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December 19th, 2011, 03:22 AM
Kyokushi tires his hand at writing original fiction despite being not very good at describing things and therefore not very good at writing.



By: Kyokushi


"How goes the campaign?" the young emperor asked, looking at a map of the region he was currently in. Around him were various objects such as compasses and measuring devices. He was about twenty years of age. A mane of wild, red hair covered his head and the iron iron chestplate did not hide his tanned, well-muscled arms. A fiery red cloak donned his shoulders and a thick shortsword hung at his waist.

"Poorly, our tactics are not working, but we're doing better than before," An old, grizzled man missing an eye and an arm replied. He was bald, though had a short, white beard. "I have transferred all out light infantry to heavy infantry and we have managed to push back the enemy defenders," he continued, "We counted a thousand enemies a week ago and they have since sunk to eight hundred. Of our three legions, the eleventh has 2034 casualties and 1003 fatalities; they have 6910 able bodied men left. The twelfth has but twenty percent of its strength left and, as for the fifth, we have been using them sparingly so they are still 9054 strong."

"Those damn healers of theirs… how many of those silver haired witches have be gotten rid of?" the emperor asked. While his own troops had a good supply of skilled healers, the enemy had a number of healers who had seemingly limitless energy. They could heal their fellow soldiers and themselves nearly instantly. It didn't seem to be the standard magic-based healing; it was something… much more powerful. Thankfully, they were easily identified by their gleaming silver hair. Ever since the campaign started, however, they had started dying and hiding their hair so it was becoming much more difficult to kill them.

"Seventeen…" The general said solemnly, "Out of the hundred we counted when this war started… Seventeen silver hairs confirmed dead." The soldiers had started calling them undying monsters and, for the most part, it was an accurate assessment. Men and women who could instantly regenerate lost limbs and organs, monsters who would only die from a strike to the heart or two the head, these people could even do the same for their allies, making them a nearly invincible army.

"The entire country of Helvetica is a mountain fortress, huge losses are to be expected from attacking it. We need those mines, attain them at all costs. Bring in three more legions from the homeland. Even if we lose six platoons of soldiers, the cost would have yet to outweigh the gain," The emperor firmly declared. He was not about to give up, even against an enemy that seemed to be undefeatable, he absolutely refused to give in. If he could control the ether mine, he would control over ninety percent of the magic in the known world. He could steamroll the attackers of his empire and crush his foes with ease. If only he could seize this land.
"As you wish, my lord," The grizzled old general bowed before leaving. He relayed a message to one of the communications magi. It was only a matter of time before the land of Helvetica finally fell to the might of the Thracian empire.


Helvetica had been conquered about a year ago. The Emperor was about twenty five now. The campaign had been long and painful. Of the over sixty thousand troops he sent there, only about ten thousand made it back alive. The remnants of the elite Helvetican Guardians had since been disbanded and the Thracian's military might controlled the Helvitican mountain range and mines with an iron, yet just fist. Despite that, the remnants of the Guardians had been inciting rebellions all across the mountain range. The fifth and twelfth legions which had remained to control the area were hard pressed in stopping them for one reason and one reason along.

The Emperor walked down the halls of the manor of the governor of Helvetica. A young scholar was excitedly babbling to him, "You see, my lord, we had originally thought that the Helvetican healers were so skilled and powerful because of the huge amount of ether they possessed but that turned out not to be the case at all. In fact, they can't even perform conventional magic."

"Then what," the Emperor asked, "is it that they do?" Magic was limited by the number of ether crystals one could carry on their body. They had severely limited access to ether for the locals yet the healers never seemed to run out of magic. "Miracles?" he laughed. He did not believe in miracles. Despite what the church of his empire taught, he thought of miracles as merely a thing of legend.

"Nothing short of it," The scholar stated, "While magi are limited to the transfer of energy from ether to fuel their spells, the Helvetican healers seem to have a near unlimited capacity for healing 'magic'; unlimited energy, if you will. If it isn't a miracle, then I have no idea what to call it. If I dared call anything a blessing from God, it would be this."

"Hmph," he grunted, "More like a contract with the devil. These healers have caused me and my men a great amount of distress. I'd like to see how you came across this conclusion."

"O-of course, that's where I'm taking you right now," they reached the bottom of the staircase to the first sublevel. Before them stood a large, iron door. The scholar knocked twice and then three times more.

The door opened and the screams of a dying woman could be heard. In the room, there were six men and women around a table. Their red gowns did little to hide the dark red bloodstains on them.

"Kill me," came a voice from the table, "Just kill me." The Emperor steeled himself and got close to the table. There lay a naked, silver-haired woman, or rather, what was left of her. Her legs had been sawed off completely and were moving towards her. One of her legs was picked up and the other reattached itself to her bloody stump. Her eyes had been gouged out and her empty sockets were slowly regenerating another pair. Her abdominal cavity was exposed to the air and her organs clearly visible as her stomach muscles and skin were nailed to the table to prevent her from healing herself, "KILL ME NOW."

One of the red clothed personnel mercilessly ripped out her stomach and tossed it into a furnace and the woman kept screaming in pain, "KILL ME. JUST KILL ME ALREADY." Yet a new stomach was already growing in its place, "WHY WON'T YOU JUST KILL ME ALREA-"

The emperor had drawn his sword and cleaved her head off with a single strike, silencing her forever. The room went silent for a moment before a woman in red shouted, "What the hell was that for! Why would you do that! This woman was a great sample for science!"

"How long have you been doing this?" The emperor asked, glaring at everyone in the room.

"We've had this woman in here for the last two weeks," this time, a man in red answered. "We had seven others here, five men, two women but they died in our examinations. This entire experiment has been going on for about two months now."

"And what have you learned?" the emperor questioned, flicking the blood off his sword before sheathing. This torture scene disgusted him. Various organs in glass jars sat around the room and the mixed smells of blood, rotting, and burning flesh were beginning to make him sick. The screams of the woman still echoed in his ears. The sooner he got his answers, the better.

"Not much, apart from there being only two ways to kill them physically. They'll still suffocate, starve, freeze, burn, or thirst to death but if you want to kill them physically you'll have to decapitate them or destroy their heart or else they'll just regenerate."

"Nothing I have not already known," The emperor spun around and looked at the scholar who had led him here. "Inform the governor," he ordered, "Tell him that every single one of these silver-haired monsters is to be killed by any means necessary. I don't care if he has to kill every man, woman, and child in the vicinity for just one of these monsters. Just tell him that if he wants to put a permanent stop to these rebellions and keep his head, that he is to hunt down and kill Every. Single. One."

"Y-y-yes…" the scholar stuttered, stumbling and tripping as he made his way of the room, trying to fulfill his emperor's request lest he be the next one to lose his head.


"Find them and kill them on sight! If the villagers try to shelter them, do not hesitate to use force on them as well!" The legion commander ordered. Two hundred eighty armored legionnaires marched into the village. Iron spears held high, shortswords on their waists, and large, curved, rectangular shields on their left arms. Iron plate armor covered their bodies as protection. About eighty of them were skilled mages as well, carrying pouches of ether crystals for use in mostly healing and reinforcement spells. Standing just outside the village were one hundred, more lightly armored archers and artillery-type mages, ready to rain fire and death upon the village if need be.

He didn't like this. He didn't like it at all. This was nothing short of genocide. When the order had come down, he had felt conflicted inside. On one hand, orders were orders. These 'monsters' had killed a huge number of his friends, they had no mercy from him whatsoever. On the other hand, he had grown to like the locals. They revered the healers as descendants of God's last prophet, saw them as demigods, and for good reason. No matter the injury or illness, as long as it wasn't a mental deficiency or brain failure, they could heal it. He himself had to admit that they were nothing short of miracle workers. But that didn't change things. He had been ordered to kill them all, and that was what he was going to do.

They burned down barns and homes. Killed anyone who tried to shelter the healers, decapitated any silver-haired people they could. This was the last village. After this, they would have looked through every single nook and cranny in the mountain range. All the healers that were left, could only be here.It took fifteen hours in all. The 'C' subdivision of the twelfth legion had the entire village surrounded. Not even a mouse could escape. He and several soldiers were performing on last sweep of the village. The villagers who survived were tied up in the center of the village, guarded closely by his men who examined them to make sure none of them were silver haired healers in hiding. They did this by taking them off to the side, out of the range of any potential healers, and making a shallow cut on their shoulder. If they healed instantly, they were killed on the spot.

Eventually, the commander reached the last house to examine. He smashed down the door and found two children, a girl and a boy, neither looked older than his own eight year old daughter. The boy had black hair and bright blue eyes and the girl was one of the silver haired healers, with green eyes. They were supporting a massive halberd he recognized as the trademark weapon of the Helvetican Guardians. The halberd was pointed right at him. The commander looked them in their eyes. They were not looks of bravery or determination like those he saw in the soldiers he fought only a year ago. They were looks of utter fear, despair, helplessness, and desperation. He looked at them with pity and finally made his choice.

"All clear!" he shouted to his men, "Let the survivors go. Our mission is complete. Let's go home." Looking at the villagers, a couple of them had been killed. They were most likely healers who had dyed their hair to hide their identities. Only about twenty villagers were still alive. A pity, but it was necessary to kill them so that the Thracians to control Helvetica. But he had spared the last healer. Hopefully this was not a choice he would come to regret.

Author's note: So... I wrote this sort of because of these annoying things in video games called enemy healers. Team Fortress 2 medics, Battlefield Defibs, Final Fantasy white magic, it doesn't matter what game, unless you kill them first, the battle is going to drag out for longer than you want. So what if the enemy had this only turned up to eleven? A healer that is literally, a game breaker? Better kill those healers damn quick.

December 19th, 2011, 07:28 AM
Looks like a good start to me, but with my track record, I'm not the best person to advise you on this.
Though since it appears that all the healers but one have been killed, they're not really a threat unless they propagate by something other than passing the magic to their children?

Anyways, good luck.