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March 20th, 2011, 01:27 AM
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On Beast's Lair it will be hard to find after a while an old story we liked from a beloved author. So here is a chance to have authors post where to find their works.
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alright in my own case

my Works

Mega pack edited version (lemon)
[/URL]http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/1063-mega-pack-edited-version-(lemon) (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php?123-Mega-Pack-1)
Shinji’s route
Another spring day (lemon)
(http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/1064-Another-spring-day-(lemon))Sakura mega pak (lemon)
Medea's punishment (lemon)
Unexpected moment (lemon)
(http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/1046-Unexpected-moment-(lemon))Hotel love (lemon)
route to happiness (lemon)
blue rose, amber disdain (one shot)

March 20th, 2011, 01:37 AM
Maybe we should make a general fiction tracker for everyone else who posts fics, not just a thread for each person.

Just seems rather egotistical to me.

March 20th, 2011, 01:41 AM
Maybe we should make a general fiction tracker for everyone else who posts fics, not just a thread for each person.

Just seems rather egotistical to me.

seems like you'd be right. I made the thread simply because a number of people asked how to find my stuff on BL before. if you'd rather we do that then go ahead I have no objection

March 20th, 2011, 01:41 AM

March 20th, 2011, 01:49 AM
Annnndddd edited. This is now the Beast's Lair Fiction Tracker!

March 20th, 2011, 02:08 AM
Sticky it when you get back on Elf, or any of the other mods/admins, please. That way we won't have to hunt through the pages looking for it in the future. :D

Chaos Greyblood
March 20th, 2011, 02:36 AM
Hope anyone's found my old works 'Tsukikage no Ken'. I'd like to restart that sometime and I've got around only 2 chapters missing (2 and 3 to be exact) since Kieran managed to find them in old e-mails he kept all these years.

March 20th, 2011, 02:38 AM
You too huh, lol. XD

March 20th, 2011, 07:57 AM
I've got only one, for now:
Magical Vanguard Shirou (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php?85-Magical-Vanguard-Shirou): A change of events on the creation of the Grail changes the very purpose of the Grail War, and allows the Masters to take on a much more active role. The Heaven's Feel are now a fight for the survival of humanity, and the one to defend the prize successfully shall be the one to claim it.

March 20th, 2011, 08:29 AM

Trinity Angles (Discussion Thread)
Summary: A discussion thread for all the odd ideas or off-topic - well, topics - that the series generates.

Status: Eternally In Progress (Last addition July 30, 2019 - Trinity: A Study in Amethyst)

Legacies of Fate (Trinity Prelude) (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php?131-FF-Legacies-of-Fate-(Type-Moon-Trinity-Prelude))

Summary: To save her dying father, the daughter of Shiki and Ciel enters the Sixth Holy Grail War. Also the prequel to Cascade's TOUEI.

Status: Complete (31 chapters)

Truth and Consequences (Trinity Zero) (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php?178-FF-Truth-and-Consequences-(T-M-Whedonverse-X-over-Trinity-Zero))

Summary: Following the Sixth War, an other-dimensional entity invades Earth and warps reality itself - leaving three reluctant heroes with the task of restoring the world.

Status: Complete (10 chapters)

Trinity I: The Stone (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php?209-FF-Trinity-I-The-Stone-(Type-Moon-Harry-Potter-X-over))

Summary: Thrown out of their home universe by the destruction of Illyria, the Trinity find themselves in the world of Harry Potter . . . Or is it?

Status: Complete (17 chapters)

Trinity II: The Chamber (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php?238-Trinity-II-The-Chamber-(Type-Moon-Harry-Potter-X-over))

Summary: The Trinity returns for their second year at Hogwarts, only to learn that while every year is bad, every other year is so much worse . . .

Status: Complete (23 chapters)

Trinity III: The Prisoner (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/273-FF-Trinity-III-The-Prisoner-(Type-Moon-Harry-Potter-X-over))

Summary: The escape of Sirius Black causes headaches for the Trinity - almost as many as Takara's attempts to find a boyfriend.

Status: Complete (30 chapters)

Trinity IV: The Tournament (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/292-FF-Trinity-IV-The-Tournament-(Type-Moon-Harry-Potter-X-over))

Summary: The Triwizard Tournament has come to Hogwarts - along with a new, but familiar face.

Status: Complete (39 chapters)

Trinity V: The Chosen (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/583-FF-Trinity-V-The-Chosen-(Type-Moon-Harry-Potter-X-over))

Summary: Prophecy and the past loom heavily over the future, as the war against Voldemort begins anew - and the true identity of the Chosen One is revealed.

Status: Complete (48 chapters)

Trinity VI: The Blood (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/929-FF-Trinity-VI-The-Blood-(Type-Moon-Harry-Potter-X-over))

Summary: With Voldemort now openly moving against the wizarding world, the Trinity and their allies prepare themselves for his inevitable attack . . . But old debts are being called in - debts that can only be settled in blood.

Status: Complete (79 chapters)

Trinity VII: The Twilight (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/2617-FF-Trinity-VII-The-Twilight-(Type-Moon-Harry-Potter-X-over)?p=891952&viewfull=1#post891952)

Summary: The war against Lord Voldemort erupts into open conflict - and across the globe, the trinity and their allies prepare to do battle for the soul of the wizarding world. But is the approaching twilight the dawn of a victorious new age, or the last gleam whose fading heralds a darkness without end?

Status: Complete (89 chapters, 1 non-canon omake)

Another Side, Another Story (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/1131-FF-Another-Side-Another-Story-(Trinity-AU))

Summary: A Trinity Alternaverse - instead of the Hogwarts Express, the Trinity lands in the world of Kingdom Hearts.

Status: Discontinued (8 chapters)

Night's Fate (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/484-Night-s-Fate-(Joint-Kieran-and-Elf-project))

Summary: A Trinity Alternaverse. Following Illyria's destruction, the five defenders of the Moonlit World find themselves in the Night World, just before its own Apocalypse. Co-written with Elf.

Status: Presumably discontinued (3 chapters)


Shirou Emiya wanted a chance to save everyone - and in one parallel world, he got his wish. Grail Works, Limited is an interdimensional troubleshooting agency staffed by some of your favourite Type-Moon characters, and the odd hanger-on, as well. When someone really needs help, a Door will always be open to them - but a chance to save everyone is only that . . .

An open setting for all the board's authors to play with - currently undergoing revision.

The Grail Works Mission Dossier (Discussion Thread)
Summary: A discussion thread for the setting. It includes the status of current stories (and the Grail Works' current agent roster), ideas for future stories, and all the odd ideas or off-topic - well, topics - that the series generates . . . Are you sensing a theme? :)

(Grail) Works-in-Progress: Origin Stories (Type Moon/Various X-overs) (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/5352-FF-%28Grail%29-Works-in-Progress-Origin-Stories-%28Grail-Works-Ltd-Type-Moon-Various-X-overs%29)

Summary: Assorted one-shots chronicling the origins of the Grail Works crew, Type-Moon and otherwise. Eternally complete, but there's always the chance to add more . . .

Status: Eternally In Progress/Complete (3 chapters)

Crisis of Fayth (Type Moon/FFX/D&D X-over) (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/5480-FF-Reign-of-Winter-0-Crisis-of-Fayth-%28Grail-Works-Ltd-Type-Moon-FFX-D-D-X-over%29)

Summary: Insanity is defined as repeating the same actions and expecting different results. With the failure of Jecht to save Spira, the spirits of the Aeons look for a new way to defeat Yu Yevon . . .

Status: Complete (really, this time!) (32 chapters, 3 epilogues)

Fate/Anarchy (Type Moon/Scion X-over) (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/8251-FF-Grail-Works-Ltd-Fate-Anarchy-(Type-Moon-Scion-crossover))

Summary: Zelretch, disappointed with the storyline of "Fate/Apocrypha," takes matters into his own hands regarding selecting the Masters of Red - including his reluctant apprentice, Rin Tohsaka. There's also the matter of this being a soon-to-be-dead alternate timeline, but he considers that a minor issue . . .

Status: In Progress (34 chapters, 3 omakes)


After the Fall (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php?79-FF-After-the-Fall-(Type-Moon))

Summary: Following the destruction of the Beast's Lair, the God of Self-Insertion seeks to restore his home. My idea/omake file - also contains entries for "The Challenge."

Status: Eternally In Progress (Last addition October 13, 2015 - Blue Moon)

Curtain Call (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/3053-Curtain-Call)

Summary: A short story based on a superhero RPG character I once played, in which a mysterious vigilante tracks down a masked murderer.

Status: Complete (Oneshot)

Divine Justice (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/1628-FF-Divine-Justice-(Fate-Stay-Night-Thor-crossover))

Summary: "Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor." Shirou Emiya, meet Mjolnir.

Status: Discontinued (6 chapters)

Holidays and Hearts I: The First Taste (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php?58-Holidays-and-Hearts-I-The-First-Taste-(Arc-Shiki))

Summary: Shiki introduces Arc to Valentine's Day.

Status: Complete (Oneshot)

Holidays and Hearts II: Bittersweet (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php?59-Holidays-and-Hearts-II-Bittersweet-(Arc-Shiki))

Summary: Shiki's response on White Day.

Status: Complete (Oneshot)

Holidays and Hearts III: Star-Crossed (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php?60-Holidays-and-Hearts-III-Star-Crossed-(Saber-Shirou))

Summary: Shirou has an unusual date for Tanabata.

Status: Complete (Oneshot)

Holidays and Hearts IV: Holy Night (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/3181-FF-Holidays-and-Hearts-IV-Holy-Night-(Tsukihime)?p=1058266&viewfull=1#post1058266)

Summary: Shiki and Arcueid exchange Christmas gifts.

Status: Complete (Oneshot)

Rainbow of the Heart (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php?117-FF-Rainbow-of-the-Heart-(Tsukihime))

Summary: Ren and Zelretch look among alternate universes for Shiki's ideal mate. My first work.

Status: Complete (9 chapters)

The Last Scion (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/2290-The-Last-Scion-(Tenchi-Muyo!)?p=798837&viewfull=1#post798837)

Summary: Possibly my earliest surviving fanfic work. The history of the Tenchi OAV cast (pre-third series), and their descendants, as told to an outside observer.

Status: Complete (Oneshot)

The Wizard's Apprentice (Fate/Dresden Files fusion) (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/755-FF-The-Wizard-s-Apprentice-(Fate-Dresden-Files-X-over))

Summary: Harry Dresden's adoptive son Shirou is forced to return to Japan and explore the mysteries of his past when he is marked to participate in a mysterious, forbidden ritual. Cut off from his usual support base, Shirou nevertheless chooses to struggle against vampires, faeries, and other supernatural predators for the sake of innocent lives - like father, like son. Takes place during the events of Blood Rites.

Status: Tentatively off hiatus (9 chapters)

Trick or Treat (Original Work, working title) (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/1078-Trick-or-Treat-(Original-Work-working-title))

Status: Rewrite Pending - maybe? (6 chapters)

Summary: My first novel (I hope, if I ever get it finished). Hoping to get criticism and inspiration, to improve its chances of being published.

March 20th, 2011, 05:27 PM
Blades Under A Crimson Moon (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php?143-Blades-Under-A-Crimson-Moon)

Summary: Shirou summons Arcueid Brunestud, not Arturia Pendragon. My first fanfic.

The Death of Bloodlust (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/305-The-Death-of-Bloodlust)

Summary: Shiki kills off Arcueid's bloodlust, using his memory of Roa's bloodlust. Inspired by the idea of "There's ALL THESE IDEAS ON HOW TO ENSURE SHIKI CAN HAVE ARCUEID, AND NOONE THINKS OF THEM! WHY?! WHY?????!!!!!!!!!". My second fanfic.

The Death of Bloodlust 2: Arcueid's Grail War
Summary: The sequel to The Death of Bloodlust's bad end. Arcueid goes off to the Holy Grail War to make Shiki male again, as the summoner of Assassin. Archer from Blades Under a Crimson Moon, Laharl from Disgaea, Setzer from Final Fantasy 6, and more all converge to make this as epic as possible. And Lancer gets to show off his Warp Spasm, too.

Archer's Story (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/1853-Archer-s-Story)

Summary: Archer in a nutshell. A prequel to both The Death of Bloodlust, and Blades Under a Crimson Moon, my variant of Archer's tale, from beginning to end. I may or may not re-write this later.

Precursor Fate/Lunar
Summary: Life on the astral. Take the astral plane in real life, hunt down the people that Fate/Stay Night and the game Lunar 2 were based off of from the astral, then shake and mix. As accurate as possible, so slow writing. Not a fanfic so much as a story of people that loosely resemble characters in both series. LOOSELY, Loosely. Also, it's as accurate as possible to how the astral plane actually works. Meaning, if you don't understand something, ask about it. Only being written because people should see how the astral plane actually works, in comparison to what people claim for how it works... and because I think everyone should have an idea of how things actually are on the astral plane.

Story Drabbles/Ideas (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/2330-Story-ideas-drabbles-ect)

Summary: Story ideas, tiny snippets, whatever you wish to call them. Not much here yet, but when I write, I'll add more.

March 21st, 2011, 12:01 AM
The Loli Grail War. (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php?146-The-Loli-Grail-War) Let the madness begin.

Fate/ False Arcana. (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php?166-Fate-False-Arcana) It was like a dream. Devils, Heroes, the Holy Grail? A miracle? Any wish I could ask for, but...

Fatuous One
March 21st, 2011, 12:57 AM
All I seem to write for the Nasuverse is porn. ~_~;

In order of publication:

Discontinuation of Your Dream (https://sites.google.com/site/tatariarchive/home/tmlc1/discontinuation) [Lemon-ish] - Fate fic, Saber/Shirou, Shirou doing the timedimensional warp and hitting on King Arthur.

Wiggling (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php?219-Lemon-Wiggling) [Lemon] - Fate fic, Sakura/Shinji + ???, Sakura broke.

Gugenka (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php?222-Lemon-Gugenka) [Lemon] - Fate fic, Ayako/Kojirou, Ayako follows in Assassin's footsteps.

Three's company (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php?221-Lemon-Three-s-company) [Lemon-Yuri] - Fate fic, Saber/Ilya, Ilya's jelly and humps Saber.

Natural One (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php?220-Lemon-Natural-One) [Lemon] - Fate fic, Archer/Bazett, Bazett does some scouting and then taps some tanned ass.

Aftermath (https://sites.google.com/site/tatariarchive/home/tmlc2/aftermath) [Lemon] - Fate fic, Archer/Irisviel, Archer does the time warp again and bangs his dad's widow.

Kokatsu Teien (https://sites.google.com/site/tatariarchive/home/tmlc2/kokatsu) [Lemon-ish] - Tsukihime fic, Satsuki being ronery and hints of Sacchin/Shiki.

ἔρως (https://sites.google.com/site/tatariarchive/home/tmlc3/eros) [Lemon-Yuri] - Fate fic, Rider/Ayako, Rider does some Ayako stalking and Ayako likes it.

Rin is a Genius (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/2304-Spamfic-Rin-is-a-genius) [Spam] - Fate fic, lots of dumb that hurts Rin's brain.

My Little Sister Can't Be This Much of a Freak (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/2553-FF-My-Little-Sister-Can-t-Be-This-Much-of-a-Freak) [Spam-ish] - Fate fic, Sakura is insane.

Not Too Readily (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/3696-FF-Not-Too-Readily) [Fanfic] - Fate fic, a date between two individuals.

May upload some other stuff later, but for now this is good.

March 21st, 2011, 01:11 AM
Might as well set one up too. :)

* Fate / inertia dawn (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/111-FF-Fate-Inertia-Dawn) - (co-written with AlfheimWanderer)

What would happen if events of the past were radically altered from the path they were destined to take? Would the new timeline be anything like the old, or would the sheer-disconnect between the two result in something completely different? Something new, curious, dangerous.

Long story short, something causes the 4th Holy Grail War to dun goof and all of the Servants summoned in the current one are from parrallel worlds - AKA comics, anime and video games of our home dimension.

A Fate/stay night megacrossover.

Status: In-progress/Hiatus

* The Xth Loop: Sword/Stilled Time (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/412-The-Xth-Loop-Sword-Stilled-Time-(F-SN-x-Madoka-Magica)-Co-written-with-Ace) - (co-written with Ace) Not anymore it isn't

Another failed loop. How many times had it been now for Homura Akemi? How many times had she failed to save Madoka Kaname, her one true friend?

Too many times.

But what are these things, these beings - no, this phenomenon - known as Counter Guardians? And what happens when she somehow ends up making a contract with one? With this unexpected ally, does she have a chance to set it right...and does he have one?

An Archer+Homura-centric Fate/stay night x Puella Magi Madoka Magica crossover.

Status: In-progress/Hiatus

* Tales of Nasunobare High (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/976-FF-Tales-of-Nasunobare-High-AU)

Type-MOON meets High School AU. Weird, light-hearted shit laced together into an actual T-M-esque plot happens.

Status: Hiatus

*Fate/Beyond Time (AKA IRUn and Keyne's EXCELLENT!!! Adventure) (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/132-Fate-Beyond-Time-a-fanfic-by-Keyne-and-Irun-(and-Mike)) - (co-written with Keyne (and Mike1984...kind of)

A work of self-parody starring three self-inserts as they try to save the universe from the fiendish temporal distortions of something really bad in Fuyuki City.

Generally light-hearted with some elements of seriousness. Not meant to be taken too seriously, though.

Status: It's a deadfic, Jim.

*Shiki Tohno - Declassified Files of an Unwitting Demon Hunter (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/1614-Shiki-Tohno-Declassified-Files-of-an-Unwitting-Demon-Hunter)

The various adventures of Shiki Tohno heavily flavored with a Ciaphas Cain vibe.

Status: Hiatus

*Fujino and Azaka's EXCELLENT!!! Adventure (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/1802-Fujino-and-Azaka-s-EXCELLENT%21%21%21-Adventure-%28CYOA-FF%29)

A choose-your-own-adventure story starring none other than Kara no Kyoukai's Fujino Asagami and Azaka Kokuto as they go on the adventure of a lifetime.

Note: Not meant to be taken seriously...at all.

Status: Hiatus


*Promises, Dreams (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/506-FF-Fate-Zero-Promises-Dreams-oneshot)
A slight Fate/Zero AU which takes place right before the clusterfuck known as the Fourth Holy Grail War began. Irisviel and Saber meet a certain someone in the park.
Light and fluffy.

*Like a King (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/586-Like-a-King-oneshot)
Gilgamesh explains why he should be allowed to work a dayjob....using the power of song!

*Van-Fem's on a Boat (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/522-Van-Fem-s-on-a-Boat-oneshot)
The Dead Apostle Ancestor Van-Fem won a trip on a yacht. Now...who shall he take with him? He will decide....also via the power of song!

*The Bum Reviews - Unlimited Blade Works (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/488-The-Bum-Reviews-Fate-stay-night-Unlimited-Blade-Works)
Chester A. Bum reviews the Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works movie. Hilarity ensues.

*Tell Me Why (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/630-Tell-Me-Why-oneshot-poem)
Illya haz a sad. ; - ;
Shirou says FUCK DAT SHIT. >:U
A poem. Better than it sounds.

*Empty (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/761-Empty-Oneshot)
Heaven's Feel is so empty without me.

*It's Tanabata, and what's a Lonely Little Sister to do? (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/865-It-s-Tanabata-and-what-is-a-Lonely-Little-Sister-to-do-ONESHOT)
The unholy alliance of Tohno Akiha and Illyasviel Von Einzbern conspire to steal away their brothers for a pre-Tanabata tyrst.

*Requiem for Loss (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/1335-Requiem-for-Loss-(F-E))
A series of oneshots set from the points of view of the defeated Masters of Fate/EXTRA as they meet their ends. Introspection and angst ahoy.
Guest starring [-REDACTED-].

March 21st, 2011, 01:11 AM
Elf's Fics

Chances are, they're going to involve Archer.

The Hound and the Blacksmith (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php?176-The-Hound-and-the-Blacksmith): Finally, I'm writing the Lancer and Archer "Buddy Cop" story. One's a Celtic Hero with a tendency to go berserk, a severe lust for battle, and has an eye for the ladies. The other is a former Counter Guardian with Daddy Issues and loves a girl ten years physically his junior that he can't confess to. Together they work to fight crime, or monsters and crooked and over power magi.

Steel and Cherry Blossoms (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php?65-Steel-And-Cherry-Blossoms): In a world where the ending is seemingly perfect not everyone is happy, nor everyone is saved. A fallen hero saves a broken girl, and a broken girl saves a fallen hero. Also, Rider kicks Gilgamesh in the balls.

The Blood On Her Hands (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/428-The-Blood-On-Her-Hands): Rin takes the path of the ultimate magus as her Archer watches as she slides further and further into darkness.

Second Chances (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/429-Second-Chances?p=59047#post59047): Won second place for the second lemon contest. Archer/Akiha. A young woman trying to resist the demonic impulses firing in her blood meets up with a jaded and exhausted Counter Guardian wanting to end his existence. Archer relishes the change in his endless loop and Akiha finds salvation in the most unlikely of places. Full of plot and lemony goodness.

http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/739-That-Ever-Illusive-Utopia ; Alternate ending to Heaven's Feel. A king feeling that she had completely failed in everything, a hero with one more chance to save the first person in a long list of many he could not. Archer/Saber

For the work of Jennifer L. Barnes you can go here:

SPF, Elf's Original Novel (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/330-SPF-Elf-s-Original-Novel): In the current trend of urban fantasy fiction most authors have the supernatural "come out of the closet" as it where and everything is pretty much treated hunky dory. However, in real life the world wouldn't be as accepting. Enter this work of Jennifer L. Barnes where a select group who are more than human themselves are forced to keep the existence of the supernatural secret, at almost any cost.

Scream Queen, Volume One of The Law Unto Herself Chronicles (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/441-Scream-Queen-%28Vol-1-Of-The-Law-Unto-Herself-Chronicles-%29): Forest is a most unusual vampire who chooses to fight for the innocent and is a bit of a superhero of sorts. She's also a bit of a geek with a love for books, movies and comics. On the opening night of a movie she has been anticipating for quite some while everything goes wrong and horrors exist that make anything on the silver screen look absolutely tame. However she's not Law Unto Herself for nothing, and she'll be damned before she missed Bruce Campbell on the big screen.

When World's Collide:
Fate/Law Intertwined: Co-written with Roadbuster (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/355-Fate-Law-Intertwined-By-Roadbuster-Elf) Witness the madness and canon rape when worlds collide. Law Unto Herself happens to be in Japan right after the 4th War only to find a little magus alone and need of family. See what happens when Tohsaka Rin grows up in a loving an unusual household and how much the Fifth Grail War is changed due to these events.

March 22nd, 2011, 05:29 PM
Shattered Heaven (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php?137-Shattered-Heaven): Mirrorverse fic, with all the mandatory mirrorverse accoutrements. I think.

Shatteraxia (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/2629-Shatteraxia): Sequel to Shattered Heaven, with more Mirrorverse hijinks.

(No So) Shallow Shirou (forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/1088-That-other-thing-I-wrote-once?): Prequel to Shattered Heaven, this time nothing to do Mirrorverses. Crack fic/Romantic Comedy.

March 25th, 2011, 10:37 AM
Crystallized Moments (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/259-Crystallized-Moments)

Set in a post-UBW-Good timeline, this story looks at certain moments involving Seonac O'Conaill; a first-gen Irish magus.

A Moment of Truth (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/2755-A-Moment-of-Truth)

The story where Seonac's story was first committed to on-screen text; this story looks back at a key set of developments that unfolded in Fuyuki city, and looks forward at a series of revelations that will lead directly into the events of Crystal Valley.

Crystal Valley (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/260-Crystal-Valley)

Set after both Crystallized Moments and A Moment of Truth, this story takes Seonac on a journey to a place like no other on Earth, while in an earlier time, Andrei Muraviev tries to come to terms with the fallout from his own altered destiny.

Fate/Trans Form (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/315-Fate-Trans-Form)

My first long-ish fic from the BL1 era; where things are, to re-use an old line, more than meets the eye...

Drift Extra (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/314-Drift-Extra-%28pic-heavy%29)

A less-than-serious look at When Toys Collide.

March 25th, 2011, 11:59 AM
Destined Legacies. (TM/Multiverse X-Over Fanfic)

Destined Legacies (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/3071-Destined-Legacies-%28Type-Moon-X-Multiverse-Crossover%29)
Current Progress: Nine Chapters out, with much more to come.

Eight Servants, Eight Masters, Eight Wishes. The fates of worlds depends on these chosen children, as they attempt to stop a tyrant from ruling over the multiverse.

Hatori's Random Drabbles and Snippet's Thread. (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/2733-Hatori-s-random-drabbles-and-snippets-thread)

A Repository and Library of various drabbles and snippets.

March 27th, 2011, 01:41 AM
TOUEI (Reflection) (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/200-TOUEI-(In-Progress-Reposting))
Updated Last: (6/26/2011)
Side Stories:
Ashura (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/356-TOUEI-Ashura-(Sidestory))

A setting-focused fanfic that will involve mostly original characters and a few of the lesser seen TM characters. Light action with mystery and comic moments.

Takara from Kieran's Legacies of Fate is the heroine of this fic, making it somewhat of a fanfic fanfic...
A little bit of prior knowledge of Kieran's fic is helpful (And you should read it anyway.) but I'm always happy to discuss or explain stuff in the thread or via PM.

April 12th, 2011, 01:52 PM
Not used to having to put something in this tracker but the new forums move so fast I guess it's a good idea to put up a link.

My Fic Crossings (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/54-FF-Crossings) sits here, awaiting a new update hopefully soon.

It's apparently an inspirational piece, since a few of the authors here have stated it inspired them.

Arc X Shiki heavily shipped.

May 17th, 2011, 03:56 PM
(http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/539-Into-The-Rain)Sunlight (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/564-Sunlight-(HF-True)(Mentioned-implied-Sakura-Shirou-focused-Rin-Shirou)(One-shot)): He wasn't supposed to notice her. ::Mentioned Sakura x Shirou, focused Rin x Shirou:: ::HF True, one-shot::
Mind of Steel (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/603-Mind-of-Steel-(Rin-HF-Superhero-ending)?p=126374#post126374): She kills her sister in a single motion and when Sakura dies, Rin's heart dies with her. ::Rin, Sakura:: ::Superhero Bad End::
The Art of Falling in Love (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/663-The-Art-of-Falling-in-Love-(Rin-Shirou)-(UBW-True)?p=150648#post150648): In her life, Tohsaka Rin only loved two men. ::Rin x Shirou:: ::UBW True, one-shot::
The Secret Ingredient is Love (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/1178-The-Secret-Ingredient-is-Love-(Post-HF-True)-(Shirou-Sakura)-(One-shot)?p=400442#post400442): Sakura has something urgent she must tell Shirou. ::Post HF True:: ::One-shot:: ::Collab piece with Moczo::
A Spot of Flowers (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/1109-A-Spot-of-Flowers-(Arturia-Guinevere)(Pre-series-possible-AU)(One-shot)?p=370196#post370196): Arturia Pendragon wasn't used to having free time. ::One-shot, possible AU:: ::Arturia, Guinevere::
When It's Spring Again (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/1374-When-It-s-Spring-Again-(HF-Normal-AU)(Rin-Sakura)(One-shot)?p=488909#post488909): It was spring. ::HF Normal, AU, One-shot:: ::Rin, Sakura::
Grandfatherly Gifts (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/1514-Grandfatherly-Gifts-(Zouken-Sakura)-(AU)?p=547347#post547347): Zouken leaves his granddaughter a gift she can't deny. ::Zouken, Sakura:: ::AU::
Like Glass (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/1651-Like-Glass-(HF-True-AU)(Sakura-Rin)(One-shot)?p=593687#post593687): She smiles so sweetly when she lies. ::HF True, AU:: ::Rin, Sakura:: ::One-shot::
Second Time Around (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/1734-Second-Time-Around-(Fate-Prototype)-(Misaya-x-Ayaka)-(One-shot)?p=634196#post634196): Who knew that your second kiss could be even better than your first? ::Fate/Prototype, one-shot:: ::Misaya x Ayaka::
Worth More Broken (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/1775-Worth-More-Broken-(Post-Mind-of-Steel-Bad-End)(Rin-x-Misaya)): Post Mind of Steel. Rin and Misaya, in 51 sentences. ::One-shot::
With Feeling (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/2188-With-Feeling-%28iPod-shuffle-challenge-one-shot%29%28Rin-x-Sakura%29): Rin and Sakura, to the tune of ten songs. ::iPod shuffle challenge, one-shot:: ::Rin x Sakura::
Mists of Avalon (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/2219-Mists-of-Avalon-%28iPod-shuffle-challenge-one-shot%29%28Saber-x-Shirou%29?p=778509#post778509): Shirou and Saber, to the tune of ten songs. ::iPod shuffle challenge, one-shot:: ::For Neir:: ::Saber x Shirou::
Family Issues (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/3031-Family-Issues-%28Post-HF-True-Rider-centric%29-%28One-shot%29-%28Co-written-with-Moczo%29?p=1016452&viewfull=1#post1016452): In which Rider reveals that she may have just a weakness to alcohol, and thinks that condoms are for pansies. ::One-shot, post HF True:: ::Co-written with Moczo::
Distant Utopia (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/3882-Distant-Utopia-%28Saber-x-Iri-one-shot%29-%28iPod-Shuffle-Challenge%29?p=1219624#post1219624): Iri and Saber, to the tune of ten songs. ::iPod shuffle challenge, one-shot:: ::for Polly:: ::Saber x Iri::

Happy Iri Harem AU
The Finer Points of Negotiation (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/1455-The-Finer-Points-of-Negotiation-(Request-from-Lycodrake)(Saber-x-Iri-fluff-AUish)?p=522751#post522751): Saber, Iri, and a motorcycle. Iri would really like to drive it. ::Saber x Iri:: ::AU, one-shot::
Defining Family (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/1458-Defining-Family-(AU)(Saber-Shirou-family-fluff)?p=524229#post524229): "He got into a fight at school today." ::AU, Shirou Saber family fluff:: ::Companion piece to The Finer Points of Negotiation::

Drabble Dumps
Beam's Drabble Dump (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/1703-Beam-s-Drabble-Dump?p=622506#post622506): In which I post anything that comes to my mind related to Nasuverse, or my works set in Nasuverse. No, really. Anything.

Into The Rain (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/539-Into-The-Rain): Tohsaka Rin has always had a habit of ruining plans, including her own. However, even she couldn't have imagined how things would end that night in the rain, when she found Sakura instead of Shirou. ::HF-based, slight AU::
Fellows (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/1302-Fellows-(A-Revolutionary-Girl-Utena-FSN-crossover)?p=457787#post457787): Who better to help a fallen prince, then a fallen hero? ::FSN x RGU crossover, post-series::

Completed Chapter Fics
Shinderella (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/1486-Shinderella-(Collab-piece-with-Moczo)(AU-so-very-AU)?p=535080#post535080): Gather round, all who care to listen, and lend an ear to the tale of poor, abused... Shinji? ::AU:: ::Collab piece with Moczo:: ::COMPLETE::
Moonlight on Steel (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/1658-Moonlight-on-Steel-(Tsukihime-x-Magical-Girl-Lyrical-Nanoha)(Satsuki-AU)?p=598480#post598480): In which Miyuki follows an old family tradition, and Satsuki gets another chance at life. ::Tsukihime x MGLN crossover:: ::AU:: ::COMPLETE::

In The Blood (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/1713-In-The-Blood-(AKA-Rin-and-Sakura-Magic-Detectives-in-London)-(Post-HF-True)-(Collab-with-Moczo)?p=627413#post627413): What Sakura wanted was a calm vacation in London, a chance to bond with her sister. What she got was vampires, drugs, magic and murder... and a chance to still bond with her sister. Pretty normal for the Tohsaka family.

May 17th, 2011, 04:07 PM


May 17th, 2011, 04:08 PM


Glad you approve of the lesbians. :D

May 28th, 2011, 01:59 AM
Fate/Machina VARDANT (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/570-Fate-Machina-VARDANT): On that fateful rainy night Shirou found it, a god lying upon a hill of swords. Will it be a god of salvation, or one of destruction? Only time will tell.

A Fate x Linebarrels of Iron(manga) crossover.

In-N-Out Double-Double & Animal Fries
May 30th, 2011, 02:33 PM
One Hell of a Night (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/579-A-hell-of-a-night-%28TYPE-MOON-Hangover%29) Hangover/TYPE-MOON starring your three favorite non-special people Mikiya, Arihiko, and Issei

figured I ought to put this here

May 30th, 2011, 07:07 PM
Peace (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/582-Peace-Gift-fic-for-Theo-Lancelot-x-Extra%21Rider). A Lancelot x Extra!Rider short fic stored here for posterity, written as a gift for Theo.

June 2nd, 2011, 07:45 AM
I Put On My Robe And Wizard Hat. (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/509-I-Put-On-My-Robe-And-Wizard-Hat) Shirou Emiya minus the Fuyuki Fire. What happens when he winds up crossing into an alternate dimensional version who wound up learning to use the Second Magic in the Fifth Grail War.

The Second Magic is awesome.

June 2nd, 2011, 08:17 AM
Dear Tohsaka (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/162-Dear-Tohsaka)

Dear Emiya (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/163-Dear-Emiya)

Dear-Matou (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/164-Dear-Matou)

The letter series, which follows UBW true end

Red-night (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/168-Red-night). My contest entry, where shiki has to make a hard choice about Arcuied.


Drifting, a dare thread one shot about sakura playing match maker for Rin.

Pata Hikari
July 1st, 2011, 08:49 PM
Life is an Endless Dream (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/700-Fate-Stay-Night-Fanfic-Endless-Dream-%28Rewrite%29): In one universe, Tohsaka Rin ended up following the same path as Archer, becoming a twisted Heoric Spirit. What happens if, when, in another universe, she gets summoned as a Servant? Rewrite of "Endless Dream"

Role Revert (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/3724-Tsukihime-Fanfic-Role-Revert): Shiki wakes up one day to find that Akiha is claiming to be his maid, more oddness follows.

To Protect (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/230-Melty-Blood-Fanfic-To-Protect): Riesbyfe Stridberg's life before Melty Blood.

Tsukihime Fanfiction (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/225-Pata-Hikari-s-Tsukihime-Fanfiction-RETURNS): A bunch of short fics based off Tsukihime. Pairing, tone, and what route it follows varies.

That's one way to wake Nii-san up: (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/1191-That-s-one-way-to-wake-Nii-san-up-Lemon) Akiha decides to try something new to get Shiki awake (Lemon)

Someone to Come Home to (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/1222-Someone-to-Come-Home-to-%28FSN-Oneshot%29): Even a Superhero needs a home and family.

The 4th Annual Holy Grail War Live! (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/1389-The-4th-Annual-Holy-Grail-War-Live%21-A-Silly-Tale) Fate/Zero, Carnival Phantasm style.

A Long Term Revenge (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/2464-A-Long-Term-Revenge-Fate-Zero-Oneshot): Saber stays with Kiritsugu after the Holy Grail War.

Hardest Choice Ever (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/3700-Hardest-Choice-Ever-Lemon): Shirou, Rin, and Sakura involved in a pretty silly situation. (Lemon)

July 14th, 2011, 01:19 PM
The Kingdom of Summer: The Grail War is ended. In the ashes and ruin, Saber makes a wish. Emiya Shirou rejoice! For your wish has been granted.



August 20th, 2011, 05:14 PM
Man of Steel (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/849-Man-of-Steel-(Mind-of-Steel-Sequel)): Emiya Shirou has chosen to become a superhero, and to sacrifice the one he loves for his ideal, but the Holy Grail War is not done. What more will Emiya Shirou have to sacrifice before the end? Sequel to Mind of Steel Bad End.

August 21st, 2011, 12:00 AM
Okay, I decided to rewrite this post from the beginning, mainly because I wanted to make this more professional-looking.

Here's the professionalism that I'll be using for this:
Current works that aren't in shared universes or co-written

Persona: Device of a Magus (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/2628-Persona-Device-of-a-Magus-%28CYOA%29) - When a new student arrives in Fuyuki City, things are bound to be hectic over the course of the year, especially as remnants of Ragnarok threaten to cause an early end of the world. A Nanoha/Nasuverse/Personaverse crossover that I'm going to expand upon.

War of the Worlds (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/2491-War-of-the-Worlds-%28a-Fate-stay-NightxAnima-Beyond-Fantasy-crossover%29) - Note that this is not related to the book of the same name. When Shirou Emiya recovers his memories in some way that nobody would've suspected, an early emergence of the Holy Grail causes things to go out of control, but not necessarily in the bad way. Fate/stay NightxAnima: Beyond Fantasy crossover (one of two that I'm writing) that needs to be updated pronto.

Fate/Beyond Fantasy REDUX (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/1615-Fate-Beyond-Fantasy-REDUX) - An attempt to rewrite the previous version on the site, Fate/Beyond Fantasy tells a tale of an alternate Heaven's Feel that takes place after the Fourth one, with many things that could go wrong and so little that could go right. Fate/stay NightxAnima: Beyond Fantasy crossover (the other of two that I'm writing) that needs to be updated again.

Works pending a rewrite

Fated Unicorn (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/2038-Fated-Unicorn-%28F-sNXGundam-Unicorn%29) - A Gundam UnicornxFate/stay Night crossover attempt that, for lack of a better term, sucked. It was actually an idea where Shirou was actually the protagonist of Gundam Unicorn, but I never got much in the way of writing out a plausible way to continue the story, and not all the OVAs for Unicorn were released at the time. I'll be the first to admit that I have no real idea of how to plan stories, but this is one thing I'll have to rewrite, as soon as I have a good idea on the plot.

Works that are being co-written

Gundam Wing: Reaper of the SEED (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/2092-Gundam-Wing-Reaper-of-the-SEED-%28Gundam-Wing-SEED-verse-UC-Sekirei-Nasuverse-whatever-else-that-counts-as-an-element-later%29) - A Massive-crossover that's being written with someone off-forum known as F-14 Tomcat Lover, it tells the tale of Duo Maxwell, Kira Yamato and Shirou Emiya, among others. The major plot has to rely on the TVTrope Stations of the Canon for a while, but that's going to be tossed out the window in a few chapters or so (and the chapters aren't up to date yet). The current categories of material involved are Gundam Wing, Gundam SEED, the Universal Century Gundam timeline, Nasuverse and Sekirei (though Tomcat and I are going to include more later on).

Works in the Grail Works Ltd.

None at the moment. I'll update this later and show what sort of stories I'm going to write in this setting.

Future works

Suzaku's Problem - The prequel to my Suzaku's Plight series of Grail Works Ltd. stories, this sets the groundwork for most of my stories for good portion later on, considering what I intend to write altogether. I'll fill you all in on what my ultimate goal for this series is later on.


Well, that should be it for now, I'll figure out what else could be needed later.

August 21st, 2011, 04:57 AM
Current list: http://blogs.nrvnqsr.com/entry.php/2505-It-was-getting-too-long-and-unwieldly-in-that-buried-thread

August 21st, 2011, 05:20 AM
May eventually follow up with Didn't Even Make It (to the Hospital) Shirou x Saber
Needs to be done!

August 25th, 2011, 07:50 PM
...I felt like updating this thread with a comment that I updated my fiction tracker.

August 31st, 2011, 02:23 AM
Oh! Might as well make a post here, eh?

The Manhattan Project II (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/932-The-Manhattan-Project-II) - In the early 1960s, an end to the Cold War is sought in a battle royale between magi and their Servants, born from a fusion of nuclear science and magic. Contains at least one canon character, the rest are OCs. Naturally.

It even has a logo!


August 31st, 2011, 03:35 AM
Heh, might as well join, too.

http://img600.imageshack.us/img600/528/fateretracebanner.png (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/953-Fate-Re-Trace)

This is the tale of the Sixth Grail War, a war that was supposed to never happen after the original Grail's destruction in the Fifth War. Alas, Fate has different plans and a whole world away from the former battlefield, someone instigates another War. The major mage city of the west, Hartcroft, is thrown in chaos as the various factions try to minimize the damage and keep up the masquerade, the Association from Europe tries to use the War to spread their influence to the west, the Church interferes with the hidden agenda to retrieve the new Grail for themselves if it really is a Biblical one, Waver Velvet arrives in Hartcroft to investigate why there is a War when the Grail should be gone and seven new Masters fight for their dreams in an all-out battle that may not even have a winner...


http://img59.imageshack.us/img59/4596/ashbanner.png (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/862-A-Stolen-Heart)

A lone detective takes it upon himself to solve the murder of a young woman, willingly diving into the dangerous web of conspiracies weaved by the feuding mafia families. But after the truth is uncovered, will that city of sin be the same ever again?

August 31st, 2011, 04:04 AM
My logo is totally better than your logos!! Ahahahahahahaha!


August 31st, 2011, 05:08 AM
Ah, do I smell the rage of envy and desperation?

August 31st, 2011, 12:24 PM
Only because mine won't fit in my signature and how do I make it a linky thing like that!?

August 31st, 2011, 01:16 PM
You put URL (http://link) tags around it.

Like that, but without the asterisk:


September 8th, 2011, 08:45 AM
I now have a fic.

All my sig needs now is a picture, and it's complete.

September 11th, 2011, 10:25 AM
Can you write what it is about?
I won't read 6th war fics if the premise does not intrigue me, and I know nothing about your fic so far.

September 13th, 2011, 01:55 AM
Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We? (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yam5uK6e-bQ) Sorry, wrong media format.

Ahem. Anyway,

http://i304.photobucket.com/albums/nn187/spooky316/BBCcopysmall.png (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/556-Fate-Big-Brother-Complex) http://i304.photobucket.com/albums/nn187/spooky316/BBC2small.png (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/556-Fate-Big-Brother-Complex)

Fairly explanatory, I should think. If not, cliff notes are as follows:

* Kokutou Azaka participates in 5th Grail war and summons Archerko (with the help of Tohno Akiha)
* Rin summons Saber Extra
* Shirou summons Caster class

As of now the prologue is complete.

September 18th, 2011, 09:39 PM
With the new board move, everybody might wanna replace nrvnqsr.us.to with forums.nrvnqsr.com in links that go elsewhere on the forum. Especially here and in any of your guys and gals' fics that index.

September 18th, 2011, 09:49 PM
It looks like my set of links was already converted. I think all of ours are.

September 18th, 2011, 09:52 PM
Na, not everyone's, I'm still seeing it. Dark Pulse said he might get on converting it, but I just wanted to hedge bets and all.

October 1st, 2011, 05:28 PM
Can you write what it is about?
I won't read 6th war fics if the premise does not intrigue me, and I know nothing about your fic so far.

Okay... in summary.

Due to the corruption, the grail is even more screwed up than ever.

One participant summons an alien superform as a caster. Not only does it drive everyone around insane (literally), it also carries an infectious disease that reanimates corpses. It follows the tale of the seven masters in their clueless (or not) attempt at finding a way to best their foes while contending with the alien outbreak and the invincible servant stalking the streets. Shit really hits the fan when the outbreak kills multitudes of people, including the mediators of the war, resulting in detached communications and lack of news. There are appearances by the children of characters from the original series, in addition to servants based off of modern fictional characters as opposed to ancient heroes.

There's a lot more to it, but this is a summarised version. That's the gist of it.

October 3rd, 2011, 05:15 AM
Speaking of Sixth War fics...

Fate/UBW: Phantoms
A Sixth War fic I've been working on, Phantoms is the tale of Ichiro Tanaka, the protege of Emiya Shirou and Master of Assassin in the Sixth War. The story continues directly from the UBW True End, and I'm aiming for a mood more reminiscent of the 'grittier' Fate/Zero than the heroic feel of Fate/Stay Night.

Thirty years after F/SN, the Sixth War begins - As the Association's representative, Ichiro must fight alongside an unconventional Assassin, to victory or death. The Grail brings not just miracles, but conflict; To the Masters who do battle, the stakes are higher than ever - As the tragedy of the Heaven's Feel unfolds, will anyone survive?

Can a man deny his past, or will he be destroyed by it?

A psuedo-crossover with Phantom of Inferno (An earlier Nitro+ work) starring Reiji Azuma, ('Zwei') most recently of Requiem for the Phantom. For those in the know, Phantoms is also a continuation of Zwei's story, from Elen's route in the Visual Novel.

Returning figures include the Matous, Rin Tohsaka and Emiya Shirou (Posthumously), though the main casts consists of OCs.

Fate/Phantoms: Noir (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/297-Fate-Phantoms-Prelude-Noir)

The prelude to Phantoms, Noir is set exactly five years before: It covers the apocalyptic events of the Incursion, and the backstory for the Sixth War. It's also meant to illustrate 'ordinary life', so to speak, within the Association. Still a work in progress, I'd likely update it as the main story unfolds.

October 15th, 2011, 05:03 AM
http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7059291/4/Intertwine has updated summary:Sequeal to Fate fall of heaven. Emilya knew that running errands for a dangerous girl like Rin was going to screw her over one day, but she didn't know how. While Kamijou Touma's luck may have just dropped even lower than the abyss without knowing it. crossover with Toaru Majutsu no Index and bases itself on a doujin where Shirou gets Illyas body.

October 15th, 2011, 09:56 PM
This strikes me as the wrong thread. You want the recommendations thread, not the fiction tracker.

October 16th, 2011, 04:27 AM

November 7th, 2011, 11:27 PM
Okay, I updated my Gundam WingxSEED story, if anyone's interested (I posted a link to the story on the boards here in this topic). Comments are appreciated here: http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/719-FF-Gundam-Wing-Reaper-of-the-SEED-REDO?p=445475#post445475

November 7th, 2011, 11:38 PM

In All Things: The Grail War has an unexpected participant: Nrvnqsr Chaos. Naturally, the Church sends one of its best agents to counteract the threat. But, doubt remains as to whether it will be enough...

November 11th, 2011, 07:20 AM
Okay, I updated my fiction tracker post, so I'd like some criticism and whatever to be brought over to this (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/1290-Shin-Megami-Tensei-Persona-of-an-Ashikabi?p=451361#post451361) thread.

Thank you for the comments in advance.

November 20th, 2011, 08:08 PM
just pointing it out so no one misses it. I updated the works I have listed in the opening post.

November 29th, 2011, 03:50 AM

Fate/Stay Night is now an otome gamefic. Thing. With DORAMA and sex.

November 29th, 2011, 07:18 PM
Finally updated with Requiem for Loss, which is about halfway done now!

March 2nd, 2012, 12:34 AM
For those interested, look here (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/199-Beast-s-Lair-Fiction-Tracker?p=280430&viewfull=1#post280430) for more info, please.

March 2nd, 2012, 09:15 PM

Bundle of Joy (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/1390-Bundle-of-Joy)
All actions, no matter how necessary have consequences. Some consequences are life-threatening, others are just as challenging but in a different way. Post-UBW.

Miss Wolf and Lady Death (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/1733-Miss-Wolf-and-Lady-Death-%28Lemon%29)
Drabble series focusing on the romantic relationship between Reiroukan Misaya and Ryougi Shiki.

Heated Rivalry (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/1725-Heated-Rivalry)
Rin wakes up hungover one morning to discover she is not alone in her bed.


Maid of Honour (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/1359-Maid-of-Honour-%28ZnT%29)
A disastrous incident a week before the ceremony causes some changes in Louise's life that result in her summoning a different familiar, one ill-prepared for the responsibilities about to be thrust upon her.

March 6th, 2012, 01:43 PM

Fate/Other (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/1637-FF-Fate-Other)- The objective to replace Emiya Shirou with a somewhat, competent OC. Nothing to see here but us ducks...

Fate/Shift Distortion (Minor XOver with BlazBlue) (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/1856-FF-Fate-Shift-Distortion-%28Minor-BlazBlue-xOver%29) - Hazama is summoned up by Illya as Berserker. What madness awaits in this distortion? The Wheel of Fate is turning...

Shirou wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/2291-Shirou-wa-Tomodachi-ga-Sukunai-%28Shirou-has-few-friends-%29) - Shirou has few friends...

April 4th, 2012, 09:50 PM
TypeMoon Related:

Master of Death (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/1709-Master-of-Death-Fate-Stay-Night-x-Harry-Potter?p=625757&viewfull=1#post625757)

Non-TypeMoon Related:

The Odds Have Changed to His Favor (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/1956-The-Odds-Changed-to-His-Favor-(Hunger-Games-FanFic)?p=689535&viewfull=1#post689535) (A Hunger Games Fanfiction)

April 25th, 2012, 06:08 PM
I always wanted to post in here!

Untouchable (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/2043-Untouchable): A second generation Magus and his unusual apprentice end up as involuntary Enforcers.

May 7th, 2012, 10:07 AM
can someone help give a link of shirouxrin fanfic which is so rare? events after UBW

June 9th, 2012, 07:56 PM
Shirou & Rin is the most common fanfic pairing, therefore our Elite Authors disdain it.

Personally, I'm more of a Saber and Sakura fan.

Hopefully, my reply isn't considered a Necro, as I'm adding my own works to this list.


My works, [canon]:

Overtures of Tomorrow (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/2306-Overtures-of-Tomorrow) [Pre-Fate/Zero, Hisau Maiya Centric] Completed.

My works, [crack]:

Fate: Over 9000 (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/3891-Fate-Over-9000-A-F-SN-KnK-Crack) [Shiki Ryougi & Emiya Shirou] One-shot. Probably my best so far.
The Competition (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/2414-The-Beast-s-Lair-Dare-Thread-%28Pick-Your-Poison%29?p=844110&viewfull=1#post844110) [Beast's Lair Dare Thread, Gilgamesh x Arcueid] One-shot.
Shiki, Batman II Boyfriend (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/2414-The-Beast-s-Lair-Dare-Thread-%28Pick-Your-Poison%29?p=848823&viewfull=1#post848823) [Beast's Lair Dare Thread, what-do-you-mean-it's-not-awesome?] One-shot.

========== -][- ==========

Planned works [Delayed forever? Non-Canon]

A more badass Continuity- Consisting of a single change when Kaleidoscope was onboard an airplane crash... and destiny itself changes.
Assumes Overtures of Tomorrow is canon, assumes the events in Moczo's Lunatique (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/1873-Lunatique?p=680819&viewfull=1#post680819) is canon. Since Tsukihime and F/SN aren't in parallel universes, its not a crossover, just...

-Revised Tsukihime [Short series, merging with below] with DAA Tohnos
-Revised FSN [Long series] with OP Shirou and *CLASSIFIED* modifications to the 5th Heaven's Feel

June 11th, 2012, 02:35 AM
Rodyle's Retarded Bullshit

Conquest of Tokyo
Terrible comedy fic about Waver and Rider in the Sekirei Plan.
Last updated: January 6th, 2013

A Witch's Tale of the 4th Holy Grail War
Ryuunosuke summons Beatrice from Umineko. I have actual, honest to god, PLANS for this one but update at a snail's pace with little effort.
Last updated: June 25th, 2012

Fate Zero
Year's after the events of Code Geass, Kiritsugu and the Einzberns summon the embodiment of Kiritsugu's Merciless Justice from beyond the grave. Might update, might not.
Last updated: April 27th, 2012

Man, I don't even know.

Non-Type Moon Related Stuff

Let The Five Elements Bless the Travlers of the Void
"The fuck do you mean, 'castles?'"
Last updated January 8th, 2013

The Neo-Britannian Colonization Project
forums.spacebattles.com/threads/the-neo-britannian-colonization-project-code-geass.221893/ (http://forums.spacebattles.com/threads/the-neo-britannian-colonization-project-code-geass.221893/)
Louise Valliere, as she often does, summons something she can't deal with. In this case, it's Charles Zi Britannia, ripped along with his throne and Knight of One from his palace mid-speech. Pope Victorio of Romalia meanwhile, discovers that careless use of World Gate can lead to problems. Most likely abandoned due to problems with tone and lack of planning.
Last updated: April 7th, 2012

The Founder's Praises on the Great God of Metal
Another Zero no Tsukaima cross, this one with Louise calling for the massive Mechonis from Xenoblade. Even I've no idea what might happen but I put it here for posterity.
Last Updated: June 15th, 2012

The Void Beyond Time (FoZ/CT)
Young Joseph de Gallia sought the power of magic, and indeed that wish was granted.
Last Updated: 3/2/2013

There's also a Zero no Tsukaima/Umineko cross but I can't find it so forget it exists. Also a few things in Spacebattles ZnT crossover index.

February 7th, 2013, 09:29 PM
Updated my Fanfic to the latest updated version.

April 19th, 2013, 02:55 PM
Nuit is doing a good job of tagging people and this never updates, does anyone actually feel attached to this?

April 19th, 2013, 02:56 PM
this has descriptions

but nah

April 19th, 2013, 03:06 PM
I like it, mostly because it gives me a quick and easy way to click to whatever I want to update or read.

April 20th, 2013, 09:00 AM
I use the Recommended Fics thread to begin with ('cause if I'm fishing for things, then I figure I should start with what has already received some positive approval) or the Author Tags thread ('cause if I find something I like by an author, I naturally want to see more). This thread's a little hard to sort through.

Pata Hikari
May 2nd, 2013, 12:38 PM
I like it. It's useful for giving a short summary of my stuff and it's a lot less cluttered then the recommendation thread.