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November 18th, 2013, 04:48 PM
This is a story i began to write after beeing impressed by the interesting setting i came up with in a dream; i got really hyped about it and wrote up an intro today. I do'nt know where this will go, but i would like to make it into something big as i think it has the potential to be; i will post the script here as i write it and i would be happy for any input by you guys.
I am posting this in doujin projects since it is not quite a fanfic btu a completely original story, but i have'nt actually fully decided on which format i will do it as; i will mainly write, but i would like to add some illustrations and i have been thinking it might work as a VN... If any of you artistically talented people feel like drawing some illustrations or improving on mine, feel free to do so!

Since they dont get described in detail in the intro, i will put some details on the two main characters in a spoiler here for any artists feeling like drawing character designs before I do

Male MC: Ren, brown hair, green eyes, tall build; when racing: yellow eyes, rectanguolar pupils (like a goat)
Background: former racer, lost out after losing controle of his "vehicle", now works by doing private deliveries underground
usual clothes: working suit, pilot suit (brown), white shirt-black pants

Female MC: Shion, white hair, blue eyes, petite build; when racing: red eyes, run through by cracks (similar to an insect's)
Background: clone created for the purpose of channeling the core entity, genetically optimated for piloting the "vehicles" to reach it
usual clothing: hospital gown, pilot suit (red), sundress and beret

names are still pending, if anyone has better suggestions

Scene 1: Awakening
Slowly, I open my eyes. Disoriented by a bright light, I blink several times. Where am I? Ah, I remember; I am in a room with white walls, a white ground, and a white ceiling lined with bright lamps. The artificial light still stings in my eyes, even though I am used to waking up in this sterile room on this single bed, still drowsy from the anaesthetics. Apart from this bed and my small form, the only things filling this room are the devices monitoring my physical health, a white desk with papers and syringes lined up on it, and an infusion connected to my arm. Slowly, I raise my upper body and looked around. As always, the only things disrupting the monotonous white walls are the door, just as white as the walls themselves and without a doorknob, making it impossible to open from this side of the room, and a large "mirror", covering almost half of the western wall. The useless door blends in with the wall in its whiteness, just so that it might as well not be there at all. The mirror, however, is really only a "mirror" on this side of the wall, but a perfectly transparent glass window when seen from the adjacent room. I have no clue wether the men and women in their white gowns and lab coats on the other side of the window know that i could see them; for a moment i consider making a face or sticking out my tongue, but in the end I just smile wrily and lie down again. I sigh; yet another usual day is about to begin.

Slowly, I open my eyes. Disoriented by a bright light, I blink several times. Where am I? Ah, I remember; I am outside, in the small park near my office. I look up, shielding my eyes from the overly bright sun with my hands. The sun stands high in the sky, tinting the normally green-ish sky almost yellow. It must already be noon, I guess. Seems my little nap lasted longer than planned... However, still drowsy as I am, I do'nt feel much like hurrieng now. There probably wo'nt be any big deliveries to do today anyways; I slowly get up and turn around towards the tree I was leaning against just a moment ago. The semitransparent, jelly-like leaves and stem did'nt really spend much shadow, but filtered through the dark yellow structure, the sunlight was weakened enough to feel quite comfortable. Noticing my hunger, I grab some of the dark brown fruit swimming in the yellow plant's mucus. Deciding that they should be about ripe, I unhesitatingly bite into one of them and eat while walking towards my office with big steps. As my feet left the gravel of the park and touch the asphalt of the street full of small cracks, I sigh; yet another usual day is about to begin.

Slowly, I open my "eyes". As always, I see nothing but black. A voiceless sigh fills the emptiness; yet another usual day is about to begin.
Or is it?

Scene 1 end