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Personalities of Characters of Tsukihime/Kagetsu Tohya/Melty Blood Series.

Shiki Tohno

Shiki is a fairly normal high school student most of the time. Due to his close brush with death, he is not overly concerned about dying, and instead seeks to cherish every moment of his life - 'just living is enough' is his perspective on life. He is playful with his sister Akiha and the maids Hisui and Kohaku, sometimes silly, and not at all above exchanging jibes with his best friend and classmate Arihiko Inui or pleasantries with his senpai Ciel. He's entirely capable of being serious in a serious situation, and just as often flustered or embarrassed. His personality is one of that who is slightly mean to those he loves. He is also a very, very heavy sleeper, to such a point that Hisui is unable to awaken him.

He has a darker side, that of his bloodline's, the Nanaya. The instincts and skills he had learned at a young age are buried deep within Shiki and have proven capable of manifesting themselves in dire situations, such as in his battle against Nrvnqsr Chaos. Although not on the level of an alternate personality, the Nanaya side of Shiki is the highly trained killer within him and thus is much colder. Only once has his Nanaya side surfaced in a similar way to that of an alternate personality, and that was under great stress and a very difficult situation for Shiki. The other times, Shiki is merely filled with a desire to kill, and instinctual knowledge on how to do it. Sometimes, however, Shiki himself seems to refer to his dark side as "him", another person, namely when discussing with SHIKI. This would imply that he doesn't fully accept it as his own self. This aspect of his personality seems to have mostly disappeared (or at least rendered obsolete thanks to his mastery of his abilities) after the events of Tsukihime.

Despite the absense of this trait in subsequent stories, however, a remnant of his Nanaya self seems to remain in his usual personality, particularly when he is facing those he considers his enemies. He can be surprisingly cold, giving those such as Nrvnqsr only quick, curt comments while expressing his intent to erase them, or, in the case of Roa, saying nothing at all while exuding a murderous killing intent. However, in each of these scenarios, not once has he ever succumbed to his Nanaya personality, retaining his own sense of self and will, and defeating his opponents on his own terms.

Arcueid Brunestud

Arcueid is shown to be a whimsical individual who, although knowing the basics of the modern era, does not seem to know about social norms. Both Nasu and Takeuchi think of her "image color" as white because she is pure in terms of appearance and personality. Once, she shows up at Shiki's school and waves to him from the school rear courtyard, luckily for Shiki only Ciel spots her. Her behaviour is almost child-like, due to the lonely nature of her up bringing, although she is over 800 years old, she spent most of it asleep and knows nearly nothing about the world or how to interact with others. As she works together with Shiki to stop Roa, she gradually begins to enjoy life and starts to like Shiki as more than just a friend.

Arcueid does everything in her power not to drink Shiki's blood, which nearly occurs several times in game as he is practically the only human at night with her, and she has problems controlling her vampiric impulses after being drastically weakened by Shiki's attack. She doesn't want to drink blood, as she doesn't want to become a monster that feeds on humans in order to survive.

Arcueid seems to thoroughly enjoy when Shiki cooks breakfast for her. In Melty Blood, Shiki threatens to stop doing this for her if she doesn't meet him in the park that night. When Sion questions whether such a threat would ever have any sort of effect on a True Ancestor, Shiki recounts to her a time that he managed to get Arcueid to immediately apologize to Akiha when she and her were arguing by making the same threat. Later that night, Arcueid does, in fact, meet Shiki and Sion in the park. She apparently cannot stand garlic. In a scene in Kagetsu Tohya, Arcueid eats instant noodles cooked by Shiki that had garlic in them, and becomes sick.

She was originally a being without emotions who never spoke. She only focused on her duties and then returned to sleep in an endless cycle. Shiki, by killing her, made her interested in something on her own for the first time and essentially "broke" her. The "airhead" version of her is something that shouldn't exist alongside her purpose as a weapon, but it was present in her foundation. She isn't truly an airhead, but more childish and honest.

She has a constant flow of income in the form of gold, so she has no issues with obtaining money. There is a special gold exchange shop for fugitives in the Mage's Association, and the owner of the shop gives her gold because he is a fan of her. She can be called rich, but she doesn't dress like it because she has no interest in clothing. She later changes to make Shiki happy.

Arcueid shows up as Neco-Arc in Ciel-Sensei's lessons in Tsukihime and she randomly switches to that persona in some comedy scenes in Kagetsu Tohya, though Neco-Arc seems to be her own existence brought forth by Zelretch in the Melty Blood series.

In his form of Archetype: Earth, the his hidden personality, at her full power, her form, power, and even thinking can be said to be that of Crimson Moon.


Ciel's peaceful and kind attitude is mostly a disguise. In reality she is a cold individual with no other objective than that of eliminating Roa. However, after meeting Shiki, her priorities and personality gradually change. Ciel herself states that there's only one person to whom she wants to show her merciful side, that being Shiki. Certain influences of her time as Roa may maintain, as she is known to have a certain mischievous/sadistic streak.

Ciel is a costume fetishist, having designed the outfit she wears when "on duty" personally. She also has a weakness for curry, which has been mentioned in several ways, such as her storing much curry in her apartment. She likes Curry Bread, and as a weapon limited to her, Fried Curry Bread carries the additional effect of instant death, but neither has any effect against Akiha.

Ciel is first presented as a senior attending the same school as the main protagonist Shiki Tohno, where she is the president and only member of the tea ceremony club, and also good friends with Arihiko Inui, Satsuki Yumizuka and Shiki himself. Her outward demeanor is that of a calm, friendly, and peaceful person. However, Ciel's true character is later revealed as the story progresses. She is a member of the Burial Agency, a secret organization within the Catholic Church made up of skilled assassins, feared even within the Church itself, known for showing no mercy and willing to do whatever it takes to get their task done even to the point of using forbidden magics and creatures. Her objective in Tsukihime is that of hunting down the heretic Dead Apostle Roa, which while being a direct order from the church is also her own vendetta. In Melty Blood she has been ordered by the church to hunt down a certain vampire.

Ciel is shown to be a very skilled individual who relies in speed and agility. In addition to her exceptional physical skills, Ciel relies on certain weaponry detailed below. Ciel's fighting style in the fighting game Melty Blood is based on that shown in both the Tsukihime visual novel and manga, in the anime adaptation Shingetsutan Tsukihime Ciel's abilities and main weapon were changed.

Akiha Tohno

Akiha is very protective of her brother. She is always intent on knowing what he does with his day, and is extremely suspicious of what he does at night. She gets incredibly jealous when he is around other girls. The constant supervision by his little sister sometimes bears hard on Shiki, but she only watches over him because she worries so much about him. Despite her general peevishness, she really is a sweet girl at heart.

Her father remarked in his journal that Akiha's Tohno blood was of the weaker sort and she could live as a normal human if she wished it. But that changed when Shiki's life was threatened in the "accident" from eight years earlier. She was outside playing with Shiki, her adopted brother, and her real brother, also named SHIKI. But the Tohno blood was much stronger in her real brother and he inverted to his non-human form. In this uncontrollable state, he lost control of himself and attempted to attack Akiha. Shiki jumped in the way to protect her and took the full force of the attack. Shiki died protecting Akiha, but Akiha used powers granted to her by her non-human blood to give him half of her life, allowing him to survive. After the incident, her true brother SHIKI was locked away so that he could never again hurt someone and Akiha severed all ties with him and has since said that Shiki, her adopted brother, is the only person she will ever call her brother. Due to this accident needs she twice the amount of heat of an average person because she is supporting both her own life and Shiki's. To make up for her increased demand, she must absorb heat from others. She can take this heat in through various means, even by simply absorbing their body heat through contact, but the most efficient method is by drinking fresh blood (as seen when she sucks Kohaku's blood in a scene from the game). Because of the strain on her body this causes, she often experiences attacks of intense pain that can last from a few minutes to several hours. But Akiha bears them bravely, knowing that it is all for the sake of her beloved brother.

Though she tries to conceal it, Akiha called her brother back because she truly loves him and wanted to be near him no matter how much it might alienate her from the rest of the family. She is incredibly shy about her feelings, even acting in complete contradiction to them on occasion. But to her, Shiki is the most important person in the world.

She is very self-conscious about her flat chest and it later causes lots of running gags in later sequels like Kagetsu Tohya.


Hisui appears as a stern young woman, but actually she is a kind, loving and emotional girl, hiding her emotions to keep her sister as she is, due to the incident with Makihisa. Seeing Kohaku acting happy as Hisui was as a young girl, she cannot bring herself to return to her former self. Even if Kohaku is simply acting out her old role, she seems to have attained some level of happiness.


Kohaku is always seen to be smiling and cheerful, being especially gifted with medicine which she learned from Jinan Sougen. She has a habit of breaking many (and valuable) objects when cleaning indoors. Though she always states that it was not intended, some characters, like Akiha, seems to think otherwise.

She claims to hate Shiki for the silent connection they shared as children (watching one another but never meeting), but it is revealed that she is actually in love with him, and it is in part why she wanted to take on Hisui's role in the first place. Kohaku simply wanted to innocently love the boy named Tohno Shiki, just as Hisui did as a young girl.

Satsuki Yumizuka

She has an unrequited crush on Shiki, who only sees her as another classmate. She plays somewhat different roles in the game and the anime. In the game, she is shy and has somewhat of an inferiority complex while she is more outgoing in the anime. She is also quite popular between her classmates, but she does not seem to care about it.

Aoko Aozaki

She is shown to have a bright cheerful personality that reacts very strongly to careless actions. But, as a teenager in Mahoyo, Aoko shows an aggressive personality at the beginning until she develops some care towards the others beyond Alice, such as when she and Soujuurou become friends.

Despite the fact that she and Touko are sisters, Aoko shows great hostility towards her, to the point that she dislikes Runes because Touko use a Rune-based Thaumaturgy. However, she is considered irresponsible by Touko for using the power of Magic without thinking about the consequences.

Aoko values special places with precious memories and living things, regardless of if they are humans, animals or even plants; to the point where she used the Fifth Magic against Touko just after the temporary death of Soujuurou. She has passed on the "value of life" to Shiki Tohno.

She doesn't like her name because it sounds like Blue (青, Ao?), so Shiki decides to call her "Teacher".

Arihiko Inui

Arihiko has a competitive attitude against Shiki. Shiki cannot grasp how he became friends with Arihiko in the first place, since Shiki believes Arihiko has a "weird personality." When Shiki collapses in class due to his condition, Arihiko is the one who loudly informs the teacher that Shiki is sick and needs to be excused. Arihiko then proceeds to help a physically-weakened Shiki to the medical office, thus demonstrating a personality trait that might, serve to explain why Shiki continues to be friends with Arihiko despite Arihiko's sometimes callous behavior.

In Kagetsu Tohya side story "S.O.S. Nanako-chan", he stumbles upon and eventually befriends the Seventh Holy Scripture's spirit, and gives her the name "Nanako".


She complains a lot about her current master and how she is treated, but she is still fairly loyal to her, as she has never had a master strong enough to make her materialize. Plus, that master was the first one to speak with her. It seems that only those who have formed a contract via blood can see and hear her at times, yet at other times others have indeed witnessed her, making this unclear. Also, some of the 'modifications' that Ciel added to the weapon appears in her design, like the dots or the ring).


She doesn't speak often, only once briefly in a scene of Kagetsu Tohya and during her interaction with White Len in Melty Blood Re-ACT. She seems to have a liking for cakes, and she dislikes taking baths.

Sion Eltnam Atlasia

Sion is frequently composed and calculating, always determined for perfection. She is, in fact, moderately emotional and enormously easy to set off. She is a self-satisfied character, but whenever Shiki makes a remarkable statement, she gets displeased. Although she had lived most of her life in isolation, she gained her first true friend in Shiki.

Sion has spent almost all of her life alone. Not only was this exile self-induced but her schoolmates also connived against her because her predecessor, who was the head of the Atlas Academy, became a vampire willingly. Because of this, Sion is extremely socially inept. When she speaks to others, it often seems like she’s talking down to them or lecturing them when she thinks it’s just a normal conversation. This makes Sion seem imperious but she’s just trying to explain her own actions.

In terms of associating with others, Sion falls under the class of being “violently tsundere”. She’s not used to experiencing emotions such as love and affection so when they come at her, they hit her with the force of a semi-truck. And she pushes back just as hard, often pulling out her gun and threatening others when complimented on her good looks or anything similar.

To compliment her amazing intelligence, Sion really, really hates to be wrong. If you ever insinuate that she is wrong or doing something incorrect in the slightest bit, she will blow up into a ball of rage. She has an extremely short temper and it’s very simple to light the fuse. Stupidity and lack of rational thought will also cause her to see red.

Despite being not being liked at the Academy, she worked her butt off and became the head, just like her predecessor Zepia Eltnam Oberon. That is why she carries the last name “Atlasia” since it is given to all heads of Atlas Academy. She deals with the politics and backstabbing involved with the position every day and it doesn’t seem to leave the normal wear and tear on her that it would on others. She is also extremely intelligent and only deals in facts.

Beyond that, Sion is also very well known for being very efficient, even if it means cheating. Equipped with Ethelite, Sion bypasses researching topics by using the Ethelite to jack into the brains of others that have researched the appropriate topic and “download” their information. This method is extremely forbidden by Atlas Academy but Sion doesn’t care because the only other way to figure out this information would be too time consuming.


Sion is also part vampire and when she regresses, her personality change. She becomes extremely violent and generally wants to drink the blood of everything in sight. All the while, she pitifully asks people to stay away from her because she is dangerous. In this form, she even comments on how she can’t wait to rip apart and violate someone. It’s easy to see that she has very little grip on her original personality while she’s being taken over by her vampire impulses.

Miyako Arima

Although she tries to look strong, Miyako is actually quite shy, especially around Shiki. One of the routes in Melty Blood story mode shows that Miyako has a hard time saying anything to Shiki. Because of her frowning reticence, Shiki mistakenly assumes that Miyako is always angry at him for some reason.

Riesbyfe Stridberg

As the leader of heresy persecution group and a Shield Knight i.e. vampire hunter in the Church, Riesbyfe takes her duty very seriously. When she's on a mission, she's a very no fuss, no nonsense type of person. Upon mysteriously awakening in Japan without much idea of how she got there, Riesbyfe doesn't question it initially and merely focuses on what she believes to be her mission: discovery and elimination of whatever anomaly was within the city that she was feeling, likely to be caused by a vampire. It doesn't matter who stands in her way when she acts, whether it be a technical colleague or a rogue mage she couldn't convince to aid her. Riesbyfe takes her job very seriously, and thus can be a very devout and serious person. It should be noted, however, that Riesbyfe is specifically a Shield Knight and not an Executor; in other words, while Riesbyfe hunts down and kills vampires, she has no part in the bloody business of hunting down general heretics and heretical creatures. After her existence becomes dependent on Sion, and she is no longer able to work as a Shield Knight, she still looks for a job and works regularly.

However, that's not to say that Riesbyfe doesn't have her oddities. For whatever reason, she tends to find somewhat strange, gross looking things cute instead, and will often mutter to herself "Gross... cute..." back and forth as if she cannot decide. Whenever she finds such "gross-cute" things, she can end up getting easily distracted as well. On top of that, while Riesbyfe merely uses a weapon that is coincidentally shaped like a cello, she has a great desire to play an actual cello as well. Whether or not she even has any ability or talent in playing the cello, she can easily be tricked into doing something for someone if complimented as a good musician or makes a promise where she will be allowed to play in an actual concert hall. In general, music is very important to her; she often uses musical terms in regular speech, and she even relates people more to music than anything else. Even after pseudo-death and pseudo-resurrection, Riesbyfe still wishes to someday play in a concert hall. Her clothing choice is also questioned at times by other people; while not overtly masculine, some might ask if she purposely tries to look like man. As serious as she can be, she also simply enjoys a good fight; she expressed regret and disappointment at one point at having never gotten to fight a certain person, then happiness at finally getting the chance to do it.

Rather than just a no nonsense person with certain quirks though, Riesbyfe truly cares deeply for her friends. When sent with a squad to defeat a mysterious phenomenon known as Wallachia, Riesbyfe did everything in her power to make sure her friend Sion could escape alive after the rest of the squad was decimated. It more or less cost her life, but even after death Riesbyfe still continued to look after her friend by once again coming to her aid when she was under attack. It did not necessarily last for long, but the fact that Riesbyfe temporarily revived herself for the sake of a promise to protect her friend speaks volumes; she swore to be Sion's shield, and she will fulfill that vow no matter what it takes. Depending on the route, Riesbyfe even stays in a sort of animated-spirit state thanks to Sion; even though her friend ended up becoming a vampire, Riesbyfe remains a loyal friend and never even thinks about killing her despite her duty as a Shield Knight.

In the routes where Riesbyfe lives, she ends up forming a small group of friends with Sion and Satsuki Yumizuka, a group they name themselves as the Back Alley Alliance. While they do get along, Riesbyfe and Sion together end up frustrating Satsuki from time to time. Whereas Satsuki plays more of the "straight man", Riesbyfe and Sion end up playing more of the "funny man" routine by virtue of just not making much sense or contributing to anything. Riesbyfe in particular shows off a few unfortunate slacker habits and a general disregard for taking things seriously. When it comes to things not concerned with vampire hunting or playing a real cello, she just doesn't take it very seriously. It's usually only around her friends that this sort of clumsy, rather silly side will show. That said, she does look out for both of her friends and sometimes worry about their future together as they live on more or less the outskirts of society. Outside of vampire hunting and church business, Riesbyfe is really just a simple person who can be happy so long as her friends are happy.

Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg

He is known as a complicated and weird individual with a personality where he becomes angered with those who are evil and laughs at do-gooders. He has a demeanor that can be called "old, but not old."

He is surprisingly meddlesome in worldly affairs, and he is known to be a troublesome figure who frequently sparks conflicts. He acts as a surrogate grandfather to Arcueid Brunestud, and is both admired and disliked by the Mage's Association due to his tendency to cripple his protégés.

Zelretch is an old weird person who seems to be quite positive on everything. He doesn’t really stand what he doesn’t like and he simply eliminates it whitout thinking about it twice. He’s weird and he mainly wants to have fun, in the ways he prefers (like taking apprentices). He’s like a legendary figure due to his past experience and he’s somehow worshipped in the restricted circle of magi.

Barthomeloi Lorelei

She shares her family's great sense of aristocracy and pride in their heritage, viewing the name "Lorelei" to be just an insignificant name stuck on to her "Barthomeloi" name. While the Barthomeloi have a completely irrational hatred towards vampires, Lorelei's own hatred is on another entirely different level than that of any past member of her family, and even she cannot understand why it is so strong. Spending time hunting them as if it were natural, she often ignores her work as the Vice Director, and even lends herself to the Church as a vampire hunter. She has an especially abnormal obsession with the Ancestor Trhvmn Ortenrosse, and she works as part of a unit to stop the Aylesbury ritual that had been prepared by Ortenrosse for tens of years. She doesn't actively attempt to interfere so that she can stop the ritual while he is present in order to simply take pleasure in seeing the miserable looks on the faces of the despairing vampires. Gransurg Blackmore mentions that she is part of the upcoming operation in Prelude.

Despite having her Brigade behind her, she finds fighting a Dead Apostle to not be heretic hunting, but instead a pilgrimage to show their dignity. She refuses to use followers on anything below the level of an Ancestor, considering them to be nothing more than pitiful bugs that require nothing more than her own abilities to destroy. When given the logical choices of wiping out all of the vampires in Lourve's castle or destroying the entire lair at once to prevent any from escaping, she decides to dispose of both plans. Telling her vice-commander to be ashamed, she feels it is sinful to have the thought of using her followers against such an opponent. Even if her followers understand that she has the power to annihilate the entire clan in a half hour, cooperation with the Brigade would lessen that time by half.

While the policy of the Barthomeloi family is that a battle should be won even while it is proceeding, she feels that annihilating them is neither a trial or a battle, but rather a simple hunting game that should be completed with elegance and pleasure. She cannot stand that she was beaten to Lourve's castle by Enhance and Satsujinki, feeling like a headless chicken running around in circles instead of someone on a prideful hunt or battle. She almost passes out from the humiliation, bites her finger to the point of smearing blood on her gloves to stop grinding her teeth in anger, and promises to make Satsujinki pay for killing her prey and damaging her pride despite not having even met him.

Crimson Moon Brunestud/Archetype: Earth

Crimson Moon, as Archetype: Earth, manifests in Arcueid as a type of alternate personality hiding inside of her consciousness waiting to fuse with its host. It takes the form of Arcueid's initial state before having her hair removed, and it is able to move around the Millennium Castle while she sleeps. It also stays active in her unconsciousness, such as when Shiki Tohno connects to her dreams in Kagetsu Tohya.

Every True Ancestor is an incarnation of Crimson Moon, but at the same time, they are totally different beings. The part inside Arcueid is nothing more than a shadow of her that only exists as a hologram that has possibility. It is not yet confirmed as "Crimson Moon", as it cannot become "Crimson Moon" while "Arcueid Brunestud" is still identified as "Arcueid Brunestud." It realizes it itself didn't know exactly where it stood, and states "And to think I was planning to take over." While it wishes for Roa to unbind Arcueid's chains, he speculates that as long as Arcueid is bound in her own chains, that she will eventually give up her name. This personality speaks to Shiki briefly, amazed that humans are such noisy creatures, and that Arcueid can get along with such an "impolite person." It tries to insist that it is separate from Arcueid, that it is only an aspect of her that is separate from her at the same time. Shiki identifies that while it has long hair and speaks with an accent, and even as just an aspect of her, that it still is Arcueid. It is amazed by those words, as someone who would see Crimson Moon as an enemy who will take Arcueid's body is still using words that affirm its existence. Accepting the enemy means that Crimson Moon is near, to which Shiki replies that he will simply take her back by force. While "fighting with Arcueid to save Arcueid" can be considered a contradiction, he states that he will fight it, and save the Arcueid who has been bound by her own chains. It responds to him with "I hope your words will come to be more than just a simple joke" in a tone that seems like an awkward request betraying her noble self.

Shiki Nanaya

Nanaya Shiki's personality is a manifestation of Shiki Tohno's murderous intent and lives only for his next kill. Nanaya is smooth, confident, and treats life (And death) casually.

In Kagetsu Tohya, he is the version of Shiki who never experienced death or learned the value of living. This Shiki, unlike the real one, recognizes the world around them to be just a dream. In Melty Blood, the materialization of Shiki Nanaya by Wallachia, he can see the lines of death.

The personality of actual Shiki Nanaya is a reflection created by White Len using the killing instincts of the 'Nanaya' that Shiki Tohno does not use. However, this Shiki gradually changes beginning to (almost) care for others around him, and by Actress Again, states that he has 'lingering affections', where he begins to be more of a physical apparation (stated has he seems to be more prone to damage), and even Kishima Kouma takes note of this change, saying that before, he felt as if he were talking to a beast but now, almost human.

White Len

White Len is acting as a more selfish and outspoken version of Len. She carries a huge amount of pride, believing herself to be better than her counterpart, Len because of her acceptance of their personality. And she also prefers to act like a calm lady, that is speaking in metaphors about fairy tales. White Len also goes out of her way to prove her superiority over Len by gaining her own Master, Shiki Nanaya. Despite her prideful ways, she will respect those who she believes they are worthy of her respect, such as Satsuki Yumizuka.

However, whenever she gets embarrassed, she becomes much more brash and immature, a side that Nanaya regularly provokes her to bring out. Neko-Arc very accurately calls her a tsundere when she shows her more vulnerable side.

Michael Roa Valdamjong

It seems Roa was popular as a virtuous man when he was a priest up until his betrayal. He seems to have great dislike for the Church, commenting that the already ruined Church has degraded even further in eight hundred years, but also says the existence of a woman like Riesbyfe makes it not quite as bad. He had some form of a close relationship with Nabareck, as, while she did not want to leave the Church or live with Roa, she was willing to pass on the information to her child to ignore a newcomer Dead Apostle in one hundred years.

He is an acquaintance with Nrvnqsr Chaos, and they are close enough to call each other friends. Nrvnqsr believes that he understands Roa more than the other Ancestors, having talked extensively about their own meanings of eternity and Roa having taught him the "Soil of Genesis" with the idea of having him use it to capture Arcueid. While they are both heretics by the standards of vampires, Nrvnqsr states that each case is isolated, and that doesn't mean that they understand each other on that point. Like the rest of the Ancestors, this causes him not accept Roa as one of them. When they meet again in Actress Again, Nrvnqsr remarks that the "name of the archangel has fallen indeed" after Roa calls him "pal." While he has become cruder than in the past, Nrvnqsr finds his incarnation as SHIKI is the worst. He compares his gradual assimilation with chaos with Roa's constantly diluting ego, and comments that it may be the last time they trade words. While Roa found perfecting the “Soil of Genesis” to be fun, and that the idea of working together on cooperative research is appealing, they decided to simply crush each other following their natural destructive urges.

During comedic scenes of Melty Blood, characters berate him for attempting to act important whenever he act serious. He is considered part of the Back Alley Alliance along with Satsuki Yumizuka, Sion Eltnam Atlasia, Riesbyfe, and White Len. White Len mentions that he is even at the bottom of that group. Kohaku keeps calling him "Mr. Nero" and "Mr. Neroa" in order to infuriate him during his time in the limelight. He tries to assert that while others may not know him, that she should at least recognize him as SHIKI, but she comments that the SHIKI she knew didn't look like some pianist.

Michael Roa Valdamjong (Original form)

Ever since he was born, he had no interest in anything in particular, feeling more mechanical than human. His first feelings were those of pity rather than anger or despair. He simply thought everything around him was pitiful, and he himself was the most pitiful of all. He saw life which breaks down, daily life which fades, and time which is forgotten, all without limit. Everyone falls, but they still continue to struggle desperately to continue existing. When they judge that it is not possible to continue existing, they continue to reproduce instead, but even that dies in the end. He found that there is no compensation, not for those who die, as they had no hope even in the beginning, but rather the noble wish and yearning for eternity which everyone longs for yet cannot achieve. The constant repetition of wishes is nearly impossible to measure, so he wished to replace the almost-comical cycle with one pure thing. Living for one reason, which could not be termed as a "conviction", he sought the first word that he happened to learn, "eternity." He believed the prospect of eternity is the only goal worthy of effort. He had no interest in that which breaks down, and wished to see and understand death so that he could take a bit of interest in it.

While those seeking eternity often become Dead Apostles in pursuit of that goal, it was simply a means of furthering his own goal for Roa. He believes nothing in existence has yet to reach the level of immortality, something which would define eternity. When something has shape, it cannot help but perish. All living things internalize death the moment they are born. Something without death within them is probably something that never existed in the first place. Human vessels cannot resist wearing down mentally and physically with time, and they do not have the capability to last one thousand years. Even the body of a vampire does nothing to stop the aging of the mind, requires stealing from others to exist, and their supplemental parts have to be from the same species, humans in general, meaning that they are not versatile. He calls their process degeneration rather than evolution, and refers to them as a species that ages slower and dies harder rather than any sort of embodiment of eternity. That which cannot function independently in perpetuity cannot be called eternal, so depending on others to halt their aging makes it presumptuous to call them immortal. The only thing becoming a Dead Apostle allowed was the ability to realize his goal with time which his human body would not allow.

While aging can be stopped, that is only halting it, and a stopped mind has no meaning. Creatures that can function independently in perpetuity in a state close to perfection exist, such as beings like jellyfish that can feed on themselves and multiply, turning old cells into nutrients to produce new cells. They have no such thing as a lifespan, but they can only be called perpetual because the have no intelligence. Eternity without having intelligence is no different than gaining eternity by death. Even with a body unable to age, as long as something exists, it cannot escape death. The only way to truly escape death is to die, creating a contradiction that cannot be solved. There cannot be anything in the world that cannot die. He instead concluded that preserving his existence after death is what would make him truly immortal.

Becoming eternal by living as a human with immortality is impossible, as long years will destroy the body and wear away the flexibility of the mind. He had no interest in such a stained immortality, as persistently maintaining individuality makes eternity unattainable. Rather than seeking immortality as a single human, he sought to choose an infinity where he exists eternally. In order to preserve the purity of his essence, he devised his method of reincarnation to restart from birth, exist as himself, and then die once more. The cycle would preserve the purity of himself throughout the generations. He realized eternal reincarnation far better than anyone else, but it still requires new unborn children other than himself to continue. While he would lose his eternity with the extinction of the human race, he believes that "eternity exists only as long as there is an observer." If no humans existed, he would not be able to confirm himself, which would make continuing to live useless and bring his immortality to an end. While Nrvnqsr Chaos believes that this theory is far from a true thesis of eternity, Roa believes that if everything comes to perish, then it should perish. Once observers cease to exist, everything will become unchanging. His eternity is temporary until such a time occurs. As he cannot turn everything into nothingness, he wishes act as a observer and live until then.

Upon seeing Arcueid for the first time, he instantly fell in love with her, having such a feeling for the first and only time in his entire life. Though it was only an instant, he lost his purity the moment his heart was stolen by her. She was someone not aware of own herself, who was only treated as a method of killing. He viewed her during her brief respite between killing her enemies and returning to sleep that she cannot wake from herself. As she gazed at the moon with distant eyes while not even knowing her own fate, he saw her as the embodiment of the eternity he seeks. He was so pure that he was unable to understand his own emotions, so he misconstrued the act of thinking about someone else so much it almost made him go crazy as his first feelings of hatred in his life. She changed him, and while she didn't change his fundamental goal of attaining eternity, she degraded it from seeking eternity for no reason, a pure, undefiled will, into a means to an end of eternally reaching out for her. While he understood this about himself, he couldn't do anything to change his heart. He regretted having lost his original purity because now, like all the other pitiful wretches, he wished to continue existing as himself as he was right then.

Michael Roa Valdamjong (Incarnation form)

Roa as an individual has ceased to exist, and the part of his soul left over can only be called the conceptualization of Roa's desire for immortality. He considered one's ego as unnecessary, so he doesn't really care what he does as long as he can continue his thesis on immortality. That first image of Arcueid is the only remaining emotion in Roa's heart after eight hundred years and seventeen reincarnations. While his personality has long died out, it is an eternal memory burned into his soul that continues to exist without disappearing. This memory made him hate the True Ancestor that caused his purity to fall, her existence, and everything about her. The hatred guided him trick her, become a Dead Apostle, steal her power, and wait for her to come to him.

Nrvsqsr Chaos

During his lifetime, Fabro Rowan had a rather serious and experimentive personality. However, after merging his body with various other beasts, his mind slowly began to resemble that of the beasts that he was now made of, thus corrupting him and turning him into the bloodthirsty Nrvnqsr Chaos. As the current Nrvnqsr Chaos, he is rather arrogant and considers ordinary humans, such as Shiki before displaying the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, as creatures inferior to himself. While attempting to devour Shiki, he declares that he is a fastidious person, so he won't even leave a single cell behind. He begins to laugh while taunting Shiki to stop being so stubborn and just break down.

The beasts are not uncontrolled, so they display a sadistic pleasure in circling around Shiki and "feeding" on him one at a time even though they could devour him in an instant. After they all descend upon him, they still slowly take their time. While they cannot speak, Shiki is able to tell that their eyes are telling him to die.

During extra comedy scenes in Kagetsu Tohya and Melty Blood, he is known as the Professor (教授, ?) due to being knowledgeable on various subjects. He displays adoration for animals, even keeping a scrap book of the beasts he has absorbed, and he is annoyed that he is unable to obtain the footprints of Neko-Arc, a "rare specimen", in Melty Blood. He enjoys competition, though he doesn't really understand the concept.

Night of Wallachia

Zepia went mad after he found that, no matter how much he searched, that there was no way for humanity to avoid its destruction. His greatest wish became to create a future even he cannot predict. In his madness, he has accepted that the end of the world, following a desperate struggle to live on, is not true destruction but instead a conclusion. He does see some form of hope in Sion's endeavors, and wishes to see her answer to the problem.

He has taken to equating his role as TATARI to that of a director putting on a play. He frequently refers to different "acts", the "stage", and the "audience" when describing his massacres. He likes to put on theatrical speeches while conversing with others. While he generally displays a calm and stoic demeanor, he is prone to go into fits of ranting insanity where he shows blood red eyes that leak blood just from being open. He has lost himself in his madness, but has embraced it at the same time, having decided to enjoy the end of the world at his leisure.

He likes to play around with his manifestations, and he greatly prefers female bodies to those of males because he thinks drinking blood in a woman's body is a necessity for the climax of the scenario. He hasn't had a woman's body for a long time due to being unable to choose his form. While he is fine being one of the Twenty-seven Ancestors, he would rather become an original True Ancestor, Arcueid, which would be more appropriate for his final form. He doesn't like bodies without abilities, such as Akiha, but he does enjoy her appearance.

He greatly enjoys slaughter and the ironically tragic deaths his manifestations are able to cause in some cases. He cruelly likes to mock people by exploiting their deepest flaws and fears before tearing them apart.

TATARI Phenomenon

TATARI is no longer Zepia or a true Dead Apostle. It does not even contain the concept of Zepia, nor does it have his past thirst or vampiric tenacity. When returned to the vessel of Zepia, it is his "past form", forcibly made into shape by Arcueid or the true end of his contract. It has no true form or a body to call its own, and it has become something lacking independent individuality. It is nothing more than a phenomenon, so the thirteenth slot can only be said to have no name. It can be called a kind of energy that gives things orientation, and a phenomenon with infinite forms. There is nothing left of the dispersed Dead Apostle's former self, and there is no way for it to come back as it was other than the end of the contract. It is called "unknown", as it can only be called "present" rather than saying it "exists." Where it "went" has to do with mastering the system of authenticating rumors and realizing them in its own body.

Dust of Osiris

Osiris claims to lack emotions and ego, believing them to be what destroyed humanity, generally referring to everything with specific calculations, recalculations, and possible mental burdens as "processing slowdown." She only speaks to certain individuals that she encounters, and otherwise she simply continues with her calculations in a robotic fashion while preparing to destroy the intrusion. She believes she is the discarded human husk of Sion that was taken in by TATARI, and later developed into the "giant of Atlas", who differs than the vampiric remains of the real Sion who "degenerated towards humanity" and Sion TATARI who "degenerated into a demon." She believes the original Sion also seeks the same conclusion, as they split from the same person. She is surprised to find that Sion's interactions with Shiki have changed her and allowed her to see hope in the future.

The original will of Sion still exists within her, and she feels troubled facing her own "worst possible condition" of Sion TATARI having embraced her vampirism. Interactions with Shiki and Ries bring about her true emotions, and surface the will of Sion that wishes for the destruction of TATARI and the prevention of the birth of an even superior TATARI. Shiki is called the "greatest singularity", as he directly identifies her as Sion. She finds this to be unforgivable, and claims that he represents a goodness that could potentially make her throw away the logic of becoming TATARI. Shiki mentions to Sion that she looked lonely, and Sion comments that her only saving grace was to be destroyed by him. After fighting with Ries, she returns to being Sion before her death, and apologizes to Ries for her actions. She thinks that she is a disappointment despite having been saved by Ries in the past, and that she is happy to have been killed by her.

She has completely given up on a future that ensures humanity's survival, much like Zepia before her. She finds the idea of survival to be hideous, while believing the hollow outcome of destroying it and keeping an eternal record of their existence to be the only form of salvation. She sees herself as the "bird of the underworld that mourned the future and ceased holding hope in it", and a "prophet soaring through the end, together with Hermes." She has no interest in anything else, wishing to destroy anything that brings no profit to the planet, such as Aoko Aozaki's Magic. Wallachia, also recreated as part of the Hologram Summer, finds that despite their similar goals, her scenario is greatly flawed. He claims that while he lost his mind after finding that there was no future where destruction was avoidable, that she simply gave up. He calls her a wailing child that refuses to close the curtain by fleeing into the "method after" accepting that destruction was unavoidable. He finds that they took polar opposite roads to their conclusions, and despite having the same ending, that an end following the desperate struggle to live on is not destruction but a conclusion.

Special Thanks

http://typemoon.wikia.com/wiki (for information of personalities of characters)
http://sisfist.livejournal.com/1217.html?thread=605377 (for more information of Sion's Personality)
http://gamaliel.dreamwidth.org/312.html (for Riesbyfe's Personality)

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I don't think this page is really necessary when you've already played the games...

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Personalities of Characters of Kara no Kyoukai

Shiki Ryougi

Prior to her coma, she originally proved to possess two personalities, a male personality named SHIKI (織), and her usual female personality Shiki (式). Children born into the Ryougi family are generally male and are raised with two personalities, so the male personality is customarily called the "yang" personality, while the female is called the "yin" personality. However, Shiki's unnamed brother was not born with these dual personalities and thus deemed unsuitable to be the family heir, resulting in Shiki being raised as the family head in his place. It is easy to tell which Shiki is speaking at a given time because they both have a distinct style of speaking, most notably that the female Shiki speaks politely and with reserve, referring to herself with the gender-neutral pronoun watashi (私), while the male persona has a brash personality and refers to herself with the masculine pronoun ore (オレ).

After waking from her coma, Shiki discovers that she can no longer feel the male Shiki's presence and assumes that he died because of the accident. She also feels a detachment from her memories before the accident, and while she knows she is Shiki, she does not feel that she is. In the hopes of regaining herself and the "dead" Shiki, she puts on a cold facade that somewhat resembles the male Shiki's and tries to act as the female Shiki did. Touko understands the sense of detachment Shiki feels, but considers the current Shiki a third, new personality.

As it turns out, Shiki possesses a third personality other than the one Touko perceived (which is in fact Shiki's usual female personality) who always existed in the gap between the male and female Shiki and hid her existence from both. As Shiki puts it, the third personality is Akasha, "the origin of all things" itself and the original personality housed in the body (rather than Shiki (female) and Shiki (male) which are personalities housed in the mind). Usually, a life begins connected to the Origin until the connection is severed at birth, and even if somehow a life remained unsevered, the body's personality itself should not become self-aware, but the Ryougi family's special trait allowed it to survive and survive with intelligence. Because she has no interest in anything however, she usually remains dormant within Shiki.

Mikiya Kokutou

He is gentle and compassionate but mostly his personality reflects his Origin "one that will never hurt others, more so than anyone else."

Azaka Kokutou

She becomes an apprentice of Touko due to her rivalry against Shiki Ryougi. She is quite similar both in appearance and abilities to Tsukihime's Akiha Tohno (though Akiha's ability consists of controlling external heat, whereas Azaka's ability is ignition).

Despite their rivalry, Azaka actually likes Shiki's personality and vice-versa, it is only their relationship with Mikiya that makes it difficult for them to become good friends.

Touko Aozaki

Touko was originally obsessed with reaching the Akasha which led her to hate her sister. She was also very competitive with Araya, as both were trying to reach the Akasha, but eventually she gave up on it. While giving up on it, she enjoys her daily life with people she cares about. She usually cut ties with people and she realised that she stayed too long with Mikiya, Shiki and Azaka.

Touko can easily change her personality depending on the situation how she views, for example when she first spoke to Mikiya on the phone she had a serious tone to appear important, whereas when she meets Mikiya in person, she seemed nice and friendly.

She is also very loose with money, she buys items with magic properties on impulse which leads her to being broke months at a time..

She is easily roused and lacks patience. For example she hates being called "Dirty Red" and she broke her own rule of constructing a new puppet and went directly to Alba for revenge.

Fujino Asagami

She is noted to be a model student, being kind to classmates, never causing trouble, and frequently achieving the highest scores, except for Literature, as she "lacked expressiveness".

Despite her mild and passive personality, she is the type that cannot stop on her own accord after straying once. Due to lacking some type of sensation, she cannot truly experience things despite having knowledge and common sense. Compared to Shiki who lacks a sense of existence, Fujino is someone who is similar yet different. According to Souren Araya, she is "an existence unfit for society, who found pleasure in coming in contact with death".

The reason she walks onto the bridge is in order to feel beating of the memorable summer rain.

Kirie Kujou

In her physical body, she is quiet and timid. When Araya awakens her spiritual ability, she desired to make new friends but they couldn't hear her or sense her. She forced them to commit suicide to make them notice her.

Tomoe Enjou

Tomoe is a head-strong individual that had grown disillusioned by his experiences. He had originally loved sport, as he was particularly fond of sprinting, but complications surrounding his family drastically changed his outlook on life. His family's reputation led him to being bullied at school. Due to this, Tomoe had grown to become more apathetic towards his loved ones, simply carrying out his daily routine with nary a care in the world surrounding him. After supposedly murdering his parents, Tomoe recognizes his guilty actions, going so far as even anticipating his cruel punishment. His interactions with Shiki demonstrates his tendency to adhere to societal norms, initially finding Shiki's habits to be rather odd.

Due to his father giving him a spare key in his childhood, he has developed an attachment for keys and locks; developing a principle under the notion of being protective of one's home. He has stated that he despises the notion of romance and love based on his bad experience with his past girlfriend. Tomoe would go on to become close friends with Shiki Ryougi, being able to talk about himself and his experiences to her unlike any other person he has ever met. It is hinted that his attachment to Shiki is caused by Tomoe's ability to relate to Shiki's continued impression of her SHIKI personality. He cares about this deep friendship enough that when he admitted his love for her, he disliked the idea of ruining such a relationship by simply labelling it under the notion of "love". While he claims that he is willing enough to die for Shiki, this lowered sense of self-worth is prompted by his feeling of hopelessness, due to having already "killed" his parents.

While initially brash in his reactions towards Mikiya, he grows to respect him. He later understands Shiki's attachment to him, remarking that people like Shiki and himself truly need someone like Mikiya to keep them sane.

Tomoe's personality relates to his Origin "worthlessness". He doesn't value himself and intially he was willingly to die for Shiki sake. Upon remembering his past memories with his family, he empathizes with his family and their situation. Finally gaining self-respect, Tomoe finds his resolve to fight for himself and his love for his family. When Araya reveals the true nature of the current Tomoe Enjou's identity and the supposed fabrication of his attachment for Shiki, Tomoe strives to believe that his feelings are true. In his final moments, he expresses his empathy for his family's situation as well as sympathizing their deaths caused by Araya, until finally remarking the legitimacy of his existence.

Shizune Seo

Shizune sought friendship with Mikiya and disclosed her ability and circumstances to him; Mikiya on his part gives her warm advices about how she should change the way she sees herself and how she handles herself, thanks to this Shizune develops a slight attraction for Mikiya.

When Shizune actually meets Azaka for the first time and shakes hands with her, she actually predicts that they would become inseparable friends for all eternity and that they will have a marvelous time together. She thought that the fact that Azaka had the last name "Kokutou" was a coincidence.

Souren Araya

Souren is a tragic figure. Originally a wandering monk, his inability to save the lives of so many gave way to depression. His faith in humanity nearly crushed, he made his goal to locate the Spiral of Origin so that he may see the ultimate end of humanity and find meaning for so many deaths. His imposing appearance is often described in the novels. Touko herself commenting that he was "a man of hell".

Whilst seemingly an insensitive man who is only concerned with using others towards his goal, his actions towards Fujino, Kirie, and Lio all seem to imply that he was acting out of genuine kindness and not just self-benefit.

Lio Shirazumi

Lio was originally a socially withdrawn and quiet individual. He had befriended Mikiya Kokuto and initially had a crush on Shiki Ryougi. When his love for Shiki turned into an obsession he began to stalk her, taking photographs as well as recording her activities using a video camera.

Aside from this, he keeps a personal diary and is depicted as an amateur artist, having sketched portraits of Shiki. Lio developed an inferiority-complex as he internalized Shiki's given reason for rejecting him, in which Shiki claimed that she dislikes "weak people". Lio's motivation for initially wanting to confront the infamous school bully in a fight was based on his misguided perception that he can only prove his worth as a "weak" person based on a real fist-fight. Upon realizing that he had killed his schoolmate, Lio instantly became distressed as he feared the responsibility of his crime.

Despite his introverted nature, Lio is actually very manipulative, having nearly convinced Shiki that she was the true killer of the 1995 murders. After awakening his origin, Lio developed a superiority-complex, albeit prompted by Araya's words of praise. He subconsciously recognizes his guilt as a murderer, but chooses to live in denial. As such, whenever he killed someone he blamed his origin as the cause of his actions as well as the fact that he is supposedly insane to begin with. Despite his claims of insanity, Lio only became insane based on how his willful experiences affected his mentality, as opposed to Shiki who was truly "insane" since birth.

Recognizing himself as the only "special being", Lio grew frightened of his solitude, deciding that he would only be content if he sought out and created companions of his own. With Shiki being the girl he always loved and Mikiya being what he considers to be his only true friend, Lio interchanges between wanting to convert either Shiki or Mikiya to his side either as a murderous killer or as a "special being". Despite his preference in recruiting either Shiki or Mikiya, he is not above recruiting other teenagers as he slowly grew desperate in seeking out a companion. It is eventually revealed that his goal of creating murderous companions is prompted by his desire to share the burden of having a guilty mind. His carelessness in regards to his life and his risk-taking behaviour can be attributed to his subconcious fear of living with a guilty mind, though this does not mean he harbours any suicidal tendencies as he simply relishes in tempting his fate in battle.

Lio's desire to devour Shiki is not inherent of his personality as it is derived from his origin of "consumption". This provides a pseudo-split personality on his part as Lio is depicted as switching between different moods from being feral to suddenly becoming calm and collected. In this regard, his obsession towards Shiki manifested into a desire to devour her, glorifying her as his "special" meal. It was only near the end before his final battle that he begins to doubt his need for companions as he deduced that a special being is only "special" if it were truly alone, though this thought process could be attributed to his sanity breaking down after believing he killed Mikiya. His original personality had been described to completely fade away after he had finally realized the guilt of his crimes when he "killed" Mikiya. During his final battle with Shiki, Lio's mental state becomes primarily dominated by his carnivorous instincts due to his origin of "consumption" slowly taking over his mind, meaning that he had truly intended to kill and devour Shiki during their final fight.

Cornelius Alba

He and Touko were on good terms when they were students until Touko surpassed him in their study of Runes. He is so obsessed with this inferiority complex that he occasionally becomes deranged when speaking of her. Despite being an overall superior magus to both Araya and Touko, they can be called monsters that far surpass him in battle capability. He also has a bad compatibility against Kayneth Archibald El-Melloi.

Special Thanks

http://typemoon.wikia.com/wiki (for information of personalities of characters)

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Personalities of Characters of Fate series

Shirou Emiya

Due to the trauma suffered during the great fire, Shirou has a constant emptiness in his personality. He feels that as the only survivor that it is unfair to the deceased to prioritize his own needs before those of others. He has a distorted sense of values where he finds self-worth from helping people without any compensation, feeling that the very act “helping people” is its own reward. When it comes down to receiving an injury or even giving up his life to help someone, he will do it without a second thought. The people who see this side of him are often very worried and attempt to correct his behavior, though they are unable to change his opinions. Kiritsugu often talked about how he used strive to protect the innocent from the world's many perils, even at the cost of his own humanity, and how he was saddened by the reality that whenever he was able to spare one life, another person was fated to die. Although Kiritsugu was tormented by his inability to save everyone, Shirou always admired his efforts. Right before Kiritsugu's death, Shirou pledged to be an "Ally of Justice" in Kiritsugu's place and strive to protect everyone at the cost of his own life.

Shirou takes his ideals to the limit during the Fate scenario, where he constantly attempts to protect Saber from harm and keep her from fighting other Servants, despite the fact that she is many times more powerful than he. This is because he cannot stand the idea of someone else being harmed for his sake. He never gives up his ideals during the route and injures himself numerous times to uphold it. During the Unlimited Blade Works route, Shirou, through constant arguing with Archer, begins to see the hypocrisy in his ideals. Though he refuses to give them up entirely, he works his way towards a middle ground where he will strive towards fulfilling ideals, despite knowing they are impossible to achieve. He faces his largest dilemma during Heaven's Feel, where he is forced to choose between sticking to his ideals and saving the life of Sakura. He eventually gives them up, with the exception of the "Superhero" ending, where he becomes as resolute as Kiritsugu in his prime, allowing Sakura to die. He strives only to protect Sakura, though he is presented with conflict a number of times.

Shirou is extremely stubborn once he sets out to accomplish something, such as spending hours attempting to perform a high jump that is nearly impossible for him. This action, as watched by Rin and Sakura, is one of the initial factors that cause them both to develop feelings for Shirou. He will stubbornly defend his own viewpoints, no matter how wrong they may seem to others, even to the point of causing them great mental anguish. Though he does his best to help others, if he feels that a person brought about their own ruin, he will simply watch instead of helping. Nasu has stated that Shirou and Shiki Tohno would definitely get along badly.

Saber (Altria Pendragon)

Saber is a strong-willed young woman who always speaks resolutely. She is courageous, determined, and set on winning the Holy Grail. She constantly insists that she is a warrior first and that her gender is of little importance to her. Her stubborn personality is evident when she frequently explains her purpose to her Master, despite his objections: achieving the Holy Grail through any means.

She doesn't like to be treated as a woman, or even as a human, due to her status as a knight and a Servant. She tries to keep the notion that she is only a Servant, a tool for her Master, first and foremost in her mind, so she initially has no objections about Shirou accidentally seeing her naked body. She slowly becomes more aware of herself after their relationship develops, and eventually even becomes flustered upon the same situation being repeated. She is unwilling to show emotions, as she has suppressed them so strongly and views herself as a knight foremost. Even though she attempts to hide them, her insecurities become more and more apparent, and she later begins to open up more and show her emotions more easily, especially to Shirou.

Saber is loyal, independent, and reserved; she appears cold, but is actually suppressing her emotions to focus on her goals. She is bewildered by Shirou's "protective" tendencies, and believes his erratic and reckless behavior jeopardizes her chances of winning the Holy Grail War. She is shown to have a humongous appetite, finishing large servings of rice within one minute. She originally did not appreciate modern food because she doesn't actually need to eat as a Servant and because she had believed that all food was like fish and chips. She had very bad experience with the food in her time, enough to make her shudder remembering it, so it was through Shirou's food education that she awoke her gourmet spirit.

She prefers direct, fair confrontations based upon codes of chivalry, so she has a strained relationship with Kiritsugu due to their differing methods and ideologies over obtaining the Holy Grail. The two rarely interact, and, as a result, Saber instead bonds with her proxy Master, Irisviel. Saber enjoys her time with Irisviel, who, while respecting her status as a knight, treats her much as companion and friend, unlike Kiritsugu who completely views her as a tool. She guides Irisviel around while she takes in her first view of the outside world.

She is very cold and merciless to Ilya during most of Fate/stay night despite her being Irisviel's daughter. This is due to the fact that she never asked Irisviel about the name of her daughter, and when Saber sees Ilya during the war, she completely disregards the possibility that it could be the same child. She believes that Ilya is too young to be the girl she saw getting a piggy-back ride ten years before, and she believes that she would have become more mature like her mother by the time of the Fifth Holy Grail War. She reasons that Ilya is a new homunculus completely unrelated to Irisviel with similarities in her appearance due to the Einzbern homunculi looking alike after their creation. Given a chance to casually interact with her, while she doesn't trust Ilya at first, she is eventually able to act nicely around her. She is able to freely have fun around her without any worries.

She enjoyed a sport, an ancestor of golf that used swords to play on large stretches of land during her lifetime. It can be called “something like golf that was around before golf was conceived.”

Saber Alter

Saber's personality changes vastly upon being corrupted by Angra Mainyu, but she cannot be called a villain. She is more of a dark hero who is still an idealist clinging to her own values even after being blackened. After taking in the hatred of the curse, she comes to the realization that the duty of a hero is to be hated and ostracized, that a hero's only duty is to cut down foes using all their strength. She believes that she was prepared for such an outcome upon drawing Caliburn, and decides to entrust her blade to All the World's Evils. While she still takes her duty as king seriously, believing it is her obligation to those whose lives were lost because of her, she no longer believes in the ideals set for herself and her people. The end was concluded long ago, after all her prayers and glory vanished on the hill in Camlann.

She is mostly emotionless towards the situation of Shirou, Rin, and Sakura. While she seems to hold favor for Shirou and Rin coming out victorious, she is largely apathetic towards the entire situation. In the case of the battle going wrong, she doesn't care about the victor and can only hold a slight amount of pity towards those left alive. She feels a connection to Sakura as someone who has felt similar despair.

She holds no particular issues with fighting with Shirou, as she neither actively desires it nor is against it. She simply follows Sakura's orders without any deviation, so she will only attack when she is ordered. She does get angry when Shirou isn't putting his all into fighting her, going as far to ask if that is all she meant to him. She is pleased with his victory over her in Sparks Liner High, even urging him to kill her before she can regenerate, but quickly falls back into her apathetic state upon seeing the result of the battle on him. She simply states it is her victory, and compares him to all of her other enemies who had risked their lives and died meaninglessly.

Saber Alter retains this personality in Fate/hollow ataraxia, but it only appears in comedic segments when her ahoge is plucked from her head. She is mostly emotionless, but also selfish and even more gluttonous than normal. Her taste for food changes completely, preferring fast food to the food she prefers normally.

Rin Tohsaka

Rin is perceptive, serious, resourceful and avidly competitive person. Though she is widely admired at school as an honor student, it is a front she puts up in order to prevent others from prying into her life. In private, she is notably stingy and bossy, but usually means well for those she cares about. She is known as a model student and idol of her school. She also knows she's greatly admired by her classmates because of grace and her beauty and she turns down lots of guys who're asking her a date (like Shinji).

For the sake of her deceased father and her family's name, Rin seeks to obtain the Holy Grail, though she has little personal desire for it. Unbeknownst to her sister Sakura, Rin feels guilty and believes that she has abandoned Sakura after she is adopted into the Matou household. While Rin eventually admits that she has always watched Sakura from afar and hoping her sister was free of the burdens of the Tohsaka family, she feels even guiltier for never realizing how much Sakura suffered under the Matou and that she had fooled herself into thinking Sakura was happy to alleviate her own guilt.

In the Unlimited Blade Works route, she falls in love with Shirou, and in the Heaven's Feel scenario, it is revealed that she has a growing interest in him. She really likes Shirou, but she's too proud to reveal her feelings and she's only helping him by teaching him magic or simply by avoiding to kill him throughout the war. She always wishing for the best, and that's probably why she's disappointed in getting Archer and not Saber, although she makes a good team with him and they get along pretty well.

She is a very nice person, although she tries to look cool and she wants to take distances from common people and that's probably why she sometimes appears as too arrogant or too much proof of herself (and as Shirou says, a sort of dictator like). She tends to keep all her doubts and problems in her heart, probably because this is the price of being a Magus as she is, requiring many sacrifices for powers and tradition in exchange.

She's also a very serious person who doesn't enjoy too much jokes and who's always expecting the same conscious behavior from those she interacts with. She's strong and determined, probably because she doesn't want to ruin the good name of her family or maybe because she doesn't want to disappoint herself and her great expectations. She's willing to win the Holy War, but she can't blindly kill people, especially those she deeply likes, as Shirou.

She has her own ideals and she's coherent with the path she chooses, despite her decision involve her many troubles and a large number of enemies.

Archer (EMIYA)

His personality is thoroughly cynical, but at the same time, devoted, and even a little childish to the point that it makes him hard to hate. He doesn't lie, but he does keep secrets. He is sarcastic, but it is how he gives advice. He cannot approve of Emiya Shirou’s ideal of “hero of justice”, but at the same time he cannot deny it.

Archer appears as someone who’s not very keen on social life and he doesn’t either try to be sociable with others. He’s very serious although he likes hitting on others and flattering those he is interested in, like Rin. He tries to be mysterious enough in everything he does, from his plans to his real identity and past. Although he doesn’t have a too high opinion on himself he’s kind of round of his abilities and skills, especially in fighting. He knows he’s strong and he doesn’t try to hide it. As all servants he tries to suppress his emotions and he’s good at it.

He doesn’t seem to be attached to nobody and it seems something happened to him changing him into the cold-hearted person he is. He truly believes people can learn from mistakes but he’s not able to forget and he’s especially severe with himself. He dislikes the whole hero concept so appreciated by Shirou, since this concept implies the creation of unlimited enemies elsewhere. He likes to work alone since he believes people need to learn from themselves and solve their problems without involving others. But he’s always ready to lend a hand after all… He might also appear as arrogant and selfish and it’s partially true since the changes occurred to him completely destroyed part of his personality.

Some thinks he has personality disorders, and yes it’s sadly true. It’s not easy to fully understand Archer and this description might be accompanied by his history.

Sakura Matou/Dark Sakura

While Sakura is outwardly shy, soft-spoken and eager to please, she possesses a great inner strength. As noted by Shirou, she can also be openly stubborn at times. However, she is prone to feeling resentment towards others.

Despite the cruelty she endures living with the Matou family, she is given brief reprieve from Kariya, her adoptive uncle and the only person who genuinely loved her. When he dies in the Fourth Holy Grail War, Sakura mistakes Kariya's last attempt to free her from the Matou house as a warning from Zouken as the fate of those who disobey him. The incident cements Sakura's despair and resignation towards her own suffering. However, her own resolve is strengthened after she falls in love with Shirou Emiya and becomes closer to him by helping him with domestic tasks to express how she cares about him.

Sakura is an extremely caring person. She's always worrying for the sake of those she loves, especially for Shirou whom she loves more than anyone else. Since he lost his family she tried to help him out in everything she could, from cooking to housecleaning. She's a very shy person who doesn't want to draw too much the attenction of others. But it isn't completely true. Since she was a children she was like the shadow of his brother, badly treated by her family, abused by Shinji and harshly trained by her grandfather, but despite her conditions she's always been able to carry one, with her sad, yet beautiful smile and her enchanting sweetness.

She's somehow envious of Rin, for several reasons till feeling a sort of hate in her regards. She slowly changes throughout the story to become a completely different person to the end. Anyway she's smart enough to understand where she's failing and where's she's making mistakes and gets the chances to fix all the problems she causes (or at least she can solve an extremely bad situation) and gets the chance to restart a new life with the person she loves the most. During Fate/stay night, she begins to feel isolated when she believes that Shirou is beyond her reach.

When she awakens as Dark Sakura under the influence of Angra Mainyu, her personality changes drastically; she becomes a devilish, evil, and cruel person. Sometimes, she talks about herself in the third person.

In Fate/hollow ataraxia, Sakura is now the popular new captain of the school archery club. Sakura's dark side still exists, but appears only for comic relief.

Shinji reveals to Shirou that Sakura assumed control of the Matou household, and both he and Zouken are terrified of her.

Rider (Medusa)

Rider is silent, sultry, and vigilant, never hesitating to shield her Master from harm. She is always faithful to her Master, even with Shinji acting in that role most of the time. She is not openly talkative, and she prefers to analyze people and their actions. She is very protective of Sakura and willing to sacrifice herself for Sakura's happiness. She is very logical and she doesn't act out of anger or instinct.

Rider is a faithful servant, she's not that talkative as she prefers analyzing people (and testing them) than speaking about herself (and risking to unhide her identity or her abilites). She can't really stand Shinji, but she accepts him as a Master because she has to. She's overprotective with Sakura, maybe because she's charmed by her kindness and her sweetness or probably because she thinks she can save her from a cruel destiny (it's like she can partially see the future and forecast events).

She prefers to rely on her Master's abilites (tactical and magical) and on her judgment. Rider is a loner. She doesn't get along that well with people, mainly because she's a monster after all and she's used to be avoided and misjudged by people. She really misses the love of her sisters, although she realized they weren't acting all times for her own good, despite the fact they really were affectionate to her. She's not that evil as well, she's probably only egoistic (although we don't know her one true wish, but it's certainly something related to her inhuman condition) in her will to realize her expectations (but again all the characters could be considered under this point of view). She would like to look younger and cuter, as her sisters are.

During Fate/hollow ataraxia, Rider is often found in Shirou's home, always engaging in her passion for reading. Rider herself has deep feelings for Shirou.

Bazett Fraga McRemitz

Bazett is a fairly serious, kind, and hardworking individual, who possesses a strong sense of justice. She can be short-tempered, yet still calculating. While she presents herself as a strong-willed and mature woman, in truth she is actually rather lonely. She is 23 years old.

As a dispassionate and desolate child, Bazett found herself immersed with the story of Cú Chulainn, finding herself grieving over such a tragedy that was his legend, at the same time, finding a purpose for herself. She strove to become a strong magus, gambling in the wild hopes of summoning him and using the Holy Grail as a means of "saving" him from his inevitable fate.

She has a very complicated personality. She might seem as a very mature and calm person with certain coldness and a severe attitude. She doesn't like very much being questioned on her past and her feelings, although she can become very friendly and able to open her hearth to others, if someone show interest in her and in her stories. Bazett could be mistaken as someone who has a very strong personality and no weak-points, though she's very weak on that side, since she hates loneliness and she has always been by herself. She doesn't allow to cry because of her problems and her solitude, though she would sometimes show her weakness and probably being confronted by someone. She also has a cute side, as Avenger says, but she tries to suppress it with all her efforts. She's a good fighter who doesn't let herself being discouraged by circumstances and who's always trying to find a solution to her problems taking advantage by any information she can get.

She also appears as someone who doesn't apparently care for other's good but it's not true, since she wants to avoid external involvements in the Grail War and she also doesn't want others to suffer for anything that the conflict implies (that's why she chooses to protect the town from the shadowed figure who's attacking in Fate/hollow ataraxia). She also cares a lot about Avenger's good, since she wants him to have the chance to live as a normal person, leaving behind his past. Bazett is also an hard worker, someone who's completely taken by her mission and who doesn't accept failures. She might be considered a bit egoistic though, since her will to survive is stronger than anything else. She's ready to live in a fake world forever in order to avoid death, although she understands that reality is a mere illusion.

Lancer (Cú Chulainn)

Lancer is a fierce, but balanced warrior who enjoys combating a worthy opponent. He has a playful attitude and takes a very carefree approach to life, but is quick to work himself into frenzy during a heated battle.

He has a playful attitude and takes a very carefree approach to life. He enjoys fishing, hunting, and hitting on cute girls. He is quite amiable, chatting with many of the former Holy Grail War participants, and is well liked. Nearly every female character in the game is subject to a pick-up attempt (or in Shirou's words, "harassment"). These attempts tend to work out well, thanks to not downplaying his Servant qualities. However, in the end things generally turn out differently, leaving Lancer annoyed and/or embarrassed and the girl(s) in question safe from the grasp of the Blue Panther.

Lancer is a proud warrior, someone who can't abandon a fight just because he's losing. He's ready to fight until the end, for the sake of his fighting will and also for his Master. He easily loses his cool, especially to insults calling him a dog.

He's not interesting in killing innocent people, though he still strictly follows the rules of the war to kill bystanders like Shirou. He's very keen on his mission and somehow professional in his "work". He's noble and he can't really stand people who're joking with him or simply betraying his trust. He's also easily touched by other's problems and if he chooses to protect someone, he'll do his best till the very end. He really enjoys dating women or simply to spending his time in relaxing hobbies like fishing.

Illyasviel von Einzbern

Illya is cheerful and outgoing, being up-beat and generally having a positive attitude. Possessing a friendly demeanor, she is easy to talk to and tends to be playful and mischievous. Deep inside, Illya is lonely, as she has no friends her own age to play with and is often stuck inside the Einzbern castle honing her magecraft.

Illya's personal interest in Shirou seems conflicted due to the fact that Kiritsugu, whom she had loved as her father, remained in Japan as Shirou's guardian after betraying her family by destroying the long-sought Grail. She feels that Kiritsugu abandoned her for Shirou, and is jealous of Shirou for that. When she first meets Shirou, she sees him as something of an older brother. Though he is distrustful of her at first, he comes to like Illya, seeing her as a little sister. However at the same time, she also feels very close to Shirou for his relationship with Kiritsugu. As such, she becomes very affectionate and clingy towards him (like a younger sibling would) when Berserker is defeated, much to Saber and Rin's annoyance.

It can be said that Illya gets her outward personality from her mother. Like her mother, she is kind and childlike. However, she also has a measure of her father in her, as she can be callous and kill others without remorse.

In Fate/hollow ataraxia, Illya maintains her cheerful yet rude attitude and is very attached to Shirou.

Berserker (Heracles)

Due to his Mad Enhancement, Berserker is completely void of thought for most of the story. He is only shown briefly thinking about his fight with Archer, and he speaks briefly before his death during the Fate route.

He only cares about fighting and protecting his Master, no matter what. He's very devoted and Illya sometimes associates him as a paternal figure. Berserker seems to be not interested or even not able to understand what's going on in the Grail War, maybe because he's always in his Mad Enhancement "mode". Anyway he's more conscious about the situation than most of the other characters involved. His reasons are still a mystery, but perhaps, being one of the most symbolic heroes of all the times, he doesn't really need a reason to fight, except than his own will.

For Heracles, who had gone berserk numerous times in legend, the Berserker Class probably feels quite familiar. He cannot act independently because his emotions have been sealed, but no matter how strong the bondage of Command Spells, Berserker never lost the sense at the core of his being. After being blackened in Heaven's Feel, he is able to halt the last strike of his Axe Sword before he dies. He is able to do so due to the strength of his heart; a heart which suffered the pain of rage since his early days as a hero. He is identified as the manliest character in the story of Fate in Fate/side material.

Souichirou Kuzuki

Kuzuki is widely regarded as an austere and impersonal man. He is serious, sometimes emotionless and does whatever Caster says in battle even though he does not care about the Holy Grail. He primarily lectures on World History, though he also holds classes in Ethics. Kuzuki is well respected among staff and students. According to Fate/hollow ataraxia, he finally realizes that he regretted his whole life and how he killed others, knowing and understanding that what he was doing was wrong yet still continuing that kind of life. Uncertain of how to make expiation for his guilt, he suffered during his whole life yet managed to find some peace with Caster.

Souchirou isn't a very well described character. He appears as someone who's always trying to hide something, from his past, from his present, someone who's not able to express his feelings, understanding them or even trust them. He doesn’t' get along that well with others and he always tries to avoid contacts with anybody. He enjoys pretty much being alone and the only person he seems to care about is Caster, who was saved by him just before disappearing because the loss of a master. They were in love and they didn't either try to hide it.

Caster (Medea)

While she was about to disappear after killing her first Master, she lamented that she would disappear before being able to fight. She would disappear unable to do anything as a pitiful Servant summoned only to be trampled upon. While such a situation was vexing, it wasn't out of the ordinary for her. It had always been that way for her, as she has always been used as a tool by others. She had always been treated unreasonably, and she was never once understood by anyone. Her life was always controlled by someone else, and her mind was destroyed at a young age to save a hero chosen by the gods. She was cursed to blindly love a man she had never seen just because he was favored by the goddess of beauty, which led to her being forced to betray her own father and country.

She has no true memory after that point. She was brought to an unfamiliar country after betraying her father for a man, and made into a witch that cut apart her own brother and threw the pieces into the sea to escape her native country. After all that happened, even the man who had wanted it done cast her aside in order to become king after saying he could not marry a witch. Her origin is that she controlled and taken to an unknown country, marked as a witch, and thrown away by the only person on which she could rely. There is nothing people can blame her for, and while the people around her were aware of that fact, they still demanded for her to be a witch.

People wanted a convenient scapegoat that they could blame for any disaster, whether it is an evil to protect the king or an evil to be on the end of evil superstitions. She was part of a unchanging pattern where people demand easily understandable evil to reassure themselves of the own goodness. She was considered the perfect sacrifice in that regard with the only person she could rely on, her father, in a distant country. Nobody defended her, and they gladly blamed her for all the ugly things in the world. They decided every ugliness was the witch's doing, from being poor, to hating others, the fact that humans are ugly, or even that people die.

She merely accepted that fact, and she decided because she can only live as a witch, that she would act as a witch. She imposed such a reason of existence on herself as it is the only role people gave to the girl called a witch who never had a free will. She swore to show them the ugliness of their wishes that they demanded of her. If they do not know their own ugliness, they can stay ignorant, go to hell for their own crimes, and suffer forever. They won't be able to get out of hell, where they will suffer forever as criminals because they do not know what crimes they have committed.

Nobody actually wished for such a thing, and neither did she wish for it. She seeks revenge against her will, without having any wish for herself. Her entire outlook changed upon meeting Kuzuki.

Her main talents lie in plotting and crafting plans. She likes reticent men of sincerity and girls in adorable clothes, and she dislikes muscles. She's merciless against mature women. She doesn't like to be called a "witch", and while she will forgive someone once, she will prepare an appropriate punishment for those who call her a "witch" twice.

Assassin (Kojiro Sasaki)

Assassin's Quiet and composed, always maintains a degree of bushido and and is eager to spar with other Servants. He cares little for the Holy Grail, and outside of his duties to Caster, he only seeks to enjoy a decent sword fight. He truly dislikes his master, and he won't hesitate to kill her. It is revealed in Fate Unlimited Codes that upon his summoning by Caster he refused to be ordered around by a woman, and as a result Caster used a Command Spell to force him into obedience. The Servants are supposed to hide their True names and their powers, but he told Saber who he was when they first met. He always admired the beauty of nature and also the moon.

Taiga Fujimura

Taiga is irresponsible, clumsy, and prone to sporadic bouts of extreme lethargy or zest. Although flawed, she is bright and cheerful who always bring laughs with others.

Taiga is a cheerful woman who's always showing her bright, yet childish side. She is really affectionate towards Shirou and Kiritsugu. She's always ready to help him and she's always trying to give him good suggestions, especially on people he meets and those who're strictly involved with him. She's very proud of her abilities and she think she's one of the best kendo practitioners of the town. She sometimes only acknowledges others through a kendo match, such as in the case of Saber.

Taiga is a very nice and protective person although she loses her cool pretty easily. She can't cook at all and that's why she always sticks to Shirou's house at dinner or lunch time, trying to get some food made by the lovely Sakura, She has a very high opinion on her. She barely accepts Saber's presence at Shirou's house, but she's easily convinced she could be a good guardian for him.

Shinji Matou

Shinji is haughty and known for having a nasty temper. He's also violent, controlling, and manipulative, as shown through his relationship with his younger sister, though this spawns from a sense of inferiority towards her. He does not take any sort of rejection well. As noted by Shirou, he is an ironic yet honest person.

Character Material reveals that he is not as haughty as he looks like in the visual novel. After becoming a Master he felt more lenient and more full of himself, so he becomes more violent during the Grail War. If he survives the war, he returns to his old self, as show in the Unlimited Blade Works route, where he starts getting along with Sakura again like when they were young, and Fate/hollow ataraxia, where he is still a jerk, though in a lesser degree, and he becomes delusional, who often sulks about everything. He truly appreciates Shirou, but due to his arrogant attitude, he refuses to show it.

It can be cited that Shinji gets his haughty personality from his father. Like Byakuya, he is a jerk with a nasty temper, though he is a coward on the inside. Also, Shinji is considered, alongside Byakuya, as a disgrace to the Matou family due to not having any Magic Circuits. Ironically, Shinji loathes Sakura much in the same degree Byakuya hated Kariya.

Kirei Kotomine

Unknown to all those around him, Kirei was born defective, possessing a warped mind since birth. He is an evil person, but not a villain. He is deviant, but not inhuman. He is not sane, but neither is he insane. Despite his personal accomplishments, he never felt satisfaction. Despite his best efforts he could not enjoy what other people found happiness in, and instead found himself drawn to negative emotions like the pain of others. He has found the most enjoyable part of the year to be his all night mass on December 31st. The event allows him to ruin both the past year and the coming year at the same time in the span of half a day. It is strange that the assembled people, while reduced to a state of "I'm sorry for even being born" by him, are all thankful to Father Kotomine afterward. While his words may make people depressed, he will give beneficial advice.

He is very similar to Shirou in that he is a void human being, and can be called the opposite extreme of Shirou. If Archer is a light embossing of Shirou's defects, then Kotomine could be said to be the wall exposing those defects by darkness.
Before coming to fully accept his nature, he was a calm and serious person who did his best to keep from acting on his evil inclinations. He came to believe that joy itself was actually a sin, and, believing that finding joy in and from the pain of others is monstrous and inhuman, condemned the same atrocities that he would later perform. After acquainting himself with Gilgamesh, he fully accepts the joy he obtains from the misery of others.

While knowing of the true nature of the Holy Grail, that he could always be the first to have access to a wish, he cares little for it himself. He is more interested in the results of wishes made upon a tainted artifact, especially with individuals who possess pure souls or good intentions.

He holds mixed feelings over the death of his wife. While he can no longer remember her voice or her face, he sometimes thinks "I wanted to kill her", but he doesn't know if it is a thought for his pleasure or grief for wanting to kill the one he loved with his own hands. He holds it as something that should be hidden forever, as her death was meaningless. Her devotion could not change him, but he doesn't want to consider her death to be worthless. He stopped searching for answers after that point. He warns Shirou not to kill a person he saved if she is a woman because "having her die in front of you hits you pretty hard."

Kirei was originally completely loyal to Tokiomi during the Fourth Holy Grail War.


Gilgamesh is extremely arrogant and selfish, believing himself to be the sole ruler and only king of the world even thousands of years after his death. He cannot acknowledge the authority of anyone, including that of other kings and especially that of the gods. He views all those around him as inferior due to this fact, viewing all other kings and heroes as a collection of mongrels, and disdains anyone who would try to be on the same level as him. The only exception is Enkidu, who he considered to be his equal and only friend. He responds to Rider's request to join him as an ally by saying "It is unfortunate, but I do not require a second friend. Past and future, my companion will only be one."

He believes that all who look upon him, when he honors them with his presence, should be able to recognize him instantly, and feels that the ignorance of not knowing him is worthy of death. If anyone so much as looks upon him with a "lowly and filthy" gaze, it is an intolerable disgrace for a nobleman who claims the title of king more so than anyone else. This is enough to make that person a complete criminal in his eyes, instantly marked for death. He doesn't view the modern world as worthy of having him rule over it because humanity has become too weak. After finding out the nature of the Holy Grail, he plans to use it to wipe out most of the population and rule over those who survive.

Despite his treasury having been dispersed all over the world, he still holds that it all belongs to him. As its contents even exceeded his knowledge, if an item is labeled as a "treasure", it is obvious that it belongs to him. He has absolutely no interest in the Holy Grail before finding out its true nature because competing for his own treasure is a pointless action. He doesn't have a wish, but he cannot allow people to rob his treasury as a matter of principles. The only reason he needs is that it was the law he set down as king. Only if he agrees to give someone the Holy Grail would he allow them to obtain it, but the rats trying to steal his treasure are not worthy of reward. He doesn't mind rewarding his own subjects and people, and would even allow Rider a "cup or two" if he were to bow down to him.

He takes a great interest in Saber and her ideals, and proposes that she becomes his wife. He becomes enthralled with her stubbornness, believing there has to be at least one person in the world to deny him. Should he actually "obtain" her, he comes to realize that the outcome isn't very satisfying. Normally flowers are their most beautiful as their petals fall, but feels disappointed because she only shines brightly to him when she is opposing him. He decides to "show her his love" until he grows tired of her. He has no interest in Saber Alter because she has lost sight of her ideals.

He is prone to underestimate his opponents and views fights as a game of amusement. His gigantic ego prevents him from acknowledging his opponent as a real threat and he does not battle them seriously. This leads to his defeat in his dogfight with Berserker in the Fourth Holy Grail War and his deaths in the possible paths of the Fifth Holy Grail War.

After he consumes his potion of youth, he becomes a well-mannered, polite and amiable little boy. He not only retains his memory but his royal and divine charisma as well. He is amiable with Shirou and expresses his uneasiness of how he grows up to become someone so unpleasant. He becomes a popular idol among children in Fuyuki, as he is seen leading a football team with amazing leadership. Though he later reverts to his normal self, he is able to socialize with others without issue, though he displays his usual arrogance, and becomes portrayed comically in a number of scenes.

Zouken Matou

He's somehow disgusting, not only because of his decadent appearance but also because of his well hided cruelty and the fact that he has always abused of Sakura since she was a child (and he has also encouraged Shinji in doing the same). He has always had the dream to get immortality as his companions for humanity (his intentions were noble at the beginning), but as the time passed his ideal got distorted and he could merely remember his real motivations behind it. He's a fool after all or simply someone who's carried by a vain hope.

True Assassin (Hassan-i Sabbāh)

Not much can be told about his personality since he's a very minor character in route Heaven’s Feel. He's the silent type though, someone who barely speaks and just act, following orders of his Master and proceeding with method.


Regardless of her thin ego, she developed a sense of reason due to her alignment with Ilyasviel. As a result, Leysritt often says what she thinks without any consideration and this gets her often into a verbal conflict with Sella.

She and Illya are actually very close friends and should Illya die, Leysritt would die as well. In contrast to Sella, she possesses a casual personality but has difficulty expressing her emotions and comes across as robotic at times. However, she appears to enjoy teasing Sella and also takes a liking to Shirou because his presence makes Illya happy.

Leysritt is more cheerful and easy-going compared to Sella. She doesn't speak a lot (because being an homunculus she only has the functions she needs to attend her duties) but she doesn't either seem that clumsy. She wants the best for Illya and that's probably why she loves everything that could make her happy (that's probably the reason why she likes Shirou too). She gets along pretty well with Sella too, although their personalities are somehow opposite.


Sella is the serious one between Illya's maidens. She doesn't speak too much (as her partner Leysritt) but she tends to be straighter than Leysritt. She acts bravely but she's easilly scared by paranormal phenomenon (especially by ghosts). She tends to be over protective with Ilya and that's probably why she's always suspicious about people who get in touch with her (especially Shirou).

Sella is highly protective of Illya, whom she loves and cares for deeply, and thus is very suspicious of Shirou Emiya.

Despite her apparent coldness to everyone but Illya, Sella is actually rather fickle and insecure, particularly about her body, and Leysritt and Illya often tease Sella for her harsh personality. Unlike Leysritt's difficulty expressing herself, Sella has clear emotions and does not hesitate to show her displeasure towards Shirou. She usually distances herself from humans and prefers to take care of the flora and fauna of the castle.

Ayako Mitsuduri

She's a strong willed person who can act roughly but who has a gentle heart after all. She's worried by individuals who can make troubles (like Shinji Matou for instance) and she's always trying to get things under her control. She's not feminine at all (just have a look at her normal clothing) and she hasn't any kind of romantic relationship. Ayako and Rin Tohsaka actively compete to see who will be the first to snag a boyfriend. Although she wants to find a boyfriend, it seems like she wants to stay single as long as possible.

Issei Ryuudou

Ryudo is a nice guy who has been friend of Shirou for a long time. He has some clairvoyance abilities and he somehow dislikes odd people (or too famous one, like Tohsaka Rin for istance). He is not that courageous either, he's your smart average guy.

Issei often asks Shirou to fix broken equipment for the Student Body to try and reduce save money on the school's bill. Issei and Shirou often have lunch together in the Student Body's office where they talk about whatever comes to mind. He dislikes Rin, who served as his student council Vice President in Junior High for four years, a period after which they decided they could no longer get along. Though he seems to have a fear of women, he instantly takes to Saber, explaining that "even he can tell" that Saber was a good person.

Caren Ortensia

She has a weird and bipolar personality. As a priestess, Caren Ortensia has an angelic personality and is forgiving to the point that she believes her only purpose in life is to help others, even if she is hurt in the process. She never blames the person who has hurt her and blames the act on demons who caused the person to commit the sin. Whenever she is at fault, she apologizes to God rather than the person. However, in contrast to her angel-persona, she also loves teasing people and exploiting others’ emotional vulnerability. Upon discovery of an individual’s weak spot, she enjoys bringing it out to light in front of all the other characters.

While this antagonizes many characters and causes much outrage and humiliation, she remains calm: once, when Avenger retorted in response to her, she squeezed his face without a change in expression. Due to her somewhat twisted personality, both of her servants (Lancer and Gilgamesh) fear her and usually stay clear of the church just to get away from her. They also compare her to their previous master, Kirei Kotomine and father of Caren, and note that Caren resembles the priest in many ways.

Avenger (Angra Mainyu)

Originally he was a good-natured young man before he was given the crimes of all the country and punished until death. He hated the world at the first few years but he forgave the people and eventually accepted everything in his own way. He acknowledges all evil desire of many people was fine. He thinks that people should do what they believe is good. He has no conception of good and evil, he accepts people just as they are.

In Fate/hollow Ataraxia, Avenger usually has a lazy and laid-back attitude, lacking any sense of justice. This is best shown when he decides to kill innocent people in order to attract the attention of a Master and their Servant (since he believed it was the easiest way). He is also known to be sarcastic, cynical and mercilessly mocking towards the people he interacts with.

Avenger has a sort of dual personality, and this is due to the fact that, having assumed Shirou's identity, he also got part of his personality, like his sense of justice and his affection for those who share their life with him. Although this positive side, Avenger can't be considered as a good figure. His original and dark side hates people, or well hates sacrifice and can't really understand its meaning. This is mostly due to his personal story and experience and the fact that he doesn't want to suffer anymore, especially for matters don't caused by him.

Despite his early disappointment with Bazett's behavior, he deeply cares for her and he wants her to live. He tries several times to leave her behind, forcing her to break their contract, but he's never successful, maybe because he needs her or simply because he wants to be with her. They share a deep, unusual friendship, with a sad conclusion, although they never forget about each other. Avenger is probably the weakest servant, as he has no significant powers or strength and he somehow relies too much on Bazett's ability. He doesn't seem to be interested in fighting as well, although he enjoy battles and the Holy Grail War seems an interesting experience to him.

In the form of All the World's Evil within the Grail, Avenger doesn't have a true sense of self. "It" can be said to be lost in an abyss of shallow slumber within darkness sealed in the bottomless earth. It only dreams of the endless "prayers", unreasonable and unattainable, that the human had long ago been entrusted. It only knows that some sort of sudden changes happened that placed it within the Grail that is "like a mother’s warm placenta." It is only waiting for the moment of its coming birth, so it seeks out chances to come into the world.

Reikan Ryuudou

Reikan is a very responsible person, someone who could be an example to follow, as Issei does, as he tries to act as him and takes him as a model. Reikan is very fond of martial arts (he trains frequently with Souichirou) and takes his role and his duties very seriously (he doesn't seem that happy as well to have a woman as Caster in his temple, though he doesn't dislike her).

Minori Mitsuduri

Minori is somehow shy, but he might be also a bit aggressive, especially with people he doesn't really like or trust (like Shirou for instance). He doesn't show any particular affection to her sister, although he greatly love and respects her.

Kaede Makidera

She is a friend of Rin, and the two often go window-shopping together. She collects windchimes. She is known to refer to herself as the "Black Panther of Homura". She is energetic, likes competition, and tries to lead the members of their trio. She can't really stand failures. She is not academically brilliant and has poor marks at school.

Kane Himuro

She is a friend of Yukika Saegusa and Kaede Makidera, and a long jumper. She is considerate and intelligent. She is the brains of the trio. She is quiet, reserved, and doesn't speak that much as well. She is Minori's best friend and has a passion for gossip, especially if it involves those around her.

Yukika Saegusa

Yukika is a shy girl, and the one that probably respects and worships Rin the most. She's very affectionate towards her younger brothers and she spends a lot of her free time in looking after them. She is one of the few people able to see Assassin at the Ryuudou Temple gate, and strikes up a conversation with him in Fate/hollow ataraxia.

Otoko Hotaruzuka

She feels attached to Shirou and always addresses him by a pet name, "Emi-yan". She has been friends with Taiga Fujimura since high school, and considers her to be a bad influence on her hard-working employee.

Otoko is a serious minded person, although her behaviour might seem childish at times. She is always busy with her business and she really cares about it, but cab be overly generous when money is involved. She is also over-protective of Shirou and she does not want him to follow wrong examples. She can't really stand lazy people.

Kiritsugu Emiya

Kiritsugu wishes to be a "hero of justice" that protects the weak. Kiritsugu's goal was initially to make his actions on the day of killing his father by his own hands meaningful and worthy. Only by hunting and assassinating all heretic magi like his father could he truly prevent such tragedies from occurring again. He lost all traces of youthful innocence after having spent his life going through countless battles while trying to obtain a utopia that could never be fulfilled. After finding out about the existence of the Grail, he wishes to use it to obtain that utopia. He feels no emotion from personal victories over his targets, seeing them as nothing more than successful taunts with calculated conclusions.

He attempts to kill off most of his emotions, acting as the "machine that is Emiya Kiritsugu", in pursuit of his goal. He has managed to become completely devoted to any duty without showing any emotional wavering, though he is prone to fall into moments of extreme emotion and despair occasionally. He admits that he is afraid and terrified of Kirei Kotomine, partly because of Kirei's bizarre personality and also because of the fact that he fears that Kirei might be the one and only person who can kill him. When examining the Contender, he begins to wonder if he will remember the touch of his wife and daughter after the Grail War ends, and falls into self-derision upon realizing the eight year old Ilya weighs less than a rifle. He dislikes such emotions interfering with his work, believing that his interactions with his family have made him more susceptible to sentimentalism in viewing the figures of his own wife and daughter in a passing mother holding her crying child.

He tries to hold to the belief that there is no differentiation in sacrifice, that all life is equal and choosing the path leading to a smaller sacrifice is for the best. With a target that must be eliminated in order to save the world by obtaining the Grail, killing one thousand people to save at least five billion more should be easy for him. He finds himself unable to do so when planning to destroy the Hyatt hotel. He hates the idea of fatal romanticism like the hope that the innocent tenants will be able to escape the hotel in time impeding his abilities. Such ideas and sentiment would kill him on the battlefield, so he feels that he must rid him self of them as much as possible.

He has a close connection to Maiya that is older than than the one with Irisviel, sharing a blood-stained existence not even his wife has ever seen. She acts to help balance his emotions, as she is often even more emotionless than him. Despite being close and having had a sexual relationship for a long duration of time, he shares no romantic feelings for her and attempts to simply regard her as a tool that will eventually die to serve her purpose. Because allowing his wife to sacrifice herself to complete the Grail is a betrayal towards her love, no matter what others say, it is necessary that he does not hesitate in this betrayal. Kiritsugu sees his sexual relationship with Maiya as a rehearsal before this betrayal, a form of self-abuse to steel his nerves while walking down this path. It is probably the sorriest excuse to have an affair, and it is essentially a negative spiral downward without an end.

During the last moments of Maiya's life, he attempts to calmly tell her that she has nothing to worry about because her tasks are complete, and simply state "you will die here." He finds himself unable to speak, and instead he almost finds himself crying for her. She eventually reminds him of his purpose and tells him to save his tears for Irisviel, allowing him to say "Maiya, your task is complete."

He stopped smoking while with the Einsbern family, but takes it up again during the Grail War. Partly because he couldn’t find his favorite brand, but mostly out of consideration for his wife and child. He instantly buys a pack out of habit and once again begins smoking as if hadn’t been ten years. Being a Japanese native, he feels better while in the country despite being used to travel.

Despite his shadiness, he still uses boku (僕), a first person pronoun most generally used by young boys.

Irisviel von Einzbern

Irisviel is innocent and carefree, which results from living her entire life without leaving the Einzbern castle in Europe until the beginning of the Fourth Holy Grail War. Coupling the inborn knowledge and reasoning of homunculi - which are crystals of the 1000 years of the Einzbern - plus the fact that her life experience is that of a mere 9 years, in the end she became a princess that has both the elegance of a lady and the childishness of kid.

Before meeting Kiritsugu, Irisviel had no emotion nor any sense of self-preservation beyond ensuring that she would survive as the Holy Grail. When Kiritsugu expressed his dissatisfaction to Jubstacheit regarding Irisviel's lack of comprehension towards how to protect herself and interacting in the society, Jubstacheit decided to prove Irisviel's durability by casting her into the wastes of the Einzbern forests. Disgusted with Jubstacheit's actions, Kiritsugu rescued her and personally began educating Irisviel about current society and the modern world so she could develop a sense of self. Her rapid development and unexpected insights toward humanity surprised Kiritsugu and they gradually fell in love with one another.

Despite the way Irisviel acts, she displays a mature attitude and understanding towards Kiritsugu and the agony he suffers, as well as the knowledge that she will likely die in the war because of his actions. She also tries to present Saber with a better impression of Kiritsugu since Saber feels her Master's cold nature derives from his belief she is unsatisfactory as a Servant because she is female.

She approved of Kiritsugu’s ideal and vowed to sacrifice herself for its sake, but the truth is that she never actually understood that ideal. In fact, she just wished to walk the in the same path together with the person she loved, but – in order not to burden Kiritsugu – she decided to behave as a woman who would die for that same ideal rather than just a woman that would die for her husband. Although she wished for Kiritsugu and Saber to keep winning and end the fighting, she had little desire towards achieving the Third Magic, which was the Einzbern family’s goal.

Maiya Hisau

Due to having spent her childhood in an environment deprived of humanity Maiya lacks a sense of self. She currently considers that her entire being belongs to Kiritsugu, and asking whether she loves Kiritsugu is like asking whether the innards love the brain. The question itself is meaningless. They share a sexual relationship that contains no real emotions. Kiritsugu sees it mainly as a rehearsal before he betrays Irisviel by allowing her to sacrifice herself and complete the Grail. While it is a form of self-abuse to him, and possibly the sorriest excuse to have an affair, Maiya treasured every second of it.

Natalia Kaminski

Due to her succubus lineage, she has some sexual characteristics that one would be inclined to exhibit. Normally a pupil like Kiritsugu would have acted as extra storage of magical energy in the form of his sperm, but she limited her interactions to only teasing and sexual harassment. Natalia never drained his semen as a succubus normally would because she had grown to love him.

Zero Lancer (Diarmuid Ua Duibhne)

Lancer is an extremely proud and noble knight who wishes to serve his lord to the best of his abilities. The geis laid upon him by Gráinne was taken by Lancer as a test of his pride. He never once blamed her for forcing it upon him, and he truly admired her ability to throw away her pride, title, and future for the sake of her love. He was constantly distressed by the fact that he betrayed his lord, and even as he died while Fionn did nothing, he did not blame his lord for his actions. Lancer believed that despite the cruel twist of fate that led him down this path, the days spent with his lord and his love were used to the fullest.

Lancer sees the Grail War as a miracle that will allow him to regain his pride as a knight by delivering the Grail to his master. He sees no use in wishing upon the Grail, as simply being summoned has already half-fulfilled his greatest desire. To Lancer's disappointment, El-Melloi doesn't believe him in the slightest. He constantly berates Lancer, believing that Lancer plans to betray him and take his fiancee, Sola-Ui Nuada-Re Sophia-Ri, by using his magical spot. Despite his master's distrust, Lancer remains extremely loyal, though he fears that Sola's attraction to him will eventually cause him to betray his master once more.

Lancer steadfastly believes in honor during battle. While being pursued by the knights of Fionn, he refused to fight against his former comrades. During his battles with Saber, he attempts to provide for the fairest conditions possible. He even goes as far as to fight alongside her, acting as her "left hand", after she suffers the crippling wound from Gáe Buidhe in order to be able to face her in battle again in the future.

Zero Berserker (Lancelot)

Lancelot is shown extreme loyalty to his King but Lancelot's guilt was, ironically, compounded by Saber's refusal to actually blame or reprimand him for his actions. He would later admit that this made him feel it impossible to atone for his sins. In his despair, Lancelot sought escape through descent into madness to seek atonement; thus, when he became a Heroic Spirit, he was summoned as the insane Berserker.

Aoi Tohsaka

Aoi is a passive and loyal woman who does not interfere with her husband's affairs, described by Kirei Kotomine as the ideal version of a traditional wife.

She gives off the feeling of a well-raised young lady who became a mother, and she was designed to be a different type of "ideal mother" then Irisviel. Irisviel embodies a "fun mother", while Aoi is a "peaceful mother" who is better at using the "hidden power" that is inherent to mothers. She gives off the strong feeling of "That husband of mine, never taking care of himself", and while she looks like Rin at a glance, her behavior is more like that of Sakura.

Tokiomi Tohsaka

Tokiomi is an arrogant and manipulative man who strives, as all powerful magi do, to reach Akasha, or "the Root of all Knowledge". Although he cares for his daughters and his wife, he appears to be oblivious to the problems and pain they face due to his decisions.

Much to Tokiomi's displeasure, his arrogant and materialistic Servant Gilgamesh has difficulty acting covertly and obediently. In turn, Gilgamesh dislikes his Master, who he considers boring, and is intrigued by his apprentice Kirei Kotomine's participation in the war.

Kariya Matou

Kariya is a good-natured person whose reason for originally leaving his family was out of disgust for their horrible and inhumane practices. He was willing to give up on pursuing a romance with Aoi because he genuinely loved her, and initially thought she would be happy with Tokiomi. He is shown to be good with children with both Rin and Sakura taking a strong liking to him.

Kariya also displays a strong determination and a remarkable capacity to endure pain and suffering after Crest Worm implantation. Due to Crest Worms also slowly eating away at his brain and the constant pain he has to endure, Kariya also becomes unable to perform complex thinking, and causes him to be easily manipulated by others as a result.

Though he genuinely wishes to save Sakura and help Aoi, he is unable to understand that despite giving Sakura away, Aoi still truly loves Tokiomi and she does not want him and Kariya to fight. Oblivious to Aoi's true feelings, Kariya makes Tokiomi's death one of his main goals in the war.

Waver Velvet

Waver is not courageous by nature and somewhat short-tempered, cowardly, and whiny. When he met his teacher again at Fuyuki City, he was scared and frightened by hearing such horrifying words to him. During their search and find of Caster's lair, Waver was disgusted to the point of vomiting at the sight of the inhumanly murdered and mutilated corpses of children. Waver also stood up to Archer who was the most feared Servant of the grail wars. These events all signify Waver's inner sense of justice and courage.

As Lord El-Melloi II, As Lord El-Melloi II, Waver Velvet is now 29 - 30 years old and is Rin Tohsaka's lecturer at the Magus Association. He possesses an interest in the popular culture of Japan, though he likes little else about the country.

Sola-Ui Nuada-Re Sophia-Ri

Sola-Ui is described as a woman who gives off the feeling being an extremely cold and possessing a severe and temperamental sense of authority. She behaves according to her background as a high-class woman born as a prestigious aristocrat, though also a person who is sentimental.

Cruel and careless, Sola-Ui is both devious and clever, often taking advantage of circumstances to get what she wants. She has no feelings for Kayneth and does not get along with him well, criticizing him harshly as a coward for not confronting his enemies face to face. In contrast, she has no qualms about developing affection towards Lancer and deferring to him when he defends Kayneth's behavior.

Kayneth Archibald El-Melloi

Kayneth is a cruel man with a selfish and arrogant personality. He is more cautious compared to Waver Velvet and Irisviel von Einzbern, who both openly stand on the battlefield of the Servants. He prefers to hide himself during the fighting, which earns the scorn of both Rider and Sola-Ui. He holds that all participants of the War will wish to fight honorably as magi, so he feels perfectly safe while inside his strong hold in the Fuyuki Hyatt Hotel. The existence of Kiritsugu Emiya, which goes against such principals to the point where he completely destroys the building rather than facing him in a battle of their magical prowess, greatly angers him. He is also very vengeful towards his former pupil for stealing his artifact and coming into the Grail War with the servant he was intending on summoning. He swore that he would get his revenge on Waver by exploiting the excuse of him being a fellow Grail War contestant to allow Kayneth to find, torture and kill Waver. An act, to Velvet's luck, Kayneth does not get the chance to commit. Strangely, despite all of his malicious and villain like qualities, Kayneth does seem to care and have genuine feelings for his fiance and wife Sola-Ui, despite her loathing and disdain towards him. He still loves her even after she blackmails and betrays him for his Servant Lancer.

Zero Rider (Iskandar)

Rider is noble and physically overbearing, who prefers to conquer his enemies by winning without killing and controlling without humiliating them. He is not pragmatic, but is a person who lets history run its course and acts according to his impulses. While he is wild and somewhat inconsiderate to others, his greed ultimately resulted in the happiness of the people he ruled over.

In his lifetime he wanted to reach the edge of the world but when he found out that the world was sphere, he was in disbelief yet he looks forward to conquer the world. He desires for his incarnation not bounded as a servant but as a human again so he can conquer the world with his army. In the fourth Grail War, he wanted Saber, Archer and Lancer to join his conquest. He prefers to conquer his enemies by winning without killing and controlling without humiliating them.

Rider highly values friendship as he regards the bond with all of his followers in Ionioi Hetairoi as his greatest treasure. They all, in turn, gives him their undivided loyalty and adoration. He also admires people who treat friendship with sincerity especially when he meets Taiga Fujimura.

Despite his Master's shortcomings and their vast differences in goals and personalities, Rider is very quick to start bonding with Waver on a personal level. During their first encounter with the other Servants, Kayneth Archibald El-Melloi, who was originally planning to summon Rider, begins to berate and torment Waver by calling him incompetent. Rider instantly defends Waver's dignity by rebuffing Kayneth for only speaking to them while in hiding. Only someone who will ride onto the battlefield with him is worthy of being his Master, so a coward who only hides in the shadows is a true shame to their battle.

Zero Assassin

Each of the Assassins has their own personality, and their experiences are not shared between them. The female Assassin is shown to be the main one to interact with Kirei. The Einzbern Consolation Room introduces the first Assassin to be killed by Gilgamesh as Zayd (ザイード). He has a polite tone of speech and a habit of pushing his mask up repeatedly while he speaks. He is very passionate and emotional, and he is upset that his role was to simply die. He is eventually convinced to have pride in his role, and vows to become Zayd, the King of Assassins, before dying in despair while seeing the others being slaughtered by Rider.

Ruler/Joan of Arc

She is taciturn and cool when acting as a Servant, but her natural self is a plain and quiet sixteen-year-old girl. She puts order first, and will wield a sword for the sake of the rules, but fundamentally believes "all people and Heroic Spirits participating in the Holy Grail War are important".

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