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May 30th, 2011, 07:05 PM
A Lancelot x Extra!Rider super-short-oneshot for Theo:



Lancelot was watching Television. The cord that joined the remote in his hand to the TV by the wall ensured that his Noble Phantasm would affect the whole, allowing his family to enjoy the movie playing with features that technology would not achieve for decades. Under his arm, his wife rested her head against his shoulder, seemingly entranced by the movie, while their daughter sat on the floor with her back to their knees.

The movie, called the Lion King, was intended for children, but it entertained him well enough. After the harrowing experience that had been the fourth Holy Grail War, and the revelations of the horror that lied in it's depths, the conflict had turned to disassembling the Greater Grail, in a conflict that was just as perilous as the Grail War itself.

Although the founding families of the War had initially opposed the disassembling, someone managed to secure the assistance of the Wizard Marshal of the Kaleidoscope in the making of a new grail at the same location, and thus pacified their objections. The Wizard Marshal Zeltrech had taken three children from Fuyuki to rise as his apprentices: the eldest Tohsaka girl, a redhead who had been orphaned by the war and the daughter of the Einzbern. He probably intended for the three to be the ones who were actually involved in making the new grail, but his true intentions were veiled in the shadows.

Shaking thoughts of the past from his head, he lightly squeezed his wife. Smiling at her as she turned to watch, and receiving a challenging smirk in response. It seems like her daughter would be staying with Uncle Waver another night. His wife's red hair shifted with her, making their daughter squirm in place, unwilling to stop watching the movie for long enough to push away the annoyance.

With the smile having never left his face, Sir Lancelot, Knight of the Round Table, Servant Berserker and all around nice guy, realized he was happy.

The End

So...there. I think it was fluffy, but it's not very lemony. Though except for the last phrase, it seems like you can switch the main chars and exchange them for your favorites. Nyoron~

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............my heart........

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I love you~

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My birthday is in November, but I just graduated so I'll consider it a graduation gift~

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Theo, your eyes turned to arrows!

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My birthday is in November, but I just graduated so I'll consider it a graduation gift~

Sure! Though it means a more appropriate image should be shown:


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Thank you~

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That was very nice. :')

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My God, the fluff. It made my teeth ache.

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good but very short.......