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November 21st, 2011, 12:28 AM
So, I had this notion of creating a story at some point with a bunch of unique techniques for certain characters, and I thought it would be a good idea to get user feedback on the subject. Of course, the story won't have all of these ideas being used, but I'm willing to let others come up with ideas for such a thing. Note that these will be formatted to fit the Anima: Beyond Fantasy rules, as that's what this is for, mostly.

Alright, rules for how to participate in this thread: You may not create less than five or more than seven techniques that have to do with each other, and you are allowed to come up with more than one "school" of Ki Techniques if you feel like it. That's pretty much it, as far as rules, anyway.

As an example of a finished product (after I take the initial product over to another site for someone I know to make these fit the rules), I will provide you all with Infinite Wires, a rule-friendly school of Ki Techniques.

Designed to oppose the mono-thread of Cancer Magnus, Infinite Wires is a devastating set of techniques that creates ki wires that strike at distance the enemies, like invisible killing blades. Needless to say, the school is much more orientated to offense than defense.
Techniques: 5 Total MK: 450.

Level: 1
Several Ki wires form with fire covering the entire length of each. These wires then heat seek any heat source. This technique allows its user to make a single Fire Elemental Attack affecting all individuals within 25m of him with a Base Damage equal to double the character’s Presence plus his Power Bonus.
Effects: 25m Area Attack, Elemental Attack (Fire), -2Ki.
Disadvantages: -.
DEX3 / POW3 / WIL3
MK: 45

Level 1
Several Ki wires aid in the escape of the user of this ability by means of surrounding the user in a cocoon that lets the user teleport to another location within a pretty long distance, although such teleport maneuver impedes him to strike back at the attacker. This technique allows its user to make a single Dodge roll with a bonus of +90 to his Ability, but in case of a successful defense, the character cannot make a counterattack, but can be Automatically Transported anywhere within 250m of his current position.
Effects: +90 Limited Dodge, 250m Automatic Transport.
Disadvantages: -.
DEX8 / POW8 / WIL8
MK: 40

Level 2
Several Ki wires transport things different distances, depending on the size. This technique allows its user to make a single attack affecting all chosen targets within 100m that deals no damage, but moves all hit targets by a distance determined by an Impact with Strength 16 in any direction chosen by the user. Targets of this attack will need to perform a Notice Check against a difficulty of Inhuman (320) or suffer the Surprise penalty to his Defense roll.
Effects: 100m Area Attack (Target Choice), Impact16 (Attract), Disguised Attack (320), -1Ki.
Disadvantages: No Damage.
DEX12 / POW12 / WIL12
MK: 80

Level 2
Several Ki wires form electrical impulses and attack the foes that they are launched at with over a thousand volts of electricity a second for a total of 60 seconds if left uninterrupted. The wielder of these wires is left prone to outside interference, but usually the user tends to have any interference already dealt with in advance. Electric Wires allows its user to make an Elemental Electricity Distance Trap Attack without penalty, with a Range of 20m, with an equivalent of Strength of 14, and Base Damage equal to double the character’s Presence plus his Power Bonus plus 50. If the technique successfully traps the opponent, the trap is maintained for 20 turns without paying any extra ki cost. A character cannot make any defense roll in the same turn he uses this technique.
Effects: 20m Distance Attack (2XPresence+PowBonus Damage), +50Damage, Elemental Attack (Air), Trap 14, Greater Sustenance (Trap Effect on Target).
Disadvantages: No Defense.
DEX17 / POW17 / WIL17
MK: 100

Level 3
Several Ki wires that are invisible to the naked eye travel at near-impossible speeds to ensnare one or more targets, all the while moving to drain the vital energies of said targets. This technique allows its user to make a single penalty free Trap Attack affecting all chosen targets within 50m of him with an equivalent Strength of 16, and Base Damage equal to double the character’s Presence plus his Power Bonus. Targets hit by the attack must surpass a PhR check against a difficulty of 180 or lose Life Points equal to the failure level. Life Points lost due to this effect are drained by the user of the technique, who can use them to recover lost Life Points from wounds. Targets of this attack will need to perform a Notice Check against a difficulty of Zen (440) or suffer the Surprise penalty to his Defense roll. If opponents are trapped, the trap may be maintained each turn by paying the maintenance cost and trapped opponents will have to repeat the PhR check each time they fail the check to escape the trap effect (or choose not to take it). This technique has the Predetermined disadvantage.
Effects: 50m Area Attack (2XPresence+PowBonus Damage, Target Choice), Trap16, Supernatural State (PhR180, Life Drain, Attack), Disguised Attack (440), Maintained (Trap Effect and Supernatural State on Targets), -2Ki.
Disadvantages: Predetermined.
DEX28 (Mant.5) / POW28 (Mant.5) / WIL28 (Mant.5)
MK: 185

So... time to get crackin'!

April 21st, 2012, 11:05 PM
...Dang, this was back-logged that long ago? How much effort would it take for you guys to notice this, anyway?

Okay, may as well mention a new rule that I might've forgotten about, namely you don't have to create the technique with the rules attached to them. You do, however, have to describe what the technique does completely.

Soldat der Trauer
April 22nd, 2012, 04:16 AM
...Where are you getting your ideas from, b/c I cannot think of a respectable series where chi/ki behaves in any way like these? Bitching aside...

Shin'irikugō Kongōtaihō (心意六合金剛体法 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Help:Installing_Japanese_character_sets))
Translation: "Heart & Mind, Six Harmonies: Tempered Diamond Body"
A secret Chinese martial arts technique that enables the body to become as solid as diamond. It works by instantaneously concentrating the water in one's body to a certain area, since the strongest water pressure can stop even bullets.

April 22nd, 2012, 04:26 PM
Actually, those ideas I made up for use in a story, and apparently (I may have skimmed that section of the rules) there was a single-wire weapon called Cancer Magnus in the ruleset for Anima: Beyond Fantasy that worked similarly. I asked someone to work the ideas into a rules compatible version, and from there... yeah, that ought to explain it.

Anyway, that's one technique, do you have enough for a whole school?

April 22nd, 2012, 06:34 PM
humuu...don't think I can contribute much here...I'm the kinda guy that thinks in "Bullets and C4" instead of "Mbyoshi" =/

April 22nd, 2012, 06:34 PM
Ugh... that sucks, Santo, it really does.