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February 17th, 2012, 02:00 PM
Ah, Guilty Crown. An S-Rank clusterfuck of budget misuse and wasted potential - I DROP IT EVERY WEEK, BUT I KEEP COMING BACK.

As according to /a/, a group of trained monkeys on typewriters could hammer out a better script...

-But in anticipation of the upcoming Lost Christmas VN, here's the essential question: How would one do a Visual Novel? After all, the lovely female characters are one of the show's good points - As well as the music and the Void designs. The show actually lends itself best to a VN format; The main character's distinctive superpower is really quite limited, narrative-wise, and barring *severe* tinkering, it's not exactly suited to the format.


YOU are ANON (Default name = Ouma Shu), a *totally* average highschool student living in GHQ-occupied Tokyo. You're a nice guy, really, though you're plagued by horrific nightmares of Lost Christmas: Within your superficial exterior, guilt is eating you alive. Your personality flaw is that you much prefer to be what people what you to be - While this makes you popular, it's shoehorned you into plenty of trouble.

Through a series of entirely unfortunate events, you get mixed up with the Undertakers - A group of terrorists fighting to free Japan from foreign rule - and their blonde ubermensch leader, Gai. Ultimately, you'll gain the power of the Void Genome, the 'right to wield your friends as weapons.' It's the 'Guilty Crown you shall adorn', whatever that means.

Now, as we're going on a canonical source, events have to proceed according to the series - But as you're (specifically) not a complete pussy, and you're not stuck with a single love interest, you *can* change the context of events.

The Paragon/Renegade gauge of the game is the Power of the King meter, which tracks your behavior between Kind King and Tyrant. Note that both are *equally* gameable - You'll be forced into the role of leader, anyway - It just depends on what kind of leader you plan to be. This isn't a Light side/Dark Side dichotomy - Ideally, you'd want both to be as high as possible, though the former charts empathy, and the latter is a measure of your force of personality. Just like Mass Effect's Paragon/Renegade interrupts, you'll unlock extra events and scenes if you meet the criteria.

You gain Tyrant points when you use physical force (Or the overwhelming power of Voids) to bust your way through problems. You *also* gain them when you exert your force of personality - Conversely, Kind King points are gained through talking things out, empathy...And by being a manipulative bastard who talks people into things.

The story's divided into three main arcs, with multiple chapters within each: Prince, King/Reign and Emperor.

Prince/ 'The Little Prince':

As in the show, our story begins with you skipping class to work on your pet project: A video diorama of the city as you remember it, before it was eaten alive by the Apocalypse Virus. Through sheer coincidence, you meet Inori - A pink-haired beauty who strikes you as instantly familiar, when you hear her singing your sister's favorite song. Things get *strange* when she offers you a...cat's-cradle, *just* like your sister - It's up to you whether you respond with fear and loathing, blank confusion, or curiosity.

The meeting's interrupted when a group of soldiers burst in, and promptly arrest Inori: If you try to stand up for her (Tyrant points, for being assertive and confident), the soldiers are ready to rough you up...But they let you off with a warning, instead of a summary excecution when they realize your mother works for GHQ. Shortly afterward, you discover a...little robot thing, carrying a strange cylinder full of pretty colo-

-The Void Genome resonates with you, and you promptly suffer a bizarre epileptic fit. When you wake up, hours later, it's to a voice with an internet connection, requesting (Or is that nagging?) you to return the stolen property. While you might balk at bringing a biological weapon to wanted terrorists, you might decide that you want to know more about the hauntingly familiar girl (+Inori points), or the sweet-voiced girl on the other side of the channel (+Tsugumi). If you're smart enough to realize that these are *totally* the Undertakers, you get Kind King points for deducing this (obvious) piece of information.

Besides, those jackbooted GHQ thugs smashed your display. Fascists!

Of course, you quickly run into some difficulty - You're heading into a bad part of town, and the local lowlives aren't about to let you pass. Some brief fistcuffs (Tyrant) or impromptu parkor/triggering Fyu-neru's tasers might help (Kind King), but things quickly go south...Until Gai himself turns up to save you, FACEPUNCHING all comers like a boss. After all, bare-knuckle brawling is a *lot* more interesting way to meet someone, than begging not to get beaten up.

You're *really* certain you've seen him before, but there's no time to catch up on old acquitances...The Antibodies are closing in on the area, and they're going to kill absolutely everyone. Still, the Undertakers now have the Void Genome, the ultimate trump card...Which you've *used*, somehow. And as it's already bonded to you, it looks like you've been conscripted. The thing is, you have no idea how to activate it...Until you try to protect Inori from an attacking Endlave, which gives you an infinite Air Hike, Shields from Strike Witches, and a blade that cleaves evil.

As the operation concludes, you briefly fight the vicious Daryl Yan - And it's up to you whether you slice his Endlave in half, before destroying the local broadcast server with your magic sword (Tyrant), or ambush him in his cradle and use the Kaledioscope to messily turn their own lasers back upon them (Kind King). The Undertakers pull out, taking you with them; Even if you don't accept Gai's personal offer to sign on (+Tyrant and +Kind King points for following the script), their scientists still want to figure out *why* the Void Genome resonated with you, and *you* specifically.

Training arc! You meet Tsugumi and Ayase, and we've *finally* run into the other romanceable heroines; Surprisingly, you take well to the training, and get to know the girls a little bit more...Right up to the mock Endlave battle. It's entirely up to you whether you win the match by drawing out Argo's Void (Tyrant), relying on Tsugumi's analysis of an Endlave's blind-spots to evade it (Kind King/+Tsugumi) or actually disabling the thing by luring into a pillar, then repeatedly shooting it in the back of the head. (King King/+Ayase.) As you've already met Inori, this is the chance for the other two to 'catch up', affection-point wise.

Either way, when you win, you get a boost to all parameters...And your *very* first assignment. It turns out that *someone's* seen you at the site - Gai wants you to track him down. But because it'd *really* help to have a Void on-hand, in case of a confrontation, he's sending (Heroine with highest affection) to accompany you...And teach you how to, as they say, shot web.

Of course, 'Sugar' is Yahiro - You either hold back from the obvious solution of murdering him because a) You have his word that he'd keep his mouth shut. (Tyrant) b) It's going to be impossible to explain if he ends up unaccountably dead. (Kind King.)

Like the lovable traitor he is, he turns you in to GHQ the very next day.

After some SHENIGANS, including Inori doing a Matrix-style leap, and Gai cosplaying as Phoenix Wright, you escape. (Holding onto the pen, to play both sides against each other, gets you Kind King points.) Helping Tsugumi's plan go off without a hitch, or assisting Ayase in the Endlave-on-Endlave brawl that follows, gets you affection points with either girl. Levelling the entire place with Inori's Void (Instead of escaping from the get-go) gifts you with a delicious helping of Tyrant meter, too; Everyone wins!

It turns out that you got into the giant-robot smiting a little too much; Exhausted, you wake up in the base's infirmary days later, with the highest-rated Heroine by your side. Your bad dreams are getting worse - And so familiar, too! Fortunately, the next few missions are effectively breather episodes (Infiltrating a cruise ship, trying to find the original source of the virus, eckscetra.) In each case, you get to pick your favorite heroine to accompany you - She'd be your 'date' on the cruise ship, the one who catches Souta's eye in the group vacation...Ultimately culminating in a romantic interlude, specific to each heroine, by the end of the 'fillers'.

Inori: You've finished your display of the city at last! Inori's *really* happy to see Tokyo 'as it was', before it became...You know, crystal-ly and all. She has a new song, too, just for you - And she'd really like you to hear it.

Ayase: The mission's a simple one - You're in the same truck as Ayase, one carrying her backup Endlave. Unfortunately, your heart-to-heart chat is interrupted by a GHQ ambush that kills the driver (Or destroys the Fyu-neru driving the truck) and smashes Ayase's command cradle, leaving both of you in a tight spot. With no other option, she has to place her trust in you - Which is hard for a girl who prides herself on self-reliance. You draw out her Void, and make a dash for safety, with Sleeping Beauty in a princess carry. Of course, she's hilariously tsundere afterward.

Tsugumi: A virus patterned on the Apocalypse Virus has the Undertaker base on lockdown, and the security systems set to murder absolutely everyone who looks at them funny. Cut off from her beloved force-feedback sphere, Tsugumi is understandably distraught...Fortunately, working together, a combination of her tactical sense and her cloning Void creates a literal army of decoys to distract security, long enough to reset the mainframe. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to avoid fondling those kitty ears *too much*.

Things are settling into a rhythm when HOLY SHIT, THE LEUKOCYTE'S NUKING EVERYONE! As a break for all the ren'ai girl-chasing, the next chapter is a TOTALLY MANLY Gai-tastic one, where you have to work together to thwart the threat of ionic death from above. We find out that you and Gai knew each other from long ago...And he's either assured by the fact that you still have a good heart/haven't changed (Kind King) or have become the *man* he's tried to be. (Tyrant) Here, we learn of what really happened all those years ago - And the Leukocyte's ultimately downed by a SWORDGUN/GUNSWORD, or Gai's original plan in the series.

Of course, things don't go *quite* so smoothly when you meet Yahiro again; He's on the run, and in the clusterfuck that follows, his brother dies. Depending on the context, it could happen because you're too busy fighting Daryl, and the terminal infectee gets killed by a stray shot - Or because he goes absolutely fucking bugnuts, forcing you to mercy-kill him.

This gives your confidence a big hit...Your ability to use Voids is severely affected, because there's simply too much weighing on your mind. It could be played one of two ways: You can't draw Voids any longer, because you can't muster the state of mind required (Like trying to 'perform' when you're severely distracted) or the Voids you draw are no longer stable.

It reminds you too much of Lost Christmas, and the dreams aren't helping. Sometimes, you think you can almost see and *hear* your sister...And she's watching. WAITING. It's puzzlingly uncertain whether she wants to sex you up or murder you, however. (Affection points with Inori are also affection points with Mana, as a rule of thumb.)

Gai pulls you off the firing line, sending you back to school for some much-needed vacation time; Right now, you're a liability, not an asset. Through sheer narrative coincidence, things choose that exact time to go straight to hell: You must assemble your B-Team of classmates to bail out the Undertakers, and stop the second Lost Christmas incident from happening. Again, a Tyrant will simply use their Voids to break through; A Kind King will take a sneakier approach, using Arisa's connections, Yahiro's shady past (Particularly his experience with boltholes) and Souta's militant otakuism to find his way in.

It turns out that it's *all* a trap to lure you in. You're the final piece of the puzzle needed to kick everything off: Chief Keido needs your Void Genome to set off the apocalypse. This involves killing you, and capturing Inori...And it's up to the dynamic duo of you and Gai to thwart his evil plans. Depending on the girl highest in the affection meters, there's a different take on the scenario:

Inori: Inori's conscious enough to resist, and in a realm made ENTIRELY of Void crystals, you summon her sword without being within line-of-sight. As she's fighting Mana's influence, it further frustrates your yandere sister's attempts to kill you.

Ayase: Ayase's brought her Endlave with her. While still severely outmatched, Mana has to waste time ripping it apart, before she can start working on you and Gai.

Tsugumi: With a makeshift rig of computers, Tsugumi provides analysis and encouragement - As does Fyu-neru. The little robot buddy is a potent distraction, after all.

This is, as they say, the big fight. It's Gai with his Void assault rifle, and you with Inori's sword, against an entire world of hurty crystal spikes trying to murder you. The plan is 'Make a beeline for Mana while your distraction gets torn apart. Then stab the crazy out of Mana.'

Mana's reasons, however, and the tone of your flashback, changes depending on whether you're more of a Tyrant or a Kind King. In the former, she can't think of a better person to rule the world with; You're strong, forceful, the kind of man she wants. In the latter, she's disturbingly in love with your kindness, and wants to have a lot of incestuous Void-babies.

Either way, if you're on another heroine's route, she focuses the full force of her jealous rage on the girl, first - Long enough to give you an opening. Fortunately, neither Ayase nor Tsugumi are there 'in the flesh', but it should still be pretty disturbing to watch an Endlave get torn apart. Less so for Fyu-Neru, unless Mana infects Tsugumi's systems - Forcing her to shut down, or risk terminal corruption.

Also, if Inori's affection is high, it's apparent that the Apocalypse Virus is twisting Mana's very real love for you into obsession: If it's low, Mana wants to murder you in a cruel and vindictive way for rejecting her. Either way, Gai gets thoroughly impaled, but his heroic sacrifice buys you enough time to stab Mana's core.

The world explodes, and everything shatters - You try to save Gai, but you only manage to get a handful of his *impossibly* pimp coat before you're forcefully ejected from the bizarre Void-realm. When you wake up, you're in a post-apocalyptic wasteland covered with crystals: Your love interest, fortunately, is the first one to find you. But neither the tearful reunion, or your newly-acquired swag, is enough to soothe the ruin in your heart.

Because everyone's dead, Shoe.


End of Arc 1.

As a side note- It's a shame, but there's no room for sub-heroines like Hare, Arisa and...The girl with glasses. As the show hasn't finished it's run, as of writing, and Hare is canonically *dead*, it would change things far too much for them to have routes.

...Maybe in the PS2 release.

Also, the synopsis specifically ignores Inori's background as a 'Net Idol; It's had absolutely no bearing on the plot, hasn't been referenced, and is particularly ludricious in light of her dual life as a terrorist. To my eternal embarassement, I've failed to include more DAN EAGLEMAN - But it can generally be assumed that things play out according to the same structure, with the characters in the same roles.



A major difference is that, in the revised timeline, the training arc takes place before the player gets betrayed by Yahiro. Again, this is for the Visual Novel format: Otherwise, the PC wouldn't meet Tsugumi and Ayase until halfway through the Prince arc. Also, it makes the PC, as they say, less of a 'beta faggot', and gives him a more plausible reason to go back to school.

Finally, the player still uses Inori's Void, which - Let's face it - is ideal for slicing and dicing. Inori is the plot-relevant heroine, but depending on how the story plays it, your feelings from her range from incestuous love, love, familial affection, or terror. It's really up to you whether you see her as your sister, your creepy sister, the sister you totally wanted to have sex with, or as herself.

That last one is admittedly difficult, though, as she doesn't have that much of a personality of her own.

February 17th, 2012, 02:16 PM
Dude, I'd max the shit out of Inori only for the Mana antics.

February 17th, 2012, 08:00 PM
I demand epic Shu/Daryl rivalry as an option.

February 18th, 2012, 02:31 AM
Well, for Daryl - I'd assume he's a recurring threat, and he just gets deadlier as the game goes on, turning up at the *worst* possible moments. Sure, with a Void, you can slap him down...But he keeps adding more and more new gear to Steiner, from Genome-sensing launchers to DNA-coded lasers, and you basically only have one trick. It's a *very* good trick, but it's all you have. Not to mention that he knows how you fight, how you think...And he only needs to get lucky once. You need to be lucky - And quick - every single time you take him on.

For example, in Ayase's romantic interlude, you're still acutely vulnerable when he destroys the trawler truck: With her Void, all you can do is run away from him.

In Inori's route, he tailors Steiner to be a combat machine, because it ultimately boils down to a hitting match. For Ayase, he favours speed and high-velocity weapons. (Because she'd be using her Endlave against him, too.) For Tsugumi, he get technological tricks and electronic countermeasures (Like a cloaking device, and a signal jammer that disrupts Voids) the better to counteract her hacking abilities.

He's tailoring his Endlave to fight you, and it shows.

Plot-wise, your problem is that it's never a good time for you to fight him. There's always a ticking clock, and while Inori's sword cuts anything, you can still be blinded, stunned, deafened, knocked unconscious...The list goes on.

February 18th, 2012, 03:32 AM
Plus, Daryl has the excuses of "progress" and "development" on his side if he needs to justify his new upgrades for counteracting against Shu whenever he shows up. After all, Void Genome is serious business.

Something else that I noticed is that Kenji, Mr. Apparently-Important-Undertaker-Member and the one with the Anti-Gravity Void, was seemingly Put On a Bus by the series. Now, there's no telling if he will show up again, and it's still too soon to say otherwise because of GC still airing, but if he doesn't then that's more wasted potential. I propose that if that is indeed the case then that ought to be remedied somehow.

February 18th, 2012, 04:13 AM
I like what I see, although, lack of Hare route is disappointing. I say that doing as many Hare events pre-Act 2 and getting a high Kind King value should allow you to enter Hare route and overturn her Dead End. Like, when you enter Act 2, Yahiro will propose his Void Ranking System, you in Hare route, will slap him in the face and tell him to piss off with his ranking system, totally saving Hare's life.

February 18th, 2012, 04:34 AM
That would be a very interesting idea - Though in Yahiro's defense, the Void Ranking system wasn't implemented yet. Souta just jumped the gun prematurely, after he happened upon the documents.

Also, the second Act ends the same way no matter what: Gaidalf appears, and chops off your arm, claiming the Power of the King for himself. The context, however, changes a lot depending on your actions. In the worst outcome, most of the students die, and the rest turn on you the moment they escape. In a not-so-bad outcome, a fair proportion survives, and any dissent is relatively minor. In the best outcome, it's almost a perfect plan...But Gai and a surprise army of Endlaves emerge to turn victory to defeat. In this version, you don't get betrayed: You're cut off from the escaping students when Gai ambushes you, and your forces are rounded up as soon as the player is taken down. (Void Genome removed = All active Voids created by the wielder cease to function.)

In the worst 'chances of victory' outcome, your forces get slaughtered, and Gai cuts your arm off when the breakout fails. (But the way things are balanced means that the students are very happy with you.) In the worst 'happiness' outcome, you get...Well, you pretty much get Episode 17.

It's a matter of stacking 'flags' to determine the effect of the final battle:
1.) Do the A and S-Rank Voids have sufficient supply of vaccine?
2.) Do you have Argo's/Undertaker help?
3.) Did you capture a spare Endlave for Ayase to use?
4.) How many of the students are currently alive?
5.) Is Arisa still with the students, or did you let her escape? (Because in the latter option, you can't use her Void.)
6.) What is your plan?
7.) Did you sabotage/scout out the enemy beforehand? As a Heroine, Tsugumi might be able to impede the functioning of the enemy Endlaves.

Conversely, the effective happiness is measured by:

1.) Did you implement the Void Ranking system? (A Kind King or Tyrant can bullshit his way through this, either by silencing dissent - Or by emphasizing that it's only until the breakout.)
2.) Was the information about 'Void Breaking' disseminated?
3.) Did you beat/recruit Argo or the remaining Undertakers?
4.) Did anyone get killed?
5.) Are the SS thugs alive, or have they been removed?
6.) How well did you 'sell' the idea to the others?

Your chances for victory are balanced against the relative happiness of your kingdom; Generally, the choices that make people unhappy make it easier to win, but you're more likely to be betrayed immediately after the battle is over. At the same time, though, your Tyrant/Kind King scores can make bitter pills easier to swallow, if you play it the right way.

Either way, this episode is the diplomatic equivalent of walking over eggshells filled with dynamite. You can't make everyone happy, to be completely frank: What matters is making the important people happy. Having the SS as your enforcers makes people unhappy, but they all have relatively potent Voids: Conversely, if you kick them out, happiness improves...But the reversal at the end still takes place, as they go running to GHQ to sell you out. (Technically, the best option would be to execute them, but the PC isn't a cold-blooded killer. Yet.)

For example, a smooth Kind King can keep Arisa's Void, by appealing to Argo's sense of compassion: You want everyone to get out, after all. As a bonus, you start with a higher Happiness rating, due to your Charisma. In contrast, a Tyrant starts with higher chances of victory from the very beginning, and is more likely to win the final battle. Similarly, a Tyrant could convince him to help, with a straightforward: "Promise to help us, and I'll help Arisa escape." (The optimum outcome is to keep Arisa's Void and get Argo's help - Effectively, money for nothing.)

Finally, the way the final battle plays out depends on the main heroine, too: With Inori as the heroine, you can literally fly right to the tower's server, and cut it to bits. With Tsugumi's Void, you muster a literal army of decoys (As a force multiplier) to keep the enemy off-balance. With Ayase's Void, you can superleap to the Tower...But using it means that she'd be out of the battle.

(In Inori's route, you use her sword to destroy the Tower. With Tsugumi or Ayase, however, you use the grapple-gun Void and electric-charge Void in tandem with their own unique artifacts, because neither has an offensive ability.)

Also, there's no reason why Daryl can't be present in his new Steiner V2.0/V3.0 as part of the Ghost unit; Your attempt to reach the Tower is delayed by having to fend him off, reflecting the greater battle in microcosm. Left unattended, he'll absolutely shred any other students with Voids...You're really the only one who can go toe-to-toe with him.

Narrative-wise, it's also to give the player something to do in the battle, while facing a crisis; There's no reason why you can't single-handedly devastate the enemy's gunline, otherwise. With Daryl present, you have your hands full - The others have to die valiantly to clear a path for you.

February 18th, 2012, 07:32 AM
To be fair, if Shu did object vehemently, Yahiro would have probably dumped the Void Ranking System in the trash or not leave it around for Souta to find. You know, something just came to me reading your idea. Why didn't Shu just use Tsugumi's Void to clone the students as a distraction while he destroys the Tower? Would have saved a lot of lives. She doesn't have to clone the entire student body, just maybe 10 to 15?

February 19th, 2012, 02:23 PM
There should be a Bad End in the first Act, where you refuse to kill Mana (she is your sister after all, it's plausible that you'd hesitate to do so). The option should only pop up if you have gained enough Inori affection points by that point in the story so that Mana doesn't want to kill you for rejecting her but is still bent on using you as the progenitor of the new world.

The Bad End would consist in you hesitating after Gai gets impaled by Mana. In your moment of hesitation, Gai is finished off because you didn't act fast enough to stop all the other crystal spikes. With the window of opportunity gone, you try to make your way to Mana in vain, and even almost half-heartedly (due to the hesitation from before.) Although perhaps you could've reached Mana if your resolve had been high enough, the incident with Jun flashes back to your mind, replaced by your sister's face, and cripples your ability to fight. Once you get tired, Mana manages to disarm you, Inori's void going back inside her, and you then get forced into doing the ritual Keido had tried to do.

Gravekeeper Mugi throws some evil monologue at you about how you will finally become a true King, and that you should feel happy since you will have everything or something like such. You and Inori put on the rings, you perform the blood offering, and then there is a flash of light. When the deed is done, you take several steps back in horror at what you've done. The sphere that had Mana in it becomes empty, and when Inori/Mana looks at you, she makes the same cat's cradle from the flashback, smiling at you with a gaze of red eyes.

You then get bound by crystals, and she rapes you to make world-ending babies. The End.

Also, another interesting bit would be if the flashback you get then (at the whole second coming of Lost Christmas) was altered by the decisions you've made up until that point. For example, if you've shown dislike towards Gai himself, in the flashback you and Gai's relationship would've been colder than normal (still friends, but not as close a brotherhood as it could've been). Conversely, showing admiration towards Gai would make your early relationship have been much closer than normal, and you could've treated him as family.

Similarly, your relationship with Mana would've also been affected by your present relationship with Inori. If you are aiming for another heroine, your relationship with Mana would've been that of siblings, and Shota you wouldn't have felt anything from Mana's advances in the flashback. If Inori is the heroine but the points aren't that high, then a similar result would've ensued, with you getting only slightly more flustered. However, if the choices you have made up to that point have all been related to Inori and your amount of Inori affection points are considerably high, shota!you would've found himself reacting strangely to Mana's advances, getting oddly happy when Mana said you could look at her with adult eyes.

And then, both factors would've changed the events that happened in the church. A colder or normal relationship with Gai would lead to Mana arriving before you, like in canon. A closer relationship with Gai would make you get to the church before Mana, and thus you would get an extra scene with Gai. Assuming everything plays out like in canon at this point, you will arrive with Gai bleeding from having shot himself. At this point, where Mana offers you the cat's cradle, if your Inori affection points are normal for her being a heroine or subpar compared to another heroine, you will push her back ala canon, triggering Lost Christmas. If your Inori affection points are high, however, you will get the choice of reacting in shock (doing nothing), or even stepping forward in confusion. Doing either would almost trigger the end of the world, as Mana would be immensely pleased, but Gai would stand up and push her away from you, triggering Lost Christmas either way.

If you arrive before Mana, Gai warns you of Mana's intentions, telling you that she is more dangerous than you imagine. You may either agree with Gai on his suspicion, disagree on his thoughts, or (if your Inori points are high) call him out on jealousy. Regardless of your decision, after this Mana will arrive, and when Gai tries to stand in the way of you, Mana will knock him away, making him hit a wall. The scene that next plays out will be similar to canon, as Mana will tell you to make a new world with her. Again, whether you or Gai are the ones that make her go berserk is decided by the affection points with Inori as well as what choices you make.

/blatant Mana fanboyism

February 19th, 2012, 02:34 PM
The points you earned with the heroines affect the flashbacks and relationships you had with those you knew in your past?

I'll admit, that's a pretty nifty concept in of itself, and when put that way it actually makes sense.

/wishes he could add more to convo but imagination/speculah is running dry ATM ;_;

February 20th, 2012, 01:12 PM

Yes, that's a fantastic way of doing it. Things still have to roll on accordingly, but you've nailed the way scenes could unfold differently. (And ironically, *all* of the options are still better than the way Shu actually handled it.) Lost Christmas is an incredibly significant event - If not the most significant event, given that it's the direct cause of the entire game.

Game-wise, it makes sense to space it out a little more, instead of one massive exposition dump in Episode 12. For example, in Gai's Chapter (The one with the Leukocyte), we get the flashback of the player and Mana meeting 'Triton', and the PC's past with young Gai. Later, we learn that Mana was...very close to the PC - And we get the Lost Christmas revelation in the leadup to the final battle. That should make things more coherent, narrative-wise.

The 'multiple choice past' is an excellent way of developing the PC's own motives - Not to mention his character - without spelling it out. Also, having the Void Genome activate when the player first finds it explicitly labels the PC as the Chosen One...As well as implying that Mana chooses who inherits the Guilty Crown; It wouldn't have worked for anyone else. Overall, it ties the entire arc together in a much better way...

-But it's really amusing how Canon! Shu seems to be making the absolute worse choices of all the branching paths. I assume he's headed for the equivalent of one of those terrible, sanity-scouring endings in School Days...The ones you have to work to get, out of sheer perverse fascination, where one of more of the girls decides to murder the rest of the harem.

February 20th, 2012, 04:40 PM
Well, you have to admit it's rather hard to think of an outcome worse than Shu's decisions so far that wouldn't be 40k levels of grimderp or just plain silly.

February 21st, 2012, 11:45 AM
Ugh, yeah, that's definitely true.

I'm wondering how the school arc should play out, though. It's massive - But the concept would still be "How do you deal with the following challenges?" - en route to the final battle. The scenes with Inori in the flower bed can be entirely substituted with similar romantic interludes for Ayase or Tsugumi...Then again, if this is an 18+ game, they might be in a relationship with the PC at this point.

You're still going to lose the final battle, at least technically, because it's clearly a trap to retrieve the Power of the King. Still, it'd be quite possible for the context to vary between:

"You're winning, but then Evil! Gai cuts off your arm, shutting down all active Voids."


"Your forces are doing *really* badly, and Gai's just here to deliver the coup de grace."

I really like the idea of the PC going toe-to-toe with Daryl, in an upgraded Steiner; It gives the PC a boss fight, and also allows the narrative to be narrowed down a bit - You only get an idea how the battle has going once you're done fighting him. You have to wonder, though, exactly where Daryl has been, recently...Wasn't he with the Ghost unit in the previous episode?

Ultimately, I assume that we'd end with the PC on the run with the main heroine, while the rest of his comrades aim to hook up with him; One way or another, the students would be removed from the equation. Though we'd really have to see how the next episode plays out, with Inori, before considering how it'd go with Ayase or Tsugumi helping the delimbed PC.

February 21st, 2012, 01:51 PM
...Five bucks says that Inori becomes the arm or something silly like that. Making her the bone of Shu's sword arm.

February 23rd, 2012, 12:37 PM
While we're at it, a Hare troll ending would be hilarious. (New Game + only.)

When the game starts, you decide to skip work on your diorama, in favor of eating lunch with Hare and the others. (Of course, that means you never meet Inori, and you never run into the Undertakers.) Later the same day, as you walk home with Hare, you find that Antibodies have set up barricades, warding off a substantial portion of the city; GHQ urges the citizens to stay calm and proceed normally. It is, after all, nothing to worry about.

The next day, on the train, you read an article about the recent anti-terror sweep conducted by GHQ, which apparently busted an Undertaker cell. The leader's still on the loose, but they're confident they'd get him soon enough...They nailed quite a few of his accomplices, after all.

A few days later, Yahiro goes missing; There's the rumour that he got into trouble with the police, but one or two classmates mention that he was last seen being collared by the Antibodies.

He never comes back to school.

The days roll by, with lazy familiarity; Passing time with your friends, eating lunch with Hare on the roof...Since your mother's busy with something - A work thing - you find yourself walking Hare home more often, now. After all, things have been a little dangerous, recently, and you really shouldn't leave her alone. Also, you can't help but feel restless...You feel that there's something you should be doing, something you can't name...

Later, the Student Council president goes missing - Her grandfather's personal yacht sunk at sea, with no survivors.

A week later, Souta eventually invites you and Hare on a summer vacation, and it's clear that she *really* likes you. (Apparently, your remaining friends set it up to nudge her into confessing.) It's a wonderful trip: One incident, though, stands out in your mind - On the first night, when you were just taking a walk, you met an older man who seemed to recognize you. He was friendly, yet strangely familiar...But there was something sinister about him.

When you get back, there's a tense mood in the city; It's been rumoured that the Undertakers are planning something *big*. To boost morale, the school festival's cast prematurely, to clear the gloom-ridden atmosphere - You're going steady with Hare, now, and you're roped into manning one of the stalls. Life is good, but there's this feeling of unease...

-And then it happens.

It begins with an alien chime that echoes forever - A sound that fills you with aching, bone-deep dread. Then screams, at the sudden, grotesque outburst of the Apocalypse Virus.

The crystals are everywhere, growing with terrifying speed, consuming everything; Before your horrified eyes, students turn into petrified statues, terminal cancer in fast-forward. You have time to reach out for Hare, before she turns to just another outcropping-

Everyone, in fact, except you. You, somehow, are immune.

In a daze, you wander out into a post-apocalyptic Tokyo, haunted by eerie laughter. Eventually, when the presence catches up with you at last.


The screen cracks, with an awful high-pitched shriek, and everything goes black.


End Card:

Now, as the only one in the world, I have found the path to true happiness.

February 23rd, 2012, 01:31 PM
NTR is still NTR, no matter how incestual.

Troll end is rage end.

February 23rd, 2012, 01:45 PM
I LOL'd in spite of myself.

Isn't it sad, storyline-ignoring Hare route?

February 24th, 2012, 10:30 PM

Who posted this on 4chan?

February 24th, 2012, 10:37 PM
This is on 4chan?

February 24th, 2012, 10:42 PM

Checking through the archive reveals a was around 5 or so hours ago.

February 25th, 2012, 02:26 AM
Huh, really? Should be worth a look.

February 25th, 2012, 08:16 AM
Hmm, we're going to need to reconsider Daryl now. He's fine as an opponent early on, but it seems he has a change of heart in the last episodes. Should he do the Heel Face Turn in every route, or can we have him as the Big Bad of one route?

Man, changing the final boss depending on the route would be awesome.


February 25th, 2012, 08:49 AM
We'll have to see how it plays out, for now; But it's not quite clear how far his change of heart goes in the anime. It's a combination of a growing affection for Tsugumi, and hatred for Gai - He could still turn on the other Endlaves in a misguided attempt to kill off Zombie Gai while you're effectively disarmed.

Also, while we're at it...Given how Gai's been playing fast and loose with the Void Genome's abilities, the player might unlock new powers depending on his Tyrant/Kind King leanings. Just like Gai, a Tyrant can fuse Voids, on a smaller scale - Representing his iron will and control over the Guilty Crown. A Kind King can extract/summon Voids at range, though the rest of the 'rules' still apply...After all, the hearts of his 'subjects' are never quite far from his mind.

Either way, the battle against Steiner V3.0 is a very close one...The PC wins by either busting out a powerful combined Void to overwhelm his defence (Tyrant), or by unexpectedly summoning Voids from nearby students, despite being momentarily disarmed. (Kind King.) While it's unlikely that the player's screwed up as badly as Shu, the sheer guilt of having led his men to their deaths is a time for deep soul-searching, in either instance.

It doesn't seem like Daryl is going to be the final Boss...He's like Jerid to the player's Kamille, a recurring enemy who is ultimately outstripped by the hero. I do hope we see rather more of him, though. (I did find the 'pair the spares' aspect they're angling for to be rather out of the left-field, though.)

Affection points would also change the sequence of events: If Inori's the main heroine, she helps you escape, and things play out like Episode 18. (Though we might go with a crystal storm instead of her new Wolverine-esque powers.) If she isn't, she gets captured by Gai when he first makes his appearance, and the route's heroine helps you escape.

In this instance, the interlude that follows would have the PC being patched up by Tsugumi/Ayase instead.

Depending on how the next few episodes go - It does look like Shu's going to meet up with the Undertaker remnants - The critically wounded player might just get ferried away in their Humvee, while in a near-coma. He's not going to be doing much more than bleeding out and going into shock for a while, after all. (Shu seems to be doing pretty well without his arm, though.)

March 9th, 2012, 02:53 AM
With the release of the Lost Christmas demo we can have an idea as to how we'd like the development to go.


Also, Endlave stealth-systems are now canon.

March 22nd, 2012, 07:42 PM
Since the show is now over, we are free to speculate on how to improve and what possible directions we can now take the story in.

March 22nd, 2012, 08:16 PM
Any other route is preferable to the anime?

March 22nd, 2012, 08:17 PM
Anime went similar to HF and Fate routes, so...go with one like UBW? XP
I dunno, haven't watched much GC... ^^;

March 22nd, 2012, 08:33 PM
Plus, y'know, in either the Ayase or the Tsugumi paths if Shu lives he gets to keep a girlfriend. Assuming we don't somehow figure out a way to give Inori a Good End.

March 22nd, 2012, 09:11 PM
Plus, y'know, in either the Ayase or the Tsugumi paths if Shu lives he gets to keep a girlfriend. Assuming we don't somehow figure out a way to give Inori a Good End.

You do that, I'll be machinating a Mana End. I mean seriously, goddamn, there were times where if Shu hadn't been so attached to Inori a Mana end could've been coming.

March 22nd, 2012, 10:23 PM
http://gelbooru.com//samples/1134/sample_134ad9521c60256bc94a10d2f9586e37.jpg?134478 8

Shu's pinned.

March 23rd, 2012, 02:44 AM
Well, Guilty Crown has just concluded it's run, and I have to say: That was *something*. Not necessarily something good, but something.

With regard to the flashback:

A long, long time ago, there was a brilliant young man named Ouma Kurosu. He was a biotech genius, and his life's goal was studying the so-called 'Apocalypse Virus', the bizarre crystal cancer; Outbreaks had been happening around the globe, and it was only a matter of time before it became an epidemic.

Wealthy, anoymous sponsors approached him, and promised to fund his research - As long as he worked with an old friend of his, Keido. Unknown to him, his work was being adapted into refining the disease, not curing it: Keido's research was a parallel one, intended to weaponize the properties of the Apocalypse Virus. While Dad was book-smart, he wasn't very bright - And remained entirely oblivious to the true nature of his sponsors.

Flash-forward to Lost Christmas. The fruit of Kurosu's research was the Void Genome, intended as a cure to the virus: Properly used, it can draw out the infection and destroy it, via genomic resonance. Unfortunately, his luck ran out, and he found out *exactly* who he was working for...Now that he'd suceeded beyond his wildest dreams, Keido promptly put a bullet in his head, after congratulating his oldest friend for his discovery.

Daath's plan is basically Evangelion's Instrumentality, using the matter-mimcry and consciousness-transfer abilities of the Void crystals in place of Tang. The problem was Mana; When she exploded, she infected most of Tokyo, putting their plans on back-burner until she could be cloned. She's important, because she's the only one with such incredible levels of control over the virus.

If you have the Void Genome, you can control Mana. (Hence all that Adam and Eve references.) If you control Mana, you control the Apocalypse Virus...And if you control the virus, you control...THE WORLD!

Yuu, the Daath cult leader, is the user of the *first* Void Genome - which was later refined into the one you were using, by Kurosu's research. As they hadn't ironed out the kinks yet, it had a lot of side-effects; It stopped his physical aging, for one, but it's not enough to initiate their plan himself. Someone else, with *another* Genome, will have to do it.

Gai was one of the many genetically-modified kids meant to be 'Adam'. He's a super-soldier, and a physically perfect specimen - But he escaped the facility, and well, we all know what happened next.

The only wildcard in the *entire* convoluted scheme was you. Daath never expected that you'd get involved, or get the Void Genome meant for Gai. It's taken them *years* to synthesize a third one, but they don't have time to wait: They need to bring about Armaggedon now, or they'd never get another chance. That's why Gai's been dispatched to take your Genome - The third one has *just* been completed when Haruka swipes it.

Inori is a clone of Mana - And a resounding success, as she bears part of Mana's consciousness. Let's...Let's ignore the part where she went Witchblade, shall we? Because that was incredibly silly.

Right, when we last left off, the player was busily bleeding out after being downed by GAITWO. As it makes absolutely no sense for him to be Gai, he's effectively a puppet that bears the same memories: In fact, his body is made of Void crystals mimicking the qualities of flesh. Daath never intended that their Adam would have free will, after all; The way he is now, he's *perfect*. A ruthless King with no mind of his own, tasked with enforcing their will.

This is where things diverge:

In every route except Inori's and Mana's, the Undertakers help the PC escape, with the revolving cast of Souta, Yahiro, Arisa et all (If the last one stayed loyal, which shouldn't be difficult unless you really messed up.) Inori, the first priority, is captured by GAITWO.

In Inori/Mana's route, the two are separated from the others in the bombing run. Inori confesses that she's in love with the PC - The Undertakers are coming to rescue them, but they need a distraction. Inori provides that distraction, and the PC is recovered. Mana's variation of the scene is fairly similar - But it becomes obvious that her flashes of emotion are actually Mana's submerged personality and affection showing through, instead of Inori developing a personality of her own. In this instance, she ends it with a loving "Onee-chan will protect you," before shredding dozens of soldiers and Endlaves with Void crystals.

The other routes have the player retrieved much earlier, bleeding out and feverish in the truck as his love interest administers first aid. Fortunately, it's a clean cut - But the PC is feeling very, *very* low. A Tyrant is near-catanoic...He can't believe that he's played right into the hands of the enemy. Every move he could make, they've accounted for...And thanks to him, they're going to end the world.

A Kind King is more: "Oh God, *so many people dead*. And they *trusted* me...What have I done?"

Fortunately, all hope isn't lost; Haruka has used her access privileges to enter Tokyo with the army - She's stolen the third Void Genome, and is intent on bringing it to Undertakers, or the UN forces...The last, best hope to stop GHQ and Daath. Unfortunately, Segai (And Daryl, if the player didn't defeat him in the assault on the tower) is in hot pursuit. They're really pulling out all of the stops to see her dead - They have Endlaves, air support, Segai...The list goes on.

This plays out pretty much the way it does in the anime; The Undertakers meet up with Haruka, and are pinned down by gunfire. Mom relates the problem - Using the third Void Genome will infect the would-be King with a terminal case of the Apocalypse Virus. The *only* perfect Genome was the one directly made by Kurosu...The one Gai is now possessing. It's a death sentence, either way - But the main heroine of the route volunteers to use the Genome, both to get them out of their immediate predicament...And also because she doesn't want you, the PC, to suffer any more. You've already lost an arm - She doesn't want to lose *you*, too.

In the ensuring scuffle, the Void Genome goes tumbling within reach, as you stagger out of the truck; A Kind King's fuelled by the thought that his friends are in trouble. A Tyrant refuses to be beaten, no matter what. And then...


To allow for some weapon damage and more interesting fights, your Void has an unusual effect: It can create copies of any Void you've used the Genome on before, starting from now. Your Void arm's almost more spiky and crystal-ly as a Tyrant, while it's significantly smoother and more blue as a Kind King. In a GLORIOUS series of events, you deal with the attacking Endlaves, *and* Segai...Who dies with a man inside him, the way he always wanted.

In the reunion that follows, the group meets up with the UN forces, in preparation for the final assault on GHQ's compound - As in the show, the Undertakers (And you) will infiltrate the base, and hopefully shut it down from within. You'd have to kill Gai and Daath and a *lot* of other people, but that's the King's burden!

This is time for tearful partings and farewells, up to and including a last cuddle with your love interest before the final battle. Amusingly, you'd get Haruka's feedback on the route's heroine, and your Tyrant/Kind King status:

As a Tyrant, Haruka thinks you've become more assertive - As a Kind King, she observes that you've become more mature...But gentle, just like Dad. Similarly, she's a little sad if the heroine is Inori, because she's aware of the inherent tragedy; She approves of Ayase, because she feels that Ayase is the kind of spirited girl that suits you...But she's a little startled if Tsugumi is your love interest, given that Tsugumi is still deliciously underage. (Tsugumi starts calling Haruka 'Haruka-mama' at this point, too.)

The assault on GHQ is a BIG one. Commander EAGLEMAN is longing for a crack at the cultist bastards, and his flagship launches *everything*.


Unfortunately, the Leukocyte and a rain of Void arrows from Gai decimate the numerically superior UN forces - But with Arisa's Void, you create a massive shield umbrella that preserves *some* of the fleet. If you don't have Arisa present, you bulk out the numbers with Tsugumi's decoys, as misdirection. Either way, as commandoes go into the breach, you use Souta's Void to enter the base, riding a powerful hovercycle into battle. (Because fuck that Segway. That is *not* how the King rolls.)

All-out war rages outside, as seven shades of hell breaks loose. GHQ forces are just as well armed (And technologically superior), but the Americans are holding nothing back - It's absolute slaughter, but it really could go either way...Unless you find a way to decapitate the leadership, first.

The final doorway into the inner chambers is guarded by Daryl, now in the titanic Gespent, and the Ghost unit - He's literally frothing at the mouth, now, longing for an epic duel with you. He even has a new weapon: The VOID GENOME EMULATOR, which...Uh, we didn't actually see what it does, in the anime. Daryl is actually *piloting* the Gespent, due to the delicate mechanisms - He's controlling it directly, instead of by remote.

The problem is, you DON'T HAVE TIME to fight him. With sufficient points, though:

A Tyrant can fuse Arisa's Void, Souta's Void and Argo's Void into a powerful shockwave generator that one-shots Daryl's Gespenst. Daryl, after all, can't fuse Voids - You've surpassed him so thoroughly that he has no hope of catching up. Alternatively, with his supreme fighting skills, a Tyrant can simply plough through the Endlaves, carving them into pieces - Before stabbing through the cockpit with Yahiro's Void.

A Kind King, however, can create the Kaledioscope; At the player's level, it's not just a beam reflector, but a *physical* mirror that turns the barrage upon the attacking Endlaves, devastating their ranks. Or, he could induce Genomic Resonance that jams the signal, crippling the movement and offensive capabilities of most of the machines...Everyone except Daryl, who's hard-wired into his Gespenst.

Without either, the player's forced to run for the exit, using Ayase's legs to cover the distance, or Tsugumi's clones to absorb gunfire, while the others hold off Daryl and his forces. Either way, this is the last time the player meets him, as the PC runs into the ever-shifting maze.

On Inori/Mana's route, the player hears a voice guiding him unerringly on - On any other route, Souta's Void blasts apart obstructions, and Kanon's Void allows the PC to chart a path to escape.

Daath (And Yuu) is waiting for him at the end. In this instance, he doesn't offer the player a choice: Instead, he refuses to let the 'pretender to the throne' pass, musing that perhaps they should've put their trust in a Tyrant instead. He thinks that a Kind King is too soft to rule...But either way, as long as the player refuses to submit to the rule of Daath, he must be *crushed*.

A Void duel follows. Yuu has had years to grow accustomed to his powers - The player has had mere months. This makes for a particularly interesting fight, especially as the Daath cultists provide Yuu with all the Voids he needs, to even the playing field. The PC has more raw *power* than him, however...

There's multiple ways to resolve the duel. A Tyrant can seize control of the cultists, combining their Voids into a one-shot Ultimate Weapon that disintegrates Yuu and all of Daath in a single blow. He can also stun Yuu with a Void Genome punch before impaling him on Yahiro's shears and slicing his Line of Death...

-Or a Kind King can use his empathy to pull Yuu's Void (A bow) out, and KILL HIM WITH IT, after blinding him with Argo's Void. An even more metal ending would have the main character momentarily disarmed, in a clash of swords - But stabbing Yuu with a spike of Void crystals, formed from his own infection.

In their routes, Ayase and Tsugumi have their own Void-specific finishers; Yuu strikes a hologram clone instead of the player, and the PC takes the chance to deal a fatal blow. Ayase's limb enhancements allow the PC to break right through Yuu's guard, and spring forward faster than he can respond for the kill.

Either way, as Yuu falls, he EXPLODES INTO TREATS. The Daath cultists go into convulsions, screaming as they erupt into crystals - And in mere moments, the room goes from 'full of people' to 'statue garden'.

At the far end, great double-doors swing open.

The way is open. The PC may now proceed.

March 23rd, 2012, 03:20 AM
Let's...Let's ignore the part where she went Witchblade, shall we? Because that was incredibly silly.

Because Wolverine!Inori.

As it makes absolutely no sense for him to be Gai, he's effectively a puppet that bears the same memories: In fact, his body is made of Void crystals mimicking the qualities of flesh. Daath never intended that their Adam would have free will, after all; The way he is now, he's *perfect*. A ruthless King with no mind of his own, tasked with enforcing their will.

Sound logic. And I'm a little disappointed that the show never really talked about that. So to see us address it like this is good news.

Your Void arm's almost more spiky and crystal-ly as a Tyrant, while it's significantly smoother and more blue as a Kind King. In a GLORIOUS series of events, you deal with the attacking Endlaves, *and* Segai...Who dies with a man inside him, the way he always wanted.

*whistles* Nice touch. Like the way you think.

She approves of Ayase, because she feels that Ayase is the kind of spirited girl that suits you...But she's a little startled if Tsugumi is your love interest, given that Tsugumi is still deliciously underage. (Tsugumi starts calling Haruka 'Haruka-mama' at this point, too.)

That has the potential for a well-placed light-hearted moment. But hey, if there's the chance that everyone is going to die Haruka can't really complain that much. Besides, a few years later and that age difference won't mean much.

Also, talk about looking at that nickname from a different light if you're playing in the Tsugumi route. :3

And at this point Ayase is thoroughly dere-dere for you if you're in her route.

riding a powerful hovercycle into battle. (Because fuck that Segway. That is *not* how the King rolls.)

You, sir, made me laugh heartily because of this.

A Void duel follows. Yuu has had years to grow accustomed to his powers - The player has had mere months. This makes for a particularly interesting fight, especially as the Daath cultists provide Yuu with all the Voids he needs, to even the playing field. The PC has more raw *power* than him, however...

There's multiple ways to resolve the duel. A Tyrant can seize control of the cultists, combining their Voids into a one-shot Ultimate Weapon that disintegrates Yuu and all of Daath in a single blow. He can also stun Yuu with a Void Genome punch before impaling him on Yahiro's shears and slicing his Line of Death...

-Or a Kind King can use his empathy to pull Yuu's Void (A bow) out, and KILL HIM WITH IT, after blinding him with Argo's Void. An even more metal ending would have the main character momentarily disarmed, in a clash of swords - But stabbing Yuu with a spike of Void crystals, formed from his own infection.

In their routes, Ayase and Tsugumi have their own Void-specific finishers; Yuu strikes a hologram clone instead of the player, and the PC takes the chance to deal a fatal blow. Ayase's limb enhancements allow the PC to break right through Yuu's guard, and spring forward faster than he can respond for the kill.

Either way, as Yuu falls, he EXPLODES INTO TREATS. The Daath cultists go into convulsions, screaming as they erupt into crystals - And in mere moments, the room goes from 'full of people' to 'statue garden'.

You know, while watching that episode I was actually entertaining the thought of Shu hijacking some of the cultists in order to commandeer their Voids for use against Yuu. I immediately realized that that Shu wouldn't do that sort of thing because of principle. For a Tyrant MC, on the other hand...superior choice is superior. But, again, there's nothing wrong with killing someone with their own Void, for I like that delicious irony. Or using your own crystal cancer to impale your opponent. That shit is cash.

tl;dr the options available to the player based on the points system/love interest of choice is a good idea that should be pursued.

March 23rd, 2012, 03:23 AM
Wait, hold the fuck up. Do my eyes deceive me? Do I see DAN EAGLEMAN in that scenario?

Oh yes.

And a more large scale battle with 'MURICA and GHQ and the Undertakers infiltrating their base?

Oh yesssss.

March 23rd, 2012, 03:34 AM
Wait, hold the fuck up. Do my eyes deceive me? Do I see DAN EAGLEMAN in that scenario?

Well, the idea would be that COMMANDER EAGLEMAN is a relation. Also, it doesn't make sense for the Undertaker remnants to consist solely of Argo, the big guy, the guy with the glasses, and Kenji. This is the battle to end all battles, against a world-ending threat...Everyone's going to get involved. Don't forget, as far as they know, Gai has literally joined forced with the Devil, and declared himself Anti-Christ.

March 23rd, 2012, 03:47 AM
Regardless, an EAGLEMAN is an EAGLEMAN and a welcome addition to any plot.

One thing that got me in the end was Kenji's sudden appearance. What the hell was he doing there? Why was he going against Undertaker even though he was allies with them before (okay, maybe that has something to do with him being naturally Chaotic Neutral with an inclination towards Evil, but still, some clarification in-game if he still plays his role would be nice)? Also, I'd ideally like to expand more on his bopping around with Undertaker in the past and what he was doing with them during the time he had his appearance way back when and then was apparently put on the bus by the plot.

He always gave me a Hannibal Lector kind of vibe before, but now he's also apparently a skilled hacker. Go figure. Depending on PC choices the player could have a fairly interesting dynamic with him when Undertaker recovers him and he's part of the crew. Could be wariness, could be intrigue, could be veiled disgust, whatever - it could go other ways.

Oh, and if on a Tsugumi route we could go for her and him having an intensely bitter rivalry, if not filled with reigned-in antagonism because Gai is in charge of things.

March 23rd, 2012, 06:42 AM
The PC limps into the chamber beyond, to find a room made ENTIRELY of hexagons and more hexagons - And Inori, too, crucified amid Void crystals. GAITWO informs the PC that...

-He's too late.

(In Inori's route, the PC is *just* too late; She has time to call the player's name, painfully, before she's swallowed up by Void crystals.)

Released from the cross - Now in her glorious dress - Mana is reborn...And she's *so happy* to see the main character. So, *so* happy...There's just the little matter of the end of the world...

GAITWO watches the reunion. He likes watching.

In Tsugumi, Ayase and Inori's route, Mana's an antagonist; She's still several shades of crazy, and it's clear that she's possessing Inori. As always, Inori's affection values determines how creepy she is. With a high affection score, she's willing to offer the PC another chance - With a really, really low one, and if this is the *third* time you've rejected her, she's spiteful, even vengeful...And she's much more willing to go along with the whole 'Apocalypse' thing.

In Mana's route, however, she has a much more sympathetic treatment - She tearfully admits that she was calling out to the PC all the while, whenever she could, and she's awake at last...After so long in the darkness. The clear implication is that, in Mana's route, she doesn't actually have any idea of the entire convoluted plot - She came back just to meet you again, and has been 'struggling awake' inside Inori all the time.

In this instance, Mana was always Inori's true personality. It's just taken a long time for her to finally come awake.

In any other route except the BAD ENDS, the PC rejects her...After all, he *already* has a love interest. A Tyrant is unwilling to let Daath end the world; He's also notably more - "Come to your senses! If you do this, everyone - Everything! - will be destroyed! It'd be the end of everything!" than his counterpart.

A Kind King has slightly more success trying to talk her down...But it's *very* hard for Mana to take 'no' for an answer, and she can *tell* he's been 'unfaithful' to her in his hesitation. She decides to *make* him hers, by bringing about Instrumentality, where there will be no-one else the player can turn to but her.

It's only in Mana's route where the PC has a real chance of succeeding - She just want to be with the player, and if he can take her out of this terrible place, everything will be well...

-Until Gai shoots her in the back with his now-innate 'Void assault rifle' power. Mana screams as Voidstuff coils around her; Manipulated by the irresistible power of the Genome, she's little more than a broadcast station for the Apocalypse Virus...And GAITWO is the one pulling the strings, though he's little more than a puppet of Keido himself.

It's clear that the only way to thwart the Apocalypse - To save the world - is to kill Gai. Without him, Keido has no way of controlling Mana, and no way of completing Daath's conspiracy. If Mana isn't the heroine, the player has to kill *Mana*...But Gai isn't going to let him past, without a fight.

It's ON now.

We have a quick cutaway to see how everyone else is doing - If Daryl's Gespent is still active, the plight of the Undertakers is decidedly more desperate. Argo, your classmates, and the girl who isn't the route's heroine can (and probably will) all die.


Argo is incinerated when a stray shot from Daryl ignites the fuel tank behind him, after downing several Endlaves with an oversized chaingun.

Tsugumi can be killed when Daryl - annoyed by her attempts to hack his Endlave - turns his guns on the trailer, shredding it and everyone else inside.

When controlling her Endlave directly, Ayase dies in the final barrier-busting blow; Already wounded and coughing blood from being raked by gunfire, she's caught in the Gespent's explosion.


If Daryl has already been downed or weakened, they're still hard-pressed by overwhelming numbers of Endlaves and soldiers, all trying to get past and murder you. If you *really* screwed up, there might even be some former students with Void weaponry...Though that actually might be more silly than effective. Either way, the Undertaker remnants are pushed to the very limit...And outside, the point-blank battle between the UN forces and GHQ has become a two-way slaughter, though UN forces are faltering under the Genomic Resonance corrupting everything.

On his flagship, Commander EAGLEMAN has received authorization to launch nuclear missiles. Refusing to commit genocide, he orders in the reserve - Deploying his personal Endlave to reinforce the assault, as his flagship begins to bombard the coastline. His Endlave is, of course:



Meanwhile, you're beginning to realize that you're in *trouble*. Gai was a super-soldier before he got the Void Genome; He's faster than you, stronger than you, and is armed with a sword that can cut through anything, as well as the equivalent of an integrated assault rifle.

On a *good* day, he'd kick your ass.

Today is not a good day.

You're significantly more tired, already wounded from your duel with Yuu, and you had YOUR ARM CUT OFF less than a few days ago. Worse, it's really hard to hurt Gai - You can't one-shot him with Yahiro's Void, because he isn't really alive. Worse, he *chips* instead of bleeds; You're striking Void crystal, not flesh. The Resonance is greatly speeding up your virus's cancer - Your body is *literally* turning into crystal, one agonizing inch at a time.

Your one advantage is the simple fact you have more Voids...But he doesn't need versatility to wreck you. He keeps coming, like some inexorable engine of destruction, slicing apart clones, outpacing you when you use Ayase's mechanical limbs, cleaving through your shields. This is, without doubt, the most thorough ass-kicking you've ever taken.

Keido's viewing the fight through cameras, enraptured - He quotes Scripture, and wonders who will emerge as the God of the new world...Until Haruka limps into the room and shoots him in the back. Dying, he fumbles an injector from his pocket - The flawed fourth Genome he's completed - and stabs himself with it.

It backfires catastrophically, because - Let's face it - Keido's only good at cribbing off someone else's research. He dies a horrible, mutating death...And he doesn't even get to see the end of the fight. But it seems a foregone conclusion - While a Tyrant is a better swordsman, and the Kind King uses his Voids better, it looks like you'd be slain in the next exchange...



Until, from far away, you hear a voice telling you not to give up. Your Void arm links with the crystals, and you draw forth a version of Inori's sword - Yet Gai remains confident that your copy is no match for the real thing. Both of you lunge, crossing blades in a final, thunderous stroke-

...And Gai's sword shatters, as your blade hacks through his weapon in an unstoppable arc. The momentum carries you both off the edge - He's still alive, impaled, struggling to claw his way up the blade and kill you...But in the final moment, something of the original Gai seems to return - Or perhaps he just knows that this is really the end.

He smiles at you, as he falls away into the bottomless abyss - Then the voidstuff curls around you, and bears you back up and away as you soar back to safety.


Just when his sword is about to carve you in half, Mana *screams* - A simple, desperate "NO!!!" (Or, alternatively, "TRITON! DON'T!") - and Gai hesitates. That's all you need. Yahiro's shears slice up and across him, in a crosswise arc that carves him in two...

-Both halves are still alive as they tumble into the pit, shedding Apocalypse crystals. But you swear he was smiling, glad that he'd been stopped.


Through sheer willpower, Tsugumi has out-hacked Kenji; Seizing control of the Leukocyte for just one moment, she directs it to fire at the Spire. A single discharge is all she can manage...And it's really all she needs. The entire chamber is *rocked* by the explosion, and debris rains down in all directions.

Super-soldier GAITWO might be, but he's caught off-guard as the platform groans, and collapses beneath the two of you. Souta's Void fires a single, point-blank shot/Yahiro's Void slices his hand off at the wrist - and he tumbles into the pit, still clawing at you. Before the darkness swallows him up, he murmurs "Well done."


His blade comes down, and you *leap*. Straight up, an impossible leap - One fuelled by Ayase's Void. Gai looks up, but he's too late; At the apex of your leap, you're aiming a fully-charged Void Fusion down at him. For one moment, he actually sees a phantom of Ayase linking hands with you, with the legs she needed to fly at last...

He raises his weapon to guard, but the sheer force of the blast shatters the platform beneath him, and hurls his sword from his hands. His form is already disintegrating as he plummets to his doom...But even though he's missing most of his face, you can still see his smile.


And just like that, you've won.

You've saved the world.

Well, *almost*.

There's still one last detail...



March 23rd, 2012, 10:27 AM

I love you.

Best Guilty Crown idea ever.

March 23rd, 2012, 11:16 AM
It's a game so American...


March 23rd, 2012, 01:38 PM
I love you Burnout.

Tbh, I'm planning on a fic that is more faithful to the (admittedly completely lackluster) canon, but this is amazing too. The Mana route idea and the whole "Inori was always actually Mana" thing is certainly different to my idea, but it's nice to see that you're taking her into consideration.

March 23rd, 2012, 03:39 PM
Also, I commend you for suggesting that Haruka shoot Keido in the back like she should have done in the original series.

OMG Erl writing GC fanfiction? Nice. Don't forget about Vanguard, either.

March 24th, 2012, 12:00 AM
Also, I commend you for suggesting that Haruka shoot Keido in the back like she should have done in the original series.

The thing is, Keido's a...Well, very small man. In the anime, he stabs himself in the heart for no apparent reason, and bursts into crystals - I thought it'd be nice and ironic if, even at the end, he realizes that Kurosu was still the better man...And he's still a total hack.


As Gai vanishes from sight, Void threads coil around your arm - Your *right* arm, your arm of crystal. His Power of the King is yours, now; You hold the only two Void Genomes in existence.

You're also badly wounded, and your cancer is eating you alive. It takes all your strength to limp over to Mana - A Tyrant catches her by the wrist. "-Enough. You *will* stop this. Now."

A Kind King tells her, simply: "Mana...Please stop this."

Either way, as she struggles, you pull her close into a hug. She resists at first, but then breaks into tears - Wherever they touch, curls of Void crystal spring up.

"Why? Why won't you love me?"

Tyrant: "I do, but...Not this way. I'm sorry."

Kind King: "Of course I do. You're my beloved onee-chan."

Mana, registering that she's in the dreaded 'sister zone', just...lets go. Her Void finery wilts and melts, turning back into violet crystals, as she quietly releases her life - Placing everything in your hands. Genomic Resonance beings, as the Power of the King reacts; Everything is poised on this.

Right now, at this very moment, you're the most powerful man alive.



In Mana's route, she's released from the restraints Gai's Void created - With no-one left to pull her strings, she's been freed. The reunion is a distinctly romantic and tearful one - She can't believe that you've come for her, after *so long* (Just as she knew you would)...And you've grown *so much*...

She's so sorry. She never meant for *any* of this to happen...

This is the point where you kiss her, to let her know that all is forgiven, that you understand...And given that she's waited *years* for this, it's passionate and loving and really hot - Made more so by the fact that you *technically* aren't related any longer. (For a certain value of 'technically', but who are we kidding?)

-But the making out will have to wait, unfortunately; As the unwitting pawn of Armaggedon, Mana was used to channel a *lot* more power than she was consciously able to - She can't just *will* the virus to stop, or reverse the effects alone.

It's going to take a sacrifice.

A *heroic* sacrifice.



With Mana's hold broken (And 'Release My Soul' playing, appropriately enough), Inori has been freed from her possession. She's still not in the best shape, of course, and touching her is accelerating the fatal work of the Apocalypse Virus...But you have a moment to yourselves, before the end comes.

It'd have to be enough.


As in the series, the only way to save the world is to BECOME CRYSTAL JESUS, and draw *all* of the Apocalypse Virus to yourself. This is the sole hope for the millions already infected, and for everyone else who doesn't want to live in a post-apocalyptic crystal wasteland.

Obviously, this isn't optimal for you - You *were* looking forward to living happily after with your love interest, not dying with your sister. But, y'know...You have to save the world. Because people live in it. It'd kind of be a dick move not to.

Also, the fact is - You're already dying. You're seconds away from becoming a crystal statue, yourself...One way or another, you're not walking out of this alive.

The light of the Void Genome flares - Which would probably draw another "SUBARASHI!" from Segai, if he wasn't dead - and the Apocalypse Virus begins to recede. The Spire broadcasts the signal across the globe, and begins to fall to pieces, as you put it to a use it was never meant for - Wistful, sepia-toned flashbacks of your love interest playing, as your body makes the final transition to crystals.

If you don't have sufficient affection points - Or you didn't trip the right flags - this is where the story ends. You and Inori die to save the world. If you meet the requirements, though...

In every route except Inori and Mana's, you find yourself in a white void, shot through with streamers of voidstuff. Radiant, Inori hovers before you - With a smile, tells you that she'd bear the 'Guilt' for you...And that you should be happy, at last. The Void Genome frees itself from you, and coils about her - And with a gentle gesture, she banishes you from the strange, purgatorial realm.

You awaken suddenly, as her form shatters to crystals in your arms. Freed from the Apocalypse Virus, and *totally not blind* (Because seriously, who writes that shit?) - you have all of a moment to enjoy your new lease on life, before the building comes down around you.



If Inori's the heroine, when she's about to sacrifice herself, there's a long beat pause...

- And you surge forward and embrace her instead, as 'Bios' begins to play. You're not going to let it end this way; The King will not allow it. She's startled, frozen in your grasp...But then Inori's arms encircle you, and weeps tears of joy as she embraces her true love.

The Void Genome glows with incandescent light, and you draw forth her sword - One stroke shears through purgatory, through the prison of Apocalypse crystals, and the two of you take flight as the Spire comes down. The last shot, before the building explodes, is of you winding up for the world-splitting slash of Episode 4.



In Mana's route, within the surreal 'inner world', you smile at her as Void cancer begins to overtake you - Her confusion turning to horror, as she realizes what you're doing. Before you're completely consumed, she clasps hands with you - The red glow fading from her eyes - and channels her *own* power through you, instead.

The resulting shockwave of power is less blue, and...A lot more violet. The effects are different, too; While the Apocalypse virus still recedes, it leaves behind a beautiful crystal landscape, that *blossoms* with strange flowers - Reminiscient of the one in Mana's hair. Cured, you look up in amazement as Mana murmurs: "Let's go."

The world fades to white.


There's a 'generic' ending scene: The Undertaker remnants retreating, ("But what about..." "There's no time!") as your love interest calls out your name, COMMANDER EAGLEMAN's battered Endlave looking up at the light (He's been wielding one of his Endlave's limbs as a makeshift club, having run out of ammunition long ago), and plenty of civilians looking on in reverent surprise.

Later, as search teams pick through the rubble, they find that the Apocalypse Virus is gone, as if it's never been...Everyone except *one* place. Amid all the ruin, there's one place untouched - Brilliant, violet outcroppings of crystals formed an overlapping shield, at *just* the right angle to stop you from being crushed. (It looks *very* much like the crystal landscape in the first opening.)

In Inori's route, they find you and Inori unconscious, with the player sheltering Inori in his arms.

When you awaken, you're in a hospital ward, with the route's heroine by your side. Your arm has either been replaced by a mechanical prothesis, or the VOID ARM has unaccountably become flesh, in a final 'blessing': Either way, that's the end of the Apocalypse Virus. A *lot* of people are dead, but the world has been saved.

Now's the time for the tearful "I thought you were dead!" reunion - And, not long after, Ayase/Tsugumi's/Inori's H-scene. Haruka, arriving at the ward's door, decides not go in after all - To give the player and his love interest some time to themselves.



In Mana's route, the virus has...changed, somehow. Become benign, even, enough that it's no longer infectious. The search teams find no one - But far away, a great distance from the collapsed Spire, the player looks on with Mana. Mana reflects that she caused so much trouble for everyone...But that's okay, because she's with you, now. And they can go anywhere they want.

Void threads swirl around them, as you lift Mana in a princess carry - And the two of you fade from sight, with only strange, crystalline flowers marking your disappearance.




...It's spring again, sempai...

Damn, I meant: It's Christmas again. In a cafe, the members of the Funeral Parlor - And your surviving classmates - meet up, as they have every year. Everyone's eagerly waiting for the arrival of the main guests...

In Inori's route, the player and Inori are the last to arrive - With Inori's new costume being the red dress in the second opening and the end credits. Inori has much more of a personality, now, and it's startling to see the change in her; Her first album has just been released, too, and the couple is so *very* quietly affectionate.

In Ayase's route, you wheel Ayase in - Tsugumi and Ayase chat, with Tsugumi good-naturedly ribbing Ayase about how dere-dere she is. She's still rather spirited, but more than happy to rely on the player...Notably, Ayase is wearing a ring, and they announce their engagement, to the cheers of the Undertakers.

In Tsugumi's route, the couple enters together...Heralded by Fyu-Neru and it's *absolutely adorable* robot family. (For a certain value of adorable, ugh.) Teenaged Tsugumi, of course, is simply lovely - When asked about *why* she'd make little Fyu-Nerus, you remark that "We felt we should practice, before, well..." Cue "EEEEEHHHHHHH?"


The final scene for Ayase and Tsugumi has the group walking along a pier, when the player stops - Telling the others to go ahead, he wants a moment alone.

This is the place where it all began; Now just another street in the bustling city. Even Lost Christmas is rapidly becoming a hazy memory. But you will remember all the fallen - Gai, Mana, Inori. As if on cue, 'Departures' begins to play, as the credits roll...The player reflecting upon all that has taken place.

Inori's ending has the player and Inori excusing themselves from the rest of the group. In the place where it all began, the two of them put their heads together and snuggle up, sharing a pair of headphones - Listening to 'My Dearest,' with the PV's footage being the video the player made all those years ago.

Mana's ending has Haruka at the reunion, instead - They haven't heard any word from the player, or Mana, but Haruka *knows*, instinctively, that they're still alive (And happy) somewhere. Now that everyone's here, Souta proposes a toast...But at the very last moment, the bell chimes, and the door swings open.

The last frame is of *everyone's* surprised/joyful expressions, before we cut to the credits.

March 24th, 2012, 12:20 AM
Burnout, I salute you for being able to come up with so many plots, and endings that would be fantastic if written well. Doujin Guilty Crown VN go!

Actually, I thought of Mana's route perhaps being a "secret" route of sorts, where you don't commit to anyone and things look to be going to hell before the reveal. A very risky route, with the player having to make tough choices and with a lot of dead ends. Maybe include Mana's "split" personality - her real one, and the crazy yandere one she seems to have developed from the meteorite, and her struggling to deal with it. I would actually also cut Yuu and Da'ath, unless we can really explain what the hell they're doing and where they came from. It's like having VV from Code Geass without any form of explanation - bloody annoying.

March 24th, 2012, 12:23 AM
Hmmm, I was actually thinking that Mana's route is heavily based on Inori's route (Unlocked on a New Game+), but still *very* hard to trigger. In her route, Inori's pretty much a vessel for the best part of her...The part that isn't crazy from the Apocalypse Virus infection. I've altered Da'ath's background (And Yuu's role) a little, but yes - There's still very little backstory for them, alas.

March 24th, 2012, 12:31 AM
As in, I would kind of play it like this - Mana is trapped inside Inori (who isn't really a person here, more like a pre-programmed puppet), but when she got hit by the Virus it altered her so that she now has destructive instincts - they try and drive her to fulfill the Apocalypse at all costs. So she's constantly fighting them, and she slips sometimes. For you, as the PC, it's like walking a tightrope - the wrong choices earlier on mean that she goes berserk, and you are never aware of the *real* Mana, but as you go on, you have to find ways to get through to her.

But yeah, either way works. It'd be interesting to play that way too.

How to deal with Da'ath and Yuu without altering them completely? I mean, if we say screw canon, and come up with our own explanations, I think we could make those characters very interesting, but as their backstories are now there's very little that can be salvaged.

March 24th, 2012, 12:38 AM
I propose that we do what the show ignored/neglected to do and give Daath some actual backstory and origins. Just so that we can actually have the justification for their presence in the grand scheme that canon didn't have.

Also, good show with those endings, by the way. The conclusion for the Inori route has me picturing the PC and Inori high up in the stratosphere getting ready to slice and dice all of the Void crystals that were going to draw into the couple.

And correct me if I misinterpreted, but the common end is for the Tsugumi/Ayase paths, right?

Also, COMMANDER EAGLEMAN using one of his Endlaves arms as a club during the fight is a nice, manly touch.

March 24th, 2012, 12:40 AM
We could explain Daath's existence by saying they were founded in the middle ages or your time period of choice when they first Void meteor fell to Earth. Unfortunately, at the time they did not have the technology to harness it, but the memory of it was enough to inspire centuries of devotion and research that ultimately led nowhere...until Papa Ouma went to work on the new meteor landing.

See? Already Daath has a hundred times more backstory than they do in canon. :p

March 24th, 2012, 12:45 AM
^^I'm with you.

I'd say we make Da'ath something other than that, though, instead of using something that sounds a bit like Code Geass. I don't know if it should be an organisation, or an individual really... We could make the first met landing a lot more recent, then add someone that got obsessed with it. Or that the Virus only works on an "Eve", not an "Adam", in which case Yuu is a failed Virus candidate because he's male.

March 24th, 2012, 12:56 AM
Yuu just wanted to be a pretty little princess, but unfortunately for him his wish was ungrantable. :3

More recent would probably work best, actually. Like the 1990s or early 2000s.

March 24th, 2012, 07:54 AM
It shouldn't be a landing on the same scale as the canon one, either. The landing should be more reduced, so that only Yuu could've come upon it.

Also, we shouldn't make Daath be a purely 'for the evulz' organization- They should genuinely believe their utopia is the best possible fate for the human race. In a world where everyone is kept as memories within a world of crystals, everyone could meet each other without death or sickness destroying their lives.

March 24th, 2012, 08:09 AM
I don't really think that the whole "conspiracy" thing is that attractive, though... It just doesn't seem fresh anymore. If their goals were a bit more selfish, and their resources limited, I think I would like it better. But that's just my take on it.

March 24th, 2012, 08:15 AM
On Mana:

I agree with the split personality thing. The Apocalypse Virus is initially a purely malignant being- it materializes the hearts of people in the form of crystals, similar to Voids (And Voids are essentially the very same Virus controlled by the Void Genome, you wa shock). The fact that it would affect Mana's personality is completely legit. Also, the whole flashback wouldn't make sense if Mana didn't have the dual personality, because if all the time she was being forced against her will she wouldn't have been so... *ehem* eager.

To deal with the Inori question, it would be necessary to make Inori be a shard of Mana's consciousness- that way, it's not "Inori dies, Mana lives" but "Inori awakens as Mana". Of course, this can completely change in another route, make Inori grow fully independant from Mana in her route, for example.

More on Mana's dual personality: there is no 'real' personality. There is only an uninfected and infected personality- both are Mana, one is more crazy than the other. Throughout her route, the infected one would dominate the field, but later on her uninfected personality would surface more and more. However, after years of trying to break through, it doesn't make sense for her to be able to beat the Virus alone.

Which brings me to my next point.

The Apocalypse Virus can be controlled.

"Apocalypse is not divine providence. It can be controlled by human intelligence." --Ouma Kurosu

The Void Genome is not something that destroys the Apocalypse Virus- indeed, the reason why people turn into crystals and die when their Voids are broken is because the Voids are the same thing as the Virus. Instead, the genome takes the shape of the person's heart, and forces the Apocalypse Virus to take that shape.

This way, we can explain the working of Shu's void- The reason why Gai said Shu absorbs everything, including the people's cancer crystals, is because the Voids and the Crystals form part of the same thing.

However, if the Void Genome can control the Virus there, Shu, in Mana's route, once he knows about Mana's predicament, can use the Void Genome to make her uninfected personality come out, or merge the two personalities into a stable one.

In other words, this would make the Void Genome play an even more significant role than in canon, and the scene of Yuu vs. Shu spoken of in the VN speculation would make sense, because Shu would not only be a candidate for Adam, but a very real and very possible threat able to stop the Apocalypse single-handedly.

March 24th, 2012, 09:01 AM
Sure is weeaboo up in here with these weeaboo plots and Japanglish type writing.

March 24th, 2012, 09:05 AM
Sure is weeaboo up in here with these weeaboo plots and Japanglish type writing.

cool story bro.

March 24th, 2012, 10:37 AM
The 'simplest' answer to the plot is that Da'ath has had the Apocalypse Virus for a long time - They bring in Ouma Kurosu to work on it for them, ostensibly to devise a cure. The Void Genome is eventually synthesized from Yuu, who was an early experiment; I like the idea that the Power of the King has to be held by 'Adam', and the virus host has to be a female 'Eve'. The Void Genome allows the King to control 'Eve', and the two of them have absolute control over the Apocalypse Virus.

That means, game-wise, there are technically four Void Genomes:

#1: Yuu's innate power, which is inherent to him and no other.

#2: The 'perfect' Genome created by Kurosu, and the one which the player uses for most of the game. (Which was meant for Gai, the 'Adam' candidate.)

#3: The one Haruka steals, which has just been finished by the second cour of the show. It works, but has the nasty side-effect of giving the wielder Void Cancer. (Note that even in the show, Shu only manages to stop the Apocalypse after he reclaims Gai's Genome. His own wasn't enough to cut it.)

#4: A flawed imitation, which Keido injects himself with - Leading to fatal consequences.

The main problem is that the player has no reason to know any of this. Canonically, he only meets Yuu twice - Once in episode 11, and once at the end of the series, when they fight to the death. He doesn't have any reason to show himself, otherwise. It's the same problem with Daryl; Shu never meets Daryl 'in the flesh', outside of his Endlave - Other than the time he extracted the Kaleidoscope. Tsugumi meets him a grand total of once, and it's a throwaway scene.

In the game, the only way the player will recognize that it is Daryl in the Gespent will be if he extracts the Kaleidoscope for the final battle. (Apparently, the Void Genome Emulator allows Daryl to use the Kaleidoscope as an AT-Field. It's a blink-and-you'd-miss-it moment.) Ogumo's Void is also totally that ridiculously large, ridiculously phallic gun Argo uses at the end. Seriously, how is he firing that without pulverizing his pelvis?

While we're at it, Arisa and Hare's routes will be purchasable as stand-alone DLC, for the low, low price of $10 each. In the Collector's Edition, they'd be bundled in for free, ​as well as Fyu-neru keychain and a Void Genome paperweight. Copies are limited, so pre-order today!

March 24th, 2012, 11:03 AM

Trolling overwhelming.jpg

March 24th, 2012, 12:42 PM
About Yuu, is there any need for the player character to know? If it's just the player, then we can always use interludes from someone else's perspective to give the info.

Daryl is a bit more problematic... I guess it's the voice that they use to identify him? The "Inori joins the school" arc could possibly be used to bring Daryl in, though that wouldn't really be believable - he'd try and waste all the Undertakers immediately.

March 24th, 2012, 01:18 PM
I agree. When in doubt, provide interludes for background details. If it works for Fate and Tsuki and then it should be fine here, actually.

March 24th, 2012, 02:12 PM
Well, this works pretty well. Guilty Crown definitely works much better in a VN format. Hopefully, if Lost Christmas sells well, they'll create a Guilty Crown VN and address all the issues of the anime. For the whole Da'ath thing, what I get from the anime is that they are shady ancient organisation and they are into evolution. This meteorite with the power to 'evolve' humans into the next stage lands on Earth and the Da'ath starts swarming around it. Yuu being Super Magic Man, I have no idea. Advance science? Nanobots?

March 24th, 2012, 06:24 PM
SPACE MAGIC, it seems. That's the easiest explanation; The Void Genome gives you all kinds of powers, but no-one involved has long enough to learn how to use all of them. Yuu has had about a decade - That's why he has all kinds of crazy abilities. He's actually weaker than Gai and the main character where it counts, just much more versatile.

I'm wondering if there should be any more variation to the endings - I'm fairly satisfied how most of the routes would 'play out', so to speak, but the 'Void Kingdom' arc seems to have far too many variables. Alternatively, it could only have a few variables instead...Because whatever the reason, the PC's still going to 'lose' the final battle. And let's face it, Arisa deciding to become a treacherous bitch was actually pretty silly for a plot development.

March 25th, 2012, 09:12 AM

March 25th, 2012, 05:44 PM
Ha. We can do better than that!

March 26th, 2012, 04:44 AM
Ha. We can do better than that!
I wonder if you got the reference. :3

March 26th, 2012, 05:13 AM
What do you think? :3

March 26th, 2012, 05:21 AM
What do you think? :3
That you're a total ignorant, caring less for the truth than the most disgusting and insignificant bug crawling on the ground. '_'

Of course you did :3

March 26th, 2012, 05:10 PM
I'm also thinking we could do some good for the other members of Undertaker if we expand on their in-game stories. After all, they just get nominal character development at best in canon.

March 27th, 2012, 02:29 AM
I'm also thinking we could do some good for the other members of Undertaker if we expand on their in-game stories. After all, they just get nominal character development at best in canon.
But that would require a lot of brainwork, not to mention finding the right places in the routes (because it's obvious you can't tell everything about all of them in just one route).

March 27th, 2012, 02:59 AM
At the very least I still would like to see more of Kenji as our Token Evil Teammate. The sort of potential interactions that the PC could have with him could prove interesting.

March 27th, 2012, 03:08 AM
At the very least I still would like to see more of Kenji as our Token Evil Teammate. The sort of potential interactions that the PC could have with him could prove interesting.
Kenji could prove to be quite a BAD END in Tsugumi's and Ayase's route. The Undertakers don't crack though his hax and Daryl finishes off either one.

March 27th, 2012, 06:26 AM
Basically, the anime was too short and had too many characters for them to all get proper development. With a decent length VN, it *might* be possible, but I'd hesitate to use all of them anyway. There're way too many Undertakers, so you'd have to choose only a couple. Although Keyne's suggestion might work, you could use different supporting characters for each route - that would mean a lot more work, and the routes would read very differently from each other. But it could be done, maybe using different writers for each route.

March 27th, 2012, 09:32 AM
Pretty much that. The other Undertakers have a surprisingly minor role - I didn't even remember that big guy's name, until in the episode he was shot dead.

Kenji and the tactician also vanish from the player's perspective for most of the series. Tsugumi, for example, doesn't even know that she's up against Kenji in the final battle; It's the glasses-guy who identifies him, and somehow manages to shoot him in the head.

March 27th, 2012, 09:45 AM
I'd say following FSN's example, main characters for each route should be limited to about 4-5, including the PC and main heroine, with up to 5 more supporting characters at most... That's already quite a few. On Inori's route, Ayase will have to play a major role and vice-versa. Tsugumi's will need Ayase, although the reverse might not be true. Gai is necessary, Segai would be fun to write, and Haruka/Korosu would probably be needed for interludes. Other characters are really up to your own discretion - there's so little development of anyone in the anime.

Long story short, free hand with supporting characters. Oh yeah! Mix and match them according to taste.

Anyway, getting a bit side-tracked here. Plot has more or less been decided, now to work out style and Bad Ends - Reckon Burnout's pretty much got all the flags done, from his posts.

March 27th, 2012, 10:30 AM
What about Souta, Hare and THE CAR?

March 27th, 2012, 11:06 AM
To be completely honest; It's the 'Void Kingdom' arc that's giving me the most trouble, plotting-wise. It would be easiest to reduce it just to a series of Fable-esque choices...But thus far, Hare doesn't have a route planned. Honestly, she probably wouldn't make too much of a difference to the story, as the player can choose not to go full Fuhrer - However, I would much prefer to chart out the 'canonical' routes first, all the same.

(Also, Hare's Void is unique in that it's simultaneously absolutely broken and useless at the same time. The player can't use it to heal himself, and he can't use it in the superpowered battles that later result, but healing is an incredibly potent ability.)

With regard to Hare and the car, Yahiro brings up the Void Ranking system, and the player can choose to go:

"Yeah, we might need to implement it." (+Tyrant.)

"No, that's a bad idea." (+Kind King.)

Either way, Souta gets wind of it, and events play out as they do in the show. Hare's death has two more choices: How the player treats Souta afterward, and whether he ultimately implements the Ranking System. If the player doesn't implement it, and doesn't beat the stuffing out of him, Souta is so guilty over Hare's death, that he later takes severe risks in retrieving the vaccine, almost getting himself killed. (The diving-suit scene, except the player comes off as less of a dick; Souta's willing to take the risk of drowning, and refuses to withdraw until forced.)

When Argo turns up, the player gets to choose how to greet him, and how to respond with regard to Arisa. If the player lets him extract Arisa from the ciy, she's not present for the battle: However, Argo and the Undertaker remnants are unable to escape the city, because their extraction flight is intercepted. They later show up with Haruka.

To put it bluntly, some of Shu's choices are so mind-boggling and terrible, it's really hard to make them viable choices - I honestly can't imagine how a player with a modicum of sense would pick some of his decisions. Similarly, it's hard to retain dramatic tension when the minigame is ultimately pointless; All the students still ​get slaughtered by Gai's forces, and the PC still loses his arm.

March 28th, 2012, 03:44 AM
Well, if you're worried about Shu's choices (some of them you probably shouldn't even let yourself be pushed into) I'd say take them out. There's no need to stick rigidly to canon here if it doesn't work, the PC's much more assertive anyway, so he wouldn't be in the same situation. A way to make it work is have the PC realise that he doesn't really want to deal with all the day-to-day stuff, so while he goes out and does grunt work and tries to find a weak spot in the defences, he leaves everything to Yahiro and Arisa- who proceed to screw the students over.

I'd say that if you're actually using a minigame for the battle with Gai's forces, you could do it a few ways - one, you could make it that the player has to "win" (a la Halo Reach), two, you allow the player to save certain key characters by winning, or they'll die there or in the later battle, or three, if you're really ambitious (maybe for the Mana route or something), you rewrite the scenario.

For the third one, I'd envision it something like this (using Mana route as base, going with batshit Apocalypse Virus instincts idea): Winning puts you in a faceoff with Gai-clone, who looks around at his decimated forces and smirks at you. You're alert and armed, so there's no way he can pull the trick he did in the anime. He exchanges words with you ("You think you can be a king now, little upstart" or something), then holds up a Virus crystal/device with crystal inside etc. The Apocalypse music (ep. 11) starts to sound out, but this Gai isn't affected at all. Suddenly, you hear a whimper behind you. As you turn, a blade of crystal impales you from behind - the song activated Mana's Virus-induced instincts, and Gai has a trick up his sleeve - he's been recreated as the perfect 'Adam', and since you're threatening him, you have to be eliminated. Inori (at the moment it's still kind of her, even if it's Mana's instincts) rushes over to Gai, and he takes her away.

That said, actually my scenario doesn't change a lot... Argh... No imagination at all. It just provides another way for the same outcome. Bleh. I guess you could drive Gai off, or something, which makes the final battle more of them attacking you - a weird preposition. I think I'm digging myself a hole here, actually... I should stop and go think about it more before posting.

April 2nd, 2012, 01:39 AM
On an unrelated note I've begun reading the Guilty Crown manga to see if there are any major differences between it and the anime. And so far all I can tell is that there's a good deal more nudity, what with naked Inori at one point.

Aside from that, nothing too different, I guess, but it's still too early to tell.

Eh, might as well scrounge up some plausible rough-draft backstories for the minor Undertaker members just because of future potential.

Soldat der Trauer
April 2nd, 2012, 05:30 AM
So I just found this...


A new light novel (second-hand detail, so I'm probably wrong), supposedly, called Princess of the Deadpool.

EDIT: Oh, so it actually is real. Huh (http://www.nitroplus.co.jp/goods/nitroplus_books/princess_of_dead_pool/).

April 2nd, 2012, 05:48 AM
Huh. How about that? Wonder what sort of new information will be presented.

April 2nd, 2012, 05:58 AM

I can't stop giggling.

April 2nd, 2012, 06:14 AM
Mana clones. Mana clones everywhere.

April 8th, 2012, 11:45 AM
The second PV for Lost Christmas is out - There's not much new footage, but Scrooge gets a pretty good voiceover. Effectively, he's an amnesiac, subject to painful experiments; At the very end, speaking to a as-yet-unknown someone, he comes to a decision...

He's going to kill Ouma Kurosu.

A less charitable player would probably say that he deserves it, for spawning Shu - But I can't wait to see how this plays out.

April 8th, 2012, 02:49 PM
Guess they were holding out on the voice acting in the demo. Understandable. Wouldn't want to expose it all at once, now would they?

A vendetta against Ouma Kurosu? I can see how this is going to end. But hey, that's the fun of prequels with foregone conclusions. It's not the destination but the journey that matters, in this case.

April 8th, 2012, 03:11 PM
Guess they were holding out on the voice acting in the demo.

It's funny because Scrooge doesn't speak in the demo.

April 8th, 2012, 03:16 PM
Carol and Present spoke, though. Albeit with no voiceacting.

Then again, so did the mooks, but they're just generic NPCs who get killed in droves, so they don't exactly need speaking roles.