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March 31st, 2011, 04:36 AM
You know. I officially hate my muse right now. But it's been itching at me to take that first plot bunny I had for ArcueidxShiki fanfiction ideas, and write it as a story, rather than work on Blades Under a Crimson Moon.

I was actually thinking about saving it for after my week long vacation starting Sunday... but I thought I'd rather start posting now. And I re-did the prologue so it would flow a bit better than the bit I did in the other post.

And... tell me if I get the characters wrong, for personalizations. I wrote this all when my muse screamed "DO THIS!" until I went through with it.

As always, please read and review. I'm eager to see how this goes over with everyone.


My Eyes can see death in all it's forms.

Why do I think of that as I look at Arcueid, in my classroom? Staring at me, with the sunset behind her...? She's going to leave me. I know that. But I still...

My heart's beating.

"Arcueid... will you trust me?"

An idea.


"I have an idea... but I need you to trust me."

A memory. My link to Roa. His bloodlust.

Could I use this?

"Shiki, if I get close to you, I could drink your blood."

"Arcueid. I have an idea on how to fix that... but you'll need to trust me."


"I felt it, remember? Roa's bloodlust. Through my dreams, my link to him."

"Eh? Shiki, you..."

"If I remember the bloodlust... my mind comprehends it."

She's still confused.

"If my mind can comprehend something, I can see the death of it, right?"

And saying that, I take off my glasses, then look at her.

I can see the lines, but I can't fully comprehend them.

But I still focus. No. To keep her with me... I have no choice but to focus.

My heartbeat again.

Still... I focus harder. I have to find that line. The line that governs her bloodlust.

"I see it..."

I walk towards her. Everything's starting to fade to white. My mind... can't take this. It can't. At this rate, it's going to stop working on me. She said it herself. If I overstrain my eyes... it'll be like a car engine burning out.

My heart's pounding.

But I have no choice. For her and my happiness... for that, even if it costs me my life... I will do this for her. I have no choice. Between a life without her, and a life with her in my arms... there's no choice at all.

I pull out my knife, and kill her bloodlust.

I'm falling. Everything's white, and I can't see anything but dots and lines... and she caught me.

It's allright, now. Even if my eyes have overstrained themselves to the point where I'm permanently blind except the dots and lines... I can do this for her sake.

"Are you better Arcueid?"

"Shiki... you..."

"I won't be able to see for a bit. So please take care of me until I regain my sight."

"You fixed me Shiki. I don't feel the craving anymore. Of course I'll take care of you!"

-Fade Out-

March 31st, 2011, 04:37 AM
Chapter 1

She's taken me to her apartment. It's nice and familiar, even if I can't see.

"Shiki... how did you fix..."

Her voice trails off. She doesn't fully understand. No... she can't fully understand what happened.

"Do you remember... how you told me that if I overstrained my eyes, by seeing the concept of something that's not alive... it could hurt my brain? Even kill me?"

"Yes, Shiki, but... oh..."

"I'm blind right now for everything but the dots and lines... but I did it. I saved you from your bloodlust..."

"Shiki, you... why did you..."

"Because I love you. I can't let you go. Even if it kills me, I can't let you go. Not again... not after... seeing you die before like that. To Roa."


She's holding me. And I can feel... her crying?

"And if my sight is what I have to pay to see you happy... then so be it. As long as you're beside me, I can be happy."

"Shiki, you stupid fool... I'm not worth that."

"Arcueid. You are too. And you're stubborn, as well. You know that, right? Stubborn, and sweet..."

She's gone silent, but she's holding me close. It feels so good... I can't help but say it aloud.

"I feel good to you, Shiki?"

"Of course you do! I love how you feel. I loved looking at you. Why do you think I couldn't stop helping you? Because you're a beautiful woman, and I can't help but want to make you happy... no, it's more than that.

I just want to see you smile and enjoy life. Even if I can't see... it's still worth it if you can smile. My vision as a cost for that, is no cost at all. Because you deserve joy and happiness, Arcueid.

All the things I've shown you... I want to show you more for the rest of my life, by your side, Arcueid Brunestud."

She's holding me tight. It feels so good...

And she just kissed me...

"Shiki, what do you want me to do now?"

"...don't leave my side again, Arcueid. Please. Stay with me as long as I live. And if I can live long enough, maybe I can find a way to stay by your side for longer than that.

I want to spend the rest of my life with you. As long as I live. Just... having you by my side."

"Oh, Shiki... that's really what you want?"

She's holding me closer, now.

"Yeah. It is. In those moments, after you said you couldn't be close to me... I went numb. I wanted to die rather than lose you."

She's frozen, motionless. But I can still feel her. So I try to hug her back.

-Fade Out-

March 31st, 2011, 04:38 AM
Chapter 2

It's been a week since that day that I told her that I would die rather than lose her.

She's been acting weird ever since then. Getting more quiet every day. I hope I haven't upset her...

My eyesight has been returning as well, although it's been slow. Slower than I ever thought something like this would happen.

But my glasses... are... mostly worthless now. I can still see the lines. At least I don't see the dots, right...?


It's rough on me to see at all. I have to keep my eyes closed a lot.

I'm guessing... I nearly broke my mind's ability to percieve anything with my eyes.

If I ever do that again...

I really will be blind.

Or my eyes will be too strong for my glasses to ever save me from my sight.

Akiha's over again. She's come over to visit ever since the accident happened. She's worried, but... she's also been thanking Arcueid for keeping me safe.

In between bouts of being a Tsundere, of course.

I blame Arihiko and his games for knowing what one is, too.

Arcueid shut her up with a glare, though.

Thank god for that.

Still... she's been getting to like Arcueid.

I'm so grateful for that, I have no words.


"Hello, Akiha. Are you ok?"

I turn towards her. It's not like I can see well yet, but I can still tell where someone is generally, even with my eyes shut like this.

And she's just started hugging me tight.

Am I hearding Arcueid going towards the door...?

"Arcueid, are you going somewhere?"

The footsteps stopped, then started coming back.

"Aheh. You could tell?"

"Yeah, I can hear your footsteps pretty clearly."

My heartbeat's pounding again.


"Is that why I heard zippers last night, when you thought I was asleep, Arcueid?"

They both just froze.

"Are you planning on leaving me...?"

"Shiki. It's for the best. Akiha can take care of you, and I can't..."

"...will you come back to me if you go?"

I force myself up.

My heart's pounding... and I have my knife in my pocket.

"Shiki, if you can't see, then you can't follow me."

I'm not as blind as she thinks I am, thankfully, so if she runs off... I have my glasses in my pocket. Not that I'll be able to see more than vague outlines of people... but I know her lines. That'll be enough for me.

"I can still see the lines and dots, Arcueid. Even with my eyes shut."

"Shiki... you should find someone that you can be happy with."

"I've already found you."

She's pausing. I open my eyes a crack. She still thinks I can't see her... and my vision's improved. It isn't just outlines, but just in black and white right now... Thank god for that. And slowly fading back into color, as well.

She just opened the door... and is picking up her bags?

"I'm sorry, Shiki. But to protect you..."

And she just shut the door. So I run.

I force my eyes open, slide my glasses on, and run after her.

The door's easy to kill.

She's jumping...? Tch. I don't care. If I get hurt, then it'll be a small price to pay.

3 slices, and the handrailing's gone. So I jump too...

And grab her arm.

I'm going to get hurt if I don't land right, though.

If I kill the cement... then won't it die as I hit, putting my body through less damage? May as well try it to take less damage...

She pulled me into her arms... while we're in midfall. And I can only kiss her.

"My eyesight's been coming back today... I was going to surprise you."

"Shiki, you stupid fool..."

She just landed on a rooftop with me.

-Fade Out-

March 31st, 2011, 04:40 AM
It gets a bit dark here and in the next chapter, due to Shiki bluffing, and failing.

Chapter 3

I can't stop holding her. No, I won't stop. Even if it kills me.

"I won't leave you, Arcueid. I won't."

"Shiki, I'm sorry, but you have no choice in this."

"Arcueid, if you knock me out, I'll kill myself if I'm not with you."

She just froze, and I can see tears in her eyes.

"Shiki, you..."

"As I told you. I'd rather die then leave you. Did you not understand that?"

She's glaring at me now, and so... I put the tip of the knife closest to the point on my left hand, with it ready to stab. I'll bluff her. This'll be a bluff that'll make her stop. I won't actually hit the line or dot there, but...

"If you knock me out, I'll stab this death point on me before I go unconscious, Arcueid. Do you want to live knowing that I killed myself rather than lose you?"

Now her eyes are gold. I can see in color again, but that doesn't matter to me.

I can feel myself growing numb, and I hear a voice in my head telling me to put it away. To put it away and have a happy life.

I can hear my heart pounding.

The numbness is nice. It's hard to think of anything but obeying that voice.


I start pushing the knife closer to my hand anyways. Closer to that point. To ensure I can stay with her.

She just grabbed my arm that I was about to stab.

So I am for a point higher up my arm, an inch from a line or a dot.

Now she's got my other arm. Crap.

I can feel her voice in my head. Telling me to put it away, and give up. Her eyes are beautiful...

But I can't let myself lose her so easily. So I try for a point on my leg instead.

I can hear her voice... so loud in my head. It's screaming, begging at me... and now I can tell it isn't just in my head but in my ears, too.

"I won't leave you again, unless I'm dead, Arcueid. If that means I die here and now, at least it'll be in your arms, right?"

She's trying to stop me.

So I am for one of the lines in my chest, instead, now.

She's crying. She's sobbing, and asking me to stop. Begging me to stop, and find someone better than her.

There's no one better. No one better.

I don't even need my knife, do I? I just need my fingernail.

Tch. Not deep enough. I only cut the line of my shirt.

She's pulled my arms away from my body now. And she's hugging me. Begging me to stop. I can barely hear her over my heart pounding like this, but... I won't tell her no if she's wanting me that much.

"I'll only stop if you let me stay with you for the rest of my life, Arcueid Brunestud. Otherwise, I have nothing to live for. And so if you want me to be yours, tell me. Otherwise, I have no reason to live. And no matter what you do... I'll end myself."

She's frozen in my arms.

"I know I should live. But being with you the last week was the happiest week of my life. Knowing you were there for me as my eyesight slowly recovered... knowing you've been waiting for me to recover, and humming happy songs you heard in that movie with me... was the most wonderful time of my life.

And I can't let that go. No. I won't let that feeling go. If being with you makes me this happy, then losing you will break my heart and destroy me. And if that happens, I may as well be dead. I threw away my sight so I could have a chance to live with you. And I'm happy I'm getting it back. But if I can't see your face with it, then it's worthless to me."

"Shiki, you can't come where I'm going. So please... don't put me through this. Let me erase your memories of me."

"And why the hell not? I protected you from Nero, and killed Roa to avenge you!"

I focus. She's up to something...

"Shiki, my job is to fight Dead Apostles. Like Roa. Can you honestly say you want to fight 27 more monsters like him?"

27... more? More like him, that bastard?

Hah... For her, yes.

"If it's for you, yes. I would happily."

She's frozen, her golden eyes wide in shock. There's an antenna behind my hand that looks sharp, that she hasn't noticed. If I twist my hand just right, if she tries to memory wipe me... I'm not bluffing anymore, am I? ...Hell. I really would rather die than leave her. If that's the case...

"I'm sorry, Shiki. But that's not enough. You won't remember a thing, and..."

"Sorry, then, Arcueid. I love you, you know that, right?"

She looks so confused at me. Like she doesn't expect this.

And I twist my hand... to not come in contact with it. She felt the twist, and froze in shocked horror...but her freezing stopped it a millimeter from the antenna. Shit.

So I swing my leg at it, to try and hit a death point there.

"Stop it, Shiki!"

She stopped my leg with one of hers...

"Then stop trying to push me away, damn it!"

"I don't want you hurt, Shiki!"

"I don't want you to hurt alone, Arcueid!"

She's stopped holding my arms... to stare at me in shock.

"I don't want to sleep knowing that you're hurting. I don't want to lose my memories of you. I treasure you, god damn it! I love you, and I want to spend my life with you. If that means hunting 27 other fucking people like Nero and Roa, then so be it. I'll do that for the rest of my god damned life if that's what it takes. BUT I WILL NOT LEAVE YOU TO DO IT ALONE!"

And she's hugging me tight. And I can only hug her back.

"I won't let you do it alone, Arcueid. You've been alone for so long... I can't let you do it alone."

She's sobbing in my arms. And I can only cry while holding her.

"I'm sorry, Shiki. I'm so sorry..."

"Then let me be with you..."

She just looked up with her golden eyes again.

-Fade Out-

March 31st, 2011, 04:40 AM
Last Chapter for now. As always, read and review. And tell me what you think of what I've written.

Chapter 4

I can feel her in my mind, trying to make me forget. Trying to make me forget everything. But... I can see my reflection in my knife. And if I focus...

It's getting white again. But I see the gold line in my head. The gold line removing the memories of the girl in my arms.

It's important, so I...

Kill the line using my knife.

She's important to me. Who is she?

"Eh? What...? Did it work already?"

I'm staring at her. I know her. I KNOW HER!

"You're not supposed to stay awake... but maybe that's a side effect of your eyes."

She's Arcueid. She's the woman I love. And as my mind flashes into gear...

I kiss her.

"I killed the line of your attempt to make me forget, Arcueid."

She stopped, and froze.

Everything's in black and white... except for her eyes.

And her eyes are narrowing now.

"So you can even kill something like that..."

My body aches. Trying to bluff her into stopping with the idea of my death backfired, didn't it? But still... my mind hurts, my body aches... and I want to sit down.

But I can't. For her, even if it hurts me... I can't.

"I'm sorry Shiki. But I have to deal with the Dead Apostles. And I can't take you along with as you are."

"Then make me better."

She just went still.

"There has to be weapons, artifacts, spells, and the like left over from the Shinso that would do that, you know."

She's... surprised?

"That's... pretty smart of you, Shiki. But if you go that route, there's no going back."

"It'll be worth it. For you, I'll do anything."

She's hugging me tight again... and not tense now.

"You win, Shiki. You win. If you can even kill a memory wipe... you win. I'll bring you with me. Just understand you can't go back. Ever."

"It's worth it, Arcueid. It's worth it. Ah... a warning, though. I can't see in color again, just in grayscale... so can you help me down from the building if we get off this way?"

"Well, we're going to have to stop by a supermarket anyways... I mean, if I'm going to be dragging you to the Millenium Castle, we may as well have food, right?"

Eh? What now?

"Millenium Castle...?"

"Oh, I'll explain later..."

And she's giggling and dragging me off like none of that ever happened.

-Fade Out-

March 31st, 2011, 07:16 AM
Interesting concept - and I'm certainly eager for the next chapter. I think you'll be the first author to ever describe the castle interior. :)

March 31st, 2011, 07:39 AM
There are... some issues though. First thing, which wouldn't normally matter since it works as an in story character mistake, is that Roa's bloodlust does not equal Arc's. They are not the same thing at all, since DA need it to live where for a TA it is more of a drug.

Which leads me to the mechanics of the thing. What did Shiki do? Did he just kill the craving she's had since she first had blood, or did he wipe out the flaw in her that all TAs are born with? This is important because he did kill vampirism in himself in one route if I remember correctly. Just wiping out her craving shouldn't have laid him up like that.

Finally, you made a major mistake about Arc which forced the subsequent angst. Her duty was to wipe out bloodlusted True Ancestors, not hunting down the DAA. Some of those aren't even normal DA for her to have anything to do with, a la Primate Murder and ORT. There is no reason for her to be running away, and we see in her good end that she doesn't even if she still has her bloodlust. It's pointless angst and it falls a little flat.

March 31st, 2011, 12:30 PM
There are... some issues though. First thing, which wouldn't normally matter since it works as an in story character mistake, is that Roa's bloodlust does not equal Arc's. They are not the same thing at all, since DA need it to live where for a TA it is more of a drug.

Which leads me to the mechanics of the thing. What did Shiki do? Did he just kill the craving she's had since she first had blood, or did he wipe out the flaw in her that all TAs are born with? This is important because he did kill vampirism in himself in one route if I remember correctly. Just wiping out her craving shouldn't have laid him up like that.

Finally, you made a major mistake about Arc which forced the subsequent angst. Her duty was to wipe out bloodlusted True Ancestors, not hunting down the DAA. Some of those aren't even normal DA for her to have anything to do with, a la Primate Murder and ORT. There is no reason for her to be running away, and we see in her good end that she doesn't even if she still has her bloodlust. It's pointless angst and it falls a little flat.

Ok. I read this, and thought I should reply while having breakfast, soooo...

First: He partially nullified the flaw. That huge difference in terms of bloodlust is exactly why he's laid up so badly now. Fully doing so would need Len's help.

Second off, for the angst, Arcueid still has to worry about THEM attacking her. Remember Nero Chaos, aka Nrvnqsr Chaos? It's wiser to kill off the ones she can now, rather than having them go for her and kill innocent civilians off later, like Nrvnqsr did. Plus, you have to remember Altrouge technically could classify as a Demon Lord in her own right.

And my third point is... she's scared for Shiki, which is why she's done all this in the first place. She's trying to keep him safe, because in her mind and eyes, he can't stand up to another fight like the Dead Apostles. Think about it. His eyes nearly stopped seeing anything but the points of death. And he honestly told her that he'd rather be dead than lose her. She understands that he wants to go with, but on the other hand, she doesn't want him to get involved in case Altrouge sicks Primate Murder on her, as an example. And she has no problems in killing off vampires that go after her. But she's learned about worry now. And learning the person that you love, that loves you back, would rather die than not be with you... is hard for anyone. She's a good example of this.

If you were in her shoes, would you rather kill off the bratty little sister that would happily sic a legion of vampires on you, or would you rather leave the threat around for her to make the first move? And get swarmed by a legion of vampires, and possibly Primate Murder himself, to ensure you're dead?

Because Altrouge could technically be classified as one of the ones Arcueid has to kill, with her half shinso status and all, she's a Grade A threat to Arcueid and whoever she's involved with. And Shiki doesn't realize that. Thus the angst. And the point that there's 27, was simply to stop him, and make him think of himself, which he didn't do. She was exxaggerating only slightly to ensure he would stop and THINK, which would let her memory wipe him.

Interesting concept - and I'm certainly eager for the next chapter. I think you'll be the first author to ever describe the castle interior. :)

Well, I'm hoping my muse does a good enough job of it. Might take a while, though.

March 31st, 2011, 01:31 PM
I saw, I read, I came.

March 31st, 2011, 01:57 PM
Chapter 5

We're walking down the street together.

When I pointed out it might be easier to buy modern food and cooking supplies, we decided to buy camping gear and a lot of extra food.

Now we're trying to find a small store that won't let us run into Akiha, Kohaku, or Hisui.

And I'm trying to find a place to buy her a ring. Hm...

"Arcueid? What's your favorite colors?"

"Oh? Hm... I'd say blue like your eyes when you're using them right. Purple, which is why I wear purple skirts, and... I'd say red and gold as well. Why do you ask, Shiki?"

Hm. Then I should get amethysts, sapphires, rubies, and a big diamond for her ring.

"Ah, I have plans to buy you a surprise later, if I can."

I take her hand, and walk with her. She's so soft, even though she's also strong. It's a bit of a paradox, but one I can live with and enjoy. We're in a quiet area now. It's nice.


"Yes, Arcueid?"

"Why... would you rather die than not be with me?"

Ah... this is what it's about.

"I... want to see you happy, Arcueid. I want to make you happy, and smile, and have fun. Like we did together on our dates. I want to show you how fun the world can be, and have a happy life with you.

And knowing you're living, alone, without me to show you the fun things in life... it's just too cruel a thought for me to live with, if I lose you. I can't think about it, the idea just hurts me so badly."

"It's... because you want me happy that you're..."

She's paused again.

"You want me happy to the point where the idea of me not being happy makes you want to die...?"

I can only hug her, and nod.

And then I freeze.

I just saw Ciel and Kohaku pass by a street near us. If we weren't in the shadows, they would've seen us. And Kohaku was giving Ciel some syringes.

"Aheh. Hell. I just saw Kohaku and Ciel pass by... and Kohaku was giving Ciel syringes. I think Akiha's gone over the top and ordered them to bring me in unconscious."

Now that I think about it... didn't I leave Akiha in Arcueid's apartment...?


So, to avoid detection, I pull Arcueid into a jewelry store.

I've got something like 100,000 yen in my savings, because I'm such a skinflint when it comes to spending money on lunch, as Arihiko can attest to. So I should have enough for this and the camping gear.

Arcueid's eyes are wide in surprise at all the rings.

A "Mystical Jewelry" section... hm...?

Rings for protection? Interesting.

"Ah... what's this ring supposed to do? It looks rather unique, like Arcueid might like it."

Rubies, Sapphires, Amethysts, and a huge diamond. And it's well priced, too. 25,000 yen...?

"Ah. It's 25,000 yen for a mystical potential revealing spell."

25,000 yen?!

I wonder... and taking off my glasses, I can see it doesn't have any lines, unlike the other jewelry in the store.

"Can you say who made this?"

"Ah, an Touko Aozaki. Perhaps you've heard of her?"

"Ah, Sensei's sister made this?"

"You know Aoko?"

"She's where I got my glasses."

The shopkeeper just froze up, and started twitching.

"Arcueid, do you like this ring?"

The shopkeeper's twitching more. You know...

"Aheh. I didn't know that my cousin gave you those glasses. She stole them from her sister, and that was the last we had heard of them."

Stole? Oh... crap.

"Ah...heh. I really needed them, though."

"Eh?! Exactly how do you need them?"

"They seal off my Mystic Eyes. But... they haven't been working that well lately. Even with them on I've been seeing part of what I can with them off. Would you happen to know where Sensei's sister would be so I could get them fine tuned, or anything?"

She's blinking in shock. And laughing now, too.

"Exactly what do you see, boy?"

"I can see how to kill everything."

She just froze.


"I can see the points of death for everything. If sensei hadn't given me these... I would have gone insane or my brain would have broken from the strain."

And now she's rather white.

"So she did have a good reason to steal those. Poor boy. Here, let me see them, and I'll try to help."

"Ah, do you think you could possibly get this ring in Arcueid's size, too? Well, if that won't be a problem..."

-Fade Out-

We're leaving the store, a ring in a box in one of my pockets, and my glasses a bit more fine tuned to my eyes alone.

Hopefully that'll help for a while, at least.

And only 58,000 yen for all that.

Now, what am I forgetting about...?



Arcueid just grabbed me and started running. I guess the idea of calming down a rampaging Tsundere doesn't sound good to her either.

-Fade Out-

March 31st, 2011, 02:15 PM
25,000 yen? That's pretty cheap.

March 31st, 2011, 02:17 PM
Ye old Magic shop. And note that the shopkeeper was aiming for another 25,000 yen for the "checking of the spells". Plus she was planning on milking him for extra for "special enchantments of all his clothing" ect. ect. ect.
Then the knowledge that he knows family put the fear of Aoko into her.

March 31st, 2011, 04:23 PM
Currently it's 301 dollars for 25,000 yen, so it IS rather expensive, Erlkonig. And, on to the next chapter.

Chapter 6

Running from my little sister wasn't pleasant.

When Kohaku and Ciel joined in, it only got worse.

Still, I thought that asking Arihiko to stop them was a wise idea.

I hope he eventually forgives me for using him as a shield like that.

Or telling him that rampaging Tsunderes were after me.

I shall mourn his loss to the wrath of 3 scary women.

Especially since he asked them if they were Tsundere's like he did.

So, we're at a camping store now. Trying to find some cooking gear.

After this, Arcueid will be buying the food for us.

Still... I'd better get a single Sleeping bag, one meant for two people. Just in case there's no beds there. Or if we need to... "share body heat" to stay warm.

Mmm... that reminds me of having sex with Arcueid.

Still, I have to stay focused. Or else 3 pissed off girls will get me.


"Why the hell does everything we buy disappear after a few minutes, Arcueid?"

"Oh, I'm sending them to my castle..."

"Really? You'll have to tell me more about it on the way there."

She's blinking in confused shock.

"It's not that hard for me to get us there."

"Shiki, you'd better run."

Arihiko? Why's he...

"Nii-san... why did you call me a Tsundere?!"

"Yes, Tohno-kun. Why did you call us Tsunderes?"

Hell. Kohaku, Ciel, and Akiha are coming our way... and they're glaring.

And Arihiko's ahead of them, being pushed by Ciel...



Arcueid's looking irritated. Hopefully she's going to smack them. I don't think I can take Ciel on by myself.

"Shiki, what's a Tsundere?"

...oh. She wants to know what one is.

"Ah... it's a term for a woman or a girl that's really mean to everyone, but actually really nice if you get to know them well enough."

She's blinking.




Hell. They're even more pissed off.

So, I have only one option for this situation.

I point behind them, and shout as loud as I can, "HEY LOOK! A DISTRACTION!", grab Arcueid, and run for my life.

And as I glance back, they're still looking.

Yup, works every time.

-Fade Out-

March 31st, 2011, 05:37 PM
Uh, Ciel and Kohaku aren't even remotely tsun.

March 31st, 2011, 05:38 PM
I know. He got Arihiko to call them that to piss 'em off.

More specifically. He got Arihiko to call them that so theuy'd get distracted by him, and beat the crap out of Arihiko instead of going after Shiki himself.

March 31st, 2011, 06:10 PM
A lot of Ki techniques, when done properly, can, for lack of a better term, chime like a bell's been rung. I used that for this to have an easy explination of when the teleport's done.

Also, please note that if I usually have someone call someone something that they aren't, during a chase scene like that. It's usually a distraction, and not actually true. As I noted with last chapter.

Read and Review!

Chapter 7

Getting Arihiko to think that Ciel and Kohaku are both Tsunderes doesn't seem to have worked like I had hoped it would, back there. Though he served as a good meat shield for me and Arcueid to get away earlier... they still got utterly enraged and found us quicker. Considering he's never met Kohaku, and doesn't remember Ciel, it was a bright idea on my part, at FIRST... but didn't pan out well.

Not the brightest planning on my part, I have to admit.

...but here I thought him pissing them off by calling them that would have worked. Or at least that he would have held them off much longer.

Still, my distraction trick worked well at getting them to look away... and they just ran past the little alley we're in.

Thank god.

Arcueid's hugging me tight. It feels nice.

And it feels like... We're dissolving?

What the hell?!

"Trust me and stay still, Shiki. Otherwise this could go bad."

I freeze in my position for her.

And everything fades out...

The first thing I'm aware of is everything's cold.

The second thing I'm aware of is that Arcueid's nice and warm to my back.

There's mountains all around us, and I'm staring at a field of flowers in front of a massive castle.

And I can see the moon overhead.

The castle is... massive.

Massive beyond massive.

It also looks elaborate. Well designed, even to my unexperienced eyes, to withstand a massive siege from damned near anything. And... my eyes can pick up a massive magical barrier as well. One that covers every inch of the place.

Contains it.

This is a fortress. One meant to keep everything out.

"This is my home, Shiki. The Millenium Castle Brunestud."

"This is... incredible..."

"Don't talk too much, Shiki. The teleport isn't quite done with you."

She's right. I don't dare move around. It feels like my body's only half here, though I don't know how this works.

"When you feel your body resonate like a bell, it'll be finished."

I can hear a shout of "Nii-san got away! DAMN IT ALL!", right before my body seems to chime, for lack of a better reason, like a bell's been rung.

Arcueid's grabbing my arm, and... dragging me off to the front gate, happily.

-Fade Out-

April 1st, 2011, 03:02 AM
Interesting concept - and I'm certainly eager for the next chapter. I think you'll be the first author to ever describe the castle interior. :)

Decided to put out the next chapter today, for you, since you were eagerly anticipating this. Part one of the exploration of the castle.
For this, I copied to notepad most of Kagetsu Tohya's stuff for the dream leading up to, and the "10 days of dream" segment, involving the castle. Not so I'd copy and paste. But to get a good idea of the structural archetecture.
I also used a copy of the manga that I found, to ensure I had a proper idea of the structure of the castle, as well as screenshots from Kagetsu Tohya to have a much better understanding of the structural design.
The first, and biggest thing I noticed, was that the entire castle changes it's appearance, airflow, even temperature, to Arcueid's moods. So I hope I got this well enough.

And a picture of the throne. Most likely, it had gold running through the cracks at one point in time, too. Thus me adding that in.


Chapter 8

The castle is like a Maze. Every single room is similar. It's irritating, but Arcueid knows the way. And every door, even the gates, are white. Like Ivory. With long lines going down the center, and having a moon etched on them. They're beautiful.

Sad, but beautiful.

I can feel a gentle breeze in the air. No, not just a breeze, the air is circulating.

We're heading towards the very center. As we walk, I notice the air seems more... old. No, not just old. Almost... forlorn. Like something terrible happened here. And chains are everywhere. Snapped, shattered, broken all around.

I see a garden to the right. It looks like it hasn't been tended to for a long time, but flowers are growing there. Shakily, perhaps. But growing.

And there's a fountain. It doesn't put out much water, but it does have some spurts coming out now and again.

It's colder as we go to the center. To someplace in the very middle of here. I can see the air in front of my face. Still, she doesn't even notice. And I am warm from having her near...

So I continue on.

I can see a massive room. A throne room, perhaps? With what seems like a million chains in it. And in the very center...

Is a massive ivory throne.

The throne reminds me of what the doors look like. But the lines along it, going downwards are different. 7 jagged lines on either side. And... they look like there's pure gold, or something polished to look just like it, inlaid down the middle of each line. Also... there's no decorative moon.

Just a massive skylight overhead.

"This is where I usually sleep while waiting for Roa to reincarnate, Shiki."

On... this?! That's... not right...

"Is... there... anywhere else we can go, Arcueid? Someplace...a little warmer maybe?"


"I'm getting a bit cold. And I can see my breath in front of my face... my long sleeved shirt isn't as good as your sweater is for this weather."

"Ah... I've... never figured out how to get it warm, either. Let me warm you up with a kiss, instead."

She just kissed me. God it feels good.

And the air just heated up noticably in the throne room.

And she noticed it too.

"Arcueid, if it's just that warm from a kiss... do you want to experiment?"

She's dragging me to a new area, and smiling broadly.

I can tell I have the same broad smile on my face.

Hey, some of the chains are gone. That's handy...

And after we find a bedroom... well, we'll warm up the bed in a different way.


The room was rather drab when we came in. At least there was no cockroaches, or anything, right? Right.

Now... it looks like a bomb went off, destroying only the dust and grime.

The entire palace looks completely different. Every room is made with white marble, and the columns look to have bands of pure gold put into the tops and bottoms of each one.

The gardens are beautiful... the entire place looks like it's brand new... and the chains are gone.

I think... this place changes to the mood of the people inside it.

Or Arcueid's mood, at least.

She's asleep in my arms, but she's smiling happily.

And... a cat's nearby.

I smile at it, and fall asleep in her arms.

-Fade Out-

April 1st, 2011, 03:04 AM
By Copy of the manga, I mean a copy of the "Ever After" chapter of the manga. I found it on http://scarletmoon.dasaku.net/?category_name=typemoon and they referenced Beast's Lair for where the webmaster got it. Just thought I'd clarify myself, there.

April 1st, 2011, 06:59 AM
Wow - very elaborate. That's the first time I've seen the throne room, and suddenly my own descriptions of it seem inadequate. The castle sounds pretty, though, if . . . Forlorn. (I have a sudden urge to cross Tsukihime with Ravenloft - bad impulse, very bad!)

You're very quick, too - I had no idea there were this many chapters waiting for me. They were fun. :)

April 1st, 2011, 07:19 AM
Aw, but Ravenloft's fun... for the DM, anyway. Nothing better to piss off your players, though. ^_^

April 1st, 2011, 02:00 PM
Wow - very elaborate. That's the first time I've seen the throne room, and suddenly my own descriptions of it seem inadequate. The castle sounds pretty, though, if . . . Forlorn. (I have a sudden urge to cross Tsukihime with Ravenloft - bad impulse, very bad!)

You're very quick, too - I had no idea there were this many chapters waiting for me. They were fun. :)

I write quick if I've got my muse working for me. Unfortunately, I have to help ensure the house will be clean for Sunday's trip off to Oregon, to enjoy rockhounding and beach walks, ect. for next week... and get enough crap on my laptop to last me that long, ect. ect. ect.
I'll try to write chapter 9 later, for a better, in depth description of the castle, when I've got time, ok? And thanks for liking my work.

But the biggest thing to always note for the castle, is that the castle is linked to Arcueid. If she's happy, it's happy.
Otherwise, it's going to be a literal wreck, just like her mind.

I can post the notes later for you if you want to see what I typed up from Kagetsu Tohya. Might help you with writing out scenes involving it.

April 1st, 2011, 11:27 PM
i had to stop reading the fic because of noone, its not a word in English, but I thnk you were trying to say no one

April 2nd, 2011, 12:09 AM
I don't have word or anything else with a spell check. So thanks for telling me about the typo.
I'm mainly relying on my years of typing experience to not do any typos, but some ocasionally slip by me here and there.

Done, hope that helps.

April 2nd, 2011, 08:02 PM
I can post the notes later for you if you want to see what I typed up from Kagetsu Tohya. Might help you with writing out scenes involving it.

Nah - I don't think I'll be using it in the near-future, but I do appreciate the offer. Looking for any gems in particular? "Rockhounding," as I remember it, is a term for someone who hunts (and polishes) stones like garnets, right?

April 2nd, 2011, 09:00 PM
Mainly going for agate hunting on the beaches, but I might look for something unique, depending on if there's any good places to go rock hounding near Lincoln City.
And Rock hounding mainly means you're hunting for rocks of any type that are hard to find. Could mean you're looking for a gorgeous, huge gemstone, or just something that you like to look at.
I've got a piece of either serpentine or Jade that has quartz running all through it, that I like, as a good example.
And I'll post the next chapter when I can, it's about halfway done, but I've been busy as hell getting everything packed and ready.

April 2nd, 2011, 09:35 PM
For the good stuff, we can wait a while. Take all the time you need. :)

April 2nd, 2011, 10:25 PM
Most likely my last chapter, unless my muse hits again later tonight. So I made it extra long for everyone. Also, I thought she'd probably wind up inheriting Crimson Moon's own bedroom, considering she remade his castle for the True Ancestors.

And you know, considering she was meant to be an executioner and nothing else, it's more than likely there IS a crapload of stuff that they never ran into in the series. Or that the Shinso would've thought about teaching her.

So, please, read and review.

Chapter 9


I'm hearing Arcueid.

"Oh, Shiiiikiiii! Wake up!"

She's wanting me to get up...

"C'mon, Shiki! Wake up? Please?"

And with that adorable voice begging me, how can I resist.

Her face in front of mine, with an adorable smile on it.

I can't help but kiss her.

"I'm awake, Arcueid. I'm awake."

She's overjoyed at me being awake. It's so adorable, I can't help but smile at her.

She's like a child in a lot of ways... no, she acts like one.

In a lot of ways, she's more wise than anyone else I've ever heard of, or know of.

And I don't think that will ever change.

I hope not, anyways.

"Shiki, I want to show you around the castle!"

"That sounds like a wonderful idea, Arcueid. Let's go, then!"

And so she shows me around.

Now that I look, I can see symbols showing the ways to each area. But if I didn't know what each individual symbol meant... I'd be hopelessly lost.

Arcueid's showing me each area, and telling me which symbol means what area.

She's overjoyed at showing someone around. It's like she's never... shown anyone this before. No, it's obvious she hasn't.

She's been so lonely, she doesn't even know what lonelyness is. That's why she fell for me, isn't it?

She loves me.

And her love for me is what scares her most, that she'll lose me.


No wonder she tried to push me away.


The kitchens are huge.

That's my first impression, anyways. It reminds me more of the Tohno Mansion than just a normal kitchen.

However... they're all wood burning ovens.

Not a single one for propane, or for electricity.

So if I want to cook for Arcueid, I have to either rely on propane stoves... or wood burning stoves. Oh, fun times lie ahead with this, I'm sure. About as fun as Hisui's cooking, if I mess up.

Still, it'll be interesting to learn how to use one, for Arcueid.

"What're you thinking about, Shiki?"

"Oh, ah... I've never used this type of oven before. We're going to have to take some time to learn how to cook with one properly, so I can make you food as tasty as you're used to."

"Eh? You'll cook for me here, too? Really?"

"Of course! I enjoy it, you know. I'll just have to learn how to use these properly. Wood stoves use a much different method to cook then modern electronic burners do, after all."

"Oh. Hm..."

She's pondering it now. It's adorable for the look on her face.

"Well, I can help with that, too. So maybe we can cook together?"

I kiss her. She looks too adorable to put into words.

"Of course, Arcueid. Of course we can. I'll enjoy every moment of doing things if it's with you."

The look of shocked surprise, mixed with happiness, is adorable on her.

"Did you really think I'd say no, Arcueid?"

"No, but..."

"I don't know everything, you know. Places like this are incredible to me. Of course, that's because you're here with me looking around in it. Otherwise I'd be bored, confused, or lost. You're what's making me have so much fun. You, and the idea of doing things for you, day in and day out."

And she's smiling brilliantly at me.

"So, want to pull out the camping gear, so we can try cooking? Or would you rather try the wood stoves, Arcueid?"


The food came out a bit burned, but we managed to get a workable meal out of the wood stoves. I can understand why people in the middle ages made a loaf of bread in the morning now. Easier to get everything done then, right?

And we're exploring again. While carrying snacks with us. We've been looking for a better bedroom that'll more easily fit the two of us, and Arcueid's trying to remember someplace...

"Is it here? No... no... can't be there. Hm..."

It's adorable, but I can only imagine she hasn't been here in a very long time.

"How old were you when you were here last?"

"I was pretty young, when Grandpa Zelretch took me here..."

"Were there any markings or signs back then that you looked for?"

"Yeah, I remember seeing them easily..., why do you ask, Shiki?"

"Maybe you're looking too high. I mean, if you were smaller, wouldn't you look for signs about half your current height?"

-Later yet-

After many, many hours of searching, we've finally found her original room. This is far more elegant than the bedroom we slept in last night, and seems more carefully preserved than anywhere else in the castle.

There's an assortment of books whose titles range from a very hard to read english, to japanese... to... several other languages I can't even recognize. What looks like several candles, that go up to my waist. The walls are covered in immaculate tapestries, showing what looks like a huge, ancient history. And in the middle of it all, a huge canopy bed... that looks like it's made with golden silk or gold actually sewn in with the silk for the bedsheets. The canopy has an intricate crimson moon sewn into it, and the rest of it looks like the stars of the sky themselves.

I've never seen anything like it, before.

"It's incredible..."

"You like it, Shiki? I wasn't really sure why I always had such a better room then everyone else, myself..."

"Yeah. I do. It's fantastic. A bit like wandering into a dream... or a fairy tale."

She's giggling.

"What's the languages here at the beginning of the bookshelves, Arcueid?"

"Oh, those...?" She looks... troubled? "That's the language the original Vampire, Crimson Moon Brunestud spoke and wrote. It's rather hard to read or write."

"Is there a lot more writings like it, Arcueid?"

She's blinking, in surprise.

"Why do you ask, Shiki?"

"Well... I was thinking, and wondering... what if they had methods to surpress bloodlust, originally? Or he did, at least? I mean... considering you didn't have it, originally, from what you've said..."

The look of stunned shock on her face is adorable.

"You're saying there might be ways to do it again, with enough power?"

"Or there might be a lot of things you could learn from them, that you never were able to learn. Maybe you have more abilities that they never bothered teaching you? If you teach me how to read this stuff, I can research and see if there's more abilities that you have that you've never learned about."

She's laughing in delight.

"I never thought of that, Shiki! Let's do it in the morning, ok?"

She's got my arm, and leading me to the bed.

Well, I can tell what we're doing until the morning, now...

-Fade Out-

April 2nd, 2011, 10:57 PM
I always wondered about Shinso society - if they had to sleep most of the time to suppress their bloodlust, what did they do for the rest? Or why be active at all? You raise some interesting points, and the idea of the castle being functional if ancient is interesting. I wonder when it "cut off," because wood and propane stoves aren't exactly medieval designs - they tended to use firepits and chimney areas . . . Hmm . . .

April 2nd, 2011, 11:31 PM
For the propane stove, Shiki hit up a camping store before Arihiko helped Ciel, Akiha, and Kohaku find him. And they were busy buying as much food as they could, too.

Wood burning fireplaces were pretty common towards the middle ages, but you have to remember, that they had to have had specialty chimneys back then, much like the lines of what I'm thinking of, for the royalty. They didn't want the royalty eating anything but the best, after all.
The design I'm thinking of would be something like the design from the Movie "Kiki's Delivery Service" where you have a fireplace built into the wall proper, as well as above it, a place where you actually put the food to cook. So you can slide food in, and use a wooden board, or a spatula, to get it out. This was fairly common in the 1800s, and most likely even the 1700s and 1600s. No pictures that I can find, but I put in crappy ASCII art below, to give an idea.

Something like...
/ \

| |
| |
| |
| |
Built into the wall proper. My dating could be wrong, but I thought this would probably be most useful as a whole to them, and you have to also remember that they're most likely more advanced than humanity was back then. They'd only want food cooked as close to perfectly as possible, after all, if they bother to even eat.

Also, you have to remember that the castle shifts to Arcueid's mental state. So most likely, as she develops, so does the castle, albit at a much slower pace.
In Kagetsu Tohyo, it mentions it directly in the Crimson Moon 10 nights of dream arc, which you can watch at http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Crimson+moon+kagetsu+tohya&aq=f there, for all three segments, if you so desire.

Edit: The ascii art won't pop up, so copy and paste into notepad or something.

Edit 2: http://static.myhammer.com/18/183c181b41f29ece93a0b5bf7a10999a0dac72ed


May give you a better idea what I'm talking about, if you imagine it set into the wall itself.

April 4th, 2011, 12:04 AM
The car trip was boring as hell, so I wrote this on the trip. So, I wrote this new chapter.
And with this, I have a question. Should Arcueid let them in? Or just the maids in? Or none at all?

Please read and review.

Chapter 10

It's been a month.

I've been learning how to read her family's writings, and we've been slowly exploring the castle. Finding new places every day, as a matter of fact... And I've almost gotten down how to use the wood stoves they set into the walls.

They look a lot like the brick oven used once in that Anime, Kiki's Delivery Service. Still, for some reason, the fires don't get too hot to overhead the food we cook. Ever. Maybe there's something more to them than I thought? I wonder if it's possible to enchant ovens, and the like.

That's one of the reasons we've been exploring. Slowly, we've found different rooms, stocked with labratories. It's really quite amazing how many things there are. I'm pretty sure I spotted something that looked like a dead Kappa in one lab, and what looked like a 9 tailed kitsune, somehow preserved over time. Not to mention a variety of things that looked like goblins, and the Westerner's mythological things, like what looked to be a Unicorn that's been long dead. I'm guessing they were captured, and studied? Or maybe they were the familiars of the vampires here...? I can't really tell, myself.

There's also massive, massive libraries. Filled with pages of Arcueid's native language, intricate to study, and hard to read. But well worth the study. There looks like there's massive tomes on history, as well as... studies of the sciences? I'm not fully sure, but it might be alchemy, the previous studies to Science, if memory serves me right.

This castle has a lot more to it then I ever thought possible. I don't think it's humanly possible to read every book here, but I think I'd enjoy it if it's with Arcueid.

My anemia hit me pretty bad last night, too. It's been slowly getting worse... I don't know how many more years left I have. I'm going to look for a cure for it here, with her... so until the day I may die, I want to live and enjoy life as much as possible. To make Arcueid smile for the rest of my life... it's worth living a short life, even if I can't say that to her. Still... I want to spend as long as I can with her.

Hm... her cat's been watching me a lot as of late, though. It's quite the cute kitten. Named Ren.

Rather a bit arrogant, but aren't most cats?

Still, sometimes I wonder... does she understand what we're saying and doing?

I've noticed her stealing from some of the cake that I'll ocasionally make for Arcueid. Maybe I'll bake her some later.

It's not like I've got much else to do when cooking. And Arcueid looks so adorable when she's eating cake.

...I just heard a sound from a rather long ways away. I wonder if it's a villager nearby wherever we are... Arcueid mentioned there were a few villages nearby, though they can't see the valley we're in. Noone can, for some reason.

And as I get close to a balcony, I can hear it again. It sounds like someone's... screaming a name?


Hm. Someone named Nsn, maybe?


No, it sounds like a girl... and a bit... familiar?


Oh, god, Akiha's found us... and she brought Sempai, Hisui, and Kohaku, too.


"Nii-san, if you don't let us in, we're going to camp out here and be cold!"

"Oh, don't worry Akiha-chan, I'm sure Tohno-kun will hear us and let us in eventually.

I'd better run and find Arcueid... but when I turn around, to do so, I can see her right behind me, with her looking rather irritated. No, not just irritated, miffed. Like they're being rude. Well... then again, it IS meant to be just us...

"What do you want to do, Arcueid?"

She's blinking. Like she never thought I'd ask her before letting them in... that hurts, thinking that.

"Why do you ask, Shiki, don't you want to let them in?"

"Not if you don't want them here... and honestly, considering how they wanted to hurt me before... I don't know if I want them around."

A blink of shock.

"I'd rather know your opinion, Arcueid. IF you don't want them around... we can ignore them. It's your castle. I'm living here iwth you, and I like being alone with you."

Stunned understanding, and a smile.

"Shiki... you really love being just with me alone?"

I can only nod, and kiss her.


A black key just bounced off the air a few feet behind my head.

"Let's go back inside, and decide, Arcueid. But whatever your decision is, I'll go with it."

She's smiling widely, as we go to the kitchen to talk while I cook for us.

-Fade Out-

April 4th, 2011, 12:31 AM
Finally caught up!

April 4th, 2011, 06:49 AM
Hm. Someone named Nsn, maybe?

Nsn Kaos: You called?

Seriously, though, I like. Though I do wonder how they found him - I was always under the impression that the Castle was in an overlapping dimensional plane, or something. Not that I had any way to confirm it, mind you.

April 4th, 2011, 01:59 PM
It has a physical presence in the real world, but if someone with the Reality Marble isn't around, it's literally ruins. Or, at least according to Kagetsu Tohya. Also, the last chapter of the Tsukihime manga, the Ever After chapter...translated by people here, I might add... shows that Ciel knows the way to the castle.
If you want, the link is http://scarletmoon.dasaku.net/?p=586 to be able to get to it. They linked it on their blog, and the link still worked a bit over 2 weeks ago.
Hope that helps.
Also, yeah. You think they should go into the castle, or no?

April 4th, 2011, 08:01 PM
Nah - let's see how they plan to launch a siege . . . And what kind of protections the ultimate sanctuary of the True Ancestors really has. :)

April 5th, 2011, 09:40 PM
Well, since you asked nicely, Kieran, I decided on that. Here's what I've written up in my spare time for the build up to the siege attempts.

And anyone that likes this story, please do read and review, I want to know how people think of it.

Chapter 11

Arcueid decided to not let them in.

Maybe it's because of that time I mentioned about her stealing Hisui's outfit in that dream Len put me through...?

Or the fact that she did it the next day, and it worked out much like in that dream? With Akiha and Kohaku chasing Arcueid through the house like wrecking balls, trying to get the clothing back?

Hm... I have to wonder.

Still, since Akiha doesn't approve of Arcueid, it makes this easier.

So we've decided to tell them that from above the gate.

And Arcueid went out to shout at them.

"Hi, little sister!"

Akiha's twitching, while Sempai's giggling loudly.

"You recall how you tried to hurt me, along with Kohaku, when I borrowed one of Hisui's outfits?"

More twitching. This is kinda funny...

"And how you were always such a rude hostess?"

Yet even more twitching. And her hair just went red...?

Hell. That's not a good sign.

"You know, come to think of it, you never invited me over for dinner once..."


Now Arcueid's giggling, and smiling... I feel sorry for Akiha.

"But I was always polite. And I always brought gifts. So..."

"What gifts?"

"I left those brand new clothes for Hisui! I always paid for half of what your maids broke, even though I didn't have to... or did you actually think the repair bills came down so far out of nowhere for no reason?"

Akiha's frozen, speechless.

"Even though you broke your own things, I still helped pay for what you replaced it with, Little Sister. And considering that you'd just trash my home to take Shiki away... No. You can't come in."


"Little Sister... do you not get it? You're not welcome here. Leave."

And the full force of Arcueid's glaring becomes known.

"Just you wait, I'll get my Nii-san from you for sure! You've obviously cast him under some sort of spell!"

Now I guess it's my turn to step in... joy. Still, for Arcueid...

"No she didn't, Akiha. Unless you call 'falling in love with someone' a spell, in which case I don't think anyone's immune to anything."

They all just froze. And as I go out, and hug Arcueid, Akiha and Sempai start twitching. Also... Hisui and Kohaku are eyeballing me with narrowed eyes...

And they're all now glaring at me.

Hell. I've pissed them off.





They all screamed that at once? Good Kami, it's like their minds are in sync there!

Still, I'd better answer.

"Because I'm happy with Arcueid, maybe? Or maybe it's because I love her?"

More twitching from Akiha.

"Or maybe it's because even though I love you, you chased me and were planning on hurting me last month?"

And there's the look of stunned realization.


Arcueid's looking annoyed at me, like I should've stayed inside.

And Akiha's glaring at her. Hell.

"Well, Nii-san, I respect your wishes. However... I don't like this... woman being with you."

"Little sister, it's not like you can get to Shiki through the defenses. Why not just leave and save yourself the trouble?"

More glaring. God, if she ever gets my hands on me, I'm going to suffer, horribly.

"Now now, you insufferable vampire, STAY STILL WHILE I TRY TO KILL YOU!"

And her hair shoots out... to bounce off something in midair, with an audible ping.


"Little sister, do you REALLY have a chance against the magic barriers surrounding this place? Even the White Beast of Gaia and my... sister, you could call her, can't break in."

Twitching. Akiha's twitching HARD... god, we're screwed.

"I'll break your little barrier, and gut you like a fish, you hear me, vampire! I'LL GUT YOU LIKE A FISH!"

"That's why I didn't invite you in. See? Just moments like that. Bye little sister, me and Shiki are going to have sex again now!"

Arcueid's dragging me off to the bedroom, and giggling... and I can see they all just went wide eyed... while having nosebleeds? Right before I go out of sight.

-Fade Out-

April 5th, 2011, 10:45 PM
Akiha and Kohaku aren't necessarily a surprise, but I never really thought Hisui would swing that way . . . :D

Let me guess, Akiha's next move is to recruit - that woman? Not that she wants to involve the curry freak, but it's not like she knows many people versed in magic. Depending on your timeline, I suppose Sion might be an option, but I bet convincing her would be a hassle, since Arc and Shiki did help her . . .

Then again, it all depends on the spin. :)

April 7th, 2011, 01:11 AM
Poor, poor Akiha. Her plots to get her Nii-San back from Arcueid... Enough said there.

Chapter 12

It's been 3 days since Akiha first started her siege. And they've actually been rather inventive.

Who knew Hisui and Kohaku knew how to make a trebuchet? Much less one that works...?

Though Ciel going "splat" in midair and sliding down what looks like a wall made out of pure magic... reminded me out of some Gaijin cartoons. Loony Toons, I believe it was?

She's ok, though, but she's been acting woozy ever since.

I'm glad I've gotten down those ovens well enough to cook popcorn, though. Makes it easier to watch the increasing levels of inventiveness.

I can see something like... a giant bow? What're they up to now?



"Arcueid, if any of that gets through...!"

"Don't worry, it won't."

I can only blink.


She's smirking. Oh god in heaven that smirk scares the living shit out of me.

I pray to all the Kami that she never smirks at me like that, in reference to me, otherwise I. Will. Be. Screwed.

Still, the fact that she's smirking like that... means their plan is going to backfire...?

"The shield reflects, Shiki. Now what do you think will happen when the ammunition bounces off the shield, and back at them?"


She's cackling evilly, but softly... oh god, she's scary like this.

"They'll be slackjawed that it failed, and the shield reflects attacks at the most probable people that sent it at them. And with their mouths wide open from shock... they'll get a fistfull of Hisui's cooking into EACH OF THEIR MOUTHS!"

...that's the most horrifying premise for revenge I've ever heard. But... better them than me, right? Right.

I can only kiss her, and stay somewhat hidden behind her from their points of view.

And it goes exactly how Arcueid says. The food slams into the barrier, and bounces back straight at them... and right into Akiha and Ciel's mouth. And up Kohaku's nose if I'm not seeing wrong.

"Oh, god in heaven, it got up my nose!"


-Fade Out-

They've been busy at work for the last 3 days.

It's now Ciel's turn. I can't be sure, but considering she's got a huge backpack full of only Curry... I can only guess that Akiha bribed her to lead them here with the best curry possible.

And they've been making hundreds of... what looks like a strange crossbow.

Oh. They've been putting a Black Key into each.

And drawing insignias onto the ground all around every inch of the castle... Hm.

"Oh, this is new. They're going to try and seal the barrier."

"Arcueid, will it work?"

"No... they'll be teleported to the nearest lake, naked, if that activates right."

Oh, that's good.

"Of course, considering those lakes are only a bit above freezing all year around..."

"They'll be screaming in rage?"

"Mmhmm! Little sister needs to learn some manners."

And we can only watch, and eat popcorn as the swords fail... followed by loud screaming from a lake on a mountain near us.

"Wanna go to the bedroom again, Shiki?"

"Sure, that sounds good. And I don't think we'll have to worry about... Is that a helicopter getting them out? What the hell?"

"Eh? Guess Little Sister's smarter than I thought... Ah well, to the bedroom!"

-Fade Out-

April 7th, 2011, 02:12 AM
Is it wrong that Akiha's failures amuse me?

April 7th, 2011, 02:53 AM
It was intended to be amusing. It's about an epic failure as Leeroy Jenkins was.

April 7th, 2011, 07:23 AM
. . .

. . .

. . . I'm sorry, Kieran's brain is too distracted by the thought of Ciel, Akiha, Kohaku and Hisui naked and visibly cold to comment

April 7th, 2011, 10:01 PM
Ooh! A plot point! Bwahaha.

Chapter 13

It's been 3 days since Akiha and the others got their things, and flew off in that helicopter.

Something about how she was glaring at the Millenium Castle worries me, though...

Still, I've been having fun. I've finally gotten down the language enough to understand the basics of what's being said in these books. And even if it's not meant for a direct to japanese translation... I can get the gist of it pretty well. And the basics of it? The Shinso were absolutely ingenious with their developments.

They developed their stoves nearly 1000 years before most people stopped using firepits with metal pans over the tops, and put them into chimneys with metal bars or bricks to bake easier.

Not only that, they worked with hundreds of spirits and the like, that are now only known in myths and legends. Dragons, Kitsune, Kappa even... and the lists go on forever.

It seems like they were also rather interested in humans, and why humans were so tasty... and were trying to develop methods to keep Shinso from needing blood. Apparently, though, the method's only test subject was Arcueid... it noted several ideas for working with it to stop the degredation of Dead Apostles, but it seems like the research was stopped for some reason.

And Arcueid looks sad, like something horribly weighs on her when she read that.

"Arcueid... what happened?"

"Do you remember that Roa fed me blood?"

I can only nod, and wince, before replying. I remember that, all too well.

"Yeah... I do..."

"It worked until I actually had a taste of blood. After that, it stopped working alltogether. Perhaps it would've been able to help the Dead Apostles, but most want to make it into a game to try and hunt me down to kill me."

I can only wince more. Yeesh, and I thought it would be easy...

And then a small subsection catches my eye.

"Did you know they were working on a method to make humans into Shinso?"

She froze, blinking, then turned as well.

"Really, Shiki?!"

"Yeah, but it notes a rather... large problem rate. I'd say it's 75% chance of death, if not 85% if it's tried."

"What's the problem rate?"

"They needed a Shinso like... Crimson Moon Brunestud... or something closer to you if you didn't ever have bloodlust."

"And...? It can't be that easy, can it?"

"Ah... heh. The target has to be dying already, or nearly dead. It looks like the ones with things like heart problems survived, but... everyone else just bled out after the process was tried. Apparently you can't have any injuries, or else..."

She just went a bit pale.

"Oh. I had... hoped..."

"Well, maybe we can figure out how to get it to work better?"


"They'd only been studying it for a month. Maybe some of the subjects are still in the labs?"


"Like the ones we found earlier, Arcueid."

...She just went silent, and turned away.

"No. If it was in those, there won't be any subjects... I..."

Damn. There's something she's not saying, but... I can guess.

"I killed everyone here, Shiki. I went insane after Roa made me drink his blood, and I..."

I hug her tight.

"It's ok, Arcueid. It's ok. I'm here. Just relax, ok? I'm not going to leave you. You have me for as long as I live, I promise. And we might be able to still figure it out, right? So don't worry."

She's crying, and hugging me tight. I can only hold her as she cries into my shoulder, and rock her gently.

She's so sweet, I just want to love her and kiss her... and hold her in my arms for the rest of my life.









And the explosion following it sends us into a pile on the floor.




Another explosion rocks us.

"What do you mean they're not getting through the shielding, Ciel?! FIRE FASTER, KOHAKU! KILL THAT THIEVING WOMAN!"

Oh god. The shield's holding. Then the shockwaves in the air...?

"Don't worry, Shiki. They can't get through to us."

"But they're using ammunition that blows up on impact. We can't send all the ammunition back at them without killing them!"

"Don't worry, Shiki. Not even nukes will get through into this place!"

"Erm... and what if they use more than one?"

"Well, it's not like they can break it. This castle's defenses are linked to the moon itself. I don't think they can stop the power behind a planet, you know."


"Really, then we're safe, Arcueid?"


She's nodding, and giggling.

"Thank god."


"Oh. We can't use those without killing Nii-san? Well... SHOOT IT ANYWAYS! MAYBE IT'LL BREAK THIS SHIELD!"

"Aheh... Arcueid? Can it stop poisons?"

"Ah? Not for a while... oh, hell."

And we run as they shoot gas bombs at the shields, to try and gas us out.

-Fade Out-

The basement is cold.

And the toxic green gas chasing us looks so horrible, I'm glad it's cold.

Better than breathing in what smelled suspiciously like ground up toxic lasagna made by Hisui.

Turning that girl's meals into biological weapons... how the hell did Akiha manage that?!

Still, Arcueid's close, and we're safe... But we still need to keep moving downwards.

And now we're trapped. We took a wrong turn, and there's no way out except for a wall of green gas... that's slowly inching closer.

Oh, Kami, I don't want to die!

And... there's a doorway in a corner? That's really hard to spot... the hell?

Well, better the doorway than nothing, right?

"Arcueid, this way!"

I grab her and run for it.

Pushing her and Ren inside, I pull myself in, then shut the door...

There's no green gas going through, but I can hear the door sizzling on the other side.

"It'll take a while before we can get out. How long will it be before we can leave again, Arcueid?"

"Ah... 30 minutes, before the shield learns how to get rid of poisons in the air, Shiki. But..."

I turn around, to kiss her, then freeze at the labratory full of corpses. And a couple of red eyed people glaring at us from the cages...?

Aheh. I guess we found that lab... and the test subjects are none to pleased to being stuck in here for several hundred years.


-Fade Out-

April 7th, 2011, 10:54 PM
Oh, crap . . .

And yet somehow I can't stop giggling.

April 7th, 2011, 11:00 PM
That's the reaction I've been aiming for since I first wrote this story, once we got past the drama moments. And I couldn't help but grin the entire time I wrote the attack helicopter scene.
You just KNOW that Kohaku, with her Mecha-Hisui that I've read about in Melty Blood, would do something like that. Weaponize Hisui's food, and build combat helicopters for fun.

April 8th, 2011, 02:33 AM
I am having SO much fun writing chapters like these, it isn't even funny. And with how long the forum was shut down, I wrote up another chapter, coming up next.

Chapter 14

Arcueid's been arguing with them for the last half hour. I can't hear the door sizzling anymore, but they're still arguing pretty hard.

I can see what looks like a peep hole in the door, though.

And when I look through.. I can see the acidic gas outside, melting the floors.

Oh, yes, we aren't going back out that way. That's for sure.

They're guesturing at me, a lot. And glaring at her.

I... oh. They want me for food, don't they?


Now they're all encased in chains, and she's making strangling guestures at them.

And I just heard something about "cravings"... though I couldn't figure out what else they're saying. It's too rapidfire for me to make out most of the words.

I hope this doesn't go as bad as I think it might.

"Ah... Arcueid?"

I look back through the spyglass. Hell, that's not a good sign. The end is melting, and this shit ISN'T glass.

"The poison's not gone yet, out there. And it's melting through whatever the hell this door is made out of."

They all just froze. And started twitching. So they do know japanese, for the two in the cages. That's good, at least.

"And it's starting to melt through the spyglass, which definitely ISN'T glass. Could you maybe either speed things up, or get an idea for another exit?"

"Human, why haven't we been fed in a thousand years? And why are we stuck in these cages?"

"Um... Arcueid killed the scientists after someone tricked her into drinking blood. And... ah... she was the only one left? I just got here a month ago, and if it hadn't been my pissed off sister trying to kidnap me... and filling the castle with Hisui's cooking somehow weaponized... I don't think we would've found here."

They're blinking.

I can only point at the spyglass, which is sizzling.


I grab Ren and run towards Arcueid.

And she's smirking again.

"I'll tell you two what. You know of any other labs besides this one, that can be accessed through here?"

They're nodding.

"Either you help us get to those labs, and you all live. OR... I'll find it, and get me and Shiki through, while leaving you both to die in here. That's what you get for wanting to eat MY Shiki, after all."

I just noticed something.

The door's not sizzling anymore... meaning... it's trying to go through the wall?!

IS this stuff HOMING?!

"Arcueid... can you see it? The stuff's following us!"


"See? It's not at the door anymore... meaning it's SENTIENT!"

She just went a bit white.

"Who are you, to command us, anyways, girl?"

She's blinking in surprise.

"You don't know? I'm Arcueid Brunestud."

They just went white.


Ah... her reputation precedes her.

"Please forgive us, Arcueid! PLEASE DON'T KILL US, WE DIDN'T KNOW!"

"Then you're not going to go after my Shiki?"

"No, we won't!"

"Good. It means I can let you go. But if you even think about making him or Ren into food..."


"My Cat. She's a succubus familiar."

I blink at that. And they just did too.


"No... but that's a long story."

The wall's starting to sizzle a bit.


She's thinking about it.

"Arcueid, they might be able to tell us about that formula from that book!"

She's snapping her fingers. And just shattered the cages with ease.

"Where's the damned door?"

They're pointing at a wall.

And we go running again.

And right as we get through, and look back...

The wall melts, showing a giant green slime with what looks like a lasagna in the middle. It looks like one of the Slimes from Dragon Quest (http://img.qj.net/uploads/articles_module/66665/rocket.jpg), actually... As well as another behind it, glaring at it. And as I watch, the slime splits into two of itself.

"There's more than one! AND IT'S multiplying! THEY'RE FUCKING MULTIPLYING!"

We shut the door, and bar it.

-Fade Out-

April 8th, 2011, 02:37 AM
Chucked this reference in because I had to. It was too good to pass up. Period. Don't fault me for having to chuck the joke in, ok? Too good to pass up.

Also, this is the last chapter I'll do until I'm home. Might be in the evening for tomorrow, the 8th, or the day after... I don't know. Thus... this post.

Chapter 15

I'm officially scared of being in this castle now.

There's far too many of those slimes, right now. And they're all chasing us.

We've gone through 3 labs so far, and they've been slowing down every time they go through the doors, though. Thankfully.

Still... we don't have many more labs to go through. 15 total, if what those two were right.

With how scared they are of going forwards, though... maybe something worse is at the end?

Hopefully Arcueid can deal with it.


It's been 5 rooms now. And they're muttering about "bunnies of doom".

"What the hell are you two talking about?!"

"Don't you know? Crimson Moon Brunestud had a rare species of rabbit imported from England."

A rare WHAT?!


"It's the scariest thing we've ever seen! It ate a tengu alive!"

Oh. CRAP...

"What else can you tell us?"

"Ah... you saw all the corpses in the labs?"

I only nod.

"That's not from Arcueid killing everyone else in the castle. It's from those damned bunnies getting loose!"


"And their nest is in the last room!"


"They've got razor sharp teeth, and they're so evil tempered that they'll kill you if you look at one wrong!"


"They're able to slice a throat from a single jump!"

"Ah...is that one ahead in that room there? The one with all the weird shattered stuff?"

They just shat themselves. I have no clue how, or why... but they just did that.


"We're screwed! WE'RE SCREWED!"


Don't I have eyes that can kill everything?

I take off my glasses, and pull out my knife.

"Arcueid, get behind me."

She's blinking, and doing so.


"I can't kill the poison behind us, but you might be able to hurt it if you strike hard enough. BUT I can kill these rabbits, right? Just like killing Nero."

"Oh! That's right! Be careful, though..."

I nod, and go forwards.

15 feet.

"Why can he kill it?"

10 feet.

"He was able to kill me with his eyes."

5 feet. And I'm noticing something...


And I'm at it. It's a skeleton. A goddamned skeleton... but then I freeze. And roll back.

"His eyes can see the lines and points of death in all it's forms. And he was able to kill 666 familiars at the same time. At once. Not only that..."

A bunny attacks me (monty python killer rabbit). And I slice it in half with ease, only to twist and attack another aiming at my throat. Yet another falls as I continue attacking, then jump back again to take my bearings.

"But he was even able to kill my bloodlust."

I run forwards at the massive herd of bunnies approaching out of the darkness, and grin.

"Dear Kami..."

-Fade Out-

The bunnies in the room are dead.

And I'm covered in bunny blood.

"Arcueid, you don't want to get close to this blood. It's not quite... right for the color. I think there might be..."

"Shiki? What's wrong? Why did you freeze like that?"

I can only point at a huge bunny footprint in front of me.

"Oh. There's a big one?"

I can only nod silently.

"That... must be the original."

She's glancing behind us. I can hear the sizzling sound again, which means... we can only go forwards.

There's a note on the wall, in blood... with an old skeleton nearby it.

"The dread Beast of Caerbannog lives here... beware..."

It looks like someone tried to write it, and couldn't finish...

And I'm hearing a thumping up ahead.

And a...




And as I turn back, I can see the lasagna slimes merging into a massive giant slime, with a crown on it's head... that I can't see lines for. It hurts to look at the thing. Like it shouldn't exist in the first place.

Now it's bouncing forwards, through the walls like they're nothing. I utterly fear Hisui's cooking now. Dear Kami, I utterly fear her cooking now.

And when I turn back forwards, a giant rabbit, as tall as the Tohno mansion, appears in front of us. Thank god this thing has lines... still, it'll be hard to kill.

The Slime's eyeballing the rabbit.

The Rabbit's eyeballing us.

And we're eyeballing both.

"A Killer Kaiju Rabbit and a Giant Slime Monster... worse than a Rock and a Hard Place by FAR!"

-Fade Out-

-Just Kidding-

Wait... the Slime Monster seems to want to hurt the Rabbit First...

We jump into a side corridor, as the Slime bounces overhead... and the Bunny Rabbit Charges.

Only to collide in midair.

The Rabbit's screaming. I never knew Rabbits could scream like that.

And it's attacking the slime.

Oh dear Kami. Are they going to kill each other?

And... the rabbit's eating the giant slime.

Thank god.

It'll die from food poisoning.

Wait...maybe the slime was going after the bunny the whole time?

No. It's just occupied from the biggest threat.

More slimes just went in to help the giant one...

And the Rabbit's eaten the Giant Slime.


It's bouncing backwards. Towards a giant pit in the floor.


And...turning green? Now it's jumping... and it's belly is growing?!


The Giant Slime just ate the bunny in mid hop... and is falling into that giant hole.

And the smaller slimes are following it.


And it went through the floor...


And another...


Yet another floor...


Was that rock it just went through?!

-Faint Crash-

What the hell did it just fall through...?


It just fell into an underwater river.

Thank god.

There's a tiny pink slime bouncing towards us.

What the hell?

"Er... Shiki? What is that thing?"

It's garbling something, and cooing...?

And now it's sitting on my head... snuggling with my hair.


-Fade Out-

April 8th, 2011, 07:18 AM
*twitch* I had a sudden flashback to Pet Shop of Horror.

April 10th, 2011, 08:01 PM
Buggy Shinso Formulas... are buggy. Still, hope you all enjoy. And considering they're trying to figure out how a couple dozen Shinso pulled off something, through trial and error... poor, poor Shiki.

Chapter 16

I have a pet slime now.

Apparently Hisui tried cooking a chocolate heart for a valentine's day, and it made the pink slime.

If she made it for me... maybe that's the reason why she got so pissed? A secret crush?

I can only wonder.

And Arcueid's been talking with those Shinso. We're still trying to decide what to name them, since it's in a language I've never heard of before.

Also, I think they're scared of me after I dealt with all those killer bunnies.

It's kind of nice, actually. Scary, in some ways, but nice.

They've been talking with her about the methods used to make them Shinso. And it's rather long, drawn out, and painful sounding.

Or they're making jokes to scare me.

Square needles 13 inches long? Yeah... that... scares me.

On the plus side, Akiha hasn't bombed us again... yet. Or shown up since then.

I kinda have to worry about that.

"Oh, Shiki?"

I turn to her. She has 13 needles with glasses that are... square? Oh, that's what they meant. Thank god.

"Yeah, Arcueid?"

"We want to do some tests on you. Would you mind?"


"Tests? What sort?"

"Oh, they're tests to see if you're genetically compatable with Shinso DNA..."

I'm blinking.

Hm. Genetically compatable...


"We'll see if your body can't handle some aspects of it."

I'm blinking at her cheery smile. Is it... a bit menacing?

I hope not...

"Ok! Let's go! I want to see how this'll work, anyways!"

"Ok, Shiki!"

-Fade Out-

We're in that lab again, where the bunnies were at. And I'm rather cold.

And I'm strapped to a table, now. A very cold, hard table. The metal hasn't had anything warm touch it for years, and it shows.

Did I mention I'm cold yet?

Because I am.

"Arcueid. I'm kinda cold."

"Hang on, Shiki! This'll just take a moment..."

She's pulling out a giant hypodermic needle... that's square?!


I can only try to get away, right before I feel the needle go into my arm.

That hurts! That really fucking hurts!

And as I fade out, I can see Arcueid's looking at me with concern.

-Fade Out-

When I wake up, I feel different.

It's something noticable, but I can't quite put words to it. It's much like when you're young, you wake up and notice that one of your teeth wiggle now.

I can see blonde hair close to me. Arcueid must be close, and watching over me. Maybe I was out longer than expected?

And then I notice it.

I have breasts.

Breasts. I have them.


...The blonde hair is mine. And I have breasts...

Oh god, they screwed it up!

I'm going to be a girl forever!

"Oops, you weren't supposed to wake up yet, Shiki!"


"That's only a picture of what you'll look like if we screw things up, Shiki. Unfortunately, it screwed up earlier. But I'll have it fixed in no time. Ok?"

I can only weakly nod, and muster a faint "Ok." before everything fades out again.

When I wake up, everything's weird.

I'm back in my old school again... I'm facing both what looks like Ciel, and a... catgirl version of Arcueid?

"Good MORNING, Tohno-Kun! I'm Ciel-sensei! And welcome to this bad ending!"


"And I'm Neco-Arc!"

"And WE'RE HERE to help you with ideas on how to never have this happen again!"

"Yes, Nya!"

What the hell is this?! Why can't I talk?!

"Now, Tohno-kun. You should have married me! Then this never would have happened... and we would have had curry for the rest of our lives at the Messian!"

"What?! NO, NYA!"

And someone's shaking me while that... Neco Arcueid is shaking Ciel, trying to strangle her to death for stealing her man...


"God damn it, you mean I don't get to try and get into his pants? Stupid goddamned psychic connection for when he's nearly dead never works!"

Eh? That WAS Ciel, then? The hell?

"Wake UUUUP Shiki! We fixed you!"


Oh, this is a dream of some sort, isn't it?

"God damn you, Tohno-Kun! Get back here in this dream so I can have my way with you allready!"

...Ciel scares the crap out of me now.

And I wake up to Arcueid smiling at me.



She glomped me.

I'm male again... thank god.

"Ah... Arcueid? Have you ever had a dream where you're a catgirl of all things...?"


She's blinking. Like she never thought about that before.

"No, not at all."


"Ok. That was just a weird dream, then."

"Oh, Shiki! You looked just like me, except you had such pretty blue eyes... but we fixed you right up!"

Aheh. That wasn't part of the dream, then. Crap.

"I was so tempted to put you into a dress, and everything... but then I realized you'd rather be male for me."

I nod rapidly.

"Still, if this happens again, can I play dress up with you...?"

Fuck me...

"Aheh... I guess, Arcueid. Um..."

She's giggling. So worth it, even though I just probably damned myself with my mouth there.


"What happened, anyways?"

She's blinking now. And putting a finger to her lips.

"Oh. Ah... your dna reacted weird with mine. That's all."

I can only blink. Eh?

"Er... how many more times do we have to go through with this...?"

"Oh... 15 dozen times or so. And since you just said I could dress you up whenever you look like me..."

She's giggling. And I'm doomed.


"Ah... how exactly do you want to go about that?"

"Oh? Um... hm... probably I'll give you a makeover, and see what dresses you'd fit in... probably my own favorite clothing, though!"

I can only faint.


I'm waking up slowly.

My eyes are shut, but... I can hear Arcueid humming.

"I had the weirdest dream..."

"Oh? You're awake, Shiki? I'm glad of that. You had a nasty rejection to the last injection there, earlier. We've been injecting you with tiny bits of my blood at a time, mixed with several catalysts to soften the blow on you."

"Oh? Ok..."

"What was the dream about, Shiki?"

"I dreamed that the injection turned me into a girl. It made me look just like you, and then I fell asleep, and had this weird dream involving you as a catgirl and Ciel dressed up like a teacher, talking to me about a bad ending..."

"Really? Weird. Go on."

"And then you woke me up, and I was male again, but you wanted to play dress up with me whenever I turn into a girl again..."

"Hm. Well, I'm glad you're awake Shiki... I was really worried."

She just kissed me. And as I open my eyes... I notice I'm female again.

"It wasn't a dream, was it?"

"Nope! And you told me I could dress you up whenever you're female... so we'll be going through a makeover later! Oh, but we did finally figure out what's turning you female, so we can fix that later."

Shit. Well, at least they figured out the first problem of it.

-Fade Out-

April 10th, 2011, 10:14 PM
I have this terrible suspicion that your next scene will involve a fashion montage . . .

April 10th, 2011, 10:19 PM
This was mainly a thought process of...
"What's the worst thing that could possibly go wrong for Shiki?"
Drawn out to it's worst conclusion.
And maybe. Still deciding how much I want to play this out or go ahead with the plot I've got an idea for.
Still, the route to him possibly becoming a Shinso is frought with peril.
Grave, horrible peril.
Still, did you enjoy the Ciel-Sensei scene there? Got the idea of it from Fate/Stay Night, specifically the fake Tiger Dojo.

April 11th, 2011, 06:46 AM
*chuckle* It was funny hearing her gripe about not being able to snag him even in a dream.

April 15th, 2011, 02:53 AM
Sorry about taking a while to post this. Was trying to decide on how to exactly go through this plot point. Even still, I hope I wrote this well enough.

So, read and review!

Chapter 17


I'm hearing Arcueid again.

"Wake UP, Shiki!"

And she's trying to get me up. But the air's so cold, and the blankets feel so good...

"Well, if you don't want to get up, maybe I'll force you?"

No chance in hell of that happening after keeping me up 18 hours with testing to see if there's an easy way to make me into a Shinso. Nuh-uh. Nope. No way in hell.

"Hm. Oh, well. I'll just lock you in this dress for a week, then!"

Wait, "WHAT?!"

"There we go! Welcome back to the land of the living, Shiki!"

"Arcueid. I'm cold, and the bed is warm... don't you want to sleep with me?"

"Eh? Shiki... it's the middle of the day."

"What's the time?"

"2 in the afternoon."

I blink, and slowly open my eyes. She looks gorgeous as ever, and she has something that looks like an elaborate white and blue gown...

"Considering I got to bed at 6..., that's only 8 hours of sleep, Arcueid."

She's blinking now.

"No, it's been over a day since you've started sleeping, silly! You've slept for 32 hours!"


She's serious.

I slept for over 32 hours.

"Has anyone fed Ren or you?"

"We've been eating leftovers. I was rather worried about you, and thought the threat of locking you in a dress would wake you up! Since it worked, I'll remember this for next time!"


"Arcueid... help me up?"

She's smiling, and doing so.

It's been 7... no 9 days now since we first experimented with bits of Shinso DNA. Unfortunately, though they know how to FIX the problem, they haven't had much luck in doing so yet. The reason being is there's only one sample of male Shinso dna, and if they use that now... they won't have it later to use on me then. So I'm stuck turning into a lookalike of Arcueid whenever we try to fix the samples of her dna for my body.

It's weird whenever I'm female. My sense of balance is totally off, I have huge lumps on my chest that make me want to fall forwards all the time, and Arcueid wants to try putting me in high heels if I ever get used to this, so I can "feel what it's like."

That honestly scares me a little bit.

Back to my train of thought, though... women's clothing feels a lot softer than all my normal clothing. It's smooth, and I never noticed how rough my clothing felt before, until I tried some of Arcueid's out.

And, surprisingly, she's been rather supportive of me whenever I'm like this. I know it's an accident whenever it happens, but... she seems genuinely happy whenever... I'm like this...

*Thump Thump Thump*

Is someone knocking on the door?

Noone's outside...

"Oh, hell."

Arcueid just went white.

"What's wrong, Arcueid...?"

I can hear faint yelling. Faint loud yelling, like through a megaphone...?

"Arcueid Brunestud, this is Aoko Aozaki, here to talk to you about Shiki Tohno!"

"Blue's come to visit, Shiki..."

And I'm still a girl. God no. To have Sensei see me like this...

"If you don't let me in, Brunestud, I'll blow my way in!"

"Is there a way for me to get shifted back normal faster?"

"It takes 4 hours to reverse, remember Shiki? And I have to be there with you the entire time..."

Fuck me... this is going to go so terribly, horribly wrong... but...

"Let's go see Sensei, then."

Arcueid's still white faced, but nodding, and taking me with.


Sensei's staring at me, in mute shock. I'm just grateful that none of the others can see me like this.

"Two Arcueid's? Can you asexually reproduce or something, Brunestud?"

"No, Blue. This actually was an accident."

"Eh? Really?"

"We learned that there were successful examples of normal humans being turned into Shinso, so me and Shiki have been... experimenting with the process. Due to the other two being scared of us both, though... we haven't had too much success in altering the formula."

She's staring at Arcueid, like she's grown two heads.


This is the point where I have to step in, isn't it? Well, here goes nothing...

"Ah... hi Sensei..."

Sensei just did a spit-take, then fainted.

-Fade Out-

April 15th, 2011, 06:40 AM
Aoko . . . Oh, dear God . . .

April 15th, 2011, 07:23 AM
Well, that's either going to end hilariously or very, very badly... and I'm not sure which I'd prefer.

April 15th, 2011, 02:57 PM
New Chapter. And with this... the real reason why Arcueid tried to leave Shiki. And yeah, Dream-Ciel wasn't exactly a dream after all.

Chapter 18

"I had a dream, where I came here due to Akiha Tohno, only to find him a girl."

Sensei's eyes are shut, and she's talking out loud.

"Am I right to assume it wasn't a nightmare, but somehow reality?"

"Yes, Sensei."

"And the reason you've left all your lovers back there is...?"


"Shiki, your sister told me that all those women there were your lovers!"

Arcueid's twitching. I never thought I'd see that, but... it scares the hell out of me.

"No, Sensei! NO! I didn't want to be their lover, and they've chased me here after I chose Arcueid!"


There. Arcueid's smiling again. Still...

"That Executioner from the Church mentioned she bought one of my sister's devices, to comfort you with dreams whenever you're nearly dead, too..."


"That... scares me."

Arcueid's nodding in unison with me.

"Agreed, Shiki. Now, Blue... I brought him here because they were getting ready to hurt him horribly."

"How exactly would they have hurt him horribly?"


And there's an adorable sheepish look on Arcueid's face now. So I kiss her. Weird, it's different to kiss when I'm a girl. I can't let myself get distracted, though.

"I'll explain it, Sensei. They've all been falling for me during the incident with Roa... who's current body was Tohno SHIKI. I didn't realize it, but, because I'm adopted, and the fact that I was used as a stand in for SHIKI, means that even Akiha's fallen for me..."

Sensei's looking at the ceiling with a frown. And now she's studying me more in depth.

"Hey, Shiki? Have you been getting weaker when you're not a girl?"


Have I been getting weaker? Some days, I'm fine. Others, it feels almost like I can barely move from Anemia.

"My Anemia's gotten worse again. Not to the point of how it was before the accident, but..."

"Still pretty bad?"

I can only nod.

"It's why I'm going to stay with Arcueid as long as I can, and enjoy each day as it comes, Sensei."

She's smiling, and nodding.

"So that Akiha hired me under false pretenses... I'm glad to know that."

I can only nod silently.

And then we're interrupted by all our stomaches growling.

"Ah... Shiki? Could you make food for us if I help you to the kitchen? I ran out of leftovers for Len's lunch... and I'm sure Aoko would enjoy some food here with us."

I can only nod. And smile. The thought of cooking for Arcueid, and Sensei? It'll be fun, at least.

"You can't change him back easily?"

"It takes 4 hours. And we're hungry now. We can shift him back later, right?"

"Ahh... good point."


Arcueid went out of the kitchen with Sensei.

I've been cooking, not only a large lunch, of 3 huge sandwiches, but another cake. Ren will enjoy that, after all.


I can hear Sensei still? Huh?

"Yes, Blue?"

"Can he hear us from in there?"

"No, Blue. It took me years before I could train my hearing, and with the fires going in there, he won't hear us at all."

A pause. I can't stop working on this, but I should hear this, I think.

"Not like Shiki doesn't deserve to know this, though... but I'm hiding it as long as I can."

"So you've noticed too, then, hm Brunestud?"

Another pause.

"Yeah. I've been keeping him from the side effects."

"So you brought him here..."

"Because he'd have died in a month or three if I hadn't."


"He can't be dying that quick... can he?"

"Blue... it's... not so simple as that."

"I'm listening."

"To kill first Nero Chaos, then Roa...

He overused his eyes. I started getting worried at first, and my suspicions only deepened. Every time he uses his eyes to understand the death of something, he shaves months off his life."

"But that doesn't explain..."

"I'd planned on saying goodbye to him. You know? Give him one last goodbye... and then he used his eyes. Overused them horribly... and killed off my body's innate craving for blood."


"And with that, he went blind for a week. No... more than that... he nearly died. His brain nearly stopped working completely, and for the first two days, he could barely say a thing. On top of that, he could barely move, or think. He enjoyed me being close, and knew it was me... but... with that, he went from having years left to having maybe 3 months at the most, Blue."

I... nearly died there? I nearly... completely died, saving her... but for her sake, it's worth it, isn't it?

"That doesn't explain why he's here, you know."

"I... nearly left him behind. To die with friends and family. No, that's what I should have done."

...That's why...?

"I told him that I'd have to leave him to protect him from my sister, but... that was a lie. A lie to keep him smiling, and think I'd return. To keep him from realizing that I didn't want to see him die on me. To see him fade away."

Crap, I nearly burned the cake. But Arcueid's words are haunting my mind now.


"He grabbed onto me as I left. His eyesight had returned. And he told me he'd rather be dead. I still don't know if he was faking it, or not... but when I told him no, time after time, he told me he'd rather die then than not... not live without me..."

Arcueid's crying now. I...

"...I tried to push him away. I tried time after time to stop him from being a fool, as well. And when I finally got him, to try and wipe his memories of me... he somehow used his knife to see the point of death of the mind wipe I was trying to use on him... and killed it."

"And with how badly his eyes are, right now..."

"If he overuses them much more, than... he will die even quicker. As it is Blue... he's got maybe 3 years to live. At best. With the rituals I've been doing while he's asleep, he has maybe that long."

"Then all this is... to find a way to keep him alive with you?"

"Yeah. But... though I've told him it's working well... it isn't at all."

I just saved the food from burning. And the cake's still cooking, thankfully.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, Blue... it'll take 8 years for his soul to acclimate to the nature of a Shinso that it would be safe to make him one. And the two test subjects we found while running from Akiha's last attempt to smoke us out... with poison bombs... are both female like me. Meaning we only have a single sample of Shinso dna that's male, and it's... old."

"And so you're stuck trying to figure out how to have his soul take the shift in the time you have left..."

"Rather than the 8 years the process needs. Exactly."

"So the reason why he's female..."

"We're desperate for results. Would you help us save him?"


I... don't have much longer, do I? But I... oh fuck, the cake'll burn if I don't get it out!

"Yeah. I'll help you. Maybe I can get my sister into this, too..."



Arcueid just said the same thing I thought.

And as I bring out the food for them to all enjoy... I realize that, no matter what happens, I'll still have a happy time with Arcueid. So that's all that matters, right...?

-Fade Out-

April 15th, 2011, 05:36 PM
Shiki always brings out the Aozaki reconciliations - in one universe, or another. :D

April 15th, 2011, 06:10 PM
Yeah. Well, I'm surprised my muse acted up, considering today's my birthday. Still, hopefully this resolves a lot of issues some earlier readers had with what I wrote. I was planning on this as a plot twist for quite a while.
And yeah, that Ciel-sensei segment was Ciel her using a device bought from Touko to invade Shiki's dreams. Thought it would be more likely than her using a legendary artifact from the Church, after all.

April 16th, 2011, 12:32 AM
And one more chapter on my birthday. What a roll.

Chapter 19

We're all eating right now.

It would be nicer if they talked more, but... considering what I overheard... heh. I don't know what to say.

It explains why Arcueid's been so forceful about trying to have me stay as a girl so much now, though.

All too well...

"What are you thinking about, Shiki? You've been lost in thought all afternoon."

I blink.

"I've just noticed my Anemia doesn't affect me too much when I'm in this form. It's like...this body's a lot stronger than my normal one, so it's impossible for me to have it while like this."

A blink from both, while they both... sip their tea, then spray it out of their mouths in shock.

All over me.

I'm soaking wet. And I can only twitch in the realization that this means I'll probably have to get dressed... AGAIN.

-Later, after much apologizing, and scrubbing-

We've been quiet again. It's hard to think of what to say that doesn't involve what I overheard.

"Shiki, what did you mean by what you said earlier? Did you mean that?"

I think about how to say it best.

"It's like... while I'm in this form, I'm healthier. No, more than that... like I'm stronger alltogether."

They both nod.

"More than that... it's like... my very life is stronger. Whenever I'm not wearing my glasses, it feels like I'm drained horribly just by looking around."


More like I'm on the verge of dying if I look around too much... but I can't say that.

"And what else, Shiki?"

Sensei's studying me close, now.

"When I'm like this... I can still see the lines, but it's like I used to be, when I was young. I don't feel drained anymore. Not rejuvenated, but... it's not like a massive headache or feelings of exhaustion, or anything like that. Does that make sense, Sensei?"

They both nod again.

Both Arcueid and Sensei are nodding in unison, and haven't even noticed. Weird.

Safer if I don't point that out though.

"Shiki, you know... you look nearly the same as Arcueid if you take your glasses off..."

Oh, my glasses!

"Oh? And speaking of which..."

She's blinking, and blinking more when I hand her my glasses.

"Sensei, they've been having problems sealing my sight away, as of late. I can see the lines on everything if I'm not here..."

She just froze, and Arcueid went white.

"Really? I'd better get these to my sister then. Hopefully she won't kill me for stealing them in the first place..."

...I recall Sensei saying something like that, now...

Arcueid's giggling.

"So the mighty Blue turns out to be a thief?"

And now I can't help but grin at the look of indignation on Sensei's face.

"Awww, don't worry. We can help you out, Sensei. We just need to get you a pirate outfit, so your sister doesn't recognize you first."

And now Sensei's twitching.

"Or maybe a Ninja outfit?"

More twitching.


Oh hell, she's pissed.

Fuck me...where to hide, where to hide... Arcueid works!

But when I look for Arcueid, I notice she's hiding behind me.


"Don't hurt me, sensei?"


She's twitching. And smirking.

"Well, if you want to be irritating, I can always have you pay for one of my shopping trips..."


"And maybe do something about your wardrobe..."

Fuck me...

"And maybe a makeover, and a spa trip, too!"

Kami, no.

"Unless you don't want to irritate me more by insinuating I'm a thief... then I'll forget to have you pay for all those things."

"Ah...I know what shopping is, but... what's a makeover, and a spa, Blue?"

...The worst has come to pass. Arcueid getting taught what all that is... I'm screwed, aren't I?

And so would my wallet be if I had any money.

-Fade Out-

April 16th, 2011, 06:27 AM
No - Arcueid must never go to a spa! She's stunning enough as it is - the male population of the planet cannot survive the sight of her beauty after its rejuvenating treatments! For the survival of all species, this must not happen!

April 16th, 2011, 10:28 PM
Another Chapter.

And the plot... thickens. Poor Shiki... still, I may as well point out something that a lot of people haven't realized yet. In this story, it's only realistically AU in 2 ways. Shiki killed Arcueid's bloodlust... and Shiki never got the "Life" back he lost to Roa.

The rest of my past plot points, including Akiha, et. all, all wanting to get into his pants, are hinted there, at least technically, in canon. Kohaku's jealous of Shiki, and hates him, but he's always been nice to her, so there's attraction there. Then there's Akiha, who wishes she could marry him, if she could. Hisui likes to watch him sleep, so there's hints there... and Ciel... besides being just a littttttle bit fucked up in the head, wanted to accept his offer when Arcueid ran off to stop Roa.

Thus them all getting nosebleeds in an earlier chapter.

And they will show up later, considering Akiha hired Aoko to drag Shiki home kicking and screaming. With that plan a failure, she'll be going to plans B, C, or D, shortly. And if plan D fails, there's E, F, or G, all the way to plan M.

Now, where was I? Oh, yes. The chapter.

Hopefully this is well written, and hits over all the main plot points I've had out.

Do read and review, please. I like to know what people think of what I write.

Chapter 20

Sensei's gone.

She left after the food was done, while mentioning that she was going to go off and talk with Touko... bringing along a hell of a lot of Arcueid's money with her.

Apparently she owes her sister a lot more money than she's let on.

Kind of scary, learning exactly how broke Sensei can get, so quickly. And I hope she doesn't blow all of Arcueid's money.

Seriously, that was a lot of cash.

Hopefully Sensei will also get all the food she promised to buy for us.

Arcueid's been enjoying the neckrub I've been giving her.

"Blue was... rather interesting, wasn't she, Shiki?"


"Yeah, she was."

A pause.

"You overheard everything, right?"

I can only freeze, then nod silently.

"Yeah... I did."

A longer pause, now.

"Do you hate me for not wanting to watch you die, Shiki?"

...No. Never.

"No. I don't. I understand why, now... and I'm glad you're not letting me go so easily."

Another pause.

"Shiki... have you realized it? If you don't have these treatments, you may die. You may still die with them, but..."

I wait.

"But it might not leave you male, if we can't find male Shinso dna."

...So I could live, but be a girl...?

Oh, fuck me...

"I... could you live like that, Shiki?"

...Living as a woman for eternity and holding Arcueid, being with her, if we succeed... or dying as a man...

Yeah. If it came down to that, to be with her...

"If... anyone else asked me that. I would tell them no. But because it's you... yeah. Yes I could, Arcueid. To be able to share my life with you... yes. I could."

How we'd have sex, though... hell if I know.

I mean, you need a penis, right?

She's hugging me right now, and rubbing my back.

"There's only one... other problem, with it, Shiki. We're using my genes, that you removed my bloodlust from. If we use another person's..."

I freeze a bit.

"Then you'll be stuck with the bloodlust you killed in me."

Fuck me.

"Meaning that..."

"You'd have the lifespan I used to. Unless we found, and did the same thing to them as... me..."

"But then..."

"You'd have to deal with the side effects. To kill my bloodlust... nearly killed you before."

"Doing it again would do it for sure... right?"

"Yeah. It would."

So... immortality as a woman, with Arcueid... or... only half of one unless I could somehow see the points again afterwards...

"And my eyes don't work as well when I'm in this form. I can barely see the dots and lines like this..."

She blinked.

"Eh? Really?"

"It might just be for here, in this form, but... it's harder for me. And if I took that, then... What if I couldn't kill the bloodlust afterwards, in myself?"

"And in your normal form..."

"It feels like whenever I'm using the lines, I'm one step closer to dying."

She just froze, and went white, in my arms.

"Shiki, you..."

"It's why I agreed to the experiments. When I'm like this, I'm feeling relief. It's not... a constant feeling like Death's one step behind me, watching me."

She's crying into my arms, now.

And I can't help but cry too.

"I can't... survive much longer if I'm normal, can I? And we don't know how... long I can last like this before it gives us problems. Right...? That's why I'm still like this, in this form."

"Shiki... the record was 36 hours."

"And it's nearly 36 right now..., but... I'm not hurting from this..."

A blink from her.

"It's not supposed to hurt, Shiki. It's... the closer your mind comes to understanding nature innately, the closer you are to being a Shinso.

But... most minds can't handle the strain of it. Humans aren't... wired, for lack of a better term, to understand how Nature is. And Shinso naturally do."

I can only blink, while holding her.

"Then, what's the symptoms?"

"You can't comprehend what you're seeing anymore. You can't hear, or comprehend what you're hearing, if you do hear."


"Nothing's happened to me like that yet, Arcueid."

She's blinking.

"Maybe... it's because of my eyes? Because I've had to comprehend the death of all things... I understand nature better than most humans do?"

A slow, hesitant nod from her.

"Maybe it's because I can comprehend the death of all things... I can understand Nature itself... no, Reality itself, like you can? Or much closer... How exactly did those Shinso become Shinso permanently, anyways?"

...She's frozen again. And pale.

"Their limits were 5 days, when the Shinso forced them to stay Shinso for 3 months. At the end, they were just about dead, because of the strain... and then the scientists in the labs somehow stopped their hearts, and flooded their Magic Circuits with several Shinso's power simultaniously."

..."We should find out what my limit is, then, Arcueid."

"Eh? Shiki?"

"If I can go for longer then a day and a half, maybe I can handle 3 days? I don't feel any strain on my mind at all yet."

She's blinking.

"Maybe... I don't know, Shiki."

"We can't stop until we've tried, right, Arcueid? Whatever happens, let's face it together, in the future!"

-Fade Out-

April 16th, 2011, 10:41 PM
Yay! A shot at hope . . . And a sudden realisation that you're suggesting Arcueid twincest *dies of brain hemorrhage*

April 16th, 2011, 11:06 PM
Boggles the mind that if they fuck up on making her genes work for Shiki while leaving him male.... then there'll be two of Arcueid kissing each other! And imagine what would happen of Aoko walked into that...? Or the entire cast from Tsukihime...?


Still, I was aiming for that to be a nice little plot twist. If her genes can't be shifted enough... well, genderbender. Literally.

On a side note, should I write up a little something involving the astral plane? Possibly as an Omake? Not quite sure if it would be considered fanfiction or not...which is why I'm asking in the first place.

April 20th, 2011, 03:55 AM
Poll time! Should I let Hisui and Kohaku stay, or no?

And, as always, Read and Review!

Chapter 21

5 and a half days is my limit.

But it's not like what she said would be my limit. I could comprehend everything better, but it was... like I was haunted by something.

Not like I wasn't comprehending things.

Like... something was eyeing me and judging me.

Looking at me... through me.. at everything I've done.

Everything I might do.

Is this what they felt? Not understanding, not comprehending...?

If so... no wonder they were nearly dead from the strain.

So I'm male and in Arcueid's arms, resting while she sleeps.

I'll need a week to recover, according to the two women that were made into Shinso. They still refuse to give their names.

Maybe they don't remember their own names anymore?

"You're still awake, Shiki...?"

Arcueid's voice drifts into my ears.

"Yeah. I've just been thinking about what I felt while at the end of my time limit."

"Hm? Go on..."

She's sleepy. It's rather adorable.

"I... have you ever felt, as a Shinso, that something was watching you?"

She's blinking, sleepily.

"Yeah. That's Gaia. It's the will of the planet itself. Why?"


The planet?

"Don't worry about it, Arcueid. We'll talk about it tomorrow, ok?"

-Fade Out-

It's the morning now. And I'm nearly done cooking today's food for me and Arcueid both.

"Shiki, why did you ask about that, last night?"

Arcueid's up already? That's good. She normally doesn't wake up before 12 unless she's... wanting to talk... oh boy.

"It's... when I was in your form..."

A blink of surprise.

"I felt something was watching me, at the end. Judging me.

Looking at every possible thing I could do... and everything that I've done in the past.

It was like... I was a gnat compared to it..."

She's looking pensive.

Another Anemia attack's coming... I can feel it already.

And so can Arcueid, it seems... because she just caught me?

"Shiki, you shouldn't push yourself so much..."

Everything's fading out slowly. But I can still blink.

So with every bit of strength I have, I try to pull myself up.


And my voice has returned. Thank goodness...

"I'll be ok. It wasn't a bad Anemia attack. Just feeling a little weak right now, Arcueid."

She's looking at me with worried eyes.

"Can you help get the bread and cake?"

She's blinking, and only now smells the cake I've baked for later today. And pulling it out, in front of the window, we can only drool.

"Oh, wow! It all looks so tasty, Shiki! I can't wait to eat it with you, later!"

I can only smile.


What's that outside the window?

And why's it getting so dark in here...?

I grab Arcueid, and pull her back, right before a laser blast shoots through the window.

There's no more cake.

And, to my horror...

"Nii-san! I've returned!"

Arcueid's pissed.

And so is the cat, Ren.

"Nii-san! Come out so we can take you home!"

...Oh god, they are so... IS THAT A GIANT MECH BUILT TO LOOK LIKE HISUI?! What the hell is this?!



I stick my head out the window. Yeah, it's foolish, but I need to warn Akiha!


"Eh? Shiki?!"


"Ciel, Kohaku, why is he telling us to run?"

Arcueid's pulling her sleeves up, and I can see her heading for the front gate.


"Can't you make food easily, Tohno-kun?"


And by the time they realize the danger... reality shifts.

A giant, no, gargantuan Crimson Moon is overhead, hanging low in the sky.

Right over them. And there's a... blimp? In the distance.

Oh, this is going to be painful.

Chains just shot up to the moon... that Arcueid grabbed...?


She just started dragging down that red moon at the mech they're in.

"Oh... that's what Nii-san was warning us about! EMERGENCY ESCAPE PODS, EVERYONE!"

4 escape pods just shot out of the mech... right before the moon crashed into it...

And they're heading for the blimp... only to get stopped by more of those chains.

I can only look away, as Arcueid starts screaming at them for ruining her dinner, and making me cook for another 5 hours, while beating them down mercilessly.

5 hours to cook food? Crap, I'd better hurry to make something before Arcueid gets back...

And the cat... Ren... saved part of the cake.


Arcueid dragged them in to show them exactly how bad the food was. Right as I finished making more...

5 hours, huh? That must've been why I heard them screaming so long.

I can barely surpress the involuntary shiver.





...Didn't I tell Hisui to not call me Shiki-sama?

"Oh... Shiki-san has to cook in an antique Oven... no wonder Arcueid beat us black and blue..."

"Tohno-kun... why won't you come back and let us take care of you?"

I only point at the half melted cake.

And they just went white.

"Because I fear for my life if I ever piss you all off?"



"Yes, Arcueid?"

"Why don't you feed them all the food that was destroyed by the laser...?"

"...Considering I just had to spend the entire day in the kitchen, instead of recovering from how weak I am..."

Yeah. I'll do just that...

"Nii-san? What do you mean, weak?"

...She doesn't know, does she?


"Tohno-kun, please... tell us what's wrong with you?"


"Shiki-San, why don't you come back to the mansion and enjoy my cooking?"

...Do I have to explain it to them...?

"Shiki-Sama... please come back to us?"

...I guess I do...

"It's because if I leave here, I have 3 months to live, at the most."

They just froze, and went white.


Unison for all of them. They're that worried...?

"When I killed Shiki... I never got all that life force back from him that he stole from me, like we all had hoped for. Coupled with me using my Mystic Eyes of Death Perception to kill her Bloodlust, so she would be able to spend time with me..."


"It left me with a month, to three months, left to live."

Arcueid's hugging me now, silently, and wincing, like she's in pain...

"If I leave here... I'm going to die before we get back. If I'm lucky enough to survive that long."

"Then.... why stay here? Why stay here at all, Tohno-Kun?"


"Because I love Arcueid. I sacrificed most of my life to ensure I could spend the rest of it with her, in peace and happiness.

...And because while I'm here, I have a year or three... rather than a month or three. With that time, we might be able to find a way to prolong my life even further."

"...Nii-san... I'll find a better way for you! Even if it makes my company go broke, I'll find a way!"

...Akiha... you stubborn girl...

Hisui and Kohaku are crying, silently. It hurts to see them cry... and Ciel... is looking sad.

"Tohno-kun... there's no other way to save you?"

I can only nod.

"To our knowledge, no. We're persuing the only course of action that we possibly can, right now..."

Kohaku's staring at me, with almost blank, scary as hell eyes. And she's crying... but not acting like she's registering it.

And Hisui's... just sobbing her heart out.

-Fade Out-

April 20th, 2011, 07:32 AM
Five hours with a pissed-off, highly-motivated-to-be-imaginative Arcueid. I think I actually feel sorry for them - actually, wait, was that a chocolate cake? Because if it was, they deserve everything they got. :)

April 24th, 2011, 12:15 AM
Do tell me what you think of the chapter... and yeah, more plot bunnies. Sorry for taking so long to write this, but, my muse wouldn't shut up for ideas when I was half asleep, and not when I was completely awake. Thus the late chapter.

Chapter 22

It's been another week. One week since the burned cake incident, where they melted half the cake. And that had the last of the chocolate on it.

Arcueid still is rather pissed... thus leading to the current situation.

Akiha (thankfully) decided to buy us supplies, before going off to research ways to help me.

Ciel, on the other hand, had a strange look in her eyes, before going off to the Church's archives, to see if there's a way to help me.

I don't think Ciel will succeed, though. Or Akiha. Not that they're not helping, I'm just... putting my faith into Arcueid.

If her method doesn't work, they'll just be buying me time, anyways.

On the other hand, Hisui and Kohaku both decided to stay.

And Hisui's taking cooking lessons from Kohaku and I today.

The world shudders at the thought. So's Arcueid, and Kohaku, for that matter.

Oh, wait... it's that pink slime bouncing up the corridor... into Hisui's lap?

...Is that purring I hear coming from that thing?

That scares me. A lot.

"Shiki-san, don't we want to cook now?"

Kohaku's eager to start now that Hisui's hands are full...

-Fade Out-

Note to self. Apparently Kohaku's cooking, as well as Hisui's, is reversed while in the castle.

The food being right under open flames and heat burns off subtle ingredients, or misplaced ingredients, leaving Hisui the better cook. Thankfully, under the propane burner I bought from that camping outlet, Kohaku's is better.

Otherwise, that blank look on Kohaku's face would return... with her eyes so blank, it scared me shitless.

Her smile always seems so fake... if you look close enough. Cheerful, but... it never stops. Never ends...

Like a doll, almost.

Still, at least we've finally found someplace where Hisui's cooking is decent, right?

Thank all the Kami that exist for small favors like this... because... I'm getting weaker each day. My Anemia's getting worse and worse, and though Arcueid hasn't quite spotted it... Ren has. And she watches me more and more, each day.

Arcueid said I have... a year to three years... but I fought those rabbits, right?

Maybe it lessened? Or... maybe this is how it'll go the entire time?

I'm not sure.

But... I'll pretend to be normal for now. I'll act like nothing's wrong.

I'll enjoy the time I have with Arcueid...

...Those two Shinso are walking towards us? Maybe they want to talk... well, we've got enough food, we may as well talk with them, right?



"Eh? Yes...?"

"We've only found 5 samples of male Shinso blood."

5 samples... that's...

"And 4 of them..."

"What of them?"

A deep breath. They look honestly scared.

"4 from Crimson Moon Brunestud."

...Crimson... Moon Brunestud...?

Arcueid can see my confusion...

"You can say he's the original Shinso, Shiki."

Oh. Meaning...

"And, Brunestud-sama... everyone that tried his blood... died from the strain."


"Eh? Mine's nearly the same as his, and Shiki's handling mine ok, though. So why...?"

"We don't know, Brunestud-sama. All we know, is that there used to be 20 samples... and apparently there were 15 experiments."

"Erm... I hate to interrupt, but what are your names, anyways?"

A blink of surprise towards me.

Did they really just want me to call them 'hey, you.'? Jeez.

"Ah, pardon me. Since we can't remember our original names, we chose our own. I, the beautiful, intelligent, hardworking blonde, am named Lily. My mind's rather untainted from the effects of becoming a Shinso, so I chose that name. And... we decided to name my brunette companion here, 'Hotaru' due to the process affecting her much harsher than it did I."

"Oh? What do you mean?"

She's wincing. It must be rather bad...

"When one becomes a Shinso, our minds are... tainted, for lack of a better word, by the energies of the ones that turn us. But..."

Another, harder wince.

"It feels the entire time like we're also being judged. Like something's watching us the entire time, and deciding what we keep, and what we lose... like some great, powerful force is deciding who lives, and who dies. And... most died. Out of 15,000 people... we're the only ones that handled the strain for several months, and grew used to it."

Oh. Hell...

"I know what you mean. I've...experienced it before. It... seemed rather amused at me."

Shocked surprise.

"Amused? Well, maybe you're lucky and might survive it, then... but we barely survived ourselves."

"Speaking of which... what happened at the end, for you two?"

Another blink.

"Well... to make a long story short... that... force... seemed to approve of us. So we were taken to those cages, and... left to die. When our bodies were at the lowest point of energy... the force of 15 normal Shinso was poured into each of us. I was luckier, I only had 3 rather powerful Shinso... so my mind is influenced a bit by them. Hotaru, however... she got all 15."


"Then... the more Shinso..."

"The easier the process, but the bigger the chance you'll lose your memories... as well as have your mind instinctively act like 15 different people."

...Oh boy. That...doesn't really sound good to me. At all. Then again, it's only Arcueid, I hope...

"For me... that would be...?"

"Arcueid. She's strong enough to handle the strain."

Thank god.

"Still, we have to worry about these samples..."

"Ah, Shiki-san? What are they talking about?"

...Oh. They'd better know about this, shouldn't they?

"Ah... the current treatments that can save me turn me into a girl in the process..."

Shock. And now giggling. Evil, evil giggling.

"We should give you a makeover!"


-Fade Out-

April 24th, 2011, 06:28 AM
Kohaku: Well, if you insist, Shiki-san . . . :D

You do realise that, having found a place where she can successfully cook for Shiki, Hisui is never leaving the castle, right?

April 24th, 2011, 07:01 AM
as well as have your mind instinctively act like 15 different people
Nice chappie, but the phrase above feels a bit clunky. I'm not entirely sure what you mean; do they pick up personality traits, or do they develop actual MPD/DID?

April 24th, 2011, 07:08 AM
Yup. Considering how he's kinda fucked himself over by killing the bunnies instead of leaving them for Arcueid, though, he's going to need Tender Loving Care eventually.

...And I'm still not sure if I want to chuck in a few scenes or not... or get straight back into the plotline I've been developing.

Also, yeah, Hisui's cooking is only good because of the fact that all the crap she adds that isn't tasty... burns away before it can affect the food. Not that she'll ever realize that, of course.

Yeah, I'm up late due to insomnia, and trying to decide where to go next. Damned muse.

Still, there's two plot decisions that I can't quite decide on, so I want to chuck 'em out here.

First off? Akiha's little private army vs one pissed off Blue and/or the Mage's Association? Yes, or no? If not, I'll can that little incident, since I'm already not sure how to fit it in.

Also... female Shiki, or male Shiki in the end? I'm still not sure which to go for, honestly. I mean, he has the safe route, of being a twin of Arcueid... but then he's got the scary alternate possibility of Crimson Moon... so yeah. In that sort of situation, my readers... what would you take? Certain life, as the opposite gender? Or a high risk of dying and/or going insane, while your own same gender?

And with that, I'm gonna hope I can sleep soon.

April 24th, 2011, 03:40 PM
Well, you could write several possible endings, like you did for blades under a crimson moon, or you could make a list and take a poll.

I personally would be more interested in the safe route. Kohaku can probably make a suitably safe genderswapping drug that works on true ancestors anyway, which can easily lead to more wacky happenings while netting the safety and the gender as opposed to just one.

April 24th, 2011, 08:29 PM
Realistically, you take the option that has the best odds of survival. The journey to regain Shiki's manhood(if possible) comes later.

It's no contest really.

April 29th, 2011, 05:28 AM
Suggestions have been noted, and taken into account for this. AND... Both Hisui as well as Kohaku are still rather ticked with Shiki. Thus their actions in the chapter.

Ending scene written because you can honestly see Kohaku doing something like that, after Kagetsu Tohya.

Sorry for taking so long to write this, been busy with life. Well, life, still trying to find a job, since I have NO luck, an online girlfriend, and minecraft.

So, do read and review.

Also, if there's any mistakes in spelling, ect. Do point them out. I'm tired, I'm worn out, and it's 2:30 in the morning.

And yes, more chapters when my muse smiles down on me.

Chapter 23

I really need to stop getting into situations like these. Hisui and Kohaku apparently love to dress a girl up, not that it shows.

As soon as they saw me looking almost like a twin of Arcueid, they started on with all of Arcueid's spare outfits.

My chest in this form, seems a bit smaller than Arcueid's... so what fits her quite snugly... not so much me. Thankfully, all the strapless dresses she has, like that one dress she looks at, but never puts on, won't fit me because of that.

Still, they started discussing "getting me used to the clothing", and had scary as hell grins, while hunting for locks, or jewelry that'll hold the clothing on.

As I said. I need to stop getting into situations like these.

-Fade Out-

I'm watching the stars. Arcueid said she had a surprise for me that she found, so I may as well relax, and enjoy star gazing, right?

"The only way to get through this, is to learn how to relax as a woman, Shiki-Sama."

Hisui's voice.

"Didn't I tell you to just call me Shiki, Hisui?"

"Yes. But since you left with siccing that irritating boy on us, Inui... I decided to call you this again, just to irritate you. And seriously, convincing him we were all Tsunderes chasing you to beat you down for complimenting us... what were you thinking?!"

Um. Oh, that's come to bite me in the ass again? Shit...

"Honestly, it was because of exactly how scary Akiha was when I woke up. I wasn't so much delaying you, as I was scared shitless of losing Arcueid... and with how bad my eyes were..."

"Shiki-Sama, that doesn't mean..."

"Hisui, I was forced to choose either somehow convincing Arcueid to stay with me, or getting screwed over. Literally, losing my memories of her... I couldn't take that."

She's looking down now.

"I don't have long to live. We all know that... and Akiha was dead set on me staying with her, or didn't you see that?"

A slow nod now. Thank god she's understanding.

"Akiha-sama's scary when she's mad. I have to agree on that, Shiki-Sama."

I can only twitch.

"Oh, Shiiikiii! I found that surprise for you!"

Oh, Arcueid's back. And she's... putting a necklace on me, that's tight against my neck...?

"Ah... what's this, Arcueid?"

Now she's hugging me from behind. And rubbing my chest while hugging me, not that she's noticing.

"Oh, it's one of my favorite necklaces when I was younger. I thought you'd like a choker like this."

Eh. It's nice, I suppose, but...

Oh, she's holding a mirror in front of me.

Why's it so... pretty?

It looks simple enough. A white choker, with a dangling crescent moon hanging off it. But... I can't help but enjoy wearing it. It's like... some part of me loves this, and remembers it with joy.

No. Like it's a favorite present I can't help but love.

"It's... beautiful, Arcueid. Where'd you get it...?"


I can see a pondering look on her face, in the mirror. It's adorable, honestly.

I can't stop looking at this choker, though. Why can't I...?

"Grandpa Zelretch gave it to me to help ensure I'd find joy with someone if they're a girl. See? I'm wearing the other!"

...Huh. So she is. Unlike the crescent moon I'm wearing, though... it's a full moon. A red one, too. Beautiful...

Why the hell am I so fascinated about jewelry?

This is screwed up...

"Why can't I stop enjoying looking at jewelry on me?"

"Oh? It's because girls like to look pretty, Shiki-san!"

Kohaku. And she's smiling... a much different smile than usual.

Wait... this is why girls always loved jewelry in my classes?

That... makes a lot more sense now that I look at it from this perspective.

Weird, though. As a guy, I don't care for jewelry, at all... but as a girl...

"Shiki, it's time to go to bed, now! Let's go, and experiment with you like this."

Eh? Wait, she means... sex... like this?!

"How's that even possible?"

"Oh, Kohaku loaned me this thing called a 'strap-on'..."

Oh Kami, I will have my revenge on you, Kohaku! Just you wait and see!

"She apparently was planning on using it on you, after a lot of drugs, for being so naughty and tricking that friend of yours like that, if she could get you into a room by yourselves."

Oh. Kami... no. Just no.

She's scary.

I can only shiver as Arcueid drags me off... and Kohaku's looking at me with that horrifying blank look in her eyes. I honestly feel like I've dodged some sort of huge, horrifying end for me, with Arcueid saying that.

-Fade Out-

April 29th, 2011, 06:36 AM
The choker does sound pretty - nicer than a lot of the diamond crap I see lately.

April 29th, 2011, 08:18 AM
Hisui and Kohaku apparently love to dress a girl up, not that it shows. And yes, more chapters when my muse smiles down on me.Er, what?

April 29th, 2011, 03:31 PM
Thanks Kieran. I'm glad you like it. 3 quarters of Jewelry making in college paid off for that description.
And Ringlhach, if you met two girls who wore the same clothing every day, for as long as you'd known them, wouldn't you be surprised that they like dressing up others? And yeah, it was 2:07 when my muse hit me, and I wrote it last night, so gimme a little bit of a break if it doesn't sound perfect up front, ok?

Soldat der Trauer
April 29th, 2011, 03:35 PM
@RanmaBushiko: Pretty sure he means the second sentence in that quoted line. That belongs in your author's note, not the narrative itself.

April 29th, 2011, 04:34 PM
Ahhh, yeah. Sorry, was still tired. Lemme edit it now.

Added it for the wrong line last night, and I was half asleep. Sorry.

April 29th, 2011, 05:20 PM
@RanmaBushiko: Pretty sure he means the second sentence in that quoted line. That belongs in your author's note, not the narrative itself.

This. I could've explained it a lot better, though. Sorry 'bout that, but I don't do too well for the first few hours after I wake up. :(

April 29th, 2011, 08:33 PM
Who does?

May 8th, 2011, 10:37 PM
This... was a pain to write. With me getting sick this week, bad enough that I could barely move, much less think straight, I've had plenty of time to write. But my cold or whatever the heck I've wound up with addled mind wouldn't let me.

So this was honestly a pain to write ever since the last chapter. Sorry for it being so late, guys.

I'm planning on getting this finished off with during the next month, if possible, since I plan to build a Yurt this summer. Here's to hoping I can pull that goal off, eh?

Chapter 24

It's been a few days since I learned Kohaku planned on ass raping me with a strapon in revenge for me convincing Arihiko that everyone chasing me were Tsunderes.

And I'm honest to god still scared of her.

Especially since I think she's taken to wearing it under her maid uniform. Arcueid's been complaining about not seeing it since that night, after all.

Scary indeed.


Oh... Arcueid again.

"Yes Arcueid?"

"Are you doing alright, Shiki? You've been... quiet."

I... yeah, I should talk with her about it...

"Besides being scared of Kohaku, since I think she's taken to wearing that strapon all day long, now?"

A blink from her. And now a look of irritation.

"I'm... having problems coming to terms with... becoming a girl."

Another blink.


"Hear me out, Arcueid. Please..."

She's slowly nodding now. I'm glad of that.

"I won't be able to give you children if I become a girl. I... wanted to do that with you. Have children with you, that we could hold together. I won't be able to, as a man, pleasure you the way I did that night... and I wanted to so badly it hurts. I still do..."

She's stopped, and frozen, looking down.

"But... I want to be able to hold you in my arms, too. I don't... want to die. I want to live on with you by my side. I want to be able to hold you in my arms, and have you be my wife, Arcueid. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I do..."

Now she's kissing me... it feels so good...

"Shiki. It doesn't matter what your body is, as long as we love each other. As long as you're with me, I can have a happy life with you."

I can barely breathe. Or think.

She... really means that? Honestly?


"You mean that...? It doesn't matter to me if I..."

And now she's holding me tight in her arms.

"I gave you that choker, didn't I?"

That's right. The choker...

"I want to show you how much I love you, Shiki. Let me do that, please... let me be with you."

I... She means that, doesn't she? No matter what... she still loves me the same... She loves me for who I am, not the fact that I'm a guy...?

I can only hold her tight against me.

She's right. It doesn't matter what my gender is, as long as we're together.


Hisui's here...?

"Hisui? What's up?"

"I've made dinner for us all, Shiki-sama."

Dinner sounds good... hm...

"Ah... Hisui? Before I forget... what did Kohaku do with her strap on after Arcueid borrowed it?"

She's blushing while looking away. Why is she doing that...?

"I... ah... she borrowed mine, actually, for that... we've both had one for to punish you with... but with you being a girl..."

...I can't help but faint at that.


I'm half awake again. And I hear voices...

"Why are you teasing Shiki like this?"

"Shiki-sama deserves to be teased in this way."

"No. No he doesn't. Now stop acting like you're going to rape my Shiki."

"We should, for the hell Shiki-san put us through in leaving like that."

"Eh? Hell?"

"Akiha-sama made us go with barely any sleep half the time he's been gone, with how much we had to work to keep her from killing herself by accident."


"Do you know how much she worked on trying to find him? Akiha-sama made poor Hisui-chan here go through hell in keeping the mansion clean while she nearly wrecked the place for any clues about you. Then when she teamed up with that Ciel woman... she only got worse. Her temper went out of control, worse and worse every day..."

"And how is it my fault that she has a bad temper? Hm, Miss Kohaku?"

"... It's because she's been sacrificing half her life force to keep Shiki-sama alive."



"Ever since Shiki-san was young, she's been using her own life force to suppliment his. But Roa stole half the life force somehow, enabling his survival within SHIKI, her original brother."

Heh... that... I figured out eventually. But to know Hisui and Kohaku knew everything...

"So then..."

"Shiki-sama was supposed to get the life force back from Roa's death. Or so we thought. But... he still hasn't gotten it back yet. Instead, he's..."

"Only gotten weaker, and I've been forced to watch him. Right..."


"Shiki-san doesn't have long to live, even with this experiment, you know. We've been teasing him to make him relax, and smile more, so he doesn't notice how bad off he is."

I've been bad off...?

...Maybe. Maybe I just never noticed it?

No, I can't lie to myself.

I've been getting worse every time I'm male. And being a girl is only a temporary boost... hah. So I'm damned if I fail?

"Well, I guess I'd better not fail then..., right Arcueid?"

"Shiki... you were listening?"

"For a small while now..."

She's hugging me tight again.

Hopefully we'll get through this. I want to get through this for her, no matter what may come.

-Fade Out-

May 8th, 2011, 11:14 PM
Lulz worthy, without a doubt.

May 9th, 2011, 07:18 AM
It's always good when Hisui gets more screen time. :)

May 12th, 2011, 05:05 AM
Well, time for the newest chapter. And in it, you can see Arcueid's side of things, more than ever. I'm starting to get towards endgame for this, and slowly wrapping up the last few plot threads into one big finish.

Also, yes, what Arcueid says is pretty much a quote, in reference to living until the end of the world. I'll write an omake of your choice for the first one to figure out where it's from!

Again, please read and review. My muse pushes me fast and hard when I get good reviews, after all.

Chapter 25

It's been another month... and I've only been male the bare minimum amount of time, now.

I think I understand why women wear pantyhose or long socks, now. It's not that they want guys to enjoy looking at their legs... it's because dresses get damn cold if there's a breeze.

Not that I enjoyed finding this fact out... at all.

It's been 2 and a half weeks since I last changed back to being male. I only have to last 3 months, right...? Heh. I'm scared, though. I still can't shake the feeling something massive and overwhelmingly powerful watches me.

Something amused at me, like I'm a gnat to be flicked away.

This feeling scares me, honestly. It feels like I'm being judged daily, and only barely passing. I can't help but wonder... what does it all mean? Is it truely Gaia as Arcueid said? Or is it something else?

A headache.

Those have been coming and going constantly today.

It's like a pounding headache, one slamming through my entire body, off and on.

I... it must be my Anemia. Why's it affecting me when I'm a girl, though...?

Arcueid's calling for my attention from the doorway...

"Shiki, are you ok? I was looking for you..."

She's going pale now.


And I can't help but realize I'm falling. Am I fainting...? Or is something wrong with me?

-Fade Out-

-Arcueid's Perspective-

I've been looking for Shiki today. He's had me worried as of late. Growing more and more quiet with each passing day now.

We'd decided to push him as far as he could go. To see how long he could last before the strain was too much for him to handle, and to decide how far to go from here on in.

Shiki's nearby, though... but where?

A doorway to a balcony... and Shiki's there. Thank goodness.

I was so worried about him, I couldn't help but fret and get paranoid.

He's so pale... I can only catch him as he falls.

His forehead's burning up. Even as a woman, I can tell something's wrong with him... but I can't tell what.

I'd better get to those two maids. Maybe they can help me. And if not, those two Shinso... Lily and... Hotaru? Yeah, Hotaru was it...

Maybe they can help me?


The maids haven't been any help to me. Why did I let them stay again...?

Oh yes, food. That was it. Shiki needs it, even if I don't. And it did seem to distract me from my cravings when I was with Shiki, at least a little while, during that date...

And loneliness. I can't forget that either. They've known him longer than I have, so hopefully they can keep him smiling.

Still, Lily and Hotaru seem to be smart enough to realize what's going on with Shiki.

"Arcueid-sama, we have an idea. Maybe he's further along towards the finish than we anticipated?"

Eh? Wait, I just said 'Eh?' out loud, didn't I?

"It's simple. Perhaps Gaia has already judged him worthy somehow?"

With her words, my mind is drifting back. To that day.

Him holding me in his arms.

My death.

Waking up, my ressurection, everything.

And seeing him a week later.

In his classroom.

With the sunset behind me... I could only hide my tears while telling him goodbye.

And then he killed my bloodlust.

He did the impossible.

No, more than that.

He created a miracle for me.

"Perhaps so. He was able to literally 'kill' my bloodlust. A weakness our entire species shares..."

And in doing so, he showed me life can be more than just killing.

More than just existing.

How to dream.

How to love.

How to be a woman.

And... he makes me content.

Hypocritical as it may sound... he leaves me at peace with his kind heart.

"Perhaps... he was able to bring about my true potential in doing so, and as such, Gaia has rewarded him with a bit of kindness?"

My eyes turn towards his prone form.

Her prone form, I should say.

"Perhaps, Arcueid-sama. Gaia is known to work in strange ways, after all."

I can only nod in agreement.

"Still, your beloved will have problems. His brain may be suffering from a heavy case of Anemia. If so... it would be wise to flood him with power every day. Otherwise..."

Otherwise... he could die. And if he does... everything will be for nothing.

This trip.


The date.

Me being with him.

My love for him.


Would be for nothing.

Taking him here. Helping him. Trying to save him...

Words come to my mind. Foreign, but they sound correct.

If he dies... than...

Even if I go to hell, I will live to the end of this world...

And if the world does not come to an end... I will destroy it with my own hands!

If he dies. I will do such a thing. Because all my suffering while have been for nothing.

I cannot cure him as he is now. I can only try my best to save him.

So if he dies, then in his name... in his memory... I'll break the world.

And if he lives... I'll live in peace with him. Until he's completely happy with me even as a woman, and enjoys life with me like I do with him.

-Fade Out-

May 12th, 2011, 06:53 AM
Depending on which part you mean, I can see references to Gundam SEED Destiny, Revolutionary Girl Utena, and Trinity Blood . . . On another note, it's nice to see Arc's perspective in all this. The best romance stories involve both people's point of view, after all. :)

May 12th, 2011, 02:57 PM
Depending on which part you mean, I can see references to Gundam SEED Destiny, Revolutionary Girl Utena, and Trinity Blood . . . On another note, it's nice to see Arc's perspective in all this. The best romance stories involve both people's point of view, after all. :)

I was reffering to this bit of dialogue: ""Even if I go to hell, I will live to the end of this world. And if the world does not come to an end... I will destroy it with my own hands!""

Bit of a shoutout to one of my favorite games of all time.

And as for Arcueid, I originally planned on having every bit of this being from Shiki's perspective alone, like in Tsukihime.

Unfortunately for myself, my plot twists left the commentary with either Ren, Kohaku, Hisui, Arcueid, or the two Shinso who I haven't fleshed out perfectly yet... Lily and Hotaru.

Since Lily and Hotaru are acting as something akin to Shinso Mad Scientists... unless someone wanted to read exactly what the hell they're trying to do, they're mostly out.

Kohaku and Hisui's life in Castle Brunestud would be interesting, but wouldn't always hit the plot twists.

Ren... I have no honest clue how to write that girl.

So I went with Arcueid. I really, REALLY don't want to derail the plot with it being this close to completion, though I still have a few plot twists as ideas left.

May 15th, 2011, 09:54 PM
Well, starting to hit end game. Last few plot points are going to be hit up, and then the end.

Also, thought this would be an interesting change of pace for the writing up until the last finish.

Still, read and review. I'm curious as to what you all think.

Chapter 26

-Arcueid's Perspective-

-Week 3, Day 4-

Dear... Diary? Journal? What am I supposed to say here?

Hmph. Human customs... still, Kohaku says that this will help keep me calm.

I'll be accounting my daily vigil here, when I find something to talk about, for when Shiki's awake, and can read this. Hopefully he won't mind at all.

It's been another week since Shiki passed out, and he's slowly been degrading. Getting worse and worse..

No. I can't fool myself with this.

Degrading isn't the right word for it. It's more... like he's slowly wasting away. And so I can't help but worry for him.

I honestly had hoped to see if it would be possible for him to get me pregnant, but... I don't know if that's possible anymore.

Still, maybe we can research that later... I did manage to get a lot of semen samples for Lily and Hotaru to study over during the time he's been with me.

But... there's not that many. I...

Is it right for me to have him be a woman so I can hold him in my arms?

I don't know anymore. I just... don't know anymore.

Kohaku's been talking with Lily and Hotaru. Maybe she knows something they don't? I can't help but hope things will turn out ok.

I can't help but pray for it. Pray to what, I don't know. But I...

I need sleep. I'm tired, and this is getting to me.

-Week 4, Day 5-

Another 8 days. Over a month now. Just two more to go, before this will work out...

It seems so long without seeing Shiki's smiling face. Still, with my daily vigil... hopefully things are ok for him.

I can't help but hope this will work. Flood him with the power of 15 regular Shinso, hm? If Lily and Hotaru are the traditional examples of this, then I should be fine.

I just hope nothing will go wrong... I can't.. take it if something does.

I love him, damn it.

Ren's brushing against my side. I can't help but pet her softly.

I don't dare risk her with this. She'll die if she uses up too much power.

Time to sleep with him again.

-Week 6-

It's been another 9 days since I've written in here. I don't know why, but... I suppose I should write.

Little Sister's returned, as well as Ciel. Little Sister in tow with medical supplies, and Ciel with some sort of... sword. It actually gave me the creeps to look at it, so I told her no to it and kicked her out when she tried to insist.

Blades that glow black and feel like the air's rotting around them is not something pleasant to touch. Especially ones that feel cursed. I'm not letting Shiki get a curse, no matter what that stupid Executioner wants...

At least Akiha is willing to keep watch over Shiki. She seems nicer now. Said there was a lot of weird things going on in other countries, and she had a lot of problems getting back here, though. That slightly worries me.

Hm. I wonder what ever happened to Blue?

I'll worry about her later. I'm getting tired again. It's been a long day, and I'm worn out. When you wake up and read this, know that I love you, Shiki.

-Week 7-

Blue's returned, with some sort of weird... doll that looks like Shiki. As well as warning that the Mage's Association has decided to take further notice of me and Shiki being here together.

Tch. Like I needed news of this?

Still, Little Sister headed off today while shouting about being able to help if they attack.

Help with what, exactly?

I just hope Grandpa Zelretch isn't helping them. That... could get ugly real fast.

Shiki looks thinner now. I just hope he'll be ok... if this screws up... I...

Damn it all. I can't let myself think it might not work. This is the best shot we have, right?

Still. The last day before it's over... I'll have Ren check his dreams, to ensure everything is going right.

Better to be safer than sorry, right...?

-Week 8-

Little Sister left some sort of... Solar Powered... Radio? For those two maids to use to talk with her.

I'm rather glad of this, now. For all that I dislike Little Sister, Akiha's still quite caring for Shiki. And the warning of a large army slowly amassing, in nearby villages... somewhat irritates me.

As well as the rumors that they're after Shinso technology.

So they want to steal from my race our technology, after casting out belief that we could exist...? Which has let our numbers dwindle to the point where there's only a few scant ones in hiding? When instead we could have prospered and HELPED THEM?!

Fools and thieving vultures, all of them. Let them come and test the defenses themselves, then.

I'll keep Shiki safe. And if they're going to try and steal that which isn't theirs...

Then I'll break what they hold dear. No other choice... right?

It's not like Mages will accept there's another way, especially ones seeking immortality.

May 15th, 2011, 10:57 PM
Building up to a climactic final battle? Interesting, and not really expected, either . . . Now I'm curious.

May 16th, 2011, 02:29 AM
Sounds like fun~

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May 16th, 2011, 03:05 AM
looks good. I can't wait till the next part.

May 19th, 2011, 02:30 PM
More buildup for you all. Next few chapters are the last chapters for the story.

Also, yes, Akiha's become almost a bit of a "mad scientist" while away. Or maybe a crazy mech designer?

Oh well. Do read and review!

Chapter 27

-Week 9-

Another week. And... my fears are partially confirmed. It looks like all three branches of the Mage's Association has started gathering their best fighters that can take on the Dead, to battle with me. Somewhat foolish, but worrying. Why would they be so desperate for the technology...? Or even know about it?

On the other hand, Little Sister's started giggling on the radio about an idea based off something called... G Kaiser? From some "video game", whatever that is. She then started ranting about something called "Xenogears" being a "really good game I need to play"...

I wonder if she's starting to snap under the pressure... wouldn't surprise me. Poor little sister.

Well, it's not like the Mage's Association could get in here without someone like Blue backing them up.

...Speaking of whom, I'd better find out WHY she came here eventually. I'll transcribe the conversation to here when I can. Later... er... book? Diary? Journal...? Whatever. Hope you enjoy the work I'm doing for you, Shiki!

-Week 10-

I finally managed to get Blue alone long enough to talk with her today. Shiki, you have NO clue how hard it is to pin her down and get information off her.

Turns out, the reason why she came by was because the Mage's Association offered her a deal. It looks like her sister was marked by them to be tortured and Dissected under something called a "Sealing Designation". Makes me glad I'm not human... no offense to you, Shiki.

Still, she was asked to spy on you for them, to learn more about your eyes. When it turned out that you were with me, they offered to remove the Sealing Designation in return for information on me and my race. Which looks like she took them up on the deal.

Irritating bastards. Probably shat themselves with glee when they had the realization that they could make themselves immortal, not realizing you actually NEED SHINSO to activate it.

On a different note, the lakes in the area have been churning. HEAVILY churning, for no reason at all.

Confusing, and worrying at the same time.

Wonder what the hell is going on...?

I've been worried about you, Shiki. You look so calm and peaceful, but... it hurts to see you so still. No smiles, nothing. Just... stillness. Please wake up my love.

I'd better get more sleep. I'm starting to get tired. Enjoy reading my transcripts. Only 3 more weeks and one day to go before we're done and I can see you smile again.

-Week 11-

The water in that lake turned green. That's the most disgusting sight I've ever seen.

Hm... maybe it's the giant green slime's corpse?

Wait... oh god, that's a giant green ear. Must be part of that giant rabbit that turned green when it exploded in the basement.. that got dragged down into the hole with the huge crown wearing slime.

Still, I'm glad we don't have to worry about accessing water from there... thankfully.

I'd rather not have nightmares from drinking the corpse of that slime by accident. Can you blame me Shiki?

I hope you won't be able to.

The maids have been cooking up a storm now. It's like they're making extra for themselves... hm. Still, Ren's been getting more food each day now. And seems to have fallen in love with something called "Strawberry Cake".

It's quite tasty. Though I do want to try out that chocolate stuff with you again.

You look so comfortable, and I feel so tired... I'm going to curl up against you again. Be safe, my love. And I hope you're dreaming of me.

-Week 12-

It looks like the Mage's Association will be assaulting the Castle sometime this week. And the day after, we can work on saving you.

I miss you, Shiki... please... don't die on me. I won't be able to take it if you die.

May 19th, 2011, 05:19 PM
Did she get distance learning courses from Kohaku?

May 19th, 2011, 05:41 PM
Quite possibly. Or Akiha has an unknown talent in mech design. Take your pick.
Also, if anyone doesn't recognize the name G Kaiser, it's the japanese name for G-Elements, for anyone that's played that game.

May 19th, 2011, 06:23 PM
Ren and strawberry cake brings a sense of rightness to my universe. :)

May 22nd, 2011, 03:21 AM
Time for the first chapter of the endgame of The Death of Bloodlust. Fun and games with "The Kill the mages that threaten Shiki force", as well as all the plot lines and twists turning into one big showdown. One BIG showdown. A cookie to anyone that realizes exactly what's searching for it's mommy, though don't spoil it for those who haven't realized it. Gotta enjoy the climatic scene, right?

Also, soundtracks for some parts. Just because I could, and the songs fitted it properly.

Enjoy, and please, read and review.

Chapter 28

-Week 13, Eve of the Final Day-

The Mage's Association is outside the sealed off gates today. More than that, though... the entirety of their allies are here as well. It looks like the entirety of the mages that can possibly fight against Dead Apostles have gathered here today, to win in one fell swoop.

And I'm worried for Shiki.

Blue snuck out last early this morning... perhaps to tell them that she's done spying on me?

If not, I worry I may fight her. I really do. As a mage, she's nothing special. But as a wielder of one of the Five True Magics... that will be unpleasant.

Ah. There she is now... meeting with one of the mages.

And she's... walking off. With what looks like... a white Ren in tow?

I wonder what that's about... hmph.

...And she's settled down on a hill. Irritating. She plans to only be a spectator? At least I won't have to fight her like I was worried about.

It's a pity those two maids left last night. At least they left plenty of this chocolate cake for us to eat, right Shiki? I'll celebrate with you, Lily, and Hotaru when this is all over with... know that I love you, and for you, I WILL WIN THIS.

-Fade Out-

-Ren's Perspective-

As she rises, Arcueid snaps the book shut. Her mind is made up to win, or to die, after all. She reminds me of my old master right now...



The type with the strawberries!

She brought me some!

"Ren, look into Shiki's mind for me, and make sure he's ok. Please... make sure he doesn't break from what he's going through."

My mind freezes. I know what she's asking of me. If I run out of energy, then I'll die. We both know this.

Does this mean this will be my last meal, then...?

I wonder... but she's always been kind to me... so I can only nod in acceptance, and eat.

"Thank you, Ren."

She's walking off. I wonder if I'll ever see her again...? I hope so. I do enjoy cake, after all...

-Fade Out-

-Arcueid's Perspective-

Soundtrack: "In a Prison of Peace and Regret ~ Xenogears Orchestral Album (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0sQALQPYp4)"

I'm at the castle gates now. There's a huge, massive army outside... hah. No wonder they're so arrogant and eager. They have two captured Shinso with them.

Still, do they really, truely believe they can break the barrier?

One's walking forwards. A man with a megaphone... I don't recognize him. A grunt perhaps?

"Miss Brunestud!"

"What do you wish from Castle Brunestud?"

"We wish for the technology that lets one become a Shinso! We are more than prepared to parlay anything you wish for or desire in return for this technology!"

...Vultures. The lot of them. Fools and vultures...

"Do you not understand that most of your numbers would be wiped out from the attempts to shift someone to become a Shinso?"

He's frozen. Good.

"It had a death toll of hundreds of people!"

And now he's going pale. Good. Perhaps exaggerating a bit won't make things worse, then..

"The death toll was over 99%, you fools! Only 2 survived, and they were in horrible shape when I found them! By trying to take this technology, you'll only damn yourselves!"

There. Now they're realizing it.

"Then why bother with the technology! Why are you using it on someone!"

...Ah... that's what this is about, hm?


"It's because I love him, you fools! And he's dead if we don't do this, anyways! We only have a foolish chance, so why not let me take it and leave us in peace?!"

Sorrow on their faces. Raw sorrow, and understanding. Maybe I can understand people better than I thought... still... it's working. They're understanding.

"To clarify, he's dead if you don't use the technology, anyways? He's a dead man walking?"

...I can only nod. God, the thought of Shiki dying... it's making me cry a bit.

Deep discussion between him, two others, and a man with a long spear... that creeps me out a bit. A red tipped spear like that, that feels like a demonic spear... perhaps a legendary hero's weapon from long ago? Inherited somehow?

"There may be a way to save him without the technology, Miss Brunestud."


"In 1994, in Fuyuki City, a Holy Grail War happened. It was said that this mystical cup can grant any wish. Even the ressurection of the dead..."

The ressurection... of the dead...?

"Another should happen in 2054, Miss Brunestud. Perhaps if you entered, and this technology could not save him... that may help? I'm sorry that I cannot give you more help, but I..."

Soundtrack: "Give us the Rope ~ The Protomen (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EN2uFacq4O4)"

He... just got ran through by that spear. Why was he...

Someone's talking to his dying body. The one with that horrific looking spear...

"That's enough out of you, fool. Giving a Shinso the key to one of Mankind's holiest objects? Foolish. Die where you are, dog."

...Shit. There went the one that I hoped would talk sense into them.

Now he's turning and looking behind.

"MEN! WE have the chance HERE to gain immortality for us all! TO FIND OUR WAY TO AKASHA WITH NO WORRIES!"

Hell... this won't be pleasant. I'm sure that the shields will hold against them all, but...








They're all cheering to the man.


More cheering. Good god, this is going bad... and here I had hoped...

You're joking, right? Seriously? A lynch mob of mages...? Fools and vultures indeed.

I'm not going to enjoy this.

Eh...? What's that on the sky? An airship...?

-Fade Out-

Soundtrack: "Final Fantasy VIII 'SeeK' OC ReMix (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9lWt7EVEhU)"

The ride's damned rocky.

The airship's barely able to fly with such a great weight.

Not one single mech, but four seperate giant mechs? The airship can barely fly. But it's still staying airborn, somehow. Perhaps the Kami themselves smile on such a ship?

"Tohno-sama! We can't handle the weight much longer!"

"Get us there, damn it, or else I'll have your job for failing this! And we'll get killed by all those evil people that want to kill Nii-san and his lover down there, if you don't pull this off!"

"But Tohno-sama! Are you sure there's people coming for him and his lover's experimental cure for his problem?!"

"Yes, you fool! Now keep us in the air or else he'll die!"

A very rocky ride indeed. But as they crest over the hills, the captain and flight crew can all see the army.

"Sweet Kami... those are all the mercanary groups that you said are after your brother's experimental cure?"

"How many are there, Pilot?"

"More than I can count, Ma'am. More than I can count..."

They now can only hear menacing laughter now coming into the cockpit, from Akiha Tohno.

"Are we all prepared to launch?"

"Akiha-sama, we're all ready!"

"Pilot, get the docking bays ready to release!"

"Ma'am, are you sure?!"

"Look how close to the castle those mercanaries are, and tell me if we have time to think about this!"

"...Yes, ma'am. There's no way we can hold out for your private militia hired unless you launch. Or anyone else, for that matter unless you can hold them off."

"Understood, then prep the doors to open."

"Still, ma'am, are you sure? Is your brother worth this?"

"...Yes. I love him. He's my precious Nii-san. Father forced us to be apart until he died. And now with these people after my Nii-san... can you blame me?"

"...Understood, Ma'am. Godspeed, and good luck."

As the doors drop open, four mechs fly out and shoot towards the front of the enemy lines.

-Fade Out-

-Arcueid's Perspective-

Is that... 4 giant machines heading this way? They remind me of that giant robot Hisui, only... one for each of them.

My eyes glance over each, taking in each's perspective.

Ah. Giant robots for each of them... in their shape, too. Ciel, Akiha, Hisui, and Kohaku. This... should prove entertaining. I wonder if I'll even need the shields?

-Fade Out-

"I will not let you hurt Nii-sama!"

The cheering croud of mages freeze, and stare up at the giant machines.

"And you all are?" The man with the deadly cursed spear once more speaks.

"I, in the gorgeous beautiful G-Akiha, am Akiha!"

"And I, in the perky G-Kohaku, am Kohaku!"

"Um... I, in the overpowered G-Hisui, am Hisui...?"

"You're supposed to shout it, Hisui!"

"Oh! I, in the Overpowered G-Hisui, AM HISUI!"

"Ah, in that case, that makes me, in the immortal G-Ciel, as Ciel, doesn't it? Ah, I hope Tohno-kun is watching this right now..."

"Pay attention Ciel!"

Laughter from the man. "And what do you all call yourselves then?"

"The Kill the mages that threaten Shiki force!"

More laughter. "Very well, then. My inherited Gae Bolg shall kill you all!"

-Fade Out-

The water's cold. So very cold. But it's still moving. Moving, albit barely.

A noise...?

Mommy? Why can it hear it's mommy?

It perks up, and listens further.


It heard mommy again! She was really loud this time, too!

Awake now, it starts searching for it's mommy blindly. It wants to show it's mommy it's new form, after all...

-Fade Out-

May 22nd, 2011, 03:27 AM
Weeeeee~ New chappy!

May 22nd, 2011, 04:31 AM
And... I'm on a roll. For a nasty little plot twist. Ah, yes. And return of the food gone wrong. Mwahaha. Might be able to get the final part up after this. Or not, depending on my muse.

Read and review!

Chapter 29

-Arcueid's Perspective-

The only thing on my mind right now is wishing that I had popcorn. Well, that or Shiki. This is actually rather amusing to watch. And eating popcorn or watching it with him would be truely fun.

Little Sister... Akiha, and the others, are actually quite good at piloting those things. Amusing indeed.

With all the blasts of mana going at them in streams, though, they might have problems sooner or later.

Especially if those things are weak to electricity...

Hisui's screaming every time an attack nearly hits her, too.

It's rather kind of funny, honestly. I wish I could watch this more, too.

-Fade Out-


"Eh? Kohaku?!"

"I just remembered, Hisui's cockpit isn't shielded from electricity! If she gets hit by one of those thunder blasts getting spouted around like water..."

"Crap... we can't go back, though! Wait... why didn't you tell me about this earlier?!"

"These were prototype designs I told you to look at months ago! You're the one that modified them, Akiha-sama!"

A lucky blow. One none of them expected. And Hisui's screaming in agony.

"Tch... Hisui? Are you ok?!"

"I'll... be fine Akiha-sama."

More blasts of energy scream through the night towards the machines, trying to find their weaknesses, and put them down.

A lethal dance. One more wrong blow, and they might realize Hisui was the one screaming. Then she'll be the only target.

-Fade Out-

Mommy's hurt. I'm coming for you mommy! I won't let you get hurt!

It's searching for the way to it's mommy. So many paths, such little time.

-Fade Out-

Soundtrack: "The Fall ~ The Protomen (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-VDuLiqCmDE)"

More attacks, now. The mage army has realized exactly how to fight such huge monstrous machines, and attack with their full might backing them.

And yet, the mages are dying with each blow from them. A battle of attrition indeed, but one favoring Akiha's side.


"Akiha-sama... I can't take much more of this!"

"Hisui... you have to hang on! We've nearly routed them!"

"I'm going to black out at this rate, Akiha-sama. There's too much lightning..."

"...Understood, Hisui. Then..."

The spear flies as it's true name is called. Impaling Ciel's mech and nearly impaling Ciel within, the cursed Javelin, Gae Bolg makes it's first true appearance.

"Tch. I missed?"

The battlefield has frozen at the attack launched.

"Ah, but I hit something vital. A true pity I didn't kill the one piloting it, though."

Ciel's mech is falling backwards now. Damaged, wounded, and with a lucky shot...

"Ciel, can you still move?"

"The engine coolant systems look damaged. The backup system seems ok, but I can't access it manually, Akiha!"

"...Then let's do it like this. Take off for formation!"

And thus, the mechs fly upwards.

-Fade Out-

-Aoko's Perspective-

This has been rather amusing. I can't stop snickering at what those girls did, bringing mechs to a fight like this. Still...

Wait, they're flying upwards? Now what are they going to do...?

I can only watch in surprise as Kohaku's shifts, then splits in half, before turning into... arms? While Ciel's turns into a giant head and jetpack. What the hell is this? This reminds me of something...

Akiha's mech has turned into... something like a giant body. And Hisui's... also split in half to form... legs?

What is this, Power Rangers?

I can only watch as the machines combine... to form a giant Shiki Tohno. With a jet pack.

Dear God, are they utterly insane?

-Fade Out-

-Arcueid's Persective-

I can only watch in awe.

Little sister made combining robots that made a giant Shiki.

Maybe I've underestimated her a little?

Ooh, it wears glasses, too! Just like my Shiki!

Except... it has eye lasers. Hm. Then where are they piloting it from?

Wait... eye lasers? Wow! This reminds me of those giant robot cartoons I saw in my apartment that one time.... maybe I should have watched them more?

Hm... I'll get Shiki to watch them with me later!

-Fade Out-

The slaughter is insane. A giant Shiki Tohno with eye lasers slaughtering mages like nothing.

Blow after blow attacks uselessly. Attack after attack, spell after spell. Nothing phases the giant, smiling Shiki.

But, as all things do, it has to end...

"Ah... Akiha-sama? I think the electrocutions fried our batteries when they were hitting my mech."

With the batteries going dead.



And the mob coming back.


The four stuck in a smiling Shiki Tohno mech can only scream in horror as the mob starts trying to climb up him to get to them.

-Fade Out-

It's mommy was screaming in fear. And a lot of people are attacking it. It can understand now. It's mommy is afraid.

I think because I... am? I think, therefore I am?

I'm an I, not an... it!

I'm coming, mommy!

-Fade Out-

-Arcueid's Perspective-

I can only watch. From here, I can keep the castle from being attacked. Sorry Little Sister, but... if you had been in here, I would have been able to protect you. With Shiki here, though, I...

The water in the lake is boiling?

Soundtrack: "The Bird And The Worm ~ The Used (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zv9zDC5HaKs)"

I can't stop and freeze at what I'm seeing. A giant monstrous green see through rabbit... wearing a crown, is rising out of the water. Screaming and howling, like a baby just born.

The giant Slime King has returned... as a monstrous, mech sized bunny.

God help us all.

-Fade Out-

I can only roar with glee at my emerging from the water.

I'm coming to save you mommy!

Oooh! Food!

And lots of it...! They're all going after that giant... thing that mommy's in.

It kind of scares me. I'm not sure why, though. Something about the knife...? Oh well!

I roar again. This is fun!

Now, to save mommy! And since the food's threatening her, I'll eat them all!

I bounce towards my first meal, and roar with glee.

-Fade Out-

-Ren's Perspective-

Wherever I'm at, this is no dream. But it's no reality, either.

Everything feels... wrong. Strange. Like there's something insanely powerful glaring at me for intruding on this.

And yet... I'll help Arcueid. And get more cake!

So I continue forwards.

This place is... strange.

It feels like it's emenating feelings, like a living thing would. It looks also like a mix... of Castle Brunestud and a mansion somewhere...?

Every moment I walk, it feels colder, though.

And scarier.

But I must continue.

For the cake, I must continue!


I can only stare at the huge center room. A mishmash of a mansion room and the throne room lies here. On one side, there's a throne. The one that Arcueid sleeps in, usually...?

And on the other... a couch, and a living room.

On the throne, sits a man. Long, blonde hair, and red eyes...

And on the other, sits Shiki Tohno, with his knife out.

"Ah, so my daughter's visitor comes at last to check up on things. And finds the one last kink in the plot. Has she been well, ever since she threw off my bloodlust?"

I can only stare in horror at some sort of copy of Crimson Moon Brunestud, sitting across from Shiki Tohno, and smirking.

Arcueid, if I come out of this alive, you're going to owe me so much strawberry cake, it isn't even funny!

-Fade Out-

May 22nd, 2011, 06:54 AM
. . . *whines* Eeeeeek.

Of all possible plot twists, this I did not expect.

May 22nd, 2011, 07:36 AM
I'll admit, I expected King Slime to be Shiki.

May 22nd, 2011, 07:28 PM
With this, there's only the epilogues left, for Shiki's two choices. Then, the story is done. I might write little short stories here and there, though, but I've exhausted most of the bulk of my ideas involving Tsukihime and Fate/Stay Night.

Read and review, and tell me what you think of the plot I've done. Especially with Cu Chulainn's "Reincarnation". Had to have someone nasty enough to step in, and a legendary hero supposedly reincarnated... worked for the end game plot of the attempt to take out the Millenium Castle Brunestud. They've gotta have SOMEONE on a strong scale being able to lead the armies, after all, right?

Chapter 30

The blood of the fallen lies everywhere now. Thousands of mages dead, the rest running for their lives from the sheer scale of the massacre... as well as Ciel, Akiha, Kohaku, and Hisui trying to desperately get their mech working again.

"Akiha-sama, work on the generator more, will you?!"

"Why do I have to be doing this, Kohaku!"

"Because Hisui's the only person that can stop the giant slime bunny if it decides to eat us?!"

"Ahh... I hope Tohno-kun was watching somehow..."

"Ciel, get back to holding those damned solar panels, or else I'll shove my broom up your ass!"

Of course, it may be a while before they destress enough to realize the slime bunny won't eat them whole.

-Fade Out-

My forces are fools. I, as the reborn Cu Chulainn, thorugh Medb's sorcery, shall utterly crush these fools.

...Not that I look the part. Damned which couldn't make me look like my original well enough. Or reincarnate herself properly, the foolish witch. Still, I don't look that bad with pink hair, right...?

Still, I'll get out of her why she won't speak of my death after I'm done crushing this Shinso wench. Then I'll kill that giant... Slime monster. And those 4 girls, too.

Hmph, woman doesn't even guard herself while watching... it's like she doesn't even care what's going on around her...?

Easier to kill her then.

-Fade Out-

-Ren's Perspective-

"You should have known I exist in every Shinso, girl. Or did you really think that Gaia is the only power that watches over my descendants?"

I'm still frozen, staring in horror at Crimson Moon Brunestud, sitting there.

"Tch. Seriously child, you should have been able to guess. You saw me enough in Arcueid's mind, after all."

That's true... I... still... why is he...

"Hah. You still don't get it, do you? A copy of me exists in EVERY Shinso. What do you think would happen when I feel a Shinso that I'm only barely compatable with? One that didn't exist prior to me half awakening from Arcueid's depression of losing a beloved?"

Oh. Hell.

"He's not only been fighting off Gaia's influence over his mind, but... he's also been fighting ME off. No Shinso is allowed to exist without me being in their mind, guiding them, after all. They die if they try.

Or, more simply for you, if I'm not accepted by him in one of two ways, he's going to die, no matter how successful the shift might be. Of course, that would mean posing as him, and having sex with my own daughter, but... it's not like incest exists for Shinso. And I'll ensure you never touch your precious cake again."

The bastard. He'll deny me my Strawberry cake?!

-Fade Out-

Soundtrack: "Crashing Soul ~ Crow's Claw (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpeMP7LA9hI)"

The first blow at Arcueid comes fast and hard, out of nowhere. She anticipated the attack, but not quite as fast as this.

More blows come towards her. The Legendary Gae Bolg wielded by a person claiming to be the reincarnation of Cu Chulainn, versus her claws and Marble Phantasm.

And it seems even.

His speed and reach is an asset. Blow after blow goes towards her, knocked slightly out of the way to not hurt her.

Or dodged, albit barely, so she doesn't get hurt.

His speed and reach isn't able to counter her reaction time, or ability to dodge.

But he's still fast enough to keep her on the defensive.

And that's the key. Right?

Put her on the defensive, and then use Gae Bolg's ability as a Noble Phantasm to spear through her heart. Kill her instantly.

One single killing blow for her should be enough, in his eyes.

No Shinso can truely regenerate like the stories claim, right?

But she's still fast enough to escape his already fast thrusts. If he doesn't pace himself, he'll grow exhausted. And with that... he can lose. So he tries to drive her further back. Further away.


The first blow goes to her.

But no capitalization of the opening can be done. He's fast enough to pull out of range, even with a bloody scratch on his side.

And the first chain nearly pierces through his body from behind.

"The hell?!"

He can only dodge as chains appearing out of nowhere try to impale him. Run him through, entangle him, anything.

-Fade Out-

-Slime Bunny King's Perspective-

The food was tasty.

And the rest of the food's screaming and running away.

I'll have to track them down and munch on them later...

And... I can see mommy on the machine?

I bounce forwards, and sniff her* It's mommy!

Now, how to talk without roaring...?

-Fade Out-

-Arcueid's Perspective-

Fighting this man is hard. He's actually fast enough to dodge the chains I've used on him so far... but he's not anticipating my next attack.

The wave of pure power blindsided him, and sent him screaming like a meteor to land near Blue.

The second nearly blew his head off... and annihilated the lake they're both nearby.

Hm. I got Blue covered in mud. Whoops.

I'll pay for her dry cleaning later.

And he's screaming in agony from losing most of his intestines. Good.

Now he's screaming about "Gae Bolg"...?

He threw the spear. Oh, hell.

-Fade Out-

The lance clips the Slime Bunny King, blowing off it's left side. Not just blowing it off, but going through it like a hot knife through butter.

And then goes through the shield like nothing was in it's way.

Truely a potent weapon, legendary and fearsome indeed in it's abilities.

And as it passes through Arcueid's body, she can only smirk as it pins the wall behind her.

An easy pull, and it's back through the hole it made in her body while her body reforms.

"Gae Bolg, hm? An impressive weapon. Still...

Ah. That's how it works, hm? Shiki owes me for putting up with this sort of crap."

The return throw is insane. Boosted by the power of a Shinso, Gae Bolg going through it's wielder is an inevitability. And so the battle is over.

-Fade Out-

-Slime Bunny King's Perspective-

That hurt. It made me tiny, too!

I can only squeak with joy as mommy picks me up, and starts snuggling with me, while calling me adorable.

I still wish I could talk though... or figure out how I got so big...

-Fade Out-

-Shiki's Perspective-

"Now, boy. Do you understand your options? Arcueid will come back and realize something's wrong, soon, after all."

I can only slowly nod while Ren...? Tilts her head in confusion.

"I have to either accept being a woman, and give birth to more Shinso... meaning being unloyal to Arcuied... or somehow impress you, through fighting or something else, to claim Arcueid as mine and allow me to be male, hm?"

"Indeed. Make your choice, boy. We don't have much more time before your life is gone, after all."

-Fade Out-

May 22nd, 2011, 08:10 PM
Here's the first of two Epilogues. Enjoy!

Epilogue 1

-And the Story Ends-

Soundtrack: "And The Story Ends ~ Blind Guardian (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPKmzy5HgME)"

He dares. He dares to want me to be a woman, to be disloyal to her?

The pounding of my heart fills my ears, and I can only glare at him while taking my glasses off. I'll break him for this.

No matter what, I'll make him suffer for wanting me to be disloyal to her after becoming a Shinso so I can live long enough to be with her and live with her.

This place is my mind. A place where my willpower rules all.

And so I'll break him using my mind's full ability. Even if it means breaking part of my mind... as long as a part still exists, she can use it to turn me into a Shinso as I succeed. Right?


"You plan to fight me to impress me, boy? Very well then. Let us see if your eyes can stop my power!"

And so the fight begins.

My attacks take him by surprise. This is my mind. Does he really think I don't understand that I'm as fast as I think I am, here?

I can see his lines.

And he cannot see mine.


He's blocking my attacks.

I should have known his speed would be astonishing, but to be this overwhelming...

A look of astonishment crosses his face, when he loses a finger from me getting a lucky strike in.

"You can affect me here, boy? Impressive, but not enough to..."

I press my attacks. Every angle he moves at, I can counter. Barely, but since my mind can understand his movements... I can kill him.

A dash forwards... how did I? No, I can't think of that now! And I stab him from behind.

Tch, I missed his weak spot, but still...

I press the attack.

The world's going grey around me slowly. It must be taxing my mind to fight him like this.

But he's still losing.

I have him on the defensive.

I push myself to my utmost limit, and continue attacking.

There's no way I will lose! FOR ARCUEID!

And he's falling apart.

I've won.





I can hear him...

"You've impressed me, boy. To destroy my body like this... but you're not worthy to be a man for her. You've impressed me enough to let you be a Shinso, though. Do enjoy being a woman for her, hm? If you ever wake up from the coma you're going into, anyways."


-Fade Out-

-Ren's Perspective-

Showing Arcueid what I saw... was the hardest thing I've ever done in my life.

To show her that fight Shiki had with Crimson Moon Brunestud...

But he won for her. Like he did against Roa, he won once more.

At the cost of being in a coma and female...

-Fade Out-

-Approximately 3 years later-

Arcueid stands on the outskirts of Fuyuki City. "The Holy Grail War's come early, hm? Well, then, come Assassin. We have a war to win. For my Shiki... I'll break them all. And kill every last mage in the city if I have to. I have a wish to fullfill for him to be male and awake again, after all...

And the skull mask of Assassin smirks in glee.

"As you wish, my Mistress."

-Fade Out-

May 22nd, 2011, 08:29 PM
And now, for the very last... the Second Epilogue.

I've had fun writing this one, folks. I hope you all enjoyed the story as much as I enjoyed writing it. Please do post comments on the story as you finish reading it, eh?

Epilogue 2

-The Beginning, and The End-

Soundtrack: "Farewell ~ Crow's Claw (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJyzi_UrPrw)"

I won't be disloyal to Arcueid. Period. I don't care what he says.

So I must impress him, hm? And my mind flashes back to me killing Arcueid's bloodlust.

My eyes can see death in all it's forms. And in here... my eyes understand everything perfectly. This is my mind. Where I am strongest, and greatest, right? So if I will my eyes to work right, here...

There won't be a problem with me Killing his bloodlust just like I did hers.

My knife snaps open, and I step forwards towards him.

My glasses here won't work unless I want them to, after all.

And so I focus, bringing my mind into that same state I used to kill Arcueid's bloodlust with. One more time, right?

For her sake... one more time...

And so I strike. And I kill his bloodlust.

I can feel myself slowly falling. And everything's going grey.

"Bravo boy. I must say, a testament to your strength. To kill my bloodlust while this badly injured... you are indeed a good choice for my daughter. Enjoy being her husband."

-Fade Out-

I wake up a week later as a man. I can tell... I'm not human though. Not anymore. As my eyes open, I can see Arcueid staring at me in shock.

And I hug her tight.

"Shiki... you're awake! We thought you'd never wake up again!"

I've won. I can be with her now.

"Stay close, Arcueid... please."

"Of course, Shiki. Of course..."

"And we need to make Ren more Strawberry cake, too. She had a rather large shock when she went into my mind..."

A blink. So adorable on her face... I can't help but kiss her hard.

"I'll always be yours, Arcueid. Never leave me... be mine forever..."

"Of course, Shiki. Of course... now, can you tell me what happened when you were asleep? Ren was too shocked to explain. And everyone else was when we found you as a MALE Shinso."

I can only smile, and start to explain for her.

-Fade Out-

Life is happy for us. As the years pass, life grows more and more wonderful for us, with children playing. Akiha has settled down with Arihiko, of all people.

Ciel... has taken to being a mech pilot. I haven't heard from her since, except rumors she wants to find a way to kill people from some anime called "Gundam" for being weak.

I really hope she doesn't somehow figure out how to start an interdimensional mech war. I really do.

Hisui and Kohaku have settled down near the castle, breeding the Slime Bunny King. It's learned to talk and call them both "Mommy". It's rather adorable now that it doesn't want to eat us alive.

Still, we don't have a rodent problem anymore... or any carrots around the castle.

Our kids love them, of course. Scarily enough, though, they like to chase people around wearing armor. And bite at the people's throats.

Why the hell would they do that, anyways? Is green bunnies that wear tiny crowns really THAT CUTE?!

Well, kids and fads. Right? Well... I hope it's a fad, anyways.

Lily and Hotaru both have taken to chasing some boys or girls they find cute. Currently they're both hoping to get into bed with Hisui and Kohaku. Scary proposition, eh? I did find it surprising that they've learned how to be maids, though. Scarily good at it, too.

On a better note, the bloodlust problem for Shinso seems to have gone away permanently. Maybe the entire race of Shinso wound up with it because of his alone? If so, me cutting it away from him... must have killed the problem for all Shinso at the source.

This is a truely happy life for me. I can relax, and be at peace with the love of my life.

From time to time, though, I can't help but wonder... How would it have turned out if I had fought Crimson Moon instead of killing his Bloodlust, to impress him?

It doesn't matter. I've got Arcueid, and that's enough. And with the Death of Bloodlust, our children can have happy lives together with us now. Forever.

-The End-

May 22nd, 2011, 08:58 PM
Pretty sure I missed some plot points due to my relative unfamiliarity with the Nasuverse, but I liked the story anyway :)

May 22nd, 2011, 09:00 PM
I like the second one better - although the first has sequel potential.

May 22nd, 2011, 09:30 PM
Yeah. I left it like that in case I wanted to do a sequel to that. Arcueid as the master of Assassin... willing to kill everyone else in the Holy Grail War for Shiki? Yeah, they might well be fucked.

Second was the one that I thought was the "Good" ending, while the first is Nanaya Shiki rearing his head to break a copy of Crimson Moon Brunestud.

Honestly, though, how'd everyone feel about the story as a whole? Any points you liked as I progressed from start to finish? And, for the last few chapters, anyone agree that the music fit the story?

I though it did, but I may as well ask the fans I wound up with, here.

Anything that stuck with you as you read the story, or anything?

Oh, and for those that failed to guess the phrase that Arcueid quoted, it was Grahf from Xenogears, after he lost his love.

He then went on to destroy roughly 99% of the planet's population before getting stuck as a possession spirit of sorts... a possession spirit with a badass mech.