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Here’s Hermitfold with a new crossover fic for whosoever wants it. Thanks to alfheimwanderer and eddyak for their help with this fic. Couldn’t have done it without them.

Here it starts

Disclaimer: I own neither Fate/Stay Night or Hidan no Aria. Even though I use the names of stuff that actually exists, there are obvious mistakes, so don’t sue me.

Fate’s Bullet Hell

Prologue: Where Things Happen

“If one advances confidently in the direction of one's dreams, and endeavors to live the life which one has imagined, one will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.”

Henry David Thoreau

Istanbul, Turkey, Istanbul Musuem of Calligraphy

Wednesday, 9:00


“I really need a pay raise…”

Saying that while yawning, Yigit Demir, made his rounds through the Istanbul Musuem of Calligraphy, flashlight in hand.

“ There’s still the payment for Mehmet’s school fees as well, not to mention the mortgage”, groaning, Yigit continued walking through the museum, gradually checking out the rooms and exhibits.

Behind him, a presence slowly suffused the museum. As if an invisible animal was stalking the halls, the inexplicable presence suppressed everything.

The various cameras around the museum slowly shut down, as did the lights.

Walking through the ground floor, Yigit Demir shivered as the presence rolled over him.

What… the hell?!

The feeling right now, it’s reminiscent of something out of a nightmare. Using any kind of normal logic, it would be nothing more than abnormal feeling, similar to déjà vu. Nothing to worry about.

Just as he was beginning to convince himself of this, the lights in the museum went out, all at once.

The unpleasant feeling in his stomach seemed to multiply all at once. He grabbed for his radio and frantically made a call.

“Mazhar, Orhan, what’s going on down there?!”, Hearing nothing but silence from his radio, he growled, put it back and took out his pistol, a Smith & Wesson Model 25 and moved silently towards the security office.


Silently swearing at his shoes, which had betrayed him with that sudden squeak, Yigit continued moving. Even though the security office wasn’t that far from where he was, in the darkness, it felt like an uncrossable chasm.


While he was walking, Yigit was thinking of what was going on here. Judging from the silence of the other guards and the fact that the power had been cut, it seems that it was indeed robbers. However, this level of precision, isn’t something that an ameteur could do, nor was it something that a single person could accomplish. Even an amateur like Yigit could understand that. So then, a team of professionals breaking in seemed to be the answer.


Yigit was cut off from his musings by a horrifying feeling coming from his back. Turning, he pointed his pistols at the darkness there.

“Not bad.”

Yigit’s brows narrowed at the sound.


“Oi, Zephyr, why is this guy still awake? Shouldn’t your Coin of Ruin have put him to sleep like the others?”, Yigit’s eyes widened , as the sound of a young man, with what Yigit recognized as a American accent from various movies floated around him.

“I can’t tell where it’s coming from!”

As he attempted to ferret out their locations, he heard the woman’s voice again.

“It should have, but it seems he is immune. Perhaps he has circuits inside him, or some other phenomenon. It’s immaterial anyway.”

The cold tone of the woman’s voice sent shivers down Yigit’s spine. “I’m going to …die” Listening to that voice, he was sure. He was going to die, he was going to…

“However… Don’t kill him.”



Yigit’s silent shout was echoed by the boy with American accent. However, the woman ‘Zephyr’ remained calm as ever.

“If a security guard was found dead, it would cause nothing but trouble. Simply put him to sleep.”


Yigit attempted to point his gun at where the woman’s voice was coming from, however…

Something slammed into his stomach with the strength of a cannon, bowling him over and sending him over 6 feet away.

“What on Earth..!”

Coughing, Yigit tried to get to his feet but his legs felt like jelly. As the world started to swim around him, he seemed to hear, from a far distance, a woman’s voice.

“You idiot. You always go overboard.”

At that, Yigit Demir knew no more.

London, United Kingdom, British Musuem

Friday, 12:00

“This is going to be one of those things that are necessary and even interesting in their own way, but boring as fuck,” thought Waver Velvet, as the current holder of the title of Lord El-Melloi sat down in a chair in the conference room, looking around at the people that were trickling into the rooms.

Though technically not the head of the El-Melloi family (Waver’s forehead crinkled as he thought of that brat that held that particular honour), for various reasons, Waver had been invited to this meeting of the Lords of the Clock Tower.

And while he dearly wanted to tell them where they could shove certain parts of their anatomy, refusing such an invitation was generally considered...unwise, no matter how much one wished to.

Waver’s thoughts were cut off when he looked toward the door and saw the chief of the Clock Tower enter the room.

His eyebrows rose slightly in surprise. "For someone like the head to appear at a meeting like this…" The head of the Clock Tower was notorious for being rather aloof. Showing up at this meeting meant something truly serious was happening.

Waver’s eyes narrowed as he considered the implications of the director’s presence.

It was nearly unheard of, give that the head of the Clock Tower was notorious for being rather aloof. Thus whenever he did appear, his mere presence lent certain gravity to the proceedings, alerting all gathered that the matter to be discussed was quite serious.

Putting his thoughts away, Waver sipped the water that some minion had thoughtfully placed there and waited for the meeting to begin.

“Where’s the Barthomeloi girl at?” the head of Spiritual Invocation groused, seeing every other member of the Lords gathered.

“Hungary," the man next to him said simply, as if resigned.

“Hungary… Don’t tell me, another Dead Apostle hunt? That girl...” but the Lord’s complaints were cut off by the gravelly rasp of the Director voice, as the ancient mage commanded total attention with a word.

“I’ll speak with Lorelei when she returns next week. For now, there is a serious situation that needs discussion.”

"Hmph,” Waver thought, looking at the rest of the Lords of the Clock Tower and the more minor subalterns that had been invited to the gathering with a hint of amusement, "How quaint." As soon as the chief started talking, all eyes had gravitated towards him. It wasn’t quite out of fear, or respect, but rather interest, as the force of that overpowering personality attracted others. “Even after 2000 years, the chief is quite charismatic. Or perhaps it is because he has lived over 2000 years....”

“On Wednesday, there were two break-ins. One occurred at the Museum of Calligraphy in Istanbul, the other took place at the Hong Kong Museum of History. I’ve received information that the thefts were to collect data on "Irokane" by examining the data recorded on some ancient artifacts related to it.”

‘That troublesome thing again...”

Looking around the conference room, Waver didn’t need to read minds to see that almost everyone else was thinking the same thing.

The substance known as the [The Core of the Magical World], or Irokane, a name that had probably come from some ancient Japanese text, was a metal that granted any who held it the ability to manipulate nature on a class similar to that of Elementals, or basically Marble Phantasm. This would be frightening enough in itself, but even more troublesome, according to various reports and rumors, using the metal required no training, as anyone who could visualize an outcome could make it into reality.

And besides that, the metal, according to closely guarded whispers circulating within the Department of Mineralogy, held numerous application in applied magecraft.

It was that ease of use and potentiality that made it a coveted resource all around the world, with every country, every organization of note possessing a department devoted to researching the phenomenon. Even the Holy Church had such a division for that purpose, despite formally decrying ‘supernatural’ phenomenon (though the existence of Executors and Burial Agents somewhat contradicted that).

That this metal was involved in the thefts...was troubling, to say the least, though oddly, the head of the Department of Mineralogy had a disturbingly happy look on his face at the mere mention of .

[I]"Which is only to be expected," Waver thought dully, as he knew that the Department of Mineralogy had a team that was furiously researching Irokane, trying to stay ahead of the competition from other organizations - both those outside the Association and the those in the other Great Branches (Atlas Academy and the Sea of Estray) that made up the Association proper. Waver knew that old man well enough to know that beating out the alchemists from Atlas in this sphere of research would be like Christmas and his birthday rolled into one for him. “So much for ‘solidarity’,” he snarked in his head while absentmindedly writing down little snippets of what the old man was saying.

"Do you know what was stolen, Director?”

“Yes, I do. The artifacts stolen apparently record some special characteristics of Irokane, inscribed in code.”

The room suddenly went silent.

No one needed to be told what that meant. In most places around the globe, Irokane research was at about same level due to either lack of advances or successes in espionage. Yet, they had seemed to reach a plateau, as the Association's greatest minds had not come up with anything truly new, except some applications in practical magecraft, that while interesting, weren’t anything to write home about.

If some other organization were to get ahead of them and develop something earthshaking, well, it wouldn’t be good.

“Forget the danger to the peace of the planet,“ Waver thought. “Most of these old men can’t stand that some organization might get ahead of them.”

“Putting that aside, we have some information on the culprits. However, that information isn’t enough," the Director rumbled, while pausing for a second. “Thus, I’ll be sending a team of mages to work with Tokyo’s Butei department."

At those words, an uproar began, as the old magi began creating an unsightly ruckus in the conference room over the need to work with some outside party.

“Now that’s surprising”, Waver thought, considering what this meant in the long run, "and rather unexpected, to boot."

Butei, the force of government sponsored mercenaries that nearly every country in the world had started to deal with the problems of crime and...other less publicized matters across the world. Basically, it was a method to create a law enforcement group that answered to the governments while not being a part of them.

A closely kept secret was that a few of the Butei departments had supernatural research divisions, and that the Mage’s Association kept up a certain rapport with those departments, but direct cooperation was something far from the norm.


The voice of the director rang like thunder through the conference room, stopping the clamour of voices almost immediately.

“The Tokyo Butei Department has some inside information on this matter, and I as well have a source of information. In this instance, co-operation is the most efficient path.”

“Who are you sending over there?” one of the old men asked, now that the decision had been made and their protests irrelevant. “Edelfelt’s daughter?”

“Oh, yeah, I heard about that," Waver thought. The daughter of the Finnish Edelfelt family had been sent to study at Finland’s Butei Department as a means of acquiring information on their supernatural research.

...espionage was a fair part of R&D after all.

“Indeed, the successor of Edelfelt is one of the representatives, but not all.” An unusual expression appeared on the director’s face, something that one just might think was a smirk on anyone else less...dignified. “I trust you all heard of the recent Holy Grail War?”

“Oi, oi, don’t just look over at me whenever people mention the Holy Grail War. Just because I was a competitor doesn’t mean I’m some expert!” Waver screamed in his mind as nearly everyone in the room, some covertly and some openly, began staring at him. Being one of the few mages to come out of the Holy Grail War alive had made him something of a legend, and living while much more experienced mages died in mysterious, even for the Grail War, circumstances had made him even more of a celebrity.

Not that Waver cared. Honestly, the whole thing was just really annoying at best, and mildly dangerous at worst.

“The winner of the War this time was the successor of the Tohsaka family. However, no wish was granted nor was Magic achieved. She sent over information that there was a fundamental flaw with the ritual, and that it should be discontinued…

“Rubbish”, the head of the Sophia-Ri family stated, with almost snarl. “That child probably wants to use the ritual for herself”

Waver stared at the old man in the utmost confusion as he continued talking. “Your daughter died there,” he thought incredulously. “Shouldn’t you want it shut down the most of any of us?”

“Regardless of that”, the director said, cutting Sophia-Ri off before he could start a full on rant. “There were numerous discrepancies about this War, including the disappearance of Kotomine Kirei, the participation of one Emiya Shirou and the ‘mysterious’ abilities he supposedly used, and the later incident with the Matou family…”

While no one really cared about Kotomine Kirei, since the majority of those that actually knew him assumed he had been a Church spy, and the Matou family, having degraded in circuits and ability over the years, was of no interest to anyone, the Emiya boy was oddly enough a focus of an undue amount of attention.

After the 5th War debacle, it was discovered that Emiya Shirou was actually the adopted son of the notorious ‘Magus-Killer’ Emiya Kiritsugu, a man whose name was still whispered in tones of hate and fear within the halls of the Clock Tower. Not only were his infamous deeds reviled, but the fact that he had performed certain private ‘jobs’ for the Association was what made them afraid.

Who knew what the boy’s father had told him? What secrets? Blackmail was the least of their worries.

Waver’s eyes turned to Sophia-Ri, who unsurprisingly bared his teeth at the name ‘Emiya’, his eyes flashing with hatred and disgust.

“Not surprising,” Waver thought as he drank some more water. “Emiya Kiritsugu did cripple then kill Sophia-Ri's daughter, as well as his daughter's husband...”

He almost glowered himself when he noticed people looking at him after glancing at Sophia-Ri, as if thinking he should show proper respect for the former Lord El-Melloi.

“What, am I supposed to be angry the Magus-Killer offed Kayneth Archibald?!” he groused to himself. “Rather than be angry, I should have given him money…!”

"In light of those unexplained incidents, and looking at the fact that they are Japanese, I feel sending the two most notorious survivors of the War would be best. After all, unusual situations call for unusual resolutions. Thus, I’ve made arrangements to have them admitted as 3rd year transfer students at Tokyo Butei High.”

Again, the room went silent.

“Damn,” Waver thought, in a tone of almost respect, as the man had clearly not called them here to discuss, but inform. “As expected of the director, he's quite...efficient.”

Sending Emiya and Tohsaka, tested veterans of a Holy Grail War, would ensure that competent mages dispatched to handle the situation, while maintaining a layer of plausible deniability for the Clock Tower if anything untoward should happen. After all, who was to say that those two magi in the far eastern country of Japan hadn't simply decided to move away from Fuyuki themselves...

"Not that anyone will really believe that, but we try..."

“Surely you aren’t sending them...alone, Director?” Sophia-Ri said, after a few seconds of silence. He sounded suspicious, almost wary of what two Japanese magi might get up to without supervision. “An experienced mage should accompany them.”

"To make sure they don't get any strange ideas..."

"Noted," the director said curtly. “In fact, I have just the mage in mind.”

“Hmm," Waver thought. “Now who’s the poor sap who gonna get stuck with that job?”

Fuyuki City, Japan, Emiya Residence

One Week Later, Friday 1:30

“It’s nice to see you again, you three.”

Bazett Fraga McRemitz accepted the cup of tea that Sakura handed her, taking a seat down in the main room of the Emiya family residence.

“It’s nice to see you too, Bazett-san,” Sakura said as she sat down on the chair opposite to Bazett. She glanced down at Bazett’s arm. “How is your…”

“It’s fine”, Bazett assured Sakura, holding her arm up and wriggling her fingers. “The puppetmaker Rin referred me to was top notch.”

“She better have been top notch,” Tohsaka Rin muttered from where she was sitting, putting down her cup of tea. “The hag charged me a damn consultation fee on top of everything…”

Emiya Shirou finished his own tea and turned to Bazett, ignoring Rin's vaguely disturbing mutterings of ‘red headed, glasses wearing, cheap ass hags’. "So I guess this isn’t a social call. You must be the magus the Association said would go with us then.”

Bazett nodded. “Lord El-Melloi called you, then?”

Rin snorted. “For a Lord, he's certainly foul mouthed.He was still cursing when he called here. First time I've ever heard someone curse in so many languages at once.”

Bazett winced. “Yes, well, he was…unhappy about the Clock Tower telling him to help us out on this mission.

“Why?” Shirou asked

“…He thinks it’s waste of time,” the Enforcer said sheepishly, sighing. This wasn't her fault, she was just following orders.

“… How irresponsible can you get?” Rin said in disbelief


While Rin was now ranting about lazy Lords, Bazett turned to Sakura, who was watching Shirou take in the tant with a smile on her face.

“Sakura, how are things with you? I mean, since…” Bazett stopped talking as the atmosphere in the room changed. Shirou and Rin stopped their bickering and looked over at Sakura, who didn’t seem to be affected save for a slight tightening of her lips.

“I-I’m sorry, Sakura…” Bazett started hastily, as Sakura raised her hand to stop her.

“Don’t worry about it,” Sakura began, maing sure to look the Irish mage in the eyes in the eyes. “I’d be lying if I said I was fine, Bazett-san, but I think I’ll be OK.”

Shirou smiled, seeing that grin on Sakura’s face. It hadn’t been that long since Sakura was crying in this very room, since the last time Bazett had been here, healing from having an arm chopped off by Kotomine so the fake priest could steal her command spells.

That hadn't been long since the incident with the Matou…

Shirou stopped himself as his thoughts took a turn for the unpleasant, though judging by the expression on Rin's face, he was hardly alone in that regard.

“...so then,” Shirou said suddenly, trying to break the gloomy atmosphere in the room, “About this whole Butei thing, how exactly is this going to work?”

Bazett opened her bag and took out two folders, giving one to Shirou and the other to Rin. “These have some basic information on Butei that you should memorize. Your transfers have been worked out already, so there’s nothing to worry about there. You’ll be enrolled in SSR, a department that researches supernatural phenomenon.”

“They have that there?" Rin asked in surprise. She hadn't been aware that the Butei had something involving the supernatural.

“Yes, apparently they research ways to counteract the supernatural, and develop the abilities and skills of students who tend to that direction,” Bazett answered with a half smile.

The room was silent as Rin and Shirou digested this information.

Neither of them particularly wanted to do this, but refusing would put them at odds with the Association, something that Shirou in particular wished to avoid at all costs.

After all, undue scrutiny of his abilities would result in an unpleasant fate if they learned of his Reality Marble.

“To think that someone like Nee-chan is going to become a police officer”, Sakura said into the awkward silence, “I worry about Japan as a country.” she said with a smirk.

"I...OI, WHAT IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN, HUHHHH!?” Rin shouted, a vein throbbing on her forehead as she looked towards Sakura, a scowl stretched across her lips.

Shirou coughed as Rin started berating Sakura for her lack of faith in her sister. “Actually, Butei are more mercenary than police officers, Rin, even if they do have some of the same powers and duties…”

He trailed off, finding himself uncomfortable with the way everyone began staring at him. It wasn't as if they thought he was an idiot or something, right?

"...and yeah," he finished sheepishly.

Rin snorted.

“You sure know a lot,” the Tohsaka heiress intoned in a sing song voice. "As expected of the ‘ally of justice’ Emiya-kun."

Bazett chuckled. "Putting that aside, you guys have to do basic training before you can enter. It starts in 2 days, so get ready.”

“This is just going to be another annoying incident, isn’t it?" Rin groaned.

“Probably, but how bad could it be?” Shirou shrugged as he got out of his chair.

And here’s the prologue!

Once more, I thank my two awesome betas alfheimwanderer and eddyak. Better betas cannot be found.

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“Probably, but how bad could it be?” Shirou shrugged as he got out of his chair.

Famous last words~

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Hmmm, interesting. Didn't think there'd be an x-over with Aria so fast. If Aria and Rin meet...TSUNDERE CAT FIGHT!

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So...Aria's a new anime/manga?

May 5th, 2011, 10:43 PM
Hidan no Aria is light novel turned manga/anime. Quite an interesting read I should say.

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Nothing against Shirou or Rin, but when I started reading this, I got my hopes up that it would be about the lesser known/used characters of Type-Moon. A Waver with a set of balls? What a novelty. Regardless, looking forward to this and seeing how you balance what the Butei/public know with what the mages can reveal.

May 7th, 2011, 03:44 AM
Interesting seeing this. Will this follow the light novels? Since I'm unfamiliar with this series, how much do Butei and the Mages Association know of each other? Yes we know that the supernatural division maintains some rapport with the Mages Association, but other than that does either group know a lot about Butei and thaumaturgy respectively?

Also is this post-UBW true route?

May 7th, 2011, 12:14 PM
Nothing against Shirou or Rin, but when I started reading this, I got my hopes up that it would be about the lesser known/used characters of Type-Moon. A Waver with a set of balls? What a novelty. Regardless, looking forward to this and seeing how you balance what the Butei/public know with what the mages can reveal.

Well, different people have different ideas of what they want to see. I personally would much prefer to see more of the major characters (Sakura in particular, obviously). The minor characters mostly interest me significantly less.

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I admit I was unsure of this working at first, but then I realized that Aria, given some of its characters, actually fits Fate really well.

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THIS FIC is the reason I'm going to be watching Hidan no Aria.

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I agree with IRUn here. Never would have heard of it otherwise.

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THIS FIC is the reason I'm going to be watching Hidan no Aria.

For really reals.


Err. Wow. Seriously. That IRun would say such a thing, I'm honoured.

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