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Ivan The Mouse
January 16th, 2013, 04:38 AM
[Oh boy, this is, let's say, one of the closer things I've written to an original fiction. I am really, as REALLY, nervous to write this as the idea lingers to my head, more so really nervous to post this.

But here I am, posting it and hoping it doesn't start anything bad or worse. For me, this is like firing a rusty, badly-made and unreliable muzzle-loading cannon: I hope it doesn't kill me. But well, here goes nothing.]


[Warning: Also, this work of fiction’s themes and content may not be suitable for younger audiences or people with certain sensitivities due to strong and highly offensive language. Viewer discretion is advised.]

Midnight Surveillance Files

Surveillance File #01-1: Nothing Happens...

A few piano keys can be heard playing from the speakers on the living room, accompanied by the claps of a hi-hat and the beats from a bass drum. Just a few seconds after this song started, melodies from a synthesizer enter before a full-blown drumming accompanied the whole range, along with the chimes from a mark tree. And then, the onomatopoeic vocals finally entered, sung by a group of young men and repeated twice, alongside the melody of the song. Then the real lyrics came, which were Japanese and talked as if it was addressed to a woman and how her love changed the singer. The song's lyrics were sappy and romantic descriptions of the woman addressed by the song.

The two box speakers playing the song were mounted in the middle of a black carpeted main hall. The speakers stood inside the area where the carpet covered the floor, and they flanked a complete home entertainment set on two sides. The entertainment set consisted of a 42 inch LCD TV, a DVD player, a couple of audio processing devices, various game consoles and numerous movie and game disks and audio albums in their cases, all stored and mounted on a wooden cabinet.

In front of this entertainment set is a brown leather sofa and two people were seated on it. One is a man with a shoulder-length blonde hair, wearing a black tee-shirt with the words “Don’t Taze Me, Bro” in white printed on it and long denim pants. He was resting his back on the sofa, smoking a cigarette and holding a half-full long-necked beer bottle on his right hand. There were a couple of empty bottles resting on top of the coffee table in front of the sofa which indicated that this isn’t his first bottle.

Right beside him is a woman, the second person sitting on the sofa, who had her long black hair tied on a ponytail in the back. She wore a green yukata with gingko leaf patterns. She watched the screen of the television avidly as her favorite boy band danced and sang in a completely white hall accented by a lot of animated graphics. She seemed to be really amused as she watched these young men in light-colored suits perform, and it showed on her eyes and her smile. This apparently both irked and amused the blonde smoker seated beside her, as he observed her reaction to the dancing boy band.

And when the last repetition of the song’s chorus came in, she started to sing along. Her voice was like that of a woman trying to be cutesy and she also slowly and slightly swayed her body from side to side while singing along. This action made the slightly drunken smoker hang his head down and snicker, while shaking his head out of disappointment. He then glanced at her for a short while and when she sang the lyrics that dropped the song’s name, he snickered a little louder, almost bordering on outright laughing.

The music video finally ended its run and the ponytailed lady picked up a bottle of Pocari Sweat from the coffee table and drank from it. The man beside her who was observing at the woman’s reactions to her idol boys kept laughing as a residue of his amusement from her earlier singing. She didn’t seem to mind as he outwardly mocked her mannerism while watching the idols.

After a short lack of action from the two people aside from the blonde man’s snickering, he then drank half the contents of the already half-empty beer bottle and asked the lady “I dunno but you Japs really like ya damn dance and sing youngins’, eh? I mean, back when Japan was going salaryman up everybody’s ass after the Pacific War, you already have these couple lesbo dancers singing and touring ‘round the world!”

“Neo-san,” The lady in yukata called his name, with still a cutesy voice and Japanese honorific “The Pink Ladies are not lesbians-”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” Neo said in a dismissing manner before taking the cigarette off his mouth and placing it on an ashtray in the coffee table. “But wha’ I’m sayin’ is, why the damn obsession with those matinee idols? The motherfuckin’ West tried that shit once in the Eighties and Nineties and the teen bitches went apeshit over it, but they grew up nobody likes ‘em no more! It’s like yo’ damn country never grew up!”

“But that is because you Westerners do not know how idols go through.” The Japanese lady said with lamenting voice. “You know that these idols are just kids with dreams and hope to earn fortunes for themselves and they have talent that they are willing to share to the world. While the other countries will mainly see idols as just people who do the jobs given to them, we see them as people who help us get through the day’s work by singing and dancing!” She ended her reply in a childlike and optimistic tone.

“And that’s why you chinks, gooks and Japs like killing yo’selves.” Neo retorted at her with all smug and sardonic indifference. “Them high suicide rates really prove that your youngin’ idols really do their jobs of makin’ happy.” He then picked up the cigarette he put down to the ashtray back to his lips and smoked it then put it back at the ashtray. He then added “Real smart, Yukina. Real fuckin’ smart.”

Yukina then answered while still visibly ashamed and upset to Neo’s insults. “But people killing themselves have already been in our culture since back from the time of the Feudal Era or older. As much as it is not a good thing, we cannot just remove that aspect that easily.”

“Yeah, and if that’s the case, ain’t it funny that things neva’ changed even after them idols appeared and started prancin’ like a buncha’ retards on the damn TV?” Neo told Yukina, still smug about what he perceives as his intellectual superiority over the woman, before he took another swig of beer which emptied the bottle. He then leaned forward to lift himself up from resting his back from the sofa, but remained seated. “Admit it; this whole idol thing is just ‘nother money-makin’ machine that runs on stupid hopes and dreams of both the retarded idols and the mo’ retarded fans. In short, it’s the same thing as the Nineties’ boy bands, only mo’ bullshit.”

“Neo-san, what is so bad about earning from your talents and working hard to improve your skills?” She replied with all determination to defend her love of idols from his nasty dismissal of them. “If the people think the idols are bad at what they are doing, why would they support them? Arashi has been there since the Nineties, when they were just young teens, right? Now, they are around their thirties, but they seem to be as popular as ever! It only shows that they love what they are doing, and their fans support them!”

“Well, obviously…” Neo said these words in an elongated tone then immediately went back to his very disputable Pan-American accent. “If a celebrity goes showing his face on e’ery damn ad or commercial in a country like Japland, it won’t take long fo’ people to know their faces and names. But knowing someone’s name ain’t support. Fame ain’t meaning everyone likes you. I mean, I know the name of that singing faggot kid from Soviet Canuckistan and especially the retards at YouTube, but that doesn’t mean I have a hard-on for him. And yeah, ever wondah why yo’ prancin’ pretty boys have a lot of commercials? That’s because their quintet gig ain’t paying so much, that they needed some what you Japs call ‘arr-bait-oh’. And since going on ads are a good source of publicity for fame whores, that’s a swell deal for the idols too, ain’t it?”

The yukata lady was already pouting in subdued frustration upon hearing Neo’s politically incorrect-laden quip. She didn’t like that her favorite idols are being insulted but she isn’t the one who picks the fight. It would be very unladylike for her to express her anger and more so it was not becoming of herself if she didn’t just let it pass. But she wanted to defend her idols, so she said “But you saw a video of Arashi’s concert once when I played in on the television set, right? There were so many enthusiastic fans who attended it. And the same with Morning Musume and KAT-TUN too, and they dance along with them. So how can you say that our idols do not have the support of their fans?” She kept her saddened tone in the reply.

“I dunno ‘bout that.” Neo drawled, still amused, as he picked up the lone bottle of beer from just below the coffee table and opened it with butterfly knife he took out from his pocket. He then drank from the bottle and then continued replying “Maybe the Nips are so bored outta their fuckin’ minds that they’ll just want an excuse to go out, so the concerts are there so that the recordan’ companies can make money out the bored-ass suckers. Or maybe Japan has shit tastes in music. I’m guessin’ it’s both but more on the latter, since J-pop is mostly either bubbly bullshit or grimderp.” With a cold beer on his hand, Neo opted lay his back again on the sofa.

“But just because it is not your type of music does not mean it is bad, Neo-san.” Yukina said to him in a swinging tone that resembled a child’s school greeting. “I do not like your metal or rock bands, but I cannot say that they are bad either. That is because I do not know how to judge them as they are not my type of music.”

“Then it’s yo’ own damn fault.” Neo replied. “Ya neva bothered listening to Western rock or metal because yo’ too scared of it. But I can’t blame you fo’ that. Japland likes its bubbles and rainbows too much, and the ones who listen to the grimderp are called ‘Choo-knee-view’ anyway. But while you might call it culture, I am calling it bullshit. And there’s nothin’ you can do about it. Besides, you might also be thinkin’ the same thing to Western culture and I honestly don’t give a fuck if you do.” He continued before he took a small drink of beer.

“If those are just your opinions, why do you have to voice them out like that?” She asked, still a little upset about him expressing his views on idols combined with his usual explicit manner of talking. “I know that you always talk like a rough person, Neo-san, but please try to lessen it, even for a bit.”

“An’ now you’re tellin’ me. Well, I guess you love yo’ idols mo’ than yourself, ain’t it, huh?” Neo then was about to take the cigarette he left of the ashtray but when he looked at it, only the butt was left unburned as it hanged on the ashtray’s notches, so he decided against it. “Yeah, yeah. I’m sorry ‘bout that. Let me say what I said in a shorter and mo’ pleasant way, m’kay?” And Yukina nodded cheerfully.

He then took another swig of beer which emptied half of the bottle on his hand and howled, “Your idols suck!” He then laughed out loud mockingly at Yukina and it became louder when he saw her infuriated pout regarding his directly insulting comment. But the Japanese lady apparently won’t budge from her well-established morals of letting insults pass. She just stayed silent even if it showed on her face that she felt insulted by the blonde man drinking beer.

“But by the way, what’s with this whole ‘Choo-knee-view’ deal?” Neo asked her a question with the intent on changing the conversation’s topic. “Is this some kind of new fad like them emo faggots or Nazi punks? I mean, there’s a shitty ‘Annie-moo’ on air righ’ now that talks about some girl who fuckin’ believes that she has magicuhl powa’s or some sort of delusional shit. And it has a long-ass name, I don’t even wanna know it, just like that one with the bitch little sister and her spineless sissy big bro. So tell me, what’s with that whole fuckin’ deal?” He then looked at his empty beer bottle and saw it as it is, so he just placed it among the empty beer bottles he left on the coffee table.

Yukina already opened a box of strawberry-favored Pocky and was about to tear the silver foil pack that held the cream-coated thin biscuit sticks when she started to answer his question while trying to pry open the pack. “Oh, ‘chuunibyou’ means ‘second year middle school syndrome’ in our language. Those are the teenagers that have hyperactive imagination and they believe that they have known and seen everything and look down on the rest. Either such, or they believe they have magical powers like anime characters.”

“Oooh, so that’s what you call them now, huh? That’s what Japan calls having ‘maginashun now, huh? Ask ‘em to behave themselves when they’re a bunch of little squirts and stop ‘em from being kids, then complain when this kinda shit happens when they grow up, eh? No wonder you’re all killing yo’selfs by the batch or being a bunch of faggot shut-ins.” Neo then took out a pack of cigarettes from his other pocket and picked one stick out of it before putting it down beside the ashtray. He was about to put it on his mouth but then replied some more. “So how is that so damn different from bein’ a teenager now in the West?”

She finished munching and chewing a Pocky stick before replying to his question. “Um…There are different kinds of chuunibyou, Neo-san. One of them makes up stories about being involved in a gang and doing all kinds of anti-social stuff.”

“Oh, so they’re like those kids who listen to gangsta rap back in the Nineties and then acting like a pretty fly, nigger gangbanger, wearin’ those baggy pants and gold, iced chains? We call ‘em ‘posers’ here in the West, Yukina. Wangstas.” He replied before finally putting the cigarette he took from the pack between his lips and let them hold it in place. He then snapped his fingers near the open end of the stick and it took him three attempts before a spit of flame appeared from the gap between the fingers he snapped. He then used this flame to light the cigarette stick and started smoking it. He then asked her “Okay, keep tellin’ me.”

“And the second one loves things that are not trendy or well-known such as music or books that most people never heard of; so that they could feel special about themselves by being different, when do not actually like these things.” Yukina told him just before she took the Pocari Sweat bottle and drank the rest of its contents.

“Hipsters.” Neo simply said. “Damn, even the dumbass and wannabe edgy comments at 9Fag will poke fun of those people’s shit tastes. You know, the ‘never heard of it’ or ‘before it was cool’ jokes are all over the internet. And most of tha’ time, it ain’t even funny anymore.” He added after he took the cigarette stick out of his mouth when he smoked it again.

“And the last one are the most well-known-” She was about to explain, but he blocked her by talking dismissively.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Goths and emo kids. While them Jap goths believe that they have these dark powahs and shit, the Western goths believe that they’re a bunch of ‘tortured souls’ living in an age where they ain’t needed and wish that they were born back in the Victorian Age, when people in the same social state as them are working like a bunch of mangy mutts in shitty factories instead of writing shitty poetry and moping around. And the emos are crying over their faggy selves and always talk about suicide and death and bleeding their wrists out when they’re even too faggot to actually kill themselves. But the thing is; both groups are dressing up like a bunch of dark freaks and are delusional anyway.” Neo smoked some more before continuing his outburst. “And do you know what, I think I’m actually realizing righ’ now what this whole ‘Choo-knee-view’ deal is, ya know?”

She was about to eat another stick of Pocky but then she stopped for a while to ask about his last statement. “…And what is it, Neo-san?”

He snickered and then answered “It’s just more of Nipponland’s culture being shitty. I mean, the West have a lot of names fo’ people outside the mainstream culture, ya’ know? Punks, gangstas, emos, goths, greasers, jocks, nerds and all that jazz, the labels have somethin’ for every subculture. But the Nips? Huh, they only have two terms about it: Either the fuckin’ otaku or the chunnibyou. The rest are either a buncha' nobodies or simply fuckin’ fashion statements. And by the definition of chunnibyou, it only implies two things: First, the Japs think that if you disagree with the mainstream, yo’ a fuckin’ moron who neva’ grew up from middle school. You like underground bands, you’re chunnibyou. You don’t like talking to people, you’re chunnibyou. You don’t think like the rest, you’re chunnibyou. Second, if you have chunnibyou, you’re sick in the mind. And as I said it, the word is simply the general Japanese term for ‘you aren’t like the rest of us.’, if they can’t call you a shut-in. Bein’ different is bein’ a sick retard in Japland, that’s what the term implies to mah ears. And it’s lazy and dismissive, ya know?”

“B-but…” Yukina was again rendered upset by Neo’s comments about her country’s culture. “You said that even the Westerners do not like hipsters and wannabe gangsters. Was not that what you said before? Does not that mean that the Westerners hate people different from the rest too?”

Neo was smoking when he heard her questions and then he replied “Well, at least we specify why we hate their guts and why they suck ass anyway. We hate the hipsters because they so smug and conform to their non-conformity. We hate wangstas because they know jack shit about the thug life and why it actually sucks. We hate goths and emo kids because they’re making up problems ‘bout their lives that they can just solve easily. But we ain’t lumpin’ them into a group and call ‘em sick in the head. We call the hipsters as hipsters, wangstas as wangstas, and goths as goths, not hipsters, wangstas, goths and emo kids as literally crazy-ass morons. We don’t hate people because they’re different; we hate ‘em because they’re shitty people who happen to be outside the fucking loop.” He then smoked again and the cigarette was already half-consumed.

Yukina then notified him again. “But chunnibyou are people who are something they are not and lying to themselves…”

“And that’s another point.” Neo drawled. “That damn word implies that people who are outside the mainstream loop aren’t true to their selves. That hipster doesn’t actually like the song; he just wants to feel special, neva’ mind that not all hipsters are like that, he might just be a fan and yo’ just being an ass. That wangsta haven’t actually done somethin’ nasty; he just wants to be special, when we don’t even have an idea if he’s tellin’ the real stuff or talkin’ out of his ass. That goth or emo is just delusional and wants attention, but don’t bring him to a fuckin’ shrink and give him meds because that shit ain’t manly. Yeah, if that is how Japan treats people outside their mainstream, no wonder you’re all suicidal sons of bitches.” His tone sounded harsh but dismissive and yet he relaxingly kept his back on the sofa in the whole time he was telling her his views.

The black-haired woman was starting to show on her face a pout that signified that she could cry anytime the conversation goes even further. She didn’t want to hear more from him, so she simply stated “Neo-san, y-you are the worst…”

He then grunted and said “You mad, Yukina?” in a smug tone. She stayed silent when the question was asked, and he continued “Well, I’m the worst, ya say? You shouldn’t be mad, then. Fo’ I am Neo, the Great ‘Merican Outlaw. Deal with it.” He called himself the epithet with so much pride brimming from the smug smile he had on his face as he said it.

The sound of someone clearing their throat can be heard from a far side of the living hall and it drew the attention of both Yukina and Neo. They then saw a man with brown, short and curly hair, wearing black suit and tie and rectangular glasses with lenses that were so thick, they obscured the man’s eyes. This man walked in a precise and steady manner towards the two, while saying “I see that Neo had made you feel bad again. Isn’t that the case, Yukina?”

“Onii-chan!” She called the suited man with tone not unlike that of a hurt little girl calling her bigger brother. “Neo-san keeps insulting Japan! He thinks we Japanese are mean to people who are different!”

Neo then defended himself from the accusations by saying “Well, Rattus, I’m just stating mah honest opinion to her-”

“Neo, your opinions are always obviously designed to infuriate people.” Rattus blocked him and his tone was monotonic and strict. “This especially occurs when you talk about Japanese culture, just like what happened now. If you can’t halt yourself from stating things in an insulting manner and tone, then you better halt voicing out your opinions.”

“Man, stop being so fascist. It ain’t good fo’ yo’ image, mostly because you’re a Kraut.” Neo’s tone was indifferent in this reply.

Rattus then retorted while keeping his monotone, “And this is the attitude that I’m referring to. I am going to let this go for now, as per standard protocol in this group. Also, I need to discuss something with you regarding your next assignment, Neo.”

“Well, I’m game.” The blonde nodded once to his request.

“Good. The details are in documents in my baggage.” Rattus was referring to the black leather briefcase he was carrying during that time. “This will be a surveillance mission and it will be civil-oriented.”

“At the Jap rapists and ultra-feminists on war with each other?” Neo asked with all anticipation.

“Yes.” The bespectacled man answered directly. “We need to plan our strategy in secrecy at the dining room. Follow me.”

“Well, as usual.” He then stood up from the sofa and followed Rattus into the dining room.

The suited man, while on his way to room, looked back at Yukina and said “And before I forget, Yukina, I want to borrow your copy of…What was that again, the two-dimensional bullet shooter with little girls in it?”

“That will be Touhou, Rattus-san.” She diligently replied. “Which of the games shall I give you, then?”

“Give me the first of the series.” He specified to her but he stopped walking for a while. Neo was nowhere in sight at the great hall and is now at the dining room.

“On PC-98 or Windows?” She asked again.

“Windows. I haven’t installed an emulator for the PC-98 yet.” He then started walking again to the dining room until he was also nowhere to be seen. This left Yukina alone in the great hall with an empty bottle of Pocari Sweat and a box of Pocky. Seeing that Neo was no longer around, she then played another J-pop music video at the television and, this time, it was a girl trio and the music video’s concept was the members of this girl group as androids on a lab.

And as soon as the music started playing, she sang along with these girl idols in the same way she sang with her boy idols earlier. This made her happy again.

January 16th, 2013, 04:44 AM
Hm, like I said, a good introduction - here's hoping Neo can do a bit to make himself more of a character the reader wants to follow, regardless of whether or not they particularly like his attitude. xD

*gives the C.Yukina more pocky* >___>

Ivan The Mouse
February 25th, 2013, 09:54 PM
[Warning: Also, this work of fiction’s themes and content will not be suitable for younger audiences or people with certain sensitivities due to the disturbing themes as well as the strong and highly offensive language used in the narrative. Reader discretion is strongly advised.]

Surveillance File #01-2: ...Yet.

“Okay.” Neo exclaimed as he sat on a slouched position on a wooden dining chair, with his legs crossed in front of him and his arms on the chair’s rest. “So we’re really gonna intervene with those Japs beatin’ each otha’s asses because of gender issues?”

The chair he was sitting on, much like the dining table and the other chairs like it, was made from dark-colored wood and designed with a Napoleonic motif. The dining room and, by extension the whole manor they resided in, were also made with the same theme. Despite that, it seemed to have Gothic influences because of the materials used and it generally made the manor looked gloomy without electric lighting. But even the lights were chandeliers made from curved strips of wrought iron and nothing else aside from the small light bulbs they held. This made them look minimalistic from their construction, although they looked newer than the whole manor itself.

From across Neo is where Rattus sat, and he gave a precise answer. “Yes.” The man in glasses was seated formally as opposed to his colleague that sat in a relaxed yet informal way.

“Really?!” Neo was disbelievingly amused when he asked him. “Goddamn, I didn’t know ya cared ‘bout those beat-to-death issues, huh? So who we gonna side with, the rapists or the feminazis-”

“Neither of the two, Neo.” He again replied in a defined manner while pulling something out from the briefcase he was carrying.

“W-what?!” The blonde was surprised, but was still amused and almost bordering on laughing upon hearing Rattus’ answer to him. “Man, don’t tell me we gonna just go crashin’ in there and wreckin’ some shit up! I know that ain’t yo’ style-”

“Neo.” Rattus’ monotone was slightly raised in tone when he called him out. He then pulled out a folded street map and spread it wide all over the table, revealing the whole contents of the place depicted on the map. He then stood up from his chair and began explaining “We have already established that there are two groups at war with each other. One of them is a group of men allegedly lead by a person named Takayuki Mizushima, former general manager in a bank who has been terminated for seven charges of sexual harassment against him, filed by seven individual women. All of them were subsequently dropped for unknown reasons, although there were circulating rumors that all of the complainants received death threats and experienced stalking, which might have influenced their decision to drop the cases filed against him. Nevertheless, Mizushima was not reinstated back to his position after the incident.” He was handing the copies of the legal documents from a file folder he took out from his briefcase to Neo while he was lecturing him.

“Woah.” Neo exclaimed in an elongated tone while reading the papers, now also standing up in front of the table. “That is one slick motha’fucka’, huh? So, wha’ happened next?”

Rattus then continued his briefing, as if he never stopped talking at all. “He then received employment at a manufacturing company as a supervisor and six months later, a woman named Noriko Shimada filed another sexual harassment case against him and the new company wanted an out-of-court settlement, but she vehemently refused the offer. A week after the case filing, Shimada was found murdered in her apartment with clear physical signs of rape. A hunting knife was used as a murder weapon and they found traces of DNA in the victim’s nails that point to the murderer’s identity as Kotaro Yazu, a close friend of Mizushima and a former police officer who have been discharged for disciplinary reasons. There were warrants of arrest against the two for the murder of Shimada, but their whereabouts were unknown during that time.” He handed small and grayscale photographs of the people he mentioned to the American blonde while explaining more details. His tone, however, never changed and remained monotonic.

While looking at the photographs, Neo asked the bespectacled German. “So how the fuck did we know this ‘Me-zoo-she-muh’ guy is leading the damn Trainmen or whatever?”

“Because a month after the murder of Shimada occurred, another woman was murdered in the same method. She was identified as Akiko Hashimoto and she was one of the earlier complainants against Mizushima. Her body was found abandoned on a roadside fifty miles from her residence on Ono City on Hyogo Prefecture, where he used to work and live. However, DNA collected from the seminal fluid left on her body revealed that there were as much as four or five assailants involved. Then, another woman was found dead in the same manner, she was identified as Chinatsu Arisato of Sanda City, also an earlier complainant against Mizushima-” Rattus was interrupted by Neo, and he was pointing out the places he was referring to while he was explaining them.

“So lemme guess, they fucked and wasted all the girls who sued Mizushima by the same five guys?” The blonde rudely blocked him with this question.

“Not exactly. While they did murder the remaining women who filed cases against him, there were also women who had virtually no known connection with him yet were killed in the same way. There were, so far, 32 victims solidly attributed to Mizushima and his group, but the Japanese authorities believe that there were many more bodies yet to be uncovered, since they found a shallow grave of another victim killed in the same way in a neighboring prefecture. And since the group never bothered cleaning the murder scene or the victims’ corpses, their seminal fluids varied in DNA and they found out that there are almost more than fifty suspects involved, maybe even more. Mizushima’s DNA was found only in three of the crime scenes, so they suspected that he masterminded the incidents.” Rattus said unflinchingly, as if he memorized a part of an encyclopedic article. He was also pointing out by finger the places where the victims’ bodies were found on the map he spread out at the table.

“M’kay.” Neo replied in agreement, with his hands placed on his hips. He then shrugged and questioned “So what’s with tha’ name? Ya’ know; who called them ‘The Trainmen’? Why not just call them ‘Hyogo Rape Party’ or something that makes mo’ sense? An’ the pigs know who the suspects now, right? So why not just sweep and clear the bastards then call it a day, then?”

“The Trainmen got their name from at video that was released to the Internet and discovered by the Japanese media last year. And I am absolutely sure that you know the contents of that video.” Rattus retorted with all self-assurance.

“Ooooh.” Neo exclaimed in an elongated tone, as if he finally remembered something. “That video with the Japs wearing ski masks holding a woman wearing torn-to-shit clothes?”

“Yes.” He replied to him. He then demanded “Please tell me the whole contents of that video. I can’t view it myself.”

“Pussy.” The blonde smugly snapped back to him.

“It is not avoidance, Neo, but rather because I don’t think I can derive information from directly watching it, as I am not too well-versed in the Japanese language myself.” Rattus remained solidly deadpan when he explained his side. “Also, you know that I don’t usually read news on the Internet and I don’t have time to watch videos like that.”

“Awright, but you should watch it sometime, man. It’ll be cool.” Neo suddenly dropped his conceit at him and started to talk, in his usual way. As he spoke, he started to take a seat again and remained there for the rest of his recalling. “So five guys inside a train car, wearing ski masks, two of them holdin’ a kneelin’ nurse girl wit’ torn as hell clothes by the arms tightly, then one starts talking and it’s about them being the baddest motha’fucka’s on Nipland and how they’re declaring some sorta war against all feminists and their sympathizers or somethin’. He also blabbed somethin’ about superiority of men and how Japan went to shit after it allowed feminism in the country and they say tha’s the reason why there’s a lotta shut-ins. Hell, they blamed feminism on their declinin’ economy and their xenophobia since they’re saying that women are naturally selfish and stupid, therefore they’re wanting to put the women back to the kitchen and make them stay there, ya’ know? Then after they done talkin’, they wanna make an example on girls who ain’t agreeing with them, so they’re sampling the nurse. Ya know what’s happens next.”

“I see.” Rattus affirmed. “So what weapons did you spot they were using at the video?”

“You know, the usual Jap stuff, since they’re all too faggot or stupid to use guns: Tasers and huntin’ knives. I mean, after they came all over her, they put a dildo set to max in her pussy again, then tazed the fuck out of her ‘til she croaked.” Neo said to him.

“Hhrm.” Rattus subtly grunted at his explanation.

“But I can say these guys are the real deal, ya’ know?” Neo added his statement. “I mean, they’re almost like the Al-Qaeda or Taliban of anti-feminism, with a matchin’ execution video too! I even thought it was fake and the usual fucked-up Jap porn!”

“Indeed, Neo.” He declared in agreement with him. He then continued answering his question regarding the group’s name “Mizushima’s group was then given the name ‘Men of the Train Car’ by the media, and the users of the textboard 2channel then shortened this to ‘Trainmen’, as jibe at the very first ‘Trainman’ back in 2004. In other words, they…turned it into a joke.”

“Well, as expected of the Jap shut-ins.” He was indifferent yet assuming in his tone. “But yeah, why ain’t the pigs arrestin’ these guys? Are they done jacking off to the video yet, or did the Trainmen actually go real underground? These guys are looking mo’ like terrorists now!”

“Isn’t apparent that these people are conducting terrorism right now?” Rattus asked him, as if the blonde acted incredulous everything that was discussed. “Until this day, they have been doing guerilla-style rape-homicides against women in Hyogo and in the other neighboring prefectures, which could signify that they have grown in strength. There have been infrequent arrests on its members by the local police, but the victims are still growing in number. And aside from that, they have sporadic clashes against the Black Swan Brigade.”

“And yeah, how about the Girls’ Team?” Neo then asked him. “What’s their story?”

“Ah, about them.” Rattus sighed out of exhaustion, then took out a hip flask from his coat and took a swig from it. He then kept it back and continued explaining. “A few years ago, there has been a file circulating on the Internet among Japanese users. It is a word processing file and it contains a 55-page manifesto entitled ‘The Great Struggle of Japanese Women throughout History’. It was written by an unidentified person under the pseudonym ‘Maria of the Void’. The views expressed in the manifesto are of radical feminism, as the introduction praises Valerie Solanas and her work on the ‘Scum Manifesto’, and also of extreme misandry. The aim of the work, according to the author’s introduction, is to put Solanas’ ideals in action and apply it in the modern Japanese state, as well as to fill the void and ambiguity left in the manifesto and fill it with a systematic and physical elimination of men as a living gender.”

“So let me get this.” Neo immediately spoke. “This ‘Maria of the Void’ wanna turn Japland into a babe-land and kill the rest, is that wha’ the manifesto is sayin’?”

“Perhaps, it is. When I read the manifesto as translated by Yukina, it sounded very similar to Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ in tone.” Rattus replied. “The author also mentioned that the inspiration of the book was a late friend of hers named Arisa Matsumoto, who committed suicide because of multiple rape attacks against her. She, according to ‘Maria’, tried to file cases against the people who raped her. While the first two of them succeeded, the third was as dismissed due to lack of evidence, regardless of Matsumoto’s insistence that the incident did take place. The fourth was also successful, but the arrest was never carried out. There were allegations of bribery occurring, as well as rumors circulating that Matsumoto was falsely accusing the suspect. Because of this, she committed suicide by hanging, and ‘Maria’ clarified that she took her own life due to the stress caused by the legal proceedings, as well as because of rumors against her. She also stated on the manifesto that she was only able to sue four out of the five that attacked her.” Rattus kept explaining. Neo was starting to get a little sleepy during the briefing as the lecturer in front of him kept his voice on a mostly monotonic cadence. This feeling manifested through his yawning, but Rattus didn’t mind him doing so, as if this was his established habit already.

Nevertheless, Neo commented about what was explained to him. “I dunno, but it sounds retarded that she got banged five times, ya know? I’m guessin’ that there’s somethin’ fishy about this ‘Ah-ree-suh’.”
Rattus was left silent for a moment upon hearing his reply, which had implications that quickly sank on his mind. He then broke the silence and said “Neo, are you blaming the victim?”

The blonde then looked away for a short while and grunted smugly and retorted “Well, I mean, if someone got raped once, the one who fucked her got horny or somethin’, so it’s his damn fault. But someone just got raped five times? Oh, ya’ gotta be fuckin’ kidding me. It’s either you’re strutting like a slut, yo’ luck fuckin’ sucks or somethin’. I ain’t sayin’ it’s obviously her damn fault, what I am sayin’ is there’s really somethin’ wrong ‘ere, man. But anyway, tell me more about this Brigade, Ratt.” Despite Neo’s request, Rattus did not continue explaining immediately nor say anything. He looked at his listener as if he said something wrong and was disappointed, which created a terrible silence. Neo, also not saying a word and looking back at him, was quickly annoyed at this lack of reply. He tried to get Rattus talking again by asking in a demanding tone. “What?”

Rattus kept his silence for a few seconds, and then quickly pushed his glasses back by its bridge before he went to continue lecturing Neo. “After Matsumoto’s untimely demise, ‘Maria’ has began writing the manifesto and after she was finished writing it, she sent the manifesto to her female acquaintances via Internet download. She also sent an electronic mail to those who received the manifesto in which she is asking for a meeting with them. Upon meeting with these women, she effectively established the Black Swan Brigade along with 12 other members. And according to their website, there are now no less than a thousand and five hundred members of the Brigade today.”

“Damn, that’s some good recruitin’ drive, huh, from 12 to a grand. So how they gone getting mo’ girls into the team, then?” Neo asked. “Sounds like they know their shit well, man.”

“The members of the Brigade send the manifesto to their other acquaintances via electronic mail and ask them to read it and give out their reactions. If their reaction is positive, then they are asked to meet the sender. If message’s receiver agrees to the terms given by the recruiter, then she is made to be member.” Rattus explained. “An undercover police agent first discovered their method of recruitment through the Internet. But before she was able to locate the Brigade’s headquarters, she was captured then executed. She also noted that most of the members go to Nagano prefecture to meet with their squad leaders, so the police deemed it possible that they are also based there.”

“And they’re also bein’ hunted by the piggies? For what?” Neo immediately asked again.

“Multiple cases of assault and murder.” He replied as quickly as the American man asked him. “They have targeted several men, all which were suspected by the Brigade of committing sexual offences and crimes against women. They also have murdered men who have been legally accused of such while investigations are undergoing, as well as those who have been prosecuted but deemed innocent by the court. This is another reason why the police thought that Nagano was their base of operations, because most of the assassinations happen there. They also had a predilection to mutilating their victim’s bodies when they hold high positions in the fields of commerce, politics or law enforcement. One highly publicized incident of their actions is the murder of Akito Shintani, chairman of a huge pharmaceutical conglomerate who was accused of sexual harassment by one of his employees. Within the week when the court hearings began, Shintani was found dead in his room on his home in Nagano, with his viscera scattered and head cut off. The Brigade claimed responsibility to the murder in their website, saying that he deserved it. A month after the murder happened, the police dismissed accusations of sexual harassment against him due to lack of evidence. The female employee who accused him also came out to say that she falsely did so because of her dislike of her superior’s condescending attitude towards her co-workers. Nevertheless, the Brigade refused to acknowledge that Shintani was an innocent man, saying that the employee’s confession was just forced by authorities to cover-up their incompetence, as well as justified their actions because, while he might be innocent of sexual harassment, he is a businessperson and therefore committed malpractice once in his life, so they were just punishing him.” Rattus was handing out relevant documents and photographs to Neo while he was explaining the Brigade’s actions, as well as pointing out on the map places where the incidents happened. Neo briefly looked at the documents and the photographs. At this point, since he wasn’t allowed to smoke on the dining room, he then took out a piece of gum from his pocket and started to chew on it. He looked very satisfied as he started to chew the gum, with a nod of approval coming from him, while reading the documents.

“So,” he spoke out while still chewing the gum. “They’re a bunch of self-righteous and psychotic feminist bitches, ain’t they? No diff’rent from the rapin’ Trainguys. In fact, I’d rather back them bitch-slappin’ bros, ya know? Them Japs are fin’lly getting their fair dose of serial killas.”

“And that is why I am briefing you for this mission, Neo.” Rattus snapped back.

“Yo’ sendin’ me to the Trainbros?” Neo questioned him with all menacing delight on his face. “Oh man, I fuckin’ love mah job!”

“Yes, as an infiltrator.” Rattus answered back, completely unamused to Neo’s reactions. “I know you have a history of war rape back in the Pacific Theater of the Second World War. And you have a positive feedback regarding it.” His tone finally showed a hint of harshness and contempt, although still on the monotonic side.

“Ratt, if ya’ know how hard-assed but dumb the Japs back in Okinawa then, I’m pretty sure yo’ gonna reward ya’self with some lonely Jap pussy too.” He boasted with all self-assurance and amusement, still chewing the gum. “Goddamn, if Peleliu wasn’t some fuckin’ jungle with no one livin’ there but them Nip cannon fodders, I should have fucked those spineless bitches earlier!”

“Hhrmn.” Rattus grumbled, as a sign of disappointment for his colleague’s barbaric attitude. He then pulled out his hipflask again and drank from it. “I hate to admit it to myself, but you are overqualified for this kind of operation.”

“Damn right ya are.” He answered with all agreement. “But yeah, what’s yo’ plan, boss?”

“Since we know that the Black Swan Brigade and Trainmen are clashing against each other, my plan is to escalate the fight by supplying them with weapons.” Rattus directly stated his objective. This baffled Neo himself, making him mouth out the words ‘What.’, without audibly saying it.

The war rapist then protested sardonically. “Oh, so yo’ gonna send me to the Trainbros to be a salesman for yo’ guns, huh? And now yo’ whining ‘bout me being a rapist in the Pacific? Nice logic.”

“Neo.” Rattus called him out at once with his tone slightly rising up. “I am not going to sell the weapons; I am going to give them away without taking payments.”

“That ain’t helping, man.” Neo kept his acerbic tone. “So why just give away them guns? Are you tryin’ to start somethin’ just fo’ shits and giggles?”

“No.” He replied sternly. “What I am trying to do is to escalate the fight between these two groups to the point that they’re going to use military firearms at each other.”

“Why, man?” The man chewing a gum asked him.

“In that way, the Japan Self-Defense Forces will be forced to act against the two groups.” Rattus said. “The Japanese government seems to act as if they are irrelevant yet these people are already conducting something that is tantamount to terrorism. And the only difference between them and the terrorists we know is that they aren’t using any small arms and light weapons.”

“So yo’ gonna give them guns to make the Jap Feds get up from their lazy asses and shoot the fuck outta these mofos?” Neo summed up Rattus’ plan in a few words. “And by the way, where did the Girls’ Team get their name from?”

“I have no idea.” Rattus said flatly. “As for the plan, do you have any inquiries or suggestions to improve the effectiveness of this planned operation?”

“Yeah. I gotta little something like, ya know, a proposal of ‘notha plan.” Neo then changed to a berating tone. “Why don’t we just go there and kill ‘em all ourselves?! That be easier, none of this sneaky bullshit, man!”

“And then we get hunted down by the Japanese government for multiple counts of murder, is that what you wish to happen, Neo?” Rattus replied calmly. “I know that our Order is comprised of three people: you, me and Yukina, with all of us immortal to various extents. But we should not let our immortality make us careless and complacent, for we might surprisingly meet a greater match. And I know that you don’t like being shot repeatedly like a target practice, Neo. That has been answered now; do you have any more questions?”

Another silence emanated after Rattus’ emphasis on why he wanted an infiltration in the ranks of the two groups. The only thing that can be heard during that time was Neo’s chewing of the gum in his mouth and even with that, the satisfaction on his face from the gum’s taste now disappeared.

“Okay, ya fuckin’ win.” Neo broke the short silence as he rested his feet on another chair. “And yeah, ya didn’t tell me wha’ those ultra-bitches are armed with.”

“Extendable batons and combat knives, theoretically speaking.” Rattus said. “Those two weapons were left behind in two separate scenes where the Brigade attacked, as well as bruises and stab wounds were found on their victim’s heads.”

“Nuttin’ else?” Neo picked up a document and started to read it.

“Nothing else.”

“Goddamn, what a letdown, huh?” Neo’s tone was slightly amused and disappointed. “I thought they’ll gonna carry at least some crappy Saturday night special. But yeah, Japs are too stupid to use those and these cunt-eyed bitches ain’t no diff’rent from the rest. So yeah, when will I start this and what do you want me to actually do with the Trainbros?”

“Neo, once you have successfully adapted yourself with the Trainmen, I want you to convince them to use small arms against the Brigade. I want you to be really subtle about it and, please, do not just enter this organization and immediately tell them to get weapons.” The arms dealer instructed. “I don’t know the exact details of their modus operandi; it seems that it would be hard to convince them because they’ll rather rape their victims before outright killing them.”

“And yeah.” The infiltrator interrupted him and said. “You gonna supply the Girls’ Team too, ain’t ya? Who’s gonna go to them, Yukina?”

“Yes.” He answered him. “She won’t exactly be sent into the Brigade’s ranks, so she will be briefed differently from you.”

“Well, I just hope that retard ain’t gonna retard on us and actually join the Girls’ Team. That’s gonna fuckin’ suck dicks.”

“I know that, Neo. But in any case, I am going give you a week to prepare yourself for this mission and get to your destination. I want you to infiltrate and subtly convince them, do you understand?” Rattus reiterated.

“Yeah, I got this.” Neo answered while still looking at a document related to the Trainmen. “They’ll never know, man. They’ll never know.”