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March 11th, 2012, 08:57 PM
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First, choose which role destine makes you play in this holy night.

[ ]Master

Entry 'Sakura' => ERROR #000000: Invalid Input.

You are a Servant!

As a Servant in this war, what is your wish?

[X]I will reestablish my once mighty Empire!

[ ]I want to find true love!

[ ]I want revenge at all costs!

[ ]I need to make up for the mistakes of my past!

[ ]I can't let it end like my home!

Yes! One like that could be no other than Nimrod.
True Name: Nimrod, King of Man, The Great Hunter
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Class: Lancer


Strength C (30)

Endurance B (40)

Agility B (40)

Mana B (1000p)/?? (??p)

Luck E (10)

Class Skills

Territory Creation EX
The skill to build a special terrain that is advantageous to oneself as a magus. At this rank it is possible to create an Empire.

Magic Resistance C
Grants protection against magical effects. Cancel spells with a chant below two verses (six lines). Cannot defend against Magecraft on the level of High-Thaumaturgy and Greater Rituals.

Personal Skills

Eye of the Mind (False), C-rank
An innate talent to sense and avoid danger based on intuition, that can also be called the Sixth Sense or prescience, gained through many ordeals and adventures. Due to his arrogance, sometimes Nimrod ignores the warnings of his instinct.

Instinct, C-rank
Is the power to "feel" the most favorable developments for oneself during battle. Due to his arrogance, sometimes Nimrod ignores the warnings of his instinct.

Magecraft, C-rank
Capable of using orthodox Thaumaturgy. Unfortunately for Nimrod, magecraft became much weaker than his time.

Divination: Astrology, B-rank
The ability to divine the future using the stars as a medium. At this rank it can ask with 95% accuracy questions that can be answered with a simple yes/no question, with 66% of accuracy for questions that can be answered in a simple sentence of five words. Can use it multiple times in a single star gazing. Usable only at night.

Clairvoyance, C-rank
Superior visual perception. Capable of keeping track of fast-moving object within a range of 4kms.

Noble Phantasm

Garments of Eden, Support, C+ -rank
Those are the first garments made by the First Man, your ancestor, and given to your family line in order to resist the rigors of Nature. It covers all your body except your head, and completely nullify attacks of C-rank or less but B-rank or superior are unaffected. Additionally, it makes you immune to the rigors of nature, such as rain, hail, heat, cold and rapid fangirls.

At EX-rank it will protect you completely from attacks of all ranks, and only catching Nimrod unaware with conceptual attacks might harm him.

Nimrod's Barbed Spear, Anti-Unit/Anti-Inhuman, C rank
This Barbed spear was favored by Nimrod, and with it he tamed and hunted the beasts that wandered on the outskirts of his Empire. It have an special bonus against all that is inhuman.

At EX-rank it's power over the inhuman is absolute.

Standard Prana Costs

Magecraft, Vary
The costs may vary depending on the effects wanted. Here are some standard effects and their respective costs. Some examples bellow.

Spell Name

Bonus to STR, AGI and END

Reinforcement, Improved

Healing Hands
Heal wounds from target

Order a target, can be resisted

Divination: Astrology, 100p/session
Each session lasts for one hour, where up to ten questions from the types allowed can be asked.

Clairvoyance, Free

Garments of Eden, Free

Nimrod's Barbed Spear, Free

Territory Creation Rules

Base Rules
Nimrod need to be physically present on all terrains in order to upgrade them unless he is from the Ruler Class, in which case he can deploy them remotely so long a he have a claim on them.

Territory Claim: 200p
Nimrod can 'claim' a terrain as his own by spending 200 prana units (p) in a short ritual while he carves his name in a highly visible part of the territory. From now on Nimrod will receive an extra prana from the terrain at each eight hours circle. Ppoor terrain will supply 25 p, while rich terrain will supply 100 p.

For the Ruler class claiming a territory is free, and the ritual takes only thirty minutes.

Icon: 200p
Nimrod can deploy a mobile Icon in his image. It will basically have the same stats as Nimrod, but can be upgraded later. Once a terrain have an icon, it's prana supply will increase by a factor of ten. Alternatively Nimrod can deploy his army in this terrain by forfeiting the increased prana supply, if the army is completely wiped out, it will take 72 hours before calling it again.

New Prana Intake
Army of Nimrod
Upgrade Cost

Same as Nimrod
100 Peasants (STR E, AGI E, END E)
0 (default)

Now can Breath Fire
75 Peasants (STR D, AGI E, END E)

Stats rank up
50 Soldiers (STR C, AGI D, END D)

Stats rank up, Magic Resistance C
25 Elite Soldiers (STR C, AGI D, END C)

Stats rank up, Magic Resistance B
3 Royal Guard (Heroic Spirits)

Additionally, you can place defenses on the terrain. Turrets, bounded fields, sensors. Use your imagination, however the costs may vary depending on the complexity and power of the defenses.


Servants Encyclopedia

True Name: Unknown
Class: Assassin

Strength Some (??)
Endurance ??
Agility High-ish (??)
Mana ??
Luck ??
N.Phantasm Yes (???)

Class Skills: Presence Concealment A+, ??

Personal Skills: ??

Noble Phantasm: ??


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Loading complete.


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Error = callTrimTemplate(Nimrod);



Loading complete.


A fog is in your mind, but it quickly clears. Who are you?

Of course, you are Nimrod, King of Man, The Great Hunter, Error...

What? Something is wrong there.

You open your eyes and see a middle aged man finely dressed, or at least it is supposed to be considering the inherent inferior quality of the materials of this age.

He tries to speak with you, but nothing but gibberish reach your ears. How come? Didn't you had complete Mastery over the Original Language, or the curse cast by YHVH managed to corrupt you even now?

However, soon you can understand him due to the abilities of the Machine who brought you here.

It is unfortunate, since without the Original Language it is impossible to make the Tower of Babel and get revenge on Heaven.

The man in front of you is waiting. Maybe he wants something?

[ ]Complete the ritual chants.

[ ]Let him introduce himself first.

[ ]Demand answers now! You know something is wrong with you. There are several things wrong with you.

[ ]Write in.

March 11th, 2012, 10:38 PM
[x] Write in, introduce ourselves and demand answers. Where are we, who are you, and why are so many things wrong with us?

"I am Nimrod, the King of Babylon! Who dares summon me?"

The man is surprised at your reaction. It wasn't exactly he expected, and he is left gaping like a fish for a whole second before regaining his composure.

"Pardon my manners. My name is Alexandre Dumas Le Blanc, a magi from the Le Blanc clan", he says softly before steeling his voice, "and I summoned you."

You dismiss his impertinence as inconsequential for now. "Where are we?"

"We are currently on France. Didn't the Grail..."

"Yes, it did. A country named France, capital Paris, though we are in a region near a river in the western side. Given that, were are we? Is this some kind of", you sniff the air, and can detect the smell of a foul substance they dare call wine. Surely the standards dropped immensely, "winery? Perhaps a tavern? Did you dare to summon The King in such circumstances, at such place?"

He is apparently insulted of your tone. "This Terroir is one of the strongest spiritual lands of France, alongside producing some of the finest wines of Europe. It was also the closest place from the resting place of your catalyst, stolen from your grave."

Yes, your own spear was used as a catalyst, which you promptly appropriated for yourself.

"Perhaps it had some merit to summon me here, though why my summoning was faulty?"

"Que dites-vous?"

"It was incomplete. Several pieces of my being are missing!"

He frowns at your claim. "Of course not. I researched about your exploits and nothing is missing. You were the creator of the Tower of Babel, your name is synonym of great hunter. There is nothing wrong with my summoning. Of course the Grail might have cut certain abilities from your past life, but that certainly means your incarnation on this world didn't had those abilities."


[ ]Blasphemy! Curse in Error

[ ]Blasphemy! Curse him in Error

[ ]Impose yourself, demand answers on how you can be more complete.

[ ]Reign you temper and forgive him, it wasn't his fault.

[ ]Write in.

[x] Write in, tell him that the abilities we lack are ones we most certainly did have in life, but forgive him because it is not his fault, but rather this container that we have been placed in. However, remain stern, and do not show fealty. We are a king, and he is beneath us, as are all others.

[X]Blasphemy! Curse in Error.

Such Blasphemy! You try to curse in the language spoken by Men in the past, but something prevents you from doing so. You feel something blocking your voice when you try. You know the language, but until you can utter a single word in it, you might as well be just another peasant on the outskirts of your Empire who uses an unrefined version with poor pronounciation.

You reign in your temper for now, and forgive his impertinence. Perhaps he was right in saying his summoning wasn't wrong. This isn't merely forgetfulness or delusion, but something is forcibly blocking your other abilities.

"Your theory about the summoning itself not being wrong is correct." You say calmly to him, getting a smug smirk in return. "The design itself is made to limit by abilities. I believe you just used the standard summoning ritual instead of supplementing it with your own research?"

He tries to hide it, but your superior perception can see through his facade.

"That's the problem then. If nothing can be done on your front, the Grail shall be a good enough substitute to make me complete again."

He is a bit uncomfortable in your presence. Even without the almost supernatural presence you had as a King, you are still an imposing visage in your Garments of Eden and all your 7'8" height and strong and fast build, unfortunately lacking in endurance for now.

"All right, let's go upstairs and meet the rest of our team. With you as our Servant, nothing can stop us."

[ ]Servant? Nimrod is no Servant of anyone, but stay quiet. For now.

[ ]Servant? Nimrod is no Servant of anyone, and make sure he knows this.

[ ]Servant? Nimrod is no Servant of anyone, and make sure he knows this. Forcibly if necessary

[ ]Write in.

March 11th, 2012, 11:27 PM
[x] Write in, Servant? Nimrod is no Servant of anyone, at best we are partners, sharing a common goal. We are willing to listen to his suggestions, but that is all.

"You shall be an acceptable advisor for the time being. If you show enough promise, I can elevate you to court wizard."

You're feeling quite generous towards this man, after all he gave you the opportunity to revive your Empire.

He sputters some nonsensical words before making a visage of rage towards you, just nearly before the trapdoor.

"I do not like your tone, Servant. Remember I still have the command seals in my possession!"

You feel tired of this exchange and promptly dismiss him. "Just open the door and introduce me to your allies. There is much to discuss for the Grail War, after all this 'game' will bring Masters from nearly all Eastern Europe, perhaps even the world, correct?"

He bits his lower lip and open the door harshly. What a poor excuse of subject who simply doesn't know his place.

It's almost sad.


In the hall of the mansion you are acquainted with the rest of the group. A couple of young magi with their fingers interlaced, Christine Le Blanc and Alfher Schneider. Christine is the heir of the Le Blanc clan, while Alfher is her fiancÚ and the apprentice of Alexandre.

At least those two were courteous enough to remember to bow to you. They will be much more useful subjects than your anchor. You refuse to ever call him master.

The strategy session starts, and it becomes clear what is the initial rules of engagement in this game.

The smaller grail is currently located in Britain, England, and the Masters came from diverse parts of Europe, from seven to one day before the engagement properly starts. This distant from the grail, you will bleed off prana at an alarming rate, thus a boat is already prepared for you to cross the sea towards Britain in hopes of taking the small grail and thus gaining leverage with the other masters.

Once all Servants are defeated, the gate for the Great Grail will open, enabling the wish to finally be granted.


Unfortunately, each day that passes you lose just a bit more than your anchor can supply you. Something in the back of your head tells you that the loss is proportional to your current prana total, and after a certain distance you don't get the benefits of your claimed territory, specially if you have to cross the sea.

There is still two days before the engagement officially starts.

[ ]Go immediately to Britain and start claiming territory and stock on prana.

[ ]Find a way to become more complete first.

[ ]Research and scout other participants without Divination: Astrology.

[ ]Research and scout other participants with Divination: Astrology.

[ ]Write in.

March 26th, 2012, 01:25 PM
[x]Research and scout other participants with Divination: Astrology.

A Holy Grail War is fought with information first, power second. We must learn our foes, and with that information we can better crush them in our efforts to revive our empire.

You decide against trying to gain power from the land yet. With your current prana total and the intake/outtake balance it isn't wise to do it for now, even with the help of the two other participants.

At the first night, you gaze towards the stars, trying to receive insight on the future of the war.


You have ten questions for today, with a pretty high chance of accurate answers.

[ ]Divine number of Masters participants
--[ ]Divine the strongest Master

[ ]Divine all Servant Classes
--[ ]Divine the strongest Servant

[ ]Divine your future relationship with your master

[ ]Divine your future relationship with your master allies

[ ]Divine if it is possible to become more complete without the wish

[ ]Get a hint on your future strategy


You'd like to

[ ]Be very sure on the answers (might need a second casting)

[ ]Be sure on the answers (might divine only one or two topics)

[ ]Trust the initial answer

[ ]Case by case (write in on each question requested accuracy).


[X]Divine number of Masters participants
--[X]Divine the strongest Master

[X]Divine all Servant Classes
--[X]Divine the strongest Servant

[X]Divine if it is possible to become more complete without the wish

[X]Be sure on the answers (might divine only one or two topics)

You gaze upon the stars which reflect the destiny of Man. Uncaring, unfeeling, they will only deliver the truth so long the seer makes the right questions. Your clayvoyance enhances your divination ability, and thus you can receive more accurate answers of the future, hopefully in a straight forward manner if you carefully restrict your questions.

How many pairs of Masters-Servants there are outside me and my anchor?
One Hundred, Twenty Seven Pairs.

Is the number 128 of Masters-Servants pairs correct?

The probability of this question to be correct is extremely high according to the stars.

One hundred, seventy-seven other servants and masters? Someone certainly put the war in the grail war.


Which classes will participate in this war?
Outsider, Abomination, Avenger, Saver, Ruler

Which classes will participate in this war?
Saber, Lancer, Archer, Berserker, Rider

Which classes will participate in this war?
Saber, Caster, Archer, Assassin, Rider

Which classes will participate in this war?
Saber, Caster, Avenger, Berserker, Assassin

Which classes will participate in this war?
Crusader, Caster, Rider, Berserker, Ruler

Which classes will participate in this war?
Monster, Outsider, Nemesis, General, Saver

There are uncertainty on the classes configuration. It is possible some classes are outright wrong or are missing from this configuration.

However, taking some of the most common occurrences, the following classes have a high chance of appearing in this war: Lancer, Saber, Caster, Berserker, Rider. You believe the Archer class also complete the original three knight classes.

Assassin, Outsider, Saver and Avenger have a small chance of showing their faces. Other classes are merely speculation.


Is there a way for me to become complete without using the wish of the Holy Grail?

How I can become complete without using the wish of the Holy Grail?
Fight in the Grail War

The probability of this question to be correct is extremely high according to the stars.

In the end the answer lies in the Grail War itself, and fighting as always will determine your future.


What to do now?

[ ]Depart immediately.

[ ]Talk with your subjects: your anchor .

[ ]Talk with your subjects: your anchor allies.

[ ]Talk with your subjects: all of them.

[ ]Write in.

__________________________________________________ ___

[X]Write in - Talk with all of your subjects, tell them what you managed to get through divination, and prepare for departure.

"One hundred, twenty-seven servants? As in one hundred, twenty-seven servants?"

You can't help but irritated over the drama your anchor is doing for such trivial matters. Yes, there are more than a hundred participants in this conflict, but what did he expected of the Grail War? Free for all duels between few Servants? A tournament setting?

"Stop sniveling." You boomed over him. "You speak as if there is a chance for the King of Man not attaining what is rightfully his! All that this means is a more prolonged fight than expected. However, you all should rejoice for there is also good news! The stars gave me insight on how regain what was lost of my magnificence. It is fortuitous the answer lies in the Grail War itself! Once I become complete again, there will be nothing to stop me to remake my Empire!"

Your anchor becomes red after your proclamations, immediately unleashing in rage. "How do you plan to fight and win against MORE THAN A HUNDRED SERVANTS? Your skills are a joke, your noble phantasms are a joke, and the only things that you're good at is just an invitation for us to become a sitting duck and take way too much prana to set up, requiring at best two full days of preparations! You can't even do it now and stock up prana because the call of the grail will only stop once we arrive at Britain!"

You find yourself unable, though not intimidated for Nimrod doesn't get intimidated not even by Yahweh, to interrupt him. Curse your incompleteness, for even if you still retain your Kingly presence you find it difficult to properly assert your authority and commands with your presence and aura alone.

"Then we prepare for the voyage. The sooner my prana balance stabilizes, the..."

"We'd better! Christine, Schneider! Call the servants to pack things up!" And with a last shake of his fist, your anchor departed.

Why did you answered his summon again? Of course, your familiar spear was a good enough bait...

The girl, Christine, approaches you interrupting your thoughts. "Forgive my uncle, my Lord. He's just stressed about the news", she hesitates for a moment before continuing, "my King brought".

A bit stiff, but she at least know how to treat her betters.


What are your personal plans for before, travel?

[ ]Confront your anchor about his attitude.

[ ]Talk with your anchor on how to improve your situation.

[ ]Talk with your other subjects on how to improve your situation.

[ ]Suggest to Christine she would be a better Master. She certainly have more magical potential.

[ ]Suggest to Christine she would be a better Master. Conspire with her to take the command seals from her uncle.

[ ]Write in.


[x]Write in, confront your anchor about his attitude. If he will not pay you the respect that you deserve then you will find yourself a more fitting Master, one who understands that the hero he is bonded with is a far greater being than he will ever be.

You regally strode towards the great hall of the mansion, until you spotted one of the servants of the house.

"You, boy. Call the masters of the house at once to this very place, and tell the servants to leave us alone for the time being."

"Wha? But master Alexandre said..."

You glare at him. You certainly lost your touch if even a mere servant dares to question your will.

"This meeting concerns you master greatly, and unless you plan to shoulder the consequences of failure to comply with my wishes get down with it".

"At, a-at o-once sir!"

He bolted from the room, not without colliding with the table and scattering a few chairs. As amusing as it is, you are once again disappointed by the quality of help in this place.

Almost half an hour later, they meet you in the hall you kindly redecorated them. The overall prana cost was negligible, but it managed to grant you some form of quality furniture design. If you still had access to Babel's vault, you could have more than enough to set this meeting.

Because of that, you had to start low. You basically changed the place to a modest throne room, with the carpet making a nice audience hall.

A fuming Alexandre enters first, with the couple follow behind his heels. They are greeted with you sitting straight in your throne, your spear on your right hand. Once they all enter, you hit the base of the spear on the ground, closing all doors, windows and setting up a bounded field on the room.

"What is the meaning of this!" Howled your anchor in fury.

"I believe we need to talk about attitude towards your betters, Alexandre. The comportment you have been displaying was simply inadmissible! More powerful men were killed by less on my presence! I hope you appreciate my generosity in letting yourself explain yourself."

"That's IT", he finally snaps.

[ ]How predictable. Kill him.

[ ]He is harmless. Let him blow off.

[ ]You weren't expecting this. Try to calm him.

[ ]Write in.


[x] Write in, let him blow off. If you see the signs of a Command Seal about to be used kill him.

You can feel the tick prana surging in the air, the clear signs the command seals are being used.

Before your anchor could utter a single word your trusty spear impacted with his torso, splitting his body in two in the process.

"How utterly predictable. The fool forgot this is my domain, and though not nearly as powerful as a claimed territory it is more than enough to prevent him from defending himself. Discreetly at that. Now", you wave your hand and his clothes are stripped, and you find the remains of his command seals on his left shoulder, "either one of you two should prove a more agreeable anchor than this trash. Whoever wishes the honor of becoming my new anchor?"

The two young adults were still starting at you for a while, too stunned by the incredible speed you just displayed. You have this strange idea they had no clue on what they were really getting involved, but the thought is so absurd you shelve it for another day.

"Well? If no one steps up, I will choose myself."

[ ]Wait a bit more, it is an important decision after all.

[ ]Christine, accept Nimrod as your new King.

[ ]Alfher, accept Nimrod as your new King.

[ ]write in.


[X]Christine, accept Nimrod as your new King!

"Christine!" You break them both from their brief stuppor. "Accept Nimrod as your now King, and have victory assured on the Grail War!"

Amusingly, it is Alfher that speaks first. "How, how come you demand her to be your new master when you just..."

"I killed my previous anchor to this world because he though he could place himself about me, Nimrod. I was willing to give him a position on my new Empire, but his attitude was simply deplorable. If your King weren't so magnanimous his death would come much more swift. Perhaps I became too soft after coming back in the world to give him too much a leeway, but the deed is already done."

"But, to kill him?"

"Better men were killed by less in the past by much less just reasons. But enough talk! Christine, knell before me and let me give you the command seals."

"I, I, I r-re-realy n-need to-to d-d-do this?"

"I remember a saying about the magus of this era, and as the heir of an alledged traditional family you should have heard it before."

"To be a magus is to walk with death".

"... fine." She says, in a sligtly firmer tone.


"No my love, we need to win the war. It's the only way for our family to honor to be restored and to enact vengance on those cursed men. All right, I will become your new anchor."

"Good, we will also depart immediately afterwards towards Britain."


[ ]Stats Remain the Same

[ ]Stats Change Slightly

[ ]Stats Change Noticeably


Once in Britain, you notice the prana outake to diminish considerably. So much in fact that you can feel a good surplus of prana coming from your anchor this time. In fact, the prana outtake became almost negligible by now!

After coming back to the british shores you

[ ]Claim a good terrain based on spiritual power.

[ ]Claim a good terrain based on strategic positioning.

[ ]Look out for enemies first, and have the first taste of hunt now.

[ ]Write in.


[X]Stats Change Noticeably

Yes, she was a different individual with a stronger will than that oaf. Not only that, but you could feel her awe of your presence and proper understanding of her place. As a King it is your duty to reward your subjects, and she certainly looks worthy of taking such vital role.

Of course, you will be more cautious with her than before.

Alignment: Lawful Evil(??)

STR B -> C (30)
END C -> B (40)
AGI A -> B (40)
MANA D -> B (1000p)
LUCK E -> E (10)

[X]E Luck Interrupt!

While looking over the terrain, an ominous feeling wash over you, and there is a strange, tick mist surrounding you. You know such phenomenons are common in this country, but something in your bones tell you there is a thing that you should be aware of.

"In this night, did you come to take me away from this accursed mist?"

It was then when suddenly a large gash pass over your throat, slicing it open. The soft voice came from behind you, and the speed of the attack combined with the surprise was more than enough to catch you completely, before you could summon your trusted spear and swing around you.

It was such a sudden and unexpected attack that you couldn't feel or predict with your experience, though your instinct managed to help you from the wound being too severe, or even fatal. Truly, if you were a lesser Heroic Spirit there is no doubt you would be dead by now.

Only after taking the attack you can identify a vague figure in the mist. It is obviously shorter than your magnificent self, but that's the only reliable information you have for now. You can't see if it is a man or a woman, human or demon, old or young.

What to do now? You have free reign on your battle plan.


Yes, you can choose whatever you want to do now.

March 29th, 2012, 07:26 PM
Unfortunately the visage quickly disappears, and the mist became even more tick. What once was a pale white mist started to gain a sickly black tone, and you feel yourself having difficulty in moving.

AGI 1/2 Rank DOWN

You understand this is the Servant ability, though you are not sure it's full extends. You do know it is some kind of bounded field since your magic resistance tried to compensate for the effects, but couldn't get anything more than a partial block.

Unfortunately your ability with magecraft isn't nearly as good as before, so it will take time to make use of complex rituals, but it is still good enough for dealing with such mongrels who dares to hide from the King's Wrath.

You immediately reinforced yourself and prepared yourself to perform the ritual. It is a three line spell, but hopefully enough to make this assassin step forward.

END 1 Rank UP: -80p

The trusty Spear is in a defensive position, and you hold your ground while guarding the weak spot of your defensive Noble Phantasm.

My voice summons lightning and echo with thunder

You hear a chimney far outside, though the sound seen hollow and artificial.

My Will, Just. My Command, Irresistible.

There are soft footsteps coming all around you, and even your instincts can't discern the nature of danger, only an impulsive command to flee. But you are Nimrod and the Great Hunter doesn't simply flee from his prey.

You feel the pressure of a knife trying to carve out the back of your skull. Your instinct and eye of the mind didn't helped much in preventing the attack but was enough to drive away your opponent once more while the inherently weak attack against your improved endurance reduced an instant kill mere severe wound, yet it wasn't enough to stop your concentration.

May the King's command become your wish! Step forward and show yourself to the True King!: -30p

Unfortunately your voice doesn't carry out the same power as before. You did, however, catch a glimpse of the Servant as if compelled to come, but with some difficulty it managed to step back. The bad streak simply doesn't end, and the Servant manages to run before you arrived at his position.

Somehow the Servant manages to score a perfect hidden attack, and only your Instinct can help you while your Eye of the Mind tries to adapt to this strange form of combat.

Current Prana: 890/1000
Current HP: 200/400

[x]try to predict the attack and retaliate

You dematerialize your spear and simply waits, while covertly increasing your own strength with magecraft and maintaining your improved endurance.

STR 1 Rank UP -80p
END 1 Rank UP -80p

The same ominous feeling of danger comes back, the black mist thickening around you. Now you hear the sounds of a horse pulling a carriage, and perhaps the sounds of crying children, but you ignore all of it.

This mongrel dared to bear it's fangs to you, and though the efforts where commendable nothing should stand in the path of the king's will.

Again, the stabbing pain of the attack assaults you, but you it was just as planned. With a swift movement while using both your innate instincts and the experience from the previous attacks, you managed to somehow properly predict the attack, grabbing the opponent firmly in your hands.

You hear a satisfying *crunch* from the arm of your enemy, and you can see it in front of you. How do you punish?

[ ]Punch it to Death;
[ ]Stab it to Death;
[ ]Headbutt it to Death?
[ ]A bit of everything;
[ ]Write In;

HP: 180/400
MP: 730/1000

[X] Punch it to death.

STR 1 Rank UP -80p
END 1 Rank UP -80p

The enemy tries to wriggle out of your grasp, but you both hold it firm and with a single swipe you throw the enemy on the ground leaving massive cracks in the form of the enemy body, finally your great frame mounting on the smaller enemy and pinning it on the ground.

Giving you the opportunity to punch it over and over again.

The sounds of bone breaking, fists against flesh echo in this time of the day. Streaks of blood fly from your enemy face, hitting you.

You are about to put the enemy unconcious, but before the last hit you hear that same soft voice.

"H... he... help! Please don't kill me!"

Again you ignore the enemy, but before your fist connect one last time, the enemy suddenly disappears from under you.

The black mist fades, and you know the enemy ran away, the cowards they are.

HP: 180/400
MP: 570

Garments of Eden, C+
Now the Garments of Eden completely nullify C-rank attacks.

What next?