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April 10th, 2013, 01:59 AM
What's this? Oddmer actually putting effort into something? Welp, tell you the truth I'm surprised myself. I got the idea for this particularly story in Biology Lecture this morning, and got the idea to try writing from my most recent blog post, which was basically one big, chaotic maelstrom of a wordwall. I wrote without hesitation, and ended up with a fair amount before I knew it. Figured it'd be worth trying for writing, so... Welp, here it is. Oddly, this did not end up as a wordwall, as I acknowledged my space bar, but I anticipate future installments to be chaotic and in need of editing before I'd be willing to share them- that is, assuming, of course, that anyone gives a damn about reading it. I'll openly acknowledge, my writing is shit. I am untrained, and have much to learn, so whatever I produce will be shit, until I edit and compile it, then, well, hopefully, it will be less shitty shit.

Prologue: Symphony of the Summerset Songbird

Under darklit shadow, cast by the clouded, midnight sky, I made my move. Three sentries outside of the fort, an unknown number within the walls, but the fort itself could be assumed to be empty, save for the General. One sentry close to the recently garrisoned fort, one scouting about 30 feet from him, and the other surveying the nearby road.

I made my descent.

From the hill that the fort was built next to, I quickly, and quietly strode down, dodging trees and boulders with the fines of a well-trained bard. The trees themselves probably dismissed my presence as a mere bird flying through the gaps.

"They wouldn't be too far off, though..."

As I muttered to myself, I reached the foot of the hill, and from there, silently made my way to the roadside, unsheathed my dagger and firmly gave it a reverse grip in my right hand.
The first one was like swatting a fly, he never saw me sneaking up from behind him- I doubt the poor sod even realized that there was a dagger plunged into his throat before he passed... No matter.
The second seemed to have heard the muffled scream of his comrade, as he was not on alert, making way towards my position, bow in hand, but not readied. Not that it would have much mattered anyway. Dagger still in hand, I concentrated on my free hand, remembering my days as a student back at the college... But now wasn't the time for nostalgia. I gathered the concept in my hand, crouched down, and cast the spell. "Invisibility", it's effect is self-explanatory, it's school, while you'd think would be Alteration, is actually Illusion. Many Bandits, Brigands and Reavers know of it's existence but so far I haven't seen any who would devote any time to the clever craft to master it.
As soon as I released the concept that was firmly grasped in my hand, my presence was erased from the perception of other's. The second sentry passed by me as though I wasn't even there- makes sense, I suppose. To him, I was not- yet, anyway. Switching to a standard grip on my dagger, I once again sneaked up behind my prey, who had just now noticed the fresh corpse of his comrade, he drew and readied his bow, and opened his mouth to alert the others, but it was too late. My hand covered his now muffled scream, and the dagger made a clean line right across his throat- if the other bled like a stuck pig, his was more like a waterfall, cascading down his abdomen before he collapsed.
While I managed to muffle his shout, the commotion he caused by readying his bow must alerted the third one, who was cautiously walking over to where his buddy should be positioned.

"Too easy," I thought to myself, "don't these rebels have any proper training? Tch, and here I thought I was going to be able to have some fun."

As I gave hushed voice to my disappointment, which seemed to fall on deaf ears, I began to once again ready the concept of "Invisibility" in my left hand, but by this point, I figured it would just be a waste of Magicka. Crouching down, I approached the third as I did the first two. It would seem this one will remain oblivious to the bitter end. I thought this, once again readied my dagger, and slowly approached him from behind...

At that moment, the massive clouds, which up until now had provided me with extra cover, had parted, and the light of Secunda one of the two moons that dot the sky of Tamriel, the continent on which the province of Skyrim lies, which itself is on the planet Nirn illuminated the area. Two soldiers lay bloodied before the man, who then quickly turned around and let out a battlecry that the soldiers in the fort would no doubt have heard. It was then that he saw me, dagger readied, dripping with fresh blood. As he drew his sword and readied his shield, I cursed under my breath

"Dammit, Nocturnal!" Daedric Mistress of stealth and shadow, and a matron to thieves. She controls the "luck" of thieves, and has the attitude of a harsh but caring mother, urging her disciples to always strive for better. I like to think of her as being a bit... Mischievous as well. Daedric Princes are god-like beings

I said this, and tried to be angry, but to be honest, I was happy, and struggling not to laugh. This would have been too boring if it was one-sided for the entire show. Quickly sheathing my dagger and making a silent prayer to thank my mischievous Daedric mistress, I drew my sword from my back, and got into an appropriate stance, discarding the previous concept of "Invisibility" and focusing instead on something more destructive... "Incinerate" should do. Sword in one hand, ball of arcane fire in the other, I engaged the enemy.

The first strike was my own, a quick cut to the right, which was completely blocked by his shield, as I readied the gout of fire in my other hand, he pushed with great force using his shield, and I was pushed back. After regaining my footing, I once again readied my sword, just in time to narrowly dodge the war axe that he had swung down. It came within inches of my face, and made an all too familiar "woosh" sound of slicing air. Jumping back a few feet, I readied the gout of fire in my hand, and released it at him, then readied another, and released it again. The first few shots were blocked by his shield, but thanks to a fakeout with my sword, the last shot hit his sword arm- hard. He dropped his weapon and grimaced at the seared flesh on his hand. Big mistake.

Taking advantage of his obvious sub-par training, I made several slices with my sword, the first few were nice and clean, one nicking his chestplate, the other slicing through the chainmail near his shoulder, I decided that would be my opening, and once raised my sword high, then quickly jumped back, just in time to avoid another shield bash. In my left hand I quickly readied a similar concept and cast it on the ground beneath him- a clean Magic Circle, inscribed within were Runic Sigils, which were imbued with the essence of fire. The second his foot hit the ground, it exploded from under him in a blast of fire. Now was my chance. Running into the blaze, sword raised high, I quickly brought it down with all the force I could muster on the tear in his chainmail. The cut was almost as deep as his scream was loud, but it would be silenced soon, taking another step back and swinging my body around, his neck soon met with the sword of my blade, and his severed head hit the ground shortly before his corpse.

The fight was fun, a bit too much fun, as I had failed to realize that I was being surrounded by rebel soldiers.

"Heh? Fine then, you can't get me this excited and not follow through anyway... Well? Come on, then!"

I beckoned the group to come at me, sheathing my sword on my back, and grasping in both hands the same arcane concept. Two soldiers made their moves, one behind me, one in front of me, two greatswords swung with grand force that could well have cleaved me in two- yet instead of the rending of flesh, all that could be heard was the clanking of steel as the two swords met each other. The soldiers confused, and me, many feet in the air above them, readying myself to take advantage of the large cloud covering Secunda. Once again, under darklit shadow, but this time, I was ready for a battle, not an assassination.


This is based off of my character in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, however, prior knowledge of TES Lore or experience playing Skyrim is not needed to understand this, the only thing that will do is let you in on when I make references, and make it easy for you to point out mistakes in regards to TES Lore- which I would encourage you to do. If I want this to amount to anything, I need to improve, and I will not be able to accomplish that without either a good push or enough people telling me how and why my writing is shit. So, yes, commentary is appreciated, and criticism is highly encouraged. If you liked this, I'd either question your taste in literature, or my assessment of my own skills... Regardless, if you did like this, then I've accomplished what I've set out to do with this short prologue. Now, then, I need to get in the bed... Is what I should have said 41 minutes ago.

Goodnight all.