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April 5th, 2014, 12:07 PM
Man I love Gundam Build Fighters. So much that I'm gonna stick my dick in some Gunpl-- wait that might be pretty painful.

So I just came up with my own Build Fighter.

Kisaragi Rei
A 14 year-old build fighter hailing from Osaka. Her parents are career workaholics which often left her to be babysat by her gunota hobby store owner uncle. This resulted her growing up to be quite a Gundam nut with advanced modeling skills despite her age.
A big fan of EFSF grunt units. After having witnessed kids muscle their way through Gunpla battle by using high-end Gundam types, she decides to show the world just what Jegans are capable of.
Normally very shy, but adopts an alter-ego along with an outfit, contacts and wig in gunpla battle. Has a relentless and aggressive battling style which has led her to being nicknamed 'The Black Storm'.

RGM-89E Jegan Elite
Originally just a basic RGM-89 Jegan, it has been improved and upgraded after being damaged and broken in many battles. Its upgrades are a gradual result of the many battles that Rei has fought. It has a large number of weapons built in and utilizes the RGM-89De Jegan[ECOAS Type]'s sensors to aid in targeting. Also boasts high defense thanks to armour plating from the RGM89S Stark Jegan. To offset the additional weight, it has additional verniers all over its frame along with an array of powerful thrusters from the RX-78GP01Fb and RX-78GP03.


4x Head Vulcan - Though the ECOAS Type Jegan's head lacks vulcans, the Elite has been customized to mount a quad of vulcan pods.
2x Foot Vulcan - Sourced from the Slaughter Dagger.
2x Shoulder Machine Cannon - Sourced from the God Gundam with its own customized housing. Were installed by Rei after a battle where she lost both arms.
2x Arm Gatling Gun - Sourced from the Gundam Alex with its own customized housing. She created the customized housing after some trouble with the Alex's where they would fail to open. Were installed after a battle against I-Fields.
2x Elite Beam Boomerang - A customized weapon based on the beam boomerangs from the Sword Strike. Mounted on the backpack where they can swivel forward and act as beam guns. Also functions as a high powered beam saber comparable to a beam Zanber. When thrown, they can also be shot with a beam weapon for an effect similar to Kamille's 'Beam Confuse' attack. Were installed by Rei after a battle where she lost both arms. She came up with the 'Beam Confuse' attack after a bad match against a Nu Gundam.
2x Elite Beam Saber - Customized beam sabers built from the Byarlant Custom's mega particle cannons that are mounted on the hips. They function as rapid fire beam guns when mounted. Were installed by Rei after a battle where she lost both arms.
2x Beam Saber - Standard beam sabers mounted on the knees. Can swivel and be detached.
2x Anti-Armor Penetrators - Rocket propelled throwing knives stored on the hips. Sourced from the Windam. They have been upgraded with a coat of reflective paint, allowing them to penetrate beam shields. Installed by Rei after having some troublesome fights against beam shields.
4x Armor Schneider - Hidden combat knives mounted on the feet and heels. Sourced from the Blue Frame. nstalled by Rei after having some troublesome fights against beam shields. Also has a coat of reflective paint.
2x Palm Beam Cannon - Sourced from the Destiny Gundam. Installed by Rei after losing a grappling match with a Shining Gundam.
2x Elite Carbine - Customized weapon built from the Zeta's beam rifle and the Jesta's carbine. Capable alternating between a weaker rapid fire and a more powerful single shot mode. Can also generate a beam saber from the barrel. Also mounts an underslung grenade launcher from the Duel's beam rifle.

The Green Flame
April 6th, 2014, 01:30 AM
*a super Jegan* You are a wonderful person and your creation is equally wonderful. The saber placements remind me a bit of the creative activations in the Tomino series.

April 12th, 2014, 03:46 PM
JEGAN AMAZING! Comes to mind <.<

But please continue