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Rin-chan Kaihou
July 5th, 2013, 06:05 AM
So, my friends and I were planning on doing a Holy Grail War Tabletop RP using an existing card story system called Talecraft for the roleplaying story. However, we have no idea where to start for the battle or conbat system. Any thoughts (or existing battle systems we could use for tabletop nasuverse rp)?

July 5th, 2013, 02:55 PM
As you can guess, you are not exactly the first one to ask this question.

General direction you would want to go is propably making the character through point-buy, in all stats as well as traits and abilites. Allow for ridiculous powergaming for price of losing control of the character. Allow for going beyond limits, this is important. Everyone in Nasuverse can do this and it's what makes the fights cool. Allow mages to overcast at the cost of rolling for temporary and eventually permanent circuit stat damage, allow hybrids, psychics and apostles to increase their numbers and ability ranks at the cost of getting deeper off the Impulse end/SAN points. Make it so that completely awakened people cannot do this because they are already at their peak performance, meaning the players get to be cool and you don't feel dumb for not using the same cooltool against them.

Give psychics and mixed bloods a wide chart of abilites that purchasable for drawbacks. That would be classic, except here you give the drawbacks some scaling, so instead of a ton of inconsequential ones that a powergamer would usually take, he has to take one or more major ones. KnK and Tsukihime give good examples of this. Absorption, Astral projection, or Bending are pretty damn powerful, so the drawbacks the characters have are huge.
Give everyone else limited access to this chart as well.
Give Apostles huge stats, and inbuilt Bloodsucking drawback.
Remember that Executioners are rare, and real Church groundworkers are Knights, who are just melee combatants with blessed weapons, and maybe rudimentary magical tools. That should be the Fighter of the game. An Executioner is the high level version.Give Knights cheaper practical and combat skills.
Remember that actual spells are serious bussiness. Every magus will just have a few. The real trumph Mages have are Knowledge skills. Give every Mage cheaper Knowledge skills. Don't forget Magical Crest is a thing and will be very hard to implement because it can't really develop within a shorter game. Same for elemental affinity. More elements should be an ability that can only be bought at the beginning. Remember that a magus who does a lot of fighting outside of unique situations like a Holy Grail War is propably an Enforcer. You may want to make Enforcers a variant of a Magus that has better access to combat skills instead of knowledge skills.
There should also be a Commoner class that has full access to all skills at their cheapest, and is intentionally underwhelming. Can still have Mystic Eyes and stuff, but can't really be called a psychic, since a psychic is meant to be a hunter.

Both body and circuits should be possible to develop. Screw the whole circuit amount/efficiency thing, you are going to choke on that math. Same for everything else Nasu wrote on mechanics, really. Just use vague number for how efficient your circuits are in general and derive rolls about it off it.

You might want to consider making a late game option out of giving full access to a different class of choice. A lategame character of any class should have the option to decide to learn Magecraft, work for the Church, awaken his psychic abilites, awaken his mixed blood, or become a vampire. Just like that.

Oh, and make Origin a thing everyone has to submit along with the character. The character doesn't need to know, but the player will. Should help roleplaying immensely.

Rin-chan Kaihou
July 5th, 2013, 10:30 PM
Thanks for the feedback. To be honest, using the entire Nasuverse for a game is a pain. We're probably gonna end up with a Grail War or DA hunt just to get used to things.