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Disclaimer: Neither Roadbuster nor Elf own anything Type-Moon in this story such as Fate/Stay Night and/or Tsukhime. Law Unto Herself characters and properties are owned by Jennifer L.Barnes. This is a work of crack fanfiction not meant for profit but for enjoyment. Literally.

Also this story contains copious amounts of sex, violence, and the word “fuck”. And Canon rape. Lots of Canon rape.

Fate/Law Intertwined
By: Roadbuster And Elf

This whole week had been bloody worthless. Not only had it been ridiculously cold, but she was in this far-off country without her beloved car or any true safe-house to speak of. Not that she didn’t like Japan, she just preferred an island nation to be more… tropical. Not in the sun sense, but more along the not fucking freezing lines.

Cold was the one enemy that Law Unto Herself had never really been able to defeat. As a vampire, her lifeless blood generally took the temperature of the air around her, which is why her compound was always nice and freaking warm. Jackets don’t tend to work if they don’t have any body heat to trap, after all.

The vampire known as Forest walked down the still bustling city street of Fuyuki on the way back to her Hotel. She was on the verge of just coming out and screaming a string of curses in as many languages she was so pissed off. Her whole reason for even coming here had been reports of supernatural beings fighting and some innocent people receiving the short end of the stick. Jobs had been slow and this was something to do. But, when she had finally gotten here to check everything out… she had missed it.

There had apparently been one Hell of a fire last week, and since then nothing. No attacks, no sightings, not even a fucking stubbed toe had occurred since then. Whatever had happened was over. Countless were dead from it, but in that final clash that erupted a blaze that erased a large chunk of the town whatever had been at war had ended each other. Meaning Forest was stuck wondering around with nothing to do until she could arrange travel back to her compound.

And even that had to be a hassle. She had to contact either Gabriel or Wynn, and have them cart her back. She didn’t like depending on other people and preferred to carve her own path, but it booking an only night-time flight was near impossible and they tended to be more concerned with carrying firearms onto planes these days. Stupid Die Hard movies…

Amidst her bitching to herself, Forest found herself in a street-side market. Most of the shops had closed up for the night, but there were a few still serving a last-minute crowd. It wasn’t all that late yet, one thankful thing about this time of year being that it was dark by 1830 here. And thank the Morrigan they didn’t use that AM/PM crap, either.

Forest paused as she saw what looked to be a large bag of groceries seemingly moving by itself. Further investigation revealed a pair of tiny legs under it and a child’s hands desperately trying to hold onto it. She had to smile at the child trying to help its parents with the shopping by proving it could help carry them as well. So many kids these days seemed so spoiled.

The child turned around, trying to see where it was going and revealed herself to be a young girl, seven or eight at the most. She had her raven hair pulled into adorable little pigtails with the rest of her hair falling freely behind her. She was wearing a large red coat and skirt with black leggings underneath. But above everything else, Forest was drawn to her eyes. Even the fairies rarely had such intense color, and aquamarine was even rarer.

The people of the market began to thin further, yet the girl remained, seemingly making her way to the end of the street slowly. Forest’s maternal instincts wouldn’t allow her to leave until she had made sure the child had found her parents and that they took her home. She followed the girl, pretending to look at the wares from the venders while keeping the girl in her peripheral vision at all times.

It came to the point where the girl had left the market and was still alone. There were less people here and it was dark. This city wasn’t particularly known for violence, but a young girl wondering around by herself in the middle of a darkened street wasn’t something Forest would permit. She wasn’t doing anything else anyway, so a little escort duty wouldn’t be so bad.

She approached the girl at last and said, “Hello, little one,” in a cheery voice. She smiled warmly down at her and bent down on one knee.

“Why have you been following me?” was all the girl said. She didn’t turn around, but kept going. Maybe even a bit faster.

Forest tilted her head and asked, “What do you mean?”

“From the market. You have been following me since I started home from the market. Did you not even realize half those stores you were ‘looking’ at were closed?” She responded, still walking away.

Forest almost chuckled at herself. The girl was insanely sharp, that much was obvious, but that didn’t excuse her from being out here alone. “Would you believe me if I said I was worried about you?” she asked of the girl.

“Not really,” was the reply as expected.

By this point, Forest had to get back up and follow the child again as she was getting away. “Well, it’s the truth… Where are your parents?” she said, keeping her distance, but keeping with the girl.

After a hesitation the girl replied, “Around this next bend. So thank you and goodbye.”

The girl’s voice lacked confidence and it was easy to tell that she was lying. “It’s not particularly nice to lie, little one. Where are they really?” she pressed.

“Dead, alright? It’s not like I need them anyway!” the girl snapped, walking faster.

Forest bit her lip and walked closer to the girl. What she had said had been true, the girl’s thoughts had betrayed as much when she had spoken. “What’s your name? Mine is Forest,” she said.

The girl finally stopped, turning around to glare at her. There was fire in those big eyes as she replied, “My name is Tohsaka Rin, Forest-san. What do you want from me??”

Forest kneeled down again, saying, “Tohsaka-san, all I really want is to make sure you make it home. Honest. So at least let me get you back to the orphanage, OK?”

“Orphanage?! I’m no freeloader! I am the head of the Tohsaka family!” the girl yelled at her, stamping her foot on the ground.

Forest would have chuckled at the girl if her words had not filled her with horror. She had to make sure, and so asked, “You mean… you live by yourself? At least tell me there’s an older sibling or Aunt or something…”

“No, there’s no older sibling or Aunt or something. I don’t need anybody else!” the girl yelled at her again.

“What did I tell you about lying?” Forest asked her.

“Just shut up! I can get home by myself!” the girl said and turned to pick up the groceries.

Forest got up and picked up the groceries before the girl could. The girl glared up at her but before she could scream ‘Thief!’ Forest asked her, “Where is your home, little Rin? I’m going to take you there regardless of whether you want me to or not.”

“You… don’t you call me Rin! And… fine! I’m not really in a position to argue with a bully, am I?” The girl said with a huff and then began to walk again with Forest in toe.

Forest was amazed by the girl’s sheer intelligence. She spoke as if she were twice her age and her mind was nearly as sharp as well. Forest picked up quite a few plans to get rid of her coming from the girl’s head, but she never went through with them. The reason was painfully obvious to her, as well. The girl was lonely. Crushingly so.

As they walked along the streets, Forest was further horrified to find out just how far the girl had to walk to get to the market. It would have taken her hours to get home with the groceries by herself, and even without them, she was already beginning to tire. Forest walked up and bent down to take the girl in her arm, hoisting her up onto her shoulder without effort.

Rin squeaked and then shouted, “You put me down this instant! I can walk just fine you idiot!”

Forest smiled and replied, “Not going to happen, little Rin, you just make yourself at home up there and get used to it.” Rin mumbled something unpleasant but wrapped her tiny arm around Forest’s head to keep herself balanced. Forest’s arm was around her, too, feeling the warmth of the girl’s body.

After a bit, a question that Forest could hear brewing finally escaped the girl’s lips. “You… aren’t warm, Forest-san… You’re energy is off as well… like… you’re dead. You… aren’t human, are you?”

Forest sighed and replied, “That’s right, little Rin, I’m a vampire.” Lying to the kid wasn’t going to work, and she couldn’t think of any way to dodge the issue, either.

The fear from Rin was overshadowed by another emotion… disappointment as she said, “A Dead Apostle… I see. You’re going to take me home and eat me… turning me into some sort of monster then…”

Forest stopped and put down the bag of groceries. She grabbed the girl and placed her down in front of her as she kneeled down again. “Rin, I am not going to eat you. And I’m not a Dead Apostle… I’m different. But if you really are scared and want me to leave now, I will.”

The girl studied her, her impossibly vibrant eyes looking deep into her soul. A thousand thoughts came from her still innocent mind, but eventually the over-ruling one prevailed and the girl said, “Don’t get lazy, vampire! You said you were taking me home and we’re not there yet!”

Forest chuckled at Rin’s candor and picked up the girl and the groceries again. They began their walk home with Forest asking for directions with questions brewing in the vampire’s own mind. The girl smelled like magic and tea, but Forest could sense the magical talent coming off of the girl. Not to mention the girl picked up that the fact that Forest was dead rather quickly.

Forest prompted, “So, I told you what I was so, are you going to be honest to me?”

Rin bit her lip and shook her head, her arm tightening around Forest’s head ever so slightly. The gesture alone spoke volumes and Forest silently cursed her dead parents. The girl was obviously starved for affection and she didn’t really realize it herself, or maybe she did and she wasn’t going to admit it. It seemed that Rin was rather ridiculously stubborn.

Something which Forest could understand all too well.

Forest got them home in good enough time and let Rin down to unlock the door. She stared up at the huge European style mansion that loomed before her and grimaced at the oppressing feel coming from the building. The wards were so thick and uninviting that Forest wasn’t sure if she even wanted to go into the place after she’d been invited. Rin looked up at her as she opened the door and said, “Well, aren’t you coming in?”

That was as good of an invitation as any as Forest chuckled and carried the groceries in. The door shut behind them and Forest almost stopped shivering at the cold around her. It was almost as cold inside as it was outside; Forest looked down at Rin and asked, “Why isn’t the heat on, little Rin?”

“Because it’s expensive so I only have it on when I’m home,” Rin huffed as she showed Forest to the kitchen.

Forest stopped by the furnace and kicked it on. Rin spun around and asked, “What are you doing?”

“It’s bloody freezing in here,” Forest grumbled, “No place for a child.”

Rin glared at her with those aquamarine eyes and said, “I thought cold doesn’t affect a vampire.”

“Actually, I’m constantly cold unless it’s warm out or I’ve just fed or I’m snuggling close to a warm body,” Forest replied with a grin, silently adding, And it’s been a damn long time since I’ve snuggled next to a warm body.

Rin asked, “What sort of vampire are you anyway? You don’t have the feel of a Dead Apostle and you’re not a True Ancestor either.”

“I’m me?” Forest answered with a shrug and a grin, “And how does a little girl know of such things as Dead Apostles and True Ancestors?”

Rin’s eyes narrowed as she said, “You know what I am, why are you asking? I know you’re not that stupid.”

“Well, I wanna hear you say it,” Forest said easily as she started to help Rin put stuff away in the kitchen. She frowned and shifted as she looked around. Forest knew she wasn’t domesticated by any stretch of the word. Her idea of cooking was over an open fire with something she’d killed herself after she skinned and cleaned it. As she was now, she really didn’t eat to live and if she wanted to actually eat something solid she’d simply go to a restaurant.

Rin sighed and said, “Fine, I’m a magus and the head of the Tohsaka line.”

“And what . . .” Forest didn’t need to finish asking the question. She already knew the answer already. She quietly said, “That battle thing, right?”

Rin asked, “What do you know about the Grail War?” Then she pointed and said, “Over there, you’re putting it too high.”

“Oh, okay,” Forest said sheepishly as she put the spice in a place that was easier for Rin to reach. She looked at the girl and answered, “Well that there were a bunch of supernatural entities running around and fighting each other and innocent people were getting hurt.”

Rin titled her head thoughtfully and asked, “And why did you come to Nippon then?”

“Because there were probably people getting hurt,” Forest explained, “And I wasn’t needed else where so I came to Fuyuki to see if there was anything I could do. Apparently I came too late for the main event.”

But I can maybe save a little girl, Forest thought with a smile as Rin looked up at her. Rin asked, “Why would you want to do such a thing?”

“Because I don’t like seeing people getting hurt,” Forest answered honestly, “At least not when there’s something I can do to keep them from getting hurt because people are evil and dumb.”

Rin actually chuckled at that and pointed to the can of . . . something Forest was holding. Forest read the label about leeks as Rin said, “Lower shelf, Forest-san.”

“Just Forest,” she corrected with a grin.

After a few moments Rin asked, “Is that why you helped me, because you don’t like people being hurt even though I wasn’t hurt?”

“Well, you’re alone and a little girl. Even if you’re a magus, it’s still not safe for you to be walking around at night. And carrying groceries that are bigger than you are,” Forest added with a grin.

Rin scowled and said, “You were walking around at night and you’re a little girl.”

Forest blinked at Rin’s assessment of her and looked down at herself. At 5’10, almost 6 feet when she wore her boots, Forest never really thought of herself as little. She shrugged and said, “Yeah, but I’m also a thirteen hundred plus year old vampire. Not really many things scare me. Except zombies. I really don’t like zombies.”

“Of course, they smell bad, Forest,” Rin said with a smile as she started to get out stuff to make dinner.

Forest felt guilty because despite all of her own parental instincts there was the whole cooking issue. She chuckled at Rin’s comment though and said, “But really, I know you don’t have any family members taking care of you, but as a magus there should be another magus you’re under.”

“There is, but I don’t like him. There’s something about him that really gets under my skin,” Rin replied as she pulled out a cook book and began to look thoughtfully through it.

Forest asked, “Why not?”

“I don’t know, but there’s something I really don’t like about that priest, but my father entrusted me to him,” she snorted, “And he apparently has control of the Tohsaka assesses until I’m of age at eighteen.”

Forest’s instincts started blaring at the mention of a priest. “Oh, that could easily be taken care of,” Forest said wickedly, “So, how would you like to live with me?”


Rin stared at the blond vampire as she continued to put groceries away at Rin’s direction. She smiled, her eyes closing as she palmed a can of water chestnuts. Rin honestly wasn’t surprised that a woman who drank blood to exist was confused in a kitchen. She stared up at the beautiful blond as she put the chestnuts down and looked down at Rin with expectant eyes.

Rin gnawed on her lip and said, “I . . . have a responsibility that I promised my father I would fulfill before he died.”

“What would that be, Rin?” Forest asked as she perched on the counter.

Rin turned around and answered, “I need to win the Fifth Grail War.”

“You mean that thing that killed all of those people, there’s going to be another one and you’re going to have to fight in it?” Forest asked wide eyed.

Rin nodded and answered, “Yes, I am and I’ll win too, Forest.”

“Not under the guide of a magus priest, that’s for damned sure,” Forest mused thoughtfully, “Wait, is he from the Church?”

Rin nodded and knew what would happen if Kieri saw her new friend and found out what she was. She knew magi were supposed to live alone and in secret, but honestly she didn’t want to live alone. She didn’t want to see Forest stabbed with numerous Black Keys either. Forest groaned, “Bugger, okay, that’s it, you’re coming with me Poppet.”

“What? I can’t do that,” Rin stammered as she looked up at the blond woman, “I mean there’s my training and the Grail War and . . .”

Forest grinned and said, “Oh, trust me, I can get you better training than by some half arsed Bible Wielding Magus.”


“I could not unnerve that man or make him the slightest bit angry,” the broad form snorted as he paced back and forth. His violet eyes were bright and his ink black hair, even blacker than Rin’s especially against the moonlit pallor of his skin, was unbound. Forest tilted her head at her godson as Rin peered up at him.

Gabriel Umbra swept out his arms and said, “Every trick failed. Even though I think if I would have used the Lure he probably would have responded to it.”

“I think an asexual rock would respond to you, dear,” Forest said as she ran the brush through Rin’s hair.

It had been over two weeks since she’d found the little girl walking alone from the market place and they were already a family. Even though Forest knew she was going to have problems when the girl was going to get older with that intelligence of hers. However, it seemed like Rin liked the attention that she’d been getting from Forest even though there were things that Rin wasn’t telling Forest, like about a younger sister that had been given to another family because of stupid magus rules.

Forest brushed Rin’s hair in the familiar pig tails and tied them off with the black satin ribbon. Rin actually leaned back against Forest, the girl was so starved for affection that it made Forest want to go punch something, mainly Rin’s dead parents. Yet she wasn’t going to push her little girl about her deceased family members and knew Rin would come talk to her when she was ready. The vampire cuddled the warm little girl in her arms as they both looked up at Gabriel.

Gabriel said, “And there was something there that made me sick, Fore and I don’t know what it was.”

“Maybe all the death that was there,” Forest mused, “I mean, his dad was the mediator of the Grail War before he died, right?”

Rin nodded and said, “Makes sense Forest, so Gabriel, what else did Kieri do?”

“Nothing, he didn’t fight, he just made sure to tell me that you will know when you need to return when the time is right,” he answered with a shrug.

Forest asked, “You mean he didn’t piss a fit when you claimed the Tohsaka estate?”

“I honestly don’t think he cared,” Gabriel answered with a shrug.

Rin chortled, “Makes sense, Kirei doesn’t care about anything, it’s disturbing.”

“Well, you don’t have to worry about him any more, poppet,” Forest said to her as she turned the girl and placed her in her lap. “Now, what do you need to bring with you to live with me?”

The girl’s eyes went upward as she thought. It may have just been Forest’s biased opinion, but everything the girl did seemed adorable. Rin then responded to her, “Well, we already packed my clothes, so the only other things I need are my books and my gems. Oh… and I should probably bring that weird knife Kieri gave me.”

Forest nodded to her and asked, “Where are your books, little Rin?”

The girl hopped up and tugged at Forest’s arm, looking up at her with those impossible eyes. She led her into another room, her father’s study. There was a desk riddled with notes and the walls were stacked with books. Rin pointed at the wall and said, “Here they are.”

Forest looked to where she was pointing and thought she could tell a different stack of books, but wanted to make sure. She asked, “Which ones, dear?”

Rin tilted her head in a bit of confusion and said, “All of them, of course.”

Dread began to seep into Forest as she looked at the entire room full of books and asked, “All… of them… in this room?”

Rin nodded happily and said, “Yeah, where there are a few more in my room, but this is most of them.”

Forest faked a smile, but groaned a bit. From behind her she heard a snort and her godson piped up, “Hey, it’s not YOUR magic that has to move all this crap, so I don’t want to hear it, Godmother.”


The next day, after they had finally moved all the books and gotten the rest of Rin’s things to the compound, Forest went to Rin and found her in her old room. The girl was playing with her hair absently, lost in confliction. Forest knew it all too well. The same things had been running through the poor girl’s mind ever since she asked her to live with her.

There were two parts to the girl, as Forest had found out. One part was the little girl she loved. Rin was actually very caring and pure, with a heart that craved to give and receive love. But that was at complete odds with her other half. The half that had beat into her by her father, Forest suspected. The bullshit life of a Magus filled with secrecy, greed, and solitude that no parent should ever teach their child.

Forest intended to quash that ideal by raising the child right. It pissed her off to no end when parents polluted their children with shit like this. They should realize that not everyone can HAVE children. That what they have been given was a gift… not a privilege. The girl might not be her offspring… but from now on, she was her daughter.

Forest kneeled down next to her daughter and asked her, “Rin, are you ready to go?”

The girl looked up to her and very slowly nodded. Forest took her tiny hand in hers and began to lead her to the foyer, where Gabriel was waiting. Forest knew she was going to owe her Godson some sort of horrific dessert for helping her like this, but it would be a chance to spoil Rin as well.

Before they entered the room, Rin stopped. Forest turned to her and found her face in utter confliction. “What is it, baby?” Forest asked her, kneeling back down.

“I… I… didn’t tell you everything, Forest…” Rin admitted. She was almost near tears and blurted out, “I… have a sister… Sakura. She was taken away… but… I don’t want to leave without checking on her… and saying goodbye…”

“You didn’t say goodbye when they took her, did you?” Forest asked her quietly.

Tears then did come from her eyes as she shook her head. It broke Forest’s heart to see the girl cry, and she held her close. There was some satisfaction here, though. She knew without Rin saying that she didn’t say goodbye to her sister because it would be showing weakness as a Magus. She didn’t want her father to see her falter and didn’t say anything to the other girl as she was taken away.

“It’s alright, dear Poppet. I can’t go out in the sunlight, but I’m sure Gabriel will take you to see your sister before we go, alright?” Forest asked her.

The girl nodded in return and whispered, “Thank you…”


“Now you listen to me you little twit!” snarled Zouken once Makiri, now Matou to the blue haired child in front of him. “I don’t care if you understand or not, but for now, you treat that girl like royalty!”

“Y..Yes, sir!” cried the boy, cowering before him. The child was a disgrace, not worthy of the blood running through his veins… no matter how diluted. Zouken shooed the worthless child away and returned to his study.

Things were not lost, as he had feared. When the Tohsaka heir had been taken in by some outside interloper, he had feared his plans would be snuffed out. The priest was too melancholy to give a Damn what he was doing, but another Magus or whatever the woman was might not have the same approach. If she had found out what was happening to the other Tohsaka girl, she might have brought the Association down on them.

However, according to those he entrusted to keep a watchful eye on that accursed house had told him it looks as if the woman was taking the girl away. If this was true, then he was in an even better position than before. There was no one else that knew of the identity of the girl in his house and no one for the girl to reach out for.

There was a knock at the door and one of his aides walked in and reported, “There is a large foreign man approaching the estate escorting the other Tohsaka child. What shall you have us do, Master?”

This was perfect. She was coming to say goodbye and make sure her sister was doing fine. The girl had been treated very well so far, and should have no complaints, so things couldn’t have worked out better. “Let them in the gate and allow them to see the girl. Do not allow them in the house,” he replied.

Zouken’s face twisted into a smile. They could begin the first of the injections as early as tomorrow.


“You’re sure you’re OK here, Sakura?” Rin asked her sister.

The other girl nodded happily, her hair and eye’s matching her own. “Yes, nee-san. It was scary at first, but now it’s OK. They are nice here!”

Rin smiled and said to her, “That’s good… and I apologize for not saying goodbye last time…”

The smaller girl’s eyes widened and she said, “Really?? But… what about?”

Rin held up her hand and said, “No more… I… well, I think I’m going to go my own way. I’m still going to become a Magus and follow Father… but I’m doing it my way. With Forest.”

Sakura hugged her and said, “That’s good, nee-san. It’s no fun when you’re a meanie.”

Rin hugged her back and said, “No it isn’t… Goodbye Sakura.”

Sakura pulled back, a tear in her eye and said, “Goodbye to you, too, nee-san. I love you.”

Rin choked back her own tear and whispered, “I love you, too, Sakura.”


“You know, Gabriel, my sister was watching you for most of the time we were there,” Rin said to the large man escorting her.

He laughed a bit and said, “Yeah, I noticed that too, Rin.”

“Don’t get any ideas, mister, she’s still way too young for you!!” Rin said jokingly.

Gabriel laughed again but soon sobered. “Rin, what do you know about the place where your sister lives now?” he asked her.

Rin shrugged and answered, “Not much… There was some deal made with my father when the War started between them that Sakura would live with them afterwards. I think it’s because their magical heritage has dried up, and they want to have an heir that at least has potential.”

“I see,” said the hulking man.

Rin looked up to him, seeing his face frown in what seemed to be worry. “What’s wrong, Gabriel? Is my sister in danger??” she asked him, tugging on his hand.

Gabriel nervously laughed and said, “I’m sure it’s nothing, Rin… Just, the house gave me such a sick feeling whenever I got near it. That’s all.”

“It could be the wards or something,” Rin said thoughtfully.

“That’s probably it,” said the man, smiling at her.

Rin knew he was just trying to keep her calm, but she didn’t know any way to really continue the conversation. Sakura had seemed so happy, and there didn’t seem to be any change with her. She was never good at lying either, so she must be happy. Gabriel must be overthinking things, that’s all.


Forest was glad to see that Rin returned bubbly and of high spirits. Apparently her sister was fine, and there was nothing holding her back now. The girl had come up and jumped into her arms, already used to her touch. She was giggling and actually had the appearance of a little girl now.

“So, are you ready now, little one?” Forest asked the girl residing in her arms.

She nodded and said, “I sure am, Mother…”

Forest had heard the thought in the girls head a few times, but she had never said anything. Even now, she could see that the girl was blushing and covering her face like she had said something horrible, begging for forgiveness. The little girl couldn’t know the joy that the word brought to her, and Forest asked her, “What was that, my little Rin?”

Rin peered up at her with those gorgeous eyes and said, “I’m . . . I’m sorry.”

“Why are you sorry?” Forest asked gently as she rested her forehead against Rin’s with a smile and met her eyes.

Rin looked down and answered, “I called you Mother . . . I don’t know, but you’re the closest thing I’ve ever had to a mother and it seems right. My mother . . .” Rin’s eyes flashed as she went on, “She didn’t care about Sakura or me. She didn’t do anything when they took Sakura away.”

“Oh, Baby,” Forest whispered as she held the little girl tighter, icy pricks stinging her eyes at the tears threatening to fall. She simply held Rin close, it was what she had always wanted to hear, but had thought it was impossible. Yet her little girl was openly accepting her as her mother. I’ll swear to you I’ll make up for what your parents did to you, Forest sent to the little girl as she rocked her gently back and forth.

Rin’s surprisingly strong little arms held her close as Forest held her close, fighting the tears. She felt something wet slide across her cheek and Rin looked up. “Mother! Your eyes are bleeding!” she exclaimed in horror as she reached up and lightly touched Forest’s cheeks.

Forest gave a tiny laugh and said, “I’m crying Baby, that’s all.”

“Oh, Mother,” Rin said as she hugged her close this time, “I didn’t mean to make you cry, I’m sorry.”

“No, no, I’m crying because I’m happy Rin, very happy,” she said with a sniffle as Rin pulled away to look at her.

Rin stroked her cheek and asked, “Really?” The look of hope on Rin’s face was almost crushing. Forest hugged the warm body close and nodded, stroking her fingers through Rin’s long hair.

“Really, Baby,” Forest assured her as she carried her to where Gabriel was waiting.

Gabriel’s eyes lit up at the sight of them and he produced his handkerchief and mopped up her face. Forest laughed at the attention as Gabriel said, “Well, are you two ready to go?”

Rin nodded enthusiastically as she leaned on Forest with a grin. Forest nodded and said, “Let’s go home.”

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. . . At least I have a genuine excuse to skip the lemon scenes this time - I went through them once already. :)

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Also, are you going to do the Sakura version of this that you suggested back on old BL? Because that seemed like it would be a really good story....

I'd like to because I have some really wicked ideas for it. It's just one of those things where time is a factor and I don't want to get burned out.

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“Mother!” Forest lifted her head at the familiar shriek as she saw someone that was covered head to toe in mud and clutching a baseball bat in her hands running into the living room. Leaves were sticking up in Rin’s raven, mud streaked pony tail, but underneath the rich, earthy smell of mud Forest smelled the sweet, coppery tang of blood.

Forest stood up and marked her book before rushing over towards her daughter. She dropped down on one knee and asked, “Where are you hurt, Baby?”

“I skinned my knee, I swear, I was playing baseball with some of the local boys and they started picking on this other boy,” Rin said as she scowled and looked for a place to sit down.

Forest frowned and asked, “What happened?”

“They called him things, mean things you would not want me repeating about his family line. He just sat there and he looked so sad,” Rin said with a sigh as Forest propelled her to the bathroom.

“So, what happened with the boy?” Forest asked as she started peeling off Rin’s muddy clothing to throw into the wash.

Rin snorted, “Someone threw a baseball at him. He caught it. Without looking at it.”

Forest blinked and asked, “Really?”

“He was really pretty, like you Mother,” Rin said with a tiny smile, “Dark curly hair and dark blue eyes. He seemed really delicate, but he caught that ball so fast without even looking at it.”

The vampire tilted her head curiously and said, “So, poppet, with what hand did he catch the ball with?”

“His left,” Rin said, “And then they began to crowd around him to beat him up and he just stared at them like he didn’t care.”

Forest chuckled to herself and said, “Did you fight all those boys by yourself?”

“And I won! Except I ended up scraping my knee. Which was weird because that boy watched the blood and had a really odd look on his face, mother,” Rin said as she stepped into the tub and turned on the shower.

Forest asked, “What sort of look, Baby?”

“The same sort of look you get when you get hungry.”


One thing Forest became quickly aware of as the years pasted was that her daughter’s IQ was about forty points higher than hers, and Forest wasn’t a slouch. Just Rin was brilliant, a genius even if what the IQ test the school made Rin take was any indication of. Gabriel, who was sort of the figurehead guardian because he didn’t have to worry about sunlight and he didn’t look like a teenager, had received many phone calls about Rin’s precarious nature and her intelligence. Her teachers often commented that even though Rin was a model student she seemed bored in most of her classes.

So by the age of thirteen Rin could speak eight languages including her own native Japanese because Forest had a real quirk with learning and teaching languages. Forest was also very good with music, but that was something Rin could never master. She would get frustrated at the instruments and her singing skills were so off key they were laughable. However, that didn’t stop her from listening to her mother play her beloved violin or hearing her sing.

However, Forest was letting three other people handle Rin’s training with magic, four with the random visits that Brenna gave when ever the witch was feeling whimsical. She had a feeling that Wynn and Gabriel were neck and neck for her favorite magical teacher. Wynn showed her more practical things, but it seemed that Rin had the same love of books that Forest’s godson did. Forest was glad that Rin was learning things that no other magus would think to learn or even go outside the box to learn.

Rin didn’t even need to bleed to store mana in her jewels anymore, she had learned the secret to pouring her energy into a stone with focus from a detective acquaintance of Gabriel’s, who was also Japanese. Ami-nee was perhaps one of Rin’s favorite people who wasn’t in Forest’s immediate circle. It wasn’t that Forest didn’t like the small Shinto sorceress, in fact they got along very well, they just didn’t really click for true friendship. However the living embodiment of zen seemed to love Forest’s adopted daughter very much. Still, she was perhaps the strictest instructor she had, even breaking one of Rin’s ribs during a training exorcize once.

Forest knew she was hard with Rin’s training on occasion but she always took care not to actually hurt her. However Rin adored her martial arts training despite all the bumps and bruises she would receive, and with her reinforcement she was becoming a worthy sparring partner for Forest just for fun. Even though she couldn’t go full tilt on her little girl, she did enjoy the fact that Rin was becoming a force unto herself.

She smiled as she picked up a photo of Rin and herself standing together in front of the Tower of London. The photo was taken at night of course, but Rin had wanted to visit the tower when she was about ten, because apparently that’s where mages were trained at. She had told Forest she had no desire to be taught in the Tower herself, but she wanted to go there for curiosity’s sake. So Forest pulled some strings to get a night tour and they’d had a wonderful time.

Forest had locked them in a dungeon as she told Rin a story of when she’d been caught, and escaped, from here herself a really long time ago. Rin had looked up at her and asked why she had been caught and Forest had simply told her, “That’s a story for when you’re older.”

Then they both ogled the British Crown Jewels, with Forest explaining to Rin that the Prince Black Ruby wasn’t really a ruby, but in fact a spinel. Which was hilarious considering one of the word’s largest diamonds was set right above it. Rin stared fascinated as she mused how much mana each stone could hold, except for the diamonds. They both had learned the hard way that diamonds sucked for magical use because they were so dense and couldn’t hold much mana. Which suited Rin fine because they were too expensive and Forest didn’t like diamonds because they weren’t colorful enough to catch her interest most of the time.

She traced her finger over the photo and smiled. Rin was bundled up in a bright red coat and wore black wool tights under her black skirt and her hair was in its usual pigtails. She was smiling and her aquamarine eyes were bright as she and Forest embraced. Forest scowled slightly at her tall, gangly body in its long coat and her too big nose. Rin was turning out to be a beautiful girl as they all had predicted, but her inside was just as beautiful as her outside.

“Mother!” Forest herd Rin shout from outside the library. Forest poked her head out and saw Rin giving her a horrified look. Forest frowned as she put the photo down and walked towards her daughter. She smelled something earthy that smacked heavily of blood coming from the girl as she realized what happened.

Forest smiled and said, “You started your period, congratulations, Rin.”

“I’m dying,” the girl wailed as she pressed herself against her mother and Forest drew her close. She continued, “I hurt everywhere and I’m bloated and I smell bad, Mother.”

She kissed Rin’s forehead and said, “You don’t smell that bad, Poppet. Come on, lets go lay down and I’ll get you a hot water bottle and ibuprofen.”


School had almost gotten to the point where it had become a chore for her. Rin spent most of the days trying to dream up new strategies to slip up her mother in training rather than paying attention to whatever the teacher was saying. She was able to pay just enough attention so if she was called upon, she could answer the question and remove doubt from the teacher’s mind that she was slacking off.

High school was quite a bit different than middle-school in structure, but it boiled down to the same basic practice. She was in the “advanced placement” classes, but even they didn’t provide too much challenge. It probably would have been easy to skip grades, but she was smart enough to know how much that would make her stand out. She didn’t really want to be noticed, even though that was getting rather hard with all the dates she was being asked out on.

She hadn’t accepted any of the invitations, of course, but it wasn’t so much that she didn’t WANT to go out with a boy, it was more that she hadn’t found one interesting enough. Just like mother, she would wait until someone met her fancy and then she would go from there. But for now, at least, there seemed to be a rule about the boys at this school: Attractive, Single, Mentally Stable – Please choose two…

What she was concerned with most now was preparing for College. She might just be a freshman, but it didn’t hurt to plan out these kinds of activities far in advance. Especially since she was going to have to manage a ‘study-abroad’ in her junior year and still keep her honors diploma. It was going to be tough to make sure she could count the credits and that they would still be advanced placement.

The promise to The Man That Gave Me Chromosomes had turned into an annoying one, but if there was one thing Rin Forest didn’t do, it was turn her back on a promise. So even if the Mages Association or her abandoned name meant nothing to her now, there was still her pride and honesty. Mother had told her that she was never allowed to break a promise unless it was made under false pretenses.

And while it could be argued that it HAD been made under false pretenses, she still held onto it. In his defense, he had told her what the war involved and what her duty was and then asked her to promise. And she had. So there was no turning back on it now. Besides, she was anxious to show those upstart Maguses what a true spell slinger could do.

So, she would take part in the grail war with mother and her Saber and then return home to finish her high-school education. Doing everything she could, she should hopefully get a full ride to the college of her choosing. Even though it would be nothing for her mother to pay for it, it was important to Rin that she make it her own way. She had taken so much from her mother, she had to become self sufficient as soon as she could.

She knew Forest didn’t care. Beyond that, she actually enjoyed having someone to use her enormous wealth on, but it clashed with Rin’s ideals. Hell, it clashed with her mother’s ideal paradoxically, but she was overlooking it so that she could spoil her beloved daughter. And Rin loved her, too. More than anything, Rin loved her mother. She owed everything to her and cringed to think what would have happened if she hadn’t picked her up that cold night so long ago.

“Is something amusing, Miss Forest?” asked the man at the front of the room. She had apparently been smiling again, as she always was when her mind wondered to her mother. Her chemistry teacher seemed to have it out for her, always trying and calling her out. Most probably because she was outscoring the man’s own daughter consistently in the exams.

“A bit, yes, Mr. Morris,” Rin said to him. “You say that Curie was infected because of the work she did, her contracted anemia was most likely due to her prolonged exposure to radiation. Yet it was said by Albert Einstein that she was the only person he ever knew NOT to be infected by another harmful substance. Fame.”

“I… see,” said the man and he continued his study in the field of monotone. Rin was already back into her thoughts, planning out her classes for the next few years. And right now, more than the impending Heaven’s Feel, she was more worried that she apparently had to have 4 semesters of some sort of Fine Art; her true nemesis.

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Damn, this means I have to fulfill my end of the bargain don't it?

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Update is win.

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Ah hah! An update!

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“Mother... are you SURE I can’t go out Hunting with you, tonight?” Rin pleaded, holding the vampire’s arm and tugging at it.

Her mother sighed and replied, “Not this time, Rin. You have two tests tomorrow, AND you start your job at the supermarket right after school.”

Rin huffed and said, “Well, it’s not like any of that’s really taxing on me, mother… You know that.”

“That may or may not be true, baby,” she said to her. Forest’s arms wrapped around her and Rin stared up to the indigo eyes peering down at her. “Don’t underestimate what a change in routine can do to you.”

Rin sighed and pulled out of the hug, “Fine. I guess I’ll see you later, then… Love you.” She folded her arms and frowned, staring away from the taller woman.

“Gee, that was heartfelt,” her mother said and she came up and tussled her hair. “And I love you, too, my little Rin.”

Rin waved her hands above her head to try and bat away her mother’s teasing and ended up giggling again. She hugged her goodbye and was soon alone in the giant compound once again. It seemed pointless, but she pulled out her school books and began to go over what was going to be on the exams.


The vibration of her OTHER baby’s 327 V-8 massaged her hands through the steering wheel as Forest drove down the narrow streets. The other reason she couldn’t have her beloved daughter with her tonight was that she was going to try and get some information, and that usually meant bars. Trying to slip Rin into one of those places would have made her task many times harder.

What she was after was something she had been trying to follow for a couple years now. Her daughter had told her of an odd boy that she had her suspicions about, and now there were more and more reports of some of her kin being attacked by a kid. Most of them had seen it as a joke and had just thrashed the kid to teach him a lesson, but sooner or later, he was going to piss off the wrong customer.

If she was right, there was a dhampire running around. They were rare, and she knew that the poor boy was going to be hunted soon if anyone else put things together. She wanted to get to him first, so that he might have a chance. There wasn’t much of one at this point, but she was still willing to try.

The Camaro found its way between two cars along the curb and she hopped out of it. The bar she had come to was about as seedy as they came, complete with the row of motorcycles parked out front. This area wasn’t called Hell’s Kitchen for nothing, she supposed. Still, she had a feeling she would run into an old ‘friend’ here.

The door to the bar opened, revealing a room no better lit than the street it was next to and there was the familiar turn of heads as she glided into the room. The darkness was welcome to her, as her eyes saw everything as if it were broad daylight and she quickly found who she had come to talk to. She made her way over to a table situated in the back corner.

Two men were seated there, playing cards with two other men across from them. The two she was interested with were facing her and yellow eyes caught her first. There was a momentary flash of fear before a cool smile formed on the red-heads face. His boot hit the blonde haired hulk of a man next to him, getting his attention and then nodding to Forest.

“Law Unto her Fucking Self,” said Hawk Hunters. “To what do we owe THIS honor?”

Forest pulled up a chair and sank gracefully into it before crossing her legs up and swinging the highest one. It was a slight annoyance, but Forest always needed to have some body part in constant motion unless something was truly captivating her admittedly short attention span. Besides, she liked the way Hawk’s eyes lingered on that one black jean clad leg as she bounced it up and down as she eyed both him and the werewolf. She grinned at both and answered, “Well, my dear Hawk, I need information.”

“I mean, I’ve even been a good boy lately, the Game’s no fun since your side got another piece,” Hawk pointed out as his grin widened and his topaz eyes glinted.

Like her, Hawk had been turned at nineteen, which was one of the reasons they gravitated to each other. However, in life Forest had been a warrior while Hawk sold his sword arm for money as a mercenary. Even though Forest had done the same herself as partial gain of her mass fortune, she was particular who she sold her skills to or who she had to kill. She was a murder with morals. Hawk was just a murder for money with no scruples.

Forest grinned and replied, “What, my Baby’s too much for you?”

“She’s not human and you know it. She’s a goddamn monster,” Hawk proclaimed, “And she’s still in puberty. What the fuck are you going to do when she grows up?”

She shrugged and replied, “Maybe I’m training an heir, who knows? She’s worthy enough.”

“No, only you can be Law Unto Herself,” Hawk proclaimed as he pounded his index finger on the table before pointing at her, “Your little monster is not nearly as fun, or hot, as you are.”

Forest glared and said, “My daughter’s beautiful and you know it.”

“Yeah, but she’s not my type. Never went into the whole Asian thing. I prefer leggy Celtic blonds with the sort of voice that causes a raging hard on when you hear her say your name,” Hawk retorted with a grin.

She smirked, tilted her head and purred, “Jason. Hunters.”

“You do not call him that name you fucking bitch,” Dave snarled at her, his face already starting to become elongated as he turned towards her.

Forest turned towards him and said, “You’d better sit down before I decide that Hawk’s pet needs to be neutered again.”

“Listen to the lady,” Hawk said with a chuckle as he turned to face Forest with a grin, “Nicely played, Fore, so what the hell are you here for? I’ve kept my nose fairly clean recently thank you very much.”

Forest strummed her now crimson fingernails on the scarred wood of the table and replied, “I want information.”

“About what? And I don’t give it freely, Fore,” Hawk said with a grin, yet he never kept his eyes off of her.

Forest smiled and answered brightly, “Well, I don’t beat the both of you into miserable bloody piles, how’s that as payment, Hawk my lad?”

“Maybe I like it when you beat me,” Hawk said with a grin before a frown crossed his face.

Dave snorted, “Goddamn it, Hawk, just fuck her and get her out of your goddamn system. This fucking game you’ve been playing for the past five hundred years has gone too far. She wins. Every. Damn. Time.”

“It’s more than just sex I want from her, Dave,” Hawk said quietly as his golden eyes looked over at Forest adoringly, “I want her to want me.”

Forest grinned and retorted in a sing song voice, “Well, Satan’ll start making snowballs before that happens, Hawk my boy.”

“Dude, just fucking take her. I’ll hold her down for you and I won’t even take a turn. Besides, she’s too fucking skinny,” Dave said imploringly as he gestured at Hawk.

Her eyes narrowed and she arched back, flinging her foot up. The steel toed boot caught the werewolf in the chin and snapped his head back. There was a snapping sound like a green twig that reverberated through out the booth, but Dave snapped his head forward with a crack as the bones repaired. He growled at her, his brown eyes already starting to turn golden as Forest calmly flicked her duster back. “I don’t think so, Dave, not unless you want Hawk to lose his loyal pet.”

“You really think you could take me, Bitch? I’ve kicked your ass before!” Dave snarled as his hackles started to rise as the transformation started to overtake him.

If he transformed here not even Hawk would be able to pull him back, but Forest didn’t care. One thing she hated with a fiery passion was werewolves. She would have loved to put a bullet between his beady eyes. Then she would have gushed to her beloved Rin about it and then they would have proceeded to squeal over tea, juice and fruit. She smiled, waiting for the transformation and the justification to finally put the mutt to sleep when Hawk reached up, grabbed Dave by the shoulders and pushed him down into the seat.

Hawk’s eyes glinted like topaz as he sneered, “You do not ever attack her with the intention to kill her, do you hear me? You are mine and you pledged yourself to me. You are bound to follow my orders and you are not to attack her to kill her. You are never to kill or rape her in any fashion, you hear me, David?”

Forest blinked at Hawk’s semi-impressive display of dominance as Dave bowed his head and rumbled, “I understand, my friend.”

“Good, now that we got that cleared up, let’s see what Fore wants,” Hawk said with a smile as he playfully tussled Dave’s dark blond mop of hair. Hawk was boyishly adorable with his slightly curly bright red hair and golden eyes with his impish nature. Forest knew he had to be covered head to toe in freckles when he had been alive because he seemed to have that charm about him. So Hawk’s whole faded, beat up blue jeans, red Converse and black T-shirt emblazed with the Anarchy symbol fit him. However, Dave’s grunge look of flannel, longish unkempt hair and baggy, faded rock band T-shirts that seemed to moan their lyrics. And not in the sexy way Maynard moans, Forest thought to herself as Hawk turned to face her.

Forest said, “Reports of a kid trying to hunt vampires, you know anything, like where it’s happening?”

“Why do you care?” Hawk asked with a grin, “Could be some kid who’s seen too many episodes of Buffy.”

Forest snorted, “There is no such thing as too many episodes of Buffy and we both no that. No, I’m trying to stop him from getting killed, Hawk.”

“Forest the Bleeding Heart,” Hawk sighed, “Off saving puppies and damsels in distress.”

She snorted, “Not puppies, animals generally do not like our kind. Except for Tweedle Dumb beside you.”

The werewolf growled but both vampires ignored him as Hawk said, “Still, it’s just one dumb kid, why do you care?”

Because he could be something really special, Forest thought to herself but aloud she said, “Because you know me, I can’t leave helpless kids be even if they’re out hunting vampires.”

“You’re hiding something Fore,” Hawk said as his golden eyes narrowed. She felt him reach into her mind, or rather attempt to. She chuckled as he made a face, shook his head and stared at her with a scowl.

Forest tapped her temple and said, “Hawk, my lad, you should be well aware that you cannot look into my head at this point nor will you ever be able to.”

He shrugged and said, “Something along Broadway. Ask the whores.”

She sighed as they resumed their card game. She was half way out of the bar when one of the men that Hawk and Dave were playing cards with grabbed her arm. He had slicked back brownish hair that was obviously thinning in front and bulging unremarkable blue yes. He had an ill fitting suit and smelled slightly oily. She stared down at him and he managed to cower back from her and run his fingers through his slicked back hair.

“Oh geeze, you are Law Unto Herself . . . You know, you’re fucking hot?” he said with a leer.

She folded her arms under her small breasts and snorted, “And out of your sodding league. What did you want to talk to me about?”

“The kid. One of the vamps I run daylight errands for got attacked by him. Beat the living shit out of him and thought nothing of it, thought it was funny even,” the Judas Goat explained with a grin.

Forest’s lip curled in disgust at the man before her. He was the type that would betray his kind for money or the chance of immortality. She had the urge to punt him across the room, but that would be useless because generally when she got rough with this type they started reeking with lust and that was never a comfortable thing for her. She asked, “And where was this?”

“Like Hawky-boy said, around Broadway. Apparently the kid haunts alleys but the whores talk to him, say he’s a really pretty boy and he keeps the pimps from getting too rough with them,” he explained with a grin.

Forest blinked at the rumors spinning around the dhampire boy as the jerk continued, “And when I ran around with the mob there was this kid who use to fight in the cage fights for cash. He’d take down guys twice his size and he was a scrawny little thing, really pretty. Wore a silver cross around his neck, a big one.”


It stank here, the hot ammonia smell of urine mixed with the sweetly rotting smell of garbage mixed together in the spring air with ease. Yet it was a smell he was use to. However, getting smacked in the face by a brick wall while smelling old blood mixed with said scents was something else. His vision flashed red as he began to snarl, baring fangs, albeit smaller than the thing pushing him into the wall.

He let the rage over take him as he shoved his hands between and away from the arms holding him against the wall. He knew the thing was stronger and faster than him, but he knew a hell of a lot about leverage and how to use his own enhanced strength and speed. Yet the hunger pangs in his stomach and the lack of calories supplying his metabolism of what it needed to function was vexing as well. He knew he couldn’t starve to death though, even if his body did began to cannibalize itself.

Besides, there was another route he could take if it got to far. It would be easy he realized as he was slung against the wall again with a hand on his throat. He placed his hands on the wrist holding him and he got a flash. He clinched his eyes shut, trying to force the vision from his mind but it was too great.

The girl was hot under him, she smelled like vanilla, sweat, and sweet, metallic blood. She screamed and pushed on his shoulders as he reached down to lift her skirt up onto her belly. That only made him harder as those wide, soft brown eyes stared fearfully up at him. He smirked as he nuzzled the hollow of her throat as he easily ripped off the pink cotton barrier.

“No,” he sneered at the thing holding him, even more of a monster than he’d originally thought. He ripped off his cross and drove it straight into the thing’s eye. There was a rewarding pop as cool fluid that smelled saltier than blood and felt sort of like jell-o that they use to serve at the orphanage hit his hand. Then there was a hot sizzle as the holy item of the cross backed by his faith, pathetic as it was, started to burn the vampire’s eye.

Smoke rose from the vampire’s face as the boy forced his cross free and took a stance. The vampire lunged at him and pinned him to the wall. There was snarling in his throat as the thing sneered, “I know what you are, brat and I’m going to kill you.”

“Didn’t think you could fucking kill anything else that wasn’t a little girl,” he retorted as his air supply began to cut out.

His eyes widened in horror as the vampire smirked as he reached up and played with a lock of curly, dark brown hair. “You know what, you’re exceptionally pretty, especially for a boy.”

Ice ran through his veins as he was pressed harder into the wall. His chest tightened as his heart started to race in his chest as the vampire whispered, “I think I’ll take you before I kill you, boy.”

“Oh geeze, a pedophile as well as a murder, that’s bloody original,” a female voice drawled behind the vampire. The boy looked up, half expecting the girl with the aquamarine eyes from so long ago, the image of those eyes narrowing with fire on his behalf as she took on all of those boys by herself and won was burned into his brain forever.

However, instead of raven hair and large, aquamarine eyes set into gorgeous Asian features, a tall, slim blond with one eyebrow cocked wearing a leather duster stood there. The dim lights coming from the street haloed her long, golden hair as she stood behind the vampire as she placed one hand on her hip and drawled, “Now here is the part where I demand that you let the boy go before I kill you.”

“And who the hell do you think you are thinking that you could kill me?” the vampire hissed at the blond.

The blond tilted her head, much like a crow’s the boy realized, as she said, “You stupid pillock, I’m older and probably more infamous than you.”

The boy’s head jerked towards the blond and his eyes widened as he felt the cold, familiar rush of power signaling what she was. She was another vampire, but he didn’t feel the incapacitating urge to kill when she was around. He didn’t know if because she was female, because he’d never encountered a female vampire before, or what, but he didn’t feel the all compelling urge to kill her. “What, you sense something I’m not halfbreed?” the vampire holding him sneered as he pressed the boy against the wall with his knees between his legs.

“Don’t call him a half breed, wanker,” the blond continued in her lilting, almost sing song accent in her husky voice, “It’s rude and distasteful.”

“Get away you stupid bi . . .” The vampire never had the chance to finish his insult when the cannon roar deafened the boy. Fire shot through the alley, illuminating it for a moment as the vampire’s head exploded like a melon all over the boy’s face. He sneered at the blood and thicker things that splattered on him and it smelled cold and moldy.

He stood there, not moving a muscle in fear that the blood and other things were going to get worse when the blond walked over to him. She smiled and it was beautiful. Nothing like the Asian girl that one time, but she was gorgeous and like his aquamarine eyed angel, she’d saved him. She made a face and said, “I didn’t mean to get you messy, lad, but why don’t you come with me.”

“Why? You’re a fucking vampire too,” he sneered at her.

To his amazement, the blond reached out and boxed his ear. Combined with the already ringing from the gun shot it made the boy’s head spin and he had to keep hold of the wall so he wouldn’t fall. However it wasn’t antagonistic considering the glare now marring her cameo like features.

“First off, you’re too young to use that language. Second off you’re too young to be a beggar and a vagrant. So you’re coming home with me,” she said as she grabbed his arm and started to drag him out of the alley.

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Damn, this means I have to fulfill my end of the bargain don't it?

Yes you do. :) And look ^ MORE of an update.

May 25th, 2011, 09:37 PM
So he has to double his compensation?

May 25th, 2011, 09:38 PM
Yes you do. :) And look ^ MORE of an update.

When I finally finish your other update, I see another one?! Is there going to be a third one tonight?

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I don't care if it's a repost, I've been waiting on this fic for awhile now!

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Shush, Irun! I doubt most of these people read the original one. Which they're going to have a giant surprise later on.

Lotus Saint
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The original?
Did you steal it from Gil?

May 25th, 2011, 09:46 PM
Who do you think his minions stole it from in the first place?

May 25th, 2011, 11:24 PM
well the latest chapter I remember from the old BL(I didnt sign up at that point) had something about forest being pregnant....

May 25th, 2011, 11:46 PM
well the latest chapter I remember from the old BL(I didnt sign up at that point) had something about forest being pregnant....

LOL, don't spoil the N00Bs please. :)

May 25th, 2011, 11:59 PM
I know....

May 26th, 2011, 06:46 AM
Hmm, I don't remember reading that, and I thought I had a copy that went beyond the last post you made on the old BL, so....

May 26th, 2011, 06:51 PM
same here..

May 26th, 2011, 07:45 PM
I'm working on that snippet okay? It'll be done and ready to post by Saturday. So until then, I think I'll need some more chapters to keep on going :P

May 26th, 2011, 10:19 PM
I'm working on that snippet okay? It'll be done and ready to post by Saturday. So until then, I think I'll need some more chapters to keep on going :P

Did you ever read it on the old BL?

May 28th, 2011, 01:36 AM
I remember lurking and reading the first chapter, I think. But beyond on that, no.

May 28th, 2011, 01:48 AM
I remember lurking and reading the first chapter, I think. But beyond on that, no.

Oooh, a virgin to it . . .

“Oh, Baby, I’m home!” Forest’s voice rang out jovially, jarring Rin from her studies. She looked at the clock and smiled, her mother was home early for her tonight and they’d spend some time together before bed. She jumped out of the chair and ran down the hall to see her mother beaming at her.

Standing beside her mother however was someone that looked vaguely familiar. A gorgeous boy actually, with pale angular features and deep, dark blue eyes that widened at the sight of Rin. Rin skidded to a halt as they stared at each other, recognition and hope playing in the boy’s features.

It was the same look she had seen before, several years ago. The boy was older now, of course, but it had to be him. She tilted her head and walked up to him. With her arm extended, she said very plainly, “I am Rin Forest, it’s nice to meet you.”

There was a visible downcast on his features as he took her hand. He obviously knew who she was and was now scared that she didn’t remember him. “I’m… uh… Quinn Frost… likewise…” he said back to her, flushing a bit.

He seemed sincere enough, and looked to have been through a lot. Rin tended not to trust too many people she just met, but her mother had seen fit to bring him home, so maybe she could lighten up for him a bit. “So, I finally get to know your name from all those years ago,” she said with a smile.

His head rose up and revealed as much of a smile she figured the boy capable of. “So… it was you, right? You’re the girl that fucking stood up for me, right?!” he said, getting a bit excited.

Rin nodded, starting to understand just what a Hell this kid had been through. All she had done was beat up some bullies that were picking on him. From the excitement he was showing… it was obvious that nobody ever seemed to do that for him. She may have even been the only one, except for Mother now, of course.

“You look like you’re about to implode, you know?” Rin said to him, sighing. “It can’t be helped, come along to the kitchen and I’ll fix you something to eat.”

Rin wasn’t about to acknowledge the little smile on her mother’s face.


At first, having the boy around had seemed nice. He was shy, but very intelligent and was an interesting addition to the house. But, to Rin’s horror, it seemed that Mother was not prepping him to leave. More so, it seemed like he was going to be adopted just like she was. And that wasn’t something she really thought she wanted.

For years, it had just been her and her mother, and they had become a family. Sure, it wasn’t the most normal of families and they had had to overcome many challenges, but it worked. It was all she wanted, really. And now, without even asking her, Mother had expanded that family.

Upon her mother’s insistence, Quinn was now enrolled at her school. He went to and from school with her, following her everywhere like a damned puppy. He would even show up at her job from time to time. It was getting really annoying. What right did he have to just barge into her life like this??

Like clockwork, it only took a few minutes after she got home before he was in her room with ‘questions’ for his homework. Did he really expect her to believe that he was having trouble with these simple problems? She knew him well enough to know that his intelligence was far beyond the homework.

He came up to her with the book and she swung around in her chair, her eyes already narrowing. “Dammit, Quinn! This is MY room! I come in here to be with MYself. Got it?!” she yelled at him before he even had a chance to speak. She got up out of the chair and folded her arms under her chest and glared at him.

His eyes were wide and he took a step back. “What?!” he slipped. In a quick moment, he was already snarling at her, “Fine you fucking bitch! All I wanted to do was ask you some fucking questions! Fuck you!”

The anger in Rin boiled up and she screamed at him, “Don’t you DARE talk to me that way!! Who the fuck do you think you are??” She was at the verge of pulling adrenaline she was so livid.

The only reply she got was his middle finger as he stormed out of the room. Rin slammed the door behind him as hard as she could. She walked back to her desk, but the rage still had a hold of her and she picked up her books and threw them at the wall. “It’s not fair!” she screamed as she punched the wall she had just thrown the books at.


Forest bit her lip as she gently rapped on her daughter’s door. She had never in the entire time she had been with Rin known this door to be locked, but it was now. She had, of course heard the exchange earlier and the destruction following it. It had finally died down and she figured the girl had finally calmed down a bit.

Rin’s reaction to the boy was a bit troubling to her, as she would have figured Rin more compassionate and accepting of him. But more and more, she seemed to almost be resenting him, treating him like an unwanted pest. Now the boy was on the roof entertaining thoughts of leaving and living on his own again. He was genuinely hurt by her.

“I don’t care who it is, go away,” came a reply from inside the door.

“I’m not going away, Rin. We’re going to talk,” Forest told her. She wasn’t asking and if need be, she did have the key to the door.

Unsurprisingly, the door was reluctantly unlocked, and Rin opened it a crack before jumping back on her bed and wrapping her arms around the large stuffed cat that Forest had bought her several years ago. Her right hand was clutched deep inside of the soft toy and Forest could smell the slight coppery scent of her daughter’s blood. She knew that the girl had punched the wall hard enough to wreck her knuckles.

“Rin… I heard what you said to Quinn…” Forest began, locking eyes with the young girl.

“I’m not sorry,” Rin said simply. Her eyes glared and burned into her as Forest walked in and sat on the bed as well.

“You are, Rin, but you’re just so angry right now you don’t see it,” she said gently. “What’s gotten you so riled up, baby?”

“Him! He follows me everywhere and is constantly in my business!” Rin huffed, breaking eye contact.

There was one thing that Forest never let her daughter get away with. Her eyes narrowed as she raised her hand and slapped the girl in the face. It wasn’t very hard, but it would have stung decently well. “I am not raising a liar, Rin!” she said to the girl sternly.

Already angry from before, Rin held her hand to her face and glowered at her mother. “What do you mean?! I told you why I was angry! Why did you hit me?!” she yelled at her.

Forest moved forward a bit, saying, “That’s not what’s causing all of this, Rin. There’s something sparking all this aggression and your head is too clouded up right now to see it!”

Rin slumped back against the wall huffing and turning her head away. She crossed her arms and absently asked, “Why did you bring him here anyway?”

Forest sighed and replied, “Because he would have been killed, Rin. You know that. You don’t want him to die, do you?”

“Of course not, mother… but why does he have to live here? With us?” she asked, again quiet. Forest could hear a slight emphasis on ‘us’ there, giving her some clues where this might be heading.

“If he went back out there, Rin, he would go right back into what he was doing before… and he would eventually be killed then, too,” Forest replied. She moved forward more and raked her fingers through her daughter’s bangs pushing them aside to see her conflicted eyes. “Where’s this heading? What do you want to tell me?”

“You never asked me, mother… you just did it on your own. We’re supposed to be a family, but you treated me as just a tenant…” Rin admitted to her softly, a tear running down her cheek.

Forest’s heart sank. She gathered up her daughter and brought her close, hugging her tightly. “Oh baby… I’m so sorry. That’s not what I meant at all…” Forest said to her, rocking her gently.

A few sobs escaped the girl and she replied, “I… I know, mother… I just don’t want to lose our family…”

A bloody tear fell down her own cheek. To this day, it was her daughter’s greatest fear. That something would happen and she would be alone again. For the longest time after they had first come to live together, Rin would have nightmares about her leaving, waking up crying. The fear was still there, and probably always would be.

“Nothing’s going to happen to our family, Rin. You’re still my beloved daughter. Nothing will ever change that,” Forest said to comfort the girl. “But… if I had exercised the same selfish feelings you are right now back then, what would have happened?”

Rin looked up to her, her beautiful eyes marred by the tears and replied, “I’d be alone…” She leaned back and Forest could feel the shame in the girl. “And… now I’m trying to take away Quinn’s chance at happiness because I don’t want it to get in the way of mine…”

Forest nodded to her. Rin bowed her head and apologized to her mother. She accepted the girls apology and then asked, “But, to be honest, I’m not the one you should really be apologizing to, now am I?”

“I suppose not… I’ll just have to get used to his constant nagging, I suppose,” Rin said, wiping the tears from her eyes.

Forest couldn’t help but giggle at the girl. Sometimes, for as smart as she was, her little Rin was pretty dense.

Rin stared at her and finally demanded, “What’s so funny, mother?”

“You honestly don’t know why he hounds you so?” Forest replied.

“I guess because he’s lonely,” Rin answered, tilting her head.

“That’s part of it, but tell me, does he talk to other children at school? Does he try and make friends there, if he’s so lonely?”

“No… he mostly avoids everyone else. Most of the girls are desperate to date him, but he won’t really even talk to them,” Rin said. She then tilted her head and asked, “What are you getting at, mother?”

“He’s head over heels in love with you, poppet!” Forest said cheerfully.

As expected, the look of horror and confusion on her daughter’s face was priceless. “Wh…wha….WHAT?!?!” Rin exclaimed. Her face turned crimson and she quickly shuffled around, looking everywhere but at her mother. “Wh…Why would he be… like that… to me?”

“Ah, maybe because you were the only person that ever stuck up for him? Not to mention you’re completely gorgeous, dear,” Forest told her. “But come on, let’s get your hand bandaged up before you set off his bloodlust when you go talk to him.”


Rin opened the door to the roof and shuddered as the cold assaulted her. Her jacket protected her from most of it besides what was blowing in her face as she walked out onto the top of her home. She found Quinn there, sitting and staring off the side of the building, wearing only a hoodie against the cold.

His stare was emotionless and his deep blue eyes were slightly glazed over in bitterness. She bit her lip, only realizing now how much she had hurt him. She walked over next to him so that she could talk to him.

“You don’t have to fucking do this, Rin,” he said to her. His voice was perfectly monotone, not a hint of inflection or accents. “If you’re up here to apologize because you got in trouble with Fore, then just fucking stuff it.”

“I don’t do anything because I’m told, Quinn,” Rin said to him. “You should know that by now.” She physically got in front of him so that he would be forced to look at her and locked eyes with him. “But, I won’t say that I didn’t need help in realizing what I was doing.”

“What do you mean?” he asked her.

Rin sighed, and admitted, “I was taking out my jealousy on you, Quinn. I saw you as an intruder into my family and someone that might try and take my mother away from me.” It was hard being this damned honest, but she had to come clean now, after being so hateful with him before.

“Why the fuck would I take your mother away from you?” he asked her. His voice was still mostly monotone, but she could here it crack now and again.

“Because it’s an irrational fear, Quinn. I was alone, too… and I can’t go back to that. I NEED her love,” Rin said. She was amazed at how much she was telling him. Normally, it would take someone years before she would admit any of these things to them.

“Well, I’m not going to take your mother away. I’ll be gone in the morning, so you don’t have to fucking worry,” he said, turning away again.

Rin walked up to him and physically pulled him back to facing her. She got close to his face and locked eyes again. “I don’t want you to go, Quinn. And I’m sorry.”


Rin had to lock eyes with him, at the look of those honest aquamarine orbs he was lost. Then she had to genuinely apologize to him and mean every damned word. Quinn sighed and then nodded quietly as he reached into the hoodie Forest had bought him to pull out his cross. He began to twist it along the all too familiar chain as he looked at her.

He said, “You’re no angel, that’s for damned sure, Rin.”

“Are you staying, Quinn?” she asked hopefully.

Quinn nodded and sighed, “Yeah, I am. It’s not like I have any place to fucking go.”

Rin didn’t let go of him, but Quinn could feel the warmth leaving her body out here. He resisted the urge to pull her close and keep her warm so instead he said, “Let’s get inside before you fucking freeze and Fore has my ass.”

“It’s not that cold up here,” Rin replied with her teeth chattering, “And you’re comfortable up here.”

Quinn looked at her, took her arm and retorted, “But you’re not. Besides, it’ll give me a chance to look into your room.”

He gently directed her down stairs in her room. It was the first time he’d really been able to study it and it fascinated him. So, this is what it’s like to actually grow up with someone who really loves you, Quinn thought as he looked at the massive amounts of dolls and stuffed animals that lined the room. His eyes locked on the giant orange stuffed cat lying on the bed. He made note that most of the stuffed animals were indeed cats and that made him grin slightly.

“You like cats,” he said as he looked around and pulled out her chair at the desk. He turned it around, straddled it and folded his arms over it to rest his chin on his lower right arm so his eyes were peering over his arms at her. Rin sank gracefully too the bed as she clutched the giant stuffed cat to her chest and nodded.

He made sure not to touch anything in her room, but he didn’t need to when he was just going to skim with his Sight. He cleared his throat and said, “You and Fore probably had a cat and it didn’t fucking like her because she was a vampire and it clawed and scratched her all the time.”

“We did, we eventually had to give it to Uncle Gabriel because it peed on everything despite being neutered,” Rin said with a nod.

Quinn strummed his fingers along the wood of the chair until he had a fairly decent tune forming. He said, “And you still visit the kitty. Big orange tabby like your stuffed animal, right?”

“Yes, how did you know?” Rin said with a frown, “Are you a clairvoyant?”

He nodded and said, “It’s more intense with touch. Since you were open with me, I should be fucking open with you. It’s fair.”

Aquamarine eyes widened at him as she held her kitty closer. As she watched him, Quinn realized more and more that she wasn’t an angel, but more like one of her beloved plush animals. Rin Forest was indeed a kitty. A black haired, aquamarine eyed, sly kitten. Considering on how shallow his faith was, he would have been fonder of the Kitten than the angel.

After a moment, Quinn asked, “How old were you when Fore found you?”

“Seven,” she answered quietly, “It was right after my Father died, but my family life hadn’t been anything. I didn’t know what love was until Mother found me and took me in.” She then chuckled, “I found out about love and family from a vampire, but then again, magi are not known for their parental skills and love. It’s all about pounding into the family how to be a proper magus.”

Quinn studied her, noting how her raven hair laid across her pale skin and brought out her gorgeous eyes combined with her red turtleneck Rin was stunning. Not to mention her heart matched her outside. Not many people would take on that many people to help a wretched half breed like him. So he watched her, wanting to know everything about her, every detail from what shoe size she wore to what her favorite food was.

Rin swallowed and asked, “What about you Quinn?”

“I . . . hate the Catholic Church,” was all he said as he looked away.

Rin let go of the stuffed animal to move closer to him. She peered up at him with those eyes as she knelt in front of him. He flooded his body as he realized he was how aware of how close she was. The scent of tea and roses hit his nostrils like a Mack truck and kept going, threading through his blood stream until he was pulsing with need. He shifted uncomfortably in his seat.

Then she slapped him with enough force to make his ears ring and his cheek burn. His head was slapped to the side and his vision blurred. He turned back to her once the ringing stopped and looked at her scowling face. He snapped, “What the fuck?”

“I was honest to you, the least you can do is be honest to me,” Rin snorted with a tiny toss of her hair as she glared at him.

Quinn swallowed and said, “You know what I am, right? Fore had to tell you?”

“Yes, a dhampire. The child of a vampire male and a human woman with special abilities. Assuming your clairvoyance, I’d say your mother was a clairvoyant as well,” Rin answered, “It was one of the reasons she was looking for you, she didn’t want you to get killed.”

He hadn’t known Forest long, but he was already starting to get protective of her. Rin was cautious and distrusting by nature; one had to earn her trust as he apparently had. However, Forest was so damned nice that it was going to get her hurt one day. Rin and Forest were cut from the same cloth, but Rin was smart enough to guard herself while Forest’s generosity could easily be abused. Besides, Rin loved her mother very much and anything that could hurt Rin in any way wasn’t going to happen with him around.

Quinn sighed and pulled off his hood. He ran his fingers through his hair and said, “My mother dropped me off in front of a Catholic monastery when I was born with a letter saying what I was. I was in turn shipped to an orphanage because a bunch of vampire hunting monks wouldn’t know how to raise a half breed baby. When I was about five there was a hunter nun who was going to take me away so I could be trained right. Cept she died the night she promised to get me.”

Rin whispered, “I’m sorry, what happened?”

“Vampires of course. Ripped her fucking throat out. So I was forgotten, shoved to another orphanage until they remembered what I was and how to exploit it like their loyal mutt,” Quinn hissed as the repressed memories came back. He was gripping the chair hard enough his nails were biting furrows into it as he continued, “And at that orphanage . . . my powers were kicking in. Not the dhampire blood lust, that didn’t hit until puberty, but my clairvoyance.”

Rin frowned and asked, “So, what did you see, Quinn?”

“You know there’s always stories about pedophile priests, well, they exist,” Quinn muttered as he looked away.

She was up on her feet and staring at him. Her eyes widened as she quietly asked, “Did you . . . ? Did he . . . I mean . . . I shouldn’t even be asking this, Quinn.”

He shook his head and answered, “No Rin, its okay. No, I didn’t get bothered, but I saw what happened and what he did. I even got flashes of who he’d go after next.”

“Half breed freak, why should we listen to you? It’s probably you doing those things and not the Father,” the boy replied as he shoved Quinn away into one of his friends. Quinn was smaller and more delicate than those boys. He was faster, but sometimes he couldn’t always get away.

Rin was staring at him in horror, her hands resting on his arm. He actually relished the contact as he looked up at her in wonder. He continued, “Sometimes there were priest who’d come looking for me, hearing rumors of what I was. So, Father Touch Too Much would get pissed and fucking terrified I’d share his little secret.” His hands gripped the seat even more.

“So he’d shove me into a closet and lock me in.”

He guessed he hadn’t realized the look on his face, or how much he was fidgeting. All he knew that he looked away and was then enveloped in her scent. Rin was hugging him. It was so foreign that he nearly freaked out. Instead, he found himself returning her hug.

“Where is this man now, Quinn?” Rin asked him softly when she finally broke the hug.

“I dunno… I guess he’s still at that fucking orphanage,” Quinn said to her. He cocked his head and asked, “Why?”

She smiled earnestly at him and said, “Because one day we’ll have to make sure he gets what’s coming to him.”

He couldn’t understand. Why was she like this? What had he done for her, really? Was there really a person that was just good-natured like this without some sort of ulterior motive? Sure, she had her own bit of selfishness, but even that was nestled in the need for love. More and more Quinn realized just how hopelessly in love with this girl he was.

Also, to his embarrassment, he realized just how much he desired her in more carnal ways. He was already having to sit a bit weird to try and hide the bulge in his pants, especially after that hug. It was shameful, because the girl had hugged him to make him feel better, and he drew sexual desire from it. Sometimes he cursed his libido.

May 28th, 2011, 01:49 AM
“That’s… impossible, mother,” Rin said, taking a step back. “I think I would know if I were in love with anyone, especially him!”

Her mother gave her a teasing smile and replied, “Oh, no you wouldn’t, and you don’t. Love isn’t something that bright little mind of yours can rationalize, so you’re just as in the dark as the rest of us for once, poppet.”

“But… if I am as you say… then why would I be getting ANGRY instead of feeling happiness at being around him,” Rin asked.

“Well,” her mother said, walking up to her, “that’s because like you say, you don’t understand the feelings you’re experiencing. So you’re getting frustrated and that’s turning to anger. And he’s the origin of all these feelings, so you’re directing this anger towards him, baby.”

Her arms were now cradling Rin, and to this day, nothing calmed her more. Despite the lack of warmth from her mother’s body, just the presence of the woman made her feel safe and more secure. It was reasons like this she would fight tooth and nail to defend her right to call this person ‘mother.’

She slumped into her mother’s grasp. “Dammit… what am I going to do now, mother?” she asked.

The chuckle from the woman gently shook her and Forest replied, “Well, I think that’s something the two of you should talk out, my little Rin. And don’t be afraid to give the guy a chance. You don’t find love that pure… well, really ever, poppet.”

Rin sighed and looked up at her. “I’m not going to just jump into anything, mother. He’ll have to prove himself to me if he truly does want this,” she said.

Another laugh. “I expected no less.”


Quinn found her sitting on her bed again. She was staring at him as if she were studying some foreign animal as she clutched onto the fading orange stuffed cat. He really had no idea why she had called him in here, but he was starting to get nervous. There was no way she could read his mind, right? So she couldn’t know about him thinking of her as he…

“Quinn… we need to talk,” she said, interrupting his train of thought.

“Ah, Okay, Rin,” he said as he drug out the chair and sat in it. He leaned forward against its back as he awaited what she had to say.

Rin sighed and leaned back against the wall. It actually took her a while before she spoke and it was agonizing to Quinn. Finally, she said, “Quinn… it seems… that you are in love with me, is that correct?”

His blood ran ice cold, but he figured he wouldn’t get a better chance than this. He looked her in the eye and replied, “Yes.”

Rin visibly swallowed and blushed. It was incredibly cute looking to see her squirm like this, and it gave him hope that she didn’t balk at all by his answer.

Again, she took her time, but she then replied, “Alright… I accept that… and it seems that I have some feelings for you as well…”

The fact that it look like she was pulling teeth to say those words only mildly dulled his elation. He shot out of the chair and asked her, “Really?”

His action startled the girl, but after she regained her composure she nodded. “Yes, really,” she said. “And… I don’t mean to be hurtful, but I don’t know what to do about this…”

Quinn nodded and began to pace in the room, thinking up things. He had gone over this moment thousands of times in his head, but now that it was happening, his mind was blank. He finally collected himself enough to ask her, “Well, would you like to go to a movie or something… you know… a …date?”

Again, a long pause. He understood that the girl was confused, but didn’t she know how agonizing this was for him? Finally, she replied to him, “I’ll accept under one condition, Quinn.”

Quinn nodded and asked, “What’s that, Rin?”

Her eyes narrowed ever so slightly as she replied, “You have to earn the money you use to take me out. You are not to get a cent from mother or do any side work for her, you must get a real job. If you want me to be your girlfriend, I need to know you have the responsibility for such a thing.”


Computers and electronics in general had never been allies of Rin Forest. They just seemed to not get along with her and she didn’t particularly care for them much, either. It had taken her a lot of patience and practicing through her breaks, but Rin had finally mastered the register and gained her own lane at the supermarket.

It was an accomplishment not only in the fact she had to overcome the computer, but giving an underage worker their own lane was something that had never been done here. She had proved herself through her diligence and had also gotten a raise in the process. It was exhilarating to push herself to succeed like this and was also pushing her goals a bit closer.

With the raise, the time she needed to save to buy her own car or bike was cut down by several months. This way, she would only be relying on mother’s vehicles for maybe half a year before she had her own. Again, her mother wouldn’t have minded just giving her a car. Hell, she would have been happy to, but it was important to Rin that she prove to her mother just how well she had raised her. That she was completely capable of responsibility.

Speaking of responsibility, she had to admit that Quinn had shown his own. He was now employed here at the same supermarket as her as a stock boy. Rin knew it was all because he wanted to take her out for that date… but that made it even sweeter to her. She was used to being loved… but this was different. When he did things for her like this, it made her stomach feel weird. Not bad weird, it was a good feeling, but just odd.

Quinn’s first paycheck was coming up, she knew, and wasn’t surprised when he approached her while they were both on break. It was only them in the break room, so it was a good chance for him to ask her. She smiled to him and teased, “Yes, Mr. Frost, how can I help you?”

They had hidden the fact that they lived together, as both the school and other agencies would have probably began to stick their nose in a bit too far if they knew the truth. As such, Rin and Quinn pretended that they really didn’t know each other very well while at work or school. Quinn was listed as living with Uncle Gabriel in official documentation.

Quinn chuckled and asked, “You’re going to make this fucking hard as possible, aren’t you?”

“Of course,” Rin said as she brushed a hand through her hair. “I have to know that you are serious!”

He nodded and said, “Fine. Rin, would you like to go out on a date with me this Friday?”

She smiled and replied with a simple, “Yes.”


“So, where does Rin like to eat?”

Quinn grit his teeth as Forest easily blocked his left hook and deflected it to the side only to lightly kick him in the solar plexus. It was more of a light tap than anything, owning more to Forest’s grace, control and technique more than anything she could do. Still, that light tap was jarring enough because Quinn would never know when she’d give him a harder hit.

Forest blew back her bangs from her face and answered, “None of the refried palaces that you’re so fond of, Quinn.”

“What the fuck’s that suppose to mean?” Quinn asked as he dodged one of her punches to head butt her. They both staggered back and Quinn’s vision swarmed only to have a snap kick delivered directly to his chin.

His head was knocked back as she answered, “I saw your MacDonald’s bags, kiddo. As well as your Burger King and Arby’s. I raised Rin better than to crave such things.”

For a vampire, Forest was a stickler to health food. In his first week here, Quinn had to hide his chips from his mentor and Rin without getting lectured. Quinn knew his body could survive on pretty much garbage and had without much problem. Even though he had to admit that his body had been gaining more mass since he’d moved in with the two women and he’d been eating frequently and better things. Not to mention Rin’s cooking was godly to say the least, her Chinese food was better than anything he could get at a restaurant.

Quinn asked, “Well, what the fuck does she like then?”

“Well, something you can both eat together is pizza,” Forest said impishly as she grabbed his arm and flipped him on his back. Quinn stared up at her as she chuckled at him. She continued, “There’s this great little place on 10th street, Quinn that has the best pizza ever. Hell, even I’ll eat it from time to time.”

“And desert?” Quinn asked as he hopped easily back up to his feet.

Forest smiled and answered, “My baby loves strawberries.”

He nodded as he threw a snap kick to her face. He smirked as the blow connected and Forest’s head was knocked back before he took a stance. However she recovered quickly and he couldn’t keep track of her foot moving to his knee then her fist to his face. His knee gave out and he found himself on the mat again.

Indigo eyes were sparkling as she said, “Well good, and don’t get too frisky with her or I’ll kick your ass.”

Quinn’s cheeks flushed at her words as he stood up again to receive the next round of punishment.


Friday night, Quinn walked up to Rin’s door and lightly knocked on it. He fidgeted in the white button up shirt he was wearing on top of his jeans and resisted the urge to roll the sleeves up. This was a date, he was going to take Rin some place nice and damn it he was going to impress her no matter how fucking uncomfortable the shirt was. He fidgeted with his cross before he decided it was in a good place as Rin opened the door.

Her hair was loose and flowing down her back, the raven waves framing her pale face and bringing out her intense aquamarine eyes. She was wearing a boat neck red matte satin blouse that made her hair and eyes stand out even more with her black pleated mini skirt and knee high boots. A simple garnet pendent lay in the hollow of her throat and she wore matching earrings. She’d put on some light eye shadow and pale, pink gloss on her lips. He stared at her for a moment before clearing his throat, suddenly glad he’d made the attempt to wear something different than just a damned T-shirt.

“So, um, you ready to go?” Quinn asked as he gestured out like he’d seen Gabriel do a few times for Forest. He knew it was a courtly gesture, and even though Gabriel did it to tease mostly, Quinn was being serious in his intention.

Rin smiled and stepped in front of him. She said, “Of course.”


Quinn was fidgeting on the subway. Taking a cab would be too expensive and Rin didn’t like wasting money. The bus was kinda unreliable and didn’t run as long as the subway did. So for public transit Quinn had opted for the subway.

He just didn’t expect it to be so crowded, smell bad and be underground all at the same time. More and more people got on the bus and Quinn had to move closer to Rin. She smiled as she watched the people get on the subway car, her eyes lingering on a few attractive women more than anything. He raised his eyebrows at his discovery, but he honestly wasn’t surprised. Rin liked pretty things and gender probably didn’t matter much to her.

Quinn found he could concentrate on Rin and the pressing fear was elevated some.

Until the people were so tight in the compartment that Quinn started to breath hard. He could feel the sides caving in on him. He was trapped, trapped in here . . . His eyes darted around for an exit to get Rin and himself out of here before they were locked in here forever.


Even over everything happening in the subway car, Rin could hear Quinn’s breathing. She snapped her head around and demanded, “What is wrong with…” Her eye’s widened as she saw genuine terror in his. His head jutted about as he was on the verge of complete panic. Rin herself surveyed the area to see if there was any danger about.

And then it hit her. So he’d shove me into a closet and lock me in. Something like that would scar anyone. The train was underground now and the windows showed nothing but black with an occasional florescent light streaking by. The crowd had gotten large enough that they were packed in. It was easy to see how anybody could feel trapped.

He began to visibly shake and Rin grabbed his hands. She stood in front of him and then guided him back against the wall and into a corner. Standing in front of him, she made herself the only thing surrounding him and leaned towards him. Rin locked eyes with the boy and said softly, “It’s Okay, Quinn. I’m here and there’s nothing to worry about. It’s just us here.”

She could see his desperation and remained locked on his eyes. Her forehead was less than an inch from his as she saw him gradually start to calm down. His breathing slowed and eventually his pupils re-dilated back to normal. All that was left now was a good amount of embarrassment she could plainly read on his face.

Rin smiled warmly and said, “There’s nothing to be ashamed about, Quinn. After all, you braved all of this just to be with me, so I’m actually a bit flattered.”

Quinn tilted his head at her and automatically reached for his cross. “Really?” he asked. “I honestly didn’t fucking know it was going to be this crowded or anything, Rin…”

“Well, in the future, you might want to tell the people you’re going out with that you have claustrophobia,” She said with a teasing grin.

She saw him shuffle some and he then replied very softly, “You’re the only person I want to go out with, Rin…”

Her cheeks burned at the comment and she had to move her head back from him some. “I… see…” she stammered and was thankful to hear the barely comprehensible voice of the driver that their stop was approaching.


Despite his earlier episode, Quinn was determined to make this date wonderful for the girl he loved. He led her to the pizza place that Fore had mentioned and braved the crowd to get them a booth. At least with the booth he had enough around room around him to keep his nerves at bay. At least with the claustrophobia.

However, nothing could protect him from the sight of Rin across the table from him. The low level lighting of the restaurant gently colored her skin to bring out the flawlessness of her. The supple lines of her neck were basked in light shadows leading to the slight protrusions of her collarbones. Quinn had to force himself to look at the menu just to keep himself under control.

“So what do you like on your pizza, Rin?” he asked her, trying to sound as casual as possible.

“Mostly vegetables like peppers and mushrooms,” Rin replied as she looked at the menu as well. “But I also like some sort of meat on there, like pepperoni or even ham.”
“Well, then, how about we get one with pepperoni, green peppers, and mushrooms? I can definitely eat that,” Quinn said.

Rin smiled and put away the menu, “That sounds perfect, Quinn.”

When the waitress came, Quinn ordered for them and then found himself again trying to avoid just staring at the girl. To his surprise, though, he found her staring at him several times as well. She HAD said that she had feelings for him, after all, but it was still shocking. Despite all that, they desperately needed something to talk about before the awkwardness murdered them both.

“So you never have told me what movie you’re taking me to,” Rin said, finally breaking the silence. She shifted uneasily in her seat a bit.

“Ah, well, I thought we could go see ‘Spiderman’ if that’s alright with you…” Quinn replied. He really hadn’t known what to pick and had thought that the superhero movie might appeal to a girl that was actively training to be one.

Rin cocked an eyebrow at him and his heart sank. Had he screwed up? He knew that it wasn’t a ‘chick flick,’ but those sorts of movies didn’t really fit with his image of Rin. Was he wrong??

Instead, she asked, “Do you think he can pull it off?” She took a sip of her drink and then added, “Toby McGuire I mean. He’s a relative newcomer to the big screen and that’s one Hell of a role to land. With Raimi directing it, I’m not worried about how it will look and feel, but if the kid sucks as Spidey, it’ll ruin everything.”

Quinn was dumbfounded for a moment. Of course, it made sense, but it was still shocking to see a beautiful girl like her talking like a complete geek. He had seen Fore’s collection of pop culture memorabilia, but none of that had been in Rin’s room. He guessed she had a general interest, just not an obsessive one.

“Honestly, I’m not sure. He fucking looks the part, though.” Quinn replied.

“Yeah, I’ll give you that. He looks dorky enough, but is strangely quite muscular,” Rin said. She then giggled a bit, a beautiful sight. “You know, mother is going to be pissed we’re seeing this without her.”

Quinn grabbed at his pendant and sheepishly replied, “We can see something else if you want, Rin…”

Her hand reached out and snatched his, pulling it away from his cross. “Dammit Quinn… Have some balls… You’re not going to impress the girl if you tip toe around like a dog with its tail between its legs,” Rin scolded him, her eyes narrowed a bit.

He looked at her and then replied, “That’s not so easy, Rin… I’m fucking terrified right now. I really am… I’m so desperate for everything to go right I’m making myself sick.” Why he had just told her all of that, he wasn’t sure. For some reason, the girl just made him say things out front when he was around her.

“And what about me, Quinn? I’m scared, too!” Rin said back to him. “Honestly, I really want this to go right as well… but I don’t want to go out with the front… I want to go out with the real Quinn…”

“The real Quinn just wants you happy, Rin… and puts his own desires below yours. And that’s the honest truth,” Quinn replied to her.

Rin sighed, “That’s sweet and all, but you know I don’t take well to being pandered to. I don’t want a robot or a yes-man. I want a real person that I can interact and debate with. With your intelligence, the potential is tremendous… but you have to make the effort, Quinn. I don’t want you to change, I just want you to be honest with yourself and not to discount your own needs.”

Quinn thought about her words for a bit, all too aware of her stare burning into him. “Alright then, Rin. We’re fucking going to see ‘Spiderman!’”

Rin smiled as their pizza was delivered and she responded with a simple, “Good.”


Rin didn’t tell him that she had been to that restaurant many times with her mother, but it was still good nonetheless. Maybe even a bit better… She found herself swimming in confliction again, but little by little she was accepting that she had strong feelings for this stupid boy. It was aggravating as much as it was wondrous but she didn’t let it show. Deep down she desperately wanted this to work.

The girl that didn’t want to need anybody was finding she needed him…

However, she wasn’t going to let him just sweep her away. He was going to have to prove himself to her. She wanted no part of some casual relationship, it wouldn’t be worth her time. Mother never delved into anything like that, and neither of them would allow themselves to slack off that much, anyway. So, Quinn was going to have to prove he was serious about her.

So far, he had done just that. She wasn’t blind to how much stress he was going through to make this as perfect as he could for her. It was obvious to her that he was restraining himself from trying to take advantage of situations to try and touch her excessively. It made her giddy the amount of care he was putting into their date.

He handed her ticket to her for the movie and they made their way into the theater. She stuck close to him, as the crowds to see the superhero movie was fairly substantial. He was tensing up, but he was forcing himself to trudge ahead and get into the theater.

Once inside, they found seats towards the middle of the room and sat to wait for the movie to begin. Rin looked over to see him playing with his silver cross, a gesture that Rin was becoming quite familiar with. It was a tell that Quinn was nervous or bored, the faster he moved his cross the more nervous he was, if he moved it slowly he was generally bored and needed something to do. Right now the bail was sliding across the chain at a rather fast rate as the theater started to darken.

Rin knew the basic story of Spider-Man because of her mother. It was no secret that Forest was a lover of all things pop culture from comics to cult TV shows that Rin had tried to watch but couldn’t really get through. So Rin was all aware of how Peter Parker’s life was and she was surprised to find out that Tobey Maquire with his big, baby blue eyes really brought Spider-Man to life. She looked over to see Quinn enthralled as well, perhaps even more so than she was.

Eventually the movie ended with Spider-Man saving the day but not getting the girl, as per usual Peter Parker’s luck. The lights went up and Quinn turned to Rin. He said, “Well, first off Maquire was fucking Peter Parker, Mary-Jane sucked and the Green Goblin looked retarded.”

Rin had to chuckle at his frank honesty and asked, “What didn’t you like about Mary-Jane?”

“Well, the actress is a bitch. MJ’s suppose to be feisty and fun, sure she’s got some issues, but she’s playful. That wasn’t Mary-Jane,” Quinn said with a frown, “The MJ from the comics would have tried to fight the goons back, not scream and run like a fucking damsel in distress.”

Rin tilted her head and asked, “That bothers you?”

“What bothers me is that she could have fought back and no, I don’t mean against the Green Goblin, but by those thugs. She wanted to get fucking saved by Spider-Man,” Quinn sighed with a shake of his head.

She chuckled and asked, “So you don’t like damsels in distress?”

“I just fucking hate people who don’t try to help themselves. People who just expect to be rescued,” Quinn said with a tiny shake of his head, “I mean, you helped me because there wasn’t anything I could fucking do when I was a kid. I was outnumbered and I really didn’t wanna get locked in the closet for self-defense,” Quinn snorted, baring a fang in his ire.

Rin frowned and asked, “That priest would have done that to you just for defending yourself?”

“Of course, because I was a fucking half breed abomination,” Quinn sighed as he shook his head.

She reached for his hand and said, “Quinn, you are not an abomination.”

“Really?” he asked, his dark blue eyes searching her face with a hopefulness that made her chest tighten.

She met his eyes firmly and nodded. She answered, “Really.”

He grinned, his pale cheeks flushing ever so slightly as he said, “Thanks Rin.”


As they were walking out of the movie theater, Quinn chuckled. Rin looked up at him and asked, “What’s funny?”

“You know, this is like the first time I’ve ever paid to go into a movie theater,” he confessed with another giggle.

The wide eyed look of shock that Rin was currently giving him with those gorgeous eyes was priceless. He smiled as he explained, “I use to sneak out all the fucking time and well, I don’t take sunlight that well.”

“Yes, I’ve seen you fall asleep in class a few times, Mr. Frost,” Rin teased with a chuckle.

Quinn grinned and replied, “Well, I’d sneak into the movie theater during the Summer and catch a flick. There was this awesome theater that showed a lot of second run movies by this guy and his wife. They didn’t care that I snuck in and she use to give me popcorn and snacks because I was too fucking skinny.”

“Wait? You know Dana and Greg?” Rin asked wide eyed.

He blinked and nodded. He said, “Pretty redhead and tall guy with green eyes? Yeah, I use to go there all the time until I finally ran away.”

“When did you run away, Quinn?” Rin asked him in that amazingly adorable accent of hers. It wasn’t British and it wasn’t Asian either, it was somewhere in between and Quinn found it irresistible.

He ran his hand through his hair and answered, “A little over a year ago, Rin.”

“And . . . where did you live?” she asked quietly as they continued to walk. Neither were in a big hurry to get to the subway station and Quinn enjoyed walking with Rin. He liked the way she moved, with a proud, unconscious grace in how she held herself.

He shrugged and said, “An abandoned building that I rigged up with cold water and some electricity.”

“How did you eat?” Rin asked quietly.

He grinned at her and replied, “You’d be surprised all the good shit a lot of restaurants throw away at the end of a night.”

Aquamarine eyes looked at him in horror and he chuckled. “It wasn’t as bad as it sounds, Rin. Besides, a lot of the prostitutes helped me out,” Quinn told her with a shrug.

Rin asked, “Really?”

“Yeah, I mean, okay, I got the fucking shit beat out of me by the few vamps I tangled, but against an untrained human I’m pretty fucking bad assed, which most of these pimp assholes are. Well, a lot of the girls liked me because well, I like girls,” he said with a wink at Rin, causing her to roll her eyes heavenward. He gently touched her arm and turned so he was in front of her and facing her.

He said, “I mean, I like girls more than guys and I’m not fucking saying this right. I mean the people who’ve been the nicest to me are girls and the two most bad assed people I’ve met are girls. And I don’t like it when girls get hurt when they try to avoid it.”

“So, the prostitutes would tell you about their pimps and you’d send them a message,” Rin said with a tiny smile and shake of her head.

He nodded as he put his hands into his pockets. He noticed that Rin was huddling close in her jacket. He looked around and said, “You wanna head home? You look like you’re freezing.”

“You think cold will stop me on my first date, Quinn? Well, you’re wrong,” Rin said with a tiny snort.

Quinn grinned and said, “Well, come on. Maybe there’ll be some fucker playing his guitar on the subway.”


Considering who her mother was, it wasn’t a hard stretch that Rin Forest adored music. She didn’t have the talent that her mother did, in fact if Rin was pressed she’d admit that music and dance was where her mother shined more than anything. She didn’t know how many times that smoky voice lulled her to sleep with a gentle folk song or some ballad, but Forest’s singing was one of Rin’s cherished memories. Her biological donors had never done anything like that for her, but yet Forest seemed to thrive on it.

So it was nice walking beside Quinn and listening to the various street performers lining the subway station. Quinn stopped in front of a guitarist wearing a beat up black T-shirt and leather jacket holding an acoustic guitar. Rin vaguely recognized the song that was being played, but Quinn was stopping and listening in earnest.

Half way through the song he began to sing softly along with it. Rin jolted and stared at him as he continued to sing in his soft, haunting voice. It was gorgeous to listen to and she stared at him as he sang. The guitar player grinned and went right into another old rock song, classic rock as Forest liked to say (“You know, back before people started whining about Daddy not giving them cell phones.”) and Quinn went right into it. Rin smiled as the song finished and clapped her hands.

“I had no idea you could sing,” she said happily as they were in motion again. To her delight he was blushing, the faint flush like cotton candy on his luminescent skin. He shrugged sheepishly as he started idly moving the cross’s bail against the chain.

Quinn looked down and answered, “I’m not that fucking good.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, your voice is amazing,” Rin said with a grin, “And I just might ask you to sing for me again.” She smiled as she turned on her heel and skipped a little ahead of him.

He jogged up to catch up with her and asked, “Really?”

She giggled and answered, “Really.” She shook her head and said, “This under confidence doesn’t suit you Quinn. We’re going to have to do something about that.”

He ducked his head and Rin sighed. Then he spun around to playfully nudge her. His blue eyes were sparkling as he said, “Catch me.” Then he took off in a dead run in the subway station.

Her cheeks flushed as his laughter reached behind her. Then she chuckled herself as she reinforced her legs and took off after him.

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Aw hell yeah! Double updates!

May 28th, 2011, 02:12 AM

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Quinn and Rin are like . . . insanely adorable.

May 28th, 2011, 06:49 AM
At least until Quinn opens his mouth . . .

May 28th, 2011, 08:37 AM
At least until Quinn opens his mouth . . .

couldnt agree more.
I dont care his cussing but his manners in talking.

Altima of the Gates
May 28th, 2011, 09:20 AM
*nods* It is definitely something one would have to get used to. I know if I was a friend of his, we'd come to blows more than once.

May 28th, 2011, 09:53 AM
Well, he's a total and utter prick, so that's not surprising....

May 28th, 2011, 12:26 PM
Well, he's a total and utter prick, so that's not surprising....

He's not a total and utter prick. On the inside he's soft and squishy.

Not all the characters can be moe vampires you know.

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moe vampires

What is this? I don't even...

Altima of the Gates
May 28th, 2011, 12:30 PM
He's not a total and utter prick. On the inside he's soft and squishy.

Not all the characters can be moe vampires you know.

Well, look at it this way, you've written his prickish side so well that we feel it and respond to it.

May 28th, 2011, 12:32 PM
Well, look at it this way, you've written his prickish side so well that we feel it and respond to it.

And you know what, it feels good to write his prickish side. Quinn gets to do and say all the asshole things I fantasize doing in real life but never have the balls too.

Also, you yourself said that Fore was Moe.

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I know she moe. Or rather, Archer does. :D

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Heh, I did. didn't I? Well it's true. But then again, I also think Balalaika is moe. Actually, err, was moe.

May 28th, 2011, 01:59 PM
He's not a total and utter prick. On the inside he's soft and squishy.

Not all the characters can be moe vampires you know.

No, he's a total and utter prick. He might be a bit better on the inside, but he does a fucking horrible job of actually showing it.

Well, look at it this way, you've written his prickish side so well that we feel it and respond to it.

Well, yeah, this.

I guess that the people who've not read this story before will be wondering why I'm so adament that he's an asshole....

May 30th, 2011, 01:35 PM
Forest looked up as Quinn and Rin came in from their date. They were both giggling and breathless as they spilled into the compound. She peeked out of her study to see them when Rin spotted her. She turned around and told Quinn she had a nice night before rushing to her.

The raven haired girl wrapped her arms around her and was giggling. Forest smiled as she cradled Rin closed and kissed the crown of her head. She teased, “It went that well, baby?”

“Oh! Mother it was wonderful, I didn’t realize it was going to be so fun,” Rin said as Forest pulled her in the study.

Forest sprawled back on the couch as Rin curled up to lean her head against Forest’s still chest. Instantly, Forest’s long, nimble fingers were combing through Rin’s thick, wavy raven hair as Rin cuddled close. The vampire grinned and asked, “So, what happened?”

“Well, we saw Spider-Man, Mother and before that he took me for pizza,” Rin said with the dreamy smile reserved for someone in the first stages of love.

Forest playfully pouted as she asked, “You saw Spider-Man without me?”

“Mother, I’m sorry . . .” Rin said sheepishly as she blushed and bowed her head in a way that never ceased to charm Forest.

She giggled and said, “It’s okay, Baby. We can go see it together or I can go see it by myself if you two don’t wanna be seen with a stodgy old vampire.”

“That’s not true and you know it, Mother,” Rin retorted as she sat up to look Forest in the eye.

Forest smiled as she leaned forward and kissed Rin’s forehead. “I’m just teasing, Poppet and you know it. I’m glad he makes you happy though.”

“He’s just been through a lot though, Mother. The things he’s told me,” Rin said with a sigh.

The blond vampire pulled her daughter close and said, “Well, we’re going to make it up to him, Baby, don’t worry. After all, he has you and you’re damned amazing if I say so myself.”


“Ah, young love,” Forest said with a chuckle as she drank her glass of juice. Gabriel was doing his sprawling yet graceful pose in the giant, throne like chair as he nursed his glass of scotch. He smiled as she perched herself on his desk and turned to face him.

Gabriel asked, “So, are they on the third date yet?”

“Tonight’s the fourth, Gabe,” Forest said as she sipped her apple juice.

He smiled and asked, “So, how is it going then?”

“It’s adorable. Apparently he’s been in love with Rin since he was a child and she hasn’t disappointed him and she’s actually needing to be around him as much as he needs her,” Forest said with a tiny wistful grin.

His violet eyes met hers over the glass and asked, “And what about you, Dear Godmother?”

“Mmm, eternally destined to be alone I think, at least in the romantic department. They’re going to get married one day and I’m going to turn my baby. Then she and Quinn will live together forever,” Forest said as she sat down her now empty glass.

Gabriel chuckled and said, “But what about the sex issue?”

“What do you mean?” Forest asked as her eyes widened. Oh, she knew fully well who Quinn tossed off to in the shower, but her baby having sex? Rin was only fifteen. Not to mention Quinn’s blood lust could easily be triggered in such a situation.

Gabriel chuckled and said, “Well, when you find that your ward and daughter are getting too frisky, send them to me. I’ll handle it.”

“Are you sure?” Forest asked with a frown.

Gabriel smirked and said, “Fore, you’re almost much of a virgin as they are right now, so yes, I’ll handle it.”

“Don’t make me box your ears,” Forest said grumpily with a sigh. To make things worse, her Godson only chuckled.


Rin huddled against him as they sat on the roof of their home. Quinn was always so warm, and the embarrassment of being affectionate with him had whittled away. They were resting against the wall beside the entrance to the stair well just watching the night sky.

As all the other dates had, their fourth one had been wonderful, and Rin was finally admitting to herself that she had fallen for him. She had been afraid that part of her would die if she allowed herself to fall in love like this, but had discovered that she had gained so much instead.

She had also toiled with the idea that her mind wasn’t developed enough for her to really know if she was in love or if this was just something she wanted. Over and over again she tried to imagine telling him that she didn’t want this and was surprised to find herself nearly in tears just by thinking it. So, finally even her stubbornness fell.

As for any worries she had about his sincerity, they had died within the end of their second date. She wasn’t blind or oblivious to everything he was doing for her. She acted unabashed, of course, but she could tell how much effort went into everything he did for her. He might slack off at school and even try and get away with stuff at work, but when it came to her, he never gave less than his all.

Her head nuzzled against his shoulder. They weren’t doing anything at all up here but it was so enjoyable nonetheless. She chuckled slightly. Being in love was so stupid.

“What is it, Rin?” Quinn asked her, apparently noticing her slight laugh.

“Oh nothing, really, Quinn,” she answered. “It’s just funny how much has changed in such a short amount of time.”

“Yeah… just a couple of months ago, I was fucking routing through trashcans to live…” he mused, turning to look at her.

She looked up as well, meeting with those deep blue eyes she had come so fond of. Their eyes locked and her heart skipped a beat. Should she tell him? Tell him that she’s completely fallen for him? Or is it too soon for anything like that? She cursed the uncertainty and complete lack of logic that all of this entailed.

She opened her mouth to speak but then closed it again. Her teeth mashed into her lip as she just could not force herself to do anything. Her heart began to pick up as she was still swimming in the azure of his eyes. Trying to calm down wasn’t working and if she tried to speak now, it would be nothing more than a garbled mass.

Then, he began to move towards her slightly. Her eyes widened at what this could mean. Rin’s mind raced to research if she was even ready for something like this, but she found her body not waiting for the answer. Her head tilted back and her eyes closed of their own accord. She began to wonder if her heart was really going to burst through her chest as it felt like it was going to at any moment.

In another second, they joined. She felt his lips on hers, warm like the rest of him. His hand cupped her cheek and she found her own reaching for his hair. It wasn’t instinctual as she thought it might be, and was having trouble finding a way for their lips to lock more naturally. It was awkward, but she still found herself entranced by it.

Finally their heads aligned better and the kiss deepened. She was glad he didn’t try to invade her with his tongue yet and ran her fingers through his curly locks. The kiss continued for what seemed like forever, but had actually been only a few moments. When it was finally over, his head moved back and she opened her eyes to find his already peering at her.

She could see the thousands of emotions in his eyes, the fear as well as the joy. His hand automatically went for his pendant as he began to stutter, “Rin…I….” He closed his eyes to gather her courage as her chest tightened in anticipation. When he had regain his composure his eyes opened to hers again and he said, “I love you, Rin.”

Her feelings were indescribable. It was a mix of joy and almost needing to throw up. She felt her lower jaw tremble and was surprised when a single tear fell from her eye. Was she really this happy? The answer was obvious and she replied to him, “I love you, too, Quinn… I really do.”

He enveloped her in a tight hug, not saying anything else. She wrapped her arms around him in turn, tears falling from her eyes. His warmth shielded her and made her safe. Everything was still confusing, but being in the boy she loved arms calmed her nerves and brought her pleasure.

They stayed like that for who knows how long before kissing again and finally going inside.


There was no real way to concentrate. Quinn had his textbook in front of him and knew that the teacher was talking, but his mind was far from the classroom. It was with his lover. Lover? Could that really be fucking true? Had they really kissed? Had she really accepted him as her boyfriend, committing herself to him?

The memories were burned into his mind. She had told him that she was now his girlfriend, and that she was officially off the market. His mind honestly couldn’t accept it. It sounded petty, but it refused to believe that he had gotten what he wanted. There had to be some sort of catch or something.

But there wasn’t. Rin didn’t casually make declarations like this. If she said something, she meant it. And there was the kiss… both of them, actually. The softness of her lips was a vivid memory upon his own. She hadn’t resisted in the slightest and had even initiated the second. So, as much as his pessimism wanted to, it couldn’t deny the fact that Rin Forest loved him just as he loved her.

After class he headed for his locker in a gleeful daze. When he got there he found her waiting for him, smiling as she caught the sight of him. Normally, they tended to avoid each other in school as much as possible to defuse any situations where someone might find out that they live together. So it was odd for her to be here no matter how much it brought him pleasure.

He returned her smile and opened his locker to put away his books. Her hand then rested upon his own and he stared back up to her. “But… Rin, what about?”

She shook her head, “No. I don’t care what other people think, I’m not going to hide my feelings for their sake.”

His chest tightened and he took her hand into his own. “God I love you, Rin…”

Her smile was warm as she replied, “I know, you told me last night, remember?” It was a tease, he knew. His Rin loved to tease and play with things, just like a cat. In fact, she was very much cat like… although she was still young. Like a kitten.

“Well, I just wanted to make sure you heard me, Kitten,” he replied, trying out the new nickname.

“Kitten is it?” She said, cocking an eyebrow at him. He nodded and she giggled. “Actually, that suits me pretty well, so I guess I can’t complain,” she said to him. “Now let’s get some lunch, I’m starving!”


“Cafeteria food blows, and I’ll eat just about anything,” Quinn said with a grin at Rin before staring at what passed for food at their high school. Rin chuckled as she balanced her salad, juice and grilled chicken salad she bought from the ala carte line as they walked to a table together. As usual, they received stares, but it was even more so than normal. Rin wondered if it was the two of them together and Quinn actually edged closer, his eyes darting around at the scrutiny.

She placed a hand on his shoulder and he looked at her, his whole body relaxing slightly. The two of them found a quiet place in the corner of the cafeteria and sat down. She watched him dig into his pizza, which was a square piece of something that resembled cheese melted on top of it with tiny blocks of meat that Rin didn’t even want to think of. As she watched him inhale the pizza, which oddly reminded her of sharks in a feeding frenzy like in those documentaries that Rin liked to watch with Forest. She chuckled at the mental image, remembering that sharks could eat just about anything as well, just like her Quinn.

As they ate, Rin debated about telling him about the Grail War and the trip to Japan. She knew they couldn’t leave him behind now and he’d have to go with them. Besides, she wanted Quinn fighting at her side. She looked into his eyes and sighed.

Quinn stopped eating to look at her, his deep blue eyes widening with worry. He gently rested his warm hand on top of hers and said, “What’s wrong Kitten?”

“During our Junior year I’m going to become an exchange student in Japan,” she started out slowly.

He tilted his head and said, “Okay, why?”

“Well, my father made me make a promise before he died. I promised that I would fight in the Holy Grail war,” she said quietly.

He asked, “What the fuck is that? Isn’t that what King Arthur and his knights went after and it fucked up shit?”

“Well, from my understanding it grants wishes, but yes, King Arthur and his knights did search for a Holy Grail. The Holy Grail War is a battle royale between the spirits of epic heroes crystallized by magical energy and their magi Masters. The seven Masters use the Grail’s energy to summon the seven Servants, which are categorized into different classes due to their abilities and strengths.”

“And then they fight each other to the fucking death,” Quinn said, “While the magi are going around trying to kill each other until there Can Be Only One and that lucky fuck gets to claim the prize.”

Rin chuckled at her lover and answered, “Pretty much so, but a Master can take refuge once their Servant has been killed, Quinn. Just because my Servant gets killed doesn’t mean I will.”

“Well, if you think like hell if I’m gonna sit and let you fight this alone, you’re fucking wrong,” Quinn said as he stared into her eyes.

Rin smiled and replied, “Quinn, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Besides, Mother already is planning to assist too and with Reinforcement she could stand toe to toe with pretty much all of the Servants.”

“Hell, when Fore finally dies I wouldn’t be surprised if she became one of those heroic spirits,” Quinn chuckled.

Rin smiled and said, “I’d agree with you there, Quinn. Now, wouldn’t that be something if I summoned my Mother?”

“But Forest isn’t technically dead, I mean she’s undead, but . . .” Quinn said with a frown.

Rin felt her smile broaden as she said, “Well, spirits can be Summoned from any point in time, past or future.”

“Really?” he asked, Rin knowing fully well that would catch his attention, “Summon a Servant from the Future.”

Rin laughed and replied, “Well, I’m planning on Summoning Saber.”

“Why the fuck would you wanna Summon some French asshole?” Quinn asked as he began to eat again.

She chuckled again, “Because Saber is the most powerful of the Servants, Quinn, that’s why I would want to Summon them.”

“So, what do I need to do?” Quinn asked, “To help?”

She grinned and answered, “Well, learning Japanese would help.”


Forest was out with Auntie Wynn that night, leaving Rin and Quinn to themselves. They’d decided they were going to make the most of the compound being empty and Rin would cook dinner before she and Quinn would watch a movie together. As she was cooking, Quinn leaned over her shoulder and said, “Wonder when Fore’s gonna realize that Faerie wants to fuck her.”

“Quinn!” Rin scolded, even though Rin knew all too well what Auntie Wynn wanted to do to her mother. Faeries were possessive, and Unseelie even more so than their lighter counterparts. Rin knew very well that Forest would be a prize for any Faerie because of her unattainability, but even more so for Wynn because she was attracted and intrigued by the blond despite all the centuries the two knew each other.

He grinned as he moved over to help her cut the chicken. She sighed and rolled her eyes at him before chuckling herself. After a few moments Quinn asked, “But really, does Forest have anyone?”

Rin bit her lip and shook her head. He frowned and asked, “Really, why the hell not? A girl like her could have anyone the fuck she wanted.”

“Because someone hurt her a long time ago,” Rin answered quietly as she placed the chicken into the pot with the root vegetables and onions to make the stock, “She had her heart broken and she doesn’t do casual relationships.”

Quinn hugged her and rested his chin on top of her head. She smiled as she leaned back into him, inhaling his wintery, peppermint scent that fit him so well. She had almost ran to her mother to let her know that she and Quinn had kissed when she’d stopped herself in her tracks when she realized that Forest had no one to kiss. It made her feel guilty that she was so happy while her mother was being left more and more alone.

“Maybe we should get her out of the house where she’s actually doing something and not punching people in the fucking face,” Quinn suggested with a grin before kissing the top of her head. She smiled, giddy as she once again realized that love was indeed silly.


Quinn wasn’t sure from when they were watching Back to the Future to kissing Rin on the couch with Rin nestled on top of him. He was trying to shift so she wouldn’t feel the rapidly increasing bulge in his pants as their lips awkwardly but gently met. His hand ran through her long, raven hair as their kisses grew and intensified.

He realized he wanted to taste her and gently prodded her lips with his tongue. She parted her lips for him and he dove his tongue in her mouth only to have hers meet his aggressively. They kissed endlessly as his desire for her raged even more. He wanted to touch, kiss, and taste every inch of his Kitten. He wanted to be inside of her desperately.

Before he knew it, his hand was cupping a soft, small mound in his palm and kneading it. Rin was gasping, her cheeks flush as she arched towards his hand wantonly. Her scent had changed and he inhaled it, his own body pulsing even more in response. She smelled sweeter, spicier now with a hint of musk that was driving him insane. “God, Kitten,” he moaned as he wanted to feel her skin against his hand. He slid his hand under the soft, red fleece of her shirt to touch something lacy over the mound. He pulled the fabric covered cage up to touch soft mounds.

“Q-quinn,” she was panting as she arched towards him as his thumb rubbed her nipple into a taunt point.

He lifted up her shirt and moved so she was even with his mouth. He flicked his tongue around the point before wrapping his lips around her. Her skin was slightly salty, but he relished her taste as he continued to tease her. “Rin,” he said gently as he looked up at her.

His lover was panting to his touch, her face contorted in ecstasy. Seeing her completely quelled like this was dangerously arousing. He was right next to her pounding heart and could hear it pump what was sure to be luscious blood throughout her. It was easy to imagine just grabbing her and biting her neck. The only thing now that would truly satiate his bloodlust was a release of another sort.

He realized that he wouldn’t be able to control himself much longer. The last thing he wanted to do was push her into anything she didn’t want to do. It was obvious that she was even more embarrassed than he was doing any of this. Quinn focused his mind and pushed the girl back down, so that her head rested upon his chest.

Both of them were gasping for breath, but Rin tilted her head to look up at him and whisper, “Thank you…” between gasps. “Thank you for stopping Quinn… it’s not that I don’t want to… but…”

He took his hand a rubbed her head with it, replying, “I know, Kitten. You’re not ready. Hell, I’m not really fucking ready either… We’ll take this slow so neither one of us has any regrets.”

Rin nodded and said, “I knew I loved you for a reason.”


Wynn dropped Forest off back at her compound and then returned to the shadows, presumably heading home. Forest stretched taking off her long coat and slinging it over a chair. She was about to call her daughter and Quinn when she smelled the aftermath of what had apparently happened.

Thank the Morrigan it appeared to only be lust she smelled, nothing serious went down. Her two little ones seemed to have gotten a bit frisky on the couch, but had stopped before anything major happened. That was fine, she supposed. As long as there wasn’t anything else going on, she could deal with this… and not murder Quinn.

She walked to her daughter’s room, which was next to Quinn’s and then sighed again. Both of them were currently relieving themselves… thinking about the other one.

GodDAMN it.

June 5th, 2011, 03:50 PM
The ending made me lol.

I think it's strange that Forest is gonna turn Rin, since it's the complete opposite of what a typical good vampire does.

I can't wait til we get to the Grail War, Rin is going to spazz when she sees Sakura with her purple hair and considering who she's got on her side, Zouken better start running now.

June 5th, 2011, 03:56 PM
I think it's strange that Forest is gonna turn Rin, since it's the complete opposite of what a typical good vampire does.

Well, not really. Turning someone who wants to be turned is perfectly reasonable, especially when the drawbacks of being a vampire are relatively minor (if you plan carefully). Hell, if anything I'd say it would be evil not to turn her, if she wanted it....

I can't wait til we get to the Grail War, Rin is going to spazz when she sees Sakura with her purple hair and considering who she's got on her side, Zouken better start running now.


June 5th, 2011, 04:05 PM
I've probably just seen too many angsty vampire shows/novels for it to seem right.

And that hehehehe makes me scared for some reason.

June 5th, 2011, 04:56 PM
Aw, couldn't she please murder? Just this once? She could be all angsty about it later . . . *Mystic Eyes of the Sad Puppy*

June 5th, 2011, 05:01 PM
What does everyone have against poor Quinn?

June 5th, 2011, 05:03 PM
With Mike it should be pretty obvious.

Kirean doesn't like his mouth.

Quinn's a pretty good kid though, and that's another thing he's a kid, or rather a teenager who's had one hell of a shit life until he met two amazing women.

June 5th, 2011, 05:12 PM
With Mike it should be pretty obvious.

Not to him it's not. Not yet, anyway....

or rather a teenager who's had one hell of a shit life until he met two amazing women.

Which only makes me dislike his attitude even more, because he should damn well understand, not condemn people for things they are not at fault for.

June 5th, 2011, 05:13 PM
Quinn does something bad to Sakura?

June 5th, 2011, 06:17 PM
badmouth her. Hard.

June 5th, 2011, 06:34 PM
It's more than just "badmouthing" her, though. The way he treats her is absolutely disgraceful, given the situation she's in.

June 5th, 2011, 06:45 PM
I'd bet Rin hits him for hard for doing that.

June 5th, 2011, 07:02 PM
IIRC she didn't. She just scolded him.

June 5th, 2011, 07:04 PM
She barely even did that. Hell, she almost seemed to be agreeing with him half the time, which I did not like one bit, IIRC.

June 5th, 2011, 07:13 PM
I suppose I can't really judge to I get there but something seems off about that.

I mean she's willing to slap him for lying but she won't when he's being a jerk to her own sister...

June 5th, 2011, 07:32 PM
Yeah, that's kind of what I thought....