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Ivan The Mouse
May 20th, 2013, 05:29 AM
When we say "adventure", we think of things like packing up supplies and your trusty old weapon, tugging along your old pet, alongside your esteemed group of friends and embarking on to a great journey, from town to town, country to county, world to world, in order to reach that precious and remarkable goal you have dreamt of ever since childhood, whatever it would be. Of course, there would be a lot of obstacles along the way which would include but not limited to monsters, side quests, temptations and trinkets, as well as hunger and mortality.

However, this isn't that kind of RP and if you are searching for an immediate adventure, you might as well as turn away now.


Welcome to the von Engels Manor, a decent-sized, two-storey house of Napoleonic design. It is placed in the middle of a forest somewhere, although it is not connected to any government-paved roads of sort and the nearest town center is pretty far from it's location, which is why it was deemed as perfect place to live in by a trio of people from different walks of life: Rattus, Neo and Yukina.

Of course, this relatively peaceful co-existance in the manor would be disturbed by new faces finding themselves walking in to the living room of the manor. These newcomers would sometimes may not be aware if they are still in the same universe as the world they came from and the world they just went in. And as such, they usually would just leave back into their respective verses after leaving the manor itself, although they could usually visit the surrounding backwoods of the residence itself with no problems.

And because of such events, the Manor itself has effectively became some sort of the archetypal "tavern" or "rest area" for all sorts of newcomers to the Manor.

So yeah, as written in the thread title, this RP is casual on it's rules and it doesn't really have a standardized rule book of any sort. You basically just send a character summary to me via PM, I screen it and, if I see nothing wrong with it, then you're good to go and you can now interact with the NPCs or fellow PCs. Of course, this RP itself has no set specific goal or main quest, so feel free to have your characters step outside to the grounds of the manor and have a little sparring for kicks or have socially involve them with other characters, which could then maybe kickstart some interesting quests...

But of course, we have a few rules around here, such as...

1. Canon characters from all sorts of media are allowed, but keep it mind that it would be a massive and tight-mesh screening: We don't want an maddened Son Goku, Cthulhu or a generally-regarded as overpowered character to eradicate everything, including the established universe in the Manor in one of their fits of rage. Same things go with original characters. So yeah, you can't be overpowered.

2. We are going to maintain a sense of balance in this RP, in order to make fights fair and short, which in turn keeps the RP in a more relaxed mood. To quote another old RP in this board (which pretty much was the basis of this RP anyway, bluntly speaking): "They still have their crazy abilities, just no 'lol, that gun ain't magic, so it can't hurt me, neener neener'"

3. On that note, No Godmodding. This should be established already, right? That ain't no fun.

4. We're limiting the amount of characters you can play to five and no duplicates of characters are allowed.

5. There's always the tendency for a casually-regulated RP to have sexual content, so please, your character wants to do it with another character, keep it classy.

6. If there are comments, suggestions or questions regarding the RP, please send them to me via PM.

And oh, for the layout of the Manor, here it is:


And to apply your characters, send a PM of their character sheet or summary to me via PM, wait for my approval, and your're done!

As for the GMPCs, here they are:

Yukina Aikawa - The Manor's resident yukata-wearing Japanese lady who acts like a housemaid or wife, if not seen reading doujinshi, playing video games in her hand-held console or in her own room. She has a feminine, polite and energetic personality, although she can sometimes appear to act childish or ditzy.

Jan Neo Langraad - Another occupant at the Manor who can be seen lounging at the living room while smoking and drinking beer. He has a blonde but messy hair, a weird way of speaking that incorporates a lot of swearing and politically rude language and a rude, disagreeable and egoistic personality.

Rattus von Engels - The apparent owner of the Manor, who is either absent or at his room upstairs. Wears black suits and resembles a bespectacled Shinji Matou. Appears to emotionally detached, mechanical in mannerisms, and talks in a impersonal monotone.

So yeah, if this is the type of RP that piques your interests, then you can start sending in your character sheets, have a talk over PMs and get going, shall we?