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April 11th, 2014, 02:28 PM
The night wind blows refreshingly.
It's a gentle breeze as the seasons turn.
I am alone, my body exposed to that wind.
At the highly elevated Tohno mansion, the gentle breeze from the town mixes with the sharp wind from the sky.
Just by being there, it feels like the wind is carrying the whole world to me.
I listen carefully to the wind.
It's just wind. Just ordinary wind.
But for some reason, it feels to me like the wind is singing.
Like it's trying to tell me something.
But after all, someone living a normal life like me can't actually hear the wind sing.
Maybe if I was that white moon princess, I could discover something from this wind.
Like a bird crossing the sea, I could follow its whisper and reach that.
But I have no way to understand the wind's voice.
Yeah. I'm just an ordinary guy, just stuck in a normal life.
A happy man who's able to be stuck in that normal life.
I spent a lot of things to get myself stuck here. I count them one by one.
They are...
My effort.
My blood.
My flesh.
...important person's, and someone I wish could have been my important person's, lives.
And most of all...
The feelings we should have been able to share.
That thought crushes me, sometimes.
When I'm alone at night. After Hisui bows her head and leaves.
Or when I wake up in the middle of the night, and open my window.
I should have had a lot of choices.
I should have had a lot of futures.
There are people who should have been by my side.
There are days we should have spent together.
I uselessly repeat the endless, unanswerable questions.
I leave the burden on my heart, and look up.
Soft light reaches me through my glasses.
The familiar blue blue moon is there above me.

Generously shining its light, it is...

1. A clearly shining full moon.
> 2. A hazy moon, blurred by mist and fluttering cherry blossoms.

She was the one who suggested we go view the flowers.
I just stared at her in fascination as she happily talked about her plan, and then nodded.
"You're way too predictable."
Arihiko laughed.
"Why are you two so blatantly head-over-heels for each other?"
He didn't hold himself back. Arihiko rolled around laughing.
That was about a week ago.
"For the sake of you lovebirds, Nice Guy Arihiko - that's me - will pass on the flower viewing trip!"
"Do it right, got it?"
It was only yesterday that Arihiko said that with a thumbs-up, and I saw her look somehow embarrassed at his words.
"For the sake of my dear friend whose wish has finally come true, I'm changing the meeting place for the badminton club reunion."
"Wait, Captain?!?!"
It's also been just around 30 minutes since we parted with the badminton team who we encountered by chance having a reunion on the flower-viewing grounds.
Incidentally, that group was apparently related to the badminton team she was a member of in middle school.
"You better make some mistakes!! Got it, boyfriend?!"
The slightly bossy ex-team captain or whatever she was, who left with that outrageous remark, made quite the impression.
And now.
I'm staring at her in the midst of the fluttering cherry blossom petals.
"What's wrong, Shiki-kun?"
She turns to me and smiles fondly.
I speak her name.
"Do you think you could stop calling me that? I call you Shiki-kun, so it's not fair for you to not call me by my name, Shiki-kun."
She smiles mischievously.
She draws close, and gently raises her index finger to my lips.
"C'mon, almost there."
"Sa... Sa... tsuki..."
I'm at a loss for words, but with great effort, I - Tohno Shiki - manage to squeeze out that reply to the classmate who I started dating only a few days ago.

Drinking Dreaming Moon Expanded Chapter: Misty Moonlit Night

She puts her hands behind her back and nods in satisfaction.
"That's right."
"It's kinda... you know... awkward."
"Don't worry about it, don't worry about it."
Satsuki smiles and winks at me.
The skirt of her casual clothes -- a light green reminiscent of springtime -- flutters as she turns around.

Casual clothes?

"Look, Shiki-kun, the blossoms are so pretty."
And she turns towards me again.
How do I put this?
The heart of this man named Tohno Shiki is, well... completely stolen away by this simple cuteness that he can't experience during his usual life.


"Yeah, really pretty."
I can't just stare at her forever, so I turn my gaze towards the cherry blossoms, and then towards the moon above.
"I can't see the moon too well."
"That's fine, Tohno-kun. We're here to see the flowers tonight, right?"
She gently rebukes me while looking up at the sky as well.
"You're right."
I smile wryly. It's true that we're flower viewing tonight.
"Tohno-kun, are you the food-over-flowers type?"
"Well, if you insist..."
She starts to unpack her lunchboxes.

"Here you go."
She spreads out the stacked lunchboxes with a shy smile.
I exclaim in wonderment, looking back and forth between her and the lunchboxes.
"I practised a lot."
Satsuki puts her index finger to the tip of her nose and looks down.
The quality is splendid, enough that I can believe that she practised.
"I thought that someday, um, someday I might let you eat it, so..."
She turns away.
"Uh, ah."
I feel awkward too, and my gaze wanders around.
What's wrong with you, Tohno Shiki?
You're not in middle school anymore.
C'mon, heart. Calm down a little.
"Sssssss, haaaaaah."
I reflexively take a deep breath.
This is bad.
It's not only the appearance and behaviours of the girl named Yumizuka Satsuki that are adorable, but her entire existence.
I inhale deeply and control my breathing.
What are you getting so ecstatic over, Tohno Shiki? Keep it together!

Who am I feeling guilty towards?

Pulling myself together, I reach towards the lunchboxes.
She stares at me.
Munch munch.
Satsuki keeps looking at me.
"Something wrong?"
She intertwines her fingers in front of her.
Satsuki does this when she's lost in thought. The gesture is very typical of her.
"I always thought it'd be nice if I could spend time with you like this, Tohno-kun."
She murmurs it under her breath.
She and I became like this...


...just two weeks ago.
"...What are you saying? We can do things like this any time."
"You're right."
Satsuki sticks out her tongue a little and smiles.
Her smiling face shows a hint of satisfaction.
"We can do it any time from now on. We don't need to hold back in front of Arihiko like before."
I incline my head to the side slightly.
For some reason, a feeling of doubt passes by me.

First of all...
Don't. Don't think about it.

"I'm glad I mustered up the courage... I had my eye on you for a long time. I knew you didn't notice me, but my eyes were always on you."
I noticed that only a little while ago.
"Uh, yeah. I think it's a waste to think about me that much, um, Satsuki."
"Ahaha. I thought I'd regret it if things stayed that way, so..."
Her voice becomes steadily quieter.
She must be embarrassed.
After all, that confession was clearly a huge decision for her.

What kind of confession was it?

I've been called insensitive, but even I understand that. I should say something to her.
"By the way, I'm very happy to have been able to enter this kind of relationship with Yumizuka Satsuki."
Munch munch munch munch. Having said my piece, I fixate on eating.
She's momentarily startled by that.
Then she looks down and smiles.
"Now then, eat up, Shiki-kun!"
"Yeah. I'd be glad to."
Munch munch.
I continue to eat the food she prepared.
The meal is so delicious...

Who made the last meal I ate?
Don't think about it. There's no answer to that.

...I've never eaten anything like it.
Oh, maybe not since I lived with the Arimas?

When I lived with the Arimas? Did I...
Leave... home...? Why...?

"Mmm, that was delicious."
It might rival Keiko-san's cooking.
"I'm glad you liked it."
Satsuki skillfully cleans up. During that time, I do nothing but look around.
Cherry blossoms. The moon, and darkness. That's all there is in the night.
Just what am I so worried about?
No, am I forgetting something?
But what?
And who?
She must be confused by my behaviour.
She sits lightly across from me, and peers into my face.
"Ah, no, it's nothing..."
"...I see."
There's a strange look to her eyes.
Why do her eyes look like that?
The look in her eyes... is as if she's saying farewell... to someone she'll never meet again.

Like back then?
That's right. That's it.
I can't support it any longer! Master, don't do it!

Satsuki, no, Yumizuka had that same look her eyes when she died.

Everything goes black.

I suddenly realize everything.
In the darkness, the information that was held back comes surging back all at once.
People. Things. The cause and effect that entangles them. Actions, and results.
They all come together, and return to the consciousness that is myself.
I am the only one here.
I understand that. There's no one in this darkness but me. To be more accurate, nothing exists here but the things that compose me.
The night.
And the cherry blossoms.
And the moon.
And of course, the girl by the name of Yumizuka Satsuki.
That's right.
All of it.
Even those two short peaceful weeks that I spent with her.

You're telling me that was all a dream?

Drifting in the darkness, I'm maddened with rage.
After all, that dream I was given was about what Tohno Shiki least wanted to touch upon. Parts of me that border on madness. One of those was dragged out in an almost lethal form.
I betrayed someone I wanted to protect, in the most horrible way possible.
I can easily imagine that that dream may have been the life she had wanted.
I myself wanted to believe that the peace that I was given was real.
All of those facts smash the normalcy in my heart, and bring emptiness and rage.
It's all in my mind, so I have no escape, and can only scream, rage, and rampage looking for a target for these emotions.
But there's no such convenient escape. The only person I can vent this anger and helplessness on is myself. So the trapped feelings whirl within me, until it seems that they'll overflow.
"L-Lennnnnnnnnn... d-did you do thiiiiiiiis?!"
She must have appeared out of worry that I might break. I understand this. After all, even though it's all in my mind, my fury is enough to cause my speech to shake.
But even quicker than I can understand that, my emotions give form to Len's voice, and drag her out before me.
She gazes at me with unease, trembling slightly. Her mouth doesn't move, but I can at least tell she is trying to apologize.
But even the sight of her does nothing but provoke my rage even further.
I seize her by her front, and push her to the ground that should not exist.
With no resistance, Len collapses to the ground.
"Hah, hah."
I may have hit her chest hard. Len lets out several short breaths, like a fit of coughing.
"Why did you do that?"
Still, I didn't loosen my harsh grip.
I aim a kick at her side, tearing off her clothes.
"I'm asking why you did that!!!"
Len's delicate body is exposed. Her skin quivers slightly, and her eyes wander over my face looking for forgiveness. I hold onto her sides, and breathe wildly.
"I, I...!"
I don't know her that well!!
It isn't even speech anymore. Meaningless breaths spill out of my mouth.
"Hau, kah..."
Len earnestly bears my cruelty.
Her small body jerks repeatedly, unable to endure my actions.
I don't know her that well!!
That's why I believed it.
I believed that it was real.
I didn't know her, so I believed that convenient dream I was shown was real.
What do you want, Len.
What the hell did you want to do?

Could you try not to blame Len-chan so much, Tohno-kun...?

That completely mundane way of addressing me, "Tohno-kun", instantly awakens me from my fury.
"Y-Yumizuka... is that you?"
The unexpected voice strikes me dumbfounded.
That's right. Because it's the voice of the person I least want to meet, but also also the person I most want to meet.
And most of all, there's no way I can possibly meet her.
Something laughs at me.
Something derisive raises its voice to me.
Just trust.
What should I trust? I don't even know that.
Your own senses.
Senses? My senses?
Someone I want to meet. And someone I don't want to meet. That voice belongs to someone that makes me think of both those things.
To believe that would mean--
That means she's not a dream or anything else--
She is unmistakably--
"The real thing."

Go find her.
As if pushed by that voice, I turn in the direction the voice came from.
Standing there, wearing her uniform and smiling shyly, was Yumizuka Satsuki.
She looks just as she did when I last saw her.
Her smile is as if she had been ripped out of that moment when I betrayed her.
In the pitch-darkness of my sleep, she smiles as if shining.
"We finally met, Tohno-kun..."
Her pigtails sway as her eyes close.
At the same time, she tilts her head, and her mouth turns upward.
Her smile has changed. Pure joy, mixed with slight longing.
That is all I can say.
There are a lot of things I want to say. To apologize. To tell her something. What I regretted. Feelings I want to convey. The dream that couldn't come true.
I open my mouth to say all those things, but unable to say any of them, I can only speak her name.
"There was no helping it, Tohno-kun. Len-chan did that for my sake..."
"For... you?"
I meekly voice the question.
She nods, and her smile fades for a moment. She intertwines her fingers in front of her and begins to speak.
"Yeah, you see, I really wanted to meet you one more time..."
To meet me one more time.
Those words sink into my chest.
There is more than one meaning packed into those simple words. Their meaning isn't insignificant.
"So, she connected my wish with everyone's dream, and made that dream for me..."
Yumizuka stops speaking, and shuts her eyes.
"So you see, Tohno-kun. That's why we're able to really meet like this."
She stops speaking, and reaches both hands towards me.
As if she's trying to embrace me.
We're able to really meet like this?
What on earth does that mean?
Does that mean this is different from the dream before?
I've got a message for you.
Suddenly, that mean-spirited laughing voice is back in my mind. It sounds amazed.
...Could it be...
Is that what it means?
That was...
"You can see me too today, can't you?"
Yumizuka sways, arms still extended.
Her uniform rises gently along with her movement.
After affirming it for some time, she gives a soft, satisfied smile.

Then that dream was... to compensate for my consciousness?

Becoming aware of that, I finally gain the chance to see her calmly.
Yumizuka is just smiling happily.
Her wide-open eyes,
and her soft mouth,
and her slightly bashful smile, are all there.
In my memories, she was always reserved.
Whatever she did, she was always timid, considerate of others, and following behind.
She wasn't the type to smile like this.
Even when she became a vampire, she asked for help in her last moments.
That's right.
I didn't even know that she could smile like this.
I didn't know.
Her uninhibited smile. Her confidence in someone she trusts.
Her hidden energy. Her willpower.
The days when she lived a vibrant life.
Until now, if you told me to remember her, I could.
But that was only a mere facet of her. Only a part of the world she came in contact with. Just a small thing, incomparable with all the things that compose her.
Up until now.

"It's okay, Tohno-kun... that's okay..."
She says that as if she has read my mind.
She is the only thing I can see clearly in this pitch darkness.
All I do is look at her.
"It's all my fault for not being brave enough..."
But I still don't know. I still don't know what I should have done back then.
"So don't blame yourself like that."
But didn't you ask me to save you...?
"I guess maybe there are just some things that we can't do anything about."
I couldn't save you in the end. In the tiny world that I lived in, I couldn't even keep my promise to you.
"It's okay."
Her voice is strong and confident.
I can't understand that.
"After all, you saved me already..."
I shout. That's right. Just how is she "saved"?
"You died! You asked me to save you, but you died! What part of that is saving you?!"
As I scream, Yumizuka smiles worriedly at me.
I breathe roughly, and she stands calmly.
Time flows gently on.
Finally, Yumizuka is the first to speak.
"...I think you're the one who understands that the most, though, Tohno-kun..."
And then she smiles mischievously. Her pigtails sway.
What? What on earth does that mean?
"Do you think living means being saved?"
She slowly begins to ask questions. Her tone is like she's speaking to an unreasonable child.
"Do you think not dying is enough?"
It's a determinedly gentle voice.
Dying suddenly is something you should be sad about.
She leaves a momentary pause.
Her expression makes her look as if she's about to say, "oh well".

"...Then, do you think living a long life is enough?"

My heart pounds. The shock is as if someone has grabbed hold of my heart.
Thump, thump, thump.
"That's right, you understand, don't you Tohno-kun...?"
That's not...!!!
"That's not true!!!"
"...Why don't you want to admit it? Even though you know you're like that."
I will probably not live long. I've regained my life that he was using, but that doesn't change the fact that the burden of my eyes shortens my lifespan itself.
I know this much.
"So just why don't you think I'm the same too?"
"But you didn't have time to think, or the chance to hope, or fun days..."
I spit out those words.
That's right.
I have those things. Time to think, a chance to hope, and those days.
Even if my time is short, I still have it.
During those days, I'll be able to accept my end.
But you...
"Then I'm okay now too, right?"
As if to cut off my train of thought, her voice resounds.
"I had time to think."
I remember my days with her.
"I had a chance to hope."
It was a dream, but it was so real.
"I had fun days."
That's the dream I had with her, that was reality until now.
I really did spend those days with her.
That definite sense of presence. The days we could have contact with one another.
That's right. The future with me, that she dreamed of. Our shared feelings.
To us, to a sorrowful extent, that was a firm reality.
"Ah... that's probably right..."
She slowly approaches.
She feels around in her pocket and pulls something out. It's probably a light pink handkerchief, reminiscent of spring. I can tell this as I am now. We shared that many days. We were able to share them together.
"You really are a crybaby, Tohno-kun."
I'm crying again?
Someone's wiping away my tears again?
"Ah... that's probably right..."
She smiles, close to me.
Her smile isn't fragile, but somehow satisfied, and full of life.
I can't bear it, and before I know what I'm doing, I reach out and embrace her.
Yumizuka is surprised for only a moment, but then reaches behind my back and pulls me close.
Her arms gently stroke my back. She must be hugging me as if comforting a child.
That series of events taught me only one thing.
That is...
Even though I try to act tough, I'm too weak to even stand on my own.
More than anyone in the world I tried to protect.
"That's right... that's why everyone loves you..."

"Hey, Yumizuka, do you think you could tell me what you wish for...?"
I carefully murmur as though checking my words one by one.
At the very least...
"...Don't you know?"
She whispers softly in my arms. Her forehead is pressed to my shoulder, so I can't see her face.
Quiet laughter.
"I think you should probably know, but it's you, Tohno-kun, so maybe you don't?"
She continues to laugh.
Unable to figure out the answer, I just incline my head in puzzlement at her words.
But if I can't know, then that might mean it's better that I don't know.
Knowing everything is probably the same as losing everything.
If I don't know everything about her, that probably means there's more of her to...
"Ah, did you figure it out?"
Yumizuka laughs.
She sounds very happy.
Her shaking in my arms conveys her joy to me.
"That's right. If you are how you are now, Tohno-kun, you might understand."
She stops laughing, and her gentle voice resounds.
It's as if she understands everything, but still loves everything.
I don't have a clear memory so I don't know for sure, but I think that was probably...
A mother's... voice.
"Thank you, Tohno-kun. That's probably the best compliment I could ever ask for."
Her voice becomes still more gentle.
I can't do anything.
Even though she appeared to me like this, I still can't find the words to say to her.
I can't do anything for her.
She could at least express a bit of a grudge against me, I think.
But she is gentle, and warm, and accepts my weakness without a hint of displeasure on her face.
In the end, I'm just the one being saved again.
By these kind people.
"...You're saying those kinds of things again, Tohno-kun..."
She softly strokes my head.
Her gentle fingers brush through my hair.
Her slender fingers should have gotten tangled in my hair. But for some reason, there was no resistance.
Something deep inside me took that curious happening as an omen.
"You know what my wish is, right?"
But, that's...
Her voice.
"Yeah, that's right."
Her gestures.
"Then, can I ask you to do just one thing?"
Yes, please.
My eyes might be just about at their limit. She seems to be gradually losing her sense of reality. Yumizuka wasn't there to begin with. No matter what the means or intention, she was still forced into appearing. So naturally, there is a limit.
Her voice is slowly receding.
Please wait, it's too soon... it's too soon! Please, wait...
"...I'm sure..."
Her warmth is leaving my hands.
"...there will be a lot of painful things too..."
Wait, please wait, I'm begging you!
Thinking about it later, my unrest may have weakened the power of my eyes and driven her away. But at the time, I didn't notice, and I didn't have time to worry about it.
"...and I think... there will be unfair things... that will make you want to cry, but..."
Her sense of existence is slipping through my hands. Like a dried sandcastle. Like a spring breeze.
Please wait, there's something I need to hear from you. I need to hear your wish!
Her appearance, her voice.
...All of her...
"...Hey, Tohno-kun... what I think is that... you should..."
...slips completely out of my grasp.

When I come to, I am lying in bed, my right hand outstretched toward the cieling.
My glasses are off, but I can't see the lines of death.
My field of vision is warped and blurred.
My fluid, distorted vision should have displayed my bedroom, but I don't care.
I remember. I remember everything. I remember everything, without exception.
I sit up and wipe away my tears with both hands.


I hear a small sound somewhere in my room.
Right next to the bed. That's right, that's where she must be.
I look down slowly.
There's a pair of eyes.
Two lights, peering at me out of the darkness.
I softly call out to her.
She appeared out of the darkness into a beam of moonlight.
She peers in my direction with a remorseful look, as if apologizing.
She briefly peeks at my face.
"It's all right. I'm sorry for being cruel to you."
I smile bitterly. Len still looks nervous.
"It's all right, Len... thank you."
I gently stroke her head. Her expression finally softens.
"Thank you for saving my friend."
My field of vision begins to blur again.
Len reaches out her small hand.
She grips the edge of her clothes, and brings it to my cheek. She's trying to dry my tears again.
I see... once again, I'm...
I begin to laugh through my tears. What a pathetic man I am...
Len looks confused, but continues wiping my face without pause.
That's right.
I finally notice.
And so--
"...Len, thank you, for saving me."
Len had continued moving, paying me no mind, but after hearing those words she stops. Her gaze flickers towards my face two or three times, and finally she peers straight into my eyes.
Then she nods with satisfaction, and wraps her arms gently around my neck.
Len clings to me as if draping herself over me as I sit on the bed.
I gently stroke her back as I support her small body.
Her small frame is trembling slightly.
Even Tohno Shiki - in a rare occurrence, if I do say so myself - can instantly tell that the girl in his arms is shedding tears.
"Thank you, Len."
Just like Yumizuka did for me, I continue to stroke the girl's back for a long, long time.

Rays of sunlight begin flowing through the window. It must be near dawn.
After confirming that Len has fallen asleep, I softly crawl out of bed.
I quietly get dressed. Len's sleep seems to be deep, so she doesn't open her eyes.
I slowly leave the room so as not to wake her.
I slowly turn the knob and push open the door.
The hallway is dark, and there's nobody there. That's obvious. It's not even daybreak yet.
Even Hisui probably won't get out of bed for a while yet.
I walk down the hall and reach the stairs. I look down into the foyer, and am surprised to see Kohaku-san is up and about.
Kohaku-san notices me right away, looks just a little surprised, and...
Good morning.
She mouths at me soundlessly.
I reply soundlessly back in turn, and descend the stairs trying not to make too much noise.
"Good morning, Shiki-san."
Once I reach her, Kohaku-san greets me again in a quiet voice.
"Good morning, Kohaku-san. I'm just going for a walk."
I greet her and tell her my plans.
Kohaku-san looks at my face and seems to think for a moment, and then smiles.
"All right, take care, Shiki-san."
Kohaku doesn't ask any questions, and sees me off.
She may have noticed something. She's that kind of person.
I thank Kohaku-san in my heart for not asking me anything, and leave the mansion.
The sun hasn't risen yet, but the horizon is brightening, and the sky is turning from black to blue.
Perhaps because of the morning dew, the pre-sunrise air feels nice and refreshing.
I breathe in and fill my chest with that refreshing air, and continue on my way.

The town in the morning is very quiet with nobody around.
Only the sound of my own footsteps echoes around me.
Occasionally I hear the sound of a small engine from far away, maybe a newspaper carrier's bike.
It's still too early for birds to be flying, so that's about the only sound in the world.
I walk alone through that town.
The world is still dozing. It's the opposite of how things usually are, which stimulates my sense of humour.
My legs take me down the school road of their own accord.
That's probably where I want to go.
I start slowly walking down the hill.

That place has started to brighten, illuminated by the rising sun.
It's an extremely ordinary fork in the road.
An average road like you'd see anywhere.
But this is the crossroads that divided her fate.
Our paths parted here, strayed apart, grazed against each other for only a brief moment in the end, and then parted again forever. That special crossroad.
Her and my everyday life ended here. A very, very meagre everyday life, that only amounted to half a day in total.
I stand there and look at the bottom of the hill. Spreading from there is a street lined with buildings.
I had my eye on you for a long time. I knew you didn't notice me, but my eyes were always on you.
That's what she said then.
All I know is the road from school up to here. I need to think carefully about the other roads.
All I know is her from school to up here. The things I don't know outnumber the ones I do.
I take in the sight of each building in turn.
Then her feelings must have spread out as far as this town.
I still don't know if I should be happy about this or not, but many of them were apparently painted out with the name Tohno Shiki. And for that reason, her daily life ended here.
The morning sunlight begins to shine on me.
The light is coming from the opposite direction compared to that time.
When we parted, the sunset was at her back.
Naturally, the morning light shines from the other direction.
The word "parted" brings one phrase to the surface of my mind.
...Hey, Tohno-kun... what I think is that... you should...
Just what did she intend to say?
I don't know.
That doubt rises from the depths of my heart.
I don't know? Really?
Don't you know already? Aren't you just being dependent?
A vision of Len crosses my mind.
That's right. Len gave me the map to keep me from losing my way.
What matters is whether or not I walk.
I make my decision.

The glasses I received from Sensei are important, but I don't need them right now.
As soon as I remove them, the lines of death creep about before my eyes.
Go away, lines of death.
What I want to see now isn't something as pathetic as you!
That's right. I didn't think about it until now.
Aren't these lines proof that I'm imprisoned by the past?
My eyes were able to see Akiha's hair.
My ability is that of seeing things that can't be seen to begin with. Not of seeing death.
With these eyes, I was able to meet my friend who had already passed away.
Because I wished for it with all my might.
Then why can these eyes only perceive death? Why do they only show me death like it's normal? Now that my life has been returned to my body, I'm not being exposed to death anymore. I should be able to see other things normally now, but--
That's right.
Isn't the one who wants to see death, the one who wishes to be destroyed, nobody else but myself?
Isn't it me, who wilfully reminds himself of death, surrounds himself with an atmosphere of death, blames everything on death, and tries to run away from everything? Who runs from the irrational reality, shuts his eyes to the days that make him want to cry, and then pushes the responsibility for everything onto death, and tries to take refuge in the rest it will bring?!
I was exposed to unease and death, so I see death. I see, what a legitimate reason.
But I don't need such a thing.
I refuse to accept a future where I'm just dragged along by the past and its events until I'm finally given certain death.
No matter how much death tries to jump into my vision, I should have used these eyes to search for another future.
I was the one who was distracted by how shocking death is, and didn't see anything else.
Then in that case.
I should at least be able to see the rest of what she had to say. No, I absolutely will find it.
I gather my consciousness.
The map of the town is already in my hands. That's what she said.
It just comes down to whether or not I walk.
I can do that. I will do that.
I open my eyes and concentrate.
The lines of death spread out before my eyes. These lines appeared because I was preoccupied with death. I don't need something so worthless.
Right. What I need is the polar opposite, so to speak.
It's a worn-out, cliché word, one that I wouldn't usually want to use. But still, in the end, the truth is inside that unsightly thing.
Not some inconsequential future like death, but the continuation of the words my precious friend should have said.
It's only right to be able to see such a simple future.
That's what I have to see.
As I am now, I don't need something that can only create attachment to the past.
The thing I need now, even if it's unrefined, even if it's uncool, even if it's pathetic, no matter what the result is, is the future before me. The present that leads to the future.
I have no need to be trapped in the past, wondering what will be my end.
Isn't that right, Tohno Shiki?!
If I see lines of death, I just need to ignore them. It was a mistake to shut my eyes to the thing that lay behind them, the future that I should have grasped!!!
I understand that it's far removed from Sensei's teachings.
But if I could meet Sensei now once again, I'm sure she would praise me.
I know it. I have confidence.
Sensei, if this can be granted...
Then I don't care where you are, just please, pray that I can accomplish this!!!!

In that instant, the world is enveloped in white light.
All colour disappears from my surroundings, and only the white shining light remains.
I should be able to see the lines of death. But I can't perceive them, and am only bathed in the light. I can't tell whether I really can't see them or if my consciousness has been forced out, but it feels as though death doesn't exist in this light.
She stands there, looking just as she had when we last parted.
Wearing her uniform, with her hair in pigtails. Just as she always was.
"You're more stubborn than I expected, Tohno-kun."
She wipes away the tears.
Yeah, I think so too.
My mind feels mysteriously clear.
"...That's another part of you that I liked more than anyone else."
I'm honoured, Yumizuka.
"Ahahaha. So, what is it, Tohno-kun?"
I just wanted to hear the rest from before.
"The rest?"
Yeah. The part that comes after ...Hey, Tohno-kun... what I think is that... you should...
"Ah, that... so you really didn't hear it."
Yeah, I didn't hear it, Yumizuka.
"Hee hee."
Hm? What's so funny?
"Tohno-kun, are you seriously saying that?"
What's this all of a sudden.
It's funny to me too, and I start to laugh as well.
"I mean..."
She continues giggling like she's having fun.
Yeah, at this point, I probably don't need to hear the rest anymore.
I remember the details of how I got here, and laugh.
"That's right."
But still.
I still want to hear it. Straight from you.
I think I'll probably hear you say what I thought you would.
But if I can hear it straight from you, then I'm sure I'll be even happier.
"Then, Tohno-kun, that means you plan to become happy?"
She smiles mischievously. She spins her finger in circles, then pokes the tip of my nose.
Yeah, I will. I'm done fixating on death and my miserable past. It doesn't mean I'll ignore them, but I think I'll stop focusing on only those things. If I don't, I won't be able to see the things I should be able to see. I won't be able to obtain the simple future I should be able to obtain.
"Yeah. That's enough. That's for the best."
You think so?
"That's right."
Then that's what I'll do.
We exchange a look and laugh together.
"Yeah... then, I'll just say the rest of what I started saying back then. It'll bug me if I miss out on saying it again."
Her smile lights up her whole face.
Yeah, please do.
The emotions of her life are here.
Just like this, she...
"I'm sure"
She would be happy just like this.
She would stand just like this,
"there will be a lot of painful things too,"
and she would intertwine her fingers in front of her just like this.
She would look in my direction just like this.
"and I think there will be unfair things that will make you want to cry, but,"
She would sometimes look away shyly.
And she would smile just like this. So brightly.
I know this now.
"Hey, Tohno-kun. What I think is that... you should"
And then.
I'm sure this is what she would say.
Not with a melancholy smile reminiscent of an autumn sunset.
She would take a breath.
She would look at me.
She would meet my eyes, and nod.
And she would smile. Like a morning sun reflected on a lake's surface.
"...for a long, long time..."
Projected in my eyes is the vision of her, radiant in the morning sun, arms spread wide, and smiling.
With the answer I expected before me, the only thing I feel is absolute satisfaction.
And I tuck away the thing I finally understand, called being saved, deep within my chest.

And I look ahead. I'm sure the world is there.

I think I'd like to end my story here.
Because the days I want to embrace are spread out before my eyes.
They're boring, common, exceedingly ordinary days.
And from those days, I hear voices calling me. There are people waiting for me.
So I'd like to say farewell just this once.
So that I can return to those days.

Well then, someday.
Not now, not here, somewhere far, far away.

----------Let us meet again.

Drinking Dreaming Moon Expanded Chapter: Misty Moonlit Night
May all ____ be happy.
Written by Takehaya.

The "Drinking Dreaming Moon" bonus scene in Kagetsu Tohya was written by a guy called Takehaya (who went on to write a bunch of actual VNs and stuff). After KT was out, he rereleased the scene on his site as a mini-VN, which included the original (which is where choice number 1 at the beginning leads btw) plus this sequel. Then it disappeared into the void but the Wayback Machine always saves the day.

Anyway I remembered it again and I thought that since people seem to like the original scene a lot they might like the sequel too? It has less SHIKI (he still makes an appearance though, if you noticed) but equal amounts of "bro what that's not how MEoDP work".

also I realize I made the style sound so awkward but I've read it like ten times in one day now so please forgive. I'm a big hypocrite but you should know this by now

It's not sad, Tohno-kun!

April 11th, 2014, 02:29 PM
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April 11th, 2014, 09:12 PM
It's beautiful. Kinda wonky on the Mystic Eyes side (something something Pure Eyes?) and Shiki almost violating Len out of the blue made me lol, but in the end it has the same bittersweet note as Drinking Dreaming Moon, and the T-M style of hopeful epigrams never fails to trigger the feels.

Thank you for the restoration and translation, Kotonoha.