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Destined Legacies – Prelude


A silver knight on a bloody hill

A wish that goes beyond her own life, but to the subjects who had betrayed her.

A young man, mature with untapped potentials.

To right a wrong he commited unknowningly

A red knight atop a hill of swords

A desire to undo his past, and correct his naive, idealistic self.

A swordswoman of renowned skill, yet half blooded.

A pursuit of happiness, one she thought never open to her.

A man with wolfish features, katana drawn in a favoured style.

A lust for battle, so much to the point he would kill to get it.

A set of cool grey eyes, and a red leather jacket.

She never was interested in wishes, but the reward is promising.

A tall man, in a dark leather duster, his hands void, but ready for combat.

An unyielding determination to find his own place in the world, even if he doesn’t belong.

A child of life and death, undying.

Searching relentlessly for one who sacrificed so much for her.

A beautiful warrior, speed, power and grace.

An unforgettable desire to protect those she cares for.

A dark mysterious foreigner, who while brash, has a heart of gold.

To undo what has been cast before on his loved one.

A sorceress, beautiful yet fearsome.

A desire to be loved, and love in return.

A young man of power and untapped potentials

To see his sister again.

A black clad woman, her eyes covered over pale skin and long hair.

To protect one’s most loved one.

A woman who hides a deep shame.

To eliminate the source of it, by any means necessary.

A legendary hero, lost in the chaos of his own mind.

To fufill his battle lust, and enhance the legacy of his own legend.

A magus of power, yet with feelings of inferiority.

A desire to defeat her rivals, by any means necessary.

“Eight Wishes, Eight Servants, Eight Masters.” murmurs the witch, as she peers at the collected images within the crystal ball. As the light goes out, she leans back in contemplation and lights her cigarrette holder. Taking a few puffs, she calls out.

“Watanuki! Please prepare more sake and snacks!” before murmuring to the shadow that wasn;t there before,

” And so it begins.”

Writer's Notes:
Once again, this story's been revived! If only because the old world it was hosted in is no more, thanks to the almighty Banhammer!

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well go whit the frist capter!

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All right - I always did like this one. :)

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Gonna change a couple of things in the story to fit my earlier thoughts on a certain pairing being from another alternate universe

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That's your prerogative, of course. I look forward to seeing what you've come up with. :)

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Destined Legacies - Chapter One : You can't go home anymore.

The Clock Tower - Hall of Decisions

Sweat stained Kenji Tohsaka's brow as he held his weapon lightly in both hands. Across the ring, his opponent, looking none the worse for wear, was also doing the same. As Kenji looked for openings, but finding none, he settled back into a defensive posture to await a chance for a sucessful counterattack.Lunge, Parry, Thust, Parry, Dodge, Counter, Sweep, Attack. The moves and counters were all perfectly timed, almost coordinated, but no less fierce.

We've been at this for the last half hour, time to end this. He thought , as his opponent, obviously thinking the same thing, charged forward, the slim form of his rapier gleaming in the illuminated circle which comprised of their ring, while the Mage's Council watched along the edges. Hardly a surprise, since this was a fight to decide who would represent the Association in the upcoming Grail War in Fuyuki. Bringing the solid oak wood of his staff to parry the rapier attack, he swiftly countered with a kick to his opponent's chest, which was then blocked and countered with a curse aimed at his own. Somersaulting over it, Kenji swept the other boy's legs from under him, before conjuring a ball of light that looked as much as it was, a miniature sun from the tip of his fingers, shaped like a gun at the boy's head.

"Halt." came the order from the Supervisor, as a round of applause spread throughout the ring. Allowing the pent up force he had been holding in the miniature sun to ease out, he helped his opponent up, before both stood before the mage entering the large ring of light. " It would seem, my fellow councillors, we have a winner." she completed her words with the slightest bit of contempt, as Kenji shuddered inwardly at the cold and not-at-all friendly gleam in Luviagelita Edelfelt's eyes, as much as he was aware of the relief and pride of two individuals standing among the Council.

McAnally's - Chicago

" You have got to be kidding me." I muttered as I looked at my old mentor, going over what he just told me. However, reality apparently had other ideas where it came to Council matters involving me. " Hoss, if I wanted to joke with you about a matter like this, I'd be doing it with a red nose and with a face that would give me a place on Mount Rushmore." sighed Ebenezar McCoy, as he pulled out a folded up paper from the back pocket of his jeans. Handing it over, he takes another pull from the bottle of microbrew he'd just gotten when we came in. " According to our intelligence, this "Holy Grail War" has been going on for the last two hundred or so years, but since we're a relatively "new" power in the game, the Mage's Association "graciously" decided to request our participation in the war." said the old man as he finished the drink and smacked his lips. " As if one war wasn't bad enough," I muttered, as I scanned through the contents quickly, taking sips from my own bottle. " And to top it all off, it has to be in Japan." Draining the bottle, I left it standing alongside the not-inconsiderable number of its brothers on the table. "Well, since the Council's voted, I won't have a say." I sigh as I run my fingers through my hair. "Guess I'll be in Japan for a while." Getting up, I prepared to leave the warm comforts of the bar and into the blustery Chicago night.

Misaki - Tokyo

Shiki walked the streets of Misaki, heading to the old abandoned building that housed the Garan no Dou Agency. Easily crossing over the threshold of the building, she made her way up to the office. Letting herself in, she was mildly surprised to see neither Kokuto nor Touko in. " Geez, and after all that fuss about me being needed urgently." she muttered as she began to pour herself some strong black coffee from the ever-present pot. Savouring a sip of the hot drink, she settled in to wait for them to return, when a small box on Touko's table caught her eye. Setting her coffee cup on the table, she tentatively looked it over, and by all appearances, it would seem to have been a rather finely crafted jewelry box or some other container. Ignoring her own thoughts of not opening it, a flash of light, a muffled "Fhuump!" and black smoke creeping out from the office were the only indications that she was going to regret ignoring her own advice. Coughing, Shiki stepped out of the office, lightly covered in soot, as Touko and Kokuto entered the hallway leading to the office. Surprised looks were exchanged, as three diamond shaped tattoos formed on the back of her right hand as they stared at her.

"Hoo boy.." Touko sighed, as she lit one of her trademark cigarettes, " You really should know when not to poke your nose into other people's stuff, Shiki. Come in and I'll explain..."

Disclaimer: Kara no Kyoukai, The Dresden Files, and any other characters from official series' portrayed in this series is taken without permission from their respective owners for personal entertainment and enjoyment. Please don't sue.

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Three down, four to go.

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Destined Legacies - Chapter Two: Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.

Atlas - The Hall of Assembly

She stepped forth into the testifying circle, the sole pillar of light in the room. Entering the Hall of Assembly always drew a inward shudder from her, as much from the coldness of the room as it was from revulsion. Taking a short breath and drawing up her full height, she stood proudly before them. "Sion Etlnam Atlasia, reporting as summoned." she intoned, as her voice carries through the room's spacious setting. " May I inquire as to why I have been summoned here from my seculsion?"

As the members conferred inaudibly among themselves, she prepared herself for whatever news it was that summoned her before them. If it was because of that terrible incident in that village... She mentally shook herself back to reality as the man, hidden by the shadows before her began speaking. " We have recieved word that a new Grail War is going to take place soon," said the cold emotionless voice of Councillor Wendel Ramanov. " And as one of the Three Great Branches, we have recieved a invitation for a representative to join. As our representative in all matters pertaining to Atlas, you will be undertaking this misson."

" As the Council wishes." Sion bowed, giving the traditional acceptance. " I will take my leave and begin preparations." Turning on her heel smartly, she began to leave when the Councillor spoke again, barely audible to others nearby, but completely clear as if he'd been whispering in her ear like a lover.

" Perhaps you will find the answer and redemption you seek," as the heavy double doors closed behind her with a loud bang.

Between Here and There - The Void.

All he could remember was explosions all around, then the world went white. Although he couldn't feel his limbs, he at least knew they were attached to his body. So this is what it feels like to die. He thought, his body light as a feather, even as his heavy heart still weighed down on him. Painful memories, cherished loved ones, and those who were important to him flooded his mind as his memories flashed past his eyes.

No, it's not your time yet, Onii-chan.

A tiny spark of recognition, as he remembered who the voice belongs to.

You still have much to do, but don't worry, I'll always be with you, forever.

Feeling a pair of hands touch his right arm, he gasped slightly as he felt the nails trace a sigil on the back of his hand. Reaching out , he tried to grasp them, but he is pulled back into darkness, and oblivion.

Emergency services had reported to the barren land of Shinto Park, where during the heavy storm, lightning had struck several trees. While the risk of fire was at a minimum, it was still perfunctionary to check for any possible victims. As the officers combed the park for any possible victims of the storm, a startled yell from one of the two officers there brought the other running.

" What did you find?" asked his partner, as the first officer pointed to the figure lying on the ground, where a figure in black lay, face covered by a ceramic mask. Snapping back to his senses, the senior cop began calling for an ambulance over his walkie talkie, before telling his partner to empty the stranger's pockets for any ID. " Well? Any idea who this weirdo is?" barked the grizzled senior, shivering in his poncho as his junior partner opened up the wallet to reveal a student ID with the name, "Li Shen Shun"

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*blinks* How did I miss this?

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And here's Number 3!

Destined Legacies - Chapter Three: Preparations

Garan No Dou - Misaki, Tokyo.

Plopping down at her desk, Touko absent-mindedly brushed aside the remains of the box from the top of the desktop. As she busied herself clearing away several stacks of documents atop the same surface, now covered in soot and ash. She mentally winced as she saw Shiki and Kokuto at work, the former leaning against the railing of the steps to the side room with a fresh cup of coffee, the latter cleaning the rest of the mess left in the room from the aftermath of the botched unsealing.

How do I explain this... she thought, gaze moving up to the ceiling as she pondered just how much to tell them. Her thoughts were interrupted by Kokuto bringing her a fresh mug to replace the gunk left in her cup, and with Shiki also looking at her directly.

"So what is going on, Touko." said the grey-eyed shinigami, her tone while less than apologetic, was no less questioning.

Oh heck.. let's shoot the moon. she thought, as she pulled herself back together and began. " Well, it's like this..."

Spunklecrief Apartments - Chicago

" The Fuyuki Holy Grail Wars are a series of battle royales fought between magi from all corners of the globe, at least by what I've heard of." Bob the skull began, as I settled in on my worktable to write down anything important about this "Grail War" I was supposed to be fighting in. " Said magi, while not considered the most powerful, would have to have been at least competent enough, or sneaky enough, to get involved in it. Each magi, or Master, has got a Command Seal, which is used to summon and control a familiar of the strongest class. a Servant." Muttering about getting a new workbench as I pushed Little Chicago a bit more towards the wall, I looked up from my notes as I went through what Bob told me.

"So in other words, I just need to defeat the other Servants using my own, correct?" I asked, fiddling with the pencil as I pondered over this.

"Well, technically, if you want to do it the hard way, yes." replied Bob, as his lights flickered a little, probably meaning he wasn't exactly excited over the easier method. "Normally most Masters would kill or incapacitate the others to bring a faster end to the conflict, because it would be much easier than compared to fighting with Servants who are prepared or have circumstances which make them nearly impossible to kill. Also, there have been precedents for Masters to use the Command Seals of other Masters to bind their opponent's Servant to them, although if you manage to do so, it'd be something that is still gruesome, but otherwise pretty commendable..." his voice trailed off as a torrent of thoughts and feelings washed over me. The last couple of weeks had been pounding on me, and it felt like water on a dam. Pushing those memories aside for now, I turned back to him.

"Go on, I'll be fine for a little longer." Focusing my thoughts to his words, I continued to write notes down further as he started on the rules of the War...

Garan no Dou - Misaki, Tokyo

" So basically..." Shiki's sentence was cut short by a sip of coffee in her hand, her fourth since the conversation started. " I opened a box containing a spell that would etch itself to the opener, which obligates me to fight in this battle called "The Holy Grail War." And said spell also requires me to summon a Servant and fight others to own an Artifact that grants me a wish?" Touko nodded in response.

"In short, that is about as close as I can explain it. I certainly didn't intend to open it, but as far as the contract goes, Shiki.. no, We, have decided to get involved. Our employer this time has been gracious enough to give us some available information on the upcoming participants, as well as an expense account for the duration of the War."

"Will I get to kill people?" the smoky-eyed shinigami asked, before smiling at Touko's reply. "Well then, it looks like we're going to be in business for a while.."

Spunklecrief Apartments - Chicago

"The intermediary for this War is a member of the Church; this was also mentioned because the Church felt a sense of duty to give sanctuary to any magi who have lost their Servant or wished to withdraw from the war. Also, Ancient Mai apparently will be handling all my arrangements for the trip, so that'll save me trouble on making plans. She also adds that preparations for the Summoning will be done for me." I gave a low whistle as I folded up the missive and glanced over at its deliverer. Ramirez had gotten banged up in the last fight where we'd ended up fighting almost a good quarter of the Wardens all over Chicago, protecting a man we believed innocent. Still sporting several cuts and bruises from that incident, he'd been chosen as the messenger for Ancient Mai as he'd been relieved of his Warden Commander duties for some R&R.

"Seems like the Council's going out of its way to treat it's new hero like he should deserve." he grinned as he took a slow pull from one of the ice cold bottles of Mac's beer that I kept cold in my freezer. It might be winter, but nothing beats a cold beer after slugging it out with some of the Council's best. Shrugging off his teasing, I took a pull from one of my own, the earthy aroma and the gentle bite of the alcohol reminding me of Mac's grill and bar, something I would be missing during my stay in Fuyuki.

"It seems to be the least they could do, especially when they're sending said "hero" to fight in a battle game." I snorted as I remembered the next couple of things I needed to take care of. "I'll need to meet some people in a bit, guess you should be heading out too." I grasped his hand as we get up. "Guess I'll see you when I see you." Nodding as he gives me another trademark megawatt smile.

"Watch your ass Dresden." He said, as I closed the door and set my own beer back down, I recalled the old number of an old friend, as I reached over for the telephone.

The Clock Tower - Hall of Decisions

"Thus with the approval and blessing of the Mage's council, we hereby present Kenji Tohsaka with the Command Seal to the Holy Grail War." intoned Luviagelita as she strode across the marbled dais to where Kenji stood. Taking his right hand with both of hers, she murmured the incantation to imprint the seal on it. Wincing slightly as a short, sharp pain ran up his arm, it quickly disappeared, leaving him looking at the oriental design of the seal.

"The same as your mother's, I am told." whispered the Councilor to the younger Tohsaka, as he returned her gaze with the same strength. Staying like that for a few seconds, she then broke eye contact first

"I wish you the best of luck." she said, turning on her heel quickly and moving quickly off the dais. Even so, it was still generous to call it walking, flouncing off would have been more appropriate.

"Guess she's still ticked off about what happened then." He shrugged, and also made his way down, and quickly headed towards the entrance of the Clock Tower.

He was late for his appointment with someone after all.

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Yay - three of my favourite Masters! *twitch* And I'd forgotten that bit about Kenji's Mantra . . . *blushes* Actually, I'd forgotten he was even in it!

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Destined Legacies - Chapter Four : Departures and Arrivals

Vatican Secret Archives - Vatican City

"... Nothing." Sion muttered, as she finished poring over the immense stack of folders and ancient documents in the last bin that she'd taken out of her narrowed down list. Frowning darkly as she began the tedious process of carefully replacing each folder within the bin, she sighed in disappointment. While she could have simply used the not-inconsiderable collection of mystic tomes and ancient texts that the Atlas Library would have provided her, she had decided to call in a favor with the Church for further research on the hero she wished to summon, a favor that ironically, came from her aid in "that" incident. Pushing aside the dark thoughts, she finished replacing all the folders and moving the bin back to its original position. Sighing again, she left the sealing chamber, the only sounds being the soft clicks of her shoes upon marbled floors.

"Did you find what you were looking for, Signorina Sion?" asked the young archiver who was in charge of the archives that night. A young man with bright eyes in the traditional brown cassock, Sion couldn't help liking him at the beginning of her search. Still, she had no time nor the mood for it.

"Unfortunately no, Sigore." she replied crisply, " Although I do wish that the Vatican would take more care in organizing it's archives into a more effecient model." Stifling a chuckle at her grouse, the young man had to hide his smile behind the sleeve of his loose-fitting robe.

"I daresay you're not the only one with such a complaint, Signorina." he replied, eyes merrily twinkling."Of course, we do also keep records of other, shall we say, incidents which the church does not wish to be seen." Slowing to a stop, Sion could only go over his words again and again, rooted to the same spot. Shoulders shaking, she asked the Librarian.

"Does that mean that you're saying you might have records of previous grail wars and such?" she asked. Seeing his quick nod and the same sparkle in his eyes, she quickly turned back towards the bowels of one of the most oldest and largest collections of either world, mundane or arcane.

Fuyuki General Hospital - Fuyuki City

He awoke in a room in white, the mid afternoon sun shining brightly through his bedside window. Who am I?, Where am I? he thought, memories all in a jumble.

Onii-chan.. a flash of pain seared through his mind as he tried recollecting what happened. Familiar faces flashed past as he began remembering who he was. The throbbing pain in his hand...

"Ah, are you awake?" a soothing gentle voice pierced through his thoughts. "I'll get the doctor." said the nurse, as she quickly stepped out of the ward to fetch the doctor on duty. A unbidden thought entered his mind as he watched her go.

Perhaps this is my chance to see her again..

McAnally's - Chicago

" So, basically, I'll be in Japan fighting in this "Holy Grail War" for the time being." I finished my little speech before the large party of people before me. Having decided that I should collect everyone in a single place instead of calling on them individually would be the best course of action, I'd arranged for a single meeting spot. The Alphas, Murphy, the Carpenters and my replacement Warden were all present and listening, some clutching sweating beers while Mac provided fruit juice to the minors. "Warden Oslo will be taking over my duties here while I'm away, so if anything happens, he'll be there to take care of the situation." Clapping the Warden on the shoulder, I finished my beer and set it down. " I know it might sound dangerous, but from what I've learned, this War is crucial for the Council in securing more help, so I'll be going soon, and that's about it." Draining my beer, I set it down on the counter top.

"We're behind you Harry, all the way." said Will Borden, the leader of the Alphas murmured, as the rest of the pack all nodded. The Carpenters, consisting of Michael, Molly and Charity, also nodded, although Molly looked somewhat troubled by something. Michael, now walking with a cane, got up from his seat and moved slowly towards me. Each limping step reminded me just how much he'd lost in his own battles, and reminded me all the more of what I had lost. Getting up as he reached the counter, he held out his hand.

"May the Lord shine upon you in this time of battle, Harry." he said, smiling as I gripped his hand firmly. No matter what happened to him, that inner strength and faith would be the best help he could get. As the rest filed out slowly, each shaking my hand and wishing me well, Murphy stayed behind. Seating myself down on the bar stools, I motioned for her to join me.

" Murph, I.." I began to speak, but she held a finger up to my face. Her bright baby blues worried and fearful. Knowing that she was worried about me was something I wouldn't have known, but we were more than just friends. " Murph, this War isn't what I asked for, but I'm going to see this through till the end." I finished, as Mac slid another beer to both of us. " If I don't take it up, who knows what other poor sucker would be given the job?" Stony silence was broken a few moments later, as she set her bottle down.

" It's going to be a little less noisy around here for a while, isn't it?" she asked, as she took a pull from the bottle before looking straight at me. " How about expenses and language?" she asked, knowing the two biggest concerns I had thought about earlier in the evening.

" Expenses wise, I'm on a pretty much unlimited expense account, although they have also given me a residence to put up and also are providing some artifacts for me to summon a hero." I paused to take another sip of Mac's brewed nirvana. " As for language, I'll figure something out. Probably get a couple of books for translating and conversation." Nodding her approval, she finished the bottle and got up from the bar stool.

"Harry.." she said, as she walked up the stairs. "You're a good man, but do be careful." With that, she was swallowed up by the Chicago winter.

Heathrow Airport - London

The hustle and bustle of London's international airport, the white noise of millions of lives passing through it, Kenji could feel the emotional residue within the entire airport. Happiness of overdue meetings, grief over the loss of loved ones, and eager anticipation of adventures to come. Brushing it off quickly, he moved forward in the short check-in line. Finishing the process quickly, he found that he had quite a bit of time before the flight. Checking the bookstore, he picked up a few magazines and a paperback novel. Flights for him were never much more than a long trip with boredom as a companion, so he wanted something to do besides looking out the window. Paying for his purchases, he decided to look for his parents. Having a good idea where they went, he moved off towards the departures gate...

"It's just too dangerous for him alone!" Rin muttered as she slammed the glass onto the bar top. Despite being a good drinker, stress was not something that helped her often, much less the whiskey water-mix she was drinking. Beside her, Shirou sipped lightly at his. Despite his wife's preparations and other measures, he knew that one problem was still bugging her.

"But the main reason is because of Sakura, right?" he prodded lightly, as she downed the rest of the drink in a single pull.

"Sakura has nothing to do with this!...well.. maybe a little.." she muttered darkly, as she traced the rim of the glass with one finger, the ice in her glass clinking softly.

"The more important thing now," Shirou persisted " is to reconcile with her, and also help Kenji by being his support." Despite their son's handicap of not fully knowing the extent of his power, he would have ample support with two seasoned combat magi.

"I.. suppose so." came his wife's sullen reply, and she blushed scarlet when Shirou ruffled the top of her hair. "Geez! I'm not a little kid anymore!" she snapped, beating on him playfully. Despite being a good drinker, she was a little buzzed, considering that it was her eighth water-mix already. Seeing Kenji at the door of the bar, Shirou helped his wife up as they began walking to the flight gate.

"I'm really glad the Mage's Association chartered a private jet for us." Kenji said.

" You and me both, my son" came the quick reply, as they both chuckled.

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"Well, maybe a little . . . " If she's opening up that fast, in public, she must be buzzed. :)

And even knowing who her Servant is, I'm half-expecting Sion to summon Assassin (Shiki).

May 1st, 2011, 10:37 AM
To be honest, here, eight whiskey water-mix would buzz anyone.

May 1st, 2011, 01:38 PM
"Lois, I..." (http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/handsome-face)
Sorry couldn't resist.

Wait, Lee Shen Shun?
Is that Hei?

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Destined Legacies - Chapter Five: Summoning Night.

Colchis - Western Georgia

Sion leaned back against the bare wall sliding slowly earthwards before settling herself in for the wait. Despite the recent war with Russia, it seemed that the small town where she'd decided on summoning her Servant was in relatively good shape. However, she felt that the decor of the house could have been better. Sparsely furnished and barely cleaner than some slums she'd once read about, she had first set to work cleaning the basement for her summoning. No point having the summoning botched because of some debris breaking the circle. she thought. After having some simple fare provided by way of an enterprising young businessman who'd come knocking a few hours earlier, she'd settled in for the right time to summon her Servant. Checking her stylish but inexpensive timepiece, she saw that it was still a few hours too early.. "Thirteen o' clock... the witching hour, and the best time to summon a fitting Servant." she murmured, pulling her legs closer to her chest, as she closed her eyes and meditated, attempting to calm her mind and thoughts, the faint tick tick of her timepiece telling her that the time was drawing ever closer...

A full moon, just like the one she'd seen before on that night.

Armed men and women, dressed in clothes more fitting of medieval times.

A glittering night sky, marred with an orange glow over the horizon.

Fear, panic, and grief, all melded into one form, as a woman ran through the forest, reaching a large cliff. Turning back, she hesitates, before throwing herself over the edge...

"!" Sion jerked awake, startled by the vividness of the images running through her mind. "A dream?" she asked herself,panting lightly as she held up her right hand. Sweat lightly covering her exposed skin and face, she brushed it away as she shook her head, attempting to clear the cobwebs of the dream away. Checking her watch, she realized that it was ticking, but the minute and hour hands were not moving. "The witching hour!" she gasped, as she swiftly began the prepared ceremony. Murmuring lines in her favored spellcasting language, ancient greek, she began the ceremony.

" πέντε φραγμός κύκλος, ενεργοποιώ!" She intoned, as her prepared circle drew sigils and runes over the bare stone floor of the basement, and a familiar violet light illuminating the room, before an audible snap indicated that the barrier of the circle was in place. Crossing her arms before her chest, head bowed down forward with both wrists falling before her face, she began the summoning incantation in English

Heed my call, O great witch of Colchis,

A thousand years of day and night.

As the Sun wanes, and the Moon rises,

I bind you to this command, reincarnate!

As she finished the final line of the incantation, a bright light burst forth from the circle, along with a gust of strong wind that caused Sion to turn away from the glaring light. As the wind began to die down, and the spots began to fade from her vision, before her stood a female figure clothed in purple and black robes, topped off a black hood with a gold crest that looked above all else, like a tiara.

" I am Caster, and I ask of you," said the Servant, giving a low curtsy before her summoner. " Are you to be my Master?"

Garan no Dou - Misaki, Tokyo

" Well, are we all set?" Touko asked as she stepped out of the side room of the office, carrying with her the same wine red traveler's suitcase Mikiya had seen and carried out for her once. While he and Shiki had already packed and ready to go, Touko had been in a daze when they entered, her various files and folders disorganized. " I was searching for some old files I had." was the only answer they'd gotten, along with a promise to be ready within fifteen minutes. Assuring the other two she was already packed, she led the way out of the office. After locking the door, they turned towards the stairs when a familiar face to both Shiki and Kokuto appeared. Tall, well dressed in a ever present suit and tie, Akitaka. Seeing the look of recognition on her two companions, Touko walked past them.

"I'll wait for you both at the car." Bowing slightly to Akitaka, she moved past him and turned into the stairwell. Walking towards them, Akitaka lowered the carrying case he had slung over one shoulder and bowing low, the case proffered before him. Both of them recognized the case as one used to hold the parts of a katana, disassembled for carrying.

"Ojou-sama, your father wishes for you to have this. He says you will know when to use it." He said, continuing to hold out the case before him. Sighing lightly, Shiki took hold of the handle of the case as Akitaka straightened, before moving to the side. Walking past him with Kokuto in tow, Shiki rounded the corner to the stairwell, Kokuto bowing to her manservant before following. Once they were out of sight and earshot, a single sentence came softly from Akitaka's lips.

"Take care, and good luck, Ojou-sama."

Undertown - Chicago

Undertown is a cold place, even in summer. In winter, it's so cold, I wouldn't be surprised if I saw a bum or two who had froze to death sleeping here. Not that many dared to come here for shelter or refuge. Undertown was well known to the arcane circles here as a dangerous place. Not only might there have been leftover radiation from the Manhattan project being hosted here for a short time, but the dark and the cold made it an ideal nesting ground for vampires, other monsters and unspeakables that the mundane world didn't want to know about. Only the suicidally bold or the unlucky found themselves deep within it, and chances were, they didn't last, not for very long at least. Pushing aside such morbid thoughts, I continued walking down the open path, recently cleared of most of the rubble blocking it. Barely lit with gas lamps that flickered from time to time, it gave the whole place an eerie, but utterly familiar setting.

" Why couldn't she have just made the meeting point more convinient." I muttered, as I finally finding the described place, I realised it appeared to be a dead end. Muttering under my breath about overly cautious wizards and their habits, I rapped my staff against the wall, and a rectangular sized hole appeared near my face.

"Warden Dresden," came the low basso voice of the guard. " We've been expecting you." Snapping the hole shut, I stepped back slightly as the huge wall just began sliding to one side. Stepping through the doorway like I owned the place, I saw it was a dimly lit room. Actually, calling it a room wasn't right. The entire cavern was about as large as a small scale theatre. Perfectly rounded walls with little lamps in alcoves provided the dim flickering light, and I could smell incense.

"Welcome Warden Dresden." came the voice of Ancient Mai, as she strode into the room from an unseen door. I had always assumed Ancient Mai, an elderly Asian woman with rheumy eyes, would have had more wrinkles, but up close, her appearance could only have been called "aging gracefully." Hells bells, I hoped I could age half as well as her, assuming I lived through this. Motioning for me to follow her, she began walking towards the other end of the room, where tables seemed to have been put up.

" The Senior Council wishes you the best of luck in this endeveour, and as such, we and our brother organizations have collected numerous artifacts for your choosing for summoning your Servant." Pulling aside the cloth over the table, she revealed the sheer number of them, from old broken blades and rusty armor to exquisite jewelry and ancient clothes and mantles, preserved almost perfectly. "Also, we have also prepared the summoning circle for you. To summon your Servant immediately."

"All this, for me?" I murmured softly as I ran a hand over several of the objects, picking up small sensations of memories that each item contained. "This War must mean a lot more to the Council than I thought." I said, turning to face her.

"Indeed." Ancient Mai replied, bowing slightly as she acknowledged the point. " The Council's hope of support from the Mage's Association lies with you, young Dresden, should you do well, we shall be able to recieve aid freely from them, in kind for our aid in theirs."

"Politics again." I muttered, as I scanned the objects on the table. Something caught my eye, a flash of red among the vivid colors of the cloth and the flashing of unblemished steel. Picking it up, I realized it was a ribbon. Despite my own sense of doubt, it felt right. " I'll go with this then." I said, holding out the ribbon in my hand. Taking it lightly from me, Ancient Mai's eyes narrowed slightly at the ribbon, as if it was something that shouldn't have been there. However, after a few moments scrutinizing it, she nodded her approval and returned the ribbon to me.

"Very well, Warden Dresden, you may begin the summoning." she replied, moving towards the side of the table to observe. Looking over the circle as I calmed myself down, I begin the summoning incantation Bob had made me memorize prior to coming here. Drawing in power with every line, I began the incantation, the syllables resonating with the power I gathered.

O' Great Hero from the Past, Present and Future,

One who seeks aid in battle beckons

With might for right, and honor for all

Speed and strength, Beauty and Grace

I summon you with this seal, Come forth!

At the final word, I let the power building up within the circle release. As a flash of bright light blinded us all for a few moments, Blinking hard to clear away the dark spots in my vision, I saw before me stood a young woman, dressed in what looked like a leather top, biker shorts, a short apron skirt a cape attached to the back, gloves and sneakers. Her pale skin contrasting against the black of her attire and her raven dark hair, glistening in the low light, like liquid velvet. Turning around to face me, I noted that her left arm bore the same ribbon tied over it.

"Servant Lancer, at your service." she spoke, her words piercing through my thoughts, as she held out her hand. " Am I right to assume you are my Master?"

Tohsaka Mansion - Fuyuki City

Kenji closed his eyes, letting his mana flood through his Magic Circuit, as he prepared himself for the summoning ritual. Having the circle prepared by his mother, he'd simply readied himself for the summoning, relaxing and clearing his mind of all clutter. Despite having no artifacts to use for a focus, his parents had agreed that no matter what Servant it was, they'd help him out with managing it if need be.

" I still don't understand why we couldn't use your old shed in the Emiya Residence, Father." muttered Kenji while looking at his mother. Sheepishly, the senior Tohsaka chuckled softly as he scratched the back of his head with one hand.

"Well, at that time, your mother and I thought we'd never have to come back here, so I got your grand-uncle Raiga and your aunt Fuji-nee to sell the house for me." Frowning slightly at the thought, Shirou brushed it aside. " Anyway, your mother was adamant about this summoning being perfect. I think it's her way of making up for her failure to summon Saber the last time." he chuckled softly as he watched his wife pore over the runes and sigils, triple-checking everything.

"Okay, preparations are complete." Rin said as she finished melting the jewel to form the circle's carvings and sigils in the floor, giving it a blue glow. Despite lack of use over the years, the circle still looked freshly carved. I do hope he gets a good one.." she whispered to her husband, as he nodded silently, as Kenji walked before the circle and began his incantation.

" To the great winds and fields of green,

Comes a great hero of legend,

His sword is unbeaten, his shield unblemished,

One who calls for aid, I summon you!"

At the last word , there was a tremendous crash coming above them. " God-Damnit!" swore Rin, as she stormed upstairs out of the cellar. Kenji turned to look at his father, who only shrugged and pointed upstairs. Following the diminishing trail of expletives coming from Rin Tohsaka, the two Tohsaka males quickly made haste to catch up with her.

" Stupid stupid stupid summoning! Why can't things ever go right for once?" Rin railed, as she marched up the stairs to where the second floor sitting room, the original crash site of her own Servant, had been. " If I see that snide smirk of his when i open this door..." she muttered as she brought her Magic Crest to life. " I'll ****ing KILL him!" Bursting the door wide open, she pointed her finger right into the middle of the room, ready to fire her Gandr shot at the red knight she thought her son had summoned.

"Shirou?" came the soft, but crisp question. Hearing that voice, Rin dropped her arm, as she stared at the Servant. Clad in blue and silver, an invisible sword in her right hand, Saber looked at her squarely, surprise mirrored in either female's eyes. "It.. can't be.." she stuttered, as Kenji and Shirou joined Rin at the doorway, they saw her shoulders shudder before she bawled out.


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Destined Legacies - Chapter Six: Cloak and Daggers.

Somewhere between Here and There - Barrier of Worlds.

No matter how many times she went through it, the portal between worlds always looked the same to her. Watery depths ringed with golden lights, and a bright light shimmering through the tunnel on both ends. Despite travelling through countless worlds, and losing track of the time she'd spent searching, she'd never forgotten him, the profile of his broad back, the metallic sheen of his leather duster, the set of his jaw, and above all, his voice, and the words it last spoke to her.

"ll keep my promise to you, because I said I would - and because I love you. "

Avenger... she thought, as she closed her eyes, focusing on the destination that would take her to him, as the light grew brighter, before engulfing her completely...

Tohsaka Residence - Miyama City, Fuyuki.

" How did this happen?" pondered Rin, as she paced around the now-repaired sitting room, a cup of her favorite tea in hand. Despite her earlier outburst upon seeing the silver and blue clad knight, she'd regained enough composure to begin figuring out how the Queen of Knights had once again turned up in the Grail War. "I mean, while it's possible for Servants to have been summoned into a different grail war multiple times, the chances of it actually happening is statistically improbable." Seating herself down on a armchair, she took a sip, wincing as she scalded her tongue on the hot liquid.

"Indeed, Rin, that would normally be the case." Saber replied, tea also in hand. Despite her initial appearance in full armor, they'd managed to fit her into some of Kenji's clothes. Now dressed in slacks and a man's shirt, she looked passable as a boy. " Servants are normally heroic spirits who have been placed on the Throne of Heroes after their death. However, in my case, I was placed there before my death. Thus far I've appeared in every Grail War to date, although I'm not certain if it's because of the pact I made, or if it is an anomaly on the Grail's part."

"Every Grail War? That's a little troubling." murmured Rin, as she took another sip of her tea. "Well, putting that aside, it seems like we've gotten a reliable Servant this time around." she smiled, looking at Saber. "I originally expected Kenji to summon Lancer or perhaps even Berserker, but you are much better than we'd hoped for." Finally remembering that tiny detail she'd forgotten, she turned to introduce him to Saber. "This is my son, Kenji Tohsaka, he'll be the one fighting in the Grail War this time, with me and Shirou as backup. Pleased to be working with you." Turning to the young man who'd been sitting in the chair next to her, Saber looked at him. Remarkably like his father in build and height, but with his mother's eyes, she saw an inner fire within that she knew was purely his own.

"Pleased to make your acquaintance, Saber." Kenji began, giving a low bow to her. " I've heard of you by reputation, but I look forward to fighting with you in this War."

"Likewise, Master." she replied, giving a stiff formal bow to Kenji.

"Please, call me Kenji. There's no need to be so formal." he replied, before turning to his mother. "Now that I've summoned Saber, I'm pretty sure we'll have to begin patrolling. Perhaps we should split into two groups to cover the work more quickly,and it'll be easier to stay in contact with each other using these." Quickly pulling out two mobile phones, he handed one to his father, who'd just re-entered the room bearing a fresh pot of tea. " This way we'll be able to keep in touch, even if we're on opposite sides of town." He smiled as he saw the looks of approval on all three faces.

"Let's get to work tonight."

Miyama City - Fuyuki

Shiki unzipped the carrying case, quickly pulling out and setting down each individual part of the katana. Checking the blade for any rust and nicks, she ran her fingers lightly over the steel. Finding none, she looked over at the nakago, curious as to who made such a fine blade. Finding it empty, she was surprised. "A nameless blade?" she muttered, putting the sword together, as her mind quickly ran through possibilities. Less than 15 minutes later, she placed the now assembled katana into it's sheath and laid it to rest against the wall of the apartment she'd rented out. While she'd protested against sharing an apartment with both of them, Touko had also pointed out that it was likely she'd need backup close by, and despite her own protests, " It's just that you want Mikiya-kun to be alone with you, right?" the red haired mage whispered out of earshot as the red haired witch and her investigator both went out to prepare for the summoning, grinning as she suppressed her chuckles. Grumbling in irritation, she settled in to wait for the call that would take her to the beginnings of battle...

Headmaster's Office - Mahora Academy

The young woman strode through the hallways to reach the great double doors before her, heels clicking on the marble floors. Alabaster skin, flashing eyes, midnight dark hair and a conservatively cut suit belied her job, as she easily held her nodachi with one hand, despite it's length and weight. Knocking thrice before entering, she bowed as she stood before the Headmaster, before recognition and surprise registered on her. Sitting next to the coffee table with a white haired man in red, was what looked like a blonde ten year old girl, her hair trailing to her knees, as she looked up from her tea. Giving the stunned shinmeiryu swordswoman a smirk, she gave her a little wave with her free hand, her smile revealing tiny little fangs.

"Ah, Setsuna. It's good to see you again." Konoemon Konoe spoke, as he stroked his beard, turning her attention back to him.

"I have a job for you."

Shinto District - Fuyuki

Midnight, the time of day where even Shinto's business district sleeps. Glaring lights, spots of illumination in the darkened streets, flickered slightly as a flash of light, brighter than the day, came from a darkened patch of the square. Steps followed after it, as the originator of the light stepped into the pale glare of the streetlight. Tall and wizened, with a beard that needed trimming, he looked towards the night sky, and smiled, murmuring words before disappearing in motes of light.
"And so, they gather."

Miyama City - Fuyuki

As darkness fell onto the shopping district, a pale flash of light could be seen. Footsteps could be heard softly, as a young woman, her dark chestnut hair trailing behind her as she staggered out of the alleyway, looked towards the night sky, getting her bearings before her. Realizing she was alone, but without any major danger, she murmured as she moved on, looking for any signs of a place to rest.
"Avenger, where are you?"

Private Offices - The Clock Tower.

The informant walked quickly, striding past the marbled pillars of the hallway, as he moved toward his goal. Knocking softly on the nondescript door at the end of this particular walkway, he waited.
"Enter." came the confirmation for entry, as he pushed the door gently open. Closing the door softly, he moved towards the desk before him, the tall back of the desk chair facing him, concealing whoever was seated in it. "Report." came the order, while undoubtedly human, was colder than frozen ice.

"Your orders to employ the services of the Red Mage and her underlings have been fufilled, Mistress." began the informant, " The Tohsakas have already summoned their Servant, and are preparing to patrol the towns for any Masters. The White Council member chosen is also on his way to the battleground." The informant bowed his head, knowing the next part of his report would not be pleasant news. "Unfortunately, I have not yet discovered the identities of the others, but I believe with more time I will."

"Proceed, and only report to me again when you have something worth finding out." came the orders of his mistress, as the sound of fluttering paper informed him of his payment. Bowing before taking his leave, the man quickly left, knowing that if he overstayed his welcome, he'd be more than lucky to leave this place intact.

"Well well, Rin." murmured Luviagelita Edelfelt,as she pulled off a single white glove from her hand, revealing a Command Seal. " It looks like we'll settle this soon." a predatory smile on her face, and the look in her eyes, raw hatred smouldering within them as she thought of her closest rival and enemy.

"One way or another."

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Destined Legacies - Chapter Seven: A tale of Two Meetings.

Miyama City, Fuyuki

Silence reigned in Miyama City after dark. Seldom would anyone be seen walking it's darkened streets, punctuated every few meters with a glaring streetlight. The cold winterly breeze, and it's frosty bite was a good enough reason for residents to stay home after dark. However, with a war on, the sounds of footsteps could easily be heard through the night, the soft clink of metal and light clomping of boots. As both a young man and woman turned the corner and began walking up the intersection. Tall, dark haired and well-built, Kenji could have kept his distance from his companion, however, the thoughts running through his mind, and the ungentlemanly idea of letting her match his pace, allowed him to keep pace with his companion. In comparison, she was of fair height, her blonde locks braided and rolled into a bun, Saber kept pace with him, her eyes constantly checking for threats. Making a complete round through the Lower district, Ryuudou Temple, the Shopping district and the bridge, they had been walking back in silence. Stopping at the base of the hill towards the Tohsaka mansion, Kenji looked up into the night sky, fuzzy thoughts clouding his brain, as one clear thought rang out through his mind, and his chest tightened slightly, like someone had closed a hand slowly over his heart, compressing it harder.

What is this feeling I have?

Shinto City, Fuyuki

Takara sighed in content as the hot shower splashed over her, the hot water running over her pale skin, relaxing her aching muscles. Scrubbing her arms rigorously to clean out the day's grime and sweat, she groaned in satisfaction as she sat down on the cheap plastic stool provided, and began massaging her arms and legs, while the steaming hot water ran down her long chestnut dark hair, falling over her shoulders like a curtain of night. Finished with the quick, but soothing massage, she reached for the shampoo and began finishing off the last bit of satisfaction she'd get for the night.

Despite the cheap rate she'd been given for the hotel room, she found it well decorated, if practically. Dressed in a overly-large man's shirt that barely covered her snow white panties, she stalked over to the bed where a new set of clothes sat, still neatly wrapped in the plastic. Toweling off her hair, she sat down on the edge of the soft mattress, gazing out the window as moonlight streamed into the darkened room, she still recalled him, even in his last moments.

It was dark, darker than black itself, but the moon pierced through the darkness, the pure white light gleaming against silver armor and smoke grey leather, as gunman and swordswoman faced off against one another. The loud reports of his twin guns clashed against the sound of the wind at her call. In a flash, it was over, the gray cloaked man fell to her gleaming sword, disappearing into motes of jeweled light, as she called out his name futilely again and again...

Avenger... she felt a small pang of regret, that she'd never managed to give him her answer, yet. But shaking her thoughts aside, she quickly dressed into her newly purchased clothes, and silently closed the door of the darkened room, to begin her search for the gray-cloaked man of her memories...

Atlasia Chambers, Atlas

The Atlasia Chambers was a large magical workshop, research library, office and living quarters all rolled into one large wing of Atlas' compound. Reserved only for the use of the Atlasia line, security was high, but discreet, with guards patrolling every quarter of an hour, and wards designed to detect intruders, remove glamours and other magics. However, tonight that notion of security was disdained by a sole hunter. As the silent assassin incapicitated the guards present, and bypassed each ward with little more than a faint rustling of his clothing. Silently opening the large double doors that led to the bedroom of the current Atlasia. Silently stalking to the bed where the sleeping form of his target lay, he unravelled the garrote wire between his hands, completely invisible in the darkened room. Swiftly pinning the prone form to the bed with his weight, the wire twisted around the neck, as he pulled the wire back towards him, hard. The razor sharp edge of the wire cut deeply into the neck, as he felt the body buckle from the sudden killing blow with a small crack, which severed the head from the shoulders.

Getting up from the bed of the mock "bedroom" the assassin turned back to the large amount of equipment, maps and video screens that captured his every movement and action. He wanted this job to be perfect, and he would leave nothing to chance, or error.
Because his employer always demanded more, but nothing less.

Fuyuki General Hospital, Fuyuki

While it was easy to identify her latest patient as a possible illegal alien, the doctor could not place him in any of the usual lists she had within her reach of influence. Calls to her contacts overseas had also garnered nothing in the half dozen or so hours that he'd been unconscious. "Interesting.." she muttered, picking up the simplistic but deadly combat knife that was found on his person. Double-bladed on either side, with a ring at the end of the handle, she held no illusions that this man was a dangerous individual, if not an outright criminal, as the rest of his possessions implied. Despite her reasoning telling her otherwise, she felt... connected to him, on some level, which her instincts told her was important. Just as she decided to question him first, a polite knock at her door interrupted her thoughts, followed by a nurse politely bowing as she gave her report.

"Matou-Sensei, the patient brought in earlier has regained consciousness." she reported, before awaiting instructions. Despite her pleasant report, Sakura Matou could not help but see some apphrehension behind the nurse's eyes. Realizing she was still holding the combat knife in her hands, she quickly placed it into her drawer, before locking it. Pocketing the keys, she looked up and gave the nurse in charge a warm smile.

"Very well, let's go interview our mystery man." she said, taking long strides out of her room, as she put on her reading glasses and white lab coat before readying herself to question a very dangerous individual. However, she wasn't afraid.

After all, she could be pretty dangerous herself.

Shinto City, Fuyuki

Takara roamed the streets of Shinto, looking all around her for the man of her memories, as thousands of lives continued all around her as she walked through Shinto's many districts. Despite countless failures, she still pressed on, remembering the words the Rin Tohsaka of her world had told her.

"Listen," the older woman, dressed in red and black said, before handing her the device, inlaid with gold, it's heavy weight reassuring. " There's a small chance that you'll actually meet him, because of the broad spectrum of alternate realities. It's also possible you'll meet others you know, past and future. But the one thing you mustn't forget is your sense of self, because it is what anchors you to that new reality. Remember who you are, and why you came to be there, and you'll be fine."

Pressing on, she continued to search. First came the entertainment district, then the shopping strip, each one ending in failure as she paced up and down either side, hoping to catch a glimpse of him. Stopping by a convenience store to pick up refreshments, she walked towards her final destination, Shinto's business district. As she silently polished off her bottled water and the BLT sandwich she'd purchased, she didn't notice that as she moved closer to her destination, the crowds had begun to thin, and he shadows began creeping ever closer.

By the time she'd reached the heart of Shinto's business centre, Takara realized that it was midnight. Sighing as she dumped the plastic bag containing the remnants of her light supper into the nearby bin, she sat down on one of the many benches alloted inside the huge square. Leaning back, she stared at the full moon, as she thought about how long she should linger. Closing her eyes in frustration, they flew wide open at the piercing scream that cut through the cold winterly night.

Despite her earlier weariness, she quickly dashed towards the source of the scream, sprinting down a narrow alleyway that opened up into a large rear courtyard, the tall monoliths towering over her like a judgement of doom or salvation. Before her stood a large man with his back to her. Dressed in a large black coat with soot-gray skin, he stood feet splayed apart, hands in his pockets as he watched what was apparently a pack of large wild dogs rend the remains of a woman, dressed in a immaculate wine red business suit, the color of her blood clashing horribly against her wardrobe.

Cold steel wrapped itself around her, as she forced herself to focus, despite her own natural desire to be sick. Preparing herself to attack the man, whoever he was, she almost didn't hear the muffled snarl coming from behind her. The black dog leapt out of the shadows, claws and teeth bared, ready for the kill, as Takara whirled around, three silver blades in either hand appeared, hilts gripped between her fingers, her irises ringed with blue. In a flash of gleaming steel, the creature lay in pieces, twitching in it's last moments of life.

"So, the Church has sent an Executioner, and a young one, at that." came the low deep voice of the man, as he turned around to face her, neither hurried nor tense. Despite her travels, Takara had never seen anyone, or anything, like him before. Before Takara's Mystic Eyes, this man, or thing, hadno lines. Or rather, he was a mass of lines, that was constantly moving and changing position. "Guess it just means that I'll have less trouble by killing you." Standing in the same position she'd seen him take when watching the woman die, she literally saw more dogs appear and form, out of his body, as the lines also stretched to follow the form of each one he created. "Time for you to die, young Executioner." he said, as he sent the dogs towards her, ready to rend her apart. Again, she banished each creature with little more than a few swings. As the look of comprehension dawned on his features, Takara glared at him, reinforcing her legs and arms as she took a offensive stance, her Black Keys gleaming in the moonlight on either side as she spoke to the creature before her as she launched herself towards it.

"I might not be from the Church, but I'll definately be your Executioner."

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Destined Legacies - Chapter Eight : The Dark Knight of Fuyuki

The Shop of a Thousand Wishes, Tokyo:

Yuuko Ichihara was a woman of many names and trades. Wish-granter, Dimensional Witch, Fortune-teller and Collector. Sipping lightly at her cocktail, she smiled at her old friend and contemporary, who sat cross legged across the low table. Stroking his grizzled silver gray beard as he had a long draw from his smoking pipe, before blowing out a perfect smoke ring, he took a swig from the large sake jar, as they both turned their attention to the moderately large mirror that was glowing in the darkened room, as images continued to shift and change upon it's surface. A woman in red was overlooking a city, before the image changed to a young lady, facing off against several beasts in a dark alley.

"The destinies of the Seven seem to be solidifying," Yuuko commented as she took a draw from her own cigarette holder, before letting it out in a single long wisp of thick grey smoke. " But there will be more trials for them, old friend." she finished, as the child slew all the beasts with silver swords grasped between her fingers.

"Yes," her companion agreed, as he smiled when the smoke his lovely host blew forth ran through his smoke ring, turning it olive green. " But I believe that these Seven would help bring about a change that would push aside the reality that could happen, and that we've both seen." The thin smile on his face looked old and tired, as he said those words. "It is our best hope that these Seven will be able to stand against him, when the time comes." he murmured, as they continued to watch what unfolded before the mirror.

Shinto City, Fuyuki:

Gazing out of the vast expanse of Shinto City from atop one of the tallest buildings in Fuyuki. Rin Tohsaka held a commanding view of the city that her family, for generations, had held as overseers of the land. Despite her nearly two decades of absence, little seemed to have changed in Shinto. As the chill wind of Fuyuki's long winter swept between buildings, it seemed to sharpen, becoming a spearing cold that would chill even the residents, if they didn't own a quality overcoat. As the wind blew through the rooftop of the building Rin stood on, she barely flinched, her long crimson London Fog coat billowing out behind her, as her mind drifted back to memories past.

A magnificent hallway, topped with a grand staircase. Before it stood a black giant, brutal and monstrous as the class he was assigned. Before her stood a white haired man in red, his back turned to her as he asked her what would be the final words she heard him utter.
"I know I'm supposed to delay him.." he began, as he turned his head to give her that arrogant, irritating and confident smirk "But can I kick his ass?"

Archer..She thought, as she turned her thoughts back to the present. Her son was now the one fighting in the War, while she had her own duties. Both as a Overseer, and a parent...

"Remembering ghosts of the past?" murmured Shiro Tohsaka as he stepped beside his wife. Despite her often enigmatic personality, he seemed to be one of two people who really knew her inside out. Despite the initial lack of attraction between them both, it was the War that brought them closer. Despite the cold weather, he wore a light jacket, made of grey corduroy, black form-fitting body armor, along with a cape made of the same material of his jacket, and black combat boots. Looking out at the sparkling night lights of Shinto's downtown, he smiled as he held Rin close to him. "Perhaps you chose Shinto for other reasons than what you told Kenji."

Smiling as she melted into his embrace, it quickly became one filled with concern and weariness. " It's not about the War, although I am concerned about that. It's something completely new, and it's chosen a bad time to rear it's ugly head." She nodded towards the sprawling expanse of concrete, glass and steel that housed Fuyuki's business district. "I got a call from Kirei. Apparently there have been several bizarre murders, where the victims have been completely drained of blood, or mauled by a pack of wild animals. Kirei told me that it was possible Dead Apostle activity." Pausing a moment to shiver slightly, as the wind found a small gap past her warm armor of cloth, she continued. " As the official Overseer of this area, it's my responsibility to take them out, and also to ensure the safety of those who live here." her tone hardened at the last sentence, and Shirou understood why. She'd forsaken her duty here in order to become a better Magus, and now she wished to make up for it too. Kissing her forehead, he smiled grimly as he looked her in the eye, as he spoke the words she knew he would say.

"I'll help. Where do we start?"

Shinto City, Fuyuki:

Two blurs, barely visible even in the moonlight shining down upon them, streaked towards each other in the gore-splatterred alley. Gleaming and crimson flashes intersected, drawing sparks as both combatants continued their deadly dance. As they broke apart one last time, the man in the dark coat suddenly threw his head back, as his chest exploded into dozens of black beasts of different species. Streaks of black streaked towards her from all sides, pinning Takara to the corner she'd landed in, Black Keys at the ready. Despite her skills and mana reserves, she knew she couldn;t go on forever. Leaping wide of a charging black bull and lopping off it's head with a single stroke, she spread her Black Keys wide, all six glittering blades opening out like a fan, the blades glittering and deadly. Gritting her teeth as she reinforced her entire body, she leapt towards the rest of the charging beasts, twisting her body to the left just after her feet pushed her off the ground, turning her Keys into a spinning whirlwind of deadly silver. In a single instant, what had been a literal army of black beasts of varied claws, horns, fangs and legs, was turned into a mass of black twitching parts, as they fell to the deadly effect of Takara's improvised technique. However, cuts on her arms and legs showed she had not escaped unscathed. Pulling herself up, she realized she had made a fatal error as she stared up at her opponent's battle scarred face.

" I must commend you on being able to break through my beast wall.," he rumbled in a deep basso voice, lips bared back in a smile of triumph. Enough that she could see the elongated fangs of a vampire. " And while you are skilled, you still lack experience. However..." A clawed hand blurred and Takara gasped as he grabbed her by the throat, lifting her off her feet. In an instant, her Black Keys vanished, the concentration she needed to maintain them taken by her mind as she fought to get oxygen to her brain. " you would make an excellent Dead Apostle" The vampire gloated, as his grip tightened, and her vision began to darken from the corners.

Avenger... She thought, as she pictured him in his steel gray duster, twin guns hanging by his sides, the vampire's breath was cold on her skin, as she could sense his fangs poised, ready to turn her.

"A... Avenger!" Takara choked out, as a mark burnt itself onto her right hand, a familiar and yet searing pain filled her hand as a summoning circle, runes and sigils activated beneath the feet of both Takara and the vamp. As the Circle flared to life, the vampire dropped her and backed out of it's perimeter, as it burst into a flash of multicoloured light.

" A summoning circle..." it muttered, as it picked itself up, getting ready to unleash it's beasts again. But before it could, the throaty roar of two Sig-Sauer P220 automatics, and the bullets that accompanied it, slammed him into the wall behind him. Coughing hard as it felt the slugs hammer into it, the vampire slowly got up, regenerating the damage inflicted, as the light faded, leaving a tall man in a leather grey duster, standing between him and Takara, both guns aimed and at the ready. Sky-blue eyes narrowed, as he stood protectively over the fallen girl's form. "Who.. no, what are you?" asked the vampire, although surprised, it showed no trace of it, as it got back into a ready stance, to either attack or defend.

As if in reply, the newcomer let the magazines of both weapons fall, as another two more slammed home in a blink of an eye. Instantly, he blurred, the flash of silver studs on the duster was the only indicator that he had moved, as the dark haired newcomer growled out his reply.

"I'm your worst nightmare."

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Destined Legacies - Chapter Nine: A Night Darker Than Black.

Fuyuki General Hospital, Fuyuki

Sakura leaned back on the cold, hard wall outside the hospital ward of her latest patient, chewing thoughtfully on a warm sweet potato snack, purchased from the vending machine. Despite the constant stress associated with doctors, she disliked smoking, so she turned to another avenue of stress relief whenever she felt it pressing against her like water on a dam. Sighing as she continued chewing on the baked snack, her thoughts ran back to the "interrogation"...

Heels clicked on the smooth floors of the hospital ward, as she approached the young man sitting up and looking outside the window, bathed in moonlight. Looking outside herself, she felt surprised at the view. Bathed in the pure white rays of the moon, the grounds outside the window were like the black and white photographs, the same remote and cold feeling as you were swallowed up in it's beauty. Shaking herself out of her thoughts, she sat down on the plastic chair by the bedside, as her "patient" turned back, staring at her with mild interest. But what caught her attention most was the way she felt when she looked at him, and it just felt wrong.

" Let me get straight to the point." Sakura began, as she took out the contents of his medical report. " We have no record of you existing either from the country listed in your alien immigration card nor of you having ever existed here." Snapping the folder shut, she frowned at him. " And weapons were found on your person when you were brought in. So tell me, who are you? It would help us greatly if you would cooperate." she placed a reassuring hand on his lap, giving him a warm smile. Looking back at her blankly, the young man stared down at his hands, before the words fell out of his mouth.
"I... don't know what to say.. All I remember was explosions and then everything went white. When I awoke, I was here" Raising his arm to run a hand through his hair, Sakura spotted something she only remembered in fuzzy memories.

"Wait," she snapped, as she took his hand from him, and turned it palm facing down. Aside from her knowledge of medicine, she still remembered the lessons that the Matou Family of Magi had taught her as the successor of it's line.
Passing a hand over his as she muttered the incantation, she felt him jerk his hand back, as she saw the mark appear upon his hand, almost similar to he Matou crest. However, instead of a three petaled crest, it's design was less elaborate. Three curved lines were outlined as a triangle upon the mystery patient's right hand, declaring him as a Master in the Holy Grail War.

Sighing as she tossed the empty paper bag into the trash bin, she closed her eyes and pictured the companion who had been with her for the last two decades. A soft rustling of clothes and a imposing but gentle presence signaled her arrival, as Sakura turned around and smiled at the beautiful woman standing before her in her battle garb, eye-mask, and tight leather outfit. Giving a bittersweet smile as she took her Servant's hands into her own, she looked up into the taller woman's face as she said something that she had secretly desired, ever since her sister had taken her Sempai away.

" Rider... It's time for the War."

Ryuudou Temple, Miyama City, Fuyuki

Shiki stared out at the large summoning circle Touko had drawn in the middle of the garden of the temple. Despite not being particularly religious, she prayed fervently that the summoning wouldn't be botched. She'd heard of summonings that had gone wrong before, and always caused problems to no end. Memorizing the incantation was easy, but despite having a master Magus and a artifact to summon a Servant, she couldn't help but feel that something might go wrong, as the wind that blew here didn't feel right.

"Shiki, we're ready!" Touko called out from the other corner of the garden, as she snapped the circle closed, creating a barrier that would shield both summoner and anyone close enough. Taking a deep breath as she stepped within the barrier, Shiki held out the katana that Akitaka had given here back in Misaki, firmly gripping it in front of her as she began the incantation, completely in japanese.

有名な剣士、私は聞く私の呼出ӕ 5;を値をつけた! 私は呼び出す!

Drawing the sword in a swift clean stroke on the final word, there was a loud bang and flash, as a single lightning bolt struck the ground before her, causing her to blink away for a few seconds. When she turned back, the broad outline of a tall man, with lean wolfish features stepped out of the dust cloud. Dressed in a dark blue suit of the Meiji era police force, he took out a cigarette, lit it, and took a long drag, before turning to face Shiki.

" Servant Assassin, Saitou Hajime." He said in a proud, cold and deep voice. " Are you my Master?"

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Destined Legacies - Chapter Ten: A Howl in the night.

Shinto City, Fuyuki

"So let me get this straight," said Shirou after Rin finished her explanation. " We've got two vampires who the Church consider highly dangerous, and they are here during the Grail War,which means that there's something they want from the Grail." Musing silently at the likely consequences of that train of thought, he shuddered slightly at the thought of what might come to be if they managed to get their hands on it. "And apart from some sketchy details on their abilities, we don't have much else to go on." Nodding her head in response, Rin pushed herself off the wall she'd been leaning against, her red coat flapping gently in the wind.

" That's right, Kirei also gave me some idea of their abilities and why they are considered so dangerous.." she said, walking towards her husband when he turned towards the glittering expanse of cityscape, right before she felt a surge of magical energy coming from the heart of Shinto's business district, it's large offices tiny from where they stood.

" Something's happening. And we'd better find out, fast." he muttered, as he stood upon the parapet, one hand held out to her. Nodding her agreement, she took his hand, as they both leapt for the next rooftop, intent on finding the vampires that chose to make the mistake of visiting during the War.

Shinto City, Fuyuki

The pale white moon shone down upon the dark alley, casting it's pure white light upon the gore spattered alley,as the two combatants blurred towards each other. While the Dead Apostle continued to send wave upon wave of beasts at the gunman, it seemed to prove ineffective, as each beast, of varying forms and size, were taken out by the streaks of silver that glinted in the moonlight, a deadly silver hail that proved to be firepower that it needed to overcome. As the vampire sent out yet another wave of chaos within him, he darted across the distance between himself and the gunman, zigzagging to dodge the deadly fire pouring at him from the front, as beasts interposed themselves between him and the gunfire, shielding him as they died.

Large build, fast on his feet, and great firepower. he noted, as the vampire leapt over the corpse of a large black bull, just killed with a clean shot between it's eyes, and landed before the unknown gunslinger, claws extended and raking for the mortal's belly.

The gunslinger was fast, for a mortal. Instantly recognizing the attack, he turned to one side as far as he could to avoid the raking claws, as his pistols tracked towards the vampire. Up close, the guns roared as the gunman emptied both clips in the guns as the vampire thrust forward. The bullets missed the Dead Apostle completely, as it's claws found soft flesh beneath the leather armor of his opponent's duster.

The gunslinger bit back a hiss of pain, as he pivoted, using his body mass to turn along the extended arm of the vampire, before slamming the butt of his pistol into it's chin, sending it staggering back from the unexpected assault. As the vampire stood up once more a trickle of black blood flowing from it's mouth, the gunslinger reversed his grip on one pistol, as he lowered himself into a obvious martial arts stance, before speaking to it.

" It's time, Nrvnqsr Chaos."

Tensing slightly at the use of his name, Nero raised his estimation of the danger the gunslinger posed by another notch. Despite it's confidence in dispatching the mortal quickly, the Dead Apostle Ancestor did not want to tarry here too long.

"Indeed." Nero intoned, as he began summoning more beasts out from within him, as well as from the darkness of his shadow, till they surrounded the gunslinger and the female executioner, still standing protectively before her, as he readied himself for the attack. Raising his right hand, the Dead Apostle Ancestor bared his teeth in a snarl as he brought it down with a single word.


Void of Within

Takara kept on walking, along the dark world, seemingly lost, yet certain of where she was going. All she wanted was to see him again... she thought, stopping just as she heard an unknown voice ring throughout the nothingness she couldn't see.

Do you wish to see him again?

"Yes." she replied, as a pinprick of light, almost indiscernable appeared in her vision.

If you are able, will you go to him?

"Yes" she said again, as the pinprick grew larger before her.

He needs your help. The voice said again Will you save him?

"Yes! I want to! Avenger!" she shouted, as she ran towards the light, reaching out for it as her entire world exploded into a burst of sound, light and death.

Even as she thought that the voice was none other than her own.

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