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Malice Liner
Prologue // Conceptual Pilot

Author's Note: At the moment, this is more of a plot bunny than an actual fanfic, and I won't be working on a continuation until I finish up some other things. Before then, feel free throw in any ideas you happen to like -- or even pick up the story if you're interested. To the people who helped me develop this: Thank you very much for your support!


There were certain things that Tenten simply 'knew' about weapons --the aerodynamics of a kunai headed her way, for example; or how precisely inertia could carry a sword in the follow-through of a swing. It wasn't that she'd memorized any of the numbers or calculations involved. The "awareness" was on an instinctive, almost unconscious level, and she could act on it purely by reflex -- plucking projectiles out of the air with barely a thought, and more easily sidestepping a katana than a typical Hyuuga.

It was too bad that weapons use and related countermeasures made up only a small part of a shinobi's standard repertoire. She was painfully reminded of this whenever Rock Lee's fist connected with her during sparring exercises. As taijutsu training under Maito Gai was at least two or three days a week -- and Lee turned out to be very, very talented in the fine art of punching -- after only sixteen months of being a genin, Tenten had lost most of the pride she'd built up for her ability in the course of Academy.

"All right, my most youthful pupils!" said Maito Gai, beaming a little too brightly at the outcome of her latest practice match. "Though the fires of dedication still burn strongly within you, I see that your flesh has slowed with weariness! For now, you may rest and recuperate, and meditate on loosing yourself of the limitations you've experienced this wonderful evening!"

"Yosh!" shouted Lee, pumping his fist.

"The Lord Hokage has graciously bestowed upon us a C-Rank Mission with which to test our mettle later this week, and you should all be extra prepared! I expect you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at six o'clock in the morning tomorrow! Do not disappoint the flames that burn within you!"

'Hmph-ing' in bored disdain, her other teammate, Hyuuga Neji, stepped away from the tree he'd been leaning against -- clothes somehow still pristine after ten hours of roughing it out in the woods. As he left the clearing with a sealless kawarimi, Tenten wondered how he managed to so effortlessly keep up with the pacing of Gai-sensei's schedules.

"No worries, Sensei!" said Lee. "I'll be here running laps around the grounds at five thirty! You'll see that I'm a hundred and fifty percent recovered from my surgery!"

"Oooh! So youthful, my cute apprentice!" replied Gai, giving the boy a teethy white smile and a thumbs up. "I shall myself be here at five o'clock to greet you, then! Together, we shall reach new heights of youth and manliness with the most strenuous of the warmup exercises that I know!"

Sitting up from the ground, Tenten groaned at the dull pain she felt all over. Chakra circulation would likely prevent any bruising, but she didn't know if she could mentally withstand three more days of 'cram sessions' with the comedy duo. If she'd understood a few years ago that life as a kunoichi would be filled with endless reality-checks and ego-crushing, she doubted she would've found it so "cool" to follow in the footsteps of her mother -- a jounin who had shunned the safe, standard anonymity of the mask and actually attained notoriety as a bounty hunter.

"Tenten," said Gai, somewhat sternly directing his attentions at her.

"Y- yes, Sensei?" she asked, composing herself.

"So that you may properly learn the lessons that would've seen you through the Chuunin Exams, you are not to engage any of the armed enemy forces that we may encounter in the upcoming mission! Instead, I trust you to the task of dispatching all of our unarmed assailants alone -- without any equipment! Through sweat and toil, you'll come to understand that a true flower of the battlefield can thrive even in disarmament!"

She gaped at the spandex-clad man for a moment, hoping that she'd somehow misheard his words.

"B- but ..."

"You have much natural talent in one particular area of our illustrious trade," Gai continued. "I, however, find that talents sometimes serve only to hold us back from attaining our potential. We need to grow above and beyond them! In your future career as a kunoichi, few of your opponents will rely purely on weapon techniques, and it would be a heinous failing of me as your instructor not to prepare you duly for the rigors of youth!"

No, she thought with a sigh. She had a long way to go before she was remotely near "cool" ...


She'd already pushed at the door by the time she tiredly parsed the 'Currently In Preparation' sign hanging from it. It opened despite that, and she frowned a bit; her father was usually attentive about locking things down if none of the part-timers were around. Even with closed-circuit security cameras installed, a weapon outlet could never be too careful about thieves -- especially in an administrative district where original manufacturers were sometimes liable in cases of unlicensed arms distribution, and more than thirty percent of the population had trained as a shinobi at some point in their lives. Entering and pulling shut the lever to the deadbolt, Tenten made her way toward the rear.

Her family's store occupied the street level of an old mill behind the market district, downstairs from their three-story apartment. Many of the wares on display were of an unpopular, somewhat foreign design, and it was a testament to her father's tireless dedication as a smith and entreprenuer that the business had survived since the middle of the Third Ninkai War. Back then, she'd heard, charters for civilian-owned ventures had been difficult to obtain in Konoha for reasons of state security -- even if the merchant in question happened to be married to a shinobi. How her father managed to open shop and keep things running, Tenten had no idea.

"Dad?" she called, tapping the service bell at the counter a couple of times.

No reply. It was early evening on a weekday, past the peak hours, and so her father was most likely down in the forge, working on some project. There wasn't a reason for her to be worried, really, but just to be safe, she parted the curtains into the storage room and looked around. The fluorescent lighting on the ceiling had been left on, and it struck her as a little suspicious.

Her father had a thing about resource conservation, which she'd respected but never really understood. Years before she was born, he modified the mill's water turbine to drive an electrical generator, and the building was now for the most part self-sufficient in energy consumption. Even so, he insisted on turning off pretty much anything that wasn't in use, and the sole exemptions were the display lights in the storefront. Tenten tended to follow his example, and her mother was the only person in the household who didn't care either way.

'Mom isn't due home until next week, though,' she thought. "Better safe than sorry."

From a neatly organized rack, she lifted a wakizashi at random -- tamahagane in sanmai, she noted; forty-five centimeters long; seven hundred grams. Like all of the weapons her father handcrafted, there was a slight 'blurriness' to the impression it made in her mind, as if it were somehow more than just a piece of sharp metal. Ignoring the odd sensation, she crept silently past the dumbwaiter, and down the hall to the steel vault door that secured the basement forge.

As a little girl, Tenten had been forbidden from entering in no uncertain terms, and neither of her parents thought to revoke the rule when she'd made genin. Life-and-death circumstances had been her bread and butter for a number of months now, though, and it mildly irked her that they still wouldn't trust her not to hurt herself while observing her father in his element. In all her fourteen years, she hadn't even been allowed a single glance of the forge interior -- not until tonight.

"Wh- what the hell?"


The wrought-iron spiral staircase descended into a surreal twilight wasteland, dotted as far as she could see with swords of every shape. Skywards, an array of immense interlocking gears churned with the familiar sound of the water turbine.

Scarily, there was no genjutsu involved.

Tenten possessed little talent for illusions herself, but had yet to encounter anything that could fool her ability. Although she couldn't tell a whole lot about things that weren't 'intended' as weapons, it was hardly beyond her to read the general lay of her surroundings. Right now -- in blatant defiance of common sense -- she 'knew' that she was two-hundred and thirty-two meters above ground, and that the barren waste probably did run all the way to the horizon. She wondered if the sensation creeping up her spine was at all akin to what other teenagers felt when they caught their parents in the act of sex.

How was all this possible in the first place? Was it one of those 'time-space jutsu' that the textbooks had glossed over back in Academy? There was no way that her parents could've set up something so elaborate on their own resources, and it stood to reason that the Hokage had to have sponsored it. If that was the case, was her father secretly a shinobi assigned to research the phenomenon? Or maintain it for use during emergency evacuations? Burdened by shock and fatigue, Tenten found herself liking none of the rationalizations she arrived at.

"Maybe this is Dad's weapon farm or something," she joked to herself aloud, chuckling nervously. "Genuine organic blades, cultivated and harvested like rice. Explains why the stuff we sell is so blurry ..."

There were no answers to be had in the warm 'afternoon' air, and she had little choice but to tiptoe further downwards, tightly gripping the sheath of her borrowed wakizashi.

Inanimates always entered her awareness first -- she could tell that a sword was a sword from several hundred meters away, even if she couldn't see it. Comparatively, living things were far more complicated to identify, and usually required visual confirmation; it wasn't until she was a hundred and fifty meters above ground that she could be certain it was her parents on the cinderblock platform at the foot of the stairs. Thankfully, they weren't facing her.

'Mom doesn't abort mission unless something goes horribly wrong,' thought Tenten, brows furrowing. "And Dad's ... practicing standing meditation?"

They weren't speaking just yet, but the sound of the gears was enough of an interference that getting within an earshot of a potential conversation would put her maybe twenty or thirty meters above ground. Her mother was likely to sense her at that range, and the fact that the only route of escape involved metallic steps meant that there was a point of no return -- past which hasty extraction would guarantee detection. Was her curiosity worth days of awkwardness with her parents?

'And days is assuming they aren't talking official business above my security cl-'

A wave of sensation left her unable to complete the thought. Grasping at the railing with her free hand, Tenten leaned over as far as she could and focused her eyes downwards. Her mind screamed to her that a 'weapon' had just now formed in her father's grasp -- an exotic straight-blade that hadn't been summoned or unsealed, but 'manifested.'

Was that raw chakra he was shaping it with? She'd never heard of any jutsu that could materialize forged metal. Techniques that appeared to do so drew either from a store of concealed material, or merely emulated metallic properties; and even the Sandaime's famed Shuriken Kage Bunshin no Jutsu produced little more than a rain of sharpened chakra solids. But that wasn't the case here. There was no metal on her father's person besides the steel gathering before him.

Turning back was no longer an option, Tenten realized.


"What is that?" asked his wife. "A C Rank?"

"Something like that," he said, giving the sword an experimental swing. "It's a commission from the Council -- a replica of the Sword of Kulika that I engraved with an anti-barrier effect." Lowering the blade, he turned and gave his wife an inquisitive look. "I'm supposing you didn't come all the way down here to discuss the finer points of alchemy, though? What is it that couldn't wait until after dinner?"

Seeming a bit reluctant to cut to the chase despite her own rush, his wife pulled a scroll from the pouch strapped to her outer thigh and tossed it at him. On instinct, he caught it in mid-air and set it down, unfurling it across his workbench. There were a number of generic storage sigils on the parchment within, and he ran a line of prana across them with a finger, releasing a stack of polaroids -- autopsy photos? No, he thought, fingering through. The bodies looked to be recently dead, but lighting was too poor for the images to have been taken indoors.

"What am I looking at?" he asked.

"The Dead," she replied flatly. "The contagious, blood-sucking variety that go about attacking people, just to be clear."

He wasn't an expert on the subject of vampires by any means, but closer scrutiny of the images dredged up half-forgotten book-knowledge that seemed to confirm his wife's conclusions.

"I thought we established early on that there weren't any Dead Apostles here," he said. "This shouldn't be possible."

"Possible or not, they overran a small hamlet up near the border of Yu no Kuni about two weeks ago, and my team was one of several dispatched for extermination. Officially, it's presumed that Orochimaru was conducting experiments there with some variant of the Edo Tensei, but I very much doubt that any jutsu was involved."

"Couldn't it just be some obscure resurrection technique that you haven't run across before?" he asked. "I mean, how are you so certain these are really the Dead?"

"Accelerated degeneration," she said. "Remember -- the local counter force isn't nearly as proactive as it is back home. The upkeep to immortality requires relatively little prana, and a crude, inefficient technique like Orochimaru's can be kept running on natural odic conversion for a fair amount of time before decay sets in. These guys, on the other hand." She tapped the photographs. "Keep them from drawing fresh blood for about twenty-four hours, and they start to physically break down -- maybe thirty to forty times faster than a normal corpse. Gaia treats them as an exception, in other words -- even though it 'endorses' monsters like Kakuzu of the Black String."

"That's a good thing, though, isn't it? Makes 'em easier to deal with."

"Well, yeah -- provided that there isn't an outbreak in the middle of major population center. That isn't my primary concern, though. If it's somehow an actual Dead Apostle that's spawning these, I'm not confident at all that the Hidden Villages are currently capable of dealing with it."

Running his palms up along his face and back through his prematurely white hair, he wished that Tenten had found better day to come exploring.

"I suppose it's no longer an option to handle things at our leisure, then?" he asked.

His wife nodded at him.

"It's time we stepped up our game."


Burying her face into her arms across the smooth wood of the service counter, Tenten listened to the pounding of her own heart. Reconnaissance wasn't something that any of her instructors had really focused on, and several times during her little adventure in the 'forge,' she'd accidentally allowed her footsteps to become dangerously loud. Her mother, luckily, had been far too absorbed in the explanation of her findings to notice -- even when Tenten had gotten close enough to make out the conversation through lipreading.

It hadn't really been worth it.

Eavesdropping, she was fairly certain, was supposed to answer at least a few questions -- not spawn a dozen more. The nature of the bizarre wasteland and how her father had crafted that sword had gone sadly unaddressed, and instead she'd gotten an incomprehensible mishmash regarding Orochimaru, immortality jutsu, and the dead coming back to life. She'd heard horror stories of nukenin who'd gone cannibal before, but this thing about the diseased blood-sucking corpses was all the more disturbing for the fact that her mother was the one asserting its validity -- analytically, and with visual aids.

Best to put it out of mind before she started having nightmares about dead people in green spandex. There were more constructive uses of her brain power -- like reverse-engineering her father's sword materialization jutsu.

Tenten wasn't all that versed in advanced ninjutsu theory, but it seemed likely that the formation of the blade required a degree of finesse in shape manipulation. That was probably a decent starting goal to work toward with chakra control exercises, and given sufficient self-study in her free time, it was definitely attainable. Recreating the jutsu itself without outright knowing the details would be significantly more difficult, but assuming she managed it, she would no longer be disarmable. Maybe then, Gai-sensei would quit forcing his unarmed taijutsu fetish on her.

"Miss Tenten?"

Not having sensed any approach, she gasped in slight surprise and lifted her head. A handsome youth with long, pale hair and a pair of dots tattooed to his forehead looked at her in mild concern, tying the waist-strap of shop's uniform bib apron behind his grey work-clothes.

"K- Kagura-san!" she yelped.

Kagura Yoshihiro had been Suna chuunin forced to deactivate after sustaining injuries during Orochimaru's invasion, she'd been told. No longer able to function as ninja, he'd been taken in by her father several months ago as an apprentice and personal assistant. For some reason, she always felt a bit self-conscientious around him -- and right now, she was painfully aware of how soiled and sweaty her clothes were.

"I called you several times, but you didn't respond," he said. "Perhaps it would be better if you washed up and retired to your quarters? You seem to be rather out of it."

"I was, uh ... just resting my head a little ... Do you happen to know where Dad is?"

"I was out on errands, so I can't be certain," he replied, "but I believe the Master mentioned earlier that he'd be down in forge the working on a commission. If you like, I'll pass along word that you were looking for him."

"N- no need to bother," she said nervously. "I'll just talk to him after dinner or something. Thanks, though!"

Scrambling to her feet, she rushed past him, hoping that if she was quick enough, he wouldn't get a whiff of her odor.


Yoshihiro frowned.

He'd imagined that putting up with Tayuya had given him a little insight into dealing with teenaged girls, but Tenten was turning out to be a different sort of creature. Denied the use of intimidation as a convenient social instrument, he was left at a bit of a handicap, and it bothered him. Life had been a lot simpler when loyalty was his only function.

'But it was a simplicity founded upon illusions,' he reminded himself, absently rubbing the place on his sternum where the Gaia Seal no longer existed. 'And I can no longer go back to that way of thinking, even if I wanted to. Master Shirou truly is a harsher educator than Orochimaru ...'


[End Prologue // Pilot]

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In case this seems a little intimidating, it's really intended to be more of a "teaser" than an appendix, and it gives a rough idea of where I'm going with the story.

// Appendix I - Lexicon //

Akatsuki // the Crimson Moon:
The Impure King -- an ancient conqueror said to have harnessed the Juubi as a weapon, branding its eye with his mark. Vanished shortly after the defeat of the Juubi at the hands of the Rikudo Sennin. Prophecies of his return have existed for centuries.

Odic prana regulated by force of will.

Clockwork Barrier (Thaumaturgy) // Siege Broceliande:
A barrier of gears that encircles the grounds of the Clock Tower in London, in part conceived of by George Biddell Airy. Intended originally for purposes of defense, it has since been adapted to suppress (but not entirely suspend) the action of Counter Forces. Spells cast within its boundaries generally require lower amounts of prana than usual.

Derflinger // the Bone Sword of Alaya:
A "sentient weapon" from a distant refraction of the Kaleidoscope, somehow obtained by Gilgamesh in his lifetime and placed within the Gates of Babylon. The mind of the sword is said to have once been the soul of a human, reforged through the power of the legendary warrior, Gandalfr.

Engravement (Thaumaturgy):
The permanent embedding of a mystery within an existing implement; a highly difficult thaumaturgical process that sees use primarily in the crafting of Mystic Codes. Engraved artifacts require little prana to actuate despite their potency, but the technique behind their creation is considered impractical for conventional purposes, as perfect structural grasp and intense concentration must be maintained over a lengthy period of time. Originally an alchemical technique.

Material Transmutation (Alchemy):
The modification of matter and energy, extending to subatomic recomposition depending on degree of skill; the purpose of the traditionalist school of alchemy, to which the Prague Association and the Einzbern family count as adherents. The alchemists of Atlas, who instead seek "the manipulation of phenomena," disdain Material Transmutation, believing it to be an inferior, meaningless pursuit. Talented alchemists are capable of "Dynamic Material Transmutation"; rather than modifying a given quantity of matter only once, they temporarily bind it to their will, and dynamically execute ongoing changes as called for by their situation.

Nanaya // Seven Nights:
Originally, a major clan from Kirigakure that possessed the dojutsu known as the "Jougan." Their influence within Mizu no Kuni began to decline with the growing prominence of anti-kekkei-genkai sentiments during the reign of the Third Mizukage, and gradually they ceased contact with those not of their blood. When Yagura of the Bloody Mist ordered the seizure of their heriditary lands several decades later, their property was found in state of disrepair, long abandoned. The only living member of clan currently known is a branch family orphan by the name of Nanaya Ranmaru, a chef trainee who lives near the border of Kawa no Kuni. Little information is available regarding the Jougan kekkei genkai.

Manifestation of phenomenon recorded within the Akasha with gestures and prana regulation; the present formulation of Ninshuu (lit. the Sect of Patience), a school of magecraft developed by the Rikudo Sennin following his defeat of the Juubi. Only minimally restricted by the Counter Force of Gaia, its use has proliferated in the modern era without observable decline of magnitude of effect. Spells from the school of ninjutsu are generically referred to as 'jutsu.'

Projection (Ninjutsu):
Instant replication of a weapon as a chakra solid, faithful to the original in structure and mundane physical properties other than composition. A sealless original jutsu developed by Tenten, based on the chakra manipulation technique of Shape Transformation and her father's Trace/Projection ability; supported by Vipasyana. Incapable of replicating properties of Noble Phantasms beyond superficial structure.

Kuchiyose - Rashoumon-Shin (Ninjutsu) // the Gates of Kyoto (True):
A kuchiyose technique that materializes an immense demonic gate of impenetrable steel, developed by Kirika-hime, the 2nd Princess of Hi no Kuni. The gate itself is etched with an intricate system of seals designed to remotedly summon and manipulate items contained within an 'encrypted' spatial domain per the user's will -- similar in nature to a reality marble. An incomplete version of the technique was stolen by Orochimaru, and adapted for defensive purposes.

Rikudo Sennin:
A legendary personage who may have lived between 1000 to 800 years before present day -- suggested by some modern scholars to have been a composite of several different historic figures. The slaying of the Juubi and the invention of ninjutsu are generally attributed to him, though accounts differ widely on the details of his life. A 9th century manuscript now believed to most accurately portray his battle against the Juubi describes the weapon he used as "a marvelous jeweled sword."

Shikotsumyaku-Tsukai // Gaia Liner:
Those of the Kaguya clan that exhibit the Shikotsumyaku bloodline, capable of crystallizing environmental mana within the calcium matrices of their bones; minor counter-guardians of Gaia, optimized to combat humans. Their bloodline enables them to externalize parts of their skeleton at will, forming blades and other assorted armaments. A small percentage possess the ability to draw upon their stored mana to generate pure conceptual weapons known as "Holy Blades" (Seiken). An inability to properly regulate their body's natural magical resistance occasionally arises from the accomodation of foreign energy, resulting in symptoms that resemble autoimmune failure.

http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E3%83%95%E3%82%A1%E3%82%A4%E3%83%AB:Kurikara_Drag on_Sutra_Box.JPG
Sword of Kulika // the Serpent Wreathed in Obsidian Flame:
Rank B+ Noble Phantasm; Anti-Unit, Anti-Undead. The sword carried in the right hand of Acalanatha, one of the Five Kings of Wisdom in the Womb Realm of Buddhist mythology. Said to purify the Three Poisons -- Hatred, Attachment, and Craving.

// Appendix II - Dramatis Personae //

Arcueid (female; other data unknown):
A mischievous blonde girl who comes and goes like the wind.

Caster (male; other data unknown):
An aged wanderer who refers to himself as "Kaleidoscope." Appears to be extremely skilled at ninjutsu.

Gatou Fun // Fun-Baba (female; age 50; Hi no Kuni civilian):
The grotesquely overweight wife of the late shipping magnate Gatou Kouji, and the current owner of the Gatou Company; a major landholder on the eastern seaboard of Hi no Kuni, with designs to obtain and redevelop the Holy Forest of Kajisha, an ancestral property belonging to the Daimyou's family, currently maintained by the Temple of Fire. Known primarily for her lion-like countenance and the volume of her voice.

Kagura Yoshihiro (male; age 15; Konoha civilian)
An orphan and former chuunin of Suna who took part in the seige of Konoha under the orders of Orochimaru. Presumed missing in the chaos following the invasion, and was recovered two months later from an unspecified border village by Tohsaka Rin. Officially removed from the active roster of Suna due to the extent of his sustained injuries, he was taken in by Tohsaka Shirou as an apprentice and personal assistant.

http://typemoon.wikia.com/wiki/File:SFchars.jpg (bottom left)
Kidu En // the Chain of Heaven (female*; age 18; Hi no Kuni noble):
A feral child discovered at age 9 by the entourage of the Hi no Kuni Daimyou during a state visit to Cha no Kuni, and subsequently placed into the care of the court physician, Kidu Higin. Undertaking the monumental task of resocializing the child as a civilized young lady, Kidu presented her again to the court seven months later as his stepdaughter, "En." Delighted and amazed by the transformation, the royal consort Ezen granted the child a position as a maidservant to her infant daughter, Kirika. Taking further note that En naturally possessed an immense physical strength disproportionate to her apparent musculature, Ezen ordered that she be trained in all manner of taijutsu -- affording her daughter an unlikely bodyguard. At present time, En is Kirika-hime's best friend and constant travel companion -- though she occasionally finds herself annoyed by her princess' lack of common sense. Customarily uses a chain weapon concealed in the sleeves of her kimono.

* Biologically and functionally male, but surgically altered by Ezen and Kidu Higin to develop the secondary sexual characteristics of a female.

Kirika-hime // the Golden Princess (female; age 10; Hi no Kuni royalty):
The arrogant, capricious 2nd Princess of Hi no Kuni, born to the Daimyou by the royal consort Ezen, a highly skilled former medic-nin of Kirigakure. Though not of the shinobi caste, Kirika-hime was allowed to study ninjutsu and chakra theory at the Temple of Fire from a young age, and proved to be immensely talented in the development of original ninjutsu. Her prized kuchiyose technique, Rashoumon, allows her to safeguard and summon at will items from her vast personal collection of legendary relics -- which she's 'liberated' from various corrupt nobles and nukenin. Seeking to resolve the troubles of commoners with royal authority, she frequently travels about the country on foot, accompanied only by her loyal maidservant and guard, Kidu En. Nicknamed "the Golden Princess" for the bright blonde hair she inherited from her mother; Kirika-hime's favorite kimono is also golden yellow.

Kurama Tayuya // Tayuya of the North Gate (female; age 14; Oto chuunin):
A former member of the Oto-nin cell known as "the Sound Four"; the daughter of a disgraced member of the Kurama clan, who fled Konoha with her mother at age 4. Following her mother's death, she was taken in by Orochimaru and trained as a genjutsu user. Captured by Konoha during the kidnapping of Uchiha Sasuke, and currently under the watch of the Intelligence Division.

Nanaya Ranmaru (male; age 13; Hi no Kuni civilian):
A branch family orphan of the Nanaya clan from Kiri, raised by the former Seven Swordsmen member, Kurosuki Raiga. Though he was a member of Kurosuki's gang prior to its disbandment, he was pardoned for his involvement in their crimes due to his young age. Currently an employee of Takagi Sanshou, the owner of the restaurant "The Curry of Life," which is situated in a small town near the border of Kawa no Kuni. Ranmaru is the only known wielder of the Jougan kekkei genkai; amongst other functions, his specific variant of the dojutsu allows for the viewing of a target's "life-lines." He also knows the recipe of a curry spicy enough to bring people back from the brink of death. Vaguely remembers meeting Caster as a child.

Tohsaka Amane // Tenten (female; age 14; Konoha genin)
A genin of Konoha, and a member of the cell operated by Maito Gai. Specializes in weapon-based taijutsu.

Tohsaka Rin // the Jeweled Huntress (female; age 36; Konoha jounin):
Enlisted as a genin at age 18, but was rapidly promoted for her achievements in the field during the 3rd Ninkai War. Transferred to the Oinin Division in the aftermath of the conflict, but shunned the traditional anonymity of the mask as a contrivance of cowards. Generally targeting high-ranking nukenin with a reputation of "immortality," she has since obtained a rare notoriety within the bounty hunting community, where she is titled "the Slayer of the Undying." Specializes in "Crystal Release" ninjutsu. The details of her life prior to her arrival in Konoha are largely unknown.

Tohsaka Shirou (male; age 35; Konoha civilian)
Husband to Tohsaka Rin, and the owner of "Bladeworks Limited," one of the longest-standing weapon smithies in the Market District of Konoha; a respected, upstanding member of the community, and an elected representative on the local Merchant Administration Board. Blades crafted by his hand are rumored to be unbreakable so long as they aren't used with ill intent. The details of his life prior to his arrival in Konoha are largely unknown.

// Appendix III - Mechanics //

Mara-Shiki // the Consciousness of Malice

A "perception" of the world within the mind of Alaya, emphasizing the explicit physical manifestation of conflict or malice.

A direct connection with Mara-Shiki grants a variety of benefits, which may be organized into the "phases" listed below. Note that phases 1 through 3 comprise the skill generally known as "Vipasyana" -- comparable to a form of extrasensory perception. Abilities beyond phase 4 exist, but are presently undefined.

In a breakaway sect of Yogacara Buddhism, Mara-Shiki is the consciousness of ill intent and malice that one directs toward others. An aspect of Mana-Shiki, one of the seven facets that form the complete self-consciousness known as Alaya-Shiki.


Phase 1 // Analysis

Localized synchronization with the perceptions of Mara-Shiki, granting comprehension of the physical existence of any weapon within range; and, to a lesser extent, non-weapon inanimates or living beings. Comparable to Shirou's "Structural Grasp." As with the five normal senses, information retreived through Analysis isn't committed to memory unless specifically attended to.

Phase 2 // Apprehension

Awareness of a weapon's potential movement patterns, gained with practice at Analysis.

In general, numerous divergent forecasts of an opponent's weapon use exist simultaneously, and the difficulty of applying Apprehension lies in precisely discerning relative probabilities. For a particular weapon that one has never before encountered, ability to anticipate the method of its wielding is enhanced by familiarity* with similarly structured implements of proximate weight distribution and composition. Weapons that consist of more than one or two moving parts are capable of a wider variety of motion than a single rigid solid, and the evaluation of forecasts is at least initially impaired by the large volume of information that must be processed.

Though Apprehension bears similarities to clairvoyance, predictions drawn from Mara-Shiki are founded on the collective combat experiences of humanity, and are not necessarily infallible. Highly skilled weapon users may opt to employ low-probability techniques that throw off forecasts, and martial implements of novel designs are not as easily comprehended as normal weapons. Conversely, extremely common weapons may be grasped effortlessly.

Exploit of Apprehension "on reflex" is actually an acquired skill that improves with training. Perfect evasion entails dynamic movement "with" the open spaces that lie beyond the course of an opponent's offense.

* Familiarity in the context of probability discernment in Apprehension is semipermanently committed to procedural memory once obtained, and is a prerequisite to Disposition.

Phase 3 // Disposition

A higher-order exploit of Apprehension, wherein a weapon is relexively wielded per the course forecasted to most efficiently attain a particular goal, dynamically accounting for opponent behavior. Goal-oriented effectiveness is far more difficult to discern than mere 'probability,' but the factors that contribute to the accuracy of Apprehension generally enhance employment of Disposition.

Mere comprehension of 'how' a weapon should be used does not grant the physical conditioning necessary to do so.

Phase 4 (False) // Reinforcement (Ninjutsu)

Permanent structural and compositional alteration of a weapon's physical existence; a variant of a chakra manipulation technique used by ninja to temporarily reinforce their own physical capabilities*. Strictly speaking, this is a usage of magecraft unrelated to exploit of the Mara-Shiki, even though its effectiveness may be improved through use of Vipasyana. Distinct from Chakra Flow techniques, which merely focus on enhancing the performance of a weapon through investment of chakra.

* Generally, the original self-strengthening technique is gradually undone by the body's tendency to reassert its natural state.

Phase 4 (True) // Requisition

An extreme use of Disposition that forecasts the precise method of wielding a mundane weapon or object so as to perform a seemingly impossible feat, conventionally attainable only through exhaustive training in the martial arts -- for example, cleanly splitting a sheet of steel with a mere branch. To a degree, Requisition accounts for the condition of the user's body, but repeated execution of feats far beyond one's physical capabilities may result in severe injury.

The original "Knight of Honor" used by Berserker-Zero (Lancelot) in life may have been a skill of a similar nature.

Phase 5 // ???


Analysis Ranking:
Effectiveness of Analysis and Apprehension differs by target rank. Prana detection / sensor abilities are unrelated to Analysis.

Exact comprehension of composition, structure;
Anticipation of movement:
A+ // cursed/evil weapons? (including cursed NPs of any rank)
A // generic, common weapons*
A- // rare weapons; noble phantasms of Rank E or lower

Exact comprehension of external structure only:
B+ // inanimates used as makeshift weapons; guns**
B // generic inanimate solids
B- // Rank D noble phantasms; plants; near-still animates

Inexact comprehension of external structure only;
(equivalent to unaided vision):
C+ // the body parts of animates in the process of attacking
C // generic animates
C- // Rank C noble phantasms; generic inanimate fluids

Disruption of Analysis, barring visual confirmation:
D+ // Rank B noble phantasms; generic supernatural beings; magecraft
D // Rank A, S, EX noble phantasms
D- // holy objects; existences alien to the concept of malice

* Though higher in base analysis ranking than rarely encountered weapons, an instrument whose specific function in combat involves the action of more than one or two moving parts is inherently more difficult to grasp than a weapon consisting of a single rigid solid.

** The "implement" that actually injures the opponent in a gunfight is the bullet, which can be easily perceived. The gun itself is regarded as a nonweapon inanimate of higher priority than generic inanimates.


Range Statistics:

Shirou // Thousand-League Eye // 20 km
perfect vision in unobstructed space within field of view

Hyuuga // Byakugan // 15 km
perfect vision in all directions
viewing of chakra pathways / magical circuits

Tenten // Analysis - Weapons // 450 m
all directions - vision unnecessary
perfect perception of structure

Tenten // Apprehension // 450 m
all directions - vision unnecessary; attention necessary
anticipation of weapon motion
multiple targets acceptable, if attention allows

Tenten // Analysis - Inanimates // 300 m
all directions - vision unnecessary
perfect perception of external structure

Tenten // Analysis - Animates // 150 m
all directions - vision unnecessary
imperfect perception of external structure

Shirou // Unlimited Blade Works (External Perimeter) // 100 m
transportation of designated targets to UBW

Tenten // Sensor Ability // 50 m
all directions - vision unnecessary
detection of high-concentration prana/chakra
generally low effectiveness, but increases with proximity

Tenten // Disposition (Requisition) // 30 m
use of weapons to maximum goal-oriented efficiency
inclusive of projectiles

Shirou // Structural Grasp // 20 m
all directions - vision unnecessary
complete comprehension of structure

May 18th, 2011, 05:44 AM
Mmm, interesting. So Rin and Shirou somehow ended in the Narutoverse and had been living there as a kunoichi and a blacksmith for Konoha, huh? Nice. And a very worked background. This has potential, if done right (I liked how Shirou can see further than a Hyuga, but can't see in all directions or through objects, by example)

I hope you continue this work.

By the way, I find funny that the fics that doesn't involve Naruto summoned in the War, or a Naruto summoning a character from the Nasuverse (or Naruto ending in the Nasuverse) always, when Shirou is one of the main characters, are almost always around Tenten

May 18th, 2011, 08:28 AM
Seems a little too detailed for a mere plot bunny - and he's right, this does have potential. I'll be interested to see what you do with it.

May 18th, 2011, 08:33 AM
Type-Moon (F/sn) x Naruto
Not sure if want. Interesting so far, and you've done an impressive amount of background stuff, but you've got my attention for the moment.

Lotus Saint
May 18th, 2011, 09:53 AM
Dear god, this may wake the sleeping giant named "Theo".

May 18th, 2011, 09:57 AM
But will it be a barely contained RAEG the likes of which approach Mikewalls, or will it be because he's interested?

Lotus Saint
May 18th, 2011, 09:59 AM
Let's just say, His NP his of a higher rank than Mike's.

May 18th, 2011, 10:00 AM
Oh my. This ought to be interesting, then.

May 18th, 2011, 10:08 AM
I like it. And it seems like a waste to give it away after putting this much effort.

May 18th, 2011, 10:09 AM
Theo's not the type to judge a book by it's cover. So is Mike, except when it involves Sakura.

They're not lunatics who can't appreciate a story or the effort given in it, guys.

Lotus Saint
May 18th, 2011, 10:13 AM
Theo REALLY doesn't like Naruto.

May 18th, 2011, 10:14 AM
....I won't ask, since I have an inkling of why.

May 18th, 2011, 10:23 AM
Well, this looks very promising. I've always thought that the Narutoverse is not that bad; the reason most can't stand the anime or the manga, or most of the fics is because it always surrounds Naruto. The fluff is actually pretty good, and yours seems very well thought out.

May 18th, 2011, 10:48 AM
I told myself I wouldn't even open this thread up. I promised myself. And I had to do it.

Both Lotus and DR are correct. I have the an intense dislike for Naruto (okay, I almost don't hate anything as much as I hate it), but I can also appreciate the time and effort put into this. So it is for you, dear author, that I will continue to read this.

Because it deserves a chance, at the very least. Looks interesting so far, and I must admit I'm always delighted to see Shirou get recognition for his awesomeness. That's all I have to say, for now.

@ Erlkonig: Naruto is hardly the only reason I hate Naruto.

May 18th, 2011, 10:05 PM
Personally I quite like this, it is unique~

May 18th, 2011, 10:10 PM
^^Well it's better then bleach and we all know One Piece rules all.

and I fear the day when someone will think up of a One Piece x Type-moon story.

May 18th, 2011, 10:13 PM
^Now you have planted a plot bunny seed within me. I blame you for whatever may be spawned.

Also, Zelretch as the Rikudo Sennin? Or at least someone who used his sword. Interesting.

May 18th, 2011, 10:15 PM
^ It's come up several times, as an idea at least. The problem is, few can capture the personalities of the characters as well as Oda can. But this discussion should move to the Crossover thread.

May 18th, 2011, 10:19 PM
Fair enough, but I still state that One Piece is still one of the better of the shounen titles and no bear could say otherwise.

May 18th, 2011, 10:20 PM
I wasn't arguing that it wasn't. >_>

But again, not the thread for this.

May 20th, 2011, 03:24 PM
Once again I must say this is Awesome.

Glad to see it here, fallacies!!

May 20th, 2011, 05:47 PM
Theo's not the type to judge a book by it's cover. So is Mike, except when it involves Sakura.

They're not lunatics who can't appreciate a story or the effort given in it, guys.

Well, at the moment I've not read it (because it looks like a cross-over between a setting which I have a strong dislike for (that being "post-UBW Rin x Shirou are happily married (with a child etc.) and have seemingly forgotten about Sakura entirely despite her being Rin's sister") and an anime I know next to nothing of), so I can't really make any comment on the quality of the fic yet. Of course, that may change in the future, but in general I don't read crossovers unless they're both good and FSN-centric with a reasonable amount of Sakura involvement, because I don't know enough about the non-FSN half of the fic to understand what's going on properly.

May 21st, 2011, 05:28 AM
I hope shirou and rin own those overconfident characters(mainly sasuke).
and I hope you bring in a servant later, it would make it more interesting.

May 21st, 2011, 08:24 AM
Familiar faces that have already listed in appendices: Loli-Gilgamesh; Fate/StrangeFake Enkidu (?); "Caster" (?)
Familiar faces who will not be Servants, and are not yet in the appendices: Sasaki Kojirou, wandering samurai
Familiar non-servants that are not yet in the appendices: Haruno Zouken

There are plans for regular Servants to appear, but that won't be for a long time.

May 21st, 2011, 08:41 AM
Haruno Zouken*snorts the hell?

May 21st, 2011, 08:48 AM
Haruno Zouken

You have made my day.

May 21st, 2011, 08:49 AM
well thanks for adding more things for me to hate sakura now....

I hope your gonna set things up where shirou, rin, and maybe tenten, fight and beat up sakura miserably for defending zouken. add naruto for a bonus.
and maybe add sakura as captive in there to interest mike.

May 21st, 2011, 08:51 AM
In b4 Mike RAEG.

May 21st, 2011, 10:01 AM
In b4 Mike RAEG.

Hmm, actually, looking at it I think he's talking about an entirely different Sakura getting beaten up, although I suspect he's deliberately being unclear to wind me up, since he used both Sakura's in the same post....

May 21st, 2011, 10:11 AM
@ mike

I know, but I thought he was implying that Sakura (Fate) was JUST a captive, and had no other relevence to plotlines, and only added her as a service to you, otherwise she'd be compleatly ignored. That's what I thought you'd complain about. Possibly I just read it in the wrong tone of type.

May 21st, 2011, 10:28 AM
@ mike

I know, but I thought he was implying that Sakura (Fate) was JUST a captive, and had no other relevence to plotlines, and only added her as a service to you, otherwise she'd be compleatly ignored. That's what I thought you'd complain about. Possibly I just read it in the wrong tone of type.

Ah, OK.

Well, I know little of Naruto, so my initial response was to assume he meant the real Sakura and not some Naruto impostor, and hence I replied to it accordingly, before realising that that actually wasn't what he meant when I read it through a second time.

As for Sakura being "just a captive", it depends how it's handled. After all, if it's anything like FSN there's not a lot Sakura can do about it, and indeed that's basically what she is in FSN, too, Zouken's captive (since she has no way out). The only difference is that, in FSN, Shirou knows her, and that may or may not fit in here.

I don't mind Sakura being treated like that as long as it's in-character and she doesn't get ignored entirely. All that annoys me is when Sakura is just entirely forgotten about or when she's made to be either weak or an insane, evil Yandere.

May 21st, 2011, 10:33 AM
Hmm, actually, looking at it I think he's talking about an entirely different Sakura getting beaten up, although I suspect he's deliberately being unclear to wind me up, since he used both Sakura's in the same post....

Who say's they're not the same person? >:3 trollface.jpg Sorry, but I really couldn't resist. It's not like you ever see much of Naruto canon Haruno Sakura's family anyway.

May 21st, 2011, 03:09 PM
Well, I'll say he means Sakura Haruno, the pink haired kunoichi wanabee (and medical kunoichi after the time skip), not Sakura Matou, the sister of Rin. Mainly because when I think in Sakura when talking about Naruto, I automatically think about the Naruto's Sakura. And we are talking about the Haruno's here.

May 21st, 2011, 04:03 PM
well thanks for adding more things for me to hate sakura now....

I hope your gonna set things up where shirou, rin, and maybe tenten, fight and beat up sakura miserably for defending zouken. add naruto for a bonus.
and maybe add sakura as captive in there to interest mike.

It says a lot about a person when the thought of a 12 being brutally beaten excites them THIS much.

May 21st, 2011, 04:15 PM
Well, I'll say he means Sakura Haruno, the pink haired kunoichi wanabee (and medical kunoichi after the time skip), not Sakura Matou, the sister of Rin. Mainly because when I think in Sakura when talking about Naruto, I automatically think about the Naruto's Sakura. And we are talking about the Haruno's here.

Well, given the context, I assume that the first "Sakura" he mentioned was indeed Sakura Haruno. However, given that he was talking about interest for me, I assume that the second Sakura (the one who was being "held captive") was indeed FSN Sakura.

May 21st, 2011, 04:36 PM
Well, given the context, I assume that the first "Sakura" he mentioned was indeed Sakura Haruno. However, given that he was talking about interest for me, I assume that the second Sakura (the one who was being "held captive") was indeed FSN Sakura.


May 21st, 2011, 04:53 PM
Ups. I missed the second Sakura.

May 22nd, 2011, 12:18 AM
yeah, I meant sakura haruno in the first one.

then I said that zouken brought sakura matou/tohsaka so shirou and rin would get involved there. and beat up sakura haruno.
I should have made it more clear, sorry.

June 9th, 2011, 11:15 PM
Well... wasn't trying to necropost, but I was drawn to this fic because of an idea of my own... also, I'm a Naru/Saku shipper (Haruno, not Matou/Tohsaka, people)... don't like having people hurt Sakura (Haruno)... unless it's for good reason (not really if they hate Sakura).

June 10th, 2011, 03:01 AM
Well... wasn't trying to necropost, but I was drawn to this fic because of an idea of my own... also, I'm a Naru/Saku shipper (Haruno, not Matou/Tohsaka, people)... don't like having people hurt Sakura (Haruno)... unless it's for good reason (not really if they hate Sakura).

meh I dont really hate her. im neutral on her. but I do think she needs her ass kicked a couple of more times along with sasuke.
she can end up with sasuke for all I care but naruto has to end up with hinata. sakura was lying when she said she loved(as proven by the latest chapters) naruto, and hinata needs love for her loyalty.

June 10th, 2011, 07:08 AM
For reference, my current plans for Haruno Sakura don't involve her being permanently harmed.
However, it's not going to be painless for her -- not any moreso than for Tenten's own experiences, at least.

June 10th, 2011, 07:33 AM
And what about Matou Sakura? Is she going to just be left out entirely?

June 10th, 2011, 07:42 AM
meh I dont really hate her. im neutral on her. but I do think she needs her ass kicked a couple of more times along with sasuke.
she can end up with sasuke for all I care but naruto has to end up with hinata. sakura was lying when she said she loved(as proven by the latest chapters) naruto, and hinata needs love for her loyalty.
This post makes my eyes bleed.

June 10th, 2011, 07:58 AM
And what about Matou Sakura? Is she going to just be left out entirely?

Well, it's post UBW isn't it? Sakura doesn't really play a pivotal role in that one and they probably never found out about her...condition.

June 10th, 2011, 08:15 AM
Well, it's post UBW isn't it? Sakura doesn't really play a pivotal role in that one and they probably never found out about her...condition.
Inb4 but Sakura is Rin's sister. How could Rin leave with the guy Sakura loves and leave her to torment and death yadayadayada~~.

June 10th, 2011, 08:17 AM
Inb4 but Sakura is Rin's sister. How could Rin leave with the guy Sakura loves and leave her to torment and death yadayadayada~~.

Presumably in the same way that she did in all of those years before Fate/Stay Night.

June 10th, 2011, 08:19 AM
Presumably in the same way that she did in all of those years before Fate/Stay Night.
Well, I don't mind. This is Shirou and Rin's story. And Tenten's (ogodIcan'tbelieveshe'sthemaincharacter:D)

June 10th, 2011, 08:53 AM
Inb4 but Sakura is Rin's sister. How could Rin leave with the guy Sakura loves and leave her to torment and death yadayadayada~~.

Nah, I'm not going to respond to blatant trolling.

June 10th, 2011, 09:30 AM

How is saying that Sakura isn't particularly relevant in the Unlimited Blade Works route trolling?

June 10th, 2011, 02:16 PM
Because I wasn't asking you, and you know damn well what I feel about that assertion.

June 10th, 2011, 07:52 PM
I have plans to bring Matou Sakura in at some later point in the story, but nothing's really set in stone yet.
Tentatively, her appearance is related to Rin's attempts to replicate a portion of the Third Magic.

June 10th, 2011, 07:56 PM
The Third? You sure about that?

June 10th, 2011, 07:58 PM
She got bored of copying Zeltrech?

June 10th, 2011, 11:05 PM
That might work... though I thought that the Tohsaka family was bound to completely master the Second Magic?

June 11th, 2011, 08:10 AM
Tohsaka is the most promising heir to the Second in centuries, or at least in the last century. But I doubt she could acomplish even a bit of the Third.

June 11th, 2011, 10:11 AM
Technically speaking, the "magecraft" of the Naruto setting provides incomplete fragments (http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Summoning:_Impure_World_Resurrection) of something that resembles the Third Magic. Temporary realization (http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Dead_Demon_Consuming_Seal) of concepts in a physical form is also possible. Though neither of these are the "true" Third Magic, I am presuming it would be possible to use them as a foundation for a makeshift Grail system.

June 11th, 2011, 08:37 PM
Okay, makes sense now on the reasoning, though it's still rather weird.