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April 3rd, 2011, 11:43 AM
Fate/Regalia Interrogation Room

Alright, this is the place where your characters dirty secrets will be raveled.

But before we start with the interviews a few rules for this place.

1. Anyone who wants to be interviewed is required to find someone who will interview him. Then they will appoint a date of the interview. The interviewer will put then an announcement here on who, by who and when will be interviewed.

2. Other players can PM the interviewer with possible questions for the one who will be interviewed. The interviewer has the last word considering the questions he will ask. He can use the ones send to him, but don't have to.

3. Besides the announcements and the interviews no other posts are allowed here. If you want to discuss the interviews do it in the discussion thread.

4. Both the interviewer and the interviewee HAVE TO role play here. No matter what happens and is said, you have to respond as your characters. But breaking the forth wall is allowed.

5. None of the information reveled here are to be used in the RP thread until your characters learn about them in that thread.

6. The interviews are going to take place in real time so both participants must be present at the time and they will post they questions and answers here. No other posts (announcements) are allowed while the interview is still going.

7`. It's allowed against your own servant.

That's pretty much it. If you think something must be added/explained/changed give me a notice in the discussion thread.

Interviews list:

DarkMAN - Rei & Artificer

Hyarion - Juliana & Gunner

Genessa - Drake & Kaiser

Corporal Optimus - 4 & Trickster

MasterSeth - Katsuhiro & Marauder

Hero - Firo & Lancer.

Genessa - Luis & Squire

DarkMAN - Froste & Saver

Tobias - Matthias & Assassin

Mellon - Sakuya & Ravager

Chaos Greyblood - Zero & Murderer

Knight Turtle - Gin & Seer

Corporal Optimus/Tobias - Lacey & Caster

Ivan The Mouse - Hakan & Berserker

Tang - Mei & Betrayer

Hyarion - Kazu & Invoker

Twelveseal - Rebecca & Warder

DeathWish - Syouko & Enchanter

Zagrin - Shizuka & Hunter

MasterSeth - Felix & Saber

April 3rd, 2011, 11:48 AM
Matt: "Alright people, this is the first interview for the OLYMPUS newspaper new column: "Interrogation room". Here we will try to have a closer look on PC's.
I am Matthias Gummer and I will be your interviewer today. So let's get this started.
Our guests today are Fujou Rei and her yet to summon servant Artificer.
Welcome, and thanks for sparing some time for us."

Rei: Hello there, Gummer-san. It was a long walk, but we're finally here. Hope we didn't make you wait too much.

Artificer: ...

Rei: To be honest, the reason why we were late was because of him... He didn't want to-

Artificer: ... Waste time like this. Matthias Gummer, depending on what you ask, I might or might not let you leave this room alive.

Rei: ... He's a little tough with new acquaintances. Maybe a command spell will make him behave properly. Don't you think?

Artificer: ...

Matt: Guess he would be more lively if Assa was here. Whatever he can play tsun if he want to, until he answers the questions.

Artificer: ... I'll kill him now, Master.

Rei: Not during the interview! That'd make me look bad!

Rei: Please, Gummer-san. Could you ask those questions, already? He's not in a good mood today.

Matt: Right, right, the questions. I have some questions prepared beforehand and a few letters from our readers, but judging from the amount you two aren't popular characters. Well for the first something that could be expected. Whats your impressions about OLYMPUS up till now?

Artificer: There is no need to be popular. Unlike my Master, I believe it's good to keep a low profile.

Rei: Eh.. Maybe they will change their minds if we give them some time...

Artificer: ... OLYMPUS is the place I've been looking for. I can't wait to visit 'The
Forge' at the Hephaestus District. There, I won't be bothered by any of you.

Rei: ... Ugh... Well, as you can tell, OLYMPUS is surrounded by mystery. There are many puzzles to solve, and many secrets to reveal. I haven't been here for long, but, as the detective I am, I'll make sure I find the truth behind all this.

Artificer: Heh... Hey Master, I think there is a clue right in front of you. Can't you see it?

Rei: S-Shut up, Artificer! ... N-Next question!

Matt: Well, that's some interesting point of view you have there. OK, let's try with one of the letters...
"What was your first reaction upon knowing that you were invited to OLYMPUS? What were the things you found hardest to leave? And why do you think you were called to be in OLYMPUS?"

Rei: Oh, it looks like someone wants to know a lot about me.

Artificer: ... It wouldn't be wise to answer that question. Someone might use it against you during the course of the war... I would.

Rei: There is no need to worry, I heard that what happens here is only between us and our fans.

Artificer: And you actually believe them...

Rei: ... Anyways. My first reaction was surprise, followed by hope. I needed a miracle, and God sent me a map of where to find it. I never left anything behind. Yes, my home and family are still in Japan. But that's where they are supposed to be. Because I came her to save my family. That's why I am in OLYMPUS.

Artificer: I like you when you talk so confidently.

Rei: But I still don't like you! Geez, I wanted to summon an Archer class Servant. How did this happen?

Artificer: It's because we are very compatible, Master.

Rei: Q-Quit it. As for the last question... I'm not sure. I don't have enough evidence to present an hypothesis.

Artificer: Heh, and you call yourself a detective.

Matt: I see. It is a bit too early for some conclusions. Next question is for Artificer.
"Where you a womanizer in your life? How many lovers did you have?"

Matt: Appears that someone actually thinks you might have succeeded at some point.*smirk*

Artificer: Don't get cocky, you bastard.

Artificer: But Lover? I only had one. Of course, there is a big difference between a lover and a woman. A lover is someone who you'd die for, someone you devote your life to... A woman is...

Rei: A woman is what...?!

Artificer: Let's leave it there...

Matt: Hmmm~ But your attempts in creating a harem in OLYMPUS are pretty well known.
So Rei, how do you feel about your servant hitting on every single woman that appears?

Artificer: Oh... Crap.

Rei: I... I had no idea! So you mean my Servant is a pervert...?

Artificer: Uh... Of course not. Don't believe this man. Look at his face! He's clearly l-


Artificer: That wasn't on purpose!

Matt: So... since Art might not be able to answer for a while let's get back to Rei.
You said this trip is your hope and a miracle send by God. Did you mean you sister's situation by that? Can you tell us something more about it?

Rei: ... Ah.

Rei: It seems you've got a very good source, Gummer-san. I don't tell that to everybody.

Rei: You are right. My younger sister, Sakura, suffers from a terminal illness. There is apparently no way to stop the decaying process. So I'm betting it all on this miracle.

Rei: ...

Matt: Sorry to hear that. One of our readers is interested in how far can you go for her. So Rei, will you walk on straight to your goal even if it means leaving misery, rubble and burning corpses behind?

Rei: ... To ask such a question...

Rei: I'll reach my goal. That's my purpose right now. To get there, I'm ready to suffer any kind of pain. But I ain't so selfish to take innocent lives to do so. I don't follow the path of an assassin, but that of a hero...

Artificer: Did I say th-

Rei: S-Stay down, you! ... I would like to change the subject right now...

Matt: Speaking of it, what subjects do you find most interesting?

Rei: Eh...? Ummm... I guess Languages is one of my favorites. I know quite a a lot. It's too bad I can't read anything but what's writen in Braille.

Rei: Then, Witchcraft. It comes as no surprise, as that's my specialization.

Rei: Now that I think about it... I'm surprised nobody asked about my magecraft. I guess the ones who sent the letters are not suited for interrogation. Oh well.

Matt: Oh, if you are willing to revel such info then please, do share.

Artificer: I can't allow that, otherwise Master shall become an easy target, if they figure out her weaknesses.

Rei: Yeah, that's right. Well, how about an intimidation tactic? We give them a bit of information that will make them wary, and so they won't approach without care.

Artificer: That would give us time to prepare, too. And we prepare much better than our enemies... Okay, do it. But not too much.

Rei: I know, I know! Hmmm... Well, I guess I can tell you this. One of my spells is a ten-count. You know what that means right, instant contract! Even a Servant can't ignore that in battle.

Artificer: Eh, hate to say it, but Master's right.

Rei: So there!

Matt:I must admit, I'm not impressed. But that's probably because I have a hax spell of my own. So the next question...
If you were to become a cake, what cake would you be?...

Matt:...BUHU, What a retard come up with a stupid question like thi- ...Wait, it was me. So your answers?

Rei: ...

Artificer: ...

Rei: Strawberry cake, I guess? I like how it tastes.

Artificer: ... I refuse to answer such a stupid question.

Matt: Tch, can't you have some fun here? Huh? Fine! I will give you a normal question.
Artificer, from the weapons you can make, which type is your favorite to create and wield?

Artificer: And do you honestly expect me to answer that? Heh, fool. But, out of pity, I'll give you a hint. The weapon I like the most is the one I used to defeat my rival smith. Since you don't know who I am, that shouldn't tell you anything. Happy?

Matt: In other words, you suck at everything and just bash with the hammer?

Artificer: Exactly, funny man. Exactly.

Matt: Then Art, what kind of women do you like? Only those who can't run away or do you have more refined taste? Also what about you Rei?

Artificer: Women are women. As long as I can get satisfaction out of them, there are no limits.

Rei: I... Uh... This... You see... I...

Artificer: Clearly, she has fallen for me.

Rei: T-That's not it! I... I like men that treat me like they would treat anybody else...!

Artificer: Argh, that Tohno guy is becoming troublesome!

Matt: Actually I was asking only about women, but whatever. Our time is nearing to the end so final questions. Let's see:
"What the hell are you eating to make them so big, you milk cow!?"

Matt: ......This handwriting..... ASSASSIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN!!!!

Rei: Ah... *Blush*

Artificer: Heh, she's right. The energy from her eyes must have gone to her t-

Rei I-I Believe it's time to e-end this interview! L-Let's us go Artificer!

Artificer: Fine, then take my hand, and I shall take you ba- Ahhh! Stop! That's my ear!

Matt: Our guests were Fujou Rei and Artificer. Thank you very much for your time and bye. We shall meet again when the time for next interrogation comes.


Matt: Sigh, what a stupid work. Shouldn't have taken this part time...

Assa: Master...

Matt: OH! What do we have here? I was just going to look for you~

Assa: H-how did it go?

Matt: Splendid! Just that, there was a question I don't remember coming up with...

Assa: Yes that! What did she say?

Matt: ...If you want to be a milk cow then eat grass!

Assa: O_O

Assa: ...

Matt: You are not seriously considering that, aren't you?


April 3rd, 2011, 11:50 AM
Sakuya: "Greetings, this is the second interview for the OLYMPUS newspaper new column: "Interrogation room". Here we will try to have a closer look on another PC's.
I am Ryougi Sakuya and I shall be your interviewer today.
Our guests today are Drake Edelphius Walker and his yet to be summoned servant Kaiser.
Welcome aboard and thanks for sparing time with us Drake-san, Kaiser-san."

Ravager: ...

Drake: No, I should be the one thanking you for sparing your time. By the way, doesn't Ravager wish to talk or even greet us?

Kaiser: Whatever. Let's go straight to the questions, shall we?

Drake: Agreed. Whenever you wish, Sakuya.

Sakuya: Ravager?

Ravager: *smiles* Peace be upon you too.

Sakuya: Well then, I have some letters in my hand but before we get to that let us start with something basic. What do you two think of Olympus?

Drake: Well, I think of OLYMPUS as the result of the combined efforts of the Mage's Association worldwide, which is something that I did not believe until I saw it with my own eyes. To me OLYMPUS is like what pulling the sword from the stone was to King Arthur; it's knowing that I'll become a part of history.

Kaiser: To me, OLYMPUS can be summarized in a phrase: "Panem et Circenses". Basically, it means: provide the populace food and entertainment and they will not give a damn about what the people above do. Short long story, I feel like I was standing in an illusion that could break in this very moment.

Sakuya: I see then. Well I hope it holds on until this interview ends. Here's our first letter.... *blushes ever so slightly* "Are you or are you not a virgin Drake-san?"

Drake: "Woah, such a question! I'm kinda suprised, y'know. Well, since you seem so eager to know (And in the case you are a girl) perhaps you would like to find out?"

Kaiser: "Master, what if it's actually a guy...?"

Drake: "In that case he can find me a girl and ask her afterwards, right?."

Ravager: *sigh*(Honestly....)

Sakuya: N-next question! Why did you leave the Clock Tower?

Drake: Well, there are various reasons. First of all, I never felt I could fit there with all those serious people, nor I was ready to die like every single magus, even the lowest ranked, is. And, above all... Getting diagnosed with a brain tumor was the thing that got me moving, I guess. I refused to die without knowing more than England, so that's why I left.

Kaiser: ...I kind of admire you.

Drake: Why?

Kaiser: I don't see many people being that cheerful upon their impending death, except two kind of persons: the mad and the wise ones. And I don't think you are mad.

Sakuya: We're sorry to hear that...then does your wish for this grail war has something to do with curing your brain tumor?

Drake: More or less. As a magus, I know the Holy Grail is nothing but a massive prana container. Actually, I'm concerned with using the energy from the Holy Grail to create a spiritual land to set "Laws" where healing magecraft could succesfully allow doing such things.

Sakuya: Then I wish you good luck with that. Next question, still from the same sender. 'How far will you go in order to obtain your wish? Are there any lines you refuse to cross?' Well Drake-san?

Drake: "Heh, I knew something like this would eventually appear. I want to avoid killing at all costs. Life is something precious that should not be wasted. But let me warn you. Over the years, I developed methods to get my opponents out of the way without killing them. You could say that Freelancing made me a pragmatic person, so don't think that you will get an edge over that."

Sakuya: Chivalrous but will not hesitate to cross the line. This is the kind of Master Drake-san is. Moving on to another one....here we go. "Drake, have you ever thought about drinking absinthe or some other licourish flavored alcohol to open your circuit? "

Drake: "During what you could call my rebellious stage I would bring such kinds of beverages to the Clock Tower and would from time to time take a few shots under the pretext of opening my circuits, but never intended to do that seriously, especially when I became a Freelancer."

Sakuya: Interesting....next question. "Could you tell us why did your Hecate Phone looks like a Hawk? Does it have something to do with the way you live life, or is it something completely different?"

Drake: I don't know. Maybe... Ever heard the saying "A hawk only shows its talons when it sees its prey?"

Kaiser: So, Ravager, spekaing of that. How long are you going to sit around and pretend you are not a feral fighter capable of bringing down some of the thoughest monsters?

Ravager: *smirk* Just because I am a Heroic Spirit of Carnage it does not mean I am going to intimidate everyone I meet Kaiser. I shall bare my fangs only when the situation needed.

Kaiser: I see. A clever strategy, but poor deployment. Anyways, next question in case there's any.

Sakuya: This is a question for you kaiser-san. "How would you stop someone from bullying you?"

Kaiser: Interesting question. In case it got me on my nerves and the person performing the bullying were someone not to attend logical reasons, it'd be reduced to either leaving or fighting if extremely annoyed by the bully's attitude.

Ravager: It's my turn. Try and convince us why you and no one else are the person worthy of gaining the Grail Servant Kaiser.

Kaiser: I think it's pretty simple. I am one of the few, if not the only one, who after being done with it would share its power with other people in need for it.

Ravager: If that is your answer it's settled then. It's my win.

Sakuya: (They sure are competitive lot....) Last question before we end our interview session. What's your favorite colors, Drake-san, Kaiser-san.

Drake: I think... Yellow kinda suits me.

Kaiser: Grey's for me. Doesn't stand out in the day nor in the night, so it's useful to reduce chances of an enemy spotting you right away.

Drake: Whew. I guess this was the end, huh.

Kaiser: Yeah. By the way, Ravager. Being stronger and more ruthless than anybody else doesn't mean you'll turn out to be the winner. Because, who knows if there's even a prize to fight for?

Ravager: *smiles* And that's precisely why you will lose Kaiser.

Sakuya: Then, if there's nothing else that concludes our interview session with Drake and his servant Kaiser. Thank you for bothering to come over for our little interview Drake-san.


April 3rd, 2011, 11:53 AM
The curtain's open on a dimly lit stage, A masked figure is the only one standing on it, a voice synthesizer makes it difficult to determine gender, thought it sounds as if the masked figure might be male.

Masked man: Goooooood evening ladies and gentleman! I am servant murderer and I will be your host for the evening, we have a great interrogation room planned for you tonight, in a few minutes we will be hosting the famous battle cook and his servant-to-be, The old man of the mountain, servant assassin herself! Those of you familiar with my master might know he had looked forward to hosting this interview, but I decided it would be more fun if I did it instead! Master took it pretty well though, you just gotta know how to talk to him!


Zero's head bursts out of a bathtub filled with ice, there is blood drying on the back of his head, after a moment, his hands go to his stomach, which is in horrible pain.

Zero: Oh god my kidneys are gone!

*back at the theater

Murderer: Anyway, we will be starting in about 20 minutes, so stay tuned!

Murderer: Aaaaaaaand we are back folks, our guests have arrived, and we have quite a few letters from your adoring fans, Matt, you and your servant are certainly a popular pair, thank you for joining us tonight.

Matt: Yeah, sure. It feels kind of odd to be sitting on this side... Or maybe it's because I'm being interrogated by a Murderer.

Murderer: Heh, well lets get right to it, first one is just a warm up, how are you two finding Olympus so far? is it everything you thought it would be?

Matt: Sigh, a troublesome question right at the beginning... Let's see, for now it's one strange thing after another, I really don't know what that Atlasia woman thinks. Making a school the battlefield for a Grail War, that's honestly crazy.

Assa: ...

Matt: Oi! Assa, turn your stealth mode off and answer!

Assa: ...

Matt: What are you doing? You were the one who wanted to come here in the first place. Come on, I will buy you a melon bred on our way back so behave.

*A little girl in white one-piece dress appears peeking from behind Matt.*

Matt: Sorry, she became all shy once we got here.

Murderer: aww, well I think she is adorable! Well, how bout another warm up then? One of your fans writes "so Assa-chan, what is you and your master's favorite food?" Of course, murderer is a very devoted fan and guesses melon bread! And a follow up for you Matt, do you have a dish you are particularly proud of or most enjoy making?

Assa: O_o H-how did you know? A-are you that, that, s.. star... stur... How did you called them again Master?

Matt: A stalker. Anyway about my favorite dish, I guess the very first one I learned. Roasted crickets.

Murderer: Murderer? Stalk someone?! Perish the thought! Hmmm...lets see what else we have in the mail bag......oh, good one! Now, naughty naughty young lady, drugs shouldn't be used by a little girl, but assassins to a man used hashish, how much did you partake in life, do you intend to continue the habit now, and does it really improve your abilities? And do try not to encourage drug use for children while answering, the censors would eat me alive, hah!

Assa: I-I would never, -I'm m-mean I 'm not... ;_;

Matt: Don't hide it, everyone knows the truth.


Matt: Ow, she broke... Whatever. By the way Mr. Stalker, where's Zero? He was suppose to be doing this, right?

Murderer: Poor thing. Oh, master? I assume he is just, er, cooling his heels somewhere waiting for his own interview. Besides, isn't it much nicer this way? I mean, assassin is the servant that kills masters, and mine isn't around, if you think about it, the situation is optimal. For me, obviously. But really, never mind about that! There is nothing to worry about, we are all friends here! How about another letter? Our admirer writes "What is your wish? How far will you go to accomplish this wish?" This question is directed to the both of you, the question is then followed up to little button over there, our writer wants to know how she died.

Matt: A wish? Hmm... You can say I have a wish but... I definitely don't want to use the grail to make it come true. I-I'm not even sure about it yet... For now my only wish is to stay by Young Lady's side.

Assa: Uguu~

Matt: Don't steal other peoples lines and stop crying! Come on, come on, be a good girl. Here, you can have this lollipop.

Assa: T-thank you *snif* Master.

Matt: Alright, now answer the questions. How did you die?

Assa: Wa flowbned.

Matt: Don't speak with that thing in your mouth! Again!

Assa: I drowned.

Matt: And, your wish?

Assa: My wish... W-well, I... I... I would like to... No, forget about it. I'm not allowed to wish for something like that... For now I'm happy with just being here with Master, walking around the streets, basking in the sun, eating Master's delicious food, playing with sis Froste, so... please, don't ask me that...

Murderer: Well its nice to see you to are getting along so well! Our next letter says......hmm...haha, oh my, how naughty! Button, another admirer maybe be hoping to much! He writes "Is assa attracted to anyone she has encountered so far in Olympus?"

Assa: Bhuf I fhasn't shuwommed fet..

Matt: I told you to stop eating that while talking!

Assa: *whispers* Master, why dose this man call me a "Button"?

Matt: *whispers* Why, indeed...

Assa: *whispers* And he looks at me in that strange way. It gives me the creeps.

Matt: *whispers* Maybe he is "that".

Assa: *whispers* "That"?

Matt: *whispers* A lolicon.

Assa: *whispers* I see... ... ...What does that mean?

Matt: *whispers* That your ass is in danger. Don't make any eye contact with him, don't get close to him, don't bend over and if he starts acting funny, run to the nearest police station.

Assa: O_o

Murderer: At this time I would like to remind both of you that your microphones are still on. Now then! next qu...

A door slams from back stage, soon after, blue from cold, hastily applied bloodstained bandages leaking at his side, and clad only in wet underwear, Zero stumbles in.

Zero: Murderer.....you......I....will......Kill.....You. ...

Murderer: ThatsourshowtonightthankstobothourguestsMattandBut tontooninnexttimegoodnight!

Murderer runs off the stage with Zero pursuing as best he can

Zero: err....pleasure meeting...both of you.....GET BACK HERE!

Matt: So they were into something like this...

Assa: Ha? What do you mean Master?

Matt: Assa, when you grow up, and became a lady, you will find a man who will love you, and he will want to tie you up. And for some reason, you will like the idea. That's what I'm talking about.

Assa: I still don't get it... besides I won't grow up anymore...

Matt: Right, then you don't have to know.


April 3rd, 2011, 12:01 PM
Kaiser:The curtains fall and rise again, to reveal Kaiser's mighty shape! My, my. Let's see... Today I shall be interviewing 4 & Trickster for the sake of the readers' interest. Fine.
(He's got a little complex in his height, so let's ignore it)

Kaiser: Well, since Drake's eating with Yamato, I might as well start the inter...

Drake: *Panting* You damn joke of a Servant. Why the hell didn't you tell me there was an interview scheduled!?"

Kaiser: Well, today we are interviewing 4 and Trickster.

Drake: And?

Kaiser: *Ponders for a short while* No, actually this might be interesting. Just try not to be too noisy when we start talking about morals. Well, short long story, we will be interviewing the current 4 and her Servant Trickster so send us your questions before we get started in the time of 20 minutes.

Kaiser: So, I guess we can already begin the fourth interview of the "Interrogation Room".
I am Servant Kaiser and the airheaded dumbass besides me is Drake Walker, my Master.
Thank you for sparing your time with us, 4 and Trickster.

4: Okay, let's just get this over with.

Trickster: Come on Master, you can at least try to make an effort

4 (sighing a bit): Fine

Kaiser: I can't help but feel sympathy. Anyways, before we get to the actual questions there's always a generic one that has to be asked. What do you think of OLYMPUS? Was it up to your expectations?

4: Impressions about OLYMPUS, huh? Well, it's interesting, to say the least. That's about the most I can say. Anyway, I can't say I really had any expectations or such things before I came here. I suppose?

Trickster: It's certainly different from anything I was expecting. I've never quite seen a place quite like this, and believe me, I've seen quite a few.

Kaiser: Well, well. It seems like our readers are wondering quite a few things about you guys, and this time they did their homework properly. For instance, Do you expect to remember and/or recover a powerful ability you lost with your memories during your time in OLYMPUS?

4: ...how would I know? You're expecting me to remember something I don't remember when I remember it? Or something? I don't know.

Kaiser: Don't tell me. I'm merely acting as the middle man between the readers and you. Maybe that reader would like to rephrase his question, wouldn't he?
How do you two get along? Have you formed a partnership or do you tend to work alone?

Trickster: She can be a bit hard to handle at times, but generally we get along well and without any major issues.

4: Of course, if the situation calls for it, we are both perfectly capable of acting independently, but we're also quite capable of working together as well. ...and what do you mean by 'hard to handle'? (glares at Trickster)

Trickster: Nothing in particular.

Drake: *Leaning on Kaiser's shoulder* Well, let me handle this one! Trickster, it seems like someone wants to learn a little more about you. What's your favorite joke? Your favorite way of getting back on people?
Aaand, wait, this one's for 4... Pffft! Hahahaha!

Kaiser: You should stop laughing. Maybe the one who wrote this meant it seriously.

Drake: Woah, sorry. I kinda snapped there. No hard feelings, dear reader. 4,what kind of plush toy do you have? A cat? A bear?

Trickster: My favorite way of getting back on people? Well, it depends. How badly do I want to get back at them? Or rather, what do I want to get back at them for? Depending on what it is, I'll say this. Revenge is a dish best served cold, and don't expect any mercy. As for my favorite joke-

4: ...um Servant?

Trickster: -it goes like..., yes, my Master?

4: What's a plush toy?

Trickster: ...

4: Hey, don't look at me with those eyes! It's not my fault that I don't know about something like that! Or rather, even if I knew, I wouldn't remember!

Trickster: Well as you can see, since my master doesn't even know what a plush toy is, she obviously doesn't have one. And for future reference, master, I suppose you can say it's a type of doll.

4 (muttering to herself): ...it's not like I had a chance to learn about that kind of stuff these past ten years anyway...

Kaiser: Well, there's something bothering me... Do you know where the name "4" comes from? In tht case, could you please tell us its meaning?
And, Trickster, please continue where you left. What's your favourite joke?

4 (with a slightly distant look in her eyes): I suppose... you can say it's just a way of identification. See, although I don't have a coherent memories of thing past ten years ago, I'm pretty sure I knew where I was. I was locked in a cell. In front of the cell as simply the number '4'. Well, that would be the close to the limits of what I can recall from that period of time. And as I no longer remembered my name, I simply took the label of my cell. But that's not the end of it. A few years ago, I ran into a certain somebody in the desert. Apparently, she had come to 'recover' me. The first thing she referred to me as was 'white eyed angel of death', but then she said something like 'jeez, whoever broke the fourth seal and freed you sure is trouble.' Well, that's the gist of it.

Trickster: ...well, let's just say that I don't have a favorite joke. If it's good, I'll laugh and enjoy it, but I don't have a clear favorite. Besides, I don't really feel like telling a joke at the moment.

Kaiser: That's deep I think. I'd look forward to your recovery, if my instincts were not warning not to do so. Well, whatever.

Drake: A reader asks to 4 What's your tolerance to alcohol? and to Trickster Heh, do you think the same trick will work twice?.

4: I guess my tolerance to alcohol is all right, I suppose.

Trickster: 'heh...same trick...work twice...' huh? I don't get it.

4: Perhaps you've alienated somebody already? Didn't you trick a few Artificers with fancy latin phrases before stealing some of their stuff way back?

Trickster: *shrugs. Dunno. Maybe?

Kaiser: Well, whatever. I guess then we can proceed to end this inter-

Drake: Is your wish related to regaining your memories? How far would you go in order to retrieve them and/or attain your wish in this Holy Grail War?

4: I guess you can say that. I just want to regain my memories. Of course, truthfully speaking, I don't think I really need the power of a miracle to regain them. As for how far I'd go, all the way. If it is necessary for people must be killed along the way, then I will kill them. Simple as that.

Drake: You... How the hell do you dare speaking like that of others lives!? People aren't toys you can manipulate to achieve your goals, and you've got no right to kill them to achieve whatever selfish goal you have!

Kaiser: I concur with Drake. However, maybe we should remember that this is a War. The instant you summon a Servant, you are ready to accept your death anytime, so this shouldn't be of your concern, right, Master?"

Drake: ...

Kaiser: Anyways, let us finish this interview with this braille thing that I uncoded in the meanwhile. It says ARE YOU READY TO LOSE, YOU FAKE DETECTIVE?

4: Life and death aren't different enough for their value to differ by much. But anyway...

Trickster: ...what's with this last question? Just how many enemies do you have, master?

4: I thought that was for you? ...wait, braille?

Trickster: That's what it is, master. You don't think?

4: It's probably that Fujou and Artificer pair. Or rather, just the Fujou master.

Trickster: Is she challenging you to a duel then? How do you feel about them? I note Artificer constantly trying to, ah, how does he say it, 'add you to his harem'.

4: Don't really care about them one way or another. But I don't think I can leave this alone. Shall we pay them a visit then?

Trickster: As you wish.

Kaiser: Well, I guess we managed to somehow end this interview. You fine there Master?

Drake: So life and death are pretty much the same? I don't think so. I haven't met that many dead people who can play videogames. In fact, the only thing they do is rot and sleep.

Kaiser: I guess that's a yes. Whatever, let's go. I want to learn more about that analytic geometry thing.

Drake: (Won't this guy ever give me a rest?)


April 3rd, 2011, 12:08 PM
Gin: Greetings and welcome to yet another little interview between Masters and Servants~! I'm Gin Ryougi, and this here is my lovely assistant; Seer!

Seer: .....Liar, you said we were going to the library

Gin: Ahaha, did I? Aaaaanyway.... Katsuhiro-kun, Marauder, how are you today?

Katsuhiro: Oh, so you're the interviewer today, Gin-kun? I'm actually good, thank you. I've just gotten off a difficult moment some time ago and I have just begun to snooPING AS usual... Err, I mean, doing my own investigation around OLYMPUS! Forgive me for that awful joke, I just saw that meme on YouTube not too long ago. n_nU

Marauder: And I'm still in the Throne of Heroes waiting to be summoned along with the other Servants. Baza, what else can I do besides hanging around this supposed Eden?
(For those who have read that CCC doujin of F/SN about the world inside the Throne of Heroes, you'll get that reference!)

Gin: Haha, you don't say? Well, I think we'll start with the question of the day for this thing; How are you liking OLYMPUS so far?

Seer: .....

Katsuhiro: If I were to be honest, it's pretty much what I had expected to, and maybe more. I've only heard a few things about OLYMPUS prior to coming here, but I have to say mankind has come a long way since we first discovered fire and... What's wrong, Marauder?

Marauder: The little lass looks rather dissapointed. Why is she sad?

Seer: Hm? Oh, no no you misunderstand sir. I am, oh how should I say it? I believe "pissed off" is the correct term to use at this time. The boy over hear promised to take me to the famed library here, but instead he drags me to this silly thing

Gin: ...How bout this; interview and the library, deal?

Seer: Fine, though I'm still mad...

Gin: *sigh* Anyway, next question is for you Katsuhiro-kun; Were you holding back against Setsuna? Do you think you could win a rematch now that you've both seen a little of each other's skill?

Katsuhiro: I must admit I was surprised when he was becoming more intense by the minute during our fight. I did gave it all I had, but it was pretty tough. Then Setsuna pulled that sword out of nowhere... I have his measure now and the next time he pulls something like this again I'll have him eat mat so fast even his ancestors and descendants will be hurt for centuries! I know I want to be a good sport and be competitive, but my good will has its limits.

Marauder: Anything else you should add, lad?

Katsuhiro: Oh yeah. I ended the fight the way it did because it would have been a big tug-o-war between my Creator and the Big Man on the Throne and neither of them would have enjoyed it for the long run. Besides, what other things can you do around OLMYPUS if you have a cracked skull or a split sternum? I had to save whatever strength I had for what I'm doing at the present time.

Gin: Interesting, very interesting. I kinda wish I could've seen it first hand, don't you think Seer?

Seer: Not really. Fighting isn't my, forte so to speak. If you don't mind, I'll ask the next one.

Gin: Alright, shoot for it

Seer: Okay, this is a two part question of sorts; "Since you are a Marauder class Servant, we shall assume you can use more than a few weapons. Do you have a favourite weapon though?" along with another one "How many weapons has marauder used at once?" Hmhm, this should be interesting~

*Katsuhiro whispers someting to Marauder. Then he turns to the interviewers*

Marauder: Ohh, that's an interesting question, lass! I've always had a fondness for the two-handed sword. Using maces, epees and axes are nice every once in a while; but for sheer power, defense and feel, the two-handed sword is the best. As per the other half of your question... Excuse me for a moment!

*Marauder goes off-stage for a few moments. Suddenly, he jumps right in the middle of it wearing a bandanna covering his head and holds a sword and mace in his hands and an axe on his mouth, looking menacing, badass and cool*

Marauder: Does this answer your question, lass? It's quite possible if you try after some practice!

Katsuhiro: Always with a taste for flair, aren't you, Marauder? n_nU

Gin: Ahh~ Nice touch I must say Marauder. I'd be interested to try a sparing match with you and that style.

Seer: .....Battle obsessed nimrods.....

Gin: I resent that.... Well, I think I'll take the next question. Hoho~ Katsuhiro-kun, this ones for you; "What kind of girl do you like?"

Katsuhiro: Ah... That's a bit of a personal question, and it's a tough one at that. Hmmmm...

Marauder: You must simply speak with your heart, lad! A good man makes it clear what kind of woman he likes and why, and I speak from experience.

Katsuhiro: Marauder, please! *Sigh* I guess it wouldn't hurt to say. To be truthful, I'm a bit picky when it comes to girls and while I don't mind sharing time with ordinary ones, it is the extraordinary ones that come to mind. Specifically, they're the ones who may be in the same field as I am. The ones which you really have to work hard to earn their trust and win them over. They could well enter the kuudere type, one that's pretty icy when you first deal with them and the name has meaning because when you thaw the ice that's when Spring comes in the heart. I haven't had luck finding one yet in OLYMPUS, but I may have an eye for 2 or 3 of them...

Marauder: This kuudere thing... I'm a bit lost about its context, but it sounds pretty nice from what you say. You Asian people can be so strange sometimes!

Katsuhiro: That's just the tip of the iceberg with us, heh heh heh! I still plan on doing this, but it's still quite a ways off. It'll help me get over what I once went though...

Gin: Ahh~ You don't say Katsuhiro-kun? When it comes to girls, I'm personally more a-


Gin: *cough* A-anyway, I wish you luck with your little endeavor with the ladies, as one man to another I say good luck. Ahem, the next question is for Marauder; "What's your favorite food?"

Seer: ....Also, for the sake of time, the last question for you two; "If you suddenly came into a lot of money, what would you do with it?"

*Marauder laughed at the little scene, then everything carries on as usual*

Marauder: My favorite food? Ahh, it has been a very long time since I ate something from my land and I can only remember so much! Well, if you're talking about current standards, I have to say Italian food is very tasty! I don't have to worry about putting on weight and I can eat as much as I like, ha ha ha ha! I'm also curious as to what Asian people eat, though. In particular, whatever Katsuhiro eats from his homeland.

Katsuhiro: If I ever manage to summon you, Marauder, I'll be able to show it to you soon!

Marauder: Just be quick about it, lad! I can't wait to really appear in this world. It's been too long!

Katsuhiro: As for Seer's question...Well, I would probably buy supplies, weapons, videogames, some manga and a trip to the next anime convention! I want to try to meet Nana Mizuki and Yukari Tamura once and I have something nice that will conmemorate the event! *Then Katsuhiro shows a long pink ribbon with the names Nanoha and Fate sewed in Kanji with the actresses' names on parethesis* I have a nice surprise in store for them and I have a feeling they will love it!

Marauder: Money isn't a big problem for me, but if I wanted to buy something it would be my land for starters. Then I'd try out that strange armor Japanese warriors used to wear in their wars. After that, it's hard to say what I may want next. I'm just a man of simple, yet particular tastes. One of those... katanas would be good too. I want to see what makes them so popular with these people.

Katsuhiro: And as you can see, Marauder is very curious about our culture. Here's hoping I can teach him when the chance presents itself!

Gin: Ah, I see~ Italian food is pretty good, though I'm more partial to Japanese food due to well, being raised on it haha~ Well, what do you think of the answer to your question Seer?

Seer: Weapons, comics, food, travel, it all sounds so trivial to me... Though I can see where he's coming from, so I guess I can support it.

Gin: Why aren't you nice~? And here I thought you were still mad

Seer: S-shut it boy! A-are we almost done?

Gin: I guess, that was the last question after all. Well, it was nice talking to you Katsuhiro-kun, and you to Marauder. I look forward to a chance to meet with you again, maybe even spar sometime if you'd like.

Katsuhiro: The pleasure was all mine, Gin-kun. I do hope we become friends, and I also hope you can be prepared for Marauder. He does like a good battle after all!

Marauder: Any good friend of Katsuhiro wlll be a friend of mine! Good to have meet ya! Keep that lassie happy, though. Ha ha ha!


April 3rd, 2011, 12:14 PM
Viktoria: Greetings. My name is Viktoria von Einzbern, and I will be the host for this interview.

--- At this point, a golden-haired man with a grin on his face appears beside her ---

Saver: The name's Saver. Hope it's not a problem if I accompany the little lady, here.

Viktoria: Ah...

Saver: Hey, don't give me that look. I'm just here to watch.

Viktoria: No, it was just... unexpected. I suppose I'm still getting used to this.

Viktoria: With that behind us, please welcome today's guests: Juliana Petronova and her Servant, Gunner.

Gunner: Greetings to you all, ladies and gentlemen. I'm Gunner and this youn' lady ri'ht beside me is my master, Juliana Petronova.

Juliana: [Written on a Sketchbook.] "Good afternoon to all of you, people, and to you, Miss Froste and Saver. You too, Gunner."

Gunner: Ah, yes. With all due respect, Ma'am Froste and Saver, but my Master's...not much of a talkative person.

Viktoria: I see. It shouldn't be an issue... actually, it seems some of our readers were quite curious about this. We recieved several letters on the subject after your interview was announced.

Saver: Aren't you forgetting something, Master? You've got to start off with a classic!

Viktoria: ...That's true. Tell me, what are your first impressions of OLYMPUS?

Gunner: Oh, we see. For me, what I thought about OLYMPUS upon seeing it is along the lines of eh...wonder! That's right, wonder! Back in my days, islands floated on water, not on air! Aside from that, there were so many wondrous things about this city. You know, the way people lived, the shops and what they sold, the materials this city was built with...many things, aye! 'Ow about you, Master?

Juliana: [Sketchbook] "Basically, I thought the same things as Gunner, except that I marveled more of its architecture and technology. I still do, however, ask myself what other surprises does this city hold, and I must find them out myself. As for now, I am enjoying on exploring the basics of this city."

Saver: It's interesting what magi can do, isn't it? I have to say that this whole Master-Servant setup probably impressed me the most, actually.

Viktoria: Let's see... of the questions I mentioned, this is probably the best one. Has being mute presented any difficulties with learning magecraft?

Juliana: "To be honest, learning magecraft after being rendered unable to speak became such a burden both to my father, who was also my very first teacher, and to me. We all do know that words could become very important when using magecraft and up until now, I still have to find a way on how to cast certain spells. That's why sometimes I still feel a bit upset over it, although of course I have to live with it, until I find a way to cure it."

Gunner: Eh...Master, have you found a cure so far?

Juliana "Of course not yet, you silly guy."

Saver: Ah, taking it on the chin and moving on -- I can approve of that. Good luck finding that cure.

Viktoria: So... you were rendered unable to speak? Do you mean that you weren't born this way?

Juliana: "No. I could speak up until 14 years old, then I just woke up one day unable to speak. We at the family think that this is the result of my Memory Partition training, and it's been two years since I've been rendered mute."

Gunner: So do you still remember your last uttered words before you completely became like that, Master?

Juliana: "Yes. As much as I want to say what they are, it would be rude to do so."

Gunner: Huh?

Juliana: "For personal reasons, to be specific."

Viktoria: Ah, I see. Memory Partitions... yes, that does make sense. That reminds me -- we had a question about that as well.

Saver: Already found it. Do you use partitions or thought acceleration in your day-to-day life?

[Juliana and Gunner look at each other before she writes down the answer.]

Juliana: "No. I can't. I'm not too fond of using it outside battle. I am ready to use it anytime, however."

Gunner: That's a bit of a downer. If I had Memory Partition like you, I would use it everyday on anyway possible!

Juliana: "Enjoy your headaches, then."

Viktoria: Moving on from that subject... ah, this is one of the standard questions. If you won the Grail, what would you do with it?

[The Gunner team looked at each other again, with Juliana nudging Gunner. Gunner nudges back, so Juliana starts to write down her answer to the question.]

Juliana: "If I were to win the Grail, I would wish for it to cure every mute and deaf of their handicap. Not until I actually became one of them, I never would have cared for their plight and even if I was cured before winning the war, I would still wish for the Grail to take away muteness and deafness from the world. I was still lucky that I was still able to hear even after I lost the ability to speak. It's an ugly feeling when you want speak out your mind properly or you want to listen but you can't. That's all I want."

Gunner: For me, eh...I would like for the Grail to, well, bring me back to life in this age. I made a lot of mistakes back in my life, so I just want to start over again as a new man, not some bloody legend everyone knows. I only wanted to help people, that's why I became who I am back when I was living. I did wrong. That's why I wanted to be a Servant for a Grail war. I want to start over again.

Saver: Hm. So you could say you're helping your "family", then? I like it.

Viktoria: ...It seems that we're taking longer than I expected. Perhaps we should start bringing this to a close?

Saver: Sure thing. How about this one? A reader wants to know what types of video games you enjoy, Juliana.

Viktoria: And... I would feel bad if I left Assa's question out...

Saver: ...She did? I didn't see it.

Viktoria: Yes, but it was written on the back of Matthias's letter. ...Do you prefer lollipops or ice cream?

Juliana: "We, which means both of us Gunner, prefer ice cream. Especially vanilla-flavored. As for the types of video games I play, I want something like Grand Theft Auto, as I am extremely pleased with GTA: San Andreas. Also, something like Age of Empires or Civilization series."

Gunner: As for me, I want games like SimCity, RailRoad Tycoon or Burnout series. Other than that, I usually play with my master.


April 3rd, 2011, 12:22 PM
Artificer: Hello, whoever is reading this crap. My name is Artificer, and I shouldn't be here. So let's get over this interview so I can go back to forging... Today's guests are Firo... Prochainezo, and his Servant, Lancer.

Artificer: Thank you for coming, blah, blah, blah... What do you guys think of OLYMPUS?

Lancer: Gyahahahaha. See, boy? I told you that this was unnecessary. No need to appease these simpering lowlifes. If you want to proclaim our presence, then do so when we crush maggots like him under our heel. At least if the wench was here, it...

Firo: Ara, no need for that Lancer. We had this conversation some time ago, didn't we?.

Lancer: Baah, fine. Play around if you wish.

Firo: Thank you. Now where were we? Right. My opinion of OLYMPUS, was it? Hmm... a place of wonder like I have seen before. And... a keg of gunpowder waiting to blow up in everyones face, I guess. What about you Lancer?

Lancer: A pathetic last ditch attempt of a dwindling race that has long lost all of its glory. There is nothing worthwhile here. Except the fights and the liquor I guess.

Artificer: ...

Artificer: ... Uh, done? Sorry, I wasn't paying attention. Next, we have questions from your *cough* Retarded *cough* Fans...

Artificer: Let's see... What the fuck...? *Sigh* Firo... Lancer... Apparently some idiot wants you to pick one of the following... Ugh... Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry?

Artificer: .. And since we are at it... What's your favorite piece of literature? Shit, I better get paid for this.

Firo: Vanilla... I guess? Though I rather enjoy strawberries as well. As for literature... I have always enjoyed reading Miles Gloriosus and other Roman pieces. Greek Mythology is interesting as well, I must admit. And the Divine Comedy of course. As for Lan...

Lancer: If well made, every one of them is fine, gyahahahaha! Good things are good! My preference is quality, rather then taste. I have no need for books nor have I any favorites among them. The only words a man needs is his own! The words of others are amusing, but nothing more but empty drivel in the end.

Artificer: ... Absolutely. [Wasn't Listening]

Artificer: It seems you two are quite popular. There are tons of letters here. Let's see if I can find one with a reasoble question.

Artificer: Firo... 'Is there any use of that Reality Marble of yours in battle?'

Lancer: Hahahaha... well, lets see how you try to weave your way out of this one, boy!

Firo: Quite easily it seems. [Firos face takes a rather fake clueless expression]

Firo: Oh whatever do you mean, dear interviewer? I am an upstanding member of the Sea of Estray and I certainly dont possess any ability of the sort. As a responsible magi, I would do my utmost to report all such people to the Association so that they could be Sealed and preserved for research and the betterment of magecraft.

Artificer: Well, I don't know what he meant. I don't care either, so let's just... Oh wait, there is something written on the back of the letter... Damn... Another question.

Artificer: This one is for Lancer. It seems the one who asked the previous question was a girl... Or not...? Heh, I bet not. Anyways, he wants to know how was your first kiss like.

Lancer: Delude yourself as you wish, toy maker. You obviously have trouble obtaining female companionship. Or... [Lancer gives Artificer rather vicious grin]

Lancer: ...or are you the type that has difficulties in holding on to them?

Lancer: Anyway. My first kiss was... fiery is the best word for it probably. Now there was a woman. First she tried to gut me with her sword on the field of battle and when that didn't work she tried to seduce me in my own hall. A devil of a woman, beautiful yet devious as a viper. Though... that definitely did not turn out the way she intended it to turn out. At least not how she intended it in the beginning. [Lancer gives another of his trademark laughs]

Artificer: I already have a female companion, for your information.

Artificer: But let's focus on the questions. Oh~ Lancer~ What opponent do you like to fight against the most~? [Sarcasm, Imitating fan-girl]

Lancer: Hoo... that suits you pretty well Artificer. Perhaps your talents are wasted here in OLYMPUS? At least in your current profession. Gyahahahaha!

Lancer: But, which opponent I like to fight against the most? As I said before, a good things are good things, no matter the source! As long as they put up an enjoyable fight, I will enjoy fighting them. If not... well, trash is trash. Kill them and move on, nothing more. I have no intention of remembering the names of all the maggots I crush on my path.

Artificer: Heh. The only thing I'm wasting here is my time.

Artificer: This letter sucks... This one too... Oh, Look at this one! Now this is a real reader with a real brain. I would ask Lancer, but... The question seems to be for Firo alone.

Artificer: Firo... 'Would you describe yourself as insane?'

Firo: No, not really. At least not from where I am standing. Then again, most of the people involved with the supernatural are slightly... unhinged. In our world, traumatic experiences are easy to come by, are they not? Life in the mystical side of things hardly ever contains a happy and a stable life, now does it? However... I have no idea how I would be evaluated by a professional in these things.

Artificer: Well, you have to be somewhat insane to come here on your own free will...

Artificer: Ehem, it seems that we are getting close to the end of this stupid interview. Only a couple of questions remain. So... Firo... Lancer... Do you think you can trust the allies you make in OLYMPUS?

Lancer: We trust them while we can and kill them if they are foolish enough to backstab us. Though with tha...

Firo: Enough, Lancer. Suffice to say that until our allies show any inclination otherwise, we will continue to support them. Such is the agreement we made after all. We will be ready for anything of course, but still completely behind our allies regardless of that.

Artificer: ... Absolutely. [Again, wasn't listening]

Artificer: Ok, Final Question. This one is from me. You see... My Master... Is annoying me with those theories of her. She is playing detective all day, and she won't admit she's wrong. So... I'll use this interview for my own benefit. I'll prove she's wrong so she shuts up and leaves me alone for a while. Then I can put the second part of my plan into play... Wait, scratch that.

Artificer: Anyways... Somehow, you knew Shiki's full name. Master believes you used your power to read the IDs handed to the students after the flight in order to identify her. Of course that's not possible be- ... Well, let's hear it from you. Is said theory right or not?

Lancer: Baah, let the woman ask her own questions, instead of making her trained monkey do it for her.

Firo: Now, now Lancer. There is no harm in talking a bit about these things, now is there? Very well, I will humor you, Artificer. You are indeed right on your assumption. No, I did not use my power to read her identity from her student ID. And that is all I am going to say about that at the moment.

Firo: Is there anything else you would like to ask about?

Artificer: [Ignoring Lancer's comment] Thank you, Firo.

Artificer: And no, fortunately for me, there is no time left. I'm afraid it's a good bye.

Artificer: Today's guests were Firo and his Servant... Lancer. My name is Artificer, and I honestly hope you won't need to read this corner ever again.

. . .

Back at the Fujou Dormitories...

Rei: How did it go, Artificer?

Artificer: Boring as hell. And You, Master...? How'd it go?

Rei: Not pretty. [Shows what seems to be a bent piece of metal]

Rei: I'm Not good at making swords, I think.

Rei: It's because we lost that bet at the Casino, that we had to switch places like this...

Artificer: Lesson learned...?

Rei: Lesson learned.

Rei & Artificer: Never gamble against Kujaku Senhime.


Artificer: By the way, your were wrong with your theory.

Rei: That has to be a lie!

April 3rd, 2011, 12:28 PM
Katsuhiro: Tonight in less than 15 minutes I will conduct an interview with someone I may have not even met so far in OLYMPUS, but I volunteered anyway. With me tonight is my Servant-to-be, Marauder.

Marauder: Evening, lads! How do you fare?

Katsuhiro: Just like the previous interviews seen so far (including the one I had last night), we will have a first close look at the Masters and Servants that will take part of the Holy Grail War and learn of their motivations, desires, thoughts and deeds. If you have any other questions just before the time limit, now's the time to send them in! Please enjoy the interview!

Marauder: Katsuhiro! When are you going to show me some of those off-kilter drawings?? I want to see some of that Japanese art!

Katsuhiro: Not now, Marauder! Just wait after the interview!

Marauder: Baza!

Katsuhiro: Well, looks like we now have enough material to get this interview started!

Marauder: But Master, it hasn't even been half of 15 minutes yet!

Katsuhiro: Hush up, Marauder! We'll get this done while we still have time left! *Achem* Well then, we'll now begin our interview with OLMYPUS secret agent man from the Taima faction, Zero!

*Zero then appears on the scene along with his Servant*

Katsuhiro: Hello, Zero! I'm glad you have taken some time off for this interview. Let's begin with the icebreaker: What do you think of OLMYPUS and the people inside it so far?

Zero: Good evening, thank you for having me. I apologize murderer couldn't make it, he has been laying low ever since the incident with assassin and her master. How am I feeling about Olympus? well, you see, that's a very serious question. I guess...I am impressed by the image that Atlasia has tried to create, even if it also makes me suspicious. I have been less them impressed with the members of my own faction. They are far to showy and demonstrative for my taste. From what I have heard if this "Pop Kim" person, I don't believe I can expect that to improve much either

Katsuhiro: Did you say that Murderer had a problem? Jeez, that's gonna put a crimp on part of my material for the interview!

Marauder: Improvise and trudge on, Master! At least finish what you start.

Katsuhiro: Right. Well then, just to be clear on this, what exactly happened between Murderer and Assasin? I can't picture that two of the more unorthodox Servants would have such a problem with each other so soon!

Zero: hmm....I think at first murderer probably did it to spite me. you see, I believe in indulging my curiosity, its one of my greatest pleasures to investigate interesting things. The idea of the old man of the mountain, the fabled Hassan I Sabbah being, well, a child, rather fascinates me, which is why I agreed to interview her and her master. But...well, its murderer, whatever he and I feel, obviously miss assassin didn't appreciate his presence.

Katushiro: Ah, curiosity didn't kill the cat today. Let's put it aside, for I have a quesiton from one of my sources: How did you awaken your Origin and which one did you get?

Marauder: Well now, this'll be interesting.

Zero: That's a dangerous question. well, obviously, I dont intend to just reveal the source of my power, its probably a violation of my traits just being here, but I can talk about the method of awakening a little. You see, the Takashi clan are a group that seeks the origin by means of investigating the human condition, and, after great effort, we eventually unlocked a dangerous but powerful magic.

Zero paused and shuddered as if remembering great pain....or perhaps great pleasure.

Zero: It was that of awakening what we consider to be a fragment of the root which lies in all of us, the essential origin. Our beginning, our command. However....you are aware of the danger and pain inherent in simply transferring the mystic crest? Imagine that, but a thousand times worse. The procedure was fatal better then ninety percent of the time, withstanding it was like attempting to simply catch a speeding train with your bare hands, the clan was actually dying out because of the high risks but amazing rewards that were inherent in what we had learned. So that we might survive, we began researching ways to improve the natural resistance of our body so to make the awakening something that was survivable. Eventually, we unlocked a forgotten magic, our own special power, a new form of reinforcement which could reinforce the body in ways unheard of in modern thatamurgy. Our bodies became something which would be envied by even the most powerful vampires, or demons. It was the only way we could unlock the hidden mystery of our "root." I was treated such only moments after being born. I have no memory of my own of what it would be like to live without having my origin awakened, though of course, I do have other memories.

Katsuhiro: That's very interesting, Zero! I hope you'll be able to handle it in your endeavours on OLYMPUS.

Marauder: I have a question if I may, aye?

Katsuhiro: Go on, Marauder.

Marauder: Alright, this next question was sent by another person: How do you see your chances in sneaking into some highly secured building?

Zero: Hmm...under normal circumstances, such an endeavor would be trivial, however, in Olympus, there are extra factors, such as security systems I have never encountered, and of course, the servants. For example, any attempt to sneak into a building guarded by an archer class servant would be fraught with peril. Gaining access to a building considered "vital" by Olympus standards would require a great deal of preparation, likely days of planning, and possibly allies or specially designed equipment. Actually executing the plan would likely require me to neutralize guardian servants in some fashion and to bypass inherent defenses. Suffice it to say, I would only consider if it the rewards outweighed the extreme risks. It wouldn't be easy for me.

Katsuhiro: With some help, though, you may be able to achieve something, Zero-san!

Marauder: Here's another question, Master.

Katsuhiro: Ah, this one concerns your Servant, Zero-san! I hope you may answer with the best of your ability. Let's see... Oh. -o- How nice, someone has an interesting sense of humor. u_uU Alright, the question for Murderer is: Which is harder, getting data from the Zeus dome or stealing the head of the Einzbern dorms head's underwear?

Marauder: Now who would make a question like that? o_o

Zero.....I do not know what murderer would say to that. Personally, I would steal the information. What would I do with lady Einzbern's small clothes?

Zero:.....Incidentally, that's the second time I have been questioned about a dormhead's underwear. What do people think of me?!

Marauder: Pasherra, Master! We should move on. He doesn't feel very comfortable!

Katsuhiro: Couldn't agree more! Next question is: Zero, what type of people do you hate and what do you think of your Servant? Does he think well of you?

Zero: I dont really hate anyone. I would have to search past lives to truly feel such a thing. I like when people are interesting though, it doesnt really matter how or why, just....interesting. After my encounter with the gazelle, I was ready to ignore her, but she was surprisingly attractive, on....lets say, a closer look, so she is kind of interesting. As for murderer....he is my servant. I am his master. We will move towards our goal. That is enough.

Katsuhiro: That's pretty objective, although I'm curious as to who might the gazelle be.

Marauder: Here's the next question from another person: There is a certain blind girl who proclaims herself a detective and you her rival. What do you think about this and her?

Katsuhiro: EHHHHHH?? o.O What's going on??

Zero: I have no major feelings one way or another towards her, beyond the most obvious, that she is another denizen of Olympus. Perhaps she will be an ally, perhaps she will be an enemy, perhaps our paths will not cross. For the moment, all eventualities are equally suitable for me.

Katsuhiro: Alright, then we'll see how it plays out, won't we? We have time for 3 questions, so let's be professionals and speed it along. The next question is: 'Were you to find a new ally during your stay in OLYMPUS... Would you trust them with your back? Or is it hard for you to trust someone?

Marauder: *Looks on with interest*

Zero: ...That is certainly not a simple question. I am often described as paranoid, but that is such an oversimplification it is almost not even germane. At the very least, I would have to take into account all known information about that person, and given the circumstances, the personality of their servant. I am the type who practices enlightened self interest, generally, I hold to a bargain once it is struck, if only because trust is a valuable and difficult to aqquire commodity. But could I trust trickster's master? Or assassin's? Or betrayer's? As murderer's master, I have no room to speak, but forming alliances would require trust, communication, and friendship at first, as well as shared ideals.

Katsuhiro: Shared ideals... I wonder if they will accept me.

Marauder: Let me end this interview now, Master.

Katsuhiro: Go ahead, Marauder.

Marauder: Let's kill two birds with one stone, lad. The latest question is rather interesting: Your cover is blown, and you can use no magecraft or any supernatural abilities... What do you do?

Katsuhiro: That's pretty hypothetical, but who knows what could happen on OLYMPUS.

Marauder: The final question from this other person says something like this: Hey there, the fool playing the wiseman, you ready to die? What kind of coffin would you like? I'll prepare a nice funeral!

Katsuhiro: How charming and confident. What do you say to that, Zero-san?

Zero: talk my way out of difficulty perhaps, maybe rely on a previously designed escape route? Or perhaps, summon aid from murderer. In Olympus, there are more options available. beyond that, I have no preference for a coffin, and little use for idle threats.

Katsuhiro: Spoken like a professional, Zero-san. Maybe we'll meet up sometime in OLYMPUS; I could use a good ally who can provide connections from outside channels.

Marauder: Just as long as he doesn't feel like we'll be stabbing him on the back. But we know better, don't we?

Katsuhiro: Looks like time's up for this interview! Any final thoughts you wish to add, Zero-san?

Zero: None, but thank you for having me. All the best of luck to you, and you as well marauder, during your stay in Olympus.

Katsuhiro: I wish you the same thing! I hope that if you like chess, you won't be prancing about with a costume and an interesting helmet in OLYMPUS!

Marauder: Err, Master... Where did you get that?

Katsuhiro: It was a final thought from another person! I guess I should have mentioned it earlier. Good night!


April 3rd, 2011, 12:35 PM
Firo: Greetings and salutations dear readers. I am Firo Prochainezo and today, I shall be your host for this little interview escapade of ours.

Firo: Our guests tonight are rather the enigmatic duo, if I may say so. I am accompanied here tonight by the beautiful Ryougi Sakuya and her... rather "forceful" servant, Ravager.

Firo: And...perhaps this interview end up being a bit less confrontational, then the last one I was in...

Firo: God, I just hope Lancer dont run out of alcohol in that bloody bar...

Firo: But enough about that. I do hope your trip here was pleasant and without troubles, Ms. Sakuya?

Sakuya: *smiles but blushes ever so slightly* Of course Firo-san. *takes a knife out of random and begin to twirl it around her fingers skilfully* I'm glad that it will be you who interview us today.

Ravager: A bit strange that we're sitting on this side today, eh Master? And you'll need to show more tact than that to avoid hurting the lady's heart Firo. I believe the word "Assertive" works better than "Forceful".

Firo: Of course. [Firo makes a slight nod while wearing a boyish grin]

Firo: Please do excuse my brutish behavior, milady. I was always told that I was a rather too... brash would be the best word probably, in my behavior. It seems that there are some things that even aging cannot cure.

Firo: But, alas, it is time for us to move on towards the questions. While I hate to be the one following the masses, I have been told to ask this question. It seems to have become something of a... tradition, shall we say? Therefore...

Firo: What do you think of OLYMPUS so far? What would be the words you would use to describe it?

Sakuya: Hmm.....what was it the word you use earlier.....enigmatic? Yes, that's it. Although I hope Olympus will offer me more than scenery to draw my interest.

Ravager: Interesting to say the least. Things sure have changed since my time.

Firo: [Firo chuckles a bit]

Firo: Indeed. Though I doubt that scenery is all this place has to offer. I would be sorely disappointed in that case.

Firo: But now that we have gotten that out of the way, lets see what questions we have gotten from our dear guests, now shall we?

Firo: [Firo shuffles around in the bunch of letters that were placed on the desk]

Firo: Hmm... How about this one? [Firo grabs one of the envelopes and opens it]

Firo: What do you think is the best way of dealing with your opponent?

Sakuya: *twirls the knife faster* Such a troublesome question. I prefer not to "deal" with my opponent at all. Although if it's in self defense...then I will engage them close and personal. So if we do cross each other in battlefield Firo-san, please go easy on me.

Firo: Ara, close and personal, huh? [Grin] The way you sa...


[The office door is slammed with enough strength to almost rip the door off its hinges. Lancer strides in, obviously in a good mood with his cape bellowing and him holding what seems to be an extremely large bottle filled with some sort of transparent liquor.]

Lancer: Gyahahahaha! So this is where you ran off again, boy? I told you that you should have just left this well alone and come out to drink with me. This... [Rises his bottle to display it to Firo] Everclear stuff is actually almost intoxicating!

Firo: Lancer...

Lancer: So? Who are the ones you are playing around with today? [Looks at Sakuya and Ravager, for what seems to be the first time].

Lancer: Gyahahaha! I see, I see... Much better then that average-looking trinket peddler that was here before! Very well, I forgive you for tonight boy!

Firo: You have to forgive Lancer. He can be... slightly overbearing.

Lancer: And you are far too restrained, boy! Remember wh...

Firo: Yes, yes. Greed, I know... [Looking for a way out, his eyes noticed something else in the letter he had read out earlier]

Firo: Oh! Lets move on, now shall we? It seems that there is another question on the other side of this letter. Hmm... a rather... cutesy writing, would you give me a second while I try to read this?

Firo: Ah. I think this is for you, Sakuya, but Ravager can answer as well, if she wishes to do so.

Firo: How would your ideal date look like?

Ravager: *nods* Calm down and have a seat Lancer. Enjoy the conversation for now.

Sakuya: ....Ideal date? *a slight pause and even her knife stops twirling around* Strong. Doesn't have to be prince charming, but that would be a nice bonus. Mostly boys are sometimes dense aren't they? Although that makes them adorable. I prefer my partner not to be too chivalrous, a give and take relationship between both of us. *chuckles*

Ravager: Hm me? Well, sorry to say I'm not interested in that stuff anymore. But that doesn't mean I won't fall for someone. Just that I don't have too much expectation. I'll deal with it when the time comes.

Lancer: Baah, I act how I wish, woman. Whe...

Firo: Lancer...

Lancer: Tch.

Firo: So you value strength? I wonder which kind? Strength of personality or strength of arms? Interesting, interesting.

Firo: But we are getting off topic here. How about I pull out another letter. Lets see.

Firo: Oh this is relatively interesting. Are either of your personalities dominant, or are do they both have equal control?

Firo: I would add a slight inquiry of my own to this, if you dont mind. How would you describe your other persona? Unless that is a too personal question, of course.

Sakuya: Equal control. *chuckles* And as for the latter part of your question....a woman who don't keep a secret is no longer a woman right? *smiles* Please excuse me for not answering that question.

Firo: [Chuckle] As you wish my dear. I am not here to pry out any secrets you do not wish to reveal.

Firo: Lets continue then, shall we?

Firo: The next question is... How well do the two of you get along? Have you formed an equal partnership, or do you tend to work separately?

Ravager: *exchange look with Sakuya* Equal partnership. My Master here is not very experienced so I will have to *flicks her nose*lead her by the nose.

Sakuya: Ow...stop that.

Lancer: Thats better then the boy at least. He has experience, but is far too timid in some matters. Hmm... perhaps it is the age they are living in.

Firo: Haa... Lets change this topic please. No more rants on how spineless mankind has become during the time you were gone. I doubt our companions would wish to hear it.

Firo: Now... lets see. Is there a person who has caught your eye? Who could become potential allies?

Sakuya: ? If you mean outside our classroom there's a girl with red bunny as her cellphone. I don't know her name but I think there's more to her than she lets on. *smiles* While inside our classroom, I guess Katsuhiro for one, you and Seo.

Firo: [Chuckle] Hmm... I think I know of the person you are speaking of. Liu Long Mei? Or is it Mei Liu Long? I am horrible with Chinese names to be honest. The phone strap is rather eye catching, is it not?.

Firo: [Smile] I am also most flattered that I that you hold me in such high regard. I will do my best not to disappointed you.

Firo: But alas, we are nearing the end of our little interview and there are only a couple of questions left. Or maybe we have some more over here, I have no idea.

Firo: There is one question that has come up several times now. In a more polite form and at the same time... less so.

Firo: In any case, it is no secret that you have become an... associate of one of the Four Devas, Kujaku Senhime. Might we ask what motivated you to take up such a role? What do you think of her?

Lancer: A blind woman who is obsessed with something so worthless. Also she is stupidly greedy. Not that her greed is stupid, no. She is just stupidly superficial about it. Baah, her kind will self-destruct sooner or later anyway.

Firo: Lancer, this is not your interview, now is it? Ignore him, will you?

Ravager: How crass of you Lancer. I would learn to hold my tongue if I were you, lest your Master might be the one who will pay the price for your insolence.

Sakuya: *hesitates*....

Ravager: *smiles* Please continue Master.

Sakuya: *nods, a thoughful look on her face* Motivation? I only needed her asset. Honestly, I would rather join her band of Nemesis but instead get caught in....*sigh* Nevertheless, I would be willing to trade money with battlefield experience. As for my thought on her? She's a fun person if not quite full of herself.

[Lancer gives a rather vicious grin]

Lancer: Oh, woman? Or what? Will you be the one who will defend your leash-holders honor? Bark like the little good dog you are. Though... there is no need to worry about us like that. I will put down all the rabid mutts she sends she sends after us when the mad wench finally decides to make her move. Until then, I could care less of what that woman thinks of me.

Firo: Lancer! We are not here to antagonize them!

Lancer: Too restrained, boy. Too restrained. We both know of what you think of the matter.

Firo: That is not the issue here! ...Maybe it is better if we lead this conversation into more smoother waters. Now where was it. [Firo shuffles around on the table as if looking for something specific] Ah, here it is.

Firo: A certain reader seems to have very interesting tastes. Or perhaps an obsession? In any case, one of our readers would like to know if you have ever worn a maid uniform. Any answer to that? [A good humored smirk is on Firos face]

Ravager: *smirks* Dawww......ain't you so cute~?

Sakuya: *her face turn flushes deep red after hearing Firo's question* I...I did not! Wh-why on earth will I be wearing those outrageous outfit?

Firo: [Firos smirk never wavers] Ara? Really? Too bad, Sakuya, too bad. You would look real cute in such an outfit. [chuckle] A heartbreaker if I might say so. Not that aren't cute already.

Firo: Hmm... lets see. There is a question about whether you prefer knives, blunt weapons or swords, but I guess that is already kind of answered... [Firo glances briefly at the knife in Sakuyas hand].

Firo: So what else... Here is one for Ravager. Is there a particular Servant you would like to measure skills against, Ravager?

Ravager: Well that depends on what skills you want me to test young lad. *chuckles* Combat? I can't say much since I haven't seen many so far. The Einzbern Saber bought my attention for one....but I don't mind if Lancer here is up for some barfight. *tiny smirk*

Lancer: Oooh? Perhaps you aren't that bad at all, woman. Gyahahahaha! I am more then willing to take you up on that offer! There are hardly anyone even worthy of a challenge in the bars around here. All weaklings and cowards. Running away from a barfight?

Firo: I guess it is time to wrap things up now. One question for the both of you. This seems to have also become sort of a tradition, I guess.

Firo: What would be your wish for the Grail, Sakuya? And what would be yours Ravager? How far would you be willing to go to achieve it? What means would you be willing to use?

Ravager: Wish? None. I'm just fighting to win. But well, if the wish granting machine like that exist then maybe World Peace?

Sakuya: *chuckles as Ravager actually said that with a straight face* I....well I guess would come up with my own wish when I achieve it. As for measures taken to achieve it? I don't know....I think it depends a lot on the enemy. I guess I will just have to tread as carefully as I could.

Lancer: Gyahahaha! Good words, Ravager. Good words.

Firo: Indeed. I wish you well in your endeavors to obtain the Grail, Sakuya. Who knows? I hope you will discover the wish you want to see fulfilled. Or perhaps not? Perhaps, in the end, you will person who has everything and no need for a wish. That is also a happy outcome, is it not?

Firo: In any case, I thank both of you for joining us tonight. I hope it was as enjoyable for you as it was for me.

Firo: I would also like to thank all the readers that joined us tonight. Until the next time, though with completely interviewers and interviewees then.

Firo: Until the next time we meet, dear readers.


April 3rd, 2011, 12:58 PM
Will: ...So, I, uh, guess it's time for that interview we were supposed to do...?

Archer: Obviously. So, got everything prepared?

Will: Not really, but I can wing it....

Archer: You sure? You don't seem like the type who can do this without running away in fear.

Will: Just... shut up, okay? And all we need to do now is to wait for our interviewees...

Seer: ....Boy...

Gin: Yeah...?

Seer: This isn't the library....

Gin: I know just, just go with it for a bit longer. It's our turn to be questioned it seems...

Seer: ....

Gin: Ahaha, anyway, um hi there! I'm Gin, nice to meet you, what's your name?

Will: ...Um, well, I'm, uh, Will, your interviewer, and here is my not-yet-summoned Servant Archer...

Archer: Hey. Since I want to get this over with as quickly as possible, we'll just jump straight to the question everyone bloody asks around here: What do you think of OLYMPUS, hm?

Will: Jeez, that sounds kinda rude...

Gin: Haha, straight to the point I see. Well, so far I think this place is really interesting, to say the least. I'm already met some fairly interesting people, and I can't wait to see what else it holds.

Seer: Honestly, anything is better than it was from my time, and I must say that I find the naming for locations.... Unique, to say the least

Will: Alright then... Since Archer's kinda impatient today, I guess I'll speed this up... For Gin, if you had to fight, what types of combat you'd prefer...?

Archer: You're still too slow, you know? And for... Seer, why the hell do you wear that blindfold?

Will: Archer, this is an interview, try not to swear...

Archer: Whatever you say, Master.

Gin: Well, when it comes to fighting I've been trained since I was a child to use a katana, so I guess that would be my forte.

Gin: Pfft, y-your turn Seer, hahaha!

Seer: *sigh* Boy, show some maturity will you...

Gin: S-sorry, hehe

Seer: Anyway, the reason for my blindfold is quite simple, it's a secret. If you want an answer I guess I can humor you with something like "It's a fashion statement" or something in that vein. Next question please

Will: ...So, Seer, can you the future? A lot of people would like to know.

Archer: ...Especially a certain pervy forger.

Seer: Hmhmhm... Perhaps I can, perhaps I can not. For this certain person though, all I have to say is; Good luck, you may need it. Hmhmhm~

Gin: ...You are one cruel little girl...

Seer: I take that as a complement boy

Gin: *sigh* I know you do... Sorry about that, next question please

Archer: Look at that, that crappy letter had something good with it!

Will: It did?

Archer: Seer, if your roles were reversed with your master, what would you make him do? Would you bother to use a Command Spell to force him to do it?

Will: You wish we could get that question, don't you, Archer?

Archer: Well, what I'd say would be so mentally scarring they'd leave you in an asylum~

Will: ...

Seer: Hoho~ Now that's an interesting question~

Gin: *shudder* I'm scared now...

Seer: Hmhm, don't be boy, all you'd need to do is comply to my every whim and it'll be fine. While I'm at it, I'd probably make you stay in that other form, oh what do you call her, "Jin" correct? She doesn't talk that much, and I think she thinks thing through more than you do

Gin: Tch, don't bring her into this...

Seer: Oh there there boy, I'm just teasing~ I like you just fine as you are. Though you could try to think from time to time

Gin: Fine... Next question.

Will: ...Speaking of a separate personality, how long do you get along with yours, Gin?

Gin: She and I don't really get along, so I keep control most of the time. Though I do give her control when it seems fit, or when I just wanna see how she'll react to the situation.

Seer: I don't know, I like her fine enough

Gin: That's cause you two have a common view, that is a dislike for me. Albeit her's is worse by far...

Will: ...Um, anyway, let's get on to some rather dull questions, shall we?

Archer: *Randomly plucks a letter from a pile and opens it* So, what're your hobbies?

Gin: I'm personally big on traveling so I guess that would be my hobby haha~! I love seeing new places and taking in the scenery of wherever I go. Plus I've meet my fair share of interesting people on my little "adventures."

Seer: I guess I'd say I enjoy reading fairly well. I enjoy mainly stories of old, myths and legends and things like that. Though I must say I do enjoy listening to good music from time to time too.

Archer: *Goes back to the pile of opened letters, rereads it, and then shoves it in one of Will's pockets.* ...So, Master, spit out another question.

Will: Okay... What pisses you guys off the most? And how quickly do you get angered?

Seer: Hmm, other than this boy's occasional antics, I rarely get mad enough to say I'm "pissed." Though I guess lying and people who hold no trust to others really gets under my skin...

Gin: Huh, well I guess there's not a lot of things that get me mad, but the few that do merit me getting mad enough I guess. I'll have to go with.... Bah, nevermind. Next question, please~

Will: Jeez, you guys sure didn't tell us much... Um, last question I guess, I think I'm running out. Seer, why do you have a library fet- Er, why are you so interested in Apollo Libraries?

Archer: Nice job, Master.

Will: Shut up.

Gin: Pfft! don't laugh, don't laugh, don't laugh

Seer: Hm, I'll forgive that little "slip up" for the time being....

Seer: Anyway, why indeed~? The reasons could be infinite, but there is only one finite truth in the end. Could it be because I like to read, or could it be that I find the naming intriguing to a degree. Hmhm, I guess I can let you try you're hand at figuring out~

Gin: Huh, I think I might know, but I wouldn't wanna spoil the fun for Will-san here~

Will: Jeez, you people are so annoyingly vague and mysterious I feel like hitting something... Anyway, I guess that's a wrap, I can't find anymore decent questions, nor can I make them up... It was nice meeting you, Gin, and you too, Seer... Archer, how did you think it went?

Archer: You suck?

Will: I feel so much better now, thanks.


April 3rd, 2011, 01:08 PM
Matt: Young Lady's and Saver's interview will start in around 20 minutes. So please send your questions. Gwaahhh...

Assa: Master are you alright?

Mass: I knew there was something wrong with that recipe...

Assa: Ohayoooo!~ It's your lovely soon-to-become OLYMPUS idol Assassin a.k.a. Assa-chan! Unfortunately, Master couldn't come due to food poisoning, so I'm in charge for this interview! Tee-hee~ (wide gentle smile) And our guest for today are no one else but, sis Froste and uncle Saver! Hello~

Froste: E-eh? Matthias... food poisoning...?

Saver: Heh. He's tougher than he looks, I wouldn't worry about it.

Froste: ...

Saver: *grins at Assa* Hey, kid! Great to see you could make it.

Saver: But... I think you may have worried the little lady a bit.

Froste: ...

Froste: No, I'm fine... it's good to see you too, Assa. *smiles*

Froste: It's just -- this happened last time he made something... questionable. I only worry about him because he does things like this...

Assa: Don't worry sis! Master said he will prepare some medicine as soon as he crawls out of the toilet. (smiles brightly)

Assa: Anyway, let's get this started. Umm... If I remember correctly, there was some usual question I should have asked first... hmmm...(tilts her head) What was it again? ... Oh, right! Sis you have small ones too, don't you?

Froste: Small ones? What do you...

Froste: *pauses, turns red* Ah. I... no, I don't think they're small.

Saver: ...Yeah, no. They're not.

Froste: ...Saver. You...?

Saver: Nightgown. Next question.

Assa: Ehh? They're not? But they look like...
(a piece of paper falls out of Assa's pocket)

Assa: Oh, those are the questions I was suppose to ask. (scratches the back of her head) Tee Hee~ I thought I left them and had to made them up as we speak.

Assa: So... How do you find OLYMPUS? Is it fun for you sis? And you uncle?

Froste: The city is certainly like nothing I've ever seen before, even in books...

Saver: About the same here. Though, I'm really more interested in the Servants here than all the shops and the like. I can't say I'm that interested in this Duel Chart, but I'm still looking forward to finding a few interesting people to share some drinks and stories, maybe a sparring match or two.

Froste: Yes... I guess you could say that I'm just glad to be here with Matthias, and being able to meet people like Siegfried, Saver, and you, Assa.

Assa: Right! Right! About Master... there was a question here... Here it is!
"Do you think that your relationship with Matthias might become something more than platonic?"

Assa: So sis, do you "like" Master?

Froste: *looks out the window as she speaks* I don't think so... I think, at the time, I just wanted someone to replace my "sister", and that's why he became what he is to me. I guess you could call him my "brother."

Froste: *looks back* But as for going farther... I think I would rather keep what I have. Other than that, I can't say -- I really don't have much experience with relationships, you see.

Assa: There seems to be some more questions about your relationships...

Assa: (with serious face) REJECTED. I'm not giving sis to that guy!

Froste: K-Kazu...? I really don't know that much about him yet... he seems reasonable, I guess?

Saver: *shrugs* I think the only thing Kazu feels towards Froste is maybe a bit of distrust.

Assa: Mmmm... The next one is for uncle Saver.
"So, Saver, I heard you've got the Golden Rule skill. What do you intend to do with the money you get with that skill?"

Assa: Also...
"We know that you use a golden armor during battle, isn't that right? You also have the skill 'Golden Rule' of unknown rank, so it's safe to say that you are a 'Gold Magnet', in a way. But... Are you greedy? Do you feel the need to have more?"

Saver: Ha. People are curious about that, are they? That golden armor's a memento of my greatest conquest, and damn effective at that.

Saver: Speaking of that, that's where my riches started. Victory after victory, and my collection only grew. It was never really about the gold, though -- my brother and I rode the countryside with our army, conquering anyone who threatened our family... ah, those were the days.

Saver: So, right. I don't really feel any need to collect more gold or buy anything expensive, but the gold still keeps coming. Right now I'm just using it to help out my Master's family.

Assa: Uncle, buy me some melon bread...

Assa: Back to the questions, what are your wishes, and how far are you willing to go to achieve them?

Froste: Mm. My wish is a bit... different. The fact that I was able to come here with Matthias and meet everyone -- that wasn't a choice of my own. In fact, it was something I could never have imagined. I only want to protect that miracle.

Froste: I'd do everything in my power -- but I was born an alchemist, not a warrior. I'm not sure how much I can do other than support the ones protecting me.

Saver: You're underestimating yourself. *grins*

Saver: So, my wish? I'm searching for a certain woman, actually -- the woman I loved. Whether she could be summoned here or not I don't know, but I think I'd actually prefer to see us brought together by fate than using something like the Grail to bring her to me.

Saver: *laughs* It sounds ridiculous, I know. I'll probably have to do that legwork myself, and who knows if it'll actually work... but I'd like to see that miracle happen.

Saver: As for how far I'm willing to go... hey, I have to stay alive, and I'm rather a fan of Froste's wish, here. I'll cut down anyone who tries to take us out.

Assa: Uwaaaaaa~ Uncle is so romantic!~

Assa: Next, ummm... Who would you like to fight with and who would you rather avoid fighting with?

Saver: Hmm. ...There's a Marauder I've heard about who sounds interesting. I never found someone who could best me in a duel while I lived, so I started looking around in the records here and she seems pretty skilled. Not to mention, she was called "suited to being both a bodyguard and a conqueror"... sounds like someone I could respect.

Saver: As for someone I don't want to fight... I've gotten word that there's a Lancer here who I once knew. I don't want to say too much before I actually meet him, but he probably won't be too happy to see me again.

Assa: And what about you sis? Is there someone you would prefer to not fight with? Also...
"You don't have any Ice based spells now, do you? ... Then why were you named 'Froste'? Is it something that has to do with your personality, or something else?"

Froste: ...Our allies, I guess. I was a bit surprised when Siegfried proposed an alliance, but it makes sense. They were reasonable about it, and I feel that even if this has to come to an end it will be... I'm not sure what's the word I'm looking for. Respectfully?

Froste: My "name"... it's a memory of my early life. I'd rather not speak about it much, but I'll say that it doesn't have much meaning except to me.

Assa: About you past...
"You don't seem to want to rely on your Original's memories. Why is that?"

Froste: Ah... how do I describe having another's memories...?

Froste: I have my own personality, but -- how much of that is "myself" and how much is my experiences? When I was born, "I" was a nearly blank slate that became filled up with the experiences of another. Accessing her memories means accessing her personality, and my way of thinking was shaped by hers. Basically... I know this is not the case, but it feels like accessing her memories is overwriting who "I" am.

Froste: ... ...I'm sorry. I got carried away -- am I boring you?

Assa: Well, I heard something similar from Master, thought he seemed to not like what he saw in his original memories.

Assa: We have still a couple of questions left.
"You are fighting with another Servant by the pool. Your armor must be heavy. Do you think the opposing Servant could leave you out of combat by kicking you to the pool?"

Assa: This must be from Pervificer. Idiot thinks that uncle is as weak as he is. Let's forget it. Next...
"You and your retainers have gained servants, even ignoring the fact that your servants might desire a miracle, don't you expect some problems, perhaps even betrayal by servants summoned by your guards who entered the war in exchange for a wish?"

Assa: ;_; How could you! You think I would go against sis? There is a limit to how much impertinent you can be! I know who sent this! You are just... You are just... just... A BIG FAT MEANIE!!!

Assa: I don't know about uncle Raver thought.

Assa: This one looks important!
"I hear a certain Taima underwear thief has set his eyes on you, or more specifically, your underwear. How do you feel about this?"

Saver: A pool? *laughs* I don't think a little puddle like that would be any trouble to get out of even if someone did have a way of knocking me back.

Froste: My... my underwear? An underwear thief? Why would someone want my underwear? And how would he get into the Einzbern dorms to find any?

Froste: Assa... I've never heard about this thief before. Do you know if he's just a rumor?

Assa: It's probably that lolicon's master... Master said it's best to stay away from them...

Assa: And so the last question comes from me~ Lollipop or ice-cream?

Froste: We didn't really have either at the Einzbern castle, but Matthias made me some ice cream once. I liked it, so... ice cream.

Saver: I picked up some hard candy on the way up here -- it's nice, but I'd rather chew it and it seems like the stick would get in the way. Now that ice cream parlor down in Demeter? That looks interesting. Remind me to take all of you down there sometime.

Saver: ...Hey, that reminds me -- I still have one. Here. *takes a wrapped green piece of candy out of his pocket and tosses it to Assa*

Assa: Thank you uncle~ *hugs Saver*

Assa: Now you see sis, I got this question from a magazine. And it said that depending on answer you can tell if a woman prefer to suck or lick, but I don't get it and Master wouldn't explain that to me! Sis do you get it? What's this suppose to mean?

Froste: I... eh? *goes to look at the page, but Saver takes it away*

Saver: *coughs* Yeah... this was probably one of those two leaving stuff around and hoping you'd look at it. Artificer, maybe. I don't recommend finding out anytime soon -- that's just what they want you to do, you know?

Assa: I-is that so uncle? Hmm... but I'm still a bit curious. Anyway this is the end for today! Thank you for coming and Bye-bee!~


Assa: I felt something strange... Wonder if master is still alive?


April 3rd, 2011, 01:17 PM
Drake: Hello everyone! Hold on tight and fasten your seatbelts, because in twenty minutes we're interviewing none other than Hakan and her Servant Berser...

Kaiser: Could you please shut up for a while, grown up child? Tch. Now there's no way I can focus again into reading that book about the first Philosophers. Whatever... Weren't Juliana and Gunner the ones doing the interview of Hakan

Drake: Erm... In that case, who are we interviewing?

Kaiser: It was Alacia Starward and her Servant, Caster.

Drake: Gee. Why do all magi have such weird names in the first place?

Kaiser: I don't think you're one to speak, Drake Edelphius Walker.

Drake: That's my stupid mother's fault! Well, whatever. We're getting started in fifteen minutes, so have your questions ready by then!

Murderer: That guy was boring anyway, and he had something else to do, So I, servant murderer, will be your guest speaker for a little while Drake tries to decide if he really should use the bone saw to cut off his leg to get out of that room....I mean......go....take....flowers.....to his ailing mom. Sure, that sounds reasonable! Would our guests like to introduce themselves to their adoring fans before we get started?

Lacey: Where did Drake go?

Caster: Said he was busy.

Lacey: And now we have Servant Murderer?

Caster: A-yup.

Lacey: Uhm, should we be worried?

Caster: Eh, it's not like death here is permanent anyway.

Lacey: True... Okay then. Hi everyone, I'm Alacia but everyone calls me Lacey!

Caster: Good day. I am Servant Caster. Pleased to meet your acquaintance.

*Caster offers hand to Murderer*

*Murderer grasps the hand firmly and pumps it a few times, it looks like he is considering throwing a companionable arm around caster, but decides against it.*

Murderer: Pleasure is all mine my good man, thank you very much for joining us, and hello to you little miss, your as lovely a girl as I have met on Olympus, and I sit next to enchanter!

Murderer: Now then, I am sure your fans are impatient to begin, so why don't you to tell us about how you are finding Olympus thus far, is everything measuring up to your expectations?

*Lacey shifts a little in her chair*

Lacey: Absolutely. Its everything I expected and maybe a little more! So many things to see. So many things to do.

*Caster nudges her and Lacey coughs into her fist*

Lacey: Uhm. Yes, so far its been a very good experience.

Caster: Well, I haven't even been summoned yet, but this looks like my kind of place to retire. Of course there's the whole deal about mysteries and fighting, but hey you can't have it all.

Murderer: Hmmm? Mr. caster, you came here on your own right, answered the call in exchange for a miracle, arent you eager to begin achieving that goal? And you miss Lacey, what is it you would like to accomplish during your stay on this wonderful Utopia so thoughtfully provided by our friends in Atlasia.

Caster: Hah, please don't be so formal. Truth be told, I have little regrets from my time alive. I see this as an opportunity to live unbound. And since I'm not the fighting type, this means relaxing and enjoying the sights.

Lacey: Well, I was actually hoping to just have a normal school life here. You know, as normal as anyone like me could hope for. Of course my family sent me here for a purpose, but my father basically said 'screw them'. I-is that... alright?

*Caster laughs and pats Lacey's head*

Caster: See, this is why I like her.

Murderer: Well, I guess everyone has there own reason for being here, though I find a heroic spirit without a wish so strange! ...But you know, for some reason I find myself thinking maybe that isnt so uncommon here, oddly enough. Lets see whats in the mail bag?

Murderer: Dear Lacey and Caster, what kind of people would you work with in the war? who would you be afraid to work with? Ohh, could we have an admirer?! Maaaaaybe its a booooooy, is there anyone who has caught your eye Lacey?

Lacey: *sigh* I try not to think about the war, but I think I could work with almost anyone.

Caster: *scoff* You say that now, but I don't think you can work with cutthroats Lacey.

Lacey: Depends on who... depends on what's going on I suppose. As for the second question.

*Lacey actually stops to think*

Lacey: Ah, I was so preoccupied with being here that I didn't notice any boys... B-but I s-suppose I wouldn't be completely against the idea.

Murderer: Why then, there is still a shot for me! Obviously not master, despicable fellow, you know, I even heard he steals young ladies underwear, you should be careful!

Murderer rifles through a stack of letters and draws one out at random, after reading it, his eyes light up, and he grows slightly more intense.

Murderer: A personal favorite this one....what are you Lacey, and you Caster, willing to do to achieve your objectives? Are you willing to burn every bridge behind you, set Olympus in flame, clothe yourself in the blood of those who called you friend if it means victory?

Caster: Honestly my friend, you seem like a decent enough sort to trust. I suppose time will tell though. As for the question, I won't just destroy everything in my way. *chuckle* Besides, its not like I have the power to do so.

Lacey: Ye-... No. Probably not. Even if it meant winning, I won't hurt my friends.

Murderer: The servant of magic, not knowing how to unleash a little mayhem? Hah! you must think murderer doesn't know false modesty when he hears it! Well then, lets see now...ooh! This one looks familiar!

Murderer goes into a long and obviously feigned coughing fit

Murderer: *cough* Zero *cough* master *cough* *cough* oooh...sorry, must have a cold!

Murderer then holds up the letter, points to it, and elaborately mouths the word "Zero" with a wink.

Murderer: Wonder who this is from? he writes What did you do with those cookies!? was it poison? a curse or hex? hypnosis?! I am on to you! Wow, what kind of horrible, idiotic, smelly person could have written something like that?

*Caster begins laughing uncontrollably*

Caster: Oh to think that Lacey is capable of guile in the kitchen...

Lacey: If the anonymous fan must know, all I did was make a simple cookie and put a small bit of caramelized strawberry in it.

*Caster wipes a tear from his eye and calms down*

Caster: Well, maybe he's just obsessing over it because he wants some too.

Lacey: Oooh, that's a great idea! Mr. Murderer, would you like some as well? I'll bake him a tart or something.

Caster: You do remember that this is all not actually happening right?

Lacey: Oh, err... well then I'll have it ready if we ever meet here again.

Caster: Truth be told, Lacey just has as much love for cooking like that Matt fellow over with the Einzberns. That's all I suppose.

Murderer: It would be kind of funny to take some, pretend I bought them, then after he eats one, tell him it was one of yours, just to watch him try and pretend THAT didn't bother him! speaking of master, you know why he is smelly? he cant get a shower! something about being caught peeping on girls, I laughed so hard when i heard.....

Murderer chuckles a bit

Murderer: Ok, lets see now.......all right, this admirer asks Dear Lacey, if you had fought another master, and held a gun to him, thinking him beaten, and suddenly his hands vanish into his clothes, you only have a split second to decide, could you kill him before he even pulled it out, before you were sure he was going for a weapon? how about after, when it was him or you, could you firmly take his life to protect yours? Wow, serious. People aren't given you easy ones eh?

Lacey: He peeps on girls in the shower?

Caster: I heard that it wasn't completely his fault...

Lacey: Oh okay then... uhm. For the first scenario, I'd probably hit him in the head with the gun. For the second, yes. If it was his life or mine, then yes.

Caster: This is a war in the end *sigh* Not everyone can be friends, even if we wish it were so.

Murderer: Fair but not weak, maybe thats a good balance. Ok, here is a question for the both of you; Caster is the servant of magic, and lacey a powerful Magi, what kind of things can be expected of your magics? Do you two work well together or share certain traits? What kind of synergy can we look forward to?

Caster: Oh, how do I respond with tact... Let's just say we were not brought together by common ground in terms of power. My form of magic is far more improvised and rough.

Lacey: That is not to say that we don't complement each other of course.

Caster: Oh, certainly not.

*Caster gives Lacey a look who in turn just shrugs*

Caster: Well I'll let you guys in on a little secret and crack the fourth wall just a bit. I had better compatibility with my other potential Master. A boy by the name of Leto. Still, things happen for a reason. It could work out better this way.

Murderer: oooh....tantalizing, is there a story there? Well, maybe you do not wish to share? fair enough, at any rate, our next questioner writes;

To Lacey:

'The Woman named Kujaku Senhime is blackmailing you, Lacey. If you don't do what she asks, she will kill your loved ones without a second thought. But you have had enough. You've decided to kill her. On your own. Do you... Shoot her with your gun...? Cut her throat open when she least expects it... Or do you let your poisoned cookies do the job...?'

Murderer: Huh, wonder why the person was actually named out........That seems a little morbid!

Caster: Wow, now that is one hypothetical situation. I suppose I'm already dead in this scenario, huh?

Lacey: Well, assuming that I can get in the position to deliver the blow, I'd go with the gun. Its cleaner and I'm not partial to physical exertion.

Caster: Well, what about the poison?

Lacey: B-but... poisoning food is such a waste...

Murderer: I was a little curious as to why obeying the blackmail wasn't an option. Then again, mature older woman subverting an innocent little.......oooh, what am I saying, excuse me! Anyways, moving on then! A new admirer would like to know;

Do you have any affiliations beyond your faction? would you have trouble working with dead apostles or demons?

Lacey: I have little love for my actual family. The one who sent me here to gather information for them.

Caster: Heh, big mistake there I suppose.

Lacey: Apart from that, I don't have much opinion of the Order. I don't see a problem working with other factions.

Caster: I'd keep one eye out for Avarice though. That guy is... interesting.

Lacey: Ah yes, Avarice. I look forward to... well I suppose I probably won't 'meet' him for a while.

*Suddenly, a explosion is heard across the room. From the crack in the wall, appears Drake with a chain hanging onto his leg and holding in his right hand a zweihander*

Drake: Well, this took a little while even when with my Reinforced sword. Now, let's see how I will kill him...

Kaiser: Could you try to kill him with this teacup pretty please?

Drake: *Smiles* Nice idea.

Lacey: Oh my, Mr. Drake and Mr. Kaiser are you alright?

*Lacey gets up and rushes to check them for injuries*

*Caster turns to tell Murderer something only to find that he's already gone*

Drake: No need. We are fine.

Kaiser: Murderer's escaping, so maybe you should hurry up?

Drake: ...Shouldn't you be going after him instead?

Kaiser: Nope. I got no interest on him or whatsoever.

*A minute or so goes by with both of them standing there silently*

Drake: Uh, I think we recieved a few questions that weren't asked by Murderer...

Kaiser: Maybe you should go on with the interview?

Drake: Yeah. Alacia, the other masters really do know of your hyperactive personality. Do you think this hyperactivity is an advantage or disadvantage?

Lacey: Uhh...

Caster: Maybe I can give a more objective opinion. She isn't actually a dense person but when she's more interested in 'ooh'-ing and 'aah'-ing, Lacey tends to miss details. Such as the fact that she was talking to a Servant.

Lacey: I think its good to be happy about life!

Drake: That's the attitude miss! Yes, yes. Finally someone who understands the joys of life! This got me pumped up, so next question! Caster, how did you die? Uh...

Kaiser: I think it's kinda rude asking someone who already went past that to recall his own death.

Drake: How was yours?

Kaiser: I'll answer to that with another question if you don't mind, Master. Where do you like the cut, above or below the Adam's Apple?

Caster: Well, my death wasn't anything fantastic. In my final days I realized that I had done all that was needed of me. I accepted death as it came. If you're looking for something more philosophical, let me just say that I've put my past life behind me. I'm here to live this life to the fullest.

Kaiser: I share your feelings. It took me quite a while, but I also ended up realizing I'd done everything that was in my hand. Next question... Lacey, are there any people that you are worried about/have deemed 'troublesome and to be dealt with later?

Lacey: No, not really.

Caster: Admit it, you haven't even really been paying attention. What about that Luthor guy?

Lacey: Luthor? He seems high strung, but I doubt he's all bad.

Caster: Optimistic, aren't you...

Drake: Nuh huh. So, here comes another one. Uhhh, where did I leave it again... Ahem. *Blushes a little before nosebleeding*

Kaiser: Sigh... Who do you think is cuter, you or assa?

Caster: I'm flattered people would ask, but I don't think I could hold a candle to the kid.

Lacey: Uhm, Caster...

Caster: Yeah?

Lacey: I doubt that was addressed to you...

Caster: Oh? ...Oh! That kind of makes sense.

Lacey: *ahem* Uhm, well I guess I'd have to say little Assassin. I'm just a normal girl after all.

Caster: Well, normal in this place anyway.

Drake: Well, so we're ending this interview with this last question... Uh, Do you mind if I grab one of your cookies? Sorry, but couldn't resist. They look tasty...*Drools*

Kaiser: Master, I suggest being careful on this one. You know, there's a certain rumor going on about cookie poisoning...

Lacey: Ahahaha, absolutely! I'll be sure to make an extra large batch for everyone to share.

Caster: Thank you for taking the time to meet with us, and thank you everyone for the questions.

(Unaware that they were still being recorded...)

Caster: You know, I just realized that there are going to be other 'Caster's out there.

Lacey: Took you long enough.

Caster: This coming from you? That's a laugh.

Lacey: So, you want to think up a name to call you?

Caster: Hmm, yeah how about-

(And there the recording ends)

April 3rd, 2011, 01:34 PM
Gunner: Alright, ladies and gentlemen, I am Servant Gunner and here we are with my Master, Ms. Juliana Petronova, as we interview one of our fellow pairs in the oncoming Grail War. Please welcome, Mr. Hakan...[Glances briefly on his questionnaire cards, then turns them upside down.]...Striker and the beautiful Servant Berserker!!!

Hakan: Hello everyone, a pleasure to be here.

Berserker: .....

Hakan: My apologies, she gets like that sometimes.

[The Gunner team looks at each other, then looks back to them.]

Gunner: That's okay, Mr. Striker. We both understand if she isn't too fond of talking.

Juliana: [Sketchbook] "Yes, we do. Especially me. Unless by writing."

Gunner: Of course, you don't. But anyway, we must proceed with the interview. Good afternoon to the both of you, by the way. And here's the first question, addressed to the two of you, a pretty standard one...

...Uhm..."What is your wish and how far will you go for it to get achieved?"

Hakan: My wish? Hmm.... an interesting question. I suppose I don't have any wish in particular...No, wait, I do believe I have one. My wish...is to see an old friend. It has been....quite some time, and I would very much like to see him again.

[Hakan stares at a wall and quietly mumbles to himself]

Berserker: .....Mine is the same as my Master's.

[Hakan snaps out of it when he hears Berserker talk]

Hakan: We are simple people, are we not? Gahahaha. Good though, I'm glad to know such simple pleasures as seeing an old friend are not lost on you Berserker. Now, next question you two! I'm finding this rather enjoyable.

[The duo looks at them with a slightly disturbed expression.]


Gunner: ....Alright! So both of your wishes are to see your old friends. Again. That's great. It reminds me of old friends too.

Juliana: "So do I. Right, Gunner?"

Gunner: Aye, master. We all do wish to see old friends, but it is very adorable or rather, awesome that you dedicate your fight to them! But yes, the interview must continue, so this next question is addressed to Hakan himself...

..."Obviously you are an unorthodox member of the Apostles; you refer often to your "potion." I assume you’re a magi who converted yourself, so what form of thaumaturgy do you utilize?"

Hakan: It has been quite some time since I actively practiced Thaumaturgy outside of creating my potion. It's my own concotion, a false blood that supplies me with energy for my research. And before you ask about that, if you can think of it, I've researched it. This particular drink though, is centuries old now and most likely outdated with my "peers". As for what I use outside of my research...dear me, it's been so long that I only remember my basics. I suppose I'll just call it "Magic to protect" and leave it at that.

Gunner: "Magic to Protect"?

Juliana: "Very interesting, Mister Strikr, both your potion and researches, especially for an alchemist like yours truly. More so that the recipe is centuries old now and yet effective."

Gunner: Ah, yes. I must say that your achievements in the field of magecraft is very impressive, with all due honesty, Mister Striker.

However, we still have more questions to go, and this one is addressed to none other than...Miss Berserker herself! Here's the question...

...Without taking into account your Master's opinion... Who do you see as a good ally, and who do you clearly want to avoid? Why?

Berserker: ....I honestly haven't done much in the way of research on those around me. And even if I had, none of the people I have seen have shown themselves to be trustworthy enough to be partners. Trust is a fragile thing that takes ages to build, and seconds to destroy. So I suppose we shall see whome to ally with.

Hakan: Since she won't give you an answer, I'll tell you someone I want to ally with. Shizune. She's a good girl and could use some help, and I would greatly enjoy her company.

Berserker: Master you know nothing about this girl or her motives, I think it would be unwise to

Hakan: Oh shush girl, I know how to read people. How do you think I've survived this long? Now be quiet and let the interview continue.

Berserker: ....

Juliana: "Shizune?"

Gunner: I haven't met her yet, Master.

Juliana: "So do I, which means we can't pass judgement yet."

Gunner: We can't really pass judgement with that choice even if we knew, anyway. But alright, alright! Here's another question coming, if I remember correctly, from Miss Rei.

Juliana: "...How do you remember that?!"

Gunner: Uhm...You know, Master, I sort of liked that woman. He he. [Rubs back of head while blushing.]...But here's the question, to Mister Striker.

...You are playing chess. Clearly, you are better than your opponent, as he is about to make a wrong move that will lead him to his or her defeat in one or two moves. Do you... Allow your opponent to do it, and attack with no mercy during your next turn...? Do you allow your opponent to do it, but play dumb and leave the way open for him to correct his mistake... Or do you warn him before he makes that decisive move, as a sign of respect?

Hakan: Oh! A chess question! So many many choices....clearly I don't just allow him to do it and win the game though, that ruins the fun. If I tell him he doesn't learn, but if I don't he may continue to make the same mistake....Hmmm.....well, since it is someone who is clearly not as good as I am, I will simply tell them not to make the move, but I won't explain why. I will simply tell them they should not do that. If they do not heed my warning, then it is their own fault.

Gunner: We...see!

Juliana: "I, also a bit of a chess player, approve that decision myself! Any good Russian chess player might also say the same thing!"

Gunner: Yes! Hinting but not directly warning, aye! Alright, next question! This time, to Miss Berserker!

...Are you familiar with the berserkers of the previous two wars? Would you call yourself more of a Lancelot or a Heracles? And how would you rate your abilities against theirs?

Berserker: ....I am neither. And I compare to neither. Lancelot fights with weapons. Heracles fights with his might. I fight with neither, and for that, we do not compare.

Hakan: Ever the evasion, Berserker? Fine, I'll simply continue answering your questions for you. I suppose she's more like Heracles, though their fighting styles differ wildly.

Berserker: Master, please, there is no need for you to answer every question that is asked of me. I have given my answers, it does not fall to me to see that the one who asked is satisfied. I simply must state how I feel about the given question.

Hakan: How you feel doesn't answer the question, girl. You must simply answer.

Berserker: ......

[The two of them keep silent for a short while.]

Gunner: [Strokes chin.] Master, do you think he's a bit too...uhm...commanding with his own Servant?

Juliana: "As much as I want to say yes, there's nothing we can do, and even I could make you shut up if I wanted to."

Gunner: I see. But there we have the answer, she is closer to Heracles! At least according to her master! As for the strength of Mister Striker, there's a question here that involves that, of course addressed to him!

...Are you willing to kill? Would it just be enemies? People standing in your way? People who have something you want?

Hakan: I'm not a fan of violence, but I suppose it's possible. Depending on the reason at least. I've lived a long life, and never have I killed a man, though I have been to many a funeral. I still remember the day little Franzy died....it was a dark day for myself, his family, and soon enough the entire world.

Berserker: ....You did not answer the question Master.

Hakan: What? Oh, uh, I suppose you're right. Yes, I am, but not very eager to.

Gunner: We'll take note of that. As for the next question, my master will ask it to you, Mister Striker.

Juliana: "Alright. Gunner assigned me this question because we are very afraid to drop names here, despite him saying he had a crush on Miss Rei Fujou awhile ago. Now here's the question, still addressed to Mister Strikr.

Katsuhiro Asakami. A suspicious person, indeed. But... Is that enough for you to try to kill him...? Or is there something more about him that bothers you...?"

Hakan: I believe that boy, above all others, is trouble. He is a liar, deceitful, a thief, and has knowledge that should be impossible to him. He is, without a doubt, my number one threat at this time. Killing him is definitely an option, though a tad extreme at this point. I need to know more about him. How can he do the things he does? How did he infiltrate my mind without me knowing? I may not be the worlds greatest Magus, but I do have my talents, and no ordinary teenager, even in our strange brotherhood, could do such things.

Juliana: "My, Mister Strikr, with the words you have used to describe him, you might as well as accused him of all the evils of this world. Or even sociopathy."

Gunner: Aye. Although we aren't willing to hand out judgement here, we are also shocked with that answer, Mister Striker. We just hope won't say the same things with him. Please do note that we are just reading the questions aloud as they are, and they are in no way holding our opinions.

...To lighten things up, we still have more questions here! And the question is all about Berserker, but directed to you, Mister Striker!

...Let's suppose Berserker in her madness attacks an innocent person. What would you do? And, while we're at it, how are you going to do once her Mad Enhancement is activated? Keep her like a mad pet, or deactivate it once she's out of battle?

Hakan: She won't. And I will do just fine when it is active. There's no point in keeping it active either. It just seems unnecessarily cruel. Besides, though not always talkative, when she opens up she's fun to talk with. But, that aside, I would like to address something you said. You claimed I accused that rat Katsuhiro of sociopathy? I believe that word fits him well. The boy is far too shady for my liking, and if you knew well enough you would stay away from him as well.

[The Gunner team keep their awkward silence for a few seconds.]

Gunner: Uhm...As much as we are interested about it, we are actually avoiding the topic about Mister Asakami...

...But still, the fact that you are deactivating Miss Berserker's Mad Enhancement is an example that every Berserker Master should follow!

Juliana: "I agree. It is a very humane way to keep a very powerful yet very mentally fragile Servant. By that way, respect will be formed between Berserker and the Master."

Gunner: Yes! And moving on to the next question...

...What do you think of your dorm head?

Hakan: She may not say anything, but I do not think Berserker takes kindly to you calling her "Mentally fragile". And, truth be told, neither do I. As for my Dorm Head, he is pompous above all else, and feels a need to controll everything around him. If only he was better at it, he may succeed.

Juliana: [Blushes beet red, covers face with both hands then curls down before writing on her sketchbook.] "I'm very sorry on that comment. Please forgive me and excuse my social awkwardness."

Gunner: Uhmm...well, I guess since you have already described your dorm head, as pompous, nonetheless, let us move on to the last question, oddly directed to Miss Berserker...By the way, Master. Have you played this yet?

Juliana: [Shakes head.]

Gunner: Alright, here it is...

...You ever play Sengoku Rance?

Berserker: ....May I ask what that is?

Gunner: Master, do you know what is it? [Scratches head.]

Juliana: "For all I know, it's some sort of JRPG where you play as a guy named Rance who tries to conquer an alternate universe Feudal Japan through military means. It is also an H-game as I know it, as Rance is also bent of having sex with any woman in the provinces that he conquers. That's all I know, as I haven't played it yet."

Gunner: But Master, why should Miss Berserker play a game about conquering a country and ravishing countless women?

Hakan: Yes, I too would like to know why she would play such a game.

Berserker: ....*angry staring*

[Berserker's stare suddenly scares the two.]

Gunner: P-please, let's not fight here. Ha ha. Remember, these were not our questions.

Juliana: [Squiggly letters.] "And that was our last question, we believe."

Gunner: Aye! That's was our last question! Thank you for allowing us to interview you, Mister Striker and Miss Berserker. It was an honour. And any closing words you would like to say to our audiences?

Berserker: Who asked that question?

Gunner: Please, we prefer not to talk-

[Juliana suddenly flashes four fingers.]

Gunner: I guess there goes your answer, Mister Striker.

Hakan: Then I guess I know what we are doing today.

[Berserkers eyes flash red momentarily as she rises to her feet]

Hakan: So long, everyone.

April 3rd, 2011, 02:42 PM
4: ...Why am I here again?

Trickster: This time you're the interviewer. Let's do this. Please?

4: *sigh* Okay, fine, I'll do it.

Trickster: In that case, the interview with Mei and Betrayer is starting soon, in around 35 minutes, so please send your questions.

4: okay everybody, it's time, now let's give a welcome for our guests, Mei and Betrayer

Trickster: Can't you do a better introduction than that?

4: shut up

Betrayer: Greetings everyone. It is an honor to be here.

Mei: ...zzzzzzzzzzzz

Betrayer: One moment please. *Reaches over and taps a command on Red Hare phone*



Betrayer: Master, it is bad policy to fall asleep in front of strangers.

Mei: Oh. *blinks* Sorry about that. I'm just *sigh* not a morning person.

Betrayer: I apologize for that, Miss 4 and Trickster. Please go on.

4: What did you just do? Did you just zap your master? I didn't even know the phones had such a function.

Trickster: Hmm...

4 (glares at Trickster and mouths the words 'don't you dare'): Anyway, let's start off with a classic. What do the two of you think of OLYMPUS?

Mei: To be honest, it felt like I was stepping into a whole new world when I got off that plane. OLYMPUS sure gives off the impression that just about anything is possible. Although I am a little worried about how they're gonna keep the peace between all the factions.

Betrayer: Indeed, it is an impressive sight. I anticipate a whole plethora of possible adventures in this place. Perhaps I'll run into some of my old friends here.

Trickster: I wouldn't be surprised if I bumped into some old acquaintances of my own. There are quite a number of heroes here.

4: Anyway, (takes a random letter), let's see. Okay, here we go, for both of you.
Tell us, what are your hobbies/favourite things about OLYMPUS?

Mei: Hobbies? Well, there were quite a few when I was traveling the world, but the two biggest ones would be traveling and training. Sometimes the two mix. You can really get an intimate feel for a city once you start climbing and leaping through its nooks and crannies. I also enjoy the occasional video game and surf the 'net sometimes, but I try to limit those activities since they're highly addicting.

Betrayer: In my life, I enjoyed swimming, sailing, training, and journeying with my friends. I hear the discus garnered a few new games these days, so I'd like to try them out. And this "internet" sounds very intriguing as well.

Mei: As for OLYMPUS, I haven't seen enough of it yet to make a definitive decision, but I look forward to the new school semester.

Betrayer: The architecture and level of technology are certainly interesting. Though I 'd really prefer to meet the other heroes who have been summoned here.

4: Training? As in fighting? Perhaps you like to test yourself against me some time?

Trickster: Master, you really need to learn to hold back. The purpose of training isn't to actually kill your partner. I mean, I put up with it, but if you decide to spar with someone else, please don't kill them.

4: A-anyway, next letter. Here's another almost classic question.
What do you wish for? To what lengths will you go to obtain that wish? Will you kill, will you murder? Are you willing to kill your opposition? What lines will you not cross?

Mei: *cracks a lazy grin* Actually, my training is only worthwhile if I don't hold back either. But where was I? Oh, my wish? I originally came here to find a purpose for my life. Given what happened all those years ago...well, I thought my role was to create a brighter future for my family, but I...I failed. So now I must find another calling, a Raison d'źtre as the French would put it. It's not really a wish in itself, so I wouldn't waste the Grail on it, if the Grail is actually working at all without any of the rumored "defects" of the past. I guess I'm just here to find a cause worth devoting myself to, something that will give me meaning. As for how far I'd go, I will not involve the innocent. Nor will I murder without reason. And if I must kill, that reason must be serious. It all depends on who attacks me.

Betrayer: My wish is simple: redemption for what I did, and the chance to journey in the company of heroes once more. But I do not deserve the miracle of the Grail. This wish is something I must achieve with my own hands. As for the subject of killing, Servants are fair game. We've all lived and died knowing the consequences of our actions, and I'd be hard pressed to find a hero who didn't put his life on the line for his cause. As for Masters, I'll leave that up to my Master's discretion unless it's an emergency.

4: See? Going all out is normal!

Trickster: Like I said, there's a difference between going all out and trying to kill someone!

4: Meh. Anyway, good luck. Now onto the next question (selects another envelope) Let's see...

-To Mei: How do you feel about being recommended to ARES? Did it come as a surprise?
-To Betrayer: Are you in OLYMPUS for redemption? Have you put your past behind you?
Well, I guess we've already received a bit of an answer for the second question.

Mei: Yeah, I was quite surprised at the recommendation. I thought that was something reserved for class representatives or people with long-standing and respected careers here. This seems like a good opportunity, but I still feel that I should consult my family.

Betrayer: What I did was unforgivable and it still haunts me to this day. The very least I can do is vow to never again betray the bonds that I forge.

Trickster: Oh? A Betrayer that has vowed to never betray again? Now that's interesting. Anyway, here's the next question. (pulls out a letter)
'Your first day at class was quite an interesting one to say the least. But still, it seems like you've alienated several people, like Luthor. Not only that, but it seems that a certain little Dead Apostle who is also in that class may possess some hostility towards your current little group, with her threat. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure as they say, so will you be taking any 'actions' to eliminate or otherwise neutralize these 'potential obstacles'?

4: Hey, wait just a second here! There wasn't a single part of that letter that I liked! 'Eliminate'? 'Neutralize'? 'Obstacles'? And to put me on the same level as Luthor!? And I'm certainly not 'little'! I demand to know who sent that letter!

Trickster: We can discuss that afterwards, master

Mei: I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't at least a bit on edge after what you said/did, 4. But I need to get my affairs in order before I do anything else. Maybe enroll in ARES or something. Whether or not the situation escalates is up to you. I'd like for us to be friends though.

Betrayer: I'll admit that I'd like to see how Trickster handles himself in combat. He seems like he'd be an impressive tactician.

(4 and Trickster aren't really paying attention. 4 is attacking Trickster and trying to get the letter so she can see the sender, but Trickster is avoiding her attacks)

Trickster: Ah, sorry, kind of busy at the moment. (grabs a letter as he dodges another attack) Okay, here we go

-To both: Do you think you will be able to get along well with each other?

4: I'll kill you first, and then the sender, and then everybody else!

Trickster: Is this really something to use lethal force over!? Are you seriously trying to kill me!? Master!?

4: Shut up and die already!

Mei: *sigh* Do I have to break up another fight? *hand starts glowing with strange purplish light*

Betrayer: I don't think that's wise, Master. Although that particular spell would make things rather amusing.

Mei: Whatever, I'm sure Trickster can handle himself just fine. *purple light dissipates*

Betrayer: Well, as for the question, our relationship has certainly been "rocky" at the start. And by "rocky," I mean she exploded in my face and tried to pummel me to death once I told her of my crime.

Mei: Any sane woman would! What you did was unforgivable!

Betrayer: *Ahem* But things turned better when I gave her my word that I would never again repeat the crimes of my life, and that I would dedicate myself to redemption.

Mei: Well, they say you really get to know someone once you fight him. And all my fists felt from him were sorrow and regret. I'm willing to give him a second chance since he's so dead serious on turning over a new leaf. He also swore absolute loyalty to me, and on more than one occasion he urged me to use a Command Spell to kill him if I ever felt that he strayed from his path. And it was a bit embarrassing when he was grovelling at my feet, begging for forgiveness. Only time will tell how it turns out.

Betrayer: I swear on my soul that I will not let you down, Master.

Mei: I know...I shouldn't have been so harsh on you. I'm certainly no saint in comparison.

Trickster (dodging another blow): Master, please! At least let us finish this interview first!

4 (appearing to calm down): Very well then. Okay, the next letter.

'You've been slacking off. To be precise, you have been playing video games for the last three hours. Your younger brother, Ben, has just contacted you, saying that he'll arrive at the China Dormitories in less than ten minutes. A surprise visit, indeed. Without a doubt, you can't let him see all those CDs and video game consoles. You must do something, at once! Do you... Hide them in your closet, hoping he won't dare to look there...? Blame your roommate, saying it's she the one who owns all those videogames...? Or do you throw everything out the window, as a desperate measure to avoid a lecture from Ben...?'
hmm... If this Ben is a problem, why isn't there an option to simply kill him.

Trickster: That's because people don't normally kill their younger brothers over something so triv-
(Trickster sidesteps, causing 4 who had tried to inconspicuously sneak behind him before making a lunge at the guilty letter to fly past him and faceplant onto the floor at high speed. Trickster continues like nothing happened) -ial.

4: oww...

(Trickster looks over at 4 and sighs)

Mei: Oh, he's quite aware of what I do and I think he's partially given up on trying to change my ways, at least in this aspect. I'll just simply turn off the console, make sure the room looks respectable when he arrives, and greet him with open arms. There's nothing to hide. He can always somehow tell exactly how long I've been playing even without having me put under surveillance. There's just no lying when it comes to Ben. You know how siblings can be. He always sees through me no matter how convincing the lie is. Which is why I never play mahjong with that scheming jerk. The lectures aren't all that bad, and I always make sure to avoid spending too much time on leisure or vice. I mean, we've been in situations like this for over a decade now. He knows I can handle myself and get the job done right, though that doesn't stop him from worrying.

Betrayer: Your brother is a commendable man, Master. To hold the family together even after that incident, maintain power, and still have time to check in on you, he is quite impressive. It is only natural for him to be concerned over the last surviving member of his immediate family.

Mei: I know. He has to be since he's all I have left to depend on.

Betrayer: By the way, are you alright, Miss 4?

Mei: Yeah, that last stunt looked like it hurt. You want me to patch you up?

Trickster: Don't worry, I'm sure she's perfectly fine. 4: No I'm not Yes indeed, it'll take more than a small fall like that to hurt my master.

4: oh god, the pain, it hurts so much, oww...

Trickster: Anyway, I'm glad your brother seems to be such a swell guy and your relationship is so good. It is a good thing to have social relationships with other people, don't you agree? Not only that, but I think it's great that Ben is such a levelheaded guy who doesn't overreact to trivial things

4: Go ahead, kick a person while they're down.

Trickster: If you think it'll help. I hear and obey (steps on 4 a bit) Anyway, next question.

Betrayer, what kind of enemy do you deem as 'most interesting'?

Mei, does your mobile phone hold the ability to summon Lu Bu's horse?

(steps on 4 a bit more)

4: uguu ;_;

Betrayer: Hmmm, there are two kinds. The first are the skilled, straightforward types who jump at the chance of honorable single combat, much like Achilles. The second are the shrewd, cunning types who fight with guile, wit, and superior tactics, like Odysseus.

Mei: Awwww, 4, do you need a hu-

Betrayer: *Ahem* I think it would be for the best to keep to our personal space for this interview.

Mei: Ohhhh, alright. I'm sorry, 4. 'Hope you get better.

Betrayer: *nudge*

Mei: Oh right! The question. I wish my phone had such an awesome feature. Though I think I can find a way to project the real deal on a holo display. That poor horse didn't deserve to go out the way he did. Red Hare here is actually an image of the family pet back home. That adorable, oversized bunny has been with us for quite some time...and has punched out his fair share of people who 'surprised' him.

Trickster: Well, I hope you the best of luck with your opponents. Who knows, considering where we are, you might even meet Achilles or Odysseus in person! I know I'd certainly like the chance to match both wits against Odysseus, if he also happened to get summoned into the Trickster class like me, but well, you know how it is, it's all up to fate or destiny or whatever. Also good luck with that holo display Mei. Anyway, here's the next question or rather, questions. For Mei:
'... Holy shit! Are they real...? Tell us What's your tolerance to alcohol, please.'
And for Betrayer:
'How many Betrayers could Betrayer betray if Betrayer could betray Betrayers?'

4: that...must be...the pervert...can you please... stop...stepping on me...already?

Mei: Are what re-.... *Face flushes deep red* O-of c-course they are!!!

Betrayer: Is that the Artificer who everyone keeps talking about?

Mei: M-most likely. A-and my alcohol tolerance depends on how much prana is flowing in me. I'd say above average, normally. If I'm actually trying to stay on my feet, I can last a while, though that usually ends up with me waking up in a large pile of debris where the bar used to be with a whole bunch of people lying around who had the crap beaten out of them.

Betrayer: I wonder why...

Mei: *nudge*

Betrayer: As for the second question. NONE. See above for why.

Trickster: Speaking of the pervert, there's actually another question here that refers to him.

If you ever run into Artificer and he wants to get you to the harem, will you shoot his proposal down?

4 (still lying face down on the floor): What harem? That pervert really needs a reality check one of these days.

Mei: Of course I'd refuse. What kind of crazy person sleeps with a complete and total stranger who gives off creepy perverted vibes?

Betrayer: Back in my day, a man didn't need to ask. If he was worthy, women would come to him in droves. In fact, this one ti-

Mei: *violent nudge*

4 (still on the floor): Can you pass me some of the letters?

Trickster: Why don't you just get up?

4: ...hurts

(Trickster takes several letters and dumps them near 4)

4: Okay, let's see. Here's some for Mei.
Do we expect Mana Mizuki to sing each time you'll do something really badass?
Will you have a chance to meet some of the Japanese students on OLYMPUS?

Mei: Perhaps. That depends on what happens, though it'd be awkward to fight while hearing myself sing. And I've already met a few Japanese students. Tsukino-senpai and Syouko to name a couple. They seem like good people so far. If only the Order had better relations with Taima. Maybe I should work on that while I'm here. We'll just have to wait and see what happens in the future.

4: hmm... we'll see

4: Oh, here's a good one.
What was your biggest dream when you were a little girl?

Mei: To be a great martial artist like Uncle Wu and travel the world, helping the weak and needy. Sorta like a hero, I guess. That was when brother Yi was the chosen heir. If only things didn't turn out like they did...

Betrayer: There was no helping it, Master. Sometimes the Fates can be especially cruel. I know this all too well.

4 (opens another letter): Oh?

Trickster: These questions could look troublesome. Well, just get them all out of the way now. And please stand up already Master.

4: Well, I guess it's because people were expecting Betrayer to be a, well, betrayer. Anyway, here we go. Mei:
Do you have a final say should Betrayer decide to backstab someone even if that isn't your wish or if the person in question still has some use?

And for Betrayer:
Is it particularly easy to honor your Class name if you backstab anyone allied with Mei you deem expendable?
How far are you willing to go if you plan to betray someone who's not trustworthy at all? What about possible villians?

Betrayer: As I've stated before, I will not betray those that I have sworn allegiance to unless it is an extreme situation. For example, I confirm that an ally has turned back on his word and betrayed my trust. Can't betray someone who intends to kill you, right? There is also the situation with Lady Froste's alliance. Both sides agreed that hostilities may arise upon confirmation of a genuine Holy Grail.

Mei: And I think he'd need a Command Spell to actually betray an honorable ally without justification. But still, Betrayer told me time and again to use one to kill him if he ever strayed from his path. I hope it doesn't come to that.

Betrayer: As for the second question, it all depends on the situation. If I am forced to choose between my Master and an ally, I must side with my Master. But I will not do any backstabbing without justifiable cause. For obvious villains or untrustworthy types, I go by this maxim: "You have to trust someone to betrayed."

4: Let's see, here's another hypothetical situation type question for Mei.
hypothetically, you have just defeated an enemy master, but you have drained away all your prana doing so, when you are attacked by another master, betrayer is occupied with his servant. what methods would you take to defeat him or otherwise ensure your own safety?

Mei: I still have a few tricks up my sleeve, and I'm not completely helpless without prana, but it's not a situation I plan to get into. Usually when I'm low on prana, I'm in a state that makes me quite dangerous for other Masters.

Betrayer: If my Master's in a disadvantageous position, then I can easily initiate a tactical withdrawal and leave my opponent with enough scars to discourage pursuit. As a team, we are quite skilled at surviving battles.

4: I'm glad you're so confident. Let's hope that confidence isn't misplaced.

Trickster: So said the girl lying face down on the floor after tripping.

4: ...shut up. Anyway, let's see, next question

"What do you think of the people you've met so far in OLYMPUS? Anyone you are particularly interested in, like, or dislike?"
...I probably haven't made the best impression, have I?

Trickster: You could at least get up.

Mei: Most of the people I met so far were pretty interesting in their own way. I'd like to get to know Lacey & Syouko better. Tsukino-senpai & Sunoko Kain also have their own intriguing aspects. Pao-Pao seems like a fun person to hang out with, though I somehow get the feeling that she's the type to pull a bunch of explosive pranks. I don't exactly hate Luthor, but he certainly isn't winning a lot of points in my book. Afterall, he isn't the first pompous Lord I've met in my life. That guy's a loose cannon with little regard for collateral damage.

4: I wasn't mentioned ;_;

Trickster: Well it serves you right.

4: Anyway, we're down to our last question, and here we go (4 opens the envelope and then looks puzzled as there's a letter and another sealed envelope inside)
Siu Hong Mei, choose. If the time comes, will you grasp it or shall you reject it?

(4 hands Mei the sealed envelope)

Trickster: This is certainly interesting

4: I wonder what's inside?

Mei: That's a name I no longer deserve. But...who sent this? Grasp what? My destiny? I don't think you can fit a destiny in a letter. I guess I'll grasp it if I'm sure it's not something else.

Betrayer: Surely it's a trap. We shou-

Mei: Hand me your sword, and get ready. (Though it's been a while since I practiced my sword forms)

Betrayer: Here you are Master. *Prepares something unseen under an arm-cape*

Mei: Hyah! *Throws letter in the air and cuts letter open from the top with the very edge of the sword*

4: I wasn't expecting that

Trickster: Hmm, what's that? (grabs a sheet of paper that had been inside the letter and had fallen out after Mei cut it. There are several Chinese characters written on it) Let' s see..., 'Mandate of Heaven'?

(Trickster cautiously hands the sheet over to Mei)

Trickster: I think this was for you?

Betrayer: Was that really necessary, Master? *takes sword back*

Mei: I-I thought it was a letter bomb...

Betrayer: Why would you think it was a bomb?

Mei: We sometimes get those in the family mail. Don't ask why. *Takes letter* But this letter...ugh, it's in pinyin, I much prefer jyutping. But "Mandate of Heaven"? China doesn't really have an emperor anymore, not in any significant capacity at least. Does it mean I should be an empress or something?

4: Perhaps the person's asking if you want to take over the China dorms? Maybe a rebellion?

Trickster: Who knows?

4: Well, that's it, folks. Now Trickster, about that letter...

Trickster: Oh, fine (Trickster hands out the previous letter. 4 snatches it out of his hands and begins reading it)

4: ...hey Trickster?

Trickster: Yeah?

4: There's no signature. It doesn't say who it's from.

Trickster: That's obvious, right? Such a proactive letter, considering the interviewer, there's noway the author would write their name.

4 (speaking very slowly): Then...why...didn't...you...just...give...me...the ...letter...?

Trickster: Why? Oh that's easy.

4: ...

Trickster: I just wanted to mess with you


Trickster: Well, let's get going, bye everybody.

April 3rd, 2011, 02:49 PM
Froste: Please welcome today's guests -- Kimon no Kazu and his Servant, Invoker.

Froste: *bows* Thank you for agreeing to appear here today. I'm sure the readers appreciate it as well.

Kazu: Don't think too much about it. I just happened to have some free time, and there was nothing better to do. Or, to be more precise, Hime-sama insisted we'd make our presence known here.

*Kazu glances at the bunch of the incredibly beautiful and ornate folding screens behind him, and the shadow behind them, only visible beacause of the two paper-lanterns behind those screens. The woman was laying down on a large cushion and a armrest, holding a fan on her other hand. It seemed like she was staring right at Kazu*

Invoker: Banchou-kun, don't you think it's bit of a shame we have to hide our identity like this? Rather than that, it would be far more fun to let my honored name pass from lips to lips, spreading fear into every heart which hears it.

Kazu: Hime-sama. I don't think that would be wise.

Invoker: You sure know how to ruin fun, don't you? Unpleasant.

Invoker: So? You, little girl.........you had questions for me, didn't you.....?

*Froste looks at the folding screens, rather doubtfully*

Froste: Ah. ...This was your idea, Kazu? Isn't there something less... elaborate you could have done?

*She lightly shakes her head before either can reply*

Froste: I don't suppose it matters now. Before we begin with the readers' questions, there is one that has become something of a tradition here. Please, tell us your impressions of OLYMPUS.

*Kazu shows a slight hint of grimace on his face*

Kazu: No, actually.......it was the only way Hime-sama agreed to do this.

Invoker: And why should I expect anything less? I'm a princess, aren't I? Then I need to show some style and class, no matter in what way I am shown.

Kazu: Well, moving on. My impression of OLYMPUS....? I'd say the whole place is like an imitation of life? No, maybe world? Maybe I shouldn't go that far and use such grand words.......imitiation of normal life. Yes, that's it. It's like Atlas tried to desperately attain the closest form of normality for people like us.

Invoker: In other words, since they were powerless and could not change the world to their liking, they made their own, shabby world? Ahahahahahaha, how pathetic~

Froste: I see. Yes, I can understand that -- I was quite surprised when I learned that there was to be half-bloods and demon hunters attending the same academy, as well as the other unfriendly factions. And I must admit that I was quite unnerved the first time I entered the Einzbern dormitories, with how close it felt to home and yet... not.

Froste: *nods* Now, our first question. This one is for you, Kazu: Being a Master, you are familiar with the concept of alignments, correct? Which one would you describe yourself as?

Kazu: Alignments.....you are talking about the way to determine one's personality, right? In that case, I'd have to say......Chaotic Neutral. I have no shame in admitting that in order to further my own goals, I will make the whole world my enemy, if necessary.

Invoker: Oh, always so melodramatic, Banchou-kun~. Didn't I tell you? As long as you serve me, you'll find that acquiring the miracle you seek means just extending your hand and catching it. With me, even if you wanted to pluck out the moon from the sky, it would be nothing more than an easy task.

Froste: Yes... *shuffles through letters* I believe that we actually received several letters asking just how far you were willing to go to achieve a miracle. This answers that quite nicely.

Froste: Ah, here it is. The other question on this letter is... "What are your feelings about the group that seems to be congregating around you and Firo?"

Kazu: To be honest? Uncomfortable. Out of all of them, Firo is the only one I can trust. That makes it an alliance between one ally and three people who need to do the same things as I, yet have different goals. Goals that conflict.

Invoker: Not to mention they're all humans........or, at least, far more human than you'll ever be, riiiiiight~?

Kazu: Hime-sama, be silent. That is not the case, and......even if it was, it would have nothing to do with anything.

Froste: That is true -- it doesn't seem to be an issue with Firo, does it? He is certainly "more human" than the three of us.

Froste: Speaking of Firo, one reader asked just how you and he became allies. Is this something you would mind answering?

Kazu: Me and Firo? It started some time after I became a mercenary, or more like a beast-for-hire.....that was some seven, six years ago. In any case, Firo was in need of someone to protect him while he was looking for artifacts in Japan. In addition, it was plus if the person knew his way around in that country. Since I had never even left Japan, and had spend few good years roaming it, I signed up for the job. He payed well, and in time, we became partners. I think the Gunship Island incident was what cemented it.

Froste: Right, I believe you mentioned that incident before... it would probably be best not to go into the details in a simple interview like this, correct?

Froste: So we have here a letter from... Artificer? At least, it seems like Artificer. The only worthwhile question here is asking what you would say to your past self if you succeeded in calling him. The others... let's see, asking how to sneak into the female half-bloods' dormitories... Invoker's alcohol tolerance... "how many Invokers could Invoker invoke if Invoker could invoke Invokers"... and a request for... my underwear? Or perhaps Invoker's, it's hard to tell.

Kazu: My past self...? Well, most likely it would involve avoiding-

Invoker: Artificer? That sorry excuse for a man? Ahahahaha~, well, if this isn't a pleasant surprise. To think that he actually mustered enough courage to send a letter in a interview featuring me. He must not know his place.

Kazu: H-Hime-sama?

Invoker: To think he thinks he has what it takes to even touch up to the tip of my toes......Ahahahahahahaha~! Simply ludicrous! Men like him, who try to make up for their inability at special things that happen between men and women by acting like they are popular amongst women..........I find them most hilarious. They are like bugs who try to climb up to my doorstep, intending to slip under my door into the warmth, only to be crushed under my foot. And the funniest thing is, I don't even realize it.

Invoker: Isn't that so, Banchou-kun? You know, don't youuuuuu~? The fact that no matter how great of a man, they cannot attain such a miracle such as I. For I am the miracle out of the reach of every man, a princess so beautiful I could prolong the life of a person looking upon me, ahahahaha~!

Kazu: Hime-sama, I think that is-

Invoker: So, instead of answering Artificer's questions, I'll just give him the same answer as every hero who tried to court me in the past, all of them far more than he will ever be: I don't have time to be wiping bugs like you from my shoes, so why don't you just stay out of my way?
*It seemed like the figure behind the folding screen was grinning wickedly*

Invoker: And Kazu is too busy serving me to spare some time to kill you.

*A deep laugh seems to come out of nowhere, but it is quickly followed by a man in golden armor*

Saver: So, this is all you are, Invoker? You are infatuated with your own beauty and strength, and think yourself the better of every last man and woman? *laughs again*

Saver: Let me tell you something, woman. The woman I loved -- my woman, before the fates tore us apart -- had strength, and beauty, and wisdom beyond yours. Yes, she was something more than human... she was --

Froste: *in shock* S-Saver! Please, do not provoke her! We are trying to hold an interview!

Saver: ...

Saver: *grins* ...Ha. I see. Very well.

*He looks at the screens for a moment, then disappears*

Froste: ...

Froste: ...Kazu, Invoker... I am truly sorry. Please, forgive me... Kazu, do you wish to continue...?

*Invoker snaps her fan shut, but does not seem to be agitated by a bit. No, in fact, she seems even more relaxed than before*

Invoker: Men agitated by a beauty that surpasses what they managed to claim as their own property......your kind never does change, do they? But do not worry, small girl, let the barking dogs bark. After all, that's all they're good at.

*Kazu gives a somewhat harsh look towards the folding screens, but even he seems to be wary of not actually seeming too opposing*

Kazu: Hime-sama, I'd like to say that you-

Invoker: I do not have anything to prove. My birthright, no, my existence......it has nothing to prove to you people. Why should I bother for beings who cannot even recognize something like that? It's like trying to teach a mute person how to speak. Don't you think so too, Banchou-kun~?

*Kazu, instead of answering, gave a meaningful glance at Froste, choosing not to care about the giggling Servant behind him*

Kazu: Let us continue with the interview, please....

Froste: Yes, let us move away from that subject... let's see, several questions about Invoker have been answered by now, so here is one for you, Kazu. Besides any grand goals you might have here, is there anything else you would like to do?

*Kazu's stare goes blank for a second, and his hand seems to grasp around something that is not there*

Kazu: Like to do.....? I haven't had any needs or desires or such for a long, long time. Perhaps, if one.....I would like to find out what happened to Tatsumi. On the other hand, it might be for the best that her fate stays.......unknown.

*Kazu gives a deep sigh*

Kazu: I'm not sure if there is anything a "normal" life can this can give to me, but that is something I'll just have to wait and see.

*Froste watches Kazu for a moment, then slowly nods*

Froste: Is that so...? However, you did have a reason to come here, correct? You weren't simply... drifting, as they say?

Kazu: As I've said, my reason for coming was the miracle that they offered. Even if the chance that one actually exists is a miracle itself, I have no intention of giving up. A miracle does not appear to those who don't try. As Hime-sama has said.....it is something you grasp with your own hands.
Invoker: Indeed. Banchou-kun, I promised that I'd give you that miracle. And that's why you're serving me, with your body and your soul......right?

*Kazu gives a dry smile, lowering his gaze, as if nodding*

Kazu: Of course, Hime-sama. With my body and my soul.

Froste: *seeming slightly disturbed* Ah... yes. It seems we're running out of time, but there was one last question I wanted to ask --

Saver: Heh. ...What about you, "princess"? Is there something you would wish for, or are you just here to "win"? Because... surely, a princess like you has everything she could ever want, right?

*Invoker giggles*

Invoker: What are you talking about~? Of course I don't have something as ridiculous as desires. After all, if I did have something like that, it would mean that I was not perfect, that I needed something to fulfill me. And, unfortunately, I have been perfect from the very beginning.

*Invoker folds open her fan again, and makes a graceful move, as if dismissing Saver*

Invoker: And that applies to everything. Even the so called "victory" you mentioned. After all, I wouldn't be perfect, if the victory was not already mine, no~?

Saver: *chuckles* Whatever you say, princess.

*Froste waits a moment, looking at the place where Saver was standing, then sighs*

Froste: As I was saying... do you know who has been sending these letters?

*She hands him a sheet of paper that simply reads: So how is Froste's warmth?*

Froste: I received one as well, you see, asking about you... You don't suppose this is something Firo might do, do you?

*Kazu takes the paper and reads it over*

Kazu: ........

*He then throws the paper away, turns his head to the side, as if to hide the blush on his cheeks that is so small it's almost impossible to notice*

Kazu: D-Dunno.....

Froste: ...? Then, you have no idea either?

Froste: *sighs* Let's bring this interview to a close, then. Do you have any final thoughts you would like to share?

Kazu: Final thoughts? No, not re-

Invoker: Oh, you're not going to warn them, Banchou-kun~? About what's going on? I mean, even you must have noticed already, and we're not too far off from the next one.

Kazu: No....what does not exist has not happened. It is only a problem to those who can see those delusions, right?

Invoker: Ahahahahaha~, quite right, Banchou-kun. Quite right.

April 3rd, 2011, 02:56 PM
SAKUYA: Remind me why are we here?

Ravager: Interview..didn't I just mention that few minutes ago?

SAKUYA: Oh yeah......what a bother.

Ravager: In any case, we welcome our guest Luis Sancho Diaz and his Servant Squire.

Luis: Glad I could be here, ladies. However..... [Looks around the room] It seems that Squire is a bit lat---

Squire: HEAVE HO!!!!


[The farthest wall of the room falls with a roar as a tall, gaunt knight charges through. He then trips over the small table placed between Luis and the interviewers.]

Squire: [Weakly] Haa...haa....Sorry I'm late, Doń Luis. [Stands up and fixes his worn out armor. He proceeds to stand next to Luis' side] Someone had replaced the door to the interview room with a wall. No doubt it was the doing Merlin or Maugis. But no obstacle will hinder my progress. Hahahahaha!

Luis: ..................... [Face palms] This is Squire.....

Ravager: ...

SAKUYA: ....*start to leave*

Ravager: *grip her hand before she does* Sit down lass. *turns to them both* I'm sorry, it seems she's not in a very good mood today.

Luis: I'm sorry, ladies. He can't help himse----

Squire: [Walks to SAKUYA and kneels before her. Squire takes her hand and bows his head.] Please forgive me, young maiden. I wasn't thinking when I attacked that wall. Clearly, not only was the wall enchanted but also my mind was tricked by my enemies' magic. Please. [Squire looks up at SAKUYA] Please continue, Seńora.

SAKUYA: Ugh did he just.... *yanks hands off him and Ravager before retake her seat*

Ravager: *chuckles* So anyway, let's get start shall we? What's your impression on Olympus?

[Squire gets up and returns to Luis' side]

Luis: Well, it seems to be a nice place. I mean, the most I've seen of it was the academy, the market, and the park. The people are also nice. Or at least the people I've met like Katsuhiro.

Luis: [Narrows his eyes]But then again......."A wise falcon hides his talons."

Ravager: *nods* Wise words. What about you Squire? Your thoughts?

Squire: Even though I have not yet been summoned yet, Dońa Ravager, OLYMPUS is truly worthy of its namesake. A floating paradise in the sky, teeming with knowledge for those who seek it. It is as if the Olympians themselves had built it for man to use. And not only that, but heroes and heroines of all kinds call it home. Truly, it will be the place where my exploits will catch wind and spread like wildfire to all the world so that everyone will know of me! I can hardly wait to be summoned.

Ravager: *smiles* Likewise. Hm, Master you came back?

Sakuya: *blink blink* It appears so....

Ravager: Well then why not read the question for our esteemed guest.

Sakuya: *nods* Alright....*takes one* This one came from Zero and Murderer....

"To Squire, your propensity for reversing the flow of combat is well known, but how do you expect to fair against other servants with similar talents, like trickster or betrayer?"

"To luis, how are you finding your factions members thus far, are you impressed? do you expect to have any problems fitting in? "

Squire: Hmmm? Nonsense, I do not need to turn the tides for the flow of battle is always in my favor. For behold my fierce lance which can pierce any and all who oppose it! [Holds up a spear. The shaft is covered with minor scratches, wrapping to hold it together, and several cracks. The spear tip is dull and cracked.] Also, behold my sword which dispatched many foes, both human and monster. [Unsheaths a sword from a rustic sheath. The longsword is aged and dull with scratches and abrasions littering the blade.]

Squire: And look at my armor and shield, Seńora Sakuya, for behold their glorious shine and ability to withstand any assault from a knight's sword to a dragon's breath! [Displays his armor and hold out his shield . The armor is dented in numerous places and cracked in others. The dullness of the armor prevents any reflection of objects or light. His large, circular shield is of no better quality.] Know this, Dońa Ravager and Seńora Sakuya. I need no gimmick or guile to win my battles. [Puffs out his chest in pride]

Luis: Si, Squire, we know. We know. Now about me. Drake seems to a likable person and it'd be nice to talk to someone who has experience. I think we'll be good friends. [Smiles]

Luis: Everyone else in my faction, well, it'd be nice to meet them and hopefully be my friends. In fact, I'd like it if I had more friends outside my faction like Katsu.

Luis: Say, would you like to be my friend, Sakuya? [Raises his eyebrow and smiles at Sakuya]

Sakuya: *giggles* Maybe~

Ravager: *chuckles at that* Now now, there's time and place for everything.

Luis: Hahaha.....Vale, any more questions for me and Squire, Sakuya?

Sakuya: This question come from....Kaiser. It's for Servant Squire.

"Squire, do you enjoy literature? In that case, which works did you like the most?"

Luis: Oh no.......

Squire: [Squire's eyes burn with passion] Of course, Doń Kaiser! A knight must be intelligent as he is powerful. And as for my favorites, I prefer the fantastic tale of Amadis de Gaula, for he was a knight without peer. No one could hold their own against him, for he had the strength of 100 men! His sword, [Grips an invisible sword and assumes a combat stance.] with which he cut down many foes, [Slices and stabs the air with his make-believe weapon] granted him a title fitting of one of his fame: The Knight of the Blazing Sword! And his devotion to the fair lady, Dońa Oriana, and his knightly behavior truly makes him a pinnacle of knighthood. [Plants his foot onto the table and slams his fist to his chest in salute]

Squire: But I digress. [Returns to Luis's side] I find comfort in reading chivalric novels and tales of heroes and heroines of the past. For truly those were the golden years of mankind.

April 3rd, 2011, 03:38 PM
A pale young man steps into the quiet room, settling at a simple table with four chairs. In his hand is a small steel box with a grate in it, which he gently sets on the tabletop. He places a simple notepad and a pen on the table as well, and a stack of letters.

Behind he stands a red clad man with flowing, irregular hair. For once, no swords adorn him. In his hands are a stack of small dishes, and a hot bottle of sake.

Sieg: "Haaah. I guess I better get used to this kind of thing." The scarlet Servant sets the four saucers at the table and pours warm sake into three of them. In turn, the young man pours the fourth. He sips, and sighs.

Alcohol to bolster courage. And maybe smooth speech a bit.

Sieg: "Today, we'll be interviewing Lady Rebecca Janelle Valentine, of the Dead Apostle Dormitories, and her Knight Class Servant Warder." He announces to the empty room.

Sieg: "The Interview will begin shortly."

Reaver: "It will be fine, Master. The interview will be fine."

Vier: „Hah! That's not why he's worried at all, samurai.” A dark voice rings from the cage, but does not elaborate further.

Rebecca flows into the room in her typical black and red outfit followed closely by her taller blond haired Servant clad in white and silver. She bows before the other occupants before dropping into her seat and crossing her legs.

Rebecca: Ah, Sir Knight it's been too long! I must admit I have been looking forward to this little interview, haven't you Wardy?

Warder drops into her chair while folding her arms across her chest and smiling roguishly.

Warder: Hmph, I suppose Mastah <she reaches across to the others offering her hand> it's a pleasure t' meet ya!

Sieg: "I-indeed. It's been a while, Lady Valentine. O-or at least seems like it." He bows to Lady Valentine, a smile on his face. When Warder reaches forward, he takes the proferred hand, bowing over it and kissing the back lightly. "A p-pleasure to meet you, Lady Warder."

Reaver shakes Warder's hand as well, though he seems a bit awkward with the gesture.

Reaver: „It is an honor, Valentine-sama, Warder-san.”

Vier: „Whatever, just get to the questions already, wunderkind. Being stuck in this thing you made is not my idea of a pleasant vacation.”

Sieg: "Ahh. Umm. A-allow me to introduce my Original. S-sort of. Umm. D-don't mind him. I-I made a familiar w-with his persona s-so he could help, b-but now I'm starting to question it. J-just call him Vier." He takes a deep breath.

Sieg: "Ah. He's right, though. Umm. I guess the first question should follow tradition. What are your impressions of OLYMPUS so far, Ladies?"

Warder raises an eyebrow at her hand being kissed but shurgs it off.

Rebecca: Oh it is extremely exciting so far, I can't wait until I get to meet some of the other Masters and get to really show off my skills. There are some many powerful foes, I just might die hmhmhm.

Warder: Ah, I'm also lookin' forward to facing so many powerful foes! I even hear that my very own hero shall be summoned I can't wait to show the world that I am the greatest hero of all time!

Sieg: "I-I'm sure there'll be many good battles ahead, and lots of interesting people, but I don't know about dying..." Reaver grins at that, chuckling. "I'd love to see you in action as well, Lady Valentine... But preferably not as an enemy, at least."

Reaver: "And now you have my attention, Warder-san. You make me wonder just who the hero of a hero might be."

Sieg: "I'm s-sure we'll find out when the time is r-right."

Sieg: "Umm. Next question, then. What made you decide to come to OLYMPUS in the f-first place?"

Rebecca: Ah, a good question although I'm sure I have answered it before. I am after answers to my forgotten past, I cannot remember anything from beyond a few short years ago and something about the Grail War calls to me like some forgotten memory. Besides, it seemed like it would be fun.

Sieg: "Y-yes... memories. I can understand that." He glares at the metal cage.

Vier: „You won't get anything you don't earn, boy.” It sounds like Vier was smiling as he said that.

Sieg: "Hahh. If only... But I don't know that spell... It does seem pretty fun here though. Oh, umm, feel free to have some sake. I-I kind of forgot it was there." He sips a bit himself.

Sieg: "N-next question then. I-I guess this is for both of you. Is there anyone you left behind that you miss? Family, friends you'd like to see again?"

Rebecca: Oh, why thank you <takes a sip> ahhhhh, it's gooooood, I'm more partial to whisky but it is still very nice.

Warder: I don't drink...

Rebecca: Your waste Wardy, now as for those I left behind, there is only really my dear Ebony, whom I have left in charge of my home. I do not know if I have any family and whenever I think of it my chest constrict painfully...apart from...<her eyes turn a scarlet red> Father, my inner monster roars at the mention...

Warder: Hmm, not really ah led a good life though ah nevah married...my Kingdom was left t' ma nephew, in good hands.

Sieg: "Ahh. I-I see. So you're both... umm... I guess you could say 'free.' N-nothing to tie you down." For the first time, he starts scribbling in the notepad. It looks like he just remembered it. Or maybe he's just writing from memory?

Sieg: "I-it's a shame that you n-never found someone, though, Warder."

Vier: "Heh. Some of us prefer not to be tied by such things. Why don't you tell us what you think of each other, and your compatiblity, instead?"

Sieg glances over at the cage.

Warder: Love is unimportant on the battle field, ah had little time for it...as for my Mastah, ah'm surprised that it was a Monstah to summon me but I think we are a strong pair! She is strong and a warrior! I expected nothing less for my Mastah!

Rebecca: Hmhmhm, yes we have two different styles of combat but I believe we compliment each other very well and we do follow much the same battle plan. It would be best not to underestimate us...

Sieg: *smiles* "Yeah. That's great. I can't help but think of what happens when a Servant and Master don't get along well. Kidneys lost, for example."

Reaver: „Hahah! Oh. Such a shameful Servant, that one, but... Hahh. That was still funny."

Sieg: "It's great that you can work well together. I-I can't help but feel that Reaver is going to leave me behind, though. Hahh, you're lucky, Lady Valentine."

Reaver: "You have nothing to worry about Master. You still have much potential."

Sieg: "Oh well, I guess I should go with a letter next. This one's from... Huh? There's no return address. Oh well. 'You seem to be a traditional vampire, but do you use Thaumaturgy or similar abilities as well?"

Vier: "Hmm? This should be interesting."

Rebecca: Oh, trying to descern my abilities so soon such naughty children! Well there's no harm in letting some information out, suffice to say I have some skill in magecraft in spells that...cut things hmhmhm, ohhh it is always to grand to see once's enemies scattered all over the floor, that brilliant scarlet red dripping over every surface while the life slowly drains from their eyes....however, it is not my magecraft that makes me so dangerous but one skill that is beyond it.

Warder: It would be best t' leave it at that Mastah, you don't want to give away what makes you so dangerous.

Rebecca: I suppose not, but ohhh I can't wait to use it and see the despair seep into my enemy's face as hope leaves shortly followed by their life hmhmhmhMHMHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Vier: "Ooooh. Ahahahaa! You remind me of little Erzebet! Now there was a woman! Ahhhh. I think I'm going to like you, young one!"

Sieg looks slightly paler. But... Perhaps there's curiosity behind his eyes as well?

Reaver: "Hm. You remind me of myself, Valentine-sama. Perhaps I will present you with a gift one day. Yes. I think you would do well by such a thing."

Sieg: "Ahem. Umm. Moving on. Another letter, then. 'Do you enjoy hunting down your opponents?' This was directed at Lady Valentine, but... Maybe Lady Warder would like to answer as well?"

Rebecca: A gift for moi dear Reavy, why I am touched! Hmm, yes I suppose there is a certain thrill in the hunt itself, its like foreplay against a weaker foe...but I am not so much a monster yet that I would merely hunt down the weak, a strong predator needs strong prey and the thrill of fighting one who could end me is just as enjoyable as slaughter if not more so.

Warder: Hmph, I prefer a straight up fight! I don't like chasing rabbits...

Rebecca: Hmhmhm, to each his own I suppose then...

Sieg: "Hmmm. Fox and bear? Or perhaps panther and bear? I can live with that. I like proving my ability as well. The chase... No, I think I like an open challenge better."

Vier: "Yes. Having strength is best when others know of it! If only...

Sieg: "Ah. Stop right there. Once you get started, you don't stop."

A grumbling from the cage.

Sieg: "Hmm. While we're on challenges though, are there any types of opponents you especially like to fight? Or, for that matter, avoid?"

Warder: As long as they are strong ah don't care! Ah'll face any challenger man, beast, demon or even god!

Rebecca: Hmhmhm, yes as long as they are strong I don't really care. After all the more powerful the opponent, the greater the victory don't you think? I have never faced a homunculi before, hmhmhm perhaps we shall play a little in this war Sir Knight?

Vier: "Ahhh. That sounds quite fun, my dear! Yes. I'd love a fine dance in the evening!"

Reaver: "It would be my honor to face you, be it a duel or merely sparring."

Sieg: "Uhhhhh... Um. I kind of hope this isn't a democracy." He sighs. "I guess. But I'd really hate to take it too seriously."

Sieg: "Ah. Umm, this question kind of related to that, anyway, so I guess it works out. 'Would you rather let a defeated enemy live, or go ahead and kill them?"

Rebecca: It is an insult to a strong foe to not go for the final blow in a true battle to the death, but if they bore me I may let them go and also...kids are off limits.

Warder: Yes, ah second that. Ah don't 'hink a weak enemy should be cut down before they reach their prime...

Sieg: "Hmmm. That's... Surprising. N-not about the children, I mean, but the other. So, you're someone who likes it when an enemy can come back for a rematch."

Sieg: "Ok then. A letter now. Ahem 'Do you wish to... uuuuuhhhh." He looks in surprise at the letter in his hand. "Is this thing serious?" He shows it to Reaver, who bursts out laughing.

Reaver: "It seems you've made friends already, Valentine-sama! He manages to squeeze out between laughs.

Sieg: "Ummm. Sorry. It says 'Do you wish to die?' No sender listed. Anyone you might know?"

Rebecca: Hmhmhmh how very charming and too the point, I like that, perhaps from that darling little girl of my kind, she wants to play and she's just my type as well. Technically I am already dead and I don't really have much to live for, but final death at the hands of a truly powerful enemy would be grand, but I will make them work for it.

Warder: Ah dislike you thinkin' like that Mastah...you are a strong woman, you shouldn't think of defeat only victory!

Rebecca: But wouldn't you like to rest Wardy? If you could choose to pass on instead of returning to the Throne to be summoned again wouldn't you take it? Besides, there are no immortals and death will come to me sooner or later, I plan to embrace it with a smile and no regrets...

Warder: ...

Vier: "Bah! Life is something to be enjoyed, young one. It does not matter if it's your own, or the life of someone else as you wring it from them. You should appreciate what you have there!"

Sieg: "I agree, I think. With part of that anyway. We Homunculi often have very short lives, so we learn that every moment is precious. Rushing to your death accomplishes nothing but waste."

Reaver: "Perhaps, Master. But it is the warrior's honor to die on the battlefield. It is in those final moments that they know the true measure of their lives. To die in glory against one who is justly stronger than yourself... There is indeed a poetic beauty in such a thing."

Sieg looks at Reaver askance.

Sieg: "How about a cheerier subject?"He unfolds a letter."'What do you think of the Einzberns you've made acquantainces with?" Sieg smiles as he looks at the the handwriting.

Rebecca: Ah yes something much cheerier, I do so detest melancholy it makes me feel like a vampire from a cheap romance novel. Hmhmhm, I have spent the majorit of my time with Matty so far and I must admit he is very charming and I am sure we will get along fine, as for the Princess we have yet to really talk and I believe she may be a little put off by me and as for you Sir Knight you are a sweet one, hmhmhm I could just gobble you up. <places a hand on her chin in thought> I do find it odd though, part of me really wants to kill Matty, is that a bad thing?

Sieg's eyes bulge a little at that.
Sieg: "Ummm. That's probably a bad thing. But, then again, he does like taking risks. You might be his type, after all. I think Lady Froste is just a bit... umm. Out of her element right now. I'm sure things will work out."

Sieg: "And 'gobbling me up'... Ummm."

Sieg starts blushing. He lowers his face to hide it, and coughs into his hand.

Vier: "Kihihihihihahahahaaa! Ah yes, please do get 'gobbled up' by the lady!"

Sieg blushes more deeply, and rolls the cage over. A stream of curses flows out of the little metal box, and Reaver, who had been chuckling for a while now, starts laughing in earnest again.

Sieg tries to hide his blush by lowering his head, clearing his throat.

Sieg: "Umm. Moving on."

Sieg: "What kind of people do you find interesting? Do you prefer to work alone, or with friends and allies?"

Rebecca: If find all sorts of people interesting really, in particularly the Churchies I wish to debate about why they think my kind should die? But it has just been me and Ebony for so long that contact with anyone is interesting now as for how I work let's just say I'm <she flashes a fanged grin> flexable, I really don't mind working with others but I will probably set off on my own more often than not.

Warder: Ah to prefer to work alone, ah always have in the past and ah never failed. Even when ah died, I still was the victor.

Rebecca: Hmhmhm, I guess in the end we will probably investigate seperately from the others but drop by to lend a hand to our friends in need every now and then.

"Ah. That's reassuring. It'd be kind of depressing if we worked alone all the time."

He reaches for his sake dish, brushing the pile of letters. One falls off the table, only to be caught by Reaver. As Sieg takes a sip of the liqour, Reaver reads something from the back of the letter. A smile spreads across his face, and he starts chuckling.

Reaver: "What is your secret for luring in the opposite sex, potential lovers?"

The second that question leaves his mouth... Sieg swallows hard and breaks into a fit of coughing.

Sieg: "A-assa-chan!"

Rebecca: Hmhmhm <grins> Who says it is only the opposite sex I am interested in? I don't really have a secret but I guess it is that men like a confidant woman perhaps? Really, I just do what comes naturally and it seems to work out don't you think so Sir Knight?

Sieg: "Umm. Yeah, I'd have to say that works..." Sieg is still blushing though. "Natural, huh..."

Vier: "Hah. Even outside of your head, I can tell what you're thinking of. It's that ability, isn't it? Hehehehe."

Sieg: "A-am not! That's not what that's for!"

Vier: "See. Caught you."

Reaver: "Much appreciated, Valentine-sama. Assa-chan will be pleased to hear. Still, she hardly needs such advice..." His eyes seem to look off into the distance for a moment.

Sieg: "F-fine! Another letter then!" He yanks open another letter and reads it out loud before really looking. "Rebecca, are you an S or an M?"
And then his mouth drops open, his face turning red as a beet.

Both Reaver and Vier bust out laughing.

Rebecca: Hahahaha! Am I really that transparent? I'm a little of both I suppose, the monster in me takes pleasure in other's pain and as for this body of mine hmhmhm pain and pleasure are one and the same.

Warder: ...what's an S and an M?

Vier: "Yes. Explain it for the lovely lady, would you wunderkind? We'd all be ever so grateful. In fact, I'm quite certain Reaver has not heard the term, either. Hahahahahahaaaaahahaa"

Sieg turns the cage so that the mesh in the front is pressed against the table. More curses stream from within.

Reaver: "Master? He is correct. I have not heard this phrase before. What does it mean?"

Sieg looks mortified.

Sieg: "I-it's a t-term for s-someone's s-sexual interests... W-whether t-they e-enjoy e-experiencing pain wh-while they h-have sex or, w-whether t-they l-like to cause it. M s-stands f-for M-masochist, a-and S is S-sadist. "

Reaver: "Ah. I see. Why does this bother you so much, Master? Is it not natural?

Sieg just swallows hard.

Rebecca: <hugs Sieg's head into her chest> My aren't you just the most precious thing!

Warder: Ohhh, is that why you have a dungeon Mastah?

Rebecca: <continuing to hug Sieg> It's not a dungeon Wardy, it's my play room.

Sieg: „Mustresistnosebleedmustresistnosebleedmustresistn osebleedmustresistnosebleedmustresistnosebleedmust resistnosebleedmustre sistnosebleedmustresistnosebleedmustresistnoseblee dmustresistnosebleedmustresistnosebleedmustresistn osebleedmustresistnos ebleed.”

Sieg collapses from overload.

Vier: "Ahhhhahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Oh! Oh! I think you might kill him that way, Lady Valentine! Ahahaha. From one heaven to another! Ahhh. Reaver, since I can't seem to see much outside of this wretched cage. Would you be so kind as to let me out, so I can finish the interview? I don't believe the wunderkind will be able to continue for a while."

Reaver: "Master advised that releasing you would be a bad idea. I can continue by myself until Master recovers his senses."

Vier: "It will be fine. I'll be on my best behavior. And besides, am I not a part of your Master as well?"

Reaver: "Very well.”

Reaver turns the cage back over and unlatches the door. Out steps a tiny version of Sieg, though a bit more gaunt, in appearance. However, his coat, seems to be, no is a pair of leathery wings covered in black fuzz. It seems the animal used was a bat.

The tiny figure walks over the table to the stack of letters and notebooks, kicking pages to turn them.

Vier: „Hmm. It seems the next question is directed at both of you lovely ladies. Do you have any interests you'd like to share with us? Movies, books, music, sports or activities you like to do. That sort of thing."

Rebecca: Awww poor Knight, maybe I was a tad forward <continues to cradle Sieg's head to her> hmmmm interests to tell the truth I do enjoy the occasional vampire novel or movie, it is always interesting to see how humans see our kind don't you think, other than that I enjoy tea playing the violin and football not soccer football. How about you dear Wardy?

Warder: Ah have no time for such things, all that matters is that ah prove ah am the greatest hero of all time.

Rebecca: But surely there is something you enjoy? Beyond your apparent exhibitionism that is...

Warder:...swimming...I like to swim...

Reaver: "M-master? Are you all right?"

Vier: "Hah! He's fine. He just gets like that when someone shows interest in him. Maybe you should play around with him some more, Miss Valentine. He's full of surprises. I'm sure you'd find them quite interesting. But you know, I wouldn't have taken you for the football type. Wrestling, perhaps, or gymnastics, but not football."

Vier glances at the form of Warder, a measuring look from head to toe.

Vier: "Hmmm. I think you'd look rather nice in a swimsuit. A one piece like what the Japanese students wear in their schools. Can we expect to see you grace the school's pool with your presence?"

Rebecca: I am a skilled gymnast and very proficient hand to hand combat, however I use them both so much in battle that they have lost any meaning as hobbies...

Warder: Swim...suit? Mastah, what is a swimsuit?

Rebecca: Oh yes, you come from a time before such things don't you Wardy? Well a swimsuit is a garment worn when one goes swimming.

Warder: Ah've no need for somethin' like that, too constrictive...

Rebecca: Ahh, you prefer to swim oh-naturale is that it Wardy?

Vier: "Hmhmm. Sounds like fun. Heh. I bet you'll be very popular, then."

Reaver sips a bit of sake, and then speaks up.

Reaver: "Perhaps we should continue?"

Vier: "Eh? I suppose so. So, Warder, how do you think you'll fare against some of the other Servants, especially ones like Invoker and the Duel Chart higher-ups?"

Warder: Ah'm not worried, after all ah'm the greatest hero that evah lived! Ah'll trample every Servant that gets in my way! <Warder jumps to her feet> Ah'll cut down anyone whether they're man, demon or even God! Invokah is just another chance to prove my greatness! For I! AM! -

Rebecca: Maybe it would be best not to tip our hand so earlier Wardy, although that being said I doubt anyone hasn't realised just who you are...

Warder: Oh...sorry Mastah, ah got carried away again...

Rebecca: Quite, no worries Wardy I find it rather charming and I am sure Vokey will to. Hmhmhm that shall be a most glorious battle, I can hardly wait myself.

Vier: "Hmmhm. It's quite alright. Enthusiasm is a wonderful thing to have in a competition, yes? And besides, where would a legendary hero be without her pride?"

A monstrous, sharp-toothed grin passes over Reaver's face, his eyes hidden behind his cloud of unruly hair.

Reaver: "Yes, I think I will enjoy a match with you, Servant Warder!"

Vier: "Haah. I suppose I should bother with some more of these questions, then. Hmmm. Ooooh. These look to be amusing. Warder, so you like being a member of your Servant Class, or would you have preferred another? Aaaand... " A brief pause ensues, seeking to build tension. "What do you think of the way the people have remembered you since your time?"

As the questions fly, Sieg begins to stir in Rebecca's arms. Seems like he's coming around...

Warder: Ahahaha! We shall have a glorious battle Reavah! The bards shall sing of it for millenia! Movin' on though...ah would've prefered to be summoned as a Sabeah or Berserkah, but ah must admit my current Servant Class has been growin' on me, and when ah defeat the other Servants despite it's constraints ah will prove again that ah am the greatest of all heroes my only regret is that Gilgamesh ain't around, oh to battle against the King of Heroes would be truly grand!

Rebecca: Is there really in difference between what you are now and Berserker, besides Mad Enhancement of course?

Warder: Ah suppose no...as for how the world remembers me, ah 'hink my legend speaks for itself, ah am still considered one of the greatest heroes of all time and ah will prove it again! For I! AM! -

Rebecca: Wardy...

Warder: Sorry Mastah...oh, the boy is wakin' up.

Rebecca: Oh yes, come now sleaping beauty...or are you waiting for a kiss?

Reaver: "Yes! Please give me the honor of a fine battle!"

Vier: "Sounds like you've made his day, Warder. But... Sleeping beauty, eh? Heheheh. Hmmm. Perhaps that has a deeper meaning than you think. Perhaps someday, you should ask him about..."

At just that moment, Sieg sits up again, blinking bleary eyes.

Vier: "Hmm. Perhaps another time then. I can say that the boy can look quite good in a dress, though. Gyahahahahaaaaaaaa"

Sieg's mouth gapes at the little familiar, his eyes bulge.


He lunges for the bat-creature, but he's still a bit groggy, and the familiar easily evades, taking flight.

Vier: "Perhaps another time then, my dear Miss Valentine. Reaver, would you be so kind as to run off those last few questions?"

Reaver: "As you wish. The first is for you, Warder. What do you think about the way the world has changed since your lifetime? The remaining two are for both of you. What would you use the wish, or miracle, or whatever this prize is, for? And finally, do you have any parting words or thoughts you'd like to share?”

Rebecca: <stares at Sieg and slowly grins>

Warder: Mastah, the uh...questions?

Rebecca: One second Wardy, I am visualising besides the first one was aimed towards you my dear.

Warder: Hmm, ah guess ah'm disappointed in how the world has changed, the age of heroes is long dead, it is not a world for the likes of us Reavah...although ah must say that this 'technology' 'hing is very interestin'. To think, doors that open by themsel's and boxes that hold enitre worlds!

Rebecca: My, aren't you just adorable Wardy getting so excited about such simple everday things, but I suppose it is a big change to what you are used to. As for what I would need a miracle for...I'd wish for the Throne of Heroes to be destroyed, so that the souls therein may find peace and freedom.

Warder: Mastah...

Rebecca: Don't look at me like that Wardy, you'll make me blush, it is nothing grand everyone deserves freedom after all, even a 'Monstah' like me can see that.

Warder: ...ah 'ave no use for miracles, ah just crave the chance to prove myself the greatest of heroes but to raise my blade in your name will be an honour, Mastah...

Rebecca: Wardy, you are making a big deal out of nothing...now as for 'parting words' what could I possibly say? Hmhmhm, I know, how about I look forwards to playing with you all and I can't wait to see you all in pieces! HmhmhhahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

Warder: Yes, our battles shall be glorious! Ah will show a might above all other! Ah shall crush! Kill! And destroy all who face me! Ah shall trample all challengers! Ah am the strongest! Ah am the mightest! The beasts of hell cowar in fear at my name! For I! AM! -

Rebecca: Wardy honey, you're doing it again.

Warder: Oh, sorry Mastah...

Vier: "Ah, it sounds like you'll make things quite interestingahhhhh!"

A hand closes around the winged familiar.

Sieg: "Got you, you little gremlin! Haaah. D-don't pay too much attention to what t-this thing says. H-he's talking about things t-that are part of m-my family's standard training."

Vier: "No, I'm talking about the way that spell can gaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!”

There's a popping sound as Sieg squeezes down on the familiar in his hand.

Vier: „My spine...”

Reaver stands by, watching this somewhat impassively.

Reaver: "Does this mean that Master's family teaches Kabuki?

Sieg: "N-no Reaver, it's umm, it's s-something else..."

Reaver:"Master, please enlighten me. It is my duty to protect your honor and that of your family. In order to do this, I must know more about you, and them.”

Sieg: "Ummm, later."

He takes a deep breath.

Sieg: "I-I'd love to discuss this thing with the Throne of Heroes with you some time, Lady Valentine. Right now, though, ummm. I think it's the end of the interview. Sooo, until we meet again in OLYMPUS."


April 3rd, 2011, 03:42 PM
Rebecca is at the end of a large room in an extravagent tall backed chair and a oaken desk ahead of her, there is a rather tall window behind her revealing the full moon, on her right stands a dark haired maid wearing glasses with a glare to them that hides her eyes while on her left stands Warder in a black and red dress suits with sunglasses, the very picture of a body guard.

Rebecca: Ah, now it is my turn to interview someone, hmhmhm and quite a pair I am left with as well. One who's beauty grants her control of others while the Master's very pressence causes a strange ache is my chest, hmhmhm such fun...

Ebony: We stand ready to defend you at a moments notice Master.

Warder: Yes Mastah, Enchantah shall not lay a finger on ya.

Rebecca: Hmhmhm I am sure it will not come to that kitten, Wardy...

Enchanter and Syouko suddenly appear in the chairs directly ahead of the desk.

Syouko: That...always makes me queasy...

Enchanter: <sigh> Can we just get this over with?

Syouko: Ano, I appoligise for En-san in advance Valentine-san.

Rebecca: Teleportaion? Such a useful little skill, and do not worry Pet it is just part of her charm, I should warn you though Red that your Divine Beauty will unlikely work against after all I sometimes find it hard to differentiate between sex, blood and violence.

Warder: Hmph, tricks like that won't work on me either Demon.

Ebony: I only have eyes for Master, I will not be swayed...

Rebecca: Hmhmhm, how sweet of you kitten, now I suppose we should get started with the usually questions, 'what are your impressions of OLYMPUS so far my dears?

Syouko: <glares at Ebony>

Enchanter: Fufufu, you surround yourself with strong willed women I comend you for that vampire...as for my thoughts on this, OLYMPUS, it is just another attempt at a doomed race to achieve the paradise they lost.

Syouko: That...that's not nice En-san. I-I think that it is a lovely place, I have never seen anywhere quite like and I look forward to exploring more of it.

Enchanter: <sigh> Perhaps it is the grandest they have come todate but still a pale comparrison to what they lost. You would do well not to get caught up in its false splendor, this is a war after all.

Rebecca: Hmhmhm I suppose you would know wouldn't you Red, that being said why not let the child have her fun? After all, for most of us you only live once. Don't you agree kitten?

Ebony: Yes Master, one should relax and enjoy the life that they have...

Rebecca: Hmhmhm if you agree then why do you continue to serve me even when I have told you time and again that you are under no obligation to me after all.

Ebony: Yes Master, but I enjoy ever day that I am able to spend in your service.

Rebecca: Hmhmhm, such a sweetheart. Moving along, a question for you my pet, 'what brings you to OLYMPUS?'

Enchanter: Fufufu, my identity is no more a secret that Warder's. Not that knowing who I am will help in the matter, my legend has become so warped that the knowledge is useless.

Syouko: My reason for being here? Ojiisan sent me to investigate the 'Servants', he believes that they are the same or at least similar to the beings that my family have dealt with for generations.

Warder: Hmph, even if they do know mah name ah'll still prove myself the greatest hero even against you Enchantah!

Rebecca: Hmmm for some reason I feel like I should have known your answer Pet, a strange sense of nostalgia...

Ebony: Perhaps Ms Asakura has some connections to your past Master...

Rebecca: Hmhmhm, perhaps. I look forward to meeting you again to see where the story leads us my dear, ah but that is for another time for now let us focus on the interview. Ebony my dear, could you pass me the first letters?

Ebony: Yes Master <produces a pair of envelopes and passes it to Rebecca>

Rebecca: Hmhmhm one for Syouko and one for you as well Enchanter, Syouko's first I think 'How well do you get along with the other members of your faction? And how about the other Association branches?' and for Enchanter, although we may already know the answer to this one 'How is your relationship with your Master?'

Syouko: You do remind me of someone from my past Valentine-san, but for some reason I cannot quite place you...although, my scars burn a little when you are near...and it makes me angry when others are around you...

Enchanter: My relationship with Asakura? I suppose I find her far too soft, she is but a child and already she is being thrust into a war that she does not fully comprehend so I will just have to deal with the finer points myself...

Syouko: I am sorry that I am not a more suited Master for you En-san, as for how I get along with other members of Taima...the Asakura line have protected our homeland for many generations and this had put us at odds with other members in the past, but in truth we tend to stick to ourselves, as of such we haven't had much contact with the other branches either...we did have an aliance with a family from Mages Association when I was younger...

Rebecca: Hmhmhm, perhaps we were 'close' in a past life then. I suppose not everyone can be as lucky as Warder and I when it comes to Master-Servant compatability.

Warmer: Haha! No, they can't can they Mastah!

Ebony: <stares at Syouko> Yes...it was extremely fortuitous that you summoned Warder Master...

Rebecca: Ebony dear, try not and scare the poor girl...hmhmhm, another couple letters perhaps?

Ebony: <produces more letters and hands them to Rebecca, still staring at Syouko>

Rebecca: Ah, this one is for both of you 'How would you respond if a certain forger asked you to join his “harem”?' and the second is another for dear little Syouko 'Where does your incantation start up come from? I mean, the Mystic Powers and that thing, where do they originate from?' hmhmhm I must admit I am curious about that as well.

Syouko: I dislike people like that...

Enchanter: Hmph, a typical male. It's quite simple realy, I would make him one of my thralls and then dispose of him when the time came if not deal with the nusiance out right.

Syouko: As for my incantations, it comes from my family's 'occupation', as Ojiisan said the best way to deal with spirits is with other spirits...although my time as a miko may have had some affect on my incantations as well.

Rebecca: Hmhmhm, I must admit I like your style Red.

Ebony: I must agree, men like that should be dealt with in the harshest way possible.

Warder: As do ah...

Rebecca: Anyways, on to the next questions <Ebony hands her another two letters> lets see here, ah this one is for you Red 'What do you think of a certain Invoker who deems herself perfect above all others?' and the second, oh I like this one it is for both of you 'Do you prefer male or female lovers?'

Enchanter: Fufufu perfect she says? The very fact that she believes herself to be perfect is proof enough that she is not, the very audacity that she believes she is superior to I the original is a joke. As for lovers? I detest men, and even women have very little to offer me now <sigh> but if I must chose, then female.

Syouko: <blushes> ...female...

Rebecca: Hmhmhm I had a feeling you would say that pet and ohhhh <her eyes turn red> such a sweet scent, all that blood rushing to the surface.

Ebony: Shall I prepare your meal Master?

Rebecca: No, not at the moment kitten, it would be rude while we still have guests, onto the next questions then <Ebony passes her another two letters> lets see hmhmhm they are both for you Red first 'why do you hate men?' and second hmhmhm from that delightful little Assa-chan 'they're fake, aren't they?' hmhmhm, I believe I may be the only one who bust size she has yet to comment on.

Enchanter: Fufufu what a silly question, I am the original, the ideal, everything about me is one hundred percent natural <sigh> as for my hatred towards men? I was wronged a long time ago, and from then on the men that I have had the misfortune of meeting have been just like the first...hmph, it as though every God has designed man to be an egotistical fool who believes himself better than a woman! They should know their place in this world the pathetic little worms!

Syouko: En-san perhaps you should...calm down?

Enchanter: ...my appoligies, I lost my head for a second...

Rebecca: That's quite alright Red, although perhaps you may find some men on a OLYMPUS that will surprise you they have been quite charming to me and I am a bloodthirsty monster.

Ebony: No you aren't Master...

Warder: Aye, ah have seen compasion in your heart Mastah...

Rebecca: Perhaps, but beneath what humanity is left in me there will always be that monster that wishes to tear out the throats of those around me...enough of this depressing talk, onward with the questions <Ebony hands her another two letters> let's see the first is for you little Syouko 'What o you think of the people you’ve met so far?' and the next for Enchanter 'Are you an S or an M?' hmhmhmhHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Now I know who sent me that message, perhaps I shall pay her a visit later.

Syouko: <blushes> I haven't met many so for but M-Mei-san seems nice and I...I really like Lacey-chan...

Enchanter: The audacity! To think that I would partake in such things, I will lay beneath no one man or woman...to think that my legend has become so warped that they would insinuate such things...

Rebecca: Hmmmm, for some reason that bothers me pet...I shall have to speak with this...Lacey. As for you Enchanter, hmhmhm, does that mean that you have never been touched? From what I have read you spawned many children was it all just conjecture brought about by the masses that followed?

Warder: Ah'm curious to see just how different you are to your legend, Demon.

Rebecca: We shall just have to wait untill it is all revealed then won't we, Ebony the last letter please.

Ebony: Yes Master <she hands over the final letter>

Rebecca: Let us see, oh this one is for Syouko from dear Matty 'Are you going to let your Servant do whatever she wants just like that?'

Enchanter: You will see soon enough, Warder, although if the vampire doesn't learn her place I fear she will not live to see the Grail in my hands...

Syouko: I-I dislike giving orders to En-san, and I know that I do not have the experience needed to get me through the war but...I would prefer it if she weren't so...harsh.

Enchanter: <sigh> Asakura, I am only harsh because you are too soft, I will do as I am told but do not expect me to be as leniant with our enemies. If they are the enemy you eliminate them, if they are not...control them.

Rebecca raises her hand to prevent Ebony and Warder from retaliating.

Rebecca: I look forward to when we meet on the battle field, Enchanter...now for the final question for both of you, do you have any 'parting' thoughts?

Syouko: Ah...no, not really...

Enchanter: Fufufu, beware the mirrors...

Rebecca: Ohhhh very criptic, well it would appear that we are out of time and this interview is over hmhmhm until we meet again little Hime, hmhmhmhhahahAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.


April 3rd, 2011, 03:43 PM
And so, that's it. All the archived interviews are up. Next we will go for some new ones as none is safe from the Interrogation Room!

May 26th, 2011, 02:54 PM
A young man clad in executor garb is sitting back in his chair with his feet on the table in the interrogation room, next to him stands his armour-clad servant, Crusader.

Crusader: Master, it’s nearly time for the interview to begin.

Stanistaw takes his feet off the table and gets back to sitting properly in his char before replying.

Stanistaw: Ah yeah, so where’s the mail?

Crusader: You didn’t get any.

Stanistaw: Eh…well that could be bad…there’s still…a couple minutes…maybe some last minute entries or something…eheh.

May 26th, 2011, 03:15 PM
There is a sound like the creacking of a door. Suddenly, the room gets darker, and Shizuka appears, sitting in another chair, on the oppossite side of the table. Next to her, a bit hidden in the shadows, and without showing her face, stands Hunter.

Shizuka: Hello everyone!

Hunter: I can't believe we are losing time like this...

Shizuka: Well... eh...

Hunter: *sighs* When you are ready, priest.

May 26th, 2011, 03:20 PM
Stanistaw: Crusader...

Crusader simply nods at Stanistaw, which causes him to sigh in relief

Stanistaw: Good evening ladies and gentlemen to this evening's presentation, today we shall be interviewing Shizuka Fujou and her servant, Hunter!

Stanistaw takes a paper out of his pocket

Stanistaw: Before beginning with our mail, I feel it's necessary to ask the questions that are kind of considered tradition in this room. So Shizuka, Hunter, though you haven't 'arrived' yet in OLYMPUS, what expectations do you have for the place?

May 26th, 2011, 03:28 PM
Shizuka: Well, i have lots of expectations for OLYMPUS! A mysterious place in the sky, full of the best that humanity is capable of giving. I just want to see the mysteries this place holds, to make new friends... well, and the typical things a student expects from their new school too.

Hunter: Hmpf... the only expectation i have for that city is the glory of battle and my deeds. Nothing more, nothing less.

May 26th, 2011, 03:35 PM
Stanistaw: Dunno if Dead Apostles would count into that best humanity is capable of giving, but eh...matter of opinion

Crusader: A good answer, Hunter, I see you too are one that dislikes the life of idleness and inaction.

Stanistaw: Well then, second traditional question! Do either of you two have a specific wish that you want the grail to grant, in addition how far would you go in order to obtain the grail?

May 26th, 2011, 03:45 PM
Hunter: There is no gain from a wasted life doing nothing at all. For me, the Grail War is just a means to an end, to battle and spread the renown of my name around the world. Yes, you could say that i have no specific wish proper.

Shizuka: *Coughcoughliescoughcough*

Hunter: What was that?

Shizuka: Nothing, nothing at all. As for me... yes, i have an specific wish, but that's in the eventuality i get the Grail. I am more interested in the mystery behind it.

Hunter: We pass on answering how far we would go.

Shizuka: But-

Hunter: No buts.

Shizuka: ;·;

May 26th, 2011, 03:50 PM
Stanistaw: Okay then, and now that that's done with, Crusader the mail, please.

Stanistaw crumples up the piece of paper and throws it away.

Crusader: That was all you had prepared, even though you had no mail before?

Stanistaw: Nah, I just believe the mail questions are more interesting than my questions.

Crusader hands Stanistaw one of the newly arrived mails.

Stanistaw: Okay, let's see what we have here, questions addressed to the both of you, I believe: What would you say is the most optimal conditions for you? What would cause a worst case scenario? And finally Have you heard Zero is a peeping Tom?

May 26th, 2011, 03:55 PM
Shizuka: The most optimal conditions for us? That would be a terrain we know and control, that allows all kinds of ambushes and attacks and gives us both an height advantage, and freedom of movement. A worst case scenario...

Hunter: You are not allowed to tell them that.

Shizuka: Okay.

Hunter: And that man is a peeping Tom... I will have to make countermeasures against him then.

Shizuka: Try to not kill him.

Hunter: I make no promises.

May 26th, 2011, 04:03 PM
Stanistaw: Well as long as you don't go and try kill me, I'm cool with it, but anyways next couple of questions...hmm I think I'll split this up into a couple of batches. These are aimed at Shizuka, What is your opinion on the feud between the Demon Hunters (specifically the Ryougis) and the Lion of Kimon (Kazu)? What is your approach on combat? Are you the direct type, the hit-and-run type, the long-range type, or do you prefer battles of attrition?

Stanistaw takes a breath before finally finishing.

Stanistaw: What are your hobbies?

May 26th, 2011, 04:14 PM
Shizuka: Well...

She sends a stare to Hunter for a second, who just shrugs.

Shizuka: I myself have nothing against the Lion of Kimon himself. He doesn't seem like a bad guy? I am not accustomed to see Half Bloods that aren't in a bloody rampage, so i am interested in him, you could say. But... i don't think that the Ryougis would forgive him. He knocked the mother of the dorm head in a coma, didn't he?

Hunter: And you are interested in that guy? I have to go make some preparations...

Shizuka: I am not interested in that way! Anyway... eh... yes... my approach to combat. I am of the hit-and-run type, but i also could fare well in an attrition battle.

Hunter: You could get a few surprises with this girl's figthing style.

Shizuka: Hunter-... Ahem, my hobbies are martial arts, specially those who employ weapons in their practice, and... gaming.

Hunter: Even i am better at games than you.

Shizuka: Shut up! You are an ancient hero from who knows how long ago! How can you be better than me in Pokemon? ;·; I can't even get past the first gym!

Hunter just sighed quietly.

May 26th, 2011, 04:27 PM
Crusader: Hm hit-and run tactics, not the most honourable choice in my opinion, but I will admit that such tactics have their uses...I simply don't agree with them, and you are interested in a man who knocked a dorm head's mother into a...coma? What kind of despicable-

Stanistaw: Uh yeah, Crusader I suggest we don't go around making enemies, the walls have ears and such, that I'm sure their was a good reason for it...maybe...

Crusader: A good reason? Master are you-

Stanistaw: Anyways! Next question...s: How serious are you in regards to training and What do you think of the other factions?

May 26th, 2011, 04:39 PM
Hunter: I actually agree with Crusader, you-

Shizuka: Hunter, we'll talk about it later. About training, i am very serious, after all you could say that my life depends on my training. At least that's what Father says.

Hunter: I have to meet your family someday. Your father sounds as someone knowledgeable.

Shizuka made a small pause, and then kept talking, ignoring that last comment: I am neutral towards the other factions. I really don't care about what people is, as long as they don't try to rip my face off.

Hunter: Your attitude is just too careless... *sigh*

Shizuka: Hey, i said as long as they don't try to kill me!

Hunter: And you really don't see anything wrong with your statement?

Shizuka: Well, i may be more cautious towards Dead Apostles and Half Bloods, but... you really have to cheer up a bit Hunter!

Hunter: *sighs*

May 26th, 2011, 04:53 PM
Stanistaw: Well Hunter does make a fair point about being cautious around people of different factions and such. Now let's see here...oh I'm keeping that one for last...and maybe that one...okay, Shizuka, what's your most hated dish and 'Hunter did you had a child in your life? Or did you want to have one? How it feels to be a mother?'

Crusader: That last part looks like the writings of a child...

May 26th, 2011, 05:04 PM
Shizuka: My most hated dish? Well... actually, anything with tomatoes. I simply don't get humanity's obsession with putting tomatoes on everything ;·;

Hunter: Yes, i had a child in my life... and... it was wonderful. "Miracle of Life" really fits the feeling i had when i first held my child...
At that point, Hunter trailed off, staring in the distance.

Shizuka: Assa-chan? I wonder why she is interested in such things~.

May 26th, 2011, 05:11 PM
Stanistaw: Who can say, children are usually inquistive about such things, aren't they?

Crusader: However I suggest we leave this topic as is, Master, at least I believe it is something that Hunter doesn't wish to speak about.

Stanistaw: Hmmm...next question: What alignment would you say you are and, my own little addition, why?

May 26th, 2011, 05:22 PM
Hunter: Well, by modern standards, i would call myself a Chaotic Neutral. After all, i don't really care about anything that isn't battling and my own glory...

Shizuka: That's a lie~~. She is Chaotic Good.

Hunter: What? No, i am not!

Shizuka: If you say so~.

May 26th, 2011, 05:25 PM
Stanistaw: And what about yourself, Shizuka, what alignment are you and why? Also, What would you do if a certain Artificer asks you out, or asks you to be a part of his harem?

May 26th, 2011, 05:28 PM
Shizuka: Well, i think i would be something like Neutral Good or Chaotic Good?

Hunter: She is rather hard to define, because she...

Shizuka: Shhhh. And about Artificer...

Hunter: No way in hell.

Shizuka: That was fast! I think you broke the record of the fastest rejection ever o.o

Hunter: And he is not getting around you either.

Shizuka: So he has basically zero chance.

May 26th, 2011, 05:37 PM
Crusader: And so, that man continues with a 100% rejection rate, fitting considering his perverted conduct.

Stanistaw: Okay, now for the last question: Shizuka have you had to use your Synchronizer abilities in the past? What is your policy if someone requests the use of your Synchronizer abilities?

May 26th, 2011, 05:41 PM
Shizuka: *blushes slightly* No, i was lucky enough to never had to use my Synchronizer abilities before.

Hunter: And...

Shizuka: There is no way i am using them soon with Hunter around, as you see.

May 26th, 2011, 05:51 PM
Crusader: May I ask as to how one uses these synchronizer abilities?

Stanistaw: I'd say...no.

Crusader: But...

Stanistaw: Trust me, I'll tell you later. Now Shizuka, Hunter, You've both been great, but unfortunatly it seems that our questions have run out, thus bringing our interview to a close, I sincerely thank you both for taking the time to come here and answer these questions and appease our readers' curiosity.

May 26th, 2011, 05:55 PM
Shizuka: It was our pleasure~

Hunter: Her pleasure.

Shizuka: You seriously need to cheer up! Well, thanks for everything, Priest-chan! We shall be in our way before Hunter throws a tantrum.

And with that, still talking beetween themselves, the duo dissapeared from the room.

May 26th, 2011, 05:58 PM
Stanistaw: P-Priest-C-c-chan!? Why did I open my big mouth back then...why?

Crusader: Hmm, what's the problem, Master?

Stanistaw: Nothing...nothing...just my pride's been hurt a little. I suppose we should get going...

And with that Crusader and Stanistaw leave the room, Stanistaw flicking the lights off just before closing the door.

June 5th, 2011, 12:12 PM
Gin: Greeetings and welcome~! My name is Gin Ryougi and this here is my lovely assistant Seer! Today we-

Seer: Today we are here to interview the ghost member of are group, Felix Caelum and Saber. Hopefully it will be a nice experience for us all.

Gin: Exactly~ So without further ado, let's begin~

Seer: *Sigh* You have too much energy

June 5th, 2011, 12:21 PM
Felix walks into the room, adjusting his headphones as he takes a seat

Felix: Evening...hrm I feel like I'm forgetting something.

Looks left and right, noting Saber missing.

Felix: ...Typical.

June 5th, 2011, 12:26 PM
Gin: Evening right back to you~

Seer: I note that Saber is... How you say M.I.A, though would you still like to continue?

Gin: He's bound to pop up at some time, for now we'll as the first question, this one's for Felix-kun; "Considering Felix’s little knowledge of servants and the Holy Grail War, why did he come to OLYMPUS?"

June 5th, 2011, 12:30 PM
Felix: Ah he's bound to show up but on that question...I thought it'd be a nice change of scenery from the usual Clock Tower and studies. Curiosity, boredom, maybe something else, either way I'm here in the end.

June 5th, 2011, 12:33 PM
Seer: Ah, I can definitely understand the desire of a scenery change, it's one of the few reasons I'm thankful the boy summoned me here.

Gin: Well isn't that nice of you~ Okay then, while waiting for Saber-san, the next question please Seer

Seer: "Who do Felix and Saber consider to be currently their most dangerous opponent?" and a little note; (preferably said opponents being limited to players)

June 5th, 2011, 12:40 PM
Felix: Hrm well the obvious answer would be any of the half-bloods or dead apostles considering I'm a Clock Tower mage but putting those to the side I'd say that from those left that mad librarian or Zero seem to stand out, if not dangerous at least annoying. Though suppose only time will tell if my fears are true.

June 5th, 2011, 12:44 PM
Gin: Ah, yeah, Zero and Firo, those two do seem like quite the opponents. I wouldn't mind fighting them some time~

Seer: Is fighting all you ever think about...?

Gin: Is that a trick question?

Seer: ....Anyway, next question; "What is Felix’s and Sabers opinions of the factions on OLYMPUS?"

June 5th, 2011, 12:53 PM
Felix: Eh well, I don't really have a problem with any of them if that's what you mean? Maybe a bit unsure about the Dead Apostles with their-

In an instant, a blade would be held close-by Seer's neck, the hilt held by the plate-clad hand of the Servant Saber, covered in black armor even the face would be hidden by a plate helm.

Felix: Hey! Hey! Saber down!

Saber shoots a glare at Felix before withdrawing the blade slightly

Saber: Pft, they'll be crushed just like anyone else who gets in my way.

Felix: This is going to get messy...

June 9th, 2011, 02:04 PM
Seer: My, my... I had foreseen something similar, but for it to become true this soon... *casts a glance at Gin, who is battle ready* Boy, stand down, it seems our friend Saber here isn't ready for a fight just yet

Gin: Okay, if you say so... *re-sheathes sword* Anyway, Saber-kun, so nice to see you joined us... Now we can ask the next question and get your input in too.

Seer: Here boy, the next question *passes him the letter, not once 'looking' away from Saber*

Gin: Ahem, Saber-kun, here is one for you, though Felix-san can chime in too; "Saber is traditionally the strongest servant, but how do you feel about the wildcards of the war. People like Betrayer and Trickster?"

June 9th, 2011, 02:28 PM
Saber: *Tightens the grip on the sword* Mysteries and theories are all that's in the air about them, until fought I won't know what to say...however that's not to say that I'll let them stop me.

Felix: *Scratches his head* Well, hard to form an opinion on 'em when you don't know much of them. Traditional servants you can actually find some information on them from an archive or other but these new ones well...best to keep an eye and not underestimate them.

June 9th, 2011, 03:09 PM
Seer: Oh? So to you, I am but a mystery to be cut down in your path~? Well, you are a knight I guess, so that's to be expected

Gin: Uh Seer, I know I shouldn't have to say thi-

Seer: But I digress, I shall as the next question, oh, and look at that, it's for Saber *she grins* the question; "Even though your class is regarded as the strongest, you did not appear in the top 5 list for pure physical combat. What are your thoughts on that?" and another attached here is "Similarly, it seems that more people consider some of the newer classes (such as Trickster, Saver, & Crusader) as bigger threats. What is your opinion on that matter?"

June 9th, 2011, 03:42 PM
Saber: And so? -The- list is based purely on pure physical strength, really I couldn't care less on such. Pah, people can believe what they wish as it is, the threats are because of hints given away however what -do- you know of me? Not on a list that's all so far.

Felix: Saber aren't you a bit overconfident...?

June 9th, 2011, 03:57 PM
Seer: Hmhmhmhm~ I'm taking a liking to this boy, his confidence is truly something to hold in acclaim. Besides, to answer your question, I know things you can never comprehend, child

Gin: *sigh* Seer, try not to harass our guests so much. I'm sorry, she seems extra snippy today, ahaha.

Gin: Um I'll ask the next question. This ones for Felix-san; "What do you think of your fellow Clock Tower associates? And what about the people from the other Mage factions?" with a note saying; "(limited to PC Masters)"

June 11th, 2011, 04:34 PM
Felix: *Scratches his head* Well I haven't met most of them face to face yet though you already know my opinion on Firo when it comes to him as an opponent. On the others hrm...Luis and Drake don't seem so bad if a bit eccentric at times and the one known as Zero, well...interesting guy, I guess?

Saber: As if it matters.

June 11th, 2011, 05:29 PM
Gin: Hm, I see, I see.

Seer: Everyone seems interested in that Zero fellow... Maybe you should check him out boy?

Gin: Maybe later, for now though, the final question, if I may; "If there is anything you wish to improve upon during your stay in OLYMPUS, what would it be?"

July 31st, 2011, 12:38 PM
Felix: Well my magecraft would be one thing but otherwise...eh I can't say really, never thought of it exactly.

Saber: *Snorts* As if I'd tell you my weaknesses...if that is all I'll be taking my leave.

*Saber walks to the door of the room, opening it with a violent pull, glaring back at the three after*

Felix: Eh, don't need to be like that Saber.

Saber: Soliciting with the enemy is not how I want to spend my time.

*Gives one final glare to the group before leaving them to finish the interview*

July 31st, 2011, 02:55 PM
Gin: I guess that's all the time we have everyone~ Let's take a moment to thank our guests before we head out~ Felix-san, Saber-kun thank you for coming to our fun little interview

Seer: Indeed, it was quite... Fun, to say the least, one of the few endeavors you dragged me into that I've enjoyed *chuckle lightly* I think we'll be wonderful friends, don't you boy?

Gin: Friends, yeaaah, that's the word I was gonna use. Thanks again you two, I'm mot sure what's up with Seer today, but don't worry, she's not always this snippy

Seer: Servant Saber, hmhmhm, he seemed like quite the knightly gentleman *glances at the door* Felix was it? I think you should go calm that man before he hurts himself, hmhmhm~

July 31st, 2011, 05:46 PM
Felix: *Sigh* I'll see what I can do, was nice meeting the two of you now if you'll excuse me...

*Felix dashes out of the room to catch up with Saber, allowing Gin and Seer to pack up*

Felix: *Caught up* Don't you think you were a bit...I don't know, might not be the right word but defensive?

Saber: I won't allow us to lose this war because of a letting something slip in a conversation and neither should you, "Master".

Felix: That's what I...Never mind, lets just get home.

June 29th, 2012, 04:10 PM
Shizuka: Hello everyone! I am Shizuka Fujou, and the one looking grumpy to my side and half-hiding in the shadows is my Servant, Hunter. Today, we'll interview Saiki Akio-san and his Servant Defender!

Hunter: Why this waste of time again...

Shizuka: Because it is fun!

Hunter: Master, you are too careless... and whose bright idea was to send a Demon Hunter to interview a Crimson Red Vermillion?

Shizuka: Mine!

Hunter: *Sigh*

June 29th, 2012, 04:21 PM
The door opens, and two figures enter the room, a young man, and his big, brutish looking Servant. For some reason even the Servant wore a suit to this occasion. While Akio takes a seat, Defender stands next to him, invoking the image of a bodyguard.

Akio: Greetings, Miss Fujou, on my behalf, and on the behalf of the Saiki family. It is an honor to attend this interview.

Defender: ...waste of time.

Akio: And he's happy to be here too, right? He's not just good around people, ahaha~ *whispers* Don't ruin this for me, Defender.

Defender: I am confident that you will manage that yourself, Master.

Akio: ...yeah, he's kind of in a bad mood today. And yesterday. And the day before. But in any case. Let us continue!

June 29th, 2012, 04:27 PM
Shizuka: I think Hunter and your Servant will get along.

Hunter: Let's just get done with this.

Shizuka: Okay then, first question, and one that has become a staple of this interview section! For both of you, what are you expectatives for OLYMPUS? And in Akio's case, what do you think of the city now that you have arrived into it?

June 29th, 2012, 04:38 PM
Akio: I am pleased by what I have seen so far. I don't usually travel much, and even then I doubt that I would have seen anything quite like this before.
Any expectations I had for it were surpassed to be honest. It's a display of what humanities greatest can achieve, and I must applaud our ATLAS hosts for providing an enviroment where peaceful coexistence between factions that have...kind of a history together is part of the daily life.
...not that I have any problems with demon hunter families or anything. On the contrary, this was one of the reasons why OLYMPUS is such a big chance for me, to get in contact with...I'm derailing this a bit, am I? I think the question is answered.

Defender: ...vile hive of debauchery.

Akio: Ahaha~ He's such a joker! Isn't he hillarious? Next question pl...

Defender: If "what humanities greatest can achieve" is a city in the sky where people murder eachother for a wish, where this murder is celebrated and shown for public amusement and where the best murderes are ranked on a chart, I would say this speaks for its own...

Akio: *increasingly sharp tone* Fighters, Defender, fighters. The best fighters.

Defender: Master asked for the next question.

June 29th, 2012, 04:42 PM
Shizuka: Ah... eh, okay then! Let's see, for one of the letters... here!

Shizuka: Are there any people you would particularly like to meet here?

June 29th, 2012, 04:52 PM
Defender: Number one, so I can get this over with.

Akio: *whispers* Nice going, we're going to be an audience favorite like this.

Defender: I am not here to please. Just to talk.

Akio: *whispers* How charming.

Akio: Err...of course, since I act as a representative of my family on OLYMPUS, the dorm heads are a must. That said...Kujaku Senhime is certainly an interesting person to me, since she obviously has a sense for business, and contact with her would be beneficial for sure...also...*grins mischievously* her bodyguard has quite the intersting last name. Not that I harbor feelings of revenge or that she necessarily has to be one of them, but certainly interesting.

June 29th, 2012, 05:03 PM
Shizuka: Yes, this Kujaku Senhime is an interesting person, that's for sure, but her bodyguard... I wonder how that could be, I thought all of them were dead...

Hunter: Shizuka, back on track.

Shizuka: Eh- Okay. Since we are along these lines, for both of you... is there someone you would like to fight the most? And also, who would you say that is the biggest threat to you from the Masters and/or Servants?

June 29th, 2012, 05:12 PM
Defender: Number one.

Akio: *whispers* You're making this very interesting.

Akio: Hm, who I'd like to fight the most? Since I find his goals to be questionable, I'd say Katsuhiro Asakami. I don't really enjoy fighting in any case, it makes me...unhinged.

Defender: I have the worst compatibility against Kimon no Kazu's Invoker. This probably applies to all Invokers.

Akio: And if she really is one of them, the aforementioned Nanaya-san would probably be my most feared opponent. Though, you probaly are a big threat to me too, Miss Fujou.

June 29th, 2012, 05:19 PM
Shizuka: Me? Uh, well, I guess I was born to fight people like you and all that, but I am pretty sure there are scarier Demon Hunters running around...

Hunter: Katsuhiro Asakami... I guess I can understand why. Uniting the Demon Hunter clans like he plans to do would surely be a bad moment for the Half Bloods all around Japan.

Shizuka: And in any case I have only fought a CRV once before and that didn't go very well at all...

Hunter: Shizuka.

Shizuka: Yes, yes, let me search for a more relaxing question. I shouldn't have jumped to that part so soon...

Hunter: Here is one. "Akio, how do you feel about the impending fight between you and Stan for MAN status within Class 2-D?"

Shizuka: Wait, what?

June 29th, 2012, 05:24 PM
Akio: There will be blood, tears and sweat. And in the end, we both will stand up with pride, and he will accept his position as my sidekick.

Defender:*deadpan*...I am amazed.

June 29th, 2012, 05:30 PM
Hunter: Amazing, yes.

Shizuka: That's so cool! Tell me when the fight will be, I want the closest seats to the match!

Hunter: ...

June 29th, 2012, 05:33 PM
Akio: I am afraid that there is no way to plan for the clashing of men's souls. But if you are adamant on seeing it, I guess you just have to stay close to me...

Defender: Truly a master of subtlety.

June 29th, 2012, 05:36 PM
Shizuka: Okay! I'll be betting on Priest-chan, though. No hard feelings, I hope.

Hunter: *Orbital facepalm*

June 29th, 2012, 05:37 PM
Akio: Oh, no problem, I will enjoy exceeding your expectations!

Defender: *joins Hunter in facepalming*

June 29th, 2012, 05:41 PM
Hunter: Back... on track...

Shizuka: ???

Hunter: Let's see, these are introductory questions too...

Shizuka: Ah, yeah. How is the relationship between the two of you? How far would you go for the wish? And what would you do with said wish?

Hunter: And to get the questions directed at both of you out of the way, how would you like to spend your free time? (in anything other than a stupid interview, probably.)

Shizuka: Did you whisper something, Hunter?

Hunter: No.

June 29th, 2012, 05:56 PM
Akio: As you can see, our relationship is a bit...strained.

Defender: He is an idiot. But he is strong, and I can work with him.

Akio: ...thanks?

Defender: My wish is to correct a past mistake. For my whole life I suffered the consequences, and they can be felt even here. And I would do anything for it, except for staining my hands with blood.

Akio: This will be kind of hard, you know.

Defender: Not really.

Akio: My wish is to take care of my...problem. As for as far as I would go, I would prefer not to kill, but I don't think it can be helped if the situation becomes dire enough.

Defender: I will stop you if I have to.

Akio: How do you even expect to win this war?

Defender: ...trust me.

Akio: Anyway, in my free time I enjoy all kinds of sports, it helps me keep a focussed state of mind. Mostly swimming and running, though I heard this school has a Kendo dojo, so I will probably try that out. Also I am a fan of Mahjong and Poker, and other board and card games, but they have to have a human component, not like chess where the winner is the better calculator.
I don't really like video games, they feel kind of impersonal...

Defender: Hiking.

Akio: ...seriously?

Defender: I wandered a lot when I was alive. Even if it was not a pleasant experience, it was better than what came before. Besides, I am not here to waste my time. I am here to win.

Akio: I like it when you're focused Defender~

June 29th, 2012, 06:47 PM
Shizuka: I think you two get along rather well~

Hunter: Anyways, in a try to get this done for as faster as possible, we'll be asking questions in pairs. I'll ask to the Half-Blood and my Master will ask to Defender.

Shizuka: Very well. Defender-san, how do you feel about the way the world has changed since you were alive?

Hunter: And Akio, how have you dealt with your unusual 'needs' up until now?

Shizuka: Huh, that kind of question... I am very curious, I never had the chance to meet a Kishu that wasn't in a rampage.

June 29th, 2012, 07:08 PM
Defender: It did not change enough for my tastes. Though it is very different.

Akio: As always, a man of many words.

Defender: Answer your own question first.

Akio: Uh, Miss Hunter, this is kind of a very private question, so I'd prefer to not answer it. But rest assured that most hybrids are normally not in the state your Master encounters them in. The Saiki family especially believes that Discipline is one of the things that really makes a hybrid a hybrid.

June 29th, 2012, 07:13 PM
Shizuka: Ugh... just call me Shizuka-san. There are like a hundred Miss Fujou running around here.

Hunter: Hmm, so a non answer. Very well... "How does it feel to be interviewed by a Demon Hunter?".

Shizuka: Eh...

Hunter: *Narrows eyes dangerously, stare centered in Akio.*

Shizuka: Anyway! Defender-san! What would you like to do in this new world you have found? Hm, this question is oddly phrased.

June 29th, 2012, 07:16 PM
Defender: Win.

Akio: Normally it would feel awkward, but M...Shizuka has been a pleasant host so far, so it is no problem. I hope it isn't awkward for you? I mean I am kind of...unusual.

June 29th, 2012, 07:26 PM
Shizuka: I don't really care. I was pretty curious to meet a Kishu that wasn't intent on killing me. Hunter, however was all about making it an ambush and an assassination. She only complied when I threatened her with 'switching'.

Hunter: Master, what the hell are you doi-

???: *Emotionless stare*

Hunter: *Shudders, retreats a bit more into the shadows*

Shizuka: Anyway, Akio-san, a bunch of questions this time, since we are extending this interview a bit too much. How do you feel about the Nanaya woman who seems to be living here? How are your relations with the traditional enemies of your kind, the Demon Hunters like me and the Taima? And what news do you have about the Tohno's main branch?

June 29th, 2012, 07:36 PM
Akio: I am curious about her, does her existence mean that there are more Nanaya we don't know about? Not that the Saiki family has any animosity for Demon Hunters in general...I am actually here to improve the relations between the Saiki and the Demon Hunter families after all. As for the Taima, I was not tasked with improving our relations with them, but I certainly look forward to meeting and talking with its members in any case. There are a lot of misconceptions about hybrids in general, and I will try my best to show that we are not savages.

Defender: Are you really fit for this task?

Akio: ...what's that supposed to mean?

Defender: Think before you ask.

Akio: ...anyway, I have little contact with the other Tohno branches, I only attended 4 family meetings until now, and my mother maintains most contacts with them and beyond....which also means that I can probably look forward to marriage once I return home. But for all the girls following this interview: nothing is set in stone yet!

Defender: Charming.

June 29th, 2012, 07:39 PM
Shizuka: Very well, it seems that there are no more quest- wait, I did not see that sleep of paper here. I guess it is the last one.

Hunter: Finally.

Shizuka: Well, let's see what is says... 'Suffer and die'

Hunter: ...

Shizuka: .... It seems that you guys have an anonymous fan! That was rather fast...

June 29th, 2012, 07:44 PM
Akio: Mhmm...who could that be?

Defender: We can narrow it down to every female on the campus.

Akio: Ahaha~ nice, Defender, we should really end this interview with a joke....

Defender: That was no-


June 29th, 2012, 08:14 PM
Shizuka: ? Okay, there are no more questions, so you go ahead, we'll clean up here.


Hunter: This is why I don't like men. Did you see how that Half-Blood was staring?

Shizuka: Akio? Yeah... I guess he really likes you.

Hunter: What?

Shizuka: Hmm, well, you said he was staring, and he seemed somewhat awkward with some answers... he definitely has it for you!

Hunter: How... did you even.... No. Just no.

Shizuka: You say? Then I wonder with who it is... Maybe Defender? It seemed to me like they got along despite everything. Or that guy, Chris, he spends a lot of time aorund him...

Hunter: What.

Shizuka: Or maybe... his Dorm Head! Kaoru-san! That must be it!

Hunter: ...

Shizuka: Heh, these two, they must be so timid, what with Akio-san's high position in a Kishu clan, and Kaoru-san's unknown gender. Love doctor Shizuka needs to do something about these two!

Hunter: Master, you are amazing.

Shizuka: Thanks!

--------------------------------------------------Interview END.

May 18th, 2013, 12:20 PM
Shizuka: Hello everyone! I am Shizuka Fujou, and the one looking grumpy to my side and half-hiding in the shadows is my Servant, Hunter. Today we'll be interviewing Shang Asuka-san and her Servant, Berserker!

Hunter: Why are we doing this again? And even your introduction is the same as last time!

Shizuka: I am thinking of taking this as a full time job.

Hunter: WHAT?!? No! Also, unchain me already!

Shizuka: I am not going to risk you trying to ambush a Berserker mid interview.

Hunter: You...

Shizuka: Anyyywayy... time to start the long-awaited interview!

May 18th, 2013, 12:27 PM
Asuka: *ahem* Good day, fellow residents of OLYMUS! I am Shang Asuka, noble heir to the great Shang Dynasty of China. And this is my Servant, Berserker- the best Servant there is~ Introduce yourself Berserker.

Berserker: ....

Asuka: ....

Asuka: *ahem* Berserker says hello. It is a pleasure to meet the two of you, Fujou-san, Hunter. Please, ask us whatever questions you may have! As the heir to my family's great history, I have nothing to hide~

May 18th, 2013, 12:33 PM
Shizuka: A pleasure to meet the both of you. I'll start with the traditional first question: What are your expectations of OLYMPUS, and what do you think about the city?

May 18th, 2013, 12:45 PM
Asuka: Guh!? *fumble* I-I actually wasn't expecting such a question right off the bat... Though I suppose given the circumstances it's only a fair question...*mumble*

Berserker: ... *stares at Hunter*

Asuka: Right~! W-What I expect out of OLYMPUS is that it will truly be a great experience to interact with many a diverse people. T-though I do love my magnificent home, sadly I have not had much time to venture out and explore the outside world *sweat*. I do believe that this will be a great opportunity to right that!

Berserker: ... *stares at Shizuka*

Asuka: Mhm~ Mhm~ *nod**nod*. As per my impressions of the city... I-it's quite extravagant, surprisingly *sweats more*. Yes, indeed. I'm amazed at how advanced the city is and simply how much there is to take in. I dare say I could spend hours simply walking about the districts... Not that'd I be confused or anything! It's merely scenery, after all!

May 18th, 2013, 12:51 PM
Shizuka: *giggles* No need to get so nervous, Asuka-san. OLYMPUS is indeed a good place to meet all kinds of diverse people, after all.

Hunter: *struggles against the chains*

Shizuka: Oh, where are my manners... here is a plate of strawberry tarts lent to me by Lacey-san. Feel free to eat them during the interview. She also asks if you prefer cookies of friendship or brownies of friendship.

Hunter: Her Caster also had a question to Berserker. "How's the weather up there?" Don't ask me what it means because I don't know either. *Keeps struggling against the chains*

May 18th, 2013, 12:52 PM
Take it off!


May 18th, 2013, 01:06 PM
Asuka: N-nervous!? Why... that would imply that I'm distressed in some form or manner! Please, do not be absurd. I am perfectly calm. As per the tarts, I do humbly accept. A-and I suppose you can tell Lacey-san that I'd much enjoy sampling both of her recipes, if possible. *takes a tart and eats it* ........!!!!

Berserker: ...*stares over at Hunter again*

Asuka: *takes two more tarts and eats them*

Berserker: *steps over closer to Hunter*

Asuka: *ahem* These are exceptional. Please send my complements to Lacey-san. ...Now, in regards to the question... Berserker, please, do not be rude! As my Servant, you not only represent me, but my family as well. Please do not ignore our hosts' question.

Berserker: .... Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

Asuka: Sunny...?

May 18th, 2013, 01:12 PM
Shizuka: *Presses button. Chains are undone* Oh, talking about your Servant. I have received some questions about it as well. Let me see if I find them... oh. Here! "Do you believe that the choice of Servant identity or class reflects some aspect of your self?"

Hunter: *Frees herself and quickly steps backs in-between the shadows. Seems ready to battle.*

Shizuka: Oh right, and this one. "How do the two of you get along with each other, assuming that Berserker's Mad Enhancement isn't active? If it is always active, Asuka, how do you feel about having an all but mindless Servant?". Well, now it is clear that it is always active, but he does not seem that mindless...

May 18th, 2013, 01:22 PM
Asuka: Fufufu~ I'm sorry, but you are mistaken, dear Fujou-san. My Berserker is far from mindless. He is simply a little shy is all. Isn't that right, Berserker~


Asuka: W-what do you mean!? How dare you talk to me like that! I'm trying to say nice things about you and you go and take that kind of tone with me!? Who do you think feeds you!?


Asuka: S-s-so what if Servant's don't need food!? You still need my magical energy don't you!? Hah!! How do you like that!? Try finding some means of handling your ridiculous needs without me!

Berserker: *stares back at Hunter*

Asuka: *ahem* As I was saying, my dear Berserker is merely shy. That being said, we get along quite well. Though I feel our personalities are miles apart, this doesn't even appear to be an obstacle.

Berserker: *steps to the edge of the shadows, stops, and leers at Hunter*

May 18th, 2013, 01:35 PM
Shizuka: Uh... Asuka-san, the situation seems to be devolving at the moment... could you call back Berserker? I think that Hunter is about to answer violently.

Hunter: *Takes bow out*

Shizuka: Anyway... more questions about Berserker.... well, these seem to be a bit invasive, so I don't mind if you don't answer some of them. "You are also known as "The Mad King". Where or what were you King of, and why did people call you mad?", "What's with the armor that covers up all of your distinguishing features? Is it your Noble Phantasm?", "Is your armor closely tied to your past, or was it changed by the summoning process?" I think those are all there are for him. (I think I already know why they called him mad...).

May 18th, 2013, 01:49 PM
Asuka: *takes off her shoe and throws it at Berserker's head*

Berserker: *is hit*

Asuka: Stop it, Berserker. You are embarrassing me. Play nice!

Berserker: *stares at Hunter for a bit, before walking back over to Asuka*

Asuka: I do apologize, Fujou-san, Hunter. It would seem that my Servant has forgotten good manner during his leave from this world.

Berserker: ...

Asuka: Now then, moving on. Berserker, do be so kind as to answer those questions.

Berserker: Grrrrrrr... RAAAHHHHRR!! .... GRRRRRAAHHHHH!!!

Asuka: *nod**nod* Certainly. Without a doubt, you were a respected king, Berserker.

Berserker: ...Grrrrr

Asuka: Yes... Sadly.

Berserker: ... *stares at Hunter*

Asuka: I hope that answers your questions. As I said, Berserker and I have nothing to hide. *puffs out chest proudly* *goes back for three more tarts*

May 18th, 2013, 01:55 PM
Shizuka: Ah, that is quite alright, Asuka-san. Yours is not the only Servant that seems to forget manners with startling frequency.

Hunter: Are you trying to insinuate something, Master?

Shizuka: Nope~

Hunter: Just move on with the next question so this hell can end already.

Shizuka: Okay, then. I guess I'll ask all the battle-type questions in one batch. For the both of you, who would you like to fight the most? And who would you like to avoid fighting if possible? Of the other... new arrivals (PCs), is there someone you would like to fight, or someone you would dislike fighting?

Hunter: As an additional, a question sent by one of the viewers. "Is there anybody in particular who you would like to meet?", and "What do you think of the other people who have recently arrived on Olympus?"

May 18th, 2013, 02:12 PM
Asuka: Fufufu~ A series of questions to determine the standing of my prowess? How coy~


Asuka: *nod* Indeed. It is as my Servant says, all are the same before us. There is no one in particular that we wish to fight, nor is there anyone in particular who we'd like to avoid fighting. We shall fear no one who comes in our way and will deal with all obstacles in stride. I say this with confidence in my Servant's abilities as well as the teachings passed down from my mother, father, and ancestors. This isn't to say that we're undermining the abilities of our opponents, no. Rather, we simply won't let a mere showing of skill sway us. *nod*


Asuka: I've not had much time to observe or talk to many of the people here at OLYMPUS, so I won't go as far to give a thorough opinion... However, I will say that I'm well aware of everyone's capacity as a master and why they've been summoned here. ... All in all, there are colorful people all around, and I'm looking forward to my stay within this city being a memorable one. ...As for people I'd like to meet... There is one... Even though she is from a succeeding dynasty, I suppose you can say I have taken note of her... There is simply something about her that bothers me... I'm not sure it translates well, but I believe it to be her... 'chi'...

May 18th, 2013, 03:10 PM
Shizuka: I see, I see, those are some really good answers, Asuka-san.

Hunter: Indeed, it is a stance I can respect as a fellow warrior and hero... just keep that guy away from me from now onwards.

Shizuka: Hunter, back down. Eh, let's see, there is still quite a lot of questions left. A lot of them seem to be about your dinasty. But before getting to those, here is an important question. "What do you think of the Hecate phones, and how are you holding up with all of OLYMPUS's advanced technology?"

Hunter: You are still trying to figure out more than the basic functions of your phone, aren't you?

Shizuka: Shut up.

May 18th, 2013, 03:26 PM
Asuka: U-um... Being the traditional family that we are, I've lived much of my life without even knowing what a normal cellphone was. G-granted we had your standard house phone, it's indeed a far-cry from these innovative pocket devices. S-s-so, naturally, this Hecate phone is a little new to me as well... But fear not! For I, Shang Asuka, am learning quickly! Just the other day, I achieved a score of 200 in 'Brick Break' without damaging my phone! Truly this is a testament to the Shang's great adaptability!

May 18th, 2013, 09:11 PM
Shizuka: A score of 200?!? How? I can't even reach the 100 mark!

Hunter: ... I can't believe your inability to win games extends this far... wait, why were you even doing that?

Shizuka: Anyway, about your lineage, these are the questions I have received. One of them is quite lengthly! "I've heard that your Sorcery Trait, whatever it is, comes from the Takumi side of your merged family lines. So why is it that using that Sorcery trait to win is what would restore the name of the Shang family line? In fact, if the Takumi side is what donated the important bit, why are you "Shang" at all?", "How are your relations with the Taima and China Order? Has your heritage affected either in a particular way? And how is your relationship with the rest of the Association?", and "Do you or did you ever feel pressure about your whole family situation?"

Hunter: You are just avoiding my question, aren't you..?

May 18th, 2013, 10:34 PM
Asuka: A-ah... That's... actually a rather difficult question to respond to...

Berserker: ...

Asuka: No... It's alright, Berserker. Thank you... I suppose it was only a matter of time before this was asked anyways.

Berserker: .....

Asuka: Yes, it is true that I am of Japanese and Chinese blood. My mother is of Taima, and my father is from the Order. The Shang... The quality of our blood has been declining for several generations now... In fact, my father himself, though very knowledgeable about our family's craft, bears no ability to perform them himself... Therefore, in a last ditch effort to preserve the blood of the Shang, a marriage was arranged between my parents... You see, my mother hails from the Takumi family- a line of magi with a special trait which emerges every other generation and allows that magi, as a parent, to increase the number and quality of the magic circuits their offspring will posses... In a nutshell, I'm that child...

Berserker: ...

Asuka: The... arrangements of my conception are... complicated... But essentially, my mother's side of the family received a lovely compensation for their cooperation, and my father's side of the family received a functioning heir... As I myself do no possess the special trait of the Takumi, taking on the name of Shang... was of little issue, as I've been told... Under the agreement made between my families, my first born is to continue the legacy of the Takumi. So... I'm not sure if you can understand fully, but there is indeed a great deal of pressure on me. Both inside and out...

May 18th, 2013, 10:50 PM
Shizuka: ... *suddenly gets close and hugs Asuka*

Shizuka: It is alright... I understand that kind of pressure somewhat. Don't worry, I'll do everything possible for me to help you out, so you won't be sad. You... you'll be like my little sister, it is sett- *gets dragged away by Hunter*

Hunter: Don't you have a little sister called Asuka already?

Shizuka: Yes, and?

Hunter: Well, won't it get confusing? And in any case, how is that even supposed to make her feel bet- You know what, I wanna get this done with, so I'll ask the next question already. "There have been rumors stating that your hands tend to get quite "invasive" when you're curious. Is this true?"

Shizuka: ...?

May 18th, 2013, 11:06 PM

Asuka: *ahem* I have no idea what you're talking about. I've always been told that rumors are truly ugly things... Now I suppose I can see why.


Asuka: ...

Berserker: ...

Asuka: Well then, shall we mov-


Asuka: Shut up! Do not make light of my kindness! I will not allow you to just sit here and place lies and slander upon my name!

Berserker: *angry shoves Asuka's chair*

Asuka: I've done nothing of the sort you ignorant beast! I was simply concerned for her health! W-what's it called...? The Heimlich! That's what I was doing!

Berserker: ...

Asuka: O-Of course that's how it's done! Do you really believe that I would be so foolish as to get the procedure wrong!? Are you insinuating that she couldn't breathe because of me!?

Berserker: *looks away*... *looks at Hunter*

May 18th, 2013, 11:11 PM
Shizuka: Anyway... *ahem* the older inhabitants of OLYMPUS had their own curiosities and questions about you. I've decided to announce the final questions with pen-name included! After this, there are no more questions to ask.

Hunter: *deadpan* Freedom at last.

Shizuka: Don't be that way! Here are the final questions:

Penname: "Manga Dictator"
"How do you feel about romances between young men? And if you like them, do you have any skills in drawing?"

Penname: "Addicted on Gatorade."
"Do you-you train often? If so-so, what sort of martial arts-arts do you practice? Would you like-like a sparring partner??"

Penname: "Would a skirt look better on me?"
"What do ya know 'bout OLYMPUS beforehand, Asuka-han? An' who or what do ya look forward to meetin' the most?"

Penname: "Gold Fever"
"What is the most embarrassing moment in your plebeian life? Do you expect to top it here in OLYMPUS?"

Penname: "Edinburgh Arm-Lock"
"What do you plan to do here on OLYMPUS once you have settled in? Study? Make friends? Take p-part in battles? Oh, and which class would you like to be assigned?"

Penname: "Red-haired handsome young man"
"Do you have a boyfriend? Would you like to get one?"

Penname: "Italian Tea Master"
"Have you ever considered work as a panda? It is a well-paying part-time job here in OLYMPUS, unless you have maid your own hell."

Penname: "Young girls should be short"
"What do you do to get such a slamming body? Drink a lot of milk? Or is it even a body that matters when you confess to someone? All of my latest confessions have ended up in failure!"

Penname: "Sinatra had a crush on me"
"You are slightly on the cute side, human. Become a servant for my esteemed self!"

May 28th, 2013, 07:42 PM
Asuka: Aha~ To think that people would take such an interest in my person~ Truly I am flattered to be the subject of so many questions. Though honestly, it's a bit much to take in all at once, to return the love you have shown me here, I shall try my best answer all without fail~

Berserker: *(is he getting restless?)*

Asuka: *ahem* To begin, I believe the first question asked for my opinion on romance between young men? Well, while I can't say I've had the pleasure of seeing such affection for myself, I deeply feel that something as pure and marvelous as love cannot and should not be restrained my notions of mere gender. If such a wonderful emotion where to blossom between two men, or two women for that matter, I believe it to be no lesser than that between two of opposite gender. Perhaps even, it can be said that I hold such an affection even higher than the norm... As for the subsequent question about my artistic skill, while I'm not sure what it has to do with my opinion on the matter, I have been tutored in various art forms.

Berserker: ...

Asuka: Moving on... Yes, I do train fairly often- as it is required to keep up with the regiment of my two families. However, unfortunately, I've not been able to develop my martial arts skill to the degree I would like. Though my father is an accomplished martial artist, sadly, my training was cut short so that I could join you all here. That be said, it is a belief of the Shang to take every opportunity as a learning experience. Therefore, if you can put up with me, I'd very much enjoy a session or two with you.

... A-as for what I knew about OLYMPUS beforehand, I knew it was quite an extravagant place... A-at least that's what I've been told! I'm well aware that it's a rather technologically advanced place... and that there are people from a variety of rich backgrounds situated here... You see... a great deal of my time was spent working on my craft and studies! S-so... I didn't have the opportunity to brush up on all OLYMPUS has to offer beforehand! *nod**nod**sweat* B-but that's all aside the point. In the end, I look forward to interacting with my fellow students and learning more of the outside world.

Berserker: *stares at Hunter* .... *(is it more intense then before?)*

Asuka: Now... what was the next question? ... Ah, yes... ....While I'm not quite certain what one would wish to achieve with such a question, I will simply answer by stating that this question does not apply to me. Of course, while I am unaware of the social positioning of the person behind the question, let it be known that by no means am I a "plebeian". I am the proud heir of the Shang; a dynasty dating back to the origins of the Kingdom of Heaven! Even if our family has declined over the years, the fact still remains so. And even if I am mistaken, and you are of higher nobility than I, then let it be known, here and now, that by no means shall I consider one who looks down upon others to be of noble blood...


Asuka: *nod* It's apparent to me that there will be certain individuals whom I will be unable to see eye-to-eye with; however, as long as I'm here, I would like to make as many friends as possible and learn more of the various cultures around the world. As I've said time and time again, my home is a marvelous place, but there is only so much I can learn there... *smile* Perhaps even I can learn what it is to have a "boyfriend". I've heard it stated many times before, but I'm still having trouble grasping at what it is. I figure it's something I'll have to experience as this particular kind of friend seems to be coupled with words of action quite often...

Berserker: ...

Asuka: Um... next was... work as a panda? I'm not sure how to respond to this one. I'm quite familiar with what a panda bear is, but I've never known there to be a job designation of panda. However, if you say it is a well-paying job, then I am willing to undertake the experience~ Though some may consider work to be unfit for those of high status, I believe it serves as a great opportunity for individuals to grow closer to the people they govern~

And last questions are... about my body? Well... I-I'm not quite sure what it means to have a "slamming body"... Is this some kind of Japanese slang? Or perhaps it's a referral to martial arts? ... *sweat* Um... I make sure to keep a healthy exercise regiment... I like milk tea as well... But how does this tie into confessions? What kind of confessions are we talking about here? *mumble*...This question confuses me! J-Just hold your head up high and be all you can be!

And finally... become a Servant? ...How would that work? Is there a way for living people to become Heroic Spirits that I am unaware of?

August 5th, 2013, 02:34 PM
Shizuka: There are so many things misunderstood here that I don't know where to start... *looks at Hunter*

Empty space: *Returns stare*

Shizuka: *sweat drops* *stares at Berserker* Well, these are all the questions asked. I thank you two very much for coming today, and it was a pleasure interviewing you. I'll clean this place up for the next interview late now my people need me bye *escapes through secret passage*

December 3rd, 2013, 06:16 PM
Akio: Hello everyone! It is your alarmingly charming host, Akio Saiki in a new iteration of the legendary, the one and only, the Interrogation room!

Defender: ....

Akio: Yes, today we have special guests! It is our first interview with a representative of the elusive Circle of Trismegistus...

Defender: The other way around.

Akio: Don't disturb my flow!

Defender: Keep this up and I will disturb your blood flow.

Akio: Ahahaha~ Where was I? Oh yes, today we welcome the lady Noelle Fontaine and her companion Dreamer!

December 4th, 2013, 04:35 AM
Dreamer: Whoa, whoa, whoa. We’re being interviewed by a psycho-freak and a caveman? Well isn’t this just a riot!

Noelle: Dreamer.

Dreamer: Oh, maybe they sent us these circus rejects as a joke? Oh, Noelle, maybe they’re trying to say something like “this is the best you get.”

Noelle: Dreamer.

Dreamer: But hey, did you hear that? He called me your companion! This guy sure has done his homework, he knows how close you and I are! Our bonds of camaraderie and friendship, forged in-

Noelle: Dreamer!

Dreamer: Yes, Noelle?

Noelle: Firstly, do not call me Noelle. Call me Master. Secondly-

Dreamer: Aw, but Noelle, we’re friends, friends should call each other by name! Or how about nicknames? You can be-

Noelle: Dreamer!

Dreamer: Yes, Noelle?

Noelle: Call me Master.

Dreamer: But Noelle…

Noelle: Dreamer, if you keep this up they’re going to ask us to leave.

Dreamer: Oh come on Noelle, there’s no way they’d kick us out of here without asking a single question like that. Though then again, I doubt there’s much interest in you anyway… Now that I think about it they really might just kick you out.

Noelle: You’re just trying to embarrass me, aren’t you?

Dreamer: Oh, but Master, why would I ever do that?

Noelle: … Moving on. Secondly, at least pretend to be polite. These two gentlemen may be… a little off, but they are taking time out of their busy schedule full of whatever crazy people do to interview us.

Dreamer: No promises.

Noelle: Good enough. Thirdly, this is not my companion, this is my Servant, and sometimes I wonder if he is even that.

Dreamer: So cold.

Noelle: So, shall we begin with the interview, Mr. Saiki?

December 5th, 2013, 01:04 PM
Defender: Heh. I like that Servant. Can we keep it?

Akio: I'm going to ignore that inappropriate commentary in the interest of professionalism.

Defender: Yes. Professionalism. That's what it is all about here.

Akio: Oh come the f...Noelle, Dreamer! Mind telling us your thoughts about OLYMPUS? Any expectations you have towards the city and its people, and how are your first impressions of it?

December 5th, 2013, 01:23 PM
Noelle: OLYMPUS is quite nice. Especially the Apollo Library and the Crystal City, but I-

Dreamer: Oh it's a great place! I really like heights, so a city in the sky is the place for me.

Noelle: Ahem. As I was saying, I-

Dreamer: I gotta tell you, Psycho-freak, I can call you that, right? I'm gonna call you that. Ah, wait, Noelle told me to be polite.

Noelle: Call me Master.

Dreamer: Noelle told me to be polite, so how about Mr. Psycho-freak? Yeah. Mr. Psycho-freak. Have you been to Dionysus Park? Sure you have, you've been here a couple weeks, and you don't seem the shut-in type like this girl here.

Noelle: What did you just say, Dreamer?

Dreamer: Ignore her. Dionysus Park, lovely place. The air is fresh, the scenery beautiful and the locals are all great. I could stay there all day.

Noelle: Are you done yet, you insufferable little-

Dreamer: As for my expectations, I can't say for sure. I'd like to pay a visit to the Artemis Fields. I hear the forests there are packed with some really interesting guys. Caveman, you look like the kind who enjoys a stroll in the wild. How'd you like to head out there with me for a visit to the forests?

Noelle: Are you sure you want to invite-

Dreamer: On second thought, you look like you'd scare the locals so bad they'd hop off the edge of the ward. Never mind.

Noelle: ... You're not even going to pretend to be polite, are you?

Dreamer: Oh, my bad. Mr. Caveman. Invitation retracted. Now, let's move on. All this talk about the city is making me want to ditch you lot and go hiking.

Noelle: I didn't even get to give a full answer!

Dreamer: Never mind her. Next question!

December 5th, 2013, 02:23 PM
Akio: You can't call me that actually. In general just...stop saying things like that! We are on air here!

Defender: Do not get too excited Master. Think of the professionalism.

Akio: Ha ha ha. You are really funny Defender, with every second this goes on I can literally feel people losing their respect towards me.

Defender: I can see why he calls you crazy now.

Akio: ...

Defender: Seeing that you think you had...


Defender: ...any in the...


Defender: The forests sound nice. I might need some time for myself seeing that a close acquaintance of mine is facing a mental breakdown.

Akio: I go out! Yes! I like the Park!

Akio: Anyway. Next question. This one is from our viewers.

Defender: People actually witness this debacle on their own volition? Humanity truly has degraded.

Akio: This one is for Noelle. It asks "Are you hard M?"

Defender: Lovely.

December 5th, 2013, 04:13 PM
Dreamer: Yes.

Noelle: No.

Dreamer: Yeah.

Noelle: No. No I am not.

Dreamer: Uh-huh.

Noelle: No!

Dreamer: Definitely.

Noelle: Dreamer!

Dreamer: Absolutely.

Noelle: Dreamer! Shut. Up. Now.

Dreamer: Wait a second, Noelle, are you blushing?

Noelle: No, I am not blushing!

Dreamer: Then what is that red all over your face if not a furious blush? Huuuh?

Noelle: I am NOT blushing and I am NOT hard M!

Dreamer: Sure, sure. You know what? Let's ask a third party. Mr. Psycho-freak, look at her. Doesn't she look hard M to you?

Noelle: Aaaahhhh don't answer that!

Dreamer: Come on, Mr. Psycho-freak, tell us your honest opinion.

December 5th, 2013, 05:02 PM
Akio: Well she looks like she'd enjoy a rough-

Defender: The next question is for Dreamer and is "Why are you so obscure?"

December 6th, 2013, 12:36 PM
Noelle: Isn't it obvious? It's because his people were too uncivilized to even invent a written language of their own. They never wrote his story down, so naturally nobody knows who he is. Well, naturally I knew who he was at first glance.

Dreamer: Hah, knew who I was at first glance? Says the one who went and pulled an all-nighter researching just so she could pretend to know every little bit about me.

Noelle: I did no such thing!

Dreamer: Hah, sure. But back to the question. I don't deny it, the ol' hag is right. When you don't write a story down and choose to pass it orally for years and years, it will eventually change in shape and meaning, or even be forgotten. Well, thanks to the senior citizen sitting beside me I've confirmed that somebody out there cared enough to record my story on paper.

Noelle: O-old hag? Senior... citizen?

December 7th, 2013, 01:29 PM
Akio: I see, I see. So obscure Native American without written language...*takes notes*

Defender: Classy. Noelle. There are rumors about how nobody in your faction likes you.

Akio: D-don't say it so frankly, Defender.

Defender: How are you going to fight an entire dorm?

Akio: W-what?

December 7th, 2013, 01:44 PM
Noelle: I will admit that I have less than a peaceful relationship with most of my peers here.

Dreamer: Most of your peers? I don't think anybody up here likes you.

Noelle: Coming from you that stings a lot less, Dreamer.

Dreamer: Oh, you're improving, but you still have a long way to go. If you had followed up on that comeback this would be more than a draw! I guess life is hard for those less gifted, but don't worry. Hard work can make up for lack of talent, Noelle.

Noelle: I'm just going to ignore that. All of it. As for how I plan to fight an entire dorm... I don't. It would be incredibly foolish to even attempt such a thing.

Dreamer: So you know you'd get flattened in no time and you're pretending to be above that kind of petty infighting?

Noelle: ...

Dreamer: Oh, that look on her face, she's gonna do it...!

Noelle: Naturally, if it came down to it I'm sure I could more than handle myself! With or without this stupid Servant's help!

Dreamer: Oh, so bold, so you're saying you could take on everyone in the dorm?

Noelle: Of course! Who do you think I am?

Dreamer: I know who you are. So, does that include that dorm head and her assistant?

Noelle: Doesn't that go without saying?

Dreamer: Wow, so very, very bold. I wonder if she's listening to this interview. Is this live? I hope it's live.

December 7th, 2013, 02:11 PM
Akio: Live or not, I am sure she will be excited about these new developments!

Defender: One less enemy to worry about.

Akio: You planned this?

Defender: I don't plan.

Akio: Anyway, another question for Dreamer. Is there anything that you want to do now that you are transported into a time so unlike yours?

December 7th, 2013, 02:39 PM
Dreamer: I thought as much. Mr. Caveman doesn't look like the planning type. If I were to label you two, Mr. Caveman would be the brawn of the operations and Mr. Psycho-freak would be the... also brawn. Not much going on for you guys in the brain department, unfortunately. But enough about you, after all this next question is about me!

Noelle: Dreamer, pretend.

Dreamer: Right, right. Where was I? What I want to do... to tell you the truth there's not much. I did what I was meant to do when I originally lived, and once I got that over with I just breezed through the rest of my life passing the time having fun. I'm just going to kick back and relax for another lifetime, this time without having to do any tedious questing or living up to destiny.

Noelle: Dreamer, ladies and gentlemen. A man of many aspirations.

Dreamer: Don't worry yourself, grandma. I like living enough to help you out when you really need it, which is likely to be far too often for my own tastes.

Noelle: As if I need help from someone who can't even respect his own Master!

Dreamer: Oh, so you don't need my help, not even a little bit?

Noelle: Not in the slightest!

Dreamer: What about those Duel Battles? Don't need my help for those?

Noelle: Of! Course! Not!

Dreamer: Hear that, listeners? Noelle Fontaine just made another bold declaration: she will win all of her Duel Battles without the aid of her Servant! Does her confidence know no limit?

December 7th, 2013, 03:36 PM
Akio: I don't think I'll necessary attend that funeral.

Defender: That is really inappropriate.

Akio: Yeah, like YOU'RE the one to talk.

Defender: Professionalism.

Akio: You know what? I had enough of this...this...this whole thing. It's been a disaster from start to finish. You do the next questions, I'll just like, sit here.

Defender: Due to popular demand, by a wide margin should be added, which says a lot about the humans of this time: What are the color of your panties? Both of you.

December 8th, 2013, 12:24 AM
Noelle: I don't see any reason why I should even acknowledge this question.

Dreamer: Unfortunately I don't wear any panties, or really any underwear, but I feel bad about not answering the question so I'll let you in on a little secret.

Noelle: A little secret? Wait, you're not going to-

Dreamer: Red, red, and red. She wears nothing but red. I went through her drawers and scouted out her laundry. All red panties. It's amazing.

Noelle: D-Dreamer, that is invasion of privacy! And when did you even go through my laundry? No, that's not what matters now. Dreamer, that is an invasion of privacy!

Dreamer: Can you believe it? An old woman like this wearing such daring panties, all of the time. Maybe she thinks she's 25 years younger than she really is? Hey, Mr. Psycho-freak, I know you wanted to let Mr. Caveman take over here, but he doesn't seem like he'd have a very interesting opinion in this matter. Tell me, what do you think a woman's panties says about her?

Noelle: Do not ignore me!

December 8th, 2013, 05:43 PM
Defender: ...

Akio: What, I am not even talking anymore. Don't give me that look.

Defender: That she is very self conscious about her period.

*several seconds of awkward silence*

Akio: Are there any people you want to meet or avoid on OLYMPUS? Both of you!

Defender: I thought you didn't want to talk anymore?

Akio: It seems like the smarter thing to do right now.

December 8th, 2013, 06:06 PM
Noelle: ...

Dreamer: Whoa. That was spot on. You're pretty good for a caveman. Mr. Psycho-freak is a little disappointing, but I guess we should move onto the next question. Well, Noelle, anyone out there you want to avoid?

Noelle: All three of you, but especially you, Dreamer.

Dreamer: Aw, come on Noelle, don't be like that. Think of all the good times we've shared together.

Noelle: What good times? There are none!

Dreamer: That's not true. Every minute I spend with you is a blast.

Noelle: Maybe for you. It's like you're some sort of leech that sucks happiness out of people in order to survive!

Dreamer: Whoa. Anyway, you're getting pretty off topic here. So Noelle, how about an actual answer?

Noelle: That was my answer. I want to avoid Dreamer.

Dreamer: Harsh. What about the other part?

Noelle: Who I want to meet? Nobody in particular. Meeting people and making friends is not in my agenda.

Dreamer: As unsociable as expected. But don't worry, I can be outgoing for you since I know how hard it is for you to make friends. I'm looking forward to meeting Symphony Meem and her sister Spinto. Especially the latter. With my Animal Dialogue skill I will open the hidden catgirl route!

Noelle: I may be "unsociable" but at least I do not spend all day talking to animals, Dreamer. So, you answered one half of the question. What about the other?

Dreamer: Any Berserker.

Noelle: Wait, really? But I thought you just said that you prefer the company of animals.

Dreamer: I could give you a lecture on the differences between an animal and a frothing at the mouth Berserker, but I think it would be wasted on someone like you who cannot grasp even the simplest of concepts.

December 8th, 2013, 06:20 PM
Defender: I don't like animals.

Akio: ...anyways: You. Me. That. There. Then. Yes, that is a question apparently. And it is by a mysterious person who wants to remain anonymous.

Defender: Amazing.

Akio: So, that. What is your answer?

December 8th, 2013, 06:25 PM
Dreamer: Wait, what?

Noelle: *Gendo pose* I see.

Dreamer: What.

December 8th, 2013, 06:29 PM
Akio: Oooookay.

Defender: I see.

Akio: No. No you really don't.

Defender: How well do you think you will adapt to your new life in OLYMPUS, Dreamer?

Akio: And for Noelle, is there anybody who will miss you back home?

Defender: Ouch.

Akio: W-what, this is an audience question!

December 8th, 2013, 06:46 PM
Dreamer: Are we really just going to ignore that previous question and answer?

Noelle: Answer the question, Dreamer.

Dreamer: Fine. I think I'll manage well. Things have changed, but the more they do so the more they stay the same. What was villages then are cities now, what was magic then is science now. When you get right down to it not much has changed.

Noelle: Are you trying to sound intelligent?

Dreamer: Noooope. Now don't you have a question of your own to answer?

Noelle: I suppose I do.

Dreamer: "Is there anybody who will miss you back home?"

Noelle: You're just eager to hear me say that I don't have anyone of the sort so that you can make fun of me for having no friends, aren't you?

Dreamer: You're starting to catch on! I guess you do have the potential to learn.

Noelle: ... Back to the question. No, I don't have any family or friends who would miss me back home.

Dreamer: Because she has none.

Noelle: ... Because I have none.

December 10th, 2013, 11:27 AM
Akio: Wow, I am...actually sorry.

Defender: Grand emotions.

Akio: Can you stop doing that for at leat one moment.

Defender: I would love to.

Akio: Uh, to get away from this rather heavy topic, here is another audience question. "Have you considered working as a panda?"

Defender: What?

Akio: The person further specifies "It is a well-paying part-time job on OLYMPUS!"

December 11th, 2013, 04:03 PM
Dreamer: Oho?

Noelle: Working as a panda? What kind of preposterous question is this? Of course I haven't considered working as a panda. I haven't even considered any part-time work since I came here, let alone working as a panda. In the first place, what kind of work does a panda do? Secondly, who even asked this question? Thirdly, who approved this question? I have to question the authenticity and professionalism of this interview. Why, if I was the one-

Dreamer: Of course I've considered working as a panda.

Noelle: Wait, what? Dreamer, you... what?

Dreamer: It's something I often ponder... I think I was born for such a job, no, for such an honor. Why, I believe I may have the BEST affinity for working as a panda.

Noelle: The BEST you say, Dreamer?

Dreamer: Of course. The absolute BEST. I understand your apprehension at the thought of taking the job knowing that you'll always be in my shadow, Noelle. Nobody's going to hold it against you for turning down this offer.

Noelle: The... best. Best... Dreamer, when did I turn down the job? As a matter of fact, I believe that I possess greater affinity for working as a panda than you ever will.

Dreamer: Whoa, really? You do? What about Master Panda? Can you surpass even him?

Noelle: Hmph, when I take this job "Master" Panda will send me a personally written letter of apology for taking a title that is rightfully mine and will officially change his name to Servant Panda. Expect an update in the new Type Moon Ace for his new name.

Dreamer: Incredible. So, you're taking the job offer?

Noelle: Naturally.

December 16th, 2013, 05:36 PM
Defender: An exciting development.

Akio: Yes, being a Panda is a very serious matter.

Defender: Naturally.

Akio: For Dreamer: is there any Servant you know of that you would like to face in combat?

December 17th, 2013, 08:48 AM
Dreamer: Nope, nobody that I would like to fight, but I can think of a few that I just have to fight.

Noelle: A few that you have to fight? Why haven't you brought this up before?

Dreamer: I thought it was self explanatory, but I guess I shouldn't have expected you to pick up on the fine details so easily.

Noelle: Just explain yourself.

Dreamer: It's not so easy to explain. I'm just compelled to pick fights with guys like that. It's my reason for being, so I have to do it. It's hard to find the word to explain it.

Noelle: Your raison d'être?

Dreamer: Oooh, that works. It looks like you can come in handy from time to time. So, Psycho-freak, there's your answer.

December 19th, 2013, 11:57 AM
Defender: I know the feeling too well. Some people just need to be brought down.

Akio: Another one for Miss Noelle: "Do you think there’s a chance you’ll find love in the city?" I guess there are some that don't get intimidated by your behavior.

December 20th, 2013, 01:12 PM
Noelle: Of course I do.

Dreamer: Of course she does.

Noelle: Even Dreamer here understands that when it comes to finding love I am unrivaled. Could you get a more definitive answer?

Dreamer: Well, he said a chance. Even a 1% chance is a chance. Though no matter how low the odds you have it better than Freakazoid here. I predict that Akio Saiki has zero compatibility with love, and will probably die alone. Isn't that great for you Noelle? You're decisively better than somebody for once.

Noelle: Obviously I'm better suited for romance than Mr. Saiki here. He looks like he'd rather eat a girl's face off before he asks her out. But that much is obvious, so obvious that I shouldn't even be addressing it. What matters here is that 1%. When a brat like you who's never had a single lover says that I can't help but laugh. How sad.

Dreamer: Oh, to criticize my history of no girlfriends which equals the length of my life... you must be quite experienced.

Noelle: Obviously! I have lots of experience.

Dreamer: Why, I never knew about any of this. Tell me about some of your past lovers.

Noelle: I see no reason to tell you something so personal. No reason at all, Dreamer. Now stop this petty prying, we're dragging this post out.

Dreamer: Trying to redirect the topic and end this here, are you? Oh no you don't. Tell me your secrets, Noelle. I want to hear about some of your exes, what were they like, where were they from, how old were they, were they good in bed, do you still have feelings for any of them?

Noelle: I will tell you nothing. This post ends here.

Dreamer: Noelle confirmed to have never gotten so far as holding hands.

Noelle: Next. Question.

December 21st, 2013, 11:35 AM
Akio: Hey, hey, hey. I'm popular with the girls!

Defender: Name one that likes you.

Akio: This interview isn't about me!

Defender: It is just a name. It does not take that long to say one.

Akio: The next question is for...

Defender: A name, Master. Just a name.

Akio: Dreamer. Noelle. What do you wish for? And how far are you willing to go for that?

Defender: Chihaya? Shizuka? Kagura?


December 21st, 2013, 12:03 PM
Dreamer: My wish? Isn't that obvious? I want to live again, to have a flesh body of my own without being tethered to this laughingstock. As for how far I'm willing to go? Well, I wouldn't mind killing everybody up here for another shot at life.

Noelle: Hmph, your wish is meager but at least you're willing to go the distance for it. You're at least equal to me in that respect.

Dreamer: Yes, that is the one thing I think we can agree on. There really is no limit to who is "disposable" with a prize like this on the line. So, Noelle, let's hear your answer. The question was for the both of us after all.

Noelle: Obviously my wish is larger in scope and ambition than something like another life.

Dreamer: Hah, let's hear it then.

Noelle: Isn't it obvious? I'm a magus. All magi share the same goal and I am no exception.

Dreamer: Ahh, here I was hoping it would be something interesting after that boasting of yours. You truly never fail to disappoint.

Noelle: I don't want to hear anything from you. Your wish is a complete waste. You would just spend your second life doing nothing and smoking tobacco until you finally die of lung cancer. At least I would be putting my wish to good use.

Dreamer: I don't think I can even get lung cancer.

Noelle: What does that matter, the point is that you would just mope around until you finally croak. The lengths to which you're willing to go for your wish and how you'll actually use that wish of yours just don't match up.

Dreamer: Yeah, yeah. You didn't finish answering the question. You should get on that.

Noelle: Trying to avoid the subject?

Dreamer: I'm just tired of getting nagged at by this crazy old crone that won't leave me alone.

Noelle: Ahh, and I'm just about tired of having to deal with this child of a Servant who can't show respect to his own Master. Fine. But I already answered the second part of the question. I won't shy away from doing what I have to do to reach my goal, and if I have to kill then so be it.

December 21st, 2013, 01:20 PM
Akio: And with this question, we have finished our little interview!

Defender: I have one last question.

Akio: Hoh? Let's hear it then, Defender?

Defender: How did you like the interviewers?

December 21st, 2013, 03:16 PM
Noelle: Frankly, I would like to redo this whole thing with a pair of actual professionals. Preferably separate from my Servant.

Dreamer: I think you two did really well! We should do this again. I'm sure Noelle would leap for the opportunity.

Noelle: Forget what I said before, this interview was fine. We don't need a do-over.

Dreamer: Are you sure about that? It looked like you wanted to take another shot at a few of those questions.

Noelle: The interview was fine!

Dreamer: Especially the panty one.

Noelle: So then, Defender, will that be all? Shall we wrap this up?

Dreamer: And the one about love.

Noelle: Yes, I believe we should finish this interview.

December 22nd, 2013, 07:54 AM
Akio: Alright then, I want to thank all our viewers for enduring this particularly...interesting iteration of the interrogation room!

Defender: It's over. Finally.

Akio: D-Defender...


Akio: That was a disaster! Just think of how that will affect my good standing in the city!

Defender: Yes. Horrible.

Akio: Sh-shut up!

December 31st, 2013, 03:16 AM
Noelle: What a complete and utter mess.

Dreamer: You can say that again. That was terrible. I can't wait to see those super idiots again.

Noelle: You shouldn't get your hopes up, that Akio boy doesn't seem like the sharpest tool in the shed. You'll probably never actually meet that Defender and neither will his Master.

Dreamer: Oh, back to your normal self? And here I was about to mention that you didn't take too many shots at those two. I was worried you might have gotten stage fright.

Noelle: Who can say how many people were listening in on that interview? I can't go and present myself as some petty name calling buffoon in my big debut.

Dreamer: Hate to break it to you but I think 'petty name calling buffoon' might be a step up from the image everyone has of you after this.

Noelle: Shut up, you. I'm going to my room. Don't bother me unless it's important.

Dreamer: Right, right. I guess that wraps this up. Until next time.

June 8th, 2014, 09:54 PM
Dreamer: Hello there and good evening my diligent and devoted fans, welcome to another installment of the Interrogation Room! I’m Dreamer.

Noelle: And I am Noelle Fontaine.

Dreamer: And tonight we’re giving you an up close and personal look into the minds and hearts of the well-known William Tenevere and his trusty Servant, Archer.

Noelle: Plenty of you have sent in questions for our special guests. Some good, most bad, and a few almost as good as mine would be if I had sent any in.

Dreamer: And plenty more of you were too useless or too cowardly to send any at all!

Noelle: But let’s not dwell on you, the audience’s, shortcomings.

Dreamer: The greatest Ultima Ratio newcomer and his subpar Master proudly present…

Noelle: …

Dreamer: William Tenevere, the man who has yet to conquer the automobile, and Archer, the Servant so indecisive that it can’t decide what to look like, and I can’t tell you what its gender even is! William, Archer, is there anything you would like to say before we get started?

June 8th, 2014, 10:02 PM
William: I'd like a smoke.

Archer (http://asha.wikia.com/wiki/File:Cd7e89c338cb4f1145a81c20b2495dfb.jpg): And I'd like a beer, Master. Wanna go drinking afterwards?

William: Yeah, sure. Not like I have much of a choice.

Archer: Come on, don't be sour! No matter how empty your wallet is, a night's worth of drinking makes any man feel better!

William: Yeah, alright. Got anything to else to say?

Archer: I'm not indecisive, I'm simply flexible.

William: I'd do the punchline for you, but I'm a bit too tired for that.

Archer: What a killjoy.

June 8th, 2014, 10:11 PM
Dreamer: I’d offer you a smoke but my Master practically begged me to keep tobacco away from the interview, so tough luck my friend.

Noelle: Begged? I ordered you.

Dreamer: It’s not an order if you use the word please.

Noelle: I never said please. But more importantly… what is the meaning of… Archer, why are you… me? Not that it’s a problem, of course, two of me doubles the quality of the interview, but… Why?

Dreamer: Please, Noelle, tonight isn’t about you. It’s about William and Archer. Let’s not drag this interview away from our guests.

Noelle: Fine, then I will take the lead and ask the first question. Let’s start with something basic.

Dreamer: And we have lots of basic.

Noelle: This first question is for you, Archer. What is your objective in OLYMPUS? What do you want to accomplish?

Dreamer: Then I’ll move in on William here. Are you interested in joining a second club? If so, which one? If not, would you like to start a Tobacco Club with me?

Noelle: Nobody submitted anything about a Tobacco Club.

Dreamer: I did. Just now. So, what do you say, my good friend William?

June 8th, 2014, 10:16 PM
Archer: Well, if you don't like it, Noelle, I can always run outside and see if I can flirt with Jacques like this.

William: Damn, that escalated fast.

Archer: You know I don't live for the mundane, Will. Anyway, my goal on Olympus is to live life like how I see it; been along time since I was born and I want to experience everything new about the world, live in the now. My glory's old and busted. So, really, I don't have any goals but helping my pal here! *Puts her(?) shoulder around Will*

William: I... Thanks? As for the Tobacco Club idea, I think we could probably gather up enough people, Dreamer. God this place is ridiculous. And I wouldn't mind.

Archer: Didn't you say your sister hated you smoking?

William: What she doesn't know won't kill her.

June 8th, 2014, 10:24 PM
Noelle: Oh, no no, I don’t dislike it at all! I was simply curious. Though the more I think about it the more I understand. After all, who wouldn’t want to be me?

Dreamer: You shouldn’t worry too much about if Noelle doesn’t like it, Archer. Rather, I’m worried about you. How can you live with the wrinkly face of an old lady like that?

Noelle: Wrinkly? Old?

Dreamer: But that was a great answer you had there, Archer. You and I might get along if you weren’t so ugly.

Noelle: Ugly?

Dreamer: And William my friend, glad to hear you’re up for it. We can work on that as soon as this one here summons me. So never. Next questions! Let’s get a little less basic. Just a little though. This set comes as a pair.

Noelle: Why you-

Dreamer: William, what do you think of your ever growing harem? Jade, Sarah, Symphony, Lapis, Four... Who will you aim for next?

Noelle: Don’t you ignore me.

Dreamer: Archer, what do you think of your Master's ever growing harem?"

June 8th, 2014, 10:32 PM
Archer (http://37.media.tumblr.com/3908d87f8b946f3cb21d3fa6a9405030/tumblr_n5mbdflwbh1tauuv3o1_400.jpg): Ah, I'd love to be friends, Dreamer.

William: ...

Archer: But more seriously, I think it's perfectly fine. I had something of the sort in my youth, and while I did eventually settle down, I don't see how it's anything problematic. A man who doesn't have a few women to pick from is either fantastically faithful or utterly pathetic.

William: ...

Archer: Need a drink, Will? You look sick.

William: It's not a harem. They're just friends, my sister, and my fiancee. Finally, I'd rather die than spend the rest of my life with Four. Talking to her is like stepping into a room with Legos scattered across the floor.

Archer: A bit harsh, aren't you?

William: Don't like vampires. Speaking of which, pink?

Archer: I'm trying new things, Will.

William: ...I see.

June 8th, 2014, 10:50 PM
Dreamer: Sorry, Archer, but you are forever tainted. The new look is too little too late. Our friendship is simply not to be. And if Will’s opinion of Four is anything to go by it looks like my dear Master is just as incompatible with your Master as you are with me, Archer.

Noelle: Archer, you seem to have rather unique standards to judge a man by. I was planning to save this one for later in the interview but you’ve made me curious. On a scale of 1 to 10, how compatible would you say that Will and Archer are as partners?

Dreamer: As partners in both senses. You forgot the last part, Noelle.

Noelle: I did not forget it. I purposefully cut it to maintain some sense of professionalism in this interview, something an immature punk like you doesn’t have the mental capacity to understand.

Dreamer: There’s no professionalism in butchering the questions submitted by my fans.

Noelle: Your fans?

Dreamer: Well, they could be fans of Archer and Will too.

June 8th, 2014, 10:56 PM
Archer: Ah, that's too bad, Dreamer. As for partnership, I'd rate us at a six when it comes to combat or whatever you want to call it. Your go, Will.

William: Man, who the hell sent these questions? I think Archer's right about the six.

Archer: As for the other sense... Nine? Ten?

William: I don't even know what fucking gender you are, if you have one.

Archer: Still pretty high, kid. You just need to be less down and not a virgin and then I could fall right into your poorly toned arms.

William: I swear, you're fucking with me.

Archer: Maybe. Just maybe.

June 9th, 2014, 02:43 AM
Noelle: So, a rather poor compatibility for combat. I cannot see you two climbing the Duel Chart with this kind of compatibility. Another pair to mark as a non-factor. Good to know.

Dreamer: But an amazing score in the other sense! I guess no duo is a true failure combo in all aspects. When two people come together there’ll always be something they work well together in. Glad to see you two found that special thing.

Noelle: Yes, quite a ‘good’ score there. Though now I have to know. Archer, are you a man or a woman? You can be honest. If you do not want to say so publicly, you can whisper the answer to me.

Dreamer: Is that going to be our next question?

Noelle: Is there a reason it should not be?

Dreamer: No, no, it’s actually good. You did something well for once, but it’s not enough. Will, here’s another question from the viewers. What is your fetish and why is it incest?

June 9th, 2014, 11:16 AM
William: I'd like to inform the audience that whomever sent in the question addressed to me is a huge fucking faggot of the highest order.

Archer: Maybe you should take a breather, Will.

William: Nah, forget it. Anyway, brunettes are more my thing.

Archer: Are you saying it just to appease your fiancee?

William: Does it matter?

Archer: I suppose, but you don't seem to think so, so I'll take it as genuine. As for my gender...

William: Decline to answer?

Archer: No, I'm a... Actually, you're right, it's more fun that way.

June 9th, 2014, 06:37 PM
Noelle: Quite the overreaction, William.

Dreamer: And a boring answer. ‘Brunettes are more my thing?’ Archer, how do you live with somebody this boring?

Noelle: Now there’s a good question.

Dreamer: Of course. Do tell, Archer. As for Will…

Noelle: How about this one?

Dreamer: Oh, that one.

Noelle: Yes, that one.

Dreamer: Alright then! No backing out of this one, give us a straight answer. Will. Fuck/Marry/Kill: Sarah, Jade, Symphony.

June 9th, 2014, 07:32 PM
William: Son of a bitch.

Archer: I mean, sometimes, he's boring. Sometimes, he's entertaining. I have my moments, Dreamer, and so does he. I can't fault him for not being entertaining all the time. It's innate talent that makes you entertaining. He gets frustrated a lot, though, so I guess it's fun to watch him be mad.

Archer: As for William's question, fuck Jade, marry Sarah, kill Symphony.

William: The hell?

Archer: I'd impersonate you and fuck your sister, you know.

William: I-I just—Whatever. Marry Jade, fuck Sarah, kill Symphony. Happy?

Archer: I'm surprised you answered.

William: As you said, it's more entertaining that way, goddamnit.

June 9th, 2014, 11:39 PM
Noelle: Yes, very happy. You finally gave a half decent answer. The only thing I could ask for now is for you to explain your answer.

Dreamer: But there’s no way you’d do that, now is there?

Noelle: Perhaps Archer here might be willing to do so?

Dreamer: A good suggestion. While Archer’s at it, she, he, he-she. He-she works. He-she can tell us what he-she thinks of William’s own answer.

Noelle: Now that is an interesting idea. Dreamer, maybe I was wrong about you.

Dreamer: Oh, how so?

Noelle: Perhaps you are not totally useless.

Dreamer: Are you trying to say that I’m a good interviewer?

Noelle: I would choose a more mild word than ‘good,’ but something along those lines. With time, and by following my example, you may improve enough for me to say that you make a passable interviewer.

Dreamer: Ahh, Master, for you to find the strength of heart to compliment another, even in a roundabout way, pigs must be flying outside even as we speak. To think I would witness such a miracle in this life or the last.

Noelle: Enough, enough. As much as the listeners loathe to hear it, this isn’t about us.

Dreamer: Sadly.

Noelle: Very sad.

Dreamer: Now, another question. This one came in late, but since it’s directed at Will and we’ve been focusing on Archer this entire post I think this is a good time to ask it. Well, I say late, but it was actually sent after we started the interview.

Noelle: That’s right, you good for nothing deadbeats who are listening, you can still send in your own questions. If they are not terrible we may even let you off for being unreasonably tardy and ask your submission!

Dreamer: Onto the question! Will, what went down the day you randomly sold some girl’s panties to a dorm head that you didn’t even know?

June 10th, 2014, 12:32 AM
Archer: *bursts into laughter*

William: Dear God...

Archer: Okay, Will, you mind if I get to talk a bit more? Take your time.

William: Thanks...

Archer: Honestly, I think Will's answer is very straightforward. He values family above all else, and Jade is his fiancee. His sister is hot enough for a fuck, but as I am loathe to admit, it seems he likes bigger breasts and Jade does match the brunette qualification. I bet if we poke around some more, we could unravel his mind like a used tapestry.

William: Shut up, Archer.

Archer: Ah, so I'm right. Consider me to be Olympus's new psychologist.

William: Let's see if you can put Zero out of business.

Archer: He runs a date-rape clinic, as you said. I'm not willing to compete in that trade. I think my Servant profile says Chaotic Good in big letters?

William: Yeah, yeah, alright. My turn.

William: I mentioned Four to the Dead Apostle receptionist. They redirected me to Jacques. I asked where Four's room was so I can return them. He decided to offer me a Conceptual Weapon which I recall that he said was powerful in exchange for those panties. At the time, I thought Four was fucking nuts and I remember my sister did shady as fuck transactions like this all the time, so I took a page out of her book. I only regret it in the fact that I actually did it. The new Conceptual Weapon is pretty tight, actually.

Archer: Would you do it again, Master?

William: If I knew it pissed off Four, yeah. But honestly, it'll probably end up as a diminishing return. Trading panties isn't a business I want to step into, anyway.

Archer: You sure? You could sell mind and it would appeal to a just-as-niche crowd!

William: Don't even, Archer.

June 10th, 2014, 12:48 AM
Noelle: To think that there would be an understandable train of thought leading to that answer of his that did not revolve around the proportions of the girls’ bodies.

Dreamer: Archer did say the choice between his sister and that Jade girl was probably based on the size of her boobs.

Noelle: Yes, I did say that it “did not revolve around the proportions,” not that “they were not a factor.” William here could never decide between two members of the opposite gender without considering their breasts. I mean, just look at him.

Dreamer: Rather than looking at him, look at his Servant. They say that Masters summon up kindred spirits, so what does it say about him that he summoned a Servant that can switch to any body type he-she wants?

Noelle: Yes, that is exactly what I meant.

Dreamer: No. No it was not.

Noelle: Why would I lie about this?

Dreamer: You don’t want to look like you think less about how to judge people than I do.

Noelle: Why would I care what length people think I go to when judging another’s character?

Dreamer: Do you really want an answer to that?

Noelle: This question isn’t addressed to a specific person so I will give it to Archer.

Dreamer: I know you want to steer away from the previous topic so you’re rushing ahead but I have to at least point out that Will says his sister had a habit of selling her used panties to people. I just want everyone to think about that.

Noelle: How do you balance the risk of an action with the potential reward?

Dreamer: I kind of wanted to ask that one.

Noelle: Too bad.

Dreamer: I’ll take this one then. Will, what is your greatest regret?

June 10th, 2014, 12:57 AM
William: Archer, what does that say about me?

Archer: It means you're a good kid who is a bit of a dick, just like yours truly.

William: Thanks?

Archer: No problem, Will. As for risk and reward, it depends? I like taking big risks. The bigger the better. What doesn't matter is the reward; it's the fact that you just got away with something so balls-bustingly hard people have to clap for you.

William: Is that why you never go to the casino, Archer?

Archer: Golden Rule should be in my list of personal skills, damnit.

William: As for biggest regret... Letting my sister get hit by that car? They always say there was nothing I could have done, but there had to be something.

Archer: You can't do everything, kid.

William: Is it right for a Heroic Spirit to say that?

Archer: We can't do everything either. We just like talking the big talk so we can have an excuse to buy bigger britches.

June 10th, 2014, 01:14 AM
Dreamer: Hate to break it to ya but he-she is right. Not you, not me, nobody can do everything. Doesn’t matter what age you were born into, what lucky stars you were born under or what destiny you were born with. Take it from someone with a lifetime of experiencing ‘life.’

Noelle: …

Dreamer: You look like you want to say something, Noelle. Well? Spit it out.

Noelle: I’m just speechless at the sudden seriousness of this conversation.

Dreamer: It’s not such a bad thing to take things seriously from time to time.

Noelle: No, no it is not. Have you finally matured, Servant of mine?

Dreamer: I’ll let you decide that. Let’s move on.

Noelle: Then to keep the serious tempo we have at the moment, Will, Archer, this one is for both of you. What is your objective in OLYMPUS? What do you want to accomplish?


Noelle: What.

Dreamer: Hm?

Noelle: No, what? Why would you suddenly scream that?

Dreamer: It’s one of the questions that the fans submitted.

Noelle: That isn’t a question, there was no build up to it and you completely killed the serious tone that you yourself worked to set.

Dreamer: I know.

Noelle: I am going to personally murder whoever submitted that non-question.

June 11th, 2014, 02:26 AM
William: The hell?

Archer: 8/10, Dreamer, would do again.

William: You revel in trying to mordernize, huh.

Archer: Better than talking about the best way to cook venison all day. Back to the question?

William: Don't really have a goal for Olympus. The Duel Chart is a load of shit. Just want to make friends, get acquainted in this supernatural hellhole.

Archer: Live life, I suppose. The world's changed and I need to revel in all these new things. Helping my Master is a surprisingly entertaining sidejob.

William: I guess that's one way to put it.

June 12th, 2014, 01:46 AM
Dreamer: Uhoh.

Noelle: What is it?

Dreamer: We’re running out of questions.

Noelle: Nonsense. We have quite a few left.

Dreamer: Yeah, but the ones left are pretty generic.

Noelle: A question is a question. Just because it does not meet your standards is no reason to ignore it.

Dreamer: Ahh, come on, really?

Noelle: If you’re so reluctant to use them then why not ask your own question? You’re capable of asking your own, you know.

Dreamer: That’s a great idea. Alright, here goes. Will. You’re blindfolded and bound. Your vision is cut and you can’t move, but you can still hear, you can hear the men who blindfolded you. No, the man. One man. He’s not saying much, but you hear the jingle of a keyring as he searches for the right key.

Noelle: Is this even a question?

Dreamer: You hear the jingle stop, he’s found the key. Then you hear it. Three seconds later. The sound of an ignition starting. Now you notice. You were thrust into the backseat of some sort of vehicle. You can’t tell what kind, but it’s cramped. It’s small. You hear him shift into gear. There’s a loud screech as he floors it, you can practically smell burnt rubber as he accelerates from 0 to 70 in just a few seconds.

Noelle: This isn’t a question.

Dreamer: You can hear the wind outside slamming into the windshield as the mysterious driver laughs. Outside there are multiple screeching vehicles slamming their brakes and swerving away to avoid you. The car is getting faster and faster. The fwip and vroom of pedestrians, signs and other vehicles passing you in a flash is all you can hear under the wind. The driver’s stopped laughing, he’s fallen silent. He’s not there anymore. The car is driving itself. What do you do?

Noelle: So it is a question after all.

June 12th, 2014, 02:12 PM
William: ...What?

Archer: At least you're not gagged.

William: Fuck, right. Cast a spell? Try to burn the bonds. Reinforce and bust out. Hope something else on the road doesn't kill me.

Archer: What if you fuck up?

William: It's a car that is fucking driving itself, I'm already fucking dead. Better to die by immolation than die in a wreck.

Archer: I see. So, how did you get your license?

William: You know I have one?

Archer: I saw it on a desk once. If you're willing to talk about how you'd rather kill yourself than be in a car, at least tell us how you learned how to drive.

William: That's too fucking complicated for this interview, damnit.

June 12th, 2014, 02:13 PM
Noelle: Tell us.

Dreamer: Tell us.

June 14th, 2014, 05:55 AM
William: So, my dad was an ex-race car driver. My sister tied me to a chair to study for the written test. So I took that shit and I got my permit. And I was like "I'm not getting my license, fuck off," but nobody cares about my opinion.

Then my dad taught me how to drive. This involved going really fucking fast in the middle of the desert and I ran over a gila monster. One time we went on Baseline and I nearly hit five people trying to get to Arizona Mills. Fuck, whatever.

So now that I operated a car and not died, I got cocky. I decided to take the test.

Got hit by a van. Wasn't my fault, they said, but I failed and I'd retake the test a few months later. Okay.

Next time was by a semi-truck. Dunno how I didn't die. The car tipped over and shit.

The third time a motorcyclist ran a red light and he went skeetering across the fucking ground.

The fourth time they said fuck it and handed me a license.

That's how I learned how to drive.

June 27th, 2014, 02:43 AM
Dreamer: Wow, that story sucked.

Noelle: Yes. Yes it did. Anyway, what happened to this interview?

Dreamer: Nothing.

Noelle: Something had to have happened, otherwise we wouldn't have paused for so long.

Dreamer: Exactly. Literally nothing happened.

Noelle: ... Technically.

Dreamer: Anyway, I'm out of questions I feel like asking. What about you?

Noelle: I have nothing to ask either.

Dreamer: Let's just end this.

March 27th, 2016, 03:59 PM
INTERVIEW: A Doctor and her Shadow, a Little Girl and the Sun


The room is empty and covered in dust. There is no sound, a sign of an abandonment that has lasted a little more than a year, almost two years... In a way it's peaceful, tranquillity having finally reached this, the most odd of rooms and-

-the door opens with a crash, and both Irmina and Assassin enter, both Servant and Master dressed in the same sort of black suit, although the slender young masked Servant seems to be tugging uncomfortably at the collar of hers.

Irmina: My, they really did just forget this place existed. It's rather sad, I always thought that this show was quite fascinating! Although, I suppose without a hostess of my caliber it was doomed to eventually fade into obscurity! Right Assassin?

Assassin: Naturally.

Irmina: You don't sound very excited.

Assassin: I'm actually quite excited to see it, I assure you.

Irmina: Oho? Are you really?

Assassin: Yes. In this case, I think you may actually behave yourself for once without being in an emergency room, I'm actually curious to see if you will.

Irmina: ...What's that supposed to mean?

Assassin: It doesn't mean anything.

Irmina: Oi, shinigami, don't just say something like that then try to shift it-

Assassin: The guests are here.

Irmina: *whirls around immediately, a bright smile on her face* Anyway! Hello everyone! I am the Grand Doctor Irmina Von Einzbern, and this is my valued retainer Assassin! Today I shall be reviving the grand tradition of the Interrogation Room! The guests for the evening are Elethia-chan and her Servant Saver!

Assassin: We’ll be doing it without a monetary reward either. Master. You should be more greedy with your time, it's actually worth something to have a Doctor come on your show.

Irmina: *ignoring* Are you ready to begin, you two?

Elethia: T-the door...

[ A rather uncomfortable Elethia is sitting down on a bench, fidgeting with her dress in anxiety.]

Saver: It's not broken, so all is fine, Master.

Elethia: Y-yes, I know, but isn't that a little bit uh, brisk...?

Saver: Merely a show of their enthusiasm. You need not worry about the state of this place at any rate, it's already fallen into disuse so no one will get sued for breaking anything here.

Elethia: Uhuh... but Saver, umm, why are you sitting on the floor instead of on a chair? Don't you want mine? I don't really have to rest since you know...

[ Saver is sitting in seiza-style next to Elethia. While she occasionally dusts off her hakama, the Servant doesn't appear fazed at all by the situation, nor the state of the building in which she is. As always, Saver is glowing like a sun. ]

Saver: From where I come from, that is how we sit. There is no need to worry, Master.

Elethia: O-okay...

Saver: At any rate, I suppose that it is time to begin what we're here for?

Elethia: Yes! I'm very excited that we get to do this uh, interview thingie! With Irmina on top of it all! Hello everyone!

[ Elethia who was all shy and timid suddenly flares up in joy at the prospect of the interview. Saver remains calmly seated but flashes a gentle smile, first to her Master then to the other duo ]

Saver: I hope both of our rather 'bright' dispositions doesn't inconvenience you two too much.

Assassin: The radiance was expected, and cautions were taken. Worry not, it won't become an issue.

Irmina: Indeed. Assassin insisted I bring these, so it's fine.

*Brandishing a pair of sunglasses, the Doctor laughs quietly as she sets them over her eyes*

Irmina: Now then! First order of business! Assassin!

Assassin: Hmmm?

Irmina: The mask. Take it off.

Assassin: Eh?

Irmina: We talked about this, remember? No retainer of mine will hide their face, especially not one as cute as yourself.

Assassin: Cute? You must have an odd definition of cute.

Irmina: Just take it off.

Assassin: *sighs* Very wel, as you wish.

[ Removing the skull mask, which is quickly snatched out of her hands by Irmina, the long-haired Servant simply raises an eyebrow at her Master, before turning her attention back towards the other duo ]

Irmina: Alright. Now that my retainer is actually following directions, we can actually begin~ I believe it's traditional to ask this one, so... Elethia, Saver, what are your expectations for OLYMPUS, and what do you think about the city?

Saver: *Looks at the sunglasses with interest* Quite the handy tools. Maybe I should carry a pair of these around in case I meet people who find my radiance displeasing...

[ In the meanwhile, Elethia beams at Assassin's visage. She honestly thought that the Servant looked scary underneath her skull mask, but now her opinion has done a full 180 degree. ]

Elethia: Wow, miss Assassin is so pretty too... really pretty!

Saver: Peculiar. It would appear that I'd have to dye my hair white to fit with the rest of the people in this room.

[ Saver chuckles. ]

Elethia: N-No, you're pretty just the way you are!

Saver: Rest at ease, that was a joke.

Elethia: Ah... I'm sorry...

Saver: Now now, let us answer their question, shall we?

[ Being reminded the purpose of their presence here, Elethia panics at the idea that she might be annoying Irmina and Assassin with her scatterbrained nature. ]

Elethia: Oh, I'm really sorry Irmina, I got sidetracked by my own inattention! But, uh... what are my expectations of OLYMPUS you say? Well, I think that it's a wonderful place filled with great people that I can become friends with! It's there where I met you after all, and where I met Saver!

Saver: 'Will meet' would be more of a valid statement for my case, Master. I've yet to appear.

Elethia: Huh? What do you mean? I already know you! You're here right by my side, and we're really good friends!

Saver: *internal thought* … am I that bad at trying to be humorous in the meta-sense...? Or maybe is it that we're not allowed to talk about that fabled fourth wall?

Elethia: Saver, what about you? You should answer her question too!

Saver: Oh, pardon me, I was lost in a little bout of self-reflection. Hmm, my expectations of OLYMPUS you say? Certainly it is a lively and entertaining place to be in, but I fear that the very existence of Servants such as Assassin and I... it can only foreshadow days of trouble to come.

[ Saver pauses to sip a can of cola which apparently she had kept in her haori's sleeves. ]

Saver: Though, the institution and facilities present here, as well as the diversity... in no age and time can I think of such a kind of place to have existed. The perfect blend of all kinds of cultures and people – it is a rather unique experience. Like this drink, the fizzling bite coupled with the sweet and cold sensation that washes through the mouth and throat...

[ Saver takes another sip. ]

Elethia: And if people are going to be mean at any rate, we'll beat some sense into them till they become nice! Everyone is going to be friends eventually!

Saver: We will try our best.

Assassin: As expected of Saver.

Irmina: Ah yes, the art of befriending.

Assassin: Art of befriending?

Irmina: Yes. Sometimes, when two people disagree, they aren’t able to understand each other until they cross fists! So they fight, punching and kicking their feelings into each other until they become friends! It's foolish, incredibly idiotic, but oddly beautiful.

Assassin: ...I see. You've been watching weird things again, haven't you? That sounds very... What was it... Anime?

Irmina: Nonsense. It's merely a fact of life!

Assassin: Right.

Irmina: Learn it well! It's also our game plan!

Assassin: ...Well, if that is your wish I will oblige. Although it's quite hard to stop at 'crossing fists' with Servants. Especially for me.

Irmina: It'll be fine! Now, next question! Have either of you ever had ice cream before? If so, what's your favorite flavor? If not, would you like to try some?

Assassin: That's a rather innocent one.

Irmina: Indeed. Although it raises a good point. If you have yet to have any Elethia, I could take you to get one after this if you wish?

Assassin: Wow. Much nicer than usual.

Irmina: Nonsense. I've been benevolent from the start!

Elethia: * nods head with conviction at Irmina's claim of being benevolent *

Saver: I believe that we all have our own ways of seeing “saving” and “benevolence”. Assassin would know best when it comes to such a subject, would you not?

Elethia: Huh?

Saver: Ah, do not mind me Master. Answering the next question is more important.

Elethia: Oh, right, Ice-cream? I was going to say that I've never had that... I'd love if you could give me some!

Saver: It sounds like cream mixed with ice. A refreshing and sweet kind of food similar to this drink I'm having I assume? Although...

[ Saver looks at the can of coke with a glimmer of disappointment. The can is clearly being subject to intense evaporation judging from the droplets forming around it – which is rather weird since the weather is currently rather cold. Even, when Irmina and Assassin entered the room, they might have noticed that the place was comfortably warm, as if a heater had been keeping the place at a room temperature. ]

Saver: … it would probably heat up and lose its coldness within a few seconds, just like that unfortunate drink here.

Elethia: Awww... I can buy you another one!

Saver: You've spent enough today. Eating three serving of curry udon was more than enough.

Elethia: O-okay...

Saver: Besides, this drink being a little bit lukewarm is fine.

Assassin: ...Yes. I suppose I have my own views on benevolence, Saver. Nevertheless, for now, I'm willing to let most of it go and look at everything through her eyes, the world is far less grim that way, more interesting as well.

Irmina: It’s only natural to accept your Master’s perspective! I’m pleased you finally admitted it aloud, but worry not, it’s a vision worth keeping! When I finally become the Greatest Healer, even the world will be repaired!

Assassin: Yes, yes. You’re quite the fascinating one.

*Reaching over to lightly pat Irmina's head, Assassin chuckles as the Doctor freezes in place at the contact, face flushing slightly*

Irmina: H-Hey, what are you-

Assassin: Hmm... Thought so...

Irmina: Thought what?

Assassin: Nothing Master. I just wondered what would happen if I gave you a bit of praise.

Irmina: ...Stop being strange.

Assassin: Haha, I apologize.

Irmina: Honestly, I just can't read you sometimes.

Assassin: It's more entertaining that way.

Irmina: ...Well you're not wrong... Alright! Round three- Wait...

*Looking at the next letter, the girl's eyes narrow at the words "Elethia please go out with me."

Irmina: *whispering*...I'll never allow it. Too young. Assassin.

Assassin: Yes?

Irmina: Memorize the writing. We have someone to find after this... Someone who needs a good talking to...

Assassin: Very well.

Irmina: Anyway, third question! What are your thoughts on romance...? *Muttering* My, so many people are trying to bring down the big sister's wrath today huh…

Elethia: Romance? What's that? I don't think I've been explained that word yet... can you teach me Saver?

[ Saver stops drinking and eyes Irmina and Assassin with a strange expression. It’s like a mysterious cross between a bemused smile and a slight grimace. She doesn’t dwell on it though and turns her attention back to Elethia. ]

Saver: It is basically when two people love each other boundlessly: that is its more popular description. Their mutual appreciation and yearning blesses them with a bond that is said to be the strongest, most moving of all bonds living beings can share.

Elethia: Oh, oh... that sounds amazing! Romance is really an amazing thing! As I love you, even, as I love Irmina a lot, does that mean that I can call that feeling 'romance'?

Saver: Well, it is a complicated thing. Romance, Love... these things are on a conceptual level that you probably can see the outlines of, but cannot fully comprehend yet.

Elethia: Ah... that's a shame... I will ask my 'Humanity' classes teacher to teach me more about that subject then! If it has to do with being friendly to a point where we are friends forever, I will find out everything there is to know about Romance and Love! Or... you could teach me, couldn't you?

Saver: I am not exactly adequate in teaching people about love.

Elethia: Why is that? You're so smart, so pretty, so nice and gentle! Everyone would love you I'm sure!

Saver: Love is born not out of mere superficial appreciation. There has to be yearning, meaning, concepts much more profound.

Elethia: I-I see...

Saver: But yes, before you redirect the question to my thoughts on romance, Assassin, Master Irmina, I can only say that it is a beautiful thing. But then, beautiful are all things which transcend the transient and become eternal.

Irmina: That's quite profound. Although, in my experience, I find that love is often the cause of many a poor decision, beautiful or not. Tis an ailment with just as many negatives as positives, but a fascinating one nonetheless. Assassin, what do you think?

Assassin: ...

Irmina: Hey, hey~! *waves her hand in front of Assassin's face*

Assassin: ...Love certainly leaves an eternal mark. Whether that's a good or bad thing... I'm not really one that can say.

Irmina: Huh... Well, alright, that's a rather vague answer, coming from you.

Assassin: You think so?

Irmina: Of course. But I'll just shake it out of you later, for now, since there's a bit of a time limit, I'll just toss out a few more of these:

"Saver, how do I become like you?"

"What do you consider cute?"


"Why are you two fighting for the Holy Grail?"

Elethia: W-wow, so many questions!

Saver: The first one is… interesting. As are the rest of course. The answer to that person’s question however...

Elethia: Maybe that you could tell her that being kind and gentle? That’s all one needs to become like you! I don’t know anyone kinder and more pretty!

Saver: As convenient and seemingly proper that answer seems, I'm afraid that's not what the person who asked that question meant, but...

Elethia: Eh? What do you mean? *quizzical head tilt*

Saver: I’m afraid that I can only give that person a disappointing answer. To be in my likeness is not possible in most cases, for I am a peculiar circumstance which was created not by human will or effort, but rather by the ambitions of nature. It’s just like how humans cannot be like you, Elethia, for no matter how much they try, for you are fundamentally different from them. Perhaps I’m taking the question a little bit too literally though…

Elethia: Ah…

Saver: But since when has such barriers limited us? Besides, too much of one thing will ultimately leave nothing else other than monotony.

Elethia: Awawawa… that’s horrible...

Saver: That is why being different is not so bad. But we should move on to the next question at any rate. So I’ll let you talk about cute things first Master, isn’t that your specialty?

Elethia: Cute things? Uhhh... I really like these big scaly lizards! What was their name... uh, crocodiles! Yes, they're always smiling and have such a pretty and cute smile... I really want to cuddle them! And, a lot of things really, there are so many cute things… even Irmina is cute! Especially when miss Assassin was patting her head. I didn’t know that Irmina also had a big sister!

Saver: *coughs* I guess that I find foxes rather cute. Their golden fur and fluffy tails inspires a sort of warm and comforting feeling inside me…

Elethia: Oh, yes, these too...

Saver: There are many cute things in this world.

Elethia: And I want to befriend them all!

Irmina: Cute? Me? Well, that’s only natural I suppose, even the Great Doctor has her cute moments. Although crocodiles... Not so sure about their level of cute... Bit too many teeth for my taste. Foxes are undeniably cute however!

Assassin: I agree Elethia, Master Irmina is certainly cute as long as no one is watching.

Irmina: Hey...

Assassin: She’s actually a fan of stuffed animals. Rabbits, bears, ducks, even a platypus, it’s quite fascinating how many she actually has-

Irmina: -Alright! Enough Assassin! This interview isn’t about me!

Assassin: I think people knowing you’re more normal than you let on might actually be good for your image-

Irmina: Ignore her, my ever loyal Servant seems to be treading the line of treason! Anyway, back to you two, reason for wanting the Holy Grail?

Elethia: Holy Grail? Is is it that W-War thing? The stuff that I heard of where people fight each other? That’s just awful… awful! I don’t want to be part of that, better, I want to stop it! People aren’t allowed to hurt each other, so I’ll do my best so that everyone can get along!

Saver: My purpose was accomplished once I my life came to its end, so I have none other goal than to help my Master here. She is still young, so in the end, I will watch over her journey and guide her the best I can. I am a Heroic Spirit with no real use for the Holy Grail, so who knows what I could do with it should I ever obtain it? I know a few people that would wish for ‘world peace’, and perhaps… perhaps that I might be one of those. You see, in the end, both my Master and I are children at heart, teehee…

[ Saver chuckles before shifting her kind tone into one that seems to have a little bit of mischief behind it blended with an increase in solemness. Perhaps that even someone as calm and soft-spoken as her can feel the urge to throw a little taunt. ]

Saver: Per chance; you two might have an idea about putting such a device to a better use?

Irmina: An infinite wish granting device... Putting aside whether or not something so convenient exists at all... I suppose I could think of one or two uses for it if I happened to stumble across it.

Assassin: ...

Irmina: Eradication of worldly disease seems like it might be a good use... No more sickness puts me out of a job, but at the same time, such a thing would cure the world right? I’d be the last and greatest doctor! But still... Something like that is cheating... There might be something else I want... But it’s just a fantasy, not something I’m willing to break my oath as a doctor over. A blood-stained Grail is cursed, not holy, karmic justice seems like it would befall the wielder of such a thing, no?

Assassin: ...As for myself. My wish was already granted when I appeared here; this existence is enough for me. My Master is someone the world has not yet betrayed, I will shield her from that inevitability, and see the results for myself. The Holy Grail is not necessary for that, but if she wishes for it, I shall retrieve it.

Irmina: ...Well, at the very least I’d like to keep you even after all of this is over, Assassin.

Assassin: Yes, yes. I’ll stay with you as long as you wish Master, worry not, there is no other Master for me.

Irmina: Of course there isn’t. *realizes she’s smiling a bit too sincerely, and hurriedly buries the expression* Regardless, a miracle that small should be doable without the use of the Grail, so it is irrelevant. Assassin, in reverence to your loyalty, I will allow you to ask the question before the finale question.

Assassin: I’m honored. Now, let’s see... “What is your least favorite type of person?”

Irmina: These writers are quite negative aren’t they?

Assassin: That seems to be the case.

Elethia: I-I hope that I can become friends with them and make them ask better questions...

Saver: That is very likely, since they will be seeking your interview, and probably you yourself as time passes. Who can possibly resist your innocent charm but a heartless devil?

Elethia: Awawawa... I'm nothing special… you’re the special one Saver!

Saver: Heh. But yes, I don't think that there's any kind of person you dislike in particular?

Elethia: I really don't like bad people! Really, reaaaalllyyyy don't like bad people! Bad people are bad! That's why I have to turn them into nice people!

[ Elethia 'jumps' up and down as she speaks, as if to put emphasis on her dislike. Saver in contrast seems to have been thinking calmly, and as all attention is turned to the sun-like miko, she answers with clear, doubtless eloquence: ]

Saver: Those that have been warped till all that they can feed off from is despair, pain... agony. I find it very hard to hate humans, but when I find anyone who fulfils these criteria, sometimes it is more than sufficient to ignite a spark in my generally tranquil predisposition.

Elethia: S-scary...

Assassin: ...I’m not sure whether or not I can say I’m surprised about that answer.

Irmina: Oh?

Assassin: That may just be how this particular star is. The most brilliant lights always scar the eyes.

Irmina: ...Well, alright then, maybe you’re both just weird.

Assassin: There is no such thing as a ‘normal’ heroic spirit Master.

Irmina: ... Alright, even though it’s annoyingly meaningless I suppose I’ll accept that. One more question and we’ll all hit the ice cream shop alright? What did you think of the interviewers?

[ Elethia’s eyes suddenly light up like fires in the night. ]

Elethia: Oh, oh! That' very simple, I loooooovvvveeee big sis Irmina! *jumps to hug Irmina*

Saver: My, my. Well, having spirited and entertaining interviewers was certainly pleasant. People in my time rarely addressed me with wit, and those who did were more than often not wishing for the best in regards to my health. I must say that I am surprised, Assassin – I expected you to be a little bit more.... gloomier. As you said before however, I suppose that having a lively Master like yours must have contributed to being less in touch with... your 'innate' melancholy and regrets? I speak from experience of course.

[ Saver turns her eyes towards Elethia that is affectionately holding on to Irmina and smiles. ]

Saver: Heh, I'm afraid we can't exactly do as our Masters do. Not that you have any interest in doing so, do you?

Assassin: Shadows scatter at the sight of the Sun... So for now, yes, I’ll have to decline the offer.

[Assassin turns her head slightly, looking over at the two Masters, before smiling slightly]

Assassin: You are right however, I can’t be too melancholic as long as Master is present. A gloomy co host is not entertaining... She was excited about all of this, demanded that we be the ones that got this particular interview, so I did played my role for her sake.

[One eye closed now, the woman smirks]

Assassin: ...Still, I don’t think I’m the really memorable one on this side.

Irmina: Haha! An excellent leap Elethia! Very well, let us go forth! To frozen victory!

Elethia: Yay! *dances in joy*

Assassin: ...And there they go, I suppose I’ll take advantage of Master’s suddenly open wallet as well. I suggest you do the same, it’s a rather rare opportunity.

Saver: A treat you say? Truly there must always be a first time for everything -- let us just hope that it doesn't melt...

Assassin: Just eat it quickly.

Saver: I shall try to keep the memo.

March 31st, 2016, 12:05 AM
Reaver: Hello dear readers and listeners, I am the soon to be summoned Servant Reaver with my master Himari Aoyama. Master… Could you quit trying to escape the interrogation room and introduce yourself to the audience?

In front of Reaver is her master Himari who is desperately trying to find a way out of the room. She was eyeing several unconventional exits such as the AC vents and even the window. More specifically the third story window. Occasionally she would look at the door and then scowl at the servant in front of it.

Himari: Reaver! Let me out this instant!

Reaver: Oh my whatever happened to the girl who was all “These sound like fun to do. Set us up for one Reaver!”

Himari: That was before I knew we were interviewing HER!

Reaver: I thought it would be great for you to mingle with your boss outside of the work place.

Himari: You know I try to avoid her because of her dressing up habits! You did this on purpose you traitor of a servant!

Reaver: I do technically qualify for the Betrayer Class as well. But we didn’t come here to talk about me. So sit down across and relax. It’s not like you can survive a third story fall, get into the AC vents, or get to the door behind me.

Himari: You! Fine… I’m Himari Aoyama and I’m looking... forward to interviewing Irmina von Einzbern and her servant Assassin. So please send us your questions via mail or the… Interrogation App on your phone?

Reaver: We’re looking forward to your preliminary questions before admitting our guests.

Himari: ...Interrogation app? I have a bad feeling about this.

__________________________________________________ ______________________

Reaver: Thank you very much for waiting dear readers and listeners. It’s now time to admit our guests.

Himari: Yay...

Reaver opens the door and lets the two guests enter before opening a conspicuously new furnishing in the room. A mini fridge filled with drinks and on top of it is a water boiler and tea pot for hot drinks.

Reaver: Welcome Irmina von Einzbern and servant Assassin. Please make yourself comfortable. If there is anything you want to drink, I would be honored to serve it to you.

Himari: So that’s where the money went this time...

March 31st, 2016, 06:19 AM
Irmina: Ah, Himari, so you acquired a job here as well?

Assassin: Is it really a job if none of you get paid...?

Irmina: Of course it is dear, experience is it's own reward! Just as valuable as money!

Assassin: ...And now I'm reminded about why I'm the one that balances the finances.

Irmina: Still, complaints of the secretary aside, it seems our popularity has increased! The moment the ice cream run was over, they called us back! Surely Olympus has grown to love my presence!

Assassin: Naturally, you are rather difficult to outright dislike.

Irmina: As for drinks, I believe Assassin and myself would enjoy a nice pot of tea. *Tilts head slightly to the side as she observes Himari with a smile, still standing* Now, Himari, you seem rather low energy today.

*takes a step forward, still smiling, and softly puts her hand on the other girl's forehead, feeling for a fever*

Irmina: Are you feeling alright?

March 31st, 2016, 11:33 PM
Reaver: As you wish. I'm glad I will be able to personally make your green tea. Please take care of my master until I'm done.

Reaver started to make the green tea and judging from her movements. She was knowledgeable and experienced in senchado. Not a master of it, but definitely a lot better than you would expect a Reaver to know. Himari on the other hand perked up a little bit from hearing about Reaver's handmade tea, but this meant she didn't notice Irmina until it was too late.

Himari: Ah?!? I-I'm okay! Get away from me you Doctor House ripoff!

Her claim would've been effective if her face wasn't beet red and not look like she has cold.

Reaver: And my Emerald Lily green tea is done. Now then let's get this interview started before there are more lilies than tea. Let's start with some light easy questions.

Himari: R-right. Ahem. To both of you, what is your favorite food?

Reaver: Another reader wants to know if both of you having anything you want to visit on Olympus.

April 1st, 2016, 05:41 AM
Irmina: I'd believe you if your temperature hadn't just shot up even further.

Making a light ticking sound with her tongue, the silver haired doctor casually grabs a chair and spins it around, sitting down even closer to Himari than her own Servant.

Irmina: Worry not Reaver, I am not allergic to any flowers. I don't believe Himari is either, so for now, I'll just watch over her condition, it's my responsibility as a doctor.

With a smile that had yet to fade, it's unclear if the woman understands the implications behind those words... But the light mischief in it...

Irmina: Still... Favorite Food...? I do not believe I have one. I find that there's something to enjoy in most of the things I eat. How about you Assassin?

Assassin: ...I have grown to be a fan of Western Dishes. If there was something I would have to call a favorite... I suppose it would be that cake Master made for me after I was summoned.

Irmina: Ah? The Chocolate Wave?

Assassin: It was just sweet enough for me.

Irmina: ...I'm a little worried about your taste buds now... I just threw all the chocolate I had into that... I had to eat it slowly... The Calorie Count wound up outrageous...

Assassin: My method of movement burns far more energy than your own, Master.

Irmina: ...I see. Well then, if this is a subtle request, I will take it into consideration. As for where I want to go... Either Vermont Moonlight or the ASCLEPIUS Training Center I suppose?

Assassin: Isn't the training center open?

Irmina: I want to see the training grounds... Enoa can't keep me out forever...

Assassin: Ah. As for myself... I'm fine with just the library... Although that mansion deep in the forest, the one that nobody has been able to get inside... It's rather tempting to... Find a way inside... The most interesting things are always the hidden ones.

April 1st, 2016, 12:31 PM
Reaver: Miss Irmina truly you are a gourmet of the finest quality. Judging not by the food's failures but by its positives. While Assassin has surprised us with the revelation of her sweet tooth.

Himari seemed to be carefully thinking about Irmina's way of making her Chocolate Wave. Until she came to some startling but welcoming revelation to her.

Himari: Could it be that... the Great Doctor doesn't know how to cook?!? Of all the things...

Reaver: Master... Could you please not reveal potentially embarrassing revelations without a corresponding question?

Reaver gave a long dramatic sigh and mumbled something about teaching her master a lesson.

Reaver: Himari here's your batch. So Irmina, what do you like and dislike about my master when she's your "assistant"?

Himari: "I want to play 'doctor' with Irmina." What's with all of the wet marks on the page... Oh wait there's a post-script. "I wanna chu-chu Irmina-chan."

There was a slight pause from Himari as she computed what she just read, the wet marks on the page, and quotation marks around the word doctor.

Himari: W-what kind of sick words are you having me say you pervert! Die Hentai!

She tossed up the piece of mail and burnt it up with one of her sword techniques.

Himari: These kinds of "questions" are BANNED. BANNED YOU HEAR ME!

Behind her, Reaver gives off a triumphant smile.

April 1st, 2016, 08:09 PM
Irmina: Oh my...

Assassin: *Small, almost unnoticeable twitch*

Irmina: Well, I suppose such statements are inevitable. Naturally, as the Great Doctor my beauty is of a high tier, and the shell of anonymity allows one to say what they wish... Alas, such things are cowardice. I am nobility, if you wish to court me, then do it properly, stand before me and be judged as you are! Of course, Assassin has already volunteered to help weed out the unworthy, so your chances are rather slim I'm afraid.

Assassin: ...*Eyes scream "No one is getting past me"*

Irmina: *Smiles again, the serious face returning to light amusement as she tilts her head* Still, hearing Himari say such things was rather amusing, for that alone I will forgive the transgression. As for the things I like and dislike about my assistant... Well, she is entirely dishonest with her feelings, it's both alarming and amusing.

*crossing her arms, the young woman smirks to herself as she nods once, eyes closed*

Irmina: The things she says are more often than not the opposite of what she actually means, I invite her along on an ice cream run when the day ends, she says no, then gets mad when I take her seriously and leave without her... It took me awhile to get used to it, but it's a source of both amusement and annoyance.

Assassin: To be fair Master, you aren't entirely honest with your feelings either-

Irmina: Silence. Assassin.

April 2nd, 2016, 02:46 AM
Himari: It isn't right when the Assistant has to leave after the Doctor has left especially when they're leaving for pleasure! A-Also it just so happened that I was walking that way and wanted an ice cream. It was entirely a coincidence! I wasn't looking forward to eating ice cream with you at all!

Reaver: Sure sure Himari. Whatever makes you sleep at night... So that means you don't want to go eat at the Vermont Moonlight after the interview with Irmina or Assassin?

Himari seemed to be trapped in a mental dilemma of wanting to eat there to have their heavenly shakes. But on the other hand, that would mean she would have to honestly admit that she enjoys being with Irmina and Assassin outside of her "work." Instead of choosing, she chose to stall.

Himari: I-I'll think about it.

Judging by the look on Reaver's face, she knows that Himari wants to go but can't be honest unless say someone else were to invite her too. So while Himari was going through the questions, Reaver gave Irmina a gesture seemingly saying 'your turn.'

Himari: A-ahem. "A Certain Newcomer" sent something to Irmina. "I've heard that Miss Irmina is known as 'The Great Doctor.' Does that mean you not only have access to healing magecraft, but also the medical knowledge needed to perform check-ups, surgery and other "scientific" healing?" That's actually a good question... Despite being your "assistant" I don't think I know the answer to that question.

Reaver: For you Assassin and if you want Irmina, what's the most gruesome thing you've seen in your line of work and has there been a time where it was too much for you? Hmm a bit gruesome but that is a good question for an Assassin and a doctor.

April 2nd, 2016, 06:20 PM
Irmina: There's nothing to think about dear, I'll pay for it, so allow me to spoil you Himari.

*Brushing the hair from her eyes, the silver haired doctor continues on without pause*

Irmina: And yes, I'd go so far as to say my skills as a surgeon are superior to my skills as a magus. There are some things that can only be done with magecraft true, but I'm no stranger to the old fashioned methods. There are few operations that I would say exist outside of my skillset... There are likely many rare afflictions that exist on OLYMPUS, but I have come here to master their treatment as well, so they will not remain out of my reach for long. In the end, I will defeat Death, that is my goal. Assassin?

Assassin: Gruesome scenes? A blood-stained forest, the scattered remnants of my targets... I was never particularly messy... Well, certainly my cruelest moments were no worse than the blood soaked battlefields left behind by the more noble 'heroes.' The goal was simply to end their existence, I did not let them suffer. I can't say I've seen anything that would constitute as too much, even my death was acceptable, quick, clean, no room to fight back. That is the ideal method.

Irmina: As for myself... I suppose those Agonist patients that experience mutation face rather gruesome changes, never particularly pleasant to view... But the body is a machine that I am used to seeing. Blood does not frighten me, nor do wounds, being unable to deal with those things would make me an inadequate doctor.

April 2nd, 2016, 07:52 PM
Himari: I don't need you to pay for me... But since you and Reaver insist on inviting me. I suppose I can eat there with you two. Be grateful that Reaver can pay for all of us with her Golden Rule skill!

Meanwhile Reaver was ignoring her master's tsundere rant to continue the interview properly.

Reaver: I guess that is true. Ending a man's life swiftly is better than slowly carefully prolonging their demise. Like... placing people into a boiling pot. Certainly more haunting and sometimes amusing than say slitting their throat.

And during this time Himari was looking for the next set of questions when she suddenly starts smiling. It's sort of like the smile you have when you're ready to use your perfect counter against your enemy.

Himari: Oh these should be interesting...

Reaver: Let me see Master... Indeed this should be interesting. Granted I don't think Assassin and I will care so much about the second one.

Himari: A reader wants to know how big Irmina's stuffed animal collection is.

Reaver: Another reader is curious on how old do you think Irmina is mentally Assassin. Also Irmina tell us your real age.

Himari blushes before reading the next one. It's clearly not indecent as the one she previously cut up, but still something slightly embarrassing.

Himari: A reader sent a message saying "What's your ROMANCE? It's gotta be drills right?" Romance? D-drills?!? W-what kind of perverted romance involves drills...

April 4th, 2016, 12:51 PM
Irmina: Golden Rule you say...

Looking at Reaver again, this time with a set of eyes that seemed almost... Predatory, the silver haired doctor that has glimpsed an entirely new avenue to a solution to some sort of distant problem, doesn't snap out of it until Assassin shows herself determined to continue on without her.

Assassin: Mentally speaking? It is difficult to say, she is quite childish a lot of the time, but when it really matters, she acts like an adult... So, sixteen or seventeen. She's a teenager, through and through.

Irmina: This body has been functional for around seventeen years. I am an older model than the others, but that doesn't mean I am inferior to the newer models, it simply took the Old Man longer to willingly let go of me, as I was quite useful around the Castle.

While one could take her sudden seriousness as a sign of her taking things seriously, Assassin, leaning back in her seat, shatters that illusion shortly afterwards.

Assassin: While she's pretending not to have heard the question, I'd say the stuffed animal collection is around... Eighty or so? I took a count when I was first summoned, but I believe she is continuing to add onto it as time passes, so it's no longer an accurate count.

Irmina: My my, it seems someone wants to be stuck in spirit form for the next week.

Assassin: Not particularly bothersome.

Irmina: Also the couch.

Assassin: That's also fine. You're not nearly cold-hearted enough to make a punishment actually sting, Master. Really, aren't you the one that likes to cuddle anyway-

Irmina: ANYWAY! Romance! Drills! I'm not entirely sure what you mean! The only notable drills I know of are those that pierce the heavens! And that was a different form of love entirely!

A poor attempt at a redirect.

April 4th, 2016, 04:13 PM
Reaver stiffens suddenly before looking around the room slightly worried.

Himari: So the Great Doctor is normally childish I see. I guess I don't see that as often because I'm using nearby her when it's time for her to be serious. So I guess I normally get to see her cool side... I mean she's just doing her job properly not looking cool at all!

Reaver for once wasn't commenting on Himari's tsundere instead mumbling something while slightly worried.

Reaver: This feeling... It reminds me of my master abusing my money gathering ability... I heard rumors of someone similar to them being summoned but could they be nearby right now... I know I have Himari as my new master, but I know how they are if I haven't at least said hi...

Himari: Huh so you're only a year older than me. I figured you were a little older. Then again, Elethia told me that you're in year 2 and not year 3 like Will.

Reaver: I should approach this person and introduce myself just in case, but then I risk being wrong and placing Himari in danger.... But on the other hand, I risk being shot full of bullets or being burnt alive if they find out I'm here and didn't attempt to say hi.

Himari: Then again I didn't know you had eighty plus stuffed animals and that's only since Assassin has been summoned... Wait since we're currently in a timeless region in a sort of meta-leaning area won't that mean Irmina's collection could approach infinity. Your room must have a pocket dimension by this point in time...

Reaver: I should say greet them as soon as possible, but I'm honorbound to finish this Interrogation.

Himari: Okay. Let's see... A few of our reader's are curious on what are your thoughts towards your fellow Einzbern Irmina? Reaver you find a question yet? Reaver? Hey REAVER!

Reaver seemingly doesn't hear Himari during her slight worry about her former lord's reaction. Himari seems to be getting a little irritated as she's ignored more and more until eventually she just starts driving her elbow impatiently into Reaver's side.

Reaver: Maybe this room will be able to protect me fro- Himari quit elbowing me while I'm thinking about something important!

Himari: Reaver read the question before our readers get bored!

Reaver: I deeply apologize for the wait dear readers and listeners. I was... looking for an appropriate question and just received one on my phone.

Himari: Wait when did you get a cell phone...

Reaver: You mentioned that you were in charge of handling the fiances for the two of you. How difficult is it to keep Irmina's clinic running and stuffed animal buying from going into the red?

April 4th, 2016, 06:19 PM
Irmina: Pocket Dimension? Yes, the time warp is starting to become quite distressing. According to Assassin, we actually haven't met yet, so I'm afraid of somehow running into myself on accident, nevertheless, I have chosen not to think too heavily about the exact nature of when and where this room is. Experience dictates we'll just wander into another warp eventually, and things will sort themselves out.

Assassin: It's probably for the best.

Irmina: Now, my feelings for my fellow Einzbern? While they may not be quite as unique as myself, they are still my ever precious family. Some of them I want to slap, some of them I want to spoil, and occasionally I get the urge to discipline the newer models... So, it's the usual family situation I suppose... I aspire to be the respected older sister. Soon enough, they will all understand, even the ones older than myself. I can be the younger, older sister, actual age is not a problem, even Ursula could use a good talking too.

Assassin: ...Leaving that aside for now. The question of finances is tricky, she makes a lot of the medicine herself, so costs can be cut so long as we continue to acquire materials through alternative means, however, those means are inherently tiring, and well... Medicine isn't cheap... She likes to do it for free... We don't avoid the red so much as we live right on the edge of the red... In essence... I will solve the problem by beginning to charge money.

Irmina: Well, I've thought of joining the hospital. But, that would inhibit personal use of resources. So... I suppose that this too, is a trial of the Great Doctor.

April 6th, 2016, 12:34 AM
Himari: I know the feeling. Your family may annoy you, but they're your family. You spoil the younger ones. Slap the ones closer to your age. Well I won't ever be a younger Older Sister since I'm the eldest.

Reaver: I guess I had some "siblings" but we weren't related by blood. So it's a little different in my case.

Himari: That does remind me, Manami has been trying to enter as a Hebe 3rd Year student... Maybe I should check to make sure she isn't pushing herself too hard right now.

Reaver: Also your financial situation must be serious... I managed to run a country and I don't think I could run a clinic without using my personal skill. So you have my respect for keeping up the clinic for so long.

Himari: Wait is that why the assistants aren't paid?!? Because you do everything for free basically?!?

Himari frantically digs through questions.

Himari: There you are! "What sort of benefits does one get if they work as an assistant? Is there workmans comp? Dental plan?" So Irmina... Where is my workmans comp?

Reaver: Well I could personally help but I'm sure it's better to keep me away from your clinic. My healing is... painful and I would be unable to take the Hypocritical Oath thanks to that. And I don't feel like grinding in dungeons everyday for Golden Rule. Well this might help you though. "Are you interested in working as a School Idol?"

Himari looks at Reaver as if she has grown a second head before getting a huge blush on her face.

Himari: There's no way I'm joining DOK12. Wearing something frilly and that exposing in front of everyone... I can't do something embarrassing like that!

Reaver: You would think you would be used to it with your "work" outfit.

Himari: That is that! This is this!

April 7th, 2016, 07:18 PM
Irmina: ...I am the Dental plan. If you ever find yourself hurting in any way, I will take care of it. Extra special employee service will be me escorting you through the dungeons as the field medic for free. It's a rather generous offer, I could probably charge for it.

Assassin: Its in your best interest to charge for it.

Irmina: *ignoring* As for working as a School Idol? I hadn't really thought about it until now, but I suppose I wouldn't have a problem with it.

Assassin: Oh? That's surprising...

Irmina: There's nothing to be embarrassed about; the clothing isn't completely tasteless, it would show a bit more skin than I'm accustomed to, but that's fine, being beautiful is an asset, it is nothing to be ashamed about! If my appearance inspires fans, than so be it, the experience alone would probably be worth it. Ah... But I haven't sung in some time, I would have to practice a bit first...

Assassin: ...So you're actually considering it?

Irmina: You have been recruited as a backup dancer, we'll practice when we get home.

Assassin: *closes eyes* Very well. I assume my mask is banned there as well?

Irmina: Naturally.

Assassin: ...Understood.

April 9th, 2016, 09:51 PM
Himari: Wait so I really don't get Worksman's comp?!? I guess I can take some solace that my dungeon runs will be safe. With both Lapis and Irmina there... And hopefully we won't have to use Reaver.

Reaver: Come on Master. You're alive at least.


Reaver: C'mon it doesn't hurt that much.

Himari: Your class skill! Your class skill is cheating! You literally can't feel it!

Reaver: Mah mah. If I was summoned under a different class, I would've had Battle Continuation or Dignity of the Rear Guard instead.

Himari remembers what Irmina has said about the Idol Group.

Himari: Wait is she serious... Is she seriously going to try and rival Muse... First it'll be her and Assassin. Then us the assistants. Our friends next?

Then her eyes became dull upon the realization of something.

Himari: Ahahaha. My social life it's on fire. Slowly burning to ashes.

Reaver nudges Himari till her eyes turn back to normal.

Himari: I'm sorry I'm better now. Okay final two questions. Irmina mentioned previously that you've watched anime. What kinds of anime do you watch and which one is your favorite? Assassin do you watch with her?

Reaver: Oh this topic again. What is your ideal date?

Himari: I'm not sure if the people asking these are just preparing intensively or creepy...

April 11th, 2016, 07:01 PM
Assassin: She seems to like these "Shonen," types of shows.

Answering for her Master, who is still pondering the intricacies of forming an idol group, the silver haired Servant crosses her arms, seeing no real harm in this particular bit of information.

Assassin: Lots of yelling, and explosions, and passionate declarations. She gets super into it, and even memorizes the speeches. *coughs, as if to clear her throat, then stomps down hard on the ground, expression serious* We evolve, beyond the person that we were a minute before! Little by little, we advance a bit further with each turn, that's how a drill works!"

Irmina: Heh...

Assassin: Or something like that anyway. It was a rather inspiring show I suppose, the name escapes me, but I would watch it again... Still, I prefer things that are a bit less over the top myself.

Irmina: Says the heroic spirit.

Assassin: That's exactly why...

Irmina: As for an ideal date...? I'm not sure... I don't have much experience with such things, but someone exciting I suppose? If the other person is interesting, what exactly we do doesn't matter very much.

Assassin: Let's leave it at that Master. Don't want to give any stalkers too much information...

Irmina: Eh, it's fine. As long as I have you, no one can touch me.

Assassin: That's true enough, but still, I'd rather not be forced to cut down your fan base, or some fool thinking the medic is an easy target.

Irmina: I trust your contingency plans.

Assassin: Let's not talk about those either.

April 13th, 2016, 02:53 PM
Himari: Huh I imagined that you would've watched Drama anime with how you sometimes react. Especially since you sometimes go "I can see the ending" or writing down your stuff super fancily like in Death Note.

Reaver: The feeling is well shared Assassin. It's nice to occasionally watch over the top things, but it's especially odd when it's based around you. Recently, I watched some of those Sengoku based anime. Sometimes they're pretty accurate on the events whereas other times they were so off. Certainly interesting but not as my cup of tea.

Himari: So just someone interesting? That's pretty broad. So I guess anyone could theoretically could become your date. Isn't that good news members of the Irmina Fan Club?

Reaver: Well first they would have to get past Assassin or gain her approval...

Himari and Reaver remember her stare declaring that no one is getting past her. They shook their head before continuing.

Reaver: The Interrogation is coming to an end since we have no more questions to ask. Thank you for your time Irmina and Assassin. Is there anything else you want to add Master?

Himari: I want to ask about those contingency plans but... Something tells me I won't like them. Um... Anything to add? I think I'm good.

Reaver: Anything you want to wish to add our dear guests? If not, then let's proceed to the Vermont Moonlight before my master bolts for the door.

April 13th, 2016, 06:15 PM
Irmina: The more dramatic you are about something, the more memorable it becomes to others. The more memorable it becomes to others, the more satisfying it is when you are inevitably proven right, and they can't refute it without looking like a fool... It's a small amusement, but it never gets old.

Assassin: There is something very bully-esque in that statement...

Irmina: Nonsense. You're imagining things. *waving her hand lazily, the woman stands, brushing off the legs of her pants* Still, any last words Assassin?

Assassin: I monitor all movement in, out, and around the Einzbern Dormitory. Try anything funny towards my Master, and you will regret it.

Irmina: Huh... Threats... That's a new one.

Assassin: Not a threat. Friendly warning. Some of the questions today have opened my eyes to... Problems... I may have to solve in the future.

Irmina: Commendable. Well, you are my retainer... I'll leave all of that to your judgement. Come along Himari, there's no need to run, we'll make it long before the Vermont Moonlight shuts down for the night.

June 4th, 2017, 01:37 PM
In a dusty unused room on the third floor. Once upon a time this room was used for interoga- questioning various newcomers to Athena Academy on their thoughts, beliefs, and attempts at finding out their servant's identity. Even the newest additions of the room has noticeable dust on them. Granted that's to be expected because the owners have left the room for about a year. Maybe the room will gather even more dust due its lack of usa- or the door could be sliced down at this moment.

Himari: Finally! I managed to get this blasted door open.

Reaver: Master... You just cut the school doors in half.

Himari: It was locked and I needed to get in!

Reaver: And whose fault is it that we were locked out?

Himari: M-mine...

Himari seems to deflate for a little bit before coughing.

Himari: God this place is dusty. I think I'm going cough up a lung if we did the interview immediately.
Reaver: Trying to make the best impressions on our guests Himari?

Himari: I-I'm only trying to be the best host I can! I don't want to inconvenience our guests with my coughing!

Reaver: If you say so master. Now if you'll excuse me, I'll fix the door while you tidy up the room.

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ____________

Himari: Finally we're done.

The room looked immaculate for perhaps the first time in years. Windows nice and wiped. Furniture dusted. The door was fixed and showed no sign of its previous cut.

Himari: So let's get this officially started. I'm your host Himari Aoyama and this is my servant...

Reaver: Reaver, I hope to be an adequate host for our guests.

Himari: Today we will be interviewing...

Reaver looks at her master curious on what was taking her so long to finish the introductions before realizing something.

Reaver: Master don't tell me you forgot who we were interviewing...

Himari: I-I may have forgotten since it took us two weeks to get into this room?

Reaver: Elaine Rousseau D'Normandy and her servant Warder.

Himari: So please send us your questions via the phone app or snail mail!

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________

Reaver: Thank you for the questions readers and listeners.

Meanwhile Himari is inspecting the letters for "stains" and the like.

Reaver: So I would like to welcome our guests Elaine Rousseau D'Normandy and her servant Warder to the room!

July 10th, 2017, 08:29 PM
For a moment, a very long moment, there is silence. The door remained shut resolutely, a bare wind of isolation awaited the pair within the room, their planned guests absent.

For a moment.

Then, all of a sudden, there came a great crash, shouting, clattering and banging and booming and a great cacophony of noise approached the door, a muffled argument came from beyond, hurried, annoyed voices, bickering quietly, mutual irritation and frustration bouncing between them, and as they grew louder, the wave of sound lessened, growing lower and lower as they approached the door.

Then there was silence, punctured by a long, petulant huff.

Then the door creaked open.

Elaine: Greetings and Salutations to all of my adoring fanbase waiting out there wherever it may be heard! I have arrived, exactly on time, and exactly when I was expected. There has been no error, and no mistakes, and there's certainly no absence of anything at all with our entrance.

Her posture is open and proud, radiant in her unbridled confidence, the only demerits a long bead of sweat rolling down her temple, and a throbbing vein on one outstretched hand.

Her servant, Warder, enters behind her, arms crossed, imposing posture folded in on itself, expression downcast.

Warder: Stupid friggin sound system not workin' 'sorry Mr. warder we don't play that kind of music, we can only play mp3s', back in my day we had a full chorus and rassafrassa....

Elaine: Indeed, nothing at all. Good day to you, erm, is it Himari-san, or Miss Himari and you too, Reaver, I don't wish to be too familiar...

Warder: Thanks for havin' us, was a pain getting here. Not exactly a view for all to see.

He shrugs.

Elaine: B-but in any case, haha, we should probably get on with the questions soon, yes?

Warder: Already wasted enough time...

A loud thumping sound comes from across the table, obscured from sight, Warder's face rises out of its despondent phase, and fills into a small grin. Elaine sits primly, unwilling to be taunted, she brushes at the table fitfully.

July 12th, 2017, 06:34 PM
After waiting a long period of time, the master/servant pair looked at each other in confusion.

Himari: Reaver you did invite our guests right?

Reaver: That's strange, I could've swore I sent that message out properly via mail and text.

Himari: Huh that's weird... Wait when did you get a HECATE phone?!?

Reaver: I've always had one, will have one, or just got one. Kind of tricky to tell with where we're at.

Eventually they hear sounds coming from outside the door. Very loud sounds mind you. Their attempts to be quiet were very bad and noticeable.

Himari: ...Do they realize that they're fooling no one? I'm kind of irritated that they made us wait here. I have half a mind to yell at them for making us waste time waiting for them especially with where we're at.

Reaver: Master please do them a favor and act like we just got here. Like a date with your s-

Himari: Ah! AH! AH! Reaver I think I should go make sure we have drinks available for our guests!

Reaver: Good to know my master is a good host despite waiting for her guests longer than normal.

As Himari was done placing them on a tray and walking back to the table. The door ominously creaks open admitting their guests which causes Himari to tumble the tray a little bit.

Reaver: Welcome Elaine Rousseau D'Normandy and Warder. My master and I have been waiting patiently for you like a person waiting for their d-

Himari noisily sets down her tray and picks up a loudly fizzing drinks

Himari: A-Are you by chance thirsty? We have a wide assortment of drinks thanks to Reaver.

Reaver: If you want some hot tea, I can always prepare a batch for you before starting our interview.