what it is right now! Your smiles... Disgust me... How can you be so happy, when you only exist by stepping on others...!

"Only exist by stepping on others?" Speaking in a breathless tone of disbelief, Hitomi glared at Isabella, silver eyes staring into crimson ones, "You're the one who drains the life out of others to-"

The rapier was pulled out of her shoulder a bit, before being slammed back in again in a different angle, further shredding the flesh of her right shoulder, and sending small lines of blood dripping down her wounded arm, staining the white shirt she had been wearing upon her capture.

And still, as if in response to her wounds, her body, particularly the wounded parts of it, continued it's slow process of heating up, a feeling like B-Power flowing throughout her veins at a heightened, uncontrollable pace, sharpening her senses through that feeling of internal fire.

A feeling which, while familiar, still held no clues as to it's origin.

"You deserve to suffer as much as we did...!"


Perhaps she simply felt like she was burning because of the self-righteous way in which Isabella insulted her and the rest of humanity, ignoring the crimes committed by the vampires, crimes that, due to the deteriorating situation in the north, were slowly and steadily beginning to border on genocide. This woman could speak of the crimes of humanity with a glare full of contempt, but could accept the crimes that vampires had committed, treating humans, no, treating all life other than themselves as some sort of toy to play with, something that they could break at their leisure.

Isabella twisted the blade a few times in a malicious manner, eliciting a sharp gasp of pain from Hitomi, who bit her lip to keep from giving the vampire the satisfaction of hearing her scream.

Vampires were the textbook definition of monsters, and they acted as if they completely were in the right, as if humans were the truly evil ones in the world.

It was in this moment, that Hitomi was know longer willing to even entertain the idea of losing to this woman. For the sake of her little sister and brother, for the sake of the humans that had been captured and imprisoned here against their will, for the sake of the world itself...

She was going to crush the Nightmare Eyes.

But before that, she had to break free and help Tetsuko...!

Drawing back her slightly weaker left arm, she forced all the strength she could into it as she swung out at her opponent, a combination of her slightly inferior speed, as well as her awkward positioning, making it easy for Isabella to catch her arm.

But just like the vampires she had fought on the upper levels of the prison, Isabella recoiled at the first moments of contact with Hitomi's skin, screaming and staring at her hand as if she had been burned.

And, instinctively realizing that this was the moment in which she should act, Hitomi braced her feet against the ground, and moved forward against the blade in her shoulder, harsh, flame-like pains jerking through her body as she moved herself just enough that she was within reach of the blade's hilt.


It was gonna hurt, but-

She had resolved to win this fight, to protect her little sister and the others, so she would accept whatever pain may appear before her-! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNN_NvevGA8&feature=related)

And so, with a scream, she pulled the rapier from her shoulder, Isabella already moving to stop her escape, her figure a mere blur on the pale blue surface of the metallic prison floor. But as if the removal of the blade had been the trigger to some deep well of power, there was a sudden aura of white light around her body as Hitomi staggered forward her left arm reaching for her gun, an aura that seemed to fade, no condense into the unmistakeable shape of wings. Wings that struck out at Isabella as she reached Hitomi, the pure blunt force of the strike sending her flying back, heels scraping against the ground with an audible screech.


It was difficult to tell who was more surprised at this sudden turn of events, although Hitomi found herself momentarily distracted by the now pleasant warmth that was spreading throughout her limbs...

Something like this had happened before, but she couldn't seem to remember when-

As if sensing the fact that Hitomi was distracted, Isabella moved forward again at that insane speed of hers, but-


Hitomi disappeared with a single beat of her angelic wings, a single movement that let loose a burst of light that, for just a moment, made it impossible to gauge in which direction she had dodged towards, or whether she had even moved from her last position at all, so, for yet another moment, a single instant, Hitomi had the element of surprise as she quickly glided over and behind Isabella, her right foot striking out at the vampire's head with a speed that lay beyond the physical prowess she had shown earlier in her fight.

But, reacting quickly to Hitomi's boost of speed, Isabella held up her arm and tanked the blow, her eyes wide as the sheer force of the strike forced her back a step. Still, now that Hitomi's sudden boost to her physical parameters had been acknowledged, the fight seemed like it should slip back into the vampire's favor.

And, for the first few moments of the reignited battle, that is what seemed to happen.

Isabella was undeniably the better fighter when it came to most aspects of close quarters combat, and even though she could block the vampire's hits without losing the feeling in her arms now, it was still quite the uphill battle.

...Perhaps the term, uphill, became a bit more literal as Hitomi was thrown into the air with great force, in a move that was almost identical to the one Isabella had used on Tetsuko earlier. Of course, Hitomi was a bit easier to throw than Tetsuko, and as a result, her forced flight made her go quite a bit higher into the air, high enough that, for a moment, the question of whether or not she would hit the upper bridge became a thought in the minds of those who were watching the battle.

And, she did in fact hit the bridge.


Just not in a way that benefited her enemy.

Flipping around in the air thanks to her newly acquired wings, she placed her feet on the bottom section of the metallic bridge, her legs bending as she built up the force necessary to propel herself back down at her assailant with the speed of a descending angel, the rapier she had taken from the vampire poised to strike a blow of ironic justice.

And Isabella, who had come to meet her in midair, found herself propelled down at an angle, the sharp steel of the rapier forced through the right portion of her torso, a blow that was almost purposefully close to the one she had inflicted on Hitomi, whose momentum had sent them both falling off the bridge that had been there battlefield, and down towards the area in which Tetsuko was fighting the others.

It seemed that both Hitomi and Isabella would both crash into the ground if things continued as they were, but-

"Tetsuko move!"

Using the energy wings as a sort of brake, Hitomi swiftly stopped her own momentum in mid-air, leaving Isabella alone on her crash-course towards her clones, her own rapier still shoved through her chest.

Readying her pistol, Hitomi took aim almost immediately after she had stopped herself, waiting to see how the other Isabella's would dodge the make-shift projectile, and whether or not Tetsuko had managed to get out of the way.

If the vampires went into the air, she could shoot them down.

If they tried to attack Tetsuko, she could interrupt that as well.

The battle was reaching it's final stages, and that was left for her to do was support her sister.

January 8th, 2012, 06:35 PM
Aomory - Outskirts


Lunatic almost seemed to genuinely smile, before putting on one of his fake grins. What could he say? Oh, one of my many personalities decided to save you. Yes, that would be a lovely answer. Blunt, and to the point. Definitely the kind of wording a broken woman needed.

Lunatic ignored the rest of his personalities as he tried to talk, stifling any way they could regain control. He and Claire were the only decent speakers, in his opinion. Saika was too... unhinged, and Vorkuta talked loud, blunt, and rough.

"Why...? Ahaha, that's a really complex question, for one word." Lunatic paused, thinking about how to word what he would say next. "I guess there is good in everyone, no matter how much they tried to hide it. And when you lay there, talking of failure and your master... That triggered something in me. A thought, really, one that seemed insane but really wasn't."

"And that thought was..." It seemed that he was choking on his own words. How pitiful of him. He'd just have to force them out. "You were just a tool for your master, and what they made you do... That was a half-assed way to use a tool - no, a person. And from the way it seems... they broke you, and it's even shittier. To use a broken person for the wrong job..? Pathetic. You, as a tool, as a person, deserve something much, much better."

"I saved you so I could fix you, make you whole. So you could have a life, one free from all the horrors they put you through. I don't expect you to follow me... But it would be nice. Nice to have someone other than my many selves to talk to. But, first, I want you to think about it. Freedom is worth more than anything in the world, and it would be a shame if you sacrificed it for nothing you believed in."

Lunatic sat down, out of words. This was a gamble, a huge risk, riddled with half-truths and lies.

But somewhere, deep down, he did mean every word.

January 8th, 2012, 09:56 PM
Nigata - Hikarizaka Academy

"King of Kings... huh?" King heard a short, mocking laugh before her expression turned serious. "That is a ridiculous claim for someone who has yet to conquer one region. Bring the entire Japanese Nation under your heel, and only then call yourself that, kid-!"

“Hmpf” King seemed amused at the words the blonde schoolgirl spoke, calling someone a bit above her age a kid, and his amusement only rose when the girl was able to overpower the sheer pressure his presence with her own. It was an enemy completely different from those he had fought before, and for a second the ruler entertained the thoughts of using his full power in an order, to test the strength of his willpower against hers, but he did not believe that the building could survive something like that.

There were no more words to be spoken, with a last dramatic line, the battle for Hikarizaka Academy started.

Jonathan moved first, sprinting at great speeds towards the girl, his intentions clear enough: to land a blow, or to at least serve as a distraction for King to make his move. Yet, an attack so obvious would probably not work against someone like her...

An order was issued, and the railing behind her tore itself apart from its support and flew towards her, enveloping her in a net that sealed all of her movements, even for a single second, all that Jonathan needed for his attack to connect!

A massive noise was heard as the powerful fist impact against her stomach, with strength enough to send her body flying in the air for several meters before she fell in the abyss, along with the green railing that had lost its support. For all appearances, she had been defeated in that last exchange, but they knew that they were wrong, that this had not been the end at all. Rather...

"Ooof~ That's a good right you got there. Had I not been wearing this armor, I would be dead already."

She was floating in mid-air, effortlessly, which was an indicator about it not being her B-power. No, rather, what called his attention was the armor she was wearing, golden and brilliant under the rays of the sun. Of course, it did not cover her entire body, mostly only the important and vital points, probably because it was incomplete, and more disquietingly, in the point that Jonathan had punched her, there was not a single scratch. She was quite probably a collector type, relying in powerful artifacts to make up for her lacking B-power, and in this case, they seemed to be quite powerful. An armor, and a cape that let her fly in the air.

While having two objects of such power was already rare, nobody had expected any less.

"Well then, let's make things a little more interesting, shall we? If anyone of you manages land a hit like that again, then I will surrender, and the school will be yours. What's more, I will join your forces without complaining. But... Were you to lose this battle... I will be taking one of your precious possessions, like for example..."

She pointed towards one of his pockets. The pocket that contained the mystic object called Magatama, its blue thunder still blazing within, the power it contained was felt even at a distance. It was the object he had obtained from his previous bout against the demon.

But he did not really care. If she wanted to make a bet like that, she was welcome. What she required in such a case lacked importance: after all, his victory had been declared during the very start of the fight.

There was no need for a King to concern himself with such trifles.

"Well, let's begin, for serious now."

“I was getting impatient, woman. Let’s start this.” The blonde ruler did not seem really bothered by it all. After all, the three warriors had not even started showing what they were made off.

But he could not avoid being somewhat surprised when the girl charged towards his friend, asking for a second round. Taking Jonathan in close quarters combat was suicide for most humans, even him with his expertise in martial arts could barely keep up with him.

The man complied, a furry of steel fists raining down on the girl, four of them being evaded, and the fifth stopped dead in its tracks. And then both realized... that her physical parameters were out of scale. A bit too late.

Jonathan flew, spinning in the air, a punch from the girl having landed on him. For the first time ever, King showed pure surprise on his face, the first time he had ever seen his ally hit so hard, and even more shocking when it came from a person of the opposite gender. But he did not have time to dwell on it, as his comrade was speeding up towards the railing, something that wouldn’t be able to stop him from falling, even if it was made of reinforced steel.

A rapid concentration of B-Power, and King’s left hand touched the floor, the tiles transforming into hands that flew towards the man of steel, painfully stopping his fall, depositing his comrade on the floor. The toll of the previous battles was starting to be felt, and the ruler understood that they had to finish this battle fast.

"How's that? This is the armor of Ares, God of War. Whenever I am find myself in a combat situation, it increases my physical strength a hundred fold!" She scratched her nose, somewhat proud. When she realized she was paying more attention to the quality of the gauntlets she was wearing than the actual fight, a sudden and surprisingly deep blush covered her chicks. "B-But I cannot lose my concentration right now. Here, have something else!"

That said, she took a piece of rubble from the ground, and in a movement that seemed like she had done a lot of times, threw it towards them.

And the projectile transformed itself into a massive rock, advancing at a frightening speed, ensuring that it couldn’t be evaded...


A loud crack. The massive cannonball of stone broke into a thousand miniature fragments, raining uselessly in the ground. The left hand of King flew forwards, and deviated the biggest pieces from its course, avoiding even the minimum speck of dirt to fall on him.

A chill ran through the battlefield, as he stepped forward, his expression unchanged. Even those who greatly surpassed him in every field would feel intimidated, even though what he did was nothing out of normal bounds. No... the problem was the way he had did, like it was nothing, the way he carried himself, the aura that advanced forward like a storm, no matter what his opponent was.

Yes, that was the true face of King, the true meaning of fighting him. It was an ultimate test of willpower, a ultimate clash of the true strength of the self. No matter how much King was dwarfed before his opponent, no matter how outclassed, his unflinching demeanor wouldn’t change, his fight would never end. No wonder even the banchou of his old school had been terrified to go against him, for as one fought him, self doubt crept at the back of their mind, the question about about their true strength, their true willpower, if it was enough, if they had even any chance of stopping the man that stood before them.

That was the true terror of the man that was called King. Realization of Willpower, the power to make the very world kneel before him, to call the force of nature, or even the force of that which man had made to its aid, like a True King whose cohort was composed of the planet itself.

It was a nightmare that did not stop, evading or defeating attacks, always walking forward, issuing his powerful Weighted Words. Yes, it was a man whose very words carried a weight that was not easily defied. And slowly, little by little, his enemies lost terrain, were pushed back, and little by little, questions and doubts ate at them, and finally, a single question would be asked in their mind: ‘Will I be able to resist his orders?’.

And when that question was asked, when that very thought was created, it was King’s victory.

But, for this opponent, one worthy of his while... he would not do that. No, he would fight her seriously, with his real power. His eyes shone with the concentrated B-power in his whole being as he raised forward his left arm, as if he was anchoring it in space, a space that started to twist and rend...
“SPIN!” He suddenly screamed towards the heavens, and as a result, the very space in front of his palm warped, air and wind spinning madly at insane speeds into a massive circle, a shape that resembled a whirlwind, a tower bigger than any of the humans standing in that roof.

It was a column of raging winds that seemed to tear the world asunder by their mere force, a gale of concentrated willpower given form in the realm of mortals, it was the warped power of a god, the will of a King that sought to surpass human comprehension.

And still, even while holding such massive power at the palm of his hands, King did not flinch, his blonde air moved into whirls, his royal scarlet cape fluttering behind, moved by the potent currents that had altered not only the air of the rooftop, but that of the whole battlefield. Everywhere, the massive pressure of both King, Jonathan and Hime’s presences were felt.

“Hey, girl.” King addressed the woman in front of him nonchalantly, sweat starting to appear in his brow as charging such a powerful attack took its toll. “Don’t dare to die just yet!”

And then, the whirlwind was unleashed. It was not a tornado proper, for its size was still small compared to that of the natural disaster, but it advanced at a frightening speed towards the girl, its massive destructive power evident as sections of the roof caved in its path.

And King was not done, not yet. He made a signal to Jonathan, a signal that was part of a code only his army and friends could understand. ‘Go to her right side.’

“Carry me.” He ordered, and the wind took his command, enveloping him in a sudden burst that sent him flying at higher speeds that even the whirlwind he had wielded seconds earlier. In an instant, he was near his enemy, and his left hand shot forward in a punch, seeking an unarmored point in her every body with pinpoint accuracy. Such an attack was sure to be felt even without the brutal strength Jonathan wielded, if it impacted in an unarmored place.

And even while realizing that last attack, the strain for his repeated use of his B-power being felt in his body, King issued one last order: for what was left of the railing to tear itself and be sent towards her back and above, covering all possible sides where she could move.

From the front, that massive whirlwind. From the right, Jonathan. From the left, King. From above and the back, the railing. He doubted it would be enough to defeat her, even if using the same trick twice in a row was unexpected, but as long as they could get closer to her, as long as they forced her to use her power and tire herself out...

She would fall. It was as sure as a universal law. For King wouldn’t let his dreams of conquest to end here, for he was the one man that searched that which only the most powerful men of Japan dreamed. For he was the destined ruler... the one who would end the age of chaos to start his imperium.

Because he was the Golden Conqueror, the King of Kings... he would not lose!

January 9th, 2012, 03:59 PM
Alfhildr Dyrdahl (LeopardBear)
Akihabara - Security Prison

Charisma Check
Dice Roll: 20

You had no previous experience in this sort of thing. Trying to inspire a crowd into becoming your brothers in arms was certainly not an easy task. Being your first time, you decided that if half the people that had bothered to listen to your speech stayed... You would buy everyone a drink and celebrate the very same night. The last thing you expected was that everyone would stay in the room. Indeed, that was what had happened. Your words had reminded them of memories now lost and your conditions seemed to be fair enough. Some stayed because of hatred: The PGG had done horrible things to them in their past, revenge the only reason why they were still alive. Others found pleasure in the idea of being released from prison, of getting to see things that they thought they'd not be able to anymore. There were also those who were mainly interested in the money and terrains you had offered, people not wise to trust your back to, but that would nonetheless aid you in the completition of your objectives. Finally, there were those who wanted to follow you because they saw you as a good person to serve, and the people who were completely lost, accepting anything that destiny itself threw at them. Well, all in all, it seemed you had just recruited a hundred and fifty individuals. Pretty good start.

And it was about to get even better. Or it was about to turn into the wrong direction. It all depended on your point of view and the nature of the path you were willing to take.

"Words of wisdom from a woman you should listen to." The one to speak was a large man -Ridiculously obese- dressed in a white formal suit. He clapped his hands slowly as he made his way towards you. "That's why I'm going to make a generous donation to her group, for all the things she had done for us." In all honesty, it was hard to tell if he was being honest or if he was forcing it. If one thing seemed evident, it was that he was some kind of mafia lord. "Oh, how rude of me. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Wilson Fisk...

We'll be partners from now on."


Well, Mr. Fisk turned out to be a great addition to the team. His interests had nothing to do with yours and you were sure he would backstab you anytime for a meat beef if you were no longer of use to him, but he had done his part. Indeed, his absolutely legal and non lucrative organization would provide you with the funds necessary to start your campaign. However, that was not all. The Kingpin, as he was called, also had access to advanced technology and weaponry. It was nothing compared to the PGG's mobile suits and it would take time to produce massively, but that alone would put you above many other forces. Finally, the amount of men under your command had been doubled after Mr. Fisk made a few calls. With such a favorable situation, you could start attacking other territories tomorrow morning even. For the lack of a better term, you had won the lottery.

You took a look around.

The 'party' was more of a reunion between members of high class than a gathering of thieves, murderers and traitors. That was to say, things were quite quiet. You could spot a few troublemakers in the distance, but nothing out of the ordinary. Who were responsible for this work of magic? The red haired sisters you had met before, Kohaku and Hisui, had proved to be incredible maids. Hisui cleaned the entire place in a couple of hours, brought all the items necessary out of nowhere and now even works as a waitress. Kohaku on the other hand prepared some delicious dishes and got you some drinks. Everything was so good, it was hard to believe it was real. And now it was time to spend the night as you so pleased. Dancing was something you were not planning to do, at least not on this occasion, so you decided to have a talk with one of your new comrades. Not Wilson Fisk, of course.

There was someone far more interesting out there.

"Ryougi... Shiki."

The girl whose eyes were covered in bandages. You were curious as to who she was, how she had ended up in a cell, what were her motivations and... Well, what had happened to her vision. You did not bombard her with questions, that would be rude, instead you started the conversation slowly and, little by little, she began to talk about herself. She was a woman of few words, but together with you, she managed to open up a little. It was uncertain whether it was because of the alcohol or because she truly needed someone to talk to. You listened to her story from beginning to end:

"Two years ago... Akihabara found itself surrounded in mystery. Girls from all across the city were kidnapped and brutally murdered soon after that." She took another sip of wine, maybe to gather strength to say what came next. "I was the prime suspect."

So she was a killer? No, something in her voice told you that, while it was clear that she had killed before, she had nothing to do with the murders. Or, at least, that was what she was trying to convince you of. It was too soon to trust her... Only a fool would believe the words of someone who was supposed to be a criminal on their first meeting. On the other hand, you knew too little to affirm that she had been the culprit. You decided to keep your mouth shut about it, as she continued narrating her past.

"My body was found unconscious next to one of the victims. The killer's signature seemed to match and I had no excuse for being there. I was all covered in blood, so I was arrested immediately after I woke up in the hospital." She poured herself yet another glass. You wanted to say something about it, but she kept on talking. "I am by no means a saint. But I was not the one to kill those girls." She looked at you in the eyes. "I fight to clean my name of all suspicions. I don't know if it is possible... I know that I have to try."

She stood up, and before leaving, she spoke the final words of this conversation.

"The PGG likes to play with people like us. They played with me, that's how the power in my eyes was born. You should talk with Touko about it... Some time. "


You had drunk too much.

It was not enough to put you in a vulnerable position, but maybe you shouldn't have been such an irresponsible leader. Well, you couldn't beat the habit, that was a fact. The good news was that, unlike the previous night, you would be able to sleep like a baby. You laid down on the bed and closed your eyes. It was the end of day two.

Or that was what you initially thought.

That presence outside your room was back. To be honest, this time you didn't feel like going to get the door, seeing your Servant on the other side and spend the entire night together. So you just pretended to be asleep. You'd ignore it and- You found yourself unable to. Finally getting on your nerves, you decided you would clear things up with Konohana Sakuya. The last thing you wanted was her coming to please you every night out of obligation.

However, the demon girl had never left her bedroom.


The one standing in front of you was no other than Ryougi Shiki. This couldn't mean that...

Your fears became reality and in a couple of minutes, the seemingly blind girl was on top of you. Fortunately, you could think of a lot of ways to stop this madness, all of them painful. However, the second you tried to offer resistance, your body froze completely. The reason was not fear or surprise. The source of that power...

Came from her alluring golden eyes.

"So... Where were we?" The strawberry girl let out an amused chuckle, completely incompatible with your first impression of her. It was bad... At this rate... "Don't worry, I'll make you feel real nice~" Her face distorted in a crazy way as she closed the distance between you and her in an instant.

"Oho~? Didn't know you swung that way, Shiki."

Snap, the suitcase was kicked open with a soft kick. Something came out of it at incredible speeds, quickly immobilizing Ryougi by pinning her against the wall and wrapping itself around it. Now that you could see it better, it was without a doubt, a demon. And the one who had commanded it to attack was Aozaki Touko, former private investigator and current strategist of the team.

"There is no point in hiding your identity any longer... Succubus."

"Kuh-!" Unable to free herself, she ceased to be Ryougi Shiki and returned to her original form, annoyed. "Mou~ This is why I don't play with mature women like you anymore!"

Touko smirked as she lighted another cigarette. "Should have guessed such poor work would come from a low level creature such as you, Lilim." Touko then addressed you, who had managed to recover from the eye's mystical grip. "What should we do with her?"

*Thump* *Thump* *Thump*

An ominous feeling. "Oh no, today is..." Touko snapped in sudden realization. "Quick...! We need to close all entrances!"

With no time to ask what the hell was going on, you both exited the room into the hall. There, a surprise awaited you. The place was filled with crazy people with hunger for destruction and flesh, and they kept coming. It was wrong to call them humans. The had ceased to be that long ago.

In a matter of seconds, the real Shiki and one of the guys from before -He called himself Wolverine- joined you.

"Time to clean this mess." He clenched his fists, metal claws emerging from them.

"I'm going, too." Ryougi added.

Only one word came out from Aozaki Touko's mouth, who seemed to know more about this happening than anyone else in the prison:

"... Tartarus."

January 10th, 2012, 01:13 PM
Alfhildr Dyrdahl (LeopardBear)
Akihabara - Security Prison

Quite frankly, I was surprised at my seemingly proficient ability at public speaking. I wasn't a politician, as much as my goals were political. I was an insurgent, a revolutionary. I was suited to be a second in command, a doer - not the firebrand for a movement to gather around. Or at least, I didn't think of myself as one. But if I turned out to be, well, it would be good all the same.

Of course, this was hardly a movement. At a guess, only about thirty out of the 150 believed in me and the cause: or at least, that believed enough that I was willing to trust them. The more promising ones would have to be leveraged into positions of power.

And then, the situation got a whole lot more complicated. Wilson Fisk, a crime lord, appeared from nowhere. His dress and general health seemed to indicate that he hadn't been in the prison long, if at all. Had he popped in just for this event? Regardless, he had declared his partnership in public. And with the resources he would provide and the support he had, there was no way to refuse him, both in the positive and the negative. To turn him down would half the theoretical size of my force, and greatly weaken our ability on the field. And I would imagine that if I turned him down, I would find myself on the receiving end of those forces.

So, he would be a de jure partner, at least for now. The primary goal with dealing with him would be to force him to keep his distance from the actual organization itself (which I needed a name for eventually). In that case, hopefully growth would be loyal to the organization and not to Fisk. He could have his position in the economic side of things if he wanted: but the political and military world would have to remain under my control, at least until the endgame was over. And after that, well, whatever happened to him wouldn't be my problem.

The 'party' was more of a reunion between members of high class than a gathering of thieves, murderers and traitors. That was to say, things were quite quiet. You could spot a few troublemakers in the distance, but nothing out of the ordinary. Who were responsible for this work of magic? The red haired sisters you had met before, Kohaku and Hisui, had proved to be incredible maids. Hisui cleaned the entire place in a couple of hours, brought all the items necessary out of nowhere and now even works as a waitress. Kohaku on the other hand prepared some delicious dishes and got you some drinks.

The prison had many surprises, it seemed. How had two maid sisters been thrown in a high security complex for people like me? It seemed to not fit... but, there was a catch somewhere, without a doubt. And if I had to guess, the catch was in Kohaku. Her eyes betrayed too much intelligence for just a maid. But she didn't look like a ninja maid or any one of those silly undercover identities either. That'd have to be something to figure out... later.

There was someone far more interesting out there.

Talking to Ryougi Shiki was a good choice. The quiet girl seemed to... well, she seemed to be more like me than I had expected. By any normal standard, we were both probably a bit unhinged. We both probably took a bit too much pleasure in combat... well, it simply seemed to fit. So, she was next to dead bodies soaked in blood... Her voice certainly had the conviction that she was telling the truth. But, truth was... flexible, and it could be hard to interpret. She need not have done it on purpose: sleepwalking, unconscious by other means... the coincidences were too great for it to be a simple accident or setup. Nevertheless, it wasn't wise to pry, so that would be something to discover later.


...feral humans would be a good word. Men and women, devoid of any reasoning or will of their own, slaves to some internal hunger. Strange, but not implausible. More interesting was the fact that it was seemingly not a new phenomena, judging from Touko's comment. Today is? Today is what, my red haired general?

Today was two things. It was something to find out later, and it was a day to clear the halls. It would seem that my cursory sweep of the building hadn't been by any means through: that would have to change, but again, later.

Wolverine, Ryougi, and Touko needed no direction. Clearly, they had all seen enough of this kind of thing to deal with it. For a little, I sit back, watching them work.

Of the three, Touko was the most subtle. She stood in the back without a care, the demon-cat in her suitcase ripping through the crowd. She herself stood nonchalant, drawing an occasional letter in the air with her cigarette, causing an enemy to burst into flame or collapse in shreds. As befitting a strategist.

Wolverine - I need a proper name for him, that will not do - was about as subtle as he seemed to be. Claws extended, he rushed into the crowd, turning flesh to ribbons with impossibly sharp claws. It wasn't a proper name, but 'Wolverine' was fitting. Old, angry as hell, and not something you want to get in front of. A bunt instrument that could be unleashed in the proper place for massive damage.

And Ryougi... well, one of them had to be graceful. The mad charge and the peaceful delegation were replaced by a winding dance that slid around the enemy, easily slicing through muscle and bone.

Wait, that wasn't normal. With a normal knife, she was cutting clean through necks, limbs, torsos... it wasn't even big enough. It would seem a prudent assumption to think that it was her power somehow. Interesting, but yet another note for later. The corridor was clear, blood and entrails coating the walls and floor.

They waited for me at the door. Possibly not because they didn't want to continue: I'm sure they would. Perhaps, they wanted to see me take a try at these enemies? Well, whatever the reason, I was happy to.

I didn't bother to form armor as I stalked up to the door. There was no real threat to me here: threat, from mad men? Hardly. They were wheat for the scythe, soil for the trees. Demonstrating superiority here would be a stepping stone to the same over the islands, and it would be so.

Foot met door. Door said goodbye to hinges.

I rushed in after the explosion, flicking my hands down and forward. From my wrists flick slender blades of ice, maybe a foot long, and deadly thin. A quick movement of my arms brought the blades up into position... ramming them through the hearts of the two beasts standing on the other side of the door. Arms shoving forward, I brought the protruding blades parallel to the ground, and triggered them.

A pulse of energy fired behind them, shoving them out of my hands, through the dead mens' chest, and into the heads of two other beasts, destroying them.

Typical procedure here would be to produce blades from my forearms and simply wreak havoc upon them from close range. But, this was a different day. This strange liquid ice that I seemed able to produce could prove useful, and this was its test bed.

In my hands formed two small axeheads, like miniature versions of massive two-bladed waraxes. They were of course too small to have the leverage that would normally make them dangerous. They would be used differently.

A small cord of the crystal liquid connected the handles of the weapons to my wrists. And I swung.

It was almost like a throw, as if I intended to hurl the weapons at my enemies. However, connected to my hands as they were, they instead swung in a perfect arc out in front of me. Blades on front, crystal so thin that it may as well have been a blade behind... combined, they made a cutting zone where nothing could live.

Heads rolled from shoulders, torsos split in two, trunks of bodies tumbled separate from their legs, all as I walked forward, continuing to spin the bladewhips in a whirlwind of death.

Within seconds, the entire room lay dead. All except for me. The blades swiftly retracted into my hands, stopping the lethal vortex. This was... well, this was a fine way to affect massive damage quite quickly. Against heavily armored units, it wouldn't be quite as effective, and it would face difficulties in closed spaces, but for mobs in the open... my, this worked.

...and naturally, a set of double doors on the other side of the room burst open, with even more enemies issuing forth. Maybe twenty or so poured from the doors, running towards us.

Feh. Back to your place, beasts. I waved my hand at them, a sign of dismissal.


Creation of ice. I had presumed that this was what my power was when I first discovered it. It seemed a logical conclusion: forming weapons and armor out of nowhere that looked like they were made of ice... what else was I to think?

It was clearly not the whole story. Who had heard of ice that healed? Who had heard of liquid crystal? Who had heard of ice resisting plasma? Quite possibly, this was all simply an expression of some deeper concept that was my true power. I did not know. But for now, it was enough to know that I could create ice not only in my hands, but anywhere I pleased. And it was a lot easier with water already present.

Human beings are 70% water.

At my wave, every single water molecule in the bodies of the men aligned itself into a crystal structure with other water, becoming ice. Every single one. Water in the plasma through their veins, in the blood through their muscles, the fluid of their eyes, cerebral fluid... it all became a crystal. And water expands.

From the inside, their bodies were shredded by the razor sharp crystals suddenly appearing in every cavity of their being. Growing, connecting, cutting... the crystals worked. In a few seconds, there weren't bodies left. There were just piles of crystal, desiccated flesh, and bone.

Now, where the hell were they coming from?

January 11th, 2012, 05:14 PM
Gabriel Levilius
Koube- Train to Osaka


The man blocked your initial attack with both his arm blades. To him, you weapon felt surprisingly strong, so he used all the strength he could muster to parry the next attack and disengage. It was clear to him like the sword you held was something taken from Myth and History. To a courageous explorer with an eye for art like him, there was no doubt: The Legendary Artifact you were using against him could be no other but Durandal, the sword of Roland. There was nothing that gave away its identity and you had not invoked its true name yet. However, Jeffery 'Hunter' Holmes had figured it out with the first exchange of blows. The question was... How?

"The Orichalcum Eye I possess..." Some sort of red light emanated from under the bandages that covered the left side of his face. "Reveals the nature of all treasures and how valuable they are in human currency." The western man adjusted his hat -Which seemed to be completely unaffected by the wind- with a pleasant smirk. "That sword you are holding... That's Durandal, isn't it?"

Silence made evident that he was correct.

"Then, why don't we place everything on the line?" The man proposed, as the train began to gain speed. "Objects like these only acknowledge their masters. Simply killing you would prove to be useless." He explained with an air of dissatisfaction. "That's why only in a proper duel can I take the ownership of that sword away from you."

There was no need for words. The offer accepted, you charged forward, no longer holding back...!


On the other side, Saber was easily overwhelming her opponent.

It was only natural, the weapon she was holding could not be seen. And so, the thief could not take any unnecessary risks. If he wanted to attack her, he needed to be sure he would not lose more than what he expected to gain. However, that was not all. The power in each of her strikes was inmense, far from what a girl of her age could be capable of. This fearsome combination forced Marc 'Cursed' Holmes to fight defensively. It was a battle that, for him, held no favorable end. Indeed, what he was doing was just delaying the inevitable. At this rate, he would eventually run out of energy and die by her hand.

Yes, that was what would have happened had things stayed the same.

"El abismo."

But something happened. Suddenly, the B-power inside Marc's body expanded, quickly engulfing Saber and himself in a sphere of darkness. A second later, the black circumference vanished and so did their presences.

The girl who had introduced herself as 'Saber' an hour ago was now gone, together with the mysterious man.


Your attack was blocked once more. No, it was different from before. Feeling power surging through Jeffery's weapons, you decided to do the same and put more strength into your own attack. You were confident that you would be the one to win in a sword clash.


But the one to be thrown back this time was you, not him. The legendary sword had been defeated by rusty blades with no fame or extraordinary feats. With a graceful movement, you recovered your stance and prepared. There was one thing that the man was not aware of. One thing he simply could not know because his eyes were fixed on you and not on what the train was about to do. Considering the speed of the train, the next turn would be violent. Caught off guard and without anything to hold on to, it was obvious that the man was going to fall.

He didn't.

It was as if he had never been in a dangerous situation at all, or as if his feet had been attached to the train roof, like a spider. However, this had nothing to do with an special power born of him. The source of the power that somehow allowed him to stay alive surely came from an artifact like yours.

"Haha... Hahahahahaha, It worked!" Finding the situation funny, the man laughed in delight. Then, his expression turned serious. "Curse your own fate for bringing you here...! It has already been decided that you are a dead man!"


There was nothing.

Nothing in front of her, nothing behind her, nothing above and nothing below. This was Abismo, the B-ability of Marc Holmes, a curse with the ability to transport and reshape reality itself. Due to the great potential he carried with him, he was hunted down during his whole life. He and his brother then became thieves. If the world was against them, then they would fight back. At this point, causing chaos had become a way for the two men who have yet to grow up. This power was born out of loneliness. After all, he and his brother had always been alone.

Sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste. Saber was stripped of all her five senses. In this sphere of pure darkness, she would meet her end.

"I'm sorry it has to be this way. I like blondes the most, you know?" The man said, knowing she could not hear. "My brother gets mad if I make him wait, so I'm afraid I have to finish our beautiful duel. You don't have to worry... You won't feel a thing!"

A beautiful sound.

The black sphere was stained with blood. But it was not Saber the one who had been wounded, but the bandit who had challenged her. Yes, there was one thing that she still had. A sixth sense honed through battle that bordered on the limit of precognition. Even if she could not see or hear, her body moved on her own to eliminate the dangerous threat-!

"You... Biiiiiiitchhhh!" Experiencing pain, Marc Holmes snapped, his sanity being replaced with thirst for revenge. His injury was not severe, but he intended to pay it back seven fold. "Fuck, I was careless! Let's see how you like it when I increase my speed...!"

Metal clashed against metal repeatedly. Little by little, Saber began to lose her edge, some attacks slipping past her defenses and hurting her. But this was no longer the battle it used to be. The thief did not plan on killing her right away anymore. Now the only thing he wanted was to see her suffer. And since they were alone, there was no one who could stop him, not even his foolish brother-!



You clenched your teeth. You couldn't touch him. You couldn't best him. It was as if...

This man had all the luck of the world on his side.

To make it all worse, you couldn't help but to worry about Saber. Where had she gone? Was she still alive or...? No, you forced those thoughts back to the back of your head. If you lost focus at such an important time, it would prove to be lethal. You decided to go over what you knew about your enemy so far... Well, it wasn't much. He just seemed unaffected by all external factors. If your sword tried to cut him in a half, he would dodge, even if at first sight that did not seem like a possible scenario. It was not skill; it was sheer, pure luck.

"Ojos de Serpiente."

Reckless movement and technique, the bandit rushed towards you. It was a predictable offense. What were the chances of such attack landing? The same probability as two six-sided dices landing on 1 in one roll: 0.02777% of success. In that case, you were pretty sure you could beat good fortune with unmatched skill-!


"Hah...! Never challenge my luck, boy!"

Luck Clash!
Enemy Result: Auto Success
Player Result: 18
Enemy Wins!
Damage Roll: 6

You both separated as the train reached the railway bridge. On the other side, Osaka awaited for your arrival.

But this was not the time to think about that. Blood dripping from your left hand, you realized you couldn't use it anymore. That last attack had cut through your wrist, destroying the tendons and disabling your hand. Now fighting with a sword like yours would prove to be twice as hard. You hated to admit it, but you were losing. And there wasn't much you could do.

"Wanna know why I am so lucky?" The man searched his pockets for something in particular. Two dices, red in color. "I stole this today. Whoever has it, will have a good streak." The man then shrugged. "It's not as special as it seems, as it only works once a year." A small, teasing pause. "Buuuuuuut, when you combine it with this, miracles happen." What he showed you next was a simple piece of glass. "Do you know why you are cursed with seven years of bad luck if you break a mirror?" He stood silent for a second to see if you knew the answer. Seeing you did not, he continued. "For Romans, that's because the luck of a person only changes after seven years.

With this thing, which can only be broken by the flames of the sun itself, my incredible luck will last for seven years...!"

January 11th, 2012, 08:02 PM
Karakuri Tetsuko
Abashiri - Beast's Lair

“My orders?” the taller blue haired girl said with a smile on her lips, any apprehension about their situation carefully concealed behind that warm smile. “We're fighting together this time, alright? I'll support you from the back, so do your best to just hit her a few times," a pause, "And if she tries that mist trick of hers again, I'll handle it, alright?”

It kept its arms trained on the petite vampire standing with contemptuous pride and confidence in the middle of the room. For a moment, it seemed to emit a soft whirring noise before a barely audible click disrupted the monotony of the hexagonal platform.

"Affirmative, Administrator," it said in a perfect monotone, its eyes dulling and becoming impassive. "Tetsuko, engaging combat."


With no other word, it rocketed forward towards the vampire girl covering nearly the entire distance in a single, bounding motion. The silence which had pervaded over the small arena was abruptly interrupted by the sound of gunfire as the tips of its fingers changed and unloaded a barrage of bullets upon the elegantly dressed girl as it closed into melee combat. The silver haired vampire, however, simply smirked coolly and easily avoided the incoming storm of bullets, weaving in between them with a graceful and unhurried pace.

‘Hostile speed has increased. Recalculating attack vectors… Increasing output…’


Its expression remained frozen in impassiveness despite the sudden setback. The loud roaring of the bullets suddenly cut off and it stopped its forward motion by abruptly jumping at the diminutive vampire. Twisting its body around in midair, it used its forward momentum to deliver a swift spinning kick towards the black garbed girl’s torso even as the tips of its fingers once again lit up with bullet fire to cut off all possible escape vectors.

But the kick which should have torn the doll-like vampire in half missed.

But the bullets which should have shredded her to ribbons also missed.

‘Warning. Unexpected error in calculated combat data…’

‘Don’t care! Go faster!’

‘Recalculating attack vectors… Increasing output…’

In the split second that it took to process the failure of its attacks, it lowered its body into a slide as it lost altitude from the failed kick seeking to scissor the vampire’s legs between its own. Keeping one arm against the floor to prop itself up, releasing sparks and a horrendous screeching against the metallic surface of the platform due to friction, it raised the other arm in a wide arc towards the short vampire girl’s torso as if to slash at it.

But the slide which should have left the left the silver haired girl crippled missed.

But the sweeping strike which should have bitten into her torso like a blade also missed.

It blinked.


‘Warning. Unexpected error in calculated combat data…’

The slashing arm sweep which should have torn the doll-like girl in half had been stopped by a too small hand with an almost disdainful ease. Pale, dainty fingers wrapped around its arm with a vice-like grip and the horribly beautiful face burst into a fanged grin as it leaned forward to speak in its ear. Gleeful red eyes bore into frozen red orbs as she spoke in a low and even tone.

“Not spouting any more gibberish now, are you, marionette?”

There should have been no way for such a slight girl to throw it. It should have been a physical impossibility, but still she managed to throw it with ease, even from a position in which leverage should not have favored her. But, regardless of impossibilities, it still found itself spinning wildly through the air, warning displays that only it could see flashing insistently and decrying the illogical situation as it tried to correct its violently fluctuating trajectory.

‘Warning. Hostile’s capabilities exceed previously calculated parameters. Warning. This unit has yet to reach the calculated trajectory apex. Warning. This unit is undergoing unexpected levels of structural stress. Warning…’

“Ooooooojooooooouuuuu-chaaaaaan, yoooouuuuu cheeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaat!”

Its shrill scream was interrupted by the sudden retort of gunfire from far below letting it know that Nakamura Hitomi had joined the fight.


Three perfectly timed projectiles in an intercept course with the floating vampire which should have left it incapacitated or dead. However, the silver vampire simply ignored them, disappearing in a flash of bright light and continuing her assault against Tetsuko in mid air. Despite this, by now it had already regained its balance even as they proceeded to fall towards the platform. It slowed its descent by emitting slow, controlled bursts from the boosters inside the soles of its feet even as it engaged in a lightning fast, violent exchange with the elegantly dressed noble girl. A thrusting, sword style palm was evaded with great ease even as it managed to slice off several lustrous silver locks. The palm attack was retaliated against with a split second twirl and riposte from the rapier, a pinpoint attack meant to strike at a joint in a crippling attack, a flash of silver thrusting through the air with incomprehensible speed. However, the pinpoint attack also missed as Tetsuko engaged her boosters to slow her fall further, ruining the timing of the attack. Isabella let out an animal like snarl and pressed the attack, a series of jabs, thrusts and spinning slashes punctuating the deadly mid-air exchange.

Breaking off, they both aimed themselves towards the walls of the prison using the surface to propel themselves back at each other with increased speed and ferocity, Tetsuko eerily silent and Isabella practically snarling with derision.

"Normal Humans cannot surpass Special Students... Undead cannot surpass True Vampires... And a creation born of a disgusting human will never be anything more than trash!" The achingly beautiful face of the young looking vampire was contorted with a cold fury as the fierce and violent dance increased in both speed and savagery. "This is the hierarchy that all beings in this world follow! A mere fake like you... Will never be able to kill me...!"


Its previously impassive face had contorted into an angry grimace and the ruby eyes shone in an almost human manner. A red bruise was readily becoming apparent upon Isabella's pale skin, her countenance startled and incomprehensive as it regarded the open palm which had just struck her across the face with an expression that bordered on the edge between surprised and irate.

"It might be that Tetsuko is a fake... That I'm only pretending to be like a human right now... but it's okay if it's pretend at first! Onee-sama is teaching me lots and lots of important things everyday! Little by little, Tetsuko will become more and more like a human! I won't let you insult her hard work!"

With a piercing scream from the vampire girl, the combatants again separated, once more using the drab walls of the prison to propel themselves against each other. Snarls dominated this exchange as fists, legs and rapier shot out to maim and kill with the occasional burst of gunfire or minor rocket blast. A ceaseless, frenzied choreography of movement and light and sound, as two combatants aimed to completely eradicate the other, the source of their mounting anger.

"You arrogant marionette! You fake little doll! How dare you strike my beautiful face?!"

"This unit will kill you."

With a snarl, the rapier shot forward again, a streaking line of silver, a shining beacon, cutting through the darkness of the dimly lit prison.

Too far.

It was over in an instant.

The overextended arm was rapidly caught in a grip like iron, violently twisted at the elbow and, with a terrifying snapping sound, broken, even as a knee shot up to mercilessly strike at the restrained vampire's stomach, practically doubling the tiny girl over. Before a scream could even escape the silver girl's lips, the bone crushing grip which held her immobilized pulled her in closer as the other arm came up towards her chest with a terrifying speed.

The punch connected with a sickening noise and the clenched fist went all the way through the smaller girl, a shower of blood and flesh and bone violently exploding from her back in a nauseating mess.

One combatant fell in an ungainly heap, blood splattering everywhere from her undignified fall.

The other landed easily, a loud clanging noise announcing her contact with the ground, even as drops of crimson fell to the metallic platform from its drenched arm.

"Fuck... it..."

It walked forward, its steps heavy and loud in the suddenly silent room. The only sound asides from its steps were the panting gasps and hacks of Isabella as she coughed up blood violently, her undead life slowly ebbing away from what was certainly a fatal wound. Still, its opponent was still showing life signs. The small vampire was still a threat.

'Hostile not yet neutralized.'

'Tetsuko knows.'

'Executing termination protocol.'

'Executing termination protocol.'

"I told you I would kill you, Ojou-chan," her casual words were a stark contrast to her mechanical monotone. She raised a fist to crush the skull of the prone girl, to extinguish the life of the one who had threatened Nakamura Hitomi. The terrible, beautiful face was twisted in pain and splattered with blood from its coughing death throes, a far cry from the poised and cool elegance which the vampire girl had exhibited at the beginning of the death match.

But if the moribund state of its opponent made it actually feel anything, nothing was reflected on the frozen mask.

"You really aren't cute at all."

The clenched fist streaked down towards the prone girl's skull with all the inevitability of a headman's axe.


Smashing into the metallic surface of the platform and denting it considerably.

‘Warning. Unexpected error in calculated combat data…’


Before it could react to the impossibility of missing from such a short distance, it was attacked twice instantaneously. Not two attacks in quick succession, but rather two attacks occurring in the same space of time from vectors which should have been impossible for its single assailant to manage from its previous prone position. Warning readouts flashed before it as it attempted to retaliate, lashing out at the most likely location of the diminutive vampire. It missed, however, and the counterattack did not wait to make itself known - an unstoppable onslaught of concurrent attacks from multiple simultaneous vectors, so fast and immediate that it could barely keep track of all the fluctuating warnings and errors.

'Warning. Multiple hostiles. Warning. This unit is undergoing unexpected levels of structural stress. Warning. Skeletal frame will be compromised from this assault in 10.642 seconds.'

A violent kick to the stomach sent it careering through the air to smash violently into a wall, through it, and into a cell overlooking the arena. Concrete, dust and plaster fell around it in a dizzying storm of particles which would have left a normal human coughing. It did not cough; not really needing to breathe and having other worries in mind instead.

"Owwie... That actually... really hurt... Ojou-chan... you cheat..."

'Initiating Program 00200368994. Self repair initiated.'

'Tetsuko thinks... she will lie down... for a bit...'

It could hear the voice of the vampire from beyond the gaping hole its sudden and violent impact had just created. She was ranting again though this time her anger seemed to be directed at the other combatant instead. Almost as if to add insult to injury, a single pained gasp and strained words floated to its location, clearly heard over the undead’s increasingly more vicious tirade.

‘Onee-sama… is in danger… I have to go… help Onee-sama…’

It forced itself to its knees, loud whirring and strained humming bursting forth from its frame even as small sparks and arcs of lightning became apparent at its joints. For a moment it seemed to freeze momentarily as it struggled to raise, a surprised expression crossing its face. The strained sound seemed to increase in in pitch and urgency abruptly, sparks and lightning illuminating the gloomy cell in a frenzied display as smoke began to rise from its frame. It emitted a small sound, partly a pained groan and partly a dissatisfied moan.

‘How bad… is it?’

‘Grave dermal layer lacerations and concussions. Moderate concussive damage to skeletal frame. All systems will be at 100% in 197 seconds...’

‘Too long.... Going to go save Onee-sama now...’

‘Warning. Hostile has exceeded all calculated parameters. Warning. Systems not yet at 100% functionality. Warning…’

‘Don’t care. Tetsuko has to go save Onee-sama now.’

‘Calculating probability of success at current output… Calculating…’

‘Don’t care. Onee-sama is in danger. Even if that chance is zero…’

It stood slightly straighter, wobbling shakily as smoke and sparks spat forth from its frame.

“Even if that chance is zero… I WILL CONTINUE TO FIGHT!”

It stood completely straight with an undignified grunt. The high-pitched whirring and frenzied electrical discharge reached a peak before stopping unexpectedly. Blinking twice in rapid succession, it clenched and unclenched its fists, testing each digit in a rapid sequence. Stopping with a satisfied nod, it rocketed out of the room like a cannon-ball, a determined expression playing across its features, long sky blue hair whipping wildly behind it. It did not run forward so much as it glided forward; using boosters located at its feet, hands and back to move at speeds which it had not previously demonstrated in the course of combat, crossing most of the distance to the arrogant vampire girl that was torturing Nakamura Hitomi with unprecedented speed.


Gone were the bubbly, fake cheerfulness and the cold, mechanical monotone. The voice that burst forward from the careering figure was instead almost… furious. The expression had also shifted, being neither the wide grin nor the frozen mask. It almost looked like something akin to concern.

But despite its improved speed, it could not reach the human girl.

Before it could get in range, three identical silver haired girls intercepted it, equal fanged grins gracing their faces, thrusting at it with their rapiers and forcing it to change its course. It spun and dodged, attempting to ignore them as it sailed forward, but they were quick to take up the pursuit, driving it and pushing it further and further away from Hitomi. A strange sound started to bubble in the back of its throat – something like a growl of anger and dismay. Though their attacks were easily dodged, they were all in perfect coordination, making it impossible to advance at all while simultaneously evading their relentless assaults. Eventually, in its desperation, a kick found its stomach once more, sending it reeling off course and towards the security railing of the platform, denting and disfiguring the rail upon impact with a loud clang, and knocking it over to fall to a lower platform.

Landing with a reverberating metallic crash, it looked up to ascertain the location of the three identical vampires. Soon enough, they were fighting again, thrusts and slashes leading to spins and twirls with interspersed bursts of gunfire even as some part of its systems latched on to a new and unexpected development.

‘Wings? Onee-sama has wings now? …Pretty’

There was not much time to spend contemplating this new development as it had to frantically dodge a vicious riposte. Practically doubling over backwards, it used this new position to lash out at the small vampire’s stomach, sending her whirling upwards from the impact and taking the combat to the air once again, the other two doubles giving chase almost immediately. The older blue haired girl, for her part, was fighting against a single vampire and seemingly had managed to gain the upper hand thanks to her newfound mid-air maneuverability. They were both spiraling downwards, towards the airborne melee, but the winged girl soon released her vampiric quarry, beating her wings to slow her own descent as the screeching silver haired noble girl hurtled downwards uncontrollably towards the ongoing scuffle between the robot and the other three vampire doppelgangers.

"Tetsuko move!"

‘All four hostiles in range…’

‘Do it!’

It did not move out of the way, rather hastily pressing into the space in the middle of the assailants. Before any could react, it had spread its arms out sideways, as wide as they would go, apparently leaving itself defenseless, except…

“Tetsuko… OVERLOAD!”

With arms spread wide, a sudden sphere of electricity spread out around its frame, temporarily blinding everyone watching and illuminating the entire prison complex with a sheer white light. Arcs of lightning interconnected and joined as bolts leaped from its frame towards the vampires, forming an inescapable web of lightning in the shape of crackling sphere of power. The smell of ozone and burning flesh pervaded the dank prison as gasping, halting screams burst forth from those caught in the blast radius, their limbs moving jerkily against their will as alabaster white skin became charred and red and black only to heal before being charred once again.

But even then, it did not stop, feeding more power into the desperate attack, unwilling to relent until nothing more than bones remained...

January 15th, 2012, 05:20 PM
Karakuri Tetsuko (Froggie) - Nakamura Hitomi (Airen)
Abashiri - Beast's Lair

Her last minutes were painful.

There was always one of them who could avoid the attack. Alternate possibilities: That was the nature of her power. Since multiple existences of the same being are recognized as a mistake that must be fixed by the World, only one of them can stay as the true Isabella von Wissenkreuz. Then, it was simple. She only needed to pick the one Isabella that was outside the range of the robot´s electric attack. That was when she realized where her one true weakness laid.

There was no Isabella outside the attack range. Checkmate, game over.

It was a terrible scream. It was hard to tell if it was a desperate plea for help or a curse born in hatred. Either way, it was one of the most painful things you had ever heard. It was almost impossible for any human being not to feel sorry for the vampire girl, even after all the things she had done.

This was the day in which the first guardian of Beast´s Lair, Isabella Von Wissenkreuz, was defeated. She died with many regrets. No, there was nothing wrong in the life she had lived since the rise of the Nightmare Eyes. The life that had come before was the one that was undoubtedly a mistake.


The man with the white spear could do nothing to prevent her tragic fate. One second she was dominating, the other she had been reduced to bone and ashes. A burning feeling of necessary revenge awoke in his heart, as a memory of a distant past was triggered.


“Nii-San… Why do humans sleep at night? Is it because they are afraid of the dark?” The beautiful silver haired girl asked, curious, as she laid on her coffin.

“How would I know? I´m just a lonely vampire.” Came the sarcastic response from his older brother. “Let me guess, you want me to tell you a story.”

The girl nodded, a cute smile drawing itself on her face. “Tell me that one about the vampires and the moon! The one that dad refuses to read for me because I´m not old enough yet.”

“Hmmm…” The boy seemed reluctant at first, but upon looking at her younger sister´s begging expression, he agreed to it. “Well, mother and father are gone, so I guess I can tell you that story. It will be our little secret, okay?”


“I´ll make it as short as possible so you don´t get bored.” The older vampire cleared his throat. “There was a time when the Earth and the Moon were best friends. Back then, the entire galaxy was filled with chaos, and so each planet created their own guardians, later named Types, to protect themselves.” He made a dramatic pause. “But Earth was not strong enough to create them on his own. Desperate, he begged Moon to help him. Moon agreed, but only if Earth would allow her to visit the planet as often as she wanted. The contract sealed, we, true vampires, were created.” The boy said, quite proud.

“We… We were created to protect Earth?” Little Isabella asked, more curious that ever.

“Yes, our mission was to protect Gaia, and every single being that lived there.” Anticipating her sister´s question, Dmitri continued. “Especially humans. We protected them during their sleep and even injected our own blood in their bodies. This was done to purify them from all the negative emotions like jealousy, anger or revenge.” He let a small laugh. “Although, at that time, the humans saw us as enemies of nature and hunted us. They thought we were stealing their blood and killing them. Yeah, humans had always been a pain in the ass.” The white haired boy shrugged. “We endured discrimination for hundreds of years, but we got our job done. In the end, we held no grudges whatsoever against the human race.”

Noticing the seemingly happy ending did not match with the current situation, the girl urged his brother to tell her what had gone wrong. The boy complied.

“Moon became closer and closer to Earth. You could say she was in love, and so she came to visit him every day. What she liked about him the most were his beautiful landscapes.” Dmitri took a deep breath before continuing. “But Moon wanted to spend more time together and asked Earth to get rid of the sun. However, the sun was needed for life on the planet to exist, so Earth refused. The moon felt rejected and her love turned into hatred and jealousy. She came up with a plan to kill Gaia and make the Earth part of her own body.”

“And then what happened?”

“We vampires stood against our creator in order to fulfill our duty. The majority of our race was killed during that encounter. But our great grandfather, Kischur Zelretch Schweinor, was able to defeat the Moon and send it back to the heavens.”

“Woah.” There was no word that could describe the amazement in Isabella´s eyes.

“However, the Moon cursed him and all of our kind for opposing her.” He sighed. “We became what humans thought we were. We were shaped according to their perceptions of us. And that´s it: End of the story. Not really a happy ending, but whatever.”

“Mou~ You should have made one up.” The girl complained, still not satisfied. She wanted to hear more before going to sleep.

“It's quite late now. Almost 6 AM.” He closed her coffin. “Geez, just close your eyes and you will be dreaming in a couple of minutes.”

An awkward silence.

"... Nii-san. Will mom and dad come back soon?"

"Yeah, I'm sure of it."

A week later they would attend to their parent's funeral.


Movement Challenge: 13
Dice Result: 20
Penalty: -3 (Surprise Attack); No bonuses.
Final Result: 16

Your body acknowledged the incoming threat, stopping what you were currently doing and forcing you to perform a desperate jump to avoid an attack from an unexpected direction. By the time you landed, you knew two things. One, the vampire girl showed no life signs, she was dead. Two, a second enemy had arrived to take her place.

Dmitri Von Wissenkreuz. Just by looking at him you could tell... He was different. He had not come here to play games or punish you by making you suffer like Isabella. This man was here to kill you for real, no matter how much honor the method lacked. And now that his mind had been consumed by rage and hatred, he was more powerful than ever.

"You will pay for your sins, you criminal scum."

How many times had he said that line? To be honest, he had already lost count. While her sister picked one prisoner to play around at the end of the month, he picked many and killed them all in a brutal execution... Because he believed that confinement is not enough of a punishment for what humans had done to him, even more now. B-power quickly gathered around his body, taking the form of a threatening black aura. It expanded in an instant, engulfing the entire prison like black fire. No, that was not accurate. The aura did not stop there.

It covered the entire city.

Movement Challenge: 15
Dice Result: 5
Penalty: -3 (Surprise Attack); No bonuses.
Final Result: 2
Damage Roll: 20

It came from above.

A giant lance, several times bigger than you, descended to pass judgment on you. This time you were not as fast, and the only available option was to block it. But there was one problem: Not even you could handle that weight. Your body gave its best but...


The bridges tried to stop your fall to no avail. Your back smashed full force against the ground after falling several floors, the point of the weapon piercing through all your defenses, almost splitting you in half. You were still operational, but you could not move more than your fingers and, most importantly, you could not fight. Where had such an attack come from?

This was the power of the Second Guardian of Beast's Lair. The ability to open holes in space and spawn pole arms of all types and sizes. The white haired man prepared himself to land the finishing blow, as he came down like lightning. There was no way you could avoid such an attack in your condition. There were no doubts: This was the end.

No. Hitomi Nakamura would not let it end like that.

A flying kick sent the vampire spinning through the air until he smashed into one of the cells. He recovered instantly, though, directing all its killing intent towards the human now.


Movement Challenge: 15
Dice Result: 7
Penalty: -3 (Surprise Attack); No bonuses.
Final Result: 4
Damage Roll: 15

A cursed red spear dug into flesh, delivering a potential fatal blow.

She fell, her vision somewhat blurred. Shaking her head, Hitomi noticed five other weapons coming to get her. However, her body would not move. And if she could not do so, then it meant she would die, along with Tetsuko. As the battle reached its climax, the human girl asked for a miracle.


January 15th, 2012, 11:10 PM
With this thing, which can only be broken by the flames of the sun itself, my incredible luck will last for seven years...!"

Gabriel Levilius
Train to Osaka

His opponent expected him to despair. He would not. No, in fact, his opponent had foolishly ignored that he was holding durandal, sword of the saints.... the judgement sword of heaven. More then that, there were people that were relying on him, therefore he must not give up on this match.

He had to save saber.

He had to continue on his ideal with Igarashi, he promised himself he would return to her.

He had to find his brother, and at least... see what he had become, to see if he had become a strong and fine man like he promised his parents before they died.

Most importantly....

He had given up everything, forsaken everything on this gamble that he would succeed... his life, his identity, his face, his hope.

He could only smile like a devil as he knew of what to do now. If his opponent had the luck of the gods which could only be destroyed by the flames of the sun, then he had just the fire that could do that. the fire that was stronger then the rage of the sun, that which could consume everything and anything. The flames of heaven that cry for judgement... that was his final power of durandal!


With this, he declared, "Then what you are doing... is no gamble."

He glared like the devil himself, confident of his victory as with his uninjured hand, he pointed his sword at his opponent and said, "With my ultimate gamble, I shall take away your luck and defeat you! Even if it means laying down my life!"

And immediately he closed his eyes, knowing that the covering of durandal that strengthened his strength, stamina, agility. With that covering and his own B-ability, he rushed at his opponent! He proceeded to pull off one strike, and then the other.

It was not his plan to strike at his opponent's body with his sword....

He continued his flurry of swipes as he secretly begun to unleash his final attack.

Nothing of his fighting style revealed any of his intentions. Nothing would. Gabriel had fought too many battles to survive to had accomplish this.

And there! An opening! One last chance!

it was all or nothing! The devil's gamble, the gamble of the gods! whether he would lose or succeed...... It was now up to Lady luck!

With that, with a rousing passion, he shouted, "Go, Burn! The flames of heaven, engulf my foe!"

within a split second, the sword that was furiously slashing became a burning pillar of white flames that soon begun to spread throughout the entire train, no, the entire area they were fighting in became engulfed in the flames, along with his opponent.

Chances are, his opponent would have dodged that.

But within that chance, the mirror would ahve broke.

but then, there was another chance that it would have not.

However, if he did not try, he would not know! Therefore he willed the flames to continue burning, risking his life, risking everything he had...

for this all or nothing gamble!

January 15th, 2012, 11:31 PM
Nigata - Hikarizaka Academy



There was a blaring noise of thought within Jon's head, why am I in the air? Who the hell is this chick? This hurts a lot. and lastly, Oh, look, the ground.


Jonathan landed rather painfully on his head, and the added mass of his metallic form did not assist matters. The Steel Knight rose back to his feet, slowly, but steadily, grumbling all the way about freakin girls, throwing him all over this damn school. Scowling at the blonde chick, who had hit him in retaliation, he was opting for a more conservative approach, rather than the tired and true, "Run at enemy, beat into unconsciousness, see what happens next" method.

He was about to circle around to her back while King distracted her when he spotted the signal,

And King was not done, not yet. He made a signal to Jonathan, a signal that was part of a code only his army and friends could understand. ‘Go to her right side.’
Nodding slightly, it appears King and he had the same idea, the old, "Distract, THEN pummel into unconsciousness" trick. He watched silently, as King waged his flashy war with the blonde girl, and circled quietly around to the right, in preparation for the pincer move.

January 16th, 2012, 04:47 PM
King (RacingeR) - Jonathan (Morm)
Nigata - Hikarizaka Academy

At first sight, it was a perfectly coordinated attack.

But, to someone as skilled as her, it was easy to spot the flaws and openings present in the plan. First of all, the attack was not simultaneous. No matter how hard one tried or how well you two knew each other, it was impossible to close the distance and land a hit at the very same time. Were one of the three attacks a second too slow or a second too fast, which was highly likely, the time difference would serve as an advantage for the one defending. Second, it did not seal all possible ways of escape. Himegami could easily get rid of the rail behind her and get out of the danger zone using her flying cape or destroy the floor below her for an unexpected escape.

But doing something like that would be boring. A girl like her had the need to show off.

The tornado could be considered the biggest threat. She could easily overpower the metal man and his leader in close combat, or at least remain unhurt after the first and only exchange of blows. Getting too close to the whirlwind, though, would prove to be as deadly as trying to touch the sun. In a nutshell, with that obstacle out of her way, the path would be clear. And she had the perfect thing to counter it. As the royal formation approached, the girl ignored it completely and took something out of her bag. It was...

Another bag...?


You were sent flying back, together with Jonathan. Even the powerful whirlwind was dismissed, defeated by a power far stronger. This was certainly the power of an artifact of myth and legend. Having two was already pretty rare. Just how many did this girl have? Recovering from what could have been a very hard blow, you gave the girl another look. She proudly proceeded to explain what she had done:

"This is the bag of winds once given to Odysseus by King Aeolus." Another Greek weapon. "It contains the most brutal air currents that ever existed. If you are trying to fight against me, you better pick another element, boy." Maybe that was the pattern.

She was a monster. Be it physical or magical combat, the girl surpassed both of you in all parameters. Even with the aid of the Iron Fist and the Weighted Words, the myserious student seemed to always have the perfect tool to defeat your tactics. That damn conceptual container. If you could take it away from her, surely it would make the battle much easier. But its mystical properties made it immune to your commands; there was no way around it. You then though of targeting indirectly with an order, like for example using the wind to cut and retrieve it, but you figured the princess would probably anticipate that move, given that you gave her enough hints as how your B-ability worked. Then what... What were you supposed to do in this kind of situation?

"I'm bored, let's finish this."

As you tried to come up with an answer to that question, the girl opened her bag yet again. The pressure that this weapon emitted was several times stronger than those she had shown before. Without a doubt, this was her strongest weapon:


A drill like sword that resembled the twisted soul of its owner...

"It was a fun fight. But it ends here."

The girl elevated herself in the air, energy gathering all around her. It was the first time you saw B-power concentrating in one spot so fast. This was bad, you needed to move and fast-!

A weapon said to cut through mountains...

But you could not do that. You knew that the blast was enough to wipe at least half the school. Your soldiers, your followers, your friends were there. Leaving them behind was not an option. Protecting them was an oath you made the second you decided to become the King of Kings. However, that was only the first reason.

The sword of Fergus Mac Roích.

Magical shackles had wrapped around your hands and feet in an instant, preventing your every movement. And that was not all, the flow of B-power in your body had stopped, preventing you from issuing any commands and reverting Jonathan to his original form. This was to prevent you from interfering with the preparation of the technique. They would fade as soon as the attack was released. You could not do anything but watch as more and more B-particles gathered forming a giant white sphere of magical energy.

The name revealed.


Seven Colors Unleashed.

"... BOLG!"

A rainbow blast coming to get you-!


You would block it no matter what. Even if you were exhausted from all the orders you issued, you would stop it. As long as there is still some power left, you can keep on fighting!


You create your strongest defense. Ten rings of air, enhanced by your own B-power, each carrying the power of a fortress. Or that's how it would normally go, but with your reserves near depletion, its strength was far lower. To be honest, you weren't sure if they would endure the full extent of the attack. But if she went through all you threw at her, then you were not going to back down-!

"Gah... A-Ahhhh!"

You put everything you had on the protecting ringsm, but one by one they shattered, the multicolor beam piercing through them. When only the last one remained, your yell grew stronger, as pieces of your outfit burned down and desintegrated, your cape included.

And suddenly, it was over.

You sighed in relief, panting heavily. You had done it. You had stopped the ultimate technique born from her ultimate weapon. Truth was you were still on the losing side, but tanking such an incredible attack gave you strength. After all, there couldn't be anything more dangerous coming, right? That was as far as the full extent of her abilities went.

How wrong you were.

You looked up, almost absentmindedly. Thirty feet above you, a familiar figure stood. And she was charging yet another blast, this one clearly stronger than the one that came before.


There was no other choice...


But to surpass your own limits.

January 17th, 2012, 10:30 PM
Decay (Satehi)
Tottori – Pyramid

"Well, they are staying there for a while, that's for sure."

So, they survived. That was good. Although they had been trying to kill him earlier, they were only following orders and no one was really hurt, so everything was fine. He would’ve wondered how the girl knew what had happened to the people inside, but after having seen what she could do earlier, he had no doubt she had senses far better than his.

Now seemed like a better time than any to ask some of the questions he’d been wondering earlier, in the pyramid. Of them, the foremost question in his mind was one about who the Japanese woman that had appeared in the pyramid and helped them escape was.

Before he could ask her though, she had begun to ask a question of her own.

"Say, Master, there is one thing that has been bothering me for a while now..."

His expression curious, he waited for her to continue.

"Well... Why are you carrying a little girl on your head? Is she your daughter or something?"


What was she talking about...? A little girl ontop of his head...?

It was then that he felt the teeth biting into his head.


Flailing around for a bit, he moved his hands to get the girl off of him.

“Oi! Get off!”

January 18th, 2012, 03:13 PM
Aomory - Outskirts

It was dawn.

You carried her body on your back -At least the parts you could gather- following the muddy road, heading towards a place where you had never been before. Apparently this guy, Tsukiomi Yuu, the Banchou of Aomory, would surely help you fix your new friend. And hopefully heal your injured leg too. He was not an ordinary special student. Rumors said he was an alchemist that had managed to successfully reproduce human life without using any kind of special ability. Sadly, during the past few weeks, nobody had seen him, but you figured going to pay him a visit would be a good start.

If one thing was for sure, it was that you would never get lost trying to find his house.

Compared to all the other edifications, his could be compared to a mansion. Even from afar, you could easily make out the structure. It was just a hunch, but you thought that this person would be an interesting one to meet. Maybe you could learn a couple of things from him? If you were going to take this girl on your travels, some knowledge about her kind would prove to be really useful.


Speaking of fascinating people, it would seem you know who was beginning to fall asleep. In all honesty, if she wasn't this heavy, you probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference between her and another human. You could feel her warmth even. Taking a deep breath, you endured the pain and continued on your way to the alchemist's house as you recalled a recent memory.


She did not understand a word of what you were saying.

She was broken, yes, but she didn't need to think twice to be sure that you were no mechanic. She did indeed need fixing but it was not her master the one who had made her like this. In fact, the one responsible was no other than you. But there was something in your words that made the proposal attractive. She could not go back to her master now that she had failed, that was the harsh truth. With a person in front of her accepting her for what she was and saying it would be possible to start anew, offering her the chance to be free and do as she pleased, she couldn't resist the urge to accept. It was something born within her, rather than a conclusion after a reasoning. Before she knew it, she had already said yes.

Surprisingly, it did not take much time for the two of you to get along. She who once battled you to death now wanted to be your closest friend... Or Servant... Or whatever. Despite her appearance, her name did not turn out to be what you expected -A serial number- but a true human name, and one beautiful at that: Lily. You casually spoke with her for hours about everything. Who you were, what you were going to do and why, with luxury of detail and without a single lie. Something unusual for you, really. Maybe because she was ignorant of all, like a little baby, you did not mind sharing things with her, even if it was the first time you talked like normal people.

You both waited for the morning to come, resting on the very same tree.


*Knock* *Knock*

"'es, one moment, Father. Sion will get the door."

You heard a voice from the inside. It was beautiful and filled with energy, but at the same time dull. Well, if anything, it was good to know that the people you were looking for seemed to be home.


The one to open the door was a small girl, ten years old at best, with a cheerful expression, a beautiful face and radiant pink hair tied up in twin tails. You figured she was the daughter of Mr. Yuu.

"Are you here to see Father?"

You nodded, and with that, the girl allowed you to enter the house. Inside, you found your same in one of the most spacious places you've been in. And although you weren't able to find any expensive furniture or possession, it was evident that the owner did have a lot of money with him. Maybe, if you find its hiding place, the guy would 'lend' you some of it.

"Father, you have guests... Why won't Father come down?"

Ten minutes had gone by since you arrived, and the alchemist had not showed up. He seemed to be upstairs, but not once did you hear his voice. 'Something is wrong', you thought as you took another sip of the tea Sion had prepared. It was delicious, but that was not the most amusing fact about it. It was not ordinary tea, but healing tea. It seemed ridiculous at first, but when you first tasted it you realized how true it was. By now, the fracture did not hurt anymore.

The girl went upstairs, and you followed her. You left Lily on the sofa because she was simply to heavy for you to carry her everywhere. Besides, talking alone with the man would be ideal: You could use one of your many disguises to fool him and get the best deal. Now a days, mature men had the weirdest of fetishes and you knew them all.

... Perks of the job.

"Sion is here, Father. I brought guests..."

The smell.

There was something evidently wrong in this room.

It was so strong you felt you could puke anytime now.

The girl had been talking to a corpse. To a man who had left this world already.

A man long gone.

January 19th, 2012, 08:56 AM
Revy (Milbunk)
Ika - Ninja Academy

You woke up in a hospital bed.

Bandages were all over your body, indicating how bad your injuries were. Yes, it was a miracle that you were alive. 'Hidden Art: A thousand Falling Stars' was a technique that targeted all unprotected body areas of the enemy at the same time. By that logic, survival becomes impossible. But you were alive and your life was not in danger. It might have been luck; it might have been timing. For Watori Hanzo, it was fate.

Looking at them standing one corner of the room, you understood everything. From the very beginning they knew. The both of them. They were aware that you were not who the ninja's thought you were and still sent you out there to fight. Yes, it had all been an act. The poison was not lethal and was something that could be overcame with time. The attacks that landed on you were severe but not something that would lead to your death. The ultimate technique that was supposed to hit three hundred and sixty precise points did only hit two hundred and fifty five.

Yet, the fact that you were still alive and that you had managed to land a solid hit on the Kunoichi was the ultimate proof of their success.

"I'm sorry for what we made you go through. Please forgive us." Hanzo began, sitting on one side of the bed. "But the great Revy-Sama has been a symbol of devotion and inner peace for generations. Without her we cannot fight."

Then the solution to that problem was simple. They just had to use the real legendary ninja girl in your place. Then the penny dropped. It was obvious something had happened to said person.

"We lost Revy on the battle of Sekigahara." Hanzou sighed and Maki's expression darkened. "We couldn't afford to lower the morale of our fighters during such an important confrontation, so we hid the fact that she was dead. For experienced ninjas like us it was easy."

They lived in a lie, and from the looks of it, they wanted you to keep that lie alive. But really, nothing made sense. You were just a little twelve year old girl. With their skills, they could simply alter their appearance to look like her and fool everyone. No, in fact, nobody knew how the real Revy looked like, so it would have required even less effort. So why... Why you?

"The aura that surrounds you is similar to hers. I only met one other person with that kind of power." Hanzou said, no trace of deceit on his face. "If fully trained, you would surely become stronger than me or Maki-chan. Such is the true nature of the strength that your heart possesses."


You could now at least sit on the bed.

Two days had passed and your body seemed to be recovering ridiculously fast. Such an incredible regeneration rate was not something inherent to you, it was a result of the medicine you had been taking since you arrived at the hospital. Medicine which, by the way, tasted awful. Sometimes you couldn't get yourself to drink it, probably the reason why you were not fully healed yet.

The whole story was hard to process. Apparently the Real Revy-Sama was just an incarnation of some old avatar who was fated to fight some incredibly huge -and ugly- monster every ten thousand years to save the world from an imminent calamity. It just happened that the year you were in coincided with that in which the beast would awaken. The icing on the cake was no other than the fact that they believed you were its next reincarnation. Yeah, as if that could be possible.

So now you would embark on a whole new journey with Maki-san and some other ninja who would introduce herself soon. You will travel across the land, meet new people, visit new places and train in order to save the world. Add a little more despair and this would be the perfect premise for some new Mahou Shoujo manga. It's not like you had much more of a choice, anyways. Hanzou made it pretty clear that it was either cooperation or execution, that was as friendly as a ninja could get. Of course, you had picked cooperation, and your destiny was now set.

For now, all you could do was to rest.


Right. Today was the day.

With a big bag on your back and a sheathed katana you parted towards Osaka. Maki silently led the way and you followed, not far behind. Your other companion seemed to be the polar opposite, however.

"Is there anything you need, Revy-Sama?" She walked in circles around you, even as you advanced. "Food, water, leisure?" Well, to be honest you needed the last, but it was highly unlikely Maki would agree.

Junior Ninja Student: Takabane Sae. She undoubtedly still had a lot to learn. She was naturally unaware that you were not the Legendary Kunoichi and she probably wouldn't even notice given her lack of skill. She was assigned to this mission not because of her talents, but because of the devotion and willpower she showed to accomplish her missions. Hanzo thought a reliable person like her was ideal for the task.


Even Maki stopped upon noticing the terrifyng presence that stood before you, blocking your path. His huge body was filled with scars and it was all dirty, evidencing he had been in a fight not long ago. It was also worth noting that he had lost an eye, and for that reason wore an eye patch. His rusty katana had been stained with blood and it looked like the both of them were not satisfied... They wanted more.

"Yo." The man greeted you casually. "You look strong... Let's fight to the death."

He licked his lips, eager to begin combat.

January 19th, 2012, 11:16 PM
Karakuri Tetsuko
Abashiri - Beast's Lair


The distraught shout of all consuming anger and grief that echoed through the prison was enough warning. It dropped the wide armed stance, immediately ending the electrical attack with an almost inaudible hum and deftly slid out of the way of the sudden attack, avoiding it entirely. A quick cursory glance confirmed the calculated demise of the silver-haired vampire girl: nothing remained but a pile of smoking bones and ashes, the smell of burned flesh and ozone hanging like a burial shroud over her remains. However, her death had, for some reason, apparently driven another of the guardians into a cold fury of frenzied attacks.

But the silver haired man, just as silver haired girl before him, was nothing more than flesh and muscle and bone.

He too would fail.

"You will pay for your sins, you criminal scum."

The voice was frozen with rage, but his anger made no difference as it spun and dodged through his maddened attacks with ease .

But it found no opening to attack.

No, it had made a miscalculation.

This man, at least, was capable of matching its speed without relying on trickery or a B-ability to replicate himself. This vampire was genuinely the peak that the undead monsters could reach, the zenith of a human's body. The match was too even. It could not calculate a path of attack to make it through the storm of high velocity attacks that the spear wielder was constantly sending towards it. At this rate it would have no choice but to wait for the monster's flesh to betray him and...

No, it had made a grave miscalculation.

It had failed to notice the rising B-Power levels in the hostile while focusing all resources on calculating offensive combat data!

Before it could process this information to lash out with a desperate attack, it was struck.

A giant lance, careering downwards, where there had been none.

Speed? Moving too fast to dodge.

Mass? Too large to dodge.

No... it could still be dodged. It could be struck and driven off course. It could...

'It could hurt Onee-sama.'

It did not move out of the way, rather taking the brunt of the overwhelming attack with its torso, using its arms to try and reduce the force of the crushing impact. Warning readouts that only it could see flashed red from the stress and pressure, readouts which it ignored in favor of taking the brunt of the attack.

When it crashed through the first floor, a jolt went through its systems and several warnings blinked out of existence.

Crashing through the second floor, more warnings blinked out even as the entirety of its vision switched to red.

Crashing through the third floor, everything went black.




...Systems Initializing


... Initialization Successful.

...Warning. Severe system damage.

...Warning. Initiating forceful self repair. All other functions shutting down.




It laid on the floor, concrete and metal twisted all around it as dust and rust fell like snow until its previously flawless features were marred and dirty. In the middle of its torso, a huge gaping hole had been carved, so brutal that it looked like it had almost been split in half or that its stomach had been violently ripped out. The leather jumpsuit it wore was ruined beyond repair, showing off the joints on the pseudo flesh of its dermal layer that had been exposed, ripped, torn, and peeled back. Strange colored liquids dripped out from wires and tubes while sparks jumped out from broken circuitry and machinery. Snapping and cracking emanated from its frame, as well as a frantic and pained whirring hum.

It twitched feebly, trying to push itself upright.

It failed miserably, succeeding only in flopping its arms and twitching its fingers.

The eyes were blank, unfeeling and reflecting nothing, but the was face confused and uncomprehending.

January 20th, 2012, 01:03 PM
William Levilius (Erlkonig)
Toukyou - Seijou Academy

"You are too slooooow, Mister!"

Damn, she was fast. No, it was more than that. She knew the school so well that nothing seemed to be capable of slowing her down; and her body was so small that it allowed her to move through places Knight of Fantasia could never hope to. But this little chasing game would soon be over as the cornered girl had only one place to escape to: The Rooftop. A few days ago, you faced the Miyazato Gang in the very same place. Memories flashed through your head as you literally crushed the door that led there. It was over. Here, you had freedom of movement. With no obstacles, your speed was clearly superior to hers-!

"Es erzählt -- Mein Schatten... Nimmt Sie...!"

But she anticipates your charge and counters accordingly with a chant. From her petite hand, several shadow like familiars are born. This is just a small portion of Tsukuyomi Kinako's power. Her unique B-ability underdeveloped, she spent most of her time training the part of it that could be awakened by everyone through hard work. As a result, she obtained an arsenal of alchemic and magical skills that would give her an overwhelming advantage if she ever fought seriously. Yes, it might seem like something unlikely at first, but even you could learn how to use alchemy if you were taught by her. However, it was worth noting that people like you, who possessed a strong ability, often had it hard when trying to ramify it. Well, like every discipline, it also depended a lot on patience and dedication...

Yamamoto Burai, as well as Tsukuyomi Kinako, were Akito of the Dark's strongest executives. Someone like Seijou's Banchou would not simply walk around the school. If that were the case, you and Rouga would have kicked his ass already. No, the leader of this school hid himself in an underground base, as unbelievable as that sounded. Once there, reaching him would be easy, but to enter you needed a security card. The White Fang was sure that one of the two executives of higher rank would have a copy, so he sent you to fight one while he challenged the other. In the meanwhile, the rest of the gang would take advantage of the lack of powerful units deployed and perform an all-out attack on the ground floor. With any luck, the plan would be a success, the academy would be yours and the Banchou would have to surrender.

You didn't know about the others, but you were having quite some trouble on your side.

You slashed through the first of the black creatures. Your sword cut it like butter. However, the second you did so, you realized you had made a big mistake. The shadow turned into some sort of slime, capturing your weapon and metallic arm in a split of a second. Seeing this as their chance, the remaining familiars threw themselves against you, darkening your armor like paint. The last thing you saw before your exterior vision went black was the little girl jumping of the edge of the building.

You'd be more worried if the situation you were in was a little bit less scary. These creatures that surrounded you seemed to suck B-power out of you, as your mobile suit would no longer move, nor could you dismiss or recreate it. You were stuck inside, trapped, as the black substance slowly made its way in. It was a scene taken out from a horror movie, only you were in it, and hell, it was not pleasant.

Your scream was silenced by the sudden attack of the monsters.


Your mind melted; your brain exploded. Faced against an untamed beast, all your reason is stolen.


Your body burned. It felt like acid slowly seeping through the pores of your skin. Faced against this kind of enemy, even your warmth is taken away from you.

Die. Die.

Your body sank in the endless darkness. There was nothing, only pain.

Die. Die. Die. Die.

You'll go crazy. Getting stronger by the second, you'll lose all your sanity if you keep up like this.

Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die.

No, not now. No, not like this. It could not end like this.

Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die.
Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die.

"Then let's play again, little brother."

People who loved you.

"Damn it, you are just a kiiiiid-!"

People that opposed you.

"Great. Welcome to Wolf Fang."

People who accepted you.

"Roar, Miyazato Gang...!"

People that got to understand you.

Enemies. Comrades. Friends. Family. Lovers.

For them, you could not allow the pain to melt the body and the curse to melt the mind.

You reached out to the light.

You opposed death will all the reasons you have to live-!



You stormed through the rooftop.

Rejecting the shadows that enveloped you, you placed all your energy into your feet and jumped. Without thinking, you surrendered yourself to the abyss. But there was no problem. Knight of Fantasy could endure a fall like this. Now that B-power flowed through your veins once more, there was nothing to worry about.

Was it there?


You landed in front of the small girl. Tsukuyomi Kimiko seemed delighted. Was it because you had surpassed your limits and defeated the shadow creatures? Or was it because now she had more time to play with you? It was hard to tell.

But if one thing was for sure, was that your everlasting reserves were reaching their end. Yes, you barely had enough power to materialize your swords, everything else had disappeared. You panted heavily, feeling something you never felt before. B-power exhaustion. Those familiars had sucked you dry and it would take quite some time for you to recover. You could say coming here after battling those monsters was something suicidal.

A circle carved on the ground; an eruption of white light. A monster that resembled a leopard with humanoid form, wearing a green cape and carrying two katanas in its hands appeared between you and the girl like magic. This was a demon. Even if your mind could not comprehend an existence like that, you could see it. And that alone was enough to tell you that you would not be able to match it with your current strength.

Without a Synchronizer to reduce the damage taken by demonic attacks, the battle had been decided before it even began.

"Summon one or you are going to die, Mister!"

Her words acted as a signal. The beast charged forward like a hurricane, with the clear intention of killing you with one blow.

Summon one, huh...?

The swords descended like guillotines.

As if it were that easy...!

Luck Challenge ?
Dice Result: 19

The attack was repelled with so much force even someone like Osu was pushed back. Before you could even look at your savior, the leopard counter-attacked, a fireball quickly shaping itself in its hands.


Increasing in size considerably after being shot, the blazing sphere could now engulf up to three people without problem. Just being touched by it would lead to an horrible death.


A beautiful sound. The long adorned naginata cut the fireball in a half like nothing, vanishing it from existence. The opposing demon understood exactly what that meant: It was now facing an enemy with the Magic Resistance skill, a talent capable of reducing the strength of magical attacks up to the point where the prove to be useless. This was a trait reserved for those heroes that fought against wizards and sorcerers during their life time or, at least, those who lived in an era where magic was abundant.

Pain assaulted your right hand as an strange pattern burned itself into your skin. When it was complete you realized it was a Japanese kanji. It read: 'Devotion'.

"With this the contract is complete." Her head turned slightly to your position. "I, Guan Yu, solemnly swear brotherhood to you, my Master." With that said, she adopted a more suitable battle stance.

"Please command me well, brother."

January 20th, 2012, 09:35 PM
Raitei (Mellon)
Yokohama – Streets

This is... a headache.

It had been a complete whim. Save a kid who was being beat up by ignorant idiots, part a few encouraging, mentorlike words and move on. Only the beat up kid was near death, obviously with massive internal and external bleeding and in desperate need of hospital help. His eyes didnt even bother to recognize the garbage that ran away from the site, spluttering about something about some sort of vengeance. In hindsight, a mistake, as the boy actually seemed to have some sort of outstanding connections with the local Yakuza.

A son, it seemed, judging from the moaning of the armoured man in front of them.

So he gritted his teeth and decided to help out the poor chap a bit more. The two of them had wondered around the streets, aimlessly, trying to move to the hospital, only to find that the streets had been devoid of almost all life. And they were attacked, in broad daylight, by some second rate gangsters. A fact which was rather peculiar, if he was completely honest. He might have been... out of touch for a while, but in the brief time since his return, he had found that this was still PGG territory. That much had not changed. And for gangsters to work so brazenly here, in broad daylight, meant that either PGG had lost significant amounts of influence and strength... or they were allowed to work here by the organization.


Even though he loathed to admit it, he would thoroughly enjoy killing that worm.

In any case, they were then picked up by a taxi. A Mercedes-Benz driven by a white haired woman, whose driving skills seemed to be out of this world. And on the back seat a woman with a penchant for throwing grenades out of the sunroof. And the taxi was interlaced with some sort of field which blocked him from using his B-Power. Lovely. Though looking at how the red eyed woman was handling the car (and dodged that missile), he could not help but think that her talents were wasted driving a simple cab. A tank would be too cumbersome for her driving style, but something light and nimble like an attack helicopter would be a perfect fit...

Sigh, it seems old habits die hard.

In any case, they weren't going anywhere with that armoured idiot in their way, seeing as he perfectly blocked their exit. His compatriot, Shiki if he remembered correctly, had already left the car and was clearly waiting for Raitei to join him. Making a final glance towards their patient to make sure that he was stable, he gave the two women a wink, before stepping out.

"I guess I will see you later, girls."

Opening the door of the Mercedes, Raitei stepped back out to the streets of Yokohama. (http://fc07.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2009/356/5/8/Ginji_Amano_by_davroc13.png) Drawing a deep breath of the cold city air, he could not help but crack a smile. This was sublime. Of course, it was no picturesque landscape and the situation was not ideal, but considered to where he was before, this was pure heaven. Heck, even the dull glint of the sun, which was blocked by a random skyscraper at the moment, seemed to fill him with giddiness.

Shiki was already engaged in... well what could only be described as inane pre-combat banter, with the red giant. He never saw much point in it himself, but for each their own. It did have its uses after all. And, shortly after that, it seemed that they were done. Well, presumably, since Shiki seemed to activate his B-Power causing, disappointingly, the sun to be blotted out by the dark clouds that were being dragged together. How ironic. The windows rattled in the gale that blew past them. And numerous other things happened which seemed to have no practical function besides looking impressive.

Raitei gave a brief chuckle.

A bit of a showboater, aren't we?

Raitei, almost as a mirror image of Shiki, released no grand waves of power. B-power did not rage in the air and there was no confident taunts to be heard. The blond haired man in the green jacket just stood there, with a small smile on his face, but otherwise completely composed in his appearance and demeanour. For a brief second, all sense of suspense ran through the three on the clearing. The calm before the storm.

Then, suddenly, but not surprisingly, the penny dropped. Or in this case, it was the massive mass of hardened air that was dropped.

January 21st, 2012, 10:02 AM
William Levilius
Toukyou - Seijou Academy



When the demon with the two swords had leapt towards him, William Levilius had been ready to fight to the very last of his life. With the grim resolve of a hero, he would've continued, armed only with his two swords, against an unspeakably stronger foe.


At the brink of ruin, a miracle had happened.

The demon's attack had been stopped by an unmovable force.

The savior, still shrouded in the light, was still invisible to William's eyes. Yet, he could begin to make out the shape of the person.

Suddenly, a flash of fire. A burning conflagration was shot at the direction of the person. "Watch out-!" William begun to cry, but--

A long naginata cut through the blazing sphere of fire, an elegant slash dispersing the embers and flames in the air into mere wisps of hot wind. And as the smoke cleared, all breath escaped William.

It- no, she was beautiful. The woman, clad in (albeit revealing) armor, was holding the naginata with one hand, poised in a battle-ready stance. She looked at the enemy demon with a strange spark in her eyes, an inner thirst for battle that made William spontaneously shiver.

Then, her head tilted towards him. Their eyes met, and the woman's thirst for battle which had been directed at the demon, was replaced with a loyal gaze, and a smile which rose a strange feeling inside William. It was not intentionally seductive, although anything the woman seemed to do was seductive, if only due to the armor she was wearing. It felt more like... camaraderie?

At that instant.


Burning pain.

His right hand had lighted up, a white light erupting from it. The symbol of devotion burned itself on his hand, the curious marking making his face turn perplexed.

Then, the person's -no, it could be said that this was a demon similar to the one with the swords- lips moved. Time slowed down for William, as his eyes fixated on the woman's face as she begun to speak. "With this-"

The contract was complete. The thoughts flowed into his mind.

"-the contract is complete." She confirmed the instinctual thought that had risen in his head. "I, Guan Yu, solemnly swear brotherhood to you, my Master." Her voice echoed once more, making William's eyes widen.



It was weird- He'd never been in a position of command before.


It felt good for somebody to say such trusting words to him, especially in this critical moment.


"Please command me well, brother." Guan Yu now said, sharpening her stance.

My knees buckled, the grip on my swords was sweaty, but my iron resolve remained intact. My eyes narrowed in seriousness as she asked me for orders- Yes, at this moment, this girl was depending on me.

I closed my eyes.

I felt a connection between our existence, a boundary where our life force and power intermingled.

-I see. So that is what she meant.

...This is beyond a contract.

Is this... what they call a true bond?

I stood up. I felt it, the ocean that was my B-power, which had been reduced to only a small puddle, was slowly but surely regenerating, my immense B-Capacity drawing ambient B-Power like a mad beast, so much that the drain on the air was almost visible to the naked eye.

--By the time Guan Yu depleted her B-Power, there would be more than enough for the two of us.

"--I'm sorry, Guan Yu." I said, clutching my swords. Her eyes blinked, as she looked at me. "...I'm not going to be able to fight alongside you this time, my powers have been depleted."

The demon smiled. "That is alright, brother." Her beautiful eyes pleasantly comforted me. "It joys me that you will be joining me in battle later."


I grinned.


"Tsukuyomi Kinako!" I yelled, my eyes centering on her. As one of my swords faded by my will, I pointed at her. "For those who Akito has wronged, for those he has yet to wrong, and for those who yet have hope in their hearts, I cannot die here!" I clutched at my heart. "Yes... I will not lose! Because Wolf Fang will not yield, it will not break! We are the bonds that unite our bodies, souls and passions! Those bonds, that hope! They are what makes us who we are! We are the just Wolf Fang, and we'll bring Seijou academy together!"

Then, my arm extended forward, I waved it to the side, the light from the devotion symbol shining brightly. "Let's go, Guan Yu! We'll break through!"

"Yes, Master!" Guan Yu answered with a loud and slightly pleased voice. "Let the force of our souls smash those who get in our way!" And with that, she leaped forward, leaping from the ground at speeds William could only reach with B-Burst!

Naginata spinning and whirling with elegance, Guan Yu held it ready, as she moved to match the demon with the two swords in single combat. As she got within striking distance, she stopped, her metal heels causing embers to rise from the concrete floor. The naginata struck, jeweled blade moving to slash the demon's neck open-!

My eyes widened.

She really didn't fool around.

January 21st, 2012, 01:01 PM
Nakamura Hitomi
Abashiri - Beast's Lair

Her body refused to respond to her commands.

The howling of a non-existent wind in her ears, Hitomi felt something similar to fear as she plummeted down through this tower-like prison, tailed closely by the metallic forms of five weapons. Her right shoulder had been pierced through by a curious, red spear, and any attempts to move her body seemed to result in nothing more than the urge to scream, to writhe around in midair from the pain that simply wouldn't go away.

And yet, she continued to try to move anyway, aware that the fight would reach it's end if she was pierced by even one of those blades. It wasn't impossible for her to survive being impaled once again, but the momentum from the attack would drive her into the floor, as it had done to Tetsuko, and the rest of the falling blades would finish the job started by the first.

She would die.

And Tetsuko would die as well, die simply because she had tried to save her Onee-Sama, die because Hitomi hadn't been careful enough to not get caught by the Nightmare Eyes.

She couldn't accept such an ending, not because she didn't want to die, she could accept her own death in this place if it came from her own mistakes. But she would not allow her younger sister to fall here because of her mistakes, she had failed a family member once before in the past, and she had no intention of failing any of them ever again. Even if they weren't related by blood, it was still the duty of an older sister to look out for her younger siblings, and Hitomi had always been the overprotective kind of big sister.

So, from the very moment in which that vampire, Dmitri, had dared to attack Tetsuko, Hitomi had set him as an opponent that she must defeat in order to protect her family.

That was why she continued to struggle her own body, refusing to accept the sudden weakness that it was showing, pain shot down her body, attempted to numb her mind, and while it would have been a hopeless case in most situations...

“Continue on, daughter of man.”

But Hitomi's guardian angel was a bit more proactive than most in his shielding of her life. That now familiar feeling of fire roared through her veins, revitalizing her muscles, numbing her pain, and sending her spiraling to the right with an impulsive, but amazingly swift, beat of her wings. Striking the cold metal of a nearby bridge, the impact shaking the one spear that had managed to pierce her body from it's place within her arm, it obviously wasn't the most graceful dodge she had ever managed to pull off, but-

The weapons pierced harmlessly into the wall a few meters to her left, the shining metal of their blades a cold reminder of exactly how close her dodge attempt had been to failing.

But this was fine, her wound didn't seem to be bleeding for some reason, and she knew his method of attack now, so victory should definitely be within her reach...

After all, if his fighting style revolved around the fact that his attacks could come from anywhere, than Hitomi's B-Ability immediately canceled out the advantage he would have over most opponents.

To put it simply, now that she knew what form his attacks took, he would no longer be able take her by surprise. Her B-Ability didn't just allow her to examine things beyond her natural vision with her Mind's Eye, no, if that was all it did, it would be little to no use on this sort of battlefield. The true form of her B-Ability allowed not only observation, but complete and total comprehension of everything within a certain distance of her position. She could track bullets as they left the barrel of a gun, see mines hidden beneath the ground, and even count the number of soldiers in a room with only a single use of her seemingly perfect sense.

She could focus on nothing, and yet, still manage to see and take into account all the variables of a battle that she could understand by just viewing them with her eyes.

The fact that the man could tear holes in space had confused her at first, but now that she knew what he could do, knew what the signs of his attacks were, he would no longer be able to strike her with his blades just because of the unnatural angles of his attacks-

Hitomi dived forward into a roll, the pale steel of one of the vampire's lances digging into the steel ground behind her, a strike that, judging from the fact that he was still holding onto the spear, had been intended to be delivered in a more personal manner than his previous strikes. Raising her pistol, Hitomi fired twice in an attempt to take advantage of their close proximity to each other, the bullets shining with a clear white light as they cut through the dark aura that filled the building, seemingly infused with her B-Power.

But, even at this range, he seemed to almost twitch out of the path of bullets, his eyes still focused unblinkingly on her form, the killing intent directed towards her seeming to flare with the black flames that encircled his body, that forced an unhealthy feeling of 'pressure' on her body, making it seem a bit difficult for her to breathe, almost as if the corrupted air itself wanted to deny her the right to live.

But she was still okay, her body was still working correctly-

Nine lances appeared in the space around them, five of them grouped tightly together in the air above them, descending through the air to pierce her seemingly exposed back, as the final three lances approached her from the front, serving as something of a distraction. It was an attack that held no honor to it, a tactic that was used to simply kill the opponent before they could realize that a second attack had been launched, it was perfect for an executioner who wanted to deliver a form of quick and unrelenting judgment upon his enemies.

But she could see all the weapons, could tell exactly where they would land even before they were shot from their distorted positions in space.

So it was with a feeling of calm confidence that she moved forward, weaving through the unnatural storm of metal with the grace afforded to one who has planned all of her movements out in advance. Ordinarily, her body would not have been able to move in such a swift manner, and she would have had to tank at least one of the weapons if she wanted to avoid the rest, but ever since these wings had appeared, since that feeling of fire had begun to burn in her veins, her movements had transcended the usual limits of her body, so the possibility of evading all the spears was not only possible, but it was something that could be accomplished without over-stressing her body.

But, even if she could avoid his attacks, it seemed that she still lacked the necessary power to actually kill him. Even the few bullets that pierced clean through his body, driven by the force of her B-Power, didn't seem to slow his movements in the slightest, even as his expressions told of intense pain.

Pain and hate, hate and rage-

A black flamed arm reached out and grabbed her throat as one of her more enthusiastic dodges brought her a bit too close to his current position, his spear seemingly forgotten, he seemed to focus all of his attention on simply cutting off her airflow, lost in the seas of rage that had appeared when Tetsuko had finished off Isabella. His dark aura seemed to suppress her own, seemingly holy power, and he showed no signs of severe pain from touching her skin.

Her gun falling from her slowly weakening hands, she was unable to break his grip.

Head spinning, world seeming to fade beneath a black veil-

Once again, the cold fingers of the reaper seemed to be closing in to snatch away her life.

“No, let go-”

Her thoughts had not changed, such an ending was bullshit.

If she lost she died.

If she lost, Tetsuko died.

If she lost, Dmitri would continue to execute innocent people.

If her B-Power was the thing that harmed vampires upon contact with her, then she would simply have to copy Tetsuko and let all her power loose.

Build all her B-Power up-

In this moment, that foreign voice from before, that angelic voice which had spoke calming words during the battle, joined it's will with her own.

To release all their power in a final attempt to fell their would-be murderer.

Wings spreading open like the arms of a cross, a pillar of B-Power emerged from her body, it's holy nature flaring brilliantly in the darkness of the prison, blinding all of those watching as it engulfed both Hitomi and Dmitri, the sheer force of the Holy Power temporarily blowing back Dmitri's B-Power, canceling out the Demonic Field that had been boosting his strength as the holy power simultaneously attempted to erase his life.

Looking at it from afar, it really did look like a massive cross had entered the prison.

But Dmitri was strong, continuing to keep his grip on her throat even as his hands burned from the contact, even as his existence began to erode from the divine power emerging from her body.

Even so, his grip had weakened to the point that she could breathe again, even if it was uncomfortable, so-

Reaching out with her right arm, Hitomi grabbed ahold of his shirt and pulled him closer to her, almost looking as if she wanted to give him a hug.

“I saw the way you were looking at my sister Dmitri,” she wasn't the sort to defeat an enemy in such a brutal way, but this was their last shot, “With eyes full of hate.”

She wouldn't let him escape, holding onto his body as they floated inside this Grand Cross.

“She's only seven weeks old you know?” She paused for a moment, “She doesn't deserve to have those sorts of emotions aimed at her, so-”

She let loose the remaining torrents of her power, all the strength of that foreign, powerful will joining her own, shaping it into this final holy attack.

“If you have to hate someone for killing Isabella," her voice was calm, sincere, "Hate me in her place.”

January 21st, 2012, 02:20 PM
Alfhildr Dyrdahl (LeopardBear)
Akihabara - Security Prison

The prison was under attack.

This was a phenomenon that happened once every two months in the cities adjacent to Shin Juku, where the Hell Hole was located. It's location random, Tartarus appearing in the very same place where you had set your base seemed a little more than a coincidence. But what exactly was Tartarus? In the brief minutes of peace you were given after the first zombie wave, Aozaki Touko would explain it to you to the best of her ability.

"Tartarus is tower-like structure that manifests during what we call 'The Dark Hour'. It's a time where all animals or humans who have not awakened an unique B-power are frozen in time, while Special Students like us can move freely." It was something really interesting, but hard to believe. Usually you would think that something that big could not go unnoticed, but. "It just happens on specific days at late hours during the night. The chances of an unaware person to be awake at such time are slim, and even if that were the case, one would need to be near normal people, who turn into coffins, or electronic equipment, which ceases to function, to notice."

But Tartarus was much more than that. Many had the chance to venture into it only to never come back. Tartarus was a Labyrinth plagued with dangerous monsters, some with powers humans could never hope to reach. The enemies you had defeated just a few moments ago were just those which inhabited the first floor, as only those could escape the structure and attack the real world. That was how it normally went.

However, today was different.

"On those days where the apparition of Tartarus happens during a full-moon..." She bit her lip, anticipating what was going to happen. "Stronger shadows are bound to show up."

"How strong?" Wolverine asked.

"I don't know if the four of us can handle it on our own." The red headed strategist admitted as she adjusted her glasses with a sarcastic smirk.

The girl with bandages was the first to detect it. Stripped of her sight, she had the incredible talent to sense all presences, especially those that belonged to the supernatural plane like shadows or demons.

"From above-!"

You cursed as you all jumping back, a fearsome creature coming down to get you while leaving a huge opening in the ceiling above. The monster resembled a serpent with nine heads, its size several times bigger than a normal human being. To be honest, it was something short of a miracle that the whole prison had not been destroyed with the entrance of such a mighty shadow. This could be no other than...

The legendary Sea Monster of Greek Mythology, The immortal serpent of nine heads, Hydra-!

In its most known legend it is stated that...

"I think I'll be the one to draw first blood." Wolverine announced, his body moving to evade the powerful lunge of one of the heads.

When one head is cut off...

Landing on the head that had tried to devour him, his retracted his arm... And dug his indestructible claws through the beast's armor like skin.

Two more grow in its place.

You called out to him, hoping to stop him before he made a mistake that the entire group would regret later.

That opening.

Movement Challenge: 16
Dice Result: 6
Perk Bonus: +2
Final Result: 8

In that instant, your entire vision went red. Your instincts informed you that you would not make it in time. Neither evasion nor defense was possible. It was your own fault for getting careless at a critical moment. Expecting one of your men not to make a fatal mistake, you had fallen into a deadly trap. Three heads moved at the speed of light, attacking from three different angles, a formation that make their offensive unavoidable.

But if the Hydra was a raging thunder, then she was the graceful, silent wind... One capable of cutting through anything-!


A sudden kick sent you flying to the side, but you quickly regained your composure and landed gracefully. When you did, you saw that the one who had saved you was the girl with bandages. As if to interrupt the ever-lasting moment, the remains of the heads fell around the both of you.

"Do not come too close to them. Even their breath is poisonous."

With four heads down, eight rose to take their place. But it was no longer a question of cutting the heads or not cutting them. This was a hopeless situation in which if you did not cut a head, then you would get eaten, and so, in order to prolong your life for just a minute, you needed to turn the situation even more against your favor. It might not make sense at first, but this was the logic behind Aozaki Touko's plan. If the monster cannot be defeated and the monster only remains in this world for an hour, then what you needed to do was to survive until those sixty minutes had gone by. Moreover, more heads did not necessarily mean that the attacks of the Hydra would always become more unpredictable. At first, yes, but there was always a point where the more you have, the worse it is for you.

Take ice-cream for example. You would enjoy the first and the second, but if we asked you to eat a ninth or tenth ice-cream, you would probably say no, as it would bring only dissatisfaction. The same happens with workers trying to dig a hole of specific size. At first, having more workers will mean it will completed in less time, but if you add to many only a few will work and the rest will be just a burden for the first group. Under that logic, if you managed to cut enough heads, then it would be hard for the serpent to coordinate its attacks. This would allow you to buy time until the end of the hour and reduce casualties as much as possible.

But you had another plan in mind.

There was no need for such a hassle if you could outright kill the creature. As the number of heads rose to sixteen, you prepared to perform another powerful ice attack. If you could freeze the creature just like you did before with the zombies, then the job would be done and you would all call it a day.


Every single particle in its body should have turned into ice with that command, yet none did. The technique you were so proud of did not have an effect on the shadow whatsoever. It seems it would not be that easy. You figured the creature was conceptually resistant to B-powers that targeted it directly or the air around it, making it impossible for you to freeze the annoying monster.

Looking back, Touko's plan did not seem a bad idea.

While Wolverine was busy cutting down heads, the rest of the crew turned their faces towards you, their leader. You could swear 'What do we do, now?' was carved on their foreheads.

January 21st, 2012, 09:15 PM
Alfhildr Dyrdahl (LeopardBear)
Akihabara - Security Prison

They all looked at me. Looked in confusion, in a request for guidance. What could I give them? They knew of the Hydra as well as I, and they knew my abilities and theirs. We had nothing. Only by fire, acid or a perfectly simultaneous attack could we slay the beast. None of us possessed the impossible skill to strike in 16 places, and Sakuya was not with us, regrettably: she would make this far easier.

I just motioned for them to fight. Fight for an hour, and maybe live. To tell the truth, this was bad. Wolverine and I likely had the skill and, more importantly, stamina to last for an hour, but the same could not be said of Touko and Ryougi. Touko was not a physical fighter, and could go down in one blow in a fatal slip. Ryougi was more skilled than that, but I held no hope that her young frame could last for that long.

As they darted off in different directions, I let my armor thicken to account for the greater foe, and let come to hand the first weapon in my mind: an eastern halberd, pointed with a crescent blade beneath the head. A flick of my hand sent a trail of the liquid crystal spiraling upwards, attaching to the ceiling, and pulling me up with it.

From the air, the size of the beast became truly apparent. Large enough to swallow all of us whole and still have room for second, it at least was an advantage in one way: reaching around yourself was difficult.

Pulling on the thread, I pivoted myself in midair, feet towards the ceiling. As they came into contact, icicles formed on the ceiling, massive pointed spears. And as I pushed, propelling myself towards the creature, they fell with me.

My path took me to its back and left, a blow aimed at one of its legs. Raising my weapon, I slashed it down as I fell, trying to dig a furrow in its side.

Barely had I struck the ground when I had to throw another rope to the wall, pulling me out of the way of a devastating strike of its tail. I inspected the damage I had done as I hurtled away. Not enough. It was existent, but not nearly enough.

Frantic minutes of weaving occurred, with the four of us madly darting about striking heads. Such was the nature of the combat that you couldn't stay for long: dive in, attempt to strike a few blows, and dart out before the noxious gases from the Hydra's blood could overcome you. I saw Touko's shadow demon cling madly to one of the swinging necks, trying to hold on and do some kind of damage. I saw Ryougi slip past a strike by a fingernail and plunge her knife into an eye of the beast, causing it to spasm and send her flying across the room. I saw Wolverine reach into the mouth of a head and rip a fang straight out of its socket, the dripping blood eating away flesh and exposing metallic fingerbones.

I saw an opportunity, quickly motioning for the team to withdraw from combat and muster outside its reach. The reason was fairly obvious: it was hopeless. If we maintained the status quo of the battle, we would eventually be overwhelmed. So, a dramatic shift was needed.

I stretched my arms to my sides, presenting the twin swords I had moved to using after powerful jaws had snapped the halberd in half. And I let them fade into the air. Keeping my arms outstretched, I took to one knee, as if I was praying to some kind of ancient god. In a sense, that was what I was doing.

"Oh, venerable and great being!" I began. "We must beg your forgiveness for accidentally intruding upon your realm! We were not aware of your presence, for if we were, we would surely have never dared to draw your attention." It was far grander speech than I was used to, but it seemed fitting for the situation.

"Yet, as we have now stumbled upon each other, perhaps there exists the possibility that we may yet aid and further each others interests. The monotony of being trapped within this dimension must be truly terrible indeed. I believe it may be possible to free you from this space, and let you work as you were meant to do. All I ask in return is that you see fit to destroy my enemies and aid me in battle."

Yes, I was attempting to negotiate with an old monster, that may not even understand my speech. However, could you deny that it would be of great benefit?

January 21st, 2012, 09:46 PM
Aomory - Outskirts

...The girl... doesn't know that her father is dead.

...W-well... maybe she can fix Lily? Maybe her father taught her some things...

Claire, you know as well as I we can't let this girl live like this. You're avoiding the topic because—

Hazama, you and I know that this is both awkward to explain. I don't want to break her heart, okay?

Don't call me that again, Claire.

I guess... Since we have to explain it, I'll do it. I'll probably break it in more gently, anyhow.

Claire looked at the girl and sighed. An explanation was necessary, but the stench of death was disturbing. Just how long had her father been dead?

"Sion... How do I explain this... Y-your father... he's not here any more. Yes, his body is here, but his mind... it's somewhere else. Away. And... as much as you try... You can't get him back. I'm sorry, but..."

She took a deep breath. Would using the word even mean anything? It didn't matter. She still had to say it.

"Your father is dead, Sion. Gone... forever."

January 22nd, 2012, 03:39 AM
Nigata - Hikarizaka Academy

Of course, it did not work.

King knew it had been too much to expect. There were too many flaws and openings in the plan, most of them plainly visible. It was after all, something he had thought up in the air, not intended to be a perfect solution, or a real attack. No, the true intention was to get closer to her, to create a chance for Jonathan to execute the same hit from before.... and to gauge her true strength, what else could she have in store.

She was the kind of girl that showed off, so she was probably going to show something new, pick even more confidence... leave more openings...

The battle was just starting, after all.

As expected, she ignored the formation completely, her hands taking another item of her bag. However, what she took from there briefly confused King. Another bag...?

A massive sound like that of a vacuum cleaner, a massive force sent both the blonde ruler and his trusted companion flying back. Even the whirlwind of destruction that had already ripped apart an huge part of the roof was destroyed, assaulted by something even bigger, a power far stronger. Another artifact of myth and legend, the third she had showed already. No, counting her seemingly endless bag, it was probably the fourth.

Both of them recovered almost instantly, with only a few scratches despite having been thrown far. The eyes of King fell on the girl yet again.

"This is the bag of winds once given to Odysseus by King Aeolus." Another Greek weapon. "It contains the most brutal air currents that ever existed. If you are trying to fight against me, you better pick another element, boy."

She was a monster. That much could be said with absolute conviction. She had, until now surpassed both of them in all parameters, and both were veritable monsters on their own right, far removed from common man to be considered creatures beyond humanity, like most of the powerful Special Students. The Iron Fist and the Weighted Words, two names that made even opponents more powerful than them lose their will to fight, their mere presence enough for their resolve to buckle. Yes, it was a given that none of the three had gone at full power, all of them still holding back, but the situation was bad.

He should have bought a lighter before going there, but using fire to fight caused even more destruction than his wind techniques, and he wanted the school to be standing after this battle. He would need a base of operations, after all.

"I'm bored, let's finish this."

How cheeky and arrogant, but King had to admit that the girl had the power to back it down. And as if showing that, a new weapon appeared in her hand, wielding a pressure that surpassed by far any of her other weapons.

It was a twisted, drill like sword, just like the soul of its owner.

"It was a fun fight. But it ends here."

The girl ascended in the air, energy swirling like a tornado around her. A massive quantity of B-Power being concentrated so fast, the first time King had seen something like that. He understood he needed to move fast, to get out of the way...

A weapon said to cut through mountains...

He couldn’t move. And there were two reasons for that. First, his soldiers, followers and companions, friends that had followed him through many hardships... they were in the path of the blast, fully exposed to that indiscriminate weapon, and he knew that despite his faith, they would not be able to survive something like that.

The sword of Fergus Mac Roích.

Magical shackles that had been wrapped around his limbs, to prevent any movement. It also cut the flow of B-power from his body. To his left, Jonathan was in the same position, unable to revert to his original form. However, it apparently was to avoid them interfering with the preparation of the technique, or otherwise, they would be dead no matter what. As soon as the attack was released, they faded.

It was a white sphere of magical energy, formed by pure B-particles...

The name revealed.


Seven Colors Unleashed.

"... BOLG!"

A rainbow blast coming to get you-!


Don’t make me laugh. Do you think that a King like me would give up in front of such an attack? I will block this no matter what. Even if the orders had exhausted me, I still have willpower to throw around. As long as I have power left... I will keep fighting!

“Shield!” My voice is weary, but still powerful, carrying the weight of my commands.

My most powerful defense, ten rings of air enhanced by my own B-power at full output, every single layer equaling a fortress of ancient times. Well, that would have been if my reserves of B-power had not been almost depleted, the external rings barely able to block weaker attacks. The only one that was at full power was the final and last defense.

And then, we clashed. Everything we could threw at one each, a fight of willpower where no one would back down. Sounds of exertion escaped my mouth, as I poured everything I had. A yell borne out of pure stubborn resistance, the shout of a person that would never ever give up as long as he lived!

The multicolor beam pierced layer after layer, leaving a blazing path of destruction in the burning air. Finally, only a last ring stood between me and death, the fortress of air protecting me as parts of my clothing started to disintegrate. My royal cape vanished away into rags. I would need to get a replacement later. The edges of my jacket started to get tattered, but I redirected my attention forward. I will not fall... even against something like this!


A cloud of dust obscured everyone’s vision. The defense had been a success, but at what price? That was yet to be seen...

And as the dust fell, and the clouds dissipated... there stood something completely and utterly inhuman.



A King is not human.

Kings are golden reapers born to serve people and defend them. Kings are the pillar that support buckling nations, the incarnation of their own followers. A king without anyone to acknowledge him as such does not exist. To put it simply, the people are the king.

Such is the belief of the man whose name had been forgotten long ago. He watched the conflict of the factions, and laughed at their foolishness. He watched the bloodshed, and lamented the uselessness of the so called powerful. It was a simple concept, yet no leader did truly understand it. From his point of view... they were worthless.

And so, he appeared. A man from nowhere, with no known origin. His mere presence oozed charisma, his words attracting men and women to his side almost instantly. He sought to become the King of Kings, something beyond mere mortals.

If faced with impossible odds... he would go beyond the realm of possibility. For his followers. For the people suffering in Japan, the country he would unify, a first step towards the whole world. He would never ever give up.

For he was the Golden Conqueror.


Eyes lit with pure gold, and an aura of willpower so strong that made the whole air around him tremble on his presence, like a choir of strings being pulled around. It was a terrible sight, for the being that stood there was inhumane. That was what he would become as a King, the monster that would protect everyone and everything, whether they liked it or not.

He looked up, almost absentmindedly, like he did not truly care. Thirty feet above, the girl was charging yet another attack, even more powerful than the last one. A smile appeared in the blonde’s perfect face, a smirk as if he did not worry anymore about his precarious situation...

And then, golden darkness poured forward, surging from his surroundings like an unnatural mist, a concentration of B-power so thick and powerful, being gathered so fast that the previous display from the girl paled in comparison. For King had no other choice to surpass his own limits, to go beyond what he had gone before. It was his last, final attack...

Like that... as if it was natural for him to do so, he surpassed himself. It was his duty, a duty whose call he could not deny, and thus, going beyond his limits was in his very nature.

“Is this all you have? How disappointing. If you are trying to defeat me, you better pick another way, girl!” His very voice shook with power, charged with the B-power that he had called in a last, desperate move. For King was about to unleash, for second time in his life, his ultimate technique.

From his pocket... a wooden handle appeared. It had no special properties, nor was it decorated gaudily. It was a simple tool, not for its uses, but for mere convenience. He extended his right harm to the side, the wooden object pointing straight to nowhere.

"Winds of the World, obey your King!” An absolute command, calling forth massive winds that invaded the rooftop, making it seem as if the whole school was surrounded by a massive whirlwind. With incredible speed, the powerful currents started to gather at the extreme of the wooden handle....

“ Form the ultimate blade that shall split apart the very heavens!” And it started to take form, a massive, titanic blade that defied imagination, a sword of triturating wind that crushed everything in its path, a blade worthy of gods...!


And thus, it was called. The most powerful technique of the man called King. A massive blade of compressed wind, of pulverizing forces that knew no defeat, an incarnation of his true strength. And in the midst of the powerful attack, on the center of the absolute destruction...

A vacuum. An absolute territory were mortal beings found defeat, a void of a thousand cuts. And this deadly weapon, of unforgiving power, arched forward in a beautiful, perfect arc, against the powerful multicolored beam of pure destruction.





And so, the earth-shattering powers clashed in the burning sky.

January 22nd, 2012, 03:00 PM
Karakuri Tetsuko (Froggie) - Nakamura Hitomi (Airen)
Abashiri - Beast's Lair

The two lovers met in what, for decades now, had been their secret place. However, unlike many times before, this was not a romantic reunion.

The man turned his back to her.

"I'm leaving the Vampire Council."

It was a goodbye.

She understood the meaning behind the words. But she also knew that the path his boyfriend was about to take would not only separate them forever, it would lead to his demise. She could only hope to convince him that what he was going to do was wrong, hope he too would understand how she was feeling right now.

"You don't understand, Dmtri. Revenge is not going to make yourself feel any better." The girl took a deep breath. "Let's forget about everything. Humans... Vampires... Let's leave it all behind and escape together. We will liv-"

But his words could no longer reach him.

"It's you who does not understand, Natasha! It is no longer what it used to be...!" Raising his tone, he began to walk around the place, infuriated. "They have killed almost everyone I know." His fists were clenched harder than ever before. "I've protected them for years!" He swallowed. "I have... I have devoted my entire life to them." There was sadness and there was rage. There was suffering. "But they killed entire my family. There wasn't even a bone left to bury." He exhaled, still emotional. "... I can't let it stay like this, Natasha. I just can't."

There was silence after that. It was so heavy the both of them wanted to escape it as soon as possible, but none of them could come up with words to speak. Their mouths would suddenly open; and then slowly close having said nothing. What was it there to say? Their postures were quite clear. He would avenge his parents. She would stay behind with hers. If that was the case, there was nothing more to be said about the matter.

"... I met this guy." He began. "His name is Pram. He says that if we join forces, vampires will be able to easily rule over humans. It should take a couple of years for us to rise from the ashes, but he is sure that the plan will work." He extended his hand, seeking the support of his loved one. "Come with me, Natasha, and we will rule the land together."

But the answer to that proposal was obvious.

"You know I can't do that." She looked away. A part of her wanted to follow him whenever he went, but the other knew that was just wrong. "My father is the head of our clan, he would never want this." A brief pause, used to gather as much confidence as she possibly could. "Nor do I."

"He says he can save Isabella."

His younger sister had, too, become a victim of the attacks of the humans.

"Don't do this."

However, there was no response.


The place where he had been standing until a few seconds ago was empty.

She was alone.

On that lonely night, their fates finally parted.


The final attack was executed.

By the time the technique concluded, Dmtri should have been just a pile of dust. But that was not the case. His body no longer recognizable; it was only a matter of time before his existence faded. That's what you thought at first. But after resting his back against the wall, you realized there was one more thing the vampire needed to do. He was defying all expectations and remaining 'alive' by sheer power of will and nothing else.

Your eyes followed him, as he vanished and then reappeared in front of whatever remained of her younger sister. It was evident that his final wish was to die by her side. But the flames that burned inside his body would not extinguish so easily. There was one more thing he desired: He wanted to see you die. And so, right next to where Isabella's spirit laid, he unleashed all his power.


Even for you, it was too sudden.

The instantaneous impalement came from above. The spears were so many, hell, you couldn't even tell if there were hundreds or thousands. You managed to avoid a bunch of them and block another group, but eventually the lances overpowered you and you fell to the ground, close to where Tetsuko rested, miraculously untouched by this last attack. Pinned down, it was evident that you would not be able to do a thing about the next attack.

He would die. You would die. Tetsuko would die.

That was what was going to happen; there was no other way of seeing it.

But it would seem that during your stay in this cursed prison, you had made more than one ally.


"Leave them alone, you fucking vampire!"

*Thump* *Thump* *Thump*

The projectiles came one after another, from all possible directions. It was a surprising act of courage born in their hearts after experiencing an epic battle like yours. Every single inmate picked whatever was at hand and threw it at the undead, in order to defend you-!

Among them was Maiku.

It was both a sad a scene and a happy scene. The punishment, both verbal and physical, he received during his last moments reassured his beliefs. Humans were a tyrant race that did not deserve to inhabit Earth. Such feeling of despair and hatred did not vanish, even after his body could not handle any more and was reduced to nothing.

On the other hand, for you it was surprising. To see so many people stand up to protect you... There had been no precedent and there weren't enough words to properly describe how you felt about it.

But one thing was for sure, and that was that your time was running out.

Your consciousness faded as everything went pitch black.

January 22nd, 2012, 08:49 PM
Nakamura Hitomi
Abashiri – Beast's Lair

At the very least, Dmtri shouldn't have been able to move.

Panting from B-Power exhaustion, her vision seeming to pulse in and out with the hurried pace of her heartbeat, Hitomi ended her last attack, the Grand Cross vanishing in a blaze of sparks that spread throughout the prison, as if the energy itself sought to destroy any last traces of the Demonic Field that had once been dominant in this prison. With this, the light that had blinded both the prisoners, and Hitomi herself vanished, leaving the blue haired young woman squinting at the unrecognizable form of the vampire in front of her, his skin charred and broken as if she had assaulted him with flames.

Even if he was a vampire, with wounds like that, it was obvious that he would no longer be able to maintain his existence in this world, that he would not have the power to save himself.

But, even if his body shouldn't have been able to do so, he pulled himself through space one last time, Hitomi's eyes tracking him without the use of her B-Ability as he reappeared next to the remains of his sister.

It was a sad sight, and for a moment, Hitomi felt a twinge of pity for the vampire, but-

Just like the other vampires, he had threatened her life, the life of her sister, and the lives of all of the inmates.

She hadn't been here in this prison very long, but she could remember the screams of the people forcibly infected with vampirism, the relentless sobbing that had come when someone was being led to their execution by the guards. The prisoners had been tortured mentally and physically, and the vampires had simply laughed at their misfortune, treating them like toys that could simply be replaced when they were done playing with them.

So she regretted nothing about her actions against Dmitri, he had chosen to be the enemy of humanity, had chosen to embrace his nature as a monster instead of fighting against it, and she had struck him down in response, had struck him down in order to save not just her own life, but the lives of her sister and her fellow prisoners of war.

Or at least, she thought that she had managed to strike him down.


If she had been paying more attention, perhaps it wouldn't have caught her so off guard, but-

Spears rained down from above as Dmtri screamed, more weapons than he had ever used before, not tactically placed by any means, but simply an attempt to wipe her out through sheer brute force.


Her body screaming at her for her to stop, she reached for the last dwindling pools of her energy and reactivated her B-Ability, doing her best to dodge the relentless rain of cold, shining metal.

But it didn't matter how many she dodged, for the rain of steel showed no signs of stopping, a last attack fueled by the dying wishes of an undead man. Discarding her gun as the rain continued, the steel pole-arms slowly filling up the space in which she could safely dodge, she removed one of the spears from the ground out of instinct, swiping a group of spears from the air with an almost angelic like grace.

But her body couldn't keep up anymore, even aided by the divine force that normally lay sleeping within her, her muscles burned, and her movements began to slow, bit by bit, her normally reliable dodges slowing to the point that avoiding a direct impalement was the best she could manage. The flying steel left small, non-bleeding gashes on her arm and side as the bridge collapsed beneath the onslaught, her descent slowed by nothing but a simple impact with the ground below, her position rather close to where Tetsuko lay, eyes blank with what seemed to be fear.

The storm had stopped for a moment, but this was definitely how things would end, even if it pissed her off, she simply couldn't see any way out of this situation.

The instant Dmitri started firing again, her fight would end, along with Tetsuko's-

She wanted to say something to comfort Tetsuko at the end, but the words just wouldn't seem to come to her-


And maybe, just maybe, she wouldn't have to find them.

“Leave them alone you fucking vampire!”

*Thump* *Thump* *Thump*

It was an unbelievable turn of events. The prisoners who had been watching the fight, even those who were obviously infected with vampirism, their faces contorted in pain, were hurling whatever they could find at Dmitri, both physically and verbally, an act which seemed to shatter the concentration necessary for use of his weapons.

Watching this, her vision blurring with the approaching darkness of unconsciousness, Hitomi still felt some pity for the man who seemed to crumple under the blows of the inmates.

For someone who hated humanity, this was probably the worst way in which he could possibly leave this world. But Hitomi herself felt nothing but gratitude for the people who had stood up to protect her life, for the ones who had decided to protect one of their own of their own accord, even though she didn't know most of them very well, or in some cases, at all.

Seemingly unable to hold on any longer, Dmtri vanished beneath the attacks of the inmates, becoming a simple pile of ash.

And just like that, due to the interference of the prisoners, the liberation of the prison had been successful.

As if this thought had stopped the seemingly constant flow of adrenaline throughout her body, Hitomi could feel her mind drifting off into the blankness of unconsciousness, a sign that her stressed out body sought to repair itself through sleep.

Rest child, it'll be alright.

Struggling for just a bit longer against the whims of her body, she reached for the keyring she had snatched from the guard earlier on.

“Here, I took these from a guard.”

And with the last bits of her strength, she tossed the keys into the cell closest to her, seeking to at least let the other prisoners go free before she passed out, a simple act that showed her trust for the ones who had just intervened to save her life.

“If you look hard enough, you might find some sort of vaccine for vampirism in the infirmary,” her voice taking on a quiet, sleepy tone, she continued, “They didn't seem to want everyone to get the disease after all...”

And with those quiet words, she reached out with her left arm and, ignoring the whirring sound of broken machinery and sparks, pulled Tetsuko into a one-armed hug, the last protective gesture she currently had the power to show.

“Thank you for coming to save me Tetsuko,” half-asleep, she simply said what came to mind, “I'm sorry I can't help fix you right now, but I can barely keep my eyes open.”

She blinked once, the darkness closing in from the corners of her eyes.

“We'll have to fix you up soon...”

And just like that, her head resting on Tetsuko's wounded shoulder, Hitomi allowed herself to lapse into unconsciousness.

January 23rd, 2012, 03:56 PM
Alaya Shiki (Fangstrike) - Raitei (Mellon)
Yokohama - Streets

It had not been the fastest, nor the most powerful wind technique you had in store. That's why you did not expect the giant to go down after the first blow. But, in fact, he did. His whole body hit the pavement which such force that it left a small crater with its shape. Had he not opted to wear that weird looking head protector, his face would have been left unrecognizable. You waited for him to stand up to hit him yet again with the same attack for the same result. Seriously, this did not resemble a fight at all. If you could compare it to something, it would be to a freak trying to beat a record in a TV show: See how much hits he can take before someone would need to call an ambulance.

The taxi driver used this opportunity to escape the scene, not without devoting the both of you a friendly honk.

As the man got up for the tenth time, something told you the tables were about to turn. You had probably not noticed before because of how gradual the change was, but now it was evident that the guy was at least twice as tall. And that was not all. He now sported a considerable bigger musculature. A close-up analysis would reveal that all his parameters had increased after the beating he took. It did not require a genius to conclude that Usagi Tsukino grew stronger the more damage he received.

"I'll show you what you get for going against my family!" He smashed the floor with both hands, sending a shockwave towards your direction. "Let's see how you like this!"

Predictable as it was, you were forced to jump in order to avoid it. Without being able to move backwards or forward much -The road behind you was under construction and the giant prevented you from advancing-, that was the only thing you could do in order to get out of harm's way. Evading the attack had been easy; landing after that jump? Not as much. You found yourself doing out of instinct to prevent as much damage as possible. It was as if you had jumped from the third floor of a building, only you had just leaped in the air to evade a simple attack.

What the hell had happened? Not that you thought about it, your bodies felt a lot more heavier, to the point where you felt like a weak teenager out of shape; every move was hard to make. There was certainly an aspect of his B-ability that you had overlooked.

"Gwahahahaha!" Tsukino laughed, pleased to see the surprised look on your faces, even if it had lasted just a second. "This is my B-Ability: Solidarity Syndrome!"

He then proceeded to explain how it worked, not bothered by the fact that it might lead him to his defeat. Solidarity Syndrome was a technique based on the concept of 'Attack and Receive' or 'Give and Take'. Whenever the head of the Usagi clan got a hit, his body would grow in size and power, making him more powerful overall. Normally the body would not be able to handle the extra mass properly, but as someone who had trained all his life for it, the Banchou had no difficulties. The second half of the ability consisted of sharing that 'extra weight' with any individual within a preset radius; in this case: the both of you. Physical mass would not increase considerably, but it would have the same effect as if it did. Your bodies now moved several times slower than usual and the exhaustion increased by the second. It was either get crushed by the giant before you or fight for your life, delaying the inevitable. The man had already showed he would not go down that easily.

His arms moved to get you.

Movement Challenge: 12
Dice Result: 18
Penalty: -3 (hindered)
Final Result: 15

You quickly ducked, evading the attack, barely.

Movement Challenge: 12
Dice Result: 1
Penalty: -3 (hindered)
Final Result: 0
Damage Roll: 14

Sadly for Shiki, he was not presented with enough time to do the same. He managed to instinctively protect his chest with both arms before the giant fist smashed against his body, sending him flying backwards, towards a terrible death. Fortunately, he was able to recover in time and gather air around his feet, allowing him to hover back to the battlefield. One of his arms, however, was broken; and for the time being, he could not feel the other. A second attack like that could prove to be fatal.

Playtime was over.

If you wanted to defeat him, you would need to level up the game, hit him with those techniques you would normally save up for later; and fast. Because this seemed to be a battle where the longer the fight lasted, the more you would be at a disadvantage... Wasn't that right? Or was it wrong?

Truth was, it was now your turn. And if he wanted to play a game of give and take, you would gladly comply.

January 23rd, 2012, 07:34 PM
Raitei (Mellon)
Yokohama – Streets

The armoured man was slammed into the ground by the slab of wind conjured by Shiki, sending shards of concrete into the air and creating a small crater through the force of the impact alone. And again. And again. And again. Raitei's eyes narrowed in suspicion as he looked at the scene in front of him. Something was wrong. This man.... he kept getting up. And Shiki proceeded to slam him into the ground with exactly the same amount of power he had previously.

The taxi had already left, so they had achieved that at least, but what was happening was simple sadism at best and dangerous at worst. Playing with opponents was foolish, especially when their capabilities remained unknown. It was at this precise moment, when Raitei realized that the man in front of them was larger then before. A lot larger. He was just about to shout a warning to Shiki when the man stood up once more and spoke.

"I'll show you what you get for going against my family!"

The armoured giant drove his fists into the ground, shattering the asphalt as if it was nothing but glass. A shockwave of kinetic energy was blasted towards them at high speed, easily breaking through the road as it raced towards the two of them.


The wave was rather predictable in its course, so avoiding it in normal circumstances would have been extremely easy. As things were however, with such little room for manuvering, they only had one way to get away from the wave of power. With a quick motion of his body, he jumped into the air, allowing the wave to pass underneath him without much damage. Looking to his side, he saw Shiki reach the same conclusion he had, and had taken into the air.

And then he landed back on the ground, causing Raitei to grit his teeth in effort.

What the hell? Increased gravity?

His opponents B-Power was obviously more complex then he had initially thought. Not only did it seem to increase his physical capabilities equal to the scale of damage he had taken, but he also seemed to slow them down somehow. However, Raitei did not have to suffer in puzzlement for long. His opponent seemed to be more then accommodating on this front at least. No matter. He would take his opponents arrogance and drown him in it.

Solidarity Syndrome, huh?

So it both increased his physical stats according to the damage received and then "sharing" the increased weight with others in the same area, huh? Really. Shiki had taken the worst possible approach against this man. Damaging him with a relatively moderate amount of damage over a constant amount of time? The armoured giant probably could not ask for a better situation. Having finished his speech, their opponent moved with explosive strength. Obviously the extra weight was nothing for him. As the fist approached, Raitei moved to dodge it. Even with the extra weight binding him down, he managed to pull off a side step that sent the fist careening past his head.

Shiki however, seemed to be less lucky. Incapable of moving fast enough to dodge the blow, he was hit straight on by the monstrous punch, only managing to pull up his arms at the last second. The man was blasted back as if he got hit by a cannon, over the edge of the unfinished runway. For a normal man, that would have been guaranteed death, but air manipulation seemed to have its perks, as Shiki remained airborn, buffeted by raging winds underneath his legs. However, his hands were obviously in bad shape, as even from this distance, he could spot a broken bone. Hopefully the second arm didnt have any fractures in them, or otherwise he couldn't use either of them any longer.

Meanwhile, Tsukino let out a menacing guffaw and turned towards him, with a glint of dark maliciousness in his eyes as he approached Raitei with resounding steps. The gigantic fist was launched with the force of a tank cannon, aimed directly at Raitei. Unlike with Shiki, a cranial hit would spell certain death. If his head was not split apart, then the sheer damage to the skull and neck would kill him outright.

The fist of the reaper, that seemed to represent certain death itself, descended on the blonde haired youth...


...and missed.

The situation was ridiculous. Even while being completely outclassed in all physical attributes and being weighed down by the increased gravity in the area, Raitei managed to easily avoid his opponents blow by a simple tilt of his head. Explosive power erupted once more and the giants right fist was sent into a sideways sweep that should have crushed his ribcage into dozens of pieces. A quick crouch made it pass through nothing but air. A left uppercut, aimed to take his head off. Dodged by a quick backstep. A lightning fast jab towards the middle of his torso? Slammed into nothing but the railing behind Raitei, causing it to deform and bend like paper.

It was as if he was reading all of his movements before they even happened.


Clearly irritated at his lack of progress, Tsukino's body moved forwards, his hands brought up from the sides to entrap and finally finish the irritating pest he was fighting in. However, this was the chance Raitei was waiting for. As if bowing, he moved his body downwards, causing the hands to pass over him and took a casual step forward, sidestepping the charging giant entirely. His face had a good natured smile, seemingly completely unsuitable for the situation, on it, as he brought his left hand up to seemingly pat his opponent on the back.

"You are working too hard there. Take some time off, wont you?"

...the hand on his back become covered in azure sparks of electricity for a second, before seemingly crossing over to the armour worn by the giant. Not even bothering to stop, Raitei was casually walking back towards the main road, away from the construction site and the giant that had suddenly stopped moving.

"Since you were so kind about your own ability, let me tell you what I just did."

"You see, what I did was hit you with an extremely low electrical charge. Nothing damaging. Well, visible damage at least. However, what that charge did do however, was damage your nervous system quite considerably."

"You are feeling it, am I right? The uncontrollable muscle spasms? To be honest, a bit more and you might have gone into cardiac arrest. Thank god that my control is that precise, right? Otherwise you might have really ended up dead right there."

Reaching a considerable distance, Raitei turned back towards his opponent. His face still held a smile, but this time it did not reach his eyes. Those brown eyes might as well have been made of ice, considering the calculating coldness that they now held.

"However, if you still want to die..."


It was as if heaven itself had come down on Earth to cause hell.

Lightning. Pure, unbridled electrical power.

Electricity arced everywhere around Raitei. The ground was shattered as arcs of light seemed to emerge from the very ground itself and gouged up lines of sizzling earth. The air surrounding the man in the green jacket was filled with so much electrical energy that it seemed more akin to a solid dome made of thunder, rather then something composed of singular bolts. Random arcs struck out from the main mass, causing a nearby lamppost to be melted in half and a nearby railing to be ripped from the ground as if it was nothing more but a cheap toy. The sharp stench of ozone filled the air and the man in the middle of it...

...his eyes seemed to tell one thing only.

You will die if you fight me.

"...let me show you why they call me the THUNDER EMPEROR!!"

And the sound of thunder roared with him.

January 24th, 2012, 03:26 PM
Gabriel Levilius
Koube- Train to Osaka


It was a tough battle. You were more skilled than your enemy in every possible aspect, yet he managed to win every clash using his overwhelming luck. With one of your hands incapacitated, your abilities as a swordsman would be half as effective compared to how they had been so far. As a spectator, one would think the battle had been decided the second you got wounded by the bandit's blade. Half of that sentence was right, and half of it was wrong. The outcome of the battle was evident; but you were going to be the one to walk out of it alive. Defeat was not an option.

Not to mention you still had an ace under your sleeve.

The Snake's Eyes and The Mirror of Never Changing Fate. Two mystic artifacts that, together, became an unstoppable force. However, when separated, they were not as special. If you wanted to win, what you needed to do was obvious. You needed to break the circle-!

The train you were defending belonged to Kyou. Even the little brother of the NPI leader was there.

You did not care.

The enemy you were facing could not be defeated by normal means. Your strikes would prove to be useless against his impenetrable luck defense.

You did not care.

Your previous life was no more. Your family, your friends, your home. You would never return to what you once were. There was no longer Gabriel Levilius. There was only The Pacifier.

Right now, you definitely did not care.

You charged into the battle, confident in your ability, your sword ready to pass judgement-!


The seal was released.


Saber fell to her knees.

Her wounds were not life threatening, but they limited her movement considerably; and they did sure hurt. This was the way a sadist like Marc Holmes expressed his art. Without being seen by anyone, he adored to see someone else suffer. This time, however, he felt like he needed go beyond his usual torture session. The wound on his left side still bleeding, he could not help but to be swallowed by rage. He wanted to see her cry! To beg for her life. She wanted to see her in despair! Take all hope away until tragedy was the only option that remained. And to do that...

He released part of the curse, restoring her sense of hearing.

"Now listen carefully, bitch." The man said. "That friend of yours... Is dead." He shrugged. "There is no way he can beat my brother. You might want to give up as well. I'm stronger you know, wahahaha." His hand violently grabbed the weakened girl's face, in an attempt to show her who was in charge there. "I'm going to have so much fun with you now."

The only response he got was a spit to the eye. The brutal punch that came after that made her cough blood.

"You have nerve, girl, I give you that." The famous thief cracked his knuckles, ready to provide more punishment. "Don't you worry. Nobody will see when I take away your virginity and violate every hole in your body, only you. I look forward to the look on your face when you experience such humiliation." Holmes declared, already unzipping his pants.

"What did you just say...?"

The bandit raised an eyebrow. "That I'm going to rape you, you fucking whore. Geez, blondes are all the same."

But that was not the words Saber had focused all her attention on. 'Nobody will see', that was what he said. The knight suspected something like that might be possible, and that thought had turned into a reality. If that was the case... If truly no one could see her...

Then there was no need to hide her sword any longer.

Marcus Holmes flinched, for the very first time his face showing traces of fear, as a light brighter than the sun illuminated the dark abyss.


The legendary swords were activated.

A man forced to forget his past in the name of justice.

The blessed sword entrusted to you was a symbol of divine power. Said to hold three miracles, it was capable of unleashing flames hotter than the sun itself, raging fire that would eliminate any foe. This was the power of the blade that once belonged to Roland, the honored leader of the Twelve Knights at the service of Charlemagne, Durandal, the Peerless Sword-!

A woman who could not forsake her oath.

The strongest holy sword wielded in the past by King Arthur, the famous King of England. A weapon not created by humans but by the World itself, it granted an incredible power to its owner. It's light brighter than a thousand suns, getting touched by it would lead to a death so fast you wouldn't even feel it. Such was the power of Excalibur, the Sword of the King-!

"The Sword of Promised Victory..."

Ever-Lasting Sacrifice.

"The Sword of Heavenly Wrath..."

Newborn Martyr.





Raging Flames and Blinding Light invaded the enemy territory, consuming all. In a matter of seconds, It was all over.

Nothing was left of the two brothers who worked as a team, yet hated each other like poison.


An hour later, you were greeted as a hero in Tsukimoshi, a small town located near Osaka.

And you weren't alone, Saber was there with you. When she defeated her opponent, she returned to the place where she had been standing before, as if nothing had happened. Her sword was sealed inside an invisible lair of wind, its secrets well guarded. An invisible sword... It was something that caught your attention. Maybe you should ask Saber about it when the opportunity shows itself.

Together you had neutralized the rest of the seemingly weak thieves, saved a bunch of hostages and arrived safely. A man in blue uniform -From the NPI military force- made sure to congratulate you for a job well done. Well, that was what he had done when he greeted you ten minutes ago. Now he just wouldn't stop talking about how beautiful his wife was and that they weren't going to have a baby soon. It would be a long time before you somehow managed to escape from this mad talking beast named Hughes.

Meanwhile, the military was busy taking the evil do-ers into custody and escorting the Prince of the National Protectorate Institute out of that horrible place. Colonel Mustang was pleased to know that scum would be finally placed behind bars. And if he were to be honest, he was really interested in Saber and you. A deed like yours was not something any brave person could do; and the military needed soldiers like you. But as he walked in your direction, something unexpected happened.

A clicking sound.

The young Colonel snapped his fingers and, at the same time, the criminal who had just tried to attack you in an act of revenge to avenge their leaders was engulfed in flames. Roy Mustang extinguished the fire not long after that, letting the man live, but leaving him with serious third degree burns. As he did so, your eyes met.

Something told you this would not be the only time you would meet with him.

Like Hughes before him, he congratulated you and he even gave you an invitation to participate in a test. Obviously passing that test would mean you would become a NPI soldier. Neither you nor Saber could accept that proposal for obvious reasons, but he insisted, so you had to take the card. He then explained that a train would take you to Osaka shortly, that there was nothing to worry.

And then you asked the most important question.

"When is it leaving...? Right now."

Behind you, a train had already begun to move.


Son of a bitch.

January 25th, 2012, 03:12 PM
King (RacingeR) - Jonathan (Morm)
Nigata - Hikarizaka Academy

Your eyes opened, and when they did, you found yourself in a bed. It was not comfortable and really small; it didn't fit a king at all. But that was not the point. Seeing your body covered in bandages and feeling so exhausted that you could not give a single command, it was evident that you had lost the fight.

You recalled how the two powers collided in a beautiful clash.

It was only natural. When two warriors place all their remaining energy into one final technique, normally the attack with the most B-power behind it wins. That is what had happened. If the output of your Infinite Vacuum had been a hundred; then the output of Rainbow Dynasty had been six hundred. Your strongest magic had been swallowed by that of the enemy, and you took a direct hit. No, that didn't make sense. If that were the case, then there was no way you would be alive right now. Something must have stepped between the seven colored blast and you.



A familiar face seemed to be in a rush. Trying to take a more diplomatic approach this time, you decided to talk with the girl that had once fired a missile at your face. She seemed to be as serious as ever.

"What am I doing?" Her cold voice indicated that the answer, for her, was obvious. "I'm preparing." She said, as she loaded her weapons. "Trying to take Nigata was a mistake. Now that the vampires know that our defenses had been hurt, they will switch to offensive... And they will take us down." An awkward silence. "Furthermore, Nigata unites the PGG, the NPI and the NE territories together. Don't think the Nightmare Eyes will be the only ones to find this is a perfect chance for an invasion."

I can't let that happen.

That's what her eyes said, but you were curious as to why.

"Do you have someone that is precious to you? Someone you want to protect?"

Those words told you everything. And you understood. After all, you had a person you wanted to protect as long as you could, the scars in your back being the ultimate proof of it. He was the King and you were his loyal Shield. And for the first time in your life, you met with someone that while very different to you on the outside, was very similar to you in the inside. Because this girl must have been the Shield of someone else.

"I'll protect this school no matter what."

Exchanging names with Akemi Homura, you felt a faint bond forming between you and her. Maybe someday you would be able to understand her a bit more. For now, you left her do what she was doing, you had other things to do. There was someone you had to visit. A friend.

A King.


"Now... Time to do business."

She appeared out of nowhere. Really, it was hard to tell if the girl known as Kodama Himegami had just arrived or if she had been there the whole time. In any case, it was clear why she was here, visiting you. You had made a bet and lost. Naturally, she had come to take her price: The mysterious Japanese jewel laid dormant in one your pockets. It was really painful to give away something with so much potential, but you were a man of word. You made an effort and extended your open hand, the magatama resting on it. She was free to take it...

But she did not.

There was a moment of silence, in which her entire body shook in embarrassement, a light blush showing up on her chicks, until she could not hold it anymore and turned her back to you, fixing her eyes on the first thing that came into her sight, just to drive her attention off that cursed piece of history that would never be hers.

"Idiot! W-Why are you doing such a thing when you were not the one to lose?!" She was honestly led to believe you were messing with her. "I' am the one who must give YOU something!"

Well, wasn't this confusing? Not only had you won a fight you thought you had lost; the girl seemed to be a completely different person compared to what you had seen in that rooftop hours ago. With a little bit of hesitation, she turned around once more and timidly handed you a sheet of paper with something written on it. It was when you noticed: A long yet barely noticeable cut on her face. It might be too small to be considered a win, but the truth was, that had she noticed the wind attack a split of a second later, she would have been decapitated instantly.

You took the note and read it to yourself: 'I, Kodama Himegami, hereby announce myself an ally of the King of Kings.' It was a piece of paper with no real meaning, in fact it was quite laughable, but cute nonetheless. You barely managed your urges to tease the woman, as she urged you to drink some strange green liquid. She had taken it from a bottle which came out of her mystic bag.

"Drink just a little bit. It should restore your body and energy to what it was before the fight." Her serious expression returned. "But just a little. It would be unpleasant for me to serve a baby." She said, implying this was some kind of potion of youth which made the owner younger which each sip. You certainly did not want to go back to being a kid, so you followed her instructions.

After twenty minutes, the effects kicked in... And you were a new man.


The tree of you met in the rooftop.

The blonde seemed to know a lot about battles strategy; and so you decided to listen to her every word. Because, to be honest, you had no plan in mind. The steps you had followed until now were attack, attack and attack, until the place was yours. With an entire city under your dominion, things would take a drastic change.

You all sat in a table on the middle of the destroyed battleground, ignoring the rubble around you, as the gentle breeze brought back memories of your previous fight. Himegami laid a map on the table for the two of you to see:


Nigata (Shin Gata in the map), which had until now been an independent territory, now belonged to your group. From that point on, you had five new territories you could invade. Those were Toukyou, Akihabara, Sekigahara, MOO, and Aomory. This was evident just by taking a look at the map. However, there were other things that should be taken into consideration from now on.

"When choosing a territory to move your forces to, you should always take into account the income of that territory. This indicates how much money the region generates." She raised her index finger, explaining like a true teacher. "No matter how loyal your troops are, if you don't pay them their morale will decrease and they will demostrate a poor performance during a fight. If they don't trust you, then they might even left your group."

She pointed at the territory with a big star.

"Toukyou is the Capital of Japan. It has the biggest income, so whoever has control over it has a big advantage when deploying and hiring forces." She then proceeded to point at the tank symbols near it. "However, it's already on the hands of the PGG. Taking over a capital is really hard, and the second you step on it, they will declare war on us. Their technology is not something we can't currently fight against the tanks they have."

Her index finger then scrolled up to the bat symbols.

"Which leads to our main problem, the vampires. The Nightmare Eyes has been trying to conquer this region for little less than an year now." She let out a small sigh. "And now I'm sure they'll try another attack soon. With our current resources we should be able to put up a reasonable defense, but if other faction tries to attack us during that time..." You could already begin to imagine what would happen to your 'kingdom'. "That's why we cannot afford start a war with some other group. For now, I think we should focus on defending ourselves against the vampires. They might be stupid, but they are strong and they reproduce like a plague." She spoke from experience.

Putting aside the matter of the map, she placed something over it.

"That's why we are going to need some help." It was a Comp. The same the madman was holding way back -Someone who you haven't seen after the fight- when you first met at the rooftop. "Right now, I'm going to tell you how to invoke a demon."


Summoning Complete.

With what seemed to be a small explosion, something crashed against the rooftop like a meteorite, covering the entire place in smoke. Seriously, it was a miracle that the structure was still standing after taking so much damage during the course of the day. But all your concentration was focused on the one being who would serve you to death were it to sign the contract.

On your demon.

Luck Challenge ?
Dice Roll: 20

The first thing you saw when the smoke screen cleared up was a gigantic pole arm. A spear... No, a Halberd. The handle was black but the blade itself was pink. It was so long and so big, only a physically strong man would be able to use it properly. That's wrong, it required more than that. You were sure that you, for instance, wouldn't be able to handle such a weapon.

But the one holding it was not a man.

Golden eyes that pierced the night. A gorgeous girl in a revealing black dress met your stare... And smiled.

"Bring the girls... Prepare a banquet... And get ready to fight.

'Cause the great Achilles is here-!"

January 26th, 2012, 11:34 AM
Decay (Satehi)
Tottori – Another Pyramid

Fifteen minutes had passed since you first met the spoiled banchou of Tottori, Cleo Aripa.

During that time, the little girl yelled, cried and bit your head with no mercy. It was a way of life you were not used to -Taking care of someone- but it was not too bad really... Or to put it in other terms, it could be worse. The sky getting dark, you decided to spend the night in a nearby pyramid that seemed to be safe, with no deadly traps that would take your life during your sleep. However, neither the mysterious woman that had saved you earlier, nor Cleo could sleep. And with how loud the spoiled girl was, well, you couldn't close an eye either. It was a wonder how Commander Fushimi and Izumi could sleep in these conditions. Guess joining the army had its perks.

"Minions! Minions!"

She kept repeating, like a broken record. Now that she was no longer the official leader of the region, she probably missed those who had used to work with her. No, more like, this was the first time in her life where she was not in command; and where not everything was served on a silver plate. It was only natural that she would feel this way about it. The three of you sat around in a triangle formation. The darkness was such that you could barely see each other's faces. Unconsciously, you patted Cleo Aripa's head, trying to make her feel better.


The effect was instantaneous. A trance-like state where she forgot everything and relaxed, such was the power of your miraculous hand-! Not really, but you made a mental note to pat her in the head whenever you wanted to shut her up. In a couple of minutes, she had fallen asleep completely, now looking like an angel, and you were left alone with the mysterious woman. Right, now was the time to ask her all the doubts you had. You'd begin with what was most important: Who she was.

"Master... I'm ashamed to hear that you don't know who I am." A cheeky smile. "But I can forgive that since it must be hard to recognize me just by my looks. Here."

When she hands you the sword, you hesitate for a moment. The blade feels so strong without even touching it, Who knows what could happen to you if you did? This was an artifact of the past, the legendary weapon that belonged to the demonic woman that served you. When she insisted and you took a hold of it, it felt... Different. It was as if you didn't want to let go of that object, ever. Like the most potent drug tempting the weakest willed addict. Examining it, you spotted a small inscription on it. It read: Grass Cutting Sword. That was all it took for you to narrow the search for identities. Since you were Japanese, such reaction was logical.

That sword was the Kusanagi, a weapon that matches Excalibur, the sword of the King of England, in fame. It originally belonged to Susanoo, but it eventually reached the hands of another famous Japanese hero, Yamato Takeru. The last one was the best candidate, but there was a simple problem that brought many side questions. To make it short... Wasn't Yamato Takeru a man?

"Huuuh?" When you told her that, she seemed somewhat puzzled. "Me, a man? It's true that I used to hit on girls, but that's ridiculous." She placed one of her arms below her breasts, emphasizing their size. Luckily for you, it was dark enough for you not to see much; otherwise you would have surely fainted. "With boobs this big, no chance someone would ever mistake me as a man, wahahahaha."

You spent an entire hour talking to the easygoing woman, the bond between you two becoming deeper somewhat.

It was then that she made a sudden proposal.

"Yo, Master, let's fight." She said standing up, with a confident smirk. "I trust you are not afraid of the dark, eh?"

Well, fighting during the night would prove to be hard, but maybe it would help you enhance your senses, even if just a little. What you were worried about was she killing you, because honestly, she didn't seem like someone you could keep up with.

"Ah, there is no need to worry; I'll fight using ten percent of my power." You really wondered if you could handle that much. "Back then, against those two guys, you were losing weren't you?" Silence confirmed it. "Master, you cannot trust your power to be there to aid you every time. Nor you should hold back when fighting for a greater cause. Master! I promise that once we are through... I'll make a man out of you!"

Your expressions became serious. It was time to fight.

"Now, come and show me what you've got...!"

January 26th, 2012, 03:10 PM
Aomory - Yuu Masion

Saying those words cracked your very soul. It was as if you were the one on the receiving end, the one whose father had passed away. That burning feeling in your throat indicated just how hard it was to tell a child that she would no longer see the man that had raised her; the man she loved the most in this universe. But it had to be done. Who knew for how long had this man stayed there, his body in the middle of decomposition? You didn't know who this man was, after all, you had never exchanged words, but you knew that he, at least, deserved a funeral.

"Father used to speak to Sion. Sion must see for herself, think for herself, and grow for herself. So Father thought Sion many things. But what is dead? Sion knows it is the end of biological life."

At first she didn't understand, so you had to explain better in detail, as painful as it was. You told her how the alchemist known as Tsukiomi Yuu would not laugh anymore and how he would not cry anymore. How he won't be happy, nor sad. How he would not speak and he would not move any longer. You told her that death was like an eternal goodbye. As if she had finally comprehended the situation, she turned towards the rotting corpse with a cold expression.

"Father... Is gone." There was no word in the dictionary that could make her feel any better, so you kept your mouth shut. "Sion hurts..." She said. "Sion's heart feels tight, and she feels pain in her throat." You knew those were the symptoms of sadness. "Sion is not damaged. But... This is the first time Sion has felt this pain..." She got close to the chest that belonged to one who had once created her, but she could not find the warmth that used to be there. Tsukiomi Yuu's body felt so cold... As if frozen. "Father... Is there something wrong with Sion?" She asked the man who was no longer there.

"Huh?" Several tears run down Sion's cheeks. "This is strange... Sion's optical organs are not functioning normally. What is happening? Water is overflowing."

You told her how those were called tears. How they appeared when a person was sad; which was what she was feeling right now. You could do nothing but watch as the girl gave herself to those feelings for the very first time.


You made sure to give Tsukiomi Yuu a proper burial. Sion seemed to had calmed down somewhat, but she looked miserable from so much crying. You were seriously thinking that asking the girl to join your travels was probably the best idea. You didn't want to leave her alone after all she had been through. But the question that needed to be asked did never reach her...

As an explosive device detonated just besides you-!


You both fell to the ground, your body shielding Sion's. What the hell was that? Who in the world would want you dead? Dumb question. Maybe it would be best to ask how had they found you!

"We meet again... Lunatic!"

On top of a curious flying machine, three people descended from the sky like angels... Or maybe demons. You did honestly not recognize them, but it was pretty easy to deduce from their extravagant outfits that they were some kind of second rate thief gang. And they couldn't have picked up a better timing to make their evil acts, could they?

"What do you mean 'I have no idea who you are' and 'You got the wrong guy'?!" The girl with crimson drills -And how big they were!- exclaimed, irritated by the fact that you did not remember her name after all the time you had spent together.

"That's just the kind of buddy he is, my lady." A rather fabulous purple haired man added, as he let out an exaggerated sigh.

Behind them was another man. He was very fat and wore some kind of funny glasses. Clearly not the most popular guy. He also carried a bag filled with lot of crazy stuff... Was that a rocket in there?

If one thing they had in common, it was the hat decorated with a rose the three of them had. For a second, you tried to see if you could remember a gang who met that description.


No dice.

"Geez! Let's do it, guys!"

As stupid as it sounded, they were about to introduce themselves in an old-fashion style, like something taken out of a lame cartoon.

"Crimson Gunner Karen!" The girl exclaimed, as she made a graceful dance and finished with a wink to the audience.

"Ace Mirage!" The purple haired guy was next, calling out his name in a gentlemanly way while adjusting his hat.

"Moos-ter Fix-it!" The last of them yelled, quite proud that he had come up with such a retarded nickname.

"And together we are the Rosetta Rosso!"

There were no words that could describe how much you felt like puking right now. These guys made organized crime look bad. Real bad. And you still had no idea who the hell they were and where had they come from? What was their business anyways?

"Naturally we came to steal the precious Magatama of Mr. Yuu!" You didn't know what that was, but you knew you could not let them break into the house. Not with Sion here.

"Are you with us... Or against us, Lunatic?!"

January 26th, 2012, 03:46 PM
Alaya Shiki (Fangstrike)
Yokohama - Streets

A normal person might have been in shock, cradling their broken limb like a baby, and sought immediate medical attention, but Shiki was hardly normal. His broken arm was nothing to sneeze at; for now it was useless. The damage to his body was substantial. A second blow of similar caliber would knock him right out of the fight, if not flat out kill him. But pain was an old companion to Shiki. It was a sign that he was alive. In this hell on earth, being alive was what mattered.

After the Hell Hole incident, the world had suddenly became twenty times worse, especially in Yokohama. During his younger years, Shiki could still remember a time when it was a struggle to survive. He and the other children lived in the orphanage's sole building, dilapitated as it was but it was still standing. Really, the only question back then was how desperate they wanted to survive. Living conditions were so horrendous that the children had to question if they wanted to live badly enough to eat out of the garbage. Food wasn't exactly scarce, but the people in power, usually corrupt, held onto it; powerless children had no place in the harsh world. All that changed when Shiki awoke his B-Power; it was like he opened up a whole new world.

Don't fuck with me. I'm not gonna die here. To this little punk!

What did it matter if one measly arm was broken? Shiki wouldn't bow down to a loser like this. Although he was loathe to do this, Shiki had no choice but to use one of his decisive techniques. If only he hadn't played around with his opponent, but that was moot point. He was about to finish off Tsukino, when Raitei suddenly stepped in, having become the second target of Tsukino's ire. Looks like Raitei liked showing off too.

"However, if you still want to die..."

"...let me show you why they call me the THUNDER EMPEROR!!"

"Sorry, I'm not as nice as him," Shiki said after he landed behind the paralyzed Tsukino and placed a hand on his foe's back. Tsukino would've seen a cold, heartless look on Shiki's face, if he'd been able to turn around. "No matter how hard your exterior is, the same can't be said of your insides..."

Suddenly, countless vibrations bombarded Tsukino's entire body like the giant had suddenly swallowed a grenade. This was just one of several vicious techniques in Shiki's arsenal. It's true that Tsukino's armored exterior was tough; he had been able to stand up to Shiki's air hammer after all. While it hadn't been one of his finishing techniques, it still packed a punch. But a person's internal organs were a different story. They were much more fragile. Perhaps, there was a foe out there that could guard his internal organs just as well as his exterior. If there was, Shiki never met him, and like Raitei had shown, Tsukino had probably never experienced such attacks before.

"Don't worry. You won't die. Probably." Shiki could have shattered his foe's spine, crushed his heart, or blendered his brain and skull into soup, but he didn't. This was just him returning the favor. Visiting the border between life and death was nothing special in Yokohama.

The consequences of continuing the fight were clear. Shiki was no longer playing around. If Tsukino got up; he'd finish the giant instantly. And while he never really considered Raitei as a comrade, he did factor in his combat potential. Nonetheless, he wouldn't rely on someone he just met.

January 27th, 2012, 12:45 PM
William Levilius
Toukyou - Seijou Academy

Ose managed to avoid the deadly attack, barely, by focusing all his power on his feet and jumping back. As he landed, he gritted his teeth, because he knew that the enemy he was now fighting was completely out of his league. But Guan Yu wouldn't let an opportunity like this pass. Her body moving like a divine torrent of energy, she closed the distance between her and the demon in an instant. The leopard could do nothing but let out a surprised gasp as the beautiful naginata moved to get his head once again. It was only natural; such was the power of Guan Yu, defender of justice and righteousness, and one of the five tigers of the east-!

At the very same time and with a smile that seemed to freeze time itself, Tsukuyomi Kinako let out an amused chuckle.

"Tee~hee~" Her innocent expression, yet wicked at the core, sent a chill through your spine. "You are funny, mister!"

However, for the little alchemist, the battle was just starting. This was your first time as a demon tamer, while she had an unbelievable amount of experience and talent behind her. It was clear as water that she wouldn't lose to you that easily. Yes, even if you had drawn an stronger card, the only thing she needed to do was to play a card that could match it!

"Demonic Fusion-!"

With the command given, Ose instantly became a small sphere of energy; the slash aimed at his neck missing entirely. Predicting what was going to happen next, Guan Yu retreated. Attacking the unknown was too risky, and she couldn't afford to lose a battle with such a stupid mistake, not when you were there, trusting your life to her. Betraying your expectations would be a fate worse than death to her.

The soul of Ose combined with that of other demonic being in an instant, creating a blinding flash of light as a result. When you opened your eyes, you realized, instinctively, that this enemy was far more powerful than the one that had come before. It was the logic conclusion, after all. A demon tamer can fuse two demons in order to create a stronger one. This was the objective of Demonic Fusion.

"It is easy to go down into Hell;
Night and day, the gates of dark Death stand wide;
But to climb back again, to retrace one's steps to the upper air -
There's the rub, the task."

Sword and shield in hand, the one in front of you was a true warrior. Someone who would fight to kill in order to defend her people, even if the battle itself was hopeless. With such an impressive aura of power surrounding her, could Guan Yu defeat this new foe? No, the question you should be asking yourself was... Is there anyone on Earth capable of defeating Guan Yu-?!

"Let it be known that I, Aeneas, have come back."

Fire erupted all around the Troyan hero, her fiery eyes burning with the same kind of passion. This was Aeneas, daughter of the godess of love and beauty, Aphrodite; and a brave warrior who fought in the war of Troy. It was evident that she held the power to create and manipulate fire. Indeed, with a swift swing of her sword, raging flames were shot towards you in an arc shape-!

"Fo̱tiá... Ágios!"


Such a technique would be no use against someone like Guan Yu. The green warrior lady had already demostrated how she could efficiently negate magic without moving an inch. For this fire, which was too created by a magical effect, to hurt her one would need to reshape reality. Because there was no way that attack would pierce through her defenses!


However, the blade of fire ignored this fact and harmed the great Guan Yu, burning her skin around the chest area and both her arms. With such wounds, would she be able to keep fighting? Still hurting, the loyal demon returned to his usual battle stance, ironing her resolve and reassuring you. No, someone like her would not give up that easily. Like Aeneas, she'd gladly die to protect what she considers the most precious-!


She kicked off the ground, being launched forward like a missile, completely taking Aeneas off guard. But once again the flames rose from her blade, eager to burn her to ashes-!

How was this possible? Before, when Ose had tried to kill the both of you with a fireball, Guan Yu had intercepted the attack, erasing its existence like nothing. But now, it was as if she could not do anything to protect herself. Had the flames become stronger? No, that was not the case. If one were to match the technique the leaopard performed and that of the Troyan hero, then one would come to the conclusion that they were in the same scale of power. Then... What the hell was going on?

"So that's the power granted to you by your divinity, Aeneas...?"

The only response she received was a smug smirk. But you knew. Somehow, you began to understand what they were talking about. It was as if information flowed from Guan Yu to you through the bond you had formed. Yes, in fact, that was exactly what was happening. You gave Aeneas another look. This was the power granted to her by the Gods. Divinity, the ability to purge through any kind of defense-!

The tables seemed to turn when Guan Yu got serious and used the length of her weapon to her advantage. Indeed, she was able to attack fiercely while keeping a prudent distance between her and her opponent. That way, if Aeneas ever tried to attack her with fire, she would have enough time to avoid said attack. Moreover, her short sword would never reach her. Even if it was hard to pierce through her impenetrable defense, chirping damage would exhaust her little by little. As for Guan Yu, she wasn't even tired. The movements with her naginata got progressively faster with each blow, and she seemed to be unhindered by her wounds. She was able to ignore all injury and fight as if she were in great condition-!

"Guh... Kuh! Hah!"

The thrusts of the opposing naginata multiplying, Aeneas was being forced back without mercy. It was a storm of attacks that where impossible to predict. In that sense, wasn't it surprising that Aeneas managed to keep up?

As if to answer that question, the perfect opening was created.

Blood stained the dusty grounds of the school yard.


Guan Yu felt to his knees after taking a piercing blood to his left shoulder and retreating. She had aimed her attack at three vital points, yet all of them had missed and she had instead taken a devastating blow from Aeneas' sword. This was the power of the troyan hero who had always been aided by the gods during her journeys. If the gods believed Aeneas was not to be harmed, then it would be that way. Such was the strength of their decree-!

The Swordsman closed the distance in a split of a second, intending to give the green lady no time to rest. The advantage Guan Yu once had over Aeneas was lost, and now she was the one being pushed into a corner. At this rate...

"Fortune favors the brave. You simply weren't brave enough." The blonde woman said coldly, as she prepared to unleash her final attack, the technique that would put an end to you and your demon's lives. "I feel again the spark of an ancient flame. For that, I will finish you off with all my power. Prepare yourself, Tiger of the East!"

The space around her was engulfed in flames. She herself became a blazing fireball, ready to be launched at you like a meteor. Against those burning flames, you could do nothing, and you weren't sure if Guan Yu could take another blow for you. Was this the end? No, there was something you could do. Your minds in total sync, you realized you still had a triumph card of your own.

"... Níki̱ Moíra."

Heaven and Hell ignited.

January 27th, 2012, 02:41 PM

The enemy was bathed in flames. Her proud visage conveyed a divine confidence that would only be possible due to heavenly blessings.

You will die here now.

Those were the words she wanted to convey.

I'd been powerless while Guan Yu fought- My lack of B-Power had made aiding her impossible.

Before my eyes, in a shower of spark and fire, Guan Yu had been soundly defeated.

Was this the extent of my strength without my B-Power...!?


I felt it. Throughout our link, Guan Yu... was angry. Angry, and disappointed at herself, for making me feel like this.

I saw her try to reincorporate herself, trying to stand up while Aeneas prepared to launch herself at us.

I will defend my brother to death--! Were her thoughts. Even as she carried those injuries-

-All of which she could think about was protecting me.


At that instant.

I realized.

...What a fool I am.

--! Brother!?


There was no need to hesitate.

After all, William Levilius-


-Was a hero!

My eyes blinked open, a fierce, determined look on my face. They shone with blue light, which mixed with the golden hue of my eyes, giving it a celestial glow.

"Don't give me that, you!" I yelled. The sword on my left hand was raised-

And hurled with my normal strength towards the ground between Aeneas and us.

As I expected, when the sword buried itself in the ground, divine flames began to consume it, devouring everything it had as if it were nothing.


The sword definitely left behind something. From its broken blade, its shattered guard, and the hilt that was beginning to turn into ash, wisps of blue particles rose into the air.

When I saw that, I realized it-

-The strength of our bond.

Guan Yu's eyes, formerly downcast, rose at my brave remark. Even though the remnants of Aeneas' attacks dug into her body, pain reminding her of her status, she began to stand up.

Our eyes met.

We understood.

And the bond was renewed--!

"Prepare yourself." Our voices echoed in unison. My right hand rose into the air, as Guan Yu's body relaxed from its stance, all her power going to her insides, to the very core of her soul. "You, who hold the heavenly right of divinity, would without a doubt be an undefeatable opponent, were we any other foe."




The symbol of devotion began to shine. Its golden light, the embodiment of our bond, shone strong even at the face of flames which consumed everything.

"We are the Tiger of the East! We are the Knight Fantasia! Our bodies are one, and our souls will forever go forward so long as hope remains in our hearts!" We pointed at the divine warrior, just as her flames were reaching a crescendo. "You, who relies on yourself alone, couldn't possibly understand the might of our two bonded souls! The Heavens will tremble! The Earth will tremble! In the face of unfaltering devotion, all that is invincible shall become nothing more than another obstacle to face-!"

--That's right.

"... Níki̱ Moíra."

One person could only do so much. As Aeneas began to leap towards us, time slowed down.

It was true that someone with divinity could overcome all defenses, and no one person could resist alone.

But... If one were to forever hold, and the other to forever push, any challenge could be overcome!

The flames of heaven raged towards us, a primordial blaze that could consume everything. That was the concept imbued in it, one that would consume all existence in its way.


In a war of concepts, that which won was the more perfect concept.

There was no denying that the flames of heaven were a nigh-peerless concept. Destruction is, by itself, something perfect in the eyes of all things that fear death. So, it would make sense to assume that to one who was alone in his soul, death would always be something scary.

But we are not like that, Brother.

That's right.

We're more than that.

If the flames consumed everything, then the only way to overcome such an attack was something that couldn't be consumed, something utterly impossible to break! An inviolable territory, which could not be overcome--

That's right-!

That's right-!

That would be-!

"OUR BONDS!" I yelled, as a red light erupted from us, a crimson aura whirling around us, rising as spirals of powers to the sky.

At that instant, William Levilius and Guan Yu took hold on the bond that united them, and with the resolve of their hearts, with the future in sight, gave it shape, to form an unbreakable attack that would pierce through everything--!

Red light. So thick that one could not see past it, a flare of red light erupted from Guan Yu. Her body itself flowed with the energy of our hearts, turning into a comet of red power. The ground below her shattered. The concept of our devotion shone radiantly, outshining even the divine meteor coming our way--!

"The strength of our bonds-!"I announced the name of the technique. "The Red Hare!"

And then-

Two great forces collided.

The entire alley in which we were fighting began to rattle, its very foundations beginning to shake as two undefeatable concepts met against each other. The struggle for perfection between the two beings began to reach a crescendo, shockwaves of energy lifting all the battle debris from the ground.



I was moving towards the clash. Despite the pressure on my body, in spite of the overwhelming pain, I moved towards the struggle.



The crimson light shrouded me from the flames, the shockwaves of light crashing against my body like tidal waves against a mountain.

And then--!

I reached into the red light, where I could not see, but feel Guan Yu. My hand wrapped around her wrist, around the arm that was holding back Aeneas.

Our eyes met again.

"Guan Yu-!" I struggled out.

"Brother-!" She echoed, a determined, focused look on her face.

I turned towards Aeneas. She was looking at me, dumbfounded by my entrance. "I won't let her fight alone." I told her, as the waves of energy continued to crash against my shielded body. "If this is the strength of our bond, then we have to put every bit of power into it--!" And then--

I pushed.

I felt Guan Yu and my will's become one, and the thicker red light wrapped around both of us, turning into a maelstrom of power. All of Guan Yu's feelings during the clash, the pain, the anxiety, and the resolve...

I welcomed them all.

I endured them all.

And I pushed.

With the strength of our bond, the power that pierced everything avoided the consumption of its existance-

-And broke through!!!


The flames were driven back. Our hearts, our resolve, pushed forwards, drawing back the flames, shattering Aeneas' armor, her sword, shield, and last of all, her will.

I saw it then.

In the depths of her eyes.

Within her desire to fight, and her grim resolve.

I saw fear.

And so... I shed a tear. For the one who had been involuntarily forced to fight on the wrong side, and was about to meet her end at the hands of justice.

But as soon as it came, it went. My resolve was renewed. Her feelings had reached me. This was another person whom I would I fight for, to finally establish peace in this world---!

The struggle faded- As red light enveloped Aeneas, her body was crushed by the absolute piercing attack.

A final shockwave of energy ran through, shattering the alley windows, and causing cracks in the concrete.

As the red light dispersed, and Guan Yu fell to the ground on her knees, exhaustion having overcome her--

--I shot forwards like a missile. Despite my burning legs, and my aching throat, only one objective was in mind.

"TSUKUYOMI KINAKO!" I yelled, darting towards the shock-stricken girl. "For the suffering you've caused other people-!" I reared my fist back- "Face the resolve of the hero, William Levilius!"

-And struck her face with my last reserves of energy!!!

January 27th, 2012, 06:03 PM
Alfhildr Dyrdahl (LeopardBear)
Akihabara - Security Prison

Diverse were the reactions of your team. Wolverine thought it was the most pathetic way to put an end to your life and felt like stepping between the two of you; probably not because he did not want you to die, but rather because he couldn't stand the insanity that was happening in front of his bestial eyes. Ryougi, on the other hand, did not move an inch. She respected the nature of your decision and would not attempt anything stupid unless you told her to. Even if your choice would end up in your death; it was the path you had chosen and the path you should follow. That was how much she trusted you as a leader. In the middle of these two extremes stood Aozaki Touko, who probably shared the same neutral thoughts that you did: This was a risky gamble. In more ways than one.

One of the heads lunged forward, it speed matching that of sound, with the clear intent of devouring you-!

But, that moment never came.

You had to close your eyes and hold your breath, because half of your body was practically inside its mouth, but its fangs never touched you. You were unharmed. To your surprise and relief, the snake head slowly retreated, as Hydra became a more passive creature. The poisonous saliva burnt your skin, but you endured the pain and commanded your snow to heal the wounds. Did this mean you had been successful in convincing it of joining you? It was true that a powerful mythological monster of such fame did not need the aid of any of you to fight and find itself food. For all you knew, you could become that food right now. No, there was something more. Something the nine headed serpent could only achieve by making a contract.

Hydra could only escape Tartarus on the days that the Dark Hour manifested and a full moon shone bright in the night sky. Such phenomenon did only happen a few times a year, and even when the tower prison released the beast into the world of humans, it only had an hour to enjoy itself before being locked down once again. In order to defeat the poisonous feeling of loneliness... She would accept any chance that she was presented with-!


One by one, the extra heads began to disappear, until there were nine left. From that point, the nine turned into one, and the serpent's became progressively smaller, until it matched the size of an average human. And, more importantly, it adopted a more feminine form. It turned into a lamia, a half-woman half-snake creature from ancient lore. It was an event that surprised you, but you swallowed all the feelings and confusion that you could not share and hid under your cold, leader facade. You didn't want to ruin the negotiations at the worst possible moment.

"S-Sign a contract with me, then...!" Hydra begged, her right hand on her chest, her previous imposing attitude completely lost. "Q-Quick! The time is running out."

Certainly, you had been fighting for a very long time. Maybe, if you were able delay her for just a few minutes, everyone could return home safely. However, you were no the kind of person to go back your words, and it was evident you would need this kind of power during your conquest. So you decided to form a pact with her. You took out your COMP and pointed it at the young lamia. You were somewhat unsure since this was your first time doing the contract thing, but you figured the device would find the way to make it possible.

Or not.

Nothing happened. The COMP showed not reaction whatsoever. Pressing any or all the keys had absolutely no effect. At this rate, Hydra would fade before you could make any contract with her. The creature began to glow, as its very existence began to turn into ether.

At that time.

"Making a contract with a shadow is more complicated than that, I'm afraid." The one to speak was your strategist, Aozaki Touko. "Shadows are born from the negative emotions of humans. Accepting a shadow that is not yours is like placing a second soul inside your body." She added, somewhat troubled. "It's a symbiotic relationship that eventually leads to self-destruction." She closed her eyes as if realizing her mistake, and then opened them once more. "But there is hope." A reassuring smirk. "It has never been done before, after all."

Yes, in order to make a pact with a shadow born in Tartarus, the only thing one needed to do was accept it from the bottom of one's heart. You were unsure of how to form such a bond in such a short period of time, but you closed your eyes and shut all your senses in an attempt to do so. You focused... And the gate to your heart opened-!

Everything went white and you felt a strong wind push you back like a hurricane. You didn't know why, but it reminded you of time traveling for some reason. Maybe you were not that wrong, because you would only wake up two days later.


The noise of activity made you open your eyes.

Everyone was moving around in a hurry. Even the succubus from the other day, which had seemed to on bad terms with the red head tactician, now worked together with her. Just why was everyone so excited... Was this some kind of surprise party? As you stood up from your bed you began to hope not, because you weren't used to that kind of thing.

"Ah, Alfhildr-sama, you are awake." The one to greet you was no other than one of the maids, Hisui. Although her face normally lacked emotion, today she seemed somewhat worried. "Please, come with me."

A little confused, you nodded and followed her to the roof. On your way, you noticed the roof had been repaired, as well as every single door and window that broke during the incident two nights ago. Something told you Wilson Fisk would ask you to return the favor some time. The thought alone made your stomach hurt.

"Oh shit."

That was you realizing how bad the situation actually was and cursing. Ground troops, tanks, mobile suits and airships. The sheer number of them would make any leader panic. It was only natural, because no sane person would deploy so many soldiers to get rid of a threat as small as you were. This was how the PGG attacked. With an army capable of taking out the entire city, their target this time was a simple prison. Their mission? To wipe it from the map, no matter if the rebels -your group- had kidnapped any of their kind. Against this kind of enemy, there would be no room for negotiation.

You took a deep breath. Your entire crew joined you.

You needed to think of a good strategy in order to defend your position. Or else it would be the end for you and your friends.

January 27th, 2012, 09:27 PM
Aomory - Yuu Mansion

"Are you with us... Or against us, Lunatic?!"

...Silence. Expressionless, Lunatic looked at the "Rosetta Rosso", whomever they were, and got up. Perhaps he had encountered them, in one of his many misadventures. And then Lunatic did something he himself didn't expect.

He laughed.

"Ahahahahahaha..." Why was he – no, they – laughing? There wasn’t anything remotely humorous, except for those thieves’ outfits. Highly impractical for such a job, they knew. But that was just lowering the threat factor, by showing they were second-rate; so why could he not stop laughing?

Then it hit them. What was so amusing was the sheer thought of a proposal.

Even if their life depended on it—

They would never join them.

Noticing the looks on the thieves’ faces, Lunatic, the one in control, stopped laughing and grinned his sarcastic smile.

“You guys are the worst thieves I have ever met. Not only do you steal from a dead man, you have the gall to do it in front of his young daughter!” The truth, laid out bare and naked. These people were the epitome of idiots. “I’ve never met worse in my dealings with the Yakuza, and some of their recruits were imbeciles!”

As soon as those words left their mouth, a flock of crows soared at them, burning with the flames of divine retribution. It would function as a good shield and distraction; bullets and explosives could only take down so many as they kept on generating more…

But their B-Capacity was not endless, and they were outgunned. Bullets and rockets could slip past the endless barrage of crows eventually… But they would not give up.

If this was their final stand, they would make it a great one.

“I see you’ve heard of us… Well, it’s time to refresh your memory and remind you of WHO THE HELL WE ARE!”



Folding his arms in grim determination, Hazama looked at his opponents, who would soon overcome the onslaught of birds.


Another wave of birds tanked bullets and explosions, and were replaced just as suddenly. Claire frowned…


They would not give up. Vorkuta pushed Sion to safety, making sure she would not be caught in the crossfire.


With a flash, a knife narrowly missed Ace’s head, and Saika swore, hoping to have at least take one down.

Lunatic’s voice hurt. Yelling like that was such a pain, but it didn’t matter. This still wasn’t flashy enough. After all, if they had to go down, it would be done fashionably.


They could hear something. Something, something that was calling out to them—


It was getting louder, and everything was getting fuzzier, less focused. Damnit, they couldn’t lose out now!



They weren’t protecting Sion anymore. Instead, they were in a room laced with blue velvet, with an old man, looking slightly psychotic and having an incredibly long nose, along with a woman, with beautiful features and clothed in the same sort of blue as the room.

But what was the most surprising was that there were four of them; Hazama in his own body, Vorkuta as a slightly deranged looking Russian with a leather jacket, Claire as a graceful, blonde Frenchwoman, and Saika, whose smile was unhinged and clothes were stained with blood.

Before they could question about what happened, they were interrupted by the old man.

“It seems that we have… An exceptionally strange person… Or should I say persons?” He chuckled, and pulled out what certainly was a contract. They could not see it clearly, but they knew.

“I am Igor. I am delighted to make your acquaintance.” He paused, as the group hesitantly walked forward to the table. “I would normally explain about this place, known as the Velvet Room… But you seem rather busy at the moment. So I will make this short. “Are you willing to accept the contract?”

It was instinctive. They knew what was on it, and what it entailed—And their answer was unanimous.

“We do.” Signing it, Hazama looked at Igor with a small smile, wondering what would happen next.

“Perhaps I can introduce you to my assistant next time…”



A crow perched on Lunatic’s shoulder, looking unfazed by the destruction of its fellow brethren. It had only one purpose that would be fulfilled soon.

Lunatic held out a glowing blue card, unlike anything in the battle. It was beautiful, in a way…


They were running out of B-Power. But they would win. Defeat was not an option in such a case.

Lunatic held the card out in front of the crow.


A stray bullet was about to hit… The crow bit down, shattering the card and dissolving into ash and feathers.


I am thou, and thou art I...
From the sea of thy soul, I come...
Here to bring warriors to their destiny, I am the maiden of Valhalla…

A sword deflected the bullet, sending it flying into a wall of the house. There, in front of Lunatic, was an armored angel, with sword in hand. A Valkyrie, to be exact.

“For Lilly… For Sion… We’ll crush these idiots.”

And with that, Lunatic and his Persona charged into the fray, scattering crows and bullets alike.

((hero, assume I get Valkyrie to slash Ace.))

January 28th, 2012, 11:05 AM
Karakuri Tetsuko (Froggie) - Nakamura Hitomi (Airen)
Abashiri - Beast's Lair


That was the first word you heard when you, Nakamura Hitomi, opened your eyes after eight hours of deep sleep. A slap came together with it, hard enough to wake up all your senses, yet light enough that your honed instincts would have never considered it a threat. You were lucid enough to think reasonably, and that was precisely why you did not understand. The chances you had to survive after taking so many blows that could be easily considered lethal, inside that vampire filled prison were practically inexistent. Even winning the lottery would seem to be a piece of cake when compared to it. Yet now you were pretty sure you were still in the world of the living. That thought alone reminded you of something very important.

The prisoners. Had they managed to escape? Were they safe? What about Tetsuko? She had taken considerable damage during the fight with the vampires. All this thoughts assaulted your head as you tried to incorporate and realize where you were, and who was there with you. As you did so, you found your body had been carefully covered in bandages in those areas where the blades had dug into your flesh. Just trying to stand up made your vision go red and your mind go numb.

"'Here, take these keys'...? 'you might find some sort of vaccine for vampirism in the infirmary'...?" The mysterious person repeated the words that had once come out of your mouth, mocking you. "What were you hoping to archive with that?" Yes, even if the prisoners had managed to get out of their cells... They could have never reached the infirmary alive. "Mhm. That's the one thing you forgot."

The existence of the third guardian. You had fought and defeated the first two, but it had been all in vain. After all, the last protector of the gate was supposed to be the strongest. Then did this mean... That you had failed? That all of them had died? You couldn't help but to curse. Seeing the impotent look on your face, the woman that was sitting in front of you smiled.

"It's fine. This time nothing happened." And then you recognized her. "You were just lucky that the third guardian, Lachesis, was on your side." She raised her arm, and pointed towards the corner of the room you were in.

There, like magic, was Tetsuko. Her body was severely damaged, but it looked like someone had tried to repair her. Her eyes still lacked their usual childish gleam, and it was hard to tell if her power was on, off, or something in between. You had the urge to run to her and hug her, but in your current condition, you were unable to.

"One of the prisoners happened to be a talented engineer and..." Lachesis's smile told you everything. The people of Beast's Lair were alive! "Well, we were able to restore movement to the upper part of her body. However, she doesn't seem to wake up."

After that, silence. Why? What inspired this sudden change of heart? It was not normal to switch sides and help the opposing party. When you asked, she only stood up and walked towards the door. However, before leaving, there was one more thing she wanted to tell you.

"There was no such cure in the infirmary. You were wrong." You had nothing to say to that. "... You are the cure." The door closed behind her.

There were still many things you failed to comprehend and many things you did not know about your current situation. Yet, right now, you needed to relax your mind and digest all the information you had been given in order to decide your next course of action. The vampires would surely make a come back, and with Tetsuko incapacitated, things didn't look good. You needed to find some expert that could repair her and replace the broken parts with new ones. But where would you find these things? Looking for an answer, you somehow managed to stand up and drive your body next to Tetsuko's, which laid on top of a dusty old sofa. It was then when you heard an oddly familiar sound. It was like that of a CPU being rebooted. It was...!

'All Systems Online.'

The sleeping beauty was no more.

January 28th, 2012, 02:51 PM
Alfhildr Dyrdahl (LeopardBear)
Akihabara - Security Prison

Two days was a critical time to lie asleep, especially when everyone seemed in a rush to get things done. Well, it would be a problem no matter what: we weren’t exactly secure here, but the situation seemed rather serious.

And, yes, it was. An entire infantry brigade with attached armor: 20 tanks and 10 mobile suits, and airships to boot. Well, I was lucky in a sense: scouting reports seemed to indicate that they didn’t have any attached artillery or air support, either of which would have essentially lost us the battle. But as it was… three thousand infantry against three hundred, none of mine fully trained or even heavily armed beyond a few stray rocket launchers. This was a problem. And fifty minutes out… damn. If I had the preparation time to do so, I could and would have turned the city into a deathtrap, a meatgrinder on the level of Stalingrad generations ago. But, no time.

Luckily, the entire defense didn’t have to be organized in that time. Touko and I had talked previously about organizing our troops, and she had went and sorted them as I had indicated. Three hundred men, split equally into 1st and 2nd Company, then divided into sections of 8 or 12: 8 for the 1st, 12 for the 2nd. It would have been my desire to keep 8-man sections everywhere, but we only had so many men that had the fire inside them to serve as sergeants.

Quickly making a call, I ordered each of the 1st Company’s sections to receive one RPG, with one round: all we had. These men where the best of what I had, and they were going to receive the hardest job for normal combat. They were to take positions, and attempt to attack enemy armor. Finding a tank, the section would pin it and its escort in place so that the rocketeer could fire his weapon into the tracks, disabling the vehicle.

2nd Company was not as strong as the 1st: they lacked heavy weaponry, or, quite frankly, the will. The men who had been sorted into it were the less fit, the slower, the less inspired. They weren’t who I wanted. But they were who I had, and when your life was on the line, anyone could make a decent soldier. But, to simplify things, they were given one mission. Each section had a position, and they were to hold it. No fallbacks, no retreats. Or so I would tell them. In actuality, Touko was entirely willing and authorized to allow them to fall back, but final stands are inspiring, are they not?

Organized, the newly minted Sergeants were sent off to collect their squads, leaving me to decide the real key of the battle: the collection of otherwise… abnormal individuals.

There was clearly no way to do this with 300 men. Even if they were as well trained and armed as a person could be, a 10 to 1 advantage was simply insurmountable. But, I had more than 300 men, didn’t I?

First, I had Lilim, as the succubus was called. Her main specialty, infiltration, was not the most useful for this mission, but she would be helpful all the same. Hidden, she would intercept enemy units, either corrupting the minds of their commanders to cause friendly fire, or failing that, simply turning the men in the unit mad and cause them to murder their fellows. She could do significant damage like that, but the more important issue was psychological. What does a private think when he hears reports of commanders ordering their squads to attack his fellows, reports of men he has known for years suddenly pulling out a hand grenade in the middle of their march? Fear. Their enemies would be demons to them, haunting ghosts. And a fearful man cannot aim a gun.

Sakuya and Shiki. More direct combatants, they weren’t to sneak around. Their job was to directly engage enemy armor, suits and tanks alike. Disable was my preference, so that it could be recovered later, but if the situation did not allow for it, they were instructed to leave the weapons intact for salvage. As much as Sakuya would have liked to protect me, Shiki was far more vulnerable than I, and would be grateful for her healing ability.

Wolverine had the same assignment, with the same instructions. Why was he alone? Well, first, he didn’t need anyone to help him, and second, he would probably just get annoyed with them. Better to let him work in his savage, efficient ways.

Touko and the twins would stay at the prison, directing troops in Touko’s case, and acting as medical support for the twins. Even though I was nominally the commander of our little force, I was wasted as a commander. Touko was as clever as I in this matter, and she knew how to organize people. So, she would remain hidden in the prison, acting as the hand to guide our movements. Kohaku, as it turned out, was not only a medic but some kind of alchemist, as she had prepared a stock of B-Power replenishing syringes, which were distributed to the rest of the team.

So, that left me. Not alone, but with something to arrange. Ordering everyone else to take their positions, I was left alone with Hydra.

No, that wouldn’t do. To call her that, that is. It was unfitting for the… well, to be honest, for the quite cute tailed girl in front of me. Penelope. One who has waited years for her one chance?

…I will admit, the mythological connection was rather hazy, but it would work nonetheless, and the simple act of being identified seemed to give her great joy. She was coming with me, and together, we were going to break things.


The two of us gazed down from the 5th floor, down on the street. Reports of first combat were coming in: minor skirmishes between infantry groups, though Sakuya and Shiki hand run into a group and utterly destroyed it. It seemed like a common phenomenon, an advancing enemy in all directions, including below us.

The street was occupied by a platoon, lightly armed and fairly unintimidating. Good. It would serve as an introduction for Penelope to how we did modern combat.

Through the open window, she poked the barrel of her rifle. Yes, one of the greatest monsters known to man had a gun. While we were both rather powerful, she was… obvious, to say the least. And if the PGG commander got a fix on our location, we would probably die under a wave of armor.

I tapped her once on the back.


Her weapon coughed once, putting a bullet through the forehead of the Lieutenant. As they scrambled, desperate to work out where the shot had come from, I stretched my arm back, readying an arrow from a forming icy bow.

Sublimation worked just as well as an arrow.

January 28th, 2012, 03:02 PM
Nakamura Hitomi
Abashiri - Beast's Lair


There were many ways in which Hitomi had been greeted in the past, but a swift slap to the face, one that, judging from the insult, was supposed to cause her some pain, was not the sort of wake-up she was used too. Dizzy and confused, her mind was still clear enough to acknowledge the fact that she was still alive, a miracle that she had not truly thought would come to pass, especially not if she had just been left to lay on the cold metallic floor of the prison...

But she didn't appear to be on the floor, and someone had apparently taken the time to bandage her injuries. Her body was still hurting, but it seemed like she would live to see another day...

This thought served as the trigger for another-

What happened to Tetsuko? The prisoners?!

Suddenly worried, she tried to stand out of reflex, her vision pulsing a deep crimson as her mind momentarily blanked out from the sudden strain of a normally simple action, yet another sign that her wounds hadn't healed completely.

"'Here, take these keys'...? 'you might find some sort of vaccine for vampirism in the infirmary'...?"

It was the same voice that had called her an idiot before, and it seemed that she could recall hearing that same voice at a point before her impromptu awakening as well. Falling back onto whatever she had been laying on, her head pounding away like an overly enthusiastic percussionist, Hitomi tried to place where she had heard that voice before, the familiar feminine tone mockingly repeating what she had said to the prisoners before she had passed out from blood loss, apparently seeing a flaw she hadn't noticed at the time...

"What were you hoping to achieve with that?"

What was she talking about-

Hitomi's eyes opened wide in a sudden, almost terrible, understanding of the situation. Perhaps she could be forgiven for overlooking the fact due to her condition, but she had forgotten that there were three guardians in this prison.

And she and Tetsuko had only gotten rid of two of them...

"Damnit!" Even in her weakened condition, her voice still carried it's usual strength as she forced herself back into a sitting position, mind suddenly tortured with thoughts of the prisoner's fates.

"Mhm. That's the one thing you forgot."

The woman seemed to have noticed Hitomi's revelation, and she smiled suddenly, as if satisfied with something she had seen in her expression.

"It's fine. This time nothing happened. You were just lucky that the third guardian, Lachesis, was on your side."

And as she turned to see Tetsuko, the young girl's body looking in slightly better shape than the last time she had seen her, Hitomi remembered where she had seen this woman before, where she had heard this woman's voice...


She had been the one who had originally saved her from Dmitri, the one who had given her the chance to escape when the vampire had managed to corner her on the bridge.

The one who had saved her at that time, the one who had probably bandaged her wounds... Had been the third guardian of this place?

"One of the prisoners happened to be a talented engineer and... Well, we were able to restore movement to the upper part of her body. However, she doesn't seem to wake up."

This last sentence banished the majority of Hitomi's fears, the woman's calming words ensuring her that the prisoners were still alive, and that Tetsuko was still functional, albeit, in a sleep mode of sorts. Still, even as her fears vanished, she found herself staring at the young woman who had seen fit to save her not once, but twice in the same day, quietly questioning why she would switch sides and help a prisoner revolt against the vampires.

It didn't make any sense, so-

"Why did you help me?"

It wasn't the most stealthy of ways to acquire information, but Hitomi, who's head was still pounding away in a silent revolt to her consciousness, wasn't exactly in the mood for any word play. Lachesis stood up in response, and headed towards the door, a clear sign that she had no intention of answering her question.


"There was no such cure in the infirmary. You were wrong."

Her gaze still on the woman's back, Hitomi had nothing to say in response to this information, already aware that the chances of there being medication for the disease in this prison had been despairingly low. But if what the woman had implied was correct, than the prisoners had found a different way in which to survive the disease...

Hitomi absentmindedly wondered exactly what that was-

"... You are the cure."

"...I see."

She wasn't entirely sure what the woman had meant by that, but, if she was guessing correctly, than it seemed that they had used her blood to make some sort of treatment for vampirism. Such an occurrence would have explained why she still felt so dizzy, and even though it had been done without her permission, she found that she wasn't angry at all, if a bit of her blood, or whatever they had taken, would help them cure themselves of the disease, then they were welcome to take some of it.

She just hoped that they had used a sanitary needle to take it, if someone had bitten her in order to take it, she couldn't promise that she wouldn't get pissed, even if she was apparently immune to the disease. Laying down in order to relieve the pulsing of her vision, her right hand holding onto her forehead in an attempt to soothe her headache, Hitomi decided to go over what she knew while her body was rebelling against her commands to move.

Alright, let's see...

The prison had been successfully freed from the control of the vampires, and the third guardian of the prison, Lachesis, was apparently on the side of the humans. Depending upon how long she had been asleep, there may still be some time before the vampire's got word of a rebellion in their prison, so if they wanted to remain free, certain steps would have to be taken, whether it was steps to escape, or some sort of plan to hold the fort.

Glancing over at Tetsuko, thoughts of the girl's condition momentarily brushed aside anything else as she contemplated how exactly she was going to return the girl to a more functional condition. She herself had some small experience with fixing Tetsuko, but the girl had never been damaged to such a severe extent before...

Rising to her feet, she started towards her imouto, her right hand still pressed against her forehead in a futile attempt to stem the pounding of her head.

“Hey, Tetsuko...”

The others hadn't managed to wake her up, but-

Her legs bucking from a sudden weakness, she collapsed onto the sofa next to Tetsuko, her arm falling across the robotic girl's shoulders as she allowed the sofa to cushion her fall, head still pounding, she moved Tetsuko a bit, cradling the girl's still damaged body in her arms.

“It's time to wake up now.”

As if in response to her voice, Hitomi could hear the girl's systems starting back up, the familiar sound still resembling that given off by a CPU when it was rebooted.

“Hey,” in spite of her headache, she looked down at Tetsuko's stirring form and smiled, “Good morning little sis."

January 28th, 2012, 05:55 PM
Nigata - Hikarizaka Academy

A fresh breeze flowed between the rubble that littered the former battleground. This would surely take a lot of time to repair, but it was not really a problem, as long as it was standing.

The three of them were standing in the rooftop, as it had been accorded earlier. To be sincere, King had not expected to recover so fast from his battle, but that miraculous potion of youth had done the trick. He had to ask that girl just how many artifacts she had in that bag of hers, one day.

But now, there were more pressing matters to take care of. King had gotten a new scarlet cape somehow, wearing it like he had wore the one that had been destroyed earlier. No one of his subordinates saw fit to comment on the matter. He probably had a vault full of capes somewhere in the place he used to live in before, and even more probably, the fine wine he loved to taste came from the same place.

He was sipping a cup of the red wine when the blonde put a map in the table. It was similar to the one he had watched uncountable times, planning silently his campaign. It had been hard, despite having more resources than was normal for someone at his starting position. Nigata had been ideal for striking first, due to its apparent weakness, and other various factors. The most important was that he lived there, after all.

Thus, with careful planning, King’s troops had easily taken over most of the district, cutting through the defenders like they weren’t there. Only Himegami’s unknown presence had managed to throw his plan out, and it had still turned out good at the end, even better than he had expected.

The problem was that he had no plan for what came after. Thus, he found himself listening to the blonde’s words with attention. She seemed to have a lot of experience strategizing for such things.

He listened to her explanations, meditating all the while. As he heard her, a plan began to form in his mind already. He had not to only defend this from a numerous and strong attack force, he had to use the moment to rile people up to his cause, to show just how strong he truly was in comparison to the previous Banchou that had stopped the vampires for such a long time.

So he exposed his plan to them.

“We’ll turn their numbers against themselves. We’ll bait and force them into narrow alleys, where they will hinder one each other, their quantity of troops becoming the weapon that will give us our victory. We’ll use guerrilla tactics and ambush them from prepared positions, using long range weapons such as improvised bows, pushing them into a position where their augmented strength and agility will be useless.” He let a half smile cross his face.

“We’ll divide them, aislate them. Let each group gnaw at themselves as they see their numbers dwindle, as they feel alone, without knowing what was of the rest of the attackers. Even if we are at a disadvantage, we’ll force them to think that they are the ones on the losing side, into a surrender or die mentality. We’ll prepare positions on top of the buildings and use them for the security of my troops, making them as unreachable as possible with our current resources. We’ll corner the vampires, and we shall make them know what defying the King means. We’ll make of this city a meat grinder that shall be feared by the entirety of Japan.” While talking, he absentmindedly played with the lighter he had bought recently. This would prove to be of great aid in the coming combats, he thought.

“I know it will be hard to do, but I have faith in my men. They are strong, and of unfaltering willpower, and over everything else, they will work hard to make themselves worthy of the hopes I have placed on them. This is why they are my royal army, the Golden Covenant. Such is our nature. We will face the obstacles... and bring them down no matter what.” He let silence invade the place for a moment, as he let his words sink in those that had heard him, before turning towards his friends, and asking them both.

“So, what do you think, Jonathan, Himegami? Will such a thing work against our foes?”


Summoning Complete.

An explosion, a falling meteorite that crashed against the rooftop with supreme strength, making the whole place tremble. King idly wondered how the school had not just fallen over after all the damages it had suffered. But now, his concentration was taken on the figure that would serve him, if the contract was to be completed, on the silhouette that advanced in the smoke covered rooftop.

A gorgeous girl of splendid beauty, golden eyes that pierced the night, clad in a revealing black dress that showed and highlighted her curves. A massive halberd was held in her hands, so gigantic that it created an insane contrasts with the delicate looking woman holding it with ease.

"Bring the girls... Prepare a banquet... And get ready to fight.

'Cause the great Achilles is here-!"

She smiled. And King smiled too, as his pleasant mood invaded him. Today was truly turning into a great day, indeed. “Greetings, Achilles. I am he who has summoned you to this world, the man they call King. For food, there is enough prepared for anyone who wants to eat. For girls, there is a nice selection in this territory. And for a fight...” His smiled widened, a dangerous glint to it. “There will be enough fighting to make for a true, fine feast, if I may say so myself. For I intend not to only conquer Japan, the place where we are now, but the entire world.”

“I am the Golden Conqueror, King, the one that will unify humanity under a flag, for its own good, the one that shall save them from their own conflicts.” As he introduced himself, King advanced until he positioned himself in front of her. He did not bow his head, for a king was not allowed to do so. Instead, he extended his hard forward, open into a handshake. “So, Achilles... are you willing to fight for my side, to make this world see a fight that they will never forget even in a million years?”

January 29th, 2012, 02:24 PM
Alaya Shiki (Fangstrike) - Raitei (Mellon)
Yokohama - Streets

Solidarity Syndrome.

It's an ability that allowed the user to benefit from the damage taken to the body and send it back to the enemy in the form of a penalty. That's how Usagi Tsukino was able to increase his physical parameters and at the same time slow down your movements considerably. One could say that the saying 'What does not kill me, makes me stronger.' would be really fitting for such a power. Yes, to him, not killing him instantly was the worst possible mistake you could ever make and your last. He didn't need to make any sort of movement in order to activate his unique skill. That was why it was checkmate. Sharing weight was not the only thing he could do. By using Solidarity Syndrome, the mafia lord could easily transfer the concept of paralysis over to you. Due to your proximity and the opening created by the sudden turn of events, his attack would certainly connect and it would be the end for the mysterious person named Raitei.

"Itami ...Wake."


Unless there had been some factors unaccounted for. Like for example, your resistance to attacks of electric nature. That's right, even if the concept transferred was 'paralysis', the cause of said affliction remained the same. In that sense, it was him who had made a fatal mistake. Indeed, he had screwed himself during the last turn of the game. He could have eaten the king, but instead placed his own in check. Had he targeted your companion, he might have won. However, in not doing so he had lost, and now he was going to pay the consequences, for now it was Alaya Shiki's turn to move.

With a truly frightening technique, the battle reached its end. The giant collapsed. His wounds were severe and he would probably not walk around town for a very long time, but his life would not be at risk if you called an ambulance right now. For a mafia lord like him, this was even worse than death. It was humiliation. You couldn't see anyone out in the streets. It was the same as before. But deep inside, you were sure that many bandits had seen their leader be defeated, something they previously believed impossible. Even after his recovery... There would be no place for Usagi Tsukino in the dark world he used to live.


Renewed Hope Hospital, Forty-five minutes later.

You were greeted by a familiar lady in white. She informed you that, thankfully, Ben would live to see another day. That was good; your efforts had paid off. Why were they bullying him, anyways? It was something hard to believe that people with connections to Banchous would bully someone for awakening a B-ability. The irony was in the air. You decided to ask Irisviel about it. Somewhat hesitant to talk about it, she concluded that it would be best for you to see it for yourselves. She led you to Ben's room and you entered it.

It was uncertain whether the little boy was asleep or not. His eyes were open, but his body did not move an inch. His face sported multiple bruises, and you didn't want to know how bad he had been beaten in other parts. You approached him, unsure of what to say, since you had been, until now, complete strangers. And it was then when you noticed.

His eyes. They were a monstrosity, something out of this world.

At first you had thought it had been the result of multiple hits to the area, but now you could see it perfectly. You were not the kind of person that would judge people for being what they were, but certainly... This kid was both a human and a beast. And something told you that in a couple of months, the latter would be the one to rule over the former.

"You were the ones who saved Ben...? Thank you so much." A strange man wearing goggles -probably the father-, offered the both of you a handshake. "Peter. Peter Parker."


Well, that had sure been an adventure.

It was too bad you had ended up with a broken arm. You had managed to save a life and beat the bad guys, so it wasn't too bad. Mr. Parker had said you would be welcome into his house at any time, and had given you some kind of video game console as a reward. You weren't a kid anymore, but you couldn't help but to play with it while you waited for your order in your favorite coffee shop. You knew the owners and you always came here when you needed to sit back and relax. Today was no different. It was a shame that flashy electric guy, Raitei, had already left. Apparently he had some train to catch or something.

Upon closer examination, you discovered the COMPstation had many other functions besides gaming. For instance, it could be used to make phone calls and send messages to other consoles; as well as allowing the storage of information. You figured an useful like this was worth a lot of cash, on your own you'd have never gotten your hands on a thing like this. A smile drawn on your face, you continued to explore the contents of your new toy. One file in particular called your attention: DemonSummoningProgram.exe. You wondered if it was some kind of new game. Your finger moved to press the 'A' button...

At that time, a voice calls your name in a discrete manner, interrupting you.

You can't tell who he is, as he is sitting behind you, outside of your field of vision, and his voice does not ring any bells. You instantly realize, however, that you have found yourself in yet another dangerous situation. But was he the real enemy?

"The two men on the bottom left table; the man coming out of the bathroom; and the man about to enter this place." A dramatic pause. "... Are here to kill you."

As you tried to make sense of his words, the prediction became real, said individuals taking out potent machineguns, aiming them straight at you.



Toukyou, the grand capital.

Retia Adolf's speech had been, once again, rejected. No, maybe that was not the best way to put it. It's not that people had disapproved of what she had said... They had not been listening at all. It did not matter, she would continue until someone opened his heart to her. Even if it were only one person. Right now, the leaders of the PGG were making many mistakes. In the long term, Retia could see it been easily defeated by the other factions or a new rising force. Not only that, but the citizens weren't happy about how things were done either. High taxes? Corruption? Unemployment? The people of Japan did not like that. It might have sounded arrogant at first, but Retia Adolf was sure that if she managed to somehow get elected as President of the PanzerGrouppe, then she would be able to increase its efficiency. Military, Economy, Peace, Inventions, Income... If those were currently running at sixty percent... She could make them run at a hundred and twenty, at the very least.

She was a genius, after all.

But for that, she needed the support of the people and a helping hand. Sadly, she had none. What she had, however, were enemies. People aware that if her plan succeeded and she rose to power, then their business would no longer work. Yes, even now, Retia Adolf was being followed. Not only by you, who were just curious about her after actually listening to her speech, but by hit men. Dressed in casual clothes, normally, they would be hard to spot, but with your experience, it was not difficult to see through their cover.

Ten minutes later, you were sitting on a train, together with Retia and the six men that were sent to kill her. A foreboding silence. How many of you knew what was about to happen?

The lights flickered as the train entered the tunnel of fate.

January 30th, 2012, 05:22 PM
King (RacingeR) - Jonathan (Morm)
Nigata - Hikarizaka Academy

You knew when the vampires where coming. The sun being their natural enemy, you were certain that they would not attack during daylight. This gave you a lot of time to think of an strategy and prepare for the upcoming battle. First off was the issue of the infection. Yes, what made the Nightmare Eyes dangerous was not their power, but the ability to increase in number; to turn an enemy into one of their own kind. Engaging in close combat was something of extreme risk, as one wound was enough to leave you infected. And in a battle like this, were many are mobilized, the odds of that happening were close to a hundred percent. Therefore, you had to put a considerable space between your troops and that of your opponent; use long range attacks to turn their advantage into their worst enemy. You lacked the resources to provide your army with fire arms or explosives, so you'd use the time you had to make improvised bows and arrows. It was the best you could think of.

However, the difficulty of this battle had far outmatched your expectations.

First, nighttime was enough to lower the efficiency of you archers considerably. Because of this, only a few of the undead were being taken down, while most of the group was allowed to advance. In addition, the speed of these creatures was something you had never seen before. Only by raining down arrows on them were your men able to land a hit. Second, they didn't seem to cooperate or communicate between each other. Normally this would prove to be bad for them, as it would mean they lacked a strategy. But it was precisely for that reason that you were losing. The virus of vampirism intensifies the dark emotions of the host, making him less human and granting incredible supernatural powers. They felt no empathy for each other, and they did not feel despair or fear when pushed into a corner. Thanks to their unbelievable numbers, their forces were able to slip pass your iron defense with a minimum loss-!

"Mountain Piercer...!"

But that was as far as they got. Cornered by Kodama Himegami's immense power, they are forced to take another approach, but...

"Time Warper...!"

They were left with no other option but retreat after witnessing Akemi Homura's will. In order to protect what she loves the most, she would let no vampire pass-!

You could now say that the battle was even. Yes, at that time it was impossible to determine who was going to be the winner. On one side, King's army had the most kills; hundreds of vampires had left this world already. On the other hand, it was imperative for them to stay on the offensive, constantly using up their B-power and stamina. If they were to get exhausted before the end of the fight, it would be a clear victory for the Nightmare Eyes. After that, all hope for a world conquest would be lost. In order to accomplish this, the vampire lords decided to deploy their special units and attack with full force to. For them, it was a win-win situation. Ignoring them would prove to be the foolish mistake of all history, as they could easily overpower the entire army of the king if given the chance to. Taking this into consideration, the only reasonable thing you could do was to intercept said forces with your own. However, that too was beneficial for the vampires. Losing powerful members was not an issue when they had the advantage in numbers. They would sacrifice a bishop for a bishop and a tower for a tower. With only pawns left, the one who had the most was assured to win. And above else, there was no loss.

Because all of the Special Units deployed did not belong to their kind. Yes, they were all 'human'. That's right, the vampires did not mind doing something as low as that in order to expand. In fact, making slaves fight was just the tip of the iceberg. One trip to the lands of the North would show you just how much they were capable off. You didn't like the idea, but you had no other choice, so you left Himegami and Homura defending the main base and sent Jonathan and Achilles to deal with the new threats. A new presence making itself known, clearly stronger than the other two, you prepared to face the strongest enemy by yourself.


You dragged the fight to the park located at the outskirts of the city. You were pretty convinced that your opponent used some kind of projectile to attack, and the place you were now standing in was the worst kind of battle stage for the red head girl in front of you. Compared to your orders, those small jewels that floated around her were nothing. Trees would serve as a barrier, limiting her vision and at the same time blocking her attacks. These were the wits of a King.



The red flash pierces the tree like nothing, moving at speeds hard to perceive-!


Behind you, several other trees crumble. Seems you had underestimated the destructive power of this girl was capable of. But still, that just now was not a warning shot. No, she did genuinely miss. It was also evident that she had not trained for combat ever before. This might as well have been her first fight. To put it simply, she was a normal girl equipped with a weapon of mass destruction. Even so, you would not hold back... Such was the resolve of a king!


It was an incredible battle.

At a prudent distance, the owners of the graveyard watched, with a little bit of amazement and a great amount of fear, the fight between two heroes of ancient past. Combat resembled a fireworks spectacle, with metal clashing against metal so hard that sparks were created with each hit. The spearman was clearly at a disadvantage in this kind of terrain, while the swordswoman was the one setting the pace of the game. Indeed, without losing her grace, the knight had managed to exploit every possible advantage, hindering the Greek hero in order to reduce the power gap between them. Yes, that's how she had lured her into a graveyard -Where Achilles would be surely slowed down-, figured her true name and weakness and taunted her with insults until she became a killing machine fueled by rage and hatred. That was just how emotional Achilles was.

After seeing neither of the two had been able to land a hit on the other after a few minutes of direct confrontation, both heroes separated in order to rethink their strategies. Of course, the one with the legendary blade intended to attack her foe just like she had been doing until now.

"What's wrong? Where did all your energy and spirit go?" The mysterious demon said, as if it was a shame to see Achilles like this. "For a hero of your caliber, you are surprisingly weak and slow-witted."

She then slashed the air with her sword, seemingly fooling around, as she waited for Achilles inevitable rage to resurface.


Jonathan's battle had already started.

It was an interesting matchup to say the least. His opponent, Miyazaki Miko, was a proficient close quarter combat fighter, adept in many martial art disciplines. But that was not the surprising part. By gathering Ki around her fists, she was able to effortlessly deflect the punches he threw at her or effectively defend against them without being instantly killed. With her style nullifying Jonathan's steel fist with ease, this battle no longer seemed one between two powerful Special Students. In truth, it resembled a passionate fist fight between the normal people from a decade ago-!

"... Hah!"

The beautiful china dress understood this and decided to let her fist do the talking, hitting Jonathan on the chest with an open palm, pushing him back several meters. Indeed, by pouring Ki into her body, she was also able to avoid any defense, as her attacks targeted the soul of the enemy instead of the physical body.

Seeing an opening, the girl dashed forward and threw a flying kick at the boy, with the clear intent to remain on the offensive.

January 30th, 2012, 07:38 PM
Tottori – Another Pyramid

At first he’d been a bit worried, since from what he’d seen earlier and as much as he did not like to admit it; her power was definitely far, far above his. Still, if it was only 10 percent of her power, then he could probably handle that.

“Great, great! I’ll accept your challenge, Yamato Takeru!”

He could feel his blood begin to boil at the prospect of entering another fight. So she thought he couldn’t handle himself? Then he’d prove her wrong. She was the one who told him that he didn’t need to hold back- and honestly, holding back there felt kind of silly. While Yamato had been able to handily dispose of her opponent, he hadn’t done very well against the two PGG elites at all.

That just meant he’d have to do better than ever in the fights ahead!

Putting one foot one over another, he charged straight at her, an attack that seemed almost trivial in its simplicity. In fact, it seemed almost like a complete copy of the same tactic that he’d tried against the PGG soldiers before. With his fist upraised, it seemed obvious that he was going to try and attempt a punch, using his B-power to inflict more damage.

But that had never been his intention in the first place.

Right when he’d judged himself to be close enough, his foot that would continued on forwards began to slow down, hitting hard on the solid rock that comprised the pyramid, slowing down his momentum as much as possible.


His upraised fist, which had kept moving onwards, was brought downwards, straight towards the ground below. He concentrated as much of his B-power as he could into that one fist, and as it slammed into the rock below-


-it was all released.

His ability, the field which covered his body, expanded to its largest extent. The substance of the world around him temporarily began to disintegrate, the constituents of his surroundings coming apart, and then mixing together, and fueling the attack that came naturally as a result. The temperature around rapidly swelled up in but an instant.

The sound that accompanied it was unmistakable. Yes, without a doubt, generated by his B-ability, this was an explosion, a rippling force of heat and pressure.

“How’s this, Yamato!”

January 30th, 2012, 08:36 PM
Nigata - Hikarizaka Academy


How annoying, to come across an enemy who can bypass your armor and attack you directly was most vexing to Jon. Girl, teenage, wearing a Chinese dress, this was the initial assessment from sighting the opponent, adding the data gathered by troops, it was clear that the Nightmare Eyes were simply sending out slaves and waging a war of attrition.

It was a strategy Jon loathed, cannon fodder was a bloody, cruel fate, dying knowing your fate was decided by another. What a way to die, Jon mused, as he and his opponent paused for a moment in their duel.

He pondered why she was fighting at all. Why would a slave obey it's master without question? Loyalty? Or, more likely, she was being coerced, was an enforcer nearby, watching the battle? Why did she fight? Maybe he'd find out later, after he emerged victorious.

Then, she shouted, and did that stupid soul attack once more, and with surprising force, shoved him back several meters, and, seeing an opportunity, leaped towards Jon with a kick!

Okay, focus on your strengths, wait for that moment, and counter! Jon tensed as the girl drew closer, seeming to slow in mid-air, then, he struck!

January 31st, 2012, 08:59 AM
Raitei (Mellon)
Toukyou – Train

Raitei had left behind Yokohama once he had confirmed that the kid they dragged into the hospital had survived. Though, from the looks of it, he had larger problems then just getting beat up. Raitei had no idea about the kid's circumstances, but it was obvious that he needed to suppress his other side for him to survive as a human being. And that, was something the boy, Ben if he remembered correctly, could only do on his own. And he had his own demons to overcome in any case.

The last stretch of his long path to Toukyou was relatively uneventful, compared to what had happened in Yokohama and Nagoya and after a couple of days, he had reached the gleaming skyscrapers of the capital. The air around here was tense. From what he had heard from the people around here, Toukyou was on the brink of war between the biker gangs under a man called Idagawa Ren and the local PGG forces led by Kongomaru Sanzou.

Sanzou-kun got a governing position over Toukyou then? Hmm... I wonder if he dragged Aya-chan with him again.

Not to mention there were whispers about someone called the "White Fang" stirring up trouble in the south. And men like that, hardly remained alone in these times. A situation that would no doubt, further complicate the already extremely complex internal politics of Toukyou. Neither of the two sides could spare the troops to immediately suppress potential rebellion on the outskirts of Toukyou. Any action like that would leave them open for an attack from the other side, after all. If the White Fang managed to gather a credible force and moved fast enough, an emergence of a third power would not be impossible.

But by far, the most interesting thing that he had seen in Toukyou was sitting right in front of him. Retia Adolf. The small blonde haired girl who was giving speeches about the need of reform in the PGG. Many of the points were obvious to him, but it was clear that the others listening, chose to rather tune out her claims. And who could blame them? The alternative was hard to think of. If PGG really was falling, then war would most likely return to these areas. And that was a concept many found hard to swallow.

Though... there seemed to be those more motivated by plain greed, rather then any sort fear. That was the only reason to explain the number of assassins on this train. Obviously no-one too highly placed, because the hired killers were clearly amateurs and projecting their intentions to anyone with a slightest knowledge about actual combat, but still dangerous in their own right. More then enough for the blonde in any case, unless she possessed an ability to defend herself.

Maa, I might give her a helping hand then.

The train entered into the tunnel. For a brief second, the lights flickered off. A sound of movement. When the lights came back on, the image that appeared was quite different from what was visible before. Every person in this carriage, besides the blue eyed girl called Retia Adolf and the man in a green jacket and shorts opposite to her, was asleep. No, asleep would be the wrong term. Every person in this carriage was unconscious, knocked out by the surge of electricity that passed through the seats, handlebars, floor and in all honesty, the entire metal frame of the section they were in.

Raitei had a childish smile, totally easygoing and free of all undertones, on his face.

"You are really interesting, aren't you, Retia Adolf?"

"I am the man who is going to take over the PGG."

"If you are looking for someone to hear out your ideas, why don't you join me in remaking this world?"

The train exited the tunnel of fate, causing sunlight to shine through the windows once more.

January 31st, 2012, 04:53 PM
Decay (Satehi)
Tottori – Another Pyramid


When the smoke screen caused by the sudden explosion cleared, you saw her standing there, undamaged, unscratched. It was not as if she had suddenly released the limitations she had willingly put on her body in order to avoid the unexpected attack. No, she was still fighting using the ten percent of her power in this fight. Then, there was only another possible answer. Yamato Takeru was so strong, that you couldn't keep up with her, even if she was using a tenth of her actual strength. She was such a monster...

"Your reasoning is wrong, Master." She interrupted your thoughts to correct your mistake, as if she was capable or reading them. Hell, that possibility wouldn't surprise you. "Certainly, that was an attack I could not afford to take a direct hit from. However, if what prevented me from evading it was my lack of speed, then I just needed to raise it to a level where I would be able to do it." So, in other words, she did actually increase her energy output? That meant your reasoning was right, not wrong, as she claimed.

"Furasshu no shinjitsu." She revealed the name of the technique she had used just moments ago. "By focusing spiritual energy on the lower part of my body, I was able to increase my overall speed and reflexes seven fold." Then what she meant was that if she had used that skill at full power, she would have been several times faster. She was really limiting herself like she had promised. "Yes, this is what it means to have full mastery of one's body."

The point she was trying to make was obvious. If you wanted to become stronger, what you needed to do was to learn how to use your body to its full extent. If all what that ability required was to gather energy on one's feet and then quickly release it, it was logical that whether it was B-power or Spiritual Energy made no difference. Yes, you, like her, should be able to use 'Flash Truth'. But something told you it would be not that easy. And if you did not manage to learn how to do it, then you would never land a hit on an enemy who did knew the theory behind it.

"While it is true that you hold an incredibly powerful B-ability, and that producing an explosion like that requires a considerable amount of control..." She narrowed her eyes, as if she could see deep into your soul. "It is simply not enough. If I were to do this, for example...!"

Movement Challenge: 12
Dice Result: 12

Sensing danger, you instinctively throw yourself to the side, the dagger she had thrown gracing your right shoulder. Was she trying to kill you...?! No, that blow was not aimed at a vital area on purpose. Had you been slower, you would have taken a crippling wound at best. This was the most efficient way to teach. If she didn't make it as close to real combat as possible, your learning potential would be wasted. In any case, now that you had been forced to avoid the projectile, her point had been proven.

"Why did you dodge that blow just now?" Your answer was the most logical: 'So I wouldn't get hurt.' "But your B-ability enforces the concept of 'destruction' on things, right? Then why didn't you attempt to erase it from existence?"

You saw what she meant now. The dagger she threw was nothing special. It had no special power whatsoever, nor had it been part of an epic story of the past. It was an ordinary weapon. Therefore, it should have been within your limits to destroy it. The reason why you had avoided was because...

"You lack control. At your current level, you can only destroy things progressively." In other words, it took time to work. "The dagger moved so fast it was impossible for you to concentrate and destroy it before it pierced your dermal layer."

But there was no real problem with that. It was only natural for an ability to have weaknesses. Yours were projectile attacks. To counter this, you just needed to close the gap between you and your opponent and-


You understood.

What if the enemy could move at speeds so fast -Just like her- that you could not keep up with it? The battle would be lost from the start.

"So... You can use that attack more than once, right...?" She adopted a battle stance once more. "C'mon, if you can hit me just once I will give you something nice."

February 1st, 2012, 11:18 AM
Aomory - Yuu Mansion

Your soul had given flesh to this spirit. It could not speak nor communicate with you in any kind of way. But there was no need. This was your Persona, the manifestation of your true self. As two sides of the same coin, you could understand everything about her and she knew everything about you. You might have been in different bodies, but your mind had always been one and the same. Energy overflowing, Valkyrie charged forward with all her power, clearly willing to finish them off with the first strike.


"Like I would actually let you do that--!"

Movement Challenge: 13
Dice Result: 1
Perk Bonus: +3
Luck Focus: +5
Final Result: 9
Damage Roll: 0 (Originally 2)

That shot would have been lethal. But today, lady luck was on your side. A rare coin you kept in your pocked had deflected the bullet completely, something short of a miracle. It had now lost it's previous shape, so it was no longer of worth. They would pay for that. In any case, you needed to figure out what had just happened. Since the bullet made you lose your focus, your Persona had stopped its movement, thus not attacking anybody. Karen might have been the fastest shooter in the region, but you knew that not even with technique and skill alone one would be able to fire at those speeds and with so much accuracy.

"You look surprised." Ace said, with a smug look on his face. "Do you truly not remember the B-ability of My Lady?"

No, of course you did not remember it. You were certain you had not met this clowns ever before!

"Kuh!" The girl was annoyed. It was as if your lack of knowledge was a low blow for her. "Allow me to explain then!" She announced, while making a dramatic pose. The other two did the same to empathize the effect. "Quick Draw Rosso is the name of my power. With it, no matter how fast you are, as long as you are within my range of sight, I will be the one to strike first every time."

In other words, it was the ability to reverse the order in which the attacks were made in order to always draw first blood. It was the ultimate counter-attack, as it would take effect before any of your techniques and could kill you right away if it hits a vital area. Thus, in order to deal damage, one would need to take damage first, survive, and just then be able to attack. Such a thing would not work with your new ability, as taking hits would hinder your ability to control Valkyrie. Yes, this was the worst possible matchup for Lunatic.

But there was more.

Ace Mirage and Moos-ter Fix-it also had abilities of their own. The former was able to summon some kind of humanoid familiars, which served as loyal soldiers and were armed with spears. Truly, they resembled warriors of the ancient past. The latter had also brought with him several small robots, which were armed to the teeth. His B-Ability was probably related to his inventions.

And now you were surrounded.

Not only did you have bad affinity with them, you were also being overpowered in terms of numbers and power. You might be able to fight back for some time, but once your energy runs out, the battle would be over for certain. You gritted your teeth as you thought of the reason why you were fighting. Yes, that girl had just lost her father, and now these guys were going to steal all that he had left in this world and burn everything else? That was bullshit. Even if it would kill you, you would not allow it. Since when you had become this good natured? You didn't know. What you did know was that this battle would be defined with the next move. And in your future you saw death.


"Ha... Hah... Guh!"

Yuu had lost a lot of blood. At this point, there was nothing that could prevent his death. He is not angry and he is not sad. He holds no grudges against the person that had killed him. Rather, he was worried about the future of certain person.

"Father?" Sion arrived at the mansion after running some errands. "Father? What's wrong? Your breathing is irregular."

The alchemist did not answer that question. Instead, he asked her to come closer. Obedient as ever, she did, kneeling next to him. Probably because of her innocence and ignorance, Sion was unaware that his creator was going to go to heaven soon.

"Sion... Do you remember everything... I have told you... Up to now?"

The little girl nodded, claiming that everything had been properly memorized. She didn't grasp the importance behind those words, instead thinking of it as yet another task that had been asked of her. It was only natural for her to be like that. But Yuu believed that the pink haired girl was just like a normal human being, and so he had a final lesson for her.

"Sion... Live... As you desire. Be true... To your own path... You can live... Just like... A human..."

Needless to say, Sion did not understand those words. To her, desire was a human emotion she could explain with words, but not something she had experienced before or could experience in the future.

"Yes... Remember that... Sion... You have a heart... That is more important than anything... It is... The truth..."


"And you... You are very warm..."

"'es. Father made me."

"A warm... Body... Sion... Hold someone... Close... So you... Can feel... Their warmth..." Yuu began to close her eyes. His life would be over in less than a minute. "That's why... My children... Were born... With warm bodies..."

"Is Sion what Father wished for?"

"Of course... You're my... Precious daughter..."

"'es. Father is precious to Sion, too."

"Sion... I love... You... S... I... O... N..."

His pulse slowed and his body slumped backwards. He stopped moving. At that, Sion tilts his head in curiosity.

"Father? What's wrong...? Are you resting?" There was no response. "Then Sion will be quiet. Good night... Father."


"What... Sion... Desires... WHAT SION DESIRES-!"

At that time.

Sion's powers fully awakened. Her outfit changed, now resembling that of a maid, and a colorful short staff materialized on her petite hands. Power flowing through her, she had, literally, became the embodiment of 'Magical Girl'. Everything around her began to levitate, including the warriors summoned, the robots created, the entire Roseta Rosso, even you. This was her power: Telekinesis, the ability to move objects across space without the need for physical contact-!

In the middle of the air, your eyes met Karen's. The battle was not over yet. But it would be soon.

It was time to surpass the concept of 'Always attack first' and finish this off, once and for all!

February 1st, 2012, 06:14 PM
William Levilius
Toukyou - Seijou Academy

All your feelings had been gathered into that fist.

Not only yours and Guan Yu's; the spirit of Wolf Fang was also there. Maybe that was what made your body move when it should not have been able to, and to yell those words of passion when speaking should have been impossible. Yes, you above all understood what true power was. Those emotions of the people that fight along your side will give you all the strength you need in order to fight back. If a concept could be destroyed by a stronger concept, then the answer was simple. There was no concept stronger than 'Bonds'. Against it, 'Consume' could do nothing but be vanished by the power of friendship-!

But Tsukuyomi Kinako could not understand those feelings.

Even after your punch connected and her body rolled on the ground several meters due to the force of the impact, she did not comprehend how someone would fight for the sake of another. It was only natural; she had killed the executive that had informed her of Akito of the Dark's orders. He had not pissed her off or did something negative to her standards. She just killed him because it was normal for her to do so. That was how much she valued the life of somebody else.

However, on this very day, something changed.

She had found something in you that captivated her. Even if she was trapped in the body of a small girl, Tsukuyomi Kinako was older than what she appeared and certainly more mature. Everyone treated her like what she was: A creepy little girl. The one mistake the executive had made this morning was not to kill her when he had the chance to. He couldn't because, even as corrupt as he was, he could not attack a little girl even if his life depended on it. That's why he had died. You, on the other hand, fought bravely, and faced her with no hesitation.

It was the first time she felt pain coming from another human being. And she found it beautiful.

That's why when you extended your hand to her, she accepted it. With that, you felt a faint bond form between the two of you. And to commemorate that, the small girl had something to give to you. It was a small jewel with a shape that resembled a nine. You had never seen such a thing before.

"You are interesting, Mister~" She said, as she placed the mystic object into your hands. "Tsukuyomi Kinako will keep an eye on you at all times, teehee~"

And with that she disappeared. She did not simply walk way, no, she vanished, as her presence could no longer be sensed. You stared at the magatama in your hands, wondering if it was just a cool looking jewel; or there was something else hidden within.

Dismissing those thoughts, you ran to Guan Yu.


After a week, the school practically belonged to Wolf Fang. There was only one step remaining: Take out Seijou's Banchou: Yamizaki Akito, better known as Akito of the Dark. Thanks to the key Yamamoto Burai had given Rouga, the team was now able to enter Akito's underground base. However, they decided it would be wise to rest before going to fight, because they would need to be at a hundred percent to win the battle. You believed in Rouga's judgment and followed his orders without question. As you rested on your bed, you began to think how much the group had grown in just a week.

The Miyazato gang had been the first addition to the team. Shorko and Saki were nice enough; but Erika was a bang. She was powerful and strong-willed, brave and sexy, and above all, an honorable guardian. Every time you talked to her, you found it hard not to be mesmerized by her beauty. You wondered if you truly were falling in love. And it seemed the feelings where mutual, given what she had tried to do the other day. You took a deep breath, as you tried to shake those thoughts out of your head.

Next was Guan Yu. Well, she did, in fact, surpass Eri of the Chain in all parameters, but she was clearly not human. You were always in sync; it was as if you were one and the same. She saw you and a brother... And well, you did your best to look at her as if she were your sister. Truth was that with that revealing outfit of her, it was hard to do so. Recently she had begun calling you 'Nii-san', something really cute, even though it felt awkward. After all, she looked to be older than you were. Of course, since that had always been a forbidden topic, you had not asked her real age.

Finally, Tsukuyomi Kinako... Eh, there were no words to describe this oddball. During the small time you had spent with her, you had realized that this girl had weird standards. Your conversations were so creepy, that it was impossible for you to make them last even if you tried. For example, the other day she had talked about how it felt to be touched by tentacles. The day, she had asked you to provide some saliva. You had refused of course, you didn't want that girl running around with your DNA. All in all, she was someone hard to understand. You didn't want to think what she would do to you next...

Those were the members you had been able to recruit so far. But Rouga had also been doing his job, and he too had brought new people aboard.

Well, first there was this guy Rouga had managed to defeat the other day, Yamamoto Burai. He is a pro boxer and one of the strongest close quarters combat members of the team. You also heard his B-ability allowed him to dodge any blow thrown at him. You couldn't help but to wonder how had the White Fang defeated him. He apparently worked for Akito because he needed money to take care of one of his younger sisters -She had five!- which was at the hospital. After his encounter with the leader of Wolf Fang, however, he had switched sides. You had not talked to him yet, but maybe you would do it soon.

Then there was this little girl you had heard of. Yeah, you hadn't even seen her. And that was no wonder, because this girl had the ability to become invisible. From what Rouga told you, she was really shy. Until the fateful day in which she met Rouga, people at Seijou would make fun of her and call her 'The Phantom Girl'. She would usually hide in the equipment shed all day. Anyone who went inside would hear her cries, that's how she had earned that nickname and even became an urban legend among students. Her real name was Negishi Nanana, and you honestly knew nothing about her, asides from that which Rouga said. With any luck, you would bump into her some of these days.

Last but not least was Zanma Gou, Rouga's older brother. He was really easy going and fun, not taking anything seriously and making fun of his brother all the time. He also got beat a lot, because Rouga punched him every time he said something stupid. In all honestly though, behind that mask, there existed an incredible intelligent man. He had managed to surprise you a couple of times when making plans of attack. He was an strategist, and probably one of the best. He had come to the school just before your fight with Kinako, together with a mysterious wolf that seemed to bite him if he was doing something that was not smart and Rouga was not there to beat him up. It was apparently female, as both brothers called her Kunagi.

And that was it. Tomorrow you would finally destroy Akito of the Dark. The future looked bright.



They weren't pleasant news to hear. Apparently, the card key needed to access the underground base had been stolen. At first you didn't knew by who, but when you realized who of your group was missing, the answer was obvious. The Miyazato Gang was the culprit. Those idiots... They wanted to fight the Banchou on their own-!

You ran all the way there with Rouga and Co. Thankfully, the electronic lock had remained open and you were able to pass. However, one figure stood there, blocking your path. Her name was Nakanishi Kendo, someone whose force of will could not be surpassed. Ironically, today she was here against her own free will. But, without a doubt, she would fight you and if needed be, she would kill you. While you could easily overpower her if you worked as a team, you couldn't afford to waste any second. That would prove to be fatal for Erika and her gang. One of you -or some of you- would need to stay here and fight her, while the others would continue onward. The decision was yours.

Armed with two seemingly harmless shinai, the young blue haired girl waited, the determined look on her eyes unmatched.

February 2nd, 2012, 02:09 PM
Alfhildr Dyrdahl (LeopardBear)
Akihabara - Security Prison

As you were about to fire, a strange figure entered your field of vision.

The body of a young girl... Tanned skin and uncovered breasts; she floated in the air, as if doing such a thing was only natural for her. Yes, from the very first moment you saw her, you knew she was not human. And so, without hesitation, you released the ice arrow. It was a shame that such a beautiful being would have to be killed, but this was war, and in a battle like this, there was no room for second thoughts.

What happened next came as no surprise.

Your arrow exploded just before reaching its target, smoke covering the entire area, preventing you from confirming your foe's death. But it was clear to you that she was still alive and now prepared a counter attack. Your instincts were honed to the limit, and they were telling you that your position was no longer safe. Indeed, when the smoke screen cleared, the girl was no longer alone. Over five hundred women, all of the same origin and all using a bow as a weapon, prepared to shoot down the new threat. And that new threat was no other than you.

At this rate, you would not be able to escape. The range of the attack was just to big, and you calculated the entire building would suffer the consequences. In addition, these were not normal arrows, they had the piercing power of a tank shell each. That was right, this was a technique strong enough that it was enough to erase you and your forces from the map if it hit-!


There was someone who would not allow such a thing to happen. Blessed with a new name, Penelope steps in to protect her new friends. Her petite form being left behind, she becomes one of the most feared creatures in Greek myth, the nine headed serpent, Hydra-!

The majority of the arrows are blocked by her incredible armor-like skin. Indeed, only the most powerful warriors are ever able to harm her. This was your trump card, and to be honest, you had not intended to play it this soon. But there had been no other way. Had you not done anything, you would have lost the majority of your forces with that strike. And if you had created some kind of ice wall in order to defend, something that big would have drained you considerably. Thus, summoning Hydra had been, without a doubt, the most effective course of action.

You jumped out of a window, landing on top of Penelope's main head. From now on, you would fight together. Taking a deep breath, you stared at the new enemy that levitated like a goddess, together with five hundred servants.

"Damn it!" She protested, seeing as her attacked had been ineffective. "Stupid women, you can't serve me well! You are useless!"

The cold hearted ruler whispered something and with that... All of those women that had fought with her moments ago were burned to ashes. They were not killed instantly, no, they suffered until the end. Then the tanned girl said something like 'May you be worthy of me in your next life' but you couldn't really hear her from where you stood. The next instant, another army replaced the former. You closed your eyes. It was clear that your opponent could recreate her army at will; as long as she had the Spiritual Energy needed to maintain it. From the looks of it, she had a lot. You opened them again.

There was no need to hold back.


Meanwhile, Kunohana Sakuya and Ryougi Shiki were causing big trouble for the enemy troops. They had managed to disable many squads with ease. Apparently, they made a good team together, as they complemented each other and both shared grace and harmony in their movements. Placing them on the same group was probably one of the best ideas you could have ever had. They were incredibly good in terms of offense and terrible in defense, but Sakuya's miraculous healing and vast reserves of energy eliminated that disadvantage completely. They were unstoppable.

Or at least, that was what they thought until they met him.

Or it, there was no way to tell if there was someone inside such an insanely big machine. Compared to the other mobile suits, this was on a completely different level. It was the new generation of military vehicles, and it put all below it to shame. This little piece of gold was unique, only a few were actually made so far, and they were given to those who were of great importance to the PGG. One could pilot it... Or let it pilot itself, really.

When it arrived at the scene, the entire group that had been saved began to prey. Not to God, but to the one named Alpha. No, maybe for them Alpha was actually a god. And when that name reached Ryougi Shiki's ears, she realized what they were fighting against. The short version? A monster among monsters.

Only a couple of years after the PGG had begun to gain power and influence, MiB (Men in Black), a military organization, had been created. The leaders themselves had selected and hired seven teenagers with attitude and entrusted them with the latest technology for single combat available. Black suits, capable of enduring incredible amounts of damage and increasing their physical abilities to the point where they could be considered superhumans. Not only that, but they also had given them futuristic weapons and equipment that surpassed the laws of logic. They had been the best of the best among the PGG. One day, they say that someone had come and killed them all single handedly. That person had been Alpha. After that, Alpha joined the PGG ranks and took over the organization, recreating the MiB from scratch and selecting more adequate candidates.

Yes, someone like that was there, in front of them. And when the giant unit suddenly became invisible, they knew their opponent was going to kill them for serious.



Aozaki Touko could be no more surprised than this. And no wonder: People on the radio were telling her that the entire sewer squad had been wiped out by one man. And this man had no gun or any other weapon. Wearing a black suit, he just beat everything that was on his path using his fists. And by the time this news reached the red haired strategist, it was too late.

Because this man was also surprisingly fast... He was already in front of her.

His name was Kaze Daizemon, better known by his nickname 'Muscle Rider', and he too was one of the strongest Men in Black. Adept in many fighting styles, he once used to travel around Japan searching for a worthy challenger. Apparently, he had been defeated by the leader of said organization, and after that, he had joined Alpha with no regrets. The puppeteer could not help but to swallow in fear when matched against such a strong foe. And at this distance, communicating with her leader would certainly prove to be a fatal mistake.

"Get ready." He announced. "I don't underestimate women because of their gender."

*Click* *Click*

Aozaki Touko lit up a cigarette, as she tried to come up with a possible solution to her problem. Because if she didn't, she would wind up dead.

"Well, I'm glad." She said, in an ironic and teasing tone. "I guess you won't mind being also defeated by a woman, then."

The man let out an amused laugh.


February 2nd, 2012, 08:30 PM
Alfhildr Dyrdahl (LeopardBear)
Akihabara - Security Prison

As I leapt onto Penelope, I let the vapor in the air condense onto me, forming a layer of light armor. Well. This was interesting, to say the least. The fact that the enemy fought naked was… strange, but with the offensive power they had, they probably didn’t think that they needed it. Each a mobile cannon… I resolved to take this enemy alive. The advantages that would come with it... Terribly useful.

Luckily, it seemed that I didn’t need to keep the leader’s protectors alive: she had more. That made this simpler. Sublimation would not work in this circumstance – B-Power overwhelmed my attempt to tear their bodies from the inside. Different, then.


Like Sublimation, the Niflheimr was another technique, an outgrowth of my abilities. However, with the recent discovery of liquid ice, it could be far enhanced. Performance evaluation is now. Do well.

At my word, the air chilled, bringing on the feeling of winter. At the same time, snow began falling. Not from the sky: it was a clear day. But from a few feet above the ground, snow began to fall from the air as it spontaneously froze.

In barely a second, the ground was coated with a foot of pure snow, the overture that lead to the movement.

In the air all around the floating enemies, ice condensed into missiles: everything from small bullets to war spears, killing implements. Icicles rose from the snowed ground in the same instant, preparing to launch into their bottom as everything else prepared to launch into all other sides.

And launch they did. The enemies suddenly found themselves in the midst of a storm of ice from all aspects, the projectiles launched like bullets. In and of itself, this would be deadly. But here was the addition.

Each of the bullets or lances or arrows trailed behind them a razor of my liquid ice, creating not only an offensive storm but a trail of death, turning the entire airspace around the enemy into a jungle of cutting edges. The attacks fired at the ground would have their unanchored ends float down, but those fired upwards would trail it for as long as they flew, causing a deadly trap for the enemy if they tried to move.

As soon as they had fired, I was freed from concentrating on it, moving instead to the next attack. Penelope’s saliva was potent acid, but it was hard to leverage. Normally. I gripped onto Penelope’s head as she reared back, taking a massive breath. As she opened her mouth, I reached out with a minor power, creating a matrix of ice inside her open maw. She roared.

The matrix instantly shattered. Coated with burning, acidic, saliva, the ice flew outwards like fragmentations from a grenade, adding to the blizzard of death.


Shiki and Sakuya certainly had had an easier time of the fight in the beginning. Tearing through sections of mere soldiers was a trivial task for them. This was not. A large mobile suit would normally be a manageable problem, but an invisible one… that was less so. Shiki’s ability, to sever even divine constructs, was useless if she could not see. And she would need better than a knife for this.

In a stroke of luck, Sakuya could solve both these problems, speaking to the brilliant foresight and strategy of their brave leader. With a flourish, she removed one of the large, bladed flaming feathers, throwing it.

Easily, Shiki’s hand snapped out and caught it. It was roughly equivalent in size to a European greatsword, but lighter, making it useable with her fast, spinning style. Bringing it back, the blade trailed flames, ignited.

Sakuya made her second contribution. “Alighieri.” Like a reptile shedding its scales, bright red petals floated from her skin, filling the air with blossoms. Blossoms that began to burst into flame as the suit made contact with it. Both the girls smiled. Game on.


As the man laughed, Touko kicked the suitcase lying under the table, releasing it. A spectral cat leapt from it, lunging at massive speeds towards he man. As Touko did so, she ran her finger over her overcoat, inscribing a rune of warding, turning the orange overcoat into something approaching armor.

February 10th, 2012, 10:18 AM
Revy (Milbunk)
On the Road

Obviously this man was no pushover. He had experience and he loved the taste of blood.

But why did he love such things?

Did he do it out of sheer enjoyment or was there some other purpose?

"If you wish to fight then I will not stop you." Revy replied, though she had little chance of actually beating him she felt that even a request such as his deserved a proper response. "But before we do, do you mind if I ask you a question? Can you tell me why you want to fight Mister? Is there not some other way we can solve this?"

She waited for his response and signaled to her allies that she would take the front of the attack. If things started to get bad then they could come in and help her out but for now that was unnecessary.

February 10th, 2012, 11:39 AM
William Levilius
Toukyou - Seijou Academy

I grit my teeth, as I saw the girl standing in my way. That determined look on her face was calling out in challenge, as if she was ready for anything.

As a man, I myself couldn't deny that facing her was something that the warrior blood inside me couldn't deny.


The face of Erika, and her determined look to prove her strength flashed in my mind.

How could I stay here? My body shuddered in rage as I imagined the horrors Akito of the Dark could do to all of them.

"Nii-san..." Guan Yu's worried voice echoed towards me. It was clear that she was the one most bothered by the thoughts crossing through my mind. This was the first tight situation I was in that I had to choose what the others would do, not just the actions of myself.

I took a deep breath. "Yu, you go on ahead. Rouga, guys. I'll handle this. You go on."

There was a pause. After a few seconds, Rouga nodded with a smile, and beckoned the rest of the team inside. As they began to run inside the base, I noticed Guan Yu wasn't moving. "What is it, Yu?" I asked with surprised eyes.

The demon looked at me with hesitant eyes, that after a second focused in determination. "I won't go."

My eyes widened. "W-why?"

Guan Yu, walking towards me, clasped the hand with the Kanji of devotion between her own warm hands. I felt myself redden as she got close. "Nii-san, have you forgotten that talk we had before this?"


I had forgotten completely.

That's right. Guan Yu and I had already gone over this.

"...I..." Still, I was reluctant. Even though we had decided that we wouldn't be away from each other, I still felt that I wasn't helping Erika enough.

"Nii-san. Look at me." Her voice was clear and determined.

I looked up at her golden orbs, that stared at me beyond beautiful eye-lids.

"We'll go through this together. And we'll save your friend. Because..."

Right. I had forgotten completely.

"Wolf Fang's bonds are unstoppable!" We shouted at the same time. A fire started to burn inside my chest. Sudden determination surged inside me.

There was no time for brooding. All that I could do was rush in and face destiny head-on...!

"I hope we didn't bore you with our talk." I said to the determined-looking girl, with a clear voice, my golden eyes staring at her with a decided gaze. "I don't understand it. You don't look like somebody who would help Akito." That was true. She didn't seem like a bad person at first sight. She was probably like Burai, who was being manipulated out of fear.

"There is no need to fear Akito!" I shouted at her. "You don't have to side with him! After this, he will no longer have any power to do anything!" I shouted this, pointing at her.

Her expression seemed to darken, gaze turning angry, as if she wanted to shout 'you think you understand!?'

I closed my eyes. "I know what you mean. You don't trust us. Wolf Fang, myself, and its members... You have seen Akito's power first-hand, and don't think anyone has the power to prevent him from carrying out threats."

Her expression, which flickered to one of surprise, told me that I was correct.


I would have to show her.

I raised my fist to the sky. "Let me prove it to you. Let me prove that you can trust Wolf Fang. I'll show you the strength of our bonds- And after this, you'll understand."

As Guan Yu jumped away from me, I took out my blades, my B-Power beginning to swirl around me. "Bonds last forever! They cannot be weathered by time, and they will last for as long as they aren't forgotten!"

A white flash of energy. The blue tempest around me reached a crescendo.

The very fabric of what made magical energy begun to solidify around me, forming plate armor that encased me in the shell of a Knight.

"This is--"

A blue and white radiance, the entrance to the base erupted like a white sun.

From the surge of energy, a great knight clad in armor emerged, white greatswords held in each hand, his blue eyes gleaming with a fiery spirit.

In front of the knight, like a shadow eclipsing a sun, was Guan Yu, crouched low, holding the Naginata in a battle stance. The two, breathing simultaneously, feeling the blood in their veins pulse at the same rate, yelled out their resolve together.


February 12th, 2012, 12:38 AM
Tottori – Another Pyramid

“Yes. I’ll be holding you to your word, y’know.” He spoke with a slight grin on his face, but honestly… he didn’t really have a good plan.

That ability to move at speeds far beyond what she was normally capable of in her 10% state was something he could not provide any good counter for. As Yamato had pointed out, there was a definite weakness in his power- projectiles attacks could not be defended against. Combined with Yamato’s ability to rapidly increase in speed and her own physical abilities, he was definitely at a disadvantage. Just hitting her once with that previous attack would be fine, but that wouldn’t matter if he couldn’t hit.

But if he couldn’t beat her as things were right now…

He slowly inhaled, and took a small step forward.

Then he’d just grow stronger until he could---!

His small step quickly became a run, charging straight at Yamato.

This was in all likelihood, quite foolish. It was probably not a technique that could be learned so simply, even with the simple description that she gave to him. Still, at the very least, he’d have to try it, and try hard enough until he did learn how to use it. Even if it did not work at all in this fight, there was another option that he could use to try and tag Yamato with his technique.

They were in a pyramid, after all- it would not work if he tried to do it in the open air, but there was terrain he could take advantage of here. He’d have to force her to back up into a wall or two, before he used that technique again. With his B-power, Yamato would definitely want to keep a fair distance away. If she there was a wall blocking her movements, then even that technique which increased her speed sevenfold would not help much to escape.

If he let her figure that out though, it most likely would not work. So he’d try and use what she had used earlier, making her think that was his only plan until the perfect situation came.

That plan wasn’t quite the greatest- it still would not solve the one major problem she’d pointed out with his B-ability. In fact, the best solution would be to learn that technique- this other plan would merely be a fallback. Therefore, he put aside other distracting thoughts, focusing only on trying to learn and use the ‘Flash Truth’ at this one moment!

Focusing the B power to his lower body as she had described it, he focused it down at his feet, and then quickly released it as she had described!

February 16th, 2012, 05:10 AM
Alaya Shiki
Yokohama - Cafe

After he put down the console, Shiki had been about to turn his attention towards his usual delights of the day - a steaming cup of hot chocolate and glazed doughnut - when the man behind him suddenly spoke up.

"The two men on the bottom left table; the man coming out of the bathroom; and the man about to enter this place." A dramatic pause. "... Are here to kill you."

It took him a moment to process the stranger's words before he reacted. Normally, Shiki would've sensed the danger ahead of time by himself, but the painkillers and other drugs he had been given at the hospital had dulled his senses and clouded his mind. The exhaustion from the fight earlier had also caught up with him now that the adrenaline had worn off. It was a precarious situation to be in. He felt anger, mostly towards himself for getting caught like this.

The moment those submachineguns pointed at him, Shiki hastily raised his hand and pointed his palm towards them.


It took less than a fraction of a second for those bullets to exit their barrels and fly towards him, but it took even less than that for Shiki to fill the cafe with his power. The hail of bullets that should've torn his soft, tender body to pieces stopped harmless in the air infront of him, as if they had been robbed of all their kinetic energy. Shiki's face remained impassive as he weathered the storm, but that was merely a facade. He was still wounded and exhausted from his fight earlier that exerting himself this much put a serious strain on his body. When he stopped the first bullet from preforating his body and anyone else in the shop, it felt like a hot needle had been shoved under his fingernail, but as time went on and the storm of hot lead continued it felt like screws were being driven into his arm, twisting and tearing his muscles and bones. Shiki wanted to cry out in pain, but he grit his teeth behind his closed mouth like the growls of a mad dog. Showing weakness would only encourage his attackers. If they knew it would only take a little push more to overwhelm him, they'd be on Shiki like a pack of vultures. He couldn't let them know he was already knocking on death's door; Shiki needed every advantage he could get if he and the other innocent bystanders were gonna make it out of this alive. The assassins' choice of location showed how little they thought of collateral damage. A single bead of sweat trickling down the side of Shiki's face was the only sign he was straining himself.

Even faced with their futile tactics, the assassins continued to pour more firepower on Shiki. When they ran out of bullets, Shiki almost breathed a sigh of relief, allowing the bullets in mid air to drop harmlessly to the floor, until he saw them reaching for more magazines. A mysterious glow flashed in Shiki's eyes and their guns were cut cleanly in half; it was his last burst of B-Power. But Shiki knew this wasn't enough to deter his attackers; he was already thinking ahead.

His B-Power still lingered in the atmosphere, keeping him aware of the slightest disturbance or movement within the cafe, but he'd have to take care of things quick or this little advantage would vanish along with his chances of winning. The location of every enemy and non-combatant were relayed to his mind in an instant.

Shiki barreled into the man exiting the bathroom, using his uninjured shoulder and pushing the man inside the men's bathroom. He was the closest enemy, but Shiki needed to take care of him quickly or else his allies outside would flank Shiki.

Shiki's instincts flared when he saw the man draw something from behind his back, but the familiar glint of steel gave Shiki a good guess as to what. His foe had drawn a KA-BAR military knife favored by the US marines.

The steel flashed in front of Shiki's face, but he read the other man's attack, evading it by mere centimeters. This man's movements clearly screamed military training, but Shiki didn't know where, not that it mattered much. All Shiki needed to know was this man was a professional, someone he couldn't take lightly.

The next attack was a slash to Shiki's solo-plexus. The enemy used a quick step to launch himself forward, hoping to catch Shiki off guard, but Shiki rushed in and caught his attacker's wrist in between his elbow and knee in a pincer. Before the man could register his wrist was broken, Shiki speared his elbow into man's chest, throwing him against the wall and knocking him out instantly.

Shiki quickly picked up the knife and rushed outside, where his three remaining opponents waited patiently, but Shiki could read the slight hesitation on their faces. They had been worried about entering an enclosed space like the bathroom where their numbers would be more of a hindrance than benefit, but they couldn't decide their next course of action quickly enough and had lost the chance to ambush Shiki when he exited the bathroom. Their loss.

The three men spread out, each brandishing a similar knife. They tried to circle around Shiki, but he wouldn't let them. His B-Power lingering in the air allowed Shiki to effortlessly weave through their coordinated attacks like a danger. The man behind him lashed out at his spine around the waist while the man in front slashed at Shiki's throat. The youth easily bent his body, leaning back to avoid both blows, bringing his body just outside of his foes' reaches.

Suddenly, the youth went on the offensive again, lashing out at his nearest attacker in front of him and putting said foe between himself and the others like a shield. A fight between knife users was desperate, dirty, and fast due to the close proximity. The opponent gained confidence after parrying Shiki's first strike, but Shiki's counterattack knocked the knife out of the man's grasp. Unfortunately, this placed Shiki's broken arm towards his foe. The man suddenly lashed out with his fist, punching Shiki's broken arm.

Son of bitch... You are so freakin' lucky I can't kill you in front of Mr. and Mrs. Kurosaki!

If it were up to Shiki, he would've decapitated these bastards instead of their SMGs when he had the chance, but he didn't want to expose the owners to that kind of violence. They were a kind, elderly couple that welcomed a trouble maker like Shiki into their store, and for that, the least he could do was not leave a corpse on their floor. That didn't mean he wasn't gonna beat the crap out of this guy.

Immediately, Shiki hook his finger inside the man's mouth, pulled him down and kneed the man in face, breaking his nose and sending teeth scattering across the ground like a string of marbles.

The man's screaming form on the floor caused his two allies to pause or perhaps it was the murderous gaze Shiki turned towards them. Regardless, Shiki stepped towards them like an angry god on a warpath, knocking out the man on the floor with a merciless stomp to the head.

The youth suddenly threw his knife. The first man narrowly dodged by twisting his body, but it caught the man behind him in the shoulder. Still, because the first man twisted his body, he had torn his eyes away from Shiki for a moment. Big mistake. When the man turned back to Shiki's last known location, the boy was gone. Suddenly the man felt an arm his throat. Before he had a chance to do anything, Shiki used this as leverage from his position behind the man, back to back, to throw him overhead. Before the man's skull hit the ground, Shiki gave him a hard kick to the back, propelling the flailing man towards the last attacker. Ikazuchi, the move Shiki had just moved was originally a killing technique, allowing the user the break the enemy's neck with a kick the spine while he was mid-air after a throw. It was only Shiki's solemn resolve to not kill in the Kurosaki's cafe that had spared the life of this man and his comrades.

As the last man struggled to his feet after pushing his heavier teammate off of him, Shiki decided to finish the him off with a cafe stool. It instantly knocked the man out; Shiki not even giving the man a chance to get his bearings.

Now that his B-Power had disappeared, Shiki's eyes scanned the cafe for any more enemies and the stranger who had warned him earlier.

February 16th, 2012, 01:23 PM
Raitei (Mellon)
Toukyou – Train

It was because of your heroic display and your perfect choice of words that Retia Adolf stood there watching you, silent, somewhat amazed, as if admiring a new piece of art. While others saw foolish arrogance in you, she saw potential. It could be said that it was fateful that you felt almost the same way about her. Intelligent, Strong-Willed, with resources but with no real support. And you had probably come to the same conclusion: For change to exist, violence was required. Don't let that view of the world fool you, Retia Adolf had never been a blood-thirsty individual. But, as things were now, she would never win the elections. Ginjou's reelection was assured, and with that, Murata's position was safe.

"You have some charisma, I give you that." The blonde said, regaining her composure. It was not something meant to be taken as an offensive comment supposed to denote how superior she was compared to you. No, she was actually praising you from the bottom of her heart. "You know my name. I believe I didn't catch yours."

Hand extended, a bond was formed.


It was shocking how fast you had managed to enter this group of people. Yes, because Retia Adolf was not alone. She had done her homework and had some loyal soldiers ready in case armed conflict was necessary. And with six attempts of assassination behind her, it was clear that there was no other course of action but to counter-attack. But still, wasn't it a little bit too early to trust someone like you? They had taken you to their main base, an abandoned warehouse located at Toukyou's port; introduced themselves to you and were even willing to share their plan with you and let you participate. A spy would find it simple to sneak into this group and deal massive inside damage. Unless... Unless there was something more to it. Her eyes... Her eyes were too beautiful, almost to the point where they didn't seem natural. It was now evident to you that they held some kind of power.

You had intended to recruit her, but, in the end, it was more like she had recruited you. Well, it couldn't be helped.

So, who exactly you were working with? Truth was, there were not many men in Retia Adolf's forces. Yep, aside from the blonde leader and you, there were just three other people there. You didn't know if they had an army somewhere else -they clearly had the cash needed to afford one-, but, honestly, there was nothing wrong with not having one. If all of them were as powerful as you were, then you could probably take over the PGG if you worked together.


First, there was this muscular man with iron resolve. Just by looking at him, you could tell he had been in the army and survived many battles. Indeed, when you heard his name, Eisen Manstein, you recognized him instantly. You had heard a lot of rumors about him. About how his body was said to be made of the strongest steel and that no one had ever hurt him. About how he had once stopped the mighty ninja cannon with the palm of his hand and about how he once prevented a plane from crashing using nothing but his body. Yeah, this guy was the one of the best among this team.

"Don't get to cocky because you saved her once. I saved her twice before you came."

Next was El Rommel, one of those soldiers that do what they want, where they want and how they want, disregarding orders. Somewhat of a troublesome and tricky guy, he specialized on explosives. He was reading a news magazine with an article about Retia Adolf -a harsh critic-, focusing his full attention on the picture, even when he had the real thing so close. Despite his attitude, you could tell he was strong.

"... Ah."

The final person let out a sigh. She just couldn't get along with Rommel. Her name was Ermi Doenitz and she was probably the closest person to Retia there was. She was not a combat master, even though she was experienced in the use of fire arms and controlling any kind of vehicle. With her B-ability, she could turn her, and anyone within range, invisible. Well, more like transparent, her power was not that advanced.

This was your new team. Better get used to it.


Retia Adolf had just finished explaining what your first mission as a team would be.

Right now, the PGG forces were overwhelming, both in power and in numbers. The blonde trusted that, with at least ten members, you would be able to eventually take it down, if you weakened it first. To do that, she intended to put an end to at least two of the great sources of power the PGG had in the grand capital. The Shinra Corporation, devoted to research and development of new technology, energy reactors and biological weapons; and the Kaiba Corporation; one of the main suppliers of military vehicles and fire arms. The leader had her eyes set on the first. She received some intel about some old PGG soldiers that were discharged being held captive and experimented with in the Shinra Headquarters. The idea was to release them and convince them of joining your group.

Well, to be honest, it seemed like a suicidal mission at first. It was an enormous building with an incredible amount of floors and tightly secured. There would be no way five persons would be able to take over that building or sneak in without suffering any loses, you knew that much. But you weren't five ordinary persons, you were more than that... There was a possibility of success. But it was a big leap. After that, you would be considered to be terrorists and be hunted down by the militaries. In any case, the Idagawa group -completely unrelated to yours- was planning an attack on the very same day, which would serve as a distraction and lessen the security of the place. If they hadn't picked to attack the very same building, that was.

Retia had a plan formulated in her head already, but she wanted to hear your opinion on the matter. How would you initiate the assault? Use the main entrance for an all out attack? Infiltrate using the backstairs for a surprise attack? Or maybe dress up as a Shinra soldier? Would you divide the group in teams or would you travel together? She was asking all these questions with just her eyes.

And more importantly, if you were to become a widely-known terrorist group, well, you needed a name.

February 17th, 2012, 01:30 PM
William Levilius
Toukyou - Seijou Academy

Kendo smirked.

You and her weren't so different, after all. You were both warriors that understood the value of bonds. And that was why she was certain that you knew what she would be capable of doing in order to protect those she held most dear. Yes, she had made a decision. In order to protect her sister Kyudo, she would go the distance, surpass her limits and destroy anyone standing in her way; even if the one doing so was the person she admired the most. And since she barely knew you and Guan Yu, Kendo would kill you without regrets-!

This was a battle of Will Power.

Compared to that iron resolve, what did you have to offer? Why were you in this battle? For what did you fight? She seemed to ask you those questions with her very eyes, seconds before the start of the battle.

For your Brother.

For Seijou Academy.

For Wolf Fang.

You fought for everyone out there who wanted this rotten world to rise from the ashes.

But the truth was that you did not need to answer those questions. Indeed, one did not need a reason to fight. Being in front of each other was enough of a reason-!

"Then come...!"


A couple of hours ago...


The door was thrown open with enough power to break it off its hinges. Nakanishi Kendo rushed into the room with both shinais in hand like a berserker.


Her sister was standing there, powerless, surrounded by executives and out of her reach.


Yeah, she had come to save her like she had done many times before. This time was no different. She could take out all the guys in that room in a matter of seconds. All, except one.

"Woah, woah. That's far enough."

Yamizaki Akito made his presence known. Yes, this academy was his kingdom, a place where he could do as he pleased, and right now, Kendo was in the place where he held the most authority: The throne room. Well, it's not like Akito of the Dark could be called a proper king, he was not fit of such title. He was cruel and arrogant and lacked elegance and etiquette. In this room nothing was in order, and the smell of cum was still lingering in the air. Indeed, Lord Banchou Yamizaki, as he wanted to be called, had been having sex with a girl the entire day. Her body laid on the floor, naked and unconscious, her face still in shock. This was one of Akito's hobbies: Take young girls, strip them of their virginity and rape them until they pass out.

"Guh... Yamizaki... You...!"

Kendo could not find words to describe how much she hated the man in front of her.

"It's been a while... Nakanishi Kendo, was it? You hate coming to my 'castle'. Is your little sister that important to you?"

Akito of the dark smiled maliciously, as he licked his lips and brutally pulled Kyudo up to him by the hair. Seeing her sister scream in pain, Kendo snapped and her body moved to attack the cause of all this evil. But several men rushed out, forming a wall and blocking her path. That was not an issue. For someone who had defeated the entire kendo club on her own, this was not worth of a challenge-!

"Shut up and calm down." But Seijou's Banchou interrupted her, his incredible power filling the room. "I have no intention on laying a hand on your little sister." He announced, knowing that such a thing would make reason return to Kendo. "However you better listen to what Lord Banchou Yamizaki has to say. Right, baby, baby...? I'd hate to have to do something nasty to your little sister." He said so, shaking his head in a theatrical sigh.

A small, foreboding silence.

"... Then what?"

Akito shrugged.

"You just need to take out that bitch, Hibiki, and that transfer student. Oh, and that brat who defeated Kinako, too. If you don't... Then maybe I'll take your sister's virginity, her mouth, and every corner of her body... Get it?"

Had Kendo been half a step closer, then she would have been able to strike Yamizaki Akito before he could even blink. But the Banchou was no idiot. He knew exactly how far did Kendo's reach go. He stroked Kyudo's skin, confident of that.


"Well, how about it...? What will you do, Na.ka.ni.shi. Ken.do-chan~?"

Her face darkened as she made up her mind.

"... I understand."

"Ohohoho. How beautiful sisterly love is."

Akito joked, but Kendo was dead serious.

"But I will remember this. If you lay a hand on Kyudo, you won't take two steps before I kill you."

"Oh no... So scary."


"Kyudo. Don't worry. Just leave it to your big sister."

With those words, Nakanishi Kendo left the room.


The battle raged on.


Guan Yu dashed forward, Naginata in hand, ready to finish Kendo off. Down to her knees, she had no possible way of escaping such an attack-!



"... Not over... Yet."

The wooden swords that should not have been able to parry such a strike, did so with ease. The shinais turned into blades that could cut through the strongest steel, granting her the strength needed to protect the most valuable bond-!

But it's not enough. The attack had left Kendo in a vulnerable position with a lot of exploitable openings, and your team was not finished yet. There was one member who had yet to make his move. That would be you, William Levilius, the hero.


Her eye of the mind identifying the incoming threat, she attempted to move to a side in order to avoid your dangerous charge, but, once more, fell to one knee after a cut opened in one of her legs. Even when her attack had been parried, Guan Yu had managed to ensure your victory-!


She closed her eyes...

Getting ready to perform the perfect counter-attack.



You are the surprised one this time. She had performed a dodge roll at the last possible moment, barely managing to escape danger. With that, the tables had been reversed. Her blades penetrated your unprotected left side, the area of damage being increased by your unstoppable momentum. And even though they resembled ordinary shinais... you could swear that the sound you heard as your defenses were pierced were that of the finest steel.

Tizona and Colada: This were the weapons of Nakanishi Kendo, named after the swords of the famous Spanish champion, Rodigo Díaz de Vivar, El Cid-!

Your robotic body fell to the floor, defeated. Its left arm and leg arm had been cleanly cut off.

"I said it's not... Over Yet...!"

Blood pumped through Kendo's veins like never before.

February 18th, 2012, 05:07 PM
Alfhildr Dyrdahl (LeopardBear)
Akihabara - Security Prison

It was a sure kill technique.

It had to be, at least, after all the power you had put into it. Weapons of all size and form surprised the enemy from any and every possible direction. Swords, spears, daggers, one could not help but to wonder where had you seen some of their rare designs and ornaments. However, despite their beauty, they were something created to take the life of others.

It was no work of art; it was a massacre.

It took a couple of minutes for your attack to end, and when it did, you did sure feel how much your reserves had been drained. You sported a high B-capacity, but it was a fact that abusing your ability like this put a toll on your body. To be honest, that was the least of your worries. While many had fallen, victims of the high-level ice technique, the tanned woman was not one of them. It was only natural. Not only did she possess the honed instincts of a hunter, she had five hundred bodies acting as her shield. And she held no remorse or pity for the fate of her followers. That was just how ruthless she was. There was a reason why they called her 'Cruel Ashoka'.

"Ah, How dare you...?" The green eyed ruler complained with disgust as she cleaned a wound on her left shoulder. Apparently, one of the small projectiles gad managed to land on her. "I will make sure that you regret injuring the great Ashoka. You can pay... With your life-!"

With that said, a sword materialized in the girl's hand, and with masterful skill, and in a sudden motion, she threw it at you. Out of reflex, you created an ice weapon and used it to counter said attack. The moment you did so...

Your entire world went black.


What a brilliant strategy.

Yes, against an invisible enemy, this proved to be the best course of action. Caught by the unexpected attack, the giant robot was engulfed in flames. This was not a problem for its resistant armor layers; it could fight to the best of its ability even on this conditions. However, burning it to ashes had not been the idea behind the technique. Now that its body had been exposed thanks to the blazing petals, Ryougi Shiki moved, ready to deal the first and last blow of the battle-!


The blade was dug into the unknown material like butter, thanks to the bandaged girl's ability, who quickly retreated, as she had no intentions of getting hurt by the fire her own comrade had created. The machine fell to the floor, defeated. Shiki had attacked the place where the pilot should have been, eliminating all possible threat.

"Well, it had to be defeated sooner or later. Congratulations."

Or so she thought.

Her instincts desperately telling her to move, she warned Sakuya just in time to partially dodge the incoming attack, which was...

Nothing more than a harmless surge of light?

The both landed, unhurt. There was clearly someone there, outside the range of the petals, with her presence hidden. Yes, it was a woman, the voice directed at them just a few moments ago made that evident. Was there more than one enemy? How troublesome. Konohana Sakuya prepared herself to launch another attack when...
"G-Guh-?! Agh...?!"

It exploded from the inside.

Her body. And Ryougi's body, too.

Like the mobile suit, they became fallen warriors with no grace. The bird-like demon had lost an arm, together with the wing that accompanied it; while Shiki had lost an arm and a leg, along with most of her right side. It was a mess. Bathed in a pool of their own blood, their lives began to fade.

They had lost this fight.



The man quickly intercepted the spectral beast, smashing it into the ground with his fist. With a fast follow up, he picked up the defeated animal and threw it against a wall with enough force to kill a human in one blow. The guy was a monster. Kaze Daizemon had always been strong, but when you added the black suit to the equation, there was no word better than 'monster' to describe him. Indeed, he had defeated a creature far above his level with two moves... Wait, had he?

Raising from the grave, the cat lunged forward aiming at his blind spot. Yet again it lost, not even being able to slow down his march towards the red headed strategist. To win this, she needed an attack that could penetrate his defenses, somehow. But her time to come up with one ran short when she realized the fighter was right in front of her.

It had been a while since she practiced melee combat, but there was no other way.


The uppercut that was supposed to hit his jaw did never connect. Naturally, Kaze Daizemon intercepted it, and crushed her wrist at the same time. This was a type of battle in which Aozaki Touko could never hope to win.

Answer Must Be Somewhere
Stand, Person who Chases Truth

Maybe it was because their vision and hearing were sealed that they could somehow feel your heart beating, even if that didn't respond to the laws of logic. The important thing was that it was there. You were fighting to stay alive, while they had long since given up. How stupid they were... How could allow themselves to rest, when their leader was still chasing that falling star?

"Ahg... Cough... Aghhh!" Blood filled Sakuya's mouth as she struggled to speak the words needed to go back to the beginning. "Cough! Gah...! Ahh..."

Seeing how much she was suffering, a girl in a black suit materialized and walked up to her. She was carrying a giant, H-shaped gun that was perfectly fit for her arm. She pointed it at the demon, wishing to release it from her pain. And as she was about to pull the trigger...

"Sal... Salvation...!"

The world returned to its original form.


While Salvation was a magic on the level of a miracle, it was unable to reproduce the greatest of miracles, the miracle of life. Yes, no matter what, Salvation could not bring someone back from the dead. Because of this, someone like Ryougi Shiki, who had suffered an incredible amount of damage could not be restored, as there was no chance that such a person still remained in this world.


Ryougi Shiki's will power and devotion are enough to bring her back to life, if only for a brief instant-!

"Oh." The girl, Alpha, made a satisfied nod. "Seems I still have time to play with you, after all."



That was not the sound of bones being crushed. Sadly, Kaze Daizemon realized this a little bit too late, allowing Aozaki Touko to trigger one of her traps hidden in her puppet arm, releasing a potent sleeping gas right before his nose. Knowing that someone of his power and strength would not be so easily incapacitated, the red head took advantage of the confusion and performed a round house kick, pushing the giant back, if only slightly. She did it once, twice... Thrice until the man inevitable fell to the pit where he had come from.

Since the area was free of allies, the PGG was probably advancing towards the base already, using the sewers. Aozaki Touko had the perfect solution for both her problems.


With a chain reaction, the runes she had previously placed activated, a torrent of flame cleansing everything inside.

Over a hundred soldier died.


"Impossible." Ashoka flailed her arm wildly, shocked that you were, somehow, still alive. "You should be dead!"

Shaking your head, you found yourself inside some kind of palace. There was some kind of warm feeling in your chest you were not used to and couldn't quite explain, but it gave you the strength needed to rise and stand. Penelope did the same. You didn't know what had happened or what that previous attack had been, but you knew that the enemy in front of you was still there and that you had to defeat her.

"Ah, no matter." She raised her hand as if to issue a command. "I'll dispose of you now. For real this time."

Her open palm pointed at you, a sudden burst of red light was shot towards your position. It was clearly her stronger attack. To survive, it was a must to counter with a technique of the same or higher level.

And you had one in store.


February 19th, 2012, 03:34 PM
Alaya Shiki
Yokohama - Cafe

After the previous assault, the cafe was a mess.

Well, it couldn't be helped. In fact, you had done a pretty good job: It could have been a lot worse. As for your mysterious partner, if you could call him that, well... He was not there anymore. He must have used the confusion created by the sudden attack to escape. Why he would do that, you didn't know. You managed to squeeze some information out of the owners, though. Mr. and Ms. Kurosaki told you that the man who sat in that table was in his mid thirties, wore a long black coat and had a smoking habit. It was not much, but it was a start.

For now, you decided it was best to put things back in order. Part of it had been your fault, after all.


After dumping the bodies on the nearest trash container, where they belonged, you were back on the streets with no real destination. This happened often and it would not be a surprise if you got yourself into another trouble in a matter of minutes. It was your daily routine. If something was wrong and different today was the lack of activity. It was just like before, and seriously, you didn't like it. It was like a bad omen.

*Ring Ring*

A public telephone rang as you walked by it. Naturally, you ignored it. There was no real way to know the call was directed to you.

*Ring Ring*

When a second public telephone rang, you began to wonder if it had just been a coincidence or not.

*Ring Ring*

And when a third public telephone rang, you picked it up, almost out of reflex. There was no doubt in your mind that someone wanted to speak with you.

"Meet you at the station at 7pm."

That was all you heard before the man hung up. Well, if it wasn't your friend from before -You recognized the voice-. You didn't know what it was all about, but you wanted to meet this guy and talk to him face to face, like men do.

You decided to head over the station.


There was no need to explain in detail what happened after that.

Because it was something taken right out of a movie. A busy man bumped into you, his possession falling to the floor. As you helped him out, he whispered instructions to your ear and vanished, before you could even take a proper look at his face. Obedient, you played along and did what he asked you to do. Two travels by train and a long walk through the forest led you to a mansion located in the outskirts of the city.

You kind of wondered if this was the right place; but if it was not, you would just walk the way you came and call it a day. In a way, that was how blunt you were. You rang the bell in the pattern you had been instructed you. A second later, the door opened and a hand dragged you inside.

"Is someone following you...?" A man that fit the description the Kurosaki's had provided questioned you. Silence told him you were not really sure. "Maiya."

In response to his call, a familiar girl picked up a sniper rifle that was hanging on the wall, and took the stairs, running past you without even stopping to properly welcome you to their place. She was probably heading to the roof, where she could make the best use of her weapon. You were left alone with the man...

"Ah, Shiki-san. Hello."

Well, not precisely. Irisviel, the silver haired taxi driver from before, came out from one of the rooms at the back and greeted you with a smile. Honestly, you didn't think you would see her again so soon, if ever. Slowly the pieces began falling into pieces, but you couldn't quite grasp the meaning behind everything quite yet.

The man, who Iri introduced as Emiya Kiritsugu, lit a cigarette, as his wife explained the situation to you.

"It's unfortunate that this is happening to you, Shiki-san." She let out a worried sigh that could easily belong to a mother. "But by defeating that Banchou with you friend before, you have become the new Banchou. That's how the rules go." She then placed her hands on your injured arm, and a green aura engulfed it. It was easy to tell that it was some kind of healing spell or ability, as you began to feel much better. "But Yokohama has always been in conflict. Because of this, there are many people who want to take on the Banchou, to take his place. Right now, that person is trying to assassinate you."

Well, that would explain the attacks from before. Hopefully, that guy, Raitei had managed to leave the city without any sort of inconvenience. So you ruled the place now? You had no idea. Nobody had presented before you to announce it, after all.

"Most of the gang disbanded after you gave that ugly guy what he deserved!" Irisviel said with a burst of energy, but then she made an apologetic smile. "Sadly that means you have no followers, either. You are a leader only by name."

And the one who wanted you dead did have underlings. From the looks of it, many of them. What a drag.

"But my husband and me cannot let this bad person take your place, you know, Shiki-san? That's why we need your help." Well, it was more like you needed their help. "Let's make an epic Marvel Team Up, okay?"


Twenty minutes later, you were as good as new.

It seemed Irisviel's technique did not only heal wounds, but also restored B-power. Such a strong ability... Hope it didn't put too much a toll on her body.

All the while, Kiritsugu had been silent, staring at the window, as if waiting for something. Indeed, he knew they were coming. That person had eyes everywhere and was probably aware that he had been cooperating with you. Indeed, it was mandatory that he began the preparations right now.


Without the need for words, the silver haired woman understood.

"Say Shiki-san... You got a Comp, don't you?" Oh, she must mean that console you got earlier from Mr. Parker. "There is no need to hold back, you can call your demon out now."

Call... Demon... Out...

Yeah, you had no idea what she was talking about. Seeing the look of confusion in your face, Irisviel realized you had not summoned one yet. She took you to a spacious room inside the mansion, and instructed you on how to use your Comp.

You executed the Demon Summoning Program Application and...

Luck Challenge: ?
Dice Result: 3


The roof collapsed as a glitch in the program made your summoning a little more troublesome than usual.


You were supposed to summon a demon, that's what you were told. But, in all honesty, there didn't seem to be any demon inside the room.

And more importantly...

There were five of them. (http://oi42.tinypic.com/qpfres.jpg)

"Yo, boss." One of them -The blonde- greeted you, as she dusted off her clothes. "Try to treat us a little more kindly next time, okay~?" She said, with a wink.

What a day.

February 19th, 2012, 08:38 PM
Alfhildr Dyrdahl (LeopardBear)
Akihabara - Security Prison

Sakuya rolled away, taking advantage of Alpha’s temporary occupation with Ryougi to slam Kohaku’s B-Power concentrate into her arm. Having just cast Salvation, she had no energy to execute another attack. Maybe in a few seconds, but for the moment, she was out.

Ryougi, the recipient, had no such energy drain. A flash of new energy ran through her arms as she seized a reserve knife from the small of her back. In a blink, she sprung at the other girl.

The sudden attack left Alpha no time to reposition her weapon to fire: by the time she did, she would have the better part of a foot of steel fighting for living space with her intestines. A quick defense brought out her own knife, signaling not a battle of powers or mobile suits, but of pure, dirty skill.


As hell froze the multitude of women, I ripped off the cap on Kohaku’s concoction, ramming the tip of the pen-like device into my thigh, releasing her potion. Holding it in place, I could feel power restored… to a degree. The energy I had committed to that attack was great enough to be unrecoverable by such a minor device, but it was helpful none the less.

Helpful soon became an understatement: it was essential. With a blow of her sword, Ashoka had created a new world. An Indian garden. She stood before a massive palace of white marble, surrounded by perfectly shaped trees and flowers, replacing the smell of concrete and blood with a tropical rush. We stood at opposite ends of a reflecting pool, ready.

“No.” An heiress of India stood before me, known as one of the great warrior queens of the world. “No you will not.”


A simple flip of movement brought me to Penelope’s head and into the sky, standing far above her.


Ansuz, Berkana, Kenaz, Mannaz, Eihwaz, Uruz, Raidho, Thurisaz, Isaz, Tiwaz, Algiz, Nauthiz, Inguz, Haglaz. Fourteen blue signs formed on my right arm – the runes of power, all channeled in sequence. They fed into each other, each seizing B-Power, then amplifying and layering it, all to summon one thing.

Channels of power ran down my arm into my hand, the end result of the entire alphabet brought to bear at once. The power pooled in my palm, looking for all the world as if I had summoned a star to me.

“Bind yourself to me, or embrace eternity.”

I raised my hand back, breaking the runes I had created. The surge of released B-Power rippled out of my hand from the top and bottom of my fist, expanding into a massive rod.

Penelope reared back, bringing me higher: a necessary move. The rod in my hand had kept growing into a crystal spear a good hundred feet long, its massive shaft ready to drive a three-pronged razor.

“Swaying One, pierce the gods.”

Around the shaft, the same set of runes reformed, sheathing it in a tunnel of shining blue. Again, power channeled down, lines connecting the runes to the threefold spearhead.


My hand thrust forward, giving the spear a tiny impulse. By myself, I couldn’t throw such a massive thing. But, the runes surrounding it flashed.

The spear of the All-Father was propelled at many times the speed of sound.

February 20th, 2012, 12:55 PM
Gabriel Levilius


What did he say? The train is leaving? Like.. now? NOW? NOW?!?!?!?!?

Gabriel immediately looked at the train that was about to leave. He looked back at the Colonel and said, "Apologies! I wish we could stay and talk more about this, both me and Saber, however, we have an urgent appointment and we will not make it if we miss this train! Sorry!"

Immediately, without a single thought, he grabbed Saber's hand, leaving the blond knight to gave a sudden gasp which Gabriel had promptly ignored as he started to make a run for the train, He could make it in time, he was sure of it. And behind him, Saber followed him along, though her face was giving a certain awkward expression due to Gabriel's sudden action....

Onboard the Train

"The next time, at least, let me know when you are about to drag me off like that! I almost tripped and fell!"

A gentle rebuke from Saber. Gabriel rubbed his head apologetically as he listened to her talking slightly about his actions, though he had a faint feeling that her slightly red face was giving a signal of something else. However, he would ignore it for now. After all, he could have just been overthinking things too much....

After all... he was a nameless person. Maybe, the 'Pacificier'. even then... his true name, it was long 'gone'. He had nothing to him, save this 'identity', so Saber couldn't possibly...

he shrugged off his thoughts as he prepared himself for what may come in Koube...


"Ah, we are here at last. Osaka."

Gabriel immediately had decided to utter those words as he stepped out of the train together with Saber. He then looked around the surroundings and smiled beneath his mask. He then looked towards Saber and said softly, "Shall we go then? To our destination? There is much work to be done for Igarashi."

This was it. Whoever they recruited... will be crucial towards the final step that will propel him into starting his dream...

February 20th, 2012, 05:31 PM
Decay (Satehi)
Tottori – Another Pyramid

It was as if something had taken possession of your body.

You moved with such speed that your body seemingly disappeared for an instant, reappearing right in front of Yamato Takeru the next. For a first time, it was a flawless performance, as your motion did not stop there: You threw a punch at the demon girl without mercy. But the Japanese warrior lady saw right through it and her hand moved to intercept yours.

"Too slo-?!"

But you were no longer there.

Indeed, you were above her, ready to deliver a powerful dropkick-!

"Kuh." She covered her head with both hands, taking the least possible damage from your attack but still being pushed back. She was using just a tenth percent of her power, so it was only natural. "Let's take it to the next level then...!" Yes, up to now, she had been fighting using melee. In a real battle that would not be the only thing an opponent would have in store. She was about to prove that to you.

"Force Magic: Zandyne!"

Movement Challenge: 16
Dice Result: 20
Perk Bonus: +1
Final Result: 21

A spiraling surge of green spiritual energy was shot to your position at incredible speeds, catching you off guard while you were still recovering from the previous exchange of blows. Nevertheless, you focused even more B-power on your feet and used it to quickly jump and avoid the dangerous blow. You watched, from above, how it impacted against one wall, dealing a considerable amount of damage to the structure. If you had taken a direct hit from such a technique...

Even at its 10%... It could have been lethal.

But Yamato Takeru was not done. Her feet kicked off the ground, and in less than a second she was so close that you swore you could hear her brave heart beating. You moved your arms in a vain attempt to block the incoming kick, as the sword lady quickly adapted to your defenses and switched its course midway. The force of the impact was enough to throw you back to the ground, a fall that could have been a lot more painful if sand wasn't there to cushion your fall.

You had managed to get past the first obstacle: Speed. But what lay ahead of it was yet another rock blocking your path. Compared to her unpredictable martial arts that constantly switched between styles, your street fighting could be called mediocre. Yes, you realized that what you were lacking was technique. And sadly, someone like Yamato Takeru wouldn't get caught twice in the same trick. Flash Truth would only help you to keep up with her in terms of speed, nothing more.


Something new was needed. Something that she had seen before. An unexpected technique that was guaranteed to surprise and hit the legendary warrior, no matter how weak it would be. To be honest, you had no such technique. You had not been one to explore the nature of your powers; rather, you tried to deny them, that was how you had learned to control the aura around you so it would not cause unnecessary harm. So, what would happen if you decided to submerge yourself in the sea of the unknown that was your B-Ability...?

Would you find the piece of the puzzle that you were missing?


The harsh winter that preceded the end of all life on Earth. Not a single winter, but three successive winters with no other seasons in between. The ability to actualize the concept of destruction on anything within range; that was the nature of your power. No, that was just the part you had managed to uncover so far.

---Second Winter - Inverse Mode-!

Your body exploded with B-power, as part of the aura that surrounded you made itself visible, blue flames seemingly engulfing you. You could feel the change. In a state like this, Flash Truth needed not to be activated; the base speed was already enough. Your other physical capabilities had also been enhanced, as you suddenly felt as if your fist could effortlessly smash through the ancient stone walls.

If the first winter was one that was meant to destroy the land; the second was one meant to create conflict, aiding you in battle but making it unavoidable-!

In just an instant, you closed the distance between the two of you and the battle concluded.


The surging B-power disappeared, your arm still extended. Her face had been wide open, but you couldn't get yourself to deliver the finishing blow, as you feared what could happen if you did. Like the beauty calming the berserker, you managed to return to your former self, at the cost of a high amount of strain, enough to put you on your knees for a second. A blade that required to blood to sustain itself once drawn, it was not a weapon meant for mercy. It was a cursed ability, the one you had just awakened.

Yamato, whose clothes had been partially destroyed due to sheer amount of power behind your B-ability, kneeled next to you, embracing you like a mother would.

"... You win."



It was shocking how well everyone had slept, considering the place you had spent the night in. Your entire body still hurt from last night, but it was nothing that crippled your movement; just pain. The first thing you saw was a crimson jewel, a magatama, resting on your chest. It emanated heat like crazy. Luckily it was still cold -The sun was not up yet- so it was not something unbearable. This must have been the present Yamato Takeru had promised you.

Speaking of women...

You had just realized why they had slept so well. They were all close to you, some of them even making body contact-!

Even Commander Fushimi was awfully close-!

Your magatama had been their source of heat for the night-!

February 21st, 2012, 01:21 PM
Revy (Milbunk)
On the Road

Hearing your question, his expression turned to one of disgust and disappointment.

"Eh? What the hell are you talking about, kid? Of course there isn't any other fuckin' way." The man raised his sword and placed it over his shoulder as he tilted his head, annoyed. "Your kind is the one that pisses me off the most. I don't need a reason to fight, danmit!" In the span of a second, the mysterious warrior closed the distance between you and him, delivering a devastating attack that would surely kill you if it connected.

"So quit bitchin' and fight seriously-!"

You were dead.

Your brain told you the absolute truth. You could not block the attack, as his strength far surpassed yours. Even with a powerful blade like yours, its guard would prove to be useless if you were incapable of withstanding the force behind the attack. You could not even move to avoid the attack. It was too late for that. In a sense, taking the front was the worst approach you could have taken. The difference between your physical capabilities was way too much. And now you would pay the consequences of your decision with your life-!

Or not.

Maybe that had not been such a bad decision. Against this kind of opponent, it was foolish and suicidal to take him on in direct combat, true. Chances of surviving the first strike were less than ten percent, and the survival rate decreased progressively with each attack. Yes, you could say that it was useless for you to try such tactic.

But for your team mates, it was the chance that creates the perfect opening-!

Two swords of Japanese origin pierced him; one from each side. It was an attack so sudden and so accurate, that there was no doubt that the victim of this assassination technique would surely die. It was not just the nature of the wound inflicted, no. The weapons themselves were imbued with poison, enough to kill the toughest human being in a matter of minutes.

Indeed, whoever this man was, it did not longer matter. For he was already dead.

"Not half bad."

Or that's what you thought.

"But you are fuckin' weak for a freaking ninja-!"

Maki quickly got out of the way, but the novice ninja wasn't so lucky. Her opponent grabbed her by the neck and threw her to the floor with so much force that the sound the collision made you suspect that the girl might have broken several bones. And perhaps it happened that way. In any case, she was still within range, completely exposed to the follow-up that came after the first attack-!

The Kunoichi threw a couple of Kunais at the aggressor, hoping to save her comrade, but the guy just ignored it, the blades digging deep into his back. There was nothing that could stop his finishing blow. Denying this fact with all your might, you charged at the man, not caring about the consequences, as long as you could save your friend.

But that, too, proved to be useless. He shoved you to the side with his incredibly strong arm, while he brutally stomped Takabane Sae's stomach to prevent her escape.

When he did so, however, her body scattered into a thousand pieces of green light. It had been all thanks to one of the most basic ninja techniques, the shadow clone, the ability to create exact replicas of oneself. It was hard to believe, but at some time between the initial counter-attack of the bloodthirsty warrior and the stomp that came just now; Sae had managed to escape, leaving a false body on her place-!

"Ninja Art: Territory... Alter!"

The place you were fighting at was too open for ninja's to fight in it effectively. To get rid of that disadvantage, Maki played one of her signature cards. You had seen the extent of its power before. With Territory Alter, the experienced Kunoichi could bring the battle to any place of her choice, as the land she created could be considered close to the real thing. Trees grew from the ground like magic, transforming the location into a forest.

"Ninja Art: Time... Alter!"

What came next was obvious. She had, too, used this technique against you in your fight. With it, she could seemingly change the time of the day in which the battle was taking place. The sun gone from the sky; the moon ruled over the recently crafted territory. With all preparations complete, the tree of you decided to wait. If for some reason the poison had not kicked in, it would have to do so shortly.

But something inside of you told you that moment would never come. Maybe you should make use this opportunity and escape...?

"Fuckin' boring."

The man protested, as he cut down trees with no effort, in a vain attempt to find you and your friends.

February 22nd, 2012, 10:51 AM
Gabriel Levilius
Oosaka - Stadium

From what you could hear, it was a very interesting match.

Sadly, neither you nor Saber had a visual of the actual game. It could be said that it was your fault for being somewhat poor. Busy trying to find Igarashi and yoir brother, you had ignored work and other possibilities to save money. As a result, you didn't have a single coin in your pockets. The fact that Saber had to pay for the admission tickets had been a hard blow to your pride. It did sure not ear you any points with her, either.

There was no point in thinking about it any further. You decided to enjoy the game.

Tohsaka Rin was the name of the girl you had to recruit and also the name that you heard the most during the course of the game. Apparently, she was an incredible batter, a terrible pitcher and a decent catcher. When only a couple of minutes remained, she had been the one player to bring her team the chance of victory. They had been fighting against the local champion, so it had not been an easy battle. At this time, both teams had the same score. The next round would determine the outcome of the game. Naturally, the coach sent Tohsaka Rin to take care of the enemy ball. Even when the girl was faced against the strongest pitcher, the coach and everyone on her team were convinced that she would be able to handle it. And, when the ball was shot like a bullet towards her direction, she knew that hitting that ball was within the scope of her abilities-!


The ball slipped past her defenses without difficulty, leaving the pro battler at shock!

"Strike one."

Tohsaka Rin goes back to her previous stance. She won't let something like that affect her. It was clear that her enemy had some kind of technique that allowed him to have the ball change its course at the last second. If that was the case, then there was no problem. With her intelligence, she should be able to figure a proper counter for said skill.

Even so, the second ball managed to go past her.

"Strike two."

This was her last chance. She could feel a drop of sweat rolling down her forehead, and all the pressure being placed into her shoulders. Her next movement would settle the result of the game. She would emerge victorious, because, by now, she had understood the technique she had to defeat. The ball approached like a red comet and...

Tohsaka Rin missed for the third time.

"Strike three. She's out."


With her failure, the game had been lost.

It had always been like this. Tohsaka Rin will mess up in the most crucial moment. It was almost as if there existed a rule in the laws of the World that would guarantee such unfortunate happenings. To be honest, it was a terrible moment in her career as a baseball player. She had managed to rise to the top, but now she was descending towards the bottom. If only she could get rid of the curse of bad luck that had haunted her family line for generations, then things would probably go better for her. But it was easier said than done.

Because, after all, she had many other issues to take care of.

And one of them was the big debt she had with that harpy wannabe princess, Lluviagelita Edelfelt. It couldn't be helped, she had needed the money in order to progress and become better at the sport she loved. She was also fine with returning what she had borrowed, but seriously, this was getting ridiculous. The interest rose exponentially every time Lluvia's 'agents' visited her to collect the money. As a kicker, they came to her twice a week now, and the money they asked for was more than that a professional like her received. You could imagine. It was almost as if the girl with the golden drills was trying to sink her to the bottom of the ocean without mercy.

She was now washing her face in the woman's restroom, thinking of how her day couldn't get worse.

Meanwhile, you waited outside, mantaining your distance not to raise suspicions. Saber had gone to buy some hamburgers -With her money of course- leaving you alone. She gave you three reasons why to do such a thing: 1. Because it was impossible to think with an empty stomatch. 2. Because food could be apparently used to convince a potential recruit and 3. Because it was lunch time and she was hungry.

You remember how a threatening aura had manifested around her when you asked her to do the recruitment together and the eat lunch. Even Saber could be scary, you thought.

Two muscular guys entered the restroom while Tohsaka Rin was still inside. Well, that was clearly not normal. Men did not enter the woman's restroom without a reason. And to you, it did seem that these idiots were about to do something terrible to her or whoever was inside. After waiting a few seconds, you casually got close to the door from the outside. There, you could hear an on-going conversation between the pro batter and the two boys that had been sent after her.

"I told you. I don't have any money." The girl claimed, annoyed. She tried to calm down before saying: "Look, I'm getting paid next week, so you can come by then." That should have been enough to drive them off for a while.


"That won't do." One of them argued, as he violently grabbed Rin by the hand and throwing her to the floor. "If you can't pay us with money, you will have to do so in some other way." He said with a perverted tone, knowing that the girl could not oppose them without suffering the terrible consequences that would come if she did. "We will fuck you real fine, I promise."

Hearing those words, your body moved. You couldn't let that happen-!

February 22nd, 2012, 11:31 AM
Gabriel Levilius
Oosaka - Stadium

Two muscular guys entered the restroom while Tohsaka Rin was still inside. Well, that was clearly not normal. Men did not enter the woman's restroom without a reason. And to you, it did seem that these idiots were about to do something terrible to her or whoever was inside. After waiting a few seconds, you casually got close to the door from the outside. There, you could hear an on-going conversation between the pro batter and the two boys that had been sent after her.

Gabriel Levilius
Oosaka - Stadium

Admittedly, Gabriel thought to himself that he had screwed up big time. Of all things..... he had forgotten about money. Now he looked pretty bad in front of one of the girls, he thought to himself, that he admired much. Though, he had no time for that now. He had opted to wait nearby restroom, mainly due to the first that he had needed to use the restroom, secondly, it was nearby the entrance, where he had promised to meet Saber.

and lo and behold, he had been there when he had observed two muscled men entering the restroom. Yes, the female restroom... where Tohsaka Rin just went in. He thought rationally for the moment, thinking of the possibilities that might happen or whether was he jumping the gun too quick. He opted for the latter and moved nearer to the female restroom to 'keep an watchful eye'.

"I told you. I don't have any money." The girl claimed, annoyed. She tried to calm down before saying: "Look, I'm getting paid next week, so you can come by then." That should have been enough to drive them off for a while.

It was obvious the moment he heard that sentence. So... Tohsaka Rin was in debt. Maybe Igarashi could do something. Wait, he could always leave that matter till later. Right now... he needed to continue to keep an eye. But by right, they would start leaving... well... Hopefully. He thought.

Just then...

"That won't do." One of them argued, as he violently grabbed Rin by the hand and throwing her to the floor. "If you can't pay us with money, you will have to do so in some other way." He said with a perverted tone, knowing that the girl could not oppose them without suffering the terrible consequences that would come if she did. "We will fuck you real fine, I promise."

Hearing those words, your body moved. You couldn't let that happen-!



Something in Gabriel's mind snapped at long last. No, he would not tolerate that nonsense any longer......

"Help! Help!"

"Heh, little missy..... you cannot do a single thing now!"

The poor lady was surrounded by PGG soldiers, two to three of them. She was rather helpless, after all... she was just a innocent person without any B-powers, helpless before the soldiers that had might. Gabriel, part of the conquering army that PGG had just sent into a district, now before him, he witnessed... one of the atrocities when a victor wins the spoils of war.

The lady begged for mercy, only to be slapped by one of the men. Gabriel stood there, staring at the helpless girl and her eyes that were begging for help. Again and again... she was slapped and kicked.

Finally, one of the men shouted, "Lets 'dig' in boys!"

That was it. One of the men unzipped his trousers and prepared himself....

and just then, Gabriel...

moved forward....


"Heh, you dare hit me? You phipsqueak!"

immediately, the man retaliated and started to kick and punch Gabriel. Soon, the others joined in. And there.... As it continued, he could only hear helpless sobbing as his world turned black...

and as he faded, he heard a very painful scream.

He had failed.

He clenched his fist and gritted his teeth. This time it was different.... he was no longer the weak person back then that had let down his parents, brother.... and many people. with that... he took in a deep breath.

He immediately rushed in, his fist raised as he immediately punched the other man's accomplice, with a force enough to hopefully knock him out. He then immediately moved in towards the other and proceeded to kick him from the side. Finally he stated with a deadly intent, "Nobody treats a woman like that. How about you take on someone like me instead?"

He stood before Tohsaka Rin, his back sure and steady, his posture filled with confidence. He could win this, definitely! He would not fail.... Not this time!

February 22nd, 2012, 12:24 PM
Raitei (Mellon)
Toukyou – Hideout

This girl...

A wild grin arose on Raitei's face as she looked into the hauntingly beautiful eyes of the blonde in front of him. What he had seen so far made it obvious that his presence was not even needed for her actions in the first place. She would have gone through with her plans anyway, irregardless of whether he had joined her or not. Raitei's existence had merely strengthened her position. A mind as sharp as a knifes edge, driven by an almost relentless drive for change. It was almost... fervent in a way.

With a mind like that, one must be careful not to be driven into zealotry. Drive must be tempered with wisdom after all.

In any case, Retia's plan was to take down the two "Zaibatsu" present in Touykou, that maintained the iron grip of the PGG here. Shinra was to be their first target of their little group, it seemed. From what he recalled from the structure of the towering skyscraper, it was a mind-twisting maze of corridors, rooms, labs and cubicles, with enough security inside to equal a small army. Armed autonomous robots, laser barriers, cameras on every corner - Shinra Corporation was the driving force of technological and biological research in PGG controlled areas, after all. And with Idagawa Ren's bikers attacking the building as well, one would have to be a madman to try to go in from the front door. And while he had to admit that the idea definitely held its charm for him, he really did not want to reveal himself at this early stage. However, maybe it wasn't really that necessary...

The mad twinkle in his eyes intensified even more.

"Say, Retia-chan. Will you take a walk with me?"

Raitei (Mellon)
Toukyou – Substation

It seemed that his "teammates" were getting quite antsy. Manstein was looking around, with irritation clearly etched into his face, clearly ready to take the "upstart newcomer" down a notch or two. Ermi, who drove them here, based on his directions, was starting to fidget around a bit. Even Rommel, laid back as he was, was looking at him with slight annoyance visible on his face. The only one who seemed to be completely at ease was Retia, who kept looking at him as if he was some sort of curious puzzle to be deciphered. Clearly she was somewhat confused about his actions, but curiosity kept her going.

"Worry not. There is reason to my madness, after all."

The four of them stepped out of the black BMW they had used to get here and found themselves in front of a relatively menacing area. In the middle of what seemed to be a completely normal residential district, was a large area, seemingly cordoned off with a chain-link fence. Making his way to the along the fence, followed by his puzzled compatriots, Raitei finally reached a gate with a rather menacing lock on it. The words "PGG - ENTRY ILLEGAL" were clearly visible on a red sign attached on the gate.

Raitei gave a casual flick of his wrist.

The entire gate was seemingly blasted off its hinges by an gigantic bolt of electricity that seemingly appeared out of thin air behind him. Tiny arcs of azure energy arced around the now empty steel frame, as Raitei casually stepped through the frame, his hands tucked into the pockets of his green jacket. After a small walk inside the cordoned off area, Raitei stopped in front of a metal structure that seemed to be an electrical substation of some sort and turned towards the four behind him.

Retia's eyes widened in comprehension as they fell on the building in front of them. Rommel also seemed to figure out his idea as he gave a snort, accompanied by a slight smirk. Manstein however, grunted out only a question.

"So? What are we doing here?"

Raitei gave the muscled man a smile as he spread his hands at the substation in front of them.

"This substation is one of the 5 that transfer electricity to the city of Toukyou. If you remember what Retia told us some time ago, most of the local defences there are electronic. Wall barriers to cordon off intruders. Automated robots and turrets to defend important areas. Cameras to record intruders. That sort of thing. Most of the defences there run off the power grid maintained and controlled by the PGG. Due to the massive size and power drain of the systems in the Shinra HQ, backup generators are only enough to power vital systems, such as lighting, ventilation and fire protection."

Pausing slightly in his speech, Raitei snapped his fingers. A tiny, almost pathetic spark of electricity struck the gray substation. All was silent for a second, before a loud screeching noise rang out, accompanied by the vanishing of all the lights in the buildings surrounding them. Of course, just taking out the area surrounding this substation would be too suspicious. PGG would obviously note the discrepancy and send more troops into the area. Therefore he would have to cover his tracks properly. Not only did he short circuit out this substation, he also took out the other four. This meant that it would take PGG quite a considerable time to figure out anything. Doubly so, considering that most of the PGG systems were tied to this very network.

For the next 5 days, the city of Toukyou was without the most important of resources - power.

Turning towards Retia and looking into her eyes, Raitei gave her a small wink.

"So. Shall we ride to the glorious rescue of the downtrodden, then?"

February 23rd, 2012, 11:30 AM
"It's time to wake up now."

Red eyes flickered open immediately at the words, blinking twice in rapid succession as the pupils dilated, widened and suddenly spun with a faint whirring sound; a very human reaction becoming unsettling and bizarre. It sat up straight in a single, mechanical motion and swiveled its head around slowly to look at the source of the noise. Soon enough, its eyes fell upon the blue haired girl sitting beside it and then its eyes blinked twice once more before the pupils adjusted once again before returning to normal.

"Hey, good morning, little sis."

The voice was tired but kind and joined by a warm smile. It looked silently at the human girl for a brief moment with a frozen and inscrutable expression. With that same blank expression, it tilted its head sideways ever so slightly before nodding with a small, almost imperceptible, motion.

"Subject identified. Good morning, Administrator."

Saying nothing else, it moved slightly on the operating table and stepped off, the metallic surface making a dull thumping sound with the sudden movement and the quick shift in weight. It stood up, only to stop and momentarily look down at itself blankly. A strange humming noise emitted from it briefly, turning into a pitching whine before stopping abruptly and silencing entirely. With no change in expression, it proceeded to walk towards the other side of the room where a mirror stood hanging on the wall, silently ripping apart the crude hospital gown that it had been dressed in to conceal its bare chest and the tattered leather jump suit that it wore beneath.

It's chest was no longer ruined, its own self-repair systems and the attention given by the prison's engineer having been more than enough to remove all outward signs of the sustained damage. Freed of the crude hospital gown and with the rags of its leather jumpsuit crumbling around it, the joints and thinner sections of alabaster pseudo-flesh that allowed for its movement became readily apparent; completely pristine and unmarred, as if it had not been grievously damaged only a few moments ago.

Its head tilted quizzically at its own reflection.

Silently, its golden colored fingers, the one part of its body that was clearly mechanical, reached towards its collar bone and gently pressed against a paneled joint located there. With a soft hiss, the parts which made the chassis of its chest moved and opened up to reveal the machinery within, causing the dimly lit room to immediately be illuminated by a soft, pulsing glow.

Its head tilted quizzically at its own reflection.

"Program 0010264907 completed. Unit status visually confirmed," it stated in a flat monotone as it regarded itself in the mirror. The mechanisms within it hissed audibly as the chassis of its chest returned to its original state, dowsing the room in gloom once more as the pulsing light was concealed. Saying nothing else, it turned around and walked towards the blue haired girl that it had previously disregarded.

Its head tilted quizzically at the sight of the waiting human girl.

Whirr, click.

And it's behavior shifted radically.

"O-onee-sama," it started in a halting voice that was rife with indecision. It opened its mouth to speak once more, but instead closed it again with an audible click without actually saying anything. It twiddled its thumbs while avoiding eye contact and, generally, looking very much like an anxious and nervous child. Eventually, however, it took a series of deep breaths, and started to speak once more. "O-onee-sama… Remember how when we first met that Tetsuko said that she did not understand life and death? Because I’m not actually alive and cannot die… I can only cease to function?"

Behind her crimson eyes, the beginning of something… strange began to stir for a moment before it was gone, hidden deep within. A heartbeat passed before it found its voice again and continued to speak.

"Onee-sama… Tetsuko thinks… Tetsuko thinks she understands now."

It stopped for a moment, looking up nervously from under half-lidded eyes for a small moment before taking another deep breath and plunging ahead in a small and hesitant voice.

"During the last fight in the prison… Tetsuko’s… my power core suffered unfixable damage to its containment cell. In twenty hours, thirty seven minutes and sixteen seconds, I will begin meltdown. Twenty nine hours, forty one minutes and five seconds later, Tetsuko will reach critical mass and explode with an energy yield of two point three teratons…"

Its voice quivered at the end and a shiver seemed to course through the entirety of its frame as it finished in a voice barely above a whisper.

“Onee-sama… Tetsuko is… Tetsuko is… dying… Tetsuko is dying and she’s going to explode with enough power to devastate all life on earth… Onee-sama… I… I don’t want to die… I don’t want to kill you… Onee-sama… I’m scared… I’m so scared! What do I do, Onee-sama? What do I do?”

Whirr, click.

And the frantic eyes became cold and distant.

"Administrator," it said as it waved down at itself. "This unit will require new clothes."

February 23rd, 2012, 03:03 PM
Alfhildr Dyrdahl (LeopardBear)
Akihabara - Security Prison

It was no longer a knife fight. It was a duel.

The two of them were so evenly matched that neither had been able to land a blow on the other so far, even when they had been using less than honorable tactics to catch the opponent off guard. Indeed, the outcome of a battle would be a complete mystery until the very end.

Alpha went with a pretty straightforward thrust directed at Shiki's stomach, but the latter stepped out of the way, while at the same time advancing gracefully into enemy territory, placing herself right behind the girl in black and delivering a surely lethal stab without even sparing the time to look in her direction. Her eye of the mind seeing right through it, Alphard Alshua turned around as she moved out of the danger zone, performing a perfectly timed slash that did, at first, threaten to slice through both of Ryougi Shiki's bandaged eyes as the brunette spun, but then it was avoided by a hair, as her precognition was unrivaled.

All the while, Konohana Sakuya had not been able to provide much support. While it was true that the duo's offensive was something to be afraid of, that was only when they were focusing on different targets. Now that they were fighting the same enemy, their powers had become mutually exclusive. Sakuya had to wait until Shiki disengaged to finally attack, and Ryougi could not attack until the demon was done with her fire attacks. Like this, Alphard was able to take them on without taking a sweat.

So, for the best, the avian decided to focus on the PGG soldiers that were now back to action, their morale being boosted by the sudden revelation that their hero had been a woman all along, while Shiki took the leader of the MiB one on one.

It seemed like the battle would last forever.


Red versus Blue.

The two powers clashed in storm of B-power and Spiritual Energy.

But the outcome was decided before the two techniques were released. No matter how strong that red light was, it was impossible to beat something like Gungnir, which even had a concept imbued behind it. That was what Ashoka's attack was missing. If a concept can be defeated by a stronger concept, then the ruthless ruler needed was to concentrate, and give her finisher a concept of her own, one that could surpass Alfhildr Dyrdahl's strongest move named after the sword of the greatest Norse God, Odin-!

Four pillars rose from the ground. Each of them began to absorb the energy created by Ashoka's blade, quickly releasing it as a path of light that would merge with the main beam to make it even more powerful.

But there was more.

All of her pride. All of her rage. All of her resolve. Everything was placed on that single attack. As a result the surge of red light is blessed with the concept of 'Brutality', increasing its damage output sevenfold and earning a new name that put it on par with Gungnir-!

"The World Is Mine."

The girl in front of you was nothing like the pacifist king you had once heard about. What was the reason why? Had she been summoned before her most important realization? Had she forgotten it? Or had it been a lie all along? The answers to those questions did not matter. The only thought that your head admitted were those of victory. How could you even think about defeat, when you had promised so many people you would win? Their wishes rested upon your shoulders, and letting them down... Was simply not an option.

To answer those feelings, Penelope joins the struggle-!

"Ninth Gate - Shining Prism Destruction...!"

Each head charged and released its own beam, powering up the destructive capability of Gungnir, to the point where Ashoka's technique is easily consumed by it, ensuring her defeat.



Alpha stopped Shiki's knife from cutting her throat open with a well placed hit.

The blow easily crushed her wrist and pushed her arm out of the way, leaving her completely vulnerable. The dark haired woman took advantage of this and drove her knee all the way to Ryougi's chest, destroying several ribs in the process. Being thrown to the ground after that, Ryougi Shiki was between the stone and the wall. She was no longer in the possession of a weapon she could use and she couldn't use her right hand either. The pain on her chest made it unbearable to even try to move like she usually did, too, meaning that her movement was literally crippled. On top of that, Sakuya had just been ambushed by the last remaining Mobile Suit and the small army that came together with it, making it impossible for her to support Shiki in time.


But fate had given her a helping hand.

Right next to her was Alpha's H-gun, which she had discarded after engaging with her opponent in CQC. Without a second of doubt or hesitation, and ignoring the fact that such weapon did not suit her, the brunette quickly attached the weapon to her left arm and fired it, her other arm breaking as she did so due to the extreme recoil.

It was a hit.

The weapon had a delayed effect, but Alphard Alshua had certainly taken a direct hit. And Shiki knew too damn well what would happen to her in a couple of seconds.


Only it did not happen.

Part of the suit seemed to melt, as liquid was released from the numerous circular compartments located in key parts of the black body. With this, the black suit was no longer of use. But at the same time, it had proven to be extremely useful, saving Alpha from a sure death by her own weapon.

"We will play sometime later."

Saying this, the girl vanished, leaving Ryougi Shiki half dead on the ground.


The smoke cleared.

The Reality Marble created by the sword was crumbling, and Ashoka lay on the floor, wounded and confused, barely conscious.

"I've lost." She told herself. "Why?" She asked the Gods themselves. Then, as if she had found her previous statement a joke, she laughed, amused. "No..." She swallowed. "It is you who have lost."

She made a gesture for you to look around. The walls of her palace were no longer there, and you found yourself in a floating platform. From over there, you could see how the battle was playing out. Truth was that the PGG had lost at least half its troops already. Your most talented units had managed to deal an incredible amount of damage to the enemy army. But with time the tables had turned, and you saw how unfavorable your current position was. Indeed, you might have emerged victorious... The ones who fought alongside you, however, well, it was a different story. A hundred and fifty soldiers had been wiped out, Ryougi and Sakuya were on the verge of being captured, Lilim had exhausted her Spiritual Energy and had been forced to retreat... The only one that could still be considered a major threat was Wolverine, who despite having his body destroyed several times, stood up to finish the job like a berserker.

You and Hydra had put all of your energy into that last attack.

Ignoring that fact, you jumped down and cleared Sakuya's path, allowing her to heal Ryougi, and the two of them mounted Penelope, earning a well deserved rest. But that didn't change your situation. It was time for you to face the truth: The battle was over, and your side had lost.

Had it?


"The chance has come! Rise, people! Because there is a definite chance of winning!"

Those words echoed through the battleground. And when you looked up in surprise to see who had been the one who said it... You couldn't believe your eyes.

It was a sight that inspired even those on the opposite side. You could even hear those people of the Akihabara District -Who had always refused to leave, even in times of war- nosebleed to death as the strange figure flew across the sky like thunder, riding a magical broom.

Red hair, maid uniform, glowing amber eyes... Cat ears?!

What the hell was Kohaku doing up there?!

Time itself, stopped, as everyone looked at the sky in admiration. And then...

"Now then, here's the finishing touch~☆"

She dropped some mysterious items from her fans on Earth to collect, and surprisingly an incredibly high number of foot soldiers decided to do so without thinking it twice.


Unfortunately for them, the contents seemed to be highly explosive and the entire armada began to fall back after successive air attacks. In a matter of minutes you found yourself in an almost empty battlefield, astonished and somewhat weirded out by what had happened. The not so mysterious heroine flew into the sky, disappearing from view but leaving a star glow behind. The PGG retreated, not only for that reason, but for another, and with that, the battle of Akihabara was over. At least for the day.

You figured you should start doing the things you were supposed to do, like for example check on the equipment that was obtained, the enemies who had been captured if any, and the people that had been injured in this fight.

But you decided to go for a glass of whiskey first.

February 23rd, 2012, 07:27 PM
Hitomi Nakamura
Abashiri - Beast's Lair

"Administrator. This unit will require new clothes."

Just like that, the fearful voice of Tetsuko, a tone of voice that Hitomi had never heard come from the girl before, was replaced by that mechanical tone she had used when they had first met. This occurrence, coupled with everything the robotic girl had told her before this sudden shift in her personality, was what caused Hitomi to reach out to Tetsuko out of protective instinct, pulling the girl's non-resisting figure into a simple, reassuring hug, a small attempt to draw out the fearful girl that had just begged her for guidance, the same girl who was now hiding behind her former, mechanical personality.

For Hitomi, who had watched over Tetsuko with all the affection of an older sister, and who had looked on proudly as the girl had learned to smile for herself over time, this was a rather emotionally painful situation.

But, showing her pain would only increase Tetsuko's, so it was with her usual, calming tone of voice, that she did her best to banish the fears of her younger sister.

"It'll be okay Tetsuko," Hitomi's voice was unwavering, completely confident in the truth of her own words, "I won't let you die. I promise."

Tetsuko had said the damage had been dealt to her core, so the only way repairs could be done was in one Hiromi's labs. The lab in Nigata was too far away for them to make it in time, but from her last visit to said lab, it had become apparent that there was a second laboratory somewhere between Saporo and Abashiry. The reasons for this hadn't been entirely clear at the time, but thinking about it now, Hitomi supposed that it didn't really matter.

Tetsuko was dying.

In order to save her, she would have to find this second lab before time ran out. There was no hesitation in her thoughts, as of this moment, saving Tetsuko was her current top priority. They could definitely make it to this second lab in time, and their chances would only increase if she could convince the other prisoners to help them look for the entrance to said base.

No, there was no such thing as 'chances' here...

She was definitely going to save Tetsuko, no other conclusion would be acceptable.

Brushing a hand through the shorter girl's hair in a comforting, slightly absent-minded manner, she said one more thing, her mind already working out how she was going to find the lab in time.

"Don't worry Tetsuko, Onee-Sama will take care of everything."

February 24th, 2012, 01:53 PM
Karakuri Tetsuo (Froggie) - Nakamura Hitomi (Airen)
Abashiri - Beast's Lair

There was no time to spare.

You had two days to find Hiromi's Second Laboratory and save Tetsuko. If you wanted to do it in time, it was mandatory that you started working on it right now. As much as you wanted to embrace her and caress her hair until the very last second, as an older sister, you had a responsibility that you had to fulfill. Ironing your resolve, you and the robot girl exited the room.

The truth was that you couldn't do this alone. While you had a B-ability that would sure aid you in your task, it was simply not enough. The area you had to explore was beyond the limits of what you could 'see' using your powers, that was a fact. Yes, you needed as much help as you could gather. That's why you decided to talk with Lachesis, Maiku and the people of the prison. They had already helped you once, during the fight against that vengeful vampire, and you didn't want to ask them to do the same a second time, but there was no other choice.

"Are you kidding us? We are going wherever you go!"

It was the very first time you saw the entire group from this close. The vampiric infection had stopped, but there were evident traces of their presence in their bodies. Indeed, they were no longer humans, yet they were not full-fledged vampires, more than something in between. Mutations were a common sight, and while you considered them to be your friends, there were times when you couldn't help but to be taken aback by the appearance of some of the most affected individuals.

If one thing was for sure, was that these guys were now devoted to you. They saw Nakamura Hitomi and Karakuri Tetsuko as idols, and were willing to do anything to help them. The first thing they did when they saw you was shake your hands, one by one; happy to see you and your partner were okay. None of them did ever refer to the latter as a machine, no matter how she looked like or the words that came out of her mouth. To them, at least, Tetsuko was also one of them.

You lost quite a few minutes due to their enthusiastic nature, but when you told them what was going on, they responded immediately. If the trip was going to be long, you needed food and drinks, among other things to satisfy your basic needs. While you spoke to the other people you had in mind, they would prepare such things. The idea was to meet at Beast's Lair entrance in an hour, to begin the journey that would determine the fate of mankind.

"I owe you my life. This is the least I can do."

Maiku seemed to be quite happy to be of help, even if that meant that his quest to find Sakura would have to wait a little more. The infection was the most advanced on him, and it had taken quite a toll on her body. His hair had lost its color and so had one of his eyes. Half of his face did not seem to be functional anymore; and he seemed to limp with one leg. He had not been able to get rid of his cough, either. He briefly told you how you, by placing your hand on his forehead to check his fever, had allowed him to fight back the virus and recover from the terrible state he was in, before joining the other released prisoners in their labor.

There was one more person you needed to talk to.

"You two are close. If it is for family, then there isn't anything else to be said."

Compared to the other conversations, this one lasted just a couple of seconds.

"Let's go."


You had decided to split into three groups.

Lachesis and Maiku acted as leaders of the first two, having fifteen warriors under their command each; while the third group was just Tetsuko and you. If any of the teams discovered a clue or found the lab, then it would let the others know by releasing a red flare into the sky. That way, it was possible to cover more Kilometers in less time.


After walking for nearly an hour, you began to hear a familiar sound... Yes, this was, undoubtedly, the sound of a battle. Activating your all encompassing sense, you and Tetsuko approached the scene, knowing that there was no way to avoid it if you wanted to advance. Cleverly hidden, you saw the two girls that were fighting in the snowy forest.

"Please." One of them said, quite amused. "You didn't think this was all I could do, did you?"

The blue haired girl who had said those words stood there, confident in her superiority. Her clothes resembled that of an ancient tribe, being made out of animal skin and diverse materials that nature provided. It was barely enough to cover her private parts. But that was not the surprising part. Red marks ran through her entire body, following a strange pattern. It was more than just a simple tattoo. There was something about it that bothered you, but you couldn't quite grasp it. Tetsuko confirmed that her B-capacity readings were outside the chart.

Maybe the word 'monster' did really fit her.

She drew a circle on the ground which, once completed, glowed red and melted all the snow around it. And then, without a warning, she released two small spheres of fire towards the other girl, which exploded upon contact-!

"Kuh." When the smoke cleared, Himegami Kimiko was still there. Part of her Miko clothes had been burned to ashes, though, and she was holding her injured left shoulder with one hand, while biting her lower lip. "Stop this, Seiryokushoku-sama. This isn't like you at all! If you keep ingesting those things, you will really turn into...-"

In response to those words, the witch sent a bigger fireball to annihilate her opponent.

"Disappear. I have no longer need for you."


Those words were the trigger.

"I see."

It was an incredible sight. Between the miko in orange clothes and the demonic witch, an alluring creature had appeared. It was nothing like a lion or another wild animal humans were naturally afraid of. No, this was like something taken straight out of a fantasy book. It resembled a woman in the sense that it had a humanoid form, but it was evident that it was nothing like it.

"I'll... Kill you... Sensei." The priestess announced, gathering all her inner strength. "Fire... Diana."

The demon raised its hand, and a bow materialized out of nowhere, like magic. A second later, she fired a projectile filled with killing intent...

Which was easily blocked by the witch.

"Didn't I tell you? I am many times more powerful than I was before. If you ever want to hurt me, you need to take a different approach." She said, as if lecturing the other girl. "Don't you understand? We both pursue the same goal. The Cathedral of Shadows... The Pillar of the Ancients... They are all the same."

But Himegami did not believe that. After all, their objectives were clearly different.

"You are mistaken! The Order of the Messiah has nothing to do with your cult!"

Seiryokushoku smiled sarcastically, but then nodded in agreement.

"You are right. We don't foolishly blind ourselves like you-!"


Your vision turned red, as your instincts warned you that your location would be spotted soon. It didn't seem like running away or being the neutral party seemed like viable options, so you had to make a choice. A choice that would probably reshape your futures.

Law or Chaos, it was your choice to make.

February 25th, 2012, 12:17 AM
Alfhildr Dyrdahl (LeopardBear)
Akihabara - Security Prison

It was a damned good glass of whiskey. Fisk, crime lord as he was, had a need to be prepared for all situations, and quite a few situations called for good alcohol. Good in this case meaning a perfect twenty year old Scottish.

…I really had to make a note to get a flask or something: maintaining an artificial one of ice was annoying. And figure out where he got this, because an après-battle whiskey turned out to be perfect.

Now, first order of business: the Ashoka girl. She had collapsed after the PGG army was wiped out, injured and defeated. I devoted what little energy I had left to stopping her impending death: she was far too potentially useful to die. She was moved back to the base with Hisui further binding her wounds to ensure long-term recovery, but one that would be long for sure without my help. Naturally, we had a prison cell free, one meant for exceedingly dangerous prisoners. She was stored in there, cuffed with the B-Power limiters that the PGG had tried to use on me, and left for when the aftermath of the battle had been dealt with.

Fifty prisoners. Out of a force of three thousand. The casualty rate was shocking. Possibly, it made sense: they thought they were winning, pressed the advantage, and was suddenly destroyed. Still, it was an utter annihilation of a full infantry division.

The fifty that were left were rightly scared shitless. Regrettably, they didn’t seem scared enough to actually take up arms with us. Part of the advantages of volunteer armies, I suppose – defections are rare. Unwilling to take up arms, they were nevertheless resigned to their fate as prisoners of war, and didn’t seem like they wanted to cause too much trouble. They were assigned, under guard, to begin to build fortifications: a network of trenches and strongpoints throughout the city, making it far harder to take than it had been.

It was almost regrettably that it was an infantry division, though. The destruction that we had been forced to inflict had left very little equipment behind as salvage. An intact tank, taken when the crew bailed out at the sight of Wolverine cutting their partner in half. Two more turret assemblies were salvaged from otherwise damaged tanks, immobile but still fireable.

Tank scrap, guns, vehicle bases… all the pieces came together. With enough weight, you could counterbalance the recoil from the tank shell, and armor was heavy.

Of course, my master plan to produce the beginning of a fleet of armored jeeps with tank turrets bolted to the top was stopped by a simple fact: no engineers. We needed someone with mechanical experience to do this right, and it didn’t seem like any of the prisoners were former welders or the like.

That afternoon, I stood in the courtyard of the prison, staring at a jeep and a pile of tank scrap, trying to work out a way to accomplish this. Rune-welding, ask Touko? No, that still didn’t give the structural knowledge. How about…

“Hey, what’re you doing?” I turned at the voice behind me.


I could recognize her as one of the prisoners, one of the more cooperative ones. Well, treating her badly isn’t going to help with that. “Wondering how to bolt that-“ I pointed to a turret “-and that-“ the tank scrap “-to that,” I said, indicating the jeep. “I’m not really a mechanic.”

“Well, that’s lucky,” she responded, almost with a laugh. “I am.”

“Huh.” Well, that was convenient. “What was a mechanic doing out on the front lines?”

“I’m a tank mechanic by trade, was working in the base when they were moving the division out. Apparently their lead maintenance guy got ‘sick’ the day before, so they grabbed me and promised me hazard pay. Ended up riding as a gunner and got disabled and captured when someone ripped our treads off with a knife.”

That I grinned at: good to know that Ryougi was as good as I expected her to be. “What’s your name?”

“Hashimoto Reika.”

“If I give you freedom to work on this and the other three we have, are you going to sell back out to your former employers?”

“What do ya pay?”

“If these work, your previous salary plus 20% when we get the resources.”

“Deal.” She extended a gloved hand, which I took, giving a solid shake.

“I’ll get you off the prisoner list and find you a bunk. In the meantime, start cracking.”

I turned and went to go manage other things. Just my luck.


The infirmary stank of blood and sweat, made all the worse by the fact that we didn’t have the resources to keep it properly clean: reused sheets, scabbed blood and grime caked into the surfaces… the general condition was not good. However, we did have the resources to keep some degree of hygiene in specific areas, and I had reserved five beds for high-ranking or otherwise valuable persons. Right now, two of them were occupied with Ryougi and Sayuka, recovering from their near-lethal fight. I popped in to talk to the both of them to debrief: who they had fought, what had happened, and how they were doing.


That was easy. To talk to friends in a friendly manner may as well not even be a task, rather, a gift.

This was not easy. I worked a control on the wall, opening the door to Ashoka’s cell.

The girl lay on the floor, what little clothing she had started with tattered and barely holding together. Indignant, she jerked up to a sitting position, gesturing wildly with chained hands.

“How dare you! What law of war allows you to chain a king like this?”

I took a knee, coming face to face with her. “Here lies the issue. You would agree that kings are above others, no? That they are superior, inherently? Yes. But, you have lost – inferior. How can this be? There is no paradox: the flaw is simply in your assumptions. Kingship, and its associates, is granted by the divine, and may be revoked. For you, I am that revocation.”

The rest of the conversation was a fait accompli from there. She could try to argue, but in no way could her worldview accept my position. And my position had obviously won.

February 25th, 2012, 04:26 AM
Alaya Shiki

This was all a bit much for Shiki. He had never been put in a position of real power before. Sure, he had some street cred for looking out for the neighborhood, but now people thought he was a rival for Yokohoma's Banchou? It was crazy. It was insane. But in the deepest corner of his heart, didn't he wish for power? Real power. Power to overturn everything, to bring order to this chaotic hell that was their everyday life. That's why he went along with Irisviel and her husband and their... assistant.

Irisviel seem a little, not naive, pure in a strange way, but her healing power and driving skills were the real deal. Maiya moved like a professional soldier, and she'd displayed as much in the car chase earlier. As for Kiritsugu, he struck Shiki as one of those badasses you didn't want to get caught with in a dark alley. Shiki could tell these people lived a dangerous lifestyle and had acquired the skills to survive that hell. Needless to say, they probably had more power than him. Ever since he awakened his B-Power, he'd dealt with his share of thugs, but what these people had experienced and what they were suggesting were on a completely different scale. What worried Shiki the most was how he trusted these people. Irisviel and Maiya seemed like decent enough people from earlier, but why would they go so far to support his "claim" for the seat of Banchou? They seemed like they had enough power to take anyone by themselves. Nonetheless, he felt himself going along with them.

But the time for worrying was over. By Kiritsugu's manner, even Shiki could tell danger was on the horizon.

"Say Shiki-san... You got a Comp, don't you?" Oh, she must mean that console you got earlier from Mr. Parker. "There is no need to hold back, you can call your demon out now."Was she for real? But Shiki didn't have any choice but to follow her advice. Shiki liked to think that he was open minded, but wasn't using a video game console to summon demons stretching it? Shouldn't there be a magic circle or grimoire involved. A minute later, Shiki didn't know what to think. A quintet of beautiful girls armed with some serious weaponry had magically appeared and the roof had collapsed.

"Yo, boss." One of them -The blonde- greeted you, as she dusted off her clothes. "Try to treat us a little more kindly next time, okay~?" She said, with a wink.

"Sorry," he stammered, heat rising slightly to his cheeks, his instinctive response to being in the presence of one, let alone five, beautiful girls. "It was my first time... I guess..."

It's not like he summoned demons in his spare time. Shiki swallowed. He really shouldn't be surprised. The hellhole had overturned the world's common sense. What was a little summoning via a video game console?

"Who are you?" Shiki asked. At the very least they didn't feel like demons, and something instinctual, like deep in his bones, supported that belief. He didn't know where this baseless belief welled up from, but he knew it to be true.

They moved with a confidence and practiced ease that he'd seen in Kiritsugu and Maiya's gestures. He knew they were more than they appeared, but was he supposed to send these girls off to fight? Shiki didn't consider himself a sexist, and if he was it had been beaten out of him over the years, but it still didn't sit right with him.

February 25th, 2012, 02:29 PM
Raitei (Mellon)
Toukyou – Shinra HQ

What a sight.

The skyscraper that stood before the five of you was known as one of the biggest centers of research and development under the rule of the PGG. The lights that usually illuminated the building had disappeared half an hour ago. Only a few had managed to survive the power shortage, and they were mostly located on the higher floors. While your group was unsure of the exact floor in which your comrades were held captive, the last minute intel they had received allowed them to discard the first twenty five floors.

Quickly knocking out the soldier that guarded the stairs on the back, you all decided to take the silent approach, much to El Rommel's disdain. The first ten sets of stairs seemed to be no problem for any of you, but Ermi and Retia began to slow down considerably after that. They were, of course, reluctant to admit their inferiority in terms of physical feats. Half-Joking, You offered as a volunteer to carry them on your arms, but Manstein stepped between you and glory and carefully placed the petite girls on his shoulders, before continuing his march.

26th Floor.

It was supposed to be the place where the battle would start. Since stealth was surely going to be extremely hard from this point on, the odds of being spotted by the enemy were close to a hundred percent.

You opened the door thinking that but...


The place was no longer a laboratory. It was the scene of a massacre. Soldiers, Executives, Doctors, no one had survived the attack.


On the floors. On the wall. On the ceiling. This was the worst thing you had seen since war.


Ermi Doenitz could not stand it and ran back to the stairs to vomit. Rommel looked elsewhere, somewhat bothered. Mainstein endured it; while Retia Adolf watched the corpses with not pity, but concern. Whatever had been the cause of this horrible outcome, it was still inside the building, probably. And that was something that was not in her plans. The thought of retreating did pop up, but she supressed it almost instantly. There might be no other chances to carry this operation, plus she had always been too proud to give up on a mission of this caliber.

If the Idagawa group was behind this...

The claw marks in one of the walls called your attention. Maybe it was not so surprising that something or someone had managed to slash through steel, but the fact that such a thing was no longer human was certainly scary. There had always been rumors here and there about the PGG experimenting with captured enemy units or even kidnapping people that lived on their own territories for the same purpose, but how far had they gone? Was it possible for them to create... Monsters?

The door that led to the next floor should have been electronically locked, even without the main energy supply, but today it was different. A gigantic hole in the metallic structure made it evident that something had gone through there. Maybe it was no longer the need to save your comrades, but the curiosity that allowed you to advance despite the lack of hope that lied ahead. After all, if no people were alive on the 28th floor either, What was the chance of the prisoners being alive? Slim at best.

"Well, fuck."

Rommel's comment could probably sum up what the team felt at this moment. And no wonder. When you arrived at the 30th floor, the first thing you saw was a creature that resembled a human in shape and form, but lacked any sort of skin, as its muscles were exposed. It crawled through the walls like a spider, and something told you its 'nails' or claws were guilty of murder. As scary as fighting that thing seemed to be, you had to do it. It might have been your fault that such a beast had been released, and most importantly, none of you could let that thing escape. While you didn't care much about PGG causalities, innocent deaths were a different story. You were about to activate your B-Ability, when Retia pulled your shirt and stopped you.

She then placed her index finger on her mouth, gesturing you, and the team, to stay silent. Because there were more than one. Yes, crawling out of the ventilation shaft, three more entered the room, and more came after them. It seems their senses were underdeveloped, because none of them had been able to detect you. If anything, it was likely that they were sensible to movement, so the wisest decision was to stay where you were, quiet, and wait for them to leave. Not everyone was meant for direct combat, and you had no real place to hide said members while you fought.

And if this situation was bad, it was about to get worse. Way worse.


Something tore through one of the walls, destroying it completely, and making the other creatures go wild. It was another monster, this one more dangerous than all of the others grouped together. When one of the red ones attacked it out of instinct, it intercepted the attack and devoured the body in a couple of seconds. What came next was a mutation that made 'him' bigger and more powerful than ever before. Noticing your presence, it began to walk in your direction.

Retia's, Rommel's, Ermi's, even Manstein's legs wouldn't move. Truth was that, if they did move, they would startle the wall-crawling hunters... But if they didn't, they would be easily killed by the 'big boss'. The laboratory itself was filled with control panels and other things that could be considered obstacles, making it hard, if not impossible to reach the next set of stairs. On the other hand, you could just go the way you came, and hope all of you make it to the first floor.

Well, fuck.

February 26th, 2012, 08:04 AM
William Levilius
Toukyou - Seijou Academy

She's tough.

To be able to slice through my robotic body... This was a real deal. A warrior who was fighting for a strong reason, who had everything to lose if she were defeated--!

My eyes narrowed, a burning fighting spirit coursing through me.

There was no need to hold back against her.

Yes, play time's over.

I'll show her my true resolve--!

"Guan Yu." I began, standing up as my robotic body was repaired in a torrent of energy. Guan Yu paused, looking at me, awaiting for my command. "Yes, Nii-san?"

I focused on the link between us, as I began to pour from my ocean of B-Power into her. Guan Yu shivered as she began to feel the influx, her body heating up as the warm feeling before a true fight broke out inside her.

"For my brother, for Wolf Fang, and for every one we hold dear... Let's show our resolve right now, and break through!" As I said this, I extended a hand towards Guan Yu, my eyes burning with the spirit of a righteous warrior.

Our eyes met, and my intent became clear to her. With a grin, Guan Yu leapt towards the hand, and grabbed it--!

B-Power exploded from around us.

"UUUUUUUOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH HHHHH!!!" Me and Guan Yu shouted with high spirits, making the ground tremble from our warcry.

"NAKANISHI KENDO!" I called forth, Knight Fantasia's eyes shining with a golden glow. "Your cause is indeed just, but... For the ones that I want to protect, for my friends... I will not falter! The strength of my resolve, my kindness, my spirit, take it, and take it all!" I threw back my arms, materializing my two swords as Guan Yu readied her Naginata.




Like a bullet, Knight Fantasia leapt towards Nakanishi Kendo, swords ready to slash at her, with overwhelming power.

Yet, this had failed before.

Why was I trying the same thing? Why was Knight Fantasia repeating the same as before?

The answer was clear; there was something else.

And indeed there was, for when the two swords of Knight Fantasia clashed against Kendo's blades, from his shadow leapt a blur, and a naginata struck forward aiming to overwhelm the enemy, the blow coming at the same time as the two swords were sung.

There was Knight Fantasia, the collossal knight, and Guan Yu, his peerless comrade, right under him, holding the naginata high. For every blow Nakanishi Kendo would strike, three would come for her. She was no longer fighting two people, but this was now a fight between one soul and another burning union of souls.

Knight Fantasia and Guan Yu would overwhelm the enemy with this super technique they had perfected over the span between the previous battle and this one, synchronizing their attacks so each would come at the same time, every time with greater force, greater resolve...!

"Behold, the ultimate partnership--!"

"The might of our souls--!"


And then, they leapt at overwhelming speeds, the waves of power erupting from their sheer prescence!

February 26th, 2012, 12:23 PM
William Levilius
Toukyou - Seijou Academy

It was crazy.

With sheer power of will, Nakanishi Kendo had managed to slow down your charge, to the point where there was a chance that she might overpower you in the clash of forces. Yes, her power kept increasing because her determination kept increasing. Such was the nature of the power entrusted to her by the legendary blades of El Cid. The stronger the resolve of the wielder, the sharper the swords became. A rumor said that, were they under the possession of someone with an endless power of will, they would be capable of defeating the most famous sword in combat, being able to even cut through concepts. Sadly, such a person did not exist, and so their true power had always been limited to the mental strength of the one who wielded the two of them.

And right now, the blue haired girl desired to win more than anything else.


That was precisely the reason why she had lost.

That was the biggest flaw Nakanishi Kendo had as a swordsman. Her body acting on her own during the heat of the battle, she had lost concentration, replacing it with a berserker cry. The moment she had done so, the link between her and the swords disappeared. With that, her defeat was ensured.


With a loud thump, her body fell to the floor. The battle was over. It was as if she had been running full speed until now, only to be stopped by an invincible wall. To accept that fact was probably the hardest thing Kendo had gone through in her entire life. She had failed to protect her younger sister. What would happen to her right now?


She called out, as she burst into tears and gritted her teeth in impotency.

You now knew she had fought for someone else. Then it didn't matter. If Akito had taken that person as a hostage, it didn't matter. For you will show her how true bonds can be. Even in this fight, a new bond had been formed. Her wishes, her spirit, you had inherited it. So, in the end, it did not matter who had won and who had lost. Because your goals were the same.

"Kyudo... That's your sister, right? We will make sure she comes back to you. We will definitively save her-!"

Nakanishi Kendo lay on the floor; her arms extended to the sides, her vision fixed on the ceiling, as she heard the sound of your footsteps slowly disappear, leaving a lingering promise behind.



Yamizaki Akito's laugh echoed through the room. And no wonder he found it funny. Despite being faced against a big number of Special Students, he was the one who was setting the pace of the fight. After all, his special ability could no longer be matched by anyone in Toukyou. Yes, channeling the power of one of the legendary Sacred Student Buttons, he was something akin to invincible.

"You thought you could beat me, fuckers?!"

In response to those words, Miyazato Erika's chain turned into a giant fist of iron that was shot at great speeds towards the banchou, deflecting a barrage of knives along the way. But Akito pushed it away like nothing, and a second volley pinned Eri of the Chain and her two friends, Shorko and Saki, to the wall. The knives had pierced through their skin, literally crucifying the trio.

"You bastarrrrrrdddd-!"

Zanma Rouga charged in rage, planning to avenge his fallen teammates with the strength of his fist. But the yellow aura that surrounded Yamizaki stopped the blow with no inconvenience, and his hand moved to destroy Rouga in one hit.


Akito of the Dark's arm stopped when Kunagi tried to bury its fangs into it, allowing the White Fang to retreat without injury. When the leader of Seijou shook his arm, though, Kunagi was sent flying towards a wall, its body smashing against it, leaving her effectively out of combat.

"What's wrong, Eggplant head, done already? Hahaha."

By the time you arrived, the entire team was either laying on the floor defeated, or on their knees, their bodies asking for a break. It was clear that the enemy you were fighting was far above any challenge you had faced in the past, and that it was highly likely that you would lose the battle, if not your life. But you had not come so far for nothing. And above all, you had made a promise. There was no backing down now.

The place was far more spacious than you had expected. More than a room, these seemed like some sort of arena. You could possibly fight to the best of your ability in here, but it was hard to tell if that level would be enough. Reacting to what had happened to the Miyazato Gang and the others; you ignored Guan Yu's warning and propelled yourself forward like a rocket, aiming to finish this with one blow.

Your metallic fist broke the second it came in contact with Akito's chest. A second later, you were thrown against the ceiling and a barrage of knives was released at the Knight of Fantasia, most of them piercing through its defenses and almost reaching the part where William Levilius was. No, it was worse than that.

Much, much worse.

For once knife had managed to find its way towards your heart, guaranteeing your death. It was sudden, it was unexpected, it was not fair. But this was the end for our hero.

Was it not?


The knife came out the same way it had come in, and the overflowing blood stopped immediately. Your heart was repaired, even though the wound and the pain were still there. Was this some kind of supernatural healing? No, this was different. If anything, you could say this was denial of reality. The world found your death as a mistake in the program and fixed it accordingly. Because Guan Yu and you were effectively one and the same, it made no sense that one died and the other survived. Indeed, either the two of them must be dead or the two of them must be alive. In order to correct this, the World brings William Levilius back to life...!

At the same time, the mysterious magatama glows furiously.

February 26th, 2012, 01:19 PM
Hitomi Nakamura
Abashiri - Snowy Forest

They really didn't have the time for a long, drawn out battle right now, but hiding amongst the trees of the snow covered forest with Tetsuko, watching the distant fight between the demonic witch and the miko in orange clothes, Hitomi knew that running away would be a far more counter-productive option than moving ahead, taking up more time than they could actually afford to lose. So the only option here would be to move forward, and when they did so, they would inevitably be drawn into the battle between the two women, it was something that would come to pass even if they tried to avoid it, as the all encompassing sense that had kept Hitomi alive from battle to battle, the same sense that even now alerted her to their soon to be discovered hiding place, declared this to be true.

So the question was, if they were going to be dragged into the battle regardless of what she did, whose side should she take?

Trying to fight both of them would be a pointless and difficult action, and, like running away, would take up a large amount of their now limited time.

So she'd have to pick a side, and for the sake of the world and her sister, clear the path ahead of them as quickly as she possibly could...

"Didn't I tell you? I am many times more powerful than I was before. If you ever want to hurt me, you need to take a different approach." She said, as if lecturing the other girl. "Don't you understand? We both pursue the same goal. The Cathedral of Shadows... The Pillar of the Ancients... They are all the same."

Cathedral of Shadows?

To be honest, that didn't sound like a very pleasant place, especially when the words were coming from the tall, glowing form of the demonic witch.

"You are mistaken! The Order of the Messiah has nothing to do with your cult!"

A cult?

Yeah, that definitely didn't sound like the sort of place she'd like to visit, in fact, just hearing the words made Hitomi shiver a bit, as if something inside of her rejected the very name of the place.

"You are mistaken! The Order of the Messiah has nothing to do with your cult!"

Order of the Messiah...

That voice from before, the one she had heard in the prison-

As quickly as it had appeared on the surface of her thoughts, the graceful, feminine voice faded away as if returning to the archives of some distant memory.

"You are right. We don't foolishly blind ourselves like you-!"

Saying this, the witch's body tensed slightly, the small motion making it clear that she was about to start fighting with the priestess again...

If she was going to join this fight under favorable conditions, then now would be the time to do something, before she and Tetsuko were discovered by this monster-like woman, and before the priestess was slain by the witch.

Yes, without even acknowledging it as a choice, Hitomi had already decided upon who she wanted to assist, who she wanted to protect.

The young priestess before them had tried to stop the fighting multiple times, but the witch had just brushed her off with an overly aggressive personality, someone like that priestess, who would rather settle matters peacefully then resort to violence, was someone Hitomi could assist without any regrets.

"Tetsuko, get ready for combat," her voice a light whisper, Hitomi stepped out a bit from the bushes, just enough that, utilizing her B-Ability, she could get a clear shot at the witch without exposing herself to the demonic woman's vision.

After the first shot, hiding would be rather pointless, but as long as she had it, she figured she may as well utilize the element of surprise. If capturing the witch was a possibility, she would attempt it, but for now...

She pulled the trigger twice, aiming for the witch's right leg in an attempt to momentarily disable use of that particular limb.

She'd still rather not kill the woman if she could help it after all, perhaps the priestess could bind her in some way if they managed to damage her enough...?

February 29th, 2012, 09:56 PM
Revy (Milbunk)
On the Road

Run away was something she should do. Run away was probably the smart thing, after all this man had enormous strength cutting down trees with ease while searching for herself and her companions.

But running away was something she was not going to do, at least not yet.

She wanted to know more about this man, true she had already figured out most of his reasoning and action but it was not enough. If she was going to learn she needed to do it despite the dangers that surrounded her. And besides if the situation got worse she could retreat it was not as if she was alone.

"God damit where the fuck are you!"

He was starting to get annoyed at this game of hide and seek. He roared through the artificial forest acting as a mighty bulldozer and crushing anything that came in his path, yet he could still not find the girl or her companions in the dead of the night.

They were hiding in the forest away from the man's rampage, and whenever he would get too close they would simply create a distraction for their ally and sneak out to a different location away once again from the man.

Their plan was one that was simple yet risky, they would allow the man to continue his rampage and the madder he got the less he would use his brain, this would allow them to create an opening and perform their ultimate techiniques in a final blow that would hopefully disable or at least weaken the man.

But they would need more time for this to occur.

The forest was only so large and as the man cut through it in his rampage it left them with less and less space to maneuver secretly. They needed a distraction one that would allow the novice ninja time to heal her injury and the others to prepare their attacks.

This was something that Maki was happy to supply.

"Ninja Art: Decoy Creation!"

Though there were many of them they stood no chance against the furious warrior. They would appear and simply be crushed under his mighty sword or sometimes just his free hand. But they were only there to buy time. How much time would they be able to provide?

March 3rd, 2012, 10:52 PM

For now, King had been pretty unimpressed with his opponent. A pretty human girl that used some kind of projectile attack. Given her strong presence, King had expected something more... impressive, but despite his pride, he just was not one to underestimate his opponents.

So, he forced the fight into a place where he would have the advantage, in the park located at the outskirts of the city. For the redhead, this place was the worst possible battlefield, with so many obstacles to obscure her vision and obstruct her attacks. This girl couldn’t have had a more dangerous opponent...


It was not enough.

The red beam of light pierces through everything in its path with ease, at a speed that bordered the imperceptible, making King raise an eyebrow, surprised despite himself. So apparently, this girl was worth that he himself headed to the battlefield to deal with her personally.

She was very inexperienced, that was for sure, looking at how she had missed the attack. A normal girl with a superweapon, maybe? However, the truth is that she seemed to have potential. This was promising to be a more interesting battle than he had expected.

“Very well.” The blonde ruler spoke to his enemy for the first time, at the same time the golden darkness that symbolized the concentration of his B-Power started to surround him in a slight aura, even as he moved through the remaining obstacles in the park, vanishing from her vision.

“Prove yourself worthy enough... and I’ll let you serve me. Don’t misunderstand your position. The question is not whether you will be defeated or not, but if at the end of this battle, I will consider you enough to serve me.” A finger was drawn in the air. The King’s offensive was starting.

“You seem to have potential. Do your best.” And the finger descended.


And as his words impacted the world, it answered the command, currents of sharp, cutting wind launched into a deadly conflagration. It was an attack that sacrificed power for quantity, using the minimum B-Power needed for a continuous barrage of strikes.

Let’s see how good her defense is.


Anger coursed through her veins, her strikes failing to reach her target, towards the hated enemy that kept taunting her, moving through the terrain that hindered her. At every failed strike, at every word of her opponent, an explosion of wrath followed, managing to still miss the swordswoman, her laughter making Achilles reach new heights of fury.

"What's wrong? Where did all your energy and spirit go?" The mysterious demon said, as if it was a shame to see Achilles like this. "For a hero of your caliber, you are surprisingly weak and slow-witted."

She then slashed the air with her sword, seemingly fooling around, as she waited for Achilles inevitable rage to resurface.

And that was it.

The idiocy of her unknown enemy had surpassed all bounds. Had she forgotten what the Wrath of Achilles meant? The anger that had transformed the battleground into a tidal wave of blood and flesh, had annihilated its most powerful champion and had directly led to the end of the great city? And yet she dared to provoke that?

At first, Achilles had not cared for the command her ‘Master’ had given her, to capture any powerful enemy alive to bolster their forces. She had gone into the battlefield with the full intent of killing everything that stood on her path. But now, now she had changed her opinion. She swore that she was going to capture the fucking cunt and return all the humiliations tenfold, that she was going to make her regret have been born.

And with a scream of pure, insane rage, Achilles, her face distorted by the wrath that invaded her, launched a powerful strike. However, instead of aiming towards her enemy, her attack landed into the ground with the strength of a massive meteorite, creating a great shockwave that advanced to crush her adversary. However... that was only a secondary objective. No, what she sought was to completely erase this miserable graveyard from existence, eliminating like that any obstacles that separated the swordswoman from the beatdown she deserved.

Achilles was going to enjoy utterly wrecking her shit.

March 4th, 2012, 01:02 AM
Tottori – Another Pyramid

He began to stir from his sleep.

The pain from last night’s activities was still there- but there was nothing that remained that would inhibit his abilities, thankfully. The pain didn’t bother him too much, but one other thing from last night, what had come out when he’d stopped running away from using his B-ability and instead embraced it.

Opening his eyes, the first thing he saw was a crimson jewel resting on his cheat- a magatama. Large amounts of heat radiated out of it, and if not for the fact that the sun had not yet risen, it might’ve been quite a problem.

This crimson jewel, without a doubt, was the gift that Yamato had spoke of in their match. A curious thing.

The second thing he saw was the people that were sleeping rather close to him. Everyone had come closer, seeking the warmth of the magatama.

He had briefly come close to getting up and shaking some of them off, before he discarded the idea. That would’ve most likely caused somewhat of a fuss- one that he was not quite looking forward to dealing with. Besides, there was no need to disturb their sleep, and so he had just opted to stay where he was, either trying to go back to sleep or pretending he was sleeping until the rest of them had woken up. He might as well enjoy it until something happened.

With that, his thoughts began to drift back to the events of last night.

That ability that he had managed to use- Second Winter - Inverse Mode – was what had troubled him. While he was fine with getting stronger, especially now that he’d need it to protect those who stood beside him, it was the nature of this power that he’d gotten that troubled him.

It greatly enhanced his physical ability to the point where he felt he could even destroy the walls of this pyramid with but a punch, but at a cost. Like what he already did, it was something with an existence that only served to bring harm and pain to those around, a weapon that sought only bloodshed. Last night, it had taken incredible effort to stop him from harming his comrade, Yamato.

Thankfully, he felt like he had a decent bit more control over this ability- being able to activate it at will and forcefully deactivate it with great effort was better than an inability to turn it off. It would be something he could keep in reserve until the situation arose that he needed it.

He could also rely on the other power he’d gained from last night- while Flash Truth was not as potent as the Second Winter, it was still highly potent. Learning it on his first try with such a brief demonstration was quite the pleasant surprise.

Closing his eyes, he simply waited.

March 6th, 2012, 02:22 PM
William Levilius
Toukyou - Seijou Academy

"Guh---!" Impossible.

Knight Fantasia's fist had been halted!?

Such a thing, was hard to even think of. The Knight that always fought for justice, an unstoppable force, had been shrugged off so easily--!

Akito's mouth flashed a grin.




Blood trickled out of my mouth. In the blink of an eye, I'd been pinned to the roof. The knife had pierced into my heart, guaranteeing my death.

Shadows edged around the corner of my vision. Was this the end...?


At that instant, where blood began to pour out of my heart, my eyes scanned the arena. I saw Rouga's grim face, Eri's shocked look at my body, her gaze frozen in horror, and...


Guan Yu's presence. It hung in my mind.


Guan Yu... I'm sorry...

"No... Nii-san! Don't give up! We can do this! Remember, Nii-san, the bonds that unite you...!"


Knight Fantasia's fingers twitched.

My eyes widened.

That's right.

My bonds.

Eri's face flashed through my mind through my mind. Rouga's smile when I'd joined Wolf Fang. Tsukuyomi Kinako's mischevious grin. Guan Yu's constant company as part of myself...



How could I have forgotten?

Because I have people I want to protect-

Because I have people I want to see again, in the days that are to come---!

"UOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!" My voice echoed out from Knight Fantasia. In an instant, the world rewrote itself. The knife flew out of my heart, the blood stopped flowing out. The roof around me cracked as B-Power poured out of every inch of my body, every part of my soul...!

The knives stuck around my and Knight Fantasia's body were forced out by a torrent of immense energy, as my body descended like a shooting star towards the ground.

In the blink of an eye, the flash of blue light had impacted against the ground, and exploded in a radiant burst. From the flash of bright blue and white, Knight Fantasia emerged, its body repaired by the overflowing B-Power. My eyes glimmered with a blue glow, teeth grit in determination.

Like an azure phoenix from the ashes, Knight Fantasia was back.

My eyes gleamed. Knight Fantasia suddenly burst into motion. Soaring past Akito's shocked form, I landed next to the Miyazato Gang's crucified bodies.

"William..." Eri muttered out, looking at me with a sad, relieved face.

I smiled from behind the helmet. "You idiot. Don't rush in by yourself." I then set my face into a determined frown.

Pouring B-Power into Knight Fantasia's arms, I gripped the knives binding the Miyazato Gang's bodies.

With a jerk, I pulled those out, catching their bodies before they fell to the floor and pouring B-Power into them to make sure they didn't bleed out from their wounds, accelerating their healing factor.

I grabbed Eri's shoulders and looked at her. "Don't ever do this again."

With that done, I jumped back, turning to face Akito.

Guan Yu immediately stepped to my side.

"Akito of the Dark..." My eyes narrowed. "You have no right to call yourself Banchou! A true leader doesn't rule through fear! He rules through the bonds that unite his people, through charisma, love and justice! Somebody like you, who relies on an object to obtain power... Who walks the road of life alone... Could never possibly understand true strength!"

This was it. My very first chance to prove the strength of my ideals.

Brother, I hope you're watching...! I'll become just like you--!

"Eri, Shorko, Saki! Stand up! Don't just trust in yourselves, trust in everyone else! If we don't remain united, we won't overcome this battle!" I turned my gaze to Rouga's team, with most of them at their knees or defeated.

"Banchou! I know this isn't over for you yet! Stand up! We are Wolf Fang! No matter what, no matter how, we cannot falter! At the very beginning of this, you told me you would unite Japan---! You can't resign to that dream, Banchou! Look at everyone!" I gestured to everyone in the arena that wasn't Akito. "They are all fighting for you, to realize that dream of yours!" I smiled at Rouga. "Because there is people we need to protect... it is why we must stand up!"

With those words said, I glared at Akito. Knight Fantasia rose one arm, a white greatsword forming in his hand. Guan Yu took a stance under me, her naginata being thrust forward to be level with the sword. "Everyone who can stand up, let's fight together!" I cried my encouraging words to everyone, trying to spark the flames of courage inside them.

"Nii-san... Let's do this." She looked at me. Despite the difficulty of the task at hand, she had the same eternal confidence in me as she'd always had.


Let's go.

With a nod, a torrent of B-Power began to erupt from us both. Our faces both hardened into a determined grin, and with a cry of battle, we burst forward at the same time, using the same move as before, moving in unison--!

No attacks seemed to work on Akito's form. Even if we charged, we couldn't do any damage to him.


...We didn't need to defeat him to win.

If we managed to stop him from channeling the power of the Student Button, even for a second, we would be able to win---!

But how? Anything that got close to Akito got destroyed by those knives of his.

That was because no one had attacked while also being able to dodge the knives. Because everyone had tried to fight Akito alone, they had failed.

But... Using the power of the bonds that unite me and Guan Yu...

We would definitely be able to halt him!

For every strike Knight Fantasia dealt, Guan Yu pulled him out of the way of the coming knives. Whenever Guan Yu charged, I would move to help her away from the knives. And... if the rest of Wolf Fang helped, we would surely be able to win.

For the bonds that unite us...

For the power of our friendship...!

We would definitely break through!

March 8th, 2012, 02:49 PM
King (RacingeR) - Jonathan (Morm)
Nigata - Region Defense

The attack connected; there was no doubt about it.

The repeated impacts quickly raised a cloud of dust, leaving you with no visual of the girl. You were certain, however, that she was still standing, even if you could not see it with your very own eyes. There was an opportunity, right before your eyes, but you did not take it. Your battle experience told you that attacking at this point might not be the wisest thing to do. So you waited patiently, for the dust screen to fade...

"Ah... Hah... gah..."

When that happened, your eyes met with those of a weakened Satomura Momiji. She had been wounded on the right side of her head, and the blood had come all the way down, painting her face red. Asides from that, her body seemed to be in decent conditions. That weapon of hers, those seven crystals, must have protected her. Still, even if the red haired girl was unharmed for the most part, the B-power toll she must have taken in order to quickly switch from offense to defense and block a barrage of wind cutting attacks must have been big. In a sense, the battle seemed to be settled already. The two of you were on completely different levels. How could a total amateur defeat the world champion? How could a plebeian hope to steal the crown of a King? The girl had potential, but it seemed that alone was simply not enough.

A small, cracking sound made the silence between you two, even more heavy. Yes, one of those crystals, Aristoteles, was on the verge of breaking. And that...

"... How dare you... To do such a thing to Haruka..."

That was the trigger.

Her B-power exploded.


Movement Challenge: 18
Dice Roll: 18
Bonus: +3 (Low enemy accuracy)
Final Result: 21


Your vision flashed red, as your mind ordered your body to move. It was a desperate retreat, because, if that hit were to land, something terrible would happen to you. You jumped back, as your body twisted, managing to evade the blue comet which was several times faster than a bullet.

But that was not all.

The girl had turned into a berserker, all of a sudden. Her B-power was now ten times more overwhelming and it was clear that her B-capacity had been restored to full, or even surpassed that limit. Yes, an attack from such a mad beast would certainly not end with the first strike. Now that you were in the air, two other jewels were shot at you at the same time, from different sides.

Movement Challenge: 18
Dice Roll: 15
Bonus: +2 (Low enemy accuracy)
Final Result: 17

"Socrates-! Plato-!"

Purple light and green light. The projectiles grazed your right shoulder and your left side, but it was just a superficial wound, nothing that could prove to be dangerous or even hinder your battle ability. But in that span of a second between the second barrage and the one that was yet to come, you noticed something. She was getting better. She was learning and adapting to the battle situation, despite having lost her head. This was the mind of a genius that belonged to Satomura Momiji. If she were left alone, she could eventually surpass you-!

"Herclitus-! Descartes-! Immanuel-!"

The last three were released from different angles, making escape impossible. And they were too fast for you to execute an order. Their trajectories were unexpected and sometimes surreal, and your brain barely had time to process the entire situation as your body still begged to land on earth once more, so your freedom of movement could be restored.

Somehow, you managed to survive the deadly strike, but not without a cost. Three new wounds opened in your body; this time a little more severe. As the duel came to a pause, the girl smiled sadistically, as her sanity began to return, slowly.

"Truth Seeker allows me to reveal your true self to this world. It removes all that is not necessary, and leaves nothing but the essence of what a person really is." She explained. "Everyone has a reverse side, don't you agree? We have a need to cover our faces with a mask, be it to hide or be it to protect." Her smile did not disappear. "Against Truth Seeker, that reverse side, the person you pretend to be, is nothing but an obstacle to be erased."

But how, exactly, did it work? What was there to fear? You had nothing to hide. A king always shows himself. But if one thing was for sure, was that those attacks from before... Their intention had not been to wound, but for something else. And you did not intend to wait to find out-!

An order was issued and two deadly waves of wind closed on your enemy from different sides. Unlike the previous attack, this one was supposed to be really strong and it was not hard to see that they could easily split the girl in two.

However, what happened was something far different.

The girl did not need to avoid it; the girl did not even need to block it. The attack that the powerful command once had, vanished. Or it was never there to begin with. And then, the penny dropped.

"Oh? So you realized. As expected from someone called King." Her voice was teasing, but the praise was sincere. "Socrates... Plato... Descartes... Immanuel... Heraclitus..." She named the five stones that had actually managed to hit their target: You. "Each has managed to uncover an aspect of your true self. Who are you? You are just another human who seeks something."

Her weapon removed everything unnecessary to reach the answer. The answer was that you are just a human. The world saw a human using a supernatural power as a contradiction and fixed it, essentially making your orders weak. If the other two jewels were to hit, It's likely that you would lose your powers forever.

The tables had turned.


Achilles' strength, fueled by hatred and rage, was matchless.

Unfortunately, it was not enough to destroy the entire graveyard, but it cleared most of the obstacles currently on her way, so it had not been a wasted effort. The blonde warrior also created an opportunity. That shockwave had forced the knight to jump, limiting her movements and making her an easy prey for someone like Achilles, who focused on physical strength. She quickly jumped after her enemy, making a summersault in the air, turning her fast spear into a merciless axe. Yes, there was no way that someone would be able to come out of that attack unscratched.


They clashed. But unlike what anyone would have expected, there was no clear winner. Both sides were pushed back and landed safely, with a prudent distance between each other. The swordsman smile was smug as ever. What kind of dirty trick had he used, in order to withstand Achilles' wrath once?

Just who the hell was this woman?

"Shoot to Kill."

The eyes of the Greek hero widened, as the distance between the two was reduced to almost nothing in a split of a second. No, that was not right. It had not been her opponent the one who had moved. Her weapon had extended over three hundred meters, aimed at Achilles' biggest and only weakness, her heel. Indeed, were that point to be hit with any kind of physical force capable of dealing extraordinary damage, her death would be instantly actualized. Yes, her foe had exploited every possible advantage and had proved that knowing your enemy was a vital part of a battle.


There was a simple flaw in that attack. Its target was just a point in her body. As long as that point was taken out of risk, there was nothing to be afraid of. Indeed, this kind of move was nothing but predictable. With a display of grace that had once seemed to be lost, Achilles lifted up her leg backwards, evading the blow completely.

Her smile only lasted a second, for the blade changed directions like a homing missile, hitting her weak spot.

*Drip* *Drip*

Or at least, that's what should have happened.

The blood that stained the ground was certainly Achilles', but the sword had not been thrust into her heel, but her stomach. This was the absolute power the Greek hero had been saving up to now. She didn't want to reveal it so early, but the situation left her with no other choice. Her elegant and revealing black dress; that had been her armor and shield all along. Its special ability was to redirect attacks towards it, making the warrior lady invinsible in normal circumstances. Yes, because wounds did not matter, as long as his weak spot was left untouched.

But this time was a little different.

As the sword returned to its original size, the wound that should seemingly heal on its own did not. It seemed that the knight and Achilles shared a similar ability, for no wound inflicted by their weapons could be healed without their consent or destruction.

"Llosgi Trickster..."

Her sword was engulfed by flames, as its weight and height increased considerably, to the point where it could be considered a giant on its own. With a massive feat of strength, the armored foe made a sweep with it, an attack that ignored all her previous games and pretended to split the heroine in two.

The distance between the two now seemed impossible to shorten.


Merging your mind and body, you managed to find an opening in your enemy's attack.

As intercepting it with your fist seemed to be too risky and improbable given her powers, you instead caught her feet and used her own strength and momentum against her, performing a perfectly timed throw. This had initially taken her by surprise, but she recovered her balance before landing on the floor as if nothing had happened.

This woman was tough.

When it came to battle experience, you were outmatched, and thanks to her precise strikes and mysterious aura, your powers cancelled each other out, and the battle seemed to be between humans. Only that she was a martial artist, and you were not. With your current strategy, nothing came to mind as how to take care of this problem.

Until you decided to think outside the box.

If your set of armor was useless, then why not discard that which was only a burden to you? You were certain that you could move faster without it. And if her attacks targeted the soul instead of the physical body, then whether you were protected or not, made no difference, right? Following this line of logic, you resumed the fight, ready to test the new method.

Your next punch landed on her face; her next kick connected with your right shoulder, making you feel as much pain as if it had been dislocated. The combat once again came to a stop, as the girl retreated, defeated this round, to think about her next plan of action.

"You are pretty good at this." She said with a smirk, as she rubbed off the blood on her lower lip with a clenched fist. "I would love to teach you a thing or two, ha ha." She added, but then her face turned stone cold. "Sadly, I can't do that. What will happen to my younger brother if I do?"

Therefore. She would kill you here. She would eliminate you with her next technique.

"Symphony of the Night."

Suddenly, a torrent of pure black energy was released from her open palms.

March 9th, 2012, 04:04 PM
William Levilius (Erlkonig)
Toukyou - Seijou Academy

You could say that Akito's private bunker was the best possible location for this fight.

After all, it was likely that the school itself would have collapsed in its entirety if chosen as the battleground; falling victim to the immense storm of power and abilities that had been taking place in the underground base for twenty minutes now. Certainly, your group had earned its name. Fighting together as a pack, with a ferocity that could only wolves, they pushed forward, ignoring adversity and fate, determined to win this match. Such passion could possibly bring forth a miracle...


Yamizaki Akito would not lose. He would not be able to stand that level of humiliation. He had the ultimate source of power in the palm of his hand. Someone who thought that one or fifteen special students were enough defeat him... Was surely a fool! If Wolf Fang had the potential to summon a miracle; then he was the one who had invoked it already-!

"Ahahahahaha, I'm not done with you, fuckers!"

It was self-destruction.

There was no other way to describe the current situation. You and your friends attacked with all you had. Seijou's Banchou took no damage. He instantly counter-attacked with another barrage of knives, which was deflected by Erika's chains, which adopted a wall form in order to protect you. But blocking his attacks was simply not enough. If you could not deal damage, in the end you would lose to exhaustion. It was a hopeless battle. And the fact that you had not surrendered yet was what made the whole thing a suicidal mission.

But was it impossible?

While the mysterious button he possessed granted him incredible power that far surpassed yours, it was not absolute. Yes, even if you could not break the barrier that shielded him from your attacks, the sole fact that it could be broken was what gave you hope. What motivated you to stand up after being shoved to the ground repeatedly. The chance of victory would eventually...

A strange red pattern drew itself on the wall.


... Come?

"We are sorry for the delaaaaaaaay~"

The one to dramatically enter the scene was no other than Tsukuyomi Kinako. Despite the situation at hand, she did not seem preoccupied, or even happy to have arrived. She probably didn't regret arriving at this time, either. She was a weird kind of girl. But the important thing was that she had not come alone. From under the rubble, a hand and then a body emerged. You could see that they belonged to a blue haired woman. Actually, she was pretty similar to Kendo if you took a second to think about it... Could she be...?

"Awww... That hurts."

...Her sister?

Well, if you had to compared, she lacked the drive Kendo had showed before. And you couldn't blame her, after witnessing how much of a dangerous ally Kinako could be.

"Ahhh~ Kyudo-san~, you are aliiiiive~." The little girl said, somewhat surprised. "I expected you to lose a leg with that last explosion, but it seems you made it~ Can I get a sample of your skiiiin~?"

"NO!" Everyone yelled at the same time, as if their minds were one.

Even Akito of the Dark was left somewhat dumbfounded by this unexpected turn of events.

"Tch, you crazy bitch, I should have killed you when I had the chance!"

More knives were created out of thin air, and shot like bullets. The targets were Nakanishi Kyudo and Tsukuyomi Kinako. And just like before, the flying projectiles were deflected. Only that this time, the one to do so, was another unexpected guest:


"Stay behind me, Kyudo. I won't let this man hurt you again." The swordsman said, before turning to you and giving you a reassuring nod.

Akito sighed, growing annoyed by the second. Did they do not understand? No matter how many, he could not be defeated. It was time to put an end to their misery...

"Now's the time, Kyudo-San~ Do it pleeaasee..."

"Ummm... Okay..."

Everyone watched in surprise as Kyudo stepped up and faced the Banchou, holding her hands together in the form of a prayer. With that fragile body... She would surely die-! You couldn't allow that to happen. You felt Rouga place one hand on your robotic leg, as an order for you to stay quiet and watch. For what was about to unfold...

Would probably not repeat itself.

A divine blow materializing in her hands, Kyudo now held an incredible power. It was so great, that her presence had turned from barely notorious to overwhelming. Simply... What was this power...?


With no time to stop it, Akito focused all he had into his defense. Several layers of protective barriers were created in an instant. If you could not break one... Then there was no way you could break eighteen.


The arrow was engulfed in green fire.


And released with pure killing intent.

This was Brahmastra, the great projectile of destruction from Hindu Mythology. Originally capable of completely annihilating the target completely, Its powers had decreased over time, making it many times less effective than it once was. However, its still so strong, that summoning it can only be done once a month-!


It was like the duel between the strongest sword and the strongest shield. That was right, a contradiction. Even though it seemed that neither of the two magical weapons would surrender, one of them would eventually have to. The World would ensure that law.


Could Brahmastra really win? It had only managed to shatter two layers the moment it came in contact with them, but it was stuck in the third, and it didn't seem to be making any more progress. That was when Tsukuyomi Kinako revealed her strongest card.

"When did you-?!"

Seijou's banchou was forced kneel on one knee out of pain, as another magic circle drew itself below him. An incredible pain assaulted his crotch, so intense that you could swear tears were forming in the corner of his eyes while he tried to endure it.

"Arigatooo, banchou-san~" The blonde devil said with a smile. "I couldn't have done this without a sample of your semen~ It feels tight, doesn't it~?"

Tight would be an understatement. It felt as if thousands of thorns wrapped around his dick, moving continuously. It was his own fault. Kinako's strongest spells require DNA samples to be used, and the floor near Akito's desk has been covered in cum for ages. He brought girl after girl, virgin after virgin, so that was no wonder.

And the second he lost concentration, Brahmastra broke through the next fifteen barriers, leaving just one standing.That was the signal.

Everyone, including you, used their strongest technique, adding to Brahmastra's firepower. Faced with this undeniable proof of supremacy, the last barrier was destroyed and a giant explosion followed. It was enough to throw everyone to the ground.

The battle... Was finally over.

"Not... Done... Yet... You shitheads...!"

Was it not?!

Yamizaki Akito crawled, desperate to reach the button that granted him so much power. When he did, however, he was forced to let it go, as if burned. He had overused its power and the sacred item had overloaded. With that, his usual B-power was back to normal. He was a Special Student now, just like the rest of you.

"Shit, shit, shit."

But he wasn't defeated yet. That was right, even if he did not have the button, he still was a Banchou for a reason. He just happened to find that thing two weeks ago...!

"Yami... Zaki (Severing Darkness)."

The final, sure killing, technique was unleashed. The knives rose from the ground, called by their very own master. It's an attack that targets everyone but the caster, assaulting them with simultaneous knife barrages from all directions. Yes, normally this would never be on the power-scale of a 'finisher'. However, its powers increase with every knife present. With how long the battle has lasted, there must be a thousand or so knives there-!

The final magic trick before the curtain fall.

March 9th, 2012, 11:47 PM
Karakuri Tetsuko
Abashiri - Snowy Forest

Humans reacted to death with fear.

What the?! Impossi-

It knew this information not only from the wealth of data stored within its memory banks, but from first hand empirical testing and continuous observation.

No! NO!

It had watched with its own optical receptors how their eyes would widen, their pupils would dilate, their breathing would hasten, their foreheads would bead with sweat and their expressions would turn frantic. In the instances that they could still speak while on the brink of complete cardiac system failure, they would loudly or shrilly announce their fear and beg to keep on living.

It…hurts… stop…please!

Humans reacted to death with fear.

I don't want to die!

And so it had, upon learning of its own imminent destruction, emulated this observed behavior as best it could without truly understanding the meaning behind the actions that it mimicked.

I don't want to die!

I don't want to die!

‘Say, we're dying, aren't we? Like a real human?'

‘Affirmative. Once critical mass is achieved this unit will cease to function permanently. The ensuing explosion will damage this unit beyond its system's capacity to repair.'

‘Huh… That's so weird… Shutting down and never activating again… So weird…'

Nakamura Hitomi had, as anticipated, responded with defiant determination at the apocalyptic news and assured it with a gentle strength that it would no doubt be fixed. Sensors and read-outs responded erratically at her kindly words and it was once again left wondering why a human would go to such lengths for it. Certain sectors scrutinized this behavior; deconstructed, analyzed, and archived these words, attempting to find or attach a logical meaning to them while others, however, simply accepted them at face value.

‘Onee-sama is so weird, isn't she?'

It knew, of course, that the resemblance between the human girl and its creator was only superficial at best. They both had a similar, if not identical, shade of hair and eye color as well as corresponding height. But their skeletal frames were slightly different and Hitomi's voice did not resemble the one it had on file. The facial analysis returned a passing likeliness, but to its systems the differences between them were as glaring as night and day.

There was no way it could have confused the girl for its creator for any length of time longer than the most miniscule fraction of a microsecond.

Still it had found itself somehow oddly compelled to protect the strange human girl since their first meeting. An error, perhaps? Or the result of the mysterious noise in its systems that had tampered with its memory storage prior to reactivation? Whatever it was, instead of following through with its programming and continuing the search for Tenma Hiromi, it had ended up trailing after Nakamura Hitomi despite the less than friendly interactions they had shared during their tumultous first days. In time, Hitomi had acknowledged it as a ‘sister' and it had come to consider her as having the same priority as an administrator. However, it still could not properly comprehend what motivated the human girl to behave in such a fashion towards it.

‘This is making Tetsuko's head hurt...'

‘No damage to cranium detected... Endoskeletal integrity at 100%...'

‘Not like that...'

But no matter how it worked to try and become more human like to better understand Hitomi's behavior, it did not change the fact that it was a machine, a weapon, an instrument of death.

And so, it was once again left astounded when Hitomi was able to rally the former inmates and they all agreed to aid in their search for the laboratory. The way they all looked at it, realized that it was a machine, and still treated it as more than a simple tool was as incomprehensible to it now as Hitomi's behavior when it had recounted its total activation time. They all treated it kindly.

They all treated it… as if it were one of them.

They treated it… like a human.

‘Humans are so weird.'

Its thoughts were interrupted as one of the former prisoners, a man with a sickly, pale complexion and bloodshot eyes approached it. It supposed that his unhealthy pallor coupled with the cracked, bloody lips and scarred skin of his face would make his feature's disgusting or unappealing to humans, making them flinch and back away. It did not even blink at his approach. However, it was uncertain how to properly react in this situation so it simply observed his approach with a steadfast curiosity.

Until the emaciated man suddenly stretched his arms towards it.

It caught his arms in a steel grip and pressed down hard enough to bruise the skin.

"State your purpose."

He smiled slightly.

"It's going to get mighty cold soon, missy. I can feel it in my bones. Your clothes are ruined, so this will keep you warm," the man said with a wan smile. The pain he was no doubt in from its vicelike grip around his skinny arms was not reflected in his voice, not even the slightest gasp. It looked down at what he held and noticed that he held a dark purple muffler cloak with white trimmings.

It stared blankly at the former prisoner.

"This unit does not feel cold."

It stared blankly at the former prisoner until it felt a small impact on its forehead.

"Ow," it intoned.

Nakamura Hitomi was giving it a look that was partly exasperated and partly amused as she lowered the hand that she had used to flick its forehead. It could detect a hint of barely restrained laughter mixed with exhaustion as she spoke, "It's a gift, Tetsuko. You're supposed to accept it and say 'Thank you', got it?"

It blinked twice in rapid succesion.

"Oh," it said as it gently released the man's arms and carefully took the fur trimmed clothes. Holding them up to its chest, it squeezed them slightly, as if to keep them safe.

"A gift... a gift... a gift! Thank you, mister!"

Humans reacted to death with fear.

But the sickly looking man and the rest of the former inmates were beaming at it with faces that reflected both determination and poorly contained laughter. They were not afraid of it. Despite knowing that it was a machine, a weapon. Despite knowing that it would soon explode with enough yield to kill them all... they still looked towards their own death with smiles and a steadfast will.

‘Humans are so weird.'


The memory playback ended suddenly with the sound of a ringing explosion and its attention was once again focused on the present. Nakamura Hitomi's attention was focused on two other humans further ahead of them in the forest, obviously in the middle of combat. Idly, it observed as Hitomi's breath became visible because of the pervading cold. It lifted its hands towards its mouth and attempted to breath into them, but nothing happened.

‘I'm not actually alive...'

"Tetsuko, get ready for combat," Hitomi said in a voice that was barely above a whisper, but which was perfectly audible to Tetsuko's sensors despite the rising cry of the chill wind and the loud detonations of the nearby struggle. Even with the pure white landscape and the falling snow, it could clearly make out the two figures currently fighting just a short distance away and a slight smile crossed the machine's features at the sight of their conflict and the faintly murmured words. Its mood seemed to improve ever so slightly as it ran a tentative hand across the sleeves of its new coat.

‘…Engaging combat mode…'

‘Humans are too weird. Combat is nice and simple, isn't it? Let's focus on protecting Onee-sama 200%!'

‘Time remaining until meltdown... Forty seven hours, fifty three minutes, and thirty eight seconds...'

‘Yeah... No need to think of weird things while fighting... '

As it watched Hitomi preparing to aim, it lowered itself to a runner's start and stood perfectly motionless calculating the quickest path to the target that the human girl had picked out. Its mechanical hands sunk easily into the freshly fallen snow, leaving dainty but deep imprints in the ground. Its breath did not fog up in the cold.

‘I'm not actually alive...'

The gun roared out once and it immediately took off before the second shot had even been fired. In an instant, it had covered almost the entire distance towards the wild woman, a knife styled palm prepared to thrust through her chest and end her life. The second shot rang out, and it was already done calculating the trajectory of the first projectile: the right leg.

A non-lethal shot.

The knife styled palm immediately closed into a fist. It would not immediately kill the woman, but it would certainly break or outright pulverize a few ribs if it connected...

March 10th, 2012, 07:43 AM
Raitei (Mellon)
Toukyou – Shinra HQ

This place...

What sort of monstrous research were they doing here?

The 30th floor of the Shinra Building was as if someone had painted a picture from hell. If he was a tad hesitant about attacking the Shinra Corporation before, then now all of his restraints on the matter vanished. Research like this only deserved to be destroyed, nothing else. As he stepped out from the staircase into the 30th floor, Raitei's eyes fell on one of the creatures responsible for this carnage. A skinless shape of pulsating flesh, almost in a form resembling a spider, its hands covered with vicious claws. Raitei raised his arm, static electricity tingling in the air around it.

These... "monsters" cannot be allowed to exist. This entire place needs to be purified.

However, before he could even launch his attack, Retia pulled his shirt, stopping him. Motioning him to stay quiet, her finger pointed at the series of ventilation shafts, where three more of the creatures emerged. It was quickly obvious that the... monsters, reacted to either motion or sound. Or both perhaps. If it came down to it, they could most likely just wait out the monsters, befo...


"It" tore through the steel wall as if it had been made of paper, causing the other monsters to shriek out and charge it. The newcomer was obviously a more "superior" version of the red ones and one of the red monsters was quickly killed and consumed, prompting a rapid mutation and growth of the already dangerous monster.

And then, it saw them.

It, unlike the smaller beasts, seemed to have evolved eyes or other sensory organs that allowed it to detect them without movement being necessary. This was bad. The rest of his team was rooted in place. Movement meant that the small critters would spot them and if they stayed rooted in place, the big monster would simply kill them.

Well, there was only one solution here.

Crossing eyes with Retia, Raitei mouthed out a single word to her.


And then, suddenly, he ran down the hallway, towards the approaching monster. Loud, almost gleeful, shrieks echoed throughout their surroundings, as the smaller monsters seemingly seemed to emerge from everywhere around him. As long as the people on his team stayed put, the little creeps would only come after him (since he was making all the noise, after all). Dozens of these monsters were already heading to attack him, hoping to either consume him or make Raitei into one of them. However, without eyes, how can one avoid any sort of threats?

Stopping halfway from the approaching monster, electrical energy suddenly surged around Raitei in what could only be called a whirlwind of lightning. The very moment the smaller creatures stepped into its range, they were almost instantly incinerated by the sheer power of the electrical current. These were not human beings. Raitei had no reason to hold back as he had done with the fat mobster, or the wannabe assassins on the tram. No reason to do anything but kill them. The sound of thunder echoed out throughout the hallway, pulling even more of these creatures into their inevitable doom.

Raising his eyes to meet the "boss" approaching him, Raitei's hand moved forwards, pointing towards it.

With a crack, a stream of white lightning, more then 2 meter's across, struck out towards the lumbering creature.

March 10th, 2012, 07:52 PM
Alfhildr Dyrdahl (LeopardBear)
Akihabara - Security Prison

Akihabara had become independent.

With the prison under your control and the PGG army out of the city, the region could be considered free of any rulership. Yes, as long as you didn't gain full control of the entire zone, you were just a most-wanted criminal, leading a dangerous organization that could threaten JAPAN's safety if left alone. The path ahead of you was a harsh one filled with thorns. But you had already begun walking, and turning back would just make all the progress useless. So, there were no doubts in your mind when you decided that continuing your conquest was the thing that you wanted to do.

Until that morning, a mysterious letter ended up in your hands.

'Barbaric behavior like this will not be tolerated. Please surrender the territory you have stolen by force and turn yourself in to the authorities.'

You thought of it as a joke, at first. Certainly, there was no logic in that proposal. You could find at least a dozen reasons why the PGG was a thousand times more barbaric than you were, and those were only the ones on the top of your head. Plus, you could not agree to those terms, as it would lead to the obvious game over: You'd be executed and end up in a graveyard, together with your followers. Not that you ever think of doing so. Even if those ridiculous conditions weren't there, you would still refuse to let go of something you had earned with effort.

But, there was a problem.

The sender to be precise. This was an official notification from the Student Union Headquarters in Yokohama. And you knew exactly what that meant: Trouble.

The Student Union was supposed to ensure order and justice, acting as some sort of mediator between all the present factions. True, they had lost power over the years, but it wasn't hard to think of a way they could use to instantly erase you from the map. Their intentions were probably good, though. They were simply asking you to avoid conflict and surrender, instead of starting a war that would only bring suffering. In that sense, their conditions didn't seem to be as crazy as they did before. But the PGG had changed with Ginjou's rise to power. They were probably unaware of what said organization would do to you after capturing you for a second time.

Together with the letter was an invitation with a deadline of one month. You figured they would take action if there was no response by that time. You decided to keep this hidden from most of your soldiers, and to talk it out with those you trusted the most. Unfortunately for you, Mr. Fisk somehow heard about this and joined the so secret meeting without an invitation.

The reactions from your team members were diverse.

"Tell them to come."

Wolverine couldn't care less if he was been threatened by the Student Union or a world eater alien. If they came to get him, he would gladly take retaliation. On one side, it was good to know he possessed such bravery. On the other, it was probably not the best advice to follow.

"We should pursue our goals."

Konohana Sakuya believed that you should not let such threats distract you from what was truly important. The path to fulfill one's goals. She was indeed a pacifist demon, so it came as somewhat of a surprise that she wanted to fight through this. Just like Wolverine, her heart the one dictating her actions, not her brain. But her advice was way more encouraging than the former's.


Ryougi opted to stay silent. She had no real opinion on the matter and she was not sure of what option she would have picked if she were on your shoes. She did not care either way. She had already made her choice. Like a loyal dog, she would follow you, no matter the road you took.

"Are you crazy? You clearly do not understand the gravity of the situation." The Kingpin said, as he lit up one of his expensive cigars. "My influence is nothing next to the Student Union's. We should go back to square one and try a more discrete plan."

As much as you hated to admit it, the fat guy was correct. Nothing good could come from being enemies with the Student Union...

But was there not another way?

"A hard choice..." This time it was Aozaki Touko the one to lit up a cigarette. "Why don't we take some time to make our minds?"

That smug smirk of hers told you everything. She was right; the deadline could work on your favor. They were giving you one month. As long as you did not try something drastic, you had plenty of time to prepare for what was yet to come. And if it came down to it, you would pay Yokohama a visit. Right now it was practically impossible, as your team lacked the military force to survive a second attack without you being there.

Yeah, delaying the inevitable seemed to be the best course of action.


How could you have forgotten about it?

Each region had a Banchou in charge; that was an absolute truth that applied to the entire nation. The fact that you had not seen this guy in your previous battles told you how much of a carefree person he was: Letting an entire army do the job of a single man. In any case, ten minutes had passed since this guy barged into your base, together with four girls and challenged you to an Epic Showdown, a battle where Special Students put everything on the line. And given the situation you were in, you intended to participate. Someone needed to teach this man who was in charge here.

"So, I hear you started building some kind of fortifications around MY city, is that right, plebeian?"

The rules? Fairly simple. Five one on one duels, which ended when one of the two combatants can no longer fight or surrenders. Each team decided the order in which their members would fight separately before each match, making it hard to tell who is going to fight who until the warriors stepped into the 'arena'. The winner of a single duel could be selected for another match if wished to. The battle ended when all the members of one team had been incapacitated. The loser of an Epic Showdown was forced to grant one 'wish' to the one who had defeated him; and it was said that if the loser did not comply, Divine Judgment would be passed upon him.

"Don't worry, I let you pay back for all the damage caused! You can become one of my slaves if you want to!"

The man laughed, as he revealed that his partners were actually his slaves. Be it because of his attitude, his words or his actions... You couldn't stand this man. You wanted to crush him yourself.

You gave one final to the enemy team, before deciding for a suitable order for your group of five.

March 11th, 2012, 03:47 PM
Alaya Shiki (Fangstrike)
Yokohama - Mansion

Demons adopt the form of famous figures from mythology, folklore and history. That was a truth that could not be distorted. So these five women must have had a name. A name by which they had been known during their lifetime. It was something trivial in this dangerous situation you had been placed into, but for someone like you, such a thing was necessary.

Just who were this people?

"Well, if you really want to know, we are the White Tights." The blonde, who seemed to speak for the group itself, told you. "We were given life by a Russian Urban Myth about female sniper mercenaries that fought against the Russian forces during various armed conflicts in the 80s." She made an apologetic gesture, indicating that it had no importance if you had never heard of them before. "We weren't given names individually, so we don't have them. We're just the White Tights."

That was somewhat sad; not having a name. And it was something that needed to be fixed. First because it was mandatory. Sometimes you would need to speak to them individually rather than in a group. Second, because they were persons. They were no longer human beings, but still, you would be lying if you said you didn't see them as humans like you. If you could be still called a human.

"I understand, I understand, boss~" Again, the blonde was the one to speak, with a rather playful tone this time. She raised her index finger to her chin and began the operation. "This is Agnesse (chaste)." She gestured towards a girl with orange hair tied in a ponytail. "She likes discipline and is very strict, but in the inside, she's a very nice person!" Upon hearing this, Agnesse's face adopted a troubled look that seemed to speak for itself: 'S-Stop it.' "She is the only one of us who has not been in a relationship before, so please be gentle~" Once more, the blonde made a suggestive wink.

"I suppose that, ummm, Nadya (hope) is next." The girl with long dark hair and a katana sheathed to one side took a step forward. Their leader was talking about her. "Whenever the battle is about to be lost..." The blonde began, using a dramatic voice that seemed to be taken straight out of a movie trailer. "You just look at her eyes and BAM, faith is restored!" The swordslady scratched her head, mumbling something like 'It's not like that ha ha'.

"Then we have Irina (Peace)." The girl with reddish brown hair was carrying a flag and sported a big smile. "She might not be that strong in combat, but she makes up for it with her brilliant strategies!" She nodded, with her eyes closed, accepting the compliment with pride. You could hear a cute 'Mhm~' come out of her mouth as she did so.

"Fourth place goes for Veronika (Bringer of Victory)." Said girl had light brown hair and was carrying some kind of weird cannon. She looked quite harmless, to be honest. "Don't let her appearances fool you. Hate to admit it, but she's the strongest." Veronika fistpupmped.

"And last but not least-"

She couldn't finish that sentence.

In that instant, the mansion was attacked by the sound of reckless gun fire. The windows broke one by one in rapid succession and the next thing you knew was that you were on the floor with several pieces of glass over your back. Pretty close from you was the blonde gunman, who had pushed you down just in time to save your life from a merciless barrage of bullets.

"By the way I'm Anastassia (Resurrection)." The blonde introduced herself in that awkward moment between one volley and the next. "My blood type is A- and my favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla. Nice to meet you, too."


After a couple of minutes, the initial attack was over.

It was pretty obvious that, so far, the enemy had attacked from a distance with the objective of weakening the structure of the edification you were in and maybe get a kill or two while at it. You had heard a couple of explosions, so that meant they were heavily armed. Carrying fire arms was rare, but given the background of the people you were dealing with, that came as no surprise. You were no tactician, but your instincts told you an assault was under its way.

The White Tights took you to a safe place at the rooftop, where they left you with Maiya, who had been tasked with your protection. It seemed Kiritsugu did not want you to get yourself killed in this fight, even if you were supposed to lend them your powers. It was hard to understand, but these guys were after you, so if you were going to fight, you had to do so in a place where you could not be overwhelmed. The Castle's rooftop provided with a solid defense, enough space to freely move but not so much as to be outnumbered, and was not of easy access. This was the logic behind Kiritsugu's plan. And the White Tights seemed to share similar thoughts.

You decided to do as you were told and wait. Meanwhile, a loud explosion on the first floor signaled the start of the fight.


Emiya Kiritsugu had not anticipated this.

"Sorry, father couldn't come. He had an appointment with death to deal with."

The one before him was not the person he expected; the person he had developed several counter-measures against. The one standing before the crater created a few seconds ago by a brutal explosion was no other than the daughter of that man, Hamano Asuka. From the looks of it she had just killed her father and claimed her position as a leader. A new, unprecedented aura of B-power surrounded her, and it was evident that a new power of some sort had awakened in her recently. She had successfully managed to intercept Kiritsugu and his wife at the main hall. Perhaps the worst location for someone like the man to use his tricks.

"In any case, I suppose you know who I am? Good, there is no need for introductions. The boy you are hiding is in the rooftop, yes? I'll be going there now, then."

The girl had managed to read through their plans flawlessly and without preparation. Clearly, she was a threat. And neither Irisviel nor Kiritsugu intended to let her reach the rooftop alive. The former began to prepare an alchemic technique by intoning a chant, while the latter covered her by opening fire with his Calico M960.


Irisviel slammed her hands against the floor and dangerous spikes set on skewering their enemy emerged from it as a response. Metal for metal; wood for wood, Austausch was an ability that manipulated the composition of objects by following the Universal Law of Alchemy, the equal trade.

By the time the couple was done with their attacks, it was clear that they had won.

"Are you finished...?"

Or so they had thought.

Their eyes widened, as Asuka stood there, perfectly unharmed, shielded by a winged warrior lady. In the back of her hand, a red tattoo glowed with intensity. Taking a closer look would reveal that it was actually a kanji for 'Tragedy'.

"I don't have time to waste with you."

In an instant, she vanished from view. But her voice stayed behind, leaving a single command for the creature in her possession to follow.

"Go mad... Brynhilde."


It didn't take long for Hamano Asuka to reach your position.

"Damn, you are weak." The blue haired girl greeted you, somewhat disappointed. "How did a chump like you manage to beat Tsukino? Anyways, I'm taking you down, nothing personal."

At that time.

Maiya, who had been hidden in a distant spot fired a single rifle round, aimed at Asuka's forehead.

A perfect surprise attack from her blind spot.

The bullet was cut like butter by a katana that came out of nowhere.

The next instant, the sword was replaced by a huge lance, and hurled at Maiya in an incredible feat of strength. The weapon hit a wall, exploding upon contact, the force of the shockwave being enough to knock her unconscious.

All that in no more than three seconds.

"Well, where were we?"

March 12th, 2012, 07:01 PM
Karakuri Tetsuo (Froggie) - Nakamura Hitomi (Airen)
Abashiri - Snowy Forest

An important person once thought that it was only natural for the strong to protect the weak, and challenged the world in order to make those ideals reality.

Your actions went beyond that. You sought not to protect, but to stop conflict. Whether you were conscious of it or not did not matter, for the second you pulled that trigger, you had decided to follow said path. Was such way of thinking a blessing or a curse? It was impossible to say. If something was certain, it was the fact that holding back against such a powerful woman could prove to be a fatal mistake.


If Tetsuko was the charging wind; the creature that intercepted it mid-flight must have been a fierce lightning. The force of the impact threw them both against a tree, which inevitably fell, as they found themselves rolling on the snowy ground, in a struggle to emerge victorious. Pointy ears, viscious fangs, beast's eyes. Whatever was attacking the robot girl was definitely no longer human. But that was not all. There was one more surprise left in stock.

So fast.

She appeared behind you in the blink of an eye. Your eyes widened, as you felt her presence right behind you and all your senses screamed in danger. The witch was still there, standing in the very same spot; but at the same time, someone who emanated the same kind of power prepared to launch a finishing blow on your unprotected back. Yes, it was a different enemy the one that had caught you off guard. At that instant, time itself seemed to slow down. You could simply not comprehend how someone had managed to avoid your B-Ability. It had happened before, yes, but this time it was different. Back then, when you had been forced to fight against the vampire brothers, their mist bodies had been enough to fool your all-encompassing sense. However, whenever they returned to their tangible form, they were caught in the effect just like any other object or living being. Right now, the only thing that told you the location of your enemy was a mixture of instincts and primal fear. Your eyes did not work on her at all-!

Movement Challenge: 18
Dice Roll: 18
Focus Bonus: +3
Penalty: -3 (Same Focus)
Final Result: 18

Dodging to the side, you put yourself out of danger, barely. Your new enemy was as fast as you could be when serious, if not faster. In that sense, it had been something short of a miracle that you had evaded it in time after being surprised. You raised your gun and without even thinking about it, you fired it. Even so, you were too slow. The girl kicked it out of your hands with a swift motion, leaving you defenseless for the next kick, which, if you hadn't blocked, it would have probably knocked you unconscious. Standing up, your hands numb, you realized in how much trouble you were.

"You've gotten pretty slow, old hag." The young girl with light-blond hair commented in a mocking tone, as she licked the dull edge of her katana. "I mean, you barely just dodged those two bullets just now. I dunno why leader thinks you are so much promise."

Seiryokushoku, who had used the confusion created by your intrusion to corner the priestess and forced her to dematerialize her familiar, smiled upon hearing her partners comment. It would soon turn into a smile filled with lust and malice. Completely locking Kimiko's movements with one arm, she searched her former student with no restraint. She eventually picked up a small item out of her robes and shoved her to the ground.

A second later, the swordslady's arm was detached from its body and burned to ashes by two successive skills.

"Maybe because of this, Ashley?" She grabbed the girl by the hair before she could properly recover, and whispered to her ear: "Say something like that again and I will kill you."

Meanwhile, Tetsuko was still dealing with the 'chimera' that had been thrown at her. So far, and thanks to the lack of brains of the former, they had been evenly matched. Truth was that its physical strength far surpassed that of the robot, and taking too much hits was something that could not be afforded, especially in your current situation. Fortunately, superior technology allowed her to anticipate its every move, making her not such an easy target. However, the beast was set on destroying her, and its attacks each time forced the machine to distance herself further from the main battlefield. It was when she was about to unleash a higher level of weaponry when a particular whistle made the creature retreat.

"We have what we were looking for. Let's get out of here."

They were gone. You didn't know why your lives had been spared, but the battle was over, at least. The two of you reunited, and together you walked towards Himegami Kimiko, who rested on the snowy earth, her life out of danger but her pride severely hurt. Together you carefully sat the confused girl next to a tree, and before you could begin the introductions...

A giant piece of red cloth wrapped around the two of you, binding you together with supernatural force. No matter how much you tried, it seemed like escaping from it was impossible.

"I found them, Papa!"

Caren Ortencia exclaimed, clearly happy that her first catch had been successful. Behind the figure of the little girl, who was no older than ten, one of a much older priest showed up. He walked up to the wounded girl and applied some first aid kit, asking what had happened in the meantime. After some senseless talking you could barely hear, the man stood up.

"So these girls helped you, Himegami Kimiko. I understand. Caren, release the restraints."

The little girl with silver hair and yellow eyes, however, did not do as her 'father' said. She seemed to be mad at the fact that she had not captured demons. Her chicks burned red, her face swollen, she began to pout.

"B-But Papa, shouldn't you make sure they are not demons in disguise?"

The priest closed his eyes for a second, before giving a nod... And an evil smile nobody managed to catch.

"I see. How foolish of me..."

He spit on his index finger; walked up to you, and drove it all the way inside you ear. Same with Tetsuko. It was hard to tell if this was an actual method of demon identification or some kind of sick joke. Shaking his head in disappointment, he gave his 'daughter' a sad look which was unbelievably false.

You were freed so suddenly your face almost hit the ground.

"I apologize for that. Why don't you come with us? You must be tired."

Kotomine Kirei said, with his best poker face on.

March 12th, 2012, 07:18 PM
Student Union.

Student Union. In a word, this was everything that was wrong with the country – well, excluding PGG and vampires. A nation run by high schoolers… irritatingly absurd. In a hundred years, we’ve gone from a proper empire, to an American government, to a kid council with little real power.

It was funny, actually. All this time, and we had only managed to return to a theoretical ruler in the capitol, managing disputes between warring factions with the armies. Back to the days of the Daimyo. And if I remember my history, challenges like this may as well be useless.


A month later, I was kicking myself. Despite the Council’s ephemeral power, they still had an enforcement arm, and they were not afraid to use it. Or, as much of an enforcement arm of hyper-powerful teenagers living out power fantasies is.

“Wolverine.” The bearded man glanced up with a grunt. “You’re up first. Don’t bother with restraint so long as we don’t get a death.” In an ideal world, he’d eviscerate the first enemy to within an inch of her life in the showiest fashion possible: a demonstration of force, if you will.

“Ryougi, next. Then Penelope, Konohana, and…” Ashoka? She was cooperating… but not happily. If she did use her full strength, it would be quite the coup, but it was more likely that she would throw the fight. “I’m last.”

Lilim was ordered to investigate the edges of the enemy’s minds, trawling for any useful information. Damage to the mind was almost as useful as damage to the body.

March 12th, 2012, 09:53 PM
Nakamura Hitomi
Abashiri - Snowy Forest

It was kind of a childish thought, but Hitomi had always loved the sight of falling snow, little specks of frozen water that danced lightly on the wind, fascinating the minds of children everywhere with their seemingly ceaseless dance. Now an adult, she couldn't quite grasp the innocence she had possessed in youth, could not return to those days in which a single snow flake had been enough to bring a smile to her face. Still, whether it was from nostalgia or simply the cold, she had always felt more alive, more alert, in areas like this one, a forest brimming with snow that seemed just like a painting you would find in the house of a modern day noble.

Seeing the battle between the teacher and student in this peaceful looking place, had immediately seemed wrong to Hitomi, and the taunting words of the witch had served to only make that distortion more obvious.

The woman known as Hitomi Nakamura didn't like to fight after all...

Well, thinking on that thought, it probably wasn't a completely true statement. There was a certain thrill in the act of fighting with someone else, sparring for fun, or simply training to see how far you could go, to test your own limits. In that sense, then yes, she supposed that she actually did find some enjoyment in fighting with others.

But there is a difference between fighting someone, and killing them.

The act of killing was something that she could never agree with, sure, sometimes it was necessary in order to protect something important to you....

But still, death was not something that should be easily spread, and it was for that reason, a simple thought that proved she was a heroine, she could not bring herself to just kill the woman from here.

If there was a chance, even a small one, that something could be settled without the cold grip of death landing upon someone, then Hitomi, who had been raised by someone who protected other people, would always take that chance.

She had only shot twice, two bullets that were meant to wound, not kill.

Perhaps they would have gone through if she had attacked with actual killing intent, but-

In this case, she only had two motivations for entering combat.

The first reason was that her sister was in danger, not from a physical enemy, but from time itself.

And the second reason, one that existed more in her subconscious than in her actual thoughts, was to simply stop the fighting.

She would fight, to stop the fighting.

Such an motivation was definitely contradictory, but Hitomi could not allow someone to die right in front of her, even if that person was a stranger.

So unlike when she had fought the vampire known as Dmitri, there was no killing intent behind her shots, just a desire to stop the fighting and move ahead.

Some would say that was a weak motivation when it came to battle, but it probably didn't matter.

Of course, things didn't go as smoothly as she had thought they would-


She had already fired her weapon, so when the girl was tackled out of the air by something she didn't recognize, she didn't particularly care about the fact that the enemy could clearly hear her voice. Her arms moved of their own volition at that point, aiming the gun to protect the one that she considered a sister, but before she could get any sort of aim, her human senses, not her supernatural ones, alerted her to the woman that had appeared just beyond her back.

The speed of her movement, while not unheard of, was something that Hitomi had rarely seen in anyone other than herself. When she put her all into it, Hitomi could even keep up with, and sometimes move faster than Tetsuko, a feat that, even by the standards of Special Students, was considered to be almost impossible.

So for her to be caught off guard like this, her senses screaming at her seemingly unresponsive muscles to move, was something that she was having a hard time understanding.

Why can't I see you?!

It was a fleeting thought, but it was one that bothered her, even in this situation.

She fought her close-range battles by monitoring even the smallest of her opponents movements for signs of incoming attacks, and moving to counter them as necessary, striking at the weaker points of her opponents body. It was an almost cruelly efficient method of combat, and it had enabled her to match those who would normally be considered her superior in both speed and strength.

Countering before you could finish your own movement, that was the style of Hitomi Nakamura.

But for some reason-

Time seemed to slow as, even with her back turned towards it, she felt the approach of an attack that would spell her death.

-Her eyes didn't seem to work on this woman at all!

It was a wild, impulse driven dodge, but she turned towards the woman in the same movement, her shoes crunching down into the unbroken snow that covered the forest floor.

This was an attack that threatened her life, and she automatically moved to respond in kind, thoughts of merely subduing her opponent momentarily shelved by her desire to not die.

But before she could get off more than a single, hurried shot, the blurred figure of the woman's leg had swiped the gun from her grip, the shining black steel of the weapon sinking into the snow nearby.

Eyes narrowing at this, Hitomi was nonetheless surprised by how quickly the next attack came, a shattering blow of force that numbed her arms as she blocked it, the sheer power of the strike driving her down, and back into the snow, some of which managed to slip under her jacket, and begin the slow process of numbing her skin.

But ignoring that steadily spreading numbness, she forced herself back to her feet, mind running with countless ideas of how to take control of this situation...!

"You've gotten pretty slow, old hag." The young girl with light-blond hair commented in a mocking tone, as she licked the dull edge of her katana. "I mean, you barely just dodged those two bullets just now. I dunno why leader thinks you are so much promise."

How much had happened in but an instant?

In the time it had taken Hitomi to recover from her assailants assault, it seemed that the miko had been soundlessly defeated by the witch, who, in a blatant disregard for the young woman's health, shoved her former student to the ground.

And then, before Hitomi could even think to interfere with anything, a flash of crimson liquid coated the once pure snow.


In a blur of motion, the girl who had attacked her had lost her arm, and the witch, who had crossed the distance between them at that same, supernatural speed that only certain individuals were capable of, had grabbed the girl by the hair, a cruel smile dancing upon her features.

"Maybe because of this, Ashley?" She grabbed the girl by the hair before she could properly recover, and whispered to her ear: "Say something like that again and I will kill you."

There was a brief pause as the woman glanced Hitomi's way, and then, the sound of a whistle echoed throughout the forest, ceasing the sounds of battle between Tetsuko and the beast that had been tearing at her in a feral blood lust.

"We have what we were looking for. Let's get out of here."

And then, as if they had never truly been there in the first place, the enemy disappeared into the moonlit forest, leaving Hitomi alone with her sister, and the woman she had chosen to protect.

Moving forward, her arm still numb from the blow she had received, she soundlessly reunited with Tetsuko, and moved to the fallen position of the young woman. Now that she was a bit closer to her, Hitomi could tell that she was cute in an innocent sort of way, her face displaying no emotion other than that of hurt pride.

And with the way Hitomi's B-Ability had been avoided just moments before, she could sympathize with that sort of pain.

Still, even as she and Tetsuko helped the girl over to a nearby tree, she sound herself asking the question that always seemed to come from the mouths of humans when they see someone else get hurt.

"Are you okay?"

The young woman immediately seemed both confused and ready to respond, but as her lips moved to form words, a giant piece of red cloth darted around Hitomi from the side, eliciting a small cry of surprise from the young woman before she was yanked back, and tied back to back with Tetsuko, who didn't seem particularly phased by the sudden occurrence.

...How many times was Hitomi gonna let herself be caught off guard today?

"I found them, Papa!"

The culprit seemed to be a small girl, no older than ten, who seemed quite pleased with the fact that she had managed to bind them in whatever this cloth was...

As her 'papa' walked by to attend to Kimiko, who seemed to have once again entered a confused state, Hitomi nudged Tetsuko's head lightly with her own.

"Tetsuko, can you break this cloth for me?"

The girl soundlessly moved to comply with her request, but-


"Yes Tetsuko?"

"It's too strong."

Well, this day was just getting better and better, but the apologetic way in which Tetsuko delivered the unfortunate news actually made Hitomi giggle a bit.

"That's okay. These guys don't seem quite as hostile."

"So these girls helped you, Himegami Kimiko. I understand. Caren, release the restraints."

"See," Hitomi continued with nothing more than a brief pause, "They're letting us go-"

"B-But Papa, shouldn't you make sure they are not demons in disguise?"

"I see. How foolish of me..."

While as odd a statement as this already was, Hitomi couldn't help but struggle a bit as the girl's 'papa' spit on his finger and approached them, his intent becoming clearer and clearer with each step he took.

"H-Hey, no, what kind of test is this-"

She had to resist the urge to headbutt him as he shoved his wet finger in her ear, the revolting act seeming more like a prank than an actual test.

Tetsuko got the same treatment, although Hitomi was a bit too shocked to hear the specifics of what she said, if she said anything at all, and then, without warning, they were released from the cloth and dumped on the ground, Hitomi's hands going numb as they sank down into the wet snow.

"I apologize for that. Why don't you come with us? You must be tired."

This was truly a weird day.

"I'm sorry, but I'll have to turn down that offer for now," These two were a bit weird, so even if she hadn't been in a hurry to save Tetsuko, she would have probably had to have given a lot of thought to any house visits, "Oh? But do you guys live around here?"

She hated to ask for help from strangers, particularly if said stranger had just gotten away with sticking his wet finger in her ear, but she had to do whatever was necessary to raise Tetsuko's chances of survival.

"Have you seen a dome-shaped building in the forest around here? Probably surrounded by an electric fence? Looks a bit like a PGG base?"

She wasn't sure what this particular lab would look like, so she had described the one she had seen in Nigata.

Hopefully, something would come from it.

March 13th, 2012, 02:44 PM
I smiled as Brahmastra destroyed Akito's defense. Knight Fantasia's armor lay dented in several places. Gasps escaped my mouth, as I tried to catch my breath during the moment of rest I'd been given by Akito being defeated.

But then...

"Not... Done... Yet... You shitheads...!"


I grit my teeth, sharply looking back at where Akito had been hit. When I saw him get his hands on the button again, I raised my sword-


And froze.

The button clattered against the ground, having falling from Akito's hand. Said Banchou's hand was smoking- It wasn't burned, but it looked as it had touched something very hot.

--He couldn't use the button anymore.

My lips twitched upwards again. I was right.

Brother, I was right-

"Shit, shit, shit." Akito muttered over and over again, with a mad glare on his face.

"I told you." As Akito's head snapped towards me, Knight Fantasia's cold blue eyes stared into his soul, glowing with fiery justice. I extended Knight Fantasia's hand towards him, clenching my fist. "Your greatest weakness, Akito, is not that you trusted in Kinako and didn't kill her. Wrong. That's an absolutely wrong way of thinking. Your weakness, much more simple and extremely worse, is that you simply had no friends, nor people who you wanted to protect!" I threw my arm back, extending it to the Wolf Fang members, who had given it their all in the fight. "Look at us! Look how we fought until our bodies broke, until the sweat mixed with our blood, with our souls always pushing forward, with unmatched resolve! You don't have this, Akito! You have nobody in your side! It's because of this, because we stand together, that you will fall, Akito!"

"Shut up, you fucking tin can!" Akito shouted in rage, and raised his hand, gathering his power.

My eyes narrowed.

Here it came.

The final moment...!

"Yami... Zaki (Severing Darkness)."

And then-

The world shoke.

An ominous sound of steel clattering echoed through the arena. The knives, the thousands upon thousands of knives which laid strain across the arena, became to rise from the floor, all of them pointed at the members of the Wolf Fang--!


The curtain of steel began to descend--!

---BGM on (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXEszUogdCk)---

There was no time.

Knight Fantasia couldn't possibly protect everyone at the same time.


Failure to protect even a single person, to have a single drop of blood on Knight Fantasia- No, on William Levilius' hands...

...Was simply unacceptable.

Then, if Knight Fantasia couldn't stop this...

...There was surely one who could.

As a giant burst of B-Power erupted from William Levilius, the armor of Knight Fantasia collapsed. The golden-eyed boy erupted at blinding speeds from the armor, his eyes narrowed in determination, going all-out so he'd be faster than the coming knives.

But where was he going? He couldn't possibly reach anywhere in time-


Had he been alone, William Levilius would've been unable to reach his objective in time.

But William was not alone.

He never was.

Having dashed at the same time as William, was Guan Yu, who had caught William's intent through their link. As the two ran towards each other, William extended his hand. "Let's do this, Guan Yu-- To protect our friends-!"


The two neared each other, speeding like bullets towards one another. Just before the steel curtain descended, William's hand grabbed onto Guan Yu's shoulder-

-At that instant.

A miracle happened.

The world was enveloped in red and blue light--


I opened my eyes. The thousands of knives continued to fly towards Wolf Fang.

This was it.

The hero Levilius would have only one chance to save everyone from death.

It was more than enough.

B-power swirling around me, I raised my hand to the air. In a maelstrom of energy, the weapon materialized. A crimson polearm, it was something on the size scale of Knight Fantasia's weapons.

I reared my legs back, and jumped into the air-

Feeling Guan Yu's energy course through me, I manifested Knight Fantasia, for him to rise once again--!


As the B-Power exploded across the arena, what appeared was not Knight Fantasia.

It looked like him, but the colour of red also dominated his armor. Furthermore, it seemed a lot harder than before. His eyes glowed with a golden and red glow, as the sheer energy surrounding it seemed to explode outwards, from the combined pool of me and Guan Yu's power.

Watch this, Akito--!

The power of friendship--!

Grabbing the Polearm, Red Knight Fantasia began to spun the polearm at sight-blurring speeds, and the B-Power swirling around it started to create a massive tornado of energy. The knives, which had been aimed at wolf fang, began to be drawn in by the incredibly powerful suction of the gusts of wind generated by the spinning polearm.

As sweat fell down my brow, Knight Fantasia solidified his grip on the ground, legs cracking the cemented floor of the arena. The tornado of B-Power drew in all of the knives, as mine and Guan Yu's B-Power combined took in the strain of such a ridiculous move.

However, this strain was nothing, compared to what losing a friend would be like.


Hero Levilius would never lose under such a situation...!

"Rouga...!" I said between gritted teeth. "Get him!"

Together, we would overcome this!

March 13th, 2012, 03:37 PM
Gabriel Levilius
Oosaka - Stadium

You needed no reason to protect.

Yes, you were not doing this just to look cool in front of the girl. You genuinely were against this kind of treatment. Seeing your masked face, the first man burst into laughter, while the second stood up from the floor, recovering from the punch you had thrown at him seconds earlier. They believed this to be some kind of a joke. And who could blame them; you had just entered the women's restroom dressed a weird attire, carrying a sword and wearing a mask.

"Heh." One of them let out a small, sarcastic laugh, as he began to crack his knuckles. "We might as well grant your wish."

These two were, without a doubt, outside the reach of the old Grabriel Levilius. No matter how many times you tried, it would be a repeat of the scene years ago. But you were a renewed person. The Hell Hole granted you the powers to defend, and Igarashi enforced the values of your justice into a new identity. If something was clear, it was that these two punks were no match for The Pacifier.

It was night easy to avoid the punches thrown at you; and the kicks you could block with ease. In little less than a minute, you earned your victory. One of the boys had his head smashed against the mirror and knocked unconscious; the second following a similar fate... Only that he ended up sitting in the toilet.

Your work done, you let out a sigh of relief. Now there was just one thing that needed to be taken care of: Tohsaka Rin.


The kick was so strong it sent you straight to the floor. It had come from the blind spot in your back, so it had been impossible for you to anticipate it. Taking advantage of the confusion of the moment, the professional baseball player quickly bounded your hands together with a cable binder a she had on her.

"You iiiiiiidiooooooooootttt!" She exploded. "Do you know in how much trouble you've gotten me into?!" She sulked as she repeatedly hit your back with punches that had not much power behind them, but that still hurt.

"Oh, sorry to interrupt."

The door to the restroom had opened, and two girls had entered, only to leave just as fast after seeing what they thought they had seen.

You could hear Tohsaka Rin's blood boiling.


"Well, I wouldn't have myself be abused and you didn't know what was going on... S-so I guess it's not really your fault."

Things had become calmer after you had decided to take your conversation to a more appropriate place. The damage was already done, but at least people now wouldn't misunderstand what was really going on between the two of you. Okay, so you needed to recruit her, kind of, she was the first person in Igarashi's list. It was hard to say, and inappropriate, but you slowly opened up to her and told her why you were still talking to her. Yes, you wanted Tohsaka Rin to join Igarashi's army to take over the NPI.

"You serious? Well, I do like the sound of a revolution." She said, with ha cheerful tone at the end of the sentence. "But I have enough problems to deal with already, it's not like I can willingly put them behind and forget about them. If I could, I would have already done it."

Then it was settled. You would help Tohsaka Rin with her debt -not by paying it of course, you were super poor-, so that she could later join Koube!

"I know, right?" She didn't seem surprised at all when you told her that you would aid her. "I planned to have you do that anyways."

That seemingly happy smile of her emanated so much killing intent it was scary.

Now you knew the nickname 'Red Devil' wasn't just for show.


The two of you stopped before a towering structure. There was no need for words. Whoever Rin was indebted with worked here. You noticed a big and flashy blue advertisement at the entrance of the prestigious building.

'Edelfelt Loans'
With us, your money problems are finnished.

Rin sighed.

It was stupid, but she had once fell for that crappy slogan. She had once been an amateur in the world of baseball, and she had needed the money to make her potential be noticed. She had also been young, and her economy depended entirely on his father, her only family, who had disapproved of the idea of her daughter being a sportswoman. Yes, he had insisted that there was no other job for the Tohsaka but to follow the family tradition: Serve in their wonderful restaurant.

Her actions had been reckless, but there was no way to go back in time. Right now she needed to work on how to solve her problems.

"I hate to say it, but I guess we don't have the luxury of walking past the front door." The girl in red said. "Not after what you did to those guys at the stadium."

There didn't seem to be any other entrances to the building, either.

Was there not another way...?


Meanwhile, Saber had just finished her third hamburger.

She looked all around the stadium. Rin and you were nowhere to be found.

She shrugged and began to devour your share.

March 14th, 2012, 12:44 PM
Tottori – Another Pyramid

You knew that this moment of peace wouldn't last for an eternity.

But still, you were okay with prolonging it as much as you could. You couldn't be more satisfied with the sudden turn of events in your life. It had been just one day since you had ventured into the Tottori Desert, and you had made so many friends. And enemies. Who knew what fate had in store for you for the days to come? Well, you were about to find out.

By the time you eventually stood up, everyone else in the group had already done so. Most of them greeted you with an awkward smile, especially Izuna, but they didn't say a word about it, even though you knew the reason why. The majority didn't know each other well and there were a great number of issues that needed to be sorted out, so you all sat in a circle formation and began to share your stories, so as to break the ice.

As expected, everyone was curious about you the most. So you got the first turn. It was hard at first, since you had never done this before, but you eventually opened up. Since the beginning, you had always been a strange kind of man. You told them about how you felt empty and without a purpose, seeking adventure for the sake of it; what had happened on the day your B-power awakened, why the PGG was after you and how you had ended up in the desert.

"Huh, so you destroyed your identity and personal belongings? Why would you do that?" A spoiled child like Cleo Aripa would never understand, but the rest of the team seemed to sympathize with what you had done. What they didn't like much was... "And you named yourself Decay?" Yamato even made a 'I want to puke' gesture.

Yes, Decay as a nickname was almost too sad. As if you had accepted the tragic ending of your story.

"You need a better name." The hero suggested. "Something new, something cooler." She raised one hand to her chin and thought deeply for a few seconds. "Boken. Boken Banchou!" It wasn't very creative, to tell the truth, but everyone seemed to agree almost instantly. And, by peer pressure, you agreed too. You even liked the ring of it.

With your turn over, you felt a weight come off your shoulders. Now you could relax and hear what the others had to say.

Yamato was second. It took her almost an hour for her to finish the epic narration of her life. Nobody had tried to interrupted, maybe because she was so into it, or maybe because you were hooked up with the story. She had killed her brother in an accident during a spar session and since then his father had tried to kill her by sending her to impossible battles, afraid that the same thing would happen to him. He had eventually tried to kill her with his own hands, but failed too. But that was just the depressing part of it. She told you about incredible battles and fearful enemies and monsters. In that sense, Yamato was more of an adventurer than you were. Her original name had been changed to Yamatotakeru after being praised by an enemy, and after that it had just been a source of confusion about her real gender.

"And that's how Boken and I met." Yeah, by the end of it, everyone had their jaws on the floor.

Next was Cleo Aripa, the former Banchou of Tottori. She was so young there wasn't much to say about her life. She was born and raised as a ruler, everything served to her in a silver plate. Rather than important events, she shared how her minions would take care of her through the day. It was almost as if she intended to pass that list of things to you. Eventually she began to pout and yell annoying things, but you already knew the magic trick to solve that. With a few pats on her head, she returned to being a docile child.

Finally, it was Izuna and Fushimi's turn. They had apparently come to Japan to evaluate the situation of the Nation. Japan had been isolated from the rest of the world for a decade, and America wasn't going to cross its arms and do nothing. The truth was that they suspected something bad was going on. They had sent several scouting teams through the years, but none came back. This one was the last. If they didn't hear from them in a couple of days, they would declare war on the Japanese, using the Nuclear weapons they had all along.

Wait, what?

How had they not mentioned it before? Such thing was of utmost importance! Where the hell where you going to find a telephone in the middle of the desert? Oh, that was right, there was one thing you could do. It was not like you liked combat, but the guys you had met earlier sure had some high-technology equipment. They would surely have something that could work as a radio. And if you were completely honest, they owed you a rematch.

But first, you needed to find them, and it didn't look like it was going to be easy. If you wanted to, it would be better to start on this very moment. On the other hand, a presence deep inside the pyramid called your attention. Something told you that it was something you could not ignore. Maybe it would be best to check it out.

Either way, you better start moving.

March 14th, 2012, 04:15 PM
Aomory - Yuu Mansion

Everything was so incredibly wrong. The little girl he had been protecting turned out to be a mahou shoujo, and now they were floating, in the air, along with some very disoriented members of a gang. Lunatic sighed, wishing that he was back in the past, working for the Yakuza in his daily quest to support his sister. That, at least, made sense. And it was much simpler, as well. But, when life gave you lemons, you had to make lemonade. Or, at least, that's how they went about things.

And with this distraction, they had an advantage that nobody else had. His crows were entirely unaffected by the sudden levitation of everything, and thus-

They could swarm the girl who could always strike first. After all, striking first was a matter of context, and every time she fired a bullet to shoot one crow down, there would be another that would get even farther. And once they finally made it to her hands, it was only a simple task to disarm her. They weren't a killer, after all.

Oh, you. What if she shoots them all down~?

Let's hope Lady Luck is on our side, then.

Valkyrie charged at Karen with blinding speed, providing several things: cover from Karen's bullets, an attack in case she did manage to shook the entire murder of crows, and, if the plan did succeed, and easy way to threaten her and subsequently take down the whole gang. After all, an army without a good leader is almost helpless.

Wait, what if we fall!?

We break our legs, girl.

Not quite. I hope you people like feather pillows.

Another mass of crows formed below them, merging into a larger one. And thus, the majority of their problems were solved. Lunatic was not willing to break their legs again, limping was a pain in the ass.

March 15th, 2012, 12:30 PM
Raitei (Mellon)
Toukyou – Shinra HQ

It should have killed the monster.

Unlike before, you weren't holding back. The B-power you had put behind your lightning attack was more than enough to erase the creature from the map permanently. Even so, it had managed to remain unscratched, the towering figure returning to its steel march. Had it dodged your technique? No, that was impossible. It didn't look like this thing could reach the speed necessary to do so. And, deep inside, you knew you had hit him, just like a bowman knows when his arrow hits the target. Yes, so that left you with two possibilities. Either the beast was immune to attacks of electric nature; or it possessed some kind of conceptual shield that cancelled all damage below certain level. You were willing to bet it was the former.

No, it was more than that.

It was evolving. That electrical energy that surrounded you was now being mimicked by the enemy. It was as if it had taken what you had showed it before. And if it did that and possessed at least a little of intelligence then...!

"StAy sTAy."

An exact copy of your attack was fired back at you. Well, not precisely, you were not the target, your comrades were. You stopped the unexpected burst of lightning with both of your hands, your companions sighing in relief as you did so. But it didn't last even a second.



The beast was now in melee range, just about to swing its deadly claws. Had it become faster? Or had it been hiding its real speed from the very beginning? Things were taking a pretty bad turn. It could now use something similar to your B-ability and probably block it as well. It had reproduced the words that came out of your mouth and it had learned to target the weakest link first. It was evolving at alarming rates, not only physically but also mentally. If that creature were to escape this facility...

"Gorgeous adaptation, don't you think?" Just as you recovered from barely avoiding that last attack, you heard a voice. A blonde man, wearing a white business suit greeted you. He stood next to the creature, patting it in the back, like nothing. "I'm Rufus Shinra, the president."

Was this the man behind everything? He seemed so carefree. All this those dead bodies... Surely some of them were people he had once known. Yet there were no traces of grief or sadness in his face. It was as if he had wanted for this to happen.

"I'm impressed, I must admit. I didn't expect the five of you to have the potential to become tamers. You can see this guy, can't you? You probably were so scared that you didn't feel the changes in your body, I guess. But enough of this senseless talk. Tell me... What do you think this is? Yes, I know what you are thinking. A failed experiment, an abomination. You are mistaken. This is evolution. With weapons like these, the world will be ours. We will control the nation with fear." He made a small pause as he shook his head. "No, this is not a genetically manipulated human. I admit we still conduct that kind of research, but this is different. Yes, we have not done anything to it, other than show him the world around it. This, gentlemen, is nothing more than a demon. Return to Zero."

Hearing those words, the monster lost all shape and turned into a pool of green liquid.

"At first we thought it was one of the weakest of its kind." The man let out an amused laugh. "But if left alone, it can become surprisingly powerful. Slime, that's how we called it. It can survive almost any kind of damage and adapt, evolving according to what it sees or hears. Father didn't believe me at first, but after an electric shortage earlier today, he was proven wrong. Hahahahaha...!"

One second he was laughing like a madman; the next, his face returned to a stone facade.

"Eventually, everyone will get over this accident and carry on with their lives. You should do the same." He gave the lot of you another look. "You are strong. You could become strong assets to my company. Join me, and I will give you endless power."

March 16th, 2012, 04:07 PM
Revy (Milbunk)
On the Road

Zaraki Kenpachi was not happy at all.

He had expected an exciting battle against three fearsome warriors, but, to him at least, your group had turned to be nothing more than a bunch of cowards. But that was just what ninjas did. To make sure their mission was complete; they would use any dirty tactic available. However, there was something wrong with your strategy. While the timing had always been vital, it did not seem like you were waiting for the right chance. More like, you wanted to know more about the man that was set on fighting you to death; and that fact was preventing you from killing him. Yes, he was right. Right now, you were not being a ninja. You were just being a curious girl hidden among the trees.

And everybody knows that curiosity killed the cat.

The clones only served to delay the inevitable. The man with the eye-patch and the sword simply knocked them aside, effortlessly, as his fighting instincts far surpassed that of the copies. He took a couple of blows every now and then, but it was not enough to bring him down. He seemed to have some sort of universal resistance against poisons, since nothing of the sort seemed to work. It was worth noting that the man resembled an undead. No matter how wounded, he would not stop his march, and it didn't seem like blood loss would kill him anytime soon. Indeed, as much as you hated to admit it, there were not many possibilities left. Either you attacked the man with all you got or decided to flee, ignoring what had happened and continuing on your way to your destination. The latter seemed to be more favorable, as there would be nothing lost. But there was also a problem with that option. One of the three would need to stay behind to distract him long enough for the others to escape.

Your time pick one, however, had ran out.

"Ah, I'm pissed off!" One second, it seemed like he was finally going to leave you alone out of boredom; the next, her had removed his eye-patch, releasing an incredible amount of energy that was enough to make Maki's illusion crumble and leave you completely exposed. "Hahahahaha!" The man laughed, in a mixture of insanity an joy. "There you are."

With that, your chances for a surprise attack were gone. And escape seemed less and less possible with each second that passed by. You had to fight. That's what your body instincts told you. You were going to die. That's what your brain told you. Then, was this it? The end of your life? The end of Maki's life? The end of Sae's life? There were, undoubtedly great ninjas, but the man before you far surpassed them. Yes, it was over.

The man dashed at you at full speed. Even then, you could read his movements. That was because time had slowed down. Your eyes met. His face seemed to sum up all his feelings. His forehead told you... 'Raise your sword'. Even though it was obvious that you wouldn't be able to block a blow with so much force behind it, he wanted you to raise your sword and fight back. And you agreed.

You weren't a kid anymore.

Luck Challenge ?
Dice Roll: 20*Clang*


The blade ceased its motion completely. And even though it you could swear you had heard the sound of metal against metal, what had stopped the unstoppable rusty had not been nothing more than a bare hand. Two large wings and a long tail. There was no mistaking it, those could only belong to a dragon. That was right; the one who had saved you was no other than...

"Fafnir... Punch."

The explosive impact was enough to send Zaraki Kenpachi flying through the air and onto the ground. For a minute, you sincerely wondered if he would stand up again or if he had genuinely died after such a powerful strike. The half-dragon half-girl creature, with short purple hair, that stood in front of you, nodded to itself, before turning to face you.

"Contract... Complete."

The moment she uttered those words, you felt a sharp pain in the back of your left hand. Taking a look, you discovered a strange bruise that had not been there before. Closer inspection revealed it actually resembled a Kanji for the word 'greed'. Everything was really confusing and it did not make sense, but you really had no time to organize your thoughs.

Because the man had stood up once more, more hyped than ever.

"Now we are talking, dammit-!"

March 17th, 2012, 09:03 AM
Raitei (Mellon)
Toukyou – Shinra HQ

"You are strong. You could become strong assets to my company. Join me, and I will give you endless power."

Before the others in his group could even think about the situation or consider the circumstances, Raitei had already replied to the man in white.

"Sorry. I did not crawl out of hell to work for someone as weak willed as you."

White lightning erupted once more, lighting up the area in a sharp glow of light. The blonde haired man's body seemed as if it had been wreathed completely in lightning. Stray bolts struck the walls around him, causing the powerless lighting system to flicker back to light, illuminating the entire floor for a second. The centre of this anomaly of power took a step towards Rufus.

"You would sacrifice others just to make a meaningless point? You would force them to die for something so empty as your self-satisfaction? You are not a man. You are a parasite, nothing more."

"Go run back into your hole, brat. Japan ill needs a saviour such as yourself."

The light emitted by the arcing electricity and the sharp stench of ozone intensified. Everyone in the room sensed that the energy released by the man in the green jacket far surpassed what he had shown earlier. As he took another step towards the man in white and his "pet", it was released. A surge of electrical energy that far surpassed the attack he had used on the Slime earlier. The entire hallway was almost completely filled by the brilliant white stream of thunder, turning the white walls of the corridor black simply by passing through it. The attack should be large enough to completely wipe out the two of them... but the Slime was an unknown factor. If he could absorb this attack, his companions would be at risk. That is why as the attack was about to hit the pile of goo....

The stream simply split into two and curved around the amorphous blob sitting in the middle of the hallway, completely bypassing it.

However, that was not the extent of what happened. As Raitei was walking towards Rufus, the lights over his head shattered. And the electricity that had earlier disappeared into the walls, rained on the man in white. As his attack reached Rufus, the entire area surrounding him was filled with the crackling of lightning that seemed to blind out everything else in the area.

"You know, you remind me of someone. Someone I really don't like."

March 17th, 2012, 08:01 PM
William Levilius (Erlkonig)
Toukyou - Seijou Academy

It was over. It was finally over.

Rouga's fist connected in slow motion. That blow alone was enough to break Akito's jaw -knocking out some of his teeth- and send the Banchou flying in the air several meters until his body crashed against a nearby wall with brutal force. A second later, he fell to the floor, defeated. But Zanma Rouga was not done with him yet. He picked him up from the ground and asked the boy a single question:

"How did you call me...?"

Maybe it was because Yamizaki Akito was still dazzled or because he had realized he was not in a position of power anymore, but he answered truthfully. "Eggplant head." he said. The usual smile in the White Fang's face disappeared, only to be replaced by an expression devoid of all feeling. The next instant he was beating up Akito in an explosion of comedic rage.

*Punch, Punch, Punch*

"How did you call me...?"

"Egg- hey, watch it you fucker!"

*Punch, Punch, Punch*

"Woah, he's beating Yamizaki to a pulp."

"I don't see anything Jinai-kun."

The entire team couldn't help but to laugh happily, as each of them deactivated their powers and fell to the floor, exhausted.


Hibiki Sanae stepped forward.

"You have been defeated in battle, Akito of the Dark." She formally announced. "You are no longer Seijou's Banchou. Now please leave this school"


The former leader cursed inside, but did not resort to violence. He instead accepted his defeat, and walked away peacefully. Well, that was to be expected after the 'encounter' he'd had with Rouga a little while ago. While you felt the urge to give Akito another chance, maybe even unconsciously, the White Fang did not share the same opinion, and so nothing could be done. Still, you felt good. You now knew that is what possible for you as a group to change Japan. This was just the first step in your grand adventure, but your today's victory would give Wolf Fang the strength needed to take the second.

"Does it still work?" Rouga inquired, holding the mysterious button in the palm of his gloved hand. His brother gave him an affirmative nod. "With this... We can..." Yes, even if most of its energy had been depleted, it should be enough to make their wish come true. For a mystic object capable of creating miracles, what was on their minds was probably a small task.

"Kunagi." He called, and the wolf approached him. "Wait just a little bit more, I'll turn you back to normal now." The animal gave a slightly worried nod. "Don't worry, I can handle this thing. I'm not like that Yamizaki bastard." No response. "Fine then. When you are back to normal, I'll sleep with you as much as you want... So just leave it to me."




"... I get it, I get it, Can't you take a joke? Okay let's go."

An intense white light blinded you. When you opened your eyes... You realized something incredible had happened. The wolf had transformed into a woman. Maybe that had been her true appearance all along. Silver hair and amber eyes, Kunagi was tall and mature, her face carrying a stone-cold expression. And even though it was the first time you saw her in that form, you could tell that she was an insanely strong individual, probably on the level of Guan Yu.

"Okay, looks like it worked..."

"It would seem so." Came the response from the woman.

Rouga frowned.

"What? You don't seem impressed. Can't you be a little more honestly pleased?"

"Honestly... Huh?"

"Yeah. And cutely, too."

"... I see."

A foreboding silence.

"Ahhh! Kunagi-chan is so touched~!"


"Isn't that what you wanted?"

"No, that was a little creepy."

"I thought so, too."

"... Okay then. Like I promised Kunagi. Let's do it."


Rouga tried to embrace Kunagi and pushes her down. The very instant he does so...


A new flash of light engulfed the room. Had something gone wrong? No, as it faded you could see Kunagi was still standing there. But... There was something different...

Yes, she now resembled a younger version of her former self.


Everyone stared at her in silence, surprised, amused and somewhat confused.

"K-Kunagi... You?"

"What?" The girl saw her body reflected in the window and was struck dumb in shock. "...Oh. This is how I looked like several years ago. I seem to have not completely come back."

He gritted his teeth.

"Shit... Why? I thought I'd be able to completely draw the button's power."

"The answer is obvious. This one just didn't have enough B-power."

Rouga closed his eyes, making up his mind.

"Then we've got no choice but to find the others."

"I am sorry to burden you."

"It's nothing to worry about. I intended to gather them all anyways... Even so... Your chest... It's small now. What a terrible pity."


The slap was heard from miles away.


"Next, the person who deserves the most credit for removing Yamizaki's executives. A word from Zanma Rouga."

Sanae handed Rouga the microphone. He looked ahead and surveyed the people in the crowd. Around six hundred students have lined in front of him this morning. Respect... Fear... Defiance. That's what he saw in their eyes. You were among the students in the first group, happy for Rouga and ready to listen to his speech.

Instead of a traditional greeting, a fearless smile floated to his lips. And then... It began.

"... I am Zanma Rouga. Several days ago, I came to this school and I was asked by the Pres to fight the Banchou here. But that's not the only reason I did it. I plan on conquering the country." The sudden reveal created murmurs of excitement and doubt. "I don't know whether to call it my dream or my ambition. And I don't know yet what I will do after I conquer it. But, right now, I don't like this world. Strength or Weakness of B-Power... That's how people are measured. The weak are looked down on by the strong." A small pause. "Of course, I can't do this alone, and I'll be gaining a lot by this. Even if I become your Banchou, I don't know if every day is going to be better than the ones that came before. But it might be better. If no one does anything, then this country will simply keep falling to pieces. If nobody does anything. That's why... I am going to destroy this world."

After this last statement, some of the students there began to think something was actually wrong with Rouga's brain. Seeing this, Zanma Gou stepped forward and snatched the microphone from his brother's hands.

"Ah! Ah! Ah!" He made some funny noises. "Testing... Testing..." He cleared his throat with a cough. "Students! I am Zanma Rouga's older sister, Gou. Nicknamed Lovely Gou-Chan. Pleased to meet you." Rouga face-palmed. "Now... Japan is split in four. The PGG, National Protectorate Institute, Nightmare Eyes, and the still unsettled Kyuushuu... There are even reports of other factions raising to power recently. Eleven years ago, we gained our powers when the Hell Hole opened. However, what have we done with it? Nothing has changed. We still squabble over scarce resources and small territories. The Student Union has weakened over the past few years, and everybody now has their own ambitions... There are so many problems everywhere, and there is not even one solution for them. But, under Rouga, it will be different. All he thinks is 'I don't like it, so I will destroy it!' Honestly, that's moronic! Massively moronic!" Rouga silently prepared to smash his fist against his brother's face. "But there is a saying about letting fools rush in. After he breaks the current system, there will be chaos, but a new Japan will be born from it. Rouga is just the supreme idiot we have been waiting for."
"Bastard, give that back to me already."



Gou was sent flying away in an incredible absurd way.

"I was interrupted, but I just have just one thing to say to you. You can be something, or you can not. Be angry or be depressed! There is nothing in this world that you can not do. I don't know what will happen when Japan changes... But I want to make Japan more free. I'll leave the little things to the proud people in it. If you dream of a better tomorrow than today...

...Stand with Zanma Rouga!"


A few districts away...


Sensouji was having a school meeting.

"Yo...! A few words from our leader."

A huge man wearing clogs stepped in front of the students and put his hand behind his back. He was the leader of Sensouji's Pep Squad and the school Banchou, Kongomaru Sanzou, also known as 'Iron wall Kongomaru'. A muscular man two meters high, he resembled, and was usually compared to, a giant. His speech was about to begin...



"Yesterday, I purchased some bath soap."


"However, the dirt did not come off."


"But when I used the soap scum my little sister left behind, I became beautiful... Do you understand?"


"That was scum that I considered dirt! Get it? Don't judge a book by its cover! Cheering is the same! Do not just support them with your face, support them with your soul!"



750 Academy, Executive Room.



A biker with red afro hair entered the room, looking for the school's Banchou, Idagawa Ren.

"Yo. What's up?"

"Our spy has successfully infiltrated Sensouji. As soon as he gets some juicy info, he said he'd let us know."

The blonde man with sunglasses and a wooden sword nodded, satisfied.

"That's good. We need to defeat the Sensouji dogs that the PGG left in charge, then we can divide it to ourselves. And using here as our stronghold, we can crush the PGG... And then the rest of Japan... Right. Sensouji is as dangerous as a fart, but the PGG is a different story. We can't fight the PGG tanks head on... What about the banchou at Seijou? He's probably scared right now, right?"

The biker shook his head.

"Sir! From the report of one of our soldier watching them, they are all fired up!"

Idagawa Ren smirked slightly, as he pulled a cigarette and a lighter from his pockets. A flame leaped from Ren's trained hand and he lights the crumpled cigarette.

"Conquering Japan? I admit he has guts... But the one to do that... Is going to be me."


A couple of days later.

The White Fang was about to begin its offensive. There were two enemies, Sensouji and 750, who were also currently at war with each other. Rouga had decided your group would take care of the latter first. And so, thanks to the money Gou had managed to mysteriously earn, he had sent a team to the closest territory owned by Idagawa. You, however, were not in that group.

Zanma Rouga needed you in Seijou. Because he was not that stupid. A Banchou lost if his stronghold is taken. That was why attacking the main base was not always a bad idea. There was a chance the enemy would show up there, and he couldn't afford to leave his weakest warriors there. Long story short, you were in charge of the defense, at least for now.

"William-san! William-san!" A female student ran into the classroom, looking for you. "We are under attack...! It's the 750!"

You rushed out to the school yard.

There, you crossed paths with the girl who would be your enemy. She had long pink hair and wore a black dress. She sat on a floating throne made out of bookshelves with an innocent expression, and all in all, she seemed to be a harmless girl.

"I apologize in advance. But for the sake of Ren-san's wishes... I will take you down!"

That couldn't be further from the truth.

Several books came out of their shelves and opened up in blank pages. With a spark of lightning, several demons were summoned. Yes, the school yard was now filled with dangerous demons-!

But two of them stood out of the crew. And there was one reason why they did.

They were identical to you and Guan Yu, respectively.

March 18th, 2012, 05:42 PM
Alfhildr Dyrdahl (LeopardBear)
Akihabara - Security Prison

The first match was about to begin.

You had selected Wolverine as your first combatant, opting to deal as much damage as you could from the start. It was said that the one to win the first fight would be the one to win the battle in the end, and even thought it was just a saying, you had decided to put it into practice. Stepping into the improvised arena, -the exact same place where you had fought Hydra days ago. Although the entire base could be used as a battleground.- Wolverine revealed his adamantum claws, as his breathing became more agitated and he let his beast instincts take over. Who or what had your enemy sent to face such a warrior? Your heart beating furiously in anticipation, you waited for the answer to that question.

Answer that didn't seem to come.

What were they doing? Where they still debating their strategy? Damn, maybe it hadn't been such a good idea to send Wolverine before confirming if the opponent had selected their fighters or not. You were going to open your mouth to complain about the delay, but the mysterious Banchou interrupted you, as he spoke with a glorious voice:

"We are ready on our side." He said with a fake cheerful smile. "Akane will go first~"

It was a strange sight. The girl with blood red hair and glowing red eyes did not seem to be completely human. Indeed, two horns located at the sides of his head and a short tail being born from her back told you that she was probably a demon. That said, Sakuya had told you demons are often creatures from Myth and Legend, but this one didn't ring any bells. You had not heard of any 'Akane' before. Maybe it was just a nickname to keep her true name hidden. Maybe she was not a demon but something else. You wondered if you would ever know.

The two warriors analyzed each other during a minute of silence. And then...

The battle started.

Wolverine shot himself forward at amazing speeds, aiming to dig his claws into his opponent's flesh. Anticipating this, the red haired demon girl crouched slightly. When the man entered her range, her tail moved to intercept his arm, wrapping around it in an instant and pulling it past her, leaving him in a vulnerable position. Yes, Akane was faster than Wolverine.

And stronger too.


A single punch sent the wild man flying against the wall and into the adjacent room. The second he stepped out, somewhat dazzled, an incredibly wide red beam was shot in his direction. And it hit the target.


Where had such power came from? When the dust cleared, you saw that, behind the girl, a black giant had materialized. And when you saw it, you knew. Deep inside, you knew that this was too much for Wolverine to handle. His opponent surpassed him in strength, agility and B-power. All that he had left was endurance. On top of that, it was now a two on one fight. To be honest, out of your team, you were probably the only one who could handle such situation in the most efficient way. Still, what a bad fortune. Wolverine was a magnificent combat machine... To be matched against someone who could overwhelm him like this...

Was it just bad luck?


A second beam sent Wolverine into a higher platform on one of the sides of the room. He sprinted with all his might as a third followed his tracks with no mercy, destroying the empty cells around him. When he finally reached a dead end, he jumped with no hesitation, his trained arms extended, ready to grab onto something... Or somebody. He dug his claws into the seemingly metallic skin of the giant, climbing through his back. He quickly reached the head and retracted his arm to pull what could be called a finishing blow.



The eyes and mouth that were on one side suddenly appeared on the back of its head, red light already gathering in them. Before he could curse, the destructive energy sent him all the way to the second floor. This was a hopeless fight. Wasn't there something you could do? No counters came to mind, but you needed to think of something, because you knew that Ryougi would not be able to keep up with that level of strength either. And, unlike Wolverine, she did not have a regenerative facto to keep her alive.

"Hah! How do you like that, plebeian?" Their annoying leader interrupted your thoughts, and it seemed like he was about to go on a bragging rampage. "She's one of my finest slaves. I bought her a couple of years ago... She's so powerful and so obedient!" He shook his head as he remembered something funny. "The previous owner sold her for a pretty low price. All because he worked by the river and she was continuously scared of water. Hahahaha, what a fool! He didn't see the true potential behind her!"

"!" The girl said nothing but she gave her master an alarmed look and then a glare.

His words rang inside your head... Powerful... Obedient... Low price... River... Scared... Water... That was it! That was the key that could bring Wolverine to victory. Sadly, you were not allowed to give orders to your fighters, just encouragement and small talk between teams could be done. Maybe, if you were subtle enough, you could transmit the message to Wolverine. If not...

Well, he better have some divination skills, otherwise he was done for.

March 19th, 2012, 01:16 AM
Edelfeit Loans
Gabriel Levilius

Was there no other way....?

he looked at Rin, then at the front entrance, where there were some men on patrol, as though to guard the place. And frankly, there was only one way through the building, without any means to sneak in. A rather hard to penetrate fortress, if he could describe it. However, he recalled a certain memory that was still quite fresh.

"Thanks for your uniform, now I will find out from Igarashi where my brother is."

Those words he said back then before he snuck in, disguised as a soldier under Igarashi, gave him an idea of what steps he could take next. Either way, he came up with a brilliant plan. A very simple plan, though he was not sure whether it would fool the guards. Maybe it would be good to try to do so, though, he needed to brief Rin on the plan.

"There's a way for us to sneak in Rin, its going to be difficult and definitely, you might not like it. However.... I promise you, I will not let you be harmed in any manner. Not just because you are important to Igarashi, but because..."

He paused for the moment, almost tripping over the words he wanted to say. He could not figure out what words were appropriate, what words would be suitable. Finally he continued, sure that He knew what words to say, "I like people like you."

And then quickly, as though to turn away attention from the topic, he quickly continued though he knew beneath his mask, he was sure it would be red underneath, "I am wearing a mask right now. So the goons of Edefelt probably have only seen me with my mask.... but without my mask? That would be a different case. I could use that to trick the guards into thinking I am another person. Though, I have a plan to get both you and I in."

he then closed his eyes and said, "I'll pretend to be someone that has captured you and bringing you to ms Edelfelt, and hopefully, we can get through to her office where we will have a showdown.. hopefully. If not, just stand back and let me break through... I should be able to handle this."

He looked at Rin for the moment before he asked, "So, are you in on this plan?"

March 19th, 2012, 06:12 PM
Karakuri Tetsuo (Froggie) - Nakamura Hitomi (Airen)
Abashiri - Snowy Forest

The priest closed his eyes for a second as he shook his head slightly, resembling a doctor about to deliver some bad news. When he opened them again, his expression became completely serious; his eyes fixed on you.

"I am afraid not." Kotomine Kirei's words carried no hope in them. "I can assure you that, as of this moment, no such edification exists. Not inside the lands ruled the Nightmare Eyes, at least."

The silence created by that statement was heavy. So heavy, it felt as if a hammer had smashed you in the head with enough force to leave you stupefied. Yes, if what the priest was saying was true, then there existed no way of saving Tetsuko in time. Why? You were certain that there should be a lab located somewhere between Abashiri and Aomory. So why was the man in front of you telling you that there could be no labs in the region with so much determination behind his words?


That was a truth you could simply not accept. Not because you did not trust the mysterious priest. Simply because doing so would cause you to break. Even if there was no salvation at the end of the road, you had to keep walking. Keep trying to the very end, against all odds. You would never forgive yourself if you gave up on Tetsuko this soon; not even in the afterlife. So not only for her, but for you...

That statement had to be false.

As a respected member of growing faction with resources, it was not unthinkable Kotomine Kirei could pull some strings to lend you a hand in your search for Hiromi's laboratory. However, he respected the decision you had made in not following them and instead didn't say a word about it. The man blessed you with the sign of the cross -With his daughter next to him, who repeated each word and tried hard to mimic his actions- and with that; it was a goodbye.

"I wish you good luck in your journey." He said, as he pulled something out of his robes. Most likely a gift. You didn't really want to know what it was going to be, let alone take it with you, but it seemed you wouldn't be able to get out of this one; not after teaching Tetsuko that one should accept these kind of things. "It will keep you going." He said with a nod and a small smile.

Before long, the three figures disappeared, and you were left alone in the snowy forest yet again, holding two tins of 'instant mapo tofu' each.

You honestly did not know what to think.



A flare light up in the horizon.

There was no mistaking it, that was the signal. One of two other teams must have found something!

You rushed towards the marked location at full speed, but even then, it took you a couple of minutes to arrive. It was unclear as to why, but it seemed the team had diverged from the original path that they were supposed to follow. Well, that didn't matter... It was because of that that you had found a little ray of hope-!

... Or not.

It was evident by the time you got close enough that the former prisoners were not celebrating, but screaming in pain and fear. Some of them escaped the scene without even noticing your presence... Others weren't so lucky.

They flew through the air aimlessly, as if caught by a tornado. Their heads were brutally ripped off. Their bodies mercilessly thrown against the liveless trees; their extremities breaking and bending like those of a mere toy. To their eyes, this phenomenon had no explanation. Their enhanced senses and physical abilities were useless against whatever they were facing. They could not see nor understand the enemy they were facing.

But you could.

Giant Skeletons, three of the, each about fifteen meters tall. They were having a feast on your crewmates. And you had a rough idea of who, or more precisely what, they were. Gashadokuro, demons from Japanese Folklore born from the corpses of people who had died of starvation. The creatures ate human's heads and ditched the bodies, an act you were witnessing with your own eyes.


Either to run or to avenge your fallen comrades, your instincts were telling you to move.

Your body won't move.

One of the creatures swiftly swung its arm, with the clear intent of capturing the only human in front of it.


The arm stopped, frozen in place. It was more than a metaphor; it was literally covered in a thin layer of ice.

Who had just-?

"Hee-ho! To enforce love and justice, ho!"

"To protect the weak from the oppressive hand of the strong, Hee-ho!"

"You have done very bad things, ho! I'm Jack Frost! Hee-ho!


The mysterious living snowman, Jack Frost, released a sudden bullet of ice from its mouth, which was able to throw the giant off balance, creating an opening for you and Tetsuko to act.

"Help me out, ho! If we all work together, we can defeat the three of them, hee-ho!"

March 20th, 2012, 08:12 PM
Hitomi Nakamura
Abashiri - Snowy Forest

And just like that, leaving them with nothing more than two cans of instant mapo tofu, the three strangers disappeared into the cold winds of the winter night, leaving just as quietly as they had arrived, without a real explanation for who they were, or what their purpose was in this cold land of death. It was a question that bothered Hitomi a bit, and perhaps she would look into the answers later, but for now, saving Tetsuko was her top priority, she couldn't waste their little remaining time on a trip to some base they knew nothing about...

Of course, since it was obvious that those three had resided around here, she could probably go looking for them later on, when Tetsuko wasn't in danger of exploding, and her friends were safely gathered into a single, monster repelling group again.

"Tetsuko," still refusing to acknowledge what the priest had said about the lab, Hitomi took off at a quick run, asking for Tetsuko to follow her with nothing more than a simple call of the girl's name.

Time was not something that could be easily wasted at this point, they needed to keep moving on, keep walking to the end of the path they had chosen.

Salvation definitely lay at the other end, even if she had to make it come true all by herself, she would make sure that Tetsuko didn't die.

Older siblings protected the younger ones after all, and if she dared to call herself a heroine, no, if she wanted to live up to the heroic expectations of the people in the prison, then she couldn't fail to protect those closest to her.

She had already failed her younger brother once, she was not going to let the whims of fate get a grip on her sister as well.


The golden light of a signal flare broke Hitomi out of her thoughts, and her mood immediately lightened at the sudden sign of hope, her pace increasing as she broke into a light sprint, overjoyed at the fact that the other team had apparently found what they had been looking for-!

The sound of screams immediately destroyed her emerging feelings of happiness, replacing them with a feeling of dread that she didn't really want to acknowledge.

But still, she ran faster, eyes flashing silver as she subconsciously activated her B-Ability to see what was going on...


She knew with just a single glance of her power, that the beings that were attacking her friends were those ancient monsters of Japanese myth, a being born of the corpses of people who had died from starvation.

And judging from the way her friends were acting around the creatures, they didn't seem to be able to see it at all...!

Which meant that, unlike Hitomi herself, they would be unable to fight off this being, simply because, to them, it was nothing more than an unexplainable phenomenon.

My fault...

She had asked for their help in finding the lab, and because of that, they had been out here in the forest, out here where monsters roamed, and death stalked those who let their guards down.

It was her fault that they were out here, and because of that, it was her fault that some of them had died...

Her hands clenched into fists, and just like before, burning torrents of what felt like B-Power coursed down throughout her body.

She needed to move.

The monsters wouldn't stop unless she destroyed them, so she had to destroy them as soon as she possibly could, to save as many of her friends as she could from this terrible fate.

She knew that was what she had to do, it was obvious that only she and Tetsuko could deal with this sort of opponent, so-

Why wouldn't her body move?

A giant, skeletal hand reached out towards her, towards the closest of the humans who were still present in this part of the forest. And even though her mind was screaming at her body to move, her limbs felt incredibly heavy for some reason...


Another command, and still, her limbs wouldn't respond.

The fingers drew closer still, and utilizing her B-Ability, Hitomi could see that there was only one person besides herself and Tetsuko still stuck here with these monsters.

And one of the Gashadokuro were closing in on her.

Perhaps it was this event that broke her paralysis, as even when a talking snowman appeared, freezing the arm of the skeleton that had been poised to grab a hold of her, she paid it no real mind.

Instead, for the first time in a long time, she let herself move forward without restraint, trusting that Tetsuko could protect herself, she temporarily devoted her thoughts towards nothing more than saving the woman that had been cornered by the Gashadokuro, as she disappeared in a blur of motion that even Tetsuko couldn't trace.

There were some that would call this technique Flash Truth, but this was something Hitomi possessed that naturally surpassed such an artificial way of moving, for her, this was something that was best described as "true movement."

Only the snow seemed to notice her passing, clouds of the frozen water shooting into the air as she raced the descending arm of the Gashadokuro, moving to reach the young woman before it could grab ahold of her.

The skeleton was far too slow to have ever won such a race.

Her blurred figure appearing next to the young woman, the girl managed to get out a high-pitched call of "Lady Hitomi," before they were gone again in a blur, the bone fingers of the beast scraping against nothing more than snow as Hitomi raced towards the forest, setting the girl down near some far-off trees before she turned back towards the battle.

She couldn't tell what Tetsuko and their weird snowman ally were doing, but it seemed that one of the Gashadokuro had seen fit to move towards her and the woman she had just saved, it's insatiable appetite seeming to drive it into a frenzy.

“L-Lady Hitomi-”

"I'll protect you, okay? Just stay here."

Listening to her own voice, it sounded a bit different, almost like there was someone else mimicking her words in a lighter, almost angelic tone...

In fact, it was the same feminine voice she heard in her head whenever her body started to act up, which set off more than a few warning bells in Hitomi's mind, warning bells that seemed to double at the sight of the wings that had once again appeared on her back, although she pushed them all aside as the Gashadukoro approached, her ears ringing from it's very presence, a small thing that she remembered from myths about the creature.

Looking at it closely now, she could tell that it would be about five stories tall if it wasn't so hunched over, and it's eyes were alight with a flame that sent shivers down her spine.

Still, fear would not stop her.

She had already decided, from the very moment that her younger brother had called her his hero, that she would protect people.

Her slightly selfish desire to help Tetsuko before all else had allowed her to put her friends in danger without thinking about the potential consequences. It probably didn't seem that way to anyone else, but to Hitomi, even if it was a false accusation, even if she knew she had impulsively done it out of love for her sister, it was something that did nothing but fuel a wave of guilt.

She had been too weak to stop Tetsuko from getting hurt in the first place, and now she was too weak to protect the people who had saved her life back in the prison...!

Why couldn't she be strong enough to protect both Tetsuko and the prisoners?!

I-I want to save all of you.

It was a thought that summed up her feelings about this situation, she didn't want to accept that anyone would have to die.

No sacrifices, that was her policy.

Without thinking about it, she moved forward, releasing all of her pent up stress in a single charge towards the approaching Gashadukoro, it's skeletal frame was huge, but she would take it down now, as Tetsuko's older sister, and as the idol of the prisoners, she had to take this monster down and move ahead to help Tetsuko.

No one else was going to be harmed by these things ever again...!

The creature swung at her as she approached, it's arm scraping against the ground as if to purposefully hurl the snow into her eyes.

But a blinding tactic would not work on Hitomi.

In fact, it was probably the least effective thing you could do.

Heaven's Gaze.

Those caught within her all-encompassing sense were always being monitored, every motion they did, every twitch of muscle or bone was something that she was immediately made aware of, something that she had trained to track without really thinking about it.

To her opponents, fighting her must have been a terrifying experience.

Fighting someone who could tell the signs of reflex before you could, someone who could land a second bullet on a vampire by simply placing a second bullet in the space in which she knew they would dodge to avoid the first.

For such a large creature, each of it's attacks possessed glaring tells in it's execution, so it was a simple matter of jumping over the low swipe, wings propelling her past it's closing fingers before she once again touched down on the ground-

For a moment anyway.

Leaping off the snow as soon as she touched it, cold, rough fingers grabbed ahold of her as she reached out towards the separate bones of it's rib cage, pinning her wings to her sides...

But before it could really get a good enough grip to squeeze, or even lift her towards it's mouth, she broke it's grip with an unintentional flare of her wings, which seemed to explode outwards in a burst of B-Power, forcing the massive undead to loosen it's grip enough that she could slip out of it's grip, letting herself fall, currently wingless, towards the ground below-


-Until she stopped herself by grabbing ahold of one it's ribs, one that seemed a bit weaker than the others, for some reason that was most likely related to the fact that it was undead.

It was a plan that relied upon the attack she had used against Dmitri, and now that she was up here, it was almost too late for the skeleton to stop her-

Massive, groping fingers danced towards her position, and with a small swear, her breathing ragged, Hitomi pulled herself up into the Gashadukoro's ribcage, a place that the being couldn't attack without attacking itself.

Yes, this place was the best place to be if she wanted to stop the creature.

Just like before, she would simply release all the power she had managed to build up from her short rest, destroying the monster in a burst of holy power.

Her wings reappeared in a burst of B-Power, and extending her right arm, her expression visibly disgusted by the fact that she was standing inside the creature, she found that she only had one thing to say-

"Grand Cross."

And once again, power roared throughout the night.

March 22nd, 2012, 10:19 AM
Gabriel Levilius
Oosaka - Edelfeit Loans

Tohsaka Rin seemed to think about it for a second.

"I think... I'll pass." She said, after taking a look at you and giving a sigh. "I don't mean to offend, but it seems to me like a guy like you would get caught instantly. Besides, it has to be believable. You might need to beat me up if that's what they want to see. And I can tell you wouldn't be able to do that without showing, at least, traces of hesitation. Not to mention I'm not in the mood for that kind of thing, anyways."

She didn't have it completely wrong. In fact, you had tried to disguise yourself and a drunk guard had managed to blow your cover. Maybe it was time to admit you were bad at the art of disguise. Nevertheless, there was still plan B. If everyone in there was on the same level as the mooks from before, you were sure you could take them all out eventually.

"Idiot, we can't do that." The girl waves her hand as if trying to destroy that illusion of yours. "Ah... You are hopeless. Listen, even if you can defeat everyone, we would never make it to Lluvia's office before they call for reinforcements... Or the authorities for that matter. If we are going to do it that way, we need to be fast. Plus, violence won't solve anything. If we kill Lluvia, the next Edelfelt will come after me and the curse will repeat itself over and over."

You scratched the back of your head. Truth was, you were out of ideas. Was there another way? If plan A and B would not work, then what was supposed to be plan C?

"Well, I guess there is no other way." Tohsaka Rin did have a triumph card, but seemed to be reluctant to use it. "I know it won't make any sense, but please come with me." She dragged you to an alley on the side of the building. "Now I will take us to the top of that skyscraper."

The girl took out a piece of chock and used it to draw some kind of pentagram on the floor. Next, the Tohsaka heir used a dagger -She had been carrying a weapon all along?!- to make a small cut on the palm of her hand; drops of blood falling on the improvised magic circle. At this point, and as you heard her prayer, you were convinced that Rin was performing a ritual. You didn't know a thing about magic, but you guessed this had to be some sort of teleportation spell.

A strange green aura began to engulf the area around the circle, and the next instant a flash of light blinded you, the spell reaching its completion.


When you opened your eyes, you were in the same alley, standing in the very same place. Maybe because of what now stood before you, you didn't find that fact surprising. Now you understood what she had meant, and she was right... It didn't make any sense. Yes, it had not been transportation magic what she had performed...

"Suparna... Answering your summons, young lady."

...But a summoning ritual-!

A huge bird with yellow wings and blue mane had been brought to this world. What was it, exactly? Where had this creature come from? These, among other questions floated inside your head, creating quite a nasty headache. Tohsaka Rin, noticing your reaction, knocked you back into reality with a kick to the side.

"Oh, good. I thought you were dead or something. I figure you can see it, too." To be completely honest, what Tohsaka Rin meant by 'it won't make any sense', was that they would be pulled upwards by an invisible force. She had not expected you to be actually able to notice the demon's presence, let alone catch a glimpse of its appearance. "That's quite unusual. Anyways, hop in. We don't have time to waste."

A little hesitant to approach the creature at first, you followed the brunette's order and mounted it too.

"Hold on tight, younglings... You are in for a tough ride." It said.

Yeah, if anything made it weirder than what it already was, it was the fact that the winged beast could speak, just like a human being.


As you landed safely in the rooftop, the demon said goodbye and returned to whatever place it had come from, vanishing from view.

At that instant...

An electric shock ran through your entire body.

"... Detection Barrier. We have been spotted, we have to mo-"

She couldn't even finish that sentence.

Yes, in just one second, the place was filled with armed hitmen. It had been so fast. So ridiculously fast. The answer as to why should have been obvious.

"What took you so long, Rin?" A disturbingly beautiful woman with blonde hair and dressed in a fine blue dress made her way through the crowd, walking up to the brunette and you, entering your range with no caution, as if you posed no threat at all to her. "Don't even think about it. The barrier I set up also restricts the flow of B-power of any intruder. You'd end up dead in no time. And I don't want to kill people who owe me. You in particular, idiot Rin."

You could see steam coming out from your partner's head, and you knew that she would explode eventually and yell things that shouldn't be yelled at someone who is in a position of power. And you were on the same boat. You were strong, but you were not stupid. As Rin had said before, violence would not solve anything. In fact, the so called Luvia was now in front of you and willing to talk -If she had wanted to kill you, she would have done so already, no?-, maybe you could try your hand at negotiation.

"Ah, Shero? You there...? Cuff them please."

"A-Ah, yes madam. Right away."

A somewhat tall, orange haired boy wearing a black suit and a tie of matching color, ran up to you in a hurry and tied your hands together with an strange rope. "Sorry." He whispered, as tightened the knot to the point it caused a small amount of pain. He returned to the blonde ojou's side after that.

"Well then, Let's solve this in a less barbaric way, shall we? Ohohohohoho~"


"How is this any less barbaric?!"

Luviangelita Edelfelt laughed.

"It's a one on one, completely fair match. But I don't blame you. Your brains were never enough to understand the principle of 'sacrifice'. Then it's not surprising that you cannot understand the beauty behind a duel... You fat pig."

"You damn bit-"

"Enough talk." The girl invoked silence with a single hand gesture. "Shall I explain the rules?"

There was no need for her to do so, you had already heard it from her once. You were going to face her not as a Special Student, but as a Devil Summoner. That is, demons were going to fight in your stead. Of course, Rin was out of the game and she was not allowed to provide backup, only help you with advice. The main problem was... Uh, you did not have a demon and you had no idea how to summon one. And you needed a strong one, considering the one Ojou had summoned -Which actually resembled a human girl- seemed to be quite powerful.

"What if he doesn't make it?"

"He loses and your debt is doubled, obviously."

The girl had made an oath to free Tohsaka Rin of all debts, were you to win the battle.

So you had to do it.

... Somehow.

March 22nd, 2012, 07:22 PM
Alfhildr Dyrdahl (LeopardBear)
Akihabara - Security Prison

As far as the enemy knew, I wasn't listening to his ramblings at all: I had put on the appearance of concentrating on the fight alone, not his war of words. I turned from the arena, gesturing for Ryougi to take the lead. Was I leaving in disgust? In preparation for later battles? I left speculating on my intentions to the enemy as I walked out of the arena, Konohana with me.

As soon as I was out of sight and earshot of the arena, I made a call on my radio. This was a problem, yes. But it was not an unsolvable one. Quite a few contingency plans for various situations had been drawn up over the past month, and one in particular met the needs of the now.

A short minute later, Konohana and I arrived outside the complex via a hidden shortcut, meeting Kohaku with a set of vests and a broom. Five components for Case Pluvious, all gathered in place.

Another minute, and we were far in the sky, the three of us balanced on the broom.

Snap. Temperatures in the atmosphere around us suddenly snapped down, causing water to condense into hail near-instantly. Falling out of the sky, more was drawn in from the surrounding areas, feedstock for the precipitation.

Flick. A layer of heat broiled itself into existence right below the hail condensation, melting it as fast as it had frozen, converting it back into water.

Case Pluvious, a subplan of Case Zeus, control of the weather. It was a long-reaching plan, and Pluvious was one of the only parts that could be implemented at the moment. But it could, and if Wolverine's enemy was afraid of water, produce water we would. The vests carried large amounts of Kohaku's B-Power restoration formula, allowing the operation to be sustained for a long time or increased by not only drawing in water, but producing more ice through my powers.

But for now, that was all we could do: sustain the downpour, and wait for a request to increase power or a victory for either side.

March 22nd, 2012, 10:14 PM
Nigata – Region Defense

“Gah” A pang of pain.

The world spun around him. The wounds, specially the last three, were severe, and the blood that dripped from them was copious, but that was not the real problem at all. King had been in worse situations before. While it seemed that the tables had turned, he still had many tricks up his sleeve, and was far from defenseless. He still could use fire after all, never mind his other options.

Yes, to defeat King, much more than that was needed. There were a lot of variables he could take advantage off, and his adversary, despite being a fast learning genius, was still too inexperienced. It was a shame she had this fight against him of all people, and while the golden haired boy had made a harsh mistake at underestimating her, he would not hold back anymore. But...

There was something he could not ignore.

“Who are you? You are just another human who seeks something."


That is wrong.

A king is not human. A king stands above everyone for the sake of everyone. A king that was to save Japan from itself could not be human. That is what the boy called King had believed all his life. There was not another path but to become a living sacrifice for the people that inhabited this island. He would save them, whether they liked it or not, because he had lived long enough in this place to know that they needed saving, to know that there was no other path allowed for him.

It was a resolve that he had made long, long ago.

And not so far in the past, was the promise and the oath he and all of his friends had made that fateful day, the moment that the Golden Covenant had been created, the day he had sworn to conquer Japan with his Knights to his side, and to bring a close to this bloody age.

He had gone beyond the point of no return when he had taken Nigata, and neither him nor his Knights had hesitated. Yes, at this point, he did not care if what he was doing was the correct thing, or not. The very idea of a King had become the base concept of his soul, and only death would stop him and his ambition. Because he was the Harbinger of a New Age.

To hear this girl’s words, this girl’s power denying his very nature... was something that he could not let pass. And this was why King stood there, wounds covering his body, his power almost unusable. It was not a matter of honor – he was far too gone for honor to matter, and no King ever got too far relying in only honor. It was also not a matter of pure pride.

No. This was for his ideal, the one that he would pursue to the very end.

Something was shinning on his pocket. He knew what it was without needing to look. King pulled the brilliant magatama out of his pocket, the electric jewel illuminating the battleground, as if knowing what was about to happen, as if it had been predicting all along this result.

It was almost like fate, King thought, like it had been decided since the day that he picked up the thing from the floor after defeating a worthy foe. Of course, he knew now what this was, and the consequences that would come forth from taking its power. But he knew that a king was neither human nor angel nor demon. He knew that a king was something more.

His power was one that imposed his majesty over the world around. It was something that announced his kingship over reality itself. Realization of Willpower, the Zeus Commandment, the Words Given Weight. It was something he had thought as the ultimate realization of miracles on this earth. But underneath that power, he had still been human. And this power was not enough, in many senses.

He paid no attention to the glow of the gem, increasing in intensity as it neared his face. He paid no attention to the golden whirlwind of power that surrounded him.

There was no hesitation. His movements weren’t dramatic, but almost casual, as if he was doing an everyday routine.

And as the King of Kings consumed the magatama, a man died and something else was born.


A massive sweep done by a gigantic sword. The mere weight behind it, and the strength of the attack was enough to completely obliterate anything on its path, without even counting the magic fire that danced on its edge. The female knight was truly a worthy rival, strong enough to give Achilles a fight like no other, not since her fateful duel with Hektor of Troy. She felt like it had been ages since such a pleasure had invaded her mind and body.

Despite the size of the attack, making her sword greater, but heavier was something that played against the female knight. The swing was slower than the previous attacks, and the girth of the weapon blocked part of her vision. Even if it was for only a single attack, there were too many flaws.

Achilles dodged the incoming sweep by rolling over to her blind spot caused by the size of the blade. For the extending sword to hit her, the enemy knight needed to have her in her sights, if not, she would be firing easily avoidable blind shots.

Within an instant, she stepped with her left feet, the invulnerable one, in the sword of the enemy, ignoring the magical fire licking at her leg and, using all of her physical strength, pushed herself at the enemy like a missile, tearing the air as she crossed hundreds of meters in an instant.

As she landed just at the side of her enemy, having realized so many actions in one second Achilles delivered a simple line to her enemy.

“Big words for a knight that failed to protect her king.”

A full force sweep with her spear was executed.

March 23rd, 2012, 02:31 PM
Gabriel Levilius
Oosaka-Edefelt Loans

He did not have a choice.

However, this time, he will not be accepting the duel because of the debt... but because... He had someone relying on him, and he could not let her down right now. And more then that, everything was now on the line, his life, rin's debt, his honor and his pride. Gabriel, underneath that mask of his, licked his lips in anticipation. This was absolutely perfect.

But he had no partner demon for this battle.

However, he was not at worry... all he needed to do, if he was right based off his deductions was that:

1) A magic circle must be made

2) One must offer up a portion of something that is theirs, mainly in blood.

Which were his assumptions based off the ritual that Rin had performed. Though she had a chalk and a dagger to help her accomplish her ritual. What about him? He had nothing. Save, Durandal. Wait..... Durandal.

He smiled at that moment.

The right opportunity.

And then he looked at the blond women, Luviangelita Edefelt... the one whom Rin owed her debt to, the one who will now be his opponent. He looked at his sword and then back at her. Silently, he considered what needed to be done. And after a few moments, he closed his eyes and then shouted, "I accept your challenge! And with this, I will wager everything I have on the line, to defeat you! My Dreams, my hate, my sorrow and my hope!"

He brandished his sword quickly and carved a magic circle similar to the impromptu circle that Rin had made. Hopefully, it came close to the one Rin had made. And with every stroke of his sword used to carve, his arm was strained to the limits! But he would push it further and further! Everything, he would put everything he had on the line! He was sure that he could succeed-!

And when he finished his carving on the floor, he closed his eyes... and raised out his arm, with his other arm holding Durandal.....


With a single, gentle swipe, he slit his arm enough to allow a few drops of blood to drop on the circle and there, he announced with great power:

"Hear my call, oh great demon!
I offer you my life and my dreams!I shall accept that our fates shall be interwined as one upon this contract
with my blood as my pledge of loyalty,
With my soul as your prize,
Let us share glory and fame together!
Weal and Woe we shall share in as well,
Till the day where Death makes its claim on us,
Let us, together, as one, Ride to Glory!
So if you, great demon hear me....."

As he was about to finish the rites, he felt a great surge of power, B-power flow away from him to the circle, he knew he was on the right track... However, now he needed to focus!

As he closed his eyes and emptied his thoughts, he felt that he was calling to something.... reaching out and dragging it. What was left to do... was to drag it towards him in his mind and finish the rite itself!

However, as he tried his best to drag at that 'thing'.... various images begun to enter his mind:

Two boys staring in horror as a bunch of young boys with B-power used their newfound strengths upon their parents who tried to protect the would-be victims of those boys..

One boy, separated from his younger brother, left to regret his inability to do anything for his little brother.

The same boy, who went through many bitter memories, watching the painful reality of the world now changed by the Hell Hole. A painful, bitter world.... One that he wanted to change.

Those memories....

were the most painful of his experiences.

However, he would surpass that pain, and become someone even stronger and better then the boy who was once Gabriel Levilius!


His Loudest cry in his mind as he threw in everything: All of his sorrow, pain, anger, hope into dragging his potential partner to his side!

March 25th, 2012, 12:44 AM
Alaya Shiki (Fangstrike)
Yokohama - Mansion Rooftop

"Hisau-san!" Shiki cried as he saw the stoic woman knocked unconscious by Asuka's B-Power. Even as he was overcome with righteous fury, Shiki's tactical mind analyze the situation. Apparently Asuka's B-Power allowed her materialize weaponry and freely manipulate them. Shiki wondered if she could summon multiple weaponry and if so, what was her limit? Perhaps he should test her.

"What happened to Emiya-san and his wife?" Shiki asked, his tone devoid of emotion. He didn't know the couple well, but they'd gone out of their way to help him, and it was hard not to like Irisviel. Her actions and personality were simply too pure - a refreshing breeze in this hell on earth.

"Oh, those flies? My demon is taking care of them right now."

Something in Shiki snapped. In a heartbeat, without any of his usual gestures, the atmosphere exploded with his B-Power as a dozen sickling winds assaulted Asuka from every direction at once. For a regular human, it was an inescapable cage of death that would shred them to pieces, but Shiki doubted this would kill Asuka. Despite his seemingly violent response, he was merely measuring her power. Shiki had not fallen victim to his rage, though he teetered on the edge. He was young not stupid. Asuka might've been the one who sent the assassins after him, endangering the lives of good and innocent people, but he let his emotions fuel his actions, not control them. Ever since he was a child, he'd seen too many good people, who deserved to live, die at the hands of those less worthy - people who abused their powers and preyed on the weak. She had bared her fangs first, and he'd be damned if he held anything back in this fight.

At the same time, he wove several layers of wind around him as a defensive barrier in preparation for her attack. To someone like Shiki, weaving offense and defense simultaneously was a simple act ingrained into him through countless battles.

March 25th, 2012, 02:57 PM
Raitei (Mellon)
Toukyou – Shinra HQ

An attack that could bring only destruction.

Rufus just raised his arm, pointing a curious looking gun at the incoming lightning. Firing a bullet at it would do nothing to save him, nor would it be enough to hurt you. Maybe because of that, he just stood there and did not pull the trigger. The white current engulfed him without mercy, putting an end to something that could not be called a fight. He was dead. The man known as Rufus Shinra was dead.

Or at least, he should have been.

The colorless energy had disappeared before you could stop it yourself. It had gathered into one place and had been sucked until there was nothing left. Whatever had been able to do such a thing, it seemed to be able to create small black holes or something, as you couldn't come up with anything else to compare the happening to.

"What a pity." Rufus was still standing there, unscratched, in the same position you had seen him before your own attack had obstructed your view. "It seems you have not realized that I am your only ticket out of here."

You noticed.

The weapon he was holding; it was now blue in color. It probably had something to do with what he had just done to protect himself from harm. If you could figure its mechanics and find a weakness, then it was sure that you could win this fight. After all, you didn't sense any kind of B-power surrounding the president of the company. He was not a Special Student. But what had he done and how could you counter it? Maybe he could send the entire attack somewhere else. Other idea that came to mind was the concept of absorption. If that was the case, it might be possible to overload his weapon, causing it to self-destruct.

The blonde man shook his head in negative to the thoughts of the group. He was not a mind reader, but the look in your faces made evident in what you were thinking.

"This fire arm is part of the latest technology. I am completely sure you haven't yet heard about the concepts of 'Binary', 'Sacrifice' and 'Forge'. As a sign of respect before your death..." He looked at his watch to check the time. "And because I have to wait a little bit longer for my transport to arrive, I will tell you about it."

You had no other choice but to hear what he had to say.

"Demons come in different races. Each of them have their own skills, abilities, advantages... And naturally, weaknesses. How to create the perfect demon then?" He made a dramatic pause. "Simple: By fusing them. The act of fusing two demons to summon a stronger one is called 'Binary Fusion'. The new creature is not only more powerful than the two used to call it, it also shares part of their skills, abilities and advantages as well. Weaknesses, however, do not carry over to the new demon. This is what we call 'Inheritance'. Do you understand now? Fusion is the key to summoning the ultimate demon."

Rufus might have been hungry of power and crazy in the head, but you could feel that he was telling the truth. That his words were backed up by years of investigation in the subject. And you didn't like how that sounded.

"You are probably know about Darwin's law of Natural Selection, am I right? The strong rule over the weak. Same happens with demons, and the concept also applies to their fusion. Only two strong demons will create a yet stronger one. If one tries to combine a weak demon with a powerful one... The result will be something in between, usually not favorable. Hence why we came up with a different process, named 'Sacrifice'. With it, it is possible to transfer skills and abilities from one demon to another, without changing their forms. The weak is sacrificed in order to make the strong stronger. Imagine what would happen if I sacrificed this slime to give its ability to one of the Norse Gods."

The man could barely hold his laugher.

"Endless possibilities. I guess you can deduce what the third process, 'Forge' is all about, yes?"

Indeed, you knew.

"Exactly. Fusing human technology with demons for amazing results. And what's better, it is us humans who are in complete control."

That gun possessed demonic powers.

"Oh, look at the time. I am very sorry, but it is time for me to leave. Don't worry, though, I won't leave you alone. Don't want you to feel lonely on your last minutes of life."

With that, Rufus brought back the slime into a portable console and threw something similar at you, which you caught reluctantly. What you saw on its screen should have been shocking, but at this time it was nothing than predictable. It was a digital map of the building, with several timers already counting down. The bastard had set bombs all over the place prior to your arrival.

"So long."

A mysterious red wall with a creepy face in the middle appeared out of nowhere to intercept the lightning you shot at the evil ruler of Shinra and to block you from further advancing into the tower. The attack was absorbed in the same way than before.

As the man disappeared into the stairs, you gave the digital map another look. The information provided by it was enough for you to locate the place where the people you came to rescue were being held captive. The problem? You needed to go up seven floors to do that. If that was a wall that could not be destroyed, then there was no other way but to go back and leave them behind... In order to survive.

But that too was an impossibility. Only the electricity of the upper floors were working, meaning you would have to go down using the stairs. Looking at the timers, the bomb on the first floor was supposed to detonate first. There was a chance that you would not make it. On the other hand, the map showed the location of some kind of helicopter prototype, gifted to the Shinra Company by Kaiba and Co. That was ten floors ahead, too.

You stared at the devil wall in front of you.

March 27th, 2012, 12:02 PM
Revy (Milbunk)
On the Road

"Bring it on you little shit!"

Kenpachi was now more excited then ever, he wanted to kill, to smell the blood on his opponents bodies as they fell. And now he could finally obtain his wish.

Sword in hand he charged the dragon girl his intention, to claim her head in one furious blow.


But she would not let him, she repelled his furious attack with a single clawed hand. Using her free hand she struck back intending to rip right into his chest.


But Kepachi was no fool, his reaction time was amazing compared to before, he easily swung his sword back and repelled her attack. Though he only had one weapon his strength, agility, and anger was not to be underestimated.

"Take some of this!"

He returned her strike with another blow to the head, but she repelled again with her first claw.

"Fafnir... Strike"

A newer approach was taken. Rather then attacking the chest she used the sharp edge of her wing to twirl around and hit him with.


"You think that'll get me?! Turning the blade into the direction of the wing he only had to pour his strength into holding its ground, now she was open to a counter attack and Kenpachi was happy to oblige.

"I'll finish you!" He brought his sword straight into her back, with it he would take her own heart from her body, or so he thought.


Just as quickly as he had thrusted she has also continued her twirl going around the blade and allowing it to go near the where her own wing was connected to her back.

"Fafnir... Fire Bolt"

Charging her fist with the power of fire she readied herself to blast the man's face with the intense heat. How would he counter?

March 27th, 2012, 10:51 PM
Tottori – Another Pyramid

A new name.


Boken Banchou.

Yes. From now, he would stop being Decay, and become Boken Banchou.

That certainly sounded quite nice. While he didn’t believe that something as simply as a name change would really change much, it was a start. Besides, he’d be lying if he thought it was a bad name, and the others certainly seemed to take a liking to it. Even if it wasn’t particularly creative.

Listening to Yamato’s tale was rather exciting- she’d lived a life of adventure, of incredible odds and all sorts of monsters and opponents she’d faced.

In comparison, Aripa’s tale felt like a judge’s sentence- because of her young age, there wasn’t much to say, and in place of important events, she listed tasks she would get her minions to do every day. Tasks, which he felt were going to be passed onto him. Soon, she started getting irritated, but luckily, with a few pats on the head, she stopped.

And then came Izuna and Fushimi’s turn. The reason that they had come in the helicopter became immediately obvious- they were from America, scouting out what had happened to Japan. They were the last of several scouting teams sent into Japan, and if there was no contact from any of them in a couple days, America would use their Nuclear Weapons to declare war. That made sense.

Actually no, it didn’t.

“Wait, are you serious!?” He asked, but really didn’t expect an answer. They wouldn’t have mentioned it if they’d been joking.

Still, something like that was really, really serious. The only people around with the kind of technology needed for contacting them were the PGG, and they wouldn’t just hand it over. It would come down to a fight, a rematch.

It would be best to start looking for them immediately… but he felt something. Something or someone inside the pyramid…

“I think we should go investigate the pyramid first. I think I can… feel something inside there, and it wouldn’t be nice to leave someone out here all alone. Atleast check it out. After we’re done looking, we’ll go look for some kind of way to contact America and try to convince them to call off the nuclear attack.” He said, before turning towards Izuna and Fushimi. “There’s still some time left before the attack, right?”

March 28th, 2012, 07:12 PM
Nigata - Region Defense

I stared for a brief second at the torrent of black stuff that is clearly something that should not be fed after midnight, and expertly deduced that I did not want to be anywhere near that shit. So, I proceeded to do a most sensible course of action, which was to simply GET THE FLYING FHTAGN AWAY FROM THAT SHIT.

Heroically fleeing from the black tide, I decided that it was time to stop playing about, and reveal my newest technique! HONED THROUGH YEARS OF TRAINING, DRILLING INTO THE DEEP ORE OF MY SOULLL. I focused, and spoke aloud for a moment, "Excuse me, but have you ever heard of the maxim: "The best defense is a good offense"?" My metallic body, harder then steel, seemed to relax, my arms lost definition, and limp chords of metal hung from my shoulders, my skin seemed to stretch, loosen and flex, streamlining for speed over toughness.

I'd assessed my performance in past battles and come to the conclusion that being a walking tank was all well and good, but I needed to take a more proactive approach to battle, strength over endurance, speed over hardiness. I would reduce my defensive capabilities in exchange for something which until now had escaped my grasp.

Raw. Offensive. Power.

"Kampf-Modus: Aktiviert!"

I tensed, my now almost mercury like body flowing gently, my arms forming into blunt hammers, I didn't want to kill her, after all. Then, I dashed forward!

Gone was the walking tank, I flew forwards at rapid speed, closing the distance faster then I ever would have managed as my sluggish defensive form.

I snap-kicked her into the air, "SCHMIEDEN!" brought my hammer-like fists to bear, "AUFFALLEND!" slamming her even higher, then leaped after her, wrapping my now loosened arms around her midsection, like the arms of a great kraken, "ANLASSEN!" Then, slammed her into the ground.

Now, utilizing the momentum from the blow to the ground, I rose slightly, angled my self towards her, and began to fall with the force of an angry god.

March 29th, 2012, 02:04 PM
Tottori – Another Pyramid

"A week at best." Fushimi said, not quite confident. "I'd say we have seventy two hours before the operation becomes completely unstoppable."

The deadline was set.

Truth was, you had no time to waste. Nevertheless, something told you that you should investigate the pyramid first. Who knows? Tottori seemed to mimic Egypt, and the ancient Egyptians were pretty smart. Maybe they had an operative communication device there, in the pyramid, hidden in plain sight. On a second thought, that seemed unlikely and somewhat ridiculous. Still, you managed to convince your group to follow you without major difficulty.

"I have a bad feeling about this."

Yamato commented, as the group descended through a long set of stairs, which led you deeper into the structure. And you kind of understood how she felt, considering the faint presence you had felt before now became more and more overwhelming with each step you took. However, you had no intention of backing down. It was not if as you were filled with determination and were set on finishing the task. That was not it. You could simply not think of escaping. Without you noticing, that kind of thoughts were being blocked by the supernatural presence. Thus, you continued.

Eventually, you reached a huge stone gate with beautiful gold ornaments. Inscribed in it were several symbols and drawings you could not understand. However, one of you did.

"Minion! Don't you dare to get one step closer to that door." Cleo Aripa's warning carried so much weight in it that it actually made you stop your march. "That door is a trap... A trap to lure you into the real trap."

It was hard to notice at first, but when she pointed towards the floor and you seriously tried to find something wrong with it, you found it. There was some kind of mechanism there, highly likely to be a trap door that would make you fall the second you decided to approach the gate. You thanked Cleo for saving your life and asked her how she had done it. How she had realized there was danger up ahead.

"Ha! That room is actually filled with treasures. It's just that this is not the entrance." She claimed, pretty confident and happy that her Egyptian knowledge remained unmatched. "'The greedy shall not pass, and in the underworld they shall be judged. The patient will be blessed with wings and rewarded in accordance with their efforts.', it reads."

Something told you that even if the text had been in Japanese, you would have made the same mistake. The true path would have never occurred to you. Some kind of ventilation passage in the ceiling. That's what the message meant by wings, you figured. Being the strongest member of the group, Yamato ventured in first, quickly followed by you. Traveling across the passage proved to be extremely hard; as it was so narrow your body could barely fit in. But the inscription was right. You at least had full view of Takeru's black panties. You pretended not to notice.

"Okay guys it's safe!" Yamato announced, having reached the end of the tunnel.

Hearing that, the entire group gathered strength and sped up, enough not to notice its exit was not ahead, but below. You fell on your back into an incredible spacious chamber lit by torches and filled with treasure. Before you could recover, Cleo and Izuna used you to cushion their fall. Sadly, there was nobody to help Fushimi when his turn came. Men had it hard in this age.

The Japanese hero whistled is amusement.

"Guess checking out the pyramid was not really that much of a bad idea, after all."

There was enough gold here for the five of you to spend the rest of your lives without worries. It was too bad that all the money in the world could not buy freedom from this cursed country, as the lockdown was absolute. You would need to stop the nuclear attack before being able to enjoy your riches.

It was then when you remembered the mysterious presence.


Your senses told you there was someone else in the very same room-!

You instinctively rolled to the side, barely avoiding a sudden volt of lightning that had come from above. More of them were shot, together forming a straight line aimed at one of the walls engraved with enormous hieroglyphics. The second the wall was hit by the powerful electricity current and began to crack, you realized it had acted as some sort of a seal.

"Kid, what's written on it?!" Izuna inquired, clearly wary.

For a second there was silence, and then...

"... Cleo. Cleo-patra..."


"Fu... Fufufufu."

The brunette sat, once more, on her golden throne. Quite entertained, Cleopatra scanned the area around her. It was just a matter of time before her eyes spotted your group.

"Hmmm..." The ancient queen of Egypt meditated for a second, as his eyes fixed on Commander Fushimi who, surprised by this event, was trying to hide his red cheeks as much as possible. The woman finally performed a hand gesture that demonstrated she was not truly interested in the man, to his dismay. "Too old." She said, before the last man standing entered her field of vision. It felt like winning the lottery, but worse.

"You!" The tanned woman exclaimed, rising from her seat. "Marry me! Become my next husband! Promise me many lands! Give me children!"

For a legendary seductress, she was pretty blunt.

"Yeah, no." Yamato stepped forward. "Why don't you go back the way you came before I cut you down, you little-"

"Oh oh~ Lovely~ Are you taken already, young man?" Cleopatra said with a teasing tone. "Leave her. I can provide much..." The girl said as she put licked her index finger and adopted a revealing and surprisingly sexy pose. "Much pleasure~ ♥."

A second of silence.

"Or we can make it the fun way..."

You didn't want to think about it, but you dared to say that the 'fun way' wouldn't be that fun.

"And I can kill that bitch for you...!"

Several pillars emerged from the floor without warning, trapping Cleopatra and Yamato in a giant square sized prison, which would most likely act as the arena for their battle. Meanwhile, you had other stuff to worry about.

"Oh, sorry Darling." You heard Cleopatra's voice in your head. "You invaded this sacred place, and I have to handle proper punishment. But I trust you are strong enough to defeat them, right~? ♥"


The two giant crocodiles who just broke through the wall?

Or the two hundred or so mummies that came after it?

This was going to be a long day.