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December 29th, 2012, 11:58 AM
Basically just me writing a few fragmented stories or so based on a mythology I thought of while playing some RPG or other (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Elder_Scrolls) (the prologue is the mythology).So without further ado, I present a work of boredom a (tentative title[s]).

The Great Kingdom
(tentative title)

Prologue: The Lie that is Creation and The Truth that is Civilization

Ten eons ago the world was in darkness and chaos; beasts from the previous world, created by its previous inhabitants causing their own destruction, roamed the land. Humans, newly resurfaced from the ashes of the previous world by the twin gods, cried out to their creators.

The twin gods, acknowledging their problems, created a blazing inferno in the sky, banishing the darkness from the world. In time, this blazing inferno came to be called the sun. For one hundred years humans basked in the warmth and care of the sun. However, one of the twin gods, Nocturne, with no known motive even to his twin, made it so that only half of the world was covered in light, and the other half remained in the darkness.

The other twin god, Helio, recognizing the misdeed done by his twin, banished him so that he could only manifest himself and his godly powers on the dark side of the world. Enraged at his twin’s action, Nocturne lashed out, attempting to strike at Helio.

His attack missed when a mortal, holding a mirror, helped Helio by directing the light of the sun, blinding Nocturne. The attack instead managed to hit a part of the sun, causing a small piece to dislodge from it.

Nocturne having recovered from the unexpected attack, cursed the wayward piece, retaining a small fraction of the light from the sun, so that it would hit the world. The impact caused a huge crater to form in the middle of the world.

The impact caused huge earthquakes to manifest in the world, plunging the world into chaos once more. After a space of fifty years, the tremors stopped, but the damage was permanent; the world, formerly made of one continuous mass of land, was separated, creating large crevasses to form and separating the landmasses. In the same space, waters rained down from the heavens, to quell the fires caused by the earthquake.

Finally, the piece, stopped by Helio, settled on the dark side, providing slight illumination to the world. In time, the humans called this the moon.

Helio, realizing that his twin had gone too far, decided that Nocturne’s actions were too much. Enlisting the help of the humans from the light side, he chose three champions, each talented in his own right, to combat Nocturne. Nocturne, realizing what his twin had done, also made the same preparation, enlisting his own champions from the dark side.

A war soon erupted from these actions, ending in the victory of the light side over the dark. A peace treaty was signed after the victory. Nocturne, with nowhere to go, did a last act by trying to summon unholy creatures from a dimension of his own. Helio, with the help of his six champions, banished this threat and, for good measure, banished Nocturne to the moon.

Even with their victory secured, Nocturne’s actions still left an irreversible change over the world; the world is still split in the two halves of darkness and light and dark beasts still roam the dark side. Helio found a solution to this by rotating the world on an everlasting basis, bringing about the onset of day and night and banishing the beasts into the darkest reaches to the world.

Peace finally restored, the six champions went their separate ways, retaking the lands beyond the newly formed seas and becoming the leaders of their own provinces.

To the north, nestled among the highest mountain peaks, is the province of Nightwind. Eternally covered in winter, it was the coldest province and only the descendants of its original ruler are able to thrive in this harsh environment, that, or anyone foolhardy enough to challenge its harshness and actually survive.

To the east, the twin provinces of Twilight and Duskward are located. Famous for their lush tropical rainforests and abundant fields ripe for crops, Twilight’s inhabitants thrive on these principal products as their source of income and survival. The province of Duskward, on the other hand, relied on the sea to quench their natural thirst for adventure.

To the west lies the archipelagic province of Dawnthread, similar to the provinces of Twilight and Duskward in the aspect that it thrives in the trade of the sea and the forests. The only noticeable difference is that they are more advanced than the other provinces save for one.

To the south lies the large province of Noonreed. Being the complete opposite of the eternally wintered province of Nightwind, the whole province of Noonreed is covered by hot sand, hot winds, and very little water.

Sandwiched between these provinces is the largest of the provinces, Ironshire. This province boasted the most advanced and the most proficient technology in all of the provinces. Due to the huge availability of talent and materials, the technology and state of their living improved more than the other provinces and only Dawnthread came close to rivaling theirs.

Though these are their respective positions when laid out in a flat map, if laid out properly in the topography of the world, two provinces, Twilight and Duskward, would lie on what used to be the dark side and three provinces, Dawnthread, Ironshire and Noonreed, would lie on what used to be the light side of the world. The only exception would be Nightwind, the only province to be split in half in location.

There are other, much smaller settlements and islands that still do not belong to the collective whole but are still inhabited by human or otherwise other species. Though still remaining as such, intrepid adventurers and crusaders battling in the name of Helio started conquering these pockets of land.

These provinces are separated each by a system of waterways, rivers and oceans. The largest of these is the crater caused by the impact of the moon.

All of these provinces and territories came to be known collectively as The Great Kingdom.

Thus started the new era of the human race.


A Chase in Black and White I

He woke up.

Opening his eyes and finding nothing in particular except the ray of sunlight seeping in from the open window, he closed them again and dozed off momentarily before a shout from behind the door forced them fully open.

“Sir, this is the Enforcer force of Twilight, by the authority vested in us, we are to take you in for questioning.”

That woke him up; if the Enforcers of Twilight are pursuing him here in the archipelagic province of Dawnthread, then that means that he had to move, fast.

Fully awake he dressed himself in his usual garb of an all-black ensemble; he looked at the table, opened the top drawer, and took out his pistols.

Though hundreds of years had already passed since the advent of the human race and various technological advancements are already evident, especially in Ironshire, the gun is still a relatively new invention in the lesser provinces.

This is evidenced by the guns he is currently holding in his hands.

Though classified as guns, they are better called as ‘antique instruments that spit out bullets’.

Compared to the advanced guns manufactured in Ironshire which boast the ability of repeated fire and larger magazines capable of holding more bullets, the guns he held in his hands only hold three bullets each and the firing hammer must be thumbed down before firing again.

Despite these glaring flaws these pistols are unique and of his own design, and are in no way inferior to their Ironshire counterparts. In fact, if it came to performance, he could probably say that his twin pistols could overpower them. The cause of his guarantee was the size of the bullets, the main reason as to why his pistols could only accommodate three. In terms of firepower, they could probably rival the power output of a handheld cannon.

He was considering if he should brave it into the crowd of Enforcers outside the door but seem to think otherwise; Enforcers are the elite of the elite in armed and unarmed combat and is officially sanctioned by the central government situated in Ironshire as the main military force of The Great Kingdom. Trying to go up against a single member would be similar to suicide. And it would apply especially to this situation since it would seem that it would warrant that at least five or more Enforcers are present.

He smirked; well, if worse comes to worst, then he would have to fight his way out. But of course alternatives are present.

He looked behind him, there was the open window, letting in the early rays of morning.

Without hesitation, he ran for the window and jumped outside. Beneath his feet are five stories of empty air.


This is the one factor he had completely forgotten about; his lapse in memory likely brought on by the suddenness of the situation. No matter, he can easily remedy his mistake.

“Light as feather, swift as wind…”

As he uttered the words, his direction went away from ‘falling’ to ‘gliding’, going in a speed manageable enough for a soft landing. The moment he landed on the ground the second incantation invoked itself, giving him a burst of momentum, allowing him to run at a speed faster than the Enforcers who waited for him outside could see.


Before the founding of The Great Kingdom and even before the creation of humans, magic had always existed, a relic from the previous civilization that had occupied this world and destroyed itself. Yet even though it had always been there before their existence, the study and application of magic is still in its adolescent stages. It has only grown to the point where practical use is still impossible and only a small number of the populace can practice it properly.

Needless to say, he was one of the persons who can practice it properly.

Of course, special members of the Enforcers are also part of this small number, more so in this case as they are the elite Enforcer squad.

“Swift as wind…”

A single member from the group of Enforcers uttered those words.

Almost as quick as he, the Enforcer dashed out in pursuit. Flaming red hair fanned out behind her as she ran. On her waist is a pistol, not similar to the pistol that he carried, this is one of the latest models from Ironshire, a P30 repeater, capable of holding 20 rounds in its magazine and firing it at a rate of 10 rounds per second, it is one of the fastest pistols manufactured in Ironshire.

With the man’s back in sight, she drew out her pistol and took careful aim, a feat considering that they are both running at five times the speed of a normal human. Finding his back in her sights, she squeezed the trigger for a brief second. With a loud sound, the gun spurted out three rounds, all aiming at the target’s back.

Sensing the killing intent behind him, he aimed, without turning around, and fired a single round from the pistol in his right hand. There was a colossal sound as the bullet left the muzzle at 3000 feet per second. Without any consideration, the bullet that left his gun is far stronger than the one shot off by his pursuer.

The large bullet he shot off met the three bullets she shot off in midair.

There was no contest; the three bullets were mercilessly shredded by the kinetic energy of the larger bullet and even went beyond that. The bullet, not even losing a fraction of its energy and tearing through the bullets, proceeded towards their true target.

She barely had time to react; she shifted her head to the left, trying to dodge the bullet but she still failed.

A splash of bright red blood accompanied the audible sound of a grunt of pain. She fell to her knees, and he took this advantage and disappeared on the throng of people to escape.


An Enforcer stood beside her, offering his hand to help her up. Behind him stood the other Enforcers at the ready, waiting for further orders from her, all of them wearing the white uniform of the Enforcer force of Twilight.

“Tch, I’m fine; you don’t have to help me.” She slapped his hand away and stood up, her actions paired with blood pouring out of the wound on her right cheek. Defiantly, she looked at the direction of where the man had escaped to.

People had already gathered around them, not surprising since she had been chasing him in the middle of a busy street. She glanced at them and her stare sent them all of. But of course, their curiosity is justified; this is perhaps the first time a Twilight Enforcer, regarded as one of the best Enforcer units and second only to the Enforcer unit of Ironshire, was bested in a chase.

Ignoring the blood flowing freely from her cheek, she issued orders to the Enforcers behind her.

“Send out a level three alert to ALL Enforcers across The Great Kingdom and label the suspect as a level five dangerous suspect; I want this done by tomorrow morning, and I want his arrest before the week is over, is that clear?”