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Sakuraba Haru
March 17th, 2014, 08:49 PM
Wait didn't Airen just make a smt roleplay?
Well yes. I'm not butthurt or anything though (if I was I would be begging someone else to make this so I can play in it), I just decided to make a SMT focused RP and well ideas came flooding into my head (ty Urobuchi.)

I'll be starting this, this Friday night if I have enough good sheets.

In this world, in this Earth the world powers almost came to nuclear war.
However humanity miraculously did not go to war and ended their arguments, at least for this incident, peacefully.
Yet the demon world, Makai had its race, the demons band together under one effort for their kind to invade Earth. So a few days after peace in the world they came.
A single day before Chaos reigned. That was all it took for the worlds government to collapse. They fell but in a last broadcast told the world this.

"We have no choice. Soon Civilization as we know it will end. We cannot preserve it. This does not mean that Humanity must end. We must adapt to this foreign species invading our world. They follow but one rule. Power is Justice. Whether we somehow wipe them out, come to a coexistence or die out... we leave that all to you. We at the very least cannot fight them alone. Each of these demons have their own reasons and so does humanity. Join them, defeat them, rule them. Use and be used. Survive. This is our last hope. They will now be a part of our lives now and a part of this world whether you like that or not. Fight Fate, gods, devils and man alike. Goodbye."

Red scarves fell from the skies and landed in the hands of every man, woman and child.
A program then appeared onto every phone in the world, the power to co-operate, combat and capture demons.
The world descended into anarchy. You stayed at your residence whether that was for as long as you could, but supplies were running out.
The only thing that matters to this new world is power. Obtain it. No matter what your end goals are you can only achieve them through force.
Make the gods listen to you once you've dragged their half beaten bodies through the dirt.
You don't know why they came to our world and they won't answer you. Make them spit it out.
Make this world what you want it to be.

Below is a Tokyo Map, ignore Daikanyama, Odaiba and Marunochi. At least for now.


And here are locations within the map in this game.


Inokashira Park


Sun Road

Tokyo Metropolitan Building

Takashimaya Times Square

National Guardian


Yama Denki

Hanazono shrine

Sunshine Aquarium


Japanese Craft Shop

China Town

Meiji Street
Meiji Shrine

Omotesando Hills

Oriental Bazaar

Yoyogi Park

Tokyu Hands

109 Marukyu


Roppongi Hills

Entertainment Area



Scai Bathhouse
Nezu Shrine

Senso-ji Temple

Sumida River

Nakamise Street


Tokyo Animé Centre

Kanda Shrine

Gachapon Kaikan

Maid Café

Tsukiji Market

Kabuki Theatre

Various Stores

You guys are gonna fill this out as you go on, I mean I already know what you can get in these places and what things lurk there, but its up to you to find out and keep your own notes and not forget where things are, don't worry you won't like get instant killed by Faction Leaders or City Leaders. The first time.

You can die in this, so think carefully about what you're doing and who you pick fights with.

Setting wise the internet somehow still exists albeit it seems extremely laggy and many sites are down.
However new sites pertaining to survival in the new world and rising factions as well as demonic information are rising.
You're all part of the same board that discusses these things. Oddly it seems that it's not a slow site, in fact it's fast but content is deleted every 3 days.
This is how you can communicate with all the other players which are not in your vicinity. However you guys can only send 2 messages each a day to other players.
Some information in game I will PM players if its very relevant to the plot and they're in the appropriate area or defeated bosses or talking to demons, it's up to them whether they tell you or keep it a secret or only tell their party.

Will accept nine sheets and need 3 Japanese Raised Characters.

IN REGARDS TO STATS ALL START AT 5 EXCEPT THE LAST ONE. You have 10 points to distribute.


Online Handle:


Starting Location:

Country of Origin: (Regardless you are in Tokyo but this can effect interactions with some demons, by the way if you're not Japanese Raised, please not raised you do not know Japanese. Wait why? Wait for the plot.)

Appearance: (Face Claim or written description)

Background/History: (You're in Tokyo for some reason, but give me your characters history and personality)

Alignment: (No you do not get to pick, rather you start off with points in Neutral, Chaos and Law and points in Neutral, Good, Evil, Dark, Light depending on your character background and personality and I will award more as you play and interact. So have fun guessing.)

Spells: (Ha, Empty. No seriously you guys will get spells a different way in this game. Just wait.)

Gear: (You start with nothing but kitchen knives and clothing with no stats. You'll have very early chances to get gear though.)



STRENGTH (STR): Increases HP, Power, and Accuracy

INTELLIGENCE (INT): Increases Evade and Magic Effect; improves your ability to negotiate with demons.

MAGIC (MAG): Increases Magic Power and Magic Effect.

VITALITY (VIT): Increases HP and Defense

AGILITY (AGI): Increases Accuracy and Evade; increases the chances of escaping in battle and increases ability to act sooner in battle.

LUCK (LCK): Increases Accuracy and Evade; increases the chances of finding an item after battle, increases chances of getting in a first strike in battle, increases the chances of escaping from battle.

FATE: Hey a new stat? Fate is basically something you can enact in battle to perform miraculous events and add die rolls to your battle! Everyone starts with 7 Fate and this is a consumable stat, as in use it once and you lose some. It also represents your FREE WILL and your ability to resist influence of strong demons. You can earn more Fate through interactions with demons. Fate also is added to your damage in the following ways. You have 7 Fate so I would roll a d7 and add that to your damage each turn. By consuming Fate however you add a dice roll equal to your Power, Evade, Magic Power etc. depending on what your role-playing in the fight so e.g. your power is 18 I roll a dice with that many sides + the total Fate you had before consuming so say 7, so I roll d 25 to your damage and this is treated as Almighty Damage and ignores resistances.
As for the stats that add your weapons and calculates your damage in combat, leave that too me.

March 18th, 2014, 01:12 PM
Definitely gonna give this a try. Always been pretty big on SMT but, never had the experience of RPing in any sort of setting based around it. I take it you want the sheers PM'd to ya, right? Just makin' sure before I get started on it today.

Sakuraba Haru
March 18th, 2014, 01:13 PM
Yes Pmed sheets. Oh lol you're in the Makai.

March 20th, 2014, 08:07 PM
Well yes. I'm not butthurt or anything though (if I was I would be begging someone else to make this so I can play in it), I just decided to make a SMT focused RP and well ideas came flooding into my head (ty Urobuchi.)


Sakuraba Haru
March 20th, 2014, 09:56 PM

Dude, don't be like that. And anyway I'm not gonna asspull everything.
...Honestly though thanks for bumping the thread. People, trust me. I'll start this whenever I can get 9 sheets. Now pls.

March 23rd, 2014, 04:04 PM
Cool, I'll be making my sheet shortly after I eat something lol

March 27th, 2014, 06:53 PM
Done my sheet. Tell me if it needs elaboration.

April 18th, 2014, 12:11 PM
Sent you my sheet do tell if I need to elaborate more