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UPDATE 28/9/2015: This project is dropped by me and picked up by EternalDreamer a.k.a. Edreamer from NanoDesu Translation



First of all I have to apologize. When I said I was interested in translating this, Paitouch drops his translation. So...

すみません。僕はパイタッチじゃない m(_ _)m


Secondly, I don't think Fire Girl has anything to do with Nasuverse but I could be wrong because I haven't read that far ahead.

Now with that done, This first post is going to serve as contents. (as soon as I learn how to link other pages, I'll put links too.)

Volume 1 (Former Part):
Chapter 1 - done
Chapter 2 - done
Chapter 3 - done
Chapter 4 - done
Chapter 5 - done
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13

Volume 1 (Latter Part):
Chapter 14
Chapter 15
Chapter 16
Chapter 17
Chapter 18
Chapter 19
Chapter 20
Chapter 21
Chapter 22
Chapter 23
Chapter 24

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Is this? Is this really happening? Oh yes. I can't wait. Thanx so much.

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Volume 1 (Former Part)

Don't worry about the images, they are each below 400kb.



From right to left:
Hinooka Homura, Touya Takumi, Misasagi Mayo, Aano, Fujimori Chiayu, Kujou Orie, Kamikoma Sachi.

Random Images:


- - - Updated - - -

Chapter 1

"Kujou, Kujou"

School ends time.

A deserted entranceway. After throwing her indoor shoes into the shoe rack, she hurriedly chased after Kujou.

"Want to go home together?"


"Dont. Say. That." Even after jumping down from the entranceway's stone steps to stop her, she still doesn't stop. "Since I have no club activities, I have only Kujou."

"So?" Kujou Orie turn her expressionless face around. "I have decided to not do club activities form the start of term. It is better if you do it."


Shoulder slumped, Kujou's forehead twitched. She turned around and make way to the gate. Like a dog, the other person chased after her.

"Even after I followed you last week..."

"Don't want to. Just being with you attract men for some reason."

"There's nothing wrong with that."

"I don't want to."

"Come on, that's cruel. We're both from Otowa Middle School right? We're comrades right? Friends right?"


Kujou finally stopped beneath an imposing tree beside the school gate. An ouf of tune melody played by the Brass Band Club can be heard on the wind.

"We really didn't talk to each other in the first place."


She tilts her head. Again Kujou's forehead twitched.

"At Otowa Middle, you were in 1-3, 2-3 and 3-2. Do you remember my class?"

"Come on, we were in the same class during third year. Before that... Sorry, I forgot."

"I was in the same class as you for three whole years."


"Seriously... wait, that reaction wasn't a joke. Impressive" The dejected Kujou placed a hand on her forehead. "Hinooka, you barely know me but I know a lot about you. Like what kind of person you are."

"Do you perhaps hate me?"

"I don't hate you, but..." Putting her hand on her waist, Kujou sighs. "I can't say I like you. You and I are just not compatible."

"Kujou is really honest, huh?"

Hinouka says admiringly.

Maybe due to the unexpected reply Kujou hesitated, but she spoke with a stern gaze.

"You talk, but you never speak the truth. That's "

"Like spending your whole holiday at the Book-Off?"


"Wasting away your life."


Kujou Orie left. Leaving her alone in front of the gate. The Volleyball Club members can be heard as they returned from their run. All of them sneak glances at her. She returned a smile at them. And when she is alone again, that smile disappeared.


The bag that she was holding in front of her is slung over her shoulder.

"Then fine."

Stepping out onto the road. She began walking in the opposite direction from her usual route.

In any case, there is a station in that direction. There is one, but it is hard to pass through the mountain path and there is no convenience store, making this route unpopular among the students. And since it's dusk, eventhough there are some cars passing by there are no pedestrian at all.

This need to be maintained soon she thought while looking at the lush copse at the side of the road.

In less then a hundred meters the road gently slope upward. Homura grumbled her dissatisfaction.



"Aaaa, tiresome"

Hinooka Homura is feeling dull.

This is unreasonable for those who are tired with club activities. But she cannot show to others a lonely figure walking back home by itself. In Seiran High, even though it is not compulsory, the rate of students participating in club activities is 100%. Due to that, both the sports clubs and culture clubs are really lively. It's just what one would expect from the number one in prefecture escalator school.

"'How about some fruit tarts at the Honcho cafe?'"

She typed into her phone. The swaying bag seems heavy to her.

Is there anyone I can send to?

She thought while aimlessly looking around. Then, a thin framed bicycle passes by.

That's our school's boy uniform.

The bicycle suddenly turned around and stopped right in front of Homura. So sudden was the brake, Homura was taken aback by it.


Homura nodded. Somehow, she already returned to holding her bag in front of her.

"I am Touya! From Class C. First year."

One can already know by looking. This is her first time meeting this boy.

Her eyes unintentionally drawn to the bicycle's handle. The school just recently changed to summer wear, both his arms can be seen due to the short sleeves. It's like a twisting bundle of wires, his muscle. It really doesn't match his kid like face. Even the glasses feels out of place.

Like jumping from a vault horse, he jumps off the bicycle. Again he confirmed her name.

"Honooka Homure? The one from 1-A?"

"It's not Homure, It's Homura. Hinooka Homura"

"Sorry. I see, Homura. What an interesting name."

The male student closely look at Homura. He admired her while constantly nodding.


"The one to be said as the cutest in our year. I can see it's true. It's like a scene from a movie."

"I'm just normally walking. What kind of scene is that?"

"The 'got rejected' scene."


Without any hint of embarassment. Brave or just an airhead?

Being called out like this is not rare. There were also more flippant remarks that she encountered.

If she can ride the bicycle the rest of the way will be easy.

"...Well then, Touya. Do you have business with me?"

"Truthfully, this is an invitation to the club. I joined the Exploration Club."

"Exploration Club? Is there such a club?"

"Yes there is. But there are only two members."

"Only two? Including you?"

Touya nods.

There is no first years. Thus, the club invitation.

"Hinooka is in go-home club right?"

"Yes, but in my class there is one more student not in any clubs."

"No, it must be you."


He is being meaninglessly pushy. She understand he's desperate since he specially chased after her.

"I don't have the will to do club activities but just in case, will you tell me your reason?"

"Our club has only two members."

"I understand that. But why me?"

The boy stroke his head with an unfathomable expression. Homura is baffled. Touya chooses not to worry about that, walks up and put his hands on both her shoulders.

"You, want to become a Magician?"


...What is this guy talking about?

"I want you to become a Magician. In the Exploration club."


She managed to not be greatly perplexed. I see, this is like a manga. It can't be true, an invitation form JSDF is more realistic than that.

"You're talking about games right?"


"Normally one would think that. But I'm not talking about games, this is reality talk."

"You realize you're talking nonsense?"


Touya whose face was serious the whole time speaking, suddenly laughs.

"But it really is fun, the Exploration Club! I really think Hinooka will be pleased also."

He said while beating on her shoulders.

What did you based that on?

Homura's impression that escalator school is full of eccentric people becomes stronger.

Touya took out something from his rucksack.

"This is the club's pamphlet. If you can't decide now, please read it."

Like I can decide! She thought while receiving the quite a thick booklet. For a club with two members having a booklet means these guys are at least prepared.

"Please read it, tommorrow I will come and ask again."

"To, Tomorrow? W, Wait!"

Touya who has already mounted the bicycle look at her. Homura hesistantly points at the bicycle.

"Let me ride too."

"I'm going back to the school. If you're okay with that, I can let you ride."

When she looks closely she can see that the bicycle has no passenger seat. So even if she rides it with him, she needs to stand on the bicycle.

"In the first place, you're supposed to go to Oujidou Station side aren't you? This is rare, this route is hard you know? Just now, I went and returned from Hikakubo Station."

"Today is simply a whim."

"That's fine then. See you tomorrow."


Lokking at the receding Touya's back, she can't help but be disappointed. After sometimes taking the wrong roads, she walked for 50 minutes until she arrived at the station.

When the train arrives at the station, she receives a reply mail.Stepping out, she flips open her phone. If she is heading to Honcho Station, she needs to climb the stairs and go to other side of the platform. It's opposite way from home but the loss of time is acceptable.

However the lax expression of anticipation on Homura stiffen in front of the reply.

'Sorry, I can't play for a while. I'll make it up to you next time. Sorry.'

"...Next time..."

She can't rely on middle school friends that goes to another high school. No, she is being abandoned by them.

Coming out of the local station's ticket barrier, the usual girl hands out a leaflet. A blue jumper full of lints. Ignoring the girl she passes through.

Arriving home, she changes her cloth and proceeds to combine with her bed.

Soon after, a knock can be heard.


The door opens, but Homura is still on the bed.

"There's a call from your boyfriend."

With her face in the pillow, she mumbles in an unknown language.

Giving up on the gelatinous organism, the girl continues.

"He said something about sorry, let's break up? I told him he has the wrong person but he just doesn't listen."

The second daughter of Hinooka family, Homura's little sister Tsuyu's voice is so similar she keeps being mistaken as the older sister.

"I mean, why did you tell him the house number? The one who usually picks it up is me you know. Are you listening?"


The protean older sister faces the little sister's contemplating empty face.

"I already broke up with him."


The little sister crosses her arm and snorted.

"You guys don't even look like going out, you were just studying together."


After the troubling entrance exam result, he cried and was the first to initiate the break up.

It is not that she believed they will go to the same school. She just want to bask in the mood of having someone aiming at the same goal with her.

But for some reason, the one being taught, her, got accepted while the one teaching, him, failed the entrance exam.

He is the type that have excellent score and a regular top ten in mock exam but is really weak when it comes to the real thing.

"He was just being used, huh?"

"It's not like "

"Isn't it sad? Anyone who goes out with Homura ends up with misfotune."


She can't deny that.

Now that she thinks about it, the only link between them was studying together.

Homura as the victim and he as the perpetrator. She doesn't want him to apologize like that so she ignores all the messages she received.

The ex-boyfriend has many times forgiven Homura's ability therefore he knows how incompatible the present school's studying environment with her.

"Are you still going to leave him hanging? It's better if you make a clean break. He is the kind with high sense of responsibility."

"Shut up you Tsutaya's beyond-the-curtain regular browser."


"Young girl with superficial knowledge"

The litlle sister shrugs.

"It's almost dinner time, don't sleep and come down."


The litlle sister leaves the room and returns downstair. Homura's bag can be seen lying on the floor.

That reminds her that she threw the pamphlet inside there.

She reaches for the bag while lying face down but can't reach it. She noisily kicks around her legs for a while before she comes to an abrupt stop when she remembers the hill trek.

"So, Hinooka."

The next day during class.

Ancient, no, Modern Japanese class.

The class looks calm on the outside, but the students' tension can be seen on their skins.

Homura who propped up her textbook, her hand is sweating.

Rewinding her brain recorder, she repeats the teacher's question.

Something about some trifling poem.

"Chieko says there is no sky in Tokyo"


The female teacher rolled up her textbook and smack it on her hand.

"Chieko's head is weird. There's no way Tokyo has no sky. What is Chieko saying?"

"... I want to see the sky from Atatara Mountain's top."

"For Chieko that is a real sky, is what the poet trying to say. Whether Chieko was taught logical reasoning or not is a bit dubious. Now, let's think in Chieko's shoes."

The female teacher seats on the table and crosses her leg. What bad manners. The indigo blue jeans fits snugly.

"Is Chieko simply a selfish woman? What do you think?"

The author already given out the answer, why is this teacher being inquisitive about it?

"Chieko has a deep impression of Atatara Mountain. That's why she would like to see the sky from there again."

"I see, in other words?"

In other words? In other words?

"She wants to climb tha Ararata Mountain again..."

A quiet, small laugh can be heard from the other students. Her ears heat up.

"Maybe, maybe not. No one knows the truth. There is another poem about Ararata Mountain. Let's read that next."

The teacher gestured her to seat. Wanting to vanish, Homura sits down.

Lunch time.

She indirectly ask the students surrounding her desk.

"Exploration Club? Hinooka, you entered Exploration club?"

"Err, no. I did not enter but I was invited. Do you know anything?"

"I only know it's written in the school guide."

"That's right."

Her classmates try to remember whle eating their lunch.

"If I'm not mistaken the Exploration club was established three years ago."

"Three years? It's still new."

"You don't hear good rumours about them."


"It's not like it helps you enter the university."

"That's right. The core activities are 'Exploration' after all."

"The Exploration Club is the number one club in budget spending, my club advisor complained. See?"

The classmate points out the window. Homura leans to look at the back of the schoolyard.

"At the side of that track field is the reserved place of sports clubs. Just a bit further you can see that rustic building, right?

"The one that was built at the side of the mountain? No way..."

"That whole mansion is the clubroom of the Exploration club. Compared to that my clubroom is just a storage shed."

"I want to go inside there a bit."

"Impossible. There is definitely SECOM installed. It is secure."

There is a dome observatory on the roof of the two-storey building. It looks alot like a research institute. Homura actually thought that the building was a community facilty open to public during holidays.

"In the first place, you need qualifications to enter the Exploration Club. Hinooka, do you have qualification?"

She shook her head as this is the first time she heard about qualification.

"Touya didn't say anything about that..."

Her classmates' eyes go wide while their body lean forward in excitement.

"Touya? Touya Takumi? I went to the same middle school with him. I see, he joined the Exploration Club. That's really unexpected."


"During middle school he joined the Kendou Club. He's really strong. A two sword style user. He even participate in the Intermiddle Championship."

"Tw, Two sword style?"

Completely different from Homura's image of Touya.

"He suits you Hinooka. Well, you need to bow a bit though."

"That's good right? Why don't you join the Exploration club?"


After being instigated, she becomes more interested. However, how many times has she failed? Homura's face shows a smile but the fried chicken at the end of her chopstick is severed.

"Nonetheless, exploration party is not something I'm used to plus I don't have any qualifications..."

"Is that so."

Just like that, the matter about Exploration Club is closed and the subject changes to foreign drama. Homura hasn't heard of the title and the drama is political play genre. She can't find anything funy with that but she pretends to understand and laughs. She feels tired.

Boredom and feeling of alienation, these heavy gelatinous substance formed overhead. If she is not in the class, a public place, she would immediately turned into a protean organism starting from her feet.

"Speak of the devil."


Homura's shoulder is nudged. She looks at where her classmate gestured. There's a boy at door looking into the classroom.


"Yo, Hinooka!"

A diginified voice that can be heard over the crowded classroom. While her lunch friends push her out, she unhappily leaves her seat.

"Have you thought of a reply for yesterday?"

He shouts over her classmates' heads. Her prim expression is consistent but she pushes him out onto the hallway as soon as possible. After they move to the front of the rarely used special classroom, he asks the same question.


Homura sighs a little when she saw Touya's carefree, hopeful face.

"I need to ask something weird."


One can see at the side of the passage, a magnificent bright blue early summer sky .

"What is the merit to school life if one enters the Exploration Club?"


"And 'it's fun' doesn't count."

"Let me see..." Touya crosses his arm and stare at the ceiling. "I think because the club activities are unmistakably really hard we are given favorable treatment. I don't care about that though."

"Favorable treatment? Like what?"

Thereupon this guy says something outrageous.

"First of all, on the day after club activities they will ignore if you're late or absent."


Club activities are prioritized over classes? Is that okay?

"There is basically no supplementary exam."

"No supplementary exam? Unconditionally?"

"Yes, when the activities are full-blown we would not have the time."

This is shocking. One can no longer say it is favourable treatment, it is already extraterritoriality. Homura who is already dizzy barely remembers earlier warnings.

"But I also heard it doesn't help entering higher education."

"Huh? Why is there even club that is advantageus for higher education? All of them are sports club. Track, rugby or wrestling. For girls, it is ballet club or tennis club. Do you want do wrestling?"

"Why wrestling?"

Waiting for the bumpkin to calm down his easily ignited head, Homura asks a something that came to her mind.

"Touya, you entered this school by sports recommendation?"

"I had though about that, but I entered via the public test."

Again she sighs.

"So you're smart..."

"What are you talking about? You're the same right?"


Touya stroke the choking Homura's back. It's true that she is also enter from the public test. Her face fell. She sits and hugs her knees.

"I can see I was wrong."

"That's a... like a limited one issue publication only 'Hinooka Homura's Spring Jumbo'. "


"It's just a fluke, a coincidence."

"Passed on a fluke?" Touya freezes for a second. "No way, that's impossible. It is rare for public test to use optical answer sheet but there's no way you passed by coincidence."


"You're serious?"

I'm serious, mutters Homura to the floor.

"Then, how about the recent exam?"

The midterm examination ended just a few days ago. Of course, her marks are wretched. Her blood ran cold from her homeroom teacher and parents. Thankfully her grades wasn't posted at the bulletin. However, it is only a matter of time before her red marks are known to her classmates.

Afraid to even say her average mark, she traces her finger on the floor. Seeing that, Touya freezes again. This time around three seconds.

"...Well, whatever. It's good that you manage to pass."

"No, it's not!"

As if to headbutt him, Homura stands up. Touya dodge it agilely.

"To put simply, I don't have time for club activities! I already have my hands full with trying to follow the lesson!"

"See, there is a merit."


"It will all be alright if you enter the Exploration Club."


"I see you haven't read the pamphlet, have you? Well, the fault lies with me for not explaining properly. Sorry."

Touya crosses his arm full of confidence.

"It's alright. If you become a Magician, studying will be a piece of cake."

"Are you trying to deceive me? It sounds like 'if you become a pro-wrestler, a hundred squats is easy'."

"I see, you want to do wrestling?"


Touya's carefree laugh. She can somehow talk relaxedly with him, mutters Homura. Maybe it's because their height isn't so different. All her ex-boyfriends are tall, well that's one of her conditions.

"Touya-kun, what do you do in Exploration Club?"

"Me? I'm still a Rank 5 agent, so I only follow my senior. I only went to two expeditons. I still have much to learn."

"Huh... is the senior strict?"

An image of a grim woodsman appears in Homura's mind. It's a scene to be held when combined with the bespecatcled bumpkin. She really cant see herself joining that.

"Kind." He's voice become mature and his face becomes a little sad. Homura revisess her bumpkin image of him a little. "I've never seen senpai angry."

"...You're the only junior. Maybe you're being handled with great care?"

"If you enter, there will be two juniors and we will become more club-like."

"What to do..."

Homura links her hands behind her neck and leans on the wall.

"Touya-kun was also also invited right? by that senior. Or did you want to debut in Exploration Club? You did Kendo right?"

"Done your homework. I entered the club by myself. I enter it..."



Touya closes his half-open mouth.


"...If you join, I'll tell you."

"That's sneaky, are really trying to invite me?"

Touya turn away and fixes his glasses. Homura keeps hounding around him.

"You wouldn't unexpectedly quit when I join the club right?"

"Fool, like I do that."

"Fool? You call your important invitee a fool?"

"You are a fool, aren't you?"


Holding his hair, Touya declares.

"Fine. I'll help you study. I am bad at teaching though, so please tolerate me."

She is startled and it is not because of the sudden ringing. She remembers what her sister told her yesterday.

"...Is it alright?"

The resigned Touya, closes his eyes and nods.

"It's a request from me."

"It does not bother you?"

"It doesn't, if compared to the club activities."

The negotiation take a break without Homura's answer. After promising to meet again after school they return to their respective class. Suddenly, the cheerfully walking Touya's neck is squeezed.

"Urk." With teary eyes, Touya turns around to see that Homura is holding his collar. "You know, that pain is the same as being stabbed."

"Just in case, I'll ask." Ignoring her actions, she asks. "What is a Magician?"

"Read the pamphlet."

"I can't, the next class is doing experiments."

"...Truthfully, I don't know. My senior only told me that the Magician postion is needed in our club."

"Is that so? Then, what are you? You said something agent just now."

"Rank Five agent. My class is light warrior."

Homura burst into laughter.

"Warrior? Haha, It's like a game."

"I told you it's not a game."

Hurry back to class, Homura gestures shooing Touya away. Looks like Homura is thinking along the line of attacker, setter and sorcerer with a coat. She is going to be sorely mistaken.

After school.

The two heads to the staff room. Compared to the refreshed Homura, for some reason Touya is depressed.

"Observation study..."

"A club tour. Your club have unfamiliar club activities."

Already forgetting her own insufficient study, she speaks like it's a matter of course.

"I don't know. Is that even possible?"

"You're not being flexible."

"Flexible, huh? Well, I'll ask Mori-chan's advice."


"Our, the Exploration Club's advisor. Excuse me!"

With correct manners, Touya bows deeply before entering the staff room. Homura follows his example and enters the staff room. At present, this is the worst place for Homura. All the subject's teachers seems to be looking at her. Homura tries to be as small as possible to attract less attention. Ahead, she can see the sombre face of a female teacher looking at some documents on her table.

"Sensei. It's me, Touya."

"Mmm, yes."

The teacher replies while staring at the documents and scratching her nape with the back of the pen.

"Mori-chan is Fujimori-sensei" mutters Homura.

Homura's Modern Japanese class teacher, Fujimori. Even in the staff room, one would not see her as a teacher with her bad manners. As one can see, even her desk is the most cluttered.

"Sensei, I've brought the new club member."

"Just club touring."

The teacher snaps her face up. An expression of joy and anticipation fills her face. However, upon seeing Homura her expression faded and returned back her original expression as if she is suffering a toothache.

"...Joining a club, perhaps Exploration Club?"

"Are you an advisor to any other club, Sensei?"

Of course not.


For a while, Fujimori massages her forehead. She points at the staff room's door and stands up. Homura spies a framed picture that was buried by the documents. A black and white picture. The picture shows not her family, not her lover but a young Fujimori surrounded by friends. Touya pulls her hair to draw her away.

Fujimori brings both of them to a reception office next to the Principal's office. Without authorization of course.

"Is it alright not to talk in the clubroom? The confidentiality..."

"Here is alright. It's going to end early anyway."

Fujimori urges the puzzled Touya to seat.

The female teacher took one whole sofa to herself, puts her arm on the back of the sofa, crosses her leg and faces Homura. Rather than a clergy to guide the students, this atmosphere feels like a last boss. The docile as cat Homura is being fixedly stared at.


She feels a deja vu. Of course she has seen her many times during class time. An extremely roundabout attitude. And the bad manners is as always.

"Hinooka Homura, lives in Otowa. Of all things, to be at Seiran High."

"Sensei, that's not the attitude towards a new member."

Admonished by the amazed Touya, Fujimori just nods to say she knows.


Homura tilts her head a little.

"Because there's Atatara Mountain over there, it's good isn't it?"

"...I didn't say that..."

Homura's face reddens, from deep within her mind something was recalled. A vague memory being hauled up.

"Say... Perhaps we have met before...?"

"I think so."

Fujimori boldly nods.

"She's your homeroom teacher right? Or is she your acquaintance?"

Neglecting the blank Touya, Homura continues.

"Err... Probably middle school... second year... during physical measurement..."

Homura stares at Fujimori with half-closed eyes. Puzzled by the strange situation, Touya comes to Homura's help.

"Are you perhaps talking about Aptitude Examination?"

"Was it? Yes, I'm sure that was it."

"That exam is not something one randomly takes. How come you don't remember?"

"Otowa Middle's Aptitute Examination is my jurisdiction."

"Yes, you were there!"

Delighted, Homura claps her hand together. On the contrary, Fujimori still lies there with a slovenly posture.

"That's not all, you know."


"After the examination, you were detained and for nearly one hour you were shook by my fervent speech. Yes, that time was just like this."

"Sorry, I don't really remember."


Fujimori finally sulks and looks at the ceiling. Worried, Touya inquires.

"Did she do something?"

"Touya, you recently took the I.E. Aptitude Examination right?"

"Yes, I am High School admission group after all."

"What's your score? Just ignore the confidentiality thing."

Is it okay? Touya hesitated a bit before answering.

"The comprehensive value is 45 : C."

"Hinooka Homura's is 80's : B. That score is number one among the second years during that time."

"Eigh... 80's?"

Touya said with a raised voice. He always seems to misunderstand something.

"I knew I have met Sensei before. I am always too nervous in class to notice."

Fujimori sticks out her tongue while limply lying on the sofa. This shameful sight is definitely something you shouldn't show in the staff room. Compared to the groggy teacher, Touya is in a state of excitement.

"The IE Aptitude Examination's score is in quadratic curve. The difference between 50's and 70's is actually two-fold."

"Huh, I see. There is that much difference between Touya-kun and me."

"It's two times like that... You and I have three times the difference, you know! Do you understand?"

The puzzled Homura repeatedly glances and compare Touya and herself.

"Well, you know. It's because Touya-kun is a boy."

"We are not talking about chest measurements! What 's with that triumphant look?"

Touya draws closer to the standing Fujimori.

"If that's the case, it makes things easier. Sensei, eventhough she already forgotten all about it, her marks are nothing to be criticized right? She is a valuable new member for Seiran High's Exploration Club."

"No." At the edge of the table near Fujimori's knee, a boot's sole appears.
"Way." The table gradually rises. The glass statue slides down with the lace table cover.
"In hell!"

Homura hurriedly retreats after being pulled by Touya. The flung table noiselessly dances in midair, spins 540 degrees and landed back on the carpet. The submissive table splendidly landed its face. If there was tea on it, it would have probably be a disaster.

"That was suprising."

Homura's eyes turn into dots while holding on to the glass statue. After checking her with a glance, Touya lifts up the table.

"Sensei, that was immature."

The figure that is adjusting the lace table cover looks strangely family-oriented.

"In other words, it's that isn' it? Once, you invited her to Exploration Club but got rejected. That's why you're holding a grudge, right?"

"That's correct. Is that wrong?"

On the sofa,holding her knees and placing her chin on it. That figure looks exactly like a spoiled brat.

"It's wrong."

"I probably took the exam for fun with my friends. Because of that my impression of it is weak..."

Trying to somehow salvage the situation, Homura attempts an excuse. But it backfires.

"An examiner is not a scout for models in Harajuku. You can't just go up and say 'want to go exploring?'."

"But I did exactly that."

Touya scratches his head while being glared by Fujimori.

"Well, when finding qualified people from the enrolled students, most of it is guided by our club's head but originally, it's a state secret. It's not something handled by students."

"State secret!?"

Homura's eyes widen.

It's too late for that, Fujimori stares at Homura with scornful eyes. She then slides her line of sight to blame Touya.

"You didn't properly explain to Hinooka?"

"Sorry, I haven't.

Going back to square one, Touya starts explaining. Touya, who didn't know about her excellent scores just wants to recruit Hinooka Homura into the Exploration club due to being told to do it by someone. Even if it is impossible for her to join the club as they wanted, she can join a program that makes her gradually getting used to the club activities. He was trying to seek advice about that from the advisor.

Far from just scanning the pamphlet, Homura did't even look at one page. Feeling ashamed, she listened to the explanation.

Resting her chin on her fist, Fujimori listens quietly. She then says,

"Now listen carefully. I'm not accepting Hinooka joining the club because first and biggest problem of all, I reaaaally don't want to."

"That's immature."

"...Plus! There are reasons, There are two reasons."

"What is it?"

"Number one, Touya, you application to join the club passed because your Aptitude Examination results, your I.E. reaction is just barely within the permissible range."

"What is... I.E. reaction?"

"You really don't know anything, huh?"

"Don't you check news sites?"

Both of them criticise Homura. Please continue, she urges them.

"I.E. reaction's indicator is the prerequisite condition. The problem is with Touya's skill. His skill to,"

"Skill to live, to survive."

Homura snorts a litle. They are finally talking like an Exploration Club.

"For example, the current club's head is receiving official ranger training at Iriomote-jima from first year middle school."

"Ranger training..." Homura's image of the club's head levels up. From a mountain man, it evolves into a mountain gorilla. "...But Touya-kun has done Kendou before."

"Exactly. His basic physical strength is nothing to criticise. By knowing swordmanship, he is an asset to Exploration Club. I've also checked it in real practice. There are still some lack of knowledge, but he has excellent talent in body sense. Our Exploration Club is really lucky."

Without feeling humbled, Touya nods. Homura grows pale.

"Wa, wait wait wait, wait a minute please."

The two of them looks strangely at the standing Homura.

"In Exploration Club's activity, how is kendo useful at all?"

"That's state secret."


"No no no. Th, then, is the club's head also some kind of martial artist?"

"But of course, senpai is stronger than me."

Fujimori also sounds her assent. Homura turns bluer.

"In other words, what is your signature move Hinooka?"

"I didn't even learn hand to hand combat."

"Yes, I know. That's why two years ago, I told you to take up something."

You were trying to send me off to Iriomote-jima!

"A person who can't even protect their own body. Exploration Club is not something for them."

"Sensei, why do you think I'm here? I'll protect Hinooka. The basic of exploration is a twoman team after all."


Fujimori stares with scornful eyes at the Touya taking the knight role and then she laughs scornfully.

"I'm simply saying we don't need extra baggages."

"Besides, Hinooka!"

While pretending to play a keyboard on the table, the obstinate Touya asks.

"Do you play piano? Or something like taisho koto?'

"Piano? Taisho koto?"

Homura was suprised at the sudden change of direction.

"Music is also possible right, sensei?"

Fujimori reluctantly nods.

"In the next prefecture, the Exploration Club's head for Hiyoshizaka High, Koma-senpai is,"

"Do not talk about Hiyoshi."

Fujimori sullenly gives a warning. Touya shrugs and continues. Homura becomes more confuse when the variation of lessons and martial arts increases. She listens to touya, her eyes blinking.

"What do you do when you get home?"

"I... When I get home..." While standing she confesses, her line of sight swims to unrelateable direction. "...I go to sleep..."

A heavy silence fills the reception office.

The boy, Touya, hangs his head crestfallen. The teacher, Fujimori, drops her feet from the sofa and looks the other way. Homura sits down.


From behind Homura, the door opens. The principal takes a quick look at the state of the room. But nobody pays any mind. Trying to escape the unbearable silence, Homura timidly opens her mouth.

"Even the glutton sleeping beauty is dreaming for a thousand years."

With grayed eyes, Fujimori raises her face.

"Sorry, what?"

"Sleeping extra, eating extra is also a skill."

"Are you trying to sleep forever?" Thereupon Touya shows a V-sign to Fujimori. "What is it?"

"Sensei, you said you have two reasons."

Oh right. Fujimori brushes her head and fixes her posture, sitting cross legged.

"The other one is simple." Looking at each of them in turn, she explains. "You guys are minors. For the Exploration Club's activity, you guys need the consent of your guradian."


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__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______________________

Chapter 2

After she returned home, Homura lies face up on her bed. In the setting sun, her palm that was raised overhead casts a silhouette on the wall.


Come to think about it, she was forcibly solicited to the club activities and then was told she can't join. She has lost nothing. She was just a bit shocked to hear her little sister's usual abuse being told accurately by other people. Once again she denies her laziness, her uninterestedness at everything and her inability to keep at something.

"It has nothing to do with me..."

Homura mutters while she tosses and turns. It's not like one can't live without an aspiration. It's not like one will always be rewarded for hard work. It's not like she's making fun of anyone. It's true that she doesn't even think of winning over someone or defeating someone. However, when they were departing, the Exploration Club's advisor said this to them.

"If you want me to accept you joining, win first place in our Shinryoku Festival. Any category will do. However, it must be first place. Prove to me that in that field in this school you will not lose to anyone."

Shinryoku Festival is a school event that even the festival lover Homura looks forward too. An unusual event sponsored by the student council that also a welcome party for the freshmans after they have completed their midterm exam. If she's not mistaken there should be a printout with the more details. Thinking that, she extends her arm... Since her arm cannot reach she reaches her bag using her toes.

From the upended bag, the first to come out is the Exploration Club' pamhplet that she received yesterday. The pamphlet is just little bit thinner than a textbook. On the velvety cover, there is a background of wild nature scenery with the word 'Joining Exploration Club's Guide' written on it. The title was surrounded by holographic rings inlaid with gold and silver. Looking at the back, various corporate name can be read.

"Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan... Ministry of Foreign Affairs... Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology... UNPIEP? ...How do you pronounce that? ...United Nations Sky Planet Pioneering Program...? What is this?"

There's not even one hiragana in that ceremonious word listing. She already had enough with just that. To the fashion magazine reader such as Homura, the book is a big burden. She is by no mean wants to flip open the book. She traces the cover's holographic round and round when she remembers Touya's earlier word. This bad mood, it is all Touya's fault. There is already a pattern to how guys approach Homura. Either they want Homura or she wanted to outwit them, a childish rivalry. She isn't used to being slowly ignored in her current school. In that circumstances, she have never encountered someone like Touya, an unidentified boy object, a UBO.

the teacher, Fujimori, is also an eccentric person but she can understands her rude conduct. If one was to talk to her more without the classroom relationship, one would find her more woman like. She oppresses that side of her is surely because of her antagonism towards males.


Mutters Touya while pushing his bicycle.

You're going to give up? Don't you want me? Those easily misdirected things were not said and they parted with an awkward mood.

Gradually the sun disappears. Knocking echoes throughout the now dark room. A cheeky voice can be heard beyond the door.

"Homura? Three years sleeping Homura? Dad has returned."

Homura's dad, Hinooka Masafumi follows a creed. Twice in a week, he will come back early and eats dinner with his whole family. For Homura, this is the only thing that she does continuously. Even when she had a boyfriend, she would never abandon it and continue doing it. Well that is until her little sister, Tsuyu, becomes busy with her exam studying. She will be entering high school next year.

In the end, without reading the pamphlet she goes to the ground floor and arrives at the dinner table. Tonight's dinner is cheese fondue. The aroma of wine hangs in the air. Her little sister is cutting a long bread with a kitchen knife. She skillfully dices the baguette.

"Here, the scooper."

Her mom hands over the fondue's wooden spatula. Having a meal around the fondue's alcohol lamp gives off a rustic feel of camping that Homura loves. These menus that makes people sit in a circle is possible due to her mother, Serina's overwhelming ability in preparation. For that reason, even though it is not winter the Hinooka Family has use the fondue set again and again.

"Homura, the pot."


Interrupted, Her little sister who was cutting while looking at the TV, hurriedly adds them into the pot. If the cheese got burnt, this fondue would become a scene from hell.
As usual, her little sister grumbles a complaint.

"It is better if we buy electrical appliance for fondue or a hot plate."

"But the the pot is already good. It's cute right?"

Her mother objects comparing the pot to a salad bowl.

"I also like it. I can already paint this pattern without looking."

Homura and her mother grin at each other.

The kind, young mother. Once during shopping, she was mistaken as Homura's sibling. Homura is inherited her mother's feature while her litlle sister inherited her father's feature. If you squint, her little sister and father looks the same.

"Then don't let it get burnt, Homura. It's a chore to wash it."

"It's me who has to wash it."


"Tsuyu, don't be rude to your sister."

Her father, who just finished bathing arrives at the table. Frowning, Tsuyu glares at her father.


"What's wrong?"

"Masafumi-san, you should have waited for these two to take a bath before taking one yourself."


Her father is flabbergasted. One of his cute point is not being able to go against her mother's word.

"I don't mind at all." says Homura.

"Unbelievable." Tsuyu strikes the kitchen knife at the chopping board.

"Sorry Tsuyu, Homura, it won't happen again."

The whole family has arrived at the table. They talk about trifling things. The family car need to be serviced so they need a loaner car, Tsuyu complains about her cram school and wants to change it. When suddenly, a word she has seen before flashes on the TV news.

"UNPIEP... So they pronounced it 'anpip'." mutters Homura.

"It's an acronym, it doesn't matter how you pronounce it. By the way, do you know their official name?"

"I know. United... Nation... Gigantic Taxidermy... something something."

"Wrong. That was on purpose right? It's United Nations Sky Planet Pioneering Program! United Nations Pioneering Imaginary Earth Program."

"Hmm... What's that?"

Both the sister's and father's shoulder drop.

"It even came out in the recent Social Study's exam."

Tsuyu nods at her father's word.

"Sorry, don't know. They probably started doing that after Tsuyu entered."

"No way, it's common knowledge. It's basic knowledge of modern words." says Tsuyu.

"I also don't know that UN... thingy." says her mother.

"That's right, the nickname that the news uses is Sky Planet - New Terra. Even my company is thinking of starting an insurance on anything related to the Sky Planet."

"Is that true? But we still don't know anything about that place, right?"

"It's because of that. It's an investment. In the first place, insurance company originated during the time where a lot of trading ships go on long voyages. They ask collaterals from the nobles just in case of shipwreck."

"The Louis Insurance Union of Britain, right" *T/N: I cannot find any mention of this.*

"Yes, that's right. You know a lot, Tsuyu." says her father.

Homura felt a little sting in her heart. New Terra, she felt like she has heard it before.

"Is it possible the Exploration Club has something to do with the Sky Planet?"

Again the father daughter combo were dumbfounded.

"Would you guys please stop with that face." protest Homura while stabbing the bread with her chopsticks.

"Homura-chan, are you interested in Exploration Club?" her mother asks.

"I can't call it interest."

"Homura... Onee-chan doesn't do any club activity. It is good if you enter the Exploration Club."

"Tsuyu, why don't you give it a try? You did give up on spinning the baton."

Last year, her little sister had enthusiatically joined the cheerleading club's practice but recently she has long since negelecting it.

"Tsuyu is preparing for an exam. It can't be helped."

"Yes, I'm different from Onee-chan."

"Even though she is cute." Her mother expresses her regret.

"Besides, it's not a joke! Exploration Club is like being the nation's sacrifice. There's a rumour that there are members who disappeared but it didn't become a news because the information was suppressed."


Homura is shocked by the litlle sister's word. Her father nods while taking a bread. Only her mother is looking puzzled.

"Really? When I was a graduate, there were some people for the Uni's Exploration Club that went to cross the Pacific Ocean with a handmade raft. But they all return safely."

"Mom... That is what people called a normal Exploration Club, a college circle right? Sky Planet is a place here our common sense doesn't work, a really dangerous place."

"Is there any other rumours like that?"

Homura hesistantly asks, she actually doesn't want to know.

"Other rumours? Yes there are. They said that the phone's is being monitored 24-7. They also said that if we are there for a long period of time, the toxin in our body will pile up."


They are all dangerous rumours. They may be just gossips but if those are the 'State's Secret' that Touya and Fujimori talked about, she can't laugh it off. While using her chopsticks to trace the sliced paprika in her salad bowl, she tells the truth to her family.

"Actually... I was thinking whether I should enter the Exploration Club..."

She will not say that she was rejected in the first interview. That information have no use now.

"Oh, that's good."

Her mother said happily.

"It's your life."

Her little sister said while eating a small tomato.

When she looks at her father, he is returning from the refrigator with a beer in hand.

"What do you think, Dad?"

At the end of her inquiry, the sound of the can opening can be heard.

"Club activities, huh? That's good, I approve if you're want to do something. Of course studies are important but in your case you should move your body more."

"I don't know whether I'll be accepted or not."

Homura laughs it off.

"It's going to be fine if it's Homura-chan."

"Don't worry about the tools if you need it. It's different from buying you clothes or manga."

"I heard the clothes are uniformed throughout the nation..."

By the looks of the facility, that is totally obvious.


Tsuyu's hand stops. After vigorously drinking the beer, her father asks once again.

"What club are you entering?"

"Exploration Club."

"I think it's really good for her."

"We are talking about Exploration Club here?"

Her father's brow wrinkles.

"It's romantic, it's fun to presevere together with your comrades."

"UNPIEP's Exploration Club? Sky Planet's youth agent?" Supressing his trembling hand, he let go of the can. Tsuyu flawlessly catches the falling can. "No way! No way in hell!"

This is the second time today she heard that.

The pot shakes with the table, the lamp's fire goes out and a peculiar smell wafts over the dining room. Not being able to predict her father's indignation, Homura replies.

"It's not like it's a sure thing."

"The answer's is still no! It's too dangerous! Those things are just government's propaganda! It's as same as the moon's landing! High risk no return!"

"But I thought your company is thinking that it's a future commodities?"

"This and that are different!"

Her little sister, only at times like this, joins in and assists her father.

"Are you stupid Homura? Don't you know there's a qualification to enter the Exploration Club?"

Homura huffily and indignantly turns her chin aside and puts on a brave front.

"I didn't tell you guys but I have the qualifications to enter the Exploration Club. The Aptitude Exam, the one I took in middle school, has a favorable result. That's why..."

"I didn't know that. Besides, even if you're qualified..!"

"Masafumi-san, if you yell too much it will be bad for your health."


Rebuked, her father sits back in his chair, his wrath smouldering. Smiling gently, her mother talks to her father.

"It's what Homura-chan wants, let's just watch over her."


Somehow maintaining his composure, he talks to the silent Homura.

"Sorry Homura, I shouldn't have screamed at you. But I'm seriously against it." Her father turns to her mother. "Serina-san, is there a parent that wants to send their child off to war?"


Her mother becomes puzzled.

"Yes, the name Exploration Club does sound good and all but it's actually a representative war between countries with their honour on the line." Her father continues with a serious face. "Since the destruction of Wall of Berlin, socialist countries has been drugging a great number of young people in order to win the Olympic Medal. Even when they became adults, those effects still lingers. Those ex-athletes had been living harshly without compensation. Those thing happened because of the Cold War. It's the same with the Exploration Club, as long as it bears fruit anything goes. It's a secretive, socialist den."

"Hmm... The victims of the Cold War truly is pitiful but Homura-chan wouldn't touch those bad stuffs."

"She might not know about it. She'll be brainwashed by the group. It's that scary."

"That might or might not happen, you know? She needs to try it first, right?"


Her mother gently touches Homura's hand. She just wanted to discuss it a bit in her family meeting but with this mood, she can't tell them that her application was quickly rejected.

"Just now, Tsuyu-chan said it's nothing more than rumours right? It's not like Homura-chan is in danger. She should enter the club and judges it with her own eyes."

"As if she can." her little sister whipers.

"By then it will be too late. First of all it's impossible, the age restriction..." Shoulders slumped, her father sighs heavily, "Let's stop."

"Yes... Let's talk again later."
Looks like her mother has not given up persuading her father. Her father can only nod now.

"The pot, it's burnt."

With a bored face, Tsuyu stirs the cheese lake with a wooden spatula. A crunchy sound can be heard from the bottom of the pot and a fragrant aroma can be smelled. Hardened cheese can be seen at the edge of the lake.

"I like those, it's cheese crackers."

"Give it to me also."

"It's no longer fondue."

The next day. Recess time.

Within the school, the preparation for the Shinryoku Festival is underway. The hallway has been reupholstered with posters. They consists from new club member applications to programme listing of the Shinryoku Festival. Homra idly views the newly put up posters. In Seiran High, the Shinryoku Festival is an event where all departments of the sports clubs and culture clubs gather and create whatever programme they want.

The difference with a normal school festival is that the second and third years, the upperclassmen, are entirely on the creator part while the first years are the entrants. Plus, all the clubs send propositions to the student council, where ten programmes are picked and organized. Because of that, there are some clubs unite to send a proposition. Truly a welcome party for the first years.

Homura docilely looks at the posters.

"Basketball, volleyball and handball summit play-offs", "It's not a letter if it's less then a meter! A big writings road exhibition", "Sing along with the brass band! a karaoke match", etc...
Tournaments and contests, there are a lot of those types of programmes. Beyond that, there are still posters being put up.

"Doesn't this have low level of impact?"

"Want to decorate it with gold laces?"

"If I'm not mistaken, there are some glow in the dark paint left..."

"Stop, who would come see the posters when it's dark?"

A tall female student can be seen giving orders to a poster pasting male student. The third year female student gives out a supervisor feel about her. Homura has seen her a few times during the morning assembly. Her name is...

"You." The senior suddenly turns around and hands over a poster, "Hinooka Homura-san from 1-A?"

"Yes. How did you...?"

"It's one of the responsibilty of the student council president." she declares standing proudly, "Just kidding, it's by chance."

The second year whispers something in her ear making her hit him with a poster.

"President Rokujizou, right?"

"Yes! Seiran High's Student Council President, Rokujizou Takara. Nice to meet you!"

"Y, Yes, nice to meet you too."

An extremely powerful handshake. Is there something in this school that attracts girls with a lot of spirit, Homura wonders.

"How about it Hinooka-san, I recommend this programme!"

The president points at the poster she is holding. She swiftly unfurls the poster. Something like a geisha or a dance girl, a girl wearing a kimono slovenly image can be seen. On top of it a title can be read.

"Collaboration of Tea Ceremony Club and Swimming Club, Yamato Nadeshiko Contest..."

This, so to speak, is that.

"Doing a Miss Contest nowadays is considered sexual harassment..."

The grumbling second year was again hit by the president. The dominated upperclassman is, if not mistaken, the student council's treasurer.

"You know, we need this kind of exciting programme. We can't just do the same thing every year."

"I'm suprised the school gave the okay." Homura wonders with a bitter smile.

"It's a swimming contest on paper." The president answers nonchalantly.

"I se... Huh?"

Homura does a double take on the poster. When she scans the poster carefully she can see the main points of the programme. They compete in two points, the tea making art point and freestyle swimming technique point. What an abnormal rule.

"It's to show off our school's pride, the indoor pool."

"Taking off the kimono and showing off the swimsuit is the highlight."


There should be a limit to this things.

"But after all that trouble, this is too much for the first year, I don't think they will volunteer to enter this..."

"Fufufu, the victor will get a book gift certificate. And the extra price is... doubling their club funds!"

"Ah, I see"

If that's the case, all the clubs will send their most elites. The student council is really terrifying.

"I was the winner for the year before last."

Rokujizou smugly points with both her thumbs at herself.

"Wow, isn't that great?"

Homura meekly congratulates her.

"Yes, praise me. Praise me more."

"...It was brutal. The student council won by a lanslide. So they drastically lower the technical score rate."

"Don't. Say. Anything. Unnecessary."

The treasurer is hit violently with the poster. He seems to be used to it as he continues his work while being hit. The president then turn to Homura with sparkling eyes.

"How about it, Hinooka-san? You'll look great in a kimono, so I think you'll go far."

"Thank you for your trouble, but I don't know the etiquette for tea making and I'm not that good in swimming... Plus, I don't read books that often."

"Its alright. Those things are just for fun. In the end, what's important about a person is what's on the inside. You can see people's heart on their outward appearance. Pretty people mean honest people. So when you take off the kimono please do it as sexy as possible, okay?"

Even if you say it like that, one would be troubled to reply to it.

"If there is no major contender, her totocalcio plan will be destroyed... Is what she's saying."

"Yamashina, you should shut up."

The president puts a finger on her mouth signalling to Homura to keep it a secret. Looks like this year the student council will again be sending in an assassin. Student council is truly terrifying. While raising the poster again to hit, the president's movement stops.

"By the way, Hinooka-san is from which club?"

"I'm... in the Go Home Club."



"Then why don't you join the student council? Please? Pretty please!? C'mon join us!!"

"President, all the position has been filled." Yamashina said.

A few days ago, elections for the student council positions managed to end without any contender.

"There is an opening for the treasurer postion right now."


Laughing, the president gestures for the poster. Having received the poster from Homura, she pastes it herself on the wall. Homura helps by holding the edges. Sensing the rejection from the situation, the president nods regretfully.

"I see, that is unfortunate. Be that as it may, please come by anytime. To prepare for the sudden accidental death of the treasurer, we need you to be familiar with the workings of the student council."

"Thank you for the consideration."

Yamashina-senpai, the treasurer, acts as a gopher to retrieve more decorations from the preparation room. While trying to smooth out the last poster, dented due to the harsh beatings, Homura asks the president.

"President, can I ask a question?"

"What is it?"

"Does the Exploration Club joins the Shinryoku Festival?"

"Aaa, the Exploration Club"

The president muttered while worrying over where to place the thumbtacks. Abandoning the attempt to make it tidy, she leaves the poster wrinkled. It's an inconvenience for the club that made it.

"I was expecting one this year, but they did not send in a plan."

"I see, maybe it's hard because they only have two members."

"Hmm? They have three members."

"Eh? I thought they only have two..."


After a short period of silence, Rokujizou turns to face Homura. Her expression somewhat harden.

"Who did you hear it from?"

"Err... Touya-kun, from the Exploration Club."

"That brat..."

Rokujizou stares hatefully at the pin she's holding. Her expression quickly loosen as she turns back to Homura.

"Hinooka-san, are you perhaps..."

She quickly pauses, looking over Homura's shoulder. Homura inadvertently turns around to look. There in the hallway, a silhouette of a slender jeans can be seen. For a brief moment, Rokujizou and that person's line of sight are locked in a battle for supremacy. However, in the end the other person leaves. The president shrugs and says.

"Never mind, don't worry about it. It was a misunderstanding."


Homura doesn't press any further. The president puts a hand on Homura's back and thanks her for helping.

"Thanks, Hinooka-san. If there is a programme you like, by all means participate in it won't you? Festival is something you get rolled up in no matter what! Roll you!"

"I, I'll think about it."

"Please consider it positively!"

On her way back that day. Inside the commuter express. She is about to send an email to her friend in another school when her fingertip stops. She wrote that she's not used to slapstick. She becomes sick of the idle complaint or rather a discontent email for the other party. In the end, she discards the email. Holding on to the handrail, she looks out the window. Outside, the boring route's scene rolls by.

Before long, twilight comes. Coming out of the station's ticket gate, she sees the same jumper wearing woman. Homura buys a milk coffee box from the vending machine near the station's kiosk. She puts in the straw and gazes at the woman for a while. As usual, she reservedly calls out to someone and tries to hand over the leaflet. However, at best only one out of thirty people actually took the leaflet.

Homura has seen her at this station for nearly three years. She only noticed the woman when started to commute to school using the train. In a week, the woman will definitely appears one time, sometimes two times (the second time is on a holiday), changing the day she appears every week. The jumper full of lint really stands out. She has a short hair. When Homura starts noticing her, her hair was long and beautiful. She would tie her hair in a bundle making it look like she has short hair. Homura thought it was wasteful.
"...Her makeup is thin."

Drinking the milk coffee, Homura leans on the station building's wall and absentmindedly looks over at the woman. She looks young. Probably in her late twenties. But signs of hardships can be seen on her hands and around the eyes.
"How long is she going to continue...?"

Homua felt pity when she first saw the woman. It was terrifying to think something like this happen so close to her. But nowadays she is completely tired of looking, she doesn't feel anything and the woman is buried in the background. Sometimes due to a slight change, she would catch Homura's attention and Homura would think that it was depressing. There is a sleaaflet, same as the one she's handing out, on the station's bulletin board. The only difference is that the pasted tape's color has faded so much that it's different color completely. A wind blows a copy to Homura's feet. It was probably thrown away by someone after receiving it. She crouches and picks it up.

"I'm looking for this child."

If one have a wish that could never be discarded, how could one give up?

From the picture, a young infant is blankly looking at her. The baby was 1 year and 1 month old when the baby went missing.

"Then he would be 4 years old by now..."

There is also information on what the baby was wearing when he disappeared. That information is meaningless now. The last place the baby was seen is on the restaurant floor of the department store near this station. About that place, the department store along with a block of restaurants has disappeared. In their place, a 24 hours supermarket and Daiso was built.

"If the baby is sill here he would go to the kindergarten, do a Shichigosan shrine visitation..."

Being fussed over by his grandfather and grandmother, eats a cake when it's his birthday. She wonders about the person near to this woman and her baby during these times. Why is he not here? He should be here, this baby's father...

All these considerations, after all, to Homura is; whatever, it doesn't involve her.

In this world, today, there are also a lot of sad people. People who due to absurd accidents or troubles, lose their irreplacable family. People who get their just deserts are also a lot. There a more unfortunate peple compared to woman who lost her baby. Even if she starts to worry about it, what can she do about it?

There is a lyric in one of the pop songs.

How can you make others happy when you yourself is unhappy?

The mangas also scream about it.

Move on. Your memories would never disappear. Forget about it.

"That's impossible. Someone.."

Someone? Someone?

The whole time that woman would stand at that place, in the centre of the stream of people. She would turn round and round like a string puppet, bowing continously.

Please. Please. Please.

"Excuse me."

Before she knows it, Homura is already standing in front of the woman. In one hand a leaflet. Her other hand is holding the milk coffee box.


For a moment, the woman is suprised. She then immediately smiles gently.

"Welcome home."

She looks at Homura as if the uniform is too bright. This is probably the first time Homura saw her smiles. Even though it looks so sad, Homura is glad she decided to talk to her.

"You've become a high school student."

"Yes. Err... I..."

Homura quickly runs to the wall, leaves her bag and returns to her.

"If you like, I can help you."

Homura holds her hand out towards the sheet of leaflets.

"Thank you but it's alright."

It's alright. That word echoes heavily in Homura's heart. It felt like a heavy blow. The irresponsible sympathy due to her whim is knocked out of the ring. Hacing lost her hands' objective, Homura freezes in place. The surrounding commuters give Homura a fleeting glance before melting away into the station's twilight rotary.

"Well, err... I..."

She doesn't mind being seen but the exhausted look the woman is giving...

And yet, in the depths of that mother's eyes a firm will can be seen. It made Homura nervous. The words of justice and sympathy that was repeatedly use in mangas and drama rush around inside her head. However,

"Even if I went home I have nothing to do. I'm bored." What comes out was the worst word possible, "...Is, is it no good?"


For a moment, there is only silence. The woman then slips out a laugh.

"Then just for a bit, I'll depend on you."

"Yes. Sorry. For saying something selfish."

"No. Thank you. I'm glad."

Half of the leaflet sheets is given to Homura. It smells slightly of inkjet. Imitating the woman, she calls out to the commuters, families going out, students from the same generation and gives out the leaflets. Nothing changes. When the people, the one who takes the leaflet due to the rare Homura's face, saw that the leaflet has the same contents, they lose their interest and cram the leaflets into their pocket.

In the end, not being able to give out more leaflets than she thought, the rush hour ends. Taking a breather, the woman bows her head deeply to Homura.

"If you don't mind, would you tell me your name?"

"Yes, my..."

After Homura told her name, the woman give her a business card. The info is totally the same as in the leaflet but Homura puts the business card carefully into her pass case. It's the first ever business card she has ever received.


Image: Student Council President - Rokujizou Takara

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Woah, so there we have characters placed in a supernatural situation...

In this case, exploration. I'm also curious of the IE reaction and the IE entrance examination and how does it play a part in the exploration club...

Thanks for the translations and looking forward to the next chapters. :D

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Short one. FGO keeps crashing at tutorial for me.

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ____________________________________________

Chapter 3

"This is stupid."

Step by step, in his own pace, Touya climbs the stair until its landing. Red faced, Homura runs down and joins him. With a serious face, Touya says to Homura.

"I haven't given up." He scratches his head, "Anyone would be in shock if they were told off o that extent. I was thinking that you... need time to sort out your feelings."

Homura is really surprised, to think that this bumpkin is able to give that kind of consideration. For the past few days, Homura's worries have been seething and simmering inside her. Hearing that, her pent-up rage lessen a bit.

"Wh, Why thank you. But I have already decided."

"On what?"

Grinning broadly, Homura pokes her fist at Touya's chest.

"Is it about that? Mori-chan's first condition?"

"Yup. Come with me for a bit."

Pulling on Touya's sleeve, Homura breaks into a run. The two arrives at the the hallway with long notice board, near the posters that was put up by President Rokujizou and the student council. Shinryoku Festival. There are freshmen planning beside the ten great events posters. It is quite a crowd. The first-years camp out in front of the posters that they are inclined to and discuss the finer points of the event. When Homura appears, all eyes went to her.

"Everyone is very much looking forward to the festival."


Touya just stares at Homura questioningly.

"Well, which programme do you think I'll enter? Touya-kun?"

"Isn't you're behavior different just now? Aaa, let's see..."

While Touya scans the posters, he reflects on the conversation carried out a few days ago. The first condition set up by Teacher Fujimori. Doesn't matter which category of event in Shinryoku Festival, she needs to win it and proof that she is number one in school. Strictly speaking it won't be that. The second and third years don't participate so it will only be number one within their grade. It is probably a handicap.

However, when he told her that he could tell that it didn't give her any peace of mind. Touya then points at one of the posters.

"...It's this one right? Gardening Club & Handcrafts Club Collaboration Programme - It looks edible, it's not edible, it's a bit edible flower arrangements."

"It's good but not quite. It's a miss. Totally wrong." Homura shakes her head primly, "Why do you think it was that?"

"Because it has flower patterns."

"Becau, Hey!"

"I thought it was a hint.'

Homura's face turns red again and she shrinks back while holding down her skirt. With an amazed expression, Touya quickly puts his hands up in resignation.

"Dunno. Tell me."

Homura goes to the back of the students, slides horizontally passing the unofficial beauty contest - Yamato Nadeshiko Contest... And stops at a certain programme.

"This one."

"A psychedelic poster."

Homura's palm is resting on a poster that says "Home Economic Club's Bento Concours." The poster is wrinkled. On it, a big picture of a bento box was drawn. For the contents, colourful origamis was pasted to make a 3-D impression.

"I see."

Touya gazes at the poster and folds his arms.


By chance, one of her classmates was there. She starts to talk to Homura.

"Hinooka-san, you're not going to enter the Yamato Nadeshiko Contest?"

"No. I'm going to join the Bento Concours."

Hearing that, her classmate shows a disappointed face.

"That's a shame. I heard from my seniors that there is a custom for this yearly programme. It is said that the contestants will become the student council reserves."

"What do you mean?"

Touya interjects.

"Ah, you're from class C? Touya-kun right?"

Looks like Touya is well known in the girl's circle.

"Over the generations our school has had an overwhelming number of female student council presidents. This is because they became famous through the contest. That popularity solidifies their position."

"Hmm? But the student council election has ended right?"

"First years can't suddenly become the student council president. When they become second years they will be chosen as the new president, right?" Homura said.

"A matrilinear society." Touya nods to show that he understands. "Whatever. Leaving that aside, the problem now is you."

"That's right."

"Hinooka is the one who decides. I won't butt in."

"I have given it a lot of thought."

"But I don't know. Isn't Yamato Nadeshiko actually a beauty contest? Why didn't you want to enter."

"You're butting in. With full strength."

Her classmate also draws closer.

"That's right. If it's Hinooka-san I'm sure you'll be able to aim for victory. Rather, I want to see Hinooka-san in kimono..."

"A swimsuit is nothing right?'

"Hey, you guys!"

As homura falters, the crowd of students in the background finishes her off. They excitedly inquire about Homura.

"Hinooka-san, you're entering Yamato Nadeshiko?"
"We'll cheer for you."
"I'm from the swimming club. We would love it if you participate."
"Don't forget about the tea ceremony club. We would even give a special course on etiquette."
"Hey, that's rigging the game."

"N, no, hold on? I am going to enter the Bento Concour..."

Pushed back by the pressure of the festival loving students' vigour, Homura looks over her shoulder to find Touya. He is standing near the wall with her classmate with a look of admiration on his face.

"Hinooka is really popular, isn't she?"

"You realized just now, Touya-kun?"

Those two... Boys are perverts after all, Homura bitterly thought. One of Homura's weakness is that she will not go against the situation and let herself be swept by the flow. However, she would not give up this time. Then, help comes from an unexpected place.

"Hmm. A cooking contest."

From the background, a teacher, Fujimori, is peeking at the poster over Homura's shoulder.

"Oh, Mori-chan."

"Fujimori... -sensei."

Fujimori talks indifferently to Homura.

"Looks good, why don't you try it?"

"Are you going to cheer for me?"

"It's perfectly fine even if I don't cheer for you."


Taken aback, Homura firmly nods.

"That's mean sensei."

"Don't rely on sex appeal, you first year brats. Life is about appetite not sex appeal."

Lightly turning aside Touya's criticism, Fujimori goes away to the staff room. In the end, the argument about Homura and Yamato Nadeshiko ended with a no and the crowds goes away leaving the hallway sparse again. Feeling relieved, Homura listens to Touya.

"Even though I said that just now, if you're already set on this just go for it Hinooka. I'll do what I can on my side."

"Yes, thank you. ...What are the specifics that you're going to do?"

"I'll tell you the details later."

The recess time is certainly almost over. They need to get back to class to prepare for the afternoon classes. Parting with Touya, Homura with her classmate that was waiting leave the hallway with the notice board. She unexpectedly met with one female student. All on her wn with an armful of teaching materials, she stare with a lonely look at the posters. Smiling, Homura calls out to her.


It's Kujou Orie from the same class as her. They haven't exchange any words since the time she rejected the offer of going home together.

"Kujou-san, are you going to participate in something?"

"...No." Kujous shakes her head a little. "This is not compulsory right?"

"Yes, but it's a festival. There are also programmes that is not in competition format."

"You're participating?"

"I think I'm goint to enter this Bento Concours."

Expresionless, Kujou stares at Homura.

"I see."

Muttering that, Kujou quietly turns her heel and goes to the special classroom. The bell rings signalling the afternoon class. Hurrying along, her classmate whispers at Homura.

"Kujou-san... is a bit scary."

"Eh? No she's not? We went to the same middle school."

"I know that but she goes home directly after school and she doesn't really mix with other people."


Homura doesn't say anything about the Go-home Club. Again, Homura feels that she doesn't know anything about Kujou.


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To the people reading this, the juicy part starts around Chapter 9. You need to calculate my rate of post and then extrapolate on the time.

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _________________________

Chapter 4

Early morning.

Hinooka family house.

Seeing off her father's car early in the morning, Tsuyu picks up the newspaper at the front. The chill of the morning creeps up her pajama's sleeves. The sky can be seen through the scattered cloud rifts, looks like today's weather is going to be a good one.

"Kobo-chan is already a high schooler, huh..."

A braking sound can be heard. It seems that it originated from in front of the entranceway. It sounds different from the bicycle the postman uses. Still, it also doesn't sound like the aggressive yakult selling lady. Turning around, she sees a boy wearing a school uniform straddling a bicycle with a bread in his mouth. It's Touya. Realising that Tsuyu is there, Touya hurriedly eats and swallows the bread. A high-spirited greeting soars out of his mouth.


"...G, good morning."

Holding the unrolled newspaper that covers her lower body, she greets him back.

Who? What is it? Am I seen in my Pajama? Should I call the police? Should I?

Heaps of questions run about in Tsuyu's head. Staring at Tsusyu fixedly, Touya asks.

"Are you perhaps Hinooka's little sister?"

Tsuyu slowly nods. Touya checks the time his phone.

"...Is Homura still sleeping?"

Again, slowly nods. Tsuyu then immediately turns around and runs up to the second floor.

"Homura, Homura!" Without knocking she flew into Homura's room. She then proceeds to pull the blanket and hitting her older sister that is underneath it. "Wake up, Homura."

"...What... I'm still sleepy..."

Homura looks at Tsuyu with half open eyes. Near her pillow, there is a mountain of book on side dishes recipes. The mountain collapses and turns into a book river.

"I'm saying there's someone in front!"

"...the Joie one..."

"It's not the yakult selling lady! It's some guy! Do you know him? Is he an ex? A stalker!? should I call the police?"

"...Eeh? Who...?"

Homura sluggishly crawls out of her bed. She crawls on all four heading towards the window. Originally lacking the older sister's dignity, when she just woke up she has zero of it.

"Homura, your button!"

Homura leans out the window. From on top of Homura, Tsuyu quickly conceals and straightens the chest area of the just now opened pajama. From the road in front of the house, Touya waves his hand.

"Morning, Hinooka! Did you just woke up? Hurry and come down!"


The absentminded Homura's eyes finally come into focus.

"Touya, what are you doing in front of a person's house?"

"Don't 'what are you doing' me, I properly told you yesterday right?"

"What was it?"

"Running right? You're running to school."

"....Yes...Yes...Right, right. That was it."

"Are you okay?"

"Sorry, wait for a bit.'

"Five minutes."

Closing the curtains Homura sluggishly begin taking off her clothes. She rarely uses her training wear that it is practically new. When was it? She purchased it when she tried to follow one of her boyfriends' hobby.

"Shall I do your hair?"

Tsuyu asks.

"Yes please."

Homura feels refreshed after taking off her pajamas. Reaching the dresser, she removes the dry cleaning tag from the wear.

"Can't keep him waiting too long. And it is my fault for oversleeping...I suppose this is fine."

Saying that, Homura waves out a training cap.

"Who was that?"

Tsuyu asks suspiciously. She probably has a lot of questions but that is the one she wants to know the most.

"Hmm? A friend from school."

"Come to think of it,he is wearing the Aoko's (Seiran High) uniform... Then he's your new boyfriend?"

"It'll be simple if he is one."

From the side of the window, Tsuyu looks furtively out at the entrance. The boy in question who found the free time to be umanageable, is riding tricks on his bicycle.

"...Homura, that is not your type, right?"

"I told you he's not my boyfriend." Homura skillfully gathers her hairs to the back. If she can put on her cap, it'll be perfect. "Actually, I dont understand it myself."

Homura, who looks good in anything, looks bitter to Tsuyu.

"Anyways, from now on he'll be coming every morning."

What is this older sister saying this early in the morning? If this was before her father left for work, there would have been a bloodshed.

"Eh? Every morning? Wa, Wait, Mom...!?"

Tsuyu, who was looking for help from her mother downstairs, runs back to the window when she heard the sound of the entrance door. Her mother, who is aptly wearing an apron, is coming out of the house. She is delivering a juice to the properly bowing and greeting Touya.

"I already told Mom last night."

"Gu... At least say it was during the sun was setting..."

"Yes. Perfect."

Homura decided after looking in the mirror. She feels pretty much like an athlete. She goes and washes her face, making Touya wait for another 10 minutes. During that time, a cheerful conversation between her mother and Touya can be heard from the entrance door. Since it comes to this, it is unlikely that her father would not give his permission.

"Ah, that reminds me. Tsuyu, lend me your shoes."

"Wear your own!"

Lunch time.

Homura is bowing resolutely at her lunch friends.

"Sorry Makino-san, everyone. Starting today I need to eat lunch elsewhere for a while... I'm really sorry!"

With both hands on her desk, she prostrates herself. Makino folds her arms and scowls at her.

"...What did you say just now?"

In the classroom during lunch time. Having arranged their desks, the girls turn into silhouettes due to the sun behind their back. With their elbows on the table and their hands together, they solemnly murmurs.

"It's a guy."
"Definitely a guy."
"She will never come back."
"Such a short friendship."

With a foot on the chair, Makino leans forward threateningly.

"Yo, Hinooka. If you think you can easily quit my gang and become a civillian, you need to think again."

"..." Homura trembles.

"I should get rid of you..."

Makino threateningly puts a finger gun in front of Homura's face. She proceeds to poke Homura in the cheek.


"...Hinooka-san, the eraser left a mark on your face."

"Eh...? That's awful."

"It's because you were dozing off."

"Yeah, I can see NOMO on your face."
"No it's not."

"Then, Dosuttera."
"No it's not!"

For a while, the smiling Homura is surrounded by laughter.

Makino tenderly says.

"You're going to enter the Shinryoku Festival's cooking contest right?"


In Homura hands there is a pouch containing a big bento box and under it, a recipe magazine can be seen. You can't say it's something simple, but understandng something easily is one of Homura's strong point.

"Is that so."

"It's in another two weeks. Good luck."

"Someone will be sampling that right? I'm a bit jealous."

"I know, right? It's unfortunate. Homura is interesting when you get to know her."

"At first she is a quiet person. It's a bit hard to quip at her."

"What do you call it? Airthrow?"

"Airthrow?" from the fighting game?

"Yes, that. When one waits to give a retort, she throws the stupid act in a totally different direction."

"You lost me."

"In other words, she trudges on even when being teased."

It feels exactly like middle school. Feeling goosebumps reminiscing, Homura leaves the place.


Homura casually views the classroom. Kujou-san is nowhere to be seen again today.

"How's the run?"

"It's not that hard."

"Liar, you were breathing hard at the hill road."

Near the courtyard's lawn there is a wooden deck laid out with benches. It's bit like a park. It's a first come, first serve lunch time's popular spot. Touya and Homura was lucky to be able to get it. Rather, people were probably holding back. It's because other benches are filled with couples...

"I didn't have enough time so today's course is only half a course. Tomorrow onwards it will be doubled."

"Wait, that's so sudden." Relaxing cross-legged on the bench, Touya looks straight at Homura. "Even if you manage to secure a win from the Shinryoku Festival, you won't be able to suddenly join the Exploration Club's activities."

"I know." Homura nods clenching her fist. "It's important to have basic stamina. I read at least that much."

"Oh." Touya raises his eyebrows. "You finally read the Exploration Club's pamphlet."

"Well... It's difficult, so I read it little by little."

"That's fine. Well then, I'll be eating this." Two sets of fancy bento box is placed between Touya and Homura. "Can I?"

"...Feel free."

Homura nods with a nervous expression. Lifting the lid, Touya peeks into the bento.

"It looks ordinary."

"...Re, really?"

Homura pours two cups of soup from the thermos.

"Thanks for the meal!"

"Please help yourself... I'll also, thanks for the meal..."

Handing over a cup to Touya, she nervously holds her bento. Touya vigorously chows down the food.

At the first bite his face was expressionless. At the second bite, it looks like he has a puzzled look on his face. At the third bite, his face definitely turns into a grimace.

"...k...!" His consciousness finally returns after cleansing his palate with the soup. "...."

He wordlessly glares at Homura.


"H, How was it?"

"By any chance, is this the first time you ever cook?"

"You didn't know?"

"This is the first time I'm hearing it."

Touya, thinking that he had mistaken something, tries the food one more time. However, the result did not change.

"...Hinooka. I have a body that can eat any food. I would never say it's bad."

"You just said it."

"It's just that, one would not think that this is something that can be used to invade a contest filled with girls that have training from the home economics club. Hmm? Are you trying to win the humor award?"

"You don't need to go that far!"

"Oi, you. What is that?"

"Eh? ...This?'

With a CG-like smile, Homura hides the bento behind her back.

"It's a bento?"

"The insides are totally different. What is that?"

The thing hidden behind Homura's back is definitely her mother's handmade bento.

"It, It's because my mother mistakenly made food for three people. She usually cooks for my father, little sister and I."


"I mean look at the prototype model No.1. The ingredients used can be accepted as foods, if I threw it away, it means that the cooking increased the carbon dioxide for nothing."

"Why do I have to take care of global environment when you are eating human food?" Touya grinds the bento box against Homura's head. "Try eating this thing yourself. Why is the omelette tastes like coffee? Huh?"

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry."

Homura instantly becomes dejected. With a serious face, she sighs and murmurs.

"Let's take turn sampling the food. Or we can do a Russian roulette..."

"Don't be stupid. From tomorrow onwards properly cook for two. You have to cook for five in the contest, you know. This is supposed to be practice."

"Uuu, I understand."

Well, during her effort yesterday at home she vaguely knew by tasting it step by step. Homura brought some magazines to figure out her menu but looks like it's not time for that kind of discussion.

However, being criticized does not agree with Homura. Her bubbling (misdirected) anger gushes out. For example, towards the morning run.

"...By the way, why is it I'm the only one running and Touya-kun is on the bicycle? Isn't it unfair?"

"It's to strengthen your stamina! I've already finished my morning pratices before I came over!"

"Oh. As one would expect from a sports youth."

So that means he would have to wake really early in the morning. To Homura that is an unknown territory.

"Touya-kun, don't you have friends you have lunch with?"

"Ah, I don't."

Touya answered nonchalantly.

"...I see, sorry."

"Rather than calling it lunch, I only ate breads. I ate it during the second or third break between classes. The other guys are also like that."

"You ate it before lunch time, huh? Then what do you do during lunch time?"


Indeed, between the courtyard where Homura is right now and the school building on the other side, sounds of a ball bounds and cheers can be heard.


It's fine, really. We were just playing. Despite that, when I told them I'll be eating with you so I can't play for a while, they strangled me, hold my arms and legs and spin me around. Good grief, I really want them to eat this, right?!"

"Haha... I rather not."

After that, they divide the prototype bento equally. Sometimes screams of Ugh and Agh come out of their mouth.

In the blue sky beyond the passageway, a silver midday moon is solemnly suspended.

"Hey, Touya-kun."


"Is New Terra far?"

"You didn't feel like going?"

"No, not very."


Touya grumbled disappointed.

"I mean, the crucial points are not written at all inside the pamphlet. It's full of threatening words."

"It can't be helped. It's for the agent's protection."

"It's hard to persuade my father with just that...'

"I see. Mine easily gave the OK so I can't advise you on that." Gazing at the moon, Touya's eyes are serious. "Your honorable mother readily supports you anyhow. She has a misunderstanding about the cooking contest however. Also, I think the poison during the exploration will lose to your food. To some extent, it serves as a dry run."

"The bento that I take all night to make is poison, is even compared to a poison."

Homura murmured mocking herself while handing over another cup of soup to Touya. Receiving the cup, Touya quickly bows his head.

"...No, sorry, I said too much."

"Yes, you did."

"Don't worry. Bring more. I'll sample it as much as you like."

Hearing that, Homura bows her head.

"It is also a request from me. Honestly, I can't rely on anyone else."

Because it's too embarrassing.

Touya returns to gazing at the sky and says.

"Distance doesn't matter in New Terra. The theory of transfer is still under study and I only experienced it two times."

"Really? It doesn't matter?"

"Yes. In the end, it's something humans decide for their convenience. New Terra is a mathematical being. So human's knowledge can be used to get the result of transfer calculation."

"A mathematical being..."

Putting aside the contents of Exploration Club's activity, the pamphlet page containing explanations on the Sky Planet's existence and similar stuffs made Homura immediately drowsy.

It is troubling that Homura-san, who is aiming for Magician is like that.

"For our earth, the way to perceive is the opposite.."

"What do you mean?"

"Look, our earth is actually round but we use a plane map right? The only reason we used it because it's traditional. In reality, a map's area, direction and range is unreliable, it can be applied there but it cannot be applied here, it's imperfect. To know the shape of the earth, one would need to directly goes to a place or look down from space."

"That example is easy to understand." Homura nods. "...So instead of the real thing, New Terra is closer to a map?"

"Looks like it. It's complicated."

It's a bit late but Homura is taken aback.

"I'm not an official member of Exploration Club yet, is it okay for you to tell me that?"

Touya laughs when she starts to look around restlessly.

"The information that I've told you can be found on the internet. But they haven't be able to successfully make a transfer for civillians. If you're interested, you can look it up."

"I can't use a computer. I get through with reading email on my phone."

Touya is startled.

"Are you serious? It's an indispensable technical skill in Exploration Club. You don't even know how to search the internet?"

Saying that, Touya brings out a phone... or something like it. It looks like one of the latest model from the major brands but she has never seen that sombre coloring before. Like on the pamphlet, there is a mark that says UNPIEP.

"Wow, that's cool! Hmm...? Is the phone the rumored 24 hours monitored transmission device.."

"Transmission device? It's GPS. It's a provisional item for Exploration Club. And it's not a phone it's an access device. If it is stolen, bad things can happen so they at least can track it. But this thing is really incredible."

Touya brags while presenting the access device, he then flips it open to show off. Right at that instance, there is an incoming call. Looking at it vibrating and flashing light, it looks like a normal phone.

"...Oh? It's the chief."


Hearing the word chief, Homura reflexively put on her guard. Touya unlocks the device and answers the call.

"Yes, this is Touya."

"...You can use it to call, isn't that a phone."

Homura grumbles.

"Yes, I'm sorry. Yes. I'll be careful from now on."

The call didn't even last for ten seconds. Homura sidles up the bench and moves her ear closer to eavesdrop, but she clicked her tongue when she failed. On the other hand, Touya becomes smaller and dejectedly puts away the device.

"What's up lad?"

"I was scolded. I shouldn't show my device to outsiders."


Homura cautiously stand up from the bench and surveys the school building. The peaceful school is filled with noisy cries like lunch time usually does but... The darkness of the passageway, The water tank's shadow on the rooftop, it all look ominous.

"You are really being monitored..."


Image: Just go already.

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Sorry for the lack of update. I was hospitalized for 2/3 of August and I've been playing catch up since my discharge. Anyway, here's chapter 5.

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ______________________________________________

Chapter 5

A rainy morning.

A darker than usual room.

After stopping the ringing clock, she realizes something.

"Mmm, oh yeah..."

Today is Sunday.

A week has passed since she took up running and and bento cooking. Touya told her to take a break today but she woke up early anyway. It's not strange for her to be tired. She had terrible muscle pains for the first two, three days but she had already gotten used to it.

Closing her eyes and listening to the raindrops, she returns to her melancholy state. The one week dash doesn't feel real, like a one night dream. Giving in to the sleepiness, Homura indulges herself in inactivity. It was noon when she finally came out of her room.

The woman is nowhere to be seen at the station today. Giving the leaflets on the wall a fleeting glance, she goes pass the ticket barrier. Wandering around the boutiques in front of the station, she finally enter a shop she had set sight on. A famous traditional restaurant that came out in a magazine. It's a restaurant but they also sell bentos out front. When she arrives, the afternoon sale has just started. So she queues and buys the freshly made bento. For some reason she doesn't feel like going home right away so she goes to the nearby shopping mall and finds a seat in the food court.

"Oops, picture, picture."

Remembering to take a picture after she had splitted the chopsticks, she hurriedly stops her chopsticks. While holding in her appetite, she takes pictures from various angles using her phone. As one would expect of a famous restaurant, the rich flavor penetrates her. Looking back, it was yesterday or something that the sampler finally snapped.

Why is the presentation getting better when the taste has not changed at all?

Isn't there something you should practice first before octopus and rabbit decorations?

However in a way, Homura felt like the more she cooks, the more ingredients she's killing. She also dislike using too much time. To put it simply, she is not cut out for cooking. Even the bento she's holding is not that charming. With one look at its picture, one would say it doesn't look delicious and her own bento will shame it in terms of appearance. However, after properly tasting it, the pomp is totally unneeded. It's a wonder why they would think the simple decorations are best for it.

The food court's atrium.

In the center, there is a fat pillar with a display monitor that is showing a news. When she looked carefully at the news and talk shows, the broadcasts relating to New Terra stand out. It wasn't mentioned as much as UNPIEP, but the Exploration Club name was also mentioned. Among other things, she had seen many times the adviser for an Osaka's public high school's Exploration Club appeared in an interview to explain things. She looked like a kind and funny teacher. Sometimes a thought flitted across her mind, that if she's going to enter the Exploration Club, it's better to enter that one. Of course, realistically speaking it's impossible. She might even fails entering the Seiran High's Exploration Club, she didn't think she would be accepted there. And there is also the problem about her study, even though she had already push it to the darkest corner of her mind. Well, she is in a predicament as it is.

Noticing the shadow on the table, she raises her face.

"Is this seat taken?"

The jingling of keys can be heard from the pockets of the three guys. They look like university students or old high school students. Those are quite the hair sets. She can smell the hair product from here.

"No it's not."

Probably due to the rainy weather, the food court has many open seats. Homura felt bad by bringing her own food so she bought a drink, for them to expressly come to Homura's table means...

They're picking up women.

"Are you alone?"

Come to think of it, it's been a while since she went to the city by herself.

"No, I'm waiting for someone." Homura answers with an insincere apologetic smile.

"Nah, you have been here for a long time."

The roundabout rejection is being ignored.

"Or are you being stood up?"

"Looks like it."

Just as she thought, this is becoming troublesome. If the other side is only one guy, she would be able to have a kind conversation, but why is it when there are two, three guys it becomes something like an excessive competition?

Seeing that they will not pass on, she checks her phone and made a disappointed face.

"There is no reply to my mail so I'll give up and go home."

"So you have nothing to do? You have free time?"

She is certainly free. She is even more free before. These guys are a week too late.

"Rather than that poor bento, won't you rather have something like grilled meat or grilled meat?"

"Why are you doing the carnivorous appeal?"

"No, no, this bento is really delicious."

He just said something unnecessary.

"Really? How good? Tell me."

"Huh? Err..."

"If you won't eat it anymore let me finish it."

"Like I said, you're overusing the gluttony appeal."

They gradually surround her. Since her seat is directly in front of the atrium's railing she can't just up and leave. If she do stand up, she will need to push past them. It's a drag, so maybe she can pretend to cry but that feels like an admission of defeat. She also doesn't want to make it a serious matter by calling the security guard.

"Sorry for the wait."

A husky voice can be heard when she is troubled on what to do. However the owner of the voice is hidden behind the guys.


The guys turn around to look and see a girl standing there. She's a bit shorter than Homura and has a wild feeling about her. Her hair is a long wolf cut. She is carrying a case for a wind instrument over her shoulder. The case is full of stickers that make it has a rock and punk look. With a matching set of clothes, it looks like she is about to go on stage.

"Excuse me, excuse me."

She forcefully walks in between the guys and sits next to Homura.


"Y, yes."

She hands over the case to Homura while she crosses over.

"You, are you this girl's acquaintance?"

"Yes, something wrong with that?"

The girl she has never seen before answers fiercely.

"Right?" she asks seeking approval. Homura nods repeatedly.

"No way, she just said 'who?' just now."

Yes, she did.

The girl glares at Homura for her slow uptake.

"Ah." One of the guys suddenly raises his voice, "She's Kamikoma from Hiyoshi."

"Kamikoma... I, idiot!"

All at once, the guys panickly scan their surroundings. They look like herbivores on the lookout for predators in the Savannah. And they were talking about meat and meat just now.

"Me? Idiot?"

The girl called Kamikoma tilts her head.

"I, I'm sorry."

"Pipsqueak? Breast so small it's considered poor? So thin that it looked like I'm not eating?"

"W, We did not say that!"

"Is it that? Are guys free? How about treating me to a tea?"

"I'm sorry, please forgive us!"
"I'm sorry."

The three guys pitifully lower their heads and leave the food court. To leave is the correct choice even if it is hard to understand.

The girl has a petite form and a slender arm but she's actually an expert in hand-to-hand fighting...

Actually, inside the case is hammer with thorns...

Well, be that as it may.

"Thank you very much."

While holding the case, Homura stands up and bows her head.

"It's fine. You look like you're used to that kind of treatment. Even if I wasn't here it wouldn't have been a problem."

"That's not true. You were a great help."

"They were an eyesore, that's all."

Saying that, Kamikoma stretches her back and looks around the food court. Muttering 'there she is', she raises her hand.

"Sorry, Orie. Over here."

If she's not wrong, Orie is...

"So the appointment part is true."

Kamikoma turns around and smiles mischievously. Just as Homura thought, the one that appeared is her classmate, Kujou Orie. She's wearing a black formal dress for bolero. With both her hands, she's holding a violin case. Different from Kamikoma, it is a classic performance style. With a mature look about her, she is beyond recognition without the school uniform.


"As expected, it's Kujou-san. What a coincidence!"

Kamikoma looks at the both of them.

"Orie, is she an acquaintance?"


Kujou remains silent with a hard to understand face.


Homura unintentionally answers.

"Yes, we're classmates. Even through middle school."

She makes an effort to explain brightfully. Kamikoma rests her chin on her hand and waits for something from Kujou. However, the person in question is only knitting her eyebrow.

"It is... not a coincidence. A lot of Seiran High's students come around here."

"Yes, you're right."

"...You're not going to introduce me?" said Kamikoma.

With a small sigh, Kujou says.

"This is Kamikoma Sachi-senpai. A third year from Hiyoshi High."

As expected, she's an upperclassmen. Homura could see that from her attitude.

...It is rude, but that means she has a really petite body. However, her aura doesn't make her look small.

"My father and Kamikoma-senpai's mother works together in a music related job and that's how Senpai and I got acquainted. This is Hinooka Homura-san."

"Nice to meet you, Hinooka-san."

Kamikoma holds out and shakes her hand with Homura. Having received back the case, Kamikoma says.

"By the way, this is a sax."





...Even if she said that Homura only vaguely knows. But she knows about the other thing.

"Kujou-san is holding a violin right? Kujou-san plays violin, huh. That's really wonderful."

"...It's nothing. I only know this."

Kujou turns her face away.

"Again with that modesty. You two are even properly dressed... Was there a concert?"

"No, it's after this. We were actually going to eat here but due to my circumstances we were late."

Kamikoma claps her hand. Feeling a bad premonition, Kujou squints her eyes.

"If it's okay would you like to listen? To our live."

"Your live!? Yes, is it okay!?"

"Of course. It's at 'Rhapso' just after the arcade."

"I know that live house! Certainly!"

"...Minors are not allowed tonight." said Kujou.

"Yes. Minors are not allowed but if you say my name they'll let you in."

"Ooh, a back stage pass?"

"And you probably need to share a table, it's okay right?"

"No problem."

"Okay then, we have rehearsal so we'll be going first. Hinooka-san, the live starts at 6:30 p.m."

"Thank you! I look forward to it."

Now that it becomes like this, she wished she had chosen the right cloth. Seeing both Kamikoma and Kujou walking together, it looks like the senior and junior is the other way around. However, seeing Kujou nodding at what Kamikoma is saying makes it certain that she's the junior. It is somehow funny. When they are about to leave the food court, Kamikoma stops and says.

"I'm going to the toilet. After that, I'm thinking of buying a light meal. Go ahead and wait for me downstairs, Orie."

"I understand."

Dispassionately saying goodbye, Kujou walks towards the escalator. Kamikoma who is waving returns towards Homura and stands on her knees on the chair.


Holding the rails, her eyes follow the descending Kujou's figure on the escalator across the atrium. Homura also looks at her.

"Kujou-san is really cute."

The small upperclassman nods a little.

"Are you Orie's friend?"

Once again Kamikoma inquires.

"Yes... Is what I think..."

"I see. I wonder if Orie is fitting in at school."

"U, umm."

"That girl is really shy and her words are sharp."

During middle school, she was... Shamefully, Homura had completely forgotten.

"If I'm not mistaken, Kamikoma-senpai's Hiyoshi High is also..."

"That's correct. Like Seiran, it's an escalator school so to speak. I invited Orie but she had already decided on this route by herself. Perhaps she is being rebellious towards her parents."

"Is that so? She is really remarkable... Totally different from me who left it to others."


Kamikoma turns around and faces Homura.

"I have an earnest request. It's about Orie."


"I won't tell you to get along with her. It's not something that happens when you tell it to happen. However, if she ever got bullied will you tell me? She would never tell me herself."

Kamikoma-senpai truly is concerned for her. Be that as it may, Homura herself is still worried about where she belongs in the school. How is she going to promise anything?

"Our class don't do that kind of stuff. Please don't worry. Plus, I am seriously thinking of getting to know her intimately."

Clenching her fists, Kamikoma draws nearer to Homura.

"Really?" Kamikoma breathes a sigh of relief, "Sorry for talking about this when we just met."

"Kamikoma-senpai is a bit manly."

"Don't say manly, I rather you say strong-minded."

She is able to enter the live house without trouble. She descends to the basement using the stair with ambient light. The narrow entrance leads to a spacious hall beyond it. She is already prepared to stick out like sore thumb due to minors not allowed, but to her suprise half of the visitors are foreigners. The stage with the checkered tile is illuminated with amber light. It is as if looking through a whiskey glass. There is a grand piano on one end of the stage. There is also a camera for recording purposes installed at the back.

"Ooo, is this the legendary... Jazz!?"

This is probably jazz, the thing that Homura's father sometimes listen to. However, to Homura all music sound the same. After she was guided through the dark seating area and when she arrives at the table, the performance suddenly starts. It is different from the concerts and lives that Homura are used to, there are no clapping and cheering, it is a graceful curtain raise. With trumpet, bass and an unusual acoustic guitar that was prepared in advance, all the players on stage sway their bodies while playing. Most of the players are also foreigners. Within them, the petite Kamikoma-senpai who is playing the sax stands out to an extent.

"Kujou-san is..."

Kujou's figure is nowhere on stage. However, she feels that violin does not match with jazz. Homura was engrossed with the performance, but when the drink is brought over, she notices the person sharing the table.



It seems the other person was looking at her as their eyes meet. When Homura nods, the other person quietly closes her eyes and nods back. The girl with long, beautiful hair appears to be a minor, probably a friend of Kamikoma-senpai. Even in the gloom of the seating area it shows, she is so shockingly beautiful that Homura unintentionally ignoring the performance and fixes her eyes on that person. Her memory circuit is in full operation after she witnessed the overwhelmingly beautiful person.


Bashful, the girl who is sharing the table quietly takes her glass and slightly gestures at the stage.

"Ha... Sorry."

Homura's sanity returns. After the pleasant performance, Kujou appears on stage with a number tunes. Surrounded by the large build players (minus one), Kujou's white shoulder stands out on stage. She looks like a small queen in that black dress.

"Uwoh, she really is cute."

A sigh of admiration leaks out. The performance resumes. Judging from the time, it's probably the last piece. Using her bow to follow the melody, the band lower their tone to enhance the performance. She can feel goose bumps at the back of her neck. What a brilliant finger movement! It is a shock to Homura who is listening to her performance for the first time.

There is no conductor in a jazz band, it's melody is complex and Homura feels that there is no leading music part. On the other hand, violin is for classics solo parts. Figuratively speaking, it's like screaming and shouting, a mass of egoism.

Despite that, she plays the instrument as if it is following the surrounding melody, talking enjoyably with them.

"...I wonder what song this is."

"It's How High The Moon."

She unintentionally mutters out loud and the girl sharing the table answers. She also looks a bit excited. Kujou-san's serious face comes apart and she is smiling gladly. It is the first Homura ever sees her smile. Not losing to the violin, the performance goes towards its climax. During the climax, Kujou is vigorously stroking the violin and the performance finally ends.

All the audience stand up and applaud them. The stage is wrapped in whistles and cheers. Homura also springs up from her chair and applauds full of emotion. Kujou-san becomes birght red when hugged by the foreign guitar player.


When she looks properly, Kamimkoma-senpai is also being hugged at the side.


When she looks at the table's side, the one sharing the table is already gone. The one who is hugging, or should she say clinging to Kamikoma-senpai as she is being pushed away, is the beautiful person. With an exhausted face, Kamikoma-senpai is at a loss. Suddenly remebering her thoat's thirst, she brings the drink to her mouth and she frowns.

"This is alco... a cocktail?"


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Apparently this is happening, rejoice?

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Ah, yes that. Already talked to EternalDreamer. So without further ado, I hereby declare I am officially dropping my ongoing translation.

I'll leave this thread as it is. Probably would delete them when EternalDreamer post his translation so that people won't compare them and realize I am a bad translator. :neco_arc:
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