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June 30th, 2012, 02:47 PM
Fuyuki's nights were cold, Caren knew it from experience and stories from acquaintances who had been there before. However, that particular truth always turned out to be an unexpected guest in her late night strolls. Caren sighed in apparent boredom, but she still went down the hill, knowing that even she occasionally needed a small breath of fresh air. A strong gust of wind shook her white hair, and she trembled from cold, inadvertently recalling her harsh training from the Church. She immediately hid the memory deep in her soul - Caren didn't want anything to worsen her mood. Not that she had much of one at the moment.

Her footsteps reverberated in lifeless streets, disappearing in the darkness of the starless sky. Streetlights chased away the embrace of night but weren't enough to clear away a bad premonition that had built up in Caren's mind. Something was bound to happen in Fuyuki. And it promised to be a grand event, something that would affect the entire city.

Caren frowned, wondering why bad thoughts were trying to haunt her that night, and stopped. She had originally planned to walk on both sides of the river, but her intuition told her that a short stroll would be enough for the day. Or the night. Anyway, Caren trusted her sixth sense, honed by battles and natural ability, and she didn't think that it was wrong this time either.

Caren turned around, intending to return to the church, and froze on the spot. Right under a lone street light lay a thick book with Chinese hieroglyphs on its colorful cover. It didn't seem to be very old nor did it have any signs of heavy use - just a usual novel without anything mystical in it. That, of course, was strange, leaving aside the fact that the tome was in the last place Caren would expect it to be.

Neveretheless, Caren walked to the book, gingerly picking it up. It was definitely meant for her; she didn't believe in coincendences, after all. Unnatural silence descended upon the street when Caren opened the book and flipped through its pages. And her verdict was...

"Truly, there's nothing strange." The book was familiar, Caren had even read it before. She didn't much like the story but it had been enough to relieve her boredom when she didn't have anything else to do. She closed the book, touched the cover for the last time before dropping it on the asphalt.

That was a mistake.

If she hadn't picked up that book, nothing would have happened.

If she'd just walked away without dropping the book, a nightmare could have been avoided.

But Caren didn't know anything. Because of that, the sharp pain that suddenly appeared on her right wrist took her completely by surprise.

Drip. Drip.

Drops of blood from her hand fell on the ground, forming unnatural signs around the book. Caren lifted her right hand to look at her wrist and found that the suddenly opened wound wasn't anything ugly, and certainly not what an ordinary cut would look like. Etched into her skin was a tattoo in the form of a Yin Yang circle.

A sigh escaped her lips as Caren felt her prana being drained. She of course knew that particular tattoo was most likely a sign of her being the Master in some obscure oriental ritual, but she also knew that it was impossible for such a thing to happen again. Not when the Great Grail itself had been affected by the events of the last War.

Blood, moving of its own accord, finally formed a ritual circle with the book at its centre. The circle shone with bright light, piercing the darkness of the street and effectively stealing Caren's vision for the time being. But her train of thought couldn't be stopped just by that.

Or, maybe, we were wrong, assuming that only cleansing the Great Grail would be enough to stop these rituals.

Caren's body shivered. No, that wasn't the right word. Her body spasmed like it usually did when it felt the presence of an evil being nearby. The sensation was incredibly similar yet completely wrong. It was as though her body was anticipating the end of ritual, a release from the pain- Caren forced her thoughts in line, knowing that if she were to follow that thought she would lose herself in the process.

Concentrate. It's going to end soon.

Following her commands, her mind cleared itself through sheer power of will, and in her battle against the pain Caren almost missed the moment when the ritual finished.

Is that.. all?

A ragged gasp slipped through her gritted teeth. Caren, swaying from exhaustion, slowly opened her eyes, not finding enough strength in her body to even to lift her arm and wipe the sweat from her forehead. The image of young man with a sword sheathed on his side appeared before her...

"This poor Servant wishes to acknowledge your rightful position as one's prideful and benevolent Master, young sister."

...he was as bright as the Sun itself. Her Servant had silky, waist-long fair hair that was more fitting for a beautiful woman than a man, sky blue eyes and soft, cream-white skin with a pretty face. He was clad in an ancient-looking white robe with a high blue collar. Caren felt as though the Servant himself emitted the light, but that illusion didn't last long. Her eyes closed against her will and she fell to the ground, only to be caught in the hands of the so familiar man.

Is it because I can trust him, huh?

With the last bit of strength hidden in her body, Caren whispered in the ear of her new-found partner.

"Bring me... to the Church... just... don't get lost..."

Soft laughter and the acknowledgement of her order was all she heard before losing consciousness.


"It's glowing. Oh no..."


"Huh? Just what do you mean by 'We don't have enough funds for that'?"

The Princess of Jewels, Tohsaka Rin, was angry. Her subordinates were rushing here and there in panic, doing absolutely nothing about the incredibly important research they had been assigned to. Granted, there was lack of money, but she wasn't the one to blame just because she had bought too many jewels for experiment! She'd even used her own fortune just for the sake of the damned research!

Alas, her subordinates weren't so understanding, and didn't realize that their mistress's anger was barely hidden under a cold mask of superiority.

"Lady Tohsaka, with only the remaining funds we can't afford to buy any more ingredients. Pardon me, but we simply don't have the money-"

"No. More. Words." Rin abruptly interrupted the speaker, a man who was older than her but lower in rank. She rubbed her temples weakly, trying to shake off her irritation. "What about my own fortune? I used everything. There should be enough there to keep the experiment going."

"It was barely enough to afford just one jewel."

Rin's face twitched, promising her destructive anger very soon. Fortunately for the servants, a knock on the door stopped their volatile mistress from releasing her anger. Suppressing her emotions, she answered stiffly, "Enter the room, if you please."

"Good afternoon, Miss Tohsaka." The greeting came from a mature-looking man in a red coat and black stylish suit. Between his index and middle fingers he held a cigar, which wasn't an unusual act for him. Luckily for Rin's lungs it had yet to be ignited. It was a sign of respect from Lord El-Milloi II to the apprentice of the Wielder of the Second Magic. "The atmosphere in here is good, as usual." He said.

"Lord El-Melloi, may I ask for the reason of your sudden, yet warmly welcomed visit?" Rin held some respect towards her instructor too, but anger had a way of twisting her words, resulting in a slightly less than acceptable reply to her superior.

However, her visitor shrugged off her rudeness visible change in his experession.

"You may, because you're directly responsible for that place in Japan."

Rin frowned and instantly set aside her anger. The last time she was there, Fuyuki had been perfectly peaceful. Just what could've happened there to bring Lord El-Melloi himself to grace her with his presence?

The famous lecturer gestured towards the door. "I think it would be better to discuss that matter without any outside observers." He glanced at her servants as he spoke.

Rin mechinally nodded her head, following him. Before leaving the room, she stopped and gave her servants new instructions. "Everyone, take a break. You have one hour for some rest, then you are to continue with experiment, even in my absence."

As she left, silence fell upon the room.


Lord El-Milloi didn't speak a word as he stopped in front of an enormous door. After just a glance, Rin's eyes widened in surprise.

The Lecture Hall? Why did he lead me here?

The tall man pushed the door, and a view of the empty hall appeared before Rin. She squinted, trying to understand what the unusual openness of the room meant, but then her gaze caught something that shouldn't have been there.

"This...?" Rin gasped in shock. A large white circle was drawn on the floor with two small circles added onto its left and right sides. The form was a bit different from what she was familiar with, but the basis was the same - it was a summoning circle for the Holy Grail War.

"Exactly what you think it is." Waver Velvet locked the door behind the flabbergasted Rin, dropping the mask of an arrogant Lord. His stone face softened and he continued in gentle tone, "The new overseer informed me that a new Grail War will definitely happen within the next three years."

Rin nodded, trying to regain her calm demeanor. "And that means..." Her question was left unfinished, but it was obvious what she wanted to know.

"Yes. I'm offering you the position of a Master with me as your back-up." Waver answered calmly. "I studied the notes of Sir Kayneth and I'm pretty sure that I can pull off the same trick he used in the 4th War." With these words he pulled down the sleeve of his coat, showing her a tattoo in the form of two circles pieced by an arrow.

It was the sight of his Command Seals that finally returned Rin to her senses. "I take it that you want me to be the prana supply for your Servant?"

"No. I will be the prana supply while you will be the active Master." Waver's answer was unexpected. Rin frowned, trying to find loopholes in the offer. "Don't worry. I'll transfer two of the signs to you and divide the rights between the two of us." Waver said to eliminate her fears." I have a good guess as to who our Servant will be, and he won't eat away at my prana like a crazy Berserker. Thus, even someone like me should be able to support a Servant."

Just how much does this man know?

Without knowing her thoughts, Waver Velvet walked to Rin with a stoic look on his face. His eyes were filled with uncommon determination, which shook Rin, reminding her of...

"So, your answer?"

Rin sighed.

"I accept your offer."

"That's good to hear. Then let us proceed to summoning."


"Nee-san's there too. Why? Why did that nightmare choose us again?"


"So, just what was that? A Command Seal? You really thought something like that could stop the glorious me? That idiocy brought you your punishment."

The room was dark.

"It's a wonder how you got your Command Seals in the first place with such weak determination."

Nothing could be seen there.

"Hm? What are you trying to say? Just lay down and die if you're not worthy of being my opponent."

Everything was pitch black.

"Although, I'm grateful for your efforts in bringing me in this world."

Except for the crimson red robe.

"What will be your prize for your hard work? I think an easy death will be good enough."

A lightning bolt appeared from nowhere. It was enough to pierce the darkness, but it could only give birth to shadows, not to light.

"There's someone to pray for you, I hope."

And the shadow born from light was enormous, to say the least.

"Let thy soul rest in peace. Amen."


"He sealed it. He sealed it. Then why did he leave me that? Did he know that it would be re-enacted again...?"


"Show yourself."

There were no shadows anymore.

"Don't make me repeat myself. I know that you're there, little spy."

Golden eyes glowed in the darkness. And the answer to their inquisitive gaze was given after a little pause. Not in voice. In footsteps. And in a burst of blood.

"What are your intentions? Don't tell me that you just wanted to watch the show."

"Of course, no." A metallic voice rang out. "I've got a proposal."


"Do you wish to be my Servant?"

"And what will prove your capability? You could be just like that blue-blooded idiot who thought that he could command the glorious me."

"Look into my eyes. Am I the same as that bastard you just crushed?"


"I've got no dream. I've got no wish. I just want to ensure the end of that nightmare."

"Your eyes..."

"I want to put an end to at least one war on this Earth."

"Huh. You're bad at speaking, little spy."

"Words are merely tools for conveying our thoughts. There's no need to spice them up; it wastes time."

"A final question then. Why did you kill your own Servant?"

"Isn't it obvious? I've got no need for just a sword."


"Senpai... I thought you won't be involved. Not after you killed your Servant. Not after your suffering..."

I don't like superheroes. According to what I've heard, they wear strange suits, have funny restrictions and are prone to emotional unstability. Nothing interesting, nothing realistic, nothing useful to know. They're just like magi, but that's not something the Magic Assossiation needs to know, heehee.

Speaking of me, I just have to abide by the policy of secrecy. Their fangs aren't long enough to reach the distant land of Japan so I can live a relatively normal life there.

Unless you count my magic abilities, that is.

A normal life is a boring life if you don't have fancy pictures to fill your mind. The difference between the day and the night is almost non-existent, and all sounds quickly lose their appeal. That's one of the reasons why I work in a place as silent as the library. Granted, the main reason is obvious self-irony in taking care of something that requires normally working eyes for use, but silence was the the runner-up in this race.

The library is basically a small reading room with a spacious storage room. The owner of the library never shows up until late at night, and there aren't many readers here. Our only clients are those who have heard about our big choice of books from other sources.

Right now, there's no one in here. Amidst the eternal darkness of storage room, I'm standing inside an meticulously accurate circle. My body is tense, my eyes are tightly shut and my mouth is slightly opened.

"That's actually funny. I don't like superheroes but I intend to summon one." I mutter with a thin smile. And that's the last chance for me to relax before concentrating on the activation of my Magic Circuits, and blocking a painful sensation from my tattoo. Scales. This is the form of that which marks me as a Master.

If you're a magus, you need to be ready to walk on the thin border between life and death. And the only things that await you there are pain and solitude.

The only weapons a magus possesses are a clear mind and perfect self-control. In exchange for them, you lose the chance to live a normal life.

My parents always told me these cruel truths, teaching me.

As if I had an option back then.

"Shut. Shut. Shut. Shut. Shut. Let each repetition be succeeded and crush them in my stead."

It doesn't matter if I remember those words. I only need to go with the flow; there's no room for a breather.

"O' ye, the silver and the iron. O' ye, the archeduke of contracts. O' ye, great ancestor. Erect walls from each side to resist the great wind. Close the gates and open the road to the Kingdom."

I don't care what I'm saying. I have a chance, and I won't let it go. Even if I didn't even know about this ritual until a month ago.

"I give my oath here. I shall be all the virtues of Heaven. I shall supress all the sins of Hell."

My body feels light and tries to disappear into the air. My breath is ragged, and my heartbeat has quickened. The pain threatens to tear me apart.

I grit my teeth and focus my mind.

"Let thy sword be my fate. Let me lead you to glorious victory."

I shiver from the energy drain. It all my efforts just to stand here.

"Break your chains and descend from Seventh Heaven by three words of power, Guardian of Balance!"

My body is on fire. Small drops of sweat appear on my skin, cooling it off, but there's nothing that can cool down my heated Magic Circuits.

It took all of my prana just to summon the Servant. Knowing that I need to at least register the voice of my Servant in my memory, I muster the last remaining bits of my strength only for one question.

"What's your class, Servant?"

June 30th, 2012, 03:49 PM
Akemi Asai
Asai Household
Day 1

It is time.

Time for a new Holy Grail War.

I have the circle prepared, in my own room.

My parents don't even know anything. They're overseas, on a business trip. The caretakers aren't here either; I let them all off on a break. All, that is, except for one of my tutors.

He taught me Magecraft. He taught me what it was to be a mage. He taught me there was someone who cared about me.

He's outside of the room, awaiting a successful summoning.

I will not let him down.

I take a deep breath and begin the incantation. Inside the circle is a copy of the Necronomicon; or so they say. Even if it is a fake, I am sure I will get the Servant I desire.

"Silver and iron to the origin. Gem and the archduke of contracts to the cornerstone. The ancestor is my great master Schweinorg.
The alighted wind becomes a wall. The gates in the four directions close, coming from the crown, the three-forked road that leads to the kingdom circulate.
Shut (fill). Shut (fill). Shut (fill). Shut (fill). Shut (fill).
Repeat every five times."

I remember the first four lines easily, my circuits burning. I musn't lose my concentration, let I fail.

"Simply, shatter once filled.
――――I announce.
Your self is under me, my fate(doom) is in your sword.
In accordance with the resort of the Holy Grail, if you abide by this feeling, this reason, then answer.
Here is my oath. I am the one who becomes all the good of the world of the dead, I am the one who lays out all the evil of the world of the dead."

The breeze knocks the papers I have strewn around into the circle...

Shit, shit, shit!

I must keep going. Perhaps the addition of those papers will add to the catalyst...

After all, I was working on a horror blog.

"You, seven heavens clad in three words of power, arrive from the ring of deterrence, O keeper of the balance ―――"

Light. A blinding light. I close my eyes reflexively, understanding there will be a hero at my fingertips.

My hand burns.



The light and the burning fades, and I slowly open my eyes. Have I done it?


No. No. Nonononononononononono-!

it's him (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_Fn6YLetZA)

the birch king
the thin white duke
the rawboned man
the operator

helooksatme hehasnoeyes,noface
histhinhandstouchme socold
hepullsoutmyhand dontkillme
therearecommandseals itsimpossible
butwhy why



no eyes
no ears
no mouth

he speaks












IT pERMENAtES thRough My owN thoughtS

i understand what he is now

f e a r

June 30th, 2012, 04:12 PM
Einzbern Castle
The halls of the Einzbern castle echoed softly with his footsteps, as Acht descended the stairs to where his loyal servant waited. "It has only been a short time since you came to join us here, but you have already grown so much more than you would have were you to be left on your own. I am pleased to see this progress." Acht surveyed Kishi with cold eyes. Though his words had seemed warm, all it took was looking into his eyes to know that the tone was insincere. This was merely another chance to obtain the Grail, and that was all that mattered to him. "The War has started up again, as you are no doubt aware. It is still a short time away, but you can summon your Servant early and prepare the battlefield for victory. I will not accept anything less than that." As Acht was talking another homunculus walked up behind him, with long blond hair and even paler skin. "She is our latest Grail. Though the last war did not go as planned due to Kiritsugu's heir we are none the less prepared for this one as well. You are to keep her safe and whole, for she is vital to achieving Heaven's Feel. Consider this just another task that you must accomplish." Acht gestured to her ever so slightly as she bowed. "Defeat all foes before you with no mercy, secure the Grail for the Einzberns, these are your tasks. Go now, and succeed in your duties."

June 30th, 2012, 04:33 PM
Unknown Location
Unknown Time

I look around, feeling really confused. Where am I, and what am I doing here? Then sudden realization hits me as I learn all about the Grail War. I slump my shoulders a bit, feeling discouraged. Epic heroes from throughout time and space, and I'm in the middle of it? Why would anyone summon me when they could have a samurai or someone cool like that. Someone's talking to me and I look up at this slightly smaller female. I hold out my hand to her and smile. "I guess I'm supposed to be a Caster. What's your name?" Thinking on it, I don't make any sense as a Caster. I don't have any spells that I can do, that was always my friends. Maybe this war is going to be filled with more normal folk like me then.

June 30th, 2012, 04:54 PM
Kirigaya Kayaba
Semina Apartments
Day 1

Magic circle, check. Usual barrier to prevent prana leaks and a simple defensive bounded field, check. Catalyst, well, I guess I have nothing.

This was my final chance to turn back. Going by the tradition of the Holy Grail War, I would have to claim six souls or perish trying.

"Silver and iron to the origin. Gem and the archduke of contracts to the cornerstone. The ancestor is my great master Schweinorg." My determined voice begins the first line of the spell.

"The alighted wind becomes a wall. The gates in the four directions close, coming from the crown, the three-forked road that leads to the kingdom circulate.
Shut (fill). Shut (fill). Shut (fill). Shut (fill). Shut (fill).
Repeat every five times.
Simply, shatter once filled."

I take a pause, knowing my hands will be stained with blood if I continue. But, I'm fighting for a miracle. For that reason, I cast aside my hesitation and resume the incantation. Feeling the unworldly sensation of magecraft activation, here on begins the summoning of my Servant.

"I announce,
Thou shall be under my command, my fate shall be determined by your sword.
In accordance of the call of the Holy Grail, if you abide by this feeling, this reason, then answer.
Here is my oath, I am the one who becomes all the good of the world of the dead, I am the one who lays out all the evil of the world of the dead."

At this moment, I cannot see and the uncomfortable feeling of magecraft adds on to my mental stress. But, I just have one more line to go and my entry into the Holy Grail War would be guaranteed!

"You, seven heavens clad in three words of power, arrive from the ring of deterrence, O keeper of the balance!"

I could feel that it was a success. Though, something is disturbing me. As my vision slowly returns to me, I feel that the shape of the Servant I just summoned seems a bit odd.

How strange.

June 30th, 2012, 05:54 PM
Semina Apartments
Day 1

How strange...

I'm sure I was dead, or at least I had died. But I find myself standing in the middle of some weird circle that I had never seen before and the my memories returning to me and more knowledge following in. Oh I understand now, I've been summoned into The Holy Grail War, while mean that guy standing in front of me mush be what's know as a Master.

I'm a Lancer Class, well I'm not surprised about that...but before all that.

I put my hand to my chest, and I can still feel it. Damn even in death my choice's haunt me. I look at the boy on front of me, he's skinny and about my height though a little taller than me, wearing what looks like school uniform form. He looks normal enough but from what I've learn from about the grail war, he's more than likely not normal.

"Are you my master?"

June 30th, 2012, 06:50 PM
Alana Cameron
Day 1

Standing inside her mostly bare apartment, Alana looked down at her newly crafted summoning circle with satisfaction. All things considered, she was in a good mood. The two weeks she had spent in Japan were a fun experience, even if she did spend the first three days mostly getting lost. She had made sure to at least manage a working grasp of Japanese after making the decision to join the Holy Grail War, but it still took some getting used to.

All the necessary preparations were already finished, of course. Alana had made sure her new apartment was properly secured against mundane as well as magical threats. She had found a fairly high-class place, so the security was good enough to begin with, but that had no stopped her from making sure every entrance had multiple types of mundane locks - including an electronic keypad on the door - along with magical wards on every one, and bounded fields to prevent unwanted entrance and detect those who made it through. Her accommodations were a little different from what the staff were used to, but that was nothing she couldn't handle.

And now, it was time to summon her servant. Alana's heart pounded and her magical energy surged as she began the incantation, ready to call forth a hero from times long past. The ritual was simple, as the Holy Grail did most of the heavy lifting, but the magus knew she still needed every symbol and every spoken word to be perfect, just in case.

The summoning circle shone with blinding light, but Alana simply stared right through at the figure appearing in the center. Hardly giving the spirit time to examine his surroundings, she spoke up, introducing herself to her new partner.

"Welcome to Fuyuki City, hero. My name is Alana Cameron, and if you will accept me, I will be your Master for this Holy Grail War. Now, tell me, are you ready to fight by my side and obtain the power of the Holy Grail?"

June 30th, 2012, 06:57 PM

Day 1

A girl hunched over a sink in an abandoned apartment, eyes wide and bloodshot. Shaving cream adorned her lower face, and she was drawing a disposable shaver across her face, while clumps of shaving cream mixed with facial hair fell from her face and gathered in the sink.

The rest of her body was adorned with tiny cuts, most visibly on her arms and legs. Shaving cream littered the floor of the apartment, as well as a series of used razors.

Shibai yelped as she cut herself, scattering blood into the sink. Breathing hard, she raised the razor again with shaking hands, managing to shave the rest of her face. The razor was thrown violently to the floor, and the girl threw herself at the mirror, hands scrabbling against her face desperately as she examined herself.

After a moment, Shibai slumped, just barely satisfied with her condition. “I hate boats,” she muttered murderously, wincing as the motion pulled at her shaving nicks. “No razors anywhere.” Someone next door laughed loudly, and the girl squeaked and pressed herself against the wall, retreating into herself.

It was almost ten minutes before Shibai felt well enough to venture out of the apartment, crawling through the window she’d broken to get in. Walking aimlessly, she eventually found herself in a shaded alley, with tall buildings all around.

Shibai sank down against a wall and stared forlornly at a wall. What was she supposed to do now? She’d spent three weeks huddled in a cargo ship, forced to watch in horror as her body hair continued to grow back, without any means to remove it. She’d endured everything, and found herself at her destination.

Now what? She didn’t have any food. She didn’t have shelter. She


Pain. Shibai opened her eyes to see her fingernails digging deep into her hands, causing blood to drip to the ground. The sight of blood captured her eyes, until she felt a stirring in her loins.

“NO!” she bit out harshly, shoving her hand down. “No, nononono. Stop, please, stop,” she pleaded.

“Well, look what we have here.”

Shibai whipped her head to see two men standing at the entrance to the alleyway, the light behind them casting them into shadow. The first man stepped forward, and even in the darkness, Shibai could see a predatory grin that promised bloodshed. “Whatcha doin’, little girl,” the man purred, his eyes gleaming with lust.

“Got nowhere to go?” The second man stuck his hand in his pocket. “Come with us, we can provide for you.”

“Really?” Shibai breathed, biting her lip nervously. These men looked unpleasant, but they offered to help her! They wouldn’t hurt her, right? “O-o-okay.”

“Good girl,” the second man said, pulling his hand out with something clenched in his hand. He advanced, looming over Shibai with a terrifying height. “Don’t worry, we’ll take care of you.” There was a click, and then a gleaming steel blade erupted from the depths of his hand.

He grabbed Shibai’s arm roughly. “What are you doing?” Shibai asked hysterically, trying to push him off. The man only laughed and pressed down harder, his knife easily slicing through Shibai’s clothing and creating a thin cut across her navel.

Shibai gasped, the pain burning on her stomach fueling her anger. “STOP!” she screamed, and with a tremendous force, the second man was flung against the opposite wall, impacting with a sickening crack. The switchblade slipped from his limp hands, rolling until it was barely an inch from Shibai.

“You little bitch!,” the first man snarled, flipping out his own blade. “I’ll kill you!” he screamed as he charged towards Shibai.

The world seemed to slow as the man lumbered towards her. As if moving in a dream, Shibai slowly grasped the knife beside her and held it up with trembling hands.


When Shibai opened her eyes again, she was trapped under a suffocating weight. She strained to push it off, struggling until the weight rolled off. Sitting up, she closed her eyes to take a deep breath, and then she took a look the strange weight.

bulging eyes
pale skin
handle in his chest
blood everywhere

Shibai clapped her hands to her face to suppress her scream, and felt a hot stickiness on her face. Slowly, she drew them away, afraid to see the results.



She was dirty. She was unclean. She was trash. Scum. Filth.

She scrubbed her hands furiously on the rough concrete. It wasn’t enough. Nothing was enough. Nothing could ever wipe her hands clean.

Deep in the darkest pits of despair, a young girl slammed her head on the ground, and whispered in silence.

“Someone, please…help me…”

June 30th, 2012, 08:20 PM
Elvira Lutrova
Day One: Arcade

Even if she was a spell-caster, it seemed that she had an odd affinity for these sorts of places. Her silver hair tied back in order to keep it out of her eyes, the young woman known only as Elvira silently slipped through the back door of the recently constructed arcade building, her earlier unlocking of the door making it a simple task to break into the rather technology heavy building. All of the lights, including those that normally lit up the screens of the arcade machines had been turned off with the end of the arcades active hours, but with all the time she had spent here for the last couple of days, putting up basic protections against prana detection, it was simple enough for her to navigate through the darkness of the building's interior without striking anything unnecessary.

It was an odd place to perform a ritual, but she had chosen this place for that exact reason.

Who would expect a Master to appear in this sort of place?

Setting down her bag, she removed one of the many vials of mercury she had brought with her to this place. It was a lot cleaner than using blood for the ritual would be, and once everything was said and done, which meant that it would be a lot easier to hide the fact that a summoning had taken place here. The circle took her only a few minutes to complete, her face passive as she wrote out rune after rune, the practiced movements leaving clear, recognizable lines on the tiled floor of one of the unfinished rooms.

When she finished, she stepped into the circle without hesitation, knowing that she hadn't made a flaw during construction of the magic circle.

She had practiced this too many times already, had gone through plan after plan in her mind as to how she would win the war for the grail.

Her wish was set in stone, she would end this war quickly, to both fulfill her dream, and stop the violence of the ritual from spreading into the lives of the innocent people who lived in Fuyuki.

It wasn't her main goal, but why not help them out by winning quickly?

Her circuits roared with power as she began to chant, but she showed no signs of discomfort, of pain that tore at your nerves and made your body tremble from the sheer power of the arcane.

No, the will of this woman made showing any signs of weakness unacceptable, even if she was here by herself.

Still, she closed her eyes, finding that it helped her to focus, which also helped a bit with the pain that was growing steadily worse-

"You, seven heavens clad in three words of power, arrive from the ring of deterrence, O keeper of the balance ―――"

And then, with a final burst of power, the ritual came to a slow but steady end, a connection like that of a familiar tying her to the being that had appeared in the room.

Even with her eyes closed, Elvira could sense that the person she had assumed, like all Heroic Spirits, was an existence that surpassed her own.

Her Servant, a being that could destroy her a thousand times over in any sort of normal fight.

It would have been okay to show a little fear, a little awe, at standing in the presence of such an existence.

But fear, like pain, was something that Elvira would not show to anyone, even herself.

"Ugh, this sounds like a weird question, but I guess it's tradition for you guys?" the sound of her Servant's voice seemed to be that of a young woman, "I am Servant Archer. I ask of you, are you my Master?" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VvJ209AHTiw)

Opening her eyes, Elvira saw the blonde haired woman leaning against the far wall, her features slightly revealed by the dim light of the still glowing magic circle.

She only had one thing to say in response.

"Yes. I am your Master. Welcome, Servant Archer."

And just like that, for the mercenary known as Elvira, this night was the true start of the sixth Heaven's Feel.

June 30th, 2012, 08:56 PM
Servant Saber
Day 1

He barely felt his feet touch solid ground before his apparent summoner, standing before him, started with her questions. Her introduction was quick, semi-formal, and explained enough. The Grail had taken care of the rest, in terms of information.

"My Master?" The Servant stroked his chin, glancing at the woman's attire, and the room. "Well, this sounds like a good partnership to me; I expect you to pull your own weight, but I am a hero for a reason. I think I should be able to deal with anything this war forces onto me." His lips curled into a small, sly grin.

Unlike most Servants of the Saber class, he wasn't dressed in armour, and he didn't have an obvious weapon at his side. His attire was more like a businessman, or a well-to-do young adult, making his way in the world. Relaxing a bit, he took of his light suit jacket and hung it on a chair, leaving him with a simple dress shirt, plain tie, and the rest of the usual trappings of a suit or uniform. His hands clenched into fists, gripping nothing but the air. Perhaps he had some power hidden elsewhere, but he hadn't shown it yet.

"I am Saber, by the way. You should just call me that, for now."

June 30th, 2012, 11:10 PM
Kirigaya Kayaba
Day 1
Semina Apartments

My vision had already returned a few seconds ago, but I was too stunned at this scene to react. Er, how should I put it? I can definitely sense a prana link to my Servant. The figure in front of me should certainly be my Servant. The only problem was her appearance.

"Yeah, I'm your Master. Are you my Servant?" I realized the stupidity of my question only moments after I said it.

I mean, summoning a female Servant was within my calculations. There are, after all, instances of female Heroic Spirits in history. I can totally accept that.

However, for some reason, my mind went blank the moment I laid my eyes on her. Was it the red, long hair or her height? I can't figure it out. Maybe, just maybe, I was expecting someone muscular with a loincloth or a toga like Spartacus or a gallantly armored knight like Sir Gawain.

Before I could dwell more on the issue, my whole body jerked and I fell onto the couch. It seems my excitement was the only thing masking my fatigue from the ritual. I feel too tired to lie properly, so maybe I'll just close my eyes and rest.

July 1st, 2012, 12:31 AM
Yoshikuni Taiki
Day 1
Ryuudou Temple

Taiki finished the last preparations of the circle then stepped into it. Though it had taken longer than anticipated he was satisfied with the results. The signs of the Grail War had been evident in the leylines movements, and though it had perplexed his family they had prepared him as best he could. It would be a difficult battle, but Taiki was confident in his spellcraft to succeed in the war, though he hoped he had good fortune in his Servant. As he started the chant wind started to swirl around him, even as the spell circle crackled and sparked with power. His focus on the spell caused flickers of prana to leak out from him, mixing with the magic in the air and prompting the wind to go even faster, the lightning to spark even louder. As the spell finished a sudden silence broke, peaceful compared to the maelstrom of energy that had been going on around him earlier.

July 1st, 2012, 12:57 AM
Servant Assassin
Ryuudou Temple
Day 1

There was only silence as Assassin touched down on the floor of the temple. After all, he was a born killer, a prodigy in the art of shedding blood.

Opening emotionless eyes, Assassin laid eyes upon his summoner. Young. Short. Even shorter than…him. The demon. Even though his summoner was nothing like him, even just his height was enough to dredge up long repressed memories. Or maybe it was only a moment ago. Death was a strange business.

He noted with some detachment that his cloak was missing. So was his sign of loyalty, despite its desecration. It wasn’t important. After all, only fools attached themselves to material possessions. Some things were not worth placing value in.

Hmm, so it seemed there was an established tradition for this sort of summoning. “I am Servant Assassin. I ask of you, are you my Master?”

July 1st, 2012, 01:05 AM
Yoshikuni Taiki
Ryuudou Temple
Day 1

Taiki looked his Servant over up and down. He was taller than him, but that was a common thing. For a moment it had felt oddly tense, but the moment passed for now. Taiki nodded at his Servant's question. "I am Yoshikuni Taiki, and I am your Master." It seemed he had summoned an Assassin. It wasn't what Taiki had been hoping for, but Taiki had already planned what he would do regardless of the kind of Servant he had. "Welcome to Ryuudou Temple Assassin. It is good to meet you. Is there anything you would like to know?" Taiki kept things as calm and polite as he could with Assassin. It was hard to tell just what his Servant would be like in terms of personality, so hopefully he could avoid any issues this early on.

July 1st, 2012, 02:25 AM
Rosalina Valencia
Valencia's Apartment
Day 1"Silver and iron to the origin. Gem and the archduke of contracts to the cornerstone. The ancestor is my great master Schweinorg."

Getting ready for the Holy Grail War was no problem for Rosalina, but her upbringing had raised her into too much of a perfectionist. The magic circle on the floor was perfect, as well as the layout of the perfectly clean room itself. Obviously her butler had come every day to fix things up, but Rosalina was not a mere spoiled brat - she could look after herself. The apartment itself was well furnished and quite spacious - after all, it was a penthouse in Shinto.

"The alighted wind becomes a wall. The gates in the four directions close, coming from the crown, the three-forked road that leads to the kingdom circulate."

Enunciating each word clearly, Rosalina kept making sure nothing was wrong up till now. The incantation was going on smoothly, as well.

"Shut (fill). Shut (fill). Shut (fill). Shut (fill). Shut (fill).
Repeat every five times.
Simply, shatter once filled."

A slight pause, while Rosalina drew her breath again - a brief respite, for her Servant was bound to be here in a few seconds.

"......I announce.
Your self is under me, my fate(doom) is in your sword.
In accordance with the resort of the Holy Grail, if you abide by this feeling, this reason, then answer.
Here is my oath. I am the one who becomes all the good of the world of the dead, I am the one who lays out all the evil of the world of the dead."

A last pause. Putting a mental image of the strongest possible being in her head, she chanted the final verse.

"You, seven heavens clad in three words of power, arrive from the ring of deterrence - O keeper of balance!!"

A crash, and some dust whirling around the magic circle - she knew she had drawn her cards, and now she would see the result.

July 1st, 2012, 03:33 AM

You hear soft laugh.

"I couldn't imagine that this night will be so special."

You're looking around, raising your head in fear, and soon your eyes find a girl clad in snow-white dress. Long, white hair; red, unblinking eyes; and a doll-like face adorned by a cute smile. She looks innocent and completely harmless, but you can feel that there is something awfully wrong with her.

"You said you wanted help, didn't you?" Her voice is melodic and clear. She looks at you with genuine curiosity of a child and takes a small step forward. You want to say something but your throat and lungs refuse to work properly.

"I can find the solution to your problem. Because I'm not a human either." You know that you didn't even say anything. The girl's eyes carefully take in your figure, and she nods her head in satisfaction. It feels like she see through you, knows all your fears and... wants to play.

Sharp pain pierces your right wrist. You already drew the blood from your body yourself, but it wasn't so painful before. This pain is akin to the pain brought by tortures.

"Congratulations. I acknowledge your rights as Master in the Sixth Holy Grail War."

The pain subsides, and you fearfully takes a look at your wrist. There you find a strange crimson tattoo in the form that held cruel irony. Mars symbol combined with Venus symbol.

"If you win, your wish can be granted." The girl's smile is bright and enchanting. Your heart skips a beat when you hear her words. Can your wish really be granted?

"Please, find a Church on the hill if you have questions about War. My time here comes to end." The girl slowly dissipates in air, but her presence is still palpable.

However, you have no time for noticing such a detail. Unknowingly, blood of your attackers formed a ritual circle with you as its center, and it started to glow.


You cannot breath, and your body is in fire.


Your prana is being drained, and you're paralyzed by the fear.


Bright light temporarily blinds you, and you tightly shuts your eyes.


And then, sensations and feelings disappear. You feel that a lot of your prana was burned by this impromptu ritual and tiredly opens your eyes, looking at...

July 1st, 2012, 04:56 AM
Valencia's Apartment
Day 1

The room was flooded with light in an instant, and just as quickly afterwards, it faded away. Standing in the circle was a red-haired teenage male, looking no older than 16 or 17, examining his surroundings with a critical eye. The servant took a few moments to memorize every nook and corner in the room, then turned to the shorter girl before him and met her with an honest smile.

"Hi, there. I am..."

Suddenly, the teenager stopped, his greeting interrupted by a sudden frown and a shudder. Shaking his head as if to clear the air, the servant offered a second, weaker smile to his summoner.

"...Servant Berserker. Are you my Master for this war, Miss...?"

July 1st, 2012, 06:49 AM
Rosalina Valencia
Valencia's apartment

"...Berserker, the crazed warrior."

Looking at the boy before her, who looked a tad younger than herself, she wondered how such a person would fit the category for 'Berserker'; which oddly only inspired images of barbarians rushing along with hatchets and swords, in comparison to the young and rather good looking youth in front of her.

Setting her doubts aside, Rosalina went to the nearest chair, sitting down and picking up her teacup, taking a sip of the warm liquid.

"Yes, I am your master for this Grail War, Berserker. My name is Rosalina Valencia, you may call me Rosa or Rose - whatever suits your taste."

Finishing her tea, Rosalina set down her cup and rang a bell. Within five seconds, a butler walked in from a doorway, bringing with him two maids.

"Mr. Krauss, please get some fitting clothes for this gentleman here. The two of us will be taking an evening stroll, so please choose accordingly. Jill, Merry, could you help him with that, and get me my coat while you're at it?"

The two maids giggled and bowed as they left, with the silent butler following suit and closing the door behind him. A few minutes later, they reappeared, bringing a slim-cut yet sporty suit for the servant and a magenta coat for Rosalina, with a matching parasol and shoes.

July 1st, 2012, 12:08 PM
Before the Master of the Enizbern family, Kishi knelt respectfully, bowing his head and focusing on the floor. Well, ‘respect’ was not exactly the right word to use, respect infers that the one individual considers themselves somehow different to the other in some way which is deserved in praise. In his case, it was nothing more than a mimicry of what could be called ‘respect’, as he assumed the mental state of someone who would consider Jubstacheit von Einzbern someone worthy of such an ‘emotion’. At the same time, he assimilated the instructions, the insincere words hollow of any praise or recognition of his existence. That was good, that was how it should be.

A small movement behind the old man momentarily caused his eyes to glance in that direction. It was a woman … no, not a woman, she was not even human. She was like him, a copy, a cast of something else, something unreal, thoughts and memories and soul implanted into a shell and given the ability to think and to reason. Her pale, slender features … like a glasswork, made of ice. She bowed slightly, revealing the thinness of her neck. It was strange, he could break her, easily, like snapping a toothpick, already from down here on the floor he could think of at least twelve different ways to kill her with just his bare hands alone.

This was the way he saw the world. He did not see people, did not see bodies, but weaknesses, faults, flaws, things to be used against them, things that could be used against them. Everything around him could be turned into a weapon. The stones on the floor picked up and used as improvise throwing weapons or shields, maybe as grenades if he had the time to prepare himself, the carpet was thick enough to be reinforced to turn into a bullet-proof shield, the brackets on the world could make a form of bludgeon, the chandelier above him could be used as a distraction or even a hiding place and so on. The options around him which presented themselves were enough to eliminate approximately 47 enemies, one of which would easily carry some form of weapon which he could turn against any further intruders. If they were firearms he could liberate ammunition as he went, if they were melee weapons then he would have to find the one most suitable and proceed from there. Calm. Calculated. That was how he thought, an instantaneous arsenal presented before him, so say nothing of the weapons he already carried with him.

Kiritsugu … momentarily that named flickered someone within him, however it was just a name, a failure of a name at that, it did not mean anything to him because of that reason, and where he had failed, ‘Kishi’ would succeed, without fail. As for the Vessel … a thought crossed his mind, a tactical consideration, however he put it to one side, concentrating on more important matters, those in hand at the moment.

“As you wish, Jubstacheit-sama.”

Calm, hollow words, composed without a hint of determination. It was the reception of an order, like a computer receiving the command to execute the operation of a program. There no interaction between the two apart from that one was manipulated and one was the manipulator. However, if it was willing, could it therefore even be called manipulation // manipulation implies malice, implies resistance, that he was forced into this against his will … yet he had no will to be manipulated, so it could not be manipulation, merely-

Breaking this train of thought, he ‘respectfully’ rose to his feet, bowing slightly at the waist again as a sign of ‘respect’. Turning on his heel, he strode off down the long hall, closing the thick wooden door behind him as he went, there were preparation that he needed to do …


It was time.

Kishi opened his eyes. He had been resting. He did not sleep, or dream, merely rested, on standby so to speak, like a computer. Everything still operated beneath the closed eyes and could be activated in a moment’s notice, however the body still needed to rest itself in preparation.

His eyes worked their way around the room, slowly taking in the ‘familiar’ features, despite the cloying darkness. Unlike most people he did not need light to see.

An enclosed space. No windows, a single door, south facing. Were you to see this room on the schematics for the castle, you would realise that it was a north-facing, the direction of power. The room itself was empty, empty save a small wooden box that sat in the centre. Surrounding the box was engraved a strange design. Forged of liquid silver and carefully moulded into the correct shape, pentagrams and words sketched themselves out across the floor in a five-meter perimeter, with the box in its centre. There were many symbols here, many words of power also, signs and sigils from many sects, many cultures, many times. It was a cacophony of Thaumaturgy as each vied for their own dominance, each proclaimed their own power. Good. That was how it should be.

His internal body clock told him that he had precious few seconds left to spare, so instead of distracting himself with thoughts he ignited his Magic Circuits, steeping forward across the room towards the box.

The room flared with the presence of Mana as his circuits flooded with power. There was enough magical energy here to power a small department for a day, and it had been collecting for about a week, so technically whilst it might have been just a little close to overkill, at the same time it was a more then practical amount. He momentarily chided himself, even though it could not really even be called ‘showing off’ per se, not like he had anyone to show off to too begin with.

Almost as if to countermand him, there was a sound behind him, a noise in the room beyond. Immediately his stance dropped slightly in battle-readiness, his hand reaching for one of the several concealed holsters he had on his person, however he relaxed and returned the half-drawn weapon when he recognised the faint magical presence beyond the maelstrom insdie the room.

Flickers of Mana flaring around him as his feet met the stone, he strode across the metal and stone until he reached the small box. Kneeling, he lifted the lid and slowly withdrew a small, silver-hilted knife, with a glass blade. Admiring the edge for a moment, he placed the knife against the palm of his hand and carved a thin red line. Replacing the knife inside the box, he rose again to his feet, clenching his hand into a fist so that the blood began to pool within his closed fist. He shut his eyes, concentrating on controlling the flow of Mana inside the room.

“Blood and Valour as a sacrifice to Nirvana-Samsara. Heart of the grail, my kindred in spirit. The patron is my Master, ancient Jubstacheit.”

It had begun.

The metal on the floor shone red. Crimson red. Like blood. He had seen a lot of blood in his time, and others times as well. Blood, blood, blood, blue blood, red blood, green blood. Blood was blood was blood was blood was blood.

Runes shimmered, sigils flared, symbols glowed in the darkness.

“Thus aligned under the Tao of Emperor, thus drawn towards the Te of the Empress. The gates of Niao, Huo, Mao, Xu, closed with stone and mortar and steel. The wandering road of Ein Sof that leads unto Valhalla, now encircles all of Aaru.”

They began to turn, slowly, carefully, like wheels spinning on a car, like a heart beating before death. The crimson lights span like Catherine wheels, like a thousand tops spinning in tandem as the growing amount of Mana began to shift.

“Finis, Finis, perficere et replicare. Satio, Satio, usque saturatae”

The flow increased, Mana pouring from his circuits as the Circle and into components hungrily suck at his power like a babe at a teat. Greed … how interesting.

“Once filled like a glass I crush you till you break.

Hear I announce---”

There was a burst of light. The darkness was eradicated in a burst of vibrant red light. Sparks and bolts of magical lighting ricocheted across the stonework, dancing like skaters on ice.

“All that is within my Power, your Soul shall possess

In all the skill of your Blade, my doom shall rest

In accordance with the contract of the Holy Grail, if you would obey my will, my Logos, and fight, then answer.

Here is my Oath-“

The crimson light flared again until it was almost blinding, the Mana in the air flowed like honey, a viscous wind that whipped through the room, spilling outwards from the centre of the circle like a miniature hurricane, contained with the heart of the circle itself. There was a noise like an electricity cable being plunged into water as one of the protective sigils to his left exploded, sending tiny pieces of red hot metal scattering across the stone floor. It would not do him much good to maintain this level of power for much longer.

“-I am He who danced with Hel and Death under the plateau of the World, side-by-side with fire and blood-”

More pinging sounds, as more and more magical devices began exploding under the force of the Mana that they were struggling to contain. A sharp blade of wind whipped out from the centre of the circle and narrowly missed his face, a bolt of Mana shot passed one of his legs and Kishi silently gritted his teeth against the ensuing struggle, spitting out the words against the wind.

“-I am He who filled Purgatory with ten thousand corpses unnamed, unloved, and died himself but was born again-”

Half of the circle’s main components had been destroyed now, although the central circle itself was still intact, it was taking a considerable amount of effort to control the flow of Mana. Blood was starting to collect in his fist now, enough to cause it to start to slip out of his fingers, dribbling down his hand, but not a drop had spilt, yet. It was time to get this over with.

“-You who is clad in the design of Heavens, trapped thus beneath the immortal Throne, descend unto this plane as my Servant, and let us crush all before us! Arise!”

He opened his fist.

Thick, fat scarlet drops, dozens of them, fell to earth. There was a screeching sound as the remaining defensive emplacements exploded violently, overwhelmed and yet … in that single instant, the Mana that should have exploded in his face vanished instantaneously, sucked away into nothingness. For a moment, an infinitesimal fraction of a second there was nothing, nothing but silence, silence and crimson light.

And then the room was plunged back into darkness. Darkness and smoke.

There was a hissing nose, the sound of hot metal on stone, the acrid smell of scorched rock. However, all of this was overruled, the five physical senses sharper then blades temporally blunted and blinded by the sheer ‘presence’ in the room before him.

Turns out all that preparation had been worth it.

July 1st, 2012, 12:38 PM
Day 1
Semina Apartments

"I am, I believe you would call me Lancer." I answer the boy and no sooner after that he falls to the floor. Did he faint, or is he just tried from the ritual? "So boy what is your name if we are going to be working together?" I ask the boy, or should I call him Master. The latter left a bad taste in my mouth, no one is my master but I have this pulling at my throat to call him such.

Dammit this is pissing me off.

July 1st, 2012, 01:41 PM

Still air hung in the dark room, heavy with power, waiting.


A glint of red light popped into the world like a star, floating for a second.


In a flash it grew, expanding from its tiny size into a massive panel stretching from floor to ceiling - a great gate, leading to somewhere else that wasn't... normal, in any sense of the word. Screams echoed from the other side of it - not the screams of some kind of hell, but... almost religious, thousands upon thousands screaming their adoration and devotion. Reaching a crescendo, the voices surged, rushing forward in a wave like they were going to burst from the gate into the world-

And disappeared along with the vast gate, leaving one behind. A slender, tall, woman - even a woman? Girl maybe was the better word - clad in a suit of chainmail, great dragon scales hastily bound atop it. A flick of her hand freed her hair from her dark cloak, shoulder length and possibly once some kind of auburn - only a bare tint of color remained, any other long since leeched. Grey eyes stared through the summoner...

"Does it hurt?" she asked.

July 1st, 2012, 01:43 PM
Kirigaya Kayaba
Day 1
Semina Apartments

Just as I was about to pass into a separate world of fantasy and illusion, a feminine voice brought me back to reality.

"My name's Kirigaya Kayaba, call me whatever you wish." I tilt my head up to answer, yawning before my head began to tuck into the softness of the couch.

My eyelids slowly begin to descend but that motion stopped halfway and reversed. Really quickly. Crap, I just realized something fundamental! Sleep can wait, damn it. My attempts at trying to stand barely managed to turn my body around and now I'm on the ground, back to the couch, staring seriously at my Servant.

"Lancer, I'll admit this to you here and now. I have a genuine reason to win the Holy Grail War, I wouldn't join if that wasn't the case. Until the end, I won't betray you. But, I have absolutely zero battle experience." With a very serious voice, I managed to say all that in once breath. It is good to be honest, after all. No matter the destruction innocence causes.

"Tomorrow, I'll show you around the city, so for now, do whatever you want." With those last words that possibly would not invite any disaster, my eyelids, once again, stole my sight.

July 1st, 2012, 04:01 PM
Day 1
Semina Apartments

Kirigaya Kayaba huh...an odd name for an odd person. For now I'll change my clothes, I can feel my magic energy keeping my uniform on, and I don't need to waste it. Looking through Kayaba's stuff I find some clothes that fit me, a black shirt, a blue hoodie, a pair of boxers, shorts, and some shoes. I'm sure he won't be mad....maybe.

July 1st, 2012, 06:06 PM
Kishi did not blink, or rather should I say, did not need to blink. In a single glance, from feet to head, he took measure of the female who had appeared through the gate. Her thin figure was armoured in mail and scales. Her form was dark, cloaked, the hair drained of all colour apart from the slightest shade of red and brown. And those eyes … those eyes.

Two sets of grey eyes met and held as they measured each other. Kishi could feel the weight in the air. He watched with wry blandness as she stared right through him, the flicker in her eyes and the motion of her throat granting voice to her question.

“Hurt? … Such an emotion is one that I have no capacity to understand.”

It was an apathetic, almost curt, statement, perhaps not even addressed at the Servant before him, but rather at himself or even at the walls or possibly even the air itself. There was no emotion contained within those words, no attempt to assume a personality for it was not needed. Not that he was being honesty, that implied that he had something to hide, you can’t hide nothing, nothing is something which does not exist, the fact that other chose to sometimes see something where there is nothing was their own choice, not his.

He lifted his cut right hand, watching the thin red line knit itself back together again, the slowly crusting trickle of blood on his hand vanishing, the two pieces of skin and flesh moulding themselves back into one. Turning his hand over, he glanced at the three red Command Seals engraved into the back like scars, their slight crimson glow shimmering in the darkness. He could feel it, their presence, and already thoughts came to his mind.

What happened from now was obvious; the question of “You are my Servant?” did not need to be asked. It was rhetorical. Neither did he have to voice the statement, “I am your Master”, that itself was also rhetorical. In his Mind’s Eye he could already Interpret the statistics of his Servant, their strength, their speed, everything about them was understood and quantified with precision and analysis.

“Tell me, Servant, in accordance with the Grail’s whims, under which Class have you been summoned? And in addition, what are your Skills?”

As he spoke, he reached into his pocket and removed a set of thin gloves. Fingerless and designed for climbing, he slipped one of them over his hand experimentally. There was a flickering across the surface of the gloves as a formation of Runes suddenly glowed at the presence of Mana, then they disappeared, fading back into the surface. At the same time, the presence from the Seals on his hand vanished into nothingness, like a hung-up phone. Pausing for a moment, he flexed his fingers and, upon seeing that the glove would not impair his finer motor functions, he continued talking.

“-The answer itself is of no particular matter, however I believe the theory states it required that such information be exchanged in order to facilitate greater ‘synergy’ between ‘Master’ and ‘Servant’. Your combat style and flexibility will facilitate our choice of tactics, although not by any greater degree beyond adaption, and therefore how we will proceed in the coming weeks. Our enemies will be numerous and powerful, and in order to complete our objective we shall need to be as ruthless as possible.”

His expression was almost dull, as if he were reciting a shopping list to a child, as if this was an experience that occurred all day, every day and he had become so used to it that it was now commonplace. There was no awe, no shock, not even a hint of something that disturbed him. As if this was just another war. The people did not matter, the enemy did not matter, nothing mattered except achieving the final objective, the word known as ‘Victory’, although he could not call it that. Already he could feel the wheels in his head turning, and, resisting his instinct,, he kept his hands visible rather than checking the safety of his side-arm as he commonly did in periods of silence.

Instead Kishi simply stood their impassive, almost blasé, awaiting a response quietly.

July 1st, 2012, 07:32 PM
“Hurt? … Such an emotion is one that I have no capacity to understand.”

How crude, she thought. Does he not understand? Clearly, he missed her meaning, true. Or, did he not know himself? An interesting question.

“Tell me, Servant, in accordance with the Grail’s whims, under which Class have you been summoned? And in addition, what are your Skills? The answer itself is of no particular matter, however I believe the theory states it required that such information be exchanged in order to facilitate greater ‘synergy’ between ‘Master’ and ‘Servant’. Your combat style and flexibility will facilitate our choice of tactics, although not by any greater degree beyond adaption, and therefore how we will proceed in the coming weeks. Our enemies will be numerous and powerful, and in order to complete our objective we shall need to be as ruthless as possible.”

"If you find it of no matter, then I will not see the need to inform you. And..."

The Servant began to walk past the Master, making for the exit. "This Archer is highly aware of the need for ruthlessness - I daresay more than you."

With that comment, Archer disappeared into the air as she crossed the threshold.

July 1st, 2012, 10:45 PM
Day One: Storehouse.

Slightly after midnight inside a leased structure that was indistinguishable from the other ones nearby, a young woman with blonde hair and eyes the color of gold known only as Yuria was carefully examining the completed state of the summoning circle scribed on the floor for any twists and smudges on the pattern drawn with mercury.

Seemingly satisfied with the summoning circle, she stood up before stepping into the circle.

As her circuits began to overflow with the power necessary to create a bridge between this world and another one, her face portrayed no sign of the pain assailing her nerves as her body was altered into a tool used to perform the ritual. A ritual that seemed to continue on for an eternity until it was over...

"You, seven heavens clad in three words of power, arrive from the ring of deterrence, O keeper of the balance ―――"

And then, she was forced to shield her eyes from the glowing figure and roaring wind that signaled the completion of a ritual that was confirmation of one's entrance into the battlefield of death known as the Fuyuki Holy Grail War.

July 1st, 2012, 10:59 PM

This was his journey. Saving worlds, being the destroyer, and then from his own defeat, bring them back.

He had saved many, but at the cost of destroying many. He himself was hated, he himself had became an enemy of all. He loved justice, he treasured comrades, but for his duty, he sacrificed everything... and yet the world called him back. And again, he saved the world. It had been one roller coaster of a journey he had taken. Now, he was just roaming around the worlds he saved...

he was just sitting back in the photo studio, slacking off and he was waiting for his friend, to serve him tea, though he was pretty sure she would give him her trademark neck jab.

Just when he was about to shout for her....

Something was dragging him. Wait. what?!

Before he could even process anything, a surge of light dragged him away. A trace of him did not remain.

Day One: StoreHouse

It was dark.

Where the heck was he? He did not understand anything. Where was he? Why was he here? He stood still for the moment. Just then, a surge of information ran through his mind, sharp and swift like a injection needle. It was a painful mental process. After a few moments of gritting his teeth, he looked at the young blond woman that summoned her. So...

This was his master.

Well, he would have to get used to it then.

"So I, Servant Rider, ask of you.... are you my master?"

He stood there, in his normal plain clothes like a normal person, questioning the girl before him. This was it. The start of another long journey. He may not see a good end to it, but he would see it to an end somewhat.

July 1st, 2012, 11:05 PM
Akemi Asai
Asai Household
Day 1

"I... am your Master." i can't believe he is my servant

he nods slowly, slowly, slowly, as if its neck were a joystick slowly being leaned forwards

he is in my head now
he can know everything

but he is not talking
or spying

he seems to have some sense of privacy



i-i answer quickly

"He is my teacher... Assassin."

i shiver because he is there
i don't want the old man to di-









he's not in my head now
but i'm afraid for the old man

i look at him

one of his arms






he's still breathing...
not dead
but he and I feel the same now


i guess we're both his tools


it hurts

but i need to ask
any insight is better worse
than no insight
into him



July 2nd, 2012, 12:13 AM
Alana Cameron
Day 1

Alana looked her new Servant up and down with a raised eyebrow. He said he was of the Saber class, but he definitely did not look the part. Far too modern to be any sort of mythical hero. His status... also left something to be desired, but he seemed competent enough, at least. Well, he would have to do.

"Alright then, Saber. Now, if you'll please come with me?"

Gesturing for her servant to follow, Alana turned and left the room she had prepared for the summoning. Walking through the fairly large apartment, she passed by several doors before stopping at one held shut by no less than a half-dozen locks. It took her a few seconds of fiddling, but Alana quickly opened the door wide, revealing... a completely ordinary bedroom. The magus walked over to a small writing desk sitting beside her bed, and directed Saber to a few neat stacks of paper.

"Maps, histories, what few records exist from the previous Grail Wars, some information on the families who organized the wars in the first place. I'm not sure if you need to see any of this, but if you do, go ahead and look around. We probably won't be leaving here until nightfall, unless you'd prefer to head out earlier?"


Valencia's Apartment
Day 1

The teenager's smile faded again as the girl standing before him mentioned his class, but he quickly forced himself to adopt a neutral expression. He could never let himself make a bad first impression, especially to someone like his Master. The girl's appearance and even the way she spoke and carried herself showed fairly obviously that she was a high-class type of person. The sudden appearance of the maids and butler could hardly be considered surprising.

When the three servants returned with two sets of clothes, however, Berserker could not help himself. His gaze shifted from the expensive-looking suit Mr. Krauss carried, to his Master still sitting in her chair, and then down to the plain shirt and pants he wore, definitely not something to wear under the suit. After no one moved or spoke for several seconds, the teenager's face began to flush bright red.

"Umm, Miss Rosa? Should I be stepping into a different room to change, or...?"

July 2nd, 2012, 05:56 AM
Rosalina Valencia

"Of course, the butler will take you to the next room and help you change."

Leaving the Servant in the hands of her moustached butler, (who took the boy to the next room with the clothes) Rosalina took her own items, putting them on. Her mostly reddish attire was sure to draw attention, but that was of no concern. This was war - and the general of an army is obligated to join the front lines, as the leader.

Soon enough, the Servant stepped out of the nearby room, in a sleek black suit that complimented his slim yet sturdy body. Too bad he was a Servant, a miracle of magic - she would have considered falling for him, otherwise.

"Quite fitting - you do look nice in those clothes. Now, we shall leave - escort me, will you please?"

July 2nd, 2012, 01:09 PM
Misato Akiko
Day 1.

I'm shivering as if I have a fever. I feel like the world around me became much smaller than it really is due to extreme exhaustion. It must be the aftereffect of immense prana depletion, and I make a mental note to self to never fight in such a state. It'll be better to be cautious, besides I still don't know which Servant I drew from the Throne. Hopefully, it isn't Berserker, otherwise I would have been killed long ago.

The voice of my Servant interrupts my chaotic thoughts and clears my tired mind. My body slightly leans forward but I catch myself, involuntarily making a step to the direction the voice comes from.

"I guess I'm supposed to be a Caster. What's your name?"

This voice! My mind goes blank for a full second. The voice belongs to male, obviously, but that's not really a surprise. What really strikes me is the fact that I know who the owner of this voice is. I'm not sure what he can do in terms of fighting but I can only play with cards I have at the moment.

Amused smile appears on my face. The game has become so intriguing.

"The name is Misato Akiko." I start to speak. My voice is trembling but I pay it no heed. I'm tired, that's all. "Nice to meet you, Caster. I'd be much obliged if you bring me to my house..." I quickly tell him where I live, and sigh escapes my lips. I need to hurry up, or I'll faint right here and now. Besides, I still have something important to say. "Before you help me to go home, please, do something with your hair..."

With satisfied yawn, I succumb to my tiredness and close my eyes.


Emiya Shirou.
Day 1.
Outside the library.

Boundary field? Shirou stopped in front of small, wooden door of the library. He was on his usual night stroll, checking the situation in Fuyuki. It seemed that beginning of the War was close so Shirou decided that being careful won't hurt. And that was what led him to this normal-looking door.

Shirou closely looked at the door and sighed. He could breach the defense but it would be quite troublesome, and, while attacking Master just after Summoning their Servant would be an effective tactic, it just wouldn't pay off. Shirou already knew that killing off Master and Servant wouldn't possibly stop Grail from activating. Two victims of his merciless hand proved his point, after all.

However, the boundary field, surrounding the small library, was strong, and it was very well hidden by magus who made it.. If not for his sensitivity to such stuff and small leaks of prana, Shirou wouldn't have realized that someone performed Summoning ritual. It was fishy when he thought about it. Very fishy.

I'll let it slide for now but I need to investigate this matter later. Shirou resumed his stroll and walked away from the door, not knowing that he lost his best chance to eliminate the most dangerous Servant for his Caster.

"I cannot stop it. Why... why I'm not a Master when I want to be one?"

Emiya Shirou
Day 1.

His eyes shone brightly in the darkness. Another Boundary Field caught his attention, and this time Shirou didn't think about leaving without paying a visit to magus. If it were a house, then he could have possibly ignored it, since it wasn't strong enough to endanger other people. However, it was a completely different matter when someone put up a Boundary Field on something like an Arcade. Uninvolved citizend could die here if magus had ill intentions.

But, what if magus intended to use it just for Summoning? Shirou decided against hoping for the best case scenario. It will be more effective to get information from first hands.

Cold wind shook his grey hair, as he walked in the building. The Summoning was already performed but the presence of magus was still there. And he didn't want to lose his chance.

Without making any sound, Shirou came to the room where he could barely see two figures. Judging by their build, they both were females, but the presence of woman who was leaning against wall was unmistakeably that of Servant. Shirou overheard their small exchange so he knew that it was impossible to hide his presence from sharp eyes of Archer.

Keeping his calm demeanor, Shirou said, "Mind to tell me your name, magus?"

He emitted no killing intent but the presence of Caster in spiritual form could alarm them. Maybe, he didn't know for sure.

July 2nd, 2012, 01:15 PM
Servant Saber
Day 1

"Reading? Hm, we can leave that for daytime." He picked up his jacket and slung it over his shoulder, nodding his head towards the door. "I imagine you have a good enough idea of our surroundings? You're the one who summoned me, so I hope you have a plan made. I don't even know what time it is."

Glancing casually at the papers and books laid out of the desk, he took a few steps towards them. "If it's not sundown already, we should check over maps. In-depth study can help us, but only if it doesn't interfere with anything else."

"He took in a breath, checking over the room for anything else useful. "Do you know who might be taking part in this game of ours?"

July 2nd, 2012, 01:26 PM
Valencia's Apartment

Stepping back out of his change room and adjusting his tie, Berserker smiled again at Rosa. He hadn't really needed the butler's assistance in changing, but he found himself accepting anyway. He found the suit to be a surprisingly good size - was it pure luck, or did his master have several sets of clothing for many different sizes, just in case?

"Oh, uh, thanks. You look nice too, Miss Rosa."

Berserker nodded at his master's order, and turned to escort her out of the apartment. Giving a short wave to Krauss and the maids, he made his way over to the penthouse apartment's elevator, remaining silent as he stepped in and hit the button for the bottom floor. The servant did not speak until the pair had stepped outside, at which point he turned to the young woman with the look of someone who had no idea what to do.

"Umm, Miss Rosa? Was there anywhere specific you wanted to go, or would you prefer to just walk around the city for a short while?"

July 2nd, 2012, 01:37 PM
Elvira Lutrova and Servant Archer
Day 1
Arcade (Back Room)

"Mind to tell me your name, magus?"

She must have been losing her touch.

Turning smoothly towards the owner of the voice with a grace that seemed ill-fitted for someone who had just been caught after a summoning, Elvira crossed her arms and stood still, her entire posture, from the manner in which she stood, to the look on her face, screaming that she wasn't particularly worried about this sudden course of events.

"My name wouldn't mean much to you I'm afraid," even as she spoke, she felt Archer's presence at her side, the woman's eyebrows raised as she examined something beyond the young man that had appeared before them, her expression one of deep thought, "And is it not rude to ask for a lady's name before presenting your own?" Archer smiled a bit at this comment, but said nothing, "Still, you can call me Elvira."

It was at this point, that Archer chose to speak up, brushing the hair out of her eyes with a casual motion that ill-befitted the situation at hand, "My Master is right. It is rather rude of you to just barge in here and demand her name." She motioned towards the boy with her hand, "And that friend of yours, tell him to stop hiding. I've fought invisible things before, and to be honest, it would be easier for both of us if you didn't continue to pretend like I didn't notice you."

She was rather blunt about it.

Seemed she had pulled an interesting Servant.

July 2nd, 2012, 01:51 PM
Emiya Shirou.
Day 1.

Shirou chose to keep his stoic expression instead of breaking into embarrassed smile. He could have done that twenty years ago, but not now. Last War taught him that he needed to control his emotions. Returning to Master who was waiting for his answer, she at least listened to him, even though she was clearly hostile.

"I beg your pardon, Elvira. It was rude to not introduce myself but I wasn't sure if you would choose to attack me." Shirou slightly bowed his head, not letting his eyes lose the figure of Elvira.

The figure of Caster appeared behind him; the confident smirk on the man's face. Caster was clad in crimson robe, and his hair matched the color of his clothes. Golden eyes were fixed only on Archer, but he too didn't emit any killing intent. But his presence was still overwhelming despite his rather fragile build. He was dangerous.

"My name is Shirou." Young Magus Killer spoke again. "And I was here only to confirm that you didn't plan to do anything here except for already performed Summoning."

July 2nd, 2012, 01:57 PM
Alana Cameron
Day 1

"I was sure to walk through the town a few times before summoning, of course. Maps alone can only help so much. As to the time, it's still evening, and not dark enough for any real fights to spring up right away." Alana leaned back against the doorframe with her arms crossed in front of her, speaking in a cheerful tone while filling in Saber on what she knew. "I'm afraid I couldn't get very much information on possible Masters. Most of the participants in the last war died, from what I could dig up. The only living member of the Tohsaka family is Tohsaka Rin, Master of Archer from the last war. The Matou family, as far as I know, was completely destroyed. The Einzbern... I couldn't find anything about them, unfortunately. They're too isolated."

Alana frowned for a moment, honestly disappointed in herself for discovering so little. Was she really losing her touch already? "There was one more family I dug up some information on. Emiya. A man named Kiritsugu, called the Magus Killer, fought in the fourth war. His son was also a participant in the Fifth. Kiritsugu is dead, but the son should still be alive. At least, I could never find any mention of his death."

With that, Alana stood up straight again, and moved to stand beside Saber near the desk. "That's about all I could manage. Magi as a whole are pretty secretive, and if there were any relative unknowns coming for the war, that just complicated things further. For outsiders, it's hard enough to find out what a Lord is really doing, never mind some no-name no one has ever heard of. Now, would you like to go over the information I managed to gather before the sun sets, or would you prefer to set out immediately?"

July 2nd, 2012, 02:00 PM
As the Servant disappeared out of the room, and out of sight as well, Kishi said nothing, her last, curious words hanging in the air as she vanished. The gears in his head ground smoothly forwards as he took a slightly glance at his internal body clock. Checking the time and making a brief mental note of it, he set a small delayed convulsion in smallest finger of his left hand. Two hours … and counting. That should give the Servant more than enough time to reconnaissance and explore as she saw fit, not that it mattered, this was not their battlefield, that was far away in another part of the world and several days away for that matter as well.

Exiting the Ritual room, he closed the door behind him and stepped out into the room beyond. This room was his … what was the word they used again? … Atelier? Something like that, that was the word they like to call it, or several of them at any rate. There was many names which came to mind, laboratory, workshop, studio, however all of them gave rise to an explicit, single definition rather than a general conglomerate, as was what existed. This was a room devoted to no particular art but rather a combination of them all.

In the corner to his right there was a large stack of boxes and crates, a mixture of items which would be coming with him ranging from various weapons and high ordnance explosive to herbs, poisons, one box contained a stack of familiars, another a neatly stacked and protected set of alchemical paraphernalia. The list was quite long and slightly tedious, however preparation was needed and he was never one to be underprepared.

Apart from the pile of crates, the room was dominated by two other factors. One was the large set of tressel tables that had been deployed in a long row down one side of the room in a line. The other side was taken up by a mixture of a bank of computers, a couple of bookshelves and a large glass tank filled with a strange, almost green liquid, like something out of a science-fiction novel. There was the low, resounding hum of electricity, which was surprising considering the somewhat archaic methods that he had first be prevented with. He had never like working with gaslights.

At the end of the long room, there was a triple set of doors, one on the face and the other on the opposite wall facing each other. The central door led out into the main body of the castle, the other two doors led into two other smaller rooms he had devoted to other studies.

These two hours were really nothing more to him than a long pause. He had certain things that needed doing, whether or not they were accomplished now or later was of little difference, the order of events was of no particular matter, only that the events were completed.

Taking a seat at the nearest table, the only one that did not have every square inch covered with something of interest, Kishi removed a pistol from one of the several holsters on his person and placed it safety-down on the desk. Already the buzz of information was running through his mind, useless, already assimilated information. He knew everything about this pistol. Make, manufacture, ammunition type, size, weight, model variations and sub-variations, defects, military and police use, the list went on, even as he slowly began to disassemble the things. Within a few moments, what lay before him was no longer a ‘Pistol’ but rather several pieces of dull metal which conformed together to become a ‘Pistol’. Strange how, individually, each of these pieces of metal would be considered useless, yet put them together and you have one of the most efficient killing machines on the planet, apart from himself obviously.

Reassembling the weapon in an even shorter time, he released the magazine, letting it drop from the bottom of the pistol’s grip into his free hand. He did not need to count the amount of rounds in the magazine because the weapon had not been fired, and yet he felt the same curious tug to do so, just in case one of the had magically disappeared. Ignoring the impulse, he checked the top round to make sure it was straight before sliding the magazine slowly back into place with the familiar sch-click! that he had heard so many times before.

Replacing the weapon in its holster, Kishi turned to the variety of other objects sprawled out all over the table in front of him. It was a true malaise of object, there was all sorts, from half-created bullets, to semi-drawn sigils, sketches of Runes, four different pestle and mortars all with a variety of the same poison yet more lethal then the next, seven various other firearms all stripped down to their essentially and a bandoleer of grenades slug up against the wall, and this was only a fraction of the arsenal. He was experimenting, and experimentation requires time and concentration, both of which he had plenty.

Reaching forward, he resumed the task he had set himself before he had started making preparation for the ritual. Selecting a 9mm casing from the toolbox on the floor at his feet, he plucked a miniture electric drill with an even thinner head from another toolbox and set about a very delicate engraving process. Considering the size of the casing in question in comparison to the tool he was using, for anyone else it would be a difficult task, however it took him only two attempts to perfect the motions, and even those could prior attempts hardly be called failures. Within the space of a few minutes, to the outside observer, he could have been a master engraver, casually scrawling design after design onto the casing with practised ease.


The twitch in his finger came sooner than he expected. The expectedly unexpected tremor in his finger not even disturbing his concentration as he finished carving the last shape into the casing’s last square millimetre of surface. How strange, he was a couple of seconds out, that meant he would have to readjust slightly before leaving. Yet another curiosity about today.

Replacing the drill on the table, he picked up a small pen-torch from among another pile of metal clutter and began to carefully examine his handiwork. It looked like a form of Sanskrit, or cuneiform, except with modern shapes and letters. The design twisted like a spiral, a fractal image that trailed until it was actually impossible for the drill head to get into the minute space. It enveloped the entire casing on one side, trailing away into a series of meaningless letters and words and shapes, a pattern of which he did not recognise. Interesting … so many applications.

Placing the casing on the table as well, Kishi sat back slightly in the chair and closed his eyes, reaching out with his Mind down the mental connection that existed between Master and Servant.

“Archer, return.”

The thought was projected with almost no effort, as plain and bland as his speech if not a little quieter. It was not a command, he was not demanding that she return, however he was not exactly requesting it either. That linguistically grey area which gave leeway in both directions, although the fact that he had given no specific designation as to when she should return would probably come back and bite him. No matter. Opening his eyes again, Kishi stayed seated, the chair facing the set of doors, as he waited patiently for the Servant to heed is call and return.

July 2nd, 2012, 02:09 PM
Elvira Lutrova and Servant Archer
Day 1

"Oh, he's normal," laughing to herself, Archer kept her eyes on Caster, although, like her master, no killing intent came from her, "I was worried I'd have to fight some sort of monster again. I had enough of that sort of thing while I was alive..."

Letting the Servants have their staring contest, Elvira locked eyes with Shirou, her posture slightly more relaxed, "I have no intention of returning to this place for arcane matters after tonight, but you'll have to forgive me if I don't tell you where my workshop is... That wouldn't be a good tactical move on my part, wouldn't you agree?"

July 2nd, 2012, 02:09 PM
Akemi Asai
Day 1 - Midday

I've... calmed down now. Or at least, as calm as you can be after summoning him as your Servant.

It's a lot more chilling and less fun when he's actually there, following your every move.

Hah, I used to like the horror genre, a good scare was nice.

But after summoning him, I don't think I could ever get back to it again... maybe.

We're wandering around town, and he has not bothered me with many questions. The way his Prescence Concealment works is odd; people simply avoid the tall man walking with me, and do not look or even care to notice why such a freakishly tall man is there.

Just like in all those blogs, ahahaha.

We haven't done anything but wander. I decide I can take the SAN destroying sound of his "voice" to ask him a question using our mental link.

I can feel his influence in my head now

it hurts
but i have to know
know what he wants

What do you want from the Grail...?

silence. he stops walking, even. and then he turns and "looks" at me

ohgodhaveisaidthewrongthinghehasfuckingIndependent Actionforcryingoutloud



like hell

wereonlytwo, different

H-he cuts off the connection, and begins walking once more. I follow, dryly noting that he is the Master and I am the Servant.

And I think about his goals.

Lonely. He said he was lonely and that he...

Oh God no.

Fuck no.



All the FEARS on this Earth...





we walk.

July 2nd, 2012, 02:15 PM
Servant Saber
Day 1

Saber stretched a bit, getting used to the world once again.

"Let's take an evening stroll, shall we? The red light of dusk always makes me feel so... nostalgic." He inhaled deeply, smelling the stuffy musk of the apartment room. It was masked by some fresh scent; it was likely new, and hadn't been owned for long. A little light filtered through the blinds, carefully closed so that no one would be able to see in. The apartment suite itself was on at least the second floor. Smart, though Saber. Avoids attention, and picks a hideout not only nondescript but above the ground, and thus harder to get into and spy on.

Saber ran a hand through his light hair, then followed his Master to the doorway. He couldn't help but smirk when he saw so many locks and devices on there. She was a smart one, hew knew, clever and with a healthy level of paranoia.

Suspicion, in a game like this, is often the best armour a person can wear.

July 2nd, 2012, 02:25 PM
Emiya Shirou and Caster
Day 1

"Oh, he's normal," laughing to herself, Archer kept her eyes on Caster, although, like her master, no killing intent came from her, "I was worried I'd have to fight some sort of monster again. I had enough of that sort of thing while I was alive..."
"Normal, you say?" Caster's smirk doesn't change as if Archer's snarky comment didn't affect him. "I'm anything but normal, Archer. And I can see that you're not normal too."

"Caster." Shirou coldly said. He didn't want to start a fight right now. Caster, unaffected by his reprimand, continued to smirk, but didn't say anything.

"Good. And I don't intend to tell you about my workshop too, so it's fair enough." Shirou addressed to Elvira. He didn't feel like she was lying to him, but he wasn't sure. Her aura was so close to Kiritsugu's... "I'll believe you but don't blame me if I return here tomorrow. I need to ensure the safety of non-involved people."

With these words, Shirou turned his back to Elvira and began to walk out of building. "I hope, we won't meet again. Not in this War, at least."

Caster followed Shirou, not turning into spiritual form.

The conversation was over.

July 2nd, 2012, 02:44 PM

Standing over the corpse of a brownish bear, the Servant frowned in disappointment. What a... what a tremendously disappointing beast. The contrast between what a bear should be, and what this broken beast was... really, it was saddening. No power within its body anymore, nor within the rest of the forest. It was her hope that this was not the great forest of the world, because she felt no life in it - no energy, no vibrance, no spirits, just a flit of a tiny bird in the trees.

“Archer, return.”

"Hmph." The response to the request trailing its way into her brain was a short grunt. Dissolving into black shadow, she returned to a spirit, but stayed her position, looking down at the beast as she rose. "Yes?"

July 2nd, 2012, 05:22 PM
Servant Berserker

You feel that a lot of your prana was burned by this impromptu ritual and tiredly opens your eyes, looking at...

Flash. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7K_9ZyQlyA)

A woman stood in the center of the bloody circle, wearing nothing but bandages and lingerie. A baby blue negligee with black trim, slit down each breast and help up with thin string, and sheer white panties slit in the back. Her skin was almost as pale as the bandages wrapped from her neck all the way down her left arm, and around her left leg. A twirled braid lay on one side of her head, while the other half of her hair hung as loose as the wind, a single flower tucked into the upper half of it. It was a pale red, so pale it was almost white, and she parted it slightly on the left side of her face. Her eyes were gold, but stared blankly at the trembling girl before her.

She walked slowly out of the circle, her heels clacking against the ground, and stopped right in front of her summoner.

"... and who the fuck are you supposed to be?"

July 3rd, 2012, 09:17 PM
Day 1

I looked at my new Master confused. What was wrong with my hair? I sigh and reach up and ruffle my hair a bit. It was an important part of who I am, but if it mattered to my Master I wasn't going to make a fuss about it. I bend down and pick up Akiko. She doesn't feel as heavy as I thought she would. Maybe it's just part of being a Servant, but she feels really light actually. I start on my way to her house, my mind lost on other things. Like where I was. I mean, I knew where I was, but it wasn't a place I'd ever heard of. I sigh again and find myself in front of what I hope is her place. I set her down and look around for a key of some sort under the mat, eventually finding one stashed under a rock. It was kind of weird getting into a place this way, and it made me feel kind of bad, but I was invited. I unlock the door and carry her in, setting her down on the couch. "We're her Akiko." I smile as I say that, feeling good to be at a place where I'm relaxed.

- - - Updated - - -

Acht's Homunculus
Day ?
Einzbern Castle

She walked casually enough, but closer observation showed a somewhat awkward movement every now and again. Though she had all the necessary info, she had only been up and active a short while ago, so her movements still seemed to be almost doll-like. Upon finding her target she stopped in front of him. "Kishi, it is time to go. Master Acht asks that you make your final preparations, we must starts towards Fuyuki before the day is done." Her words came out cold and emotionless, lacking in inflection. She ignored Archer, for Archer wasn't who she had been asked to talk to.

July 4th, 2012, 01:02 AM
Rosalina Valencia
Apartment door

"Nay, I do not have any specified area in mind, but it would be good to see the city you will be fighting in beforehand just to learn what this place looks like - after all, we'll need every advantage we can get."

Speaking methodically and very matter-to-fact, Valencia took a look around,then pointed her finger to the plaza in the middle of town.

"First, perhaps we'll look around the city and the more populated places we must avoid for fights. After that, why don't we go scout the outskirts, like perhaps the mountain roads or near the temple?"

Steering her Servant forward, Valencia flashed a brief smile.

"Though of course, even if you have just been summoned, it is common sense that the gentleman is to lead the lady, or otherwise be branded as a inexperienced man. So, with no more ado, let us be off."

Offering him her hand, Rosalina thought she might be able to enjoy this war after all.

July 5th, 2012, 09:43 AM


How curious. Well, it was to be expected, she was an Archer after all. Archer-class Servants are renowned for their … ‘Independence’ so to speak, to say nothing of their other skills. However, there was a time for independence and a time for subordination. Needless to say he did not expect her to obey his every whim, not that he had any whims to begin with, however if he did not have to provide subsequent justification every time he required her then it would save him a great deal of time.

“Your presence is required. There is something that you need to witness.”

And with that slightly mysterious ending, ringing with a slight note of finality, Kishi cut the connection.

He sat back in the chair slightly, feelings the grooves of the metal against his clothes, against his skin, and closed his eyes gain, unsure of the sensation that nagged at him.

What should he feel now? … a 73% majority presented him with the idea of ‘Frustration’ … but Frustration implies that he is getting annoyed that things are not going according to plan … but if one plans for every opportunity, then how can one be frustrated? A minority of 22% presented a case for what he could only describe as ‘compassion’, a stranger in a strange time and place, however it was not exactly like she was a total novice to this world, the Grail provided sustainable amounts of information to Heroic Spirits to allow them to function correctly in Modern era, even if it was predominantly below the surface. Finally a slightly more vocal 5%, it was always 5%, demanded swift and immediate action, a punishment of some form for disobedience. Momentarily he entertained the idea for scrapping it completely, for a number of reasons. Chief among them, he was not sure who would win the fight, and he was not one to enter a fight he was not at least confident of victory in, or at least have covered every angle … interesting and interesting … yet out of so much Chaos, how could harmony be brought about?

Pushing the conflict to the back of his mind, he opened his eyes again and rose from the chair, walking across the room to the large, glass tank. A Large, vertical cylinder of glass, the glowing liquid inside it gave off a faint green glow. Floating inside the tank, connected to all manner of monitoring systems and device, there was a lump of skin. Well, I say skin, it was flesh and skin, flesh and skin and muscle, in a perfect sphere. It even had internal organs, although these were only trial versions, the majority of the work was done by machines, supplying blood and oxygen in order to create ‘existence’. Faintly, he could feel the slightly magical presence of the kernel-like structure at its core, a miniature magic circuit with a fleshy shell hard-wired over the top of it.

Kishi was not sure how long he spent staring at that shape, suspended in nothingness with no sense of life. How strange that he should spend so long trying to comprehend something so similar to himself, yet so far apart. It was … interesting, and the perfect way to pass the small luxury of time that he had.

July 10th, 2012, 11:09 PM

"... and who the fuck are you supposed to be?"

Shibai stared in incomprehension. What had just happened? And who was this person, asking who she was? This mouthy woman, who appeared from nowhere! Who did she think she was?

“Who the fuck are you supposed to be?” Shibai snapped in her overwhelming rush of emotion. Confusion, anger, shock, disbelief, all crashed together in an overpowering surge of something. The girl clutched her head tightly, fingers digging hard into her temples. The sticky feeling of blood on her hands only encouraged her to grip harder. She had to calm down!

Slow, deep breaths. Reducing of the heartbeat. Greater intake of oxygen. Quelling of the emotions, just calm do—






“If you win, your wish can be granted.”

your wish can be granted

your wish granted


Hadn’t she always wished her one true desire would be granted, somehow?

“C-c-can you grant my wish?”

July 10th, 2012, 11:35 PM
Servant Assassin
Day 1

“Anything I would like to know?” Assassin echoed. What did he know?

He was Servant Assassin. He was a Servant summoned in the Holy Grail War, fighting by the will of a Master in order to gain the Holy Grail, a device that could grant one’s deepest desire. He was in a different time period, if not a different dimension. He could sense power from his Master, but it was so very different than his own; no, it was different from his world entirely. The air reeked of it.

Ah, there was only one thing he didn’t know. Out of all the information given to him (for how else would he know what a mage was?), the only blank spot that required the most attention was his Master himself. Though he may have had information regarding the position and powers granted to the Master by the Grail, he had received nothing on the personal abilities of his Master.

Assassin had no particular desire for the Grail. However, he would regardless be fighting for it, and knowing his Master’s abilities would be helpful. Additionally, he wouldn’t be the most reliable in direct contact, so any type of combat knowledge his Master possessed would be significant.

“Master, I assume that you have abilities beyond what the Grail has granted you. Would you be willing to enlighten me?”

July 11th, 2012, 12:39 AM
Alana Cameron
Day 1

Alana nodded at her Servant's answer, and quickly reached for her light jacket resting on the chair at the desk. No other reply was necessary, so she left the room quickly, making sure every lock on the door was secure after her Servant followed her out. A quick walk to the other end of the apartment brought the pair to a similarly-locked door, which the magus quickly dealt with and resealed.

A quick walk down two flights of stairs was all it took for the pair to reach the ground floor. Alana stopped to look around, and finding no one in danger of easvesdropping, turned to speak to Saber.

"Supposedly, the masters in the Holy Grail War are to meet with the supervisor and make their participation known. I don't know if it would be best to do that, though, for reasons you probably know already. What's your opinion on the matter, Saber?"

July 11th, 2012, 12:54 AM
Taiki Yoshikuni
Day 1
Ryuudou Temple

Taiki nodded at his Servant's request. He clenched his right hand as lightning started to spark around it, and with his left hand the air started to whirl around as well, temporarily releasing the hold he had on his magic. "Though it is difficult to explain entirely what it does, I specialize in lightning and wind-related abilities. Most of my life I've been training in this magic style, and while I have yet to truly try myself against any foes, I am confident none the less in my technique. It is a heavy close-range fighting style though, so I only hope that you have some skill in ranged abilities." Taiki continued walking, trusting Assassin to follow him. If Assassin needed more information he could show him, but he wanted Assassin to have a layout of the temple first and foremost. After all, though the Grail granted them general knowledge, there were still a great many holes that would need to be filled. Once again Taiki wondered why exactly he was fighting in the War himself. He had no desire for bloodshed, and any wishes he had seemed like they would be achievable without the use of a miracle. Perhaps it was simply familial duty, but Taiki had to wonder if there might not be more to it than that.

July 11th, 2012, 01:25 AM
Outside Valencia's Apartment

Looking to the direction his Master pointed, the red-haired servant nodded. It shouldn't be overly difficult to navigate the city, and a fight was unlikely to break out while the sun was still up... but then, he needed to be prepared for any eventuality. Being ready to face the unexpected was what had kept him alive in some of his hardest fights, after all.

"Of course, Miss Rosa." Berserker's reply was formal and composed as he gave a slight bow before taking his Master's hand, suddenly the perfect image of a young gentleman. Unless his master had any objections, his plan was to scout around the parts of town near her apartment before moving to the outskirts. A more in-depth look at Fuyuki could come when there was more time in the day.

July 17th, 2012, 03:55 PM
Day One: StoreHouse

Yuria starred at the Servant standing before her for a moment. So the trump card available to her in this war was of the Rider class with rather high stats after taking into account his attire and various other factors. Further analysis would have to wait until she'd vacated her current location but a cursory analysis indicated the end result was sufficient for the task at hand.

"Yes, I am your Master for the duration of the war."

Having completed the final portion of the ritual Yuria the next step of meticulously erasing any sign that this structure was ever used for anything but storing someone's cherished belongings.

July 17th, 2012, 09:04 PM
Day one: Storehouse

"Ho. So you are my master. This entire thing about the grail war now i understand. However...."

Rider had commented slightly a bit, though now he decided he would go along and ask his 'master' for this grail war about what he thought would be more important, or what he felt he probably he would have to do after having to process the information given to him by some unknown force. He continued, "Could i request a look around this... city? Area?"

And immediately, he noticed his camera was still with him. He then begun to use his camera to take photos of the storehouse as he stated, "I'm not very familiar with this world, in fact its quite different from my world, so i would like to understand it a bit."

Though truth be told, while that was the truth, he wanted to see this new world. Though, he still clung to his old habit of taking photos to face people at times.


The Camera went off again. This new world... would be interesting. For Rider that is.

July 18th, 2012, 05:44 AM
Kirigaya Kayaba
Day 2
Semina Apartments

With a hazy mind, I open my eyes and find a black-clothed robber with a blue hoodie in my house. I'm still in my school uniform, so that should still be tucked somewhere on my belt. Without much excess movement, I silently get up and prepare to apprehend the robber.


Oh well, there goes my plan. As I sigh and draw out my scimitar, I realize that the robber is a woman. Crap, this makes silencing her a little bit more difficult. Oh wait, how did she penetrate through my sloppy barriers anyway?

I bury my face in my palm as the answer hits me. Sheathing the scimitar, I turn my head away in embarrassment.

"Lancer, uh, that was an accident on my part, please forgive me." Keeping my flushed face out of her sight, I glance at the clock on the wall. It isn't that late.

"Er, as compensation, do you want to go out and check out the neighborhood?" Urk, I feel boned. I nearly attacked a Heroic Spirit. Even if one such as Lancer is surprisingly adapted to modern culture, I'm pretty sure she will punish me quite severely. Therefore, I brace myself for the worst on my first day.

July 18th, 2012, 01:09 PM
Alana Cameron
Day 1

Thinking, Saber put a hand on his chin, going through all the information he'd gathered so far. He knew that, in order to meet with success, he would have to ensure that every step made was perfect. Any mistake would be his own.

"There are several possible outcomes to this," he said, keeping his voice low. "If we go to the Church, there may be others there already, or there may not. If the former is true, then it's possible that we could end up in a fight as soon as we leave the bounds of the Church. Or, depending on the situation, we could escape and use the moment to sow some deception in the minds of our enemies... if they'll fall for it."

Walking to the other side of his Master, he continued. "Still, if we avoid the Church, then either our enemies will know that we tried to be unnoticed and will suspect us, or they won't learn of our participation in this war at all. However, I think that the risk in this case is too much, and the reward isn't enough."

"Though going to the Church has a major risk in itself, I'd say we ought to go there." Saber shrugged, letting his Master take the lead.

July 19th, 2012, 01:57 AM
Servant Assassin
Ryuudou Temple
Day 1

Assassin absorbed the information quietly. A dual Wind/Lightning element then, with a focus on close combat. Unfortunate, really; his techniques were more suited to mid-range combat at best. He did have access to one attack that could be described as long-range, but it was nothing more than a distraction at best, considering the potential caliber of his rivals in this Grail War.

For the moment, he followed his Master, who seemed to be leading him around the temple area in which he had been summoned. Perhaps his Master wanted to keep this place as an area of operations, instead of roaming the city like aimless trainees. In any case, it seemed that this temple was at least a place to stay during the day, when the risks of a Servant attacking were very small. It was a decision that showed that his Master was not completely incompetent; it was a small way of preparing for improbable situations. A tactic certainly much more prominent in the trained than in the untrained. However, it was not enough to reveal his Master’s plans or intentions.

“Master, what is your plan of action for this Holy Grail War? Additionally, do you have a desire for the Holy Grail?

July 19th, 2012, 02:11 AM
Taiki Yoshikuni
Ryuudou Temple
Day 1

Taiki considered Assassin's question for a bit. Though he had been asked to fight in it by his family, he hadn't actually been asked to wish for anything in particular. Perhaps it had just been to keep it out of more unstable hands, or maybe his family trusted his judgment on the matter. "I'm... not really sure about my desire for the Holy Grail as of now. I didn't choose to participate entirely on my own. I suppose generally speaking my desire would be to see the Grail used for a worthy purpose. As for my plan of action, I'm thinking that observing for now is the best course. We can probably find the other teams, learn what they plan, and attack them when they are weakest. We can't act too directly after all." Taiki hesitated to ask the next question. A Servant's identity was his weak point in most cases, and while it wasn't a direct asking of it, the motives of a Servant could serve as a hint. "What of you Assassin? What are you hoping to achieve with the Grail?" As Taiki talked he lead Assassin to his room. A second bed had been made up. Though it wasn't the best of quality, it was important to keep the two of them near each other. Though a sudden surprise attack wasn't too likely there was no telling what the enemies would do in this situation.

July 19th, 2012, 01:46 PM
Day 2
Semina Apartments

"Hmm?" I turn toward my Master holding a apple and taking a bite of it, even as a Servant I still have this habit of mine.

"Ah master I wasn't even paying attention, I though I'd grab something to eat, but as it turns out I don't get hungry." Something I'll won't be able to get use to at all. But since master is offering a look around the neighborhood, I can't turn down a scouting mission. "Since you offered lets go out then." I grab another apple before heading out with master.

July 20th, 2012, 09:12 AM
Kirigaya Kayaba
Day 2

I release myself from my tense state and become a little confused at my Servant's seemingly carefree attitude. Well, one can't be too strict with escaping punishment. I look up at the sky as I wonder where to go. While I would like to go to the Church and pray for a bit after my successful summoning, showing Lancer around town takes priority.

I lead the way around the apartment blocks. The buildings in Shinto are so clustered that I prefer not to fight around here. Since this is the start of the Holy Grail War, it would be a catastrophe if onlookers got sucked in so early. I guess I need a more desolate and wider area for fighting. With that in mind, I head to the harbor through the really lonely Central Park.

July 20th, 2012, 09:30 PM
Alana Cameron
Day 1

Alana remained in place as Saber walked around her, watching the servant with a raised eyebrow. It was good to have a planner on her side, but she quietly wondered if Saber might end up a problem. If he was independent along with being intelligent, he might end up difficult to deal with and control. Well, she would just have to wait and see. Hopefully the servant would place working together as his first priority.

"Alright, then, we should probably get moving. It might be best if we could get this visit out of the way before night falls and we risk getting attacked. No doubt we'll have our fair share of fights before this war ends, but I'd like to conserve our strength for the time being."

With nothing more to say on the matter, Alana turned to lead Saber out the door and towards the Church, listening and watching for anything out of the ordinary. There was little she would be able to do in the worst case scenario, but she wouldn't allow herself to slack even a little. The Holy Grail War was no laughing matter.

July 21st, 2012, 03:04 AM
Alana Cameron and Saber.
Day 1.

Dice roll = 6

Your walk to the Church turns out to be a bit boring. No fateful encounters, no ambushes, no suspicious passer-byes lurking around. Fortune seems to like you tonight.

Church appears to be one of the remnants of Fuyuki's history, untouched by government. It's not too small, nor is it as big as magnificent cathedrals in Italy, but... somehow you can feel that it's blessed. Blessed by something that cannot be comprehended.

But hesitations are not for you. You calmly stroll to the Church's entrance which seems to be unlocked. Maybe, rumors about Supervisor being lazy don't have much ground behind them...

And then, the door opens.

You can see a handsome blond with sky blue eyes. He's clad in white and blue robe, and his silky long hair reaches only short of his legs. His body and his bright, youthful smile emits blinding radiance, and you feel like he really carries the Word of God.

The problem is... he is he, and not she.

"This poor Servant wishes to offer my greetings to you, dearest guests of our modest residence of God." And his greeting surely is a long one. "How may this poor Servant help you?"


"Are you sure in that?"

"Yeah, my source can be trusted."

"So we have an unwanted guest, a poor girl who somehow escaped your lustful fangs, and they are not the only surprises, right?"

"Don't forget about Rin. She has quite a back-up."

"But you don't want to talk about your girlfriend, do you?"


"Well? What's the matter?"

"It's nothing. Back to the topic, it seems that my long dead Servant has returned from ashes."

"...Come again?"

"It's just as I said. It seems that he wants to fight once more to finally find his death."

"This Grail is surely an interesting one."

"No comments. I've got many problems besides it, after all."


Rosalina Valencia and Berserker
Abandoned park.
Day 1.

You can notice on your walk that city develops quite steadily. While Miyama still tends to be more traditional in architecture, Shinto is full of skyscrapers and beautiful buildings. Wood and stone, and glass and metal respectively. So contradictory and so enchanting.

All in all, the walk is peaceful. You look just like your usual tourists, and feel others' gazes on yourselves but you don't mind it. That's just to be expected from commoners.

Yet, it's just a calm before the storm. While walking near the park, you can feel a powerful presence in there. Lured by curiosity, you follow the trail of prana left by someone.

And you see him.


He just stands in the middle of park. His clothes and haircut are quite strange, as if they originate from ancient Japan. But your attention is glued to some abnormalities about him.

First of all, his strange cold eyes. It's like he's nothing but a tool without emotions.

Second, a deep scar on his chest. Seems like he recently was stabbed right in his heart. Just how did he survive?

And the last abnormality but not the least. He's not a human. He's Servant.

"So, it's you who will replace me." His cryptic words are addressed to Berserker. "It seems that the girl wasn't lying."

He steps forward. There's nothing hidden in his move but... the heavy atmosphere envelops him. It seems like he won't let you off the hook.

"First move is yours. Go ahead and, maybe, you'll be able to kill me." His cold gaze doesn't leave Berserker even for a moment. "However, by that point you'll be torn into pieces."