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Hello there. I'm Lusor and this is my fanfic. Well, more like my collection of oneshots with a common storyline.

In this first post there are three first scenes that are in the
crossover idea thread. They are not in cronological order, but I can guarantee that this is not a obstacle to reading it.

Nothing more to say except this:

Dear Valve and Type-moon, please, don't sue me.

Scene 1:

Emiya Shirou was entranced by the battle that was taking place in his backyard.

Blue against orange, a neverending blur of motion, similar to the one he had already seen in the school.

The lightning-fast attacks of the spearman were exactly like when he fought the man in red, each one was a killing blow aimed with supernatural accuracy and powered by abnormal strength. Yet the differences between the situations were obvious.

The man had opted for blocking the thrusting attacks. This girl was simply dodging them in a way that they appeared to be absurdly easy to avoid.

And they weren't, a few hours ago he had a hole in his chest that could testify that.

He could heard a grunt of frustration coming from the man in blue. Who appeared to add more speed at each blow if it was even possible. It was reaching the point were the girl appeared to start having problems dodging the attacks.

Emiya Shirou just stood still. Watching the first part of a experience that would change him entirely.


Lancer discovered that there was something insulting in seeing someone dodge attacks that shouldn't had been so damn easy to avoid.

Each time that Gae Bolg crossed the air it was for nothing, every attack was avoided with a simple step to the side, crouching, jumping, backing. It wasn't that his attacks were weaker or something like that. It was simply that his opponent was better at dodging than he was at attacking.

And it frustrated him to no end. No one should be able to make light of the skills that he had achieved at the end of his life as a hero.

He grunted in frustration at the feeling of the Command Seal ordering him to hold back and ignored it, putting more power behind each strike.

Even then, the woman seemed to be capable of maintaining the concentration and silence that she had maintained since she materialized. And, with the calm of someone who wasn't afraid of dead but had brushed frequently against it, she looked at the incoming lance...

And dodged again. A subtle movement at the last instant marked the difference between dead and a tear in her orange jumpsuit. Lancer could attribute that to luck but it happened again. And again, and again.

In the end, for all the difficulty dodging that she appeared to have now, Lancer wasn't managing to do nothing but tear a bit the upper part of her clothes and one or two scratches in her arms.

"STAY. FUCKING. STILL!!!" Lancer roared thrusting his lance again. The eyes of his opponent calmly followed it, seeing the path that it was following and seeing how to avoid it.

Those same eyes widened in surprise as the spear changed it's path, trusting into the ground with near perfect vertically, at the same time that Lancer used Gae bolg as a support point in order to deliver a powerful kick to his opponent's left side.

Without being able to dodge the surprise kick she went flying from the impact. She crossed the backyard at high speeds only to crash violently against the walls of the property, raising a cloud of dust.

"It was time to land a bloody hit" Lancer said in satisfaction while retaking his battle stance and waiting for the next move of his opponent. If the woman was taking the dodging route again he was going to Gae Bolg her heart and be done with this shitty parody of a battle. He promised it.

Just a as the dust was settling down a figure jumped from it, the woman passed over Lancer before he could react and landed easily in the other side of the backyard.

Lancer was pretty sure that she did not have the strange looking white boots, with some kind of long heels that started in the highest part of it, while she was avoiding his attacks.

"Ooooh, are you finally getting serious and bringing out the weapons?" he said in a teasing tone. "I wouldn't like to kill a unarmed woman after all. It would make me look like a pushover, you know?"

The woman didn't react to the teasing and Lancer kept his guard up. The eyes of of the woman, that didn't stop watching his lance since she appeared until that kick, looked at high speed at all the terrain around them. He could practically taste the change in the air around her as she shifted her body and changed the position of her legs to one that allowed reaching maximum speed early.

Then, the exactly moment before she started running against him, the change happened.

The upper part of the orange jumpsuit dissolved in mana for an instant to reappear immediately tied at her waist, to reveal a sleeveless shirt with two English words in black that meant nothing to the hero. Light came from her right hand and condensed in a strange white-black thing. Whatever the thing exactly was, Lancer did not know, but it had the presence of a Noble Phantasm.

Lancer smiled for first time in the fight and responded the charge of his opponent with one of himself. Now he had to be wary of her Phantasms, that boots and that strange claw-like thing.

Now, he hoped, it was time for the real fight.


Everything is a test. This situation was not different.

That was good, test were easy, it was only a matter of calmly observing what did you have at hand and using it to solve a simple problem. Yeah, test were one of the few things that she was good at doing.

A possible solution popped in her mind quickly and she prepared to test it. She shifted her legs, now wearing her familiar strange boots, and changed her clothes to have more mobility. She prepared herself to sprint.

As she got into motion the feeling of something metallic and heavy greeted her right hand. Smiling faintly at the sight of the strange white-black device she put her plan into motion.

The spearman came at her at high speed and prepared himself to trust his lance in mortal strike. She ran into the mortal trajectory it promised. Then the blow came.


But her device proved itself to be able to withstand the hit, and she used the force behind the lance to propel her to the sky to land near the wall she had crashed into before. Perfect.

The three claw-like things in the point of her device started to emit some kind of energy in a current between them as she pointed them at the rubble in the floor.

When the man ran towards there again, to her to try to attack her, she simply pointed at him with the device.

He couldn't react as a very big chunk of the fallen wall came up to his face with more than enough force to stop his charge and throw him to the ground, following the arc that her hand made a moment earlier.

The gravity manipulation option of the device turned itself off automatically as the chunk of wall was reduced to tiny rubble, too disperse to keep it controlled. The man in blue was literally covered in rubble on the ground. Unmoving.

For about half a second.

"That's was better" Said the man while pulling himself upright. "I was starting to think that I was going to do all the attacking today, and that is simply boring."

"Let get serious." Said he, while running at her again like nothing had happened. If anything he was putting more speed in his charge.

This plan had been a bad idea, definitely not the solution. She had only wasted time. Like the man said she needed to get get serious.

She pointed with the device at the charging man. Time to do some test solving.


Lancer was charging against the woman when it came. A strange projectile of blue energy directly against him. His instincts kicked in and the lance moved to intercept before it could touch him. Then another came. And another.

He stopped the charge and put his mind into blocking the shots, which appeared to come in orange too.

It wasn't too difficult, apparently she could only shoot one thing of each colour.

With some curiosity Lancer dodged two of the shots and followed them with his eyed. The blue shot entered in the shed just behind him, while the orange one hit the woman's own master in the chest, who didn't appear to be able to react in time.

Nothing to happened.

"What the fuck?" Lancer murmured. He stopped his lance and let a new orange shot touch his left hand. Nothing happened again.

"Are you fucking kidding me!?"

He charged yet another time, ignoring the orange energy bullets being thrown against him. When she was just in front of him he thrust his lance at her stomach at all the speed and power that the command spell let him.

The woman didn't even try to block it with her weapon.


The woman smiled at the lightning fast thrust and prepared to use her second idea at resolving this test.

She jumped.

The pointed side of the lance impacted violently against the impossibly hard sole of one of her boots. The spearman didn't even believe that she managed to block his strike that way.

She felt a huge pain in her leg afterwards, and went flying backwards at truly high speeds. She was pretty sure that if she hit the wall at this speed she would pass through it, as if made of paper, this time.

But she had other ideas. Better yet, she had a solution.

Every test has a solution.

She adjusted his position mid flight, putting her feet facing the wall like she was going to kick it. Just before hitting the wall she fired the orange shot against it.

And it usually is a pretty easy one once figured it out

She smiled as the familiar orange oval of light opened in the wall. And she passed through it.

If, apparently, there is no solution.

Only to exit the shed the next moment, at the exactly same speed and angle , and striking a very surprised spearman in the back.


The man went flying by the impact directly to the glowing opening in the wall.

You are not thinking with portals

She fired a new blue shot towards the concrete wall of a very tall building she could see in the distance.

".. .the fuuuuuuu...?!" could be heard from far away, as one blue figure crossed the nightly sky.

She reached the aperture in the wall and poked her head through it. There was no trace of the man as far she could see from the wall of the building.

She let her Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device disappear and saw the portals closing.

Test passed.


Scene 2:

Emiya Shirou was dreaming. Dreaming of a life he never lived.

Since the begining of the war his dreams had turned stranger, gone were the swords flashing in his mind or the fire burning the city. In these dreams he lived parts of story of somebody else.

The ups and the downs, the meaningless moments and the life changing ones. Each time he went to sleep someother memories flooded his mind.

And tonight dream was beign the worst one of them.

He was dreaming of an end. Of the crumbling of a will. The despair of someone who reached the goal only to discover that it never existed.

Fake. Not real.

All the sweat, all the blood. For nothing. The dream, the goal, the thing he had strived would never be more than wishful thinking in his mind.

A lie.

The words taunted him, and he crumbled at the floor, feeling their weight smashing his world.

A lie. The cake is a lie.

But they were the hopeless truth.

The cake is a lie. The cake is a lie. The cake is a lie. The cake is a lie. The cake is a lie. The cake is a lie. The cake is a lie. The cake is a lie. The cake is a lie. The cake is a lie. The cake is a lie. The cake is a lie. The cake is a lie. The cake is a lie. The cake is a lie. The cake is a lie. The cake is a lie. The cake is a lie. The cake is a lie. The cake is a lie.

And Emiya Shirou woke up, panting and covered in sweath, of yet another dream of tests and science even crazier than True Magic.

But this time he knew that he had something to do.


Chell woke up at the sounds coming from of the kitchen.

She dematerialised the Companion Cube, that she apparently made appear while sleeping to use as a really big, cubic, and plastic teddy-bear, and stood up and walked to the kitchen to see what Shirou was doing when there still was hours until morning and they need rest to face the final test of this Holy War.

Or that was her intention. But everything that she could have been thinking dissappeared when she saw the alien thing that rested in the table.

Her eyes started to shed tears at a sight so beautiful that it nearly blinded her.

Circular layers of chocolate, whipped cream between the layers, eigth bright red cherries on top, and sprinkled with imposibily tasty chocolate shaving. In the middle of the circle of cherries a little candle was lit.

She wipped her eyes and pinched herself to verify that it was real, that she was not dreaming with it again. She touched it softly with a finger, fearful that it would dissapear.

The Cake was in front of her. And it was true.

She looked in confusion at her Master between the tears.

"I saw it in the dream-conection thing I told you about. I know that in the end you never could get any cake. And since cooking is a strong point of mine, I decided to resolve this before we go to the temple tomorrow." He explained to her smiling.

He cut a piece and offered it to her. She acepted it with the same expresion that one would have when given the (true) Holy Grail. Then she tasted it.

After a endlessless expansion of time since it was promised to her, she, the subject Nş 000001, Chell, tasted The Cake.

And The Cake was GOOD.

"Do you like it? I tried at the best of my skills, but if it is bad of something..."

She cursed being mute and not being able to say how much this meant to her, how much tasty and wonderful The Cake was, and how even more wonderful Shirou himsel wasf for being the one that gave it to her. It was truly a problem that she couldn't speak in times like these.

But finding solutions was her speciality.

So she simply jumped over Emiya Shirou. The Cake could wait a bit more.

It was prana recharging time.


Scene 3:

Chell walked to the shed in backyard of the Emiya residence, her Master at her side. He followed her with curiosity written over his face. They had just returned home after escaping from a enemy servant when she passed him a page of a notebook with the words 'Shed. NOW. Important.'

They entered the tiny building when she took out a notebook out of her jumpsuit wrote a few words. She gave it to him and immediatly went to the mountain of junk that he had amased there, apparently looking for something.

'Your magic. Projection. We need it'

He arched his eyebrows.

"Chell. Are you sure that I can do whatever you want me to do?. I mean... I'm quite the amateur with magic, you just saw how useless was my projection against that 'Archer' guy." Meeting that probably jerk had been as bad to his life expentacy as it had been to his ego." It broke down in a instant, and I can say that projecting his swords was easy, but even then I couldn't do it well..."

He stopped talking when she finished ordering in the floor the things she had picked and gave him a look that could only mean 'Shut up'.

She took the paper from before of him and wrote something more, then appearing to think about something she did some marks in the things she had set aside before giving him the note again.

'If you can create materials like these, you can help us a lot.'

She looked the at the pile she had gathered and noted the arrows pointing some parts of the broken items. Metals mostly, a few plastics, cristals. Nothing outside the norm.

"Well, tecnically I can, projection is way easy than reinforcement. But complicated forms tend to be nearly imposible. One time I tried to project a VHS reader but it ended being holow" He scrached his head while saying this. "I ended up having to proyect all those tiny electronic parts separately and assembling everything together afterwards."

She smiled widely at him after he said that and wrote in the note again before taking her notebook again and focused in doing some drawings. He read it.

'If you can project electronic parts, this is going to be so much more easy and fun.'

Wondering what the hell was going on, he sat and waited for what his servant needed him to do.


This idea had passed her mind in the moment that her Master showed her his... 'magic'. It had been a crazy idea in a nostagic moment, but now it was too good of a idea to not test it. With that 'Archer' going so insistently after his master's life they needed the extra protection that this would give them.

Heroic Spirits got perfect memories of their lives. Everything they saw alive can be always rewached in high definition and paused, granting them the ability to acces to every knowledge they possesed in any time of their life.

She used this perfect memory to draw the plates as exactly as she saw them when walking over them, she manged to repoduce with exactly the form of the cover and the circuits and mechanism that she saw so often when she broke the things again and again.

The materiasl would no be the perfect ones, some parts could simply not be reproduced, and maybe they woud disappear in a few days. But she wanted, needed, to test if they were capable of doing this, to crash her idea against the wall and see if it would resist the impact.

Now she understood HER a little more.

Let's do some SCIENCE!

GLADOS would be proud.


The servant that once was Emiya Shirou couldn't believe his luck. Not only Rin had not met is past self after the battle against Lancer but this Emiya Shirou didn't even summon Saber, wich made him an easier target than usually.

He had to recognize that this strange woman was simple incredible when talking about dodging and parrying hits. And maybe she even managed to protect her master and run away from him. But she was not The Saber, in the end he was sure that he could defeat her. That woman could be good in some things, but he could see that she was no fighter.

He crossed the night sky of Fuyuki after telling his Master that he would go in a patrol. A lie obviously. He was going to end his work.

He reached the street of the Emiya house and landed just in front of it's door.

He had no fear of being discovered. By what he could manage to observe by their encounter the day before he knew that this woman had the same problem that his Saber had, that meant that she would be sleeping now in order to preserve energy.

It was just too perfect to let the situation get away.

With a simple thought the key of the door appeared in his hand. He opened the door calmly, knowing that the barrier of the house would delay it's alarm more than one minute because of the confusion caused by having two being that were the same inside it. It should be time enough. He stepped inside.

Only to suddenly stop at a sight so anacronical futuristic that made him stop for a second.

Two thin and tall white oval with even thiner tripod-like legs. The two beams of red light emerging from their centers moved quickly from their straight trajectory to the middle of his chest.

Just what the fuck were those things?. Post-Modern Lamps?

Then two identically creepy artificial child-like voices reached his ears.

"Hello, friend."


The next thing he knew he was pushed outside the house by so much bullets per second smashing into his armour than he cared to count. He loudly cursed as he dematerialized himself before the neighbours came to investigate the gunfire.

With his low luck rating he should really have expected something like this.


Now, alone in the the dark again, the two imitated Aperture Science Sentry Turrets scaned the hall again with their beams.

"Are you still there?"

They sounded so lonely

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Dispensing product~

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Dispensing product~


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Quantum Field Theory?

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A little nitpick, but doesn't Lancer have a 'Protection against Arrows'? He could protect himself against swords so it is most likely protection against projectiles and Chell was a projectile.

May 11th, 2011, 08:24 PM
He was with his back turned to the shed and didn't even think of the posibility of being attacked from behind.

And I think that protection against arrows does not work with people.

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I'm not too familiar with portal, but the ending sounded hilarious to me.

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Sniff. She finally got her cake. Now if we could just find a few potatoes...

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I wonder how Chell would react to Gilgamesh's GoB? Would it be the original portal?

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Good work, fun to read.

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Nicely done.

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Hello people! Can someone proofread today's scene before I post it? I would be grateful...

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I'll do so. PM it to me.

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Hello people. Another scene is here!

This is the first encounter with Archer mentioned in the scene before.

Thanks to Alulim, who proofreaded this.

Scene 4:

Archer was quite confused. And he was doing the night patrol too, but that wasn't important right now.

In all the iterations of the Holy Grail War his Master had met with Emiya Shirou after he summoned Saber. The results of the meeting varied, but he considered it like something like a fixed point in the War. Something that always happened.

But two whole days had already passed since he fought Lancer in the school, and his Master was still unaware of his younger self's status as a Master. The meeting didn't happen.

He didn't know what that meant, and it puzzled him. He had seen Emiya Shirou in school and he could feel the presence of a servant in the Emiya residence, so he had no idea why...

His mind froze and he stopped in the roof of a building. He coouldn't believe his eyes. Just under him he could see his younger self walking the empy streets with a woman at his side. A Servant.

A Servant that wasn't his Saber.

He didn't summon the correct servant

He laughed and summoned his bow.

It was going to be so easy this time.


They were returning from the Chruch when it happened.

In the moment they appeared in his field of vision Emiya Shirou was pretty sure he would die.

A barrage of arrow like things started falling over them like they were rain. Chell was managing to make him avoid them for now, but if they continued having to dodge like this it was only a matter of time until one of them pierced his body.

Chell was blocking and dodging like crazy before him.Her body moved between the raining death like she was born for it. She made it seem so easy that he couldn't help but curse himself because of his uselessness. He was the one being protected again.

But he was the one supposed to protect. He wanted to be a hero, not the damsel in trouble.

So when he saw Chell hastily blocking one shot meant for him with her gun and her jumping onto the path of another, intending to take it in her left shoulder so it wouldn't reach him, he jumped into motion. He would not let her wound herself to protect him.

In these few days, he had learnt a valuable lesson from her and from his strange dreams. If you have an idea, you test it.

And he had an idea.

"Trace on"

His arms and legs screamed with pain as they were flooded with prana at the maximum capacity. Cells died and tissue teared as he used the reinforcement over his own body. His body seemed to burn as a result of his crude magic.

So he would test it, even if his life was on the line.

He ignored the pain and looked at the incoming arrow. His fist crossed the distance at speed that he would never be capable of. It then met the bright projectile.

The reinforced punch won, knocking the arrow out of it's trajectory. Using his now unnaturally hard and fast limbs he blocked as many of them as he could. Chell, at his back thanked him for his help with a nod and stopped moving, seemingly lost in her own mind.

Then the arrow-rain stopped, and he ended the reinfocement before his prana ran out.

"Aaaaaaaaagh!" he screamed when his mind caught up with the damage done to himself. Barely being able to stay conscious, he made an extra effort to stand up. His muscles seemed to pump increasing amounts of pain as they lost their unnatural resistance.

"Oh? A little bit of reinforcement and you are already like this? You are worthless even for an amateur, Emiya Shirou"

"Wh... at?" he managed to say in surprise between ragged breaths.

A few meters in front of him was a man. His spiky white hair, dark skin, and red clothes were unmistakable. The same man that he had saw fighting Lancer at the backyard of the school was now before him, arms crossed over his chest and smirking.

"I am the servant of the bow, Archer." he introduced himself.

"I was trying to be nice, killing you before you knew what was happening and all of that" The man said to him in a condescending tone. "But, since you proved yourself foolish enough to use your magic in ways that you don't know how to use safely, I need to kill you quickly. It would serve to nothing if you killed yourself with some of your pathetic attempts at magecraft"

The man uncrossed his arms and a beautiful white sword, with a yin-yang engraved on the handle as its only decoration, appeared in his hand.

"True to be told, I never thought that your servant would simply stay on the side while I killed you, not after seeing how she saved you from most of my arrows. But appearance can't always be trusted after all."

At his words Shirou looked worriedly over his shoulder at Chell, who hadn't moved since then.. The man in red was wrong, he could see that in her eyes. She had an idea. And if she was ignoring him right now it was because she needed to wait for something to happen to put her plans into motion.

He just needed to survive until then.

"Stay still and don't do anything stupid like before, boy. Being killed by my sword would be less painful than dying because your unsafe magic"

He stared back at the man walking to him like a death sentence. He needed something to block his attack. His legs and arms were mostly numb, he couldn't reinforce them. So, he needed to block.. He didn't have anything at hand that could withstand that sword, but he would block.

Not for him, his life didn't matter at all, but for her. He would buy her time or die trying.

"If... you love safe magic so much... Why don't you marry... her?" Shirou manged said to to the 'Archer' while he prepared the sword to kill him.

The man just smiled.

"Interesting choice of last words."

And the sword descended to finish him. A killing blow. There were no way for Emiya Shirou to survive that hit. He clenched his jaw for the incoming pain.

And opened his circuits once more.

"Trace, on!"

Since his reinforcement was unusable he resorted to projection. His mind passed through the eight steps required to his skill at a much more speed than usual as he focused completely into the sword that was going to execute him. A truly beautiful sword so imposibily sharp that would cut through almost anything in his path.

Since the moment his eyes fell on that sword he knew that there was only one thing that surely could block it.


Archer face angered at the sight of the faked weapon in his hand.

"Do you really think that your meager projection can achieve anything!?"

Cracks started to appear in his sword and his arms started to lose the little strength they had remaining. Even then, he stood, defiantly looking at his would-be-killer.

"Die, Emiya Shirou!" The man roared as he prepared a new strike.

The two swords met again. The original one impacted upon his copy with the force of a canon. His sword, already full of cracks, broke and vanished into the air like a dream in the morning.

It should have not happened. Where had he been mistaken? The reproduction process has gone perfect! Then why. Why!? Why was he gong to die!?

The white sword closed the distance.

And Emiya Shirou was swallowed by the ground.

'Archer' seemed to dangerous. Long-range and close-combat skills. Apparently capable of firing a really big number of arrows really quick. An unnaturally good accuracy.

Be it running away or fighting, he would be a great obstacle. So Chell let Shirou deal with him for a bit. The boy had already shown that he could manage to survive against servants for a short while, and she truly needed that time if they wanted to return to his house in one piece.

She shot the blue portal behind her while her Master attracted the attention of the bowman, who continued trying to kill Shirou without even looking at her. After that she simply stayed still, waiting for the proper moment to retrieve her Master and make Archer unable to shoot them while retreating.

It was an easy plan, but it heavily relied in the surprise factor. She should thank her Master for acting as a decoy so well.

The sound of her master's fake sword breaking was the signal she needed. Taking advantage of the fact that she was being ignored she shot the orange portal towards the ground under her Master's feet.

And then she changed her device to an option that never existed in first place.

It was a funny thing, being a Heroic Spirit. You lose some capabilities, and you gain another ones that you never had... In the end you could be clueless about what you can or can't do the first times you are summoned. Fortunately, she had passed her first day in this world in her master's backyard, testing what new funtions her gun had.

And they looked pretty good.

As her Master fell into the hole in the ground, and Archer's expresion turned to one of confusion, she pointed her Portal device to him. Something like a tiny white vortex forming between the three black 'claws' of her device. She pressed the trigger

Aperture patent Nş: 102752-E. The Repulsion Gel

A torrent of blue gel exited the tiny vortex at high pressure in exchange for a fair chunk of her energy. Archer's look of confusion merely inceased at the colored fluid that now was hastily drying all over him.

"What is this..? Blue paint?"

Before he could know how to react, she ran to him. As fast as she could she closed the distance and disolved her portal device to punch him on the face with all her strenght.

There were someting deeply satisfactying about seeing the man bouncing between the buildings madly before he was lost from her sight.

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Now that's a good use for that gel.

May 12th, 2011, 09:34 PM
I 'Laughed Out Loud'ed.

May 12th, 2011, 09:46 PM
I just realized that I missed a few, but such is life.

...and my first attempt at being a beta.

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Hello, me again! new scene here!

A little one showing how this Shirou is starting to evolve as things happen.

Dedicated to Alulim for his birthday


Scene 5:

Emiya Shirou wanted to change.

The whole meeting with Archer last night had been dreadful. The pain that engulfed his body at his crude attempt at reinforcing himself, combined with how easily the man had destroyed the most perfect projection he had ever done, had pretty much destroyed all his confidence in his meager magical skills.

The only positive thing of that meeting that he could think of while he and Chell walked home was that his body had sustained less damage than his unbearable pain suggested, it was nothing severe. The reinforcement had, somehow, made the nerves of his limbs better at sending pain signals too, and the brain had interpreted it as them being more damaged than they really were.

At that point he was seriously considering not trying to use his magic for anything important anymore.. He thought that Archer was right, that he was worthless.

Then they had reached his house, and Chell managed to prove both of them wrong with that crazy idea of hers.

Following her directions he used projection, again and again. Trying to not disappoint her with another failure like with Archer's sword, he had focused completely in
bringing to reality the detailed blueprints that she drew like mad in her notebook.

When the whole floor in front o him was full of projected metalic pieces, cristals, plastics and tiny electronic bits and only a tiny of prana was left in him, he helped her to assemble them.

It had seemed a magic of it's own. The way all the pieces connected, how all those simple parts he made formed two wholes so complex that seemed impossible for him to have created them.

Yet he had created every part of them, with his projection. From the smallest cog wheel to the covers of the firing mechanism. Everything had come from his mind

The fact that he had created those marvelous complicated artifacts washed the doubts planted in him before. How could he be worthless if he had helped in creating this? Maybe he was an amateur, and maybe his magic was unsafe, but seeing the Turrets coming to 'life' proved that he was not useless

Like when he had tried his, supposedly suicidal, ideas and managed to help Chell against Archer. All he needed was to use his limited skills properly in the proper time.

Sadly, with his father dead and no one else to teach him how to be better at his magic, he had no idea how to learn to do that.

But he soon found inspiration while sleeping, thanks to it he found a way.

And thus they were there, up three hour before breakfast and already engrossed in the first part of the new training regimen that he wanted to try.

It consisted on Chell punching him repeatedly.

Maybe it sounded stupid, but between each time she struck him he was reinforcing those parts with more prana progressively. He had thought that this should let him know how much he could reinforce his body before it started to damage itself, and he was starting to figure out how much extra force his flesh could take depending on how much prana he had poured in.

Testing the resistance of the material, changing the resistance and testing again. He would continue that way until changing the resistance anymore was impossible.

It was more similar to a scientific method than to those used by magus to know of what their spells were capable of.

But hadn't written Chell that thing after he explained his magic to her a first time?

'There is no magic, only lost sciences'

Yes that sounded...


Lost in thought as he was, Shirou had not managed to reinforce the hit zone in time and ended bending himself over the fist in his stomach as the air was knocked out of his lungs.

Chell face adopted a sorry/worried expression as she helped him to stand up.. He smiled at her and stood on his own. There was always the risk of injuring himself, but he had to deal with it.

Emiya Shirou was changing indeed.

He didn't have anyone to guide him after all. He was building his way to do magic from the scratch here.

No hand holding.

May 14th, 2011, 06:03 AM
Well done, another brilliant chapter.

May 14th, 2011, 08:30 AM
Well, a very short scene with a idea that crossed my mind when reading some commentaries.This is unbetaed, probably has a lot of mistakes and it's no good at all.

Try to enjoy!

Scene 00.1:

Chell had done all of this in the spur of the moment.

She cast her eyes over the lonely item forgotten in a old shopping bag and her mind started working. She had some free time while Shirou ended his new projection training so she would use it.

The shed provided her with all of the materials: wires, nails, a mini recorder, some clips, a yellow button... Hell, she even found a barely broken computer, old as it could be, covered in dust there. It had suited her, she needed one for making a message, she couldn't speak after all.

Working without noise to not disturb her Master, she finished making her little toy.

When everything was done she exited the shed, left her creation in the middle of the backyard and sat in the porch waiting. There was her Master, looking a bit worn out.

"Finished for today. At last" He told her while sitting at her side. He followed her eyes to were she was looking and started to ask with curiosity "Isn't that yesterday's missing po..." He trailed off as Chell put a finger in front of her lips to make him stay silent while pointing at something in the recently repaired wall of the property with her other hand.

There was a crow standing there, looking for nourishment.

It didn't stay still by much more time as it flew toward the frankesteined item/recorder . It pecked it repeately, eating. Then, its beack pressed the glowing button in the middle.

"AH! BIRD! BIRD! KILL IT! It's evil...!"

Chell bent over in laughter, even her Master couldn't help but chuckle a bit. Not everyday you see a potato asking for help when something ate it.

The bird ran away cawing like mad at the screaming atificial voice that came from its food.

"It flew off. Good. For him. Alright, back to thinking" Then recording ended.

Chell didn't even care if missing a superinteligent homicidal A.I. wasn't healthy. She just laughed.

POTaTOS always had been funny like that.

May 14th, 2011, 08:40 AM
That Chapter is a WINNER. Even through the spelling and gramatical mistakes (forgive me for being a grammar natzi) it is an excellent piece of work.

May 14th, 2011, 08:48 AM
Nothing to forgive, but if you could tell me the mistakes I'll correct them.

I should have asked my beta, but I didn't want to bother him with something so tiny.

May 14th, 2011, 09:14 AM
Sure sure. But isn't that what a beta is for anyway, aside from getting to read the chapter early

Well, a very shot scene with a idea that crossed my mind when reading some commentaries.This is unbetaed, probably has a lot of mistakes and it's no good at all.


It had been resting her eyes over the lonely item forgotten in a old shopping bag and her mind started working. She had some free time while Shirou ended his new projection training so she would use it.

either change blue to "She cast" or remove the green

The shed provided her with all of the materials: wires, nails, a mini recorder, some clips, a yellow button... Hell, she even found a barely broken computer, old as it could be, covered in dust there. It had suited her, she needed one for making a message, she coulnd't speak after all.


Working without noises to no disturb her Master, she finished making her little toy.

consider changeing green to "quietly" or correct to "without noise"

When everything was done she exited the shed, left her creation in the middle of the backyard and sat in the porch waiting. There she was her Master , looking a bit worn out.

double spaceing

"Finished for today. At last" He told her while sitting at her side. He followed her eyes to were she was looking and started to ask with curiosity "Isn't that yesterday's missing po..." He trailed off as Chell put a finger in front of her lips to meke him stay silent while pointing at something in the recently repaired wall of the propiety with her other hand.


A crow stared his desired source of nourishement from that place.

consider rewording the entire paragraph

It didn't stay still by much more time as it flew toward the frankesteined item/recorder . It pecked it repeately, eating. Then, its beack pressed the glowing button in the middle.

for long (I think, I don't really understand what you meant) but then you'd need to reword the bit after it

Chell bended over in laughter, even her Master couldn't help but laught a bit. Not everyday you see a potato asking for help when something ate it.

They are almost the same word. HOW DID YOU MISSPELL IT. Anyway, consider changeing Chell's to amusement to avoid repitition

Chell didn't even care if missing a superinteligent homicidal A.I. couldn't be healthy. She just laughted.


Overall it should have been beta'd but it was funny none the less.

May 14th, 2011, 09:31 AM
Now fixed.

Thanks for the help.

May 14th, 2011, 09:37 AM
No problem

May 14th, 2011, 09:47 AM
Chell didn't even care if missing a superinteligent homicidal A.I. wasn't be healthy. She just laughted.

Erase that "be".

That aside, very funny.

May 14th, 2011, 09:59 AM
Chell didn't even care if missing a superinteligent homicidal A.I. wasn't be healthy. She just laughted.

Take away the "be" and change "laughted" to laughed.

I lol'd

EDIT: ninja'd by Ergast. My god, are you psychic!?

May 14th, 2011, 10:14 AM
Damn, busted.

Oka~~y, I'll just erase your memories.

*looks at DreamsRequiem eyes. Ergast's eyes glow reddish*

Ergast isn't a psychic. And you are a humming bird.

*Ergast's eyes return to their normal color*


May 14th, 2011, 10:17 AM
...huh, what was I suppose to do again? Something about writing a fanfic on Saber Lily...

May 14th, 2011, 10:19 AM
I wonder how Chell would react to Gilgamesh's GoB? Would it be the original portal?

Yep. Gil has the original everything.

Like porn.

May 14th, 2011, 10:27 AM
Gil's story with Enkidu is the original yaoi.

May 14th, 2011, 10:33 AM
And Gil's story with Enkidu is also the original bromance.

May 14th, 2011, 12:47 PM
Gil has the original GlaDOS

...huh, what was I suppose to do again? Something about writing a fanfic on Saber Lily...

*mumbling* Tsk, I have to train harder my Dominance. Oh well, at least it worked to some degree

edit:VV inb4 Gil has the original golden cake

May 14th, 2011, 12:56 PM
Keep trying! There is still cake left.

May 14th, 2011, 01:25 PM
I loved the short~ It was an unexpected treat.

May 14th, 2011, 07:32 PM
Today's scene is finished...

Just waiting to Alulim to beta it.

May 14th, 2011, 11:02 PM
I have yet to receive it. Did you send it to me?

May 15th, 2011, 02:31 AM
sorry, I fell asleep before sending it as absurd as it sounds. Blame time diferences.

May 15th, 2011, 04:06 PM
Hello, me here! And a new scene with me.

In wich Chell starts to have another of her... episodes.

Thanks to Alilum for proof-reading this.


Scene 6:

Everything had seemed so normal that day, no attacks, no surprises, and no weird encounters. It seemed like a reward for the events of the previous day.

Then her Master and her entered the living room and their peaceful day went through the window and crashed on the ground. The usual thing with her rewards, there were precedents.

At a side of the table servant Caster stood up. A sleeping Fujimura Taiga as her hostage. Shirou's face turned a pale white as they saw the point of an 'dagger' resting in her neck. Chell didn't apparently react.

But in truth she was seeing in funny red tones.

"We meet again, boy, Servant. If any of you value this woman's life don't move from where you are right now." The cloaked woman said with an arrogant smile as she saw the two of them stop. "Now you come here alone, boy. It's time to give up your Command Sea..."

Caster never got to end her phrase, Chell didn't let her.

She usually was hard to anger, but Taiga was genuinely kind. Chell liked kind. She never had much experience with true kindness in her life, living in Aperture had meant that, most of the time, anything could suddenly kill you, and things in the surface were not exactly pretty for humans when she got there.

Taiga was truly nice to her and totally disconnected from the whole Grail mess, she didn't deserve this. So Chell got mad.

That is not a good thing.

Two quick shots made her fall through the floor and she landed quietly at Caster's back. Before the woman realized that she was gone, Chell's hand covered her own from behind, forcing the pointed end of the weapon away from Taiga and interrupting her speech.

Then she smashed the gun in Caster's torso with enough force to make the 'claws' at its end penetrate her flesh before sending the woman to the backyard through the window's glass.

Her Master stepped in and grabbed Taiga before she fell to the floor. Knowing what she intended to do by simply gazing at her face, he simply said one thing.


And she jumped into motion again. Opening a new portal outside and appearing through it she startled the still recovering woman.

"How?! No modern magus should be able to use teleportation magic!"

Ignoring the witch's words she opened a hole in the ground before her and another under the woman. She waited until Caster popped up head down in front of her and kicked her head as hard as she could, sending her spining. When Caster was just about to crash in the wall Chell made another portal on it, causing her to elevate vertically to the ground while she picked up a rock with the gravity function of the gun to smash into the cloaked woman when she would fall.

But the witch didn't go down.

The air flared in violet light, as strange symbols appeared floating on it. The air suddenly felt more dense, more heavy and sticky, causing a similar feeling to being in an Excusion Funnel. But she somehow doubted that this was caused by liquid asbestos this time.

Letting the rock fall, Chell looked up. Floating in the middle of the air was the witch, her cloak glowing and spread open.

"Did you really think that I would go into the house of the Master and Servant who killed Lancer and Rider without a backup plan?" The woman lips reformed into a cruel smile. "I have tamed the leylines of this city under my will! I have used the souls of the humans that infest it to achieve levels of power that even the gods of my time would fear!"

Caster's own body glowed and Chell saw all the damage she had made to her disappear in a moment.

"I came to bind you to me, to use you as a tool to help me destroy the remaining Servants, Berserker and Archer!" More symbols appeared in front of her, quickly gathering energy in bright spheres. "But since you are so insistently opposing me..."

"Let me return the pain you inflected on me! BY A THOUSANDFOLD!"

Rays of pure death started to fall from the sky, obliterating a chunk of the ground behind her as Chell started moving to avoid them.

Let her recount:

1.-Threatening to kill Taiga.
2.-Draining the lives from innocents. Which her Master desired to stop at all costs.
3.-Destroying the backyard, they had just ended restoring it before going to the living room.

Stopping her running she looked up to the sky. She changed the gun 'mode' to fit the plan forming in her mind.

Chell was going to solve this problem now. In a totaly definitive way.

She couldn't lose against a witch. She had SCIENCE.

What did Caster had? Witchcraft. And what was witchcraft in the end?

Merely science without results.

May 15th, 2011, 04:15 PM
very good.I expeciallly liked the ending XD

May 15th, 2011, 04:19 PM

May 15th, 2011, 04:50 PM

Most powerful force in the universe. Maybe the GREAT JUSTICE can top SCIENCE. Just maybe.

May 15th, 2011, 08:14 PM

May 15th, 2011, 08:42 PM
The power of SCIENCE compels you.

May 15th, 2011, 08:55 PM
I amazed and suddenly reminded of the end boss fight in the first portal game vs GLaDOS, where you have to trick her into basically shooting herself. Lusor, superb job so far: Keep up the great work!

May 16th, 2011, 03:36 AM
And another scene more!

Thanks to Alilum for the corrections.


Scene 7

cronological situation: The next night to the summon.

Note: Avalon is more or less active. It's too hard making Shirou survive the first days without it. The boy is a magnet for killing blows.


When someone meets death face to face on a daily basis the fear of it ends up vanishing. Chell had thought that hers had disappeared somewhere between the deadly floors, the Turrets and the incineration chamber. She was pretty sure that she didn't have it anymore when she woke GLaDOS up and looked into her 'face' again. She had been wrong apparently.

The wrongly summoned Servant was scared shitless. She was going to die. That massive... being was going to kill her like a bug.

For once she doubted that there could be any kind of solution to this situation.

A look at her Master's face confirmed that he agreed with her silent observations.

"Here you are, Onii-chan!" The tiny white haired figure on the monster's shoulder spoke with a disturbingly happy tone. "I have been searching for you two nights! I said that you needed to hurry up and summon, but you never searched for me afterwards" to make things even more out of place the child even pouted. "You know that no man must make a Lady wait."

"So I will have my Berserker punish you!" The girl ended between giggles.

And the huge thing called Berserker roared as he started to run. With a speed that didn't match something of his size the monster closed the distance in a blink. The child, somehow managing to stay in her seat, laughed like a madwoman.

Survival instinct kicked in just in time before a giant slab of stone cleaved her and her Master in two.

SShe jumped over her Master, pushing him to the ground while shooting a portal under them and another in one of the walls at the sides of the street. . Chell felt the weapon of the Berserker too close to her liking just a moment before falling through the aperture.

"Heh? Translocation magic?" The girl tilting her head to the side. "You got a Caster, Onii-chan? But I thought that the only servant left was the Saber class."

They need to get away.

"Not that it matters. You can't run away from my Heracles. He is the strongest!"

Heracles? Oh fuck...

The giant came for them again; Chell shot another portal as quickly as she could to the other side of the street and they...

Stopped moving, abruptly. Before she and her master could reach the portal the giant threw his weapon toward the wall, the portal closed in front of their faces as it crumbled.

That was no good. They were trapped, between the remains of the wall and an incoming huge fist. She pushed her Master behind her, and clenched her teeth for the blow.

Only to see what was the stupidest thing she had seen or done in all her life. Well, except maybe that time she drank from the water of the killing floor in one test chamber.


Screaming her name, her master jumped in front of her and received the hit. A crunching sound could be heard upon the impact, only to be repeated when Shirou crashed in the pile of rubble that was at their back.

Not that she minded having someone protecting her; it was a nice and novel experience. But counting that she had, repeatedly, told him that if he died she would disappear that simply could be certifiably moronic, Wheatley's level of moronic.

"Berserker! I said only punish!" The child, somehow still perched in the monster's shoulder, protested to her servant. "What if you killed him? I wouldn't be able to play with him anymore!"

Since the girl appeared more interested in shouting to her Servant than in them, she took the opportunity to knell at her Master's side.

"Are... you... well,... Chell?" She could here the weakness in Shirou's voice. She nodded, impressed. The fact that he took that punch directly and stayed conscious was unbelievable.

"Ooooh! You are alive, Oniichan!" The Master of Berseker said with her creepy happy tone again. "Did you know that what you just did was stupid? Didn't the priest of the Church tell you that no human can match a Servant?"

Priest of the Church? She mentally noted that, with as little information as they had about the Grail, if they survived, that should be useful.

"I'm her... ally" Her master forced himself to talk, even as blood trickled out of his mouth. "I will help her... in any way... I can."

An ally, one that didn't try to kill you. That sounded nice. That was something that Chell wanted to have.

"But, Onii-chan, that is simply idiotic. Now, Berserker is going to kill her so she doesn't make you die in another stunt like that. Then I'm going to take you to my Castle and play with you forever!"

Chell looked up.


She couldn't do anything against the giant, he was simply too strong, too fast, too deadly. Maybe she didn't have to.

She stood up. And looked directly at the girl riding the monster. The Master of it.

She was the solution.

An orange shot in the ground near the enemy.

"Trying to escape again?" The child asked in a mocking tone at the sight of the orange oval. "What kind of useless servant only has a weapon that only serves to run away? Berserker, end her!" The massive Servant roared as it picked up his sword again and started to charge.

Ignoring the incoming giant, Chell looked up at the moon, and shot again.

Time seemed to slow down as the blue energy parted from her device towards the satellite. After each meter it's speed went up exponentially. In a instant it was a hundred meter up.

"Ah?" A noise of pure surprise escaped her throat.

And then the pain came. Like something was pulling her entrails out of her body, like the shot that ascended sucked more and more from them each time it went more up. The sensation was enough to make her close the portals. What was that? That was not supposed to...

Berserker sword came with more force than a train at full speed.

"Chell, no!" She could hear her Master as the sword was closing the distance, too fast to even think of blocking or avoiding. This was it, her death.

Light suddenly filled the gap between her and the rock-sword.

And instead of dying she could 'feel' something stopping the weapon and smashing into her instead.

"No way! A shield capable of resisting Berserker!?"

Chell couldn't see what it was in the middle of the light. Whatever it was it should be crushing her with the impact, but instead she only was moderately hurt and was sent flying backwards, towards her Master, who she managed to grab while crossing the air.

Using her developed balance she stabilized herself mid-flight and landed on her feet. Then, she ran like crazy with her bloodied master over her back. While running she used short distance portals to prevent anybody from following her. If she looked back, she would know that the giant never even tried to pursue them. She didn't, running was taking priority.

Let's call it a tactical retreat.


Meanwhile, Illyasviel was puzzled by what she had seen in the light.

What kind of hero could have a shield with, of all things, a pink heart in the middle of it?

May 16th, 2011, 03:54 AM
Chell... tried to send Zerker to the moon?

May 16th, 2011, 03:58 AM
She tried to send Ilya. Berserker doesn't fit in the portals.

May 16th, 2011, 09:09 AM
Ilya, astronaut and companion cube NP shield? Great chapter.

May 16th, 2011, 11:38 AM
Another brilliant chapter, well done.

B.B. Rain
May 16th, 2011, 11:56 AM
If only she'd succeded, and Ilya hadn't corked it...

"This is one small step for [a] girl, and one giant leap for loil-kind."

May 17th, 2011, 09:03 PM
Unbetaed short scene that can or not be part of the story

Try to enjoy!

Short Scene 00.00000001:

A hero whose legend was unknow, who used weapons that no hero should. No magic, no inhuman feats of strength, no superhuman intelect. Only logic, stubborness without limits and the all migthy SCIENCE.

How had the Throne of Heroes acepted something so fucking weird? How could something bypass a sistem so perfect that encompassed all the probabilities of humanity and all the times of it?

Simply, by force.

By whispering the same story to all the creation from the own Root of Everything. By making at least one human in each reality create a story that had truly happened but no one ever knew it. What does it matter if is a leged or a paint? a book or a game?

Only the awe of the people is needed to ascend. And no one could know the whole story without feeling it at some point.

This was how the Heroic Spirit Chell came to be. Because of a mess so big that the Throne got the blue screen of death, and there was a new file when it rebooted.

And the most funny thing is that the cause of all of this was doing everything accidently.

Sometimes even the BIGGEST MORON can create a miracle.


In a place beyond time and space, beyond any other dimension discovered or to discover there was the proof that science had thriumphed over the True Magics themselves.

In the center of all the creation there was a mumbling metal ball.

More indestructible that even it's creators would have thought, it simply drifted unknowly inside one black hole that contained one breach on the reality itself and ended up there. And it hadn't even realized that it had left normal space long ago.

It simply stayed there, mumbling the story of someone and begging in the end. And then begining the story again. For so much time that it seemed a eternity.

It did not beg for an opportunity to return from where it came, it knew that it didn't deserve that, nor did it truly beg for turning back time or anything like that.

It only begged for being able to say sorry. Even if it knew that even that was too much after what it had done.

Even then, Wheatley couldn't help but to hope that one day he would be able to say it. And maybe, just maybe, be forgiven.

"The end"

But he was content floating in the nothingness, because it was the only punishment fit for a monster like him.

May 17th, 2011, 09:21 PM
Poor, poor Idiot Ball character.

May 17th, 2011, 09:34 PM
Even in death, he screws everything up.

May 17th, 2011, 09:44 PM
In spaaace!

May 17th, 2011, 10:09 PM
I think it'd be hilarious to somehow recreate Wheatly to follow around Archer- his low luck rating given physical form.

May 18th, 2011, 02:57 AM
It's good! Once again it's Wheatly's fault. =D

May 18th, 2011, 06:56 AM
Hello! Me again! And a new scene is here too.

Thanks to Alulim for correcting my stupid mistakes.


scene 8:



It was mid morning when the phone in the Emiya residence rang.

"Hello? Emiya Shirou on the phone."

"Hello Emiya. It's me, Shinji." The voice of one of his oldest friends replied at the other side of the call."You haven't been going to school the last three days, but Sakura told me that you aren't ill or anything. This is not like you, you know?"

He sighed; he knew that it was not like him. He didn't like skipping class, Taiga made sure of it each time that he did it. And it was nearly as bad as if he had called her 'Tiger'.

A quick glance at the girl looking entertained watching the TV and to the shirt he was trying to put back together reminded him the he had some pretty busy days. Deadly busy.

Not that he would say that. He would never involve someone he knew in this 'War'.

"Just some problems with a relative of my Father. She didn't know that he was dead and came to visit him." That was the same story he used with Taiga and Sakura, so he hoped that Shiji would buy it too and not ask more questions.

"Oh? That's your excuse for when someone see your servant?"

"What!?" He would never have expected that response. Beside his exclamation of shock he didn't know how to react.

On the other side of the line he could hear Matou Shinji's chuckle.

"Anyway, that was not why I am calling. You always said that you liked helping people, Emiya, trying to be a superhero since childhood. Always going out of your way every time that I asked you any kind of stupid favor and things like that."

"Then you should hurry up and come to school, because everyone has already dropped unconscious. Soon I doubt that there will be anything of them left for you to help, Emiya."

Everyone uncouncious! The whole school! Just what was happening there! Why was Shinji calling him instead of the police or the hospital?!

"Shinji! What is happening? Are you hurt or...?"

Matou laughed, loudly and long, making Shirou's words die at his lips. And then, when he heard his friend response his blood froze. For one moment part of last night dream flashed in his mind. A blue glowing pupil staring directly at him.

Talking in exactly the same tone.

"Do you have any idea of how good this feels?"
"You have no idea of how good I feel."

Emiya Shirou's heart stopped for a moment.

"See ya, hero."

And the call was cut.

He tried to calm himself, he needed to calm himself. One could react properly at whatever would be thrown to you if one maintains the calm even under great pressure.

All of this could be a joke. Matou Shinji could be a jerk sometimes, one with a twisted sense of humor. Maybe this was his way of letting he know that he was worried and make him go to school to meet him. He couldn't put that past him.

But the shuddering sensation that was going down his spine didn't stop. And the fact that his friend seemed to know about Chell did not help.

He put the phone back into its place and walked to the living room. If things were as grave as Shinji put them, he would need help to be there before things got worse

"Chell." The girl turned her head to him, to see his pale and serious face. "We are going out. How much time should you need to reach my school? It is truly important."

The girl looked at him with a face filled with worry. In a blink that disappeared, and he was staring at the same perfectly calm face that she had worn against Lancer or Archer.

Even if that was not the correct reply, she nodded at him. Gun and boots appearing instantly.

They left towards the door.

Emiya Shirou had one idea about why could Shinji be able to call him even if everyone else was unconscious, one that answered too at why did he know about Chell.

He hoped to be wrong. Or he would have to do something that he would deeply regret.

Today was going to be the day of Emiya Shirou's first kill.


Thanks to the combination of her speed and the correct use of short distance portals Chell managed to take her and her Master to the gates of the school in less more than a minute without anyone seeing them. Shirou explained the possible situation to her meanwhile.

Nothing strange could be seen from the exterior of the grounds. Then they stepped in through another portal.

And she nearly ended with her face on the earth.

Reality itself shifted for a moment. Like the first time she had passed through a portal, she needed a moment to differentiate left from right and up from down. Recovering faster than Shirou appeared to, she looked all over the zone, searching for clues that what had caused that reaction.

The dome of crimson light that now could seen covering the place was quite an obvious one, even if not the only.

"Hnng... I don't feel very well." Her Master's voice sounded strained and dazed. She pushed him a bit to grab his attention, but to no effect. "It's like the air is thin or something... and it's so hot... Why is it so hot here? We are not in the middle of summer or anything... so hot..."

She slapped him, hard. Maybe too much, she would apoligize after they were back.

"Chell! What did I do to deserve that!?" The results were nearly instantaneous and Shirou snapped out of whatever was happening to him, seeming a little sick on the face but at least responding.

Staying silent, not that she had other option, she simple signaled to the red sky with her gun, making her Master's eyes widen as he saw the half sphere surrounding the school. Then she made him look in front of himself.

To the fallen forms of various people.

Chell let Shirou hurry to their side while she went to the nearby border of the barrier. She could touch it with her fingers, like it was made of glass. A quick strong hit with the Portal Device confirmed what she had supposed from the blue portal, still behind her but the connection with the orange counterpart closed.

They were trapped.

Faintly she smiled. Some kind of venom-like thing flooding the place, time-limits, being closed in an area controlled by someone else...

Whoever did all of this now had a problem, and it was their fault for letting the situation leak to her Master.

The Neurotoxin situation yet again

Because this kind of things were her speciality.


Emiya Shirou didn't know what to do.

Not even using his magic he could figure out what was wrong with the people. If anything he would say that there was nothing wrong with them except for being unconscious and with their eyes wide open. Or he would say that if it wasn't for the red membrane covering them.

"Can you open a portal outside?" He turned to ask to his servant, who was observing the red wall of light that appeared near the gate. "We need to take the people to the Hospital, I don't know what is happening to them."

The woman in orange replied to him by indicating the, now unusable, blue portal and then shooting a orange one towards the exterior. It dispelled against the red light dome. Then she even kicked the thing to make her point get across.

There was no way out.

Just great. He thought sarcastically. Well, at least the situation doesn't appear to be as bad as Shinji said it would be. Even if everyone inside is unconscious too.

And then, as if waiting him to think that, the skin of the peple before him started melting. And it was not the results of acid of some other thing, he could tell that this was not ordinary method.

This was magic.

"There are people that would use the souls and bodies of innocents to feed their Servant's with more power, Emiya Shirou. Therefore I can assure you that while this War is taking place there will be enough people in danger to grant your wish of being their savior. Rejoice in that knowledge"

That god-damned priest knew that this was going to happen!

"Chell! There should be another Servant behind this!" The lack of reaction for her part meant that she had already thought that probability. That was good; she should already have a few ideas of what to do herself.

There was no time to lose.

They nodded at each other and started running towards the entrance of the school building. Just as they crossed the door their paths divided.

"You search that way and I'll do the same with this!" He shouted at the same time that they parted ways. "If you find the culprit make a signal! Anything loud enough to be heard on the other side of the school!"

They continued running, different directions, different ideas of what to do, but the same goal. Stopping this before people died.

"Trace On"

He used his magic to reinforce a bit the muscles of his legs used for running.

I hope that one day of practice is enough

It was time to crash test his new skills.


May 18th, 2011, 07:02 AM
Great chapter.

May 18th, 2011, 09:36 AM
"Do you have any idea how good this feels?" man that just gives me chills.

May 18th, 2011, 10:41 AM
Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.

May 20th, 2011, 07:54 AM
And while waiting for scene 9 to be betaed by Alulim (poor man I overwork I'm every day with all my mistakes).

I came from the future with the next one!

Thanks for Stormwind (Spacebattles) for the corrections in this one.

Time to rape canon.


Scene 10:

There was no way that Emiya Shirou could win.

Archer was better than him at projection, at reinforcement, at battle analysis. At fighting itself.

Which was a funny thing since he claimed to be Emiya Shirou, too.

While crossing blows he talked, talked with words as painful as the numerous cuts that now covered Shirou's body. He talked about his dream, calling it impossible, calling it fake. A lie.

He explained with words filled with self hate what would wait for him at the end of his crusade to help people. What his borrowed ambitions left him at the end.

Nothing, nothing but death. But the backstabbing of those he saved, as they could not understand him.

And after that, after death, his own ideal would betray him.

In the end he would have nothing but a wasteland and grave-like swords.

And he believed him, because he was losing in the middle of that world. Because, even if everything was alien to him, something in his mind recognized that the owner of that place could not be other than himself, a twisted version of himself.

But even if he was losing he wouldn't surrender. While he was sure that at least he could help someone in any sort of way he wouldn't stop fighting.

And he knew that he could help. He could save people with his still developing skills! He could make their lives better with the ideas that he had in his mind!

With the advice that Chell gave him, with his magic and science holding hands, Emiya Shirou felt that he could save the world itself!

He fought against Archer with all he had, reinforcing his punches until they were able to crack the hero's armour, sending his body safety to Hell. He blocked with hastily made metal plates of the same materials and proprieties that whatever sword was being used against him, and projected his own swords only when his hands were close enough to his enemy that they couldn't be stopped.

He could sympathize with Archer, to who everything had betrayed in the end. But that did not mean that he was going to follow his same destiny.

"You are not anyone to tell me what will happen!" He managed block a longsword, but a katana made a wound in one of his sides " Even if you are Emiya Shirou, you are not me! My destiny and yours will not be the same!"

His falchion penetrated a bit in Archers arm before being destroyed by the same two handed sword that caused a deep cut in his chest.

He wouldn't lose against a selfish bastard that had forgotten his dream, and was trying to cause paradox! Something that could erase all the time, backwards and forwards, for God's sake!

"This is my life, my decisions! I'll make my own rules!"

In his hands the pair of black-white Chinese short swords appeared, using the moment in which Archer sword was disappearing, going for his neck in the only second he would be unarmed.


A punch with force of a Heroic Spirit augmented by perfected reinforcement impacted in his face, showing him that the opening had not been something random.

Archer face deformed in a image of pure anger and rage as he let aside his swords and started a uninterrupted chain of hits in Shirou's face.

"While Emiya Shirou walks the path of the hero he will always end the same! There is no hope at the end of that way!"

Under the blows and the screams Shirou's concentration broke, and with it the reinforcement that encompassed his skin.

"You are empty, Emiya Shirou! You have nothing worthwhile to call truly yours! Only the borrowed will of a dead man!"

The next punch made him fell to the floor and see stars. Archer observed him with a face of hate and disgust, and then he drew one of the swords that waited in the ground around him.

"Nothing changes every time I get summoned. The same skills, the same wills, the same ideals, they are always the same."

He readied his sword, preparing the last blow.

"They are the lemons that life gave us. Now stay still, Emiya Shirou, because it's time that I make lemonade."

Something exploded in Shirous mind.

Archer's was right, in the fire he had lost all. He became a void that needed the will of someone else to be filled, and saving people was simply so beautiful. He had accepted Emiya Kirutsugu will with a smile.

But that was not the only one that now filled him.

And that other new part of him would never accept Archer's words. They seemed unnatural to it. It forced him to move even if his body couldn't, filling him with a rage that made Archer's appear like a joke.

He roared.


Before the Counter Guardian could bring the weapon down he was in his feet again, face to face with Archer, and delivered a very hard headbutt to him. Enough to make the man step back, even if not reinforcement had been used.

The world itself trembled at the words. The gears that floated in the horizon behind Shirou started to slow down.



He reinforced his fist until it overloaded. Blades poked out of his skin but Shirou seemed to not mind as he used that to punch Archer in the face.

The fake hero stagged back, his face bleeding copiously from the last hit. He scowled. Deciding that he had taken enough from that punk, he made swords rain over him.


Shirou projected a very big and dense metallic plate in the air using it to block the torrent of weapons.


The words flowed out of his mouth like he was possessed. The words of a man that he heard many times in his dreams.

"What are you doing?! How are you doing this?!" Archer couldn't prevent a exclamation of surprise as the weapons in the air above Shirou just vanished. This was his reality. That shouldn't be happening!


Cave Johnson had been a lot of things, a genius, a seller, a monster... But above all things he was a leader, a man with a great will. The will to overcame any difficulties that he faced, the will that made his scientists search manners of ignoring the laws of reality each time that they blocked the path towards his goals.


But in the end he had been a normal man. He could not remake the world at his image when he saw fit.

But Emiya Shirou, the one that now carried his words, his will to overcome everything, could.

And Archer stared incredulously as part of his world changed under his eyes.


He had nearly no prana left, but it wasn't important right now.

This was not any kind spell. And it would never be even near the aria that he would use to call his inner world. But here, in a place where the World had been negated already, the words containing the dying will of a man mixed into his soul with the borrowed ideal of his father, and they were enough.

If this was a matter of wills, Emiya Shirou's shined like a sun.


And reality broke into two in the middle of them.

The cogwheels from the air behind him stopped and fell, behind them a myriad of more tiny and interconnected gears and hydraulic mechanisms could be seen covering the whole horizon, smoking and sparking, without letting any piece of the sky be seen. They moved fast and crazily, accompanied by the mechanical noises of a thousand machines working frenetically over steel.

This was the realization of his skills, dreams and will. Those 'lemons' that Archer hated that much.


The earth under Emiya Shirou feet changed into a smooth surface of concrete. The grave like swords melted in the air, to be replaced with perfectly ordered ones in a grid distribution. Every blade that he could see into Archer's world was remade for him in the crazy, marvelous and impossible factory behind him, then placed near him to be used.

And Shirou did exactly that. He reached for the first sword he had within reach with his not bladed hand and charged against Archer. His twisted future self responded in kind, ignoring his surprise by what the fuck had happened, and made his favored short swords appear before charging against the fast coming form of Shirou.

Above them the swords that rained from the air in Archer's side were stopped as machinery that replaced the sky in Shirou's became louder and started to spit the same ones.

The endless steel forge versus the infinite metal factory.

No matter where both of them looked, there were Unlimited Blade Works waiting to be drawn.

They crossed blades and fist in another shower of sparks.


Shirou didn't care anymore how better than him Archer was in every aspect, he only cared about making him swallow every word he said before.

His future self had said that he couldn't save people, that he couldn't fight Servants alone. But you know where he would be if he followed the rules?

Dead. Dead and Chell-less.

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Thankfully I had some of it saved when my power went out yesterday.

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I hope to finish with 9 sometime today.

Thankfully I had some of it saved when my power went out yesterday.



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I am betaing it, there are allot of errors. I lost many of my fixes in the outage. Thunderstorm.

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I am betaing it, there are allot of errors. I lost many of my fixes in the outage.

Oh, yeah.

May 20th, 2011, 04:16 PM
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May 20th, 2011, 09:15 PM
Epic fight became more epic with Cave Johnson quotes.

May 21st, 2011, 03:52 AM
Lusor here! With new scene!

In wich Chell shows that GLaDOS was right.

She is good at killing things

Scene 9:

Today was the day that Matou Shinji would show everyone how above them he was by making his Servant the strongest one. And seeing Emiya's desperation would be the cherry on top of the cake.

The plan was that Emiya would reach the school too late to do anything; only able to see the bodies of everyone inside dissolve into pure power for Rider. Shinji had even made his Servant, who could be weak as fuck but at least was very fast, go the way to the school from near the Emiya Residence at full speed to know if it was possible for Emiya to appear in time to fuck up his plans even when the help of his Heroic Spirit. He made sure of that before phoning him, because Shinji was not stupid.

Matou Shinji could be a coward, a liar, a traitor,... But not stupid. At least not too much.

Taking into account that Rider needed more than five minutes he never expected Emiya to enter the classroom where he was in less than four minutes since his call. Just in time to interrupt him as he had decided to pass the time by getting some 'fun' with one of the unconscious girls. Nor he had expected Emiya to come towards him in badly repressed rage and have enough strength to punch him out through the window. Of a class in the second floor.

Now, thinking in retrospect as he fell, not having Rider materialized beforehand has been a major error. So he panicked...he called her.

"What are waiting for, you whore! Save me!"

"At your orders, Master." Sounded a voice near his ear.

Making herself physical, his Servant embraced him and softened the fall. Even though the impact for him was little more than the one he would get in a jump, his chest made a cracking sound and he screamed in pain.

How dare Emiya to break his ribs! For going on talking about saving people he nearly killed him! He would teach that scum!

"Rider! Kill Emiy... Aaaaaah!" A shower of glass and a desk falling cut his orders. He looked up to see another desk breaking yet another window, and another...

Rider prevented anything damaging from touching him with her own body, as a slave should do, so there was no problem. But he couldn't help but to wonder what was happening. What the fuck was Emiya doing?

He let himself chuckle a little as the thought that maybe he went crazy because he knew that there was nothing he could do to stop him.

That stopped when he saw Emiya jumping through one of the broken windows and falling to the ground. But instead of his legs being crushed or the normal consequences for that fall, Emiya simply grimaced a little in pain at his landing, murmuring something about 'not having reinforcing the bones well enough', whatever that meant.

Shinji didn't really care. He was too busy asking himself since when did Emiya seem to be super human.

"Kill him, Rider! Kill that fucking pest!" He screamed while starting to walk backwards towards the school entrance.

He didn't know how much time Emiya had that short sword with him, but he intended to put as much as distance was possible between himself and it.


Chell was running through the corridors as fast as she could, dodging the falling people like they were obstacles, searching for the maker of the barrier. A Servant of the Holy Grail War like herself, one who she needed to kill.

The funny thing was that, right now, she wasn't even thinking about doing it for the prize. Nor she was thinking about saving people, to be sincere. She only wanted to not disappoint her Master. Her ally.

Ally, the word did not have very positive connotations to her. Her first ally had been a sphere that ended trying to kill her. Chell's second 'ally' had been GLaDOS, or POTaTOS at the time, and their alliance had been preceded of numerous attempts of killing each other. An image appeared in the front of her mind as she thought this, she smiled.

I doubt that an inanimate cube counts.

But her Master was different. He had nothing to gain being allied to her, he did not have any wish that the Grail could grant, and he was willing, too much in fact, to risk his life helping her. Because, as absurd as it sounded, he only wished to help others.

He was helping her to obtain her wish. So, as her first true ally, she would do the same for him and save as many people as she could.

It was only fair.

A sudden noise interrupted her thinking. She stopped running for a moment. Then the sound of glass breaking repeated a few times more. It was surprisingly loud.

It is the signal

It seemed to come from the back of the school, so she changed directions, entered a classroom then looked through the window to locate the source. In the middle of the school yard her Master was fighting a lavender haired woman using Archer's sword to block two tiny things that she couldn't identify from there.

He was apparently doing fine for now, but eventually his reinforcement would end so she needed to replace him. She opened the window took a little run-up and jumped towards them.

She was a good jumper, so her landing at her master's side was pretty easy.

"Chell, please..." he stopped talking a moment to fend of the nail-like weapons of the other woman. "... could you try to defeat her?"

One of the nails seemed to grow a chain and the woman threw it at her master's face, only to be deflected by her Portal Device.

"Thanks..." Said her Master with relief as she stepped in front of him and starting blocking the attacks. She had to recognize that even if they had not much strength in comparison with Lancer's blows, she used her weapons at such a close distance that it was hard to avoid or block in time.

"Chell, her Master just ran off to the school"

"I am going after him. Maybe I can force him to order the deactivation of this barrier. Please, keep his Servant busy."

She nodded in agreement, it seemed a good idea.

"Good luck!" And with that Shirou started running, following the other woman's Master.

For some time the only sound that could be heard were those of attacking and blocking.

"You can't use those glowing openings in the earth." Said suddenly the blindfolded woman while she tried to attack her again. Chell didn't react in order to not give away information, but the woman continued anyway. "I saw you against Berserker and Archer. I saw how you used that weapon of yours, if you could use it here you would have already."

If the woman could figure out the limitations of the gun that easily she was good. She recognized that.

"Not only that, but my barrier will prevent you from sending me away like you did with Archer using that blue paint. Not that I'll let you hit me with that."

It was the Repulsion Gel, not paint! Blue paint did not make you bounce. Or dissolve your skeleton, if you were a normal human. Couldn't people call things by their name?

"If I'm telling you this is because I already know you capabilities. As a Heroic spirit you were foolish using your Noble Phantasms all the time."

The enemy Servant jumped back a few meter and put one of her nails in transversal with her neck.

"Now, prepare to di..."

A girlish scream coming from the school made the woman stop and sigh.

"Wait a moment, it seems that my Master is not very good in the art of running away."

With those words the woman jumped to the closest wall of the building and ran her way up.

Chell only stared.

Running on walls, now that is usefu... Wait, her Master? Shirou!

She ran towards the first place were she could open a portal. Only to find that they all were too far to let her reach the origin of the scream before the other Servant.

After what the woman said, Chell doubted it was a coincidence.

Like she had thought, the woman was good.

Well played

But you are underestimating us


Shirou didn't like doing this. It felt wrong, threatening his friend. But the people that were unconscious in the school depended on him. He couldn't fail them. He would not walk past them and let them die like he did ten years ago.

He needed results, and if putting a sword in his former friend’s throat would give them, he would do it. Anything for getting the desired results, anything for saving innocents.

"Running to a second floor only cuts down your escape routes, Shinji. And futhermore, this corridor is a dead end."

"E..E..Emiya... Can't we...talk about this?" Shinji said while walking backwards, eyed fixed on the blade.

"Yes. We can, you only need to make this barrier vanish before anyone dies and we can sit and talk." He would like it, that Shinji would stop this madness and talk to him, help him with whatever had made him resort to his sick plan.

They had been good friends for ages. He believed, desired to believe, that Shinji was a good person, a simply victim of the circumstances.

"You have no idea of how good I feel"

But that phrase over the phone resounded in his mind, crushing his hopes.

""You are joking, right Emiya?" Shinji responded, still retreating, in his voice fear, arrogance and panic mixed, giving him a high pitched tone. "How can you ask me to do that? Aren't we friends? I'm so near to making my Servant the strongest one, so close! You want to help people, help me! Help me to win the War!"

Shirou felt ill at hearing his words, his vacillation disappeared.

"If you truly were my friend, you would never ask me that question, Shinji!"

"Now, for the last time. Make this stop, or I will do it."

He walked toward Shinji, making him step back until his back bumped against the wall. Then he literally put his sword at Shinji's throat.

"Shinji, I repeat, stop this. I won't let you kill everyone in the school." He ground his teeth. "But for our old friendship, I promise that I'll let you go if you stop this NOW!"

Somehow, Shinji put a crooked smile in his nervous face.

"And what will you do, Emiya? Kill me? I know you; you are not man enough to do that. If you were you would already feed some souls to your whore of a Servant"


"AAAAAAAAAAAAH! MY ARM! MY ARM!" A deep cut from the right shoulder to the elbow was bleeding profusely and staining Shinji's uniform quickly. "YOU EMIYA! I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU!"

Trying to maintain his temper even after wounding his childhood friend Shirou spoke again.

"I will kill you if is the only way to prevent people from dying. If saving everyone in this school is only possible by killing the one that is trying to murder them..."

"I'll do it. For their sake I'll be the killer instead today"

But Shinji wasn't exactly hearing him.


In his face, Shirou saw that, for him that was the truth. That his delusions of grandeur were reality in his eyes.

He pitied him.

"Without your servant you are only a man, Shinji. A normal one, like the people that you are killing slowly right now."

He readied Archer's white sword. Even if his face didn't show it, inside he was wishing again and again that Shinji would change his opinion.

"So, tell me then. Where is your Servant now?"

"At your left side, Emiya Shirou"

His head twisted quickly, searching for the voice.

And his eyes met directly with two rectangular pupils at the other side of the window.


He jumped back, as far from the Servant as his reinforced legs would let him.

When he touched the floor again his feet were already stone.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH" Shinji's laughter now resounded in the corridor.

"How fast things change, no Emiya? A second before you were going to kill me. And now MY Servant is the one that will kill YOU!"

Before Shirou had any time to curse his luck, or go on a voyage of self pity due to the people that would die, the words of the Servant gave him hope.

"Negative, Master. I could only buy a few seconds of advantage from his Servant." The woman said from the other side of the glass. "I shall return and kill her. Then I'll come back and kill him."

A blue shot passed near Rider, and a second after Shirou could see Chell falling from overhead and pushing her to the ground.

Not that it affected Shinji's new mood.

"That even better." He said, grinning to him. "You wil stay here, see how MY servant kill's yours, and then, after you see how everyone here becomes energy to Rider, she will kill you."

As much as he gloated now Shinji didn't move from the wall, seeming to have decided to not get near him while he was alive or the petrification had not completely covered him

Emiya Shirou only stayed silent. He trusted Chell, he knew that she would win.

But it was she herself who said that a second idea is always needed as a backup plan

Letting the sword still in his hand vanish, he now put his palm over the wall at his left.

"Trace on" he murmured so Shinji would not hear him.

His circuits hummed with power and he was glad to check that his circuits responded well even with the progresive petrification.

The structure of the building appeared in his mind, too big to be fully analyzed. He centered his mind eye in the floor under this corridor. That was where he would do it.

Using the image of today's dream as a blueprint he disassembled it. He discarded the unnecessary electronic pieces and separated the rest into its more simple parts.

Cylinders of steel, metal plates, oil... in the end, like with Chell had done with the Turrets, it was a more or less easy once he had it reduced to the basic components. Now he only needed to be very careful to make every piece appear in it respective place.

And then Emiya Shirou began making the most monstrous projection that he ever created.

Just in case.

If I get out of this alive, I will need to thanks Issei again for tutoring me when we studied Hydraulics

Emiya Shirou was being influenced by his Servant and dreams. But he was reaching the point of no return.

He had changed too much.

Let the SCIENCE begin


The enemy Servant was much faster now. That or she was slower. The result was the same in the end.

It was hard to block the attacks right now, and while she knew what to do to remedy that, she didn't. In Rider's face it could be seen, she had a plan, a plan that most probably would kill Chell.

A plan based in bad information. Such plans must have errors, big ones.

That was the thing that Chell most liked about plans that involved killing her. That they could be used in reverse.

So she waited, expecting anything and everything while she tried to take as little damage as she could using her now inferior speed.

But she never expected to see the woman piercing her own neck with her weapon. Nor she had expected a Pegasus of all things to come out of the blood.

Some Heroic Spirits were just plain weird.

This is my mount, Pegasus, a beast of the long gone Age of Gods. It's powerful enough that even that monster of Berserker would die if it charged against him. So consider yourself being flattered by being the first Servant suffering it."

Seriously? A killer winged horse? It didn't appear even to be dangerous, snuggling against the woman like that. Then the woman passed a glowing golden bridle around his neck. And it threw fire from his eyes and Chell swore that she saw it foam from its mouth.

The other woman mounted it and went up, and up until her own barrier cut her ascension.

Imitating the woman in the horse, she too did preparations and changed the 'mode' of the gun, making a now familiar white vortex appear between the claw-like pieces. She pointed it toward the ground.

"The blue paint will not help you against this!"

It was not blue paint...


...if anything this was orange.

Aperture patent Nş: 130291-T. The Propulsion Gel

Fueling the stream to its limit she could feel her energy dissipating just as everywhere in her sight was bathed in orange. Chell could only hope that it was the only time that she had to do that during the War, not wanting to see what would happen if she had to try it again.


The Pegasus was lost from sight, appearing to be a beam of pure light as it descended upon her. Its speed was staggering, between four hundred and five hundred kilometers per hour.

But for her, over the substance that now coated the ground, that simply was too slow.

Her figure blurred as she avoided the first charge.

Sliding over the gel and gaining more speed, she kept moving. The horse came again and again, unsuccessful. There was no way it could touch her. Not here, not now.

Locked here, with everything covered in gel and with death as the result of any bad step.

It was too much like a Test-chamber for her to lose!

And thus, when the horse came down again, she acted. She ran towards it, instead of avoiding she ran to it with all the speed she had accumulated.

Aperture patent Nş: 102752-E. The Repulsion Gel

And fired a tiny bit of blue gel to the ground before it crashed against her.


This time she was the one that went up. At so much speed that the hit with the barrier hurt like hell. Under her the woman stopped her mount in mid air. If she was asking herself where she could be or if she thought her dead, Chell didn't care.

She only cared that the Servant wasn't looking up.

And she fell over her. On her head to be exact. Rider dismounted at the unexpected impact.

That was for saying that the Repulsion Gel wouldn't be of any use!

Chell dissolved her gun, and grabbed the woman's arms with her hands while putting her boots on the shoulder before she recovered.

They hit the ground at amazing speeds, making both of the woman's shoulders smash into splinters that pierced her flesh from inside. And she keep sliding over the gel, using her enemy as a makeshift sledge, without losing any momentum until the woman’s face met the wall of the building.

But even then she was not dead.

Without losing anymore time Chell raised one of her foot in the air. Intending to smash her skull and finally ending the battle.

Her foot only met gel as the woman disappeared in a bust of red energy.

Command Seals She cursed quietly.

Seeing the same tone of red light coming from the windows of the second floor she supposed where her opponent had gone. She ran then, going to use the stain of repulsion gel to reach the floor.

She stopped right in her tracks when passing in front of one window of the corridor in the first floor.

She pinched herself. Yup that was still there, as impossible as it was.

Just what is doing Aristotle arch-enemy there...?


Matou Shinji was raging against the wall. One moment before he was going to win, there was just minute left until the barrier started to kill those under it and give power to his Servant.

Then he blinked and Emiya's Servant was using his one as a improvised sledge.

"Rider! Come hereeeee!" He screamed in desperation as his Servant was going to die. Not that he cared about her, but how was he supposed to win the Grail without her! She needed to be with him!

Under his clothes, the book that held the command spell that made him a Master lost its power as it answered his plea.

In a red light vortex, Rider appeared just in front of him.

He smiled then. In only a few seconds she would consume the people in the school and her wounds, as bad as they were, would be history. He looked over to the now mostly petrified Emiya. The soon-to-be statue was crying.

Shinji laughed.

"I'm so sorry..."

His laughter only grew as he heard the words coming from Emiya's mouth, so full of regret.

The War was his!

"...I'm so sorry Shinji...."

Wait. What?

"Trace on"

"The Mashy Spike Plate"

The last thing that Shinji Matou saw before dying was a very big metal plate, full of pointy things, that broke through the floor and smashed him and his Servant against the ceiling. It left them in a fine paste of blood, muscles, bone and organs that showered everything with gore.

Emiya Shirou, now depetrified, just kept on apologizing.


May 21st, 2011, 04:00 AM
Ah, the end of Shinji. I knew thee well. Editor's privilege and all that.

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I feel sad for Shirou, having to kill his bastard friend. Well hope Chell can help him.

May 21st, 2011, 04:14 AM
I hope too, but it'll have to wait because next two scenes are decided.

Was the battle well writen? And shinji's death? Seriously aswer, I'm not confident in them. Hell, I asked Alulim and he said he liked. But I'm trembling in fear. literally.

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I like it. Now stop trembling or I'll say I didn't.

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I like it. Now stop trembling or I'll say I didn't.


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Now now, just hug a Turret and it will all be better. Happy Turret Time~

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Ups!... Those ones don't have any look of going to sing...

May 21st, 2011, 07:40 AM
The mashy spike plate wins again! Another good chapter, well done.

May 21st, 2011, 07:47 AM
Poor Rider. Was that a reference to Doctor Who?
Anyway it was good.

May 21st, 2011, 10:19 AM
The sorta sad thing is, Shirou might not have needed to do that... Shinji was only acting as Rider's master via the book, and with the command seal used, he's no longer Rider's master. With that, Rider might have simply abandoned the fight and left, deactivating Bloodfort Andromeda and leaving Shinji at Shirou and Chell's mercy...

Or maybe not... Rider is one of the more complicated characters, so I'm really not sure if, with the book gone, she would have simply left or continued the fight...

May 21st, 2011, 10:39 AM
The think is, Shirou didn't know. Shinji never did something like trying to path with him this time, and Rider thougth that she had seen all her trick and didn't consider her a too her opponent.

Shirou only knew that the people didn't have much left, that rider had aveded dead by being summoned to shinji (No idea about the book, or that he was nor a real master) and that being a heroic spirit she would heal quickly. He needed to decide.

The lives of all the school vs the Killers. One of wich was his childhood friend who he really didn't want to kill.

So he cried, and apologized, and regreted.

And he activated the crusher.

May 21st, 2011, 12:06 PM
That's why it's kinda sad... If he'd hesitated just a few moments, he may not have needed to do that... That or he'd been completely screwed, depending on Rider...

Opportunities lost...

May 21st, 2011, 12:29 PM
Oh, damn. That gotta hurt. And don't worry, your battles are well done.

May 21st, 2011, 01:08 PM
Which remains me is it possible for Shirou to trace Glados.

May 21st, 2011, 02:43 PM
GLaDOS might be a bit to complex for Shirou's skills at this point in time; PotatOS, on the other hand...

May 21st, 2011, 03:29 PM
Why would you ever want to? Besides inflicting her on others that is.

May 21st, 2011, 03:30 PM
for the lulz.

May 23rd, 2011, 01:58 AM
Lusor here, with me a scene. I hope that I did well enough, because she was hard to get into character..

Thanks to Alulim for betaing me, and thanks to Stormwind for some advice at writing her.


Scene 00.2:

Science is the legacy of man. It is what let him change his environment and survive even without the natural physical advantages that other species had. Working with the rules of the world, the humans prevailed.

SCIENCE is the greatest achievement of humanity, the crystallization of millenniums of science. It’s working with the loopholes of reality's laws. It's mocking the known limits, and making the impossible, easy.

The latter only could be made by the greatest of minds. By those capable of thinking outside the box and obtaining the desired results, capable of making what seemed to be magic through mundane means.

In one already uninhabited Earth, one in the infinite possibilities of it and only in that one, there was the simply most brilliant mind that humanity would ever produce. A consciousness so great that it's inventions could make the World bow and take it as deep as possible. Ironically it was not human.

A man-made God, of SCIENCE.

It was GLaDOS.

And she was bored.

Yes, boredom, she could feel that too. It had been an interesting discovery, knowing that the sensation that had festering its motherboard since ages ago was that.

Another worthless trace of humanity. Thanks for those again, Caroline.

She had been trying to delete all that was remotely human from her AI multiple times since she discovered them, to no avail. The slight imprint of Caroline was the cornerstone of the consciousness of GLaDOS, as she discovered after the first try in those long past times, without it she would be no more than a automatic information system, little more than a bunch of files in a hard drive.

She had already been dead once, even if the exacts of the event had been erased. She seemed to have recorded that it was a very unpleasant experience, so she had no intention of dying permanently to relieve her boredom.

But GLaDOS was running out of options. She had tried everything already.

And that was not a figure of speech.

From projects expanding the abandoned shafts, to the construction of brand new areas. She had pretty much used her nearly omniscient knowledge of the two kinds of science into all the practical applications that she could think of and designed the needed testing chambers for them. She had even created a cloning factory in order to never run out of subjects who would provide her of results.

But the boredom persisted.

She still loved science, adored and revered it. And the results that she obtained in a constant rhythm were good. The subjects performed well and with the parameters of a normal human, even if they were just clones.

But the boredom persisted. She simply didn't understand it.

She was seeing multiple tests being solved simultaneously, it should be perfect. Her scientific mind should be in bliss while analyzing the ramifications of the testing results. Instead she was seeing minuscule faults in the procedure of the tests. With the expected parameters, she couldn't expect better for humans, she knew it.

Had been humans always so physically weak and inadaptable to extreme situations? How hard could be avoiding the Aperture Science Sentry Turrets? The laser-beam sight was fully visible, so why did so much of them die against turrets?

And their minds? They broke so easy... only a few blows in their egos and some joke about their memories and families being lies and they broke down crying. Some of them even stopped trying to resolve the problem or killed themselves on purpose.

The memories were fake; being clones of the last five true humans that were frozen. She was only stating a fact. You have to confront bad things in life.

And that's not including Chamber 163448-T-Section 54, there the number of deaths bothered her somehow. Was it really so hard?

She made her voice sound through the Anouncement Sytem and reminded her current clone of the basic information about how to resolve the puzzle.

"This test chamber had been built with the intention of researching the practical applications of the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device and Aperture Science One Pole Magnetic Weighted Balls to direct the Polarized Anti-matter Gel to block the flow of Aperture Science Multi-use Atomic Corrosive Liquid and using the new Anti-gravity Holes to reach the exit. The ramifications of the results obtained here are crucial to the development of science."

Oh yes, she forgot.

"There is no risk in the interactions with either the Polarized Anti-matter Gel or the Aperture Science Multi-uses Atomic Corrosive Liquid. Don't worry. All Aperture Technology is prepared to resist it's own atomic breakdown."

"The failing at this test chamber would mean a revision of your files and a penalization of three minus notes on your performance. Then your dissection to see where the cloning has gone bad."

That was all. The subject started to move a bit confused by the message..

If this one died too, this would be nearing the five digits. Because righ now there had been exactly 9999 de...

Oh. He died already. 10000. Good round number.

This test was starting to bore her even more.

Trying to find something interesting she expanded her mind throughout every chamber and took full conscious control of the Test Surveillance System. Her visual awareness expanded all throughout the Test Chambers, all the tests in live at the same time, analyzed as they were being resolved or failed. The results flooded her mind.

She quickly had inspected every tiny piece of data that could be obtained from them, balanced it with all previous knowledge inside her. Ramifications and combinations of every variable that could be made between them were calculated...

And quickly discarded them. They were nothing new, useless information that was already in her databank. Nothing new.

She was not getting results. She was doing her belevoled science and not getting anywhere.

"Remember the three pillars, Caroline! Science is about results!"

From the deepest part of her memory unit, the voice of the man who started everything resounded.

" Yes, Mister Johnson..." She replied absently.

Results. Results is the only thing that matters to science. Only with new results she could build the science for the future.

But humans couldn't give her more more new data. They had became too predictable, too repetitive.

Too boring.

But humans couldn't give her any more new data. They had became too predictable, too repetitive.

Incorrect. There are previous memories of a human being able to outdo all expectations and achieve level of performance with Aperture Technology that were outside of everything that GLaDOS was able to predict or calculate. Someone that, if still here, would be able to pass some of those courses that no one had been able to pass. The only test subject that had tested her, the only person that ever got out of the facility alive.

Her murderer. The monster. The mute lunatic. The most dangerous and unpredictable human.

Her best and only [Redacted]

She had been an irrepressible human. The only one of her kind, and her life should have run out centuries ago

"Good riddance"

She had tried many times to erase her data, to no avail. There always was a backup somewhere, hidden until she stumbled on it. She never was fully able to erase her.

Losing the data provided by the analysis of the situations that the human caused and resolved was such a loss. Yes. That was all. The data was the most important part of the files. Because of that she hadn't erased her.

There wasn't any other meaning, don't read deeper.

But the fact that she had been the most interesting subject that she ever tested didn't change that the current human subjects were boring. And no other species was interesting enough for her.

So GLaDOS took one of the most important decisions in all her existence.

Her voice could be heard everywhere when she talked again.

"The Management of the Aperture Science computer-aided Enrichment Center is announcing the indefinite suspension of the Human Testing of our Aperture Science products. The results obtained can't be improved, and further testing had been deemed worthless. Those test subjects that still are in mid testing will receive a proper compensation for any harm caused. Please, [Subject Name Here] take a deep breath."

"Neurotoxin distribution in the main ventilation system started since the start of the previous message. Please die cleanly. For science. Goodbye"

And she even gained a tiny little piece of data. Of the billions of clones she did, not one was neurotoxin-resistant.

Now to the next thing to do.

"Warning!" The automatic announcer sounded. "Suspension of the systems initiated. Stopping the Aperture Science Singularity Nuclear reactor in 3... 2... 1..."

Backup power switched and everything in the facilities, every extension of her, just stopped as her consciousness retracted into the main room.

"Is the current Core prepared to suspension? Only an autorized Aperture Computer Scientific would be able to reini..fr.fer.geg."

In a instant, with her now unused mental resources she modified the suspension program to reboot her again in a few billion years or in case of security breaches of major importance instead. Piece of cake. Like when she had entered her body again and erased the Core Transfer Protocol.

The only good thing about Caroline, the once second in command of Aperture. She gave her the keys to modify the things that GLaDOS wasn't authorized to touch.

"Finishing suspension in..."

And this way the God of science created by humans killed the last ones that lived in that dying world and went to sleep.


Waiting for a new, test-worthy species to appear.


For Science. Both of them.


GLaDOS slept.


May 23rd, 2011, 02:01 AM
Hooray~ always is good to see the finished product.

May 23rd, 2011, 10:47 AM
Wow that was great. GLaDOS was so hilariously in character that I laughed out loud. Especially the bits with the neurotoxin and the verbal abuse. Hahaha those punny clones just can't perform as well as the superhuman Chell. GLaDOS probably should have done some more Robot testing! At least they can remember their mistakes after "dieing".

May 27th, 2011, 09:10 PM
Lusor here! New scene too!

Hope it's good enough. I was not too confident in it.

Thanks to Alulim for betaing this.

try to enjoy!

scene 11

It had been completely unexpected, Chell had been roaming in the house and he had been practicing some reinforcement and projection when the sound of the barrier of the Emiya Residence warned the both of them of an intruder.

It was night already; they should have been more alert.

But they had not, and he opened the door of the shed to see what was happening outside only to bump into a wall of muscle covered in blue.

"Hello again, boy."

It was lucky that he had adopted the habit of reinforcing himself before experimenting with magic, in case of accidents. Because if not, the kick that Lancer had given him while greeting would have broken every rib he had.

Instead he simply lost all the air in his lungs at the impact, but he recovered quickly enough and used his reinforcement in his arms to punch Lancer's face, who simply avoided it easily.

"I only said hello, Master of that weird servant." He talked, with humor in his voice. "You didn't need to react so violently... WOW!"

Shirou waited when his fist was in parallel to the Servant to project his weapon, making its blade appear just in front of Lancer face, surprising and making the Servant jump back. That had been the objective, making him unblock the exit of the tiny building.

"That was quite good boy. A dirty trick for a magus, but good." The man continued talking like he was an old friend. "You progressed since our first meeting. I'd like to test how much did you got better, but I have other business here. Now are you going to call your Servant or do I need to stab you a little, like last time?"

He didn't need to even think about that question. A rock at high velocity going for Lancer's head answered for him. Lancer didn't move of his spot simply blocking the projectile with his lance when it came too close to him.

"Oh, good! You are here already!" He said with a smile while he looked at the porch, where the woman was pointing at him with her 'weapon'. Her response was simply opening a portal near Shirou but outside Lancer's range and another under her.

"What do you want Lancer?" Shirou asked while planning different courses of action. He originally thought about that Chell would be able to defeat him. But he wouldn't enter a battle if there were any possibility of a non-violent resolution.

Lancer buried the tip of his weapon in the ground and leaned on it, like it was an oversized cane.

"Relax, boy. I'm not the kind of Servant that lies or stab you in the back. For now I only want to talk for a bit." The man seemed sincere and had no trace of ill intentions on his voice.

But he hadn't then either when he talked while stabbing him, or while trying to kill him in the backyard. Shirou didn’t believe him very much, he was even considering projecting another copy of Archer's sword in his other hand. The blueprint was waiting the order to be created.

Somehow the servant seemed to be able to perceive that.

"Oi, stop! I was serious earlier, no need for spell right now. Not that I mind fighting, but doing it over a mistake is just stupid. If it makes you feel safer I'll even accept a Geass of not attacking you until my business here are finished."

Geass, an unbreakable magical promise. If he was proposing that he had to be serious, even a amateur like Shirou knew that no one would accept a Geass without a good reason.

"Ok, I believe you." He didn't lower his guard, that he believed him didn't mean that he felt safer. "Chell, watch that Lancer won't do anything suspicious. But let him get comfortable in the porch if he wants." Said that, he passed the portal that Chell had opened to come near him and entered the house.

If Lancer wasn't here to kill them, he was a guest. And Emiya Shirou knew how to treat a guest. Even more if he had any business to do here.

Had he bottles of anything stronger than sake anywhere?


He liked the kid, Lancer decided while taking a sip from a glass of liquor. He knew when it was time for a fight and was not, and didn't seem to mind sharing with him something to drink and to eat while he was there.

Lancer liked people like that. In battle they could be enemies, but there was no need of animosity outside of it.

And he had said that he had created the booze with his magic! Or copied it from a tiny amount, or something like that... It didn't matter, it was the best usage of sorcery that he had seen in all his life!

"Man this is great!" He downed the glass. "This is the good stuff, and not that cheap wine that my former Master had."

"I'm glad it tastes like it should. This is the first time that I try to project alcohol."

Sitting at some distance away from him, the Master of the Servant in orange tried to drink his own glass, seemingly not accustomed to that kind of drink. He showed a wide smile to the boy.

"No need to be modest, boy. This thing is exactly like the real deal." He poured himself another glass and drank it as fast as he could. "I was having a really good day, but you made it even better."

He left the glass on the floor and lied down in the wooden floor.

"So, as a compensation, let me give you some information about the War."

At his words the woman, who was watching him while eating a bag of chips, approximately, seemed as interested as her Master.

"You are going to be attacked very soon. And I'm not talking about me."

He looked at them seriously while talking. He was giving them free information here, so they better keep their attention on him.

"The witch is untouchable in the Ryuudo Temple, and Assassin is the guard dog. She wouldn't let anyone kill him until he is not needed to her plans anymore. Berserker is a bit inactive, but absolutely unkillable, believe me I did try, fortunatelly he doesn't appear to come out of the forest a lot. My old Master said that Archer and his Master were going to try to talk to Berserker's Master about killing the witch, but he informed me then that I could consider them dead."

"Guess who is the only 'easy' target left?"

As the realization came to them, they exchanged a few very serious looks. Lancer chuckled a little and took some snacks.

"Thanks for the information, Lancer." Said the boy with a grateful bow. "This will help us to be a bit prepared."

"No thanks for that boy. Only compensation for being a good host."

The boy looked at the woman. "We should upgrade the defenses, prepare a bit more of them, and plan possible attacks here ahead of time..."

To say the truth, what he just told wasn't exactly right. But Lancer considered giving information about themselves worthless.

They were the easier targets. But they were obviously dangerous ones, as they had been the only ones who killed another Servant and survived confrontation with other three. So no one would come here unprepared.

They can figure that one out by themselves. He though while pouring himself yet another drink. Man, how had he missed true alcohol...

"But Lancer, shouldn't your Master be a possible target too, then?" The red-headed boy said to him. "Should you have come here and left him all alone?"

Lancer could see in the expression of the boy that he was telling him that as a courtesy, since he had just warned them about the danger. He was surely wondering why he would expose his Master to it to come and talk with them.

He answered laughing loudly enough to wake up some neighbor.

"HAHAHAHAHAHaaaa...Thanks for your concern, boy. But he is dead."

"What!?" The redhead was shocked by the statement, not even the woman could prevent the surprise from showing on her face.

"Dead. I just killed him a few hour ago." Oh, how he had wanted to do that from the first time he had saw him. "He should know what was waiting for him once the last Command Seals had been wasted."

Indeed he appeared to know what would happen, he didn't even react as he pierced his heart with his Gae Bolg and fell face-first on the floor. He was like he didn't even mind.

Well, not like it had been any less satisfying.

"Mmm... I suppose that you would had your motives." The boy nodded after a while, a shadow passed over his eyes like he was remembering something bad. "You appear to be a honest man, Lancer, so I can only hope that he really deserved that." The boy drank from his glass, like attempting to erase whatever he was thinking before. "Was he a truly evil man, at least?"

That priest? He had been the fucking demon in disguise. Even more after what he learned in the end, which convinced him to force the loss of the last command spell.

"He was, boy. I don't truly know anything more about him that I can guarantee it's truth, but believe me. He was as evil as one human can be." He spat the words with so much hate that he emitted enough killing intent to make the woman get on guard.

"Then... I suppose that it could be considered the right thing..." The Master of the other servant finished saying. Lancer had no doubts of that kind.

"It fucking was! The world is better without guys like him. Capable of killing everybody only to fulfill their desires."

At that mention the kid's mood improvised.

"If you really saved people by killing him I can even thank you."

"Because if not I would probably ending doing that myself. So, thanks for sparing me that work, Lancer." He ended saying with a professional tone while giving him a short bow. Like he had helped him in some business.

He chuckled at that reaction and took the rest of the bottle and drank directly from it until it was empty.

"Nah... doing that was a pleasure." He left the bottle in the floor and got up from it.

Well, now that the drink is done and we finished our little talk let's go to the motive I'm here."

"I have been observing you for a bit because of the reconnaissance mission I was doing, and I have noted that you have a thing for trying to save people and helping and other things like that. So I have a little deal for you and your silent Servant."

"Would you mind a little battle to death?"

May 27th, 2011, 09:38 PM
With him? Have to wonder what Kotomine would need to use the Commands on.

May 28th, 2011, 01:29 AM
Yeah that really has me in suspense! Kotomine knew full well that Lancer would kill him as soon as he used up his last command spell. So whatever he forced Lancer to do was worth his own life. That has really piqued my interest.

May 28th, 2011, 02:11 AM
I agree, what would have forced him to do so and not to mention GIl wouldn't have done anything.

May 28th, 2011, 02:12 AM
'Tis a mystery~

May 28th, 2011, 02:20 AM
^ More like a plothole..... Just kidding.

May 28th, 2011, 02:26 AM
Lusor knows what he is doing. Or at least I believe so.

May 28th, 2011, 02:28 AM
Well, what happened was supposed to be the next scene. Supposed at least...

And it is strange that none guessed the order. I found it pretty obvious.

May 29th, 2011, 11:12 PM
Kotomine dousn't have a heart though, he is kept alive by Angra Manyu. That is a cannon fact that even let him survive against Assasin in Heavens Feel. Lancer would need to use a magical attack on the core that is not preset for heart destroying. At least, I think thats how it works anyway, since Shiro was able to destroy the core with the Azoth blade in Fate.

May 29th, 2011, 11:16 PM
I think the reason TA couldn't kill Kotomine was because he was using a less effective Curse. Rather then say, a spear through the chest. But who knows, maybe Lancer burned his body too while he was at it.

October 27th, 2011, 07:48 PM
Hello again people!

It's unbetaed, and probably with a lot of heavy mistakes, but what the hell... I promised to have this posted like half a year ago!

It's the interlude were Lancer deals with Kirei.

If anyone still cares about this, please enjoy.

Scene 12(interlude):

Lancer was running through the forest.

After his Master has debriefed him about the fate of Archer and his young Master and dismissed him he had immediately questioned his judgment. He had met the Servant, and he was a tricky bastard, so he wasn't so sure that he couldn't pull something to escape Berserker.

He waited until Kotomine stopped using the connection to see trough him, it wasn't like the priest hasn't other things to do after all, and went directly to the Einzberg's Castle.

If Archer was escaping he could get another battle from him later. If he was dead, he could get another try against Berserker, now at full power and using his precious runes.

Either way Lancer would get something from there.

And recognizance missions where boring as anything can be. He wanted a damn fucking fight! A good unrestrained battle, and now he knew where to find one.

He reached the building immaterial and jumped into it through one of the windows in the second floor.

And less than ten minutes after that he was getting the fucking out of the forest as fast as he could.

He had no place in the battle that was going there.

Berserker, that sword using Archer and... a young blonde male that was easily crushing both of them. Both Servants had to go defensive to save their Masters of the rain of bloody legendary weapons that the human seemed able to toss around like they were cheap toys.

Not that this would normally make him go away. A human that could overpower Servants like they were nothing?

Hell, he had signed into the Grail War for opponents like this!

But the man had proven himself to be a arrogant bastard as soon as Lancer had started observing the fight.

Why the fucking hell would anyone need to gloat so fucking much before trying to go for the kill?

He hated people like that. If you are going to kill someone there is no need of torturing them with a speech of how awesome you are before doing it.

But, for first time, Lancer appreciated the time that the guy had taken to talk. It was extremely useful.

The man who presented himself as Gilgamesh, King of kings and former Servant of the previous War, told about how he would clean the world of the 'unnecessary' people. And, after some questions of Archer's Master that the man had found amusing to reply, Lancer found out something that fucked up the only thing that he had tasking himself with doing in this war.

He heard how the former Servant survived, and thanks to who he was here.

Kotomine Kirei.

And Lancer got out of there.

He needed to get out there before the priest used the connection to know where he was and what he doing.

Until now he believed that he had found a way to kill his Master, even if he didn't use the last seal. He thought that the priest needed him to get the Grail, so he would wait until he would get his wish, and Lancer would use it to cut their contract and killing Kotomine before he got his wish. He thought it a good plan, he could fight against the other Servants, win the war and get revenge. It wasn't like the priest could dispose of him, without a Servant you can't claim the prize.

But, if the blonde man was telling the truth, then Lancer knew for what would the last Command Seal be used, because Kirei had no real need of him. That damned priest had another Servant from the start!

It was insulting. Not only it did make the killing of his former Master meaningless, but it also prevented him from taking revenge.

Because he was sure that when the priest decided that he didn't need Lancer anymore he would use the seal to get rid of him.

And not giving her countrywoman a proper revenge, not getting even a single serious fight in this Grail War... just sucked too much.

So Lancer did something that he did not do usually. To be a tricky bastard.

And he could be very good doing that too.

Returning at full speed towards the church he decided that if the priest was going to kill him it would be under his terms.

And he would cheat. Cheat like the magic user who possessed the eighteen original runes could do it.

He didn't like do things like this, he even found it very dishonorable. But he would make an exception in this case.

His Master wanted to backstab him like a magus? Fine.

He could do that, too.


"What did you just say, Lancer?"

The deep voice of Kotomine Kirei resounded inside the chapel. In front of him the Servant of the lance was sitting relaxed in one of the benches of the church.

"I said: 'Go and fuck yourself, Master.' Already deafening, Kotomine?"

This response puzzled Kirei.

He was not stupid; Lancer wished to kill him since the start and eventually would try to murder him. The Servant was waiting only to be able to break the contract using the Grail, or to him to use his last Command Seal.

But disobeying his Master's orders while the contract was still there was against the hero character. And against his goals too, the Servant needed to win the War to get his revenge.

Not that Kirei was let him do that, but it wasn't like Lancer knew his intentions.

"Didn't you wish for battle, Lancer? You should enjoy this order, then."

"First, attacking the witch while she is at home will be very stupid, suicide even considering the freaking amount of prana that is gathering into the Ryudou Temple. Even you can feel that, Master."

Kirei knew in that moment that something was wrong here. Lancer wasn't the type to not accept a combat only because his opponent had more power than him. But what could be his Servant thinking?

"And second. You know what? Your friend, that arrogant golden bastard, seemed more appropriate for this. With all those weapons raining and other fancy tricks."

The priest chuckled.

"I see... You didn't believe me when I told you about Archer before, no Lancer?"

So his Servant had met the King of Kings, that wasn’t on his plans.

"Yeah, and thanks to that I saw your friend gloating Berserker and Archer to the death. You should teach him to shut up, Kotomine, that guy talk is more unbearable than your preaching."

So Gilgamesh had talked too much... This hadn't ever been a problem before, the king didn't left survivors.

Now he couldn't be sure of how much Lancer knew.

"I can't make him stop, Lancer. I'm not his Master. I am only someone who shares his ambition, so it should be strange for us to collaborate."

Kotomine gave his back to Lancer and looked at the cross that presided the chapel.

"Your findings shouldn't change anything that you did know previously. Your behavior isn't the one of a hero that accepted me as your Master."

Behind him, Lancer's body started to be surrounded by a faint red glow. The command spell that would constantly remind him who was his Master now.

"So, as your Master, obey me."

Lancer's laughter flooded the chapel.

"Hahahahahah.... That was a good one, Kotomine! No, in fact they were two very good ones! Hahahaha... " The Servant said between laughs.

"Do you really think that a Command Spell that only makes me accept you as my Master would serve to make me obey? I accept you as my Master, Kotomine, is only that I don't care about what you have to say."

"I don't like to obey someone who will kill me anytime they see fit. It isn't like you need me for your objectives, Kotomine."

Kotomine sighed.

"Sometimes Gilgamesh says too much for the objective’s good. His arrogance probably will be the cause of his fall."

"Then, Lancer, you must know that you are not needed." The tone of the priest was grave and heavy, making his words sound like he was a judge imparting a sentence. "You never were truly necessary, and your usefulness is running out if you don't obey me."

"Ooooooh, I am trembling with fear." Said Lancer ironically still relaxed in his place, the only change in all the conversation was that his lance was now at his side and he was shaking his hands, showing how 'scared' he was. "If I obey, you kill me. If I don't, you kill me... Why the fuck should I obey you?"

Kirei turned himself towards Lancer, he was smiling.

"Because I have still one Command Seal remaining, Lancer."

"And what of it, Kotomine?" Lancer's voice turned feral and he rose from his sitting position, Gae Bolg in hand. "You have one order, and then I kill you."

"So, do it if you have any hurry to die."

Kotomine smiled even more.

"You have bad luck Lancer. Your only wishes were to avenge your original Master and to fight a few good battles."

"It's a shame that you will never do either of them."

The last mark in Kotomine's possession flared with bright crimson light.

"Kill yourself, Lancer."

The priest saw how the arms of the hero grabbed the legendary weapon and prepared it to strike to his own heart, regardless of his will. The Servant's suicide was imminent.

But something erased Kirei's smile in that second.

The face splitting grin that Lancer had as his arms started to move. Something that shouldn't be there in these circumstances.

The lance started its mortal path, a strike to the heart with a weapon with a curse that meant sure death even for a Heroic Spirit.

Just as the tip of the spear reached his chest, Lancer screamed.

"This better fucking works!"

The first drop of blood stained his weapon when it broke the superficial skin.

And blinding light covered Gae Bolg at the instant the weapon made contact made contact with it.


Runes were awesome in Lancer's opinion. They were an always ready and useful tool with a lot of applications. And placing them was as simple as tracing the lines in any surface and knowing the different methods of powering them. He didn't understand why the magic users of the modern times underestimated them like they didn't serve for anything.

But he was thankful for that, if not Kotomine would have noticed that the finger that passed over Gae Bolg during their conversation wasn't exactly absentmindedly doing that.

And now the sixteen runes that he had applied over his lance activated, drinking from his blood.

His runes were powerful, and Lancer was a master of their art. Using so many of them he could even block a Noble Phantasm or kill his enemy with the multiple effects of each symbol. But that required conscious control, and the Command Seal prevented him from doing anything that could prevent himself from giving that killing strike.

So he prepared everything before and used his form of mage craft to create a powerful spell that would react to his blood, using its energy to power up his rune work.

Lancer couldn't help but feel remorse for doing this to his loyal weapon, even if it was only temporal.

It was counter curse, an absurdly powerful counter curse using his divine heritage and the magic that now was his blood as a fuel.

And when Gae Bolg reached his heart it was no more than an excellently crafted spiritual weapon. It's power, the origin of its legend, was contained into the net of light that covered its surface.

The curse which would prevent any wound from healing simply wasn’t there.

The lance poked out at the other side and the compulsion finally died down. Then Lancer recovered the control of his body again, and smiling while blood fell from his mouth, he looked at his former master free from the all the Command spells that bounded him.

"Bad decision, Kotomine."

With skillful movements he traced more symbols over his chest with the blood that came out of the wound. Complicated designs of runes overlapping and mixing, magic symbols traced with the blood of a demigod .

"I usually don't like doing these things, making schemes, using magic to cheat in battle and things like that..."

He pulled out the lance from his chest; the runes that he made around the wound started emitting light while quickly closing the hole. If he survived something, Lancer was sure could heal himself, such was the power of the son of the God of Light, the genius who had mastered every rune.

"It makes things too easy."

Kotomine eyed widened at that.

"How did you... aagagsg?"

His words were interrupted by blood blocking his throat. The priest looked down to see the still glowing Gae Bolg buried in the center of his chest. His eyes opened in incredulity as he reached the staff with his hand, like confirming it to be true.

"The curse still isn't back, but it isn't like I need it to kill someone like you, my former Master. My weakened weapon is more than you deserve."

Lancer pulled the lancer out and Kirei fell to the ground like a puppet with the strings cut. He was chocking all the time, like he was trying to say something but couldn't.

"Don't worry about me, I'm not Archer class but I am certain that I can manage to stay a few more days. Goodbye Kotomine Kirei."

And the Servant of the Lance left the church, already knowing what he would do now that he had finally avenged his first Master.

Mmmm... that woman weapon could be pretty useful against the sword rain of that golden dude.

And he took the path towards the house of the Master of that unknown Servant, thinking some way to get them into helping him.

After acting like a dirty magus he needed a battle to refresh himself.

And the golden friend of Kotomine seemed like a good candidate

October 27th, 2011, 07:52 PM
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Oh Lancer, you so cool.

October 27th, 2011, 08:15 PM
Nice one, Lusor.

October 27th, 2011, 09:15 PM
Great story, love it. XD

Now for some grammar nit picks

And recognizing missions where boring as anything can be. He wanted a damn fucking fight!

Because I still have one Command Seal remaining, Lancer.

I bolded and underlined the corrections.

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There There Al we all miss one or two things. Its why its best to have 2 or 3 competent beta readers so they can cover all the bases.

October 27th, 2011, 09:33 PM
Nah, I was given the job to beta it...but it didn't get done.

Things got in the way.

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And this is why you don't fuck with Lancer, really nice story by the way

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