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March 20th, 2011, 11:22 PM
A WARNING: This fic has /d/ elements, and other squeamishes.

Begin – Wiggling

Twisting, contorting–the creatures bumbled over themselves disgustingly to grasp onto the slick flesh. Limbless, they crawled, seeking warm and…


It was pleasurable. My body convulsed against my will. Limbs twitched as my brain told me that I was in unending bliss. My throat made appropriate noises. The creatures still squirmed—now fitting into places they had no right to be. My skin bulged and contorted inhumanly; any normal human's skin should have already burst in gore… right?

good, good…

His hand patted my dirty hair, comfortingly, as if he weren't the cause of my state. Nothing out of the ordinary, how many times had this already happened?

It didn't matter. My hair was already soiled beyond hope of cleansing, what would a little more taint worsen it?

wiggle; burst; scream.

Why was it? My body was in enough pleasure to kill normal humans, I was sure. Yet it continued on.

Was it because, even though my body responded as it should, I felt nothing? It was like looking on the situation instead of being in it.

—Why did the body react when the mind was already numb? Shouldn't the body have already died too?

wiggle; squirm.

They were comfortable now. Nested. They had eaten their fill, and now rested. I was now…

So, then it stopped.

The day after day torment of bliss ceased, and everything went back as it should.

Except it wasn't.


My uncle was a kind man.

He was also dead.

Our first meeting hadn't been the best. The moment he had seen me, with my soiled hair, he had thrown a fit. He was angry. So very, very angry, yet he didn't raise his fist. He didn't even try to push that anger into an outlet. He merely glared, letting the hatred boil behind his eyes.


That anger had been present whenever he looked at me. It was only after the fact, but I came to realize that his anger wasn't directed at me.

That realization was shocking, and I also came to realize that he died because of me.

I watched him die. Despite his twisted body, he had died with a look of satisfaction, his own delusions having given him his peace.

My uncle was a very kind man. He fought so that I wouldn't have to suffer.

He failed, and died, because he was very kind.

And I realized I didn't care.


Grunting, groaning, moaning. Sounds of exertion and pleasure, the mixed wet noises of copulation.

Wiggle. They stirred. His prick sank into me—into them, and he didn't care. His pleasure heightened at their stirrings. Why should he care?


The first time was violent. My struggles left him angry. His hands bruised, and the act itself was painful instead of pleasant. I kept with the motions, but it soon became bothersome. Wasted action, when my body already responded appropriately.

Wiggle. His sperm filled my belly. They greedily drank in the provided energy. The substance itself was left, but the act generated enough to fill them.

drip, drip.

He left himself in me. Heavy breaths rang beside my ear, and I shifted to allow him a comfortable position.

I couldn't remember when he stopped fleeing as soon as he finished. I was able to remember the first time, afterwards when he stuttered and stammered before retreating out of the room after he shot me a guilty, frightened look.

But that didn't stop him from coming again. Whether through bravery, or sheer stupidity, he came again, and again. After my struggles ceased, and fear of reprisal faded, his motions changed.

Rape became consent, even though the feelings behind the matter never changed.

drip, drip. wriggle.

Time passed, and he stirred. His prick sprung up again and he strained himself once more. Mindless of the now dried semen, he plowed forward. He made motions of readying me, but it was needless. My body was always prepared when they sensed more feasting.

He finished sucking on my nipples, and then sloppily kissed me, shoving his tongue into my mouth. He finally began in earnest, thrusting his hips in a steady pace.

His tongue scraped beside my ear, trailing down to the crevice of my neck and lighting my nerves pleasurably as he continued to copulate. His fingers groped my lower back and buttocks, not so much massaging as squishing, yet my body still reacted.

To the flesh, it was nearly unbearable; I cried out in bliss. My jaw clenched involuntarily onto his shoulder, and he hissed in a mixture of pain and pleasure. The nerves sent odd signals to his brain, telling him that it hurt, yet also felt wonderful.

Wordlessly, his pleasured groans signaled his release was near. My breathing was as uneven as his, an orgasm building as they quivered excitedly.

Climax came unceremoniously, our screams muffled onto each other's shoulders, and then both he and I collapsed. His breathes softened, his consciousness already fading back into slumber.

Yet, I felt no need to let him rest.

"Nii-san," I spoke, "It's nearly time for school."

Blinking, he glanced at the clock. His bleary visage changed to a scowl, but he lifted himself off me.

"I'll get the bath ready," he mumbled as he staggered out of the room.

Ignoring him, I fingered the fluid leaking out of my groin. Spreading it between my forefinger and thumb, I gave it short inspection before wiping it off onto his discarded briefs.

The room stank. I'd have to air it out again.


My brother is a curious being.

At first, he seemed to enjoy being my elder. He would smirk confidently and hold himself in high regard in my presence, yet also he did meaningless things for the sake of being kind.

As we grew older, he became more aware of our positions, and resented it. His domineering attitude soon became forceful, yet his fear held back any action beyond verbal barbs. That soon broke, however.

Afterwards, he was a mixture of sorts. His fear was obvious, blindingly so, yet when no actions were taken against him, he grew more confident. The fear was always present, but he soon came to realize that any reprisal would never be from me. He took that as consent, and grew attached again. Strangely, at school, he lost interest in his usual romancing.

My brother never struck me as monogamous, yet once he felt he held a relationship with me, he seemed to lose all interest in other women. Going so far as to rebuff several advances.

His general attitude changed enough even for classmates to comment to me. Asking what happened to make "That Shinji into a decent guy," to which I honestly replied that I had no idea.

Yes, my brother is a very curious being.

He seemed to have gained a sense of purpose, and even goes so far as make subtle acts of defiance against our grandfather when it relates to me. I know this is significant because there is no one my brother is more afraid of then our grandfather. Before, when he held his life in the highest regard, he would have never even dreamed of stepping out of line when he came to that man.

I'm no fool, even though I find it curious, the reason is obvious.

My brother is in love with me, and it will probably get him killed.

But I really didn't care.


"Here?" I wasn't surprised. My brother often exercised his courage when it came to me. From when he first raped me, to the few barbs against grandfather, to… well, this.

"Yeah." He grinned, glancing around before lifting up one of my legs onto his hip.

In terms of actual danger, it wasn't a huge risk to have sex in school. However if someone spotted us, it would bring some rather interesting attention upon us.

My panties were already askew onto my left leg as he clasped his lips with mine. As his tongue darted forward, I thought it was interesting that my brother had started to become such a proficient lover.

My body reacted well to even a graceless touch, yet without prompting, he strived to satisfy me. Impossible as the task was, it brought another layer onto the curiosity that my brother was. I had always thought him unobservant, yet the fact that he improved his sexual prowess when I indicated that I was already quite responsive suggested that I was mistaken.

Nii-san. How odd that you are the one that surprised me so frequently. Life became easier when I categorized others. I could expect certain responses from certain types. But human nature is oftentimes an exception in itself, so when people acted out of how I perceived them I'm not shocked. However, Nii-san's behavior indicated that I should reevaluate some points in that system. Almost every other action he made was unlike him.

His tongue stole me away from my revere. Shifting away from my mouth, he suckled on my ear, soaking it with his saliva. I felt a touch of breathlessness, the nerves of that area were particularly sensitive, but I doubted there's a part of my body that isn't.

The fingers of his right hand slipped between the folds of my vulva. Pinching lightly at the engorged bud of my clitoris incited another hiccup of excitement, and he smiled against my cheek. His teeth slid against my jawbone, and then he slowly ground my earlobe.

I suddenly realized that I hadn't done anything in response.

Curiosity bloomed once again, but I pushed it to the side. My hands reached behind him to tug at the back of his shirt, pulling it up slightly to slip my hands onto his posterior. Kneading roughly on the fleshy cheeks, I felt his breath wheeze against my neck. The fingers of my left hand crept into the crevice, lightly massaging the opening in-between his buttocks.

The desk creaked as Nii-san jolted. My darkened vision caught his eyes going wide as I slipped a single digit into his anus, hooking slightly as it entered the orifice. A groan accompanied the twitch, inciting him to shift my weight more onto the wooden frame beneath me, so that his left hand was free to grope at my bosom.

His hand skillfully unbuttoned my vest, and then shirt, allowing him to squeeze my breasts through the bra. Massaging the clothed flesh, his other hand began to make more thrusting movements against my genitals. While he stuck several of his fingers into my now dripping vagina, his thumb continued to flick at the tiny button at the top of my vulva.

pulsate; squirm.

My heartbeat jumped, and my jaw clenched. The orgasm caused me to yelp a muffled scream into his shoulder. I hastened my hand motions. Drawing the belt of his pants loose, my right hand swept around to his front to grasp at his erection. I don't know whether he is large or small to most, but compared to those, he is of a comfortable size. His shaft easily fit into my hand, allowing me to grip it snugly and begin to jerk it—stimulate it.

Warmth radiated from the odorous genitalia. It pulsated at my touch, rigid yet soft, it dribbled its lubricant onto my palm as I tugged it up and down. I could tell how close he was from the raggedness of his breath. Sucking in a long wheeze of air, he grabbed at my lips with his own, quickly pushing his tongue into my mouth to tickle at mine.

wiggle; pump.

He grimaced, a groan humming into my mouth as I felt his prick begin to squirm in my hand. Once, twice, thrice—his cock shot three arcs of opalescent fluid onto my torso. The semen splattered onto my ruffled clothing and perspired skin, coating it with the heated liquid.

He paused. Gasping for breath, he struggled to stay upright as the orgasm rushed through him. Continuing to pump his cock as it slowly began to lose its rigidity, I took my left hand to steady him from under his shoulder.

The sperm burned on my skin, like a liquefied wax, tingling.


My genitals twitched. I was excited. They were excited.

Shifting, I maneuvered him onto the desk and crouched onto the ground near it. Tugging his pants and underwear down to his ankles, I used my left hand to brush stray hair away from my face before engulfing his prick into my mouth. The bland taste of his semen immediately reached my tongue. I plunged my head downward, compressing my lips around the phallus, before bringing my head back up. I repeated the motion twice more before pausing to swallow the excess ejaculate.

Sighing in a pleased, yet slightly strained manner, my brother eased a hand onto my head. He lightly caresses my hair, but made no other movement besides a few other exclamations of pleasure.

I paused in my fellatio. Despite Nii-san's refractory period being quite short, direct stimulation immediately after his orgasm would detract from my objective. But there were always other options. I used my right hand to massage his testicles. As I stroked the oval shaped glands and surrounding scrotum gently, I pushed my left hand under him, and begin to tease his asshole again. He jerked—just as surprised as the last time—and gasped. His prick seemed to pulsate along with his shock, regaining some of its rigidity.

Cocking an eyebrow, I engulfed his penis once more. Curving my tongue as I slowly thrust my head forward. My cheeks indented as I applied pressure, and pulled off at the same time. Sex is largely repetitive, although humans are very creative nevertheless.

I began to become more aggressive in my oral motions. Using my teeth, I lightly scraped onto the top and bottom of his shaft, and paused momentarily to grind the area right before head, inciting a few squeaks from Nii-san. I pushed a single digit into his anus, and then strained a second into the opening, both were pinched tightly as his muscles clenched involuntarily.

"S-Sakura—!" He gasped. The fingers in my hair clenched and unclenched as he tried to master himself, before he took both of his hands and pulled my head off his penis.

Immediately guessing his thoughts, I sat onto another desk, and then waited. He quickly kicked off his pants and stepped forward. Extending his arms onto the wooden surface, he briefly kissed me, not put off by the taste of his own semen on my lips. Grasping onto his cock—still slick with my spittle—I guided it to the entrance of my vagina, and then hooked my left leg on his lower back.

He paused, planting another kiss onto my lips, and then thrust.


I jolted. Despite how many times we've done this, I've never quite become desensitized to the shock of being penetrated. The shuddering excitement that was, yet wasn't my own, the nerves of my most sensitive—most violated—area being stimulated in a rush of bliss… No, no matter how long I copulate, I doubt I would ever get used to it.

every time—my body remembers.

But then the shock faded, and my body reacted, the repetitive pumping causing my flesh to burn in pleasure. It's truly hard to tell if I actually enjoy it, but it would be a lie to say that I hate it. In a world that despises me, I can find a certain amount of peace in intercourse. Oddly, my mind wanders during the act. Even as my throat screamed, my muscles spasm, my skin quivered—it's peaceful. Just from high school educational knowledge, I don't believe that's normal, but then again, neither are magi.

He bit my ear, and I cried out in climax. A dazzling circumfuse of indecipherable feelings.

They paused.

I do not know what was different. What was in that place and time that was not at the numerous other occasions, but it was different. The moment I felt the exploding rush of sensations, the world froze. The sounds vibrating out of my throat halted in motion. Nii-san's flexing torso ceased its motions. My heart stopped beating.

I reached a point of clarify. What it was, disappointingly, I immediately lost, but I realized something… something very important.

And with that gained—and lost realization, the moment ended. My climax finished, and Nii-san continued to pound himself into my cervix, far from finished. My excitement was still high, so I enjoyed it. I extended my arms around his torso and tightened my grab, panting labored breaths into his chest.

My moment of peace had been shattered, but I didn't mind. Somehow, I realized that I had gained something important: a goal. I do not recall what my own mind whispered to me in that moment, but I knew how to recreate it, how to regain it. So, I let my mind dissipate along with my body. Melding into the maelstrom.

I could only think of his prick. Thrusting its way into my groping folds with vigor born of ecstasy. His buttocks indented with each piercing jab, muscles clenched as he pushed himself into me with all the strength he could muster. His arms creaked tiredly, obviously close to their limit, yet he continued to plow forward with the type of desperate madness of a fanatic. Obsession. He had no other desire in his mind other than to fuck me as much as he possibly could.

His cock jerked inside me. But even as it ejaculated, he continued to thrust. His breath became rough wheezing, and the sperm churned. Five, six, seven—eight more forceful thrusts, and then he stopped, half collapsed as he continued to wheeze. I had no idea that the moment was as arousing for him as it was for me—albeit a slightly different bit of eroticism, I believe—yet from the appearance of my brother, so close to unconsciousness due to his obsession, it had been nearly equalized.

I noted that I was also huskily sucking in air, his rough copulation having forced my lungs to expel their contents with near every push.

Nevertheless, I smiled. I felt… satisfied. Something I felt so rarely that I could count the number of instances on one hand.

"Nii-san," I breathed out in as light a tone as I could. "That was… wonderful."

To my recollection, I could not recall a single time that I had ever complimented my brother until that point.

It showed.

His faces lit up momentarily, before he stifled the expression and grinned happily.

"Yes, it was." His voice was unwavering, despite that he could barely fill enough oxygen into his body to keep from losing consciousness. A hint of pride tinted his statement, but that wasn't surprising.

Hmm. Now that I thought of it, perhaps that was the reason why he was so obsessed on improving himself. An oddity, but that simply fit into the curiosity that was my Nii-san.


My grandfather is a monster.

He was human. Once. But era after era has withered him away into what he is now: a mockery of human form. I do not know his age, but he displays it well from his external appearance. His shrunken frame is like a half-decayed corpse, its crevices sunken, and skin loose, yet not quite fallen apart.

Yet his eyes are sharp. No matter the ages that have past him by, he has kept enough of his wits. And power. When I was a child, there was no one I feared more, before such things became meaningless to me. Everyone that knows of him fears him to some extent.
My brother and uncle were both trapped by that fright. However, they both loosened those chains, my uncle through death and my brother through affection.

Granted, my uncle never ended up defying my grandfather, but death tends to release humans from all such burdens.

His training roughly consists of fiddling with my magical circuits. Of course, they already consumed my circuits long ago. Now they are my circuits.

But they are also my grandfather.

While he has a human appearance, his true self has already been lost—or perhaps transferred to those beings. But a human can't shed their human self so easily. The soul decays because it is not something eternal, and when the soul decays the body does as well. Humans should die—and in doing so, freeing their spirit to be recycled—long before any such thing happens to their soul, but not always. Not always.

My grandfather seeks immortality, and so he seeks the grail, and thus the Matou family seeks the grail.

I don't care about that, but now there is something I care about that pertains to my grandfather…


"Ojii-sama." My voice echoed in the darkened room. The enclosing walls of the desolate place gave a feeling of claustrophobia to most, and were one of the reasons that my brother avoided the room when he could. The other more relevant reason was that our grandfather was often situated it in.

"Sakura." He acknowledged me curiously, a hairless eyebrow rising in question.

"I have need of… guidance." I hesitated, wondering if I should be more frank.

"Guidance?" He blinked, before coming to a conclusion. His sunken eyelids narrowed, and he gave a pleased grin. "Yes… the Heaven's Feel is approaching, is it not? Mere weeks away."

I paused. I hadn't realized, but it gave me a good excuse.

"Yes," I lied smoothly, "Would you help me prepare for the summoning ritual?"

"Gladly." I could practically feel his anticipation.


My brother was away from the household, off socializing with one of the few friends he cared to hold onto—an Emiya Shirou, if I recalled correctly, although I had never met him—so it made for the perfect timing. His newfound bravery often resulted in interruptions in our grandfather's training, which I could not have this time if my attempt was to be successful.

I have an excellent memory. I could file away almost every action I observed, and although I do not consider myself eidetic, I believe that would be the closest definition to it. Although in this case, I do not need an excellent memory. Even if I had a terrible one, I could easily recall that one important detail.

They stopped.

And then my mind condensed—albeit only for a brief moment.

Before that experience, they had only acted in that way in one other situation: when controlled by my grandfather.

I knew that my assumption was correct the moment we began. They danced to his tune, but something has changed.

He frowned.

"What is this…?" He murmured in confusion, an honest lack of comprehension browsing his visage.

Yet he continued. His concentration was pooled to his curiosity as he investigated whatever change had occurred, but that didn't matter.


I felt it.

wiggle; wiggle.

I felt them.

I felt… something else.

I still lacked total awareness. I still did not completely understand. But I was close, and I realized something else.

I wanted him dead.

I felt no anger towards him for what he had done to me. I did not want vengeance.

I simply… wanted him to die. Like a child would curiously pick apart an insect. Or perhaps something more instinctual, yes, like a—

And then he did.


I came to when I heard my brother's scream. To my hazy mind, it was like a gong of lucidity.

My eyes were immediately drawn to my hands, and I was not surprised to find them covered with gore.


It was different again. I could feel myself coming closer to the conclusion I had already drawn up somewhere in my being. But not yet, it still eluded me on the fringes of my conscious mind.

"S-Sakura th-this is…" His voice was shrill, panicked. But I paid it no mind.

I glanced around the room, seeing more and more blood wherever I gazed except… Something was missing from the slaughter. Something very important, and then I had a suspicion.

I froze.

Becoming excited—honestly excited instead of simply sexual active—was a rare occurrence to me. Like proper satisfaction, it happened only every so often. Real emotions instead of reenactments of them were a rare occurrence. I know what I have felt ever since that day so long ago were not true emotions because I felt such emotions until that day. And then everything became dull, lackluster except for a sparse few moments every so often. Yet just as I almost never truly grew excited, I never grew depressed or sad either. I had no trouble continuing to exist. Now I felt another real emotion, one I had honestly never wished to feel again.


If my suspicion was correct…

I didn't want to think about it.

"Sakura, it's alright!" I came out of my stricken state, dimly noticing that my brother had been attempting to calm me for the past several minutes. The reason why was evident when I realized that my body was shuddering in near convulsive like jerks.

"Creating a cadaver won't be a problem," Nii-san breathed against my bloodstained neck, apparently not bothered by the mess covering from head to toe. "Dead is dead, so it's not like he'll be coming to disprove that it's his body in a casket—No, a cremation would work better. We won't invite anybody who could spot that the body is a fake to the service, so… It's alright."

Oddly, I felt a smile tug at my lips at his reassurances. Despite the inanity, it was… nice to know that I had a faithful accomplice in murder. Loyalty. It felt… warm.


I felt excited.

"Saku—mmh!" I cut him off, mashing my lips against his and forced my tongue into his mouth. His shock was almost palpable, the contrast of me as the initiator, and the very unappealing ambiance stilling his actions.

Taking advantage of this, I shoved him onto his back, causing his clothes to be soiled by the blood and other such ichor splattered on the floor. Quickly straddling him, I lean downward and cup his face to kiss him again briefly, framing his features with imprints of blood on his cheeks.

Blinking at me, he seemed to lose his apprehension and reached forward to grope my naked breasts, now mindless of my filthy skin.

Fluid dribbled out of my genitals. I was ready the moment he hit the floor, and judging from a few rough grindings of my hips, he was just about prepared.

Fumbling with the buckle blindly, I quickly controlled my shaking hands and tugged it apart. Finding the zipper immediately afterwards, I undid it and pulled on his underwear, and then let out a small sigh as I felt his erection scrape between my buttocks.

Licking my lips, I held the phallus with the palm of my left hand, and shimmied backwards until it was firmly between my slightly upraised derriere. Pumping my hips and hand, I began to work the still slick blood as a lubricant. It was not the most ideal fluid, but much of my grandfather's blood seemed to have trouble coagulating, so it was not an unusable substitute. The feeling of his heated cock rubbing against my anus intensified my arousal, swiftly building towards an anticipated climax.

I couldn't wait. It was thrilling, but I felt a burning desire I couldn't ignore.

Lifting myself, I shifted backwards more. I grasped blindly with my right hand for a moment before I grabbed onto the warm shaft and guided to my opening. Crouching down, I let out a groan of pleasure in synch with Nii-san as his erection was buried into my flesh.

I paused. A sudden rush hit me. Almost like some sort of intoxication. My heartbeat sped up, and I gasped. The moment he entered me I felt… filled—content. I took a moment to savor it, and then I started pumping my hips. Each time I pulled up and then pushed back down, my nerves lit with pleasure. Nearly unbearable, I could only hiccup in breaths of air, my limbs were becoming like lead, and I started using my arms to help lift myself up.

I screamed in bliss, but that climax was still out of reach. The sensational delight was unlike anything I had experienced before. Even the times my grandfather first invaded my flesh with his creatures—the times I thought I would lose my mind to the pleasure—paled in comparison. I couldn't move, yet my body continued to be penetrated.

Nii-san. Somewhere along the line, when my movements slowed to a crawl, he pulled me into a missionary position to continue to thrust into me. The tiles of the floor were uncomfortable, I knew from memory, but my nerves were to the point where the scraping friction on the stone only added to experience. I believe I screamed again, but over the thunderous sound of blood pumping in my ears, I could not hear it.

Nii-san grimaced, and his furious thrusting paused, but when I felt the heated liquid gush into my womb, I reached that anticipated new height of sensuality.

And at that point, I lost all sense of awareness.


My sister. So close to me, yet easily the farthest. I do not hold any resentment against her because of my situation. I'm not sure if it's due to my recently discovered ascetical nature, but I still even hold her in high regard.

However, this does not mean that I am close to her. We are not familiar with one another. We do not even recognize each other's existence at the only place we meet each other habitually.

Yet, even in my dim vision of the world, my sister is regale being. Proud yet not arrogant, beautiful yet not frivolous, and of course, a perfect magus in every way observable. Which basically breaks down into the fact that I wouldn't even know it unless I had been part of the family once upon a time. Granted, the Tohsaka family is fairly well known among magi (if perhaps only due to their infamous master), but I wasn't really part of that social group anyway. It mattered little to me, as the magical part of my life had very little to do with my everyday life—usually.

Our estranged relationship is such that anybody looking upon us would believe us perfect strangers instead of siblings. My features were altered efficiently, after all.

The few times we've talked, I've addressed her simply as my senpai, and made polite chatter before she lost interest. I do know that she struck up a friendship with the head of the archery club, which is the main reason we've encountered each other those minute times.

Our connection is so infinitesimal that at times that I occasionally even wonder if that time spent with her in my early childhood was a pleasant daydream.

It was for these reasons that I never really considered her someone that would do anything beyond what was called for.

I did care, but I found that I apparently didn't realize how much she cared.


It was at school again. We had done this twice more besides the initial tryst, and apparently the arousal from the risk hadn't faded in the slightest for my Nii-san.

I couldn't say I minded. Since the murder of my grandfather a mere week ago, I had been invigorated, alive. For the first time since being altered, I felt able to enjoy life.

The reason for that was now obvious, but I was in complete denial. To admit the reason would shatter that newfound happiness. And I was happy. I had not able to fully appreciate the lengths my brother went to please me before, but I could now take complete enjoyment in letting my nerves spike in bliss.

Wriggle; writhe.

And I did so. My body made the same motions as always, but my mind was now taken to those delightful plateaus as well. As my Nii-san's mouth devoured at my vulva, it was all I could do to stifle the cries that tried to leap out of my throat, and I had to concentrate through the haze for every single one. My left hand dug into his scalp, not allowing him to escape before he finished, while my right steadied my shuddering body on the desk.

My jaw already ached terribly from how tightly I clenched it, but I could ignore it. I would happily take the pain along with the…

My thoughts jumbled along with my orgasm. It was only momentarily, but for an instant my mind blanked pleasantly. While I once appreciated sex for the mental distance it provided, I did not mind the exchange at all. It was a far more enjoyable distraction.

As my vision reasserted itself, I realized that my brother's hand was cupping my mouth, obviously muffling the loud scream that had penetrated it. It was after hours, but that made it no less risky in being discovered. He looked nervous, yet also pleased.

"Thank you, Nii-san." I smiled as he withdrew his palm. I had made it a habit to compliment my brother. I saw no reason to hide the fact of how much I truly enjoyed his attentions, and his enthusiasm had nearly doubled because of it. Strangely it had become very pleasing at how observant my brother was of my moods. Curiosity turned to endearment, if not outright affection.

Still, no matter how he had fought against his nature, pusillanimity was still a core part of him, and as he started shifting his clothing back on, my feet snaked out to grab his cock. The shaft was still painfully stiff, and as I gave it a pump between the soles of my feet, he could not hold back a groan of pleasure. For a moment, I sudden wished I were wearing stockings; the material would have enhanced the experience far better than my cotton socks.

Still, he continued to sigh appreciatively as I clumsily worked my tired limbs. But it was not long before I abandoned the motions and gestured for him to sit.

For some reason, Nii-san's enjoyment of my fellatio has increased immensely. His groans became coarser, and movements rougher. His normal sexual play of recent times has been very controlled, as he has somehow been able to discipline himself. However, whenever I glanced up from my knelt position, whether gently or roughly sucking on his phallus, the wild-eyed look on his face spoke of how his control was slipping.

I did so, and felt a twinge of mirth as the expression in my mind's eye was mirrored the one in reality. Judging from how quickly he lost it, my amusement must have showed on my face. Grabbing my head between his palms, he thrust until his cock was at the apex of my mouth, and my nose was buried into his pubic hairs. Immediately, I felt it pulsate, squirting a stream of fluid into me.

Wiggle; squirm.

Despite myself, I choked. The flood of sperm backwashed, and began to dribble out of my mouth. I cupped my hands around my chin to tide the small droplets spilling out, and Nii-san jolted at the sound of my gagging.

Quickly releasing his hold, he started stammering out an apology as I coughed into my hands.

I found his slightly panicked look to be quite adorable, but just as I was about to reply, someone intruded.

"Wha-what the…?!" The voice was familiar, very much so, so when I glanced to the entrance of the classroom, I wasn't terribly surprised to see my sister standing there.

I immediately felt my brother still, his body language radiating fear. I knew that my sister was once Nii-san's crush. While he wasn't particular to many specific girls, the nature of my sister was such that he had desired her immensely. That, along with his interest in all other women faded after his obsession with me grew, but I knew that he still respected her a great deal. Thus, my assumption was that the subject of his affection finding him in an incestuous rendezvous was the worst possible outcome to his mind.

Looking back, it was a rather idiotic assumption, but I realized that Nee-san was always something of a blind spot in my mental categories. I could never quite perform proper, logical examinations when she was introduced into the equitation.

It was that same reason that, besides the expected shock in her eyes, I couldn't identify the rage that materialized there.

She shuddered. The anger was swiftly brought to heel, and she fled. Not having said a single word after her exclamation.

My brother also gave a shudder—of relief—as he slumped to his knees.

I swallowed the thick semen still in my mouth, before—as my hands were still covered with white droplets—nudging him with my shoulder. "Are you all right, Nii-san?"

Blinking, he glanced at me with a gaunt face, and then gave a shaky nod. "Y-yes…"

"I'm alright…"

As ironic as it was, I believed him completely.


I was not worried that the secret of our relationship would be exposed. It was Nee-san after all. Even if she had the inclination, she had few people that she would likely dare speak to of the matter.

Or so were my thoughts at the time. It was not incorrect, but it was a wholly incomplete conclusion to jump to on so few details.

As the next day's school let out, I waited as had become my habit to wait for my brother at the front of the school. Yet, as my peers passed by, and time went on, I quickly realized that something was amiss. Turning, I spied a stock of red hair and strode forward.

"Emiya-senpai?" I called out inquisitively, to which the man—who I suddenly noted was quite tall—turned.

"Hm?" His gaze locked onto mine, and despite myself, I was instantly enamored.


"Are you alright?" I blinked dazedly as I suddenly realized his hand was on my arm, steadying me as I swayed slightly.

"Y-yes!" I blushed, jumping out of his grasp. "I'm fine, thank you."

"I was wondering," I quickly got to the point. The feeling of lust at first sight was new to me, especially with how I had recovered my liveliness, but along with that I felt myself compelled fight such emotions, lest my denial crack. It wasn't simply lust… "Have you seen my brother?"

"Brother…" Emiya blinked, before peering at me closely. "You… you're Sakura?"

"Ah, yes." I blushed again, one of simple embarrassment. "Yes, I'm Matou Sakura."

"Shinji's sister…" he smiled. "Yes, I saw him an hour ago, sneaking off with Tohsaka."

"Toh…saka… Rin?" I gaped as he nodded. I stammered my gratitude and rushed off as fast as possible without outright running.

It was at that point I realized that I was an idiot. Facts that were utterly obvious slid into focus, and although I didn't quite know what I could expect, I knew that it wouldn't be pretty.

It was not a long walk to the Tohsaka manor, so it was even a shorter run once I was out of the line of sight of most of the students.

Shudder; burst.

They wriggled, not with sexual excitement, but with anticipation. As a part of myself knew, so did they.

Wards safeguarded most magi homes, and I knew that the Tohsaka household was no different. Nevertheless, as I reached it, I paid it no mind, and as I passed through the boundary, I let out a sigh of relief as the wave of energy laid still despite the disturbance. Wards were to safeguard, but magi themselves were the true danger. As such, very few magi actually had wards that actively defended when they were still inside. My sister, it seemed, was one of them.

Checking the door, I found it unlocked, and after taking a brief moment to recall where the living room was, I rushed forward—my lungs feeling ready to burst from exertion.

Too late…

As I stepped into the room, the stench of blood wafted into my nostrils. My sister looked startled as I stomped in. I noted that her eyes are slightly glazed—shocked. But then my eyes were drawn to the corpse in front of her. My brother, or what was left of him. While his body from the neck down was untouched, there was literally nothing above it besides gory mush.

Gandr. It was not originally a Tohsaka expertise, but my sister seemed to be quite experienced in its use. Generally, one bullet is enough to knock out someone fit into unconsciousness, but wouldn't kill. The same doesn't apply when a rapid secession of dozens of the curses are all used on a single tight area. A small part of me was amazed at the level of my sister's skill to have concentrated that many bullets into the small target of my brother's head. No matter the range, the firing of so many would be like a machine gun in accuracy.

Wriggle; squirm.


Burst; writhe; shudder.

No, no, NO.

I couldn't conceive it. Somehow, the thought of my brother being dead was impossible to my mind. Error. Breakdown. Collapse. My chest hurt. I realized that I was shuddering. My breasts heaved as I choked a sob. I tried to denial it, just like the fact that I was no longer human, but I couldn't.

Nii-san was dead.

And just like that, everything stopped. The moment that I had longed for, yet reviled reached its conclusion.

Wiggle; writhe; burst.

I exploded. I exploded outward—free.

I imagine that it looked like a flood of slimy flesh, suddenly expanding out of my body as the worms came out.

My sister didn't even have time to scream, let alone prepare a defense. They're slow and laborious—except in this situation, when it's time to feed. Their teeth gnashed and ripped, shredding her clothing until her flesh was bare, and then they dug.

I dug. My wiggling body was the first inside her tight, dry hole. My body provided enough lubricant, yet I knew she would scream in pain if she could, if my other selves were not also violating her mouth. My biting mouths retracted their teeth, and I began suckling where I could attach. I writhed over her. The places I could not touch I squirmed across to provide stimuli. I did not violate was her anus, but only because I couldn't fit in there yet without sundering it completely.

I watched as she was devoured. Not literally, of course, they—I—don't feed on females in that manner—a waste—and I tried to ignore Nii-san's corpse. No, instead, her body began to thrash in pleasure as her nerves told her how good it felt.


A sense of déjà vu struck me, and I realized that I had done this before: to myself. Well, I wasn't then what I was now, but that didn't matter, I could still remember. I recalled happily squirming inside the little girl with brown-turned-purple hair's womb and then growing.

Blinking, I realized that I needed to stop being so aggressive, and without even a conscious thought, my masses took it more slowly. If I shocked Nee-san's brain with too much pleasure at once, it would shut down—break.

My suckling became more sensual instead of rough, light gnawing with toothless flesh onto the erect nubs of her erogenous areas.

It was warm. Inside of her, it felt wonderful. Her body agreed, as I shuddered in bliss, she did as well.

I wiggled, she screamed. Again. Again. Again. Muffled shouts reverberated, and I sighed blissfully. I began to masturbate, a single digit, then a second, and then a third.

My fluids dropped onto the floor, and one my selves' pulled away from my sister to assist me. Crawling and squirming up my leg, I pulled at my folds to allow bulbous creature that I am in. My stomach bulged slightly. Having gotten used to my brother's smaller girth, my thick body struggled to fit into the tightened hole.

"Ahhh…" I let out a pleasured groan in tune with one of my sister's muffled orgasms, a smile at my lips as I saw my tail swishing out of the fleshy canal in my thighs.

I realized I needed to stop soon—no matter how strong willed my sister was, unless I wanted to break her—which I didn't, really—I couldn't continue on.

Slowly, reluctantly, I retreated. My wriggling bodies returned to my human one, and as the last of my selves retreated—far from satisfied, but still properly fed—I gave a small sigh.

I hadn't climaxed, but I hadn't really felt the need to.

Glancing around the room, I walked over to the windows and opened them. The stench of blood and sex needed to be aired out.

Turning back, I frowned.

I was still sad.

Despite my fears, it seemed I was not wholly inhuman. I still felt a gaping hole in my chest whenever I looked at my brother's body.

I was not sure if I was happy about that.

"Ah…" My sister twitched, letting out a groan. Her eyes were dim—catatonic—but I knew she would recover. Her body still shuddered, some of her nerves still shocked to the point of thinking they're still being pleasured.

I knelt down next to my brother's corpse and inspected it. If his head were still intact, I would have tried kissing it—EATING IT—to see if it would have made me feel better. It was not, so I didn't.

I grasped one of the now cooling hands and caressed it, but I felt nothing. No response of emotion. My brother was dead, and this was just an empty shell.

Placing the hand down, I walked to my sister, and then picked her up.

She needed to be cleaned, and if memory served, the bath was over…


Now. As I sat in my house—for there are no others of the Matou family left—I contemplated myself.

Mine was an ironic existence. A second born to a line of magi is worthless—unneeded—as the line can only be passed down to one heir through their crest. Why I wasn't aborted, I do not know, I can only assume that my mother was against such a thing, and my father didn't care enough to press the point.

Yet the irony continued. As I became the heir to the Matou line, my grandfather inadvertently created something within me. The crest worms are very limited in what they do. They force the body to remember thaumaturgy, and can even expand ones circuits—although at the cost of a shorter lifespan. They also monitor the user because above all else they're still the familiar of another magus. More so, actually, my grandfather was imprinted within the worms.

Yet, somehow, my grandfather gave it to me. It became mine, or more specifically, it became me. And then I grew in power, and more of my will—or perhaps 'soul'—was forced into them. My grandfather missed the signs of this because my brother was always halting his training, and since he was also causing the familiars to be fed, my grandfather saw no reason to force the issue.

And then the conclusion of my 'merger' with the creatures was completed.

Actually, no, the process had always been 'complete,' it was simply that the connection that had been severed. Perhaps I did that myself, I am unsure, but when I reconnected with 'myself', they were then obedient to me. When I saw my grandfather's host of worms, I wanted them, so I attacked and then ate the rest of him. The process is a bit like what he had done to survive for so many hundreds of years. Whenever the body decayed, he used his worms to transfer his soul to a new one. The soul is a blueprint of the body, so it eventually morphed back into his image—but this has a downside, since when the soul starts to decay, the blueprint does as well.

Still, as I said, the soul is a blueprint. When I ate him—actually, I just brutalized him into mush, but the thought is much the same. Since I overtook his familiars into myself, I also took in parts of his soul, or perhaps parts of his soul overtook me. It's hard to say, but since I lack an obsession with immortality—or even a wish to reach the Root, I feel confident that Matou Sakura won over in the end.

But after having mulled over my life, I realized something very important, or rather, what had somehow become important to me.

I still yearned for my brother. I'm not sure if I was in love, but I can easily say that I became as obsessed with him as he, I. I know that I could probably overcome that yearning—easily so, as while my sister is now deathly scared of me, I feel comfortable about her, and she could grow used to things—I realized that I don't want to.

Heaven's Feel is approaching. While Zouken's mind decayed so much that he forgot its original purpose, a fresh perspective on his memories allowed me insight on the system. A completed Third Magic would be able to revive him.

Well, perhaps. Even if the grail would be completed, if my brother's soul has already been recycled, it's useless.

Still, I'll take that bet.

End – Wiggling

March 20th, 2011, 11:43 PM
I feel guilty for fapping to this.

March 20th, 2011, 11:51 PM
I remember this. It was good.

March 21st, 2011, 12:18 AM
Oddly enough, I liked this one when I first read it, although I cannot for the life of me explain why.

Maybe the horror/tragedy vibes I got from it...

I feel guilty for fapping to this.


March 21st, 2011, 12:21 AM
It was good. Disturbing as hell, but well written. Sort of reminds me of Cllive Barker/David Cronenburg type stuff, and being a big horror fan . . .

Fatuous One
March 21st, 2011, 01:04 AM
I remember this. It was good.

Oddly enough, I liked this one when I first read it,

Good to hear. If it was enjoyable, it was worth the time to write it.

It was good. Disturbing as hell, but well written. Sort of reminds me of Cllive Barker/David Cronenburg type stuff, and being a big horror fan . . .

I seem to recall you saying so before, but only vaguely. It has been almost four years.

Looking back on this fic, it was probably one of my better ones. My personal style of writing kind of meshed with the POV. Not a bad experiment.

March 21st, 2011, 01:14 AM
I seem to recall you saying so before, but only vaguely. It has been almost four years.

Looking back on this fic, it was probably one of my better ones. My personal style of writing kind of meshed with the POV. Not a bad experiment.

You know, have you ever considered writing professional horror?

I can give you information from the publisher that's been publishing my short stories if you like.

LOL and I did, and you asked who David Cronenburg was.

Fatuous One
March 21st, 2011, 01:45 AM
You know, have you ever considered writing professional horror?

I can give you information from the publisher that's been publishing my short stories if you like.

LOL and I did, and you asked who David Cronenburg was.
Nah. I barely get a 10000 word fic out per year nowadays. Putting aside the issue of quality of writing, even attempting professional fiction writing would be too much of a strain for me. It's a hobby, and should stay as such. Thanks for the thought, though.

And yes, I do also dimly recall looking up who he was when you brought him up. I'm actually not much one for that type of horror. I like more atmospheric scares.

March 21st, 2011, 01:57 AM
Scary and suspenseful. I liked it because it portrayed Shinji as not a complete douche, gave us whacked out insight into Sakura, and she killed gramps again. What's not to like? I usually don't give two cents about Shinji but this fic inspired fanfic ideas of a not-completely worthess Shinji in my head.

March 21st, 2011, 02:39 AM
I feel guilty for fapping to this.


Yeah, me too....

March 21st, 2011, 02:43 AM
Let's all have a party in the second circle of hell, then!

Altima of the Gates
March 21st, 2011, 09:43 AM
I didn't get off on it (at all), but yes, the horrific element was pretty darned good.
Lots of tense internal monolgue. Very uncomfortable and disturbing.

Fatuous One
March 21st, 2011, 05:08 PM
Scary and suspenseful. I liked it because it portrayed Shinji as not a complete douche, gave us whacked out insight into Sakura, and she killed gramps again. What's not to like? I usually don't give two cents about Shinji but this fic inspired fanfic ideas of a not-completely worthess Shinji in my head.

Hah. Yeah, I actually had a number of thoughts of making a fic with Shinji as the main character/hero. Still haven't gotten around to any of them, and probably won't because I'm just that lazy...

March 22nd, 2011, 02:05 AM
Hah. Yeah, I actually had a number of thoughts of making a fic with Shinji as the main character/hero. Still haven't gotten around to any of them, and probably won't because I'm just that lazy...

Well, in general it's difficult to achieve, unless you make it an AU (like this one), because Shinji is not a naturally "heroic" person. He's a selfish coward who abuses Sakura and uses other people for his own benefit.

March 22nd, 2011, 08:46 AM
It's been a while since i read this one, but was it an AU? Thought it was just the regular FSN world.

March 22nd, 2011, 08:51 AM
It's been a while since i read this one, but was it an AU? Thought it was just the regular FSN world.

Koto-nee, do you feel guilty for fapping to this, too?

March 22nd, 2011, 09:00 AM
She can't fap. She frigs instead.

March 22nd, 2011, 09:04 AM
She can't fap. She frigs instead.

You ruined my joke. ;_;

March 22nd, 2011, 09:08 AM
Kratos, did you piss off a blind person at some point?

March 22nd, 2011, 09:51 AM
It's been a while since i read this one, but was it an AU? Thought it was just the regular FSN world.

It's an AU because Shinji is actually nice to Sakura here, and cares about her. It presumably drifted away from canon a couple of years before FSN, at the point where Shinji's feelings towards Sakura started turning from "I hate this bitch, I'm going to hurt her and make her suffer" to "I love her, and I'm going to protect her from Zouken no matter what".

Koto-nee, do you feel guilty for fapping to this, too?

Why would she? :p

March 22nd, 2011, 11:36 AM
Kratos, did you piss off a blind person at some point?

No, not that I'm aware of... Guess I didn't get the joke. :/

May 27th, 2011, 07:38 PM
Written well and Disturbing as hell.

Yup this is pretty much what I expected from F1. :3

Lotus Saint
May 27th, 2011, 07:44 PM

May 27th, 2011, 07:46 PM
I don't know whether I am pleased...or repulsed. There is too much division of opinions in my mind, so no fap for me right now.

Lotus Saint
May 27th, 2011, 07:48 PM
Well, at least there wasn't dick-girls or dick nipples....

May 27th, 2011, 08:07 PM
That are shitting.

Altima of the Gates
May 27th, 2011, 08:31 PM
Well, at least there wasn't dick-girls

You know, I am kinda amazed that people are more repulsed by futanari than horror type stuff like this.
Odd. To me, at least.

May 27th, 2011, 08:33 PM
^I actually agree.

May 27th, 2011, 08:36 PM
They be mad. Some futa ain't half bad.

May 27th, 2011, 10:26 PM
I'm not sure if I find this sweet in a twisted kind of way, or deeply disturbing.

Possibly disturbingly sweet in a deeply twisted way.

May 27th, 2011, 10:27 PM
I seem to have developed Multiple Personality Disorder due to the division of my opinions on this.

May 27th, 2011, 10:44 PM
I'm not sure if I find this sweet in a twisted kind of way, or deeply disturbing.

Possibly disturbingly sweet in a deeply twisted way.

'bout sums up my thoughts on this.

May 28th, 2011, 01:21 AM
You know, I am kinda amazed that people are more repulsed by futanari than horror type stuff like this.
Odd. To me, at least.

But dickgirls are horror, it's the same thing!

May 28th, 2011, 01:26 AM

May 28th, 2011, 05:49 AM
I'm not sure if I find this sweet in a twisted kind of way, or deeply disturbing.

Possibly disturbingly sweet in a deeply twisted way.


June 27th, 2011, 07:27 AM
I ... actually got scared reading that about 1/4 - 1/2 way through. (No, didn't finish it).


June 27th, 2011, 07:32 AM
Aw, but the ending is the best part!

June 27th, 2011, 12:28 PM
Aw, but the ending is the best part! I could'nt bring myself to read every single word. I just couldn't! So, I just well, read every 3rd or 4th word. In the end, it looks like I finished reading the story. (The xxx scenes for some odd reason give me goose-bumps).

And now, I believe, I'm truly freaked out. Brr.... !!!


June 27th, 2011, 12:48 PM
I'm pretty sure that's what they were supposed to do. Just call it a hunch.

May 14th, 2012, 12:08 PM
It's an AU because Shinji is actually nice to Sakura here, and cares about her. It presumably drifted away from canon a couple of years before FSN, at the point where Shinji's feelings towards Sakura started turning from "I hate this bitch, I'm going to hurt her and make her suffer" to "I love her, and I'm going to protect her from Zouken no matter what".

I'm not sure if it is AU or not, because I just finished reading the manga and I was shocked to see that actually Shinji was nice towards Sakura and turned from "Poor girl. I'll make sure we get along" to "What?! She is going to be the haed of the Matou familiy instead of me?! I won't forgive her!" to "I hate this bitch, I'm going to hurt her and make her suffer".

May 14th, 2012, 01:06 PM
Don't post in a thread that's a year old, please: if you want to comment on the author, VM or PM him, if you want to argue with Mike, same deal.

May 14th, 2012, 01:38 PM
I'm not sure if it is AU or not, because I just finished reading the manga and I was shocked to see that actually Shinji was nice towards Sakura and turned from "Poor girl. I'll make sure we get along" to "What?! She is going to be the haed of the Matou familiy instead of me?! I won't forgive her!" to "I hate this bitch, I'm going to hurt her and make her suffer".

OK, firstly, don't necro a year-old thread just to make comments like that, and secondly, the Manga doesn't really represent what actually happened in canon.

Don't post in a thread that's a year old, please: if you want to comment on the author, VM or PM him, if you want to argue with Mike, same deal.

I disagree about commenting on the fic, actually, but just answering a random question like that is definitely not worthy of a necro....