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April 1st, 2011, 11:34 PM
Subject Line, Mofo, Do You See It?!

Goodbye's are hard. For some more than others. Friends leaving friends, families growing estranged, lovers parting ways. Those are the kinds of ways a goodbye can be seen as hard. In fact, even when you think a goodbye is easily said, can you truly say it is? Have you noticed a certain feeling in your chest, a tightening of nerves and the steeling of emotions when you say goodbye to a friend at the end of the day? Or maybe for some people they've grown so cold and uncaring by the cruel world that they just no longer feel any more emptiness.

That, has nothing to do with this story. This is a story about a woman, her man, and the trials that present themselves. This is the Arcueid Zone. Tremble at your peril, move at your risk, trip up at your grave mistake. Every step is met with dread, every furtive movement met with the mind numbing terror that you are not only putting your life on the line, but for every choice you make you will be doing it continuously. If you can handle the danger, brave the ending, ignite the wall less canopy of the stars, then for you this tale opens up. Carry on, wayward son, there will be peace when you are done.


Shiki set his bags down on the ground, the sound of them thumping to the ground reaching his ears like the praises of angels. It had been a long trip, not helped at all by his girlfriend's excitable temperament. Whenever they passed something even remotely interesting on the road, she begged for him to pull over, it must be cool, they absolutely have to see this, oh my God how adorable is this, oh Shiki can you get this, man, don't you wish that you lived here? Endless repetitions of a variety of the same (Shiki will never be quite sure how that was even possible) had left him with a greater strain on his mind than his eyes that could see death itself.

Speaking of his girlfriend, the devil was she? Shiki sighed, looking around the apartment room disconsolately. The red couch looked so inviting, even though he should have felt cramped from being in the car for all that time. With his girl, it felt like he was only in it for ten minutes at a time, the rest spent sight seeing along the way. He supposed he could understand the need to see all the new things, considering how she had spent her life, but still...

He shrugged off the coat he had been wearing. The winter air had been more than bearable with it on before, but now it was nearly stifling. The apartment may not have been stuffy and smelly, but it certainly wasn't cool by any means. Shiki vaguely wondered how good the insulation must be to trap all the warmness in, but was interrupted before the thought could gain momentum or distance.

“Love it Shiki!” the hyperactive voice could belong to no other female. The following glomp only confirmed Shiki's suspicions. In his tired state, the tackle hug brought his body crashing to the ground. The offending presence showed no hints of remorse. “This place looks great! I went up to the top of the building, and you can see for miles! And there's so much to see! Did you even know that they have a fair set up? I saw the ferris wheel from up top.”

“So, where's all our bags, Arcueid?” Shiki asked, voice nigh inaudible muffled as it was from the floor.

“...oh,” the blond haired vampire's voice may have been sheepish, it was hard to tell, “yeah, I may have left the rest of the bags on the roof...eh, I'll be back in a jiffy.”

Her weight vanished from Shiki's back, much to the joy of his squashed body. He raised himself off the ground, using the nearby bags and leverage. He noted the absurdity immediately. 'I can't possibly be that tired that I need help standing' he groaned inwardly. Due to Arcueid's need to observe everything along the trip, what should have been a four hour voyage wound up taking up the vast majority of their day. The sun was starting to set outside the window. He lifted the bags again, setting them in a corner next to the only couch that could be seen so far.

The living room was small, and led into an even smaller kitchen. There was a nice little bar facing the door from the kitchen, and even came with stools. The fridge likely didn't have anything in it, and the cabinets were sure to be deserted. Aside from the red couch and the mounted TV opposite, everything thus far looked blank. Then again, that's to be expected from an apartment. They wouldn't even stay long enough to fill everything. The one bedroom down the tiny hallway past the kitchen wasn't much to look at either. A TV, a stand where the TV sat, and a bed that barely looked like it could sit two.

Shiki headed back from the bedroom into the living room, to see Arcueid already there and munching on some chips on the couch. She waved at him, mouth too full to talk. She swallowed, and smiled at him. “Hey Shiki, could you help me find the remote for the TV? Maybe there'll be something good on!”

“And by that, you mean I look, you lounge, right?” his weary smile took the edge off his words. Arcueid cocked her head.

“That's what I said, 'help'. You want to see someone about a hearing problem?”

“Nah, I'm fine. I'll see if it's underneath the couch.”

Sure enough, it was, and not ten minutes later the two snuggled on the couch watching some inane soap opera. Shiki had the bottom, with Arc nestled close enough to place her head on his shoulder, but not enough to smother him. That lesson had been learned many weeks prior.

“What do you want to do tomorrow, Arcueid?” Shiki asked when the next commercial break hit.

The vampire princess tilted her head up to look at him, “You know, that's a good question. We should definitely go to the fair, but I'd like it better at nighttime, and I know your tired now. We could consult a city map if we want to go lookin' for some sites, but really...I'd just prefer to walk around. It's a new place, you know?”

“Heh, whatever is good for you. We have all the time in the world.” Shiki placed a kiss on her forehead, “let's hope Fuyuki City can keep up.”

The date was January 28th, 20XX. Two days before the Holy Grail War began. And this time, the Counter Force was ready.


I'm trying my damnest to get back into the game. These hands have been idle for far too long. So humor me for one last trip, and we'll see how deep this rabbit hole goes before we get to our Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory. Do not expect heavy crossovers, I'll say that right now. I'm hoping to make a sort of slice of life-ish story here, with as little crack as I can stave off of it. Then we'll all see whether I can actually do a story without heavy doses of crazy.

April 2nd, 2011, 12:51 AM
Holy crap. You must be a wizard. We're talking about this right now in the Heaven's Gate RP.

This story can only end in awesome. Shiki and Arc in the Grail War? I have no clue what's going to happen, but it'll probably involve killing Servants.

April 2nd, 2011, 12:54 AM
Shiki teaches Shirou that people die when they're killed?

April 2nd, 2011, 03:43 PM
Fate/ Rage Awakened

Rage. The visions of endless waves of soldiers filled his consciousness.

Anguish. Blood splattered against his helm, obscuring his sight but not dulling his skill.

Fear. The eyes of men and horses alike went wide at the sight of the mad knight, and in his hand he wielded death.

Hatred. A fierce burning anger that filled his being with power and the kind of bloodlust that can only be found in a real massacre. Enemies fell as wheat before the scythe, screams and moans filled the air like a symphony of hellish sirens, and yet still. They kept coming. The forces kept up the assault, though surely they knew they were up against the incarnation of madness and slaughter itself.

But that was alright. In his current state, the blood drenched knight with the black blade could not be stopped. So it was inevitable that though all the armies of the world throw themselves at him, it would take a stupendously gifted warrior to take this castle and these knights. The knight knew this, kept waiting, kept hoping for the day that warrior would appear, bearing that shining sword, demanding penance for his crimes. But it never did.

Night. Day. Night. Day. Time blurred and ran together, and all he could see was blood, and steel, and all he heard was screams, and groans, and all he felt was pain, and anger, and horrible, body numbing grief.

The sun rose again, showing not a promising new day, but a continuation of a nightmare. People who had only three hours of sleep complained in exhaustion, but rose nonetheless. Lancelot, laying in his bed, at last could not find the strength to move. It was there that he encountered Merlin the Magician.

“So here I find you, bedridden and weak, Knight of the Lake,” a ghostly voice drifted towards Lancelot's ears. He gritted his teeth, that voice all too familiar.

“Merlin. I'm surprised. Apparently, rumors of your death were greatly exaggerated. Or wait, was that seduction? I can hardly remember.”

“Calm your icy tongue. I have not appeared to judge you knight, that is not in my authority,” at the edge of his sight, the knight saw a shimmering mirage of vaguely humanoid shapes and impressions. Robes. A beard. What may have passed for hands and legs.

“What the devil have you become Merlin?” Lancelot asked, genuinely surprised and a tad afraid.

“You were not wrong when you said seduction,” the twisted reflection of a human being sighed, “Nimue has ruined me. She sucked up all my teachings, and left me stranded in a Reality Marble...well, it's not sense telling you what that is, since you have no idea. I have gathered enough prana, siphoned I should say, to send this illusion to you. It is, sadly, one of the only talents I have left for me.”

“Ha! God may well be just after all,” Lancelot smiled, though it was clearly forced. After all you've done, here you are in your own personal prison. Forgive me for being cruel, but I hope you rot in it.”

“Rage and self pity have taken their toll on you, it seems,” Merlin's ghost, for lack of a better word, sighed once more, “you were not always as such.”

“It is your doing, Magician. Were you not the one Arturia listened to when her advisors said she needed a bride? Did you not recommend Guinevere? Did you, even then, gaze into the future and plot our destruction and disgrace?”

“Your emotions have also made you a philosopher,” Merlin's voice carried a trace of sarcasm, “have I not said before that my visions come not at my own choosing? That I do not command the future, but are bound by it more tightly than any of you know? Yes, I will admit my folly Lancelot, but you must believe me when I say that all I have done, every deceit, every manipulation, every well placed tour, every knight that crossed my path that I sent on a quest, I did it all for the sake of Briton and it's King.”

“Bastard,” Lancelot said it without conviction, on reflex.

“Yes, I may very well be. Your sympathy fills me with joy at having found a kindred spirit,” this time there was no mistaking the sarcasm.

“Why are you here, shade? It cannot have been to mock me.”

“No, no it is not,” Merlin shook his head, a sight that became profoundly more disturbing when the thing that may have been it's head spun in 360 degrees, “you were the greatest knight in her court. Knowledge from the outside world comes to me slower than most. I have only just heard about what you had done. I wished to see you to see if there was a chance you could reconcile with Arturi-”

“Reconcile?!” the familiar anger swept through the knight's body like a particularly addictive drug, “she sends these men here, she keeps herself away from the land on a hunt for this “Holy Grail”, she can't even be expected to come here in person! It is plain she has no wish for reconciliation. Do you not think I have thought of it? But she does not come! Even for me, the one who betrayed her trust the most, the one she should be demanding for punishment. I will not go crawling to her like a whipped dog!”

“Ah, there's that old “pride of a knight” stuff again. I knew you could not have lost that entirely, even in your disgraced state,” Merlin ignored everything else in the rant, “and you should know better than that Lancelot, as you were one of her closest confidants. She was always more married to her country than her own Queen. Their needs and wants are more paramount than her own desires. Speaking of Guinevere, where is...”

“I sent her away when word reached me of the upcoming siege,” Lancelot said sullenly, “right now, she should be at a monastery.”

“Ah, that is good. If she was harmed, talking to Arturia would be nigh-impossible, considering all that's transpired between-”

“You're wasting your breath, Magician, she wants nothing to do with me,” Lancelot closed his eyes, “whatever you wanted to do here, you've failed. Go back to your cave again, wraith, or to even to the King if you want to see her so much.”

“I cannot. Arturia is away from Briton at the moment, and my magic only extends so far,” Merlin's conjuration started to vanish, “I came here first because soon, very soon she will need all the help she can get. I made a grave mistake a while ago, and now it's coming back to grieve us all. Who better to guard her than the greatest knight in the land? Lancelot du Lac, please, I am begging you, save he-” the image crumbled and faded away like a breeze, leaving the troubled knight alone with his own thoughts.


December 1, 20XX

“Ilyasviel's summoning begins tomorrow, Acht. I only come here to confirm your selection.”

“Yes, yes, I am quite sure. We made a mistake with Kiritsugu and Servant Saber. Too much free will, too much instability. Yet I still believe the Isles hold the hero we need.”

“Yes. We've gotten the catalyst. My only doubt is the hero. Can Ilya support him with such minimal support from the Grail? Such a well known hero, surely...”

“Yet you're saying that Heracles would not have put as much, if not bigger, a strain on her? No, what we need is someone loyal to her, with a wide range of skills even in madness. What could he do with brute strength that cannot be accomplished better in skill? My decision is final.”

“...very well. But when you say skill, you don't mean...?”

“I'm well aware of the Mad Enhancement ranks. I will be there to personally ensure Ilyasviel does not cast too high a rank and nullify the point of this new Servant. Trust me, we did make a mistake, but this time the war is ours.”

January 1st, 20XX

He breathed in for what seemed like the first time in forever. The sights he opened his eyes to were dark and unclear, but then his other senses expanded. A castle, that was plain enough. He had been in too many to forget what it felt like. There was a kind of glow, and looking down he could see a circle. And then he saw the girl. White hair cascading down her body, tears streaming down her face. She held a porcelain feel about her, as though she was ready to shatter into millions of pieces. She reminded him of...


The memories started rushing towards him now, along with all the triumphs, the pride, the anguish, the humiliations, the joys. It was...it was too much. Stop it. Nobody can handle this, who can bear this burden? All of these collective reminders of his failure, of his disgrace, of what he had lost... Stop it. His eyes shone red now, and his clawed black gauntlet clutched his sword hilt in a vice. He opened his mouth behind his helm and bellowed out his madness and rage.


“Did you know he would self activate the Mad Enhancement?”

“No. It was unforeseen, but I am glad Ilyasviel stepped in and nullified it. She seems to have taken a kind of revenge after all on what summoning him did to her body. I would have expected her to actually leave him insane though, but somehow this is more fitting for her.”

“It's a bad omen Acht. I knew we should have summoned Heracles.”

“As a knight, perhaps he retains enough sense of chivalry to protect her better than some crazed Greek brute.”

“Heracles does not have such a notable history of betrayal though. I am not sure about this. Acht, we seem to be going too far off into maybe's.”

“Am I not the head of the Einzberns? Besides, we cannot reverse the summoning process. What's done is done. Next week, when she has grown more accustomed to him walking around and mundane actions like that, we release them into the woods. I suppose what happens next will leave both of our doubts to rest.”


I have a theory about Mad Enhancement and certain skills that I probably should have talked to someone else about before going ahead with it. That maybe a high rank in ME negates big time skills like Eternal Arms Mastership and Magic Resistance. Since PotF (Protections of the Fairies) is something external and more of a blessing like God Hand, it wouldn't be affected. I could be wrong, and doubtless some people are going to beat me over the head with it anyway. Also, time jumps. Expect them.

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However... it has a strange feel... that Arturia and Lancelot ended up hating eachother. At first, there was hate, but when Lancelot testified in front of the whole court that Guinevere was innocent, it was all good again. Even during the siege of Joyous Gard, both Arthur and Lancelot started regreting their decisions. And later it was just Gawain's warmongery.

April 2nd, 2011, 06:03 PM
I didn't want to give off the impression of hate. F/z says that all three felt guilty, or something close, because of the incident. Lancelot because he wanted to be chastised. I wanted to focus on that, sorry if it came out too much like anger.

April 2nd, 2011, 06:06 PM
So far, this is nice. Please, do write more.

April 2nd, 2011, 06:18 PM
I didn't want to give off the impression of hate. F/z says that all three felt guilty, or something close, because of the incident. Lancelot because he wanted to be chastised. I wanted to focus on that, sorry if it came out too much like anger.

Yeah, it came out as if Lancelot was raging, but it's not bad. It's ok. Rage is also a part of sorrow.

This make me curious though. I wonder what internal struggles Arturia had to face when her political enemies found out that Lancelot and Guinevere had a romance. She knew that her marriage with Guinevere was a make-shift one, but to others it was 100% true, and still she had to make a really tough decision. Mind that these are the ending chapters of her life.

April 11th, 2011, 06:20 PM
Update: I have found out that I cannot write slice of life! However, I'm earnestly typing, so please be patient and wait another week or so as I try to struggle through slice of life.

April 11th, 2011, 06:27 PM
Go Type!

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Thank tang for pushing this chapter out. Strange as it seems, his dismay was reinvigorating, and allowed me to say “eh, screw it, I'll post it anyway”.

January 29th, 20XX

Shiki, in a feat that would fair near astound his maid, actually got up early and by himself that morning. Arcueid was still sleeping, likely because as a night creature, daylight must be taxing. Or something to that effect, Shiki supposed, he had never really seen Arcueid wake up early. As for himself, well, he guessed that even he had to wake up early someday. Surely the laws of probability were not too against him.

Using the extra time by himself, Shiki went out to explore this Fuyuki City. There had been some sort of tour guide pamphlet, but Shiki left it at the apartment. Since he wasn't going anywhere in specific, he figured why bother bringing it. After all, how could he get lost with such a brightly lit path?


Roughly an hour later, Shiki was hopelessly lost. Stopping at a crossroads, he hesitantly peered down the roads, as well as looking at the street signs. Where should I go? Shiki asked himself. From what he had seen, this part of town was called Miyamachou. To the east, he could see the distant structure of the bridge, but it looked remote and generally sounded like it involved more walking. Up the road it got more traditional Japanese style, with a couple of houses with imposing brick walls separating the residences from each other and the road. Down the road it started to get more western, with a few mansions dotting the area. The west was, well, out of the question, since he had just walked down there for what felt like the fifth time.

After some decision, he started down the-

1. East Road (Bridge, Possibly Church, Possible school depending on if I can figure out this damn map I'm using from HA)
2. North Road (Emiya Residence, I...think. Again, damn map.)
3. South Road (Tohsaka Mansion, Maybe Matou Place.)

Obligatory link to the map I was trying to use. (http://www.myth-weavers.com/showthread.php?t=68516)

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He must go and say hi to Kotomine.

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1. Let's go to Church!