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"For there is no salvation where you seek it,
And there is no wisdom to be found which you would comprehend
Creation's of a life's work can be broken in a second
And Parasites remain just that if they walk like Men.
Not even the inconceivable shall stop us.

Until death, we stand between you and what you desire."

OVERDRIVE! is a 95% combat focused RP set in the city of Nikde somewhere in Eastern Europe. A splinter faction of the Magus Association branch known as Sea of Estray called "The Knights of the Hermetic Order of the Argent Dragon" openly announced their acquisition of a subject known only as "The Milyonecalion" to the Association, and made it clear that any undertakings towards the disruption of their escort mission to the Wandering Mountains will be met with brutal retaliation.

Representatives of the Sea of Estray denied that their actions were in any way encouraged or ordered by its administration, thus declaring the Knights formally as outlaws to the rest of the Association and by extension the Church. Even so, their refusal to pursue Milyonecalion suggests that they might be involved more than they are ready to admit.

After systematic searches by multiple interested factions the Knights could finally be pinned down in Eastern Europe. But they had come prepared. Setting up a massive bounded field they were able to shield themselves from the pursuers just a little longer. Their new encampment served a simple purpose: gather all the research materials that the Milyonecalion had distributed in hideouts all over the world in this place, then reach the Wandering Mountains as soon as possible, leaving their pursuers behind.

However, nobody was willing to let it come to that.

One day after the encampment had been set up, five disturbances were noticed by magi of the Knights. Five champions had entered the field and they were going to take Milyonecalion by whatever means necessary.

Enemy Factions:

The Enforcers of the Clock Tower acts as a sufficient deterrent for the Holy Church nowadays, but predating these, various covenants and secret orders have fought them in times where a ceasefire between magi and clergymen had been unthinkable.

One of the most prominent examples of such an order is the, according to its members, two-thousand years old Hermetic Order of the Argent Dragon. Even after the establishment of ceasefire accords its Knights served an important defensive role, similar to that of a standing army. While the Enforcers of the Association actively track down and hunt the Sealing Designated, the Knights kept mostly to themselves, the collection of specimen not being seen as worthy pursuit by the magi of the Sea of Estray, who sought knowledge and paths to the root in generation-spanning research that should not be tainted by the works of random magi.

Since their inception their leadership laid in the hands of a single family and all of its (exclusively female) heirs. Current leader is the "Dragon of Estray", Sigrid Drakesdotter

In pursuit of more manpower the Knights turned to one of their own members. A prodigy from his birth in a prestigious lineage, Josef Hohenheim was known for his frequency of producing breakthroughs not only from experiments of his own, but also from designated "worthless specimen" captured by the Clock Tower.

In a way his path to knowledge had been as innovative as it had been heretical to the minds of Estray, but his results spoke for themselves. Even as he built himself a ruthless reputation even among peers that would not bat an eyelash at human experimentation, he became one of the most important researchers of Estray in his time. The leader of the Order took notice of him and he soon became a member, his new standing allowing him even further access to sealed specimen.

As the Order declared its intention to engage in conflict, "Doktor Doktor" Josef Hohenheim offered his wide selection of combat-ready experiments to fight by their side.

With some of the strongest magi of Estray on their side and the backup of some of the most fearsome creations in recent magical history, one would assume that the pride of a magus would not allow calling for outside help. But Sigrid Drakesdotter understood that pride, arrogance and folly were close relatives.

The Hand of Aces is a cabal of the most infamous Freelancers currently active. From their humble beginnings somewhere in South-East Asia to their total global domination of the Freelancing market in their most active time, everybody who had a reason to think that a magus wants them dead had heard their name. Their portfolio of bounties included everything from the lowest magi over sealing designated to even lords of the Clock Tower.

After amassing a great amount of money and fame the Hand of Aces retired from their work. Contacting them had become impossible, but still they were not completely out of the picture yet. Every few months whenever a new bounty circulated the information channels of Freelancers there would be one that either promised a great deal of difficulty or a non-monetary reward of special interest. And with just a bit of luck one of these bounties would be picked up by the Hand.

Despite the fame of their organization, the identity and modus operandi of the Freelancers of the Hand of Aces is all but unknown. One of the very few things that could be realized from the way they carried out assignments was that they do not shy away from using modern technology in conjunction with their magecraft.

The Hand of Aces is lead by a person known by many names, most prominently "The Ace of Spades"

Combat System Basics:

Most of it is in the rulebook.

Before engaging a boss a number of mook fights has to be undertaken.

Prior to every boss fight there is a phase where you and your opponent will not attack each other, from here on out referred to as Trashtalking phase. Use this to unnerve your opponent or to make yourself look better. Think of this as a cutscene in an action game. Outstanding performance in this phase will be rewarded with an Overdrive point, other effects are possible (a taunted enemy might act careless, etc.)

While this might break your precious immersion it will probably be one of the very few chances you will get to actually develop and play your character beyond in-battle-shittalking, so treasure it. Also I can use it to hype you up some more so that's cool too.

The combat works on a turn-based system which allows you one usage of an ability + one physical action. All players have access to abilities as defined in the rulebook, which use your factions respective resource.
Physical actions are either basic maneuvers (for example throwing a punch or running away/towards your enemy) or physical skills. Physical actions use up Stamina. The lower your Stamina the greater the chance of getting hit.

Abilites can be either AoE attacks or precision attacks, the former having the advantage of hitting multiple enemies, the latter inflicting more limb damage.

Damage in OVERDRIVE! applies not only to your whole bodies condition but also your individual limbs. This is to make the drawn-out fights of this RP still have a sense of progress by whittling down your opponent. Or cutting off their arm. Further info in the rulebook.

The core of the combat system is the Overdrive system. Whenever you perform an action that I deem (one or more of) either

1) cool
2) holy fug
3) emotionally touching but not in a girly way because i am a manly man
4) smart

you receive an Overdrive point. You can use 3 Overdrive points to activate your Overdrive, an ability that is so good it will in most cases win you the fight just by activation. Thus I would recommend people wanting to be really wicked OP in this RP to try to make up abilities that can be used in fun and creative ways and aren't just your standard package of "counterspell reinforce heal damage" (seriously if one of you gives me a sheet with a vanilla reinforcement spell i will print it out, find you and make you eat it) because the deciding factor will most likely be your Overdrive.

Doing cool stuff is also rewarded in other ways. See rulebook.

Player Slots:

ATLAS Player:

Holy Church Player:

Clock Tower Player:

Dead Apostles Player:

Wild Card Player:

Rulebook here (http://www56.zippyshare.com/v/95634614/file.html)

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Either Wild Card or ATLAS. Wild Card most likely.

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That rulebook was deeply informative.

I'll probably maybe whip up something for Holy Church, and I say maybe because midterms uguu~

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...Enforcer or DA. If I'll get to it, though: university's killing me.
And hey, will there be a proper rulebook after April's Fools- Who am I kidding.

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mite b cool

ATLAS or Clocks, or maybe something else

i am a man of many talents

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Is this a super elaborate April Fools joke?

Soldat der Trauer
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Is this a super elaborate April Fools joke?

Would've been more so if at the bottom of the doc, there was a porn site link so you'd feel at least some consolation prize, only to find out the link was broken.


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Such a beautiful Rulebook.

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quote from Buster: "the OP is 90% of the actual OP"

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(before people think wild card is some kind of free canvas to do what ever you want, wild card is either ESPer, Hybrid or Demon Possessed. The DDD kind. you'll see when I am actually done with the rulebook)

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Will Overdrive outlive its big brothers EXTRA 2 and Mabu Rabu?

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