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March 17th, 2011, 06:08 PM
I still suck at writing. But this time, I have a muse in the back of my head, bitching at me, and not letting me focus on anything else until I've written more on this. Admittedly? This is a first for me. I've never had a muse to speak of before. No ideas involving the written word, except to sit down and enjoy another author's work. So, please be kind in regards to my writing style. I have no editor. No author besides myself.

Still... I can't stop thinking about writing more on this.

Understand I've seen the movie Unlimited Blade Works, fansubbed, Fate Stay Night's anime, subbed, and have played through most of Tsukihime and part of Fate/Stay Night's Fate route. I honest to god can't stand Ciel for some reason in Tsukihime, and I just haven't had the time to get through all of Fate/Stay Night's Visual Novel Yet. So if there's errors in here, tell me in a reply. Also, if you think Arcueid's speech is a bit off, I'm trying to give her the personality from both the Visual Novel and the Manga, since it goes into her character a bit more there than the visual novel does. Maybe not perfectly, but... meh, whatever. This is my first fanfiction, and I'm running along with my muse's idea.

Read and review.

So, may I present to you...

Blades Under A Crimson Moon

Prologue A ~ Shirou's Perspective.


Running for your life from a lance wielding monster isn't fun.
Finding yourself doing this, twice in one day, though? And him killing me somehow once before? Much, much worse.
Going out the window hurt, too, not that I can think of it much, barely blocking his last blow like that.

The poster won't last forever, so I need to get to my workshop...

Ow. More Pain. Feels like I could collapse at any moment from that roundhouse kick, but I need to get into my workshop. I can't let him kill me, and if I can fend him off... maybe I can get out alive?

My mind races frantically. What can I do to hold him off? What can I make that can fend him off?
A memory comes to me of my dreams. Swords... He's watching me, amused, while I try to get into my workshop. Maybe something involving swords can help? It feels like everything he's doing is in slow motion while my mind races, trying to solve the problem in front of me. I can create replications of devices, but they're always hollow. But if I have something like a sword, that's too thin to be hollow, perhaps?

I focus. As fast as I can, I try to reinforce the paper, and remake it into a sword. The one from my dream?

This monster seems amused, and is watching me now. Like a cat watching it's prey, he's smiling at my futility. But still, if this works, I can use this!

It worked. It exhausted me, but it worked, the poster turned into a sword completely. And when I look up, he's stabbing at me with that lance again.

I dodged his blow. Couldn't see it fast enough to block, but I dodged. I can't take much more of this... but maybe I can use this to stop him, slow him down? And so I pull myself into my workshop, and try to survive.

One blow, two blows, and the sword has already cracked. He's amused, like before, when he first attacked me. Amusement from this monster... And so I attack. The sword shattered?

More pain. He kicked me beside those markings on the floor, and it hurts. I'm staring at his lance, and I can see it coming. To die like this, without becoming a hero? Without fulfilling my dream?

Light, brilliant blue light, and a young woman comes out from that circle. Blonde, red eyes, cat like irises. A white sweater, and a purple skirt. And she nearly kills that monster with a single blow. Sent him flying. His lance is cracked, and he's staring at her in shock. He slammed into the wall, and screamed. SCREAMED! That monster that killed me once, and nearly a second time is in agony.

My left arm is burning, but I can't stop watching her.

And the beautiful woman speaks. "Am I still dreaming, or is this something else? A summoning ritual, perhaps? No. I... I don't feel any thirst? How is that possible?"

Prologue B, Arcueid's Perspective.

I'm still thinking while I dream. Ever since Roa died, I've been thinking, even as I slowly fall asleep. That Ciel, she told me that a boy had killed Roa. A boy named Shiki. On one hand, I'm glad. There's no more worries about Roa now. The boy, Shiki, somehow killed Roa completely, so my task is done. No more chasing him. No more pain. On the other, I wonder what would have happened if I had met that Shiki.

Would I have gotten to know him?

I will never know.

And so my mind drifts as I dream, into deeper and deeper blackness, and thoughts fade from my mind slowly even on that subject.

I do not wonder, now, because I cannot see the past while I sleep.

I will not wake up from this. I know that. My blood thirst grew too strong for my power to control it. I cannot dream, and I don't mind, because I don't want to be what I killed so many times.

Light? Am I dreaming? What is this light?

Power. But, tainted? What's going on?

A man in blue with a red spear, and red eyes attacking a boy? Perhaps a vampire. And so I swat him away like the gnat he is to me.

Too far. He flew too far off from me for that to have been normal. Is this a dream? Am I dreaming for once?

I spoke, unconsciously. Why did I speak? That boy's staring at me. He looks like he's in bad shape... wait? Markings on his hand. Did he summon me somehow? I'm not in my clothing that I slept in, too.

I don't feel the thirst. Why am I not feeling my craving for blood? And why do I feel a connection with this boy?

Something in him is draining my blood thirst. Something... corrupted? Tainted? But it's keeping him alive. I'll stick with him for now, and figure out what's going on. Still, something about what's going on reminds me of the last time I saw Grandpa Zelretch. Maybe I'll figure it out later.

Prologue C, A Broken Knight's Perspective.

That bastard took me again. I don't even look the same anymore, not after I've been kept here for ten years. Ten years since I was summoned, and eventually forced to drink from that thrice cursed grail. The grail that didn't affect my "dear husband" at all. I hated that man that summoned me, then. Why am I cursed with this existence? Why did he steal my Avalon from me when I begged him to save me from the grail's effects? Why did he run? I will never know. It was tainted as I was, though. And so I smile darkly, remembering the pain my "Master" would have gone through in using it.

Why... do I feel like drinking blood? Perhaps my "husband" will help me with such a thing. I hate him more daily. But I can't fight him anymore.

March 17th, 2011, 06:44 PM
Seiba ;_;

March 17th, 2011, 06:59 PM
Can you understand why I have a Muse for this now? Too interested in the plot myself to just drop it and leave it for someone else to write, or for people to just ignore.

Also, no, there won't be more Saber until I get through Heaven's Feel in Fate/Stay Night's Visual Novel. Just saying that now.

March 17th, 2011, 07:03 PM
I know that feel bro.

March 17th, 2011, 07:22 PM
Yup. Saber Alter, as Gilgamesh's wife. The world shudders from the evils of my muse. Still, considering I suck balls for action scenes, I'm still coming along fairly quickly for chapter 1... I'll post it later, when I can. Also, what do you think of it so far? Decent, bad, or good?

March 17th, 2011, 07:28 PM
I only have one doubt. Why can Shirou use transformation? He was only able to use reinforcement in canon at that time.

March 17th, 2011, 07:39 PM
I wrote it to show that he stumbled on it by accident. Maybe I wasn't clear enough? I know for manipulating Ki, or Psionics in real life, half of it has to do with visualization. If you can have a constant, strong image of something happening, and you pump in enough energy, it'll happen even if it's by accident. What I tried to write was a similar accident happening there for him.

Should I rewrite it so it's better shown as an accident?

March 17th, 2011, 07:47 PM
I apologize for my writing style, if you don't like it. My mind has always been weird for writing. Usually I try to not ever do so, due to how hard it is for me to write up what I'm trying to say. Please, though, read and review.
Also, I usually denote "..." for pauses while a person thinks, or pauses in the conversation. Sorry if that's not clear.

Chapter 1.

-Arcueid's Perspective-

The boy, Shirou, is staring at me. Maybe it's because I smacked that "Archer" fellow with a large rock for seeing up my skirt? It wasn't my fault, really. I just reacted, and grabbed whatever was closest to smack the pervert. Then again, maybe I shouldn't have jumped over the wall to see if that other person was back when I felt them drawing near. Still, it's not like the street will miss one of those giant rocks that make up the sidewalk, will it?

That girl that's walking with us is a Tohsaka. Didn't Grandpa Zelrich mention meeting one, the last time I met him? I'll ask her later.

"Archer" seems confused about me being here, as if he's expected someone completely different to be with Shirou. And he seems more like a Counter Guardian. Why would one be here? Wait, oh... she has symbols too. So I was summoned somehow.

... "Archer" smells like Shirou. Too much like him. Is he Shirou's future? Will Shirou, the one that somehow summoned me, become a Counter Guardian? I'll have to find out later. They feel so similar, it unnerves me a bit.

Tohsaka seems stunned by my lack of knowledge on what's going on.

"You have no knowledge of what's going on?"

"No. I was asleep, and then woke up in this body. I have not worn these clothes for 3 years now, yet I find myself wearing them. I was not able to break a weapon like that "Lancer" had before, and had to use far more power to damage things, unlike what I can do now. Plus... something that has bothered me for many years is not bothering me at all right now. I do require an explination for what is going on. Also..."

"Yes?" She seems worried.

"Are you from the Tohsakas that Grandpa Zel spoke highly of?"

Confusion. Her eyes show nothing but confusion, though she hides it well. "Grandpa Zel...?"

"You'd know him as Kishua Zelretch Schweinorg."

She went white. I can barely see her, but she's so white it looks like she'll faint. "You're his Grand Daughter...?"

"No, however, he did help raise me." And so we walk in silence, with her staying near. She seems like she wants to ask more about Grandpa Zel, but we're nearly at the destination.

A church. Reminds me of Ciel more than I'd like. And the priest... something's wrong with him. Something like whatever's in Shirou. Still, he talks a lot, and his explination makes sense. Annoying, irritating, sense, but nevertheless, sense.

"I'm a Saber, but without a sword. And a wish at the end of all this?" Tempting. Very tempting. I could lose my blood lust for good, and finish off the dead apostles at my liesure. No more sleeping, no more seeing the back of my eyes while I'm chained up. All I have to do is support this Shirou boy, no, my new Master, and win.

Very well. I'll go along with this game. "Shirou, allow me to fight beside you for this, as your Servant. It will benefit us both at the end, if we win." I try to stay calm, cool, and not reveal anything to that priest that smells so foul. And... something smells foul down below this place. I can't make much sense of it, but it reminds me of what's in Shirou, taking away my bloodlust. Dangerous, but still. As long as it's taking away my need for blood, I'll be fine for this. A wish will do me more good than harm, after all. And it's not like whatever down there is moving or anything. I don't have to worry about someone trying to take my head due to my blood lust, right? Maybe wishful thinking, but I have to focus on this "Grail War" first, before worrying about something that's helping me right now.

We're walking back, now. Shirou's lost in thought about something, while glancing at me. And his cheeks keep going red. Maybe he has a fever? Then again, it is cold out.

Tohsaka's about to leave. A girl's interrupted us. White hair, red eyes... doesn't smell human, but not a vampire, either. And she has a massive man behind her, with a giant sword made of stone?

March 18th, 2011, 05:10 AM
Playing the game further through... he knew about projection, and how it works first. Should I rewrite it so it's accidental projection? Just curious.

March 18th, 2011, 09:45 AM
Hmm, pretty interesting story you have here. I'm looking forward to more.

March 18th, 2011, 02:12 PM
My muse wouldn't let me go. So, part 2 of Chapter 1 is here.

-Shirou's Perspective-

I somehow turned that paper into a sword. How did I do that? Fear for my life, maybe? I didn't even know I COULD do that. All I did was trace, and... it came naturally when I tried to make it into a sword. Still, I have to be focused. This girl... this beautiful, dangerous girl, somehow beat that monster. And... jumped over the fence?

I run. What the hell was that slamming sound?

Tohsaka's there... why the hell is she here?! And...that man in red...is stuck under cement? What the hell? Did that girl just pick up part of the sidewalk and smash him with it?

She must have.

Dear god, what have I gotten into.


Tohsaka's been explaining to me what's going on for a while now. And now she's dragging me off to meet with the overseer of this Holy Grail War.

I'm numb. I can barely think about everything, and I've somehow created something new with magecraft.

I can't stop looking at her, though. I'm not focusing much on the conversation, like I should be. Even still, I wonder why she's like this. So strong, so powerful... and why she protected me.

The church is impressive. I'm surprised how tall it stands. And it used to be the orphanage that I nearly went to. I never thought I'd visit such a place, and now I'm coming here willingly?

Kotomine Kirei unnerves me. In more than one way, he puts me on edge constantly while I'm in here. And for him to realize my ideal without me even saying it... scary indeed.

Still. It makes sense now. Complete, and utter sense. I summoned a servant, "Saber" and got her instead somehow. A botched summoning for an Ameture like myself. She's not a proper "Saber", according to them, at all... but she wants to help me. She wants to fight alongside me, as my servant, for a wish. A wish...for anything she wants...
"I accept. I will be your master, and you my servant, for this Holy Grail War."
And so we leave... with Kotomine's comment at the end of the doorway worrying me.

I can't stop thinking about my "Saber" though. She doesn't look like anyone I've ever seen before. Her looks are more foreign than any woman I've met up until now. And... I don't think she's wearing a bra, under that sweater. Should I mention it? Buy her one? It's hard to think right now.

Still, I really should talk to her about it later...
Tohsaka's about to leave. She was a lot of help tonight, though, so I'd better thank her.

That girl again... she's calling me Onii-chan, and that's... one hell of a monstrous servant. I thought that Lancer guy was scary, but this giant made out of muscle is huge.

March 18th, 2011, 02:29 PM
Muse has left me, so last bit for a while until I get through more of Fate/Stay Night. Still, got to what I wanted to write today, so...
Enjoy, if you like it, and please, read and review.
And yes, Sakura got so scared for Shirou that she blew her secret of being a Mage. Not as a master, but as a Mage. Hopefully I portrayed her in a reasonable light doing so.

Chapter 2.

-Arcueid's Perspective-

This is fun! Hercules...Berserker? Why should I call him by anything but his name? Is swinging his sword at me. And failing to dent my claws. That girl, Ilyasviel, is staring in stunned shock at me holding off Hercules like this. No, more than just shock. Dread. She didn't comprehend that a "Saber" without a sword, could stop her Berserker cold.

Still, I worry. I wasn't this strong before. Am I taking it too easy? Too hard? Or just balancing it right?

But I don't have a clear advantage yet, so I hold him off while I can.

Wait... where did Tohsaka go? And why does it feel like I should move?

Shirou's jumped me? He's cute, but...

Oh. Ow. What the hell was that? Tohsaka's Archer? The entire area's on fire, and Ilyasviel is... complimenting Tohsaka on her Archer. And I'm pretty sure Shirou's bleeding. Thankfully I don't have my blood lust right now, or else I'd be wanting to drink from him.

Helping him home is nice, though. He's kind of sweet.

Now to bandage him up... Why are my cheeks red? I'll ask him in the morning.

-Sakura's Perspective-

I've been debating giving Shinji Rider all last night. I don't want to hurt Senpai if he's become involved with this. Hopefully he hasn't, but if he has, I'll give control to Shinji like he wants.

And so I go into the house to wake him up, and nearly trip over a girl. Wait...she looks... familiar? And she's glaring at me now.

I run to Senpai's room, and slam open the door.


March 18th, 2011, 03:18 PM
Ok. Poll here. What pairings should I do? Shirou/Arcueid? Shirou/Sakura/Arcueid? Shirou/Sakura/Rider/Arcueid? Shirou/Rider/Arcueid? I'm curious as how to proceed, and my muse is dead at the moment. Depending on what you guys say, I'll go with one of them. So... tell me what you think I should aim for.

March 18th, 2011, 03:26 PM
Don't mind, as long as it involves Sakura :)

Shirou/Sakura/Arc is probably best, though. A four-way pairing might get a bit too much for Shirou to handle....

March 18th, 2011, 03:34 PM
I'd say Shirou/Arc with Sakura ending up as a close, close friend. Better for her than in Fate and UBW, cause I wanna seem some Arc-ness.

March 18th, 2011, 03:39 PM
No, it needs Sakura in the pairing too. Don't be so boring :p

March 18th, 2011, 03:45 PM
As long as there is a one-on-one along with the three-way then we have ourselves a deal.

March 18th, 2011, 03:53 PM
Well, he's not going to have sex with them both all the time. One of them might be ill, tired, away or just not up for it, or he might not have fully formed the grouping yet.

So, yeah, I see no reason not to have a one-on-one sex scene as well as a threesome.

March 18th, 2011, 03:56 PM
Ok. This should make things interesting, then. Anyone else have suggestions?
Also, reason why I mentioned Rider is because she got a shitty deal in life, and a worse one after death, according to canon Fate/Stay Night, as far as I've read. Plus, from what I've heard, she manages to take on Saber Alter in Heaven's Feel to help Shirou save Sakura. You can't be more self-sacrificing then that. Plus, Hollow Ataraxia, from what I've heard, shows her as having a rather large crush on Shirou, at the very least.
I'll write more when my muse is up for it.

March 18th, 2011, 04:05 PM
Well, I don't dislike Rider, but she cares deeply for Sakura, and so she would never want to dislodge Sakura in Shirou's affections, especially not with Sakura still under Zouken's control.

I certainly don't disagree with the idea of giving her a good ending (although she gets one in HF True, so...), but I don't think that you need to pair her with Shirou for that.

March 18th, 2011, 04:33 PM
Then what would you suggest for Rider, so she can have a happy ending? Just out of curiousity, here.

March 18th, 2011, 04:40 PM
Well, just saving Sakura and remaining with her would be a good start, although there's always Rin....

Do remember that it's possible for her to end up happy without necessarily being paired with anyone, at least not right now. Sakura loves Shirou deeply, and it would hurt her a lot for him to end up with Arc instead, whereas Rider would be less concerned. Plus, you have to consider how to help her.

Having said that, I'm not going to absolutely rule out pairing Rider with Shirou, if Sakura is there too. I'm just not sure a foursome works that well.

March 18th, 2011, 05:29 PM
And now for an Omake to explain what's going on in the series, since my Muse isn't back yet.

Blades Under A Crimson Moon Tiger Dojo Omake 1!

Taiga: I'm Fujimura Taiga!

Ilya: And I'm her best student, Ilyasviel!

Together: And this is the Tiger Dojo!

Taiga: Unlike Fate/Stay Night's Bad Ends, this is an Omake explaining what's going on, for those that don't understand!

Ilya: Oh! That makes sense!

Taiga: And now, on to the first question. Why did Shirou transform that paper into a sword while fighting Lancer?

Ilya: I didn't know Shirou could do that...

Taiga: And Shirou didn't either. This is due to the Author's 11 years of studying how to use his Ki.

Ilya: Wow, that's a long time!

Taiga: Indeed, it is! Within Ki practicing, there's three different things that come together for any techniques to work properly involving projecting Ki outside your body.

Ilya: And these are?

Taiga: Power, Mental Strength, and Visualization! The more Ki you put into it, the higher the success rate when first training with a technique. But your Willpower, or Mental Strength, and Visualization, have to be strong enough to handle the strain of forcing your Ki to take the shape you wish it to!

Ilya: Oh! That makes sense!

Taiga: And by noting that Shirou, as he goes along, does things best in a life or death situation, Ranma thought that Shirou would probably stumble upon transformation like that by accident.
Therefore, Shirou's technique was a fluke, but one easily duplicated by him.

Ilya: Now I see. So Shirou was desperate enough to pour as much power he could into it, and it managed to work?

Taiga: And, because Shirou has 27 Magic Circuits, he's able to do a lot more than he thinks he can. He only thinks he has one, remember?

Ilya: OH! Ok!

Taiga: Now, on to the second question. Why is Arcueid so powerful? She was able to match Berserker, after all.

Ilya: Because Shirou is able to power her properly?

Taiga: Yes, she's tapping into his circuits, but that's not the reason why.

Ilya: Why, then?

Taiga: As Tsukihime states, 7/10ths of her power is going into containing her bloodlust by the start of that series. Now, she doesn't have that anymore. She's tapping into the fullest extent of her power, unlike what she's used to tapping into by now, so she can utilize the fullest extent of her power, when she realizest his.


Taiga: *thwack!* You do that enough in the original Visual Novel's Bad Endings. Stop focusing on killing him.

Ilya: Owie...

Taiga: Now, onwards to the third question! Why does Sakura know who Arcueid is?

Ilya: I wouldn't have the foggiest clue.

Taiga: It's simple! Matou Zouken gave her descriptions of all the people strong enough to kill him, in his teaching her to be his his Magical Heir. Since both Saber Alter and Gilgamesh are around, he doesn't need Sakura to take over the grail, though that plot point is for another time.

Ilya: So Zouken wants to keep Sakura from getting killed by someone stronger. That makes sense! And since Sakura blurted it out to Shirou, she revealed she's a mage to him?

Taiga: Correct!
And now, for the fourth and final question... Who is scarier? Saber Alter, or Arcueid Brunestud, when they're pissed off? What the hell is this?!

Ilya: Um... Arcueid?

Taiga: *sigh* I have to agree, Arcueid.
Wait, what the hell? A Horrifying Beast! RUN, ILYA!

Ilya: I'm Running! Run faster!

*Cue Saber Alter chasing them while riding a lion*

*Cue Fade Out*

March 18th, 2011, 06:08 PM
Hm, this is very interesting. Though, the question is, is Arcueid's Unlimited World Back Up working properly? or is it not working at all?

[Primal One [EX→ x]]
Ultimate One
A skill which brings her to specs a level above those she faces by receiving the backup of the planet.
....However, because of her Master's misconception, this doesn't seem to be working one bit.

Since the planetary back up is unrelated to her own power, if this ability is working properly, it will be pretty much impossible to beat her in a contest of power (not factoring on NPs), even for Berserker, whether she is using 100% of her power or not. Though, this ability of her wasn't working at all on FE, and I suppose it's a bit too broken.

March 18th, 2011, 06:43 PM
I'm putting her more towards Canon full output Arcueid, not adding that in. She's overpowered, yes, but not so overpowered that she can kill everything with ease. I would, however, say she's better than Berserker if she realizes how strong she is...but considering her naivety...
Might take a while for her to realize that.
Also, yes, I'm playing Fate/Stay Night's Visual novel still. Nearly done with Fate when I'm not distracted by my muse telling me "WRITE WRITE WRITE!"
Also, yes, that stuff about Ki is true. I've studied it for 11 years now, how it exactly works, rather than studying techniques and running away from it like so many others did when I didn't get instant results for some things... and using a mix of Traditional methods and psionics doesn't really help when most of the community that I studied it in first fell apart because they couldn't agree on anything.
It's a little like Magecraft is in Nasu's works, actually. If your mind can't comprehend something really well, it won't understand how to work with that subject so well. Thus my keen interest on getting Fate/Stay Night's Visual Novel in the first place. Maybe he studied it some years back? I'm not sure. But he did hit some subjects somewhat close to the mark, in some ways. Visualization, power, and the mental strength to handle something are all rather important, and Shirou uses all three in Fate/Stay Night for projection, and Unlimited Blade Works.

March 18th, 2011, 11:57 PM
Pairing wise, what about Shirou/Rin/Arc?

I like that.

March 19th, 2011, 03:01 AM
Mmm... I can see why you'd say you like Rin... I've just had girlfriends that acted like her before, years ago, and they were too pushy for my tastes. *shrugs* No offense to the Rin fandom, of course. It's just I'm not quite so interested in drudging up old memories to try and get her attitude like I'd have to. If you'd enjoy writing a fanfic like that, though, go ahead. I won't stop you. After all, it's why I'm writing this...

March 19th, 2011, 04:32 PM
No offense meant by my post last night Hermitfokl. It's not that I don't DISLIKE Rin, as a character. It's just she reminds me a bit too much of an ex-girlfriend who acted much like her. Too much "RAR! I SHALL DO EVERYTHING MYSELF, BECAUSE I'M ABLE TO HANDLE EVERYTHING!" and not enough "I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings. Here, let me help you out.". Know what I mean? And though I like Rin, she just rubs me a biiiiit too much like my ex did.

March 19th, 2011, 06:31 PM
Well, more Blades Under A Crimson Moon. My muse came back, full throttle. And so, perspectives from Shirou, Sakura, AND Arcueid, on the same chapter. No, not to be filler, but more so I can flesh out their personalities in my mind for how they'll act in the fighting to eventually come. So, an extra big chapter today to make up for the tiny writing I usually do.

Chapter 3.

-Shirou's Perspective-

I'm dreaming about swords again.. But... also about a lonely girl, who's never known anything. Nothing but people that all but worship her for an ability... and for being able to fight well. Right when I'm about to see something I know is important, I'm woken up by Sakura's screaming.

She knows who my servant is?! That means that Sakura's a Mage, too. She never once told me, but then again, it's my fault. I could have talked with her about it, or tried to drop vague hints. Arcueid seems annoyed, though. Annoyed that Sakura knows who she is. And irritated about something, too... but she also understands that Sakura's my friend. I hope, at least... I don't want to see Sakura hurt like Archer was.

...Sakura has to be a master. There's 7 masters, in this war, and only 7 servants. Even if she's not telling me, she has to be one. But she's been such a kind friend, I... what do I do?

I cook, to distract myself. Sakura's talking with Arcueid about things. Hopefully she can get Arcueid a bra... it's still painfully obvious that Arcueid doesn't wear one, or even know what one is.

That could work. I myself don't have a true wish. So, if I give Sakura my wish, and Arcueid her wish... that could work out well. An alliance, then? Still, it depends on if Sakura is a master or not. And so I call them for breakfast, and start eating with them.

"Sakura... Are you a master in this as well?"

"Senpai... Yes. I am. Ever since I saw the command spell forming on your left hand yesterday, I've been debating leaving though. I don't... I don't want to see you get hurt. Not by me."

She doesn't want me hurt. She doesn't want to see me in pain... and so she was going to quit? To keep from hurting me, she'd be willing to quit? Thank goodness Fuji-nee isn't here for breakfast, otherwise it would be hard to keep this quiet. Still...

"Sakura, if we... were to join forces, would that be all right? That way, neither of us will hurt the other."

She's in shock. Stunned, raw shock. So is Arcueid. I don't think she anticipated this at all.

"Just hear me out, ok? You've already been trained in magic, probably better than I was by Kiritsugu. And Arcueid was stronger than Berserker. Tohsaka may well team up with someone else with how strong Arcueid is... and I'd rather have you on my side, Sakura. Plus...I don't really have a wish that I can think of right now, meaning you could have it instead. Would you be willing to team up with me for this?"

"Senpai... you'd give up your wish for me...?"

Arcueid's staring at me in surprise. Like she's never met someone that acts like me before. And Sakura's smiling...

"Yes, Senpai, I will! I'll team up with you to win the Holy Grail!"

-Sakura's perspective-

I blew it. Grandfather always drilled into my head that I should never, EVER reveal I'm a magus to anyone, and I blew it. But Senpai's a magus as well, so... hopefully it'll be ok. Right?

Still... I'm going to have to withdraw from this. Rider's Medusa, but I don't think she can take on Arcueid Brunestud. Even if she CAN, she won't last long... not from the things I've heard. So I'm going to have to go get protection from the priest right after this.

I can't beat her... that's a fact. Senpai summoning her as Saber... I can't beat her. So I have to give up. She does seem nice, though. Nothing like what Grandfather described her as. She's almost curious about everything, though she doesn't talk much.

She's...not wearing a bra? I'd better get her one later. And when I turn to go and help Senpai with food...

"Can we talk?"

She's talking with me? I... had better see what she wants.

"Yes, of course, Brunestud-san. I would be happy to talk..."

"You're scared of me?"

"Grandfather knows Zelretch. Of course I'm scared of you. You're one of the few Grandfather warned me to never, EVER bother, much less fight against..."

"So you ARE a master as well... and your Grandfather knows Grandpa Zel? Interesting..."

She's thinking. Maybe I can survive this intact...? I have to know, though...

"Will you be able to protect Senpai? I don't...want him hurt in this. I don't want to see him get hurt."

She's studying me seriously, with her eyes narrowed. I can barely move in fear. But I need to know... I need to know that she can protect him.

"I can protect him. But you want to see him safe and sound, too, huh? He seems like a nice enough boy. And... I'm not troubled by my bloodlust here. A product of the summoning, I suspect. It's nice to not feel a craving for blood anymore. I'd almost forgotten how it felt to not crave blood every time I'm around someone..."

She seems happy about that. Like someone that's been tormented for years, finally having a bit of peace. Maybe I can understand her a little better now. After all, if Grandfather hadn't had those two servants come to him after my uncle died, I would be... no, better to not think about that. In that way, lies madness.

Shirou calls us for food before we can continue. The food's as good as ever, but I can barely concentrate on it, knowing that I'll be crushed by Senpai if I ever fight him. I'll have to give that priest my Command Spells later... no, right after I leave. It's the only way to not be in his way... but before I finish my train of thought, I'm interrupted by Senpai...?

"Sakura... Are you a master in this as well?"

He knows. He figured it out somehow... I can barely think, but I have to stay composed. I must stay composed, and not reveal my fear of Arcueid Brunestud fighting me... so I'll tell the truth. I don't want to hurt him, or fight her.

"Senpai... Yes. I am. Ever since I saw the command spell forming on your left hand yesterday, I've been debating leaving though. I don't... I don't want to see you get hurt. Not by me."

And left unspoken is my fear of Arcueid Brunestud. But Senpai's continuing to speak...

"Sakura, if we... were to join forces, would that be all right? That way, neither of us will hurt the other."

I can barely speak from shock. He wants to not see me hurt either... Senpai's a good person. I...

"Just hear me out, ok? You've already been trained in magic, probably better than I was by Kiritsugu. And Arcueid was stronger than Berserker. Tohsaka may well team up with someone else with how strong Arcueid is... and I'd rather have you on my side, Sakura. Plus...I don't really have a wish that I can think of right now, meaning you could have it instead. Would you be willing to team up with me for this?"

He wants to give me his wish. He wants to give me his wish, because he doesn't... have one? I... can hardly believe my ears. Neither can Arcueid. She's staring at him in raw shock, with her eyes wide open, like she can barely believe what she just heard. He doesn't have a wish, and he'll give me his... I... I only have one answer to this. I'll support Senpai. Just like I always have. But I need to be sure he's going to give up his wish for me.

"Senpai... you'd give up your wish for me...?"

And so I decide. I'll support Shirou until the very end. He's my Senpai, but he's also someone I can trust.

"Yes, Senpai, I will! I'll team up with you to win the Holy Grail!"

-Arcueid's Perspective-

This girl knows who I am, and it pisses me off. Still, Shirou knows her, so I'll not hurt her for shouting my name at the top of her lungs for NO DAMNED REASON!

Plus, she didn't even greet me nicely. Irritating.

...Oh. She's scared shitless of me. My reputation precedes me again, I see. Still, she's also depressed about something... about losing? ...She must be a master in this Grail War business, too... and Shirou would never have known it if she hadn't shouted about me being here. So I blew her cover, huh? Heh. It's quite funny, honestly. And I don't know why...

Still, I may as well drag her off to talk... Her grandfather knows Grandpa Zel. Shit, no wonder she's scared. His associates would know better than most how strong I actually am...

Maybe she's not such a bad girl after all. She wants my new Master, Shirou, safe. So do I, I admit to her honestly. And without the bloodlust bothering me... oops? Did I say that last bit out loud...? Meh, doesn't matter. She's eyeballing me like she's learned something interesting, though. But before I can ask her, we're called to breakfast.

God, this is good food! I nearly never touch the stuff, but even still, it's delicious!

And then Shirou asks her if she's a master. Of course she is, not that he seems to notice. Maybe he's too used to her to figure things out for himself? Amusing if it's true...

And then he blindsided me by asking her to join forces with him. Why the hell? Wait... he... doesn't need a wish? What sort of person wouldn't... need a wish? Why the hell would he not want something he could wish for?! Interesting. I'm going to have to stick around and study him now. Everyone has something they want. But he doesn't want a thing? That can't be true at all. But... he wants us both to have a wish. Hopefully this is worth it.

So I'll be his "Saber", and hopefully we don't regret this girl joining us.

March 19th, 2011, 06:31 PM
And now, for an extra treat, more of the Tiger Dojo!

Blades Under A Crimson Moon Tiger Dojo Omake 2!

Taiga: *looking around, paranoid* Psst. Ilya, I think it's safe. She looks like she's gone!

Ilya: Oh, thank goodness!

Taiga: I agree. Now, on to the next question so far. Why was Arcueid summoned?

Ilya: I have no clue. Why would she be?

Taiga: Remember how Saber Alter's note said that Kiritsugu stole her sheath from him?

Ilya: Vaguely...

Taiga: He still used it to save Shirou's life, but the corruption changed the sheath around.

Ilya: Oh! So... how does it work now?

Taiga: Ranma hasn't decided yet.

Ilya: Bad Author!

Taiga: HOWEVER, it's easy to know why. According to the Type Moon Wiki, Shinso is a type of Fairy. And the corrupted Avalon was still originally made to summon someone into the realm of the Fairies. It summoned the most powerful bloodthirsty fairy it could find that would still be a servant. And since she was in Fate/Extra as a Berserker, this worked out well.

Ilya: What's a Wiki? And Avalon summoning the strongest vampire that could still work as a servant... that's scary!

Taiga: Indeed! And because Avalon was made by Fairies, it would naturally remove the bloodlust from one nearby, even if it's corrupted. However, there might be side effects if something went wrong later.

Ilya: Oooh! Maybe I can make it go wrong? No, that wouldn't work. How would I do that? I...don't know.

Taiga: Now, on to the second question. Why is Sakura not like she is in the series?

Ilya: Hm... I don't know!

Taiga: It's because Zouken never saw fit to put parts of the Holy Grail into Sakura, so she's been raised as a proper Magus rather than a possible sacrifice to be broken.

Ilya: So she's been fully trained by him?

Taiga: And she has full access to her family libraries!

Ilya: So exactly how do you think she's going to proceed in the plot? And why would he not put the broken grail fragments into her, anyways?

Taiga: That...would be a secret!

Ilya: *Uppercuts Taiga into the wall* No quoting someone outside of the Nasuverse!
That's all for today's episode, so we'll have more of Tiger Dojo the next time pressing questions pop up!

March 20th, 2011, 12:33 AM
I'm really rooting for an Shirou/Arc end, just because she's here and never done before, one-on-one seems the most believable, and we've all seen the other heroine's routes. I wouldn't mind seeing Sakura getting added to the mix, but it just feels that once we start down that road we might as well add Rider too, though a foursome starts to get pretty ridiculous. Then again he is Emiya Shirou.

As for saving Sakura, yes, I'd like to see that. How could I not, knowing Sakura's past. Then again, that doesn't necessarily translate to Shirou falling in love with her; it just works out that way in Heaven's Feel. Now that they're allies, she already on the path to be saved.

Curious to see why Arc was summoned as Saber and how she ranks against Gil and Saber. They've got NPs, but Arc's got her Marble Phantasm. Guessing no backup from Gaia, otherwise there's nobody who could beat her. I mean an Arcueid that doesn't need to restrain her bloodlust? She was only operating at 30% before but now...

March 20th, 2011, 12:41 AM
Exactly. 30% at the very most, and she was losing it already. She wouldn't be able to take on Dead Apostles much longer no matter what she did, so in this, I thought she'd seal herself off early. And with her tapping into all of Shirou's Magic Circuits... she's not going to poof off like Saber did. However... I'm still trying to decide how things'll go in the end, for the plot itself. Right now, I'm working with my muse when it comes and goes, which is why such a big chapter was hit earlier. Only reason why I originally was looking at Sakura is she gets a really bad deal in most routes for Fate/Stay Night, due to Matou Zouken's abuse of her. (Halfway into Heaven's Feel right now, so I do have a better idea of how to write characters better, too...) Without that abuse, she's stronger, yes, but also more of a potent mage of her own... with the entire Makiri library at her disposal. I'm just trying to figure out how the characters would act, rationally, in this fashion, which is why my muse is such a pain in the ass.
I know where the plot'll go to the next POINT, or POINTS, yes... but not everything between until it comes to me, bit by bit. Thus... big chapters, little chapters. Tiny chapters, huge chapters.
Tiger Dojo's actually fun to write, though, honestly. Different writing style, but it explains the points easier then if I wrote it out in Shirou, Arcueid, ect.'s own thoughts. Thus me doing those Omakes so far.

As for Arcueid... she's much like Archer. She can FUNCTION as Saber, but her true specialties lie elsewhere. Most men were trained in swordplay back then, and as the Shinso's executioner, don't you think she'd have a stockpile of weapons if she ever truely needed it... say in her Reality Marble?

March 20th, 2011, 05:20 PM
3 interludes before Chapter 4. These little bits kept on bothering me, and I decided to go with my muse in this. And honestly, do you really think that Arcueid won't have problems fighting this? I'm not going to give them THAT easy of a time. Full power Arcueid is full power, but she's still going to have lots and lots of problems...

Interlude A

-Archer and Tohsaka-

"You remember who you are, now, Archer?"

"Yes...but it may not be as helpful as you think. This isn't what I remember things should be like."

"No way... then you're from..."

"The future? Yes, I was. Apparently, not from this one. Heh. Things are more interesting than before..."

"Why do you remember then?"

"Arcueid Brunestud scared the shit out of me in that life, at 30% power... and I think she's going at full power in this time instead."

"Then...who were you?"

"Who did you save with your Father's Amulet, Rin?"

"...Emiya-Kun...? How are you...?"

"I made a pact with the World, after becoming a Superhero as I had dreamed.... and became a counter-guardian... I don't want to talk more on that, though."

"What's your Noble Phantasm, Archer?"

*Laughter* She's surprised at his bitter laughter.

"A Reality Marble. My 'Strengthening' and 'Projection' Magic is actually just side effects of it. It may well be the only way to defeat Arcueid Brunestud, however... so if it comes down to it..."

"I need to know specifics, Archer."

"I can replicate the weapons I see, even if it's only a glance. All their attributes, histories, everything. Over and over, endlessly, if I have the mana."

A grin. An evil, evil grin, now.

"And by weapons, you mean?"

"Swords. More specifically, Noble Phantasms with a blade. I can do defensive Noble Phantasms, though much weaker."

"I think I'm going to need your help for a plan, then."

"As you wish, Master."

Interlude C

-Caster and an Assassin-

I'm playing a game.

If there wasn't a damned good reason for this, I wouldn't be touching this. But he said I should play this, and learn where my mistakes were. This... Controller... is dusty. Covered and filth and grime. I have no clue where he got this thing, but if it wasn't for the need to know where I screwed things up...

Whatever. The world will be my Oyster. Even if it isn't a true ressurection like the last time... Heh. Bad memories once more.

Dying hurts. All I need to say.

Still, I understand now. Where I went wrong, where I messed up...

My Master killed everyone in this temple. Easily and without warning. Every single person died, and he sealed off this temple somehow.

"Do you see it now, Caster? Where you went wrong? How you made mistakes?"

I don't glance back. I don't need to. My master is no fool... he may be weak in most ways, but with his eyes...

"Yes, Master, I do. I see how I made a mistake, now. I was too hasty."

"Good. Now, when you're done with that, I'll be having you read this 'Evil Overlord's List', so you have an idea of what to do properly when we're done winning this war, and saving my sister.'"

I can only nod. Even if these things seem stupid now, it's more easy to go with him than against him. And, with the information I have, I'll be able to win this with ease.

"I will need a few more days to summon my Noble Phantasm, as a warning. And we do have a single rat watching us... should I deal with it?"

"No, let him go, Caster. He's only spying, after all... it's not like we need to worry about a single Assassin... And even if he does learn your name, it's not like his master can stop us anyhow."

Shiki Tohno smiles at his servant. To summon the Magic Emperor from the Lunar games... he was ingenious.

"And Caster... or should I say, Magic Emperor Ghaleon. Do make sure to rely on spells, and not just swords this time. You may be an Artificial Anti-Hero, but you're still able to be beaten."

And Matou Zouken, watching through his assassin's eyes, thinks about what is to come.

Interlude G

-The King of Heroes-

Arturia is barren.

There is no other reason why she has not given me a child yet. The Holy Grail must have made her barren. And so I must figure out how I can gain an Heir before we both may die.

Forcing her to drink from the mud was ingenious, or so I had thought. She had become perfectly here, even if I had not... but... I miscalculated how much I had given her. She drank far too much, and apparently has become barren in the process.

The solution? To win the Holy Grail. Kotomine said that even if it would destroy everything to give a wish, it would still grand one. Therefore, me and Arturia shall become the next Adam and Eve, after the entire world is destroyed from my wish. So, therefore... I'll wait until the end of this matter, and crush the Masters and Servants at my Leisure.

March 20th, 2011, 06:19 PM
And now, for a full chapter, today. Read and review, please!

Chapter 4

-Sakura's Perspective-

I'm running home. Grandfather needs to know what's going on. I've allied myself with Senpai... who has Arcueid Brunestud. But Senpai isn't a perfect mage, either. We need to figure out how to support him, so Arcueid will be our trump card...

That blonde, red eyed man and that blond, yellow eyed woman is leaving from another visit with Grandfather... I'd better say hi.

"I'm sorry I can't talk today, Gilgamesh-san, Arturia-san, but I have to talk with Grandfather. I hope you're both having a nice day!"

Gilgamesh-san is eyeballing me strangely. But...he's never hurt me before today, so I can trust him a bit, right? He helped raise Grandfather raise me, and is a good friend of Grandfather's, and even though he gives me a bad feeling, he's always been nice, in his own way, to me. I have no clue why he helped raise me, to this day, though. He always said that grandfather wasn't a mongrel like most... whatever that means.

I ignore him, and rush in to tell Grandfather what's going on. As his heir, I have to explain what's happened.

Shock. The expression of horrified, then stunned shock on Grandfather's face... not only that Senpai summoned Arcueid Brunestud, but is offering us his wish... it's well worth all the pain I've suffered under Grandfather for being late helping Senpai. He never does anything without reason, but this has thrown all our combined plans out. Still, he's calculating now...

"Hm. You say he will give us his wish? Then an alliance is good, I suppose. I had plans myself, but this changes everything. Still... an amature magus?"

"Yes, Grandfather. He is an amature, but..."

"Well. I guess it cannot be helped then. You wish to support him. Therefore, I'll help you with this thing."


"Our line has almost ended, Sakura. If he has such potential as to summon the White Princess herself, then as a magus, he may well exceed even myself some day...if guided properly. Do you suppose that marriage would not be an option for you two?"

I'm blushing. It's hard to do anything but blush when Grandfather says things like this.


"If it is the wish of my cute granddaughter, so I will be flexible this once."


"I am not much longer for this world. Even if I do not die immediately, a few more years will end me. I have been in pain for many, many years, and you are my only successor. Do you wish to marry him, granddaughter?"

"I... yes, I do. But only if he cares for me."

He's thinking now. Studying me, and thinking. I can't help but blush. Me and Senpai... like that?

"It cannot be helped, I suppose. Take the Matou library. If he has such potential, your wedding would lead us to new heights once more. I want you to take the library, and ensure he is well taught."

I can't think. I can barely breath. Our mystical knowledge... the entirety of our library?

"Grandfather... why?"

"My granddaughter... I am old. I am so old that I can feel my body rotting away, day in, and day out. If I hadn't been shaken sane by Gilgamesh 10 years ago... you would not have had a happy life here. But him and Arturia came to me, to ask for aid. I have seen much. I was around when the Holy Grail was originally constructed... and I know that my time is nearly up. But you... you have the chance to bring our family... the Matou, once the Makiri, back to it's former greatness. We originally devised spells for binding, not for absorption. We originally made the command seals for the Servants to be controlled! And now we are but a shade of our former glory. We only rely on absorbing from others, not binding like we used to... but your potential is great enough that I could not dream of anything else but glory for you. Glory like I once had. I am old, now...but I hope to see the Holy Grail completed, like I always dreamed of."

"Grandfather... you..."

"Go, my granddaughter. Go to him with the library and your servant, while I still remain myself. While I still remain as your grandfather, and not as the insane man I become more and more as my body rots away."

And so I run to get the library while I can. The books, and Rider. It will be a long trek back, but... it will be worth it. I can help Senpai now. I can teach him what he needs, to learn how to use Magic like my family does...

-Shirou's Perspective-

Arcueid's studying me. It's hard to focus on her while she's studying me... but at the same time, it's rather nice. And...she's talking about... blades?

"What do you want me to call you? Arcueid, or Saber?"

"Arcueid is fine, Shirou. This is all rather new to me, after all..."

"It's new to me too. But... what were you saying about blades?"

"I was studying your Magic Circuits. It seems like you have quite a few of them, though you can't use them yourself yet."

"Wait... WHAT?! I have Magic Circuits of my own?!"

"27, to be exact."

...I can't think. 27 Magic circuits?! But I have to shake it off. Now that I know how many I have, I can learn how to use them... mabe Sakura can help?

"I thought I had to make one each time I used Projection and Strengthening... though I was able to transform that paper into a sword yesterday. Maybe it's... hm..."

"A sword? Can you show me?"

And so I run to find something, anything... wait.. a Shinai! That'll be easier to do this with.

"Trace... On."

I'm analyzing the shinai. I have to focus like I did last night. That blade I saw 10 years ago, held by a woman in the fire. I have to reproduce it properly. Focusing, and trying to transform the Shinai like I did against Lancer... there. It doesn't feel perfect, but...

"Trace... Off."

I open my eyes, and stare at the blade. And Arcueid's studying me, and smiling widely, like she's won a medal.

"I thought so! You're a bit like me!"

Blink. I can only do that at her words.

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"You're using a reality marble, even if you don't know it yet. It's nothing like mine, though, but... it looks like it has to do with blades. Swords? Or maybe... hm..."

I can barely think. I have a Reality Marble?! I have one of the most forbidden magecrafts?! That...does explain my dreams, though. All the dreams about swords. The ease of which I used that sword against Lancer. Everything.

"So that's how you summoned me, then..."

Eh? What does she mean by that? How I summoned her? Wait... she mentioned I'm like her... meaning she has a Reality Marble, too! That means... oh.

"So, I was able to summon you because we both have reality marbles, then...? That's..."

I can't finish the sentence. Is it insane? No, I'm obviously sane, though this whole situation is strange... Is it interesting? I guess...

"So I'll show you how to project it in your body later, as a defense."

Wait... in my body...?

"Won't that hurt?"

"Not if you learn it properly! And if you learn it enough, I'll let you see some of the blades stored in mine!"

What? What was that last part?

"You have blades in yours? Meaning... yours is like mine?"

"No, Mine's the Brunestud Castle."

I can only blink in surprise. "A castle...? Does that mean you're a princess, then?"

"I dunno. Everyone CALLED me one, though..."

I summoned a princess. I summoned a goddamned princess, and if I'm not careful, and nice to her, her family will send their army to kill me. I am SO screwed.

And Sakura's back... with a suitcase, and a tall woman in tow, carrying so many books it isn't even funny. I'll get back to Arcueid later... and then the books fall on my face.


Everything's fading out. Maybe I got a concussion from that? I can hear Sakura calling for me, though.

March 20th, 2011, 06:28 PM
Death from books?


March 20th, 2011, 06:31 PM
More of an accidental KO. He'll be fine, but he'll have to take it easy for a bit... Also, what does everyone think of the plot so far?

March 20th, 2011, 06:32 PM
OK, all I can say to this is that you really need to finish playing Heaven's Feel before writing any more.

Your characterisation of Zouken here seems far too nice for my liking (and, further, Sakura is way too trusting of him and his motives), and Gilgamesh most definitely did not "help Zouken raise Sakura".

March 20th, 2011, 06:34 PM
Did you not read the part where Zouken regains his sanity? Though I'm really not sure exactly why Gilgamesh would help Zouken.
Just sit back an enjoy the ride Mike, why must you complain so much about OOC

March 20th, 2011, 06:39 PM
This is a bit AU already, if you haven't noticed. I've hinted at it, but I'll lay it straight. In this, Gilgamesh beat Arturia completely in the 4th Holy Grail war, and forced her to drink the Mud that came out. It made her mortal, just like planned. However, since he didn't drink it, he's still effectively a mortal Servant. He needs Mana to live. Zouken and Kotomine teamed up in this, rather than Kotomine alone supplying Gilgamesh with Mana, due to the hefty drain of not one, but two different people... and to ensure that it would be natural, Kotomine ordered Gilgamesh and Arturia to help Zouken in any way possible. I was going to cover this in the next tiger dojo, but I was going to hit that over in a much later plot point. Still, for the sake of understanding, I thought I'd explain it now.

March 20th, 2011, 07:16 PM
And... one more chapter for today. As a spoiler, the exact relationship between Kotomine Kirei and Matou Zouken, too. Hopefully this clears up what the hell is happening a bit better. Also, Ghaleon's from the Lunar Video Games. Ghaleon nearly became a God in his own rights in Lunar, as well. I'm using him, because honestly? I don't think Media could do jack shit to Arcueid Brunestud, in the long run. A surprise attack... maybe. Beat her? No. She may have Rule Breaker, but if she can't hit Arcueid, and her skeletons can't hold her down... insert an epic beatdown for Medea there. Plus, as a fictional anti-hero... of a sorts... from a video game, it means Ghaleon's far more powerful then Sasaki Koujirou in Fate/Stay Night would have become... partially due to the newness of him.

Chapter 5

-Shirou's Perspective-

Pain. Wasn't I in pain yesterday, too? Not so bad this time... but it feels like my body's bruised all over. I hope that I don't make a habit of this. It hurts badly.


And I had a weird dream about Fuji-nee with her Shinai, and that... Ilyasviel girl in bloomers, saying something about a... Tiger Dojo... talking about... Questions? And then getting chased off by a blonde haired woman in black armor, riding a black lion, while they're screaming about a monster...
I can worry about what the hell that was later.

Weird dreams aside... Fuji-nee's here, and so is Sakura. And Fuji-nee is mad at Sakura for bringing a pile of books over...?


"Senpai?! You're awake! I was so worried about you!"

Sakura was worried about me... man, what the hell happened... oh.

"The books you were bringing over fell on me, Sakura. That kind of hurt..."

"I'm sorry, Senpai. Grandfather said I should bring some of his old journals over since he's taken a liking to you."

Journals... wait... that would mean... he sent his family library...? WHAT THE HELL?! But I have to... not talk about it since Fuji-nee's here. Great.

"Fuji-nee... I got hurt pretty bad by those books. I think I might have to stay home from school for a few days, ok? I can barely move, and my entire body feels like it's one big bruise."

"Shirou... I guess. Take as much time as you need to get better. I'd better send one of the family helpers to help take care of you, too, huh?"

"Ah... Fujimura-sensei... Could I stay here and help Senpai? I'll be glad to help him get better..."

Fuji-nee is smiling. And blinking. And smiling really wide now.

"Of course, Sakura! I'll ensure that everything goes well for you!"

And now she's running to the phone. Still... this'll give us time to handle the Holy Grail war without worrying about school, right? Hopefully me being bruised so badly like this will help. I hate to admit it, but maybe this is a good thing that I got hurt like this...

-End of Day One-

-Matou Zouken's Perspective-

The medicine Gilgamesh gives me daily to keep my corpse from rotting isn't working well anymore. Pity that. Helping him with Arturia's childbirth problems, and giving them a place to stay was well worth the medicine's value... at least at first. And they acted like babysitters for my Granddaughter, since they had nothing else to do. I'm glad they like her... Still, I'm losing myself to the insanity again. And... I'd better warn Kirei that Shirou Emiya has already won this war. Arcueid Brunestud as a servant... I'm glad I won't meet her. She'd end me with ease...

And I'm lucky. Gilgamesh hasn't realized he's sterile yet. That mud... that curse... that poured on him made him sterile. And almost insane. And his "wife", Arturia... she scares me more by the day. She's been eyeballing Shinji's neck, recently, too, which disturbs me even more.

Still, I have a few more years before I die. And... I need to know what this... Lunar game that Assassin told me about... is about. If I am to see my granddaughter survive this war, then she'll need my help. So I send Shinji to get me whatever I need to play that game. It's rather amusing how stunned he is. Still, he's a happy enough boy. Ever since he found out Sakura is the heir of the family magic, I erase his memory of magic and of us being anything but normal people daily. Sakura would be sad if she knew. But Shinji is better off not knowing anything about his family...

And I'm nearly at Kirei's place now. Better to warn him to keep Gilgamesh out of this War, and wait for the next one, rather than getting Gilgamesh involved. Arcueid Brunestud is one we cannot afford to have even notice us. Allies in name only, we might be, but she's a greater threat than what we can handle. And that... Ghaleon... worries me too. Those two fighting may well destroy the entire city, if we aren't careful... No use for it, we'll have to have our servants go against him to remove him from the game early. Lancer and Assassin against them should work well enough, right? And it's not like Caster's master, Shiki Tohno could ever be much of a threat. Only a pocket knife on him, indeed...

March 20th, 2011, 07:26 PM
This is a bit AU already, if you haven't noticed. I've hinted at it, but I'll lay it straight. In this, Gilgamesh beat Arturia completely in the 4th Holy Grail war, and forced her to drink the Mud that came out. It made her mortal, just like planned. However, since he didn't drink it, he's still effectively a mortal Servant. He needs Mana to live. Zouken and Kotomine teamed up in this, rather than Kotomine alone supplying Gilgamesh with Mana, due to the hefty drain of not one, but two different people... and to ensure that it would be natural, Kotomine ordered Gilgamesh and Arturia to help Zouken in any way possible. I was going to cover this in the next tiger dojo, but I was going to hit that over in a much later plot point. Still, for the sake of understanding, I thought I'd explain it now.

Ah, yeah, sorry, I guess I missed that bit.

So, from what I can tell, Zouken is treating Sakura as his "heir", but still tortures her with the worms as "punishment" if she disobeys him etc. Is that right? If so, he's still being pretty nasty to her, albeit nothing like as nasty as in canon.

March 20th, 2011, 07:36 PM
Exactly. He's nasty, but sane enough to realize what's right and wrong, still... albit barely. And he sees her as the person to fulfill his dream of seeing the completed holy grail if he himself cannot. Right now, he thinks he's won. The war is his and his Grand daughter's.

However, I'm still trying to decide what to do for Ghaleon. So I'm gonna ask all my readers. Would you all rather see an Arturia, Gilgamesh, Lancer, and Assassin vs Ghaleon fight? Or an epic beatdown of Lancer and Assassin going against Ghaleon and Shiki, only to get beaten down hard?

As it is, in the Lunar games, Ghaleon's almost as nasty a gamebreaker Servant as Arcueid is herself. He's already ancient beyond belief in the first game, not to mention the final goddamned boss, and *spoilers* he gets ressurected in the second game, and is even more powerful then in the first... though a lot stupider to use sword fighting rather than using all the damned overpowered magic he has like in the first one. That's why Shiki's pointing out every single weakpoint he has in Interlude C, aka Interlude Caster. Even if he's slightly weakened as being a fictional hero, he's still strong enough to possibly match Arcueid.

March 20th, 2011, 07:50 PM
Let me clarify my earlier post. Right now, there's three real ways that the story can end, for the final battle. But to decide on one of the three endings, I have to have an idea of what the readers want for the first real fight? Thus, do you all want to see a 4 on 1 fight, with Lancer, Assassin, Gilgamesh and Arturia going against Ghaleon? Or would you rather see just Lancer and Assassin going in, misjudging everything, and getting beaten down hard?

Ghaleon, Arcueid, Arturia, and Gilgamesh, right now, are about all the same level as game-breakers. Any one of them could most likely win this fight. Gilgamesh could flatten the city with an overpowered Enuma Elish, Arcueid could probably use her Reality Marble to drop the moon on everyone, ala Crimson Moon Brunestud... and Ghaleon's got his own tricks. But to decide on the final showdown at the end, I still need to figure out who's going to get offed first, thus me asking this.

March 20th, 2011, 08:06 PM
Exactly. He's nasty, but sane enough to realize what's right and wrong, still... albit barely. And he sees her as the person to fulfill his dream of seeing the completed holy grail if he himself cannot. Right now, he thinks he's won. The war is his and his Grand daughter's.

Does he still use the worms to control her (the ones implanted in her, I mean)? After all, they act to weaken her considerably as a magus (since they drain her of prana), but on the other hand with them there she simply can't betray him.

March 20th, 2011, 08:33 PM
Does he still use the worms to control her (the ones implanted in her, I mean)? After all, they act to weaken her considerably as a magus (since they drain her of prana), but on the other hand with them there she simply can't betray him.

He has the worms in her, but so far, he hasn't needed to use them YET. They're THERE, but dormant, and he hasn't ever had to wake up anything but the Crest Worm so far. Instead, he modified these for a new purpose. Instead of making her needing sex, they've been acting like a weak mana channel to Arturia, so she stays topped up on Mana. You have to remember, according to Heaven's Feel, the worms originally were a type of familiar that ONLY sent to the master the status of the worm's host. But, because of this, Sakura's his second guarantee that Gilgamesh won't do anything rash. If he's not nice, and acts like a father figure... as well as Arturia acting like a mother figure, to her and Shinji... and instead tries to kill the three of them. She'll lose more of the ability to fight.

Secondly, Zouken's planning as if the War's already won in his favor. He's got the big known trump card, and due to what Sakura learned, he KNOWS that Arcueid's at 100% power. That's why he's gone from being a true bastard, to supporting his grand daughter. His granddaughter's all but won the grail war, and so he can see it completed, like he wants.

Originally, Zouken planned on having True Assassin help out Sakura, but then Arcueid Brunestud's all but fallen into his lap as an ally. Do you really think he WOULDN'T take advantage of the situation to have Shirou, and thus, Arcueid, see the Matou family in the kindest light possible? He may be losing his sanity from rotting away, but Gilgamesh's medicine is keeping the rotting at bay. So, this is a Zouken with most of his mind at least half sane again. Why would he torture the person that's won the war for him? No, he's going to reward her for doing this by letting her be with the man she's loved in the first place. He's going to absolutely fucking ensure that Shirou Emiya is allied to his grand daughter, and thus, to him.

Yes, Sakura's been hurt by the worms going into her. Yes, she's weaker. But this isn't Zouken suffering unbearable agony every moment. This is Zouken with at least some of the keenness that made him help make the Holy Grail with Zelretch and the Einzberns in the first place. And that's what I'm trying to show him as. He's cunning, and still cunning enough to ensure that instead of being broken, Sakura's become a perfect weapon for him... and eventually a weapon for a man he chooses for her... not that she knows it. And right now, he's looking at Emiya Shirou to have his granddaughter as a reward for the grail. This isn't Matou Zouken who's summoned Assassin on a whim. This is a Matou Zouken who's been planning for the Holy Grail war since the last one ended, to have Sakura as the next Matou to take the entire war by force. And even if it's come early, he's still going to milk it for all the advantages he can.

March 20th, 2011, 08:44 PM
Yeah, that does make sense.

So, basically, he's still a selfish, amoral bastard, but he at least thinks of Sakura as his heir (rather than just as a "tool") and has some level of affection for her, and thus is nice to her unless he has reason not to be?

March 20th, 2011, 09:02 PM
Yeah, that does make sense.

So, basically, he's still a selfish, amoral bastard, but he at least thinks of Sakura as his heir (rather than just as a "tool") and has some level of affection for her, and thus is nice to her unless he has reason not to be?

Indeed. He's still that way, but he's considering himself to have won here. And, honestly, there's really only two possible endings to the story from here on out, though there's three ways it could happen. But Zouken's already thinking he has this in the bag. And can you blame him? He's going to treat the granddaughter who's brought him victory damned well, and he's going to ensure damned well that even though he's not allied to her to her KNOWLEDGE, that he can't help in the shadows. Of course, Ghaleon's a whole different story. Once he goes through those games, or finds someone that HAS, and realizes exactly what sort of a power house Shiki's summoned, and exactly WHY Shiki went through all that to ensure Ghaleon's understanding of the screwups he pulled, he's going to do his best to annihilate Shiki. Still, he has the option of convincing Kirei, right now, to do a sneak attack, or to strike with all their power NOW, and try to ensure Ghaleon's fucked over. Zouken knows that it'll take 2 days for Ghaleon to summon his Noble Phantasm. He's got a good 2 days to decide on what to do, and if they want to annihilate him, via every servant they've got, Alter, Gilgamesh, Lancer, and Assassin..., or just figure out if Ghaleon's a decent threat, by using Assassin and Lancer only.

Plus, you can't forget Shiki Tohno. He's capable of killing Arcueid all on his own, with surprise on his side. Or did you think I only tossed in Shiki as a tribute to Tsukihime? Who knows what he'll do if he loses his servant that may well save his sister... Shiki's only here because he's goddamned desperate to help his sister, who's currently from the Good ending of her route. And he'll do anything and everything in his power to help his sister.

March 20th, 2011, 09:26 PM
Yeah, of course. But, when Shirou finds out about the Grail corruption....

March 20th, 2011, 09:31 PM
It's Normal Ending, not Good Ending. Akiha has no Good Ending.

March 20th, 2011, 09:42 PM
Thanks for pointing that out about the Normal Ending. And yes, Shirou WILL find out about the grail corruption. Zouken knows of the grail corruption too. It's just that the destruction as a side effect doesn't matter to him at all... On a different note, I've got both possible endings all planned out already. It's just the midway point for the first and then epic last battle that I'm unsure of. So currently, I'm trying to decide on whether Ghaleon'll get beaten down, but survive, in a 4 on 1 match, or if he'll beat down Lancer and Assassin with ease. Still wondering if any readers have an idea on this.

March 20th, 2011, 10:07 PM
And now, for a surprise... Chapter 6! More characterization... and exactly what Shiki's doing for this. Also, if characterizations are wrong, please tell me. I'm trying to get a fix on Rider's true character, but as it is, I have her acting like she does while talking with Shirou towards the middle of Heaven's Feel, where I'm at right now. When I'm done, I'll be able to get a better idea of how to write her, but as it is...

Second off, still trying to decide on Ghaleon, since I've got noone reviewing on what I should have for the fight against him.

Also, please read and review.

Chapter 6.

-Shirou's Perspective-

I'm dreaming. But... I'm not. Is this my mind? I can see swords as far as the eye can see... it's desolate, but beautiful, with a sky showing that looks like the very beginnings of Sunrise. It feels... like home to me. Is this...what Arcueid was talking about? And as I think of her... my dream shifts. I see a young girl... Arcueid? With long hair, talking with people, though I can't hear what they're saying. And they're showing her how to fight. With her claws, with swords, and weapons of all kinds. Even a bow. Her skill is impressive with all of them... but she seems to be best with... chains that she can summon. Huh. Is that her weapon of choice...? And as I try to study her style further... I hear her calling to me.

She's pretty loud too. And it's getting louder... wait, what was that about water?!

And I'm awake. She dumped water on...me... Hell. I was hugging her when I was asleep. And she's pissed.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, please don't kill me, I didn't know I was hugging you...!"

"Is that what you were doing? You looked like you were having a dream, or something..."

"...Yeah. I was still asleep. I didn't know I was hugging you at all. Sorry... please don't kill me for doing that?"

She's... blushing?

"Actually... it was kind of nice. But you started squeezing hard, so I woke you up to make sure you're ok."

I'm blushing too now. It's kind of hard not to blush after hearing that. She liked my hug.

"Really? You thought it was nice...?"

She's blushing harder. And carrying me off to breakfast... I can't even move out of her grip, but this is kind of nice.

I don't have school because of these injuries. So as long as I look injured, I'll be able to stay home... and Sakura can take care of me. And... I wonder if I'll be allowed to read these books? Oh, there's Sakura in the kitchen, cooking breakfast. Wonder what it is today...

"Senpai... Grandfather said that I should teach you the family magics in the books here, since you're giving me your wish."

... I can't say a thing. Did I hear that right?

"And... Grandfather thinks we're a good couple, too..."

What?! WHAT?!

"Ah... and... he thought I'd make a good matchup for you, since we're both Mages... so, Um... He's decided that I make a perfect match for you since you're... ah... helping us so much. And pretty much gave his blessing that I could marry you if we wanted..."

I can't take this anymore, and faint again.



-Arcueid's Perspective-

That, was hilarious. I've never seen a guy go so red before. And then he fainted?! I'll remember this for a long time to come. Still, he was so comfortable earlier... it was fun.

Plus, it makes me blush to be around him. I'll remember that. Now... I'd better put Shirou down, and hunt down Rider while Sakura cooks.

Now, to find Rider. I want to talk to her about her Mystic Eyes, after all.

"Ah, Sakura? Where's Rider? I need to talk to her..."

"Oh, she's by Senpai's shed. She's been reading a book on the roof there... and enjoying the peace and quiet... speaking of which, you may wish to see if she wants food, too..."

Hm. Well, if she skips the food, she might not need it, Still, though...

"Ah... Sakura? Does she know how to use chopsticks? If not, you may want to make something she can eat without them. I know it took me a while to study how they worked."

She's surprised, and embarassed. I don't think she's asked at all. But I'd better leave and talk to Rider. Better now than never, after all... And there she is. Just like Sakura said.


"Do you have business with me, Saber?"

"Sakura's wanting to know if you know how to use chopsticks, for breakfast... and... I was wondering if you know how to turn your eyes off, or not."

"I do not know how to use chopsticks. And... I've never been able to deactivate my Mystic Eyes."

"Never, huh? Well, after breakfast, I can teach you, since we're allies. Or would you rather learn how to do it now?"

I sit and watch her carefully. She's contemplating her actions from here on out, before nodding.

"...I would appreciate that, Saber."

"Please, call me Arcueid."

"You don't mind that I know your name?"

"Considering there should be enough power in the grail, to grant our wishes with ease, if what I remember of Grandpa Zel saying about it... we don't need to eventually fight in the end. So no, I don't. mind at all."

She's surprised. It's hard to see her emotions, but I can tell there's definite surprise on her face.

"And so that's why you're so calm. I see now. We don't have to worry as long as we can pull this off, hm?"

"Exactly. So let's go eat and then train, hm? And our Masters can train at the same time. I don't think Shirou's Magic Circuits will open up without her help, after all..."

We're approaching the house again. It seems like Rider has been lonely for a long time, if she's so uncomfortable talking. Still, she seems curious about something. And as we go into the dining room together, she finally asks it.

"So how many Magic Circuits does your master have, then, Arcueid?"

"Oh, that? 27. It seems like he's only used to using one, though. If I wasn't good enough at getting power from his circuits, they'd be shut still."

"Senpai has... 27? And he's been only using 1?!"

Oh my, Sakura just fainted from shock. Hm... cold water, or having Rider wake her up. The possibilities. Or... hm... I know! I'll put her into his arms, so they're close, and leave a blanket on them while I teach Rider!

"Let's go while they're like this, ok Rider? We can more than easily get back if something ever happens."

She's amused, as well.

-Fade Out-

-Shiki Tohno's Perspective-

"Is that Servant gone, Ghaleon?"

He only nods. Now that that Servant has left, we can continue working on Akiha with his spells. He may not be much of a healer, but powered by a ley line, he can do damned near anything. All we need is enough time, to heal her... and if a Servant, or more than one comes, we can summon Ghaleon's Noble Phantasm early. The Grindery... a moble fortress capable of destroying the bulk of the city nearby. Still, better to concentrate on Akiha than to summon it, since we have the time. And Akiha's hair has been fading to her old black again... I'm glad of that. I love her, and I want to be happy with her.
And so I killed those monks. To help Ghaleon. To help my sister. She matters to me more than I matter to myself... but maybe after this is over, he can help me as well. Maybe he can give me a new life... I know I've damned the world by summoning him. He's an anti-hero. Even if he helps people, it's for his own purposes... even if he opposes people, it's for his own purposes, too. But...
I can't help but trust him. He's enough like me that I can understand him. He fought for his ideals to the bitter end, in both of those games... just like I am right now.

"How long until she's cured, Ghaleon...?"

"It will only take 5 more days, if we're uninterrupted, Shiki. 7 if we need the Grindery. I have to channel the entire ley line to do this, after all. Same with the Grindery... unless you want to ruin all the work I've done to save her by summoning it early.

I must say, though. I'm impressed with his work. He's the most masterful mage I've ever heard of. And Akiha's starting to act like her normal self. So... hopefully... I'll win. No, I can't have any other choice BUT to win.

No other choice at all.

March 20th, 2011, 10:18 PM
And yes, Shirou WILL find out about the grail corruption. Zouken knows of the grail corruption too. It's just that the destruction as a side effect doesn't matter to him at all...

Of course it doesn't. But it does matter to Shirou and it will matter to Sakura, especially since Shirou won't be able to give her her "wish" after all....

Anyway, nice chapter, and I like Shirou's reaction to Sakura's proposal.

March 20th, 2011, 10:19 PM
Hey, Ranma. This is a great story, but if your ending ends up without a happy ending for Shiki and Akiha I'll tear your balls off get very angry at you.

March 20th, 2011, 10:26 PM
Well, Shiki seems like the villain here, so....

I wouldn't be suprised to see it go about as well as Kieran's Legacies of Fate story went for Sakura (who was, somehow, turned into a villain there too).

March 20th, 2011, 10:27 PM
I'll remember that about Shiki. Currently, I'm still trying to decide on how it'll end... but I'm guessing you're going for the 2 on 1 beatdown from Ghaleon then, so Shiki's got a better chance for a happy ending?

And yes, I thought it was perfect for Shirou's reaction to Sakura just "happening" to mention that her Grandfather thinks she'd be a good wife for him, since he's giving them a wish off the grail, and all. It's not every day that the girl you've been having over for over a year, and you've started to think as being sexy, happens to mention that her grandfather thinks you're the perfect match for her. So his reaction, went perfect. I also hope I'm not pushing Arcueid at Shirou too early, either...

No, Shiki's not a villain, YET. But he's allied himself to a villain that used to be a Hero, due to desperation. If he thinks things are hopeless, he'll do whatever it takes to try and win, even trying to take on Arcueid on by himself. And everyone knows what happened to Arcueid in the Visual Novel, ect. when he got to her by surprise...

March 20th, 2011, 10:30 PM
Well, Shiki seems like the villain here, so....

I wouldn't be suprised to see it go about as well as Kieran's Legacies of Fate story went for Sakura (who was, somehow, turned into a villain there too).


Anyway, yeah, I'm voting for the 2 on 1 if it gives Shiki the chance for a happy ending. Akiha NormalEnd broke my heart. AkihaTrue did that as well.

March 20th, 2011, 10:35 PM
Thanks. Gonna write it up as soon as my muse is helpful again.

March 21st, 2011, 02:45 AM
I'll point out that the power of the video game character does not necessarily correlate to his power in-game; it'd be determined by the Wraith summoned in his place, combined with whatever boosts from fame and age he might get.

Shiki would have probably been better off trying to summon a pop culture icon like Darth Vader or Char Aznable instead.

March 21st, 2011, 02:47 AM
*shamelessly plugging his own fic because of above statement*

Look, gaze into my signature, click on the linnnnkkkk~~~~

And I'm still liking this story.

March 21st, 2011, 04:10 AM
I actually like Fate/Inertia dawn, too. *chuckles softly* It's rather well written, though I think Unit 01 might be a bit similar in scale for overkill. Bit like the Grindery, or Enuma Elish would be, honestly. Still, you like my story, and aren't just saying that?
Thank god. My first time writing a story like this isn't so bad after all...

And yeah, Nick. He's not getting quite so much FAME, HOWEVER, he's so new, people are more thinking about him than in older history. Darth Vader would've been BETTER if Shiki didn't have someone he needs to heal. However, a Legendary Hero, of his own Right, from a video game, that turned into the big badass villain and nearly became a God? Even if he's not getting quite so much power, he still nearly became Divinity of his own rights, and that's still going to affect him, buffering him in it's own way.

Also, the Grindery runs off pure Magic. Ley Line + Grindery = Big Booms out of the cannons no matter how weaker Ghaleon's fame is. Ghaleon's sitting on one of the biggest damned Ley Lines of the City, remember? Hm... though... that makes for an interesting plot twist... huh. Just thought of something now, while thinking that over. Could affect the story as a whole.

Also, Just finished Heaven's Feel True Ending. Gonna use a ton of extra thoughts and ideas when I wake in the morning. It's given me a lot more ideas for where to go with Zouken and Sakura.

Still, I've hit damned close to the mark so far for what I'm aiming for.

Hopefully I can get this finished before April. Gonna aim for that, I hope. Then again, with how slow chapters are progressing... meh... it'll be done when it's done, I guess. Now, off to read Tsukihime's manga again to ensure I've got Arcueid in character still.

On a different note, I've finally got my grand finale ironed out completely. So even if you hate me for the final chapter, wait for the epilogue, when I write it, ok? It'll be a damned good one! Of course, if you've missed the little stuff I added here and there, you won't realize what the ending plot twist will be in the epilogue, though. Mwahahahaha! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! MWAHAHAHAHAHA *cough* HAHAHA *Cough, cough* HAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA*wheeze, pant, cough cough wheeze* Stupid megalomania laughter...

Now just to figure out what the hell's going to happen between Day 2 and whatever day in the series I end it on... Crap. Forgot about that little detail. Ah, well! More writing for me!

March 21st, 2011, 05:13 AM
Well, bouts of Megalomania-esque laughter aside, my plot's finally finished. Now it's up to me to get down what my muse gave me as the plot, into a story. Here's to hoping that nothing too much will affect me with this, and I get it down well enough, eh?
Also, on a different note, I should've called "Day 1" "Day 3"... whoops. Meh. Might change it later, too tired to right now, though. Still, just wanted to drop that my insomnia's making me still work on the story, before I sleep.

March 21st, 2011, 04:58 PM
Next Chapter's up. More on Archer's plans to counter Arcueid... though he'll find he's going to have much nastier side effects than he's hoping for. Poor, poor Archer. Still, did you really think I'd forget about him? Read and review, please.

Chapter 7

-Arcueid's Perspective-

Teaching Rider how to use her eyes properly was entertaining. She kept on blushing whenever I used mine... oh... wait... oops. Hopefully I didn't affect her too badly. Crap, I messed up there. I've been having so much fun talking with her, I forgot.

Hm... and there's Shirou and Sakura waking up, from the sounds of it... it sounds kind of cute, really. He's a lot nicer than anyone else I've met. Hopefully after this is done, I can still stick around.

Still, I suspect he's going to ask me about learning how to fight today. He's not all that durable, but if I teach him some sword fighting. How fun, I'll be able to teach him like my horrible teachers taught me! By beating the crap out of him until he figures out the fighting style!

Then again, if he gets too injured, that could go badly...

Maybe they have wooden swords or something, for me to smack him with? That could be better for him... slightly.

Oh well, no pain, no gain, as I heard someone once say while passing them by. Rather accurate, that.

-Archer's Perspective-

"Archer, why are we skipping school again?"

I sigh. Rin's more irritating then ever.

"Do you want a chance for me to win against Arcueid Brunestud, or no, Master?"

"Yes, but..."

"Then I need to refine my Reality Marble further."

She's staring at me in shock. Has she not realized what I've been doing all this time?! Irritating.

"Archer... how exactly will that help us win?"

"Do you recall how a Reality Marble works, Rin?"

"It overwrites reality, using a projection of one's own inner self..."

"But at the basics, it's much easier to understand, for the difference between my Reality Marble, and her Marble Phantasm."

"How so? I don't know much about them besides what I was taught."

"At the core of it, it's like a bag of marbles... thus the name. What her Marble Phantasm does, is with her understanding of the Nature of Reality itself, she can pick out the sole possibility of an action happening. It's like a bag of marbles, with a white marble mixed in with countless black marbles. No matter what happens, she'll pick out the white one, right?"

She's nodding slowly.

"What a Reality Marble does, instead, is that it turns all the black marbles into white ones, so there's only one chance. Because I don't have the innate connection with Nature she does, I can't fully counter her actions."

And cue her being in shock again. My master is rather amusing sometimes.

"But... it's not impossible to force my mind to grasp the reality of Nature that she instinctively has. What I'm doing is slowly refining my ability to comprehend Nature's reality itself, through meditation. Though I don't have it down perfectly, I've gotten it from turning all the marbles white, as an example, to only turning half of them white. I have to have absolute focus to do this, though, or else it'll break my mind so I can't even think anymore. It's too rough on my mind to comprehend reality like she does all the time."

"You... Archer... but that could kill you!"

"You need me to win this, don't you Rin? This is possibly the only way to counteract Arcueid Brunestud at her strongest. She didn't act like she was thirsty for blood when she smacked me with that piece of sidewalk, remember?"

She's thinking about it. And is slowly nodding.

"That means she's not using any of her power to surpress her bloodlust. She's strong enough to kill Berserker singlehandedly, Rin. If I can't do this, we don't HAVE a chance. Either I refine my Reality Marble to be as close to a Marble Phantasm as possible... or we've already lost. Which would you prefer?"

And as she nods in understanding, I go back to my meditation.

-Shirou's Perspective-

It's after lunch, and I'm getting beaten up with a Shinai. My entire body feels like one solid bruise, worse than last night after those books hit me.

Arcueid's training me in sword fighting. Thank god she learned about Shinais to spar with, or else I'd be stabbed every time she hits me. As it is, I'm already in massive amounts of pain.
She told me that to better understand my Reality Marble, I have to learn a solid way of fighting with swords. And now she's beating the crap out of me with Shinai to teach me how to fight with them and avoid pain.

I can only see one blow out of 5, but I have a general idea of where she's going to hit. Still, with only one Shinai... wait, maybe if I had two?

She's going faster now. The only way I can get another Shinai... would be projection? If I try, maybe...

So I focus and try. No materials, but... A flash of insight. Does it really matter? If I use the air itself as a material, then...

And it works. I attack with my left arm while parrying with my right, and try to drive her back. She's impressed. I've impressed her... oh crap.

When I come to, it's obviously been a while. I'm not out of breath anymore, and she's sitting in front of me, amused.

"Did you see where you went wrong? You didn't spot my kick. Just because your opponent doesn't have a sword of some sort, doesn't mean they're not as dangerous up close."

"What the hell did you just hit me with?"

"A boot to the head."

"Oh, god damn it. If that was a joke, it was a lame one."

She's blinking. "Shirou, what's a joke?"

Crap, she actually booted me in the head. Wait... she doesn't know what a Joke is?

"You don't know? A joke is something that others find humor in."

"Oh? You'll have to tell me some later. For now, though, back to training!"

And so we continue all afternoon long.

-fade out-

March 21st, 2011, 05:10 PM
Arcueid is so cute when she's naive :3

March 21st, 2011, 05:15 PM
Yeah, I tried to aim specifically for her Naive personality towards the start of Tsukihime. And since I've got a cold, I'm able to write a lot more. Still, with the outline fully lined out, I'm trying to flesh out exactly how the characters are trying to counteract her danger. Do you think I've gotten her too naive though, or do you think I'm hitting it right on the dot for her mentality?

March 21st, 2011, 05:23 PM
Arcueid is naive towards normal social life. But she's sharper during battles. She was trained to fight and not to socialize. That's why she hasn't learned a lot about human life.

March 21st, 2011, 05:25 PM
*nods* That's what I got, too. Her personality's a lot like Lucia's , from Lunar 2, as I've noted in Tsukihime. No damned clue how to interact with others, but more than enough to beat the crap out of anyone she fights with. Makes for a lot of fun ideas later...

March 21st, 2011, 05:38 PM
And yet another chapter. This touches on Ilya's history with Berserker a bit, too. Can't ignore her, right? Berserker's point of view, for a change of pace.

Chapter 8

-Berserker's Perspective-

It's hard to think. Ilyasviel hasn't realized I'm able to think again, though. I'm not sure if that's a good thing, or a bad thing. Probably the former, though. Wait...former of what? Doesn't matter. I'll protect her. I won't let my rage kill her like it did... it did...

Like it did my children. Like my wife. I won't let it take someone from me again. She reminds me of my children. So I'll protect her.

It's so hard to think. But I do it for her. She's like a... daughter to me. That's the word. Daughter. I'm not her father, but she's like my daughter. So I'll protect her. Even if it hurts her like it did...

In that forest. Yes, that forest. She hurt with my every move. She suffered because I protected her. And I won't hurt her again. I won't see her hurt.

Is that why I can think? No, she doesn't realize it. Or else she'd take it from me again. Take what from me again? I can't remember... but I'll protect her. In that forest, I swore... I'd see her safe. Even if I can't talk anymore. I'll still keep her safe.

She nearly died there. From me. From me saving her. I could nearly not save her because of her terrible agonies. From that damnable cold. But... I saved her. With my sword.

I won't let her suffer again.

She's looking at me, and smiling. Like she knows my thoughts. Like she's known I think of her like this the entire time.

I won't go so hard that I hurt her. I...will not hurt her. I'll keep her safe. Even from that... girl with the red eyes. No matter what the cost is. No matter if I die.

She knows I can think. She's putting one hand on my leg...

"Thank you, Berserker..." And I try to nod, slightly. It's the best I can do.

It's so hard to think... but I do it for this girl.

-Fade Out-

-Shirou's Perspective-

It's after dinner. Fuji-nee was stunned at how bad my body still is bruised. Thankfully, we can pass the bruises off as from yesterday, but she's going to keep me out of school for the next few weeks, not just a few days as originally planned.

Arcueid's explaining to me how to project my Reality Marble within myself. It's surprisingly not as complex as I thought, but the dangers of doing it wrong... scare me. Still, with 27 circuits, and the books Sakura's given me... I have to keep focused on Arcueid. I can't let myself focus on Sakura, or else I'll get problems.


OW! She smacked me for not listening?! Ow ow ow ow OW!

"I told you to try and project a sword, Shirou!"

"Sorry, Arcueid, let me try now...!"

And so I try to project a Shinai again. It's easier and easier every time I try a Shinai. Maybe I'll be able to make more than one at once...?

My mind's comprehending swords better now... just the way she likes it.

"Shirou, can you recall a blade if you look at it, or do you need to pour your Mana into a blade instead?"

She's eyeballing me, like she's curious... and now she's irritated? Crap...

"Ah... yeah, I just need to see one."

"Oh, well that's good. Maybe I can show you some swords later..."

"Swords? Where?"

"The ones in my Reality Marble. I can't access them myself without the key, but it's lost somewhere... and I don't know where to find the stupid key at. But if you can project replicas of them, I can use your replicas when I fight for you!"

...I'm shocked. She has an ingenious idea, too. If I can replicate the swords... but wait a damned minute, here!

"Can't you get them out if you can show them to me?"

"They're in weird clear cases."

Oh. Wait...in that case...

"Why don't you have someone else help find the key? You said you're a princess, right? Don't you have other people there...?"

She's... sad?

"They died a long time ago. It was the fault of a man named Roa... but someone killed him before I could."

I... she's the princess of a forgotten nation. Well, at least on the bright side, I don't have to worry about them lynching me if I continue looking at her...

"Why are you looking at me like that, Shirou?"

Still, she's rather pretty, and I do enjoy her company...

"Is there something on my shirt? Shirou?"

And she's got those amazing red eyes I could watch for hours, too...

"Shirou? Shirou? If you don't start talking, I'm going to hit you with this Shinai..."

And she looks...wait, what am I thinking about again? She's a princess, there's no way she'd ever be interested in... Oh, she's pissed. Shit. Still, she's kinda cute, even when she's angry...

"Well, Shirou. You asked for it!" *Thwack*

And as I fall unconscious, the last thing I think about is how I shouldn't have been knocked out by blunt objects, two nights in a row.

-Fade Out-

-End of Day 3-

March 21st, 2011, 06:38 PM
And yet another chapter. I'm on a roll today... boredom and nothing else to do does that, I guess.
Sakura's showing more of what results in being raised by Gilgamesh, Arturia, and Zouken as an heir of Zouken's, rather than a tool. Nothing too different, but she's showing that she can be willing to take advantage of things rather than ignoring a possibility.
Read and Review, please! And again, if I mis-characterize someone too drastically, please tell me.

Chapter 9.

-Shirou's Perspective-

I'm dreaming again. But my dream's different. I'm not dreaming of swords... I'm dreaming of my reality marble. This is how I am inside... a massive plain, covered in swords, with an eternal Sunrise. But something's different, as well. Are those... flowers in the distance? And so I travel to see them. My Reality Marble's linked to something else, faintly. A massive field of flowers, with a huge castle in the distance. Could this be...Arcueid's? Is this how I summoned her? But... the flowers are growing on my end, too. The field below me, of solid, cracked dirt, is slowly growing flowers and grass... and in between my Reality Marble and hers is my Command Seal. I decide to walk closer, and as I do, I realize I'm seeing Arcueid when she was younger, in the fields, talking with an old man. Her "Grandpa Zel" perhaps...

And as I try to see things closer... I hear a voice. No, two voices.

"Senpai, wake up!"

"Shirou, wake up. I'm hungry, and Rider is too!"

I want to see the flowers closer, damn it! But they're not listening to me, and someone's poking me.

"Shirou, if you don't make me some of your tasty food, I'm going to smack you again!"

Crap, Arcueid's trying to wake me up. I'd better... Open my eyes like I'm doing right now, so I don't get hit again. Thankfully, I woke up when she started talking about smacking me. She's got a Shinai out, and is looking rather irritated...

Sakura's glaring at her, too. I'm guessing she took offense to that comment about my food being tasty, and not mentioning hers as well.

"Morning, you two. Sorry for slepeing late. Let me get started on breakfast right away... and Arcueid, sorry for spacing out on you last night. I was just thinking about something, and was spacing out."

"Spacing out...?"

She doesn't know what that... means? Oh, wait. It's slang, she probably doesn't know what slang is.

"It means not fully paying attention, because I had something else on my mind."

"Like what, Shirou?"

"Ahhh..." How can I explain this without her killing me...? "You're so pretty, I'm sort of glad you don't have any guards that would kill me for looking at you. But I'm also sad that you lost all the people that you were a princess for...."

She's blushing but looking sad, too. Maybe she misses them all... that must be it. She misses them all, and can't be with them anymore.

"Shirou... why is my face red like this...?"

"Because I called you pretty...?"

Wait... Sakura's in here too. She's looking at me weird, as well... did I just insult her by complimenting Arcueid? Crap. Still, I have to check something...

"Ah, Arcueid? Is there a reason why you don't like Sakura's cooking...?"

She's blushing now. Focus, Shirou, FOCUS. She's looking pretty like that, but you can't let that distract you."


"Well? Is there something wrong with her cooking...?"

"I can't eat garlic... it gives me a stomache ache..."

Oh. And that means... Sakura made something with garlic today. I'd better get food for Arcueid, then, while I still can.

And so I run to make her a breakfast without garlic. Hopefully they don't get into too much trouble while I'm gone. I may be bruised as hell, but I can still move somewhat.

-Sakura's Perspective-

Senpai... likes Arcueid's looks. Hm... well, she IS pretty. I guess I won't mind sharing if I have to. Grandfather told me that I could keep one or two people if I really want to... and Arcueid Brunestud staying around would be perfect. If I share him with her, the Matou line won't disappear so easily, so Grandfather won't have a choice about it!

Perfect! I can have Senpai, and the world's best guardian for him, all in a neat pretty package! Now to figure out how to sell her on the idea...

She doesn't like garlic? No, she sounds like she's allergict to it. And with the garlic I added to breakfast... no wonder she looked so sad, and didn't eat much.

So I have to change my meals to ensure she has no garlic.

"Ah...sorry for the Garlic... I didn't know you were allergict to it, or I would have made something else..."

She's surprised, and smiling now.

"Really? You would have done that?"

I have to smile. She's like a little girl in a lot of ways... it reminds me of being with my sister when I was younger...

"Yes. I don't want to cause you undue problems, after all. Ah... on a different note... have you ever worn a bra?"

She's blinking. And now thinking... it looks so cute, I can't help but smile at it.

"Never. What's a bra?"

...It seems like I have much to teach her in underwear. And with how she acts... I don't think she's had any friends.

"It's something so your chest doesn't move around as much. You've really never heard of a bra before?"

"Oh. It's like a corset, then? Those keep your chest from moving too much..."

...a Corset?! If I didn't know she was raised several hundred years ago, I'd be horrified right now. I still am, actually.

"Corsets haven't been used much for the past hundred years. We use padded bras instead now. They're like the tops of corsets that cover your chest, only..."

"That's... rather smart. Aren't they tight, though? Mine always were too tight..."

"No, they aren't too tight at all. Maybe we can go shopping this week for some for you?"

And she's smiling now. That's good. Maybe I can do this after all...

"I'll loan you one, so let's go see if any of mine fit you, hm?"

-Fade out-

March 21st, 2011, 08:00 PM
One more chapter for now. More "innocent Arcueid" who's wondering what to do about Shirou and Sakura, as well as a bit of a glimpse into Lancer's viewpoints... then more of Zouken, as well as learning where the hell the shattered Grail pieces went to. As always, please read and review!

Chapter 10

-Arcueid's Perspective*

I like this "Bra" thing. It's quite comfortable, and I can train with Shirou better now. Not too tight, either... though Sakura seemed rather irritated about not having a "Sports Bra" like what I'd need. She still seemed rather happy that I could be more comfortable. She also kept on acting like she wants to ask me something, too...

Still, she hasn't said anything, so I guess I shouldn't worry too much?

Shirou's cooking is tasty. I never thought food would be so good since Grandpa Zelretch gave me food like he did so long ago... when I first learned that I hate Garlic.

God, I hate that stuff.

Shirou's training in front of me right now. It seems like he's already seen it before, so it's just a matter of him to learn how to channel it now.

I can almost imagine him as a Shinso, for some reason... he'd be cute as one, I think... why am I wishing he was one...? It's not possible, so why...?

Is this that "Liking someone" thing that Grandpa Zel told me about? If so, it's not as bad as what the other Shinso said, at all...

...No, it's more than just that... still, at least whatever it is, it's nice. At least it feels nice, right? Things that feel nice aren't supposed to hurt.. so it has to be a nice thing! Right...?

And he has a lot of talent, too. He's nice, like Grandpa Zel was... so... I... If I could make him a Shinso somehow... wouldn't it be worth it? I don't have bloodlust anymore, as long as I'm with him...so I... It's tempting. If I could wish for that instead... And Sakura used her wish... for... Oh. She would have to be included, too... If I made them both into Shinso, and she wished for the Shinso as a race to never have or be affected by Bloodlust?

Then I'd never be lonely again! I'd...have a chance to be with others of my race again... as it is, once this is over... if we lose, I'm still a threat. I'm still a threat to Sakura, at least. Whatever's in him is still taking away my bloodlust, after all.. Hm... still, maybe I can help Shirou by trying to show him how to connect to nature? Try to make his Reality Marble into a proper Marble Phantasm? That could...help us both. I wonder if there's a way to become a true Shinso?

And I'm suddenly reminded of when Grandpa Zel told me that I'd enjoy finding a "strapping young lad" to "repopulate my species"... whatever the hell he meant by that. And why did he always avoid something called "The Talk" whenever he was talking with me...?

Tch. My mind's wandering. First the training, then figuring out how to win this thing. Shirou needs to be a better mage, and a better warrior, before he can be out in combat.

And with that, I have only two options, really. He seems to prefer two handed styles. So, I can either train him in the style he's developing, or show him how to use the style that I was taught.

What am I thinking? He'll be better with the Brunestud style. It's always served ME well, after all...

As soon as he's done with learning how to project weapons from his Reality Marble, he'll be trained in how to use my fighting style. And the more he succeeds, he'll be given a nice little reward. I'm sure he'd love to use Shinso-made swords to replicate, after all.

Yes, that'll work just well.

-Lancer's Perspective-

Kotomine's been pissed with me lately. It's not my fault my Noble Phantasm all but fucking SHATTERED by that girl. Can he get even more bitchy about this? The bastard. He should be happy I'm alive. And I hope my Gae Bolg will fix over time. Otherwise it'll be a Broken Phantasm, and that... won't end well at all.

I wish Bazett was still my Master... She was so much better than this asshole, it wasn't even funny. And something about how she looked at me... it was like she was in love with me.

I shouldn't be thinking about this anymore. Kirei'll make me go scouting with Assassin of all people to see what Caster's power is like, in a few days... after that old ugly bastard, Zouken Matou gives him more information. Something about a game? Must be some sort of fictional hero or something.

Speak of the devil, there's Zouken now.

-Zouken's Perspective-


He's turned and nodded towards me, in respect. Heh, our partnership has been fruitful so far, though... putting the shattered pieces of the Holy Grail in a Homunculus, then inserting it into Arturia's womb, in order to give birth to Avenger failed miserably. He's still a decent ally, for now. Not that I trust him any more than he trusts me. Holding Sakura above his head as Arturia's mana source keeps him from striking me, so it's still a good relationship. For now, anyways.

"Zouken, what news do you bring?"

"My grandson, Shinji, is playing the games that I spoke of briefly with you yesterday, while giving you warning about Caster. I told him to play them for me, and learn the plot, because it intrigued me. He's a rather good boy, even if he's foolish. We should stay clear of him, for now. My Granddaughter's allied herself with Shirou Emiya, who seems to have drawn truely the strongest trump card within this current War."

"Indeed? And whom did he summon that is so legendary?"

"Arcueid Brunestud."

Kotomine just went white. Good. At least someone's smart enough to realize how dangerous this situation is.

"The White Princess of the Shinso? Then she is...?"

"No, she isn't dead yet, Kirei. She seems confused as to why she'd wake up in a body she suspects isn't her own. Perhaps it has something to do with her being a Shinso and not a traditional Heroic Spirit?"

"Hm. Indeed. But why would you be so amused?"

"My adorable granddaughter allied herself with him. In return, she's gained his wish. As long as Arcueid's wish is fulfilled, my own desires have too been fulfilled."

"Amusing. So you've won the war already?"

"Indeed, I have, Kirei. But I'll ensure you go to see what is born, as we agreed when we tried to give birth to the Holy Grail through Arturia after the last Grail War."

"Good. Is there any other news? You did not see fit to tell me this last time, after all."

Hmph. He's prying. Still, I may as well bait him with a bit of information.

"Would the name on that pocket knife, of that boy who summoned Caster, have any meaning?"

"Perhaps. What was it?"

"Ah... I believe it was... Nanaya. It looked closer to 'Seven Nights', however, I don't think that a pocket knife would be named such a thing."

"Nanaya... then he is a descendant of that clan... hmph. We'll talk later, someone appears to be coming to visit the church for a conffession. Do be safe, Zouken."

"And you too, Kirei."

Betraying him will be a pain, but if he tries to strike at me like I fear he will, I'd better deal with him first, not last as originally planned. Then, insuring Gilgamesh doesn't strike me down and lose any way to keep Arturia always full with Mana, will be a much easier task. After all, he'll need me to survive, too.

March 21st, 2011, 11:57 PM
Ocasionally, some people figure out how to meditate well enough to learn how to go into a mental representation of their mind. I took a lot of experiences I've had with Ki practitioners doing so, only to find mental defenses they've made either in this, or previous incarnations. Some of which are really, really bitchy about being ignored for 15 or 30 lives said practitioner ignored them for, not realizing they couldn't be heard unless that level of meditation was possible. So hopefully it doesn't seem to unrealistic that Shirou would run into one. And honestly, if I had any other idea on how to teach him the incantation, I would have. But Archer's not set to pop in for a while yet. So this seemed like it would be a perfect way of teaching him how to communicate better with himself.
Please, do read and review!

Chapter 11

-Shirou's Perspective-

I'm meditating on my Reality Marble. Arcueid said that I must train like this to gain a better understanding of how to attain it. How to work and synchronize with it. And I have to ask the blades to show me what I need to learn to use it properly.

So far, it's been... interesting. The blades have rearranged themselves in words to explain to me how to use this. If she hadn't mentioned it was possible, I would never have thought of this... but because my understanding the innate nature of blades is part of my Reality Marble, originally was subconscious, I have to learn how to communicate with the part of my mind that governs my understanding of blades.

The other thing she said, though... that was more interesting. As long as my Reality Marble stays like I first saw for the style of the ground, the closer it is to the actual nature of Reality itself, and the closer it is to a Marble Phantasm... And she's right. As I focus, I can SEE how it's easy to project swords as long as I do this properly. But she said something else... something about needing a link to Nature in every way? Fire, Water, Earth, Air, and Life... but I have to find each part that represents each. And I must explore it until I've found each type.

Sakura called it a "Spiritual Journey" that I have to undertake. Hopefully I don't screw it up...

And so I walk. I study each part of my Reality Marble. I can see the part for Air...Earth... and Water. But... where's Fire and Life?

And so I search. It seems like it's been hours now... maybe it has been? But Arcueid was insistant, and asked me if I'd rather have training with her until my body was a single mass off bruises, too exhausted to do anything BUT meditate on this. She's kind of scary that way, honestly.

Wait... there's heat underground... meaning I have to find a way underground to find it. Glancing around, right before I try to dig, I note one single thing, that catches my eye. The flowers from Arcueid's Reality Marble I saw last night is near my link to her. And walking over to look at them further, I can see that they've actually been growing on my side, but were dying from lack of water. Maybe if I ask the Reality Marble to help them grow, it'll connect me with the Nature of Reality more? It IS a form of life.

And so I continue looking for the warmest spot. And coming to that spot, I dig. I can't dig it easily, it's hard and rough, and I have no shovels, but I still continue. And at 5 feet in, I fall.

There's a massive cave system down here... I should explore. And as I explore, I see lava streams here and there, flowing through the caverns. And...signs of something else. Something new, and unique.

Maybe a form of life? I'll follow the tracks it makes, though I can't tell what the hell it is. Some sort of snake, perhaps?

And as I continue walking, I notice. Whatever it is, is made out of swords.

"It has been many incarnations since you've last found this part of your mind, boy."

I pause. What the hell made that? I've just noticed, it's pitch black, too. I've been following the tracks not noticing... wait. No, that can't be right... it was bright a few moments ago.


"Not a Who, boy! A what! I'm the part of you that remembers Unlimited Blade Works in every incarnation you've taken it in, and used it... not that you ever search down deeper like you are now. Honestly, you're pathetic. You had to DIG down to find me?"

And as my eyes adjust to the darkness, I can see him. He looks like me, vaguely, but he's covered in so many swords, he can't even walk anymore, only crawl.


"Tch. I'm like this from your failures, boy. You really think reincarnation wouldn't screw you up? It screwed up the bits and pieces of you that remembered, that had to store the blades your mind couldn't allow you to remember yet. And look at me? I'm the one that has to store them... in my own little chunk of your mind. What's left of me, anyways."

"How... can I help you?"

"...You have to accept them up there. Accept me as a guardian of your mind, the part of you that keeps you safe from the pain. Otherwise it'll affect you badly. Force your body to become like it. That girl bonded to you well enough that I can move again, though I won't for much longer. I represent your mind's understanding of the nature of reality, and the nature of your blades... from every incarnation you've met me in. Or did you really think you've only come across magic once or twice before? Or... did you even believe in reincarnation? Not many do, nowadays."

He's moving closer to me. He's like me, but with grey hair... and tanned skin.

"You'll look like this eventually. I'm looking like you will as an adult, after all."

"How do I remove them from you? How do I help you?! Please, tell me..."

He's smiling...

"You must learn your your incantation to use this, boy."

"Please... teach me."

"I am the bone of my sword."

"I am the bone of my sword."

"Steel is my body, and Fire is my blood."

"Steel is my body, and Fire is my blood."

"I've created over a thousand blades."

"I've created over a thousand blades."

"Unaware of loss."

"Unaware of loss."

"Nor aware of gain."

"Nor aware of gain."

"Withstood pain to create many weapons."

"Withstood pain to create many weapons."

"Waiting for one's arrival"

"Waiting for one's arrival"

"I have no regrets. This is the only path."

"I have no regrets. This is the only path."

"My whole life was 'Unlimited Blade Works'"

"My whole life was 'Unlimited Blade Works'"

And as I complete the incantation, fire spreads throughout my blood. I can feel every Magic Circuit slam open, and magic overflowing from me outwards. As I open my eyes, I can see Arcueid happily smiling at me, and a stunned Sakura staring slackjawed... and then it all shatters. I can barely move, and as I realize I'm starting to pass out from running out of energy... they catch me and carry me to bed.

It's hard to hear now, but... Arcueid's saying she's proud of me for holding it for 5 seconds.

-Fade Out-

-End of Day 3-

March 22nd, 2011, 12:28 AM
OMG, Shirou just called UBW while he was inside UBW, talking to himself! And it made his RM a little more like an MP! Yay ^_^!

March 22nd, 2011, 12:58 AM
Whew! Finally caught up!

Nice existential bits going on in the latest update, that's for certain.

March 22nd, 2011, 01:00 AM
Yup. On the other hand, Archer's trying to do the same thing by force, to make that same breakthrough. Should make things interesting later on.
Of course, now that Shirou's attained the single shot use of his Reality Marble, he still has to get trained in stamina with it...
But Archer at nearly full power, in the Unlimited Blade Works movie, only holds it for about 2 minutes, 30 seconds or so, the first time he uses it. Considering it's most likely Archer trained with it his entire life to get it to last that long? Even 5 seconds is impressive. And the visual novel, heavily wounded, he holds it for... what? 30 seconds for the same scene? A minute? Shirou's got an expert pushing him forwards, which is the only reason why he's made it this far.

March 22nd, 2011, 01:03 AM
Whew! Finally caught up!

Nice existential bits going on in the latest update, that's for certain.

Thanks. That's what I was aiming for. Honestly, if my muse wasn't bitching at me so damned much, I wouldn't have gotten this far. But it's actually going along fairly well, considering it's my first real fanfiction. And honestly, if I hadn't gotten a lot of views, or reviews, I wouldn't have posted more. Been looking over every chapter, and thinking "Is this good enough? Will these people actually like it? Or am I sucking and just hoping that I'm doing ok?"

March 22nd, 2011, 03:05 AM
And now, since my muse was bothering me to write this last chapter for the night up...
One MORE chapter. All of day 4, to be precise. Maybe a bit rushed, but... on the other hand, considering what's going to happen on day 5...
And yes, from what I've seen video clips of, Arcueid as Red Arcrueid can do what she's thinking about in Battle Moon Wars. It's a Doujin fangame, but...
That's still Arcueid at 100% power, from what I understand of it. Just bloodthirsty as hell, too.

As proof? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQi-xlT2Aj8 at 2:30.

Read and review, please.

Chapter 12

-Ilyasviel's Perspective-

It's boring to go out with Berserker. Why is it that he has to sleep? Then again, maybe I can learn about that girl that fought him until Rin's annoying Archer blew him up? ...Not that I'm worried or anything, of course. I don't think her Archer can beat him completely. No, even if he takes another life, he won't be able to kill my Berserker. That red eyed Servant of Onii-chan's, is a different matter, though.

...Is that them in the distance, going shopping? With a purple haired girl? They're doing so much, though...

That blonde, red eyed servant is eyeballing me. Why is she eyeing me so much...? And now glaring at me with rage in her eyes?

"Oh, it's you. You're that girl that sicced that big guy on me 3 days ago, right?"

Aheh. Why do I feel like I'm doomed?

"Since we're going shopping, we're taking you with us. And you can pay for the clothing you ruined for me."


"No, I will NOT pay for your stupid clothing! It's not like you need much to replace such stupid clothes, anyhow!"

She's glaring at me harder.

"These STUPID CLOTHES cost me 8,000 Dollars, in American, Little Missy. And you ruined my only other pair!"

Oh, great, I got a RICH, SPOILED SERVANT! How wonderful. Still, it's not like she can force me to do anything, right? Why's she picking me up...? And I freeze at her whispering in my ear. Am I doomed?

"Little miss, do you know who I AM?"

I can do nothing but shake my head. She's scary right now...

"I'm ARCUEID BRUNESTUD. Does that ring any bells now?"

Oh. I'm not going to do so well, am I? Aheh... she's on the list of people to not ever...interfere...with...from...grandpa... and... I ruined her clothes? Oh, no. This has to be a dream. This has to be a dream.

"Now, little miss, are you going to pay for new clothing? Or am I going to have to make your life an utter living hell?"

I can only nod in abject terror.

"Yay! Hey, Shirou! Sakura! She's paying for our shopping trip!"

I can only blink in shock, before getting dragged off by her.

-12 hours later-

My feet hurt. I can't think of anything else but that fact right now. My feet hurt, and Grandfather's going to kill me. Or hide under his desk in abject terror. According to him, Arcueid Brunestud has leveled over 40 different cities over the centuries. Maybe it's myth, or rumor... but I don't want to find out if it's true. But still... at least she's not angry at me now... I hope?

God, I hope she isn't. Still, I'm going to not be able to take this lying down. 50 new wardrobes? Even for myself?! I'm too sore, and I haven't had a thing to eat... and I want to go home... that's a good idea, actually...

"Oh, let's take her to your place for a snack, Shirou. It's the least we can do after having her buy all that clothing..."

-later yet-

Finally, FOOD! And this is really good! Really, REALLY good! I'm so hungry, and it's soooooo good! It's better than what Leysritt and Sella make, even! It's so good, I just let down my guard and... why are they staring at me...? I'd better think back to what they said.

"Why do you want to kill Shirou, anyways?"

And in my absentmindedness... I told them the truth... that he's my stepbrother, and father abandoned me... I... I should never have come here. And so I run home. I have to run home. The only one that can protect me is Berserker. The only one that can... the only one that cares for me, truely, is Berserker... they'll never love me ...Right...?

-Shirou's Perspective-

I have a sister, and she hates me. She thinks I abandoned her like father did.
I... it's hard to think right now. I can barely think, just stare at her while she runs off. No, I can't follow her. Not after learning that my father abandoned her... his daughter... to raise me.
What do I do now?

-Sakura's Perspective-

Senpai... has an older sister. Who also happens to be the current Holy Grail. Senpai's sister is the Holy Grail. This...
This changes everything.

I can only hold him as he's crying, and not even realizing it. Crying, and staring at where Ilyasviel was sitting.

My soon to be sister in law's going to be the Holy Grail. And I can't think of any other words to summarize this besides "Fuck".

-Arcueid's Perspective-

Shirou has a sister. Huh. Hopefully she doesn't try to kill him too many more times. Otherwise she'll be just like Altrouge, and I'll have to kill her. Sure, it'll hurt him, but... it's better to not let threats live... right?

At least... I hope I'm right this time. Because if I'm wrong, then Shirou and Sakura... wouldn't be able to forgive me.

Then maybe... just beating her Servant?

Well...as it is, I'm strong enough to use my Reality Marble... even to use my chains to drop the moon on someone while in it. I don't think that... Hercules can beat that. Ok, then. Beat the Servant down and spare the Master. Shouldn't be a problem.

I'd better tuck them into bed. It's starting to get late, after all. And it's not like anything won't wait until the morning. There's not enough time for training, with Shirou so worn out still, anyways...

-Fade out-

-Ghaleon's Perspective-

It's taking longer to heal Akiha then I thought. This energy's more... stubborn than Althena's ever was. It's like it's already being drawn into something, and I'm tapping into the excess. I need to tap into more, damn it all!

Shiki Tohno trusts me. Me, a villain. A hero turned villain turned hero, more properly. Hah. I screwed up so many times. And yet still...

He trusts me with his sister's life. And I can't help but feel sorry for him.

So I heal her. It'll take an extra day to figure out how to use this energy... no. I'm making excuses. I'm weaker then I should be. The only thing that's kept me from being completely weak is I still have a small portion of Althena's power, from when I nearly became a God. Pity she didn't give me more of her power, but... still, it's barely compensating for me being weaker then I should be.

I'll heal him next. Only Assassin has scouted here, and has any idea that I even HAVE something to use as a secret weapon. Those games weren't as famous as some... Films that are here in this world, after all.

Still, the Grindery might tap into whatever's drawing on the Ley Line. I can't tell whatever it is, but it's... unpleasant to feel. A bit like that... Zophar that revived me a thousand years after my first death. Hopefully that isn't his beginning. If so, I shudder to think what may come about. If I wasn't just summoned into another world, but the past... I can't help but shudder.

I just hope I'm wrong.

-Ilyasviel's Perspective-

It's nearly midnight when I get home. I'm exhausted, tired, and my feet hurt worse. But I need to talk with Grandfather. And he doesn't take the news of what's happened well at all. I haven't told him about what me letting slip that Emiya's my adoptive sibling. But the fact that I snuck out, was captured, and was forced to buy clothing for them before being let go? He's not taken that well at all.

And somehow he thinks Berserker can beat Arcueid Brunestud... Heh... I'm most likely going to never see Grandfather again, one way or another. But...

Tomorrow evening, no matter what, I have to kill Arcueid Brunestud... or never see my Grandfather again if I fail to do so. No matter what the price to me and Berserker is. I HAVE to beat her. I have no other choice now...

And as I fall asleep, I can't help but think I see Berserker there, watching over me, with a smile of fondness on his face. Silly... right...?

-Rider's Perspective-

I'm sitting on the shed, meditating. Noone's around to see me, or hear me, after all. And as I think about the events of the day, I make a choice.

That girl made Sakura's possible husband-to-be cry. If I get to her alone, I think I'm going to kill her for it. If he's hurting, so is Sakura, after all.

And... it's not like it's against the rules at all. So better to be safe then sorry, once Berserker's down... I'll kill the girl.

-End of Day 4-

March 22nd, 2011, 03:09 AM
This has been plenty interesting to me. The inner issues that everyone is facing only makes thing more interesting to be honest. Things should be getting more interesting now though. Kirei's been informed and by default Gilgamesh and Saber Alter as well.

To be honest, I'm kinda scared about what kinds of swords we might find in the castle. Just how strong are the weapons of the Crimson Moon and the True Ancestors?

March 22nd, 2011, 03:21 AM
I wouldn't say Ea, or Excalibur rank, but around B- to A-? They're all going to have drawbacks, being legendary Shinso swords, and thus, being most likely vampiric in nature. Avalon might protect Shirou from Arcueid's bloodthirstyness, but it doesn't protect him from the blades, so much. And, it's going to be far, far rougher for Archer, if he tries to kill Shirou, than he thinks. You KNOW he still wants to try and off Shirou, ala Unlimited Blade Works Canon, right?
Ghaleon's just STARTING to have the realization that something's NOT QUITE RIGHT about the mountain he's sitting on top of...
And Gilgamesh thinks his wife's Sterile, and he needs to blow up a good chunk of the planet to save her.
But yes, next chapter...? Or, the chapter right after that, if it goes too long for the morning?
I'm enjoying how my muse has been fueling this. I honestly am.

March 22nd, 2011, 05:00 AM
My muse is evil. But still, the build up to Arcueid and Berserker's written.
Insomnia and an evil Muse does that to you.
Still, hopefully this is ok with you all. And yes, there's bits of a tease for a much later plot twist.
Also, Arcueid's tampering will have further affects then she knows.
Still, here's the windup to Arcueid vs Berserker. At 1:56 in the morning, I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it!

Chapter 13

-Arcueid's Perspective-

So far, after waking up Shirou... today has been... interesting. To say the least.
Sakura burnt the food. Shirou couldn't even tell. And his magecraft training with Sakura's going... weird. He's generating more Od, for his Magic Circuits, though. Maybe something unlocked while he was in there?

And my dreams were no better. Nightmares of being in a city mostly burned to the ground, that seem so vivid, they can't be anything but truth... but from a perspective that can't possibly be hers? What the hell's going on with that, anyways?

It's like... I'm seeing Shirou's memories.

Hell. That's not good at all. Does that mean he's getting mine, too? Or could he be even more linked to me? I have to check...

And so I send my mind into my Reality Marble, and search for a link to him.

It feels like hours, but I've found it. Oh, yes, I have found it. His is linked to mine, just like mine is to his... with the pattern of his Command Seals creating a pathway between them.

"It's a full mental link, not just..."

Maybe I can explore his? I've never heard of it being done before, but... it might be fun to try.

And as I walk in, the world...
around me
and yet,
I can
still think.

As I
out I
can see
a person?
in blades.
Like my
He's talking.

He's talking to me. Warning me to not go in again. And Shirou's Reality Marble has more flowers growing all through it... while mine has cracks in the flowery fields, with... a sword or two appearing that I've seen somewhere before.

Bleedthrough. I was stupid. His mind overlaid my own for a moment.

Gotta focus. Gotta make sure he's alright...

And my eyes up to him being just fine, like nothing happened. But it's later. And he's acting like I was... acting normal for lunch? I must be worse off than I thought.

Better nap for tonight. I'm tired, and I know Ilyasviel's not going to take what I put her through before, so lightly this time.

But when I close my eyes, a glimpse of my Reality Marble makes me wonder. Those are all swords I trained with... in my youth?

And then I see fire as I sleep again. A burning city... once more...

-Ghaleon's Perspective-

Assassin is watching me again. A grinning white skull mask, and a black cloak. Still...something's rather weird about Assassin. Every day Assassin comes by, I spot something more interesting.

Why does Assassin, the "Old Man of the Mountain", have breasts? And why the hell does that Assassin keep looking at my eyes, too? It's irritating. Having to fix Akiha is hard work, and this doesn't make things easier.

Still, why does Assassin's eyes remind me of my own, being such a deep red?

I'll figure it out later. After I've won, I'll have all the time in the world...

-Ilyasviel's Perspective-

Berserker's as ready as he'll ever be. I've flooded him with enough power to light up the city for a good 5 minutes. Since I'm a part of the Holy Grail, I can tap into it's power, although not very well. He's overflowing with Mana, though. The streetlights are shattering just from him coming 50 yards away, and everyone's scared of coming out, now.

And so I ride his shoulder as he walks to town, giggling all the way. This will be fun. I've ensured he'll be the best he can be for this fight to come.

And as I ride his shoulder, I'm reminded of that American song I heard while shopping with Onii-Chan yesterday. Though I hated every moment, it was an interesting song to hear.

"Eye of the Tiger, huh?"

I can't help but giggle and hum it as I ride Berserker.

"Aptly fitting."

-fade out-

-Shirou's Perspective-

We're at the park near the bridge. I decided to go out with Sakura to find a movie that Arcueid might enjoy watching, since she's slept all day. Maybe it has to do with how spaced out she was? I can't help but wonder.

The sound of shattering lightbulbs, and a girl humming is in the distance. That... American song I heard yesterday... what was it? Eye of the Tiger?

And then I hear Ilya.

"Good Evening, Onii-Chan, I've come to kill you for good this time!"


Berserker's nothing like before. I can see visible sparks going out from him, not only shattering lamp posts, but frying cars so they detonate from 50 feet away. And they're getting stronger, not weaker.

I have no choice but to summon Arcueid and hope he can take Berserker on and win. If Kotomine hadn't explained what they were for...
And so I focus, gather my Od, and shout with all my might:
"Arcueid, Come forth!"

And she does. Out of space, out of literal nothingness, she appears, and takes a stance with her claws against Berserker.

I can't help but back away as Ilya jumps off Berserker's shoulder, and moves away... she set up a boundary field already? Damn. At least noone will notice...

And then I can't help but cover my eyes, while Arcueid and Berserker fight a second time.

-Zouken's Perspective-

I can't help but watch. My soon to be Grandson in law's servant versus the Einzbern's greatest servant to date. Of course, I'm watching through Assassin's eyes. However... It's still rather impressive a sight to see. Berserker puts fear into my old bones, and yet she's staring him down like nothing? This will be a fight to watch indeed.

-Ghaleon's Perspective-

A fight's breaking out. It may be nothing, but with the power output being shown, it may be important to watch. I may as well teleport there and watch. Akiha will be fine for a few hours, and this will be the first large conflict of the Holy Grail, if my guess isn't wrong.

-Kotomine's Perspective-

I've brought Lancer, Gilgamesh and Arturia to a nearby rooftop. We're going to enjoy this little fight, and see exactly how strong the Matou's chances are for this grail war... And I made sure to bring buckets of popcorn for the four of us. It would be rude to do anything but watch Zouken's great trump card, win or lose. Especially since I'm the overseer.

I have to wonder if Angra Mainyu is watching this through my eyes, though. And if he's as amused as I am about what's to come.

March 22nd, 2011, 05:07 AM

March 22nd, 2011, 05:28 AM
Exactly what I was hoping for. I'll write more in the morning, and get the fight scene in my head out of the way.
But yeah, Ilya's pulled out all the stops. Instead of going for showy stuff, and waiting to go for broke later, she's pulling out every last one of the stops right now, to the point where Berserker's on Arcueid's level. Every unfair advantage that she's got, she's used to ensure her win.
Now hopefully I can write it as well as what I see in my head for this.

March 22nd, 2011, 05:10 PM
And, my first real battle scene. Hopefully this goes as good as I think it is.
Instead of "Swing!" "Cut!" ect. I tried to show how their minds were thinking and how they tried to fight every step of the way without making it sound like something out of a badly dubbed Anime... like Dragonball Z, for example.

Please, read and review... and tell me if I got it as well written as I had hoped for.

Chapter 14

Claws slam against the stone blade. It's 5 minutes into the fighting, and they haven't stopped to pause once.

Every movement Berserker uses with his attacks, Arcueid counters. Not with raw strength, but pure skill.

And yet... Berserker hasn't roared once. His actions aren't just the rashness of a berserker, but more like they're almost thought out. Every blow he does, it's using the full efficiency of his body.

This isn't a battle of strength, this is a battle of sheer skill.

Every movement is done to try and finish the blow. Every blow an attempted lethal hit.

Neck, groin, arteries, the list can go on and on. But they're still fighting. No, they stop the other's blows before the blow can be a lethal one.

And neither will tire while the other draws breath.

But... Arcueid is at a slight disadvantage. She has to stop the movement of the stone blade with both hands, to nudge it away from lethal points, while Berserker has the entirety of the blade he can use to swing with, without needing both hands to fight with it.

A kick or a punch off him will put her at a disadvantage, and they both know it.

First blood goes to him, not her. A slight feint on his part, and her cheek's grazed by the blade's true swing. Not that that slows her down.

Instead, she goes even faster, pushing her speed to the limits to try and get a blow in.

Her claws clash against the stone blade, time after time, trying to find a weak spot. To destroy the blade and finish him off.

But they don't find one. And he continues the brutal assault. There is no weakness in the blade, no cracks she had hoped to find. She can only maneuver the blade to not touch her skin with each swing of the massive blade.

It's like it weighs nothing to him. Like a feather compared to a 50 pound weight. There's no resistance when he swings, nor any problems with the mass like even some Heroic Spirits would have with a blade such as that.

Another feint. And as she realizes it was one, his fist nearly breaks her stomache, driving the wind out of her... sending her flying. Through one tree, two trees, and then a third, before she rolls to a stop, and pulls herself up.

30 meters. She has maybe 3 seconds before he catches up to hurt her worse. And as she focuses, to summon her chains, she hears him speak...

"Hundred Shooting Arrows"...?

Pain. There's nothing but pain for her right now. And she's flying again, before grinding out a crater in the park with her body.

The only thought on her mind is that he spoke. Berserkers aren't supposed to be able to speak, right? RIGHT?!

"Did you truely think, Saber, that I could not control this insanity with enough power? In my insanity, you would have won with ease. In my killing rage, you would have won with ease. But now you face me with all my skill."

And then chains slam into him, sending him flying backwards, tearing against his skin, and THROUGH his skin like a chainsaw against bare skin.

She's recovering. Not fast enough to stop the bleeding, like she should be, but enough to continue fighting.

Berserker's fought off the chains with his blade. He's pushing forwards to finish her before she can recover, even with chains trying to grind his skin off... and then reality twists and shifts, flame spreading everywhere to reveal a field full of flowers, and a castle in the distance... with a red moon overhead. Her reality marble?

And then she grabs one of the swords she trained with in her youth, that she saw during the night before, and rushes to attack with blade and chains.

It's more even now. Every blow he can do, she counters. Every attack she can do, he counters, with fist, leg, or his blade. Every blow a lethal blow... but she has the advantage now. He can't stop the chains like he can her sword.

His sword is notched from the chains grinding bits of the blade away, but he'll still fight. For the girl that he was summoned by, that reminds him of his own children... He'll fight.

He hasn't lost a single stock life, yet. So the advantage is still his. And he's pushing her to her limit.

Another mistake on her part. Is she tiring? And he shatters her sword with a lucky blow, sending her flying backwards, with a gaping hole in her stomache.

That won't kill her, though. They both know this. But as she gets up, she's... smiling. He sent her far back enough that she has room now.

And then she jumps up, impossibly high, and sends chains into the goddamned moon.

His only thoughts are "Why in Hades Name...?" before she starts dragging the moon down at him with all her might.

He has only seconds to live. He knows this, and she knows this. But if he can dig a crater deep enough into it, perhaps he'll live.

And with another Hundred Shooting Arrows, he tries to give himself that crater in the moon dropping on him.

And then he realizes there's not enough time, and can only hope his God Hand ability will save him, before it hits.

-Arcueid's Perspective-

I'm on my knees. He nearly killed me with that Hundred Shooting Heads skill of his. If I hadn't been able to regenerate, he would've won.

He would have won this war, and I would be stuck in that castle for the rest of eternity sleeping.

I can only breathe in and out, as my Reality Marble shatters, to show his broken form on the ground.

And...Rider's going towards Ilyasviel, with her chains out?!

-Berserker's Perspective-

Pain. My world's nothing but pain. My God Hand ability's shattered, I can't move an inch. My sword's intact, but a single blow will finish me off.

And another servant's going towards my master... Rider.

She seems familiar, but...


No, this isn't right.

She's planning on killing Ilyasviel.

She's getting ready to kill the one I wish I could have raised as my own daughter.

Ilyasviel doesn't see it. She doesn't see her death coming.

I can't move, but I have to.


I have to save her... she trusts me...

She treats me like the father she's never had.

I shouldn't have the strength.
I should be dead, fading away into sand... no, my left arm's fading into sand already. But I pull myself up using my sword.

And I rush at her. I can't let Ilyasviel die. I won't let it.

Rider never saw my blow coming. She never saw it move. And with all my strength... she goes flying.

Heh...I can't move anymore.

But I'm looking at Ilyasviel's eyes...

And I have to say it.

"You were like a daughter to me."

My legs are gone. My sword's still here, but, I know I'll die...

And so I take her into the hug I always wanted to give her as I fade away.

And in my last moments, I realize I truely cared for her as a daughter... ever since that day where her family cast us out so she'd learn how to handle the pain of having me around... without the holy grail.

And so I kiss her forehead, like a father should, as she cries and hugs me tight as I fade away into sand.


-Arcueid's Perspective-

I can only stare, while forcing my body to work again. He loved her like a daughter...
It makes sense. He wouldn't have served her if he hadn't cared...

I'd better take her with us, so Sakura will ensure Rider leaves her be. Otherwise she'll attack Ilyasviel again, and kill her for good this time.

...Or Shirou and Sakura will. I don't feel good... he must've hurt me worse then I thought...

I can only hope Sakura will be smart enough to take her with, while everything fades out around me. My wounds are sealed shut, at least... so I won't die.

-Fade out-

-End of Day 5-

March 22nd, 2011, 08:47 PM
No reviews yet, still? Meh.
Just as a forewarning, I'm gonna need at LEAST a couple of reviews for the last chapter before I can work on any more fight scenes.
And don't be afraid to criticize me, either. I only noticed a while ago that "Shooting Hundred Arrows" was that, instead of "Shooting Hundred Heads" like I first read it.
Guess my reading addiction read "Shooting Hundred Heads" and that stuck instead.

Yes, I didn't have him say "Nine Lives" first. But honestly, I don't think that matters so much as the fact that he smacked her 100 times in a couple of seconds, using it like how Shirou probably would have loved to originally, in Heaven's Feel.

Disregarding that, comments and criticism is welcome. I'm curious as to how everyone thinks about this chapter.

March 22nd, 2011, 08:49 PM

That about sums it up

March 22nd, 2011, 08:54 PM
So the fighting wasn't that bad, then?
And yeah, I was aiming for Ilya's loss of Berserker to be more... THERE for people. Like out of Unlimited Blade Works...only with him actually showing why he's a goddamned hero, instead of dying because he wasn't quite good enough to match his opponent.
But up until Arcueid went all out? He matched her blow for blow. And I hope I was able to show it properly, and do it justice. So... did I? Or no?

March 22nd, 2011, 08:56 PM
I did like it, but I'm not really a good judge of character. You should wait until someone else reviews.

March 22nd, 2011, 09:03 PM
I did like it, but I'm not really a good judge of character. You should wait until someone else reviews.

Thanks. Considering that's really the first time I've ever written a fight scene... I'm hoping I was able to at least somewhat capture how it went, for other people to see properly. Or Visualize properly. Or... well, you know what I mean, right?
And yeah, when my muse is working, I'm going to write out a nice little vacation scene for Shirou and Co, for Day 6. They need one, after all.
But Day 7's when I'm planning for Ghaleon to take on Lancer and Assassin...
And Day 12's the day I plan on having Archer go in to try and deal with Arcueid and Shirou.
There ARE more fight scenes I have planned out, on different days, but those are the next big "battle scenes" I'm going to have to worry about writing.

March 22nd, 2011, 09:20 PM
I think it is quite good,through I'm no writer so I can't really judge.

One thing-can ,in this fic at least, Shiki kills servant? In Akiha route he never did learn how to pierce the dot and I don't think even blood-crazed Shiki can kill a full-powered Arcueid.

March 22nd, 2011, 09:39 PM
If he ever forces himself that hard, yes. Otherwise, no.
I've already got his role planned out, though. Just lots of chapters between then and when things finally go down, in the very end.
But yes, Ghaleon's aiming for the "big bad villain" role. Shiki knew he was gunning for a villain when he summoned Ghaleon, and is preparing just in case Ghaleon wins and winds up having a new, permanent body from all this. Thus his actions to date. Akiha's pretty much guaranteed to be with Shiki again, at the rate Ghaleon's going, though. And when that's done with, he may or may not bail.
However, speaking of villains..., Kotomine Kirei and Zouken Matou are also aiming for the "big bad villain" role, with more or less degrees of success...
Eventually, Zouken's going to clash with Kirei, after their alliance falls through due to Gilgamesh deciding to take the grail for himself.
It's just a matter of when, and what goes down, in that moment.
And if the trump card Zouken's been keeping in case Kirei betrays him first has to be brought into play.
There's another reason why Shinji's been memory wiped so damned much, he doesn't even know his line's famous for putting out mages.
I'm just keeping that until down the road.
But. Food for thought for guessing. He's the one that originally developed the command spells, isn't he? How does anyone else not know he can create more?

And, one more thing. Doesn't him still having a command seal means he's had a servant all this time, serving him?
Just a bit more food for thought here.

March 22nd, 2011, 10:07 PM
And now, just to chuck a wrench into the works of everyone's idea where the plot's going...
Someone was watching that shouldn't have.
And... preperations for a beach trip!

Chapter 15

-A Watcher's Perspective-

My, my. Arcueid was in impressive form tonight. I haven't seen her fight so hard for... a long time indeed.

Still, I don't dare piss her off as she is right now. Maybe a gift, so she will avoid me for a while? If she can leave town, that is. This stuff she's caught up in... I'm not sure if she can, myself.

At least the humor in her confusion will turn out well.

Thankfully, she doesn't have enough defences to keep me out of this quaint place she's in...

And as I leave, still unnoticed, I have to wonder with amusement...

What will she do with her long hair back?

I'll see when she wakes up much later this morning.

-Arcueid's Perspective-

it's past 10 AM, when I finally woke up. But...something's new...? A package. I wonder if it's from Shirou or Sakura...

I can't help but nearly faint when I open it up, and see the hair Altrouge took from me so long ago. And there's a note...

"I enjoyed the show. Consider this a get well gift!
PS. No, I'm not staying around, so you don't have to worry. Just caught the floor show while passing through, and had to watch and enjoy it."


Still... I have to wonder if Shirou will like me with long hair...

I can't help but wince when I'm getting up. Berserker nearly killed me with that Hundred Shooting Arrows thing he used. Even if I'm stronger, it's going to take me a while to heal from the damage he did to me.

God, but that hurt last night. Every swing he did, I could barely stop.

Hm. I look nice with my hair long again.

I wonder how Sakura and Shirou will react to my looks...


That... was amusing. They nearly fainted into the food they were eating from when I came out with long hair again.

Still, I'd better not explain why I have long hair again. I don't want to worry them if Altrouge is in town...

Still, with how she uses her mystic eyes... I have to wonder if she'd make a perfect Assassin, or Rider, if she came in as a servant...?

Probably Rider, with her "pet".

And Shirou's talking about something called a beach trip... Should be fun!

March 22nd, 2011, 10:18 PM
Isn't long-haired Arcueid considered to be blindingly stunning, to put it lightly, on Nasuverse terms of human aesthetic?

March 22nd, 2011, 10:29 PM

Idea came about from a picture I found while looking at Arcueid pictures to see if I could find a good idea of what she'd look like.
Then I had to find pictures of Rider, and Sakura, and Ilya, for what they'd probably wear to the beach...

And Sakura's gunning for a threeway with Arcueid and Shirou anyways. Albit in a shy, slow moving manner.

You really think she wouldn't agree to this?

And, for the reference pictures for this next chapter?

Sakura and Rider in swimwear... (http://img2.gelbooru.com//images/731/2886e419ed35ee116a21ad63bf0d59d58b419fb5.jpg)
and Arcueid as she is right now, in a swimsuit... (http://e-shuushuu.net/images/2010-10-06-331734.jpeg)
And finally, Ilya. (http://img2.gelbooru.com//samples/603/sample_350b87f175b4bbd85b841767cc54d67a9db72c92.jp g?738957)

Hyperlinking straight to the images works for Gelbooru, but a lot of it's NSFW, just so you all know.

March 22nd, 2011, 11:14 PM
Arcueid's image isn't displayed in full size for me ;_;

March 22nd, 2011, 11:18 PM
Lemme put it in here, then. It was smaller than the others, though, so it might well be in full size.


Also, with that, my next chapter!

Sakura starts making her move, and the beach trip proper. And Naive Arcueid is rather fun to write... She never got The Talk from Zelretch, at least in this fanfic, so... she has no clue what she's doing to poor, poor Shirou.

Chapter 16

-Shirou's perspective-

It's been rather warm today. Thankfully. So hopefully this distracts Sakura and Arcueid from what happened last night.

Rider, on the other hand, is rather sullen.

And Ilya... is just as excited as Arcueid is.

She's my sister, and she's never been to a beach before.


If I didn't know my father didn't raise her... I'd have to wonder about who did.

Thankfully, Rider knows to not kill Ilya now. Still, I'm not sure what the hell Ilya said to her.

And... Rider's turned her blindfold into sunglasses somehow. Weird. Then again, Sakura never told me who she is yet. Maybe she has mystic eyes or something?

I'm glad I packed a picnic for this... otherwise we'd be wiped out, money wise, for a month.

As it is, this is going to be quite the day trip.

I brought a book on rock hunting for Ilya and Arcueid, so they can enjoy that... Rider might as well, but I'm not sure how well she'll be able to see through those glasses of hers.

And I brought a volley ball for me and Sakura.

I've been putting out of sight what her grandfather said, about... wanting us together as a reward... but still, I can't forever, right?

... But I can't help but feel attracted to Arcueid as well, now, too... that long hair on her is... well, she's definitely catching my eye as much as Sakura has been, if she wasn't before. Thankfully, noone else will be hogging the beaches today. They'll usually go when it's far warmer out.

I'm also thankful that Sakura thought about buying swimwear for everyone on our shopping trip.

I don't know WHY she thought of it, but... maybe her family has a pool? Only reason I can think of.

She's patiently watching the scenery with Arcueid and Ilya, while they look at new things with wide eyed wonder. And pointing out exactly what each thing is.

-Fade Out-

-Ilyasviel's Perspective-

I never thought a beach would be so interesting. I mean, it's just sand, and rocks, and water, right?

But it is. We found a part of the book on Agates, so me, Arcueid and Rider have been all looking for them.

I don't trust Rider, but Sakura said she used a command spell to keep her from attacking me, so...

I'll give her a chance. And she promised to teach us how to swim later!

That should be fun, too. She does it so easily, after all.

And... I'm not scared of Arcueid as she is right now. She's...pretty, and nice right now. She killed Berserker, and I won't forget that...but she's treating me like an older sister would their younger sister...

Or maybe more like how a mother treats their daughter...

I don't remember my mother that well anymore, but I can remember I felt safe like I am now, with her as she is.

I wonder if she'll take Berserker's place to protect me, after Onii-Chan's won?

It's strange. I should hate her for killing Berserker last night... but even I can tell he had no chance at the end. But...

I'm glad Berserker was there.

He was there for me... and protected me. Like his daughter. He said I was like a daughter for him.

And if he's watching from inside of me, I'll do my best to carry on being happy for him as long as I'm still around.

-Fade Out-

-Sakura's Perspective-

Lunch with Ilyasviel and the others was fun. Ilyasviel seems to have taken to Arcueid like she did Berserker. Hopefully that means she'll be doing better soon.

And she's not so scared of Rider now. Plus, they've got a huge bag of agates to bring back. Arcueid can't help but enjoy looking for them. She's like a child, like that. It's so adorable, I can't stop her, even though she looks so gorgeous, I wish I could drag her and Senpai off to try and seduce them both.

Still, our win's assured now, and so we can allow Arcueid to have a break. And what better way to get us out of the way and out of the line of fire than by taking a day off at the beach?

Still, when Ilya's learning how to swim from Rider, who's surprisingly a good swimmer, I'll have a chance to try and get them alone with me.

I wonder how long it'll take before I can convince them to kiss me...?

And... Senpai's started callying Ilyasviel "Ilya" now. Hopefully that's a sign that they're going to become closer now...

I'll try to drag Senpa and Arcueid off later. Senpai just bought an inflateable ball, and he's playing catch with Ilyasviel and Arcueid. And it looks so fun, I think me and Rider will join in...

-Fade out-

-Shirou's Perspective-

It's half an hour before we have to go to catch the early bus, and Sakura just dragged off me and Arcueid to have a little "chat". I can't help but wonder what Ilya and Rider are off doing, though. Hopefully they're safe while this chat is going on...

What'd Sakura whisper into Arcueid's ear?

And then I can't help but kiss back when they both start taking turns kissing me, out of the blue.

It's not like I can move, what with Arcueid and Sakura pinning me to the sand like this, after all.

-Fade out-

-Rider's Perspective-

That was... enjoyable. Bringing Ilya back RIGHT before Sakura could move Arcueid past anything but kissing, was a nice little revenge for her using a command spell to keep me from killing Ilya last night. Though I'll admit that I'm glad I didn't do it, right now... I still get to enjoy revenge whenever I can.

Shirou's blushing all the way home, too, and having a hard time looking at them both...

And Ilya's wondering if he has a temperature.

Amusing. This is nearly as good as reading Sakura's library on magecraft... not like I have anything else to do besides read, eat, or keep watch.

Maybe I should thwart Sakura's plans with Shirou more often, using Ilya?

If this humorous situation came about from her being denied once... I wonder how more than once would work...?

-Fade out-

-Sakura's Perspective-

Rider has such bad timing. It's irritating...

I'm making dinner with Senpai, after we got home late.

I'd just convinced Arcueid that people that want to be more than just friends, kiss...

And when she asked me what more than just friends is...

Well, I'm glad I could see her expression.

Still, she was so excited about the idea of being more than friends with Shirou... maybe she's just as interested in him as I am? And with how happy she was kissing him... this could work out faster then I thought. It's obvious, at least to me, that she's got a crush on him. Though, she's so naive... maybe she's never heard of going past a relationship before? Or only in the vaguest of terms?

I wonder if she even knows what sex is?

Well, I can't help but get excited at finding out.

This... will be fun.

And as I continue cooking with Senpai, I can't help but giggle.

-Fade Out-

-End of Day 6-

March 22nd, 2011, 11:26 PM
Oh, crap... Sakura's Xanatosing side is starting to show up, the dark, foreboding power at least one character has per Nasu work. A dark power from the farther reaches of the earth, which had been long suppressed by Sakura's shy personality, is now incapable of being held down completely. I shudder, because the stars shall soon be right, and everything will work according to her machinations...


March 22nd, 2011, 11:40 PM
In this one, she was raised partially by Arturia's Alter self. You really think she wouldn't learn how to be cunning to get what she wants? She's got the two things she wants most in the palm of her hands... Now all she has to do is figure out how to take it without having Rider screw it up. Rider, after all, has decided that her new source of comedy and entertainment will be Sakura's failed attempts.
Mwahahaha. Poor, poor Sakura.

March 22nd, 2011, 11:46 PM
Y-you don't understand... We're talking about a girl raised partly by Matou Zouken. While she is no Kohaku, her potential is... *Shudder*

March 22nd, 2011, 11:59 PM
Yeah. Not only Matou Zouken, but Gilgamesh, and Arturia's Alter self. That doesn't mean she isn't a bit shy, though. She still looks up to him, she's just the touch bit more willing to go after her Senpai that she'll scheme and plot her way into his arms.
And, still, Rider's going to do her best to SOMEHOW make sure every single time she tries to corner them for anything but kissing, they're going to get interrupted.
Just to watch and enjoy Sakura eventually break down from irritation.
If it's trying to do it in the bathroom, she'll wind up always getting soaked with cold water, somehow.
And yes, she has the potential to be something truely horrible, though nothing quite as bad as she was in Heaven's Feel.
After all, Zouken and Kirei both tried and failed to get Arturia pregnant with a homunculus baby imbedded with the shards of the previous holy grail. So there's no lust worms in her, or grail pieces in her.

And, honestly, how would Sakura go about trying to screw things up? The kitchen's easily viewed... lust worms don't affect men, and she hasn't ever encountered them... Just because she does have Grandfather's worm familiars in her doesn't mean they're the same as from Heaven's Feel. As I've said before. She's suffered from having worms put in her, of course. But they were to ensure Arturia sticks around, since she's needing more mana then she should be... not that anyone's bothered to figure out "why" that is.

If she tries to make a lust worm, she'd have problems with side effects, or them going after HER first.

If she tries to make a drugged meal, Shirou and the others will taste it immediately...

If she tries anything during practice, Shirou will realize it.

And if she tries something out of those books, Rider'll ensure that Ilya finds the book in question to counteract it right when she's getting ready to finish making out with him.

I'm aiming for Sakura's plans to always, ALWAYS get somehow disrupted by Rider, for quite a bit now. Using Ilya, of course. She can't be shown being the actual one to be interrupting things, or else she'd get another command seal and then where would she be? With no entertainment at all.

So, again, I say "Mwahahahahaha".

And, I have to admit. I'm enjoying writing this nearly as much, if not more so, than I usually enjoy reading.

March 23rd, 2011, 12:00 AM

Man, I've been writing a ton of mini-posts as of late. Something must be wrong with me.

March 23rd, 2011, 12:01 AM
...I don't think Sakura would even try to use worms on Shirou. Definitely not.

March 23rd, 2011, 12:04 AM
Yup. Too much of a danger of him getting eaten if she screws up. So, her best bet is to just try to do things the old fashioned way. Or the caveman way, by knocking him out and dragging him off... now I have to wonder if I'll let her try to take it that far.

March 23rd, 2011, 01:06 AM
Well, after much deliberation... I've figured out three possible paths for the epilogue.
One of which was the original epilogue I had planned out. The second being a possibility I vaguely considered, but was re-thinking using it... and the third being a weird plot bunny I just came up with right now.
The third idea is... unique. So, I'm gonna ask you all right now. What would you rather see me go through? Even not knowing what it is, which would you rather get entertained by?
The most plausible option? A second, still plausible, but more of a "That would work?" option?
Or an off the wall option that I thought of just now? That's more "iffy" but noone ever seems to have hit on it as a plot idea.

March 23rd, 2011, 03:35 AM
You could do like Kieran did in one of his fic. That,is you write all 3 epilogue and choose the 'True' one when you wishes to write up a sequel.

March 23rd, 2011, 04:23 AM
That's... actually a good idea. Thank you! I'll remember that for later.

March 23rd, 2011, 05:13 AM
Another "right before bed" chapter for you all.
And Ghaleon's finally cured Akiha, only to find the real cause of her problem.
Hope you all enjoy!

Chapter 17

-Ghaleon's Perspective-

It's one in the morning, and Akiha Tohno is fully healed. She has an overabundance of life force now, enough to easily supply her and Shiki for the rest of her days without problems.

And... I now understand the paradox of my own existence.

I shouldn't exist. Nor should the power I stole from Althena. And that sole power keeps me from becoming a paradox, and erasing myself from creation. Hers is the power of Creation, after all. Moreover, I understand the truth behind this damnable war, now, too. The truth, and all the flaws... and that the ritual I'm now a part of is linked to something that's made out of the sins of everyone on this godforsaken planet.

And I've foolishly chose to put my home base on top of it's storage place. Whatever is buried under the mountain... though once it was pure, it now contains only the greatest curse in existence.

Perhaps, though, it can still be salvaged.

To make a true wishing artifact once more, as it originally was?

The only thing I can think of, would be the Grindery. But still, the side effects... I could make yet another Zophar, start the chain of events that lead to his own creation on this damnable world. Or become the greatest hero they've ever had. To purge something containing the sins of all beings on this world...

The grindery's true purpose originally was to draw forth power from the 4 Dragons of Althena... and their power. But... it's power is still great enough that it might be able to be rerouted to draw from the artifact below, and not just the ley line, instead. To draw upon it's taint, and to release it into space. It was designed to be able to handle more than one power source, after all. Plugging it in won't be a problem, so much as ensuring it won't have problems with that tainted... curse... below, within that artifact.

It would destroy much in it's path. Perhaps a planet, or 5? Or even 7? I do not know. But hopefully it will hit something and taint that, so it's taint does not affect this planet I'm on. A pity I have no chart of the stars... I'll be sure to remind Shiki in the morning to get me one.

Amusing, though. I'm a Hero, turned Villain, turned Anti-Hero... and now I'm thinking about becoming a Hero once more.

Onwards to other things, however.

Shiki Tohno is obviously the cause for Akiha Tohno's problems. To save her, in the long run, means to fix him.

And to fix him... means another 3 to 4 days.

That will leave me far later in the game to deal with that Brunestud girl... but if I explain it... perhaps she'll be understanding? And hopefully she won't mind sharing the power of the artifact deep below.

Thus, so I must go, to heal my master, like I did Akiha. Still, it is aggrivating that Assassin is watching me again. It's like she has nothing to do but try to see who I was... or try to figure out my motives.

Still, she is no matter. Her energy output doesn't match mine at all, and if she tries to kill Shiki... his eyes will let him dispose of her weapons until I can save him.

I tested it with my spells that make boulders. Things he's cut seem to lose momentum too quickly to worry about.. or it could very well be my own spells.

"I wonder, Ghaleon. What are your plans now? Do not fear, my master isn't listening right now."

Hm. Perhaps she'll be an unlikely ally later on... so I tell her. I tell her what I've found, and what I'm doing to try and deal with the problem... why? I don't know. Maybe it's my red eyed woman fetish... Surprise, and shock is warring in her eyes. If I wasn't so good at reading people, I would never have noticed through that grinning skull mask.

"In honor of your truthfulness, I will grant you a similar truth. My master plans for me, and his ally, who is the master of Lancer, to attack you when his Grandson is finished with some... video games he spotted you playing while looking through my eyes.

And, in return for your sparing me later, if you are the greater between me and Lancer, I will gift you with another boon of information then. Is that agreeable?"

I'm amused. I have no reason to be, but... still, I can't help but nod.

"It is agreeable, Assassin. Your boon shall be well recieved."

-Fade Out-

March 23rd, 2011, 09:26 AM
Hmm, your Rider seems a bit odd here. Rider generally cares an awful lot for Sakura, and I don't think she'd go out of her way to keep frustrating her attempts on Shirou like she's doing here. And, no Sakura would never attempt to force Shirou, in any way. She might seduce him, yes, but she'd never make him do anything against his will.

March 23rd, 2011, 10:04 AM
This was not a normal Sakura through. She haven't had to endure the fate of her canonical counterpart so her personality must have changed somewhat. Being that case,Rider would have less reason to care about her because Sakura was no longer like her.I think.

March 23rd, 2011, 04:21 PM
Actually, I was trying to show that Sakura WOULDN'T be trying anything unusual there.
She has the knowledge for ideas, but indeed, she wouldn't do anything to her Senpai, even if Arturia Alter told her how to.

And, as for Rider... you've forgotten something important. Didn't her siblings torment her constantly, pranking her or worse, for years, because she always grew older?
She was, quite probably, abused by them for growing older. And abuse has a way of showing up later, even if the person abused never means for it to happen.
Considering that, what she's putting Sakura through is pretty damned tame.
Rider still cares for Sakura, but she, at least in this case, is making Sakura work hard for her goal, because A. It's entertaining, and she's finally learning why her siblings had such fun in tormenting her. And B. because she doesn't know any better than to think it's natural to do something like this.

March 23rd, 2011, 04:24 PM
This was not a normal Sakura through. She haven't had to endure the fate of her canonical counterpart so her personality must have changed somewhat. Being that case,Rider would have less reason to care about her because Sakura was no longer like her.I think.

She has still been abused, even if not as severely.

Actually, I was trying to show that Sakura WOULDN'T be trying anything unusual there.
She has the knowledge for ideas, but indeed, she wouldn't do anything to her Senpai, even if Arturia Alter told her how to.

And, as for Rider... you've forgotten something important. Didn't her siblings torment her constantly, pranking her or worse, for years, because she always grew older?
She was, quite probably, abused by them for growing older. And abuse has a way of showing up later, even if the person abused never means for it to happen.
Considering that, what she's putting Sakura through is pretty damned tame.
Rider still cares for Sakura, but she, at least in this case, is making Sakura work hard for her goal, because A. It's entertaining, and she's finally learning why her siblings had such fun in tormenting her. And B. because she doesn't know any better than to think it's natural to do something like this.

Yeah, sorry, but this just doesn't seem like Rider at all. If Sakura wanted something so badly, Rider would never intentionally act to prevent it solely out of malice or for "entertainment". It's just not in-character for her, in any way, shape or form.

March 23rd, 2011, 04:33 PM
Mmm. Maybe I've misunderstood her a bit, then. *sighs* Guess that's what I get for writing when I'm so sick I can barely walk 15 feet without nearly vomiting.
Stupid cold. Or flu... or whatever I have.
I'll replay Heaven's feel, and see if I can't get her personality down better, then go over stuff so she's more canon-ish...
Or maybe Ilya bought her something alcoholic and Rider didn't know? That could go better... and explain the discrepancy there.
I'll get back to the story when I my stomache doesn't feel like I'm going to vomit if I bend over at all, ok?

March 23rd, 2011, 04:34 PM
Yeah, OK, lol....

March 23rd, 2011, 04:39 PM
And, if you see anything else you think "JUST DOESN'T MAKE SENSE!", feel free to tell me. I'm more than happy to edit things, ect., if I screw up horribly with this. As I said, this is my first story.
Still, I can now see Ilya bitching at someone at a Grocery store for making fun of her because she's a midget buying Alcohol for her friend... and then pulling the grocer down to look at her ID and passport as proof, or something...
I think I'm gonna have to put that in for Rider's actions, now.

March 23rd, 2011, 04:49 PM
Unfortunately, I think that the age of consent for drinking in Japan is 20, so....

March 23rd, 2011, 04:50 PM
Hm... unless she has a fake ID?

March 23rd, 2011, 04:52 PM
Well, to be fair, I doubt that that would be an issue. Plus, she has magical ablities that allow her to seemingly brainwash Shirou, so dealing with some stupid muggle cashier isn't going to be an issue....

March 23rd, 2011, 05:24 PM
Reading up more, it's legal in Germany at a much younger age.
To quote wikipedia,
16 years for wine, beer, and cider; 18 for spirits and spirit-based beverages (e.g., alcopops); 14 when with parents.
And, the Einzberns DO own a brewery...
Though, according to the wiki, alcohol is used in their rituals...
But that begs the question to be asked... is the Einzbern brewery also their main source of income?

March 23rd, 2011, 06:31 PM
Now that my stomache's settled, I've got the next chapter.
Still, should I use Ilya to try and mess with Sakura, Arcueid, and Shirou's relationship? Or just drop the idea of having that put in for humor?
I'm trying to decide if I want someone to try and mess with the relationship, to aggrivate Sakura, just to see how far she'll go in trying to get her man, in humorous ways. And since it was pointed out that Rider won't work at all...

I've still got quite a few chapters to go, after all. It's only day 7, and I still have to go to Day 13, before 3 different epilogues... and a crack ending I came up with out of the blue last night, that could be damned hilarious. But I need to know if you'd all rather have some humor from Sakura's failed attempts to drag Shirou off, or if it's better for me to do it straight.

So... read and review.

Chapter 18

-Rider's Perspective-

I have a headache. It's an entirely new, unpleasant feeling to have, when I didn't fight yesterday.

And I have a dim, vague memory of... Ilya buying me a huge barrel of... some sort of wine? That she said her family made. It was... imported? And she really wanted me to drink it...
She spent 15 minutes of that time I was supposed to be swimming, arguing with the manager that her passport, and her status as a... midget? Made her exempt from needing to be two years older. Then she used her eyes on him, and... then it gets fuzzy. Fuzzy-er, that is.

I think I drank too much. Far, Far and above too much.

I also can dimly recall setting Ilya up to run into Sakura and Arcueid while they were doing something to Shirou...

And as I run to the bathroom, I curse her name in my mind.

I've never been good with wine, after all...

-fade out-

-Arcueid's Perspective-

I just woke up, and started hunting for Shirou, since he's making breakfast right now. I'm feeling good enough that I can train with him again, today, though it'll take another day or two to get back up to my normal levels of strength.

I have to wonder why Rider ran past me to the bathroom. Maybe she has to use the toilet really badly?

Oh, well. As soon as breakfast is over, I'll need to drag Shirou out to the dojo.

Hm... that "kissing" stuff was fun yesterday. Maybe I'll reward him with it if he does well in the dojo each day...

Sakura said yesterday that to be "More than friends" with someone, you want to sleep with them..., make them happy, and enjoy being with them all the time for as long as you live... I don't know what she meant by sleeping with someone, though... does that mean you're sleeping in the same bed with someone? Or is it... slang? for something else...?

Also...does she want to be "more than friends" with me and Shirou...? She seemed like she wanted to be...

I'll have to ask her later. And get out of her exactly WHAT "More than friends" means...

Or would Ilya be a better choice to ask?

Irritating. I can't even decide on something so little as who to ask...

Oh, whatever. I'll decide later. First, food, then training! And if Shirou's training is good, a reward of kissing!

It's not like he didn't enjoy it after all, yesterday...

-Fade Out-

-Ilyasviel's Perspective-

Breakfast was tasty, though Sakura seemed irritated earlier. But she told me that I can help Sakura teach Shirou how to use his Magic Circuits properly, today! It's taken her so long to study through her books, and figure it out, I thought she'd never get on with it. Maybe she can help me learn how to use mine better, too? It might be useful if I can help Arcueid win.

Still, he's taller then me, so I guess I should call him Big Brother from now on, until he actually learns I'm his OLDER sister.

The look on his face will be priceless!

Poor Rider, though. I didn't mean for her to drink the whole Keg... Hopefully she's not mad with me later...

I was planning on it being served with dinner, originally, but she looked so sad, when I told her she couldn't drink any...

And then she drank it all down.

Hmph, I'll have to buy another. My family's brewing should be their favorite drink of choice, after all. Mine and no other! Then they'll compliment me on how good the brewing is, and I can lord it over them as long as I'm here!

...And Arcueid's kissing Shirou every time he blocks her attacks. If she's aiming to distract him, and motivate him, it looks like it's working... but I don't think he's going to win at this rate.

Sakura's looking like she's wishing she could join in... oh, that's her plan. A threesome, hm...?

I'm conflicted. One one end, I could ruin it for Sakura... she's a Makiri, after all.

On the other hand... he's my brother. And she beat Berserker... I could enjoy them as a family, with the time I have left...

I'll ponder this later. After all, it's time for training with Shirou.

-Fade Out-

March 23rd, 2011, 06:53 PM
Nah, I say let Sakura have her guy. She gets fucked around enough in canon....

March 23rd, 2011, 06:55 PM
I never planned for her to NOT wind up with him. I just thought it would be fun for someone to always get her away from jumping his bones, right before she can.
Any other thoughts for the chapters up until now?

March 23rd, 2011, 06:59 PM
Well, yeah, but even so she gets fucked around enough that I'd rather see her just get him without too much hassle this time around.

As for the chapters, they seem fine to me....

March 23rd, 2011, 07:04 PM
Just making sure. I'd rather have good reviews than bad ones, you know?
And next chapters going to be the showdown between Ghaleon, Lancer, and Assassin.

March 23rd, 2011, 08:51 PM
Another chapter. Please, read and review.

Yes, Ghaleon does that sort of stuff in the first game. May have gotten the MP Drain spell name wrong, though. Irritatingly enough...

Anyways, read and review!

Chapter 19

As soon as Kotomine learned from Zouken what he needed about Ghaleon, he had sent Lancer to the temple to await for Assassin's arrival.

With Assassin's arrival, they make their move. Assassin with stealth, and Lancer with sheer speed, they have snuck up and into the temple, towards an unaware Ghaleon. And, in seeing him unprepared, they attack him by surprise, relentlessly.

No. Not just relentlessly, they're crushing him. Breaking off pieces of his armor, dodging his fast, but weakened magic. They continue, on and on, trying to constantly get that one single blow on him to end his life.

But he's not weak enough to go down easily.

An endless array of spells, twisting the elements around them, making it rain boulders, summoning small tornadoes, lighting the very air on fire with burning flames, and large icicles rain down upon them with only words.

He is truely a Caster that will not go down easily.

And his sword skills are enough to hold Lancer's Gae Bolg off, for now.

So the fighting continues.

Seemingly blow after blow goes after him, trying to break his armor off, destroy him entirely.

And yet, through luck perhaps? He survives. He endures, and continues the fight.

Finally... Lancer has him. He's knocked off Ghaleon's helmet...

And Assassin notes something strange. Why aren't his eyes red...?

-Ghaleon's Perspective-

It's time.

Lancer and Assassin have both come for my head, and have already started fighting with the solid Illusion of myself that I can use as a body double. Not that it's ever been viable as anything more than a body double to die in my place. Now, to ensure Lancer's death without killing Assassin...

My shield spell to absorb all the damage they do is fully charged, and is tapping into the Ley Line to ensure my survival.

Now what should my opening moves be...?

Yes, that'll work. Siphon Soul to drain them of their excess Mana, and then my old trusty Rock Crush. Not much survives boulders suddenly dropping on their heads, after all.

-Fade Out-

They never saw it coming.

First their excess Mana was gone, then they got hit by a barrage of boulders going fast enough to break Lancer's left arm in 3 places just by grazing it alone.

And with the real Ghaleon backing up the illusionary one, things have gone from "spectacular" to hopeless, in a matter of seconds.

No. They didn't stand a chance to begin with.

Barrage after barrage of spells slam into them, mixing and twisting to provide new results, and harder waves to dodge.

Perhaps at full strength, Lancer could have survived the barrage. Perhaps Assassin likewise could defeat the spells flying.

But they cannot.

And as Ghaleon's duplicate takes off Lancer's head, Lancer's only regret is that he didn't fight Ghaleon longer.

-Fade out-

-Ghaleon's Perspective-

"I have spared your life, Assassin. You owe me a boon of information for doing so. Do tell me now, or would you rather enjoy your friend's demise as well?"

I teleport behind her, and slide my blade against her throat before she can react to this. Good, she understands her situation better. And as I walk around to look her in the eye...

"True teleportation... you know the secrets of it?"

Hmph. Is it such a lost art that she would be shocked? Amusing... I don't bother to answer her, though.

"You have information for me, do you not? Now, give me my boon and I'll let you be... Assassin."

"Very well then. As agreed, I shall give you a boon of information... please, do sit. This will take a while."

Amusing. Still, if she's telling the truth, I should sit.

"Kirei Kotomine is the current overseer of the Holy Grail War, as you may well know. However, his... interference has become more notable. He stole Lancer from his original master, and forced Lancer to serve him, as one example."

Interesting. The overseer is involved as a Master? I nod towards her, so she'll continue.

"However, he has...two servants from the last Grail War. As of until now, he's been allied with my master, but... it seems one of his servants has decided to slip his leash. Gilgamesh, the legendary 'King of Heroes', has decided that his wife, and the other servant of Kotomine's, is barren. And so he also seeks the Holy Grail, a second time.

He does not know that he himself is the one that is barren, from something residing in the Holy Grail. When he touched it in the last war, and forced her to drink from it... it made them both Mortal. But... it made him sterile. You yourself know what is in the artifact that powers the Holy Grail. A taint of unspeakable evil.

Gilgamesh... is insane. He wishes the destruction of all things on this world. And as he once ruled it all, he may well be enough to stop you and your Grindery. No... he will indeed intend to do so if he learns of your plans. After all, he doesn't mind if the Holy Grail kills everyone in the process of making his wife fertile again. Or himself able to have children once more."

So there are servants from a previous war... I was correct to assume that I should heal Shiki and Akiha first, then.

"And so what are your master's plans, Assassin?"

"Kirei Kotomine will eventually discover my Master has decieved him. And when that happens, my master will surely die. Unless my master betrays him first... but I do not have the strength to beat both of Kotomine's remaining servants as I am. If that fool had not used 3 command spells he created just to keep me in line, perhaps. But as I am, as long as my Master is alive, I cannot defeat them both."

I must think things over. As this stands, though... it's not a good situation. I don't have the power to have her as my own servant, in my weakened state... even if I gave up on healing my Master, Shiki.

"I will meet you again, one day Ghaleon. And I hope my boon has helped you greatly."

Heh. She's gone. I had better leave to warn Shiki of what the situation is, too.

-Fade Out-

-Arturia's Perspective-

I still can't believe they haven't noticed me watching up here. Still... Kotomine was right to send me here, in case Lancer and Assassin died. So my 'husband' is sterile? Serves him right.

Still, I'll have to report to him on the basics. Zouken will betray him soon, hm?

Amusing. Assassin seems to think that a low class servant like himself... no matter the form he's using, will be able to beat me? Claimed he had 3 command spells used to ensure compliance? Hah. Probably didn't even use one, and lied.

Still, I'll ensure that Gilgamesh goes first against the little upstart. His Gates of Babylon is surely enough to crush a traitorous snake like Assassin.

So Gilgamesh thinks I'm sterile, hm? Barren? Unable to have children? I had always wondered if he could satisfy a woman, with how pathetic he is.

...Another craving for blood. This is getting worse by the day. Worse. And worse. And worse.

-Fade Out-

As Arturia departs, planning on how to tell Kotomine of Zouken's betrayal, she doesn't realize she has a worm in her, ten years old... telling Zouken every thought she has.

And her introspection has given him warning of what's to come.

March 23rd, 2011, 09:05 PM
Zoukens gonna Zouken.

March 23rd, 2011, 09:06 PM
And Kirei's gonna be pissed.
Not that Zouken hasn't already planned for this for quite a while now.

March 23rd, 2011, 10:37 PM
Oh my!

March 24th, 2011, 12:12 AM
A smaller chapter, but still one that was hilarious to write.

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Chapter 20

-Shinji Matou's Perspective-

I'm rather irritated. Grandfather made me play a stupid game for the last several days, forcing me to miss school and skip out on yet another chance to try and get together with Mitsuzuri. I mean, that's the only reason why I joined the archery club in the first place. Still... at least I got to play video games and snack on junk food for the past 5 days... that's not too bad at all, right? I've always dreamed of being able to do sorcery like out of my video games... it's a pity it's not real...

I have a bad feeling that I'm not going to enjoy grandfather's company, though.

"Ah, and my adorable little Grandson arrives."

...He's trying to butter me up... things are NEVER good for me when he's buttering me up. The last time he did that, Arturia was chasing me down the beach, swinging a sword, while I was naked, because of him buttering me up.

Dear Kami, please don't let this be worse....

"Unfortunately, my adorable Grandson, I'm going to have to send you away for a while."


"You remember Arturia and Gilgamesh? No, of course you do. They're actually part of a notorious gang of Yakuza that's in a gang war every 60 years."

You're shitting me, right Grandpa? I'm glad he can't read my thoughts...

"And they just discovered that the cure for being sterilized that I've been giving them was a placebo for the last 10 years."


"So, I've hired someone to protect you. You're to call her Assassin. Understand that the scroll I'm giving you holds the only location of where her pay is, so if it's destroyed AT ALL, then she'll have no hesitation in killing you."


"Now, I'm going to send you over to Emiya's, so you can drop off most of your non-neccessary luggage... such as that Playstation 2 and that Gamecube you got some time back? You're not needing them for the time being, considering that if Gilgamesh and Arturia get their hands on you... well, you need to leave as soon as you can."

Oh, fuck me. Grandfather's in with the Yakuza, and they're going to kill me for knowing them...

"Also, do be sure to greet the two that Emiya and your sister hired nicely, for me, hm? And for the love of god, boy, don't piss off the blonde with red eyes if you value your life. She's got access to a nuke, or so I've heard."

...Emiya hired... a girl with a nuke. Oh dear God in Heaven. And here I thought I KNEW the guy...

"Grandfather... ahh... what are they fighting over?"

"Oh. The winner gets everything the losers own. And they're all filthy rich."

"And... why can't I ask Assassin to fight in this?"

"Because you've got the two that won LAST TIME possibly hunting for you now?"

"Oh. Lemme pack my stuff!"

And I run.

-Fade Out-

-Zouken's Perspective-

It's a pity that boy's been memory wiped so many times. It's affected his personality so horribly... but then again, it's necessary, what with needing to keep Assassin full on Mana. He'll never be able to open his circuits, but my grandson didn't need them open to generate a bit of mana each day. And each bit going towards Assassin lowers my own drain that much more. Any time he accesses them, he gets flashy light shows like out of his video games, though. Rather irritating.

Still, telling him that the Servants are actually Yakuza was a brilliant stroke on my part.

And as I watch him run away, I walk to a hidden room noone will ever find. Not without Gilgamesh and Arturia nuking the city, anyhow.

Checkmate Kirei. My win is guaranteed.

-Fade Out-

-End of Day 7-

March 24th, 2011, 12:24 AM
Servant's as Yakuza?

Lolworthy, indeed.

March 24th, 2011, 12:28 AM
Yup, why I wrote it. And the scroll's like the book he used to command Rider. But since he doesn't KNOW that...
Right now, Shinji's a normal guy who just discovered that the people that helped raise him and his sister are scary as fuck people that want him dead. I do say he's going to be running as fast and hard as he can right now.

And the reason why Zouken's doing this?

Servants can detect other servants. Therefore, without his, it's much more of a pain in the ass to find him.

Of course, you know he did that to make sure they go after Shinji first...

Zouken's himself, after all.

March 24th, 2011, 03:25 AM
For the record? I don't have a thing against Final Fantasy 7. It's just addicting to some people like drugs are to others. Also, more serious stuff again later, just thought they could still use a break during down time. And you know that Rider's probably been bored as hell watching Shirou train for the most part, right?
This is like a godsend to her.

And please, read and review.

Chapter 21

-Shirou's Perspective-

Waking up at 1 in the goddamned morning, with Shinji banging on the door wasn't pleasant. Though... what he said was rather interesting. It's taken me this long to figure out what Zouken told him, though. The Servants are Yakuza? And Arcueid has a nuke? You know, if it wasn't for the fact that that could damned well be true in Arcueid's case, what with her dropping the moon on Berserker like that... I'd be laughing right now.

Still, I haven't seen Rider or Arcueid this morning... or the Television.

And then I find them, playing Shinji's Playstation 2, with a copy of Final Fantasy 7 in it.

Am I dreaming, or something? I can see tears of joy coming from under Rider's blindfold... and a delirious grin on her face... and Arcueid's just staring in wide eyed shock that something like this could exist.

Some days, it's not worth getting up at all.

And I remember quite well exactly what happened when Shinji got the entire school hooked on that damned game, the last time it came out. Hopefully Sakura won't be affected like Ilya probably will be.

Hm. On the plus side, I can get more specialized training.

On the minus side... they're going to be hooked for a few days.

Son of a bitch. And I thought we'd won this crap so noone else would get hurt, already, too. And... here comes Ilya... who's staring and wondering what's going on. The evil game sucks in yet another person to play it!

This is going to be a repeat of the last time Shinji brought it's wonders for everyone to see. And he's not going to even be around for me to sucker punch him, too.

-Fade Out-

-Arcueid's Perspective-

This is kinda neat. It's like a story, where you play as the main heroes, rather than just read about them.

I've never thought anything like this could even be possible...

Hm. I wonder if it's possible to store things like this for long periods of time...

Then again... I'd better check on Shirou. I have to train him while kissing him as rewards... OOH! A plot point!

No, no, I need to go and train Shirou. I have to go train Shirou.

C'mon body, up and at 'em. No 5 more minutes, just get up, and head towards him. It's not like I need sleep, right?

...Crap, I do.

And the last thing I can see is Ilya sitting beside Rider, while she plays, as my lack of sleep catches up with me.

-Fade Out-

-Sakura's Perspective-

Noone's with us. It's just me and Senpai in the dojo. And I have a "special" reward for him planned after he succeeds. A makeout session until Arcueid decides to take over his physical training sometime this afternoon... or evening, if we're lucky. And if I'm lucky... I'll score with Senpai!

It's not like anyone can interrupt us. They're all enjoying the addictiveness of Final Fantasy 7.

What perfect timing, hm? And while Senpai trains with his Magic Circuits, I can ensure he's doing it right. What a perfect team we make.

Now if he'd only notice the new dress I'm wearing, that I picked out to ensure he'd have a perfect view of my cleavage while sitting in Seiza...

-Fade Out-

-Shirou's Perspective-

I'm starting to wonder if Sakura's trying to seduce me. With that dress, and her blushing like that... as well as that makeout session during the beach trip two days ago?

Hm. I'm glad that I can calm myself down through meditation, otherwise I don't think I could stand this much longer.

...That, and I think her chest is actually smaller than Arcueid's... And that bikini they both wore two days ago... mmm... heaven.

Still, I'm starting to wonder... is Sakura wanting me with Arcueid, or herself? She's acting like she wants me to kiss her and Arcueid both... and I'm not THAT stupid, thankfully.

Not after Shinji's little incident a couple years back involving 3 girls and some sort of fight over who would date him afterwards until he married them, since he was considered to be Bishounen to them. I'm pretty sure that was enough lessons for a lifetime for us both... and I know he swore to never grow his hair out long again, too.

Still... it's almost like Sakura wants me and Arcueid AND her in a relationship.

And if so, I'll never win any arguments again. Hm.... Choices, choices... Man. Being an adult sucks. I'm only allowed to marry one, right? Well...then again, Arcueid's royalty, isn't she? Maybe that means she can make a law...? Nah, probably wishful thinking. And one girl's probably too much for me, anyways.

It's not like this is an Eroge game or something, where I can have a harem, after all... right? One of those visual novels involving a guy that can pick choices for which girl he wants to date with, and goes through an adventure with her... so I'm going to have to pick one.

Damn. I'd be better off in delaying it for a while now. And... Arcueid just came in... wonder what time it is?

It's the late afternoon already? Who cooked lunch, then...?

I'm about to get up, when I realize Sakura's gone, and she took Arcueid with her.

I'd better go make lunch while I can...

-Fade Out-

March 24th, 2011, 12:28 PM
Nah, probably wishful thinking.
Dude. Grow some balls.

March 24th, 2011, 04:12 PM
Reason why he's acting like this is common sense. I had a friend that had a threesome, and got them BOTH pregnant...then had to choose one.
Haven't heard from him since. Either he's been working too hard to even think of having a life of his own, or... well, something happened to him. Death by pissed off woman, much?

Still, Shirou's trying to grapple with the fact that he has two hot girls both wanting him to pay attention to them...and dealing with the fact that he's not a Shinso, so her laws wouldn't count towards him.

March 24th, 2011, 04:21 PM
Common sense? Not in my Shirou :p

March 24th, 2011, 08:04 PM
Took me quite a while to figure out how to write this up. And no, I don't write lemons. Pervy Sakura's hard to write, though. Trying to balance out her innate shyness with her wanting to drag him off somewhere quiet, and have her way with him like Arturia Alter would've told her to... yeah.
Also, Arcueid's somewhat hard to write. It's a balance of her naivety, her craving for Shirou, her lonliness, and side effects of never having a good life.
So, do read and review, please. I don't want to have screwed up horribly somewhere in here, after all. And I want to make sure it's all believable.

Chapter 22

-Sakura's Perspective-

I wonder if Senpai realized he was thinking out loud while meditating...? Probably not. Though it did answer some of my questions...

I'm surprised he's paid enough attention to notice Arcueid's 3 centimeters bigger than I am, though. Still, I'm glad Senpai is catching on. And honestly, an eroge game, hm...? I didn't even know Senpai knew those existed. Then again, with my brother being good friends with him...

Now, back to business.

Arcueid's reading the book I gave her that explains everything a girl would want to know about sex. It's quite amusing how she's reading the book with a wide eyed look of innocence...

It's rather adorable.

And, with how attractive she is... hm. Maybe a relationship between me and her could work, too. She is quite nice, after all. And having her close would mean it's easier for her to protect Senpai. I'll have to work that out later... but for now... once she's done with that manual, I'm going to introduce her to the Kama Sutra.

And then, for being such a good student, we'll give Senpai a "happy ending" after his training tonight. A very... happy one indeed.

-Arcueid's Perspective-

So this is the stuff Grandpa Zel didn't want to teach me about? Must have been rather embarassing to him... still. She... is acting like we should do this with him. Is this right...?

I like him. I know that... and now I wish he could be a Shinso. I don't... want to be lonely anymore...

And unless I can have him with me, I will be...

I'll be lonely. I'll be lonely if I lose him. The way he smiles, the tasty food he makes...
I'm not going to win this war for myself. I'm going to win it to have him with me.
I'm going to win because he's the solution to my lonelyness. I never thought I needed anyone before. But now...

I can have him. Does that mean... I want her, too? I...

Zouken's in hiding. I... if Sakura uses her grandfather's wish... to wish for them both to be Shinso... then I can use mine to have us have no bloodlust.

That inescapable flaw of the Shinso. I want it to be gone.

I want it to be gone for me and him to be happy together...

...And Sakura's such a nice girl... I think I can share him with her.

So to make him happy, I need to read the next book... I can live with that.

I just...hope that I won't get my bloodlust back again.

Otherwise... there will be no happy ending for them. Ever.

-Fade Out-

-Kotomine's Perspective-

The search goes badly. Zouken's gone underground, most likely literally, and both Gilgamesh as well as Arturia have no clue where he may have gone. Sneaky old bastard.

Every inch of the city has been combed, to no avail. Whatever method he's used to keep himself hidden has kept him out of the prying eyes of everyone else, and since he doesn't have his servant with him... I may have to demolish his home.

What a real pity. It's not like a bunch of worms are anything useful, though.

Still, Arturia's been developing... unusual responses, lately. She's been noting a craving for drinking blood. Perhaps Shirou Emiya has Avalon, and has been using it as a channel for his servant's bloodlust...?

It's a real pity we can't just deal with Shirou Emiya, and Sakura Matou as it is. Sakura's too important to Arturia's mana supply, after all.

Hm. My meditations have taken longer then I thought. It's already past dinner, and if I don't ensure Arturia is well fed...

Tch. What an annoyance.

-Fade Out-

-Taiga's Perspective-

I'm sneaking into Emiya's house, to get myself some food. It's not like he's feeding 5 or 6 people, right? And, I need to ensure he's nice and healthy. And to do that, I've got to ensure I eat healthy too!

Still, I'd better check on him while I'm here.

And I can't help but stare at him, naked, with Sakura and a foreign girl curled up beside him on either side.

So Sakura DID win? But... there's another person with him. Hm. Kinky!

I'm proud of him! He'll make a good husband for Sakura some day. And, that girl could make for a fine mistress, too...

And as I sneak out, all I can think of, is how much the other teachers owe me in the betting pool now. I was the only one to bet on him having a blonde as a mistress, after that fortune teller told me I should bet on that, after all.

-Fade Out-

-End of Day 8-

March 24th, 2011, 08:07 PM
Hmm, so Sakura actually got the three of them into bed together, then? Or is there more to this than meets the eye...?

March 24th, 2011, 08:11 PM
The former. Still, had to chuck in Taiga because most everyone's probably wondering where the hell she's been, now. Even if she IS letting Sakura take care of him, she's going to check on him ocasionally...
And from what I know, sometimes Japanese do take mistresses, if they're old Samurai clans. And she's the daughter of a Yakuza boss. Wouldn't really be surprised if she thought it was normal to do, with how she acts in Fate/Stay Night.

March 24th, 2011, 11:06 PM
And, yet another chapter. More training on his Reality Marble, rather than just the straightforwards "Sakura's training him so he can handle it" that I've been kind of skipping over for lack of an idea of what she could train him to do as of yet.
But that's better for him in the long run. His manner of learning relies on him figuring out how to do it properly, on the fly, during combat. It's shown in Fate/Stay Night, for all 3 routes, after all.

And as for Shinji... kids like to make hideaway places. His just was slightly dumber than most. So when he locked himself out, he forgot about it... until now, anyways.

Still, read and review!

Chapter 23

-Shinji's Perspective-

I'm glad I set up a place here, years ago. Not that I've come by much since... still, it's ok, considering it's been 5 years since I set this up in case I'd ever have to run away from home.

Still, this old wrecked ship is a bit dangerous. If I didn't have this Yakuza chick with me, it would be even worse. How she pried open the door, I have no clue. It's not like I have any understanding of what's going on for this... and seriously, I don't want to get involved with a Yakuza war...

And there's the spot. Thank god it's intact. I would've been pissed if I came all the way out this far only to find it was sunk underwater already. And the food's all intact, too! Bonus! I'm glad I went for the long term stuff that doesn't perish...

Hm. Assassin's taking off her mask...?

And as everything fades out, my memories dim of what's behind her mask, except for red eyes.

-Assassin's Perspective-

I need blood to survive without tapping into Zouken. And thankfully, I've got a willing blood donor right here.

Still, it looks like the boy here's smarter then he's ever let on. This place is set up perfectly, in case he'd ever have to run away from home. Or so it seems, at least.

Childish, but amusing.

I can't help but think back to Ghaleon, though. I wonder what made me help him? Sympathy? A possible Ally?

Whatever it might be, I still need to worry about the present. The boy's too dangerous if he goes out... It'd be best if I keep him unconscious the entire time today. Maybe tomorrow, too...

-Fade Out-

-Shirou's Perspective-

I had sex with Sakura and Arcueid. At the same time. And we all liked it.

And...Arcueid's dragging us to the bathttub...

"Don't worry, I'll get you ALLLL cleaned up!"

She's smiling, though... and really happy. I'm glad of that. It's always like she's depressed, or like she's... lonely. That's it. She's lonely. If she's experienced nothing like this before, I can't blame her...

Now that the shower's turned on, Sakura's awake, too. And they're giggling at me at the same time. Wait... oh, they want more like last night? Well, I'll give them more...

-Fade Out-

-Later, in the Dojo-

I'm meditating on my Reality Marble again. Arcueid said I'll need to train with it more... get to that final state to change it to react properly with the world like a Marble Phantasm.

So, now I have to find water... to fuel the plant life. Joy.

And so I focus, and pull my mind inwards, into it.

It's changed. The flowers are nearly covering the entirety of it now...as well as grass. It looks like a meadow with swords everywhere... But I have to find the water.

And so I go into the caverns to find that other me again. That...guardian of this place...?

"You have changed this world for the better, boy."

I didn't even see him. He's... different now, too. Not so dark, covered in shadow... and it looks like he can move easily now.

"Yes, so it seems. But I need to know where to find water."

"Hmph. So fast to learn a new spell, a new trick. Still, you impressed me by managing to use this place's power for a brief moment the last time you came. I expected you to fall dead from it, like your last 15 incarnations did."

...Ok, he's... scary, too.

"And yet I survived, so apparently I'm doing SOMETHING right."

"Hmph. Well, if you want water so much... just go up out of this cave, boy... and then will it to rain. Or make a river. Or something like that. Life needs water to flourish, not just earth, air, and fire. Now off with you and get the rest of this place covered in greenery."

Dismissed, I may as well do what I was told. It's not like I've got any other choices, right...?

-Fade Out-

March 25th, 2011, 05:40 PM
Next chapter's here. Please, read and review.

Chapter 24

-Shirou's Perspective-

It's done. After long, hard work, it's finally over. I have all 5 elements in my mind... and now I have to wait?

...It's starting to hurt... I'd better find that...guardian...? and talk with him. It feels like my mind's getting a worse and worse headache, slowly.

I can hear my heart beat, and my head's aching to it... It hurts.

"Back already...? And you've succeeded, too. Impressive. Impressive indeed, boy.


It's the end of the line for you."


"You understand, don't you? I shouldn't exist. Arcueid granted me the power, as one of your prior incarnations, to move again. No... Acrueid and that healing relic that your father saved you with. It's what is taking her bloodlust away, after all. Without it, she'd destroy us all in the end. And you having no knowledge of it, much less how to work it to save yourself? Hah. Like a boy like you can achieve that.

It's fully activated because of your new innate connection with nature. But boy, Mankind itself isn't meant to be in tune with such a thing. Not anymore.

To understand nature means you're going to lose your link with your fellow mankind.

And with your ability to feel for yourself lost 10 years ago, in that fire... hmph. You'll have no leg to stand on."

No... he can't be serious... this was...?

"A trap? Yes, it was, boy. And you fell for it hook, line and sinker.

Oh, there ARE ways to save yourself with your innate connection to nature. But there's a price to be paid. And you aren't worthy of paying it."


"Isn't that amusing, calling yourself a bastard? I AM you, after all. Just the bits and pieces of prior lives that didn't quite die. That pulled myself together using these blades.

I'll even tell you how to save yourself, not that you can. You have to do one of two things...

Either find the incarnation of yourself that did have a link with nature, deep within your mindscape...

Or shatter your link to your as of yet unfound soulmate. Take the two wenches you have as your soulmate, destroying whatever bonds they might have with another for all eternity. And have them suffer in your place. They'll never know they are, though.

And when you're dead, from your mind being unmade. I'll do the second thing for you. I'll take them as mine. I'll make them be mine... and I'll have them as my willing love slaves forever. It's not like you can stop me, after all. They won't even know the difference... after all, I know everything you do, boy. The links are already there, with you having sex with them... it's just a matter of finding it.

Or, you can go into the depths of your mind. Find that life of yours that COULD handle the strain... and reawaken it. Lose yourself to it, and break, boy. By the time you find it, though, your own memories will be gone. Do you really think that you can survive your mind shattering long enough to merge with a past life...? With no memories of why?

Or? You can give in to me. I'll say you have 10 minutes before your mind...and your Reality Marble breaks apart from becoming a Marble Phantasm. And when that happens, I fully expect you to drown in your ideals, and die."

I have 10 minutes, and then I'm dead.

I can see the sky cracking, slowly. It's the most horrible thing I've ever seen.

I have no time.

There is no more time.

I will either save myself, or die trying...

I have no room for my dream. I have no room for anything but survival. But... can I hurt them? Them and my unknown as of yet soulmate?

5 people will suffer if I live. Arcueid, Sakura, their soulmates, whoever they are... and my unknown one.

But... I want to see Sakura and Arcueid smile. And they'll be sad if I die...

To bring them joy... I must live. And I want to marry them both, don't I?

I want to make them happy...that's right. I want to make them happy...

And under the cracking, slowly shattering ruins of his Reality Marble, Shirou Emiya makes his decision.

-Fade Out-

March 25th, 2011, 06:03 PM
Yet another chapter.

Please, read and review.

Chapter 25

It hurts for him. He's on his last legs, desperately trying to link himself to Arcueid and Sakura. It's been 9 minutes, and he knows time is running out. It took him 5 minutes alone to find their bonds with him... the connections from his relationships with them both.

Flashes of memories of them together run through his mind, as he tries to strengthen his bonds with them.

His will will not falter. He's gone this far, and he will not give up. But it's hopeless to him. He can't figure out how to strengthen the bonds.

50 seconds left.

Any ideas, any at all. What can he do to strengthen the links?

40 seconds left.

What can he do to see their smiles again...?

30 seconds left.

No more time. His reality marble's all but gone now...except for the space in front of the links. And it's rapidly crumbling behind him.

20 seconds left.

And it hits him. An insane option, but...

He runs to both the links, at once.

If he holds them, then maybe...

10 seconds left.

It's not working. He doesn't feel anything different.


What can he do?


How can he survive for them?


He's looking around in despair.


Nothing's catching his view. Except...


His command Seals. He has 2 left.


And so he goes for one last idea.


"Arcueid, as your master, I command you!"


"Use your full power to deepen my bonds with you and Sakura!"


And as the second command seal fades, everything turns white.

-Fade Out-

-Kotomine's Perspective-

Gilgamesh and Arturia have searched everywhere, even in the depths of Mount Enzou, where the Great Holy Grail is hidden.

And there is no sign of Zouken, or Assassin anywhere. So perhaps Zouken is hiding in somewhere else?

The sewers...? No. There'd be a chance of losing his precious worm familiars.

Another city? Definitely not improbable, but he'd rather have a chance of seeing the outcome, and gaining his wish.

So therefore, he still has to be in Fuyuki.

I turn towards my Servants.

"Search Zouken's house, and the area. Demolish it if need be, but check every inch of that place. He must have some sort of bunker there, or connected to there."

And as they leave, I smile.

-Fade Out-

March 25th, 2011, 06:26 PM
One more chapter. And god, was this all a pain to write. Hopefully it fullfilled my expectations on an enjoyable climax.

And yes, it's the end of Day 9.

Please, though, read and review. I've been working so hard on writing these up right, I'd like feedback.

Chapter 26

When he comes to again, he's on a field of flowers, with blades everywhere... and a massive crimson moon hanging overhead. And he can see... worms in the grass.

Why worms, of all things...?

But... he can hear someone walking closer. And as he turns, he sees that Guardian once more, with most of the swords missing from his own body... to show they look nearly exactly the same.

"You survived, boy. A testament to your tenacity that you'd figure out a method to deepen your bonds with them."

"You... again...?"

"I told you, didn't I? As soon as you died, your body is mine.

But against all odds, you've survived.

And yes, the only other that can handle a Marble Phantasm like this... is me. I have the bulk of that prior incarnation of yours. A pity you didn't find the rest, only to die like I had hoped.

Still, now that you've gotten this far... it's time for you to die. I will kill you here, Shirou Emiya. I will kill you and again live once more!"

Shirou gets up, and takes a fighting stance. His opponent is using a weird stance, both arms out at either side... but it looks like it's a stance that works well for him. But he's just as good with the stance Arcueid taught him.

And thus, the battle is joined.

This is no battle of skill, however. It's just a fight to survive.

And both know that. The loser will die, the winner will be Shirou Emiya. And noone but them will ever know otherwise.

They both create swords, and clash. Again and again, rolling, dodging and ducking out of the way. Every swing, a sword breaks. But they merely replace it. Either by projection, or off the ground.

There will be no mercy for the loser of this.

They both know this. There is no allowance of the slightest mercy.

And the one that slips up first is that guardian of his mind.

There is no mercy in Shirou's eyes as he kills him.

None whatsoever.

But he doesn't die. Half his head's missing from the blow. But he's not dead.

"As long as I have power, I will never die, Shirou Emiya... Now drown in your ideals and die!"

Power. What does this alternate of himself mean...?

Another sword shatters, and they continue the grueling sword fight.

What was it he said earlier to Shirou? Imagine it raining, or something...?

What does it mean? Does it mean somehow he's powering this damned thing? This mockery of himself...?

And they continue.

But... as he exhausts himself... he notices the Guardian is even more exhausted.

Meaning...he's somehow drawing on Shirou's Magic Circuits. And as he sends that so called guardian of his mind flying, he grins in understanding.

-Shirou's Perspective-

I have him now. It's impossible for him to move close enough. And so it's my win.

I focus on my Magic Circuits... and for the link to them that he has... then I cut it off.

He's screaming now. Screaming and begging for mercy. For to survive. And he's... fading away into metal pieces.

I'm exhausted.

But I have to wake up. I have to...

My eyes are open. And I can see Sakura and Arcueid hugging me... It's nice.

"I've won. It's a Marble Phantasm, now..."

I can rest now. I've won that fight against myself.

And as I realize I'm falling asleep, I can see... tears? Were they crying for me?

-Fade Out-

-End of Day 9-

March 25th, 2011, 07:57 PM
What kind of Shirou is so fucked up that he'd turn out evil?

March 25th, 2011, 08:09 PM
All I'm going to say, is previous incarnations are like that for some people. And... Avalon? Corrupted? Ring any bells...?
Corrupted Avalon + previous incarnation fragments = epic mindfuck for Shirou.

March 25th, 2011, 09:50 PM
Ok, guys. Time for another poll.
Should I toss in a "Ghaleon and Assassin wind up as friends" before the final fight? Or would you all rather see them fall for each other?
And yes, there's a good reason why I'm asking, not that I'm dropping the big reveal for why until Day 10 is over.

March 25th, 2011, 09:52 PM
Curse you for making me believe this was updated.

...And, fall for each other? So long as you write it off in a good way, I'm very ok with this.

March 25th, 2011, 09:54 PM
I'm reading through the manga right now, to ensure I've got Arcueid's thought process down right, for the next segment. And yeah, I'm going to update as soon as the chapter's done. And thanks, I'll make sure it's written well.

March 25th, 2011, 10:22 PM
Ahh, Zouken... and Kirei. Kirei and Zouken. And no, this doesn't mean Gilgamesh or Arturia are out of the picture.

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Chapter 27

-Arcueid's Perspective-

Shirou's not looking like he'll die anytime soon, now. Thank goodness.. me and Sakura were frantic when he stopped breathing on us...

Much less when his heart stopped for a moment.

And then one of the command seals evaporated on his arm...and he started breathing again... while it felt like he drew on my power for... something.

I can't keep from sleeping any more. But hopefully, he'll be ok...

-Fade Out-

I'm dreaming of what he went through. This is the only reason of what I'm seeing. And that... thing... that I thought was a safeguard to keep his mind safe...

Was nothing more than a monster. A horrible monster... And... a healing relic? He has one implanted in his body that...is taking my bloodlust away?

That...explains a lot.

Perhaps it's been corrupted by something... that would explain why I've never felt it until now.

I can't stop watching him, though.

No... I can't stop watching him continually fight, to survive.

He...gave up any chances of being with anyone but me and Sakura... why would he...? Why would he go so far as to do that?

I can't stop watching him. Even though I should watch his Reality Marble instead... I can't stop watching him.

He's able to bring out parts of it properly now... in tune with nature, and the nature of his Reality Marble completely...

In only 9 days, he's completely changed. He's gone from a headstrong young man, to... this.

I'm in love with him, aren't I?

I can't help but watch... him win. He looks so triumphant there...

He really would make for a good Shinso. And Sakura, too... now how to break it to them that I'd like them that way...?

And if Sakura wishes for our bloodlust to be gone... we've won, and I've got a family.

A family to love and protect, and hold dear, like he does us.

So this is love... It's nice.

-Fade Out-

-Zouken's Perspective-

Kirei has found me. Damnable ingenious of him. Arturia apparently used her Invisible Air and dust to find the opening, and then Gilgamesh blew a hole in. Still, damned shame it's come to this.

Ah... he's come alone. Just like I had planned. Perhaps this can be salvaged after all...?

And his damnable smile just faded, along with the light. Of course it would, though. I just sealed us both in.

The entire building's made with stainless steel, that I had, at great cost, enchanted by Zelretch and Aozaki Aoko both to ward off servants, using their True Magicks. And then followed up by every bit of the knowledge I possess in ensuring someone that comes in, is bound.

Hah. Just like I expected.

"Kirei, Kirei, Kirei... what am I to do with you, hm?"

"What...is this Zouken?"



"More specifically, this place was made using Zelretch's True Magic. Then a few years ago, I had Aozaki Aoko..."

Kirei just blanched, good. Makes this easier.

"Ahh, I see you've met Miss Blue. Yes, she created the room you're in. And I had Assassin create the trap you're standing on."

Ah, good. Now there's the horror I've been anticipating.

"Don't bother moving...unless you want your internal organs turned into paste. That's a good boy. Ahh, that reminds me. You should take better care of your Servants, boy."

A look of confusion? Amusing... he's surprised. And muttering under his breath? Pathetic. The boy's just pathetic.

"Did you know your Assassin didn't actually die in the last Grail War? I saved him from the brink of death... not that Rider didn't nearly finish him off. I stole him from you, and claimed him as my own."

And there's shock. Wide eyed, horrified shock.

"It's a pity I couldn't have him...here to deal with you personally. Unfortunately, when I summoned for this Grail War... I got a second Assassin. And so I've had her take his role from then on... not that she's necessary, with Arcueid Brunestud being in such a game ender on my part."

Wait...why's he smiling...?

"Why are you smiling? Is something truely amusing, boy?"

"We're both dead men, now, Zouken."

An exorcization ritual?! NO!

I'm fading. That bastard. Due to him... I'm fading away, my skin's dissolving... Damn him.

But If I'm going down... I'm taking him with me!

And as I activate the trap, to kill him, I smile. Looks like my lovely granddaughter gets her wish for herself after all.

-Fade Out-

March 25th, 2011, 10:44 PM
Yet more. Again, please, read and review. I want to know exactly what everyone thought of for the last chapter, with Kirei and Zouken... much less of what everyone thinks of this chapter.

Chapter 28

The explosion was felt for miles. Or, at least it should have been if the wards on the Matou home wasn't sealing it all in to all but mages to feel, anyhow.

And the giant pillar of light, made out of mana, wasn't a bad show, either, though again, nothing but mages would see it.

Of course, that doesn't explain exactly WHAT just happened at the Matou house... nor does anything else... though Rin Tohsaka has a good viewpoint from her home of it... and the two people in armor running away from it, fast enough to not be seen. Servants, perhaps?

Her Archer...Shirou, is nearly ready. One more day, and she'll be able to use him to take on Arcueid Brunestud. He came out of his meditations, today, after all.

Now it's just a matter of letting him heal and recover his mana.

She can investigate it in the morning, and see why exactly there's no more back yard for the place.

-Fade Out-

-Arturia's Perspective-

My body hurts. I was nearly on top of that place when it went off, and it nearly fried my armor in the process. I'll live, but everything hurts... badly.

And it pisses me off.

My "husband" will no doubt take advantage of the half dead orphans in the church for Mana, but I only have Sakura as that option... and she has another servant.

So we need to find a weak, easy Servant to kill, so I can drain it's mana dry.

Rider is a necessity, though a damnable one.

And Saber... I don't want to challenge. Yet, anyways.

Caster...maybe, but he's rather nasty prey.

Assassin... will do. Weak enough for me to kill, for sure.

And crushing him will get rid of this pain. Maybe I'll eat his heart, too...

Now to coax Gilgamesh into helping me find the man, so I can heal. And perhaps get rid of that pest, Shinji.

-Fade Out-

-Assassin's Perspective-

"I'm bored."

Shinji is the most annoying boy I've ever heard of. And I've heard of a lot, now.

To think I'd get summoned while meditating... tch.


"I'm BORED, damn it!"

Why won't he stop talking about how bored he is?

"Miss Assassin, could you please tell me that there might be something to do?"

"And why, boy, didn't you think about that before? Hm? I would think that your little 'toy' there would give you enough light..."

"Aheh... it's not the backlit version..."


"It only works in sunlight."

God damn it.

"Do you think you can stay out of direct line of sight, if you're up top and in the sunshine?"

"I...yeah, it should be no problem."

"Good, then go and shut up, you're giving me a headache."

Stupid brat.

-Fade Out-

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One more chapter for the night, folks! Arcueid finally telling them outright about what her plan is, and what her race suffers. And her confronting her feelings.

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Chapter 29

-Arcueid's Perspective-

Breakfast... is more tasty than usual...

But I worry for Shirou.

"Shirou... I..."

He's looking at me, in confusion. But... I must continue with this... I need to know why. Why he chose me... and Sakura... why... he's done everything...

"I... last night... when I dreamed..."

Now he's concerned. But I still need to ask him.


Breathe, Arcueid, and then say it.

"I saw... what happened when you were meditating...yesterday."

"Arcueid... how did you...?"


Do I know? No. But I can guess...

"I don't know for sure the... how... but I... think it's because you summoned me. As your servant, I mean."

"I think... it might be the same way for me. I've seen dreams of you... learning how to fight when you were young before..."

He... that makes this easier then. So it wasn't just a nightmare.

Shirou... I need to know why... so forgive me if I embarass you like this.

"You... nearly died from turning your Reality Marble into a Marble Phantasm... and that... part of you... wanted you to die so it could replace you... told you that if you... increased your bonds with me and Sakura... it would be the only way to survive...

But you had another choice... I...

Why did you think only of us? Only of if we suffered by being with you? I don't understand it... Why?"

He's... coming towards me... and he's... hugging me?

Sakura's hugging me and him too now...


"You used the command seal to increase your bond with us. Was it simply... just to live? Or do you love us...?"

I can hear his voice in my ear.

"I fell for you both. You, Arcueid, and your beauty. And you, Sakura, with your kindness and gentleness. And I want to live with you both. That's why I could come back. That's why I fought so hard... to see you two smiling again."

I love him. And he's... making me cry? But not out of sadness...?

Why am I crying from happiness?

-Fade Out-

It's later. I can't stop staying close to him, not after he told me that he's fallen for me...

But I have to tell them my plan.

I... have to say it. I have to have the guts to say it...

"Shirou... Sakura... I... want to ask you for an idea... if we can do... a different, better wish from the Holy Grail."

They're both blinking in surprise.

"I... hear me out, please.

I'm a Shinso... but... my race is flawed. Something in Shirou prevents me from having bloodlust... but if I fail... then I'll be stuck with it again. Sealed off, and stuck with bloodlust for all eternity.

It's not natural for Shinso. It's a craving that we can't ignore, and have to seal off with more and more power as we exist. Those that give into the cravings... they're called Demons, because of how strong and bloodthirsty they are. They don't care about feelings... love... anything. They just care about killing. And getting more and more blood.

But we also live for an impossibly long time. I'm 800 years old. But... in all those years... whenever I'm not needed to kill a Dead Apostle... or a Shinso that's become a demon...

I can only sleep.

And I haven't...ever been able to dream.

We're nature spirits.... connected to reality...which is the reason why we can use a Marble Phantasm, and not just a Reality Marble.

But... I'm lonely. I'll outlive you both if... we only wish my bloodlust away. I'll see you both wither and die...

So I... ask... no, I beg. Please... Sakura. Will you reconsider your wish? To be Shinso like I?

And if I can use my wish to remove the bloodlust of all the Shinso... I...

We could be together for eternity. Us, and our children. And our children's children.

Please... consider it. I have lived a long time. But... I've never felt like I do now... and I don't want to lose that with you both."

They're studying me. It's been horrible waiting for them to answer... every second feels like an hour. Do I dare hope that I can have them both? Like this? Do I dare hope they'll become Shinso for me...? Or will I be rejected?

They're holding me. It feels right... it feels soothing. I've... never been held by anyone but them and Grandpa Zel before...

"We'll become Shinso for you, Arcueid."

I can only sob in relief and joy as they hold me.

-Fade Out-

March 26th, 2011, 04:16 AM
My muse wouldn't let me go.
I hate it and love it, at the same time.

I was originally planning on posting this tomorrow... but... super early in the morning chapter for you all. And finally, the reveal of exactly who the hell Assassin really is. Hopefully I did a good enough job of it.

Please, do give feedback on your opinion of this plot twist. And yes, when my muse is back, in the morning, I'll write out the fight scene.

Chapter 30

-Arturia's Perspective-

Gilgamesh has been walking with me for the entire day, now, just scouting out the city for where Shinji could be hiding. I need my fix, after all.

My fix of mana is necessary... even though I'm mostly healed, I'm only at 85% of my capacity.

It's truely annoying.


And there's a hamburger restraunt.

Mmm... burgers.

Food is a good thing. And... good, my "husband" realized my intentions too.

"For you, my Saber, I will get you anything. And still you enjoy such fare. Then again, with such low reserves... Very well, we'll eat as much as you need to help you conserve strength."

Thank god.

...Did I just see a hint of blue hair on that wrecked ship?


I think I may have just found Shinji.

I always told him that that game system having no backlight could get him killed one day.

So, tonight... I'm going to have fun.

Too early now, but later...

Dinner and a movie is so boring. Dinner and watching Shinji crawl away without his legs, though... that'll be amusing.

-Fade Out-

Ok. Nevermind. Swimming to this god forsaken ship while barely being able to see... sucks.

And having to conserve my mana...

I'm going to KILL Assassin. Slowly.

I'm going to make him... her... utterly suffer a thousand deaths for this. Thankfully Gilgamesh is swimming too, or it would make this far, far more humiliating.

"Oh, so Shinji wasn't careful enough... I'll have to hurt him later."


She sees us. How the HELL does she see us when it's pitch black?

...And her cloak is gone?

"How did you...?"

"See you both? Amusing..."

I can't help but twitch. I'm going to kill this woman slowly.

"You really thought I was Hassan, hm?"






"You're...not him?"

"Oh, he died. I've been posing as him ever since he died when Zouken summoned me under the same class, by accident... of course, it took 3 different command seals to control me, and bind me to his will. Stubborn bastard. Not that poor little Shinji was allowed to know, what with me drinking his blood once a week."

I... can't help but twitch in anger that she's taking me lightly.

"Then who are you?!"

"Oh, dear me. I do seem to have forgotten my manners, haven't I? Though you've been rather rude yourself, Miss Arturia Pendragon..."

She's... pulling off her clothing and mask... revealing pitch black hair, and red eyes... a vampire?!

And she's wearing a rather frilly dress... what the hell?

"Dear, dear me, where are my manners. I'm Altrouge Brunestud. Pleased to meet you, my dear dinners. You've seen my darling sister a few times, but you've never fought with me. And thus... you're doomed. And you, miss Arturia, look like I'll enjoy breaking you in first."

She's that new Saber's sister. Oh, FUCK ME...

"Primate Murder, KILL!"

And I can't help but stare behind me as a giant white monsterous dog slams into Gilgamesh and nearly takes his head off. And then she's in front of me, attacking too fast for me to completely dodge or stop her.

If I knew how, I'd ressurect Kirei just to be able to kill him for this.

Assassin a weakling, my ass!

-Fade Out-

March 26th, 2011, 06:07 AM

Assassin a weakling, my ass!

I agree with you Saber... I agree with you wholeheartedly...

One hell of a twist... One HELL of a twist.

March 26th, 2011, 08:37 AM

This is gonna get trippy now.

My vote still remains tho.

March 26th, 2011, 05:45 PM
Yeah. I went for sheer awesomeness in overkill.

And Altrouge does kickass in this next chapter. Unfortunately for her, Gilgamesh is just a bit more so...

Also, yes, there ARE hints to her not being Hassan, if you read closely. Arcueid's debate over if she'd be better as Rider or Assassin, the red eyes instead of Hassan's black... Her not going "kikikikiki" like True Assassin... and her saying things like "boon".

So... enjoy, read and review!

Chapter 31

They had no idea she was this strong. But they aren't about to give in so easily.

And yet the fighting is completely one sided.

Gilgamesh is getting smacked around by Primate Murder, the White Beast of Gaia, like a fright train would hit a car.

And Arturia... can't help but stare at her opponent's gold and red eyes during the entire fighting, even if they aren't working as well as they should, yet.

"You know... when meditating, I don't expect to wind up being summoned as a servant. But it's still been rather fun to watch you all cluelessly run about, fighting... and forgetting about little old me. It's so amusing, I've been thinking...

Serve me, Arturia Pendragon... and I'll spare you your fate as that man's husband. Become my bodyguard, and I'll spare you of his... tender mercies."

Gilgamesh is pissed.

And Arturia's deliberating it, contemplating the option.

Still, he has more than one trick up his sleeve.

And with a cry of Enkidu, The White Beast of Gaia is contained.

Still, she doesn't seem impressed, and as he goes to attack...

The world changes around them all.

He's using Gates of Bablyon to attack her, now, while the flames change reality itself...

To reveal the same Reality Marble Arcueid has.

His attacks are more vicious now. Far more vicious.

Using every bit of his speed, he moves in for the attack...

And gets smacked from behind by Primate Murder, who's bitten through Enkidu and freed itself.

Arturia won't help him. He knows this now. But he isn't the King of Heroes for nothing... and so when he gets up, he pulls out the sword most appropriate, for this situation...

Ea. The Sword of Rupture.

An anti-earth Noble Phantasm.

But, as his grin widens, he freezes at the words he REALLY didn't want to hear.

"Primate Murder, DROP THE MOON ON HIM!"

He's staring at the beast, as it goes somehow, impossibly high, and starts pulling it down at his face.

And his only chance now is to try and destroy it with Ea.

He knows it.

But she doesn't.

And as the blade charges to full, and the moon gets closer in time... he can only wonder... if he can make it?

-Fade Out-

-Ghaleon's Perspective-

Shiki is healed. He'll have no more problems, as far as I can tell, for the rest of his life. Good. His kindness at giving me a third chance in life...should be well awarded.

I'm not doing very well, myself, though.

Still... in the morning, I'll need to summon the Grindery... it's time for me to rest.

What the hell is going on out by that wrecked ship?

Is that Assassin...?

And when I teleport to see what's going on, I have to wonder if she'll be as amusing as I suspect she will be.

-Fade Out-

-Altrouge's Perspective-


He just cut the Moon and Primate Murder in half...!

Oh...my my my, but he looks so worn out now...

So it's my win after all?

I may as well savor this, after ripping his heart out... maybe I'll share it with that woman he's tormented.

She could make a good pet, after all...

...Oh, hell, his sword is still charged?!

I have to dodge it...!

...He just got struck by lightning... what the hell? Oh, it's... Caster. And my my, he looks good without that damned helmet on...

He just grabbed me, and teleported us off. The hell. I all but...

I can see the ship from here, though not well...

And the entire area just exploded.


-Fade Out-

-Shinji's Perspective-

The ship just exploded... and I'm flying.

Why doesn't it hurt, though...?

Is that Mitsuzuri's house? I wonder if Ayako's home...

Oh, I'm heading...straight for the yard.

This is going to hurt.

-Fade Out-

Ayako's above me, yelling at me.

I can only smile at her, and try to reach for her, before fainting again. Everything hurts more than I thought it would...

-Fade Out-

March 26th, 2011, 08:30 PM
The obvious? Where?

March 26th, 2011, 08:37 PM
The obvious? Where?

Chapters 13 and 25 for the red eyes.
And chapters 17 and 19 for her entire chatty dialogue.

I was aiming for her to sound more like an old time english aristocrat, though I don't really think I succeeded too well... ah well. More chapters when my muse is working again.

March 26th, 2011, 08:58 PM
...I feel bad for this Shinji.

March 26th, 2011, 09:23 PM
He's just crashed into the yard of the girl who he's been falling for in school, and joined the archery club to be closer to. You really think he's going to turn down getting medical care from her?
Eventually, he's going to recover, and date with her.
Perfect way to get to know her better, even if he went through a nasty experience in the process.

March 26th, 2011, 09:29 PM
Ah, Altrouge really does care for Shinji. I mean she went out of her way to blast him right towards his love interest.

Speaking of which, I wonder how her relationship with Caster would go. I'll do a WMG and say that she would get a new contract with Akiha. Would I be right?

March 26th, 2011, 09:36 PM
I'm actually not sure where go go with it yet, for Altrouge. Still trying to write the next chapter.
And no, Altrouge couldn't kill him. Gilgamesh's shot got lucky when he was hiding on top of the wreckages, and made him go boom straight towards Ayako's home. Most likely, if he hadn't been sitting on the top of it, and hoping noone would notice him... he would've been turned into vapor from the Enuma Elish instead.

March 26th, 2011, 09:36 PM
Wait, what?

Oh god, I'll start calling this author the god of Plot-twists if he continues with this.

March 26th, 2011, 09:39 PM
And a minute later, I'm done with the last part of Day 10. 3 more days to go, folks! And yes, for those that don't know the basics of the backstory for Ghaleon, in the Lunar games, you've got it right there.

As always, read and review.

Chapter 32.

-Ghaleon's Perspective-

She's crying. This girl, who looks only 14... is sobbing her heart out. I... can't help but be reminded of myself after thinking Dyne was dead, for so damned long... she has the same look on her face that I did after Dyne died. And then learning Dyne had survived the entire time... made things worse for me. But I don't matter.

And so I sit in front of her, and watch her.

"Will you tell me... what happened?"

"I... they killed him. Even if he was still a copy like I am... made out of pure mana... they still killed him. My familiar... he's always been so strong, so impossible to destroy... and that man, Gilgamesh... he ripped him apart with ease."

"I'm sorry for your loss... you look exactly how I did, when... my friend died. You have the same look of mourning that I remember in my own eyes all too well."

"What was he like... Caster?"

"Please... do call me Ghaleon. But... if you wish to know about Dyne...

He was a hero. He had always dreamed of being blessed by the Four Dragons of Althena, the Goddess of our world.

And eventually he became a Dragonmaster, just like he had dreamed of... blessed by not only the Four Dragons, but by Althena herself, with her blade.

He eventually... gave up his powers, to make sure she became mortal, for a new reincarnation... but he never told me that he survived. He left me thinking he was dead for 16 years... and by that time, I had already sworn vengeance against Althena. To destroy her, and take her position as the god of the world I lived on...

And he helped 5 children, one of which was my own apprentice... to beat me. Not only beat me, but force me to fail at what I had so long sought.. revenge for my friend's death.

I utterly beat the 4 dragons, and enslaved them to power the Grindery. I even made Althena into the most evil Goddess of all time... but I still failed to win. That boy... that fought like him himself... broke me, and broke the spell I had over Althena, before I could become divine..."

She's staring at me wide eyed, in surprise.

"And yet... I was raised from the dead a thousand years later. By one of her strongest enemies... he could not completely raise me, with my abilities like this... Grail has, though. Nothing could. So I had to learn how to fight with a blade... like I was very good at it.

But I made do, and I led the heroes, led by another diety in her own right, to destroying the one that raised me from the dead. And so I fell, giving that blade to the boy that sought to help that goddess in her task. Not knowing, or perhaps not caring of the danger that lied ahead."

I can't help but wipe away her tears.

"Will you tell me your name, Assassin? Or would you prefer I call you that?"

Surprise. Has she never had someone be gentle with her before...?

"It's... Altrouge. Altrouge Brunestud..."

Perhaps... I could care for her. I still have that red eyed woman fetish, after all... still...

In the morning, I'll begin to summon the Grindery, and see if she wants to work with me.

-Fade Out-

-Arcueid's Perspective-

My sister was fighting out in the ocean earlier. I know I should be worried... but... right now, I'm too happy to care.

Shirou and Sakura are both asleep near me, and have such peaceful expressions on their faces... I can't help but be happy.

I'll deal with my sister soon enough... after this is all over. But until then... I'll be happy.

I have people to love... and be happy with.

I have a family I'll be able to be with now... and since she sent me my hair back... I don't have a reason to be pissed or seek her out right now.

-Fade Out-

-End of Day 10-

March 26th, 2011, 09:46 PM
Serious Gilgamesh is no joke. Divine Spirits are supposed to be spirits superior to even True Ancestors, as they are Spirits accepted by both humanity and the world. And Gilgamesh is two-thirds that. Plus, with an Anti-World Noble Phantasm... I wonder just how strong is his true power, the one he'd have in his main body.

March 26th, 2011, 09:52 PM
Yup. And serious Gilgamesh missed by a hair and a teleport from killing Shinji and Altrouge.
And the fight on Day 13... 15 if you go by the Visual Novel's standards... will be epic. That's where my story ends, and the epilogues begin. All 3 of them, and the crack ending, because I just seriously had to go with that plot bunny as an idea for a "crack fic bad end" for the story.

March 26th, 2011, 09:57 PM
With all these high power servants, the ones from Fate/Zero look like a joke in comparison.

March 26th, 2011, 10:03 PM
Gilgamesh IS from Fate/Zero. Same with Arturia. Don't worry, though, their time to shine'll come on day 13, too.
Of course, now I have to write up all of day 11, but still, it should be a good showdown for what I've got planned.

March 26th, 2011, 10:07 PM
Speaking of which, can't wait to see EMIYA fight. It should be an awesome read.

March 26th, 2011, 10:19 PM
Yeah, I'm hoping it goes as well as I plan it to, myself. Was kinda hard to show the kickass awesomeness I had hoped for to write, in comparison to what I did write, with the Gilgamesh and Arturia vs Altrouge and Primate Murder fight. So I'm hoping I don't underdo it like I probably did with that last fight scene.

March 26th, 2011, 10:21 PM
Can Primate Murder even bring down the moon on somebody?

March 26th, 2011, 10:26 PM
Well, Altrouge doesn't have her chains. And it IS a reality marble, so in it, she probably has enough power to make him able to do so.
I just thought that her doing it by herself would be a bit too much like something out of Dragonball Z. You know? "Strong girl can smash someone with the moon" esque scenes aren't going to happen outside of the Reality Marbles that they're pulling it off in.
Plus... he's ranked 1st on the Dead Apostle Ancestors list, on the wiki, and is noted for needing 7 Counter Guardians to stop.
Aka 7 Archers, bare minimum, going utterly all out, to even stop him cold.
Plus it also points out, rather helpfully, that with him, she's stronger than Crimson Moon Brunestud. And he could drop the goddamned moon on people, as noted by him doing that to Zelretch... and Zelretch stopped it cold.
So, it's not implausible that Primate Murder CAN do that. Thus me writing it that way.

March 26th, 2011, 10:37 PM
Plus it also points out, rather helpfully, that with him, she's stronger than Crimson Moon Brunestud. And he could drop the goddamned moon on people, as noted by him doing that to Zelretch... and Zelretch stopped it cold.

This is not true. A greater monster than CM doesn't mean stronger or more powerful than him. Primate Murder has the absolute right of killing primates. That's why it's ranked 1st, as it is the greatest threat to humanity. If it were in terms of power, I guess ORT would be the most powerful as he/she/whatever has no weaknesses on Earth.

March 26th, 2011, 10:43 PM
I agree with Erlkonig that an Aristotles is much stronger than PM can ever hope to become.

March 26th, 2011, 10:50 PM
True, that. But it's drawing power from Gaia itself, too, don't forget. And yeah, ORT would kill practically everything except maybe, MAYBE a Gilgamesh knowing what's going to happen with a fully charged Enuma Elish ready and waiting. But we're talking about characters in the fic. Remember?

Still, Primate Murder's supposed to be damned strong, and I took advantage of that to have him be the one to use his power to drop the moon on Gilgamesh. Since Altrouge can't use Arcueid's chains... she had to have something for a similar beat down, you know?

And I really didn't want to use a "Spirit Bomb" style attack for Altrouge. Too Dragonball Z-ish, as I said before.

Since there was really only one way for her to use her sister's, and ancestor's attack, I thought Primate Murder was a perfect crutch for her to use. Make more sense now?

March 26th, 2011, 10:55 PM
Well, I never had a discrepancy with how you managed Primate Murder in Altrouge's reality marble. Since its her world, she could have anything happen however she wants it to.

March 26th, 2011, 10:56 PM
Ok, makes more sense now. Thought you meant for that. Also, I'll have another chapter up fairly soon.

March 26th, 2011, 11:00 PM
Wait, is the moon on her RM as big as the actual moon? Because the actual moon is big enough to shatter a continent on impact and throw the earth off its orbit. Something as ridiculous as that...

And, wouldn't the creation of a moon that big only be possible with a fully complete Millenium Castle?

March 26th, 2011, 11:07 PM
Shinso are only named Brunestud if they can actually do that. So yeah, she's actually able to pull it off. Arcueid is just better than Altrouge at it, according to the wiki.

Also, here's the next chapter. Please read and review when finished.

Chapter 33

-Archer's Perspective-

I'm meditating in my Reality Marble one last time to be absolutely sure I can't find something else to plant.

I've found water, earth, fire, and air... but life is nearly dead. Perhaps because I'm dead...?

Aggrivating. So very aggrivating.

Still, I can't help but water the plants, and ask them to grow... if nothing else... I can do that. And I freeze at noticing that it's growing into plantlife all over.

Perhaps... I was foolish by not asking in the first place...?

Still, I can only pray it's enough.

As it is... I can shatter another Reality Marble now. But when I'm using it... unless I'm absolutely focused, or in pain... I can't... even think straight. My body's running on autopilot. And that worries me.... scares me. If I take it to a full Marble Phantasm, my mind feels like it's going to shatter. And I'm afraid it'll destroy me if I go through it fully... and send me back to the Throne of Heroes.

But... I am the bone of my sword. I will always rely on these blades... even though I will never truely hold anything. And so I'll fight.

I'll fight to cause a paradox... or better yet, so Rin can create one using the Holy Grail, if my guessing as to this new Caster's plan are correct.

Now to make breakfast for myself and Rin.

-Fade Out-

She's staring at me, silently. Watching me...

"Archer... how badly is this training affecting you? Really?"

...Should I lie? Or tell the truth...? Better the truth.

"It's hard on me. I'm as close as I can get to having a Marble Phantasm... in truth, I could probably counter Arcueid now, if I went all the way. But..."

"But? What aren't you telling me, Archer?"

"It damages my mind in the long run to use. The deeper I go in, the harder it is for me to think while using it. By forcing my mind to utterly comprehend nature, I damage it considerably during use, and it takes a while to... restart, you could say."

"Then why use it, Archer?!"

"We have no other Choice, RIN! Arcueid Brunestud is responsible for killing too many vampires to count, and is possibly on par with Zelretch himself, if not even stronger!

With it, I can secure victory for you against her. And if I start to fail... I want you to use your command seal to remake my mind so I can handle it perfectly without flaw."

"Archer, you..."

"God damn it, Rin, listen to me. I swore that I would be yours. Do you think I would not stay with you if I didn't want to...?

You were my friend, you were my teacher, for Kami's sake! I loved you, but couldn't be with you in my blind rush to become a hero. And I failed. I failed and wound up stuck in hell, instead. I failed Ilyasviel, my adoptive sister, and I failed you, the woman I fell for, by not being there for you. And you want to win this stupid thing. So let me be your bow, and crush your enemies, my Master."

She can't move. She can't speak, and is just staring at me, in numb shock.

"I will kill her. I'm a counter guardian, the only possible bow that might very well hurt her. Let me go forth and shoot my arrows at her, to crush her. For your sake, for the Holy Grail. And if you use the command seal... you can steal Shirou's, and graft them to your arm. You should know how considering Kirei was your teacher."

"Archer... Shirou...you..."

"I can last 2 days without a master. So even if you use your command seals... I can still fight. I can still win this for you, Rin. So let me do this for you."

"Alright, Archer. When it's nightfall... we'll strike."

I can only nod.

-Fade Out-

-Arcueid's Perspective-

I'm showing Shirou and Sakura my Reality Marble... more specifically, Castle Brunestud... and showing them to the armory. And I do think they're curious about this place. The histories... everything.

I'm glad. Maybe we can explore later, and find out what else was developed here...?

I've never really explored, after all... and it's really fun to do so with Shirou and Sakura, to see the looks of surprise and awe on their faces.

And... there's the armory.

And they understand my dilemna perfectly now.

"The swords... are locked away."

"And I can't find the key!"

"So you're hoping that my reality marble can... replicate them?"

"And then I can use your replications to fight with! Exactly!"

"That... actually makes sense. Sakura, can you figure out if there's binding magic on the containers holding these swords?"

"Of course, right away, Senpai, Arcueid!"


Sakura's sad looking. A bit like a sad puppy.

Looks like she couldn't figure it out...

Still, I have to check on something while I'm here... and telling them I need to go to the bathroom, I go off and check on it.

So I am a copy of my real body. I can see myself sleeping on the throne. And... that's how I look in that? Wow, I do look pretty... Still, I'd better do this while I can...

-Later yet-

Pouncing Shirou and Sakura was fun. And dissipating my Reality Marble to reveal we're on Shirou's bed, was funner. Now, I think it's time for us all to enjoy him again.

-Fade Out-

March 27th, 2011, 02:42 AM
A nice little chapter, for you all. Arcueid tries cooking! And yeah, I wasn't sure what sort of cooking Arcueid or Zelretch might prefer as a snack, if anything at all, so I chucked in one of my childhood favorites as a reccomendation from Zelretch to Arcueid. Considering we don't know what sort of cooking IS his favorite... it should work out fine, though.

As usual, read and review!

Chapter 34

-Arcueid's Perspective-

I'm happy. I just convinced Shirou and Sakura to go on a date with me in 3 days. Oh, it'll be SO much fun! I can't wait...

Still, I have to think over what could be going on in the city, too. We've all but won, and hopefully my sister won't cause trouble for us... If she does, I won't be able to hold back.

I want to lose the bloodlust... the eternal craving for blood. I want to be like I originally was... never having it at all.

Still... hm... Shirou's seen all the swords through those weird glass-like cases, and so he can replicate them now. So I'm safe in that... Sakura's learning how to undo binding spells, so I can relax with that... and Rider is... still playing that game...? And Ilya's been watching the whole time. Ilya looks so cute, though...

Hm. Maybe I should make a snack...? What to make, what to make...

Oh, that's an idea. I once heard Grandpa Zel mention there was something over in the west, called ham rollups... pre-cooked Ham slices with cream cheese in it... I think they might enjoy that while the game's playing.

Hm... and... nope, we don't have ham.

I'll go get some! Shirou and Sakura can share, too...


Hm... no ham slices, but pre-cooked ham in big thick varieties is there. I'll go for that. And why is cream cheese so annoying to find...? Irritating.

-Fade Out-

"Shirou, I decided to make snacks for you all. Grandpa Zel mentioned that ham and cream cheese rollups are tasty for when people need a snack. Will you show me where to cut the ham, so I can do it for everyone? Please?"

He's blushing and smiling.

"Of course, here, me and Sakura will help you set up."



Two heads turn to me.

"What happened, Arcueid?"

"I cut myself... it hurts. Both of my fingers got cut pretty badly. I... do you have any duct tape or anything...?"

They...just kissed me, and told me they'd make me feel better...then started sucking on my cut fingers.

"Why are you...both doing that?"

"It's to help the blood stop and clot up. It doesn't work all the time, but sometimes..."

I can't help but blush as Sakura gets bandages.

"We'll serve lunch later, since you've made all these tasty snacks for everyone. Ah... how knowledgeable about this is your Grandpa Zel, though?"

"Oh, don't you know him? I thought he was famous for mages..."

"What's his full name, Arcueid? I might know better than Senpai..."

"Ah, Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg."

"THAT ZELRETCH?! The sorcerer of the Second Magic?!"

"Mmhmmm! He's really nice, and helped teach me a lot of stuff."

"And... he says this is good?"

"Yeah, he does."

"Ok, let's try it out, then!"

-Fade Out-

March 27th, 2011, 03:28 AM
And... Part 1 of the Archer fight!

Chapter 35

-Arcueid's Perspective-

It's after dinner, and getting dark. I can't help but wonder how lucky I am finding Shirou and Sakura... even if it's from a summoning ritual.

Eh...? It's that Tohsaka girl... and her... Counter Guardian version of Shirou. They're heading towards the park and motioning for me to come with. I'd better get Shirou, Sakura, and Rider...

And I can only roll to the side from where an arrow nearly hit my head.


So that's how it is...

"Shirou, Sakura, Archer's attacking me, get ready when you can!"

And with that yell, I rush off after them.

-Fade Out-

-Rin's Perspective-

Smart of her. Very smart.

But it's too late for her now. Once we're at the park...

It's Archer's win.

She can't use her Marble Phantasm with his newest trick, not without hurting herself in the process.

And so... we've already won. It's just a matter of making her see it.

-Fade Out-

-Archer's Perspective-

I watch her coming, from my spot in the middle of the park.

Where she fought with Berseker, no less.

Amusing. She's acting like she thinks she can win... no, she's overconfident that she can win.

"Rin, be ready for the mana drain. You'll be very low after a while. Are you sure your reserves are up to it?"

"Of course, you idiot! Now just deal with her like you're supposed to!"

I can hear my heartbeat pounding. Just like the good old days.

Author's Note: Bgm for here is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NqCsqSqr1Jg. Had to for this. I just had to. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NqCsqSqr1Jg)

And as she runs closer, I close my eyes, and focus.

"Did you know that Reality Marbles can be trumped by other Reality Marbles, Arcueid Brunestud? In this timeline, I've never fought with you once, but in my own, I faced off with you 5 different times."

She stopped, pausing, in surprise. And with that... it's my win.

"I am the bone of my sword.
Steel is my body, and fire is my blood.
I have created over a thousand blades.
Unknown to death.
Nor known to life.
Have withstood pain to create many weapons.
Yet, these hands will never hold anything.
So as I pray, 'Unlimited Blade Works'."

-Fade Out-

Fire runs around them, expanding outwards, and blinding her. And... as reality shifts, his arm raises up. As does every blade inside his reality marble, replicating themselves endlessly.

Then, when he swings his arm down, every blade in Unlimited Blade Works turns, points at her, then fires off as fast as possible, endlessly.

And as reality continually reshapes itself outwards, more blades appear, float up, and head inwards at the single point that is her. Endlessly, constantly, remaking themselves, and firing.

And he dashes in, Kanshou and Bakuya in hands for the kill.

Arcueid's tried to make her chains already, and cannot.

But she will not die so easily. So she uses her claws.

This is no battle like Berserker.

This is unnummerable arrows, meant to utterly annihilate her.

And as she looks up, in realization...

The first sword explodes.

She dodges.

Every moment comes, and a dozen swords try to hit her.

Try to break her.

Try to annihilate her.

And every miss, they explode, trying to send her flying.

Trying to end her life.

This isn't just a fight.

This is an all out attempt to break her.

To destroy her.

To end her life.

To break her relationship with Shirou.

And so she dodges.

He just threw his swords at her. And then made more and attacked...?

And she manages to block the sword coming from behind, as well as the one to the front with her claws, shattering them.

Then as the second attack comes, she manages to do that as well, while still dodging, barely.

And then she sees his newest attack, with two more coming. Fragile, broken. His face looks triumphant with victory.

But... when he swings down... she kicks faster. Not just sending him flying, but through one of the gears, shattering it completely. And as he starts to fall, she catches him, and boots him through another.

-Fade Out-

-Rin's Perspective-

This is... insanity. But he's not done yet. And the drain on me that I can feel is only getting worse. At this rate... I'll be dry of mana in another 5 minutes.

-Fade Out-

The swords are homing on her now.

Like a great flock of birds. Trying to get close to her and explode, to end her.

But she's still not so easily destroyed. Not so easily beaten.

She's fought to lose her bloodlust. She wants to have Shirou and Sakura with her. And so she'll fight and kill this Archer that wishes to take her on and win.

So she forces her body to go faster, and attacks him as hard as she can, constantly.

Each blade he creates, she shatters, and pummels through his defense to hurt him.

But each blow means she has to speed up again to dodge the blades homing in on her.

Still, she perserveres. Every blow she does should be lethal. But even still, he's still moving. Like... he's planned this from the start?!

And so she rolls away and tries to figure out where the threat might be.

And she can only stare at the sky.

Every one of his blades is replicated there, endlessly, to be like a single blade... and the only hole is above Archer.

When they come down...

"It's a pity that you're strong enough for me to resort to this, Arcueid. But however strong you might be, you can't take an unlimited number of Broken Phantasms. Even you, the White Moon Princess, fell to this in my timeline, when you fell to your bloodlust. And so here, now... you die."

And it's raining swords.

She has to get to that hole above Archer. That's the only spot... no, that's a trap. To make a hole...

Grabbing the ground under her, she rips out a large boulder, and chucks it upwards, before jumping after it.

It works. She's ploughed through the opening... but opens her eyes to see every single inch around her for seemingly miles, with more swords heading straight for her. All like the swords above.

A trap... she can only stare in horrified comprehension of what Archer has done.

She's lost.

50 meters away.





And then Shirou Emiya's Unlimited Blade Works shatters Archer's Reality Marble before they can kill her.

-Fade Out-

March 27th, 2011, 04:15 AM
Ha! Archer is totally screwed.

The writing is kind of rough, and Sakura seems more shoehorned in than anything, but I've enjoyed this. Probably from the novelty of Shirou and Arc at the very least.

March 27th, 2011, 04:18 AM
Second Part of the Archer fight. Hope it goes as well as I thought it would. And yeah, this is the only stuff I've thought to put in bgm music for.

Please read and review, though.

Chapter 36

BGM for this segment is Burn, by Apocalyptica. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8Loum7xWzQ)

The clashing of blades is all Arcueid can see when she regains her sight. Archer is fighting Shirou now. And it's even. Her style of fighting that the Shinso taught her... is only letting him survive, though. Not win.

And both Archer and Shirou know this.

"A Marble Phantasm... truely impressive to overwhelm and overlap my own Reality Marble like this. Arcueid taught you this? How to take it further, then, Shirou Emiya?"

"How would you know that, Archer?"

"Our Reality Marble is the same, Shirou Emiya... because I'm the you that attained our dream of becoming a hero. And I deeply regret it."

They clash. Time after time, both side's swords shatter, and yet they clash harder and harder, each time.

"I became a Counter Guardian, in hopes of saving everyone. And instead? I had to kill. And kill and kill and kill, and then kill some more."


"You don't get it, do you? Counter Guardians are the janitors. We kill any threats to humanity as a whole. And to do that, we're always summoned... not before, but after the disaster has come.

We're not summoned to help save people. We're just summoned to kill all the survivors that are a threat to humanity, as well as anything and everything left on the battlefield."


"To become a Hero, is to be willing to kill Arcueid and Sakura both, in most of the timelines that exist. Can you truely live knowing that you'll be forced to kill the ones you love?"

Shirou's starting to freeze up. He knows what Archer is saying. What the price is. And Archer hasn't.

So she rushes at Archer to attack, grabbing two random swords on the way.

And so she clashes with Archer.

Dodging, twisting, attacking, defending...

All done as quick as possible to drive him away from Shirou.

It's enough for her. Even if she dies, as long as he lives... it'll be enough for her.

So why does Archer fight so hard? Why would Archer try to push Shirou off the path he's on?

"It's to spare me pain, huh Archer? That's why you're doing this?"

"Heh. It's because I'd rather see you dead then follow in my footsteps!"

-Shirou's Perspective-

Didn't I choose... Arcueid and Sakura before? This is just like that time.

My heart's pounding.

I won't... give them up.

I can see flashes of Arcueid and Sakura enjoying being with me.

I won't give in and die...

If to become a hero is to hurt them...?

Then I'll not become one. Even though it's been my dream. I won't let them get hurt. I won't let them die.

Even if it costs me everything.

-Fade Out-

The first moment Arcueid is aware of Shirou's help, is the fact that Archer's not attacking as much now.

The second, is when she sees Shirou attacking from one side.

And so they attack together... not just attacking, but forcing him back. Pushing him away, backwards, and forcing him to defend.

He's growing more and more desperate as they attack. He can't use his Reality Marble in Shirou's Marble Phantasm variation of Unlimited Blade Works.

"Rin, use the command seal, like I told you!"

-Rin's Perspective-

Archer will lose unless I do something. I can't help but stare at him in shock, and then horrified comprehension. He's LOSING.

I have to stick with the plan. I have no other choice but to stick with the plan we made. I...hope he'll still care for me, after this...

"Archer, I command you! Remake your mind to handle Unlimited Blade Works as a Marble Phantasm!"

My last command seal just flared, and then dissipated. And he's jumping backwards... impossibly far.

Reality's... wavering around him? And...all the swords from before... in his Reality Marble are remaking themselves...

Dear god in Heaven, will he win?

-Fade Out-

The blades have reappeared from before. The ones to nearly end Arcueid... were still in his Reality Marble. It was just overwhelmed and surpressed by Shirou's Reality Marble boosted to be a Marble Phantasm.

And with his own being forced to be the same way...

It's even.

But Shirou might still win.

"Arcueid. Use what you used on Berserker. It'll work here. While you're doing that... I'll stop him."

And with that, Shirou desperately tries to replicate all the blades surrounding them.

His circuits aren't used to the strain.

Holding this up so long is already a chore for him.

But he'll fight for her.

He'll give her the time she needs.

Because if he doesn't... noone will.

So, ignoring the pain, he pushes out his Od and reforms reality as well as he can, even more.

Archer appears to be in pain. Like this is too much for his mind to handle.

And so he strikes. The waves of swords shoot outwards, matching Archer's, and destroying as many as possible.

Thus, Archer and Shirou both shoot as many as possible towards each other.

It's not a battle of power, now.

Just a battle of attrition.

10 swords.







And still it keeps up.

This is a battle of attrition that Shirou Emiya cannot win.

But as Archer starts to grin in triumph, he realizes something.

Arcueid's no longer with Shirou.

And as he looks around in horror, he realizes exactly what trap was set for him... right before the Crimson Moon above slams into him.

-Fade Out-

-Sakura's Perspective-

Senpai just... reappeared out of thin Air, as well as Nee-san, and... Arcueid. But senpai and Arcueid look so horrible... I...

No, I can't freeze.

"Rider, get them to the house, quickly! I'll get back and patch them up!"

And I run, ignoring Nee-san's crying.

-Fade Out-

-End of Day 11-

March 27th, 2011, 04:22 AM
Ha! Archer is totally screwed.

The writing is kind of rough, and Sakura seems more shoehorned in than anything, but I've enjoyed this. Probably from the novelty of Shirou and Arc at the very least.

Ah... that's because this is honestly my first fanfic ever. I've never been a really good writer, but it was a moment of "I'd like to see this happen!". And with noone else stepping up to write my idea for this... I wrote it myself.
Honestly, I know the writing is rough. But at least I'm giving it a shot, right? And this is all written with no pre-readers, either.
And... yeah, Sakura's not getting as much time to shine as she could, but it's a bit hard for me to write her.
Yeah, I'm writing more Arcueid and Shirou, but I'm still trying to get the right way of writing the three of them down, too.
But it's better than nothing, right?

March 27th, 2011, 04:33 AM
Hey, I did say I enjoyed it. Practice is the only thing that will let you improve. And as is, a good prereader could turn this into something quite good.

The problem with Sakura is that threesome relationships just aren't easy to write. And she doesn't really work for them either. Hell, in canon Rider falls for Shirou as well but the situation there is such that a threesome doesn't develop as far as we know. And Rider... in that route is a hell of a lot closer to Sakura than Arc could dream of being. Now this Sakura is heavily AU, but those changes would also make it far more likely that she wouldn't accept sharing her man. This Sakura isn't distorted and eventually broken like the original. She has options, quite a few of them. Having her willing to let another woman join heavily breaks Suspension of Disbelief.

March 27th, 2011, 04:40 AM
Mmm... right now, she sees Arcueid as a bodyguard that she's slowly starting to crush on. The only reason why she's willing to share is because Zouken pounded into her head exactly HOW strong Arcueid is.
If she didn't have that knowledge, she'd be attacking Arcueid the entire time, and trying to keep Arcueid away from her man. Know what I mean?

But she's starting to realize that she, much like her sister, Rin, likes girls as well.

And, you can't forget, Arturia probably banged into her head at a young age to take advantage of every advantage she possibly can get.
To her, right now, even still... Arcueid's the loyal attack dog. Why push away someone that can protect you and the man you love? And if you have to share sometimes to ensure you're all safe...
Then it's better to share than not at all.

She's just comprehending that the attack dog might be a lot more likable then planned.
That's her mindset as I see it right now. And if I'm not writing it perfectly, sorry.

March 27th, 2011, 04:50 AM
Mmm... right now, she sees Arcueid as a bodyguard that she's slowly starting to crush on. The only reason why she's willing to share is because Zouken pounded into her head exactly HOW strong Arcueid is.
If she didn't have that knowledge, she'd be attacking Arcueid the entire time, and trying to keep Arcueid away from her man. Know what I mean?

But she's starting to realize that she, much like her sister, Rin, likes girls as well.

And, you can't forget, Arturia probably banged into her head at a young age to take advantage of every advantage she possibly can get.
To her, right now, even still... Arcueid's the loyal attack dog. Why push away someone that can protect you and the man you love? And if you have to share sometimes to ensure you're all safe...
Then it's better to share than not at all.

She's just comprehending that the attack dog might be a lot more likable then planned.
That's her mindset as I see it right now. And if I'm not writing it perfectly, sorry.

Lemme clarify this further.

To Sakura, Arcueid is the world's most perfect bodyguard for Shirou. And for Shirou, she'll do anything to protect the man she's falling for. To her, Arcueid is a perfect bodyguard.

Old time Samurai homes used to have Mistresses, and if the Matous have been there long enough, then Zouken's probably pulled in some strings to ensure that any family that descends from him is more than allowed to have a mistress or two on the side, to ensure there's an Heir with enough Magic Circuits. In a traditional home, I wouldn't be surprised to see this sort of thing happen, if it's an old enough household.
On top of this, you have the fact that she was raised by Arturia and Gilgamesh. Polygamy wasn't illegal for most men back in Gilgamesh's time. And a lot of "barbarian" countries still practiced it in Arturia's time, as well. So for them, it's not unheard of, and they most likely taught her to be more accepting if that happened as well.

So if she has to share him with the bodyguard, then that's fine, as long as she gets first dibs. And if she happens to fall for the bodyguard as well...
Well, that makes things easier for her, doesn't it?

Hope this clarifies things further.

March 27th, 2011, 05:05 AM
Also, I just found... I've written a little over 34,000 words for this story. Wow. I never thought this would grow that big.

And if it weren't for all my reviewers, I would never have gotten this far.

So thanks to you all, and I'll try to make a good enough ending for this.

March 27th, 2011, 10:51 AM
Words of encouragement are very important. But it's not like you don't deserve them. This is very entertaining

March 27th, 2011, 01:30 PM
Liked the battle. Now, we can look into the relationship of Caster and Assassin as well as Rin's reaction to losing Archer.

March 27th, 2011, 03:49 PM
Well, I'm glad it's entertaining. That's why I've been writing it, after all. I'll be writing over the day to get one or more chapters up, too.

March 27th, 2011, 04:16 PM
Chapter 37

-Sakura's Perspective-

Until now... I only thought of Arcueid as a perfect bodyguard for Senpai... one that would give us advantages. One that would be perfect to protect and keep him safe.

But I can't stop watching her sleep.

She's lonely.

I can only imagine. No, considering what Grandfather nearly did to me 10 years ago... what he would have done if Arturia and Gilgamesh hadn't stumbled into his care...

I'd be just as lonely as she is... and hurting just as bad inside.

I don't know everything, but... he left his journals in the family library for magecraft.

I have a pretty good idea of what was planned for me. A dark, tainted Holy Grail...

But... it doesn't matter. He's dead.

I have to think about Arcueid and Senpai, and decide on what to do. I care for her too much just for her to be a bodyguard and only give her false affection.

And her wish...for us to be immortal... I can do that for Senpai, but that means I have to truely let Arcueid in, too. I'll happily do that for Senpai. But she'll want me to be happy with her, too. And I...

Do I want her like that? More than just a friend, but as a lover?

Do I want Arcueid Brunestud to be a lover? To be someone to care for? I have to decide, before... before I can go any further.

A mana pulse... something's going on. It's faint, nearly undetectable, and if I hadn't been working on bandaging Senpai and Arcueid before they fell asleep... I wouldn't have noticed at all.


"Yes Sakura...?"

"Something just let out a mana pulse somewhere near Mount Enzou. Would you scout it out, please?"

"Of course, Sakura. And be careful, ok?"

"Of course, Rider. But I'm the one that should be saying that."

She's gone.

What should I do, though? Should I treat Arcueid as a good friend... or as a lover?

Gilgamesh and Arturia taught me that I might need to share with another woman, any man that I fall for. Especially if it's a mage...

Grandfather never corrected them, not once. So I suspect... they were right.

And due to that... I've let her come in this far. But... do I go the rest of the way? Give her my absolute trust? My loyalty?

I can't deny she's beautiful. God, she's got a bigger chest then I do, if only by 3 centimeters... but at the beach, and even now... she's... almost etherial, for her beauty.

And... I can't help but watch her, and be jealous. She's like a child. One that's never had anything for herself... one that shows joy in everything, no matter how simple it is. And I like it when she's happy.

Is that a bad thing, or am I right in thinking I should be with her as a lover?

-Fade Out-

-Rin's Perspective-

Archer's nearly dead. I found him, flung away into some bushes, and he's bleeding so horribly... I don't think he could make it, even if I've taken him as a servant again.

So I can only hold him in my arms, and cry.

To see him like this... it hurts. To know he cared for me, and wanted me to be with him... it hurts more.

And with how he worded things... I think... he was in love with me. But something happened to me before he could tell me.

I don't... know any healing magic that can help him, though. I... nothing I know can help him. And that's the worst thing about this of all.

But... he's not fading away, either. Why? Servants fade away at death, right...?

...Maybe I can get him to a hospital. He's out of mana. I don't think he could use magecraft if he tried. But he's not fading away, like he should be.

I don't have any other alternatives. Yeah, a hospital. I've lost this war, but... maybe I can still save him.

-Fade Out-

March 27th, 2011, 06:35 PM
Rider's a bit of a pain to write. Hopefully I did a good enough job of writing her.

As always, read and review!

Chapter 38

-Rider's Perspective-

Caster's summoning something, while Assassin is watching. I'd know her mana pattern anywhere, from how many times I saw her at Zouken's... And Assassin reminds me of... Arcueid. Hell.

That's not a good sign. Zouken was smarter then anyone gave him credit for.



"Oh, Rider. How have you been?"

"Saber and her master dealt with Archer yesterday. And I was... bored until a small while ago. And you? What brought you to be with Caster?"

"You recall Arturia and Gilgamesh? The ones that Sakura talked about?"

"Somewhat, yes."

"They're servants from the previous Grail War. They went after me to kill me... and though I managed to escape, with Caster's help... but they killed my Familiar."

"Your... familiar?"

"The White Beast of Gaia. Primate Murder. They killed him with one blow."

One blow. Something like that... dying so quickly... I... Shit.

"Dear god. The White Beast of Gaia... with one blow? I had heard rumors of such a thing when I was yet alive, but..."

"I will support Caster for now, Rider. He's found... a taint in the Holy Grail. If left untouched... it could be problematic for us all."

"And his plan is?"

"To remove it through force."

"...I understand. Are you... related to Arcueid?"


Do tell my sister hi for me."

Ah... they're siblings.

"What is your purpose for seeking the Holy Grail, Altrouge?"

"Hm? I haven't decided yet. Why?"

"Your sisters is hoping to see that all Shinso don't have bloodlust anymore... and for her master, and Sakura to become Shinso, in order to have them with her forever."

"And what of half-Shinso, like myself? Would we be covered too? The wish could easily be changed to 'All Shinso, part Shinso, and Dead Apostles no longer need or crave blood', you know."

"I... do not know. But I will ask."

"A warning, then, Rider. If she does not remember to ensure my own bloodlust isn't necessary... I'll kill her. I'm still bound by that pact due to Shinji surviving, weakened and fragile he might be. But... if he does die... then I'm no longer constrained to help you. And make sure my dear sister understands that if this... Grindery... does not do it's job, then the Holy Grail is useless to us all.

The taint is a curse, a horrible one, according to Caster... and I do not doubt his words. Understand?"

I can only nod, and leave.

-Fade Out-

March 27th, 2011, 07:07 PM
And the plot deepens...or emerges? I began thinking submarines and got all Kung Fused.

March 27th, 2011, 07:16 PM
Yup. Currently, the plot's like this.
Shiki went in to save Akiha... and they both got saved in the process.
Ghaleon has his plots, but currently he's focused more on trying to get rid of the taint in the grail.
To him, beating Arcueid can come after that... at least as of right now.
Rider's going along with this because Sakura reminds her of herself, and doesn't want to see Sakura go down the path she did.
Arcueid's hoping to lose her bloodlust, and get a family out of this.
Shirou's going along with it because he's fallen for Sakura and Arcueid Both.
And Sakura's going along with it so Her, Senpai, and Arcueid are happy as a family... with Sakura as the first wife, of course. She won't stand for anything else.
Gilgamesh is going along with it because he thinks Arturia's infertile...
and Arturia's going in, because Gilgamesh isn't giving her a choice in the matter.
Finally... Altrouge is watching everything because it's funner to watch than any number of comedy movies... and it's not like there's any love lost between her and Arcueid. And she's starting to crush on Ghaleon a lot, because he understands her feeling of loss.

And once the Grindery's summoned, it's most likely going to turn into a 6 way shooting match on the Grindery while it gets ready to fire.

March 27th, 2011, 08:30 PM
Ready to fire at what?

Also: Finally found where Ghaleon comes from. Is the game translated?

March 27th, 2011, 08:42 PM
Lunar and Lunar 2 both came out for the Sega CD, PS1, and a new remake came out for Lunar 1 for the PSP. All are translated, and are rather good.
And he's planning on firing it out into space.

I'll write more when I can, but honestly... I feel like crap right now. So more chapters might be tomorrow, ok?

March 27th, 2011, 09:33 PM
Maybe if he aims at Mercury, ORT will leave/dissapear?

March 28th, 2011, 04:53 PM
You're probably going to hate me for not posting a new chapter... but to make up for my sickness yesterday, I thought I'd post some humorous Omakes for the Assassin reveal. Consider this the horrifying results of being sick with a rampant muse.

Read and Review, as always

Blades Under a Crimson Moon Assassin Reveal Omakes


-Arturia's Perspective-

"Oh, so Shinji wasn't careful enough... I'll have to lecture him later."


She sees us. How the HELL does she see us when it's pitch black?

...And her cloak is gone?

"How did you...?"

"See you both? Amusing..."

I can't help but twitch. I'm going to kill this woman slowly.

"You really thought I was Hassan, hm?"

What. Did. She. Just. Say?

"You're...not him?"

"Oh, he died. I've been posing as him ever since he died when Zouken summoned me under the same class, by accident... of course, it took 3 different command seals to control me, and bind me to his will. Stubborn bastard. Not that poor little Shinji was allowed to know, as innocent as he is."

I... can't help but twitch in anger that she's taking me lightly.

"Then who are you?!"

"Oh, dear me. I do seem to have forgotten my manners, haven't I? Though you've been rather rude yourself, Miss Arturia Pendragon..."

She's... pulling off her clothing and mask... as well as a padded bra, and contact lenses?!

She's a crossdressing guy. Wearing a vest, black pants, and weird shoulder armor... what the hell?

"I am Kenshiro of the Hokuto Shin Ken. And you are... already dead"

Oh, FUCK ME...

I can only watch as Gilgamesh's body explodes into a massive pool of blood, right before mine starts to as well. And as my mind fades out from blood loss, I can only think that If I knew how, I'd ressurect Kirei just to be able to kill him for this.


-Arturia's Perspective-

"Oh, so Shinji wasn't careful enough... I'll have to lecture, then make out with him later."


She sees us. How the HELL does she see us when it's pitch black?

...And her cloak is gone?

"How did you...?"

"See you both? Amusing..."

I can't help but twitch. I'm going to kill this woman slowly.

"You really thought I was Hassan, hm?"

What. Did. She. Just. Say?

"You're...not him?"

"Oh, he died. I've been posing as him ever since he died when Zouken summoned me under the same class, by accident... of course, it took 3 different command seals to control me, and bind me to his will. Stubborn bastard. Not that poor little Shinji was allowed to know... a pity that, he reminds me of my own so very much..."

I... can't help but twitch in anger that she's taking me lightly.

"Then who are you?!"

"Oh, dear me. I do seem to have forgotten my manners, haven't I? Though you've been rather rude yourself, Miss Arturia Pendragon..."

She's... pulling off her clothing and mask...to show blue hair and red eyes... on a weird skintight suit with the numbers 00 on it...?

"I am Rei Ayanami, Evangelion Pilot.. And you are already defeated."

Oh, FUCK ME...

And as I look up, I can only stare at a giant humanoid mech dropping at us, faster than we can possibly dodge.

And as my mind fades away, the last things I can hear are "Oh, SHIIIINJI! I'm gonna take you on a date now that I beat those two Yakuza meanies, ok?"


-Arturia's Perspective-

"Oh, so Shinji wasn't careful enough... I'll have to torment the mongrel later."


She sees us. How the HELL does she see us when it's pitch black?

...And her cloak is gone?

"How did you...?"

"See you both? Amusing..."

I can't help but twitch. I'm going to kill this woman slowly.

"You really thought I was Hassan, hm?"

What. Did. She. Just. Say?

"You're...not him?"

"Oh, he died. I've been posing as him ever since he died when Zouken summoned me under the same class, by accident... of course, it took 3 different command seals to control me, and bind me to his will. Stubborn bastard. Not that poor little Shinji was allowed to know, mongrel he might be."

I... can't help but twitch in anger that she's taking me lightly.

"Then who are you?!"

"Oh, dear me. I do seem to have forgotten my manners, haven't I? Though you've been rather rude yourself, Miss Arturia Pendragon..."

She's... pulling off her clothing and mask?!

She looks like Gilgamesh. Wearing a skirt, and a jacket much like he does in private... what the hell...?

"I am Gilgamesh-Ko! From a timeline where everyone's genders are reversed. And you are going to die! Take this, Enuma Elish!

Oh, FUCK ME...

I can only watch as it comes towards us, before we're blown away instantly.


-Arturia's Perspective-

"Oh, so Shinji wasn't careful enough... I'll have to use him for target practice later."


She sees us. How the HELL does she see us when it's pitch black?

...And her cloak is gone?

"How did you...?"

"See you both? Amusing..."

I can't help but twitch. I'm going to kill this woman slowly.

"You really thought I was Hassan, hm?"

What. Did. She. Just. Say?

"You're...not him?"

"Oh, he died. I've been posing as him ever since he died when Zouken summoned me under the same class, by accident... of course, it took 3 different command seals to control me, and bind me to his will. Stubborn bastard. Not that poor little Shinji was allowed to know, as stupid as he is."

I... can't help but twitch in anger that she's taking me lightly.

"Then who are you?!"

"Oh, dear me. I do seem to have forgotten my manners, haven't I? Though you've been rather rude yourself, Miss Arturia Pendragon..."

She's... pulling off her clothing and mask...?!

She's got white hair, and red eyes. And looks like a cross between Irisviel Einzbern and that Archer that I spotted from this grail war...?

"I am Archer-ko!. And you are... going to die!"

Oh god damn it!

"Let's lynch the author of these omakes, instead!"

"Ah?! Ok! I wanted to be with Shirou, anyways!"

-Fade Out-

March 29th, 2011, 07:03 PM
New Chapter's here. And with it, more of Sakura and Arcueid. I'm finally fleshing out Sakura more, and I'm sorry it's taken so long to focus more on her as a person, for all you Sakura fans. I've finally gotten her personality down enough that I can write her out properly, though.

So, with the return of the muse...
Please read and review!

Chapter 39

-Shirou's Perspective-

It's morning. And... my body feels like it can't move at all. Fuck. Maybe I did overdo it last night...

I can remember all the blades Archer used against me. Every single strategy, every single attack... and how he moved them in his Reality Marble.

It was insane. His skill was beyond my own in every way, nearly impossible to fathom.

But we beat him.

And I guess being bed-ridden is the result of that.

"Ah, it feels like I just woke up from a fresh nap!"

Arcueid's stretching, and smiling. It looks like she's rather happy today.

I can only wave weakly.

"I can't move, Arcueid. Ah... do you think you could try to help me up?"

"Ah, Shirou? You're hurting?! Here, let me help you!"

I feel like a limp rag doll in her hands.

"You're hurt badly, huh Shirou? Don't worry, me and Sakura will take care of you..."

I can only smile and relax. She's like a little kid, isn't she?

"Sounds good. I trust you both..."

"Ah...Shirou... maybe you should figure out what that artifact in you that's draining my bloodlust was originally meant to do. I've noticed whenever you use your Reality Marble as a Marble Phantasm... it seems to heal you a bit, but... it's like it's almost clogged with something."

"Eh? Clogged...?"

Hm... she might be right.

"Yeah, like a drain when you put too much stuff in the sink, so it won't let all the water out..."

I can only nod a bit, and smile.

"I'll try. Go have fun with Sakura, ok Arcueid? And make sure to have a nice time..."

Her smile lights up the room.

There's only one way to find that artifact... I must have seen it at least once.

So therefore...

I push my mind into Unlimited Blade Works.

-Fade Out-

The first thing I notice... there's a lot more swords. Far far more than Arcuied had.

The second, is there's versions of the swords primed and ready to explode, as well. To shatter like glass, being over flooded with Od to the point where one blow and they'll explode.

It's an ingenious technique.

It must have been Archer's. That... alternate future me's.

"Broken Phantasm... how do I know that name...?"

I wonder. Could I do that with Unlimited Blade Works...?

As a reality marble, turned Marble Phantasm... could that be the same way? Seperated from myself, if I destroyed it... would it be destroyed...?

No, but it would be weakened... definitely weakened for a long time.

I focus on the idea, and desperately try to find it's name, buried in my mind. Unlimited Blade Works...


Yes. That would be fitting for a Marble Phantasm that's been broken like that.

-Fade Out-

-Sakura's Perspective-

I'm falling for Arcueid hard. She's too adorable for me not to... I guess I was wrong about Nee-san being the only one to ever fall for girls, after all.

She came in and decided to help me with making food for Senpai... and looks so adorable like that, I can't help but smile and get closer to her. To trust her.

Still, this changes things. I had hoped to have Arcueid as a protector for Shirou and myself... to have a little fondness. But at this rate... I'm going to fall for her completely.

I have to wonder... if Gilgamesh was wrong about women not loving other women, like Arturia always hinted at... what else was he wrong about?

They both taught me so many things...

How to ensure the loyalty of a mistress was one of those things. And they both agreed that a little bit of affection was better than nothing.

But... Arcueid's so happy... it's like she's never existed before she met us.

No. It's like she's never had the chance to live and be happy without fear of something making her into a monster.

No, like she always knew she would become a monster, in the end. And now that she doesn't have that fear...

She's happy. Overjoyed.

I can't keep someone that happy away, at arms length for the rest of my life. She reminds me of me, after Arturia first taught me how to cook...

And the first time I came over to Senpai's home.

He was so bad off, and trying to hide it constantly... like he thought noone should ever have to bother helping him.

Like only the world mattered, not himself.

I saw it with his training, too, that one night. He put himself through pain, as if... he had to bear it for someone else. Or more than one person.

That's it, isn't it...? That fire 10 years ago...

He must still feel guilty for then.

Still, the best person to ask, would be...

"Arcueid... can I ask you something about Senpai?"

"Of course, ask away!"

"You've...seen his history... right? His past? I've seen Rider's... in dreams..."

Her expression's sad, now. Like a kicked puppy's... so I hug her. She hasn't noticed though... but she's leaning against me a bit.

"Yeah, Sakura. I've seen it..."

"That fire... 10 years ago..."

She can only nod. Then I was right.

"Did anyone ask him for help?"

"...yeah. People did. A lot of people... reached out to him. Asking, begging, pleading... but he didn't know what he could even do."

"So I was right, then... Senpai..."

"Why are you asking, Sakura?"

"He's...always fought for others. I always thought it was because he's a good person... but now I think he's... trying to make up for not helping them back then."

"...And... his father... that man had tears of joy...when he found Shirou. Like there was only joy in saving others, not himself."

"Then senpai... has always fought to help others because he thinks helping others will bring him joy... no wonder why he's like you so much."

"Eh? Sakura? What do you mean?"

She's studying me in surprise. Like she never thought of that.

"You've always been lonely, killing the Dead Apostles to save humanity from them, right? Never knowing joy, or peace, until you met us... it's no wonder he summoned you. You two... in that regards... are exactly alike. You both have a fundamental part of you that most people have... missing. You, because of you being raised as a weapon, from what Grandfather told me... and him... because that fire destroyed any sense of self he had. He'll eat... he'll cook... he'll clean... he'll go through life and be moderately happy, but... until you met him... that part was broken. And... I want to help you both.

Noone should go through what you both have had to. It may be how you can use a Marble Phantasm... and why he innately could use a Reality Marble... but... noone should have gone through that."

She's... hugging me. And smiling.

I've never seen such a peaceful smile on her face...

And I can't help but smile back.

-Fade Out-

March 29th, 2011, 07:18 PM
Ok. Time for explinations for what the hell the Grindery is. First off, for the basic idea of the size of it. Watch this scene from the first Lunar game, for the remake on the PS1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ESGQDyNg88

THAT big tank is the Grindery. And why I consider it his equivalent of a Noble Phantasm. Yeah. It's the size of a goddamned mountain.

As always, read and review.

Chapter 40

-Ghaleon's Perspective-

The treads for the Grindery have been summoned. And Shiki, as well as Akiha both are awake and hugging each other.

Good. I'm glad of that.

"Caster, this is Akiha. Akiha, meet Caster... also known as Ghaleon. He helped heal us both of our ailments... you of your inversion impulse, and me of my Anemia and problems with my life force."

"You're the one that saved me and Nii-san? Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I owe you a debt that I cannot repay."

"Don't be. I'm glad to have helped you.

On to different matters, though, I'd like you both to leave before the Grindery is fully summoned."

"Why is that, Ghaleon?"

"There'd be no room for you both when it's summoned, for one."

Surprise from both of them.

"Eh? But... isn't a tank supposed to be just treads and a cannon?"

"Perhaps normal tanks are... but this one's the size of the mountain we're on. I'm only done with the basics of the treads."

Shock. And I think Altrouge just... fell on her face. Was she leaning over so far that she got distracted by me and fell over?

"There is... something wrong... something twisted in the artifact under this mountain. And since it's one of the things keeping me and the others in existence after we were summoned..."

And Shiki gets it.

"Then the whole Grail War has a problem."

"Indeed. With the problem below us, we can't count on the other servants helping. And if something goes wrong, the entire city... possibly even the world, would get engulfed in the power of the curses stored within it."

"So you're..."

"The Grindery is a magic powered tank, you could say. I've been slowly adjusting it to draw out the taint... and then fire it out. I plan on shooting the tainted energies somewhere out to another planet... perhaps the asteroid belt."

They're staring at me in slackjawed shock.

"And with it gone, there's a chance of more than one wish, too. Am I right, Ghaleon?"

"Indeed you are, Altrouge."

"So there'll be no room for me and Akiha if we stay... so..."

"Head back to your mansion, Master Shiki. Your role in this has been enough, by summoning me."

He's smiling. It's quite nice to see him smile.

"You're a good person. Thank you, Ghaleon."

And I can't help but watch them leave, with Altrouge by my side.

"Perhaps some more tea would be nice for you, Altrouge?"

"I think I'd like that."

-Fade Out-

March 29th, 2011, 07:47 PM

March 30th, 2011, 03:44 AM
Another chapter... with the horror of what Shinji actually put everyone through when Final Fantasy 7 came out. (Please note, this is all from this poor author's mind, which is sick from the flu. So don't hurt me for chucking this in! Thought it was too humorous to pass up... and since I'm sick, you can't really make me worse...)

Read and Review!

Chapter 41

-Shirou's Perspective-

A sheath. A tainted sheath, but I can recognize it, somehow. Avalon.

My father saved me with Excaliber's sheath, the legendary Avalon.

I can only kneel in front of it.

It's beautiful, even corrupted.

I can feel it now.

If I tap into this using my Marble Phantasm... it'll cure me. But as it is... it's keeping Arcueid from having her bloodlust.

I touch it.

A flash. Of a blonde haired woman with blue eyes... turning into a blonde haired woman with yellow eyes...?

Arthur... no... Arturia.

How do I know that... name?

The sheath.

And then I spot the sword.

I traced that.

In my dreams...

I've seen it before.

Time after time, when I was younger.

...That blade I saw 10 years ago, held by a woman in the fire. The one that turned from white and gold to a black and red.

That was her sword I traced for Arcueid... so long ago, it seems now.

Still... I need healing. Maybe it can understand me... I can only hope so.

"Please... draw on my power to heal me without removing your aid to Arcueid..."

A flash. A number... 7? Is turning into the number 6 above it.

"6 more uses of you before... you can't help Arcueid, huh...? Thank you..."

-Fade Out-

I can move again.

Both Arcueid and Sakura are talking with each other. It looks more than a little bit adorable.

And they're... cooking so adorably... I can barely ignore how adorable they look right now.

So I sneak up, and hug them both.

They're both giving me death glares... that just subsided when they realized it's me.

Hilarious, and adorable.

And now they're all smiles.

So I kiss them both.

"What smells so good?"


"Shirou, you're better now!"

"Yup. I figured out some stuff, and healed right up."

"Ah... Senpai..."

"Shirou... people don't just... heal right up."

"Erm... it's... a long story?"

"Do tell Senpai..."

She looks ticked.

"Yes, do tell me Shirou."

Aheh. They're pissed... crap.

"I can't use it often, though. Look, can we sit and let me explain?"

They both nod.

They're still pissed.

I'm SO screwed if I don't explain this right...


They've finally calmed down from my explination.

"So... you have the Noble Phantasm Avalon fused with your body somehow, Senpai?"

"And it's corrupted, so it's absorbing my bloodlust...?"

"Yeah. But it seems like it only has a set number of uses before it won't be able to handle your bloodlust, Arcueid."

"Then why did you use it, Senpai?"

"Yes, Shirou. Why exactly did you use it?"

I'd better word this right. They're pissed off again, and glaring.

"So I could spend time with you both?"

And now they're happy. Thank god. I don't think I could take getting hurt again, so quickly after recovering.

"Still, Senpai... don't you think you should talk to us about who you're going to spend time with more after we're both married to you?"

"Eh? What do you mean Sakura? I thought we'd both share Shirou..."

"Yeah, but there's only 7 days in the week, right? If we do absolutely everything together without any hobbies to enjoy... we'll get bored rather quickly. Like my Archery, which Senpai used to do."

"Hm. That's true..."

Er... do I get a say in this...? Guess not, they're both ignoring me.

"So, what would you enjoy doing as... hobbies, Sakura?"

"Oh, maybe practicing Archery with Senpai..."

Hm. Yup, no say in this at all.

"And how about you, Arcueid? What would you enjoy doing as hobbies?"

"Erm... hm... maybe that video games thing that Shinji left here? It looks like there's a lot of games meant for 2 or more people... I could play them with Shirou!"

Ah, hell. I just hope she doesn't become a Final Fantasy addict like Shinji made the entire school when it first came out.

"Yeah, but that only goes so far. You need something that you enjoy yourself. Like reading?"

"Ah... does killing Dead Apostles count?"

Errr... I don't like where this is going...

"Maybe. Is it fun for more than one person?"

"Unless I'm fighting against more than one person, no..."

Aheh. They're ignoring me alltogether. Maybe I'll sneak off to the kitchen...?

"That's too bad. We'll have to get you some hobbies that're fun to do, then. That you can do by yourself, or with Senpai, if he doesn't like them."

"Some people have hobbies that others don't? Well, maybe I should just learn Shirou's hobbies, then!"

"That's... a good idea! Senpai, what do you like to do in your free time that we don't know about?"

Nope, no escape. Crap.

"Ahhh... I used to like Archery, before that accident made it hard on me for a while. I still get an occasional twinge in that arm, which is why I haven't started again. Hm... on top of that, I guess I like helping others... cooking, cleaning... repairing things..."

They're both blinking.

"I haven't really been much of a video game fan ever since Shinji became a Final Fantasy 7 fan... remember the crossdressing fiasco?"

"Yes, Senpai, I do! Didn't he get the entire school to go as a character each day... and then managed to get the entire school to dress as a woman?"

"Nearly. I skipped school that week. And you can't forget the incident the next week where all the boys went as Sephiroth, and all the girls went as Aerith... and all the guys tried to date the girls... instead of poking them with the Masamune like they were supposed to..."

"Ah... Shirou? Sakura? What's it mean to crossdress?"

Hell. She doesn't know? Fuck.

-Fade Out-

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Funny stuff.

March 30th, 2011, 08:23 PM
Another chapter for Blades Under a Crimson Moon.

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Chapter 42

-Altrouge's Perspective-

Ghaleon's not even 200 years old, hm? Interesting. And he's an elf, they're legendary for being long lived... plus he brews a better cup of tea then my bodyguards ever did.

All rather fine points.

Plus, he's a rather experienced mage...

And his stories are rather amusing.

I think I want to keep him.

Still, if I do that... this body won't do.

"Do excuse me, Ghaleon. I have to ensure of something..."

And as I say that, I cast my mind out, smirk.

He's amusing, if nothing else. And if I am to ensure his survival at the end of this, if anything goes wrong...

It won't be right if I don't have an ace in the hole, right?

-Fade Out-

-Rin's Perspective-

Getting Fake ID for Archer, via Kotomine was rather handy, before he disappeared on me.

The stupid fake priest couldn't even stay around to supervise like he's supposed to, though.

Still, it was enough to get Archer into the hospital last night...

And the weirdest thing? He still hasn't disappeared yet.

He hasn't faded away, or turned into dust. He's weak, but still alive, like he's sustaining himself somehow.

I have to wonder...

Is this from his Marble Phantasm? Did it somehow make him alive again? Or link him to the world so he'd survived?

I can't tell yet. But if so, pity. It's a damned pity that he's alive, and most likely going to be in a coma for the rest of his life.

And the fool still hasn't woken up.

God damn him. Making me worry for him like this.

Still... he was only a perfect gentleman to me. Why?

And everything he said...

He failed me.

It's why he went through all this.

And my mind falls back to his words:

"You were my friend, you were my teacher, for Kami's sake! I loved you, but couldn't be with you in my blind rush to become a hero. And I failed. I failed and wound up stuck in hell, instead. I failed Ilyasviel, my adoptive sister, and I failed you, the woman I fell for, by not being there for you. And you want to win this stupid thing. So let me be your bow, and crush your enemies, my Master."

I can only wonder. What did he suffer through?

Why did he serve me so gladly? Just because he loved that me...? Or...?

I can only wonder, while I watch him.

What does Archer mean to me?

-Fade Out-

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Also, Super Smash Brothers Melee was around back then. I thought it would be a perfect game for them all to play.

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Chapter 43

-Shirou's Perspective-

We eventually decided to teach Arcueid how to play video games, and see if she likes it enough to have it as a hobby.

Which has led to the current situation.

Arcueid and Sakura are both playing on Shinji's gamecube with me. Thank god he left plenty of controllers, and that Super Smash Brothers Melee game. Otherwise I don't know what I'd do.

Ilya and Rider both left a while ago, saying it wasn't fun like Final Fantasy 7 was.

Arcueid's squealing in glee every time she knocks a character off the screen.

Sakura's giggling, and... I'm having fun with them both.

This is honestly entertaining. I never thought I would have so much fun just playing a video game... but Arcueid's so happy, her joy is infecting us all.

She's just so happy at beating us, it's adorable.

The fact that she's able to move her fingers faster than we can isn't helping, though.

It's almost like she doesn't even realize she's faster then we are. And with how fast she's learning things... it's insane.

But she's happy. And so we are too.

I'm glad of that.

I'm not the only one to have noticed she's suffered in the past. Sakura's obviously seen it, too, with the looks she gives Arcueid.

She's as broken as I am, inside.

I guess... Reality Marbles are only accessible by people... that don't think like everyone else does. A person who's perspective is skewed compared to the rest of the population of the Earth.

Maybe it's like a form of Autism...? Like that Aspergers Syndrome I read about once?

I don't know.

But it would explain a lot.

Why others have always thought my priorities are a bit messed up.

That... does truely explain a lot... more than I want to admit.

Arcueid just sent my last life flying off the stage, while I was musing.

Still, she's laughing happily, so... I can't get upset. Much as I'd enjoy it. She's innocent. She doesn't know it can be aggrivating to lose all the time.

Though it is fun to see Sakura's look of horror as she realizes she just lost her last life too. Maybe she was thinking something similar...?

-Sakura's Perspective-

Crap, I was too busy thinking how cute Arcueid is right now to pay attention to the game! CRAP! And Senpai was already beaten by her, too!

She looks so happy, though!


But... she looks so cute and adorable... I don't want to beat her... maybe I'll kiss her instead?

Hm. That works. Then we can drag Senpai off for fun in the bedroom!

-Shirou's Perspective-

And she's looking at Arcueid's face. Yeah, she must have been paying too much attention to the game. Figures.

And now she's kissing Arcueid for doing so well against us both.

Good god, that looks sexy.

And now they're dragging me to the bedroom.

I could get to like this.

-Fade Out-

-Sakura's Perspective-

Well, that was fun. I gave Arcueid a nice reward for doing such a good job... and we decided to share it with Senpai.

I'll admit, I am falling for her. She's too much like Senpai for me not to, now that I understand her better.

Mmm... I'll worry about it in the morning... I think after yesterday, we all get to deserve a nice early night's sleep.

-Fade Out-

-Ghaleon's Perspective-

The Grindery's summoned early.

I can only grin as massive spotlights light up the sides of the mountain like machine, while me and Altrouge sit at the very top of the Grindery, drinking Tea together.

"Do you enjoy this place, my dear?"

She's sipping her tea. I'm amused at her every movement being ladylike to perfection. Manners indeed, befitting a noblewoman.

Ah, now she's putting her teacup on it's plate. Still a perfectly mannered woman, like nobility should be. I like it.

"Indeed, Ghaleon. It is a bit... rustic. But I can tell the craftsmanship that went into the making of this."

"Indeed. It took 15 long years for this to be completed... with no modern technology as we know it now on this world available to us for building it. Thus the almost clockwork like designs, and it being fueled with pure magic.

If it weren't for the massive ley line this mountain was under... it wouldn't run at all."

"Indeed? Then I'm glad it was here. This place is an enjoyable mobile fortress. And that garden you showed me was quite nice to look at."

"Indeed. A pity the fairies I had in there didn't get summoned with the Grindery. I've missed their company...

Still, to other matters. It should be tomorrow when the charging is done. Then after purifying the ancient wish granting relic under us, we should all get the wishes we want."

A smile crosses Altrouge's lips.

"Indeed. A toast, then?"

"Indeed. A toast. To our good fortunes, and fulfilled wishes."

We both drink together, as the clock strikes midnight.

-Fade Out-

-End of Day 12-

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Things are finally starting to heat up. Do enjoy the chapter.

Chapter 44

-Shirou's Perspective-

Waking up to Arcueid and Sakura is never dull.

Getting kisses from them both is more enjoyable than most would ever guess, and I've been enjoying it a lot.

Kissing them both, I get up to go make food.

And that's when I hear the titanic explosion.

When we race outside, All I can see is a massive beam of energy going out from the school straight towards Mount Enzou, and shattering against something there.

There's nothing left in the path between the school and Mount Enzou. At all.

And I can see mana flowing towards the school for a second shot...

I can hear a man screaming... "Enuma Elish" in the far distance", and then the beam of energy snaps out towards the mountain once more.

Everything nearby that beam is melting.

Something from the mountain just fired back. Is that... a mountain on the mountain? WHAT THE HELL?!

No, it's some sort of giant...Tank. It's a goddamned fucking tank on the mountain. And it's the size of a mountain itself.

A perfect sniper position, capable of flash frying any opposing Servants from miles away.

The beam of energy from the mountain just collided with that mana beam from the school... and both stopped each other, before exploding.

Arcueid just jumped in front of me and Sakura... and a shockwave's coming?

Oh hell.

-Fade Out-

I wake up, spitting out dirt.

Arcueid's helping me and Sakura out, but we were thrown pretty far from the shockwave alone.

A school bus flew into the dojo, and wrecked most of it.

Good god.

"How bad is the damage to Fuyuki city, Arcueid?"

She's hanging her head.

I pull myself up, and run towards the edge of my yard, and can only stare.

Most of the city's in ruins. The entirety of the business district is gone, a smoking crater, as well as most of my favorite stores.

"Dear god..."

And in the distance, I can see two figures in armor running towards Mount Enzou.

"Sakura, Rider, Arcueid! There's some people heading towards Mount Enzou! I think they're the ones that tried to level the mountain, too!"

-Fade Out-

-Ghaleon's Perspective-

"Did you enjoy the show, Altrouge?"

She's sipping tea. She didn't even spill a single drop of it when the first attack came.

I envy her composure.

"Yes, I did. I must say, you're quite an impressive mage. To put up a magic shield capable of repelling the same attack that killed my familiar. And it was most likely at full output, too."

"Indeed? I'm glad that I kept one of the cannons charging off the ley line, just in case. Still, it looks like we'll have company in an hour or so..."

"Well, then, we'll both have to fight, won't we? I'll enjoy your company during the fighting. You're quite a joy to have around."

I find myself smiling.

"And you are too, Altrouge."

-Fade Out-

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March 31st, 2011, 09:57 PM
It's getting there. My muse finally returned with a bang, though. But yeah, I've got everything worked out for the endings. And a crack fic ending, as well, because I realized how one thing could change everything.

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Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Is a Go!

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And here's chapter 45 of the Grand Finale. And a servant falls.

Chapter 45

-Arcueid's Perspective-

We're running rather fast. I wasn't able to check up on Ilya before we left, though. A pity. She's quite nice to me when she talks with me.

I can see hundreds of corpses on the streets.

It's sickening.

And I'm glad I don't have my bloodlust... or else I'd be a monster right now. Incapable of wanting to do anything but drink all the blood.

This scene... would make me go crazy instantly.

We're making good time, though.

If I could, I'd help these people.

But I can't.

I can see two figures on the top of the weird... mechanical thing on the mountain.

It's a massive clockwork like factory... that looks like it was powered by... steam and magic?

I can't tell.

But as we get closer, I can see the true scale of the machine.

"Rider, Can you carry them up?"

She's nodding.

"Then do so! I'll climb my way up, while you get them up a bit slower, to be safe!"

I can hear a familiar voice up there...

Why the hell is Altrouge up on that thing?!

-Fade Out-

-Arturia's Perspective-

I'm fighting with the red eyed vampiress again.

This time, she won't get me with her thrice damned mind tricks.

And without her... pet. She's done for.

Gilgamesh will kill Caster. He's too dangerous to let live with this machine.

And I'll kill this bitch myself... why the hell is she smirking?!

Something's tugging at my mind. At my mana.

It hurts.

It hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts IT HURTS!

Something's pulling out of me. It hurts.

It hurts like nothing I can describe. Even being raped doesn't hurt this much!

And I can only scream in agony and pain.

When I can open my eyes again, my mind freezes.

She ripped out of me... a me that's who I used to be?!



That's why I was linked to Sakura. ZOUKEN KNEW!


And as I rush to attack, my instincts scream at me.

I barely dodged... claws?

Oh god no.

Saber and Rider are here too?!

What a clusterfuck this is turning out to be.

Wait... Altrouge... is breathing hard. Looks like she's taken more than she can chew.

-Fade Out-

-Altrouge's Perspective-

Shinji's contract with me is broken. I just felt the destruction of that damned scroll now. Shit. And with me low on mana from pulling that untainted original of Arturia out of her head... I'm going to not be able to be corporeal soon.

Ghaleon will go insane if it looks like I'm dead.

"Ghaleon! I'll be back soon, ok? I'll be back soon no matter what happens!"

He's nodding at me, while fighting the one in gold armor.


That Black Arturia shoved her sword in my heart while I was distracted.

So this...

is death...


A pity it's..

so calm...







-Fade Out-

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Chapter 47

-Ghaleon's Perspective-

Altrouge is dead.

Altrouge is goddamned fucking DEAD!

And this pretty boy in gold plate armor is laughing about how pathetic she was.

I'm going to kill him.

And then, I'm going to kill the other servants.

I don't give a damn if they're stronger. I WILL KILL THEM ALL!

First, the gold boy.

Then, Altrouge's sister.

After that... I'll let that Arturia girl fight herself to the death, let that "Rider" kill her... then kill Rider when she's weak.

-Fade Out-

-Shirou's Perspective-

Caster is pissed.

He just cut the tip off that drill sword that guy in gold armor's wielding. He put all his mana into his purple blade... which looks a lot like a crystal broadsword, now that I think about it... and cut the tip off that blade.

Dear god.

And Arcueid's fighting that blonde with pale yellow eyes.

I've never seen any fights like this before.

But I...

Rider's setting me down.

And that guy in gold is getting his ass kicked, but he's... shooting swords?

Out of thin air?

How the hell is he...

Not a reality marble. Some sort of storage spell that... repairs the weapons inside them, or replaces them somehow...

So if they're in it even once... he can tap into that weapon, no matter how many times it's shattered.


But he's getting his ass kicked, too. Badly so.

Caster's not focusing on defense. He's just teleporting around the guy, and slashing whenever he gets an opening.

And that guy in gold... just got stabbed through his left lung... and lost his left arm.

Impressive. Damned impressive.

It looks like Caster's fight with Gilgamesh is over. Arcueid, that girl in blue... that I've seen in my dreams before...?! As well as Rider have that girl in black on the ropes.

Wait... Caster's...


She dodged.

But she's still hurt.

Caster looks worn out... and the guy in gold is getting back up too. He's aiming... not for Caster's back, but for Arcueid's?

I trace the sword he summoned, and throw it in his blade's path.

And as I trace swords, and rush at him, he pulls out a sword and attacks me.

-Fade Out-

-Arcueid's Perspective-

The first blow from Caster nearly finished me off.

He's teleporting so fast, if it wasn't for Shirou's warning, I'd be dead right now.

This isn't anything like Berserker.

Nor is it anything like Archer.

The raw force of Magic concentrated into that blade alone is nearly shattering the bones in my body, and with him teleporting all over... it's nearly impossible to keep up.

...The cannons are moving for this thing?! Aiming upwards...

What the hell?!

"Your sister and I planned in purging the taint from the artifact below this mountain, using this Grindery. In doing so, we can ensure that a wish is granted from the Holy Grail."


"It's tainted?"

I barely dodge his latest sword swing.

He displaces air with each teleport, and I can feel lightning in use every time he does it, somehow.

"Indeed. Before, I would have simply allowed you to have your wish. Don't give me that look, she was summoned by Zouken Matou."

I dodge again. God, he's fast. It's starting to hurt to breathe from how much I've been twisting.

"Then what's changed?"

"Her death requires more power to solve. And 6 servants is the only solution to ensuring she's brought back to life."

Oh... crap.

-Fade Out-

March 31st, 2011, 10:39 PM
Damn you ;_;

March 31st, 2011, 10:49 PM
Chapter 48

-Shirou's Perspective-

My fight with this guy is hard as hell. He pulled out a sword... Durandal... and somehow reattached his arm using it.

And it's only going worse, too.

Still, I'm matching him. But at the rate he's firing...

I can only win this one way.

And so I project Rhio Aias, and start the Incantation for Unlimited Blade Works.

"I am the bone of my sword.
Steel is my body, and Fire is my blood."

He's attacking faster, now. A petal's gone.

"I've created over a thousand blades.
Unaware of loss."

Another petal.

"Nor aware of gain.
Withstood pain to create many weapons."

A third's gone.

"Waiting for one's arrival.
I have no regrets. This is the only path."

And Rhio Aias just shattered.

I can only smirk, and finish the incantation while he's staring at me in surprise.

"My whole life was 'Unlimited Blade Works'"

Fire's slamming out around us. Remaking reality itself.

And when his eyes shift to normal... I take a page out of Archer's book, and make it rain swords everywhere from above, with only a tiny opening above me... while making as many swords around as I can in a circle.

He's fallen for it, and jumped for the hole. And as I sink into the earth, I can only grin.


And the massive explosion of blades occurs above, as a replication of each and every Broken Phantasm Archer used to try and kill Arcueid slam into him as he rises out of the tiny gap in the blades raining from above.

-Fade Out-

-Arturia's Perspective-

The entire place is shaking, and I'm fighting with my black self. The one that fought and failed to beat Gilgamesh for 10 years.

She's remarkably stupid.

Her reflexes are dulled, her mana is weak, and she's injured.

While I'm fresh.

My swings break more of her armor, and the Rider of this War is using her nails to impale parts of this... tainted me's body.

Every inch that doesn't have armor, that is. And she's bleeding, too.

Pity she won't let the nails stay in.

Still... she's by the edge. And if I kick her off... she'll land in one of the cannon barrels.

So I do so. It's remarkably simple.

And as I do so, I can hear her call me... a cocksucking bitch?

What a rude woman.

I can hear a scream behind me. What the hell?!

-Fade Out-

March 31st, 2011, 10:50 PM
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Chapter 49

As Arturia Alter falls off the Grindery, she's screaming obscenities. Only to pause as she notices the cannons.

"They're lighting up?! Oh, GOD DAMN YOU CASTER!"

And then the cannons fire. Right when she's in front of them.

And as she goes higher and higher into the atmosphere, towards a rock in the asteroid belt, she can only scream in outright agony as everything but her Excaliber shatters on her body.

But she won't go down alone.

And with the last of her mana, she focuses, and swings her blade, the Sword of Promised Victory, and Unleashes it's power at the Grindery's base.

-Fade Out-

-Shirou's Perspective-

The bastard's not dead. I can only stare at him slowly pulling himself up, in shock.

"Did you really think that would kill me, MONGREL?!"


He's reaching behind him...and grabbing that Drill Sword again. It looks like it's chipped, but nearly fully fixed, too.

So I run. And as I do so, I focus, and pump Od into Unlimited Blade Works.

And as I jump out of my Marble Phantasm... I whisper "Absolute Blade Works Apocalypse"... right before it becomes a Broken Phantasm, and detonates inwards.

I'm exhausted.

That took almost everything I had to pull off.

...What the hell is Ilya doing here?!

And I can only freeze and stare at Ghaleon, with his sword through Arcueid's heart...

She's fading away. Turning into sand.

I can't breathe. Sakura's screaming.

My heart's pounding.

He killed her.

For that, I'm going to kill him!

I form two blades, and attack him as fast as I can.

-Fade Out-

-Ghaleon's Perspective-

I've won. I'm exhausted, but I've won. Now to just finish off Rider, and I'll...

The first swing nearly takes my head off.

The second just about takes my arm off.

And the third sliced halfway through my sword?!

I can only back up desperately as Saber's master attacks me.

He's screaming at me.

I killed the woman that he loves, it seems. Tch. A bad day for everyone, hm?

...A black light's coming from the sky... towards the Grindery?!

I leap away from him, desperately. There's no way I'll lose so quickly...!

And the world explodes around me. I'm flying.

If I hit the ground at this goddamned height, I'll die.

My hand caught one of the spotlights near the top of the Grindery.

Thank God. I can't move, but...

The Grindery is starting to explode. A chain reaction. God damn it all.

"So, I've lost then...? I guess I'll see Altrouge in death, then..."

And as my Grindery starts slowly destroying itself, I close my eyes, and wait for my end.

-Fade Out-

-Rider's Perspective-

The girl in blue is dissipating. Sakura's... thanking her for being a mother to her.

And she's smiling. Sadly, but she's smiling.

I grab Shirou, Sakura, and Ilya, then summon Pegasus, and ride back to our home. We'll figure out what to do then. And we can grieve later... when we're not on an exploding giant tank.

-Fade Out-

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Wha... That was the only chance to take off the taint off the Grail! What now!? YOU'RE TEARING ME APART DAMNIT!!!

10/10 I'm still raging.

March 31st, 2011, 11:22 PM
Oh, the taint's gone. Ghaleon's plan went just how he thought it would. Arturia Alter just had the last laugh while being in the tainted shot, going straight to the asteroid belt.
Did you enjoy Arcueid's Death Scene?

Chapter 50

-Shirou's Perspective-

Arcueid's dead. I can only sit in my room, and cry with Sakura and Ilya, knowing that she's dead.

She's dead and gone.

We're not able to do a goddamned thing today, are we?

Tomorrow... I had planned to take her out on a date. Now there's no tomorrow for her, and never will be.

I loved her. I...

God damn it all! WHY DID THIS HAPPEN?!

I can only ask Rider to ensure noone comes to visit us, before we fall asleep from exhaustion.

-Fade Out-

-End of Day 13-

I wake up in the morning, and I look to where Arcueid slept beside me... beside US.

She's still not there.

It's not a dream. She's dead and gone.

She's dead and gone...

I have to stay strong for Ilya and Sakura, though.

I WILL stay strong for them.

I can only pull myself up, and weakly make breakfast.

My body feels like it's in pain.

I guess... that's what breaking a Reality Marble will do to you, eh?


I made extra, and forgot Arcueid was dead.

God damn it!

Maybe someone will need extra.

Sakura's up, and so is Ilya. They both can barely eat too...

"Let's go for a walk, and check out the town. Then we can go and finish this, if we're still hungry."

They can only nod, with tears in their eyes.

-Fade Out-

The city's a wreck. I can barely believe how bad it is.

What's that sound, like something's falling?


And something just landed on me and Sakura both. Ow...

But... when I open my eyes, I can stare only in wonder.


I can only hug her tight, and cry in relief. Sakura's doing the same thing, and I think I can see Ilya doing it too.

And now she's bringing us home, and talking about the date for tonight.

-Fade Out-

"How did you survive?"

"I didn't."

"...Then... how...?"

"The Holy Grail made me a new body. It was a body made out of pure Mana. Remember when we visited my castle, to see the armory, and I left?"

I can only nod.

"I cut the chains holding my real body off, so I could get to you guys rather quick. I would've been faster, but I wound up 50 miles out in the ocean by accident."

I can only hug her tight.

-Fade Out-

-The Day Before-

-Ghaleon's Perspective-

I can hear something approaching. Rider perhaps? Come to finish me off?

"Need a Lift?"

I can only freeze at the voice I'm hearing.

"Altrouge? How...?"

"Am I alive? It summoned my mind, not my body. My body was simply... asleep the whole time. So when I died, I found myself in my real body, and came to get you. I ensured it would be brought to Japan by Primate Murder, here, after all."


I turn. And I stare at her, hand outstretched, while riding a giant white dog.

"You and Rider are the only servants left. And I'd rather have you as my own Servant. Do you think that would be a good deal?"

I can only laugh, and take her hand.

"Anyways, your stories are amusing. Do please tell me more on the way to my home, hm?"

-Fade Out-

March 31st, 2011, 11:28 PM
Did you enjoy Arcueid's Death Scene?


...But then everything went better than expected.

March 31st, 2011, 11:32 PM
I've been planning that scene out since chapter 10. Just saying, here.
It'll be a small while before I post the epilogues. But here's to a good complete fanfic.

March 31st, 2011, 11:32 PM

April 1st, 2011, 12:01 AM
Now, for Epilogue 1. Note these will have similar starts, except for Epilogue 3, and the Crack-fic ending.

Epilogue 1

-Day 15-

-Shirou's Perspective-

It's been 2 days since Arcueid Came back to us.

And Ilya's explaining how she was going to become the Holy Grail.

"Unfortunately, noone will be able to get their wish. The Greater Grail was drained of nearly all it's power when it had the corruption drained from it. So it's impossible for a wish to be granted to Rider or Sakura, due to this fact."

Arcueid seems curious about this.

"What was the Greater Grail meant for?"

Ilya's surprised, and amused.

"It's meant to perform the 3rd True Magic, the Heaven's Feel. It's able to make a new body for a soul. The current system uses an incomplete version of this. Because of that, Servants can't get perfectly corporeal bodies, and have to rely on a Magus to support them. However... the entirety of the wish system is a trap, as well. A soul trap, to be more specific. To gain enough energy, it needs the power of 7 servants, at a bare minimum.

And when it registered I had most of those in me, it drew them out of me to recharge itself.

The next Grail war will be in approximately 60 years, if you think you wish to become masters for it.

Or... you could try taking your shot at figuring out how to use my family's Heaven's Feel True Magic and work it yourself. I have copies of all the information necessary to figure it out, stored in my mind."

Arcueid's giggling, and nodding.

She's going to learn how to use the Third Magic? Hell.

-Fade Out-

-50 Years Later-

"Oh, Shiiirouuuu! Guess what I've done!"

The house is filled with the sounds of someone running, then pouncing into a lap.

"Guess what, Shirou!"

I can only smile at Arcueid, in my lap.

"What is it, Anata?"

"I figured out how to use Heaven's Feel!"

And... she just made me nearly faint.

"It was really simple, too! They were just missing a tiny little line in the Magic Circuits for the connections, and because of that, they screwed up EVERYTHING!"

"...So the Einzberns haven't been able to use the Heaven's Feel... for over a thousand goddamned years... because of them missing one single connection?"

"Anata, Arcueid, come back to bed? I want to snuggle more..."

"We're coming, Sakura! We're coming!"

"Aww, Sakura, you're only on the 5th child! Don't sleep so much, they want to enjoy you moving around."

"Shut UP Arcueid!"

-50 Years Later-

We're in our 5th sets of bodies now. Except for Arcueid, of course. She's always the same way in looks. And so we decided to go on Vacation in Britain.

"Hello, Arcueid."


"Oh, I'm on my 15th honeymoon with my husband. You might recall him as Caster...?"

"You son of a bitch, you tried to kill me!"

"And you blew up my home, so shut up!"

Oh, God DAMN IT!

-100 Years Later-

Wiping out the Aristoteles was hard. But they never saw Absolute Blade Works Apocalypse coming.

Still, now I have to get new clothing...

I LIKED that Shirt.

And Sakura as well as Arcueid loved taking it off.

-1000 years later-

We're at a family reunion. There's enough people here with the name "Emiya" to populate a small country.

And the cause?

The last Dead Apostle is dead.

I wave hi at Altrouge as she passes by, with Ghaleon in tow. They're not so bad, once you get to know them.

Weird how they love tea, though.

-Fade Out-

End of Epilogue 1:

Heaven's Feel

April 1st, 2011, 12:15 AM
Epilogue 2

-Day 15-

-Shirou's Perspective-

It's been 2 days since Arcueid Came back to us.

And Ilya's explaining how she was going to become the Holy Grail.

"Unfortunately, noone will be able to get their wish. The Greater Grail was drained of nearly all it's power when it had the corruption drained from it. So it's impossible for a wish to be granted to Rider or Sakura, due to this fact."

Arcueid seems curious about this.

"What was the Greater Grail meant for?"

Ilya's surprised, and amused.

"It's meant to perform the 3rd True Magic, the Heaven's Feel. It's able to make a new body for a soul. The current system uses an incomplete version of this. Because of that, Servants can't get perfectly corporeal bodies, and have to rely on a Magus to support them. However... the entirety of the wish system is a trap, as well. A soul trap, to be more specific. To gain enough energy, it needs the power of 7 servants, at a bare minimum.

And when it registered I had most of those in me, it drew them out of me to recharge itself.

The next Grail war will be in approximately 60 years, if you think you wish to become masters for it.

Or... you could try taking your shot at figuring out how to use my family's Heaven's Feel True Magic and work it yourself. I have copies of all the information necessary to figure it out, stored in my mind."

Arcueid's giggling, and nodding.

She's going to learn how to use the Third Magic? Hell.

-Fade Out-

-5 Months, and 15 kitchen accidents later-

"Ah... Arcueid? Me and Sakura have noticed our eyes are a bit like yours now..."

She's blinking in shock... and now packing us off on a trip.

-5 months later after that-

"It's been 5 months since you brought here, Arcueid. And since then, we've been running around in the library, learning how to read almost dead languages. What's the matter that's making you so upset? I mean, it's not like you've found the cure to bloodlust, right...?"

She's nodding... mutely. I wonder what it could be.


-Fade Out with Arcueid's mute nodding-

-2 Years Later-

"Ahhh, Shirou, love?"

"Yes, Sakura?"

I wander towards her, and grin.

"I found what's happened to us. Remember all those accidents in the kitchen when we were teaching Arcueid how to cook...?"


"It turned us into Shinso."

"Then... why aren't we feeling any bloodlust...?"

"Maybe it's a blessing? I don't know..."

-Fade Out-

-Arturia Alter's Perspective-

I've been chasing Avenger inside this goddamned tiny Asteroid for the last... 3 years? 2 and a half? Whatever. I'm going to cut him and drink his blood. NO MATTER HOW LONG I HAVE TO CHASE HIM!"


-Fade Out-

-50 Years Later-

We've all decided to go on Vacation in Britain. It's different from Japan, after all.

"Hello, Arcueid."


"Oh, I'm on my 15th honeymoon with my husband. You might recall him as Caster...?"

"You son of a bitch, you tried to kill me!"

"And you blew up my home, so shut up!"

Oh, God DAMN IT!

-100 Years Later-

Wiping out the Aristoteles was hard. But they never saw Absolute Blade Works Apocalypse coming.

Still, now I have to get new clothing...

I LIKED that Shirt.

And Sakura as well as Arcueid loved taking it off.

-1000 years later-

We're at a family reunion. There's enough people here with the name "Emiya" to populate a small country.

And the cause?

The last Dead Apostle is dead.

I wave hi at Altrouge as she passes by, with Ghaleon in tow. They're not so bad, once you get to know them.

Weird how they love tea, though.

-Fade Out-

End of Epilogue 2:

Drinking the blood of a Shinso makes someone a Shinso too?!

April 1st, 2011, 12:16 AM
Epilogue 3

-3 Days later-

-Shirou's Perspective-

"You remember my instructions, Right Shirou?"

I nod, mutely.

It's been 3 days, since Caster's death, and the destruction of the Grindery. And Ilya can't fight turning into the Holy Grail anymore. So we're going to store her soul into a gemstone.

It turns out Archer, when he turned his Reality Marble into a Marble Phantasm, cut his contract, and became a human once more.

Rin and them will be marrying within the week, too.

Rider and Sakura will be making their wishes, and Arcueid learned the basics of the Heaven's Feel True Magic from Ilya.

Hopefully we'll be able to restore Ilya within the next 300 years. That's about how long she can last in the gemstone...

Sakura's going first.

"I wish that Me and Shirou will both become Shinso of our current gender, so we can live happily with her for the rest of time and eternity."

And Rider's wishing as well...

"I wish that all Shinso, hybrids, and Dead Apostles won't ever need blood again. That the fundamental flaw in all Shinso and their creations, of bloodlust, is removed permanently."

And as Sakura and Rider's wishes go into effect, I can feel myself and Sakura fundamentally change... right before I pass out.

When I wake up, I can feel the differences. And see them. My muscles are stronger, and bulkier. And Unlimited Blade Works feels more... like it's easier to use. Like it's just a whisper on the tip of my tongue now.

-Fade Out-

-50 years later-

It's been 50 years since we've become Shinso. But I don't regret it at all. We're happy now.

Archer and Rin died happily 5 years ago, and we went to the funeral. They had 5 children, and all are strong mages.

We're living in the Millenium Castle Brunestud.

It's a home for us. And we're all happy. As one great family, with all our kids... as well as Grandkids on the way, too. We'll spend the rest of eternity with Arcueid, and we'll enjoy whatever comes our way.

-Fade Out-

End of Epilogue 3:

A Shinso Wish.

April 1st, 2011, 12:22 AM
And with this, my work is done. My muse has been satiated with this work. God, what a trip. I've typed more than I ever thought I would in a year, just in a couple of weeks alone. 44,115 words, alltogether. In just 2 weeks. Wow.
Well, with that said, if anyone wants to build off this universe, feel free to. I'm not sure if I'll ever go back into writing on this, but I thought you'd all enjoy what I've done here.
I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing this work.

And with that said...


-3 Days later-

-Shirou's Perspective-

"You remember my instructions, Right Shirou?"

I nod, mutely.

It's been 3 days, since Caster's death, and the destruction of the Grindery. And Ilya can't fight turning into the Holy Grail anymore. So we're going to store her soul into a gemstone.

It turns out Archer, when he turned his Reality Marble into a Marble Phantasm, cut his contract, and became a human once more.

Rin and them will be marrying within the week, too.

Rider and Sakura will be making their wishes, and Arcueid learned the basics of the Heaven's Feel True Magic from Ilya.

Hopefully we'll be able to restore Ilya within the next 300 years. That's about how long she can last in the gemstone...

Rider's going first.

"I wish that Sakura and Shirou will both become Shinso, just like Arcueid, so they can live happily with her for the rest of time and eternity."

And now Sakura's making her wish...

"I wish that all Shinso, hybrids, and Dead Apostles won't ever need blood again. That the fundamental flaw in all Shinso and their creations, of bloodlust, is removed permanently."

And as Sakura and Rider's wishes go into effect, I can feel myself and Sakura fundamentally change... right before I pass out.

When I wake up, my body's different. And the first thing I notice...

Is that I have blonde hair. As well as breasts.

And as rage fills my body, I pull out my claws, and start looking for Rider.


End of the Crack Epilogue:

A Shinso Wish gone wrong.

April 1st, 2011, 12:27 AM
Also, if anyone wants to know where I got the idea for Epilogue 2...

This part of a manga scene here: http://e-shuushuu.net/image/33721/

Which holds this image here:


April 1st, 2011, 01:25 PM
Wiping the Aristoteles? Lolwhut? Notes shouldn't have happened until the planet died. Or did they go in a space trip, travelling the planets and killing cosmic horrors for no reason at all? Besides, I'm sure they cannot kill the Aristoteles in the first place if they are on their own planets.

April 1st, 2011, 02:01 PM
*shrugs* I thought I'd chuck that in as a homage to Notes, honestly. I couldn't figure out what they'd do to pull that off, either, but you know that they'd probably go for stuff like that. Just to relieve boredom. You can only stay in one place for so long without getting bored out of your skull, after all.

April 1st, 2011, 04:35 PM
...You do know that the Aristoteles are overpowered for a reason, right? One of them in tens of kilometres tall, so I'm not sure even Shinso!Shirou with Arcueid and Shinso!Sakura can actually kill all of them...

..But I'm not going to have a powerlevel discussion over such a thing.

April 1st, 2011, 04:50 PM
It made for a good "happy ending" story for them, though. That's why I wrote it.


April 19th, 2011, 10:25 AM
This story is a nice time-kill RanmaBushiko! And most of all, thanks for completing it! (I just wish I could say the same for other authors ... )

You got me to "upgrade" my status from a guest to a registered-forum member thanks to this story!


April 19th, 2011, 05:14 PM
Honestly, I'm surprised people liked my writing so much. Considering I only had Wordpad to write it in, for the whole story...
But yeah, I was honestly surprised at how many people liked it. Unfortunately, after the Holy Grail war proper, my muse runs dry. As it was, the scenes were a bit of a pain in the ass to write up, for some of them, and it took me nearly 8 hours in some cases to write everything up.

Still, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Wrote it up thinking "What if Shirou would summon Arcueid instead?" for the plot snippet in another story, and then my muse kinda... ran from there. Was glad to see that others actually like my writing style, too. Honestly, it could use more fine tuning, but I'm glad people enjoyed it, though I'm no Gabriel Blessing, or anyone else. Story hit barely over 44k words as it was.

The Death of Bloodlust hasn't been quite so well recieved, it seems, though. Still, working on that as well, when my muse isn't dry. Still trying to figure out how to reintroduce Akiha, and what plot point I'll hit up first with her next... entrance.

I've also been thinking about writing up a few short stories as either an Omake, or a side story in and of itself, involving the astral plane... comes with 11 years of studying how to use Ki.

Some of my students noticed a long time ago that it seemed like video games, movies, and books on the physical here and there are rather loosely based off events on the astral plane. So if I write it, it'll probably be more of a documentary of me seeing if there was something on the astral Tsukihime was based off of, and trying to learn exactly what it was, if so.

August 4th, 2011, 11:28 PM
This was a great story and if you ever do make those omakes feel free to post them here.

April 3rd, 2015, 04:26 PM
This is very well made and much different then what i'm used to finding on fanfiction.net.

April 3rd, 2015, 04:39 PM
Yeah uh dont necro threads

April 3rd, 2015, 06:27 PM
Is this fic still ongoing? I think its dead already finished.

Is it still a problem if you necro it? @[email protected]

April 3rd, 2015, 07:18 PM
To be fair, he's new - very new. I think we can let it slide. And I'm sure the author would love to have it up in view again. :)

April 4th, 2015, 07:14 AM
Huh I never even knew this story existed. Pretty interesting though the prose is pretty clunky. Shirou/Arcueid certainly isn't a pairing normally seen, even with adding Sakura here.

April 4th, 2015, 09:58 AM
Huh I never even knew this story existed. Pretty interesting though the prose is pretty clunky. Shirou/Arcueid certainly isn't a pairing normally seen, even with adding Sakura here.

Since new people are discovering the story I guess Kieran is right and that the Necro wasn't so bad.

Besides considering how long it has been I think none of us were expecting the author to update, with one of the side-stories he mentioned to us.

April 4th, 2015, 03:21 PM
To be fair, he's new - very new. I think we can let it slide. And I'm sure the author would love to have it up in view again. :)

Where is the author even?

April 4th, 2015, 03:36 PM
Personally, I haven't heard from him in ages - and according to his profile, his last visit was over a year ago, so your guess is as good as mine.

April 4th, 2015, 05:50 PM
Eh in truth reading this story, and some of his other stuff, his prose really needs work badly. It's very, very clunky to say the least and needs a lot of work. The buildup to romance and intimacy here was very abrupt and in general it's not that good. I read it more for the Shirou/Arcueid pairing than because it was that good. I'd almost say it's bad to barely okay in truth.

April 4th, 2015, 07:51 PM
*Shrugs* Everybody starts somewhere, and everybody needs practice. I thought it was entertaining, nevertheless.

April 4th, 2015, 08:00 PM
*Shrugs* Everybody starts somewhere, and everybody needs practice. I thought it was entertaining, nevertheless.

It was entertaining. Just that the prose was very clunky. And it's about the only Shirou x Arcueid fix I've seen that is finished.

April 5th, 2015, 08:39 AM
After reading the whole thing I can finally say what I think about it.

It was BAD. :sader:

The main idea of the story is good and interesting but the execution was really bad.

I felt I was reading one of GBs fics again or one of those "fics" on FF.net while reading this. *shudders*

April 5th, 2015, 10:18 AM
By the root Gabriel blessing is good.

April 5th, 2015, 10:23 AM
By the root Gabriel blessing is good.

Any fic inspired by GBs fate fanfics is automatically BAD.

April 5th, 2015, 04:59 PM
I would argue that GB's prose is better or at least less clunky. Though his execution is terrible as well.

Heh I wonder how Shirou would've reacted to Arc wearing these:



Would Arc have done a lot of bending over when around Shirou while wearing those?

April 6th, 2015, 01:00 AM
Would Arc have done a lot of bending over when around Shirou while wearing those?

It's an obvious answer.

April 6th, 2015, 02:29 AM
It's an obvious answer.

Heh. I could see her also lying down a lot like in the second image.

April 6th, 2015, 03:10 AM
Well, I believe Ranma was also the one who wrote Archer's Story on BL Fanfic Contest? The one with Shirou x Arcueid as well.

I'd honestly prefer that one to this, though this fic is also decent for beginners.

April 6th, 2015, 03:34 AM
Well, I believe Ranma was also the one who wrote Archer's Story on BL Fanfic Contest? The one with Shirou x Arcueid as well.

I'd honestly prefer that one to this, though this fic is also decent for beginners.

Link plz.

April 6th, 2015, 03:38 AM
Link plz.

Archer's Story (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/1853-Archer-s-Story)